Voting Blind

VOTING BLIND Ballots need to be made available on-line so we can study and understand what we’re voting for before we actually vote.  Propositions, levies for or against are too complicated to study at the voting booth. Too many loopholes in the description, too many implications to consider after reading the actual proposal, too muchContinue reading “Voting Blind”

Best And Worst Case Scenarios

Best And Worst Case Scenarios Politicians often say they plan for the worst and hope for the best. It’s defeatist. If you keep planning for the worst, the worst will happen just as you planned it. Why expend more energy into the worst case scenarios than planning for the best case so the worse caseContinue reading “Best And Worst Case Scenarios”

Cops Kids Parents Slaughter

COPS KIDS AND PARENTS My parents never would have blamed a cop for my bad behavior. They’d blame me. So why do black parents blame cops for the bad behavior of their kids? Black Lives seeks exemptions for blacks from laws governing behavior. Does that mean white people too, or will it apply to onlyContinue reading “Cops Kids Parents Slaughter”