I believe in God. It’s religion I don’t believe in.

What does that make me?

A theist.


For Those Who Want To Limit Abortions

It’s so easy. Sell birth controls pills over the counter – cheap.
No one will do it, because doctors want the money from patient visits. Really, a person seeking birth control pills shouldn’t be considered sick, thus shouldn’t need a doctor to prescribe them.

It can be done. The pharmaceuticals will want big prices attached. Say no. The American Medical Association will balk, since after all they’re really big business, trying to make money, in this case, off of healthy people. Say no. Medical institutions are already complaining about the decrease in doctor visits due to the coronavirus – resulting in decreased revenue, thus layoffs. So what? Tell them to sell some of their stock or real estate.

Congress does what big business tells them to do. It’s strange that those who want abortions don’t politick for over the counter birth control pills. And those who don’t want abortions don’t politick for over the counter birth control pills either. Why not?

That’s something both sides agree on. No over the counter birth control pills.

Religious lobbies don’t want it, since the pill will decrease their congregation numbers, thus their donations? Whatever happened to separation of church and state? That means religions and state governed matters.

Why should the state tell people they can’t have birth control pills to prevent a pregnancy nor an abortion to end one? Abstinence is not a viable solution for those without resources to protect themselves.

Why don’t we tell all those rich people who can pay for doctor visits for pills and abortion procedures that they can’t have either based on moral grounds? That doesn’t happen. Morality only comes into play when we’re talking about poor people.

The people and organizations fighting the battles either for or against abortion are being disingenuous. It’s not about rich people getting abortions – they get whatever they want and no one balks on either side of the aisle. The area of contention is about the government paying for poor people to get abortions. And frankly, why should the tax payer foot the bill for something that is voluntary – having sex?

Those for abortion will claim that poor people don’t have access to birth control pills and doctors. Again, why should anybody need a doctor for birth control pills?

Nobody needs a doctor for over the counter pain medicine or laxatives or a host of other medications with side effects and adverse reactions more problematic than those from birth control pills.

A person needs a doctor for an abortion. That’s where the money is. It doesn’t matter if the government pays for it, it’s still money those clinics want.

Abortion clinics are live-birthing abortion fetuses and babies to cut off body parts without any anesthesia to sell to research labs. It doesn’t matter that family planning clinics don’t do it according to Hillary Clinton. What should matter is that other clinics not funded by the government do it and that was okay with her. So where does the morality question come into play for the likes of Hillary Clinton? Only when dismemberment of a live being is state or federally funded?

The clinics claim they don’t sell the body parts, as if that makes it okay? ‘We slaughtered your baby piece by piece, gouged out the eyes and cut off the testicles, removed the skin, keeping the brain intact till it was all over, but don’t worry, we didn’t get paid to do it’.

Abortion clinics are called family planning clinics for a reason. Once you have an abortion, they keep you coming back for life. Abortion clinics are in business to make money. They seek to make a person feel at home, comfortable with the process and again keep you coming back for more abortions and other health-related services that could be provided by non-abortion clinic doctors. It has become a racket. The mafia might as well be running them.

So what’s it going to be? A coat hanger or over the counter birth control pills for poor people? For all people, but all people are not the issue here. Those who can’t afford protection are the issue. Not very complicated.

Pharmaceuticals and the Big Health industries need to stop acting as if they are elected by the people as the people’s congress. They do not serve the best interests of the people. They serve their own monetary interests.

And those actually elected to serve the people’s interests, don’t. In the minds of elected officials and lawmakers, it is the big businesses they serve – for the purpose of getting elected and re-elected. They do not serve the interests of the people.

Big businesses even write the laws – congress doesn’t do that. So what does congress do? They act as a front for those big businesses and the special interests which are big businesses business.

That needs to change quickly. A nine percent approval rating of congress by the people, over years, sends a message that congress isn’t hearing, because they’re not in control of the laws written – big businesses are their puppet masters.

Solve the problem: Over the counter birth control pills. It’s up to the pharmaceuticals to make the instructions easy to read and understand. The amount of data on a print out that comes with medications is over the top ridiculous. They hire the brains, but the problems are always liability-related, thus the encyclopedic ramblings from the drug companies worried about law suits that appear with every drug sold.

Trim them down. Such difficult to read and understand information – copious information – makes null and void any responsibility the consumer would normally be required to accept for taking any medication.


A Gateway To Immoral Acts

Religion is a gateway to immoral acts:



ritualistic animal torture and slaughter

sexual mutilation


ownership of women




What does animal-free cooking have to do with politics outside the realm of Big Agriculture or plant-based issues?


Everything we do in life in every category has a dead or a living animal attached to it: politics, religion, economics, sociology, psychology, technology, arts, mechanics, engineering, business, architecture, experimentation, entertainment, travel, media, space exploration, agriculture, medicine, transportation, Madison Avenue, Wall Street and on and on. How about urban and rural development? Why only focus on urban development? I’m still waiting on the Animal-Free Malls.

The more I create in the kitchen, the more I create outside the kitchen. One doesn’t need to engineer their own recipes to expand their world view, but if you’re involved in an engineering endeavor it augments every other process.

The Animal-Free Chef encompasses the entire universe and everything in it. Quite a lot of stuff for three words to cover. But that’s me. That’s who I am, what I am and how I drive.

I am the Universe.

You can take the chef out of the kitchen, but you can’t take the kitchen out of the chef.

We consume, we create, we process, in no particular order.

My categories are separate, but they all stem from My Animal-Free Kitchen.

I have 8 active websites to prove it:

# AFC GLOBAL – a library of 900 original animal-free recipes engineered by Chef Davies-Tight

# AFC SOUS-CHEF – animal-free food prep for home and restaurant chefs

# AFC TEST KITCHEN – testing animal-free products

# SCALES & MIRRORS – experimenting with weight loss methods, reduced fat and fat free recipes plus motivational insights

# HELLO IT’S ME – Word Warrior Davies-Tight, a different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it, and as we will come to know it


# STRATEGIC – the journey begins and ends with an answer

# BIRTH OF A SEED – RAW POWER – the Davies-Tight online art gallery

I am an animal who is an animal-free chef. I don’t eat animals because I am one.

I am involved in all facets of living, creating, dying and expanding.  I trouble-shoot, strategize and problem-solve. The wider the view, the more solutions emerge. I do this as a chef.

I wear one hat for all seasons and reasons: The Animal-Free Chef hat.

I am almost 70 years old. I have the long-game experience behind me. I’m gearing up for my best years yet.

Don’t believe me?

I am an animal rights activist (including human) and a counter terrorism activist.

I spent nearly 70 years programming myself. No matter what door I open, it will be the right door.

I was born to be exactly the animal I am.


Thank you for your time.


Some Freedoms Oppress Others

Freedom to worship shouldn’t mean freedom to deny the freedom of others by refusing them services sold in the public marketplace.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Ritualistic Slaughter Comes From The Satan Within

The Gods look unfavorably upon those who brutally enslave, torture and slaughter animals meant to roam free on this earth.

Humans pay through disease and misfortune all their lives for these egregious acts of hatred.

God does not want back as gifts the animals whom God created.

Dead humans are not to be given as gifts. Humans are animals. Therefore no dead animal is to be offered up as a gift to any God.

No animal was given by any God to be exploited by any other animal.

No animal is to be given to any God or person in exchange for hopes of obtaining good fortune from any God or person. That good fortune will never arrive.

After all these centuries, the Gods still reject the gifts as coming from Satan.



I Decide What Offends Me

I decide what offends me, not you nor any person nor any law nor any local custom, religion, race, gender, policy or practice, nor influence based on the status of anyone or any institution.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



It’s Your Right

I don’t have to like your culture or you. I don’t have to accept what you preach or what you practice.

I don’t even have to like your skin color, religion or the way you smell or that you’re too fat or too skinny.

I don’t have to like your hair, the way you dress or the way you walk.

I do however have to accept and respect your right to be and to not like me.



The Body Is The Flesh, Blood and Milk

To me,

Milk falls under the category of flesh and blood. You can’t eat the flesh without eating the blood – no matter how you wash the flesh, capillaries still ruin the show.

Milk is about the baby that grows within the organism. The offspring cannot exist without the milk to nourish it once it leaves the organism.

I can’t exist without the blood, so I am the blood. I cannot exist without my flesh, so I am the flesh. The baby cannot exist without the milk so the baby is the milk – until weaned from it.

To me, 

All three act as providers of protection for the total organism, while being parts of the organism to keep the organism intact, nurtured, able to fight off disease and capable of reproducing itself, given the complimentary seed to do it.

Blood and milk have as a common factor a foundation of plasma (milk plasma, blood plasma) that act as delivery systems to carry essential nutrients and components to the main organism and/or to the new-born once released from the main organism.

Since all genders of humans have mammary glands that under certain conditions are capable of producing milk, then it is the milk, flesh and blood that nourishes, protects, sustains the body.

The milk, flesh and blood is the body.

None of these three components works independently of the other. Proteins, vitamins and minerals etc. found in flesh or tissue are also found in milk and blood. Vitamin B12 is in the milk as well as in the blood and other body tissues.

Both male and female humans have mammary glands with which to feed thus perpetuate the human race.




It looks like my brain has a dual function: to ask and to answer.

For oppressive-based reasons religions, groups and governments encourage you not to do the later – not to answer your own questions. They prefer to do that for you.

So in effect, you surrender half your brain when you join any group or when you allow any entity to control you or how and what you think.

Dictator individuals and dictator groups abound and are ready at a moment’s notice to answer all of your questions, so you need not seek out your own truth.

Given that my brain has the capacity to ask questions about what I don’t yet know and then to answer questions, presupposes that my brain has the ability to analyze information and make decisions and form conclusions, which answers some questions and creates new questions based on that information.

Don’t give up half of your brain by allowing others to answer your questions for you. Do your own research and if the research is flawed, then figure out what you need to figure out using the mental powers you possess that allow you to figure out what is flawed and what is not flawed.

You have more brain power than you think you have. Your brain has been manipulated since birth to accept answers to questions that benefit the group and not particularly you. See where you and the group disagree and you’ll find the power you thought was lost.



Masters and Devils

Hardship does not a gentle person make.

Adversity does not make a person kinder, it makes a person mean.

Suffering does not open you up, it closes you down.

So who are those devils who tell us all of the above make us stronger?

The wealthy among us. Our government. Our religion. Our bosses. Our masters.

That’s who.




Homosexuality is not a religion.

For courts to use religious arguments to prohibit homosexuals from pursuing their right to happiness is prejudicial, thus should not be allowed or even considered in a court of law.