Therein Lies The Proof Of Privilege

Therein Lies The Proof Of Privilege The ones oppressed weren’t assigned a people color. They were left out in the cold to fend for themselves – and they did exactly that. They didn’t let the lack of formal education deter them; they educated themselves – not in the ways of the street but in theContinue reading “Therein Lies The Proof Of Privilege”


Privilege Is Painful It hurts like hell. We all want it until we get it only to find hell not heaven. All the glory goes to the rich, until you’re the one chosen by the universe to become rich and you realize with startling clarity that glory is painful. So often when individuals from minorContinue reading “PRIVILEGE IS PAINFUL”

The Truth In The Lie

When the world recognizes the truth in the lie that Jews covered, regarding their self-proclaimed holocaust, by destroying evidence, refusing international academic study and destroying the lives of anyone and their families who legitimately questioned the accuracy of the motives and events, the world will turn a collective back to every Jew on the planet,Continue reading “The Truth In The Lie”