Black Owned Businesses and Black Entertainment and Black Universities, Black Stock Market are all racist labels designed to favor black people over all others.

White Owned businesses and White Entertainment and White Universities, White Stock Market are all racist labels designed to favor white people over all others.

But wait, Whites aren’t allowed to sell a product under a White label. The fact that Blacks are allowed and do engage proves the prejudice and the ignorance.

That’s a Black on White discrimination, and by their own definition, hatred, which by further definition (their own) is a hate crime.

Stop using history to justify your racist thoughts and actions.

There is no valid justification, no matter how many people think there is – even if every human on the planet believes that bias based on race is justified – then that only proves that all humans are wrong.




If you’re not called a racist, xenophobic, bigot, moronic, anti-Jew, anti-gay, piece of dung, then you’re not writing the truth.

Ugly isn’t in the truth; it’s in the denial.

The truth can be cured; the denial can’t.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


The New Regressive Democratic Platform

It’s okay to be racist as long as you limit your racism to white people.

It’s okay to be sexist, as long as you limit your sexism to only males.

It’s okay to be xenophobic, as long as you limit your xenophobia to only Americans and American culture.

It’s okay to be gender-biased, as long as you limit your bias to only heterosexuals.

It’s okay to be ageist, as long as you limit your ageism to old white people.

It’s okay to discriminate against children as long as you limit your discrimination to white children.

It’s okay to dismember without anesthesia live body parts from viable fetuses during a late term abortion procedure as long as the body parts are used for research and as long as the USA government doesn’t pay the cost of the abortion and does not profit from the sale of the body parts to government or private labs.

Where do animal rights come in on this new democratic platform?

They don’t. They’re not on the board. Too much money is made by using, abusing, destroying other species.

It’s okay to abstain from consuming animals, but you can’t interfere with the rights of others to consume them.

So, let me get this straight, humans by laws protected by the USA constitution have a right to use, abuse and destroy other species.

As long as they obtain the required permits.

Like McDonald’s? Does McDonald’s have a permit to use, abuse and destroy?

No. Only the enslavers, torturers and killers need the permits.

So, McDonald’s needs a permit to sell the dead bodies?

No. The processing plant needs a permit to kill and process the bodies for sale. Then McDonald’s needs a permit to sell the processed dead bodies.

So, as long as vegans don’t block the killing and processing of other species, they can abstain from consuming animals without punishment?

That’s about it.

Everybody needs permits to do whatever it is they do to the animals – and it’s not a pretty picture, anywhere along that chain. Vegans won’t be punished as vegans as long as they don’t infringe on anybody else’s rights to consume the dead – as food or other products made from the dead. Enslave, torture and slaughter; that’s all legal with permits.

That’s the New Regressive Democratic Platform. So, the animals did make it all the way to the platform.

Yes, they’re at the table.

No, they’re on the table. They have no rights and the animal rights populace cannot fight to abolish laws that don’t exist.

So other species have no constitutional rights?

No, they don’t. The individual states issue permits.

There is no permit to stop enslavement, torture or the slaughter.

A permit gives permission; it doesn’t take it away, unless there are unclean conditions which would harm the consumer or unsafe working conditions which would harm the employees.

Women’s rights are not protected by the constitution either. So theoretically, we the women could end up on the table rather than at the table.

Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

To sum up, the new democrat can only discriminate against all species, all women, white heterosexual males and anyone who blocks animal-eaters and animal exploiters from their right to consume and exploit non-human species. Administered on a state by state basis.

You nailed it.

I wonder what the republicans will come up with?


“play that funky music white boy”

Steve and I went to a local tavern – a multi-cultural place where everybody gets along. Well, of course you know when people get along, some people want to disrupt the harmony for the sake of disruption or some political cause or just to make themselves known to the entire tavern – usually in a negative way, looking around as they say something disruptive to see who looks up. Weird, I know.

So this woman comes in and wants to take over the place. We’re all having fun and she couldn’t stand it, or maybe she planned the hit, or maybe someone told her I’d be there (someone in the government who has that information because they spy on me), so she could come in and attack.

She plays this song and it’s blaring. Steve leans over the counter and says to the bartender, “this is a racist song”. How she at the end of the bar could hear him without an eavesdropping ear device is beyond me. She immediately responds, though he wasn’t addressing her, with, “you call us nigger we call you white boy”.

I didn’t know what the song was about, except that I find the words white boy or white people or white guys offensive when said by a black person, only for the reason that I never heard anything good associated with those words when coming out of a black person’s mouth.

In the past, in the same place, I’ve seen black individuals accuse white individuals of calling them nigger when nobody said anything. They do it to get support from another black person who enters the establishment or to just rile people up. It’s a lie.

I felt like saying to her, you’re the only one calling anybody nigger and white boy, but thought better of it. It’s strange that she picked a song to do it. I’m sure others thought better of it too. Now I won’t go back for a while and let the black people of the earth run this guys business out of business, so black people won’t have a multi culturally friendly place to hang out.

That’s what usually happens when someone wants to take over a bar for their own race, color or gender. They make it an uncomfortable place to go for those they target.

Blacks, certain blacks, want to be able to play their racist songs about white people in multicultural establishments they frequent, like they do in their own establishments where only black people go. Similarly, gays, certain gays, who consider certain bars gay-friendly want to feel safe to engage in sexual activity in restrooms in those establishments, like they do in their own gay bars.

It happens in HUD buildings too. Government protected people run white people out of the building so they can have it to themselves. HUD chain migration in HUD buildings. Blacks, browns want whites out. They’re leaving in droves from where I live. Even some blacks leave because of it. I’m not a HUD recipient, but they want my apartment for their family members.

They brag about their spies being all over the place, claiming to keep the place safe, like it was their job, while drugs, prostitution and human-trafficking are rampant. Fires. Assaults. Multitudinous insect population. Mice. Rats. Over-populated apartments. The fire and police get tired of coming out all the time, so they keep telling the management to tell the tenants to only call emergency numbers for fire, flood or blood. HUD buildings have become a dumping ground for the homeless with diseases and mental illness. A while back the leasing office sent around a flyer reminding active tuberculosis people to take their medication, otherwise they could infect people in the elevator when they cough. What?! They even had sketches of people coughing with X marks to illustrate the written words for those who don’t speak English.

People of colors start it all by volunteering to help out the complex with sewing clubs, religious events, free entertainment, free food – plus the spying on everybody that they do. They get a lot of free stuff from the government and store it for people who come in with nothing, then sell it to them. It’s a government program designed for hoarders. They kinda take over the place, so of course they want only their kind to benefit. You know when the entire staff is one color, something is not right with the social engineering of the place. This is a HUD approved building. The tenants can’t decide who lives here and who doesn’t.

But that’s exactly what’s happening. White people are being attacked where they live by their neighbors who want them out to free up space for their own kind. It’s not white flight. They want to stay. They’re being pushed out by people of color, they call themselves, who think they’re superior and more deserving of the limited number of HUD apartments in any complex.

I live in a senior residence, but no one would know it. People of all ages, kids, infants even live here. They should take the Senior Residence sign down because it’s a lie.

Managers don’t last more than nearly a year. Every time a new one comes in, the rumor mills begin their operation of trashing the white people to the management – to take the focus away from themselves.

Steve and I are beginning to look for a different senior residence – one where we’re not hated for our lack of color or somebody else’s negative perception of our worthiness to be here, and one where we feel safer. We deserve a safe environment at our age, yet people like Maxine Waters, the HUD Queen in the USA Congress, keeps changing the rules of HUD to include access to senior residences for anyone who qualifies for HUD regardless of age. However, it doesn’t seem to be a just poor people program. Where do they put people with active tuberculosis? Maybe in one of the Clinton or Obama mansions or her own? See if they can get them to take their medications. National Church Residences offered free TB tests to all residents – like that solves the problem.

So I turned the song around. I sang the lyrics, specifically, “play that funky music white boy” while the song blared through the bar. My voice rose above that blare. It was a long song and that phrase came up often. I serenaded my white boy husband with her hate-filled words and made a happy time of it. If nothing else it shut her up and just for extra measure, I hugged a white boy on the way out. Before she arrived I hugged a couple black boys I hadn’t seen for a long time. She called them niggers; I call them friends.

She lost that one.

I still have no idea what that song is about. The lyrics read like somebody super high on drugs. All I know is the phrase white boy is disparaging toward white people. And the black woman who responded to Steve’s conversation with the bartender way down the bar with music blaring, considered it racist against white people, otherwise she wouldn’t have done a tit for tat.

She was wrong. White people don’t often use that term toward black people. Black people use it toward each other – all the time I hear it where black people gather. When white people no longer say it, as they did many decades ago, black people feel a need to facilitate a lie via false accusations, so they can keep reaping the benefits of exploitation.

Just a few months ago another plant came in sat down beside me and says to his neighbor on the other side in low tones, loud enough for me to hear, “you know, the French and Irish are niggers”. What was the point of that? The guy he said it to was black and drunk as a skunk, head almost on the bar, and only grunted once, so what was the point, the urgency to come in and say that to an obviously non-responsive black person?

In other words, the black woman who wanted her presence known via Steve wanted the entire bar to think Steve called her a nigger. Steve didn’t even know she was there till she poked her nose into his private conversation to the bartender. Yeah, white boy, that was disparaging for you to call that song racist.

Yeah, I said to myself. She’s a plant. So who told her, what agency sent her out to where I was for the purpose of disrupting my day off with my husband? How would they know where I would be if they weren’t spying? Could have been any number of agencies, bureaus, associations, organizations blah blah blah wanting to offend me for what I write, that they don’t like. A lot of black people work for the government, so I’m guessing CIA on this one. They all smell the same to me, so their initials or acronyms don’t really matter.


Hey do it now yeah hey
Yeah, there was a funky singer
Playin’ in a rock and roll band
And never had no problems yeah
Burnin’ down one night stands
And everything around me, yeah
Got to stop to feelin’ so low
And I decided quickly, yes I did
To disco down and check out the show
Yeah they was
Dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die, oh till you die
I tried to understand this
I thought that they were out of their minds
How could I be so foolish (How could I)
To not see I was the one behind
So still I kept on fighting
Well, loosing every step of the way
I said, I must go back there (I got to go back)
And check to see if things still the same
Yeah they was dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die, ya
Till you die
Now first it wasn’t easy
Changin’ Rock and Roll and minds and things were getting shaky
I thought I’d have to leave it behind
But now its so much better (it’s so much better)
I’m funking out in every way
But I’ll never lose that feelin’ (no I won’t)
Of how I learned my lesson that day
When they were dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die
Oh’ till you die
They shouted play that funky music
(Play that funky music)
Play that funky music
(You Gotta keep on playin’ funky music)
Play that funky music
(Play that funky music)
Play that funky music
(Come and take you higher, ya)
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right, ya
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Songwriters: Robert W. Parissi
Play That Funky Music lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Lawrence Lighter Attorney AT Law
Play That Funky Music
Vanilla Ice · 1989
Play That Funky Music
Adam Lambert · 2009
Play That Funky Music
Ten Masked Men · 2000

Name Calling Won’t Produce Social Change

You think you can call somebody an ugly name and that will make them change into your way of thinking? Has it worked for you, when somebody called you nigger? Did you change your ways to satisfy the one calling you a name?

Calling someone a racist isn’t going to change them into a non-racist, since every group gives preferential treatment to people within that group, and if race is the parameter, then that preference will be based on race – name a race any race – it’s the nature of the beast people feel most comfortable around and in whom they place their trust, that they want to work with to achieve their goals.

Why would a white person trust an entire race of people who through their media leaders have violently expressed their hatred toward them, even gone so far as to call the white race an abomination that should be eliminated from the face of the earth, so that blacks could reign supreme – as their God’s will?

That trust is never going to happen under the threat of annihilation. I don’t know whose playbook you stole from this time, but it was the wrong book. And now you’ll have to suffer the consequences of jumping on and supporting such a blatantly racist and terroristic methodology for social change. All white people fall under your umbrella of mass annihilation?

Bombs have been dropped because of such hateful speech. Nations were reduced to rubble because of such hateful speech. Fire up the furnaces is the next step.

Think before you speak.


Gifted Animals Exist In All Species|Races

Just as there are gifted human animals within the human species/race, so are there other gifted animals within their respective species/races.

In fact, in all species/races gifted animals are known to exist.

‘They don’t speak our language, look like us, have our mores, share or understand our culture, think and act like we do. They don’t accomplish what we accomplish, perform the same tasks the way we do, appreciate and endeavor, feel and care’ – are all statements once made about black people of Africa, island people and otherwise indigenous people all over the globe. Indigenous people have also made the same claims toward those who saw them as less.

In Cleveland, Ohio where I live I’ve heard many times various black Africans from all walks of life refer to other species as dumb animals. In the animal rights realm, they are not even on the board yet – as a race or even as an ethnicity. Of the fifty-four countries in Africa I’ve never heard nor read of any of the inhabitants of any of them not eating animals by choice.

That needs to change. Why not start in America? Black people love to eat animals – like most other races do. Yet, other races and ethnicities are seeing the wrongness of the way and working to change what their ancestors did wrong for millennia.



If human is a race, as well as a member of the animal kingdom, then other animals are also members of the animal kingdom thus races.

If you discriminate, enslave, torture and slaughter another race, then you are a racist.

Extrapolating the Five Principles To A Better Life.



It isn’t racist if it’s true.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight