If you don’t want to be singled out for your color, then stop calling yourselves a color, and stop calling everybody else by a color. Believe it or not, people usually have a play in the discrimination committed against them. One Example: Hispanics for decades begged to be a low-paying slave wage class of peopleContinue reading “FIRST STEP TO FREEDOM”

RE: Children In Jail Cells With Adult Males…

When adults use children to commit crimes or to gain favor and they are captured together, they are separated for the welfare of the child. Maybe in Mexico or Central or South America they put young children in jail cells with adults, but we don’t do that in the USA. Child molestation is an acceptableContinue reading “RE: Children In Jail Cells With Adult Males…”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 2 My mother once said to me, “Never be ashamed of your religion”. I thought to myself, “or afraid of it”. Your viewing audience says to themselves, what’s she/he mean by that? Or, what’s he/she saying? The soul door opens only if the viewer leans into the door. When theyContinue reading “A SOUL OPENER IS THIS: – day 2”