Correcting my typographic errors is tedious enough, since I make a lot of them. Typing is not my talent. One might think I’d be a lot better at it than I am, since I’ve been doing it for so many years. Some people can knit really well, and others can’t, no matter how long they do it. My hand-eye coordination isn’t all that great. I accept that.

What really galls me though is to correct the typo and have it bounce back to what it was. I tend to work fast, so when I correct a typo and I know I corrected it, I don’t feel like waiting around to see if it’s going to bounce back. Who would think it would? I didn’t even know they were bouncing back until I saw it by accident.

Is this what owning an iMac is all about? Or is it Word Press doing it? I don’t know, but I don’t like it. I just found another error that I knew I corrected, and bingo I repost it with the correction, then go back to read it and it didn’t keep the corrected letter.

My iphone was spell-checking my stuff unbeknownst to me till I actually saw the result in a post that I went back to read. It substituted words that had no semblance to what I typed. It read like I was drunk or drugged while typing.

Now I’m thinking how long did I have this computer and how many corrected errors didn’t stay corrected? How many posts on seven sites did I make with this new computer? About a years worth. That’s a lot of proofreading to do. But do it I must.

Or maybe I’ve been hacked by the NSA and they’re the ones doing it. I wonder if Word Press allows the NSA in like Facebook allows the CIA to conduct social experiments on its users? Maybe they are the NSA. Or CIA. I read not that long ago that the CIA owns a lot of businesses. Why? Chain restaurants even. Seems like they should have to make that public. Well, I guess somebody did. You can’t find it now though. They probably own Google too. Would you want to dine at a restaurant, that a terror organization that tortures and kills people as its specialty, cooking and serving your food?

I’m wondering how long the proof reading will take me. Better get started.