Direct Paves The Road

Haunting Hustlers There’s no need to make the reader feel uncomfortable. Isn’t that the Jewish strategy when designing holocaust museums or writing about Jewish concerns? It’s too manipulative. People can handle the truth. It’s when you attempt to influence their interpretation of the truth, that the truth becomes stressful to the reader. Absent the writerContinue reading “Direct Paves The Road”

Color Blind vs Culture Blind

Color Blind vs Culture Blind Is color blind the same as being culture blind? Is culture blind the same as being color blind? Being blind to culture is the same as being blind to behavior. Being blind to color is the same as being blind to behavior. Being human, that blindness based on color orContinue reading “Color Blind vs Culture Blind”


Black America has been radicalized. And it’s spreading like a virus via the media. Madison Avenue will pay for allowing mass numbers of terrorist recruiters on their shows for the sole purposes of increasing ratings and making money. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

THE NRA (National Rifle Association) AS MADISON AVENUE

The NRA can mobilize quickly. Guns are big business, something not often pointed out. The media usually interviews the lone gun shop owner, like a Mom and Pop operation, when a massacre happens. Yet, there are more gun shops in the USA than there are McDonald’s and Starbucks combined. The NRA really represents gun manufacturers,Continue reading “THE NRA (National Rifle Association) AS MADISON AVENUE”