Jews Run The Fastest Boycott Train In The World

Jews Notorious For Boycotting Products As Punishment That’s one way they ruin your business. One cell call. That’s all it takes to set the boycott train in motion. It’s the fastest boycott train in the world.

Our Evolutionary Past

Most often our evolution means forward-thinking which means, or should, less suffering in the present, not the past because the past is gone except for postjudice purposes. But what about our evolutionary present, where we are at any given moment, how we present ourselves to ourselves and then to the world? Advancing oneself in theContinue reading “Our Evolutionary Past”

Truth Or Lies

You’ve been led to the well of truth. If you refuse to consume the knowledge it’s on you. The universe waits for no one. The world doesn’t matter if the universe doesn’t care. Continual war makes truth out of lies and lies out of truth. Reality is the only language the universe understands. Not aContinue reading “Truth Or Lies”


God says no lone human or other animal or in the future an entity from elsewhere in the universe is chosen or sent to save the world we now live in. God would never put that burden on the shoulders of any one being. We are all chosen and sent to do our part inContinue reading “CAN ONE INDIVIDUAL SAVE THE WORLD?”