Speed Trap

“The law’s the law in Dinwiddie County Virginia, boy.”

Said the mayor of some city/town in the county where my husband was pleading for the mayor to accept his check and release me from jail for speeding in a reduced speed limit construction zone.

Speed traps they called them back in the early 1970’s, set up in southern states to trap unsuspecting northerners who didn’t know the roads. We were traveling from my parents’ house in Massachusetts to his parents’ house in Florida.

They’d arrest them, throw them in jail, then demand cash for their release – and tell the incarcerated one horrible stories about what happened to people who did not comply with the cash or Western Union demand.

The woman jailor who would have to stay overnight because I was the only female in the jail eventually cashed Steve’s check so she could go to the Roller Derby that night.

The Roller Derby saved me.

This story and all that happened will continue at a later date.

The Senate Health Care Bill is a Speed Trap.

Both, all, parties will support a speed trap.