That’s My New Year Gift to all earth inhabitants and Beyond Earth. Twenty-Twenty – Perfect Vision. What’s far will come close – for perfect clarity and understanding. Take it or leave it. Most won’t take it. HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway from Word Warrior Davies-Tight and the staff at HELLO IT’S ME!! Just kidding! The “STAFF”Continue reading “PERFECT VISION IN 2020”

Hey, Mom, Dad, Wake Up

The Anitfa Aggression made up primarily of aggressive rich white kids who like to play with fire give everyone with a gripe about anyone justification to hurt them till they change. They’re rich kids with too much time on their hands looking for a Mommy and Daddy. They feel emotionally neglected and want their attention.Continue reading “Hey, Mom, Dad, Wake Up”

People In Wasteland

Money doesn’t make you smart, neither do good looks or fame. Some of the most ignorant people are rich, famous and easy to look at. Till they open their mouths, and I wonder how they got that way. What a waste. People In Wasteland – barren – devoid of substance – shallow.  

Don’t come to America for just the money opportunity

Only together can we rise above our differences, our prejudices, our weaknesses. Only together can we become strong individuals within a strong nation, that we call home. Only together, with all our individual talents, can we keep our homeland free – free from terror, free from oppression, free to be, to excel, free to loveContinue reading “Don’t come to America for just the money opportunity”