It’s time for Palestine to write their DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FROM OCCUPATION

What are you waiting for?


RICH PEOPLE are fueling the protests against the Border Barrier Wall

Rich people never do anything unless it benefits them in some way. That’s the fact of being rich. Their money goals are always directed toward increasing their wealth or gaining influence or power, in significant amounts. They are meticulous about where, when and how they spend their money.

When is most important. Timing is always critical. They don’t want to jump in too soon nor wait too long.

Compassion does not exist in business or politics; it’s about looking compassionate if it’s a deal or a cause that profits the businessperson or the politician or their associated categories in some significant way.

Where is your compassion? Where is your compassion? Can’t you see us suffering? Can’t you feel our pain?

Define ‘compassion’: Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

The media demonizes sympathizers. The word sympathizer is always used in a disparaging way to describe anyone they don’t like who sympathizes with a group they don’t like.

So why ask for compassion, which means the same thing as sympathy? People aren’t dumb; they make the connection. People steer clear of anything connected to ‘sympathizer’. It doesn’t matter the group or the cause; it’s the baggage the word carries.

It’s the rich people fueling the protests who don’t want a Border Barrier Wall. They live in mansions with walls and guards. They don’t need a wall they can’t see for safety, unless they’re going to benefit financially or politically. It’s not in their backyard.

Drugs and gangs don’t affect them. Terrorist attacks don’t affect them. A bad economy affects them. They make big investments in the market.

Rich people want cheap labor for their businesses. If they’re going to bring factory jobs back to America, they need a large slave labor force to work for companies that are allowed to pay below subsistence wages.

Do the math America. No Border Wall = Rich People’s Dream of a slave labor force.

Why do they call illegal immigrants dreamers? I thought I heard them scream that they were ‘people’, not ‘illegals’. You know, human beings as opposed to other species of animals.

So what do they do? Attach a name to them. Yeah, you’re my dreama’. What were they thinking? We’re not defined by an adjective? But we think dreamer might work; it will at least make us look like we’re here dreaming to be free one day.

Spoken like a true slave.




I thought a person is supposed to apply for asylum and be accepted before making arrangements to move to that respective country.

Since when did the Spanish speaking people of the world take that to mean just show up and you get automatic asylum? Who said the door is always open?

What if fifteen million non-Spanish speaking people from the USA just showed up in Mexico or any country in South America saying open the door, we’ll work for nothing? We want to be your slaves. How do you think any one of those countries would respond? We’ll do the work your people don’t want to do. We’ll work for low wages. We have very few needs, but we need to send some money back home so our families can eventually join us. It’s a win-win.

There is a huge translation gap between English and Spanish that needs to be closed.

Slavery is always wrong, whether you claim to want to be enslaved just to get your foot in the door or not. It’s wrong. It’s vile. Anyone who engages in that process is responsible for the promulgation of enslavement around the globe.

Spanish speaking people have a lot to answer for by agreeing to be enslaved, by doing jobs they convinced everybody that only slaves would do, so someday they could be free, rich and powerful and overtake those they hoodwinked.

When the black Africans were freed in America, the Spanish speaking people of the world saw an opportunity and seized upon it. Hey, we’ll be your slaves. You still have fields that need tending, crops that need picking; we’ll do it. Just let us in.

The rest is a long sordid history that should have been resolved long ago, if not for those wanting to be slaves in a country other than their own.

If somebody tells you to enslave them, you don’t do it.

There needs to be laws prohibiting enslaving people who want to be enslaved for future financial and political gain, and those laws need to be enforced.

Yeah, I get it alright. You say you’ll do a job only slaves can do, and you do it long enough so eventually the country where you’re enslaved needs you, it can’t function without you, thus has to accept you finally as a non-slave equal to everybody else.

The perversity that Spanish speaking people imposed on countries where they wanted to live, but couldn’t afford to, has grown like a devastating cancer that hurts every person in the country where they made offers to business people that were not refused.

One slave group replaced another slave group in one country and now both groups threaten the well-being and existence of everyone not in those groups.

Those countries of origin are equally to blame, yet they too want to destroy everybody in America not yet enslaved. White people they call them.



Stop Taking Hostages

A female Honolulu Hawaiian cop once said on a television news show regarding the apprehension of a Samoan rapist: “I’m here to tell you that if you rape somebody and then ask them out on a date, I’m going to be the one answering the door when you knock”.

Black Lives Terrorists can take a lesson from that cop. You can’t burn a town, destroy businesses, toss police vehicles, incite riots, impede people’s ability to get to their jobs, threaten to rape their wives and beat their dogs, then ask them to join your cause. What’s in it for them? You won’t do all of the above? So what’s that? Hostage-taking?

Hostage-taking is slavery. So, you’re looking for white slaves? Sounds and looks like it to me. Sounds and looks like terrorism.

Making war against the white race is racism. Violence exacted against the white race is war. Threats of violence against the white race is terrorism.

You have a lot of flaws working against you.

You need to clean up your image if you want to be taken seriously beyond your threats of violence. Everybody takes threats seriously. That’s the easy way to achieve your demands short-term, just scare the shit out of everybody. It never lasts, though. And those you scared the shit out of will never forget it.