RE:  Illegal immigrants, living underground in the USA.

It is in the National Security interest of the USA to make them belong somewhere to someone to some country. The best option, since they’re already here is to accept them as part of the USA family under the naturalization act, making them citizens.

Fifteen million people are ripe for recruitment. Fifteen million people don’t have a country.

Everybody needs to belong someplace.


RICH PEOPLE are fueling the protests against the Border Barrier Wall

Rich people never do anything unless it benefits them in some way. That’s the fact of being rich. Their money goals are always directed toward increasing their wealth or gaining influence or power, in significant amounts. They are meticulous about where, when and how they spend their money.

When is most important. Timing is always critical. They don’t want to jump in too soon nor wait too long.

Compassion does not exist in business or politics; it’s about looking compassionate if it’s a deal or a cause that profits the businessperson or the politician or their associated categories in some significant way.

Where is your compassion? Where is your compassion? Can’t you see us suffering? Can’t you feel our pain?

Define ‘compassion’: Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

The media demonizes sympathizers. The word sympathizer is always used in a disparaging way to describe anyone they don’t like who sympathizes with a group they don’t like.

So why ask for compassion, which means the same thing as sympathy? People aren’t dumb; they make the connection. People steer clear of anything connected to ‘sympathizer’. It doesn’t matter the group or the cause; it’s the baggage the word carries.

It’s the rich people fueling the protests who don’t want a Border Barrier Wall. They live in mansions with walls and guards. They don’t need a wall they can’t see for safety, unless they’re going to benefit financially or politically. It’s not in their backyard.

Drugs and gangs don’t affect them. Terrorist attacks don’t affect them. A bad economy affects them. They make big investments in the market.

Rich people want cheap labor for their businesses. If they’re going to bring factory jobs back to America, they need a large slave labor force to work for companies that are allowed to pay below subsistence wages.

Do the math America. No Border Wall = Rich People’s Dream of a slave labor force.

Why do they call illegal immigrants dreamers? I thought I heard them scream that they were ‘people’, not ‘illegals’. You know, human beings as opposed to other species of animals.

So what do they do? Attach a name to them. Yeah, you’re my dreama’. What were they thinking? We’re not defined by an adjective? But we think dreamer might work; it will at least make us look like we’re here dreaming to be free one day.

Spoken like a true slave.


Once Outside The Law

Once you live outside the law and there are enough of you doing the same, a country within a country is formed, not a culture existing among many cultures.

Isolation is the cause. Once outside the law it becomes easier and acceptable to commit other crimes, using as justification their illegal status. It just feels right.

Somebody once said all these illegal immigrants are law-abiding citizens. How does that person know? When you have group support it’s a lot easier to hide crimes. Most crimes never get reported and for those that do, most never get solved.

Most people who commit crimes never get caught. We are a nation of law breakers.

I wonder if other countries are like us?



The Democratic party has morphed into a party of criminals: 11 million illegal immigrants who flaunt breaking the law and the American Black who wants affirmative action for the crimes they commit.

I do not want to be a card carrying member of a criminal political party. People who terrorize neighborhoods are people who break laws in those neighborhoods.

Eleven million people who get free benefits means that people here legally pay for themselves plus the criminals. That’s not a party of freedom. It’s a party of enslavement.

The Democratic party supports these practices as a form of social justice, which I cannot support.

Democrats say that USA citizens cannot call people living here illegally, illegal immigrants. But we can call a rapist a rapist, a thief a thief, a murderer a murderer. Those in the USA illegally, which means they are breaking the law, must be called people. Humans. So lets call the rapist a human being, a person, instead of a rapist or a murderer or a thief. If it doesn’t work all ways, then it’s prejudicial.

The Democratic party cures a prejudice with a prejudice and calls that fair, and anyone who objects to it they call a racist, bigot, anti this and anti that. That’s not a party of freedom. Not freedom for all. That’s a party that enslaves one group to appease another group.

There needs to be a better way. In a democracy, the majority is supposed to rule, however, in the Democratic party the minority rules. It doesn’t make any sense.

We rob Peter to pay Paul, then four years later we rob Paul to pay Peter. If we’re as rich and powerful as the government keeps telling the world we are, then why are we so poor? Why can’t we afford to get sick, even when we have health insurance? Why is the cost of food so high, cost of rent through the roof? Transportation the same? Why can’t we care for all the inhabitants of our country instead of just one group at a time, every few years?

Poor leadership. Laws that benefit businesses that steal from the populace. A congress that’s corrupt. A populace that’s corrupt.

The USA needs a new political party. Joe Biden is not the answer. Stay home Joe. New is what we want. Old is what we’ve had too long. Old ideas. Old ways. My way or the highway, because I built the highway is no longer going to work.

Put your thinking caps on. Trump is our president. He has four years to prove himself the worst or the best President this country has ever had. He doesn’t do mediocre. Let’s help him be the best. If it doesn’t work then the failure is on us as well as him. Remember that.

Vengeance is not an option for anyone at this point and in this time. Hatred coming from either side – the sore losers and the sore winners – is not going to help solve the present and future problems of this country.