Recent headline:

President Obama says:  ‘They Don’t Call Moscow’ When There’s Trouble In The World”

Word Warrior response:

In fact, everybody calls Moscow, historically and now. If Obama’s CIA and NSA were spying as they say they are spying, then they would know that. If what Obama meant is that they don’t call Moscow to undermine and bomb countries to resolve differences, then Obama is right on that – they don’t.

Obama bombs people, other animals, land, infrastructure when requested to do so. Other, more civilized, countries would rather people or countries having disputes, talk it out. They know better not to call Moscow to bomb somebody for them.

Obama is high on POWER – HIS power to destroy anything in his path, and when Americans won’t allow it, because they’re more civilized than that, he relies on other countries making the request, in order to satisfy his lust for killing, under the guise of National Security for us. He’s really good at killing – he even said he was – but he’s not much good at anything else.

For years, Israel and the USA have been making the case to the world, that President Assad of Syria had to go, because he was waging war against his own people. Neither Israel nor the USA believed that the rebels really were terrorists trying to take over Syria, as Assad repeatedly claimed. Now Israel and the USA have egg all over their faces, but instead of admitting they were grossly wrong, they still want Assad out. So the war he was waging against his own people, and now the truth, against terrorists over-taking Syria, had nothing to do with why Israel wanted Assad out. The Israeli state, like the Islamic State, want to control – takeover – the Middle East.

The USA is going to help Israel do that. That’s why after decades, the USA still says to Palestinians, ‘it’s not your time yet’. Oh yeah, it’s their time. Make no further mistake, nor miscalculation about that. It is so past their time, that the entire world is about to vomit over what the USA in tandem with Israel has done to thwart peace in all regions of the world at war – especially the Middle East.



World leaders stood motionless, even though they were all briefed on what was about to happen, when the State of Israel committed a massacre against the State of Palestine. ‘Revenge from hell’ Netanyahu called it. ‘A revenge that not even Satan would unleash on the world’ – meaning that Jews are not only better than every human, every other animal, greater than God, but more vicious than ‘even Satan’.

Hey Netanyahu slaves fight back. All slaves do. Even when all they have is a sling shot with which to fight your bombs, tanks, sophisticated equipment, and obsessive humiliation. The humiliation part reminds me of Hitler. ‘Don’t worry I’ll take care of you. I’ll clothe and feed you. And give you work you don’t want to do ‘. 

“I decide”, said Hitler. So goes Netanyahu. Nothing will deter him. Nothing.

Obama, using words of a hypocrite to Putin about women and children and important people getting killed, and the horror of it all – and I blame you and ‘stop this war in Ukraine now’ (a war that the USA, NATO and the European Union started under the advisement and manipulation by the CIA, when somebody mistakenly took a civilian jet out of the sky in a hot war zone) – his only words to Israel committing a massacre against civilians in Palestine was to “exercise caution” when killing civilians.

The Crimeans (a part of Ukraine; Russian speaking) were a peaceful people before the CIA, Pentagon, European Union and NATO sucker punched Vladimir Putin and the Russian people during the Olympics, staging a ‘change of Presidency’ coup in Ukraine – a president who supported the West. Who wouldn’t go with someone, who promised them the moon, when they were in a state of economic fatality? The strong really do exploit the weak.

The CIA sets up camp in Ukraine, this time the big wigs go. Tells the leadership to treat the separatists like terrorists and to initiate an anti-terrorist campaign against the Crimeans, who peacefully voted to secede from Ukraine.

Next thing we know:  * Recently, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, vowing to rid of his Country “parasites” – meaning the Crimeans. (Ukraine launches offensive in east, vows to rid country of ‘parasites’

The USA supposedly mistakenly downed an Iranian jet filled with civilians. They even supposedly mistakenly downed a few of their own planes filled with their own civilians. Oops is all they say, then they move on as if nothing happened.

When Malaysia flight 370 went down – or somewhere – no horror from the White House. No talk about women and children and important people on the plane. No remorse. No public appearance from Obama, even though Americans were on board. No word at all on national T.V. by Obama. Not even an oops.

Now the White House is talking like, okay, slam Putin, humiliate him, bring him to his knees, then we get Ukraine. They thought the coup during the Olympics would work. It didn’t. Now they think the coup of downing a civilian plane will work. They’ll get the whole of Ukraine – one way or another. Guess we’ll see how that works.

Hey Obama, you can stop the massacre in Palestine by the Israelis.  The entire world knows it. But you don’t. You won’t …. for political reasons.  Don’t ask Putin to do something you won’t do yourself.

Those children, women and important people in Palestine don’t mean anything to you. That’s where you differ from Putin. He really cares about those people in Crimea. And he really does care about the civilians downed in Ukraine.

The Crimeans were a peaceful people before you moved into Ukraine with your CIA and military machinery. 

The Palestinians were a peaceful people before the Jews, backed by Europe, moved in with hatred for anyone who didn’t look like them, and changed their lives for the worse – forever.