WORD WARRIOR:  Speaking to the World through your God and mine

The foundation of these writings presupposes that a God force exists in all life and non-life, and that we are, in conjunction with all the universe, the designated caretakers, not the designated destroyers of this garden earth and all that inhabits it.

It is the goal of these writings to inspire, motivate, protect, teach, and to recognize the God-given, universe-given, DNA-given (however you want to describe that force) talents and gifts of all life and non-life, individually and collectively, by bringing a different slant in the form of Word Warrior: Essays on the World, to those challenged by the handicaps, prejudices and discriminations that keep them from participating in the process of positive social, cultural, governmental, legal, economic, educational, environmental and ethical change.

It is the goal of these publications to encourage those challenged to take part in, and make contributions to, the decision making processes that affect their lives and the lives of those similarly challenged, and to speak for those who have no voice. Since contribution cannot be measured, we don’t place a greater value on one contribution over another.

Central to the belief structure is the ability we all possess to control our own evolution by changing ourselves, our views, our actions, becoming the pebble in the pond that produces the ripples for far reaching change.

A logical consequence to that doctrine illuminates the indisputable fact that one individual from any species can make a difference, thus one individual can change the world. And, since God puts the individual first, then it is with ourselves that God works most diligently to affect the changes which ultimately promote well-being for all.

Word Warrior does not engage in enforcing the laws of government nor the laws of our various Gods. It points them out through the written word, how they differ, why they differ, and how we as our God’s partners can bring the laws of government and the laws of our Gods closer together.

Word Warrior does not support nor participate in malice, and promotes a platform of non-violence when confronting, discussing or proposing change regarding any issue that  affects the planet, and all life and non-life forms which inhabit it – in particular: issues concerning those enslaved,  tortured and slaughtered: the end product of prejudice and discrimination when left unchecked.

To the extent that these publications encourage those challenged to change the world by changing themselves, through evolution, not revolution, Word Warrior has succeeded in it’s mission.

There’s a continuous balance being sought between anxiety and depression in your brain.  If you get too anxious, your brain naturally slows you down. If too depressed, your brain naturally speeds you up.

In times of stress, that seeking becomes more like a struggle than a natural flowing process. As a result we get stuck in an emotion that becomes unhealthy for us and those around us.

In times of stress or lack of stress, you need to take a more active part in stimulating or relaxing your brain to balance your emotions. What works for you may not work for someone else, and vice versa. What’s critical, however, is that you recognize the power of your God that is you, and work together by incorporating that power, thus not blocking that power, to correct what needs to be corrected in the privacy of your own thoughts.

FIVE FATAL FLAWS: prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Put a NO in front of each flaw and you have:

FIVE PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.


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