Walls Engender Respect

Love your neighbor doesn’t mean let your neighbor steal from you, rape or murder your children.

Walls are necessary due to the barbaric nature of humankind.

Walls create an atmosphere of respect for the space of others and a safe zone for the inhabitants inside the walls – as long as people inside are free to come and go, and that would naturally depend on the rules for border crossings.



Evolution = Creation

The universe has a plan. Not everything happens randomly – not every action that leads to evolution is a mistake or dumb luck. In fact, for you sticklers who like that fifty/fifty rule, evolution is creation and creation is evolution. They are equal.

There’s too much perfection all around for all of it to be the result of random activity.

The quicker you stop satisfying your primitive lust for flesh and blood the sooner the planet can evolve to a better plane with a sustainable rather than the current destructive plan of humankind’s design.

Dogs can be taught not to eat each other and humans can be taught not to eat dogs, each other or any other animal. Evolution and creation demand it. Forces it even.



What’s wrong with changing “mankind” to “humankind”, to more accurately reflect reality? Past, prejudicial ways of speaking and writing should not be continued simply because that’s the way it has always been spoken or written.

The root doesn’t matter. We could just as easily call all of humankind, womankind, since ‘man’ is also in that word, but that would also be prejudicial.

When you address men, call them men; when you address women, call them women; when you address all of the human race, then it’s humankind not mankind.

For those who say mankind means all people, no it doesn’t. That women say they don’t mind being called a man, only proves they adjusted to their inferior, second class citizen status and don’t want to rock the boat. They’ve been taught from childhood that men are more worthy and more highly valued. Home, religion, government, schools and business all do it – discriminate against girls/women, for the purpose of controlling them.

Women historically and traditionally had to become sneaky and conniving. They dropped hints to get what they wanted, and many times resorted to begging or doing favors (some of the more sordid type).   They couldn’t just demand something and expect to get it. Or take something without explaining themselves.

“Control your wife!” How many times have you heard that?

Many of these women grow up to oppress other women the way men do. The oppressed become the oppressor.

Prejudice-check that!



As you hate yourself I’m loving you – not for what you did but for what you can do now, having recognized the flaw in humankind.

God bless you.



Until the USA government advises people that eating other species of animals is unhealthy, I will not take seriously any recommendation regarding what they think I should or should not put into my body as fuel for better health.

Government agendas aimed at protecting the financial interests of the slaughter industries (the ugliest sin perpetrated by humankind), by promoting cannibalism as healthy, prove those who administer said policies to be untrustworthy in all matters regarding human health.

Calling as necessary to the continuation of the human race the consumption of the body and blood of other creatures undermines our efforts and contradicts our responsibility to survive and thrive on this planet in conjunction with all other life.