You can’t flip a coin when it comes to local and national security.

I don’t want to be part of a system in a country where the rights of criminals are more important that the rights of law-abiding citizens.

You can’t keep blaming law-abiding citizens for the crimes criminals commit, and as a result leave them wide open to more acts of crime committed against them.

Committing crimes might be considered normal behavior for some segments of some groups, but it’s not acceptable normal behavior.

Half the people in the USA think the other half are white and privileged. I don’t know who circulated that fake statistic, but it has a lot to do with flipping a coin and it has done a lot of damage to the average citizen trying to obtain and keep work, to feed, clothe and educate their children, all the while bettering themselves.

A man and/or woman who takes better care of other people’s children than they do their own are not good parents.

The same goes for nations. If you care more about giving to the poor of other nations than you care about raising the standard of living in your own nation, then you’re not fit to be a nation.

All nations must take care of their own first and stop expecting some other country to do it for them so all the cash hoarders and the rich people who want rich nuclear weapon toys, who care only about their own success, can keep stealing from the populace.

When you have children with the intent that someone else will raise them, and keep having them, then you are out of control and not fit to have children. Where does the love, shown through responsible behavior, come in? Lots of people have one child they didn’t count on having. But two, three, four, five?

Nobody wants to legislate how many kids a person can have, like China did to deal with their over-population issues. On the other hand religious leaders aren’t being responsible when they urge the congregation to be fruitful and multiply when the times don’t necessitate that spike in growth.

Increasing procreation using the STRENGTH IN NUMBERS STRATEGY is obscene, when you purposely have babies to raise your numbers thus your particular groups power.

Increased procreation rates of nations is the primary cause of poverty wherever poverty exists.

You take care of your own first and then help other nations, not the other way around.

Why should the USA supplement the income of nations that have nuclear weapons? We supposedly want them to dismantle their programs, but they want money in return – like a forever payment plan called extortion. Countries can’t be fed on nuclear weaponry. Still, Iran is the only nation who did dismantle theirs, but at what cost to the American citizens?

We shouldn’t have to pay nations not to engage in destructive behaviors, yet we do. That’s why they keep expecting it. It’s a forever hustle. Build a nuclear program for the purpose of stealing money from American taxpayers, because America will pay us to shut it down. Why don’t you build some industry with that money, so we don’t have to keep feeding you while you openly hate us on the world stage always throwing your nuclear weapons in our faces.

You have to wonder how India and China got so far out of the poverty pit, yet they still have nuclear weapons programs. Sending jobs to China and India is partly responsible. What did the global planners do, make China the factory of the world and India the telecommunications industry of the world?

What industry does Israel have to support its people along side their nuclear weapons program with 21% living below poverty? Not much that the USA didn’t subsidize in one way or another that ended up coming out of the taxpayer’s pockets.


Remittance Flows Worldwide in 2016.

Remittances are not part of any nations GDP, however they do contribute to purchasing power and spending by augmenting individual incomes.

$138,165,000,000 in remittances was sent from United States to other countries in 2016

$6,547,000,000 in remittances was sent to United States from other countries in 2016

That’s a deficit to the USA of 131,618,000,000 (or 132 billion dollars) of wages paid in the USA sent to other countries).

Yet, the USA can’t spend 5 billion dollars to secure our southern border in order to control immigration, which cost the USA 132 billion dollars in essentially lost revenue created by migrant workers year after year. They deplete the country’s social service resources in addition to sending 132 billion of what they make back to their countries of origin.

The USA sinks further into poverty as we help other nations rise up from theirs and we’ve sunk so far into debt that we can’t even afford our own border security to keep the masses of people from illegally invading our country looking to live free on social programs.

Yet we just allocated 250 million to Ukraine alone for their border security. That’s just one country, this year. It’s every year. Yet we can’t secure our own borders. If they were secure we wouldn’t have fifteen million illegal residents from south of our border, sitting ripe for recruitment by any entity who wants to attack us from within. Everybody knows where that 250 million is really going – straight into some rich people’s pockets.

We see nothing but hatred for Americans spewing from all these protestors in the name of illegal immigration. Who in their right mind would want people who hate them flooding the borders with the purpose of invading a country?

No one. Fruit pickers don’t act that desperate. Everyday it’s all over the television, people talking about fleeing death traps from their countries of origin, about not caring if they die along with their children to get here and they certainly don’t care about the people sent out to risk their own lives trying to rescue them.

I don’t want to live in a country where one half of the people want national and local security and the other half want nature to take its course using Jungle Justice to deal with ‘upset people’ who put the populace at risk. What do you do when others invade your land? Let them have it?

Using Jungle Justice is like expecting militias to provide national and local security. No thanks. I’d rather live in the present while moving in the future, not the past.

These people who yearn for the past are the first to cry when they have to use an outdoor toilet or can’t recharge their cell phones.

Nothing the anarchists claim they want is based on any plan that worked in the past. A plan that isn’t reality-based isn’t a plan; it’s a temper tantrum.

Remove your hoods. If it’s not acceptable to paint your face black, then it isn’t acceptable to wear hoods when you’re advocating the murder of border patrol dogs and their handlers while tossing police cruisers and carrying torches used to burn businesses.

If you have to hide your identity by wearing a total head hood during a peaceful protest, then you’re paranoid and I worry about your state of mind. Everybody should wake up to reality.

Terrorists should not be as welcome as they are in the USA. People who use terror as a method to make people submit to their will are not freedom fighters.

They’re terrorists.




When I write an opinion-piece about what’s going on in the world that involves human beings or specific groups of human beings I am invariably asked ‘why don’t you like brown people; why don’t you like black people; why do you hate Jews; why are you anti-immigration?’.

When you criticize someone or some group that is making news by dumping on white people, and a white person has the audacity to respond, they call it hate; it’s moronic; it’s whatever grotesque and hurtful name that a person could think of calling someone.

Everybody claims to want a conversation, but when the conversation begins it’s always minus the white person. The brown or black want to play all the roles in the conversation – even the white person’s part.

That’s controlling, manipulative, dictatorial, oppressive behavior.

They want to control the entire narrative – from start to finish. It’s discriminatory and fake news when you assign an agenda-driven cable news commentator the role of white person representing the so-called white view. It’s a lie just based on the way it’s all set up. They get paid to do what they do. They are given their opinions by the CIA Media.

I don’t like or dislike a person based on their color. I have never judged a person by the color of their skin.

‘Well then why don’t you support us’?

Does that mean that as long as I don’t care what color you are, I should support you? How does it follow that whatever a brown or black person does, white people should support and if they don’t it’s because of the skin color and if they don’t care about color, then it’s a no brainer, you’re with us?

It appears to me that those who think white people should support them because of their skin color are the prejudicial people. They’re the real racists.

It’s difficult to talk rationally to someone who only sees skin color – theirs.

Hispanics are not minorities in Mexico, the island communities, Central America, South America. They are the majority in all those places. Yet, they still act like the minority, seeking pity from the entire world and anyone who will listen. Why is that? All these years they lived in places where everybody was about the same.

Were they thinking with their skin then? Or is it only when they come to the USA that they’re told to play up their skin color; accuse the white man of hating you for your skin; you’ll get lots of free stuff that way; white people don’t like it when you call them racist or black or brown haters. They’ll give you whatever you want to shut you up.

It’s one or the other: White people are being played, or brown and black people are the real racists, thinking white people should support their skin color; and if they do, then they automatically support the brown and black view – no matter the content of the view.

Actually it’s not one or the other, it’s both.

It’s becoming clear that skin color is used as a DISTRACTION STRATEGY to keep you off-balance, so the real issues don’t get debated. Keep attacking the opponent on an emotional plane, so nobody gets to the substance of the issues. They don’t want to debate; if they debate they could lose. Keep it about the color.

Oh, they’ll debate color, as long as they provide the lines for all sides.

Keep pushing that color button.

How does it work?

FEAR. They use fear of what will happen to you if you don’t cave their way.

And we see what happens all over the news.

It’s scary stuff. They crossed the terror threshold a long time ago. They’re instilling fear across the globe. They want a war.

This is terrorism.

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