RE:  Illegal immigrants, living underground in the USA. It is in the National Security interest of the USA to make them belong somewhere to someone to some country. The best option, since they’re already here is to accept them as part of the USA family under the naturalization act, making them citizens. Fifteen million peopleContinue reading “15 MILLION RECRUITS Up For Grabs”

RICH PEOPLE are fueling the protests against the Border Barrier Wall

Rich people never do anything unless it benefits them in some way. That’s the fact of being rich. Their money goals are always directed toward increasing their wealth or gaining influence or power, in significant amounts. They are meticulous about where, when and how they spend their money. When is most important. Timing is alwaysContinue reading “RICH PEOPLE are fueling the protests against the Border Barrier Wall”

Once Outside The Law

Once you live outside the law and there are enough of you doing the same, a country within a country is formed, not a culture existing among many cultures. Isolation is the cause. Once outside the law it becomes easier and acceptable to commit other crimes, using as justification their illegal status. It just feelsContinue reading “Once Outside The Law”


The Democratic party has morphed into a party of criminals: 11 million illegal immigrants who flaunt breaking the law and the American Black who wants affirmative action for the crimes they commit. I do not want to be a card carrying member of a criminal political party. People who terrorize neighborhoods are people who breakContinue reading “DEMOCRATS – CRIMINALS”