Not all poor people are the same. 

Neither are all rich people the same. Not all white people are the same nor all black, brown, red, yellow or shades of each. Not all men, women, transgenders, gays are the same. Not all apes, birds, dogs, cats, goats, cows etc. are the same either. So why do scientists and statisticians keep trying toContinue reading “Not all poor people are the same. “

Animalia That’s You

ANIMALIA THATSA YOU If all your actions are contingent on somebody else’s actions, then you don’t have power over yourself; they do. I get it. People look at you weird, like you’re not as good as they are, like you’re beneath them, like you’re not one of them; they reference you like you’re an alienContinue reading “Animalia That’s You”

The Daughter Also Rises

Why do we call the sun, that which heats the earth, the sun? Why do we assign any word to mean anything, something? Sun sounds like son. Say it in your mind; they both sound the same. “The Sun (Son) Also Rises”, as in Ernest Hemingway. You can be sure of one thing, “the sunContinue reading “The Daughter Also Rises”