Black Lives Terror Strategy

Black Lives Terror strategy to make white people fear and to make white people hurt for the purpose of turning them into slaves to their social, political and economic causes is terrorism. When you design your activism strategies to make people, any people, suffer, then you are a terrorist. Welcome to ISIS in America. AntifaContinue reading “Black Lives Terror Strategy”

ISIS – A Rich People Disease

ISIS promotes death not life. ISIS is an occupying force. ISIS enslaves, tortures and slaughters the inhabitants of the towns and cities they occupy. ISIS leaders and followers are dictators, not liberators. They free no one. ISIS is worse than any current dictator, and as bad as the worst dictators of the past. ISIS oppressesContinue reading “ISIS – A Rich People Disease”


All of us who watch the news hear how ISIS (Islamic State et al) are recruiting young people around the world by their fancy Dan websites. They have lots of money to put into the design, the subtle messaging, the impact of violent images and otherwise recruitment propaganda, that evidently appeals to a segment ofContinue reading “LOOKING FOR ISIS – BAIT SITES”


ISIS is Benjamin Netanyahu’s forever vengeance. And he’s okay with that. It doesn’t matter that his skin is nearly white, and the skin of ISIS is nearly black. Come to America. Make America suffer, so they know how we Jews suffer. Feel our pain. But what happened to ISIS? Why isn’t anybody feeling their pain?Continue reading “ISIS”


NO. There is no life WITH Jihad. Only death. You don’t want to live in a world where the purpose is to live to thrive, so you fabricate a reason to live to die and make others die with you, so you can quickly go to a heaven you know nothing about. “Let’s just skip allContinue reading ““THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT JIHAD””

GUNS AND ISIS – You don’t need a gun to get into heaven. ADVERTISEMENT PAID FOR BY YOUR GOD

If you need to commit acts of violence in order to feel alive before you blow yourself up, remember THIS: when you get to heaven, those you blew up will be there with you. I’d hate to think what that fight is going to look like. On earth as it is in heaven. God trumpsContinue reading “GUNS AND ISIS – You don’t need a gun to get into heaven. ADVERTISEMENT PAID FOR BY YOUR GOD”


Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you? YES THEY CAN AND DO. Words start wars. satire (definition) the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. Right off the bat, straightContinue reading “THE IRONY OF ISIS”


ISLAMIC STATE INFILTRATES BLACK AMERICA ERIC GARNER DIES WHILE RESISTING ARREST If this man had already been arrested 31 times, then he knew the drill of ‘put your hands behind your back so I can cuff you’. It’s strange that when Trayvon Martin repeatedly slammed George Zimmerman’s head into the pavement/cement, blacks on international televisionContinue reading “THE AMERICAN SPRING”