Wake Up The Planet Ep. 12

God says many peoples throughout history aspired to rule the world through conquering it and many succeeded–for a while. All however, eventually failed. Why? Because they ruled by force not by agreement. Or, they ruled by forced agreement. God says cells and colonies are equal. God says one state cannot force another to evolve; it…… Continue reading Wake Up The Planet Ep. 12

I’m waiting for the wind to shine.

Q.  I’m waiting for the wind to shine. Is that possible? A. Yes. You can wait for anything. Q. No. I mean can the wind shine? A. Yes. Anything can shine. Q. Can it shine like the sun? A. Yes.


Wind songs whisper through summer sands brash promises of winter snow nights melting in memories of that which spring failed miserably to deliver. Howling, piercing pain tunnels through funnels of hardened flesh frozen by air–whistling a tune one prefers not to hear. A tune one cannot help but stutter upon as it stops in mid-air.…… Continue reading WIND SONGS