Black Lives Terror Strategy

Black Lives Terror strategy to make white people fear and to make white people hurt for the purpose of turning them into slaves to their social, political and economic causes is terrorism.

When you design your activism strategies to make people, any people, suffer, then you are a terrorist.

Welcome to ISIS in America. Antifa in defense of Black Lives Terror.

To all USA government agencies and departments: Prepare for wide scale prison riots.

To all nations: Prepare for wide scale prison riots.

When you espouse that violence is necessary for social, political and/or economic change, then you are a terrorist in line with the tenets of ISIS.

The NFL is destabilizing the entire world.

Do not lock arms with a terror organization.

Do not allow the  players of the Green Bay Packers instruct the people in the stadium to stand and lock arms. They are playing into the hands of ISIS. That action will embolden ISIS. ISIS was on the map today. They are watching. Do not let the NFL execute that strategy. It is a recruitment strategy. It is not a unifying force, or action. You cannot force an entire stadium of people to do the equivalent of the knee for the entire world to see, including ISIS.



ISIS – A Rich People Disease

ISIS promotes death not life.

ISIS is an occupying force.

ISIS enslaves, tortures and slaughters the inhabitants of the towns and cities they occupy.

ISIS leaders and followers are dictators, not liberators. They free no one.

ISIS is worse than any current dictator, and as bad as the worst dictators of the past.

ISIS oppresses those they govern through terror.

Where does the leader of ISIS live?

Is Turkey the only country doing business with ISIS?

I find it difficult to believe that ISIS can survive economically by only selling oil to one country.

How about other exports and imports?

Syria and Iraq are on the verge of economic collapse.

The leader of ISIS doesn’t embrace death for himself – only for his followers.

Any cult of death cannot survive long term. It will destroy itself from within precisely because it’s not about surviving and thriving, it’s about stripping individuals of all their freedoms.

ISIS doesn’t want to go back to Medieval Times, otherwise they’d give up their cell phones and computers. They’d denounce electricity, modern machinery and tools. They wouldn’t take medicines that treat disease and disorders.

They don’t want to go back to Medieval Times. They want to dominate the planet by committing the most heinous crimes against all who move, while being dominated by the group.

Then what? What if the entire planet succumbs to their oppression? Will they stop the violence? No. They can’t. That’s how they’re built. Bad seeds that grew primarily within prejudicial families – mostly well-to-do families.

They act just like their families act – take as much as you can from as many people as you can. Wealth. Power. Fame.

It’s a rich people disease.




All of us who watch the news hear how ISIS (Islamic State et al) are recruiting young people around the world by their fancy Dan websites. They have lots of money to put into the design, the subtle messaging, the impact of violent images and otherwise recruitment propaganda, that evidently appeals to a segment of the youth worldwide, even girls.

We’ve all seen portions of the death videos shown on T.V. put to music somewhere in what looks like some desert, while their victims, appearing drugged, disappear from sight. Too graphic to show.

So I got to thinking – about that design. Being the designer of my own sites and as an artist I wanted to actually see what one of those sites looked like. After all, we’re told repeatedly on the news shows that the internet is over-run with them. I also thought that if I could see one their highly sophisticated sites, that I could design a page, a site, that would be at least equally effective. I already have the message – Five Principles, that can be manipulated in a thousand different ways, tones etc. that all essentially mean the same thing: counter terrorism.

The government counters terrorism by applying terror tactics. Five Principles counter with the opposite of terrorism, focusing on living and thriving. Wake Up The Planet for a better life – for all.

A former FBI guy said once on T.V. that the government didn’t have the resources to develop such a site that would counter the sites of ISIS. I found it striking that the government, with all their bells and whistles and talent, and expertise in controlling the masses, couldn’t do it.

I’ve never clicked onto any beheading videos or searched for the world renowned ISIS websites. The other night, in the interest of design I decided to search. I started with ‘google’ then went to ‘ask jeeves’ and whatever was on one was on the other. And I used many different search words and combinations of words.

Oh sure, lots of sites had titles and/or excerpts that made one believe they were going to an ISIS site, but once there, except for a few violent images, which didn’t look all that real, men with guns, a few videos that once clicked on, a message popped up saying that it had been removed, there was nothing that could be construed as sophisticated, top of the line design, or propaganda messages. They relied heavily on the same news reports that we’ve all been seeing over the many months, plus analyses of those reports – information already circulated by the government. You could read Wikipedia and get as much. In fact I did.

Some sites were written in academia fashion by professors teaching at universities, others by news related people and still others by obviously the government. I kept wondering, kids don’t read – especially long-winded, boring material that sounded more like a history class than a propaganda tool, so where’s the high-powered, sophisticated recruitment sites?

I searched for hours and never found one site. So how can fifteen year old kids find the sites with a click of a mouse?

My view is that they can’t. They can read the excerpt that makes them think they’re going into an ISIS site, but once they click onto the title, they’re in a government site, and from there the government clocks them as having entered and now will follow them wherever they go, being listed as a person of interest, or some other descriptive phrase.

A few of the sites were even on Word Press, so you know they weren’t real ISIS sites.

I suppose that I’m listed as one of those people of interest now. But they already follow me, in real time on the computer and anywhere I go outside the home.

So the government isn’t countering ISIS websites, wherever they are (I couldn’t find one), by competing designs and messages. They’re catching you searching for ISIS, then nab you when you click onto one of their bait sites.



ISIS is Benjamin Netanyahu’s forever vengeance.

And he’s okay with that.

It doesn’t matter that his skin is nearly white, and the skin of ISIS is nearly black.

Come to America. Make America suffer, so they know how we Jews suffer.

Feel our pain.

But what happened to ISIS?

Why isn’t anybody feeling their pain?

They’ll figure it out eventually –

when they know they’ve been had.

Nobody likes to feel betrayed, whether it’s true or not.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




There is no life WITH Jihad. Only death.

You don’t want to live in a world where the purpose is to live to thrive, so you fabricate a reason to live to die and make others die with you, so you can quickly go to a heaven you know nothing about. “Let’s just skip all this living part and get to the end”.

What’s the rush?

You do know that you’re going to die, don’t you? That’s the purpose. The choking on your own blood part that satisfies your leader’s sadistic blood fetish. That’s why he video-tapes his victims, and you, the one who executes the crimes, and yes, he’s in the movie too, as narcissistic as he is, wanting to experience what all the players feel, while lording over the mouse he is about to devour, trapped in a cage already knowing it’s fate.

HE LEFT SOMETHING OUT, THOUGH. The mouse. He doesn’t really know how or what the mouse is feeling. He only experiences that vicariously, while not getting hurt.

Experiencing the thrill of somebody else’s fear, when you’re the one controlling it makes you feel like the most powerful person in the world. You lose all empathetic and compassionate faculties. You don’t care that they’re suffering in front of you. You have the power to stop it, and you don’t. You’ve become the devil, that which you call everybody else.

Cut off the head of the snake! He doesn’t know that he’s the snake. He became the snake. He transformed himself. Nobody did it for him. You can’t talk somebody into doing what he does to another creature. You can’t lure somebody into doing what he does in his movies, videos, audios.

In another life, you would call this man a serial killer, the worst of the worst. He would be the snake, and everybody else in the world his victims, even his soldiers are victims, all part of his play, his movie, his video. You’re never mentioned though – the soldier. You follow orders while he gets all the glory.

You think you’re not going to die. Most soldiers don’t. But they do, don’t they? They die horrible deaths – long, suffering deaths.

With you it’s different. You’ve made the whole world your enemy. Even enemies come together to fight you. You won’t survive. That’s been predetermined.

You’ve done what nobody else could do. You’ve united the planet in a common cause – the elimination of you and everybody like you. It’s called the death of the devil campaign.

The death of the devil is their common goal. When they come for you, they won’t be knocking on your door, they won’t care that you lie wounded on the floor choking on your blood. They bombed you. They cut off the head of the snake. They killed the devil. Now they’re going after every single snake on the planet who has a sadistic blood fetish, trying to get to heaven early. Everybody knows there are lots of snakes. And NOBODY wants to be the mouse in this play.

But in your gut, you know you’re the mouse. You want to escape, but you can’t. He has you penned in, and he has to finish the movie.

A pervert is someone who commits unnatural acts. That you seek that label for yourself, makes people, lots of people, want to eliminate you.

If you want me to love you, I already do. But I’m not at all happy with you trying to replicate the devil so you can feel powerful. You feel power inside yourself when you take away somebody else’s power to be free. Until you can control yourself, you shouldn’t try to control anybody else.

Real personal power comes from discipline – self-discipline. Killing someone isn’t discipline. What did you do, brush your teeth before you did it, and think you were disciplined? Killing someone means you’re OUT of control. Not IN control. It doesn’t matter how methodical you are or how slowly you execute the crime. It’s still not discipline.

The struggle, the resistance, happens on earth.

Your religious duty is NOT to die and make others die for a cause you can’t define.

Your religious duty is to struggle for peace by resisting death – death of you and death of others.

Humans are not built to seek an after-life till they’ve lived this life – on earth.

You have become incapable of using the brain, mind and soul God gave you for the sole purpose of leading yourself.

You follow mindless words of destruction, instead of following your true north, your true self.

There is no honor in becoming a martyr. Nobody cares about martyrs. Martyrs are perverts who live to die instead of living to thrive. They’re You. You make the news on one day, and a whole bunch of others you recruited steal your thunder by doing the same. The next day everybody forgets you even lived on earth, as they go about the business of living to thrive.

You left the THRIVE part out of your ideology.

Go ahead, try to communicate to the world from heaven. Oh what, you really didn’t want to change the world, and once you get to heaven you’ll forget all those you left behind? I guess loyalty wasn’t your strong suit.

Or maybe loyalty is your strong suit. So how are you going to change the world – earth – from heaven? Are you going to enter peoples’ thoughts while they’re sleeping or appear as voices in their heads while they’re awake? And how many people do you think you can reach with your message by using that strategy? Good luck with that one. Those people – if there are any – will be deemed insane and nobody will listen to them. And what will be your message? Destroy all life on earth? Or survive and thrive?

Nobody listened to you while you were on earth, and you think they’ll start listening to you when you’re dead?

Jihad is about death, not life.

If your life isn’t to your liking on earth, then it’s up to you to make it better by living to thrive, not to die and to make others die with you.

No God ever said that you have to kill yourself and kill a bunch of other people to live the ultimate life in heaven.

You don’t have a world plan do you? You don’t know how to govern, how to make the world a better place.

The way you make the world a better place is by making yourself a better person. It starts with you leading yourself.

The promised land is earth. God kept it’s promise by putting you here. Are you going to accept your responsibility by being guardians of this garden earth?

for recruiter, recruited, leader, follower 

GUNS AND ISIS – You don’t need a gun to get into heaven. ADVERTISEMENT PAID FOR BY YOUR GOD

If you need to commit acts of violence in order to feel alive before you blow yourself up, remember THIS: when you get to heaven, those you blew up will be there with you.

I’d hate to think what that fight is going to look like. On earth as it is in heaven.

God trumps Mohammud and Jesus in all matters. The Jews don’t have prophets they can agree on, so God trumps all Jews in all matters.

There are no guns in heaven.

Want to make earth a paradise? You don’t need a gun nor a degree to make that happen. The only leader you need is yourself. The only ideological religion you need is the FIVE PRINCIPLES: NO PREJUDICE, DISCRIMINATION, ENSLAVEMENT, TORTURE AND SLAUGHTER.

You can work from home or anywhere else. No start-up costs. You’ll need a respectable job to pay for your living expenses. You set your hours. Free 24 hour access to all that has been written on the FIVE PRINCIPLES via this website: AND THE AUTHOR Sharon Lee Davies-Tight.



~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight












There’s A New God In Town. That God Is YOU!

Blueprint For Living And Thriving!




  • Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you?
  • YES THEY CAN AND DO. Words start wars.

  • satire (definition) the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  • Right off the bat, straight out of the gate, at the very least when satirizing anyone or anything, you’re calling he/she/it stupid. And you’re doing it publicly.
  • Add to it the ‘other’ necessary component of satire – humiliation – and you’ve got a formula for incitement. Humor, irony, exaggeration and ridicule are all forms of humiliation. Calling anyone or anything stupid is a humiliation in itself.
  • Combine the name-calling label ‘stupid‘ (humiliation #1) with humor (laughing at not with), irony (saying the opposite for dramatic affect), exaggeration (lying), ridicule (dismissive) (humilation #2) and you have overthetop, overkill humiliation that can and does provoke violence.
  • humor (definition) the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. When used satirically, being laughed at vs being in on the joke.
  • irony (definition) the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect: sarcasm, causticity, cynicism, mockery, satire, sardonicism – [not many people understand irony nor use it correctly]
  • ridicule (definition) the subjection of someone or something to contemptuous and dismissive language or behavior.
  • Nobody likes being called stupid; nobody likes being laughed at or ridiculed or lied about – especially publicly. Humiliation is a form of torture used by militaries and intelligence agencies in every country in the world.

It’s ironic that ISIS, the ones purportedly responsible for multiple massacres around the globe, multiple kidnappings and multitudinous alleged rapes are calling somebody else out on proper decorum, etiquette if you will, when addressing the prophet Mohammed through the written word and hand-drawn images. 

If a Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich (that’s how easy it is to find probable cause for anyone suspected of committing a crime – even a ham sandwich could have done it), then it is at least as easy to predict a violent outcome in response to public humiliation.

Cartoons by nature aren’t funny. They’re unattractive. Most people aren’t funny either, even when they try to be, neither are most people attractive, even when they try to be; in fact humans are way up there on the scale of ugly when compared to most other animals in the Kingdom.

Cartoons are abstract sketches that show the essence of something rather than the picture-perfect detail of reality. When used or intended to be humorous or sarcastic, some aspect of the essence will be exaggerated – a Pinocchio nose to signify lying etc.

You can do a lot with a cartoon of a person, that you couldn’t get away with using a real picture altered to make a humiliating point, which means that those who engage in this questionable artistry and satiric warfare are fully aware of the possible consequences to their actions. One could call them suicide cartoonists.

“Not all cultures understand satire the same way. Not all cultures understand nuances the same way. Not all cultures laugh, cry or take offense at the same things.

When communicating displeasure or disgust to an international audience, using humiliation as the bullet and satirical or racist humor images and words as the delivery system –  that only the most perverse and sadistic among us would find funny – one must assume responsibility for actions where consequences can be credibly predicted based on past studies of human behavior.

Every satirist knows the risks involved. Some go too far for too long. When they die, they die a martyr for a hidden agenda that very few people know about nor understand. For all they exposed in everybody else, they leave the world with all their own secrets intact.”

Samuel Joseph Davies-Tight aka JOBO aka Joey -The Fork – Butterscotch can only help you so far. And yes, he was my dog son who continues to care! He died too early, because of people who chose to disrespect the dog. And they weren’t Muslims. He was two years old when his life was taken, though he looked much older.

Don’t call for help, and make somebody else put their life on the line for you, when you knowing and willingly put yourself in harms way to make a point that satisfies only your ego and selling a lot of newspapers/magazines, or gets you a lot of views/hits/likes/shares on websites or social media. When you use your pen, pencil, paint brush or typewriter as a weapon for the purpose of killing, and you call it your right to free speech, then you might as well have a gun and pull the trigger, because the result is the same.

A Cartoon Of The Cartoonist

  • A cartoon of the cartoonist: Cartoonist Painted by God 2000. I can talk to Muhammad. That’s right, I can do that. He’s in the house right now, helping me with this short essay. He’s happy to help. Believe it or not, Muhammad tried to warn the USA prior to 9-11 that America was going to be attacked. He used me to work through, since I was already being monitored by the Feds for my God connection, and we were both on the ‘non-violence’ side of the street. It doesn’t matter to me that you believe it. My life isn’t driven by whether someone believes me or not. He’s not a traitor and neither am I.
  • We both simply want the same thing: peace. I was born wanting peace. He’s an animal rights advocate like I am. He hates to see anybody suffer, just like me. He was a little shy in the beginning; so am I. Frankly, I don’t have the same type of brain stamina I used to have to see patterns of activity and behavior in the underworld posing potential threats. In order to connect dots, one must be able to remember the dots. So we’re going to circumvent, using what I do have. That’s why I’m writing this word warrior. I retired it years ago, thinking someday I might write a small book out of the segments of thoughts I write down: A Plan For The Planet.
  • There were so many thoughts, that I couldn’t possibly put them in any kind of meaningful sequence. So I decided not to. After reading a note written a few years back that said to write the book in no particular order, I was okay with it.  Before long this current word warrior was turning into this small book. I realized that there really is such a thing as the ‘fierce urgency of now’.  That’s how I always wrote anyway, as if it would be my last written word. Upon seeing the candidates in the USA using word warrior mission statement as part of their platforms, I knew the time was now to give the plan to the world. But, more importantly, its purpose is to stop the violence now. The violence that’s about to erupt worldwide. I can feel it and I know you can too.
  • But unlike before my brain injury when I could be specific, now I need to stop the violence by relying on all of you – not to snitch on your neighbor, but to change the direction of the world by changing yourselves and being the example set to all who would do harm.
  • I’m doing this by connecting you with your own God. I’m giving you the words to replace the bullets, and a plan to replace the delivery system of the gun, and showing you how to access the God in you, your own private power source, to be your personal trainer and motivating force to change the planet by changing yourself > WAKE UP THE PLANET
  • If I survive this project, then next comes the cookbook: “top shelf animal-free recipes”. The animals need me. Oddly, my brain injury didn’t interfere with my ability to create animal-free recipes, and it suits my limitations just fine. Cookbooks are all about segments, so I don’t have to remember what I wrote ten pages previously in order to write the eleventh page.
  • So let’s get back to cartoonist.
  • Freedom shouldn’t mean anything goes. Freedom really does come with responsibility for one’s actions in all areas of one’s life and the effects of those actions must be considered. That means everybody, in case for whatever reason or based on whatever status, somebody thinks this doesn’t apply to them. I’m only going to focus on one cartoonist, Lars Endel Roger Vilks. He’s the one who depicted Muhammad as half human and half dog. Lars Vilks’ knew, as he was drawing those cartoons, that he was humiliating and insulting Muhammad and all Muslims. He was angry and gleeful at once, knowing he was going to stab in the heart all those people whom he hates.
  • Artists get away with that, because it’s art, and especially in the case of cartoonists or comics, who claim only to want to make people laugh. Personally I have never laughed at a cartoon and rarely find laugh out loud funny comedians. But maybe that’s just me, because I do see a lot of people laughing at comedians on TV. Frankly, if one needs to go to a laugh doctor to get a dose of laughter, I figure that the person is lacking in a sense of humor and maybe takes their own selves so seriously that they can’t find anything funny about the circumstances in their own lives. Regardless, when you make people laugh, by doing, saying, writing or drawing something outrageously offensive, peoples’ defenses drop, so the knife goes in easier. The insult is felt deeper.
  • Lars Vilks was making a political and a religious statement through his art by demeaning the Prophet of the Muslim people, with the purpose of taking away their hope. When several newspapers refused to print the cartoons, he became even more motivated to find one that would. He not only found one, but then several other papers in Europe also printed it. People died as a result of those cartoons being printed. I fail to see the humor in that. Later, when they were reprinted, more people died. Again, where was the humor? Lars Vilks has blood on his hands and so do the newspapers that reprinted his obviously offensive work. When they knew what the result would be, they once again stabbed every Muslim in the heart. The desire was to hurt. The desire was not to entertain, nor to educate.
  • Oppressed people are closer to their Gods than those not oppressed. Their religions, their Gods, their Prophets, are what makes them strong; that’s from whence they draw their power, their inspiration and their instruction. When someone knows in advance, that an action directed at that which the oppressed hold dear, will result in an  uprising, then the sane person tries another method to bring down the anxiety level, while still getting the point across without the use of humiliation. Every Muslim in the world is not responsible for all the violence in the world. Most Muslims have nothing to do with war violence, yet the cartoon was directed at the Prophet whom they all hold holy.
  • The world should have learned this lesson when Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount, armed with a security force, knowing well that the oppressed Palestinians would rise up in violence. You don’t trample on oppressed people’s religious icons. It’s like you’re saying, we not only own you, we own your God too, and yes your Prophet belongs to us as well. Ridicule along with prejudice is a dangerous mix. We all see the ripples and tsunamis of repercussions throughout the world. These newspapers didn’t really have freedom of expression. How many articles and art works get rejected by staff for personal views or public agendas every single day?
  • Every person involved in this cartoonist conflict contributed to the slaughter, which all began with prejudice. The point of art is to let each person viewing it, interpret it in their own way according to their own life experiences. When millions of people see the same thing in a work of art, then the artist meant to present it in exactly that way. It was drawn with the purpose of incitement. The European newspapers that reprinted it, had the exact same motive of incitement. They wanted the Muslims to rise up in violence. They knew they would, and stuck by their right to say, draw and print whatever they wanted to say, draw and print.
  • Once again, with freedom comes a personal and social responsibility to consider what the consequences might be, if you do print. Do you all feel good about yourselves and the results? What purpose did it serve? Got you a little vengeance did it? Feel liberated? Look, everybody should be able to express themselves freely, without the threat of harm. But, would you all have printed an equally offensive cartoon about the Jews? Let’s not kid anybody and act all self-righteous. How about a Jew being depicted in a gas chamber choking in front of Hitler as he laughs uproariously? How about depicting a black man hanging by a noose, while the white man lights up a cigar and laughs. Would you have done that? I didn’t think so.
  • To those Muslims offended by the characterization of Muhammad. Don’t you think your Prophet can handle the criticism? Was it the dog that offended you? Now you’ve offended me, since I raised a pack of dogs and a few cats as my own family. Look, your own Prophet was an animal lover. Obviously, the person who put the head of a dog on Muhammad was also disrespecting the dog, and unfortunately judging from your response, you also were disrespecting the dog. According to legend, Muhammad thought black dogs were evil. He knows now that that isn’t true. Through this artist he was showing himself to you. The artist had no control. No artist does. All they can control is what they do with the piece of art. Muhammad was counting on this guy’s prejudice, his hatred, and was counting on the newspapers with prejudice to print it, so that Muhammad could communicate directly to you. We are all animals.
  • I don’t like it when people disrespect others or disrespect animals. The greatest prejudice on earth is against all those animals. What, you think I didn’t consult with all the past Prophets as well as all the animals as I developed the Five Principles to a Better Life? I couldn’t have done it without them.
  • I painted a picture once, on the same night that I painted ‘Cow Going To Slaughter’. When I recognized it as the devil, even though it was a great work of art, the next day I destroyed it. It wasn’t an image I wanted to display to the world. The devil was in the slaughtering of the cows, so I didn’t need that other picture, I had one that was more appropriate, that gave the same message, more effectively. The devil by the way was depicted in human form. I won’t even tell you the famous person it depicted, because I know it would offend a lot of people. I didn’t choose to paint the devil; it just worked out that way. I had set out to paint a pink rose in full bloom that I had seen in a sky above an Angus cattle ranch. What came out on the canvases were ‘Cow Going To Slaughter’ and the ‘Devil’. It was my choice what to do with both paintings.
  • People worldwide fear you when you go into a mass rage over a piece of paper. They fear you when you shake your fists behind masks and threaten to slaughter someone like a lamb. Stop slaughtering lambs. Stop slaughtering everyone. Every time you go into a rage the anxiety level of the world rises. Raise that level too high and you’ll be looking at a nuclear weapon coming your way. People commit irrational acts when they become fearful. Make the world less fearful. Where’s your humanity? If you think the Jews are your problem, and Lars Vilks is part Jew, then offer an olive branch. Don’t bring someone to their knees by demanding an apology. Did you apologize to the families of the people who died in the massive protests? What purpose is there in killing the cartoonists? The good feeling of vengeance? Then your anxiety level is too high. His certainly was.
  • It’s time to retire satire. Satire is a tool used by the elite to cover up acts of vengeance and their need to control by the use of humiliating art, directed at the target which opposes the agenda of the elite. Satire, like torture, has no rules. It’s financiers are usually highly influential people without well-known faces or names who pull the strings of the masses via art in order to steer public opinion. In simpler terms, it’s the elite’s way of striking down with vengeance people they don’t like. They do it by ridiculing people in public. It is a subterfuge method of control, without responsibility for consequences, thus a cowardly way of expressing disapproval and exacting vengeance.
  • Responsibility comes with satire. Artists, writers, scientists, and all people in power positions need to be reminded that just because they possess the ability to do something, doesn’t give them the moral authority to do it. You never know where someone’s at in life and what trigger of disrespect will push them over the edge. Everybody treating everybody else with respect will allow everybody to get a better grip on their own behavior. Begin by respecting yourself, even when others don’t. They will eventually. The cartoon of the cartoonist is a prophecy, meant to be stopped, not fulfilled. That’s the holy part.
  • In the end, we all must change the way we react, even though we don’t necessarily change our view.
  • You don’t fulfill a prophecy and call it holy by starting a war that was predicted. Once you know the prophecy, you stop the war before it starts. That’s the holy part. Right now, I feel like insulting all parties to all prophets, but I won’t. I know it’s predicted that I will do that. But, fulfilling the prediction serves no useful, positive, forward moving purpose. It serves only to divide what needs to come together.




If this man had already been arrested 31 times, then he knew the drill of ‘put your hands behind your back so I can cuff you’. It’s strange that when Trayvon Martin repeatedly slammed George Zimmerman’s head into the pavement/cement, blacks on international television said, ‘oh that’s nothin’ – that’s just an ass whoopin’.

But when a cop has his hand placed on a black man’s face holding him against the ground (not pounding his head into the pavement, which is just an ass whoopin’ anyway, according to blacks), then all of a sudden he’s a murderer when the guy unexpectedly dies.

If that 40 something year old repeat offender had asthma, then he should have said he had asthma, he should have worn an asthma bracelet, and he certainly should have stayed out of confrontations with the police – confrontations which in and of themselves are well-known to elicit, provoke, cause, bring on an asthma attack.

When a person is having an asthma attack, if they scream, their bronchial tubes will close up. In order to keep their airways open, they instinctively act in a calm, measured, non-confrontational, non-combative way, and talk slowly, if at all, in a whisper. They cannot concentrate on anything except breathing. I have asthma, I know.

Eric Garner acted no different from Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (the Harvard professor who was arrested in Cambridge, MA when he was mistaken for a burglar entering his own house). He acted disproportionately hysterical, screaming with his mouth wide open like a spoiled child who just had his lollipop taken away from him, stamping his feet in false indignation, instead of understanding logically what was really happening here. Oh he understood, he just pretended not to. He then went on to exploit the situation, at the expense of the cop, for the supposed betterment of all black America.

Unfortunately, at least in America, blacks are dying by their own hands, because they don’t know how to follow instructions. That’s not something you can learn in school or on the job. Further, judging from all the black heads on television talk/news shows, they don’t have that ‘able to follow instructions’ gene either. What popped out at me more than anything else, and it was a big, big, wide, high, deep pop, is that blacks across the board, at least in the USA, judging by how they come to conclusions, do not have the logic gene, or if they do, it’s expressed at the low-end of the logic continuum/spectrum/scale. Just look at Juan Williams as an example.

Ability to follow instructions, thus obey laws, and to form logical conclusions are two important traits/tools necessary for survival.

Violence or threats of violence – used as a solution to solve problems, including the law of the jungle, most recently expressed in and imposed on Ferguson, Missouri and used as a greater terrorism tool, directed at all Americans, staged for national and international television – is saying that we’re not going to obey laws, and we don’t want to be put in jail when we don’t obey laws. We want cops to be our friends, so we can break the laws with impunity. We want to be the ‘mob’. We want to be gangsters. We want to steal other people’s livelihoods using threats of harm. We want to dominate the most powerful nation on earth. It’s that simple. Then we want all of you rich people to buy us new houses, new cars, new clothes, give us college degrees that we don’t earn, and pay us high wages that we don’t work for. Then and only then, maybe we won’t burn your villages, rape your women and set your men on fire.

I find it curious that some participating in the Black American Spring are likening themselves to the Palestinians, when all I see is ISIS – in the actions, the threats, the noise, the burning of villages, the attacks against police and police property, molotov cocktails, the organization, the money, the ability to get huge numbers of people worked up over a slogan to protest for profit, to demonize all police, all authority, all white people, and on and on. They have ISIS in their hearts. Make no mistake about it, their purpose is to instill fear into the minds of every American, regardless of race, but the target is all white people – that’s how they get a group (any group) with aggressive, violent tendencies, deficient in the ability to follow instructions and logically form conclusions who have been historically oppressed by white people to follow THEM.

President Obama and Eric Holder (USA Attorney General, soon to step down from his post) have consistently supported black Americans who terrorize white Americans, by seeking to punish the white people who dared to fight back, calling them racists. They have ISIS in their hearts too.

‘NO JUSTICE NO PEACE’ means give us our revenge in the courts, or we will make war against the police, and all of America. Maybe, just maybe, when the terrorists burn Obama’s house down, or any member of congress’ house down, they will blame the perpetrator of the attack and not all white people for making perpetrators ‘burn that bitch down’.