Side Effects Of Overusing Words

Watering down prejudice and discrimination via name-calling. There’s a side effect aka adverse reaction to overusing words to describe objectionable behavior or to accuse people of certain objectionable behaviors. The professional media, as well as trolls of social media, are actually desensitizing the world to prejudice and discrimination by calling out everybody under the sun, more particularly the half human race, depending on which side of the fence you stand, for thinking and/or acting in a prejudicial and/or discriminatory way. Racist, misogynist, sexist, anti-gay, bigot, homophobe, ageist, including body-shaming and on and on.

Obsessive name-calling has become the standard response to being criticized. It’s not just one name, it’s a whole barrel of names delivered shotgun-style to anyone whose opinions someone else doesn’t share. At some point, and we’ve probably reached that point, everyone gets hit or verbally beat up by someone for having a view somebody else doesn’t like. Rather than address the issue, it’s a lot easier to shoot somebody with a bunch of names to discredit their entire being and entire lives and everything about them. Talk about overkill? Well actually nobody is recognizing the effect of the overkill. Not yet.

Eventually, those words will lose their sting. The strategy of repeating the same word over and over, trying to shut someone down from speaking will eventually shut the person down who’s using it for being over-bearing and manipulative,

Okay, so it all got tossed up into the air – this new way of communicating one’s mind. Now as it settles think about how to renegotiate with yourself to communicate more effectively – the type of communication that produces results. Right now, everybody is on the negative side of the scale. They’re acting like the world is going to end tomorrow and they have to fix their lives right now. Well, if the world is going to end tomorrow, then why bother?

Focus on that urgency and break that down into smaller components.

WHY is Donald Trump the target of everyone’s obsession; think why only one person? Why do we think he can fix whatever happens in the world? Be honest. You wouldn’t be screaming at him if you thought anybody else had the answers, or the power or the will or the flexibility that you obviously think he has. That’s a huge tell, right there.

Nobody is going after any congressperson or governor or senator or mayor or otherwise public figure. Maybe you have unrealistic expectations and that’s what’s making you all insane. Who else is there? If Hillary or Barak had any answers, don’t you think the responsible thing would be to circulate their solutions in detail to the populace? They know all the questions. Yet they don’t provide the answers. They want you to put them back in power or someone like them before they’ll help you with your social issues. What is that strategy all about? Getting elected. Period. They don’t have any answers, that’s why they can’t share them with the populace. They were already in office and they didn’t have the answers then.

Hey, they say they couldn’t get it done. That’s a defeatist attitude. What they want is for the Republicans to all become Democrats, so they can all agree on what the Democrats want. But the Democrats don’t know what they want; that’s why they always delay. Big business writes the proposals, the bills, the laws. They’re like the pharmaceutical industry. They send out sales reps to all doctor offices and hospitals and clinics to sell a product after it’s been developed, tell the doctor the main benefits, side effects, offer a few personal perks, then they leave and the doctor/hospital/clinic passes it all on to the patient/consumer – except for the perks of course.

The populace intuitively knows that Donald Trump is the only answer. There is nobody any better on the horizon. The USA government is sorely lacking in effective negotiators.

Go ahead, ask Hillary for a detailed solution. Ask any person from any party for a detailed solution to any problem that exists – then and now. You will not get an answer that’s responsive to the question asked. You’ll get political posturing.

Work with that knowledge for a while, then regroup.




Many years ago, I suggested in one of my writings that the tobacco industry become the industry that produces marijuana. Stop planting tobacco and plant weed.

I believe that pot has more medicinal qualities than tobacco. Besides, everybody was complaining about all the lung cancer caused by tobacco. So, yes, I do believe that can and will happen, probably sooner than anybody thinks. Big Pharma is trying to gain complete control, however, which I do not support.

I don’t smoke by the way, but I have smoked on occasion and I can see some benefits for others if not abused. And I can even see the fun part of it. What is it about Americans that they don’t want anybody to experience joy except through religion? Religion never once brought me joy. So what’s wrong with having fun?

Hey, pharmaceuticals develop pain medicines to alleviate pain, but the sadists in the USA congress want people to feel their pain – even doctors for old people are afraid to prescribe them medicines to ease their pain, because they might become addicted and what is the world going to do with all these addicted old people?

Lamb of God take away the pain of the world and maybe there wouldn’t be sin?

The pharmaceuticals want to control everything, so that you can have a limited amount of fun accompanied by a bunch of life-threatening side effects created by them at a very high cost by the way.

We abuse coffee. Coffee is a drug. Nobody cares about the effect of coffee on society. I do. Years ago, studies were done that showed that prisoners were less apt to become violent directly correlated to how much coffee they consumed. Many people say pot leads to cocaine and heroin. It didn’t with me, and probably most people who smoke pot. All those congresspeople who swear it is true, aren’t addicts as a result of their pot smoking.

Well, we have to get out of the smoking part and introduce the ALMIGHTY PILL via Big Pharma. A pill – THE PILL – will bring us, the congresspeople and all our friends we tell about it, big, big bucks.

I say, and I know that many others will say, to keep it as simple, original, organic, pesticide-free as possible.You all know that Big Pharma will find a way to put that into a pill and shove it down your throats, with a multiple side effect chaser.

Don’t let it happen.