The Gloves Are Coming Off

THE GLOVES ARE COMING OFF Consider the saying ‘the gloves are coming off’. It’s a fighting term from boxing. When the gloves come off and bare fists are used for striking the opponent the dirty, bloodier fighting begins. Although historically, traditionally and currently that was and is the meaning, it doesn’t have to stay thatContinue reading “The Gloves Are Coming Off”

Color Blind vs Culture Blind

Color Blind vs Culture Blind Is color blind the same as being culture blind? Is culture blind the same as being color blind? Being blind to culture is the same as being blind to behavior. Being blind to color is the same as being blind to behavior. Being human, that blindness based on color orContinue reading “Color Blind vs Culture Blind”


When the news media allows someone or some group to continuously vent without questioning their thoughts, ideas or motives, they oppress them. Someday when the venters wake up to how ignorant they sounded, they’ll blame you for not guiding the interview in a more intelligent exchange. After all you’re the professional. But more importantly, they’llContinue reading “NEWS MEDIA HUMILIATES BLACKS”


President Obama just gave the King of Jordan 200 million dollars of tax payers money for the King to do essentially whatever he wants with it, without making a single demand to curb human rights abuses on behalf of those Americans footing the bill to keep this oppressive dictator in power, who would sell hisContinue reading “MOB BEATINGS and MOB SEXUAL ATTACKS”