I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics hosted by London. I was expecting spectacular. They didn’t have to compete with China, they had to only be themselves. Well,  maybe because I’m part English, I wanted them to excel, but it really didn’t matter what I am, I just wanted to see a really good show. I had been looking forward to this for a long time.

At one point I thought I was watching Good Morning America or the Today Show, at another point I thought I was watching the Macy’s Parade at Thanksgiving, then it’s off to the races at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, then I think I’m back at Sturbridge Village in New England, then I think I’m watching a commercial, which was really part of the show, then I’m seeing the Tea Party, then I’m seeing a replica of the Queen jump out of a plane. Then it goes to Mohammed Ali. What was he doing there? The big surprise of the night was who was going to light the torch last, and I somehow missed it, because Bob Costas decided to take a break from his never-ending commentary. Guess 7 unknown kids did that and he never spoke about it after it happened. He did say however in the run-up to it, after he named a bunch of people I never heard of, that it was none of the above.

My assessment throughout the first 2/3rds was–grotesque, then it became–pathetic. There was a short reprieve when I saw, and Steve did too, a glimmer of hope, the torch rising. But that glimmer was short lived when Paul McCartney came out and sang Hey Jude. Grotesque in the beginning, ended with grotesque. The song selection was horrible–for the Olympics. Even I, who cannot sing a tune, could have sang it better. He kept saying Jew, not Jude. I even looked at his mouth to see the forming of the words, just in case I didn’t hear it right. He never pronounced the d in jude. He was drunk. Everybody in the stadium knew it. He acted like a complete baffoon. I’m not sure how to spell baffoon. Frankly, I don’t need to know how to spell it. Everybody who watched it knows it.

Except for the doves riding on bicycles, the show was a total disaster.

Looking back on the political fight in the USA between Obama and Romney regarding the Olympics, Romney was kind. He hoped for the best, but the best didn’t happen.

Danny Boyle, the creator of this major flop of a show, whom Bob Costas kept calling Danny Boy, showed the world on his own personal level who Brits are–they’re just like him–eccentric.

This is the Olympics. No. This is England. In his ego trip down memory lane, a memory that he didn’t have, because he wasn’t there–he only dreamed that he was there–he missed the point by a galaxy, maybe even a universe or two. He gave England credit for every good thing that ever happened in the world as a result of their colonization of that world. The picture he painted was sheer ugly. And maybe in his demented artist of a mind he wanted to express that ugliness.

The Olympics is supposed to be apolitcal, nonpolitical, that which does not involve politics. The coming together of all nations, all peoples, which transcends occupation, war or differences that divide us is for a few days what is suppose to make us one global community.

Danny Boyle in his eccentricity told the world the truth about Britain. They cannot be trusted to make peace in any area of the world. They are the occupying power that keeps Palestinians enslaved, Africans enslaved, Canada enslaved, island communities enslaved.

Long live the Queen or God bless the Queen, how does that go? Even the Queen couldn’t muster a smile for the whole world to see.

Danny Boyle separated the world, he did not unite the world. Maybe he was right, maybe he was wrong to express his art in that way.  Maybe somebody had to say it and he elected himself, through his artistry, through the Olympics to do that. The whole world was definitely watching.



If the USA goes into Syria with military air power, they’ll be committing the same slaughter they accuse the Syrian government of committing. They’ll be committing the same slaughter that the Syrian opposition is committing against their own government. In fact, the USA is committing that same slaughter all over the globe using bombs, troops, poisons and assassination drones.

In fact, the USA military and CIA are already war-gaming their response to an inevitable uprising in the USA by its own citizens, in the eventuality that they rise up against a government that invests their lives and future into ruling the world by military might at the cost of their economic and health care well-being. That’s the cost that all dictator governments lay on the heads of its citizens. The USA is a member of that club, that church.

What do you think the USA will do to their own citizens when they rise up with guns against the dictatorship in Washington, D.C. and the dictatorships in every city, county and state, as the USA slumps deeper and deeper into a depression created by the USA’s addiction to perpetual war?

Slaughter isn’t cheap or quick. It costs a lot and takes a very, very long time. Neither does slaughter create peace, it creates more slaughter.

It is not the job, nor the responsibility, nor the right of the USA military and CIA to choose who lives and dies in any other country’s civil wars.

The USA government and media cheered when a suicide bomber killed the Syrian Defense Minister and his deputy and wounded many others. What government will cheer when a USA bomber – suicidal or homicidal – kills the USA Defense secretary and his deputy and wounds many others? How will the USA respond to its own citizens who rise up against dictators and dictator policies that place them in below subsistence level conditions that oppress them?

It’s strange how the USA tells peoples of other countries to kill their leaders, then stifles peaceful protests in the USA against the same oppressive practices.

‘Change the world by peaceful protests’ is an instruction meant for the populace as well as the government institutions that rule them. When only one side implements the peaceful protest rule, the other side is the dictator. When neither side implements it, I see two dictator factions fighting for the same power to oppress. What the two factions don’t see is that war oppresses everyone.

The USA says it’s okay for Israelis to slaughter Palestinians. ‘It’s the Palestinians own fault’, the USA has intimated for decades. Just bend to the will of the Israelis, stop making them fear, and the slaughter will stop.

Now that the Syrian government is slaughtering the rebels of Syria, who are also protesting oppressive living conditions, the USA sings a different tune. Now it’s the fault of the Syrian government. ‘Let the Syrian people be free’ chants the Obama administration and his conservative counterparts in Congress.

All the world fears suicide bombers, they also fear bombs dropped from planes. The Palestinians stopped that method of fighting. The Israelis claim it’s because they erected a wall. The world knows otherwise. It also knows that Israel never gives credit where credit is due. Still…even the Israelis cheered when the suicide bomber murdered the Syrian Defense minister and his staff. [You can’t unring that bell. This morning it was a suicide bomber, this evening it was an individual who planted a bomb and died.]

The change in policy of the Obama administration and the Israeli administration regarding suicide bombers should shock the world. For whose benefit – when, where, how and why – are suicide bombers now acceptable? When an oppressed people try to free themselves, because the world looks on and nobody helps?

Why pull Iran into a war they don’t want? Didn’t the USA and Israel threaten to destroy them? Are you on the side of freedom for all or do you work to free the populace of governments you have an interest in neutralizing?

Benjamin Netanyahu, the enslaver and slaughterer of Palestinians, gets a thumbs up, a green light, accompanied by a statement of undying love and commitment from the USA to keep up the enslavement of Palestinians in concentration camps, and now the Africans who fled Sudan, only to find the holy land not so holy, while the USA turns its head toward Syrian interests.

Where do you stand Obama, on the enslavement of Africans in the Israeli desert? You stand with the enslaver. You keep rewarding Israel with more money and more weapons to fight the oppressed populace. Where you need to stand is with those enslaved. You haven’t done that yet, not with the Palestinians, not with the Africans, not with any enslaved group or individual. You keep telling the Iranians to rise up against their leaders, to free themselves. You don’t give the Palestinians that same instruction. You’re like Netanyahu – deciding who is worthy to be free under your thumb.

The Iraqis, the Syrians, the Afghans, the Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Libyans were all heavily armed people, irrespective of their governments desire to control them. Where’s the oppression there?

Nobody wants gun control in the USA. The reason stated is always the same. We need to protect our homes from intruders. But that’s not the real reason. We need arsenals of weapons to rise up against an oppressive regime, even when it’s our own.

The Palestinians and the Africans corralled in the Israeli desert don’t have that kind of fire power, so you think them weak. Yet, they’re still not free. You turn your head toward the powerful every time.

Obama, you broke every universal rule of fairness for all. You broke every one of your own rules. Where has that led the world? Deeper and deeper and wider and wider into an abyss of violence worldwide. Walk the talk that got you into the highest office in the USA, or step aside and let somebody else have a go at it. You got a free ride. Ninety percent of the world never get that. Create something you can call your own for a change, instead of taking credit for businesses you didn’t build. Frankly, it looks like you’re trying to squash generations of hard work by individuals who had no help from anyone, people who sacrificed while others were out having a good time, people who surmounted every obstacle put in their way. You should be made of the same stern stuff. I haven’t seen it yet.

Bragging about murdering people, threatening nuclear warfare against sovereign nations that have no interest in attacking you, threatening to kill USA citizens if they criticize Israel or on Israel’s behalf is the work of a dictator not a peace maker. Try peace on for size. If it fits wear it, if it doesn’t, then I don’t want you as my president.


It is well known that Jews respect those they fear.

Jews don’t respect Iranians, thus they don’t fear them.

Jews don’t respect Palestinians, thus they don’t fear them.

‘The sky is falling’ is not a fear-based strategy used by Israelis and Jews to get what they want. It has nothing to do with their fear. It’s a strategy that works. Fear is contagious. They’re the best actors in the world. They feign fear, then you fear. Then you act on your behalf that is really for their benefit, not your benefit.

‘We share the same values’ does not translate to beneficial for you, when that value is based on mutual destruction if they don’t get what they want. You’re convinced that you want what they want. That’s the con and the tell.

You’re both fearing, which means you must have a common enemy, which means you both must join forces to fight that common enemy, especially since you have a superior fighting machine and freely march your children into battle to fight everybody’s fears. Fear is contagious – feigned or not.

Jews don’t fear any peoples, any race, any country, which means they fear no one. So they faked that too.

There is one possible exception. 

add-on. For the loopholers: If you don’t fear someone, you don’t fear what they’ll do. You cannot separate the two.


  • Everything, everybody, all life and non-life have the same name: God.
  •  In order to create order and understanding, we attach sub names to all entities.
  •  No God is capable of acting, or not acting, independently of any other God. That is one thing, the only thing, in the universe that is impossible.
  •  We are not the individual or the group, we are the individual and the group.
  •  Any government, religion or other institution that focuses on only the group, oppresses all individuals.
  •  Any group that focuses on themselves as superior and more worthy oppresses all other groups.
  •  The dog, cat, rat, snake, cow, goat, deer, fish, plant, air, human … are all God.
  • Oppress them and you oppress yourself.

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin.

I will tell you this with all certainty, although I don’t have a gun, if somebody was on top of me pounding my head into the ground, if I had a gun on me, and if I could reach it, I would shoot.

Trayvon knew that nobody, white, black or brown comes out of their houses when violence occurs. That’s why he felt secure in screaming like he was the one being attacked by the ‘white’ guy, while he was pummeling Zimmerman’s head into the next life.

Trayvon was the murderer. He figured he’d get away with that murder.

George lived; Trayvon died.

Now, blacks and fearful whites want to kill Zimmerman–blacks out of revenge for slavery, whites out of fear that blacks will burn their cities (better to sacrifice one ‘white’ guy, than have the blacks come after us).

Roland Martin read my previous essay regarding Trayvon Martin, with prejudice. He thought Trayvon was innocent. He wasn’t. /sldt

Biological Weapons

The point of a biological weapon is to destroy nervous systems, not to cure those nervous systems. Thus, there is no antidote.

Scientists were not instructed to cure, only to destroy.

Anybody who challenges their government puts themselves in the position of being attacked, individually, by those biological neurotoxins.

Obama already said that he would destroy anybody who criticizes Israel, giving Israel the green light to destroy anybody they want to destroy.

That’s how much he wants to get re-elected–not to help people, but he, being bit by the slaughter bug, and liking too much the blood, now needs it to survive.


Trayvon doesn’t need a last name anymore.

He went down fighting a forever war against ‘white’ people.

Anybody not black is white, as even Roland Martin would think in his isolation.

‘White’ people are the forever enemy.

Trayvon will Rise on Easter Sunday

8 April 2012.

He will rise to make peace in his Mama’s heart.

He will hold her tenderly and whisper:

“It was my fault. I saw him as weak.”

The Black Community and the news media that supported the frenzy wanted to pin the tail on the Donkey.

“I am the Donkey Ma. Rest your heart in peace.

I am Free! ” / T

Religious Disobedience Is The New Civil Disobedience

And it’s long overdue. We no longer live in a male dominated world where the man in all ways can claim power over all beneath him. The operative word here is ‘beneath’. This relic of a hierarchy denotes and connotes superiority of one race over another: men over women.

Congratulations to those who launched the Pfarrer initiative in Austria in 2006 calling for “disobedience aimed at abolishing priestly celibacy and opening up the clergy to women to relieve shortages of priests.”

In Pope Benedict XVI’s response he held fast to the ideology of obedience to the true will of God, citing that Jesus always followed true obedience to God’s will, not “human caprice” (definition: a sudden change of action or mind without adequate reason; a whim).

God’s Will does not include enslavement to or by mortals, or even to God. Jesus went on a suicide mission to fulfill a prophecy,  simply because it was written, then thought at the last-minute that God would sweep down and rescue him from the cross. Jesus, like so many before and after him, thought suffering was the only way to obtain grace. Should this be the life upon which we pattern ours and the lives of our children? It’s odd that Jesus, the most well-known and prayed to man in history has not been able to stop, through his teachings, the prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter that plagues this planet. It appears that the foundation upon which Jesus preached, or at the minimum the way that foundation was interpreted by his followers and later the church was fundamentally flawed.

Prejudice with humans, begins with men and women against each other. Historically, the scales were tipped in favor of the men, as if by the mere fact that they were born male, gave them privilege and dominion over females as well as all other species and matters of importance.

Obedience is a dangerous, powerful tool used by dictators espousing birth rights based on gender, color and socio-economic status, giving them the keys to everybody else’s lives. Closed societies breed contempt for all those outside of that privileged group. That somehow a gender, color or class, by the mere fact of being randomly born into it, makes a person wise or gives a person inalienable (definition: that may not be taken away or transferred) rights over all others not born into that privileged status, demands disobedience.

What all religions and governments have dictated for way too long, the ideology that one half of the world’s human population is born wiser and more capable to lead the other half, needs to change and the only non-violent way to achieve that end is through disobedience.

To the Pope: That Pig, Lamb or Fish you’re going to devour on Easter is not God’s will. Jesus offered bread and wine as the new sacrifice, to supplant the old sacrifice of slaughtered beings. He did not offer the lamb you’re going to feast on. It is your own “human caprice” that wills it.

Jesus also said to render unto God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Religious freedom doesn’t only mean freedom to choose your religion, it also means freedom within that religion. Civil freedom doesn’t only mean freedom to choose the country or city within a country you live, it also means freedom within that city or country. Civil and religious rights have too often mirrored each other, rather than challenge each other, because of their flawed, dictatorial foundations. Disobedience on both fronts, civil rights and religious rights, are an inevitable part of evolution. Jesus was an evolutionary. He laid down the fork, and raised the bread with the wine. Serving bread with the lamb isn’t going to cut it any more in the religious realms. When you stop the prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter of all beings, you will see the miracles you crave.

FAIR IS FAIR – Israel | Iran

Israel wants to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. The reason they recently cited: “We have post trauma from the holocaust”.

Twenty-three million humans died during World War II. Six million were Jews, who were considered the underclass of Europe. Not a good excuse.

Israel claims to possess over 200 nuclear weapons.

I’m more concerned about a borderless nation with nuclear weapons, who now wants to bomb another country because they haven’t yet dealt with their post traumatic stress disorder.

If Israel wants access to Iran’s nuclear facilities, then Iran should have access to theirs. In fact, the world should have access to Israel’s nuclear facilities via the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

If Israel doesn’t really possess nuclear weapons, then that’s a lie that must be exposed. If they do, then it’s time for the IAEA to demand inspection of those facilities.

Transparency on all sides is the only strategy that will work to avert war.

It appears to me that Israel doesn’t want to avert war, and they’re using their post traumatic stress to justify terrorizing every citizen in the world, because they want to be the only nuclear power on the Middle East block.

Note that just when Iran is preparing to cooperate, as they always said they would do when they had advanced enough to warrant further compliance with the IAEA, Israel via the USA wants to throw a wrench into the process to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Just because you have a case of the jitters doesn’t justify committing a holocaust against anybody or any nation.

Get a grip.

Fair is fair.


Taming your own God doesn’t mean that you tame your God into submission. It means that when you and your God are on the same page, then the two of you, working together create a powerhouse, giving you more control over your actions, thus success at that which you endeavor to do. 

People with courage hold the earth in the palm of their hand, and treat with respect all that moves. People with cowardice hold the earth under their thumb, and treat all that moves with rough justice. Be careful that the courage you use with one hand, doesn’t turn to cowardice with the second hand.

The Pope And Procreation Rights

The Pope, head of the Catholic Church, forbids the use of condoms, birth control pills and the morning after pill based on a theological view that people by nature and God’s design are meant to procreate, and that nothing should stand in the way of that procreation, except abstinence. “Be fruitful and multiply”. But do it by all natural means.

In other words, there should be no interference in the process.

Firstly, neither the Pope nor the Catholic Church owns an individual’s body, man or woman. Neither does a religious view own anyone.

Secondly, if the process of procreation cannot be interfered with, meaning it has to be natural, then it would logically follow that Catholic men be prohibited from using Viagra, a sexual stimulant in pill form that encourages procreation, that otherwise may not occur.

You can’t have it both ways. If you can’t block conception using pharmaceuticals or condoms, because it’s not natural, then you can’t facilitate conception by using pharmaceuticals, since in the later case, it isn’t natural either. Further, the Pope would have to outlaw fertilization of eggs outside of the womb for women who can’t get pregnant the natural way.

“Be fruitful and multiply” really means ‘there’s strength in numbers’. Any organization that wants to be powerful knows this. So get down from your high horse and address the issues of the day. There’s a huge AIDS epidemic in Africa, and you’re contributing to the suffering by refusing to give out condoms to African men and women who benefit from your charities. That’s prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. You fit all Five Fatal Flaws on this “Be fruitful and multiply” premise.

Fix it.


If poor people want to get into the middle people class so that fewer government resources are needed for their upkeep, why not let them in?

Give us that and you can keep your 1%. But implied in this deal is that the middle people can get into the rich people category. Go ahead, let them in.

You get to keep your 1% super status (meaning the 1% controls more wealth than the remaining 99%) as long as there is not one person in the poor people category. If you can do all that, while still controlling 99% of the wealth the more power to you. This isn’t about simply re-categorizing the 99% with different labels. It’s about not treating the people who slave for you at low wages like trash.

The quicker you move the better.

Start your trickle down engines, the fish are swimming upstream.


Nobody has a right to check your body fluids or cavities against your will. You own you only, which means you own your body.

Hospitals and doctors need your permission to treat you for any disease, or check for any disorder. Police, and airline personnel, on the other hand, do whatever they want with your body. That’s a bad sign and symptom of a dictatorship in place, a dictatorship that tells you that they are in total control of you, that they own your body, you don’t.

The U.S.A has become like Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, including Israel, who conduct those same invasions with the sole purpose of terror through humiliation.

That policy was imported via Israeli generals and instituted throughout the U.S.A.

It is a violation of an individual’s civil and human rights.

Every person in the U.S.A. is treated like a terrorist, just like they’re treated in Middle Eastern countries.

We bomb those countries supposedly under the guise of freeing the populace from tyranny, yet we engage in the exact same behavior.

Fix it.


  Clearing the Air

Webster’s dictionary states that the word “kike” is a disparaging name that other people call Jews. In other words, it’s a name that non-Jews call Jews.

I asked my researcher for the derivative of the word. He said, “there is no derivative.” That’s strange. How can there not be a derivative? Every word is derived from something. Just like the word “nigger” is derived from Nigeria, now called Niger. I told him to look further. He looked the word up on the internet. Seems it all happened at Ellis Island, New York City.

Many Jews from many countries came to America, some escaping prosecution or persecution, some escaping poverty, others just wanting an adventure. Others wanted something different from what they had. Seems, however, that there was a competitive nature between German Jews and Russian Jews. The German Jews thought themselves superior to Russian Jews, because they were more learned, and as a result of that prejudice, the German Jews called the Russian Jews Kikes. At the time, most or many Russian Jews’ names ended in ki. So, the German Jews lobbed that disparaging word with prejudice toward people of a different ethnicity.

When the Jews were asked to sign their names upon entering Ellis Island, they couldn’t, because they were illiterate. They were told to mark an “X” as their signature and they refused. It seems it reminded them of a ‘cross’, as in Jesus, and they either feared the cross or were repulsed by it, so they signed with an “O”, a circle.

Kikel is a yiddish word for circle.

So, in the beginning the word ‘kike’ was not a disparaging word the non-Jews used against Jews. It was a word that Jews used disparagingly against other Jews–from other countries. It just so happened that when others heard it, they started to use it. But it began with the Jews. It’s their word–a word they chose to humiliate other Jews with, a way to put other Jews in their place. But like any word–nobody owns it. But also like any word, once out, many others used it.

Those who write the dictionaries left that portion out, preferring to blame, by omission, non-Jews for the existence of the disparaging word.

Clearing the air.

Happy Independence Day!

It isn’t the Irish Americans asking the USA to commit holocausts around the globe in their name.

It isn’t the Polish or German Americans.

It isn’t the African-Americans or the Italian Americans.

It isn’t even the Native Americans stirring up trouble around the globe because we as Americans oppress them.


Go down or up the list.

It isn’t the Asian Americans wanting the USA to make war upon their home lands.

The Hispanic Americans aren’t asking the USA to slaughter other countries in the name of their heritage.

There is only one group in America who does that: Jewish Americans. And they don’t have to ask. They’ve positioned themselves in all facets of American life to carry out their own orders for disorder, while pledging allegiance to themselves.

They are the ones who want to own you and the world you hold dear, while trampling on your principles, as you sacrifice your life–in their wars.

They are the trouble makers who hide behind your names, your religions, pretending to have your beliefs of freedom for all, while making laws and policies that support their need for endless war.

The USA is their country now. Welcome to the United States of Israel.

Get ready my Beanie Babies. You’ve already had your hug. Next comes the awakening you’ve all been rocking for.

“I, WE, ALL”

I try not to compare myself to others–past, present or future. I compare myself to the principles I set for myself, that benefit me and all those around me. And when I fail, I seek to fix that flaw.

I find it futile to try to be like somebody else, since their flaws are at least as great as mine.

Happy Independence Day to all the universe’s inhabitants–in the spirit of soaring to greater heights, by becoming the greatest single power that you are engineered by your own God to be.

When all of us do that, we truly become a powerful “WE” force–for all.


Polite makes the difference between a good or bad day.

Don’t ever wish on those minds you’re trying to change a bad day.

When people are feeling good,

they’re more open to change.


Washington DC’s rebuke of the most recent Israeli settlement surge is meaningless. The rebuke makes the USA look good to the world, while hands behind the backs show crossed finger poses made just for Israel–a self-portrait of who the USA really is. Will the real United States of America please stand up? When the Jews remain seated, you’ll know it’s them. Inside joke, but still…most people can figure that one out.

In fact, Washington’s rebuke of anything Israeli carries no weight. Everybody knows it, yet everybody keeps thinking that they can change the fox who guards the hen-house. Everybody keeps thinking that the USA and the USA alone is the only country that can influence Israel. One might think that being such die-hard friends, that such friends would have influence over the actions of the other. Most friendships operate that way. In this friendship, however, Israel calls all the shots. So it seems to me to be one-sided, which means Israel is dictator over the USA–and not a friend as Israelis and American politicians say.

“The Palestinians refuse to negotiate with the Netanyahu government as long as it continues to build in the West Bank and East Jerusalem–territories that would form the core of their future independent state.”

They’ve been negotiating at least as long as I’ve lived in Cleveland, which is seventeen years. The Israeli land mass has grown, not shrunk contrary to Netanyahu’s claims. First he was the size of New Jersey, then last winter, the size of Rhode Island. Come on, you’re working on Massachusetts and you know it. Do you think maybe that’s the strategy? Tell the world you’re shrinking while you’re growing? Wake up world.

The Israelis got their cease-fire, no more suicide bombings inside Israel. Yet Israel didn’t cease their massacres inside Palestine. Weeding out (killing) the (bad) Palestinians till all who resist Israeli expansion are dead is Hitleresque. That’s what Hitler did. He sought to weed out (kill) all the Jews he considered bad. Wake up world.

“Israel rejects that [Palestinian] demand [to halt settlement building], arguing that previous rounds of talks moved ahead in tandem with settlement construction.”

There’s that’ merry go round’ again. The horses all stay in the same position, while the base moves only to bring the horses back to their original positions–again and again. That’s not moving forward; that’s tricking people into thinking that because your moving, you’re moving forward. It’s like the musical chairs of the top government posts inside Israel. They make you think after each election that change has arrived, when all that happened was the few people at the top simply swapped positions.

No one in their right mind is going to negotiate for seventeen years with an enemy, while the enemy is still stealing their land and ruining their lives. At some point the Palestinians have to say stop. The reason the USA presses the Palestinians to make all the concessions is because Israel drives American politics. If you want to get elected and stay elected you have to pledge allegiance to Israel expansion, Israeli terrorism.

It is not the domain of any country to decide where the people of another country are going to live within that country. The USA knows better. They wiped out almost an entire segment of the human race through the massacres of the Indian Nations. That too sounds Hitleresque. Only thing is that Hitler wasn’t around then. So what white guy decided to commit a holocaust against the entire Indian Nation?

Netanyahu keeps saying that he’s going to relocate this group and put them here, and relocate that group and put them there, so that Israelis get all the prime real estate. What right does he have to do that? Again, Hitleresque. All that maneuvering of people, grouping them, deciding who goes where, even tattooed everyone. That’s Netanyahu. Wake up world.

Israel is already preparing for a bloodbath. Israelis claims the Palestinians are going to start a war, so you all know what Israel is going to do with that claim. They’ll stage a preemptive strike and call it the Palestinians fault. Get them before they get us. They’re laying the ground work for it.

Israel stated many preconditions for talks to occur. There will be no discussion on:

1–Israel must be a Jewish not an Israeli state.

2–Right of return expired after the original refugees died.

3–Never going back to pre 1967 borders, “that’s never going to happen”.

4–No sea access.

5–No military.

6–Israel controls all borders.

Prior to stating the list, he said emphatically that there would be no preconditions. Wake up world. It’s a charade. Hitler still lives through Netanyahu.

So go ahead Palestine. Precondition away. The USA is not the country you need to be deciding your fate. You decide your fate. Going to the USA for help is like going to Israel for help, making Israel your lawyer, your leader, the determiner of your existence. The USA will never give you a bunch of money to rebuild what the Jews destroyed. Does Israel?

Wake up Palestinians. Israel wants you perpetually weak. Stop asking Israel for your independence. They already told you what was non-negotiable. Everything. Netanyahu said on the Larry King Show that he was going to take care of you–as if he were the father taking care of his children. He’ll see that you get what you need. He’s not your father. No father would put his children in concentration camps.

Obama already said that he would block anyone in the world who criticized Israel. Do you really think he can help you?

Regarding the recent decision to surge settlements: ‘Oh, this won’t happen for a couple of years, due to multiple processes it goes through to get all the permits approved.’ That’s what they always say in order to ease your stress in the moment, so that you’ll forget about it. But it always gets done. That’s why they’re claiming now that too many people would have to be relocated, about a half million from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Oh, so they can relocate the Palestinians, but not the Israelis. At each juncture of settlement building they said the same thing–they knew that someday these settlements would have to come down and they would be prepared to make the painful sacrifices/concessions.

Well, that time is here Israel and you keep expanding. Were you lying just to appease the world at the time? Looks like Israel is not a people of their word. Their word means nothing–just as the USA rebukes mean nothing. It’s all a charade to keep expanding.

Is Israeli Government Truly Democratic?

Is Israel a true democracy or, like so many other things the Israelis do, are they playing a game with appearances in order to make the world think of them as truly democratic? Having the right to vote for a candidate is only one part of the democratic equation. Who you’re able to vote for is certainly as important.

Why does Shimon Perez never go away? Why does Benjamin Netanyahu never go away? Why does Ehud Barak never go away? And why when Ariel Sharon was prominent did he never go away till he was stricken with illness? Why are the top positions held by a handful of people, who rotate among those top posts in Israel? It’s like the same committee plays musical chairs every time there’s an election. Somebody can’t hold a post except for a certain number of years, so all they do is run for another post. It’s always the same people. Israel acts like Russia and looks like China. Where are the new people from the populace? Why can’t they get in?

Even Tzipi Livni, who can’t seem to stay in the lime light long enough to secure one of the top positions, has been around the Israeli block so many times it’s dizzying. IDF. Mossad. Knesset. Member of Likud party. Co-founder of Kadima party. Chair of Kadima party. Constitution, Law and Justice committee. Regional Cooperation and Agriculture. Immigrant Absorption, Housing and Construction. Justice Foreign Affairs. Director General of the Government Companies Authority. Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Minister of Justice. Come on, with all that experience, the people of Israel can’t even get her elected? If the “pocket book” protestors want change, then they’re going to have to get rid of the old committee who just keeps going around and around and around, making everybody think they elected them through a fair and democratic process.

Israelis deserve to be fairly represented. For the people, by the people, should be the mantra, instead of being ruled by a committee locked into a dictatorship whose only goals are expansion, and war to achieve that expansion. That’s oppression in a nutshell. Know that when dictators oppress their neighbors, they also, in order to keep doing that, oppress their own people. It’s time for Israelis to stand up in unison and say NO. End this game of musical chairs–once and for all.


To recognize Israel as a Jewish state rather than an Israeli state is like Palestinians demanding that Israel recognize Palestine as a Muslim state. The Jews are going too far by expecting Palestine to determine Israel’s demographics. The Israelis are doing this in advance of negotiations on the Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland.

‘If we get the Jewish state status, then we don’t have to accept any Palestinian refugees or families of refugees’. Benjamin Netanyahu further argued on the Larry King Show last winter, that families of refugees don’t have the right to return to their homeland, because they weren’t the original ones displaced. Okay, then we can also say that all the Jews who fled to Palestine post WWII didn’t have the right to claim Israel as their homeland, or that the Russian Jews who flocked to Israel in the past decades don’t have valid land claim rights either. Israel not only wants it both ways, they want all things their way.


 QUOTE on Facebook

“I can’t relate to people who go vegan strictly for health or environmental reasons. I don’t feel like I have anything in common with those people at all. I am vegan 100% for ethical reasons. I think it’s wrong to rape, torture and murder. The health and environmental benefits of veganism are simply nice bonuses.”

wordwarriordavies-tight: You don’t need to have anything in common with them. You control only you. You own you only. I’m grateful for whoever decides not to eat or wear animals, no matter what their reason. Cheers to them!

Since as babies the first things we do is breathe and eat, the health of the organism comes first. The morality of correcting bad choices later in life is always precipitated by what our essence as new human beings was in early life.

Nobody is 100% vegan. That phone and computer you use is made from animal products. When you go to the hospital, you’ll be given drugs in capsules made from animal products. The car you drive has animal products in it…and on and on. We can only do the best we can do.

When people can’t change people outside the group, they start tearing down people inside the group. Know this and correct it in yourselves, in order to make a stronger group for the animals.

To Airlines:

To Airlines That Still Transport Primates For Torture:

During World War II the same experiments that are now conducted on primates were done on human prisoners of war. Banning the practice was the only correct action to take. These torturers however, found another target–those who have no say in what happens to them: all the other animals on the planet. Nothing good will come from these experiments. Chemicals still kill humans, pharmaceuticals still kill humans, pesticides in our food still cause cancer in humans, environmental gases, molds and fungi still damage the brains of humans. E-Coli and salmonella still cause illness in humans who ingest them. Seasonal influenza still kills hundreds of thousands of humans every year, even when vaccinated against them.

These experiments are done in the name of flawed science.

Its time to stop doing what we’ve always done simply because we’ve always done it.

When we lose our conscience, we lose on every front.

It’s time for science to evolve by respecting all life, instead of designating who they’ll torture and slaughter in the name of protecting one group deemed superior to all others. And it’s time for airlines to stop facilitating the torture by delivering the victims to their torturers.

I find it odd that scientists torture those beings whom they claim we evolved from. Essentially, we’re still torturing humans.

Please join leading airline companies, including Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Aer Lingus, and adopt a formal policy prohibiting the transport of primates destined for laboratories to ensure that your company plays no role in the suffering of these animals.

Thank you for your consideration.


Obama refuses to call poor people poor. He calls them “people trying to get into the middle class.”

Hey, there goes Sharon and Steve.

Yeah, they’re trying to get into the middle class.

I’d rather be called poor than be called outside of the fold.

A democrat, a president, can’t even say that he wants the vote of poor people. He only wants the votes of rich, middle class and now, those trying to be middle class.

Obama is in political denial.

The poor people are those who make the world turn in favor of the rich and middle class.

Wake up Obama. You need the poor people’s vote. You don’t give them dignity by saying they want to be middle class and rich. No. They are who they are–poor–working day and night to keep this country afloat.

Poor people don’t go on strike. They stand by what they do. They make a better life for the rich, the middle class and you.

It’s past time that some president make a better life for them.

Best regards,

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

To The Scientists Of The World

Why won’t the scientists of the world come out of the closet and tell the world that animals have nervous systems? Cut a nerve and it hurts like hell. Cut a bone and it hurts worse than hell. Skin them alive and the internal scream is heard throughout the universe.

Say it in unison. Loud and clear. Worldwide–so that there is no mistake about your scientific assessment.

You torture them. You know.

Best regards,

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

USA and Israel Threatening Nuclear Holocaust…

Israel and the USA emphatically state that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon capability, then Iran will launch that weapon against the USA, Israel and even Europe. Yet, both Israel and the USA are considering blowing up Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Blowing up a nuclear facility is the same as launching a nuclear weapon against that nation. That the USA and Israel are campaigning in public to go down that holocaust road makes one wonder what the Jews forgot about never forgetting the holocaust, lest it happen again.

Both USA and Israel are demonstrating to the world that they are the rogue, out of control terrorist nations that they claim Iran to be.

Stop terrorizing the world citizens with threats of a nuclear holocaust created by you. Curb your own terrorist ways and maybe the world will follow your lead and also act responsibly. Right now the USA and Israel are the only nuclear terrorists on the world block.

This isn’t about preventing a nuclear arms race, it’s about using those weapons, and so far Israel and the USA are the only ones threatening via the world stage to use them against Iran. The Israelis and Americans think they found a loophole by not actually launching a nuclear warhead against Iran. Again, using a non-nuclear weapon to blow up Iran’s nuclear facilities is the same thing as launching a nuclear weapon against that country. The threat in itself is an act of nuclear terrorism.

Attacking a country’s ‘nuclear computers’ is the same as launching a nuclear weapon against that nation. Disabling the computer systems that control operations will create a melt-down situation. Perhaps it wasn’t the tsunami that created Japan’s nuclear disaster. Perhaps the USA in their well-publicized campaign to disable Iran’s nuclear computers missed their mark.

Earlier this year the USA bragged to the world that Iran’s nuclear capabilities had been put out of business–disabled via their own nuclear sabotage efforts. Now they want to bomb them. So it looks like they did miss their mark. How many more ‘nuclear accidents’ is the world going to tolerate?

Who are the nuclear terrorists again?

Cease and desist.

The Question Isn’t When Life Begins…

Life begins at conception?

Life begins with an egg–the egg is life.

Life begins with a sperm–the sperm is life.

The baby, whether it be a giraffe, a dog, a fish, a lamb, a bird, a human…begins to develop at conception.

When the baby is viable outside the body of the mother/host that baby is complete.

You own you only.

Every baby growing inside of the mother/host is owned by the mother/host that it is physically attached to.

When the baby is birthed that baby owns itself. End of story.

Re: Unions and Collective Bargaining Rights

By weakening unions and stripping workers of collective bargaining rights in the USA, the power of the workers to negotiate on their own behalf is transferred to a  handful of people in the government, leaving the workers without a voice that can make a difference and without recourse to address their needs.

Republicans say they want less government control and intervention in every day people’s lives, yet they support an ideology that gives the government even more control. That’s what dictatorships are made of. Be careful that your ideologies remain consistent with your actions absent the loopholes.

It appears that Republicans want to return to the days of “sweat shops”–because it’s working in China, where USA companies move their operations. The Chinese people won’t put up with their government’s tactics for much longer. Already we’re hearing some brave dissenting voices.

Ohioans through a “no” vote on Issue Two, which would deny workers their rights, handsomely defeated the Republicans efforts in this state to return to the “sweat shop” era.

I hope some of those brave dissenters in China get that message and say no to their government as well.


EXERPT from “BOOK OF STARTLING VIEWS by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Rachel Maddow wants to do away with the word ‘right’ and substitute the word ‘correct’ to mean the same thing. There’s too much baggage associated with the word ‘right’ from the media’s persistent and obsessive use of it to describe in sweeping terms a person with conservative ideas. Then there’s the problem with the word ‘conservative’, which is also used persistently and obsessively to describe in sweeping terms a person’s political party, the way they act, their eating habits, dress habits, speech habits, motives and on and on–where they live, the schools they attend, the charities they give to, the sporting events they go to, the drinking holes they frequent, and on and on again–all done without ever having to give specifics about any of it.

It’s like a great big cloud that follows you everywhere, with all the labels that everybody else said must be a part of you, if you vote for a particular candidate, thus a particular political party. It’s a way of categorizing you forever; and if you should want to change any of it, a new cloud labeled ‘traitor’ will follow you around with the other bag of stuff that you’ll never be able to get rid of. It’s a punishment for changing anything about you that doesn’t conform to the group in which you’ve placed yourself, or that the members have accepted you into. ‘Left’ gets left out in the cold as anything not right. And ‘right’ gets a blast of that same Arctic air from the ‘left’ for being so prejudicial.

That’s going to change right now. Dump that bag of trash–now. Left, right, above, below and sideways. Just dump it. Now, start over. Refuse to accept a label that isn’t accurate–according to you, not according to somebody else’s criteria.

Perhaps Rachel’s issue isn’t really with conservatism and the subliminal underpinnings of using the word ‘right’ vs the word ‘correct’. Maybe she just doesn’t want to deal with the wrongness of some of her own tactics. That she’s correct is all she needs to keep feeling good about herself. Yet being a hit person for the Jews, tearing apart, bringing to one’s knees, mocking, laughing, then bragging to everyone that she got somebody to apologize to all Jews worldwide on her T.V. show, may fall under the category of correct, in that she followed the instructions of her bosses (including herself), and her targets obediently complied out of a fear that the Jews would ruin their careers, businesses, children’s lives and on and on…but was it right? Was it the right thing to do?

By Rachael calling herself crazy as she often does, doesn’t absolve her. Saying it was a joke doesn’t absolve her. Just because someone has a deformity, doesn’t give her/him the right to make fun of someone else with a deformity. It makes it even more repugnant. At least if you don’t have one, you don’t know what it’s like to have one. When you know what it’s like, and you want to humiliate someone who has what you have, then it really is rehab time. Even that word–rehab–is loaded with prejudice. Rehab yourself. Check in with your own God and see how you’re doing. If you’re not honest, then your God won’t be able to cure you. Even that last sentence is loaded. You don’t have to be honest with yourself. If you want to change, your God will make that happen. Even that’s loaded. It’s like you have to want to change–and because you want to change, then you must be thinking submissively, especially if somebody else is telling you that you should want to change–and nobody wants to appear submissive. And of course there’s a problem with ‘everyone’, because there are those who do want to be submissive, so there goes THAT straight out the window.

Picking on minutia is what it’s called–and everybody seems to be doing it–to make an argument or to counter an argument. In the end, however, nobody knows anything more about the issue; it’s all about getting the apology and another notch on the Jewish Belt of Accomplishments and Acknowledgements.

All you have to do is put yourself at the best possible advantage for making decisions—big, small and all decisions in between—that will benefit you and those around you. Stand your ground on something of substance. I’m not talking about living your life with political correctness. All that does is make everybody seem perfect, when they’re clearly using all their energy to cover up the crime. If you’re black and laying in waiting for the next white person to slip up by saying something you don’t like that connects them to a prejudice against you in your mind, then I’d call that predatory behavior–and maybe that cowchickenlambpiglobster on your plate explains it all.

I agree that there could be a subliminal issue with the word, ‘right’. Use it enough, and you’ll always be connecting the right way to do something with the right wing political ideology. But let’s not get too hasty. If we ban all words that could convey a subliminal connection to something else, then we’ll end up with no words to use. Maybe people are micromanaging words, not so much for the slur/insult factor, but for the brainwashing effect.

‘Don’t call us anything connected to poor’ is what the feigned horror is all about when somebody uses the trigger ‘nigger’ word. You can call yourself poor, but nobody else can. When people do this, I figure they have so little power in real life, that indignation and demand over control of a word that practically no one uses, except those who complain about it, is like a slap by your own hand to your own face. Remember what they did with the word gay? It used to mean happy. Now it means in which direction your genitals fly. So now, nobody can use the word gay, unless they’re referencing somebody’s genitals, and most of the people using the word, are gay.

The same goes for the word ‘Jew’. Who would ever think to classify it as an epithet, except a Jew complaining that another Jew called even another Jew, a Jew. I don’t know where the slang words of ‘left’ and ‘right’ came from when describing political parties. Maybe left field. She/he is wa-a-ay out in left field. How many times have people heard their ideas dumped into the left field bin? It’s a way to humiliate, to demean, to take the punch out of your ideas. Well, God doesn’t care how far out into left field a person is [see how we inadvertently switch the ball to an idea and then the idea to a person?] As long as you stay within the boundaries of the Five Principles, you’ll be okay. So somebody says, yeah, I did the Five Principles, then my wife left me, I lost my job, my car died, the landlord raised the rent and I got….Yeah, and you handled it all didn’t you? You kept your self respect. And you lived to tell about it. Bravo.

The point of this introduction TO BOG is to shine a star on you. You don’t need to be somebody’s hit person to be in God’s play. Everybody gets a part, and if you don’t like the one you were offered, then God will find one that suits you better. God wants you to shine. It doesn’t cost a dime. It’s free. You own it. It’s you. However, if you want to be a hit person for somebody else, then I suggest you check in with the Five Principles and see where that job lies. You don’t have to make somebody else shine. Make yourself shine by who you are, and what makes you special–and not by how many people you hit for some other group, in order that that group keep feeding you. It’s easy to be a hit person when you think you can’t be valued for anything else. All life has value.


Why kill someone for destroying the Koran? If the Koran is the word of God, then the word of God is already imprinted on the souls of all existence.

By killing someone who destroys a piece of paper, you’re demonstrating a lack of confidence in your own God and your own soul. Destroying the Koran does not destroy God. Killing, however, goes against the will of the universe, whose purpose is to survive, thrive and evolve. If the Koran really is the word of God, then God belongs to everyone, and anyone can do with that written word what they like.

God gave no one permission to kill on it’s behalf. I will go up against any Muslim, Christian or Jew who thinks a piece of paper has more value than a life. It doesn’t matter what’s written on it. If it’s God, then that God is already a part of your DNA. God doesn’t come with an instruction booklet. We already know right from wrong.

Holy books are used by governments and religions to control the populace. Put your weapons down and think for yourself–for a change. Use the Five Principles To A Better Life as a Blueprint to see where the Holy books are flawed and where they’re not. Then look at your own life and see how you measure up. See for yourself where you’ve been following blindly the Five Fatal Flaws of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Then say the universally recognized word of “NO” to prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.