Humans Are The Most Arrogant Animals

Humans are animals.

Blacks (aka Africans) are humans.

Thus, Blacks are animals.

Black Lives indicated they would not become vegan until Black Lives mattered first.

One must ask what criteria must be met till Black Lives consider themselves mattered?

This is one of those criteria challenges that will never be met in the real world, as long as Black Lives are able to exploit their skin color for financial, political and social gain.

The answer will be never, since terrorists keep raising the bar, never succinctly stating their demands, but instead speaking in general terms that cannot reasonably be met.

Forming all their demands around a word MATTER was done purposely to keep their goal of mattering a forever endeavor, never completely satisfying their true appetite for dominion. Dictating never ending terms is the ongoing process that in their eyes will never fail them, since it didn’t fail the Jews – not yet.

So all this talk about Black Lives supporting Palestinians was a ruse, when in fact they supported the Jews. “It worked for the Jews, it will work for us”.

Black Lives are attempting to change the entire world to their way of thinking and acting. Before long no one will be able to reference a person with black skin from Africa – just like the Jews did.

I suspect that once white people have been eliminated as worthy individuals by black people, the real war will begin that has been brewing for centuries between Blacks and Jews.

Other animals are not on Africa’s mind.

It should be clear by now that Black Lives are not going to become vegan if existing vegans join their MATTER MOVEMENT.

Blacks don’t operate that way. Tell the world how many blacks became vegan since the Matter Movement occupied and burned cities around the globe?

None. Oh sure, the current fad is to be vegan – all of a sudden everybody’s a vegan. I mean everybody eats vegetables now and then, and anyone can make a fuss in a restaurant about Black Lives Mattering in order to get a free vegan meal, or animal meal if vegan isn’t on the menu. But where are the real vegans who Black Lives promised to the vegan movement if the vegan movement supported their multiple causes?

They are nowhere to be found.

Okay, what we meant was we would call ourselves vegan as a goodwill gesture. But then you have to produce something of value to us in the form of reforms at all levels of society.

• First we want an arrest, then we want charges, then we want prosecutions, convictions and sentencing.
• Then comes the reforms in all sectors.
• That’s how Blacks operate. Similar to Jews, those painful sacrifices will never leave the ‘labeling themselves vegan’ stage.

Black Lives becoming vegan if vegan organizations recognize Black Lives superior to other animals does not make a person a vegan.

A human cannot set a precondition of superior worthiness on one animal over another.

There should not be a vegan movement that sets rules of veganism that apply to all beings. It’s not a construct that can be standardized. Does the animal want to be captured, tortured, slaughtered and eaten? No. Does it cause suffering? Yes. So don’t do it.

People stop consuming animals as individuals. It is not the business of any group or groups competing for numbers to raise their strength levels to dictate those terms, by using those enslaved, tortured and slaughtered as bartering tools.

Veganism as it once was is dead. Too many rules that had nothing to do with animal abuse and consumption confused too many people, groups, religions, governments and businesses. Hey, the Jews recently declared Tel Aviv the capital of veganism when the USA moved its embassy to Jerusalem.

There is no capital of veganism. Not eating animals did not originate in Palestine. Do you see how the Jews move in and change history to their benefit – from a lie?

And too many budding terrorists too quick to act on behalf of vegans at the peril of all those animals who suffer at the hands of humans sealed the demise.

Are wealthy black people around the globe going to donate to animal rights organizations? Don’t hold your breath. If it doesn’t benefit Black Africans, they’ll pass. It’s all about their lives mattering to everybody else, not about everybody else’s lives mattering to them.

They still don’t regard themselves as animals. One must wonder to what kingdom they belong, if not the animal kingdom?

There is no nation of veganism with executive, legislative and judicial branches. There are no borders and no military. So stop trying to form one or head one, or commit military-style actions in support of something that doesn’t exist.

Stopping acts of enslavement, torture, slaughter starts with each individual.

Don’t force people to fight for you. That’s enslavement and torture. Next step slaughter.


Ethnic Revenge

You kick my people; I kick your people.

You respect my people; I respect your people.

“The adjective ethnic relates to large groups of people who have certain racial, cultural, religious, or other traits in common.”

Someone in Hollywood long ago came up with a rule for entertainment that generalized to all societies, given that the media content they produced was transmitted around the world. One cannot criticize, or make fun of (mock) anything about a person that cannot be changed.

Most people generally are careful about not making fun of big noses, though those can be changed and many are, or kinky hair (again, changeable and many do), speech patterns (treatable), skin color (ask Michael Jackson what his color change secrets are (were). Guess you can’t change death, but people do criticize it and mock it – there a lot of people rolling over in their graves. So what’s left? Cancer? Can beat that. Deaf, blind and slow. That covers just about everybody.

Hollywood’s internal reasoning way back when it was controlled by Jews, who demanded actors change their names as not to be recognized, was that a Jew cannot stop being a Jew, therefore could not be criticized or mocked. The names were all German.

I often wondered why, when the whole world felt sorry for them after the Holocaust at the death camps and factories in Europe. Did you know that most common everyday average Jews in America think the Holocaust happened in Germany?

Frankly, when I was a kid I thought it was the German’s changing their names because they didn’t want to get beat up for gassing the Jews. I recently discovered that most Jews in America are Germans. Guess I was half right. Sure there are a lot of German Jews who fled to the USA en masse at the end of World War II, but there are also a lot of British Isle Jews. Nobody recognizes them; I wonder why.

It angers the worldly Jews that Lithuania doesn’t pay more homage to their Jew population, past and present, but neither does Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Maybe this is a trend, a good trend, since not forgetting the Jews who perished in WWII has not stopped Israel from enslaving and committing holocausts against the Palestinian people, nor has the continual reminder of it stopped holocausts anywhere else on the planet. So, maybe it’s time to try a better way, if indeed the purpose of dragging people through the mud as a reminder of where they’re forever stuck, is to prevent such happenings from ever happening again.

“Never forget” they say, but if you mention an individual or a group by the word they call everything they are and do you get put on their list of lives to destroy when they get around to it, could be now, could be after they squeeze out of you something of value to them.

They of course were clever in attaching everything they do to the word Jew, making it impossible to separate any action emanating from the person to the word they gave themselves, then telling the world ‘death to gentiles’ if they say it. It sounds like a nickname actually. The ish part was stolen from the British Isles. It’s a religion, a government, a nationality with the self-declaration of a state in 1948, a lobby, which means it’s a business, a vault and probably a bunch of other stuff that the world hasn’t figured out yet.

For all their extroverted actions for which they’re well-known, they’re a pretty secretive bunch of fuckwits. Oops. Hey, don’t blame me, Hollywood gave me that word. I never heard it before I started watching movies about Australia. British Australia. And Jewish Australia. They’re like the USA, nobody originated from there – even the aborigines came from elsewhere. I’m beginning to think everybody originated in Siberia instead of Africa.


Because it’s easier to land a space ship on a flat surface (ice or water) than in dense forest regions. That whole boat thing too, Noah? Didn’t come from Africa, unless the desert mirages are real. The boat was in China (the slow one). When all the ice melted from where it’s mostly below freezing, it floated south and picked up a lot of exotic wild hitchhikers on the way to Africa where it finally stalled out due to lack of people to push the boat. The animals ate them all except Adam and Eve who pretended to be an apple tree so as not to be eaten alive.

So how did black people get to Africa if they didn’t originate in Africa?

They migrated from Siberia.

How did they get black?

They took melanin shots before they left.

So, Adam and Eve were black?

No. They were Chinese.

Then how did the Chinese get black?

They didn’t. They got off the boat in Italy – noodle country.



Humans Are Animals

Animal Rights are Human Rights.

Human Rights are Animal Rights.

Humans are animals.

As a consequence, all the human rights protected by law apply to all other animals.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




The universe isn’t vengeful. It’s not vindictive. Revenge is not on the universe’s menu.

It is however on the menu of humans. According to humans they have a vengeful God who directs their vengeful behavior.

Humans will destroy the planet and all life on it due to that fundamental human flaw that humans make no effort to correct.



Massage My Guilt And I’ll Massage Yours

Discrimination is discrimination. It doesn’t matter who you discriminate against or for what reason. It is what it is.

We’re all killers. All humans are killers. We discriminate against all other species – including our own. That’s how bad we are. We enslave, torture and slaughter all other species, including our own. That is bad – Not bad-ass.

Yet, we pass judgment on everybody and everything else. Because we think we’re better, we’re superior to all other creatures including all other humans.

God made us that way is our excuse. Everybody else does it is our excuse when the first one doesn’t satisfy. Hey, they let us do it. They didn’t fight back – another lame excuse.

Somehow it sounds less offensive to say we’re all sinners, we’re all in the same insanity boat – made by God by the way – than to call ourselves what we are – killers.

Massaging our guilt does not allow for change of the offensive behavior. It actually perpetuates it.

Oh-h-h massage my guilt. That feels so-o-o-o good.

Now massage mine, okay?? Okay???

Are YOU sleeping?

I’ll massage your guilt tomorrow….

Promise? PROMISE.




Investment Advice

Jews are NOT MEEK.

They pretend to be meek in order to take from you what they want.

Nobody has to worry that the JEWS or any other form of the human species will inherit the earth.

That’s a given.

Invest in plants.

Ideologies, politics, religions do not rule.

Plants rule.

Molecules and atoms take the day, every day.

Matter is all that Matters.

Feelings don’t.



Peace Assured

Block the evil that keeps you enslaved by enslaving others, and peace among humans will be assured.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




Wasting food in the kitchen is not something that I often do. Guess I get that from my mother.

When I develop a recipe, I have to get it right the first time. If I don’t, then that’s money down the disposal.

When I go into that kitchen, I’m all business. There is no failure option for me. That being said, on the occasion that I do fail, I always make a positive out of it, but I never, ever feel good about it.

That feeling in itself motivates me to have fewer failures, because I don’t like not feeling good – about anything.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t take well to being jolted or prodded by others. It doesn’t feel good.

I take care of jolting and/or prodding myself. It’s called self-correcting behavior.

We all have that capacity as humans, being part of the animal race to which we belong.

Imagine that.

One race includes us all – the animal race.



Since when did that all happen?

To say that all humans have the same God, the same father – absent a mother – who is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-forgiving, all-good and kind just doesn’t fit the reality of human existence.

Famine, disease, war aren’t good, forgiving or kind. There is nothing all-knowing and all-powerful about anybody’s God, or the universe, that is supposed to be (according to humans) inherently good, kind, protecting and forgiving, yet apparently has no inherent power to stop, or inherent knowledge to prevent, the bad from happening.

Did you just drop an asteroid on my house?

One God fits all implies a dictatorial relationship.

With so much pain, suffering, oppression and bad in the world one might consider rethinking the purpose of their God.

The God of the Five Principles – no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – puts the responsibility on the human to change all existence for the better.

Nobody likes the work of that though.

Humans lazy. Tell God to do it.

One God policy, like One China policy, not good – too dictatorial and oppressive.

Many God work better.





The reason why there’s so many serial, mass and individual killings in this country and around the world is because church, state, family and school teach our kids to enslave, torture and slaughter other animals.

For God’s sake, you put one on their plate at every meal.

God didn’t tell you to do that.

You pray before you eat it and thank God for giving him/her to you.

God didn’t give that to you. You took it. You trapped it and stole God’s precious life.

No, you don’t get forgiven. You stop. Now.

Humans are animals. To all humans who think they’re better and complain when attacked by another human, that you were treated just like AN ANIMAL!! – I was treated no better than an animal – well, you are an animal.

You need to own that fact. How did you treat animals? Yeah, you.

I ain’t no animal.

Oh yeah, you are. So you think they’re pretty dumb, huh? What’s that God-damned thing on your plate? What did that animal do to you? Huh? You put an animal on the table every night, that you paid someone to kill for you. Yeah, you.

You can’t figure that out? Whoa, now that’s pretty dumb, which makes you a dumb animal.

So that’s how you got treated by your attacker – a human animal attacker. Just like an animal, you got treated like the animal you are.

You said it yourself. Your attacker mistook you for what’s on your plate. And you’re shocked.

A human animal attacked another human animal. And you think you shouldn’t be attacked by another human animal, because you’re what?, civilized? Huh. Then what’s that dead animal, whom you had killed, doing on your plate? Did he/she attack you? How many hon-human animals have you been attacked by?

You paid for it mother fucker. Remember? at the grocery store? Or you stole it.

An animal is an animal. You can’t prove that you’re not an animal, nor can you prove that you’re better than any other animal. All you can prove is that you’re not civilized. The dead animal that didn’t attack you is on your plate. The plate proves it.

Got ya laughin’ now don’t I?

You’re more concerned that I used the words “mother fucker”, than about that dead animal on your plate. Proof that your priorities and morals are all mixed up. It’s worse to call somebody a name than it is to kill someone.

Oh really?? that cow isn’t ‘someone‘? That cow is somebody’s daughter or son that you paid a hit person to kill for you.

What? it isn’t against the law?

You break laws all the time, that you think aren’t fair to you. Besides, there’s no law that says you have to kill another animal. You do it, because you want to do it. Doing something because everybody else does it, puts you in moral jeopardy. Can’t you figure anything out on your own? Or do you let everybody else do your figuring for you?

You’re in trouble with God, in case you didn’t figure that one out yet either.

Take a break from what everybody else does. Start thinking for yourself. The next time you say, you were treated like an animal, better think before you speak. What non-human animal raped you, or beat you, or stole from you, or murdered someone in your family, or tied you up and tortured you, or tried to murder you?

What you really meant is a human animal treated you like you treat all non-human animals.

You think non-human animals deserve to be treated that way. Non-human animals are raped, beaten, tied up and tortured, murdered, and yes stolen from. You steal their babies all the time. The younger they are the better they taste, you say.

You’ve got some rethinkin’ to do.




If dogs are human’s best friend, then why are so many dogs abused and abandoned?

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight