Labels Send Mixed Messages

Labels Send Mixed Messages If it doesn’t matter if you’re Asian, Native American, Black, White, Hispanic etc. then stop asking on every form we fill out to check the box that best describes us. Again, why don’t Asians and Hispanics get a color? That’s COLOR DISCRIMINATION. It’s not your business. I have a name andContinue reading “Labels Send Mixed Messages”

Good Luck

I love balance. Not as in good vs evil and settling for somewhere in between. That’s compromise. There are endless shades of good that have no connection to evil that I just happen to like to balance – not as in a juggling act, but as a necessity desired by me to bring out theContinue reading “Good Luck”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 5 Stop recreating the past. Create the future by writing about the present. The past is gone. Random ties everything together. Does it really matter? There’s too much detailed history in many articles I read – even too much detailed account in one current happening. Unless you’re trying to changeContinue reading “SKATING OVER WORDS – day 5”