BRENTON TARRANT – Terror Triangle

Ethnic-Based Revenge Attacks Muslims around the world who engineered and executed violent attacks against those they perceive as their enemy, plus the militant wing of the Palestinians, claim that because they don’t have a military, they are justified in committing attacks against their enemies using their bodies as bombs or using explosives and/or hand heldContinue reading “BRENTON TARRANT – Terror Triangle”

Manipulation By The Press

The press ruins a person’s or a group’s strategy by exposing it then debating it to the point of ineffectiveness. ‘We the people’ are not the press, and the press does not represent us – our elected politicians and officials do that. Members of the press aka journalists are spoilers – like spoiled kids theyContinue reading “Manipulation By The Press”


When the news media allows someone or some group to continuously vent without questioning their thoughts, ideas or motives, they oppress them. Someday when the venters wake up to how ignorant they sounded, they’ll blame you for not guiding the interview in a more intelligent exchange. After all you’re the professional. But more importantly, they’llContinue reading “NEWS MEDIA HUMILIATES BLACKS”