Proof Of God Through A Parallel

Why So Many Humans Believe God Exists – It’s a parallel. We can’t see the mind, even with the highest powered microscope. But we know we have one. We see the result of it. We experience it in others. It’s called thinking that results in action. We’re beginning to see that non-human animals also haveContinue reading “Proof Of God Through A Parallel”

Sharon In The Raw

Sharon In The Raw I write in individual and sometimes collective universal voices. It’s not a question of whether you agree with Sharon or not.  I write thoughts we all have. Some muse that I have access to what mills around in my subconscious/unconscious mind. In other words the doors were somehow left open betweenContinue reading “Sharon In The Raw”

Dumb Down – Dumb Up

Stop dumbing yourself down so others will accept you. Dumb yourself up without being arrogant or using words that you know in advance nobody will understand. The point is to communicate effectively. When you use slang all the time, that signals LAZY to your listener. LAZY in the speech. LAZY in the mind. That’s justContinue reading “Dumb Down – Dumb Up”