Can You Get Vitamin D From Your Computer Or T.V.?

If radiation from the sun combines with cholesterol from the skin to form vitamin D, then why wouldn’t radiation from my computer when hitting my skin combine with the cholesterol from my skin to form vitamin D? Could I be sun-bathing while working at my computer? Multi-tasking, I like it. But where’s my tan? IContinue reading “Can You Get Vitamin D From Your Computer Or T.V.?”

The Daughter Also Rises

Why do we call the sun, that which heats the earth, the sun? Why do we assign any word to mean anything, something? Sun sounds like son. Say it in your mind; they both sound the same. “The Sun (Son) Also Rises”, as in Ernest Hemingway. You can be sure of one thing, “the sunContinue reading “The Daughter Also Rises”