Anti-Defamation League A Front For Surveillance And Terror

Suppressing speech doesn’t prevent riots, massacres or holocausts.

In fact, nobody was trash-talking Blacks prior to the global CITY BURNINGS.

In fact, nobody was trash-talking Jews before the BOMBING OF GAZA.

So, the Anti-Defamation League’s mission to ruin White lives who criticize Jews or Blacks is a war maneuver in terrorism.

The purpose is to keep the White population silent while the Jews enslave, torture, slaughter and bomb the Palestinians in Palestine, while simultaneously instigating and promoting Black riots around the globe using Black Lives as their vehicle of terrorism.

Ergo: The Anti-Defamation League is a terror organization that spends an inordinate amount of time spying on and defaming people who don’t support their Middle East agenda.

Calling someone anti-Semetic is defamation. It’s not that they’re Jews; it’s what they do in the name of Jews that some people rightly find offensive.

The Jews want a Jewish majority in Palestine. If Jews call that anti-Semetic, how are the Arabs involved, since Jews claim both Jews and Arabs are Semetic people? Why do you include Arabs in your anti-Semetic defamation accusations, when Arabs aren’t at issue?

Stop spying on people because of their views. Stop ruining people’s lives because they have the audacity to speak the truth.

The USA needs to look more closely at the Anti-Defamation League. They have terrorism roots and a terrorist agenda. Where is the transparency? Who funds them?


Benzion Mileikowsky’s Grand Supremacy Plan

Jews make it sound like they have land control/ownership rights in Palestine, because their seeds are planted in Turkey, Spain and throughout Europe.

Well then, occupy those countries. At least they have militaries with which to fight you on equal footing. The Palestinians didn’t and don’t.

Britain wrongly thought that by giving you access to Palestine that you’d be happy with the arrangement and leave the rest of the world alone. You weren’t and you didn’t.

Your foot in the door is what happened, and here we are in 2020 with you, the Jews, still destabilizing the world with your “stuff”.

The world is feeling burdened by your lack of will to move forward without demanding to lord over others as motivation. The world is not going to feed you ‘live animals’ anymore just to keep themselves safe.

Your ambiguity about your nuclear capability is of grave concern to the rest of the world – especially when in the hands of a group who uses that threat for financial, political and real estate gains.

Nuclear capabilities are used to open doors of cooperation – to level playing fields with mutual destruction realities; they’re not used to oppress peoples for the purpose of stealing from them their ability to survive, thrive, determine and defend their own culture and laws upon their own land.

Taking a nation’s ability to defend itself against aggression away from them is the worst type of oppression. Palestine does not have a military with which to defend their land. And Palestinian Jews make that a condition for world peace, not just peace in Palestine.

Jews in Palestine have proven themselves unworthy to possess nuclear weapons and an equally unworthy partner in peace. It is the Jews who disturb the peace by forcing a square peg into a round hole. The Jews don’t fit in Palestine by forcing their conditions for existence onto everybody else.

When Jews in Palestine feel compelled to lure Jews from the rest of the world to come to Palestine for free land currently under occupation, to increase their numbers to a majority, then that isn’t a real democracy; it’s a manufactured democracy giving Jews privilege over everybody else. That in itself is proof that there wasn’t much will by those who already lived there to participate in the GRAND SUPREMACY PLAN to exterminate the Palestinians as a people, an ethnicity and as an indigenous group.

  • If one wonders why the same thing is happening in Australia to its indigenous population, it’s because Jews migrated to Australia with that same GRAND SUPREMACY PLAN.

It all sounds too Hitleresque to be palatable to most Jews – who do remember the holocaust and the tricks Hitler used to lure them into death camps to operate his war factories. It’s no coincidence that Mileikowsky invited USA companies to build factories on occupied lands/disputed territories to employ Palestinians. Some will rightly argue that Palestine is that new death camp – designed, orchestrated and operated by Jews.

Does it matter if they’re Russian Jews or German Jews at this point? Or Spanish Jews or Albanian or British Jews? Not in Mileikowsky’s world.

And not in anybody else’s world either.


Jared Kushner Adds The USA As An Occupier Of Palestine

Jared Kusher was given three years to come up with a plan, that the Palestinians didn’t see until it was released to the world.

Mahmoud Abbas was given two weeks to counter the proposal with his own resolution, which was (unofficially) rejected by the United Nations body. He now has a few days with which to form a new one. The Jews in Palestine want a resolution by election day on 2 March 2020 for Benjamin Netanyahu to gain favor with his base.

It would take a month to study all the details of the 180 page manifesto presented by the Jews. I read it. The font is too tiny, making for difficult reading. If the Jews had used a larger font to ease reading, the document would contain many more pages than it does.

Of course that’s the PDF version. I don’t know about the actual print version. But for the world to read, it presents itself as much smaller than it actually is. Much like that 1/10 of 1% population that the Jews stick with to make them sound like they’re the oppressee and not the oppressor.

Just to have it translated in all languages would be a monumental task – if it’s done accurately. Shouldn’t the world be able to read the document in full, since any Jewish action taken unilaterally, with promises of prosperity by a brutal occupying force, affects the entire world?

Palestinians primarily speak and read Levantine Arabic, not English. The Palestinian populace responded with a resounding NO to a short summary, while Jared Kushnar across the world lamented on television that “they didn’t even read it”. Wasn’t that the point? Did Jared Kushnar provide Arabic copies of his demands to every Palestinian family in Palestine?

Since when are entities seeking independence from occupation required to fully implement several hundred pages of demands put on them by their oppressors considered valid by the United Nations? So the Jews anticipate the implementation to take four years? Just in time for Donald Trump to leave office with a win that forever subjugates the Palestinians to the Jews on Palestinian land?

Did Britain in 1948 require that of the Palestinians when they pulled out, so the Jews could move in – by brutal force? No.

So actually, Britain never did free the Palestinians from occupation in 1948, did they?

Find a way to do it now. It’s time to get off your high horse and roll up your sleeves.

Jared Kushner had three years. He had plenty of help devising the long-winded and judgmental to the point of ad nauseam document that keeps the Jews and the USA the sole occupiers of Palestine – and beyond is where this is going.

History doesn’t look kindly on Britain as occupier of the world. This is your final test, knowing what you know today. It’s like American politicians now all agreeing that it was wrong to decimate Iraq. Iraqis had nothing to do with the attack against the USA on 9-11. In fact, the day after 9-11 the Jews went into Palestinian territories committing massacres, knowing the USA and world would be distracted.

The Jews decimated Palestine. It began with you. It needs to end with you.

Jared Kushner Adds The USA As An Occupier Of Palestine

Jared Kushner with his Jewish Plan for Palestine made the USA an occupying force with his Plan for Prosperity – that was designed for only the Jews to survive and thrive unencumbered by the rights of outside forces to determine their destiny, which positioned the Palestinians at the feet of Jews worldwide and the USA deciding-machines within the governmental bodies.

For every demand set forth in minute detail the USA along with the Jews will decide whether there has been compliance by the Palestinians to their satisfaction. At that point, the Palestinians will either be allowed to move forward or be sanctioned for non-compliance.

The USA and the Jews must agree on any action to be taken, which could lead to court battles and endless delays. However, knowing how the Jews determine elections in the USA, that shouldn’t be difficult.

Fickle politicians and leaders will want the Jewish vote, so there will never be a fair airing regarding conditions of compliance. Why should there be conditions of compliance in the first place?

It sounds like the Palestinians are in a prison and are requesting parole, and the parole officers are Jews worldwide plus the government of the USA. That makes the USA an occupying force.

So rather than address the occupying force of the Jews, now they have to address, in addition, the occupying force of the USA.

Does the USA force these same requirements or conditions of conduct on Puerto Rico?

To the USA: Either become a protective force for the Palestinians or get out of the equation.

Jared Kushner’s document needs to be read very carefully. If that is the blueprint from which all else emanates, whereby nothing can be added, then the Palestinians are in deep trouble.

The Jews, wanting total control over the outcome, show their true occupying society in the way the document reads.

What this document achieved was adding the USA as an occupying force in Palestine, which gives support to the Jews and nothing to the Palestinians, except crumbs and being on perpetual parole, having to report to parole officers, for eternity. It’s yet another plan devised to make Palestinians want to leave their homeland.

There is no New Palestine. The Jews can’t determine the name of your country. They added that to be used in a court of law, years hence, when they will argue that all grievances against Jews in Palestine and all demands for land borders, access to the sea that borders their country, air access too, etc. are null and void, based on the change of name – that nobody thought important enough to object to.

It’s just a word? No. It’s a huge, huge shift in responsibility. It negates everything that will happen before what happens next. The Jews are covering all their bases in every aspect of this document.

When Palestine is free from occupying forces, the Palestinians decide what to call or not to call their land.

  • The Jews want to be called a Jewish state, which discriminates against all citizens in that society, who are not Jews. So what do they offer the Palestinians? They can be called a Palestinian State, so the Palestinians can discriminate against those living in Palestine who are not Palestinians.
  • Being called a Jewish or Palestinian State assures by language a Jewish or Palestinian majority – so the majority always rules, always wins – whatever it is they seek.

Why should the Jews demand of the Palestinians that they recognize their occupiers as having a right to own their land and control their society? That’s what The Kushner Document does.

That entire document must be scrapped. That the United Nations accepted it is outrageously prejudicial. It’s essentially a book of laws made by Jews and the USA to control every facet of Palestinian life. Cultural, social, energy, food, protesting, what one can boycott and on and on. There will be no free speech in Palestine. There is not one bit of self-determination anywhere that doesn’t first get approved by the Jews worldwide and the USA.

Read that document in its entirety. Jews are word smiths. Every word counts. The order counts. The design counts. The massage is there – look for it. They tire you, don’t they? Well wake up. Do your duty to the world.

The countries that sided with Jewish Colonialism at the United Nations will regret that vote. That you profited by siding with the oppressor proves who you are for the entire world to see.

Those who were under the control of British or French or Spanish or any other occupying force, whom many use to this day as an excuse for their countries remaining in the ditch of history, put the Palestinians in that same ditch, by choosing the occupier with which to do business, under threats of future business being denied if they didn’t support Jewish colonialism in Palestine.

DITCH THAT PLAN – the devil is in every detail.

You need to actually read the document. It will make you sick as you approach the brutality of the finality of the demands at every juncture. I thought I was in a holocaust museum.

Then I thought I was seeing the soldiers shooting the prisoners while they played music for them at Auschwitz.

It takes writing talent to do that. It doesn’t belong in a document or in a plan, any kind of plan. It reads as an influencer – a manifesto – a comforter – stroking the backs of the dogs mauling each other in a fight – and it worked to pull the hood over the eyes of the United Nations.


Palestine can be invaded without violence – The Jews do it all over the world

If Jews worldwide have a Right Of Return, when they never even lived in Palestine – only some of their very long ago ancestors did – then so do Palestinians have the Right Of Return – even more so than Jews – since they never left Palestine as Jews did en masse looking for greener pastures. The land of milk and honey, remember? Well, that’s everywhere.

Jews then returned centuries later en masse with a plan to push Palestinians from their land via a PALESTINIAN Holocaust executed by Jews, to make the prime real estate in Palestine their INTERNATIONAL HOME BASE – for all Jews worldwide to visit, pay homage and celebrate a designer country that they formed by displacing an indigenous people.

Since then, Jews who arrived en masse after World War II made the lives of Palestinians who remained after the Holocaust into living hells, hoping they’d leave on their own. The BUTCHERS OF PALESTINE were JEWS, not PALESTINIANS as Jews would have you believe.

Jews passed a law giving themselves that Right Of Return, when most of them willingly left Palestine to populate all corners, sides, middles, uppers, lowers, even the waters with their Jew seeds, in an orchestrated plan to dominate the planet from wherever they grew. Jews all over the world could then move to Palestine and occupy it as their Home Base, eventually to become accepted by the world and then expand throughout the Middle East. 

No one opposed it, because they’d be ruined by JEW BRUTALITY if they did. They populated an area of Palestine as their Homeland-State, not yet globally unrecognized as legal or valid, which they controlled to maintain a Jew majority at all costs. To oppose would be fruitless and dangerous.

Jew is not a pure race as the Jews like to trick the world into believing it is. It’s not a race either. I mean, are Gypsies a race? No. Do Gypsies have their own state with nuclear and chemical weapons? No. Do Gypsies commit holocausts against the people in the countries where they reside? No. Well, not unless they’re Jew-Gypsy.  Do Gypsies have their own DNA? No. 

There’s a reason why German Jews look German, and Scottish Jews look Scottish, because Jews mated with the people in the lands where they migrated, emigrated, immigrated – you pick. They mated with everybody. Still, German is not a race. Jew can’t be proven by DNA, except for a tiny segment of Ashkenazi (ash-ka-nazi) people who bred within the family for such a long time that they carry genetic disease-disorder genes that set them apart. It’s not a Jew gene like Jews try to convince the world it is. They’re inbreeding genes. Lots of groups have them.

  • So, the only ancestry Jews share is that of the people in the countries where they mated and populated. A German Jew will show up as having German ancestry, not Jew ancestry.

Why would Jews even try to raise up, in the eyes of the world, an inbreeding practice to lay claim to every country they ever populated? Don’t think this all ends in Palestine. Palestine was chosen to be the HOME BASE of the Jews, because Palestinians were so malleable, that they could be displaced without much effort. They weren’t organized and they didn’t have a military with which to fight. 

Once JEWS get world recognition and acceptance as a state in Palestine, governments around the world will fall into their hands, because they have so much dirt on everyone. Add to that, the Jews strategically placed in all the important and not so important positions within each country to execute what needs to be done in their best interests and I’d say CHECKMATE.

Other populations bred within their own people, in fact everybody who belonged to a tribe did that. The more inbreeding, the more genetic diseases-disorders that emerge. Pair a genetically challenged organism with another genetically challenged organism of two different regions and the probability rises sharply, that they will produce genetically challenged new generations. 

It’s not just Jew with Jew, but Jew with anybody else involved with inbreeding – thus the birth defects we see throughout the world. Jew with Scot, Jew with Italian, Jew with Russian and on and on. Indian with Indian, Pakistani with Pakistani, Asian with Asian. Adding the Jew factor raises the probability, because the Jew population is smaller than other populations and inbreeding a cornerstone of how they define themselves.

  • Inbreeders tend to seek out other inbreeders. 

We all come from tribes – originally. Why do you think indigenous island people have so many genetic diseases-disorders? Why do most peoples of the world think/claim indigenous people to be less smart than non-indigenous people? Inbreeding.

The solution is to find someone with whom to mate, who is far removed from the inbreeding practice, so two matching recessive genes don’t hook up with each other to form an abnormality expressed by diseases-disorders.

Jews, being the separatists they are by their own nature and will, keep holding onto this inbreeding practice, thinking it propagates a pure race. It doesn’t. Inbreeding propagates genetic diseases-disorders.

This is a dangerous cult, which goes out to populate the world, planting their genetically modified, by inbreeding, seeds in all tribes they encounter along the way.

  • Why do you think Jews lay a sheet with a hole in it over the girl while the guy has intercourse with her? Because the guy is the girl’s father or uncle. They don’t want to see her face. 

Jews want to be the seed in everybody else’s ethnicity. Ethnicity isn’t a race, but if they can put their seeds in all of it, then the HUMAN RACE has their FACE on it as common to all humans. They then, control the Human Race via genetics – which is their long-term goal.

Religions inbreed, especially in families where mates are pre-chosen. 

  • Why do you think Muslims sexually mutilate their girl children? So they don’t experience pleasure when the fathers have intercourse with their daughters. That’s why mothers go along with it – sometimes demanding it, out of jealousy.

Social engineering a Jew majority in Palestine is a form of inbreeding that must not be accepted by the world.

Well, I’ve been thinking about that prime real estate in GAZA. Seaport, seaside, mecca for tourism – OFF THE PLANET IMPRESSIVE. 

Stop groaning and moaning. What? You’re going to miss being in perpetual LOCKDOWN?

Bring us your wretched, tired and poor – don’t forget your tools and talent. Come to build a bigger, better Palestine. Right Now. YES.

No building contracts for Jews in Palestine. They’ll sabotage the effort, just like they do every few years by bombing the Palestinian infrastructure that keeps the Palestinians in a perpetual state of rebuilding the same infrastructure over and over again. For how long will this continue?


Welcome all people who want to build PALESTINE INTO A PALACE.

We need trains, planes, airport, ships, seaport – we want it all. We deserve it all. No more waiting as Jews raise that perpetual bar. 

To the engineers and architects who built Dubai – WELCOME TO PALESTINE!



Jew is not a race

Jew is not an ethnicity.

Jew is not a pure race.

Population of Jews is not 1/10th of 1% as Jews told the world for decades.

What separates Jews from some other people are the inbreeding genes. 

All groups who practice inbreeding share the same recessive genes for diseases-disorders.

The world is not separated into Jew and non-Jew. Jews have inserted their DNA into all populations worldwide – even other species.

The bible was written by Jews.

The bible is a novel – a walking dead sci-fi horror show.

The bible is not a legal document nor even a blueprint for a better life.

The bible is not a first-hand eye-witness account of anything of importance, except to maybe Hollywood director-types.

The bible has been ANONYMOUSLY edited many times without notices or permissions or agreements, which makes the book in it’s entirety an expression of individual agendas with a few niceties thrown in to make it look valid.


It Was A Surface To Air Missile Launched By The Iranians, agenda-driven folks on social media are screaming

THIS TIME The World Gets THE ANSWER BEFORE The Questions Are Even Asked


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau stated that a surface to air missile launched by the Iranians brought the plane down.


So they already know the nationality? of the person(s) who launched it? and it was confirmed that the Iranian military took the jet down, or Iranian citizens, or Iranian militia? what does “the Iranians” mean – the country, the government, the people, all the people, one person – all or one of Iranian descent and heritage?

MY NAME IS IRAN and I’m going to take down this passenger jet in Iran to rattle the world and hurt Iran’s hope of having a nuclear energy program?

Is that it?

MY NAME IS THE GOVERNMENT OF IRAN  and we’re going to take down this passenger jet to rattle the world and hurt Iran’s hope of having a nuclear energy program?

The world now will side with Israel in keeping the Palestinians enslaved in camps, if what Justin Trudeau says is true.

Israel regards all Palestinians as Iranians, thus their forever enemy.

If I were Iran, I’d invade Palestine and set the Palestinians free once and for all to own their own land and be their own people.

Israel is making the world sick from their depraved need to enslave 6 million Palestinians on their own land in their own homes.

No one else in the world has the courage to do it.

The world saved the Jews, now the world has to save the Palestinians from the Jews.

Maybe Iran has been selected.



IT’S A TRAP. Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal




Arabs, including Persians and Palestinians, need to insert more commas into their thought process so they’ll stop and think on what they’re thinking before they speak then act on it.

You know what I mean. Stop claiming ignorance. It’s ugly on you – as always.

If you’ve no time to take a break from your stream of thoughts, people will consider you unfit to share them much less sign a deal based on them.

You make the world dizzy when you speak. It’s a manipulative marketplace tic that has no place in serious global negotiations.

Speaking calmly while you decimate the planet with your bad habits and ideologies which serve masters not slaves instills hatred into the hearts of the oppressed and purpose into the minds of the otherwise weak.

You who always raise reason as your ally now fall. You waited too long.

Your pretensions can’t save you any more. Find another way.

I’ve got a crazy idea.

Focus on saving the slaves and the kingdom will save itself.

It won’t look like it does now. But you don’t like how it looks now. It stinks. To high heaven.

Everybody notices the stink except those who live in it.

A comma can change the world.



Every USA person in the House of Representatives, every person in the Senate, every President, not exempting the current President of the USA, whom all claim to be against slavery, support the enslavement of Palestinians by Jews.

I don’t care anymore about a greater cause, that has yet to be defined, that will get you re-elected, and you promising in your own mind that you’ll do something for those enslaved, particularly the Palestinians, even though you ran against them, because you know as I know that it is on their backs that you get to feel that power again of being in charge.

The next person coming down the pike, once your term limit expires, will think and do the same thing as their predecessor. How does that make you feel? Probably good, since if you couldn’t do it, you certainly don’t want anybody else to accomplish what you couldn’t.

And don’t you after all, once your term limit is up, have to be concerned about the next person in your party, of whom you’re so publicly proud, but in private despise? You have to campaign for a person in the likeness of you? And what does that accomplish? If you couldn’t get it done, why would you expect that somebody just like you can get it done?

The Brookings Institute or something like that recently gave as a reason to stay in Afghanistan (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘there’s nothing they (meaning Afghans) would like better than knowing we couldn’t go the distance; essentially we couldn’t stay long enough to whip their asses.’

Frankly all the think-tanks cry the same story line, so what’s the use of having think-tanks, people smarter than anybody else, who all think the same, who aren’t changing the world for the better; they all advocate bombs to make individuals, neighborhoods, nations succumb.

Succumb to what?

To what, is what I keep asking myself?

The Palestinians have the audacity to fight back. If the world thinks that every ‘people’ have a right to defend their honor, their land, their families against an aggressor, then why not the Palestinians? Why are they not allowed? Enslavement is why. Those enslaved don’t have that universal right.

Nelson Mandela can rise up and make Black people rise up against their oppressors, the white people, using horrific torture methods of “necklacing”, and he’s Obama’s hero.

When the Palestinians rise up, not in unison because of fear, but one at a time, they’re called terrorists.

You can’t have it both ways, President Obama, though as a dictator now you think you can. All dictators think they know it all, that they know what’s best for their country and the world. And all dictators use horrific methods to achieve their ends – ends that never really accomplish much. Nothing really. In the end nothing.

In the best interests of the USA? Palestinians didn’t take those towers down in New York city. A son of Saudi Arabia took those towers down. Saudi Arabia knew their son; they knew he would do it. They made no attempt to stop him. None.

Is anybody enslaving anybody in Saudi Arabia? It’s not about women; they support their enslavement; it’s not about children; they were born into the life. It’s about the Kingdom. It’s about one of the most vile Kingdom’s on earth.

The Kingdom in Saudi Arabia is afraid – yes afraid – not of Iran as an aggressor, but that Iran will become liberated. Next stop Saudi Arabia. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not, on any terms, accept that. They’d rather team up with Israel than relinquish their Kingdom, because Israel knows all about enslaving those they view – a startling view – as inferior, thus not worthy of freedom to be.

Barack Obama (this is Mama talking; that’s what the CIA calls me among other more hurtful names), you don’t have to free the Palestinians with bombs; they don’t want any more bombs dropped on them.

Israel already does that on a regular basis.Each time they’re rejected by the world community for who knows what any more, they commit massacres against the same enslaved  ‘people’. Their gardens  are dug up, because of Israeli paranoia, that if you plant food, there’s a bomb or a gun in the soil beneath.

Barack Obama, you can free the Palestinians with words.

Yes, President Obama, you can free the Palestinians with words.

You’ve yet to use them. I know those words are in you. Do not continue to succumb to the “necklacing” approach to peace. There is no peace in torture.

Free the Palestinians with words. Free them from your own clutch. Free them from the clutches of Jews worldwide whom support the enslavement. I know the words are in you. Use your words.

Would you have told Blacks in South Africa that they had to earn their freedom?

Would you have told Blacks in America that they had to earn their freedom?

Israelis call Palestinians ‘sand niggers’. Jews think they’re white, which translates to superior to all other colors. It’s becoming abundantly clear that John Kerry (SOS) and Barack Obama (POTUS) think Palestinians are ‘sand niggers’ too. Otherwise they wouldn’t let the Israelis use them as a bargaining chip to advance other unrelated agendas.