Religious Head Coverings Oppress Women

As a young Catholic girl I had to cover my head in church; the boys didn’t have to. They had to remove their head coverings upon entering church.

The boys were allowed on the altar; the girls weren’t. Even though girls would collect and take home their surplices to wash, starch and iron for the next Sunday mass, we had to enter through the back door.

The boys could assist in the mass; the girls could not. How could you assist in mass if you weren’t allowed on the altar? Only boys could be altar boys. Fair enough, but there was not a category for altar girls. A trick I thought as a young girl learning early what a backseat was.

Of course you’re special, you’re just different. No, it doesn’t mean the boys are better, it’s just the way it is. You think too much. Stop dwelling. I’m only asking a question, not dwelling. Boys and girls are different. Your job is as important as theirs.

But they do all the fun things. Why can’t they collect, wash, starch, iron and return the surplices and I assist at mass, I thought to myself.

Catholic families learn early in life through the doctrines of the church the value of their own children through the eye of the church, the Pope’s eye and in the eyes of God, even in the eye of Jesus. It wasn’t till decades later, on a trip to Montreal to attend a doctor’s symposium on dystonia, that I made my first walk on an altar.

I drove myself from Cleveland. Brought a bunch of Vox Dei Newspapers I published (similar to the word warrior content I publish online now, only in print form) and dropped them off Johnny Appleseed-style all along the way. I was also visiting by car (a visual tour) the birthplace of my maternal grandfather in Inverness, Quebec, a Scottish community, whom I never met, since he died early of pneumonia.

One of the stops along the way was a church (not planned, just me coming up on places or people and stopping to handout or drop off papers). I stopped, found the side door hallway, left a bunch of papers at the top of the steps, then went inside the church. I sat about in the middle and as I looked toward the altar saw a used baby diaper in the middle of the aisle – blue. I thought that’s strange. How could somebody drop a used diaper in the middle of the aisle of a church and keep walking?

I moved a little closer to the altar and took a seat near the aisle. I looked around to see nobody present. Catholic churches are much the same no matter where they stand. I scan the stations of the cross and recall doing them many times during the run up to Catholic holidays. I look at the altar with regrets for all the time spent during my childhood being a Catholic second class citizen. Why was I born a girl? Other religions are the same though – I’ve studied at least the basics of most of them.

My thoughts turn to the head coverings. First it was a hat, not carried, but actually on our heads that we needed to enter the church. God was in the church. That’s all we needed to know. Cover your head. I learned that men were made in the image of God, women were not, so they bared their heads and we covered ours. God is a he not a she.

What they really meant, in my view, was that men wanted to be seen by God alone, wanted to negotiate with God, wanted to be accepted by God. Women would steal the show, so cover them up, so God can’t see them. Always secret deals going on with God and men. Men wanted God to themselves. Men didn’t want to compete with women for God’s favor. Men were self-designated go-betweens. Men designated themselves as the Gods for women.

Men wrote the bible, not women. God – Men – Women. God tells the man what to do, then the man tells the woman what to do. The man is the filter through which the woman sees what the man allows her to see. These were man-made, church-made, not woman-made laws of religion.

Jesus was a man. Gay or not it doesn’t matter. He did the same thing. You have to go through him to get to God. He was one of those Jews who likes to fulfill prophecies. It got him killed. Jews aren’t the only ones who like to fulfill prophecies for personal gain. I’ve seen members of congress do the same thing.

So here I am – alone in a church somewhere in Quebec. Dare I do the deed? Maybe I should have pre-thought an excuse for being on the altar should a priest walk in, or some big local church official or an altar boy. Or a mother who knows I don’t belong there. But I didn’t.

Next thing you know I’m siting in the papal chair looking out over the throngs of worshippers.

Eventually the Catholic church did away with demanding head coverings for women in church. It was a gradual process – hats were no longer required, but a small piece of lace secured with a bobby pin was the next and last step to head freedom. Now God could see everybody. I was glad about that.

Whenever I see a Muslim child or woman with a head covering and a man with none to me it’s a sign of oppression and I personally find it offensive. The oppression I experienced very early in life, that marred perceptions of my worthiness, is why I eventually turned away from all religions.

Muslim women forcing non-Muslim women in America to look at that symbol of oppression wherever they roam in public is the same for me as a black person being forced to look at, communicate with, do business with and work with white people who wear nooses loosely around their necks, or a Jew being forced to look at, communicate with, do business with and work with Germans, Austrians and Poles who wear Swastika arm bands.

Oh no, no, no, it doesn’t mean that. No, no…

Yes, it does mean that to me. It will always mean that to me. To watch Muslim women enjoy being oppressed makes it all the more grotesque, thus obscene. Wear it at home or in the places where you worship your oppressive Gods. This is not a religious country. It’s a multi-ethnic country that allows you the freedom to go to church, mosque, temple or wherever you gather with like-minded individuals to worship without persecution.

It’s not a symbol of oppression. No it’s not. Look at me, I’m a congresswoman.

A congressperson who thinks her hair has magical powers that will make every man except those in her family, want to rape her if she exposes it.

So here we’ve got a congressperson who wants to look like a prostitute to remind people she isn’t one (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), and another congressperson who wants to wear a symbol of oppression against women to prove that she isn’t oppressed (Ilhan Omar).

Both women are signaling solidarity to women in their own ethnic and religious groups, rather than to all women and all men, whom they were elected to represent while members of a federal congress. They are executing preferential prejudice by gender, ethnicity and religion as well as discrimination toward every person not in those stylized groups.

Most of all, using oppressive symbols to gain popularity among select groups is offensive and manipulative. It hurts people; it doesn’t help people

Once you’re in the USA federal rather than the USA state congress, your votes effect all people in the nation, not just your constituency, or gender-specific or religion-specific or ethnic-specific bases.

Their message: Push down the women who already fought and created their freedom by making them feel sick by association with oppressive symbolism they’re forced to view in public places, while simultaneously raising up those still oppressed by showing them they can succeed while being oppressed.

Look at us; we’re congresswomen.


Ask Ilhan Omar if she supports segregation.

Ask Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if she supports federally funded abortion for Spanish speaking prostitutes.



Bible Must Go Along With Monuments

The bible is the longest standing monument to oppression worldwide.


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Heart-Stopper Israel-Russia

A lot of Russians left Russia to occupy Israel as Jews under the guise of wanting free land.

Ariel Sharon sensed something was amiss, but because he was Russian and feared for his own death by unnatural means he shrugged off the inevitable.

A lot of ‘maybe’ Russian Jews went to Israel for free land taken like candy from babies (the Palestinians).

Russians aren’t stupid. They lived under oppression for too long to be carrying that stupid label. They learned via oppression how to improvise, disguise and acquire what they needed and wanted to survive.

They knew there would be a cost. Nothing is ever free.



1 Jan. 2015 I just saw this headline on Yahoo News via Chicago-Sun Times Entertainment on 2 Jan. 2014:


I couldn’t believe I actually saw that phrase ‘knocked up’ in print. I thought it must mean something different these days, than what it meant many decades ago, so I clicked it on to make myself current. Nope, it still means somebody got pregnant. It’s a derogatory term used toward women, usually very young women, and usually but not always unmarried women, and almost exclusively used by men and said in a surly, demeaning, degrading way, usually but not always accompanied by ‘dirty’ laughter, meaning a men only joke.

Back in the ’70’s that man would have been called a ‘chauvinist pig’ (I, being an animal-rights activist, object to the word ‘pig’ being used in an insulting way, just as I object to cops being called pigs, or to Joni Ernst, a republican hog castrator from Iowa who won a senate seat, saying she was going to Washington to make them squeal – a reference to the pain of castration and ‘cutting the pork’, meaning removing from the budget, that which republicans deem unnecessary).

This is 2015. Is a man writing the Dear Abby column? I stopped reading these columns decades ago when I found out that the two sisters (Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers, now dead), who wrote the two columns appearing in newspapers across the nation for decades made up the questions, and that they were written for Jews, instructing them on how to behave when in the company of gentiles (non-Jews) – addressing every imaginable facet of behavior – so Jews wouldn’t be seen as odd – a form of assimilation/integration into American society.

They did this without ever addressing Jews directly as Jews. Although I was very young then, I never agreed with any of their advice, so I don’t know who they were getting their answers to their own questions from. Experts they always claimed.

‘Knocked up’ is inappropriate (just like a ‘bun in the oven’ is inappropriate). It’s not funny. It’s disrespectful to women. It is never said in an endearing way. It’s uncivilized and offensive.

It’s strange how we as a society have become increasingly politically correct in our speech and actions toward any and all minority groups. But for the most discriminated against humans – women – of every race, nation, culture, socio-economic group, religion, political party… that has not happened.

Insult a Jew, a black, a gay, a handicapped person publicly and your career will be ruined. Insult a woman and everybody laughs. It’s not taken seriously. Even raping a woman isn’t taken seriously.

Bill O’Reilly announced on his ‘no-spin’ show the other night that the war on women is over. I guess because he says it’s over, it’s over. The fact that he didn’t ask a panel of women if the war on women is over should be proof enough of his own sexist slant.

Perceived superiority of an individual or group over another individual or group is one of the basis of prejudice. It’s not simply about not liking an individual or group. Anybody is free to like or dislike any individual or group for whatever reason. We all have our preferences. It’s when we discriminate based on a prejudicial mindset of superiority that the war begins.

The war on women will be over when women start fighting back against that which keeps them oppressed. Winning the war against women – on a continuum – is in its infancy.

Half of the human race – women – have and continue to fight for every other groups freedom rights. Where are these same groups when it comes to their freedom rights? Where’s the other half of humankind – men – when it comes to the freedom rights for women?

Start by correcting your own language, regardless of what your prejudicial thought process, no matter what your muscle memory is telling you to say, just because that’s how you’ve always thought and said it.

Stop the repetition of bad language and your brain will get the message. Form new habits of correct, respectful words and those words will create new pathways of correct, respectful actions.

You change the world by changing yourself. The world will take notice.


Social Justice is all about discriminating against the grandchildren of those who oppressed your grandparents, when the grandchildren didn’t commit the oppression. It’s wrong. IT SUCKS. Stop Now.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


President Obama just gave the King of Jordan 200 million dollars of tax payers money for the King to do essentially whatever he wants with it, without making a single demand to curb human rights abuses on behalf of those Americans footing the bill to keep this oppressive dictator in power, who would sell his mother for a nickel to keep himself a king.

It’s against the law to criticize the King of Jordan. Any country that has a law stating that any citizen cannot criticize the ruler who controls their lives is an oppressive, dangerous regime.

Mob beatings and sexual assaults (large and small) are spreading like wild fire around the globe. Most places where they occur have kept them quiet. One of those countries remaining quiet is the USA. They’re usually instigated by government agents working inside the mob to isolate and take down dissidents, that’s why little is done to the perpetrators. Once instigated the mob rule takes over, and the instigator agent disappears from the scene.

Where there is a protest, large or small, government agents are there for the sole purpose of disrupting the protest, so where’s the freedom in that? When the people with an opposing view want to join the protest that’s fine, but when the opposing view comes from the government, and it always does, then that’s oppressive.

Although all governments truly do believe that they, as a small group of governing people, know what’s best for the majority of the others, whom I call the populace, they rarely in fact do. All people, when given the choice will do what’s best for themselves first, their families and the small group of associates to which they belong. Even though some belong to a much larger, wider group of like mindedness or like circumstances, they rarely give to that larger group the same considerations that they give to their immediate self and clan, which makes them behave in greedy, self-serving ways.

Disrupting a protest isn’t meant for the purpose of breaking up a crowd. In the USA it’s supposed to be legal to protest, so why try to disrupt it? Because the government wants to block that idea, block that innovative thought that if heard by the masses might upset their cozy little contractual arrangements with purveyors of torture, war and bad products.  They like to isolate people’s ‘bad’ ideas and thoughts that might put this country or any country on the right track for better lives for all. Isolate them, demoralize them with beatings and sexual attacks and fear of harm to family and business. All governments do it.

The news interviews and reports seemed to indicate that it was the Arab Spring itself, the rise of the populace against injustices by their governments, that created these mob beatings and mob sexual attacks. The people taking the law into their own hands and demonstrating a new  resistance to the resistance, as well as the government resistance to the rebels, forming a triangular situation on the ground where all sides are trying to influence the other sides to see an issue, all issues their way is the dynamic we see in any protest.

Telling women (or men) to stay home, in order to prevent being beaten or sexually assaulted is a typical male dominated world response, and many times, most times, other women who wouldn’t stand up for theirs’ or their daughters’ or grand daughters’ rights will be the first to say it, blaming the woman for her own assault. A police officer in Cleveland once told me, “If you don’t want to get assaulted when you go out, then don’t go to public places.”

Arab countries are well-versed and rehearsed in mobs. They know how to control mobs and how to control the individual people who want to change their own lives, their families lives and all lives for the better, who are called the dissidents, the criminals who dare challenge the status quo. Criticize the King, off with your head. Obama likes that idea. He likes being surrounded by men with guns, he likes being a King himself.

The Arabs have been controlling mobs for thousands of years. They do it by intimidation, humiliation, enslavement, torture and slaughter. That’s where the protest train leads–to slaughter. Everybody knows it in the Middle East. Why doesn’t Obama, after four years in Presidents College know that? Is he too busy  being a Hollywood actor, doing photo ops all day everyday, or is he just sleeping in class? Obama needs to stop telling some countries to keep living under oppressive rule, while he tells people of other countries too rise up against their leaders. Who is this guy, anyway?

Obama didn’t give the King of Jordan 200 million dollars of your money to feed a bunch of refugees from Syria. The King won’t use the money for that, everybody knows it–but you. You’re the one Obama always lies to–the people, the populace, the average people, the not too bright people, the ones whom he has to decide for, because you’re not capable nor fit to make your own decisions about how you think your money should be spent and on whom.

What Obama got for your money was all Jew-driven. He got the King to say that Iran was going to drop a bomb on Israel the minute they have one, so Israel will be justified in a preemptive strike with the backing of the USA military, plus as a bonus he got the King to turn his back on the Palestinian people still living in Palestine. A pimp and a whore, both working for Israel. Looks like Netanyhau won. He in one trip that somebody else made (he didn’t have to move an inch) brought Obama and King Abdullah to their knees. The USA got nothing out of the deal. The King gets to stay a King, but as a traitor of his own people. It’s all bad.