The universe gave me strength to embrace my work and to fight for rightness till death grabs me.

I will prevail. No matter the consequences.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



I looked in the mirror, and for the first time I saw an old lady be me, and immediately zoomed to the teenager who met me in that mirror – like the teenager I used to be, looking in the mirror now looking at the old woman who is she. We both laughed.

Wow. Look at you. Look how I look now. I’m an old lady. How did that happen? Wow. So many years, people and places ago. I remember you.

I started talking to myself in the mirror. I blew myself kisses. How did it all happen? I’m 71 years old and still thinking somebody’s going to hire me so I can make some money before I die.

What would I do? What could I do? I’m been in solitary confinement for so many long years of my life, that I probably couldn’t do anything. There’s not a job description on earth for what I do. I don’t know if I could fit in or adjust to the real world.

Then I said, this is the real world, right where I am in my tiny castle reaching out, making better what others made worse.

That’s real. That’s worthy. What’s wrong with that? You old lady dog!

You look like old ladies are supposed to look. What a shocker. I think I’m mourning the death of my younger self on my 71st birthday. But hey, that teenager who looked at me in the mirror is still in me, so I feel energized by that. I loved her so, and now I know she loves me back.

I lost a lot. Maybe everybody does. Maybe it’s normal. Well, I never aspired to be normal. But heck, if that’s where I’m at, I’m looking fine with it.

Maybe I climbed too many mountains with nothing found at the top.

At 71 years old I can’t imagine being anybody else but me – otherwise I’d lose that teenager in the mirror, who after all planned this journey, planting me where and when I needed to be planted – a journey that isn’t yet over.

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, look what you’ve done. Who would have thought? Wow. I’m in a good place viewing myself and my life of planting seeds in the minds where I traveled the universe.

I’m still here after all of it. Loving the space that surrounds me. It’s like seeing for the first time my place in the universe – as the universe wraps itself through me, bringing me into the fold as one with all now.

A gift from the universe to me. Wow – a hug sublime.

Happy Birthday to me.



What does animal-free cooking have to do with politics outside the realm of Big Agriculture or plant-based issues?


Everything we do in life in every category has a dead or a living animal attached to it: politics, religion, economics, sociology, psychology, technology, arts, mechanics, engineering, business, architecture, experimentation, entertainment, travel, media, space exploration, agriculture, medicine, transportation, Madison Avenue, Wall Street and on and on. How about urban and rural development? Why only focus on urban development? I’m still waiting on the Animal-Free Malls.

The more I create in the kitchen, the more I create outside the kitchen. One doesn’t need to engineer their own recipes to expand their world view, but if you’re involved in an engineering endeavor it augments every other process.

The Animal-Free Chef encompasses the entire universe and everything in it. Quite a lot of stuff for three words to cover. But that’s me. That’s who I am, what I am and how I drive.

I am the Universe.

You can take the chef out of the kitchen, but you can’t take the kitchen out of the chef.

We consume, we create, we process, in no particular order.

My categories are separate, but they all stem from My Animal-Free Kitchen.

I have 8 active websites to prove it:

# AFC GLOBAL – a library of 900 original animal-free recipes engineered by Chef Davies-Tight

# AFC SOUS-CHEF – animal-free food prep for home and restaurant chefs

# AFC TEST KITCHEN – testing animal-free products

# SCALES & MIRRORS – experimenting with weight loss methods, reduced fat and fat free recipes plus motivational insights

# HELLO IT’S ME – Word Warrior Davies-Tight, a different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it, and as we will come to know it


# STRATEGIC – the journey begins and ends with an answer

# BIRTH OF A SEED – RAW POWER – the Davies-Tight online art gallery

I am an animal who is an animal-free chef. I don’t eat animals because I am one.

I am involved in all facets of living, creating, dying and expanding.  I trouble-shoot, strategize and problem-solve. The wider the view, the more solutions emerge. I do this as a chef.

I wear one hat for all seasons and reasons: The Animal-Free Chef hat.

I am almost 70 years old. I have the long-game experience behind me. I’m gearing up for my best years yet.

Don’t believe me?

I am an animal rights activist (including human) and a counter terrorism activist.

I spent nearly 70 years programming myself. No matter what door I open, it will be the right door.

I was born to be exactly the animal I am.


Thank you for your time.


Working It Out With The Main Brain (controlling the fat)


If my brain gets that I’m unpredictable in my food consumption choices within the category of animal-free, then that’s what it will expect as being okay with me.

I’ll stay in the unpredictable category and my brain will rest easy with that, since there’s a lot going on there to focus on without needless worry about getting stuck in one place.


General category I = animal-free

General category II = unpredictable

Sub categories = all over the animal-free board

Sharon’s board.

Yeah, she gets bored easy.

No she doesn’t. She likes moving around.

Most like staying in one place till the universe makes them move.

She moves the universe.




I’m An Idiot

I never call myself names in my thoughts. Maybe I should. Maybe that’s why I don’t call other people names. Maybe I will, if you terrorize me by threatening my physical or emotional self, you’re the idiot, because I’m the best and only friend you ever had.

You see, I respect your right to be in the same universe with me as long as you extend all other animals that same courtesy.




The universe doesn’t favor humans over other life forms.

Their self-declared privileged status exists only in the mind of the human.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Eating Animals Is Not Natural

There are lots of mistakes in the universe. Recognize them when you see them, then don’t engage, participate or endorse.

Eating Animals Is Not Natural.

People who resist change, thus resist evolution, are those who cling to eating the flesh and blood.

A real progressive would not eat animals, simply because humans have mostly always done it, or for any other reason. Yet, I’ve never met a democrat who didn’t eat animals. So what’s up with that?

It seems that those calling themselves progressive and better than republicans aren’t progressive nor better than anybody else in the realm of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Just because something exists doesn’t mean it should, and just because we’ve always done something doesn’t mean the universe demands that we continue to do it.




The cradle of the universe is in the palm of your soul




The soul is like the universe.

It’s always expanding.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight