Nature Of The Beast

Hey, contradiction is normal. We as humans all have a contradictory component in the repertoire of assessment and solution generating part of our brains. Should I or shouldn’t I? Yes or nor or maybe. With new information blah, blah, blah. It’s never ending.

Changing one’s mind, once seen as a woman’s right in a laughable way, like she was frivolous to begin with, is turning out to be one of the most valued and sought after tools of survival in any trade or endeavor. Changing with the times as long as it’s beneficial to all is required.

It’s the stubborn ones who on one hand keep us ground, while on the other hand, keep us stuck in a bad place when there’s a better one available now. Stickers don’t like that word NOW. They’re the ones who put everybody else in danger, when catastrophe strikes.

You don’t always have to ask why, when you know tomorrow will bring about different choices. Embrace your contradictions. Your criticizers just can’t keep up. All options under consideration require the presence of contradictions. It’s the nature of the beast.

Acknowledge that one can’t survive absent contradictions.

Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?

People who have as the foundation of their religion, incest, should not be allowed to have a country or to own nuclear weapons.


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Sharon’s Say: Saudi Arabia has desalinated seawater since the 1950s and is…

“the leading desalinated water producer in the world.” He noted that the Kingdom now has reliable access to drinking water, of which60 percentis desalinated. Sep 12, 2022

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Changing Marriage To Partnership

Steve and I decided that we’re going to call our over fifty year marriage a partnership instead of a marriage. The words husband and wife carry too much sexist baggage. Hope the gays won’t protest our use of ‘their’ word.

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Sharon’s Brief

I didn’t just pop up out of the blue to make the lives of everybody on the planet miserable by my views on all life and non-life that enter my consciousness.

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Black and White African

Black And White African

To be considered African you need to be Black. Even though you and your family were born and raised in Africa, if you are white, you don’t belong. Black equals African.

Nobody I know of refers to white peoples born and bred in Africa as Africans.

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Five Fatal Flaws

FIVE FATAL FLAWS: Prejudice, Discrimination, Enslavement, Torture and Slaughter – one leads to the other if left unchecked.

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WW Davies-Tight’s New Year Message

WW Davies-Tight’s New Year Message

Let us all behave ourselves in 2023.

It starts with me, for me.

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Culture Of Violence At The Cleveland Clinic – update 1,

If this isn’t discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter I don’t know what is. When you read about medical experiments, substitute the human animal, if you please…


Culture Of Violence At The Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation has a culture of abuse and violence toward animals via their experimental research laboratories that carries over into their treatment of the human animal in all areas of diagnosis and treatment.

This violent culture began with a terrorist attack upon the clinic decades ago by the Maccabees in protest of Jews being denied access to their services, that subsequently and consequently opened the doors to Jews to eventually become the masters of a healthcare domain that sought to rule the field of health science and healthcare via the discrimination, enslavement, torture and eventual slaughter of helpless beings whose voices were silenced by their status.

That violence continues today.

to be continued…

No wonder the clinic has such close ties to the pharmaceuticals. They reside on the grounds of the Cleveland Clinic. In my humble view, it doesn’t look right…

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Is The World Sick Yet?


Is The World Sick Yet?

Sharon’s Comment: For a group of people who still cry over WWII concentration camps, they sure aren’t the ones shirking war these days. Come to think of it, in past days, turned to years, turned to decades – in the eightieth decade now and the world still has not opened it’s eyes and turned it’s blind eye plus head back to the reality of their truth being not much more than “lies, damn lies and statistics”.

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Discriminators Of Color

All those people who leave off white from the color wheel are color discriminators, or discriminators of color.

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Do You Have The Will to Unraise Yourself?


It’s difficult to unraise yourself. Your most formative years are beyond your control until you come of age and even then, your elders often have the last word.

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We don’t care if you hate us.

Then stop complaining about it.

It’s a Semi-Tic. We can’t help it.



This Loving Animals Thing

bunker radioactive virus vaccine…?


From a distance, sure, as long as I can’t smell them. Horses are beautiful on video/movies running free, but I don’t want to be in the barn with them. I couldn’t tolerate the smell. I’ll go to bat for them when needed, but at a distance. Barns scare me – as they should everybody. Nothing good going on in a barn – anywhere. Locked up animals, can’t breathe, can’t see beyond the next one’s shoulder or tail, where’d my kids go. This wasn’t part of the deal. Remember to treat sweetly those workers on four legs? THAT DIDN’T INCLUDE SLAUGHTER or STEAL their MILK ’cause your MAMA CAN’T FEED.

I can’t breathe, breathe through your mouth, WHAT? I’ll use my nose I silently minded to myself, keep the stink out of my mouth – there’s hairs in my nose, not my mouth.

Humans shouldn’t really want to be spending time…

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A Story Came Up On Me

no corrections needed…


I was in it. I was living it.

A chef who can’t eat – for vanity sake. What? The greatest chef in the world – ever, hopefully not for – ever – though – the world needs better when it evolves, not worse – and we all intuitively know that evolve means move, which means change.

God, bad or indifferent – everything moves, even thoughts. Nothing dies and stays dead. We don’t even know what dead means except we aren’t going to be seeing you any more – not in the flesh and blood realm anyway.

WE WERE FOOD. That’s it. All the organisms within, on and outside of us feasted 24/7. We were the HOST. Then we became the GHOST.

now what? what next?

come back and continue the carnage?

or start from here

I said God. I didn’t say good.

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post Humorously SHARON

don’t forget to leave the light on…


I’m not your run of the mill, traditional, old country authentic, original standardized artist, writer, animal-free chef, activist. I’m organized. Not fanatical. Frantic yes when I can’t find something.


It never matters much given the scope, depth, breadth of copy righted, lefted, unsures protected Trade Mark influenced intellectual-instinct property bound by BigU. Law.

The sheer amount already out there via WiFi, broadband, email, every ad person and agency on the planet, copies et al supersedes any concerns of where my word has been and will go upon my demise.

It’s already been mapped.

From the other side, that’s how I’ll navigate.

If you want an unexplained event come up on you when I die, make sure you leave the light on with an animal-free snack for the pooch and cat.

I could stop now and there would…

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Rapid Knocking

the ending…the ending…


You and those like you made those choices – to stay behind – like those settling on a volcano, and when the authorities say to move, so the lava doesn’t burn you alive, you stay. Stubborn like that proverbial one drop holds a yacht kind of super glue.

That’s your pride and your downfall. What? Nobody liked you, so you decided to go it alone on a volcano, flood plain, mountain places where they can’t find you? Thought they didn’t like you. Why would they want to find you?

You decided to evolve in place long ago, so why scream now for help after everybody left?

I was proving them right, that they wouldn’t have saved me if I were dying – like the hazing script ran.

I was the last person standing because everybody left, not because I won a war.




We’re rescuing…

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The Importance Of Being A Fruit Fly

don’t miss this one


A brown American with British-Southern accent – and black African undertones sporting a hard to miss, hard to not, which smoothed him right out when he stopped dead in his tracks in the living room – spread his arms wide and high with exclamation points for eyes – THIS IS______THIS IS______


IT’S…Everything is so organized – never SAW ANYTHING like it anywhere, as he proceeded to say he’ll just be a minute – have to check to see if the windows work – you know, in case of an emergency and you have to jump from the 7th floor?

“Don’t give me any ideas”, I replied as he laughed saying that’s what I tell people, it’s a joke, he was trying to get the laugh out of me too.

Perfect timing. Now we’re best buds.

Blue eyes with an African slant – well they looked blue to me…

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I Wonder What That Mustav’ Felt Like

I wonder if Rosemary Clooney’s nephew ate pork when he had a pet pig. 

I wonder if Mr. George fed the companion pig pork chops or other mammal meats.

I wonder what that mustav’ felt like, in today’s world of animal rights and the consciousness raising of one’s self to explore, accommodate, change, evolve.



Since all animals, including the human animal, share some of the same DNA in various amounts, any animal eating any other animal is a cannibal.

animal-freer word warrior davies-tight

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The Animal-Free Manifesto written as an historical document by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

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The best revenge is no revenge.



Live and let live means don’t kill the animal.


Calm The Deep



COVID Rash Is Not What You Think – updated


I can’t prove what this is now, but I’ve had it for 4 months. The so-called rash has mutated several times within that time frame from circles the size of a pea or the end of a cigarette, to big red blotches, to pin point eruptions with tiny hard balls beneath the surface of the skin, and also presents itself as red blisters with water inside. The CDC is minimizing the rash they call it, that may not go away, which suggest a laboratory-designed virus that caused it – specifically the COVID vaccine.

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Cancel Culture?

Cancel Culture?

What is it a subscription for which you no longer want to pay?

Stop stealing the ideas of other people and putting your names to it.

Let’s see, Black Lives want to unsubscribe to every culture except their own?

British want to unsubscribe to every culture except their own?

Spanish want to unsubscribe to every culture except their own?

Unsubscribing to any culture means all of it. Not half a magazine or a particular section of a magazine.

That which harms. That which unfairly discriminates. That which enslaves, tortures and slaughters. That’s what needs to be changed, eliminated. Stop beating wives as a right or killing children who embarrass their families. That needs to end.

A chicken or any other animal in every pot – stop it.

Cancel white peoples’ culture is that what it’s all about? Just what is white peoples’ culture that needs to be changed, that every other culture on earth doesn’t? That’s racist. That’s discrimination that leads to slavery that leads to enslavement, torture and slaughter.

So, cancel culture doesn’t mean changing what a culture eats? Why not? What is it that you think needs changing that you can’t change yourselves by changing your own behavior?

Cancel culture is a farce unless it changes what’s in the pot and on the table. Period.

Stop the copy cat cultures that destroy life, and property.

Being Called a Color

I don’t like being called a color. It’s too limiting and discriminatory.

Africans demanding that the world call them Black, inadvertently limit themselves and discriminate against themselves.


Stop fearing black African people. It makes you weak in their eyes.

Judging Equals Change

If you don’t judge, you can’t change.

If you don’t judge, you can’t make up your mind or change your mind.

If you don’t judge, you can’t set an example for others to follow.

Every thought involves a complex network of judgment.

Every thought changes our direction in some way.

Judging equals change – good, bad or indifferent.

No one can deny the connection between judging and change and be accurate.

The Gloves Are Coming Off


Consider the saying ‘the gloves are coming off’.

It’s a fighting term from boxing. When the gloves come off and bare fists are used for striking the opponent the dirty, bloodier fighting begins.

Although historically, traditionally and currently that was and is the meaning, it doesn’t have to stay that way forever.

Another meaning can emerge from the same phrase.

Removing the gloves could also mean someone is refusing to fight any more.

Both meanings of the same phrase can coexist. One of the meanings doesn’t have to be retired or deleted or beaten to death out of existence.

You know of course, ‘beaten to death’ doesn’t necessarily mean that someone died. Or even that it involved a living being. It can also refer to spoken or written ideas.

‘Stop beating a dead horse’. Somebody had to be filled with rage to beat a horse to death and to keep up the beating even after the horse expired.

Or more likely it meant a dead horse couldn’t work any more than it already was working, no matter how many times you beat the horse. The horse was exhausted, so stop beating the dead horse.


I’m not a fighter by nature. Most people are in one way or another. All my life people tried to force me to fight when I didn’t want to. I didn’t like anything about fighting. Not watching it, not doing it, not hearing it, not being around others who liked to provoke a fight, then sit back and watch the fireworks as if they had done nothing wrong and I never liked the result.

No one went home happy. There were regrets and blame all around but to what end? No end. There was no meaning to it, except that for some they just needed a channel to let out their meanness. And what made them so mean? I’ve been watching it all my life and I still don’t know.

People call it a mean streak. Do we all have one? Probably but in varying degrees.

Maybe it has to do with patience. Some people have an inordinate amount of patience with the inanimate chores and tasks, but have none when it comes to people or any kind of animal. Still others exhibit tolerance with all or some animals except for humans. Still others have no patience with certain types of behaviors, and either rage when they see it emerge in others or they go looking for trouble in the hopes of finding it.

This happens in families and all areas of communication in all facets of societies and cultures. Gender doesn’t matter, but I don’t know if it’s equal. Sexual orientation shouldn’t matter if gender doesn’t, but within certain orientations there may be differences.

Age may be a factor in mitigating it, with the middle agers being more in control of stopping it once it starts. But there are consequences for that too. No one goes home unscathed because someone self-regulated midstream. That need to be expressed comes out in many other ways which makes everybody know the night was not over, when everybody went home.

Apologies don’t work even when a person requests one; all it does is open the door to a tirade that encompasses the person’s entire life and everybody in it and every slight the person endured.

Lacking the ability to cope with perceived slights and rejections real or exaggerated and finding outlets to aggressively express them appears to me to be genetically determined.

So everyone lives with it because those who exhibit the signs of disruption can’t help themselves – plus family before them exhibited the same signs, which makes it all easier to accept as normal for them. They were born that way.

I’m not one of the subscribers to infants being born with a blank slate for brains, all infants being equal at birth, and it’s their interaction and observations in life that form everything about them, which makes them individuals.

Why they still teach that prejudice in college, like it was a necessary history, when everyone knows that it’s the history already written in the books, not the newly discovered facts disputing a faulty premise, that will be remembered. To whose benefit?

Well I can think of one with not much effort. Responsibility for the self and not simply the environment for one’s behavior. It’s not your heredity or DNA or any preexisting conditions that determine your behavior. It’s you. How you interpret and interact with your environment determines the type of person you become.

That’s a popular thesis accepted by many, especially when dealing with criminal aka law-breaking behavior that harms others.

You are not your parents or siblings.

  • Ever notice how people use the word sibling(s) to replace brother and sister as if they don’t have a gender? I have a sister and brothers. That’s how I was raised, not by calling them siblings or siblings-in-law. That’s the British controlling the words of all English speaking people, which they tried to do globally by colonizing ninety percent of the planet.

You are not your race. You are not your gender. You are not your ethnicity. You are not your handicaps. You are not your socio-economic status. You are you and responsible only for you and your behavior.

Nobody else, except you, is responsible for your behavior.

Sounds not bad, pretty good actually. Well that’s how the English were raised and how they raised up every country, territory and island that they colonized by bringing them into their commonwealth plan for nations – all nations. All people are equal under God and the law.

If you violated any of those laws it was on you and you alone to atone, not kicked down the road a couple centuries to make somebody not born yet pay for past accused grievances and judgments rendered.

Consequently the British became big on punishment to make the individuals they colonized obey their laws and not misbehave.

Humiliation, especially when done publicly, was and continues to be the main form of punishment for all offenses – mild to grotesque to horrific.

Were they ready? Seems not, given the degree of strife in the world today. So where does that leave everybody?

It might be a better idea to self-correct.

Taking off the gloves to become even more brutal does nothing except prolong the torture and slaughter.

Take off the gloves and refuse to fight.

Don’t put the gloves on in the first place.

People spend too much time making war and not enough time making peace before war erupts.

Stop bombing the planet. It’s our homeland.

Explore your penchant for destruction and death used to motivate people to do what you want them to do, or as a means a revenge.

Your time is up (I know, shoulda, shoulda, shoulda).

I understand.

Shot Immunity

I get the flu every year, even though I get a flu shot.

Does that mean I’m immune to the shot?

How Do I Spell Relief?


I found it!

Imagine The Ukraine/Russia Conflict Lasting 74 years


USA endorses slavery of Palestinians with payment of $4.8 billion to Jews for Palestinian maintenance

White House says Ukrainians have right to resist while Congress moves to send Israel $4.8 billion

“The US supports Ukrainians’ right to resist military occupation, and will supply them with all they need to fight back,” said political analyst Omar Baddar. “In Palestine, the US supports Israel’s brutal military occupation, & will ensure the occupiers get the weapons they need to maintain it.”…”

Sharon’s Comment: USA LEFT OUT A PART. The occupation by Israel in Palestine is in the USA interest. The resistance to the occupation by Russia in Ukraine is in the USA interest. There’s no morality here. It’s what suits the USA militarily globally. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia still insists this is not an occupation in Ukraine; it’s a military operation.


  • Or maybe Slavery is…

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Lindsay Graham Seeks Assassin online via Twitter. Do You Know What A Half-Assed Job Is?


Do You Know What A Half-Assed Job Means?

It is a metaphor of the human ass. Two buttocks. Two halves make a whole.

The reason government agencies, bureaus etc. fail so often is because they do a half-assed job. They spend one half of the time and effort doing the actual job or at least researching it, and the other half letting off steam – before – during – after.

One might wonder why they spend half the time spilling their collective guts everywhere, and only half the time getting the job done right.

They don’t know how to do whatever they’re doing right. They’re too young, with little actual life experience. Everything done is based on statistics and models and methods they follow, that don’t produce results.

There must be a better way to solve crimes than to rely on snitches or to set up proned-people to commit crimes…

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by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

This is what myGod says, for now. What does your God say?

MyGod’s Bulletin

Make peace. Put down the bomb. Everybody in every region where you are bombing stop. The preconditions are what kill us. The egos, the maniacs. Let them figure it out. The world is addicted to war, addicted to bombing, addicted to rebuilding. This global unity isn’t working. When one goes down they all go down.

Those in the world who don’t see the isolationist plans of NATO with the supreme leader being USA of Israel against Russia are blinded by the power of that dictatorship and its use of the media to control the narrative. What does Israel give anybody? Nothing. The USA does that. They paid huge sums of money to appease Afghan leaders while Afghanistan was under USA occupation. Israel has more sway in American politics than the Americans who vote. That doesn’t sound like a free country. Free to be Israeli is what it means.

NATO MADE MESS with their expansion plans to put up missile defense shields in countries they can buy to block incoming, so they could pummel any country without a response in kind. 

NATO shouldn’t make moves that are in their best interests against a partner and that’s what they did. They can deny all they want, it doesn’t change the reality.

The USA via NATO wanted a missile defense shield on Ukraine property bordering Russia. Once they’re in, the defense gets an upgrade to include offense.

USA proved to the world the need for a missile defense shield in Ukraine. If they had had one, Russia bombs would have been averted. That was the plan all along – to provoke Russia into bombing Ukraine to prove need for missile defense shield in Ukraine. Countries are exporting anti-missile units now to Ukraine and they’re supposed to know how to set up and operate them? If they’re in operation, then they aren’t working, because Russia bombs keep destroying targets. So what good are they? How does anyone know they work? 

What does your God say?

What I’m seeing in the world: the bad part got much bigger and the good part got much smaller.

1-  Need to get to the bottom of who altered that virus and who released it. Those are the only two questions that have direct answers that very few people know. Fix that.

Don’t ask which one(s). All of the names and dates, starting from now backwards. Make public the records.

2-  Free Palestine. Feeling sorry for Ukraine, because the leader is Jewish? He says they don’t need money, then what do they need? He said weapons. Why does Ukraine need weapons when they have the largest military in Europe?

This is about Israel. That’s why the world via the media coalesced around Ukraine. Where is the world for the Palestinians? For Palestine? When Israel was bombing Gaza? When Israel closed off the borders so no one could escape and carpet bombed civilians, because Palestinians don’t have a military except for the occasional suicide bomber and sling shots? 

Where was the world then? Where is it now for Palestine?

No outrage when Israel bombs Syria or any other country bombs Syria. No outrage when USA bombs any country. No outrage when Britain bombs anyone. No outrage when the USA carpet bombs countries that had nothing to do with an attack against America. They did it for Israel via the USA.

USA tells a country to bomb and they bomb.

When will the world learn to stay out of civil wars in other countries?

Everybody has a stake.

The USA is always bombing someone. Where’s the outrage?

Yet now the media tells the world that the world stands in agreement against bombing? Or only bombing a nation that has the largest military in Europe? 

Is the entire world against anybody bombing Ukraine or just against Russia bombing Ukraine? 

How about if the USA bombs Ukraine? Okay then?

The USA provoked this fight. They itched for this fight. They foamed for this fight. They got it, now they want it to continue until the entire world stands against Russia, not for Ukraine, against Russia.

That’s the sweetest place on earth for the USA. The entire world stood for USA against Russia. Not Ukraine. Media faked the Ukraine narrative. It is a USA winner take all.

Ukraine was going to join NATO to allow the USA to install missile defense shields aka outposts aka military base to spy on, to hold threats of enemy bombs in neighbor’s house. Russia wanted reassurances; USA said no.

The USA never says yes. It’s a long painful submissive journey to become an ally of the USA, which means you are still and forever under their oppressive thumbs. 

The USA is acting in the best interests of the USA, not in the best interests of Ukraine. Pitting one previous Soviet Republic against another is a war move, not a peace move.

The world knows that USA hates Russia for being independent, for being Russia, for being a world player. USA wants to lead/dominate the world as the most powerful nation on earth. The USA crippled them with the breakup of the Soviet Union. Now they’re back on their feet and relevant again, so USA challenges the world to cripple Russia for them. 

USA pays nations to side with USA on world issues, always promising security. Other nations can’t afford extortion or payment for favors. 

USA says jump and most nations reply, how high. Remain silent on Palestine bombing by Israel. Remain silent on Israel bombing Palestinians. When country has no military and neighbor bombs to take land and throw off people, no world outrage ensues.

It was the USA saying no to Palestine. All these decades, it was the USA. They have no interest in a country/nation state that can’t give them something in return for protection. Palestine has nothing to offer the Mafia Boss of the world – USA

The USA is a dictator regime on the global scene.


Seeking to be the most powerful means you step on a lot of other Nation’s toes while climbing that ladder. There is no such thing as an equal voice when one nation rules all others. The most other nations can achieve under that system is an equal say, meaning your words will be recorded someplace.

When the whole world stands corrected, it will be a lesson in oppression.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


  1. God says yes to a Department of Peace in all nations, and in the United Nations.
  2. God says no to any person, group, nation or religion claiming to have been chosen by God as superior to all others.
  3. God says no to Israel for sending suicide bombers into Iraq. God says no to all suicide bombers. God says no to all bombers.
  4. God says no to the biological engineering of foods.
  5. God says no to using animal enzymes to grow plants.
  6. God says no to exclusion and yes to inclusion.
  7. God says no to having absolute control over any being. Control yourself.
  8. God says no to committing a holocaust against another people because one was committed against you.
  9. The plant comes from the seed and the seed from the plant.
  10. If symptoms are similar, then may causes be similar?
  11. The only way to solve a problem with a lasting solution is to omit the five flaws: prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. When you do that, there are no enemies, only discrepancies in approaches needing to be worked out.
  12. God says no to all peoples, groups and nations who contribute to crimes against all beings.
  13. God says no to the slaughter industries. To all nations: begin converting your economic bases to plants and animal-free goods before your foundations crumble (which they will), so you’ll have a head start on staving off economic disaster.
  14. Don’t underestimate the strength of a peasant.
  15. You can’t get any place worthwhile in life without consideration for others, which equals good manners. Proper etiquette is not nearly as important as good manners.
  16. What suits the individual and the group is the blueprint for the perfect plan. Is it possible? It’s necessary, thus possible.
  17. Not more but different is the key to progressive change.
  18. There’s a new God in town and that God is you.
  19. God says yes to making peace. Show the world, your neighbor, friends and family how it’s done. You don’t have to say you’re doing it, just do it by incorporating the five principles into your life.
  20. God says yes to the ‘right of return’ of all peoples to their homeland (if they want).
  21. God says no to all people who get rich by squeezing the poor.
  22. God says yes to healthcare, food, shelter, clothing, transportation and education for all the world’s inhabitants.
  23. God says no to preferential treatment.
  24. God says no to extortion and blackmail.
  25. God says no to prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.
  26. God says yes to life. No child should be aborted who has an arrangement for caretakers until adulthood. Pregnancies are meant to happen. Extended families and/or the community will care for any children born out of wedlock, without shunning the mother. It will be a celebration not a burden. When the health of the mother is at risk, the health of the baby is also at risk, therefore the host will be saved and the spirit of the child will return through another birth.
  27. God says agreeing to disagree is lazy thinking.
  28. God says no to humiliation and vengeance.
  29. God says no to crimes against all animals.
  30. God says no to assaults against the planet, including but not limited to nuclear testing.
  31. God says no to space exploration while there is still war and suffering on earth.
  32. God says prepare yourself to live–not die. When you’re dying, prepare to live in the afterlife.
  33. God says no to those who stigmatize those challenged by handicap, prejudice and discrimination.
  34. God says no to rubber stamping–a by-product of a dictatorship turned democracy, to keep the dictatorship in place.
  35. God says yes to equal pay for equal work. God says yes to equal rights.
  36. God says yes to death with dignity.
  37. God says no to capital punishment.
  38. God says yes to marriages between any two consenting adults.
  39. God says no to arranged marriages by families or governments.
  40. God says yes to interracial marriage (genetic defects may be eliminated through this process).
  41. God says no to all assassinations (and attempts).
  42. God says yes to drug rehabilitation to anyone who wants and/or needs it. Addiction is not a crime; it’s a disease. Putting an addicted person in jail without benefit of rehab is torture.
  43. God says yes to treatment for child molesters. Breaking the cycle of molestation is the same as breaking the cycle of violence. The person who resorts to violence still has to manage the normal emotion of anger. The molester still has to manage the normal sexual urges. The food addict still has to eat. Find the thread that runs through all addictions and treat that.
  44. God says get ready for a major global correction.
  45. God says help your family, friends and neighbors.
  46. God says welcome.
  47. God says no to violent and demeaning entertainment, including prostitution.
  48. God says honor the living.
  49. God says no to those who take credit for the work of others.
  50. God says no to all African war lords. Your time is near, very near. God says no to tribal governments that discriminate.
  51. God says no to mutilations.
  52. God says no to all individuals and organizations who make false claims of prejudice and discrimination.
  53. God says no to people who commit hate crimes against their own people then blame others in order to gain sympathy and justification for their agendas.
  54. God says no to all rape.
  55. God says yes to open trade with all peoples who conform to the five principles of no prejudice, no discrimination, no enslavement, no torture and no slaughter.
  56. God says no to all religions and governments that don’t give equal status to women and children.
  57. God says no to exploiting the prejudices of others for any reason.
  58. God says yes to those who refuse to fight through violence.
  59. God says no to all individuals, groups and countries engaged in the sex slave industries.
  60. God says no to prisons and yes to rehabilitation facilities.
  61. God says no to selling babies.
  62. God says no to breeding animals for sale.
  63. God says no to judges and yes to trained administrators of the law. There’s a difference.
  64. God says no to all those who abuse power.
  65. God says no to those who threaten to make a living hell for anyone for any reason.
  66. God says no to all religions claiming to be superior to all others.
  67. God says no to organized crime. Organized crime vs legalized crime. Crime is still crime.
  68. God says no to tampering.
  69. God says no to invading the privacy of others for personal gain, or for any other reason.
  70. God says no to those who demand to know the thoughts of others. That is sacred territory.
  71. Do what you request of the other. Make bold moves and broad strokes to transform your life, thus the lives of others. My success is not the assurance of yours. You are that.
  72. God says no to threatening a person’s job and security and the safety of their families for their beliefs.
  73. God says no to terrorizing anybody for any reason.
  74. God says no to all religions that encourage hatred among religions.
  75. God says no to playing games with weapons of mass destruction.
  76. God says yes to eliminating all weapons of mass destruction in the entire world.  The purpose of WMD is to cause a holocaust. Those who think they’re used to prevent one, spend their time war gaming about using them, which means they’re not spending time trying to figure out problems in the absence of them. Harboring them is interpreted by all as a terror technique used to exert superiority, thus force those they’re aimed at into submission to an imperialistic power.
  77. God says no to brow beating. Open your doors to differing views.
  78. God says no to imprisoning people for religious and/or political beliefs.
  79. God says yes to independence of nations, if that nation can stand on its own and eventually support itself. If independence simply means separate, whereby the world then must support this separate nation economically, that is not independence. It’s jumping from one condition of dependence to another and neither party will be happy with the arrangement.
  80. God says no to gloating.
  81. God says yes to the children and yes to the adults.
  82. God is your on-site mental health professional. Use it.
  83. Those oppressed, once liberated, must refrain from continuing the guilt they once assigned to the world. They must work to set others free, by setting the example of freedom, and not by  repeating what was done to them to somebody else.
  84. God says yes to a no first strike policy for all nations with all other nations.
  85. God says yes to green.
  86. God says yes to animal-free eating.
  87. God says no to carnivores. All carnivores will eventually become extinct. Feed your animals and yourselves a plant based diet.
  88. God says no to all animal testing.
  89. God says our #1 enemy is invisible: toxins and microbiological agents. Get to work.
  90. God says no to pharmaceutical and insurance industries that profit from misery. The insurance industry does not pay for your health care–you do. Not one dime comes from their pockets, in fact, you pay to keep them wealthy. Without your money, they’d be as poor as you.
  91. God says yes to insurance and pharmaceuticals, hospitals, clinics, operating as not for profit companies. That is the only way that everyone can receive the healthcare they need.
  92. God says a hateful mind is a terrible thing to use.
  93. God says no to spreading rumors.
  94. God says the promised land is that we’re all going to die. What’s on earth belongs to all life and non-life that inhabits it.
  95. God says there is only one war in the world–between Arab and Jew. They use other countries as pawns in their quest to one up one another. Stop it.
  96. God says you don’t want people to think you’ve surrendered, but at the same time, you don’t want them to think they’ve surrendered to you.
  97. God says no to those who say only God can forgive. Use the God in yourself to do it.
  98. God says no to homelessness and to societies that allow it.
  99. God says it takes courage to move beyond your fear. Use your fear to be courageous. Sometimes it takes courage to be fearful. Wallowing in unfounded fear paralyzes you. Fear can save your life and the life of others. Don’t be afraid of fear. Use it as the alarm it is, to neutralize the threat, perceived or real.
  100. God says yes to love and no to mean spirited talk and actions.
  101. God says yes to talking about someone as if they were in the room.
  102. God says no to getting someone before you think they might get you.
  103. Think of every work day as a working day off.
  104. God says no to name calling.
  105. God says yes to inclusion and no to exclusion.
  106. God says yes to comforting those ravaged by war, famine and disease.
  107. God says no one should have two or more homes until everybody has one.
  108. God says no to ‘sneak and peek’ warrants. Your roof is your castle.
  109. God says two out of three isn’t bad when in the process of change. Anything slower will not result in significant change. Significant equals power. Once you reach two out of three, don’t stop until you reach three out of three. No lingering.
  110. God says no to voting for who you think will win an election, instead of for whom you think will do the best job. There is no freedom otherwise.
  111. God says no to bulldozers destroying houses with people living in them, land grabbing, destroying other people’s crops and shooting children throwing rocks.
  112. God says no to training animals to kill. That’s prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.
  113. God says no to walls and fences meant to starve a country into surrender.
  114. God says no to the smuggling of humans.
  115. God says yes to veterans in need of assistance and no to monuments when veterans remain in need. Scrap plans for war memorials and holocaust museums in all countries and invest the money in those who still suffer from fighting those wars.
  116. When you were a child you couldn’t wait for the future. Now that you’re an adult, you live in the past. Stop the cycle and move on. I want to live as if I’m going to live forever, because I am.
  117. God says no to taxes and tariffs that put small businesses out of business.
  118. God says no to writers who lie in text books.
  119. God says welcome to my broken world. It’s time to repair it.
  120. God says no to arrogance and apathy.
  121. God says no to eating dead or live animals.
  122. God says no to all animal based consumer products.
  123. God says no to gambling. The centrifugal force of intermittent reinforcement is the hardest to resist once established, and unlike other addictions it takes less than an hour to get hooked.
  124. God says respect your body, your mind and your God connection.
  125. God says no to hard ball.
  126. God says yes to a plant-based animal-free diet to maintain a healthy body and mind.
  127. God says yes to strictly animal-free diets for schools, nursing homes, hospitals and prisons.
  128. God says that if everybody has a right to exist, then so does God.
  129. God says any God who condones and encourages revenge is not a God you want to associate with. Any God worth your devotion knows that revenge continues the cycle of violence.
  130. God says no to paparazzi until laws are passed to protect the hunted for profit. To paparazzi: evolve using the five principles.
  131. God says It works through all life and non-life. It is all life and non-life.
  132. God says to halt all sexual molestation in the home, in the churches, synagogues and mosques. Everywhere.
  133. God says It’s going after any religion and government that does not comply with the five principles. Prepare to be exposed.
  134. God says Jesus, Abraham and Mohammed are all in the same jam for neglecting God’s non-human creatures, and the status of half of the human race (females). They now work behind the scenes in conjunction with all those who strive to practice the five principles of no pdetas.
  135. God says yes to all endeavors and enterprises which support the five principles of no prejudice beyond prejudice, no discrimination, no enslavement, no torture and no slaughter: no pdetas.
  136. God says a chef will lead the world out of darkness.
  137. God says no to spying and eavesdropping.
  138. Making peace requires more than forgetting the past and moving forward. It requires acknowledging the past and working in the present by reaching out to those you love–or hate.
  139. There are no mysteries in the universe, only things we haven’t figured out yet.
  140. God says many hesitate to quit smoking, because they’ll gain weight, when in reality there are a lot of overweight smokers in the world.
  141. God says no to self-enslavement.
  142. God says no to fraud.
  143. God says no to tough love; it’s sadistic. What’s the opposite of tough love, soft love?  How about responsible love?
  144. God says no to devil worship, because there isn’t one.
  145. God says no to evil worship, which does exist. If your God does bad, then tame it. You have the right and the power.
  146. God says there is life in the universe. It’s busier than Times Square on New Year’s Eve.
  147. God says yes to literacy.
  148. God says volunteer by taking care of those challenged in your own family.
  149. God says stop being so selfish.
  150. God says no to taking advantage of another’s weakness or ignorance.
  151. God says no to domestic violence.
  152. God says no to humiliation.
  153. God says no to writing laws that only lawyers can understand.
  154. God says yes to holding jurors accountable and responsible for following the courts instructions in all cases before the court.
  155. God says yes to holding attorneys in contempt of court for lying in court and for playing on the prejudices of juries and judges. The same goes for judges.
  156. God says yes to a two year elected official training program for all people running for public office, so that they don’t have to learn on the job, and four years for anybody running for Congress or the presidency. Political colleges.
  157. God says no to crimes in prison.  There’s a reason why prisoners attack sexual offenders. Most prisoners were sexually molested as children and this is pay back time for them. We must not allow a crime to be resolved by committing an identical crime against another. Creating a prison system/community that most closely resembles the outside world will create the conditions needed for the highest rehabilitation rates and lowest recidivism rates.
  158. God says if you don’t allow crimes outside of prison, then you don’t then condone crimes inside of prison. There is one standard for all of society.
  159. God says ‘an eye for an eye’ is never justified. Vengeful people around the world made it up to satisfy those vengeful thoughts. Why do we have vengeful thoughts? In order to experience release from rage without committing the crime.
  160. God says no to Botox. God says the pharmaceuticals lied about long term effects. Botox gets into the blood stream and attaches itself to any nerve endings it feels like attaching itself to, which includes any organ, which includes your brain. If the body develops antibodies for the Botox, which it does, then it means the Botox gets into the bloodstream. Post Polio Syndrome is the long term result.
  161. God says no to hunting.
  162. God says God isn’t singular.
  163. God says we control our own Gods by making laws and rules, and we control our own Gods as we break those laws and rules.
  164. God says no to producing and selling products known to cause illness and disease.
  165. God says it puts the needs of the individual first as a means of making a stronger group. You can’t respect the group if you don’t respect the individuals who comprise the group.
  166. God says no to any individual, group, government or institution that attempts to force someone into suicide.
  167. God says no to sacrificing an individual to save the group. Talk, don’t kill.
  168. God says no to veto power. Veto power is dictatorial and oppressive.
  169. God says if you engage in a practice that offends the entire planet, then it’s time to revisit the foundation upon which the practice was formed and examine its usefulness now. Think evolution.
  170. God says yes to providing paying jobs, which provide a living, to all who want and/or need to work.
  171. God says no to compromise and yes to agreements.
  172. God says your roof is your castle which means no one enters without your permission.
  173. God says yes to releasing all nonviolent criminals from prison/jail after special educational courses are taken on how to function inside of the law.
  174. God says no to three strikes and you’re out. Life is not a ball game. Prison is not a game either. Legislators too lazy to find solutions throw everybody in jail.
  175. God says no to vengeful judges.
  176. God says no to all nuclear weapons and nuclear powered electrical facilities. Nuclear garbage does not belong under ground or in space. Find a way to neutralize it, then stop making it.
  177. God says no to fishing for fish.
  178. God says eating animals is a deviant and perverse behavior pattern, which began, not out of necessity, but by cannibals thirsting to eat the blood, who set the example for others. Break that behavior pattern.
  179. God says first you kill the animal, then the animal kills you, slowly but surely; not out of vengeance, but through disease and disorders.
  180. God says don’t wait until you reach your goal to shine; shine all the way to it.
  181. God says mind altering substances weaken a person’s will to do good and strengthen a person’s resolve to do bad.
  182. How come if you’re so smart you’re not rich? Being rich has everything to do with being the best person you can be under all circumstances, and nothing to do with one’s accumulated possessions or financial portfolio.
  183. God says to the Jews: stop saying the whole world hates you when it doesn’t. You’re projecting your own hatred on everybody not Jew.
  184. God says we’ve got the results of a Holocaust in the meat department of every supermarket in the world.
  185. God calls on the Jews and the world to stop it.
  186. God says no to importing Jews from other countries to make a majority in Palestine.
  187. You have a choice today and every day: Be happy or be sad; be happy or stay mad.
  188. God says success breeds success when achieved in the absence of PDETAS. When adhering to the five principles sad and mad can be turned into happy, because you know you’re doing the only right thing to do.
  189. God says teach children how to survive and function in society instead of forcing them to read great works of literature that require additional books for interpretation. If they’re so great, people will read them on their own.
  190. God says don’t ask people personal questions that are not your business.
  191. God says no to learning to live with terrorism.
  192. Contrary to what others may tell you, no one needs to suffer to obtain wisdom. We’re all born with it.
  193. God says stop looking for approval. You know if what you’re doing is right for you and everybody else.
  194. God says stop making people feel sorry for you, when there’s nothing to feel sorry about.
  195. It’s good to care what people think. It shows that you respect their right to their views. But when their views of you make you feel less worthy, then what they think needs to play a less important role.
  196. God says when the world starts to come out of its depressed state it will feel anger. Neutralize that anger with hope.
  197. God says it’s time to heal our minds. Mental health comes first. For good mental health we need our basic needs met and threats removed. No one can stay mentally well under constant threats of destruction.
  198. God says to lose weight eat animal-free. Instead of looking at pictures of yourself fat to disgust yourself, look at pictures of yourself thinner as a positive motivating tool.
  199. God says you can start anywhere on the continuum of no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter and reach the same goal of respecting all life and non-life. When you stop one of the five, the others will naturally fall into place. This is not meant to be difficult.
  200. God says people can tolerate only so much news of pain before shutting it out.
  201. God says no to forcing a person or a country into violent provocations or responses to prove their friendship and loyalty.
  202. God says no to forcing animals to fight for profit or for any other reason. Birds are animals.
  203. God says take charge of every action in your life by matching your mind set to the task, then enjoyment plus success will follow.
  204. God says take the eggs out of the fried rice–and the pork, and the fish, and the beef, and the chicken, and the cats, and the dogs and the tigers. Get the picture?
  205. God says governments need financial advisors who know how to stretch not steal funds.
  206. God says the reason so many military people become serial killers and terrorists is because they’ve been trained to detach from the killing. Soldiers leaving the service don’t need R&R, they need to be deprogrammed in a post boot camp for the same amount of time it took to train them. Counseling only those who ask for it isn’t enough.
  207. God says when you convert your slaughter farms to plant farms you’ll have to test the soil for evidence of disease before using it for plants.
  208. God says cook for your animals. Cat and dog food is loaded with toxins that harm not help them.
  209. God says ‘It’ is not an intuition; ‘It’ is an entity.
  210. God says that people get drawn into certain ideologies or activities through the sheer force of large numbers gravitating in the same direction. Good or bad, the process works the same way via centrifugal force. The majority is not always right.
  211. Let go of brain baggage that hurts when you think of it. Why keep using your brain to pierce your own heart? Circles of pomegranate fragrances subtly pierce your stubborn consciousness and, if only briefly, you relax to the presence of the beat by which you want to live.
  212. God says to the Jews: since you had the gall to tell the world you were favored above all else, I choose you to raise up all else as equally worthy. Love your neighbors worldwide.
  213. God says stop at once all stoning and amputations as punishment. How dare you call yourselves holy.
  214. God says stop being a hypocrite.
  215. God says to China, stop selling poisoned food and medicines around the world. To everybody else, stop selling poisoned food and medicines around the world.
  216. God says keep holy every day, not one day a week.
  217. God says stop fasting for God. Your only food instruction is to stop eating animals. Yes, you can eat apples.
  218. God says when the only hope you see is beyond life, then the world has failed you. At this juncture you must create your own hope by communing with the God in you.
  219. God says your holy books are mostly working against you not for you.
  220. God says when the Arabs and Jews become friends the world will follow.
  221. God says fat is the toxic waste dump of our bodies. Not good. Get rid of it.
  222. God says stop trying to live so long at the expense of others.
  223. God says you have a personal responsibility to keep the promises you make to yourself when those promises benefit you and those around you.
  224. God says no to “why me?”
  225. God says yes to positive thoughts and actions.
  226. God says there’s a fine line between flaw and principle and it’s your job to toe that line.
  227. God says no to digging up the past to win an argument.
  228. God says those who make animal-free products must expand their businesses–and keep them animal-free.
  229. God says invest in anything animal-free.
  230. God says no cooking the books.
  231. God says please don’t despair.
  232. God says analyze this: Africans have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and Jews have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Whites have delusions of grandeur and Asians are repressed. It’s time for all people to help each other psychologically.
  233. God says everybody wants change, but the government controlled media keeps saying the opposite. You’ve been brainwashed.
  234. God says stop eating at restaurants until restaurants serve you delicious tasting, healthy animal-free food. Don’t worry, the recipes will be provided.
  235. God says you should want people to remember you for how much you enjoyed yourself, not for how much you suffered.
  236. God says don’t fall victim to the insecurities of others.
  237. God says it gives us many options, some bad. The bad ones are not meant to be picked over the good ones. They’re simply there so that we’ll see the contrast and know we’re making the right choices. The right choices don’t lead to wealth when those around you suffer for your wealth-motivated choices. Did rich people think this book was only for poor people?  This is a rich person’s guide to peace of mind–something all rich people lack. This is your medicine. This is the paradise on earth you keep striving to attain.
  238. God says to scientists: Be courageous and stop creating disaster just because you can.
  239. God says It’s using the Semites as an example to the rest of the world. If you’re not up to it just say so. God can go elsewhere. Respect the person who isn’t in the room.
  240. God says the solution to all problems is to make the rules to benefit all, not merely the majority. When using the five principles of no pdetas this becomes easy. Newly developing governments need to take this into consideration before making the same policy mistakes of other democracies, that will be cumbersome to overcome once in place.
  241. God says hindsight is a learning tool. Use it. Don’t ridicule it.
  242. God says making demands rarely results in a positive response. Request. Politely.
  243. God says It realizes we’re all vulnerable to making mistakes, especially since we think bad options are there to be acted on, thus God never refuses to talk to and through anyone. There is no criterion by which God will not communicate. The key is being aware of it and acting on the instruction which conforms to the five principles (no pdetas). And where you’re conflicted with your own God, argue your point.
  244. God says friendship runs deeply between us all whether we want it to or not.
  245. God says suffering always leads to change, but change never requires suffering. How one defines suffering is a different matter altogether. If you have ten lamps and lose one, that is not suffering.
  246. God says the end does not justify the means. That philosophy is for intellectually lazy people and governments with torture tendencies.
  247. God says governments are indeed made up of people, but that once formed, take on a separate identity unfamiliar to the individual. This must end–and it will. God says don’t sit back while somebody else fights your freedom battles for you and then call them quacks for doing it.
  248. God says once people suffer, a shadow of the suffering never leaves. The more suffering, the more the amount overshadows everything else, thus their suffering becomes the center anchor of their lives. What emanates from that foundation of suffering is what should concern us most.
  249. Some crimes cannot be forgiven, but if we’re to advance, they must be understood.
  250. Forcing people to publicly apologize for their opinions is a form of humiliation and control. Stop it.
  251. If you have a rock in your hand, put it down. If a bulldozer is tearing down your home, a rock won’t stop it, and your death is not worth it.
  252. God says to the Jews and the Blacks, stop pushing the holocaust and slavery down everybody’s throats. Turn your energies to stopping the holocausts and slavery going on right now. Clean your own houses.
  253. God says to the Jews: if you want to be separate then why do you infiltrate? Stop sneaking around underground and others will stop treating you like you belong in a sewer.
  254. God says many peoples throughout history aspired to rule the world through conquering it and many succeeded–for a while. All however, eventually failed. Why? Because they ruled by force not by agreement. Or, they ruled by forced agreement.
  255. God says cells and colonies are equal.
  256. God says one state cannot force another to evolve; it must be done from within, not through incitement by outside sources (CIA).
  257. God says eliminate all painful holding patterns.
  258. God says war mongers don’t understand principles of peace, otherwise they wouldn’t go to war.
  259. God says religions are destroying the world by impeding progress. Religions will form their foundations from no pdetas or will become extinct along with the carnivores.
  260. God says you’re not thinking things through. You don’t go out and kill all the carnivores. Why? Because that’s slaughter.
  261. God says yes to resisting enslavement, torture and slaughter. God says don’t badger people into answering questions the way you want them answered. You want the truth don’t you?
  262. God says talk to the deceased. They’re available to help you from beyond. Actually, they’re right beside you. Lots of them.
  263. God says stop wanting and needing to be rich. You don’t deserve any more than anybody else.
  264. God says yes to being happy. We are not on earth to suffer.
  265. God says no to high interest rates. Period.
  266. God says to all churches: open your doors to everyone. Private God clubs are not part of God’s plan.
  267. God says no to hurtful gossip.
  268. Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you always come first.
  269. God says no to police brutality.
  270. God says no to stealing from charities.
  271. God says no to paying summer jobs for rich children to teach them how the other 90% of the world lives. Those jobs are needed for those who are poor. Volunteer instead. Work for free, like you make those less rich do for you.
  272. God says stop building on flood plains.
  273. God says be frugal with yourself and generous with others. And sometimes be generous with yourself.
  274. God says no to superiority. Turn your own light switches off.
  275. God says preach what you know to be right even if you don’t yet practice it.
  276. God says taking steps is futile, because you can go up and down. Agreements are the only way to progress, because there’s no backtracking room.
  277. God says there’s no time to wait for science. All scientists are corrupt. They have no morality until after the fact of destruction when it’s too late.
  278. God says morality and conscience rule.
  279. God says no to setting people up for any reason or for any kind of gain.
  280. God says all life and non-life are gifted.
  281. God says no to war.
  282. God says yes to the ‘animal’ rights advocates and activists; please continue (‘animals’ include humans), in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.
  283. God says no to laboratories that fix results of tests. Every laboratory in the world does it with impunity. It’s time to get honest and stay honest, before your lack of it blows up in your faces.
  284. God says to all nations: Clean your water, your food, your air and your living and working spaces.
  285. God says no to murder.
  286. Discipline is the key to all success–not necessarily good success; so direct your discipline in a positive direction.
  287. Because you want something to be doesn’t make it so.
  288. God says to the Asians: Applaud your accomplishments and the accomplishments of others with sincerity. Why would you think that because someone thinks they’re special, that they think everybody else isn’t?
  289. It’s not the color of a person’s skin that one finds objectionable, but the behaviors one doesn’t understand that create fear (of the unknown). When you don’t like what someone does, it’s easy and common to point to a distinguishing feature as the culprit.
  290. God says if an action is going to cause suffering to anyone, then don’t do it.
  291. God says no to any government holding anyone secretly in captivity. Absolute power equals absolute corruption.
  292. God says let the eclectic politician emerge: one who takes the best from all parties, representing everyone, not just one party or one ideology, or special interests with the money, thus the power to influence.
  293. God says poor people do not engage in covert wars, rich people do that. Then the rich make the poor fight those wars.
  294. Humans say life isn’t fair. God says life needs to be fair in order to promote and maintain peace.
  295. God says ignorance of the law should be a valid defense, when you consider the millions of laws: local, county, state, federal that require a lawyer to interpret them. Whoever came up with ignorance of the law not being a valid defense did not think it through to the future.
  296. God says to those divorced: Years never lost, never wasted.
  297. God says there’s always more than one reason for doing something.
  298. God says no one ever takes a first step in the world, nor do they ever take a last step.
  299. God says be careful what you call self defense. Others will copy you and get you before you get them.
  300. God says get yourself a new mantra: I can do it. I know I can do it.
  301. God says governments had better know that when they’re in crisis, their friend is not big business, because they’ll take the money and run. Their friend is the populace.
  302. God says going veggie is going with God. Further, anyone who eats a vegetable is a vegetarian, which means we’re all vegetarians. Now, go animal-free.
  303. God says use the sun and wind for energy. Why not use what’s already there, and doesn’t need to be pumped from the earth?
  304. God says treat people with sincere not feigned dignity.
  305. God says holding countries under threat of punishment breeds terrorism.
  306. God says the world needs a common international language and a common international currency.
  307. God says prepare yourself to reform and perform.
  308. God says some people think that performing a menial job gives them the license to be sloppy. Do all work well. Every job done well has something valuable to teach you that will benefit other parts of your life.
  309. God says black parents and leaders need to teach their black children sensitivity toward whites. Prejudice and discrimination are rampant in the black community.
  310. God says just because most males exhibit a particular behavior that women find objectionable doesn’t make it genetic.
  311. God says Alzheimer’s disease has nothing to do with one’s intellectual ability or their test scores or their extra curricular activities in their youth. Start over. You’re not even warm.  All questions are answered.
  312. God says it’s absurd to eat the bacon from the pig, then take the pig’s heart when the human heart fails because of the bacon the human ate. Think before you eat.
  313. God is power, raw power. How you use that power is to some extent your choice. Although you’re programmed to use it to survive, while respecting the survival rights of others, there is no alternative or opposing power to make sure that you do–except you.
  314. God says people will do humiliating things in order to achieve the peace that drugs promise (only for a short while), till the intensity for the drug supersedes the intensity of the drug, and a true condition of self-enslavement occurs.
  315. God says if you don’t spend money, you’ll worry less about not having it.
  316. God says to those who use the fact that Jesus drank as an excuse for them to drink: Jesus wouldn’t have put himself in a position to be crucified if he had been sober. Jesus offered his life as the last human sacrifice, to teach his people to stop sacrificing people at the altar to obtain favors from God. Bread and wine you will offer instead of body and blood. He could have found a better way to make the same point. He fought violence with violence–his own. It just might be time to start turning wine into water. There will be no sacrificial offerings to any God.
  317. God’s forgotten children? That’s how you describe the homeless, physically and brain challenged, the diseased and starving children? They are not forgotten by God; they’re forgotten by your God.
  318. God says don’t poison your day with other people’s venom communicated via the television, radio, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, books.
  319. God says woe is the world that brainwashes its people into apathy. For when the need arises to act, everyone remains silent, as conditioned. Unease springs us into action.
  320. God says years ago the word of the day was that people were more similar than different. Everyone accepted that premise, so much so, that stereotypes (that which makes a group different from another group) became obsolete, leading to the concept of political correctness. Simultaneously we were told to celebrate peoples’ differences, but nobody told us what those differences were. Now that the world is exploding with terrorism–of every type–it’s time to recognize those differences and learn from them.
  321. God says hiding your nationality through ‘ethnic blending’ is not necessarily a good idea nor a survival advantage, if you maintain underground networks as a result.
  322. God says who, unless they’ve been brainwashed by the slaughter industries, would continue to eat diseased and toxin-ridden eggs, animals and fish? When you hard boil your eggs to kill the salmonella in them, you’ve been brainwashed into eating something you shouldn’t be eating. If vegetables harbor salmonella, then processing farms are washing them with contaminated water.
  323. God says we must protect our activists, not punish them through harassment and containment, with the purpose of prohibiting their ideas from reaching the populace. If left out there long enough, the ideas will either be accepted by the populace or rejected, which is how it should be in an evolutionary democracy. Stale ideas (those which are not embraced) simply fade away–on their own, maybe to gain popularity at some other time, when the world is ready. Governments need to give the people more say in what they accept and reject, rather than trying to make those decisions for them by keeping new views out of their reach. Without new ideas we would all be perpetually stuck in the status quo, never to progress.
  324. God says just because somebody doesn’t like something, doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. And, just because somebody doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you’re not likable.
  325. God says when you eat all the cows and all the pigs and all the chickens, your taste for flesh will not abate until you eat your own and then it’s too late.
  326. God says use humor in your life, but not at the expense of someone else, or even yourself when it means poking fun at something about yourself or others that cannot be changed: race, color, gender, heritage, affliction, social or economic status, etc.
  327. God says sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can also hurt you.
  328. God says we have no right to enslave animals to study them, any more than we have a right to enslave humans to study them. We do both with impunity. Stop it.
  329. Religious preachers say, know God through Jesus Christ. I say, know God through yourself. God reaches you through the God in you. When you recognize the God in you, you’ll recognize it in others–all others. If you don’t recognize it in all others, then you’re not recognizing the God in yourself either.
  330. God says no human has a right to take another’s gift, nor to prevent another from using their gift.
  331. God says ‘before you remove a splinter in someone else’s eye, remove the plank from your own’, connotes that your prejudices are larger than your neighbor’s. Though that may be true, it isn’t always true. You can indeed point out a prejudice in another before you recognize your own, and also if you already recognize your own.
  332. So, why do some people cling to the Old Testament and deny the new? God says the Old Testament condones revenge, punishment, and reward through greed. The New Testament is about forgiveness, feeding the poor, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, visiting the imprisoned. It really has nothing to do with what is historically accurate. It’s more difficult to do the later than the former. Revenge gets a stronger grip on us than does love, because it’s difficult to love those who offend you. Any one of us could sit down and write stories about our life and the lessons we’ve learned, and each person within the story would write a different version of it.
  333. God says no one person has a monopoly on knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. Only the God in us knows that. The true test of right and wrong is not putting yourself in the other person’s position, but stripping yourself of all prejudice and selfishness in any given situation you’re examining.
  334. God says don’t look for quick answers to complex questions.
  335. Back to the plank: Assume we all have planks. We blame God when something bad happens, but give ourselves praise when something good comes our way. People who don’t rely on God have a misperception of what God is. They’re  defining God by someone else’s standards. Such people perceive such reliance as weak, when in fact, it is quite liberating. Imagine being able to turn all your concerns over to God, and to trust that God is always with you, supporting you, no matter what happens–good or bad, and working with you in a team effort to solve or resolve all of your issues.
  336. Every creature has it’s own special relationship with God. A common thread, however, is God’s special concern for all creatures. That thread is the God-force itself sown into all life and non-life by a sower larger and smaller than any human could ever fathom. God is the closest friend you’ll ever have, and someone with whom you can talk in total privacy–unless tortured and given bean-spilling drugs. Even then, God will scramble that which no person has a right to hear. God will never abandon you. Though others may want that to happen, for whatever reason, it simply cannot happen. Not all things are possible.
  337. God says the people most comfortable in life are those who collectively follow a set of rules that they don’t question, regardless of the rightness or wrongness of those rules. To question makes one uncomfortable, but then courage rarely feels good.
  338. God says stop trying to interpret someone else’s experiences. Interpretations by someone else are never correct, and certainly never complete.
  339. God says when you look into my eyes and see God, you’re seeing you. When you look into my eyes and see evil, you’re also seeing you. We all are reflections of each other as much as we like to think otherwise. We must keep striving, striving, striving–to be better people, not only for our sake, but for the sake of all life and non-life.
  340. God says in public life, or in policy making, there are people who support, and people who get supported. Each role is different, but equally important and necessary. Although one person cannot do both at the same time (or can they?), they can change roles depending upon the circumstance.
  341. God says It does not criticize a religion or its belief structures unless it supports, condones or fosters prejudice and discrimination which leads to enslavement, torture or slaughter.
  342. God says people want to put a face on God. All you need do is look in the mirror to see me. If you are blind, then see me through your mind’s eye, while you stroke your cheek.
  343. Look for the wonderment of the child in you, and do as the child says, not as the world does.
  344. God says a spirit cannot be broken, only the will breaks. The spirit is unflappable, never wears out and is comprised of properties which exist forever, in one form or another.
  345. I would not want anyone to suffer or to sacrifice as I have. I would not suggest my life to anyone. But I can suggest the way I live the life I’ve been given. When you read that someone claims to have been isolated, their life disrupted, degraded and destroyed by any government agency, believe them. They tell you only the tip of the iceberg. Were it known the extent that governments go, to harass individuals who don’t support the mainstream philosophy of a country, it would chill your already aching bones.  The world needs independent thinkers, as well as those who have the courage to suffer humiliation by governments for their visions of a better world. If we destroy the visionaries, progress toward a freer world for all would collapse.
  346. God says don’t cry for your own freedom, then when you get it, deny the freedom of others. Conversely, once you have your freedom, don’t spend the rest of your life bringing the world to it’s knees for past grievances; rise above it and raise others up, who like you, cry for that which you once cried.
  347. God says nobody owns a word, a color or an animal. As words and colors are free, so should be the animals who roam the earth.
  348. Don’t tell me how beautiful I am as you persecute me. Don’t tell me how nice I am while you crucify me. Don’t remind me of my compassion as you kill my children.
  349. God says we can teach our children non-violence by being non-violent adults. In writing, singing, movies, television, news broadcasts and video games we need to stop assigning violent words to non-violent acts (and I’m as guilty as anyone on this one).
  350. By assigning violent, descriptive words to non-violent events, our children won’t be able to discern real violence from non-violence.
  351. God says pray for your public officials as you pray for your family. Then, let them know that you count on them to care for you as they would their own families, given their position of power over you. That’s what they’re elected or appointed to do, whether they see their role in those terms or not. They, who influence your destiny more than your own family, need support and guidance in handling your affairs.
  352. God says it has as many faces as there are forms of life and non-life. For individual purpose you can assign whatever face you want to God. If you want a man, woman, child, great spirit, or don’t want to put a face on It at all, that’s fine with God. But, collectively, God is no more a man than all humankind is male.
  353. Re: Artists: For a work of art to be enjoyed, the artist or messenger must not be considered. The art is the message, and means whatever you want it to mean. As beauty is in the eyes of those who behold it, so is art to be interpreted and enjoyed from the perspective of the eyes that view it. God’s art always has a loving message, a positive foundation, though direct, which might appear hard, thus angry. Existing books on religion need to be interpreted in the same way–individuals applying the words they read to their individual lives. One religious leader cannot tell all others how to interpret a written word that was written years ago, any more than an artist can tell one who views the art how to interpret the art. The messages don’t mean the same thing to all people. The families in the holy hooks could be any family. Regarding these books, again, if the message stems from prejudice, discrimination, or results in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of any creature, then it is a misguided instruction. Just because a story is written as it occurred, doesn’t mean that you should follow in the same path. 
  354. God says It is not going to say what is popular or what fits the times by bending to humans’ fear of change. God’s goals are much loftier than popularity or what is presently deemed acceptable as a vision for the future based on flawed foundations.
  355. God says when the laws of a nation determine the fate of a person or a country there is absolutely no room for the fickle folly of private interest. Every human and every other animal is controlled by some country or government. Every square foot of land, ocean and air is controlled through either direct or indirect means by either an individual or country or government.
  356. The bible or any other holy book and all religions seek to control the behavior of humans and their behavior toward each other, their families, their governments, other animals, land, air and space and ultimately God. In light of all this control, it is our duty as creatures of God and citizens of the world to question and criticize those who control us, and the practices they use–written, spoken or through threat of punishment–which result in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of any being or the oppression of those challenged by handicap prejudice and discrimination.
  357. God says you do not have to forgive an institution. It is individuals that need to be forgiven. Since it is institutions that make an individual do what they do, you need to work to change institutions. Pope John Paul was correct in referring to individuals needing forgiving, but wrong in not pointing out that the institution is what made these individuals commit atrocities or turn their heads to the same. Institutions need to change and individuals need to be forgiven.
  358. Walking The Talk: If you’re not feeling the discomfort of the talk, you’re only talking the talk. Walking the talk is what brings results. Results mean change, and change creates discomfort in the beginning.  To walk the talk requires that you open yourself up to all of it: the intellectual, emotional, and the suffering that results from many times walking the talk alone–until others catch up.
  359. God says no lone human or other animal or in the future an entity from elsewhere in the universe is sent to save the world we now live in. God would never put that burden on the shoulders of any one being. We are all sent to do our part in making this particular planet the garden paradise it was meant to be for all–not for a select few individuals, nor for a select few species, nor for a select few nations.
  360. God says governments and people who control through terror, sanctions and violence do so at the price of freedom. The USA sees the world through Israeli eyes and that will be their fatal flaw and ultimate downfall. Any country that fails to see the world through their own eyes, while depending solely on the eyes of another is doomed to make the mistakes of the host country in absence of a plan to remedy those mistakes. God says war is a deviancy, which supports hypocrisy.
  361. God says if humans are the social animals the experts tell the world we are, then why the need for artificial social lubricants in order to socially engage with one another?
  362. God says all is not fair in love and war.
  363. God says hypocrisy is what’s killing us.
  364. God says women who insist on keeping their girlish figures and the men who demand it, fear the power of the developing woman, that by nature would otherwise emerge.
  365. God says if a government is not loyal to it’s own people, then the government, any government, has no right to expect loyalty from it’s people. Patriotism works both ways.
  366. God says when you praise Allah or give credit to God for the good deeds you perform in it’s name, others regard it as perfectly normal. Yet when you claim that God directs you to perform an act others think to be evil, you’re considered insane, not for committing the act, but for thinking that God instructed you to do it. And, you’re right, because a good God would never instruct you to commit an evil act. But, a good God gone bad would. So, when militaries or militias claim that God instructed them to commit murder against another, they need to differentiate which God they’re talking about. That they thought that instruction was coming from a good God is indeed insane.
  367. How many times must I lose? As many times as it takes to win.
  368. God says the foundation is everything. One cannot build anything without one. If the foundation is lacking or incomplete, so will be that which is built on that incomplete foundation. When rebuilding war torn societies, focus on the positive aspects of all areas under consideration for development, and build on those features which promote life, health, well-being and prosperity in those sectors. Too often we focus on rooting out or covering up the negative aspects within society’s sectors, and by doing so the negative expands to other sectors and becomes more intensely negative. Focus on the positive, and the negative will be transformed into positive.
  369. God says if you’re having difficulty understanding these words, then you’ve been reading too long.
  370. God says treat yourself with the same respect you want others to treat you.
  371. God says many countries adopt as policy when handling warring factions, the premise that eventually the factions will tire of the bloodshed and loss of well-being, and on their own will turn to less violent forms of conflict resolution. By taking this approach, many lives are brutally torn apart in the meanwhile, leaving victims whose emotional wounds will fester for the remainder of their lives, passing on to their children and grandchildren their frustration, anger and hatred, sowing seeds of malcontent into youthful minds ready at a moment’s notice to organize a rebellion to please Mom and Dad or Grandpa and Grandma, who because of subjugation, never gained the dignity or respect they craved throughout their lifetime–because of policies based on premises founded on nothing more than sheer laziness and the lack of will to solve a problem more effectively, before a country and its people hit rock bottom. Trust that even when enslaved, a person, because of their own personal God, rises above that enslavement, in their own mind and in their own way. If not, the enslavers would always win–and they don’t.
  372. Infantry. Derived from the word infant, meaning very young person. Thus, an infantry is comprised of very young persons used as foot soldiers to kill the opposing very young persons used as foot soldiers. God says using children to fight wars is akin to infanticide, committed against one’s own and against one’s opponent. Using children to fight wars is akin to using children in pornography, as sex slaves and as a mandatory child labor force. Old men using young boys to fight wars is perverse. Stop it.
  373. God says after suffering the violent death of a loved one, we often look for the good that came out of it. We look for a silver lining, something that validates that this person did not die in vain. However, to stop the inevitable need for vengeance that will arise from that violent death, no matter how much good we see happening as a result of that death, at some point–when we are strong enough–we must drop the good that we  attributed as coming from it, see only the bad, and realize that more evil will not produce more good, but indeed will produce more evil. That, and only that, will satisfy us in the long run.
  374. Once we get to that point, then we can get to that point again, until the cycle of violence and vengeance is broken. If we don’t, we will continue to live a life of perversity where good is perceived as emanating from evil, thereby justifying and perpetuating the evil act, ultimately raising it up as good until such point that it is no longer considered evil.
  375. God says the best way to mourn the loss of a loved one is in any way that honors your own life. That will make them happy to see you happy. Your loved ones who have passed to the other side, do not want you perpetually pining for them. They are with you; you just can’t see them. They want you to move on, and they’re helping you with every little thing you need help with. They love to see you laugh, and yes, play with them in your thoughts, your God to their God. They love that! Watch for their signs; they’re dancing for you!
  376. God says no bomb is civilized and no country or individual that uses the bomb is civilized.
  377. God says the burden of peaceful resolution is on the shoulders of those who wrote the books as an example for the rest of the world to follow.  Whoever creates the conflict is obliged to resolve it–peacefully.
  378. God says trivializing atrocities is not the road to peace, but an instigator to further violence. The United States wants to call their killing of civilians collateral damage, yet when other countries kill their civilians they call it murder.
  379. God’s Formula For Success: I will judge everything I do based on its degree of helpfulness vs. its degree of hindrance. If something helps, keep it; if it hinders, let it go. Don’t even think about looking for loopholes.
  380. To the editors of the world: if you wanna write a book, write one; don’t try to rewrite mine. My God is my editor.  Your God is yours.
  381. God says without compassion you become dangerous.
  382. God says the masses have become as corrupt as their leaders. It’s that ‘example’ thing.
  383. God says you don’t need permission to be happy.
  384. God says you don’t need permission to feel free.
  385. God says enjoy your family, your work, your play, yourself.
  386. God says the foundation of the planet needs to be based on the five principles to a better life.
  387. One view matters. A multitude of views matter. If we all had the same views we’d be called robots. Learning comes from sharing those views unencumbered.


A different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it and as we will come to know it – that’s what Word Warrior Davies-Tight is all about.

Spreading a message of hope through change around the globe.

Self-written, self-edited, self-published.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight,

artist, author, animal-free chef, activist

from birth to old age never wavered

When the whole world stands corrected, it will be a lesson in oppression.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Direct Paves The Road

Haunting Hustlers

There’s no need to make the reader feel uncomfortable. Isn’t that the Jewish strategy when designing holocaust museums or writing about Jewish concerns? It’s too manipulative.

People can handle the truth. It’s when you attempt to influence their interpretation of the truth, that the truth becomes stressful to the reader.

Absent the writer telling the reader what and how to feel, the reader navigates through their own feelings to make sense of the piece on their terms, without embellishment.

Embellishment is not the writer’s friend.

Madison Avenue wants to keep the reader stressed, so the reader remains alert to the advertisements when reading an article. If too comfortable or engrossed in the read, they become oblivious to the ads.

Leave the judgment adjectives in the minds of the reader where they belong.

If you purposely glide too much without a change in cadence it makes the reader feel less comfortable than what is normal for them to feel, creating a chaotic, more stressful thus uncomfortable feeling.

This the Jews do to make the reader not forget their Holocaust by associating it with an uneasiness that’s difficult to describe, only that when they hear about the holocaust, any holocaust, that associative ill at ease feeling creeps in to take over their thoughts. They want the knowledge to haunt you by the way in which they communicate it to you.

Don’t copy that style. We earthlings have enough to feel badly about in life without writers intentionally wanting to put the reader in an uncomfortable frame of mind. It’s a form of enslavement that I protest. It’s a hustle. Your life on earth has nothing to do with what somebody else did to somebody else. The hustlers however, want to draw you in as a recruit to their cause or their advertisements, thus they own a part of you, the haunting part that will make you sway in their favor. You don’t even know it’s happening – that’s the enslavement part.

Telling the reader the gruesome and then using words to comfort when the reader doesn’t want or need comfort displaces the event in the psyche making one feel ill at ease. It also robs the reader of comforting themselves in their own way, which is always best. The reader needs to know where to put the knowledge, without the writer telling them what to do with it.

It’s a form of brainwashing or controlling the emotions along with the words meant to influence in a certain direction. It’s not enough that they give you their opinion, they want you to have the same opinion and they use techniques to do that.

Example of inappropriate adjectives:

Peasants still feed the world, even if FAO claims otherwise

  • In order to arrive at its perverse conclusions, FAO had to change its own definition of a family farmer. And it discounted or ignored recent FAO and other reports proving that peasant farms produce more food and more nutritious food per hectare than large farms. Agribusiness dislikes the 70% figure so there may be pressure on FAO to act more in line with their new alliance with agribusiness group Croplife.

excerpt: When I read the word perverse and dislikes I tune out. The writer is trying to influence my view before I’ve even read the article.

Nobody wants to be told what to think before they read the article. Why should we the readers trust the writer’s views on whether something is perverse or what an industry dislikes? Let the reader decide for themselves.

Controlling the emotions and opinions in headlines by the use of subjective adjectives is an industry-wide occurrence. It looks like the government taking over the media to control the thoughts of the readers.

Why? That one should have to ask why, proves the intent. Why put the word perverse onto something? This isn’t creative writing, it’s journalism.

However, even if you want to influence, adding adjectives is not the best way to go. Direct paves the road. Ease up on transitional sentences or paragraphs. People get bored with the transitions and skip over them anyway.

Till next time, don’t work so hard at forming the reader’s opinion; form your own so the reader finds it interesting.

FREE Palestine Now

What are you waiting on? Do it.

Veto Israel at the United Nations.

Can’t you read? What grade are you in?

Make Palestine a nation.

Stop sitting on your asses.

This is Gaza. Ukraine.

Can’t you see?


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    Nature Of The Beast
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    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
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    Changing Marriage To Partnership
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    Sharon’s Brief

The world just witnessed something ugly come out of the mouths of NATO

The world just witnessed something ugly come out of the mouths of NATO countries.

Now that President Putin has signed decrees recognizing the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic thereby recommending their independence and sovereignty, this would be a great opportunity for Israel to do the same with Palestine – end the occupation, let the Palestinians be self-determined.

Russia is doing what Israel should have done a long time ago. And the response is deafening as threats against Russia came booming like bombs out of the mouths of so-called civilized leaders, who head so-called civilized countries.

Israel isn’t even in NATO and they’re responding in kind. What will they get out of that? Who even has to wonder. No freedom for Palestine from any country in that NATO NAZI Troupe that also seats themselves at the United Nations.

Cries for war against Russia in the form of severe sanctions for taking a courageous step showed their true NATO NAZI colors. NATO never did have peace and freedom on their minds. 

NATO, like Israel, had acquisition on their minds. Talk about an underhanded secret society organization. They’re the ones who were hijacking the Olympics, just like they did in 2014. Putin read them right.

It’s nobody’s business who these two countries like or dislike. They’re free to choose their own alliances. Looks like the NATO COUNTRIES disagreed. They want to determine who is free and who is not. NATO IS A DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION. 

It sounds like we never got out of the master-slavery era. NATO says give us your military and your treasured souls and we’ll make you one of us? Peacekeeper or peacemaker does not fit into that scenario.

It’s shocking that NATO countries are so arrogant that they decide which countries can be independent and which cannot. These are supposed to be democratic entities. The responses prove that NATO has taken behind the scenes actions to block the independence of these two countries who wanted to be independent sovereign nations. NATO shouldn’t have the right to decide that. And any sanction action implemented against Russia for setting these two countries free should be outlawed by the United Nations. But they seem to be in that same NAZI CAMP.

NATO threatens severe consequences against Russia as a result of freeing these two nations to act on their own behalf. NATO showed their dictator-style occupation-leaning ideologies by their collective response. 

On 29 November 2012, UN General Assembly resolution 67/19 passed, upgrading Palestine to "non-member observer state" status in the United Nations. The change in status was described as "de facto recognition of the sovereign state of Palestine".

The United Nations didn’t have the courage to allow Palestine to become a truly sovereign state of Palestine as this resolution indicates, otherwise Palestine would not be under continued occupation.

What does Israel gain? This writer believes it is predictable.

Truly disturbing. They acted like their own survival was contingent on denying these two countries, neighbors of Russia, their independence. It wasn’t their place. Keep your militaries out of the backyards of other countries. NATO countries wanted these two Republics under their thumbs to control for strategic military advantage over Russia. There is no other feed.

Remember when Britain de-occupied Palestine so the Jews could essentially re-occupy Palestine, as payment for the holocaust promised by Adolf Hitler? “Work will set you free”? The British and the USA were fine with that.

Well, Russia isn’t going into these two countries to occupy them, however if they need assistance and feel threatened by NATO countries plus Israel which right now NATO and Israel have expressed by actions and words threats that may require a military response, then the world will understand an intervention by Russia to help its neighbor be free from oppressive NATO and Israel.

Britain should not make this mistake again. Those two countries are not yours. Finish business in Palestine, that’s what you need to do. As I said before, these two Republics are free to choose their alliances.

Judging by the way members of NATO acted, no one should want to be engaged with such a militant dictatorial organization. Talk about world domination. I don’t think anybody knew before now just how dangerous NATO became since their formation post World War II.

NATO is not about freedom. NATO is about dividing and conquering. Israel loves that; that’s what they’re about too.

So all this time NATO countries were giving the green light every time Israel carpet-bombed Palestine when they didn’t have a military to respond.

Good to know.

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    Nature Of The Beast
  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
    Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief
    Sharon’s Brief


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Russia Never Said Anything About Invading Ukraine

Russia Never Said Anything About Invading Ukraine

NATO wants to make Ukraine a member state to thumb its nose at Russia. Ukraine spends too much time and money wanting to increase its military prowess to appeal to NATO, then NATO keeps raising the bar – it’s all about Russia ultimately and Crimea as a means to an end. 

Meanwhile the people of Ukraine suffer from deficits created by trying to please NATO. That’s what terrorists do. Bleed you dry.

That was the USA and NATO and Britain. 

Hey Britain, what’s going on in Palestine? Hm?

NATO only wants member countries with long standing established militaries. 

Strange how Britain has lots to say about Ukraine, but nothing to say about Palestine.

NATO is just another morphed form of colonialism. They’re the colonizers.

If I were a non-member or non-partner of NATO I would be concerned that NATO would have to prove their reason for continued existence by causing trouble for those non-member or non-partner nation states.

But you have to qualify and the demands are steep. Once a member, the USA and other important member states will require the new member to be totally transparent in all their military dealings including governmental entities and operations to prove their loyalty and gain their trust. In essence Ukraine would lose their military autonomy plus their governmental autonomy.

Not all member states are treated or regarded the same. It’s a truth based on a lie. Sure, members of congress all have an equal opportunity to vote on all bills put before congress. But who devises the original written issue put before members of NATO? And what kind of majority do they seek? Or maybe nothing is in writing, thus an absence of record keeping. ‘All members have their say’ is too vague when talking military action or non-action.

Do you see how complicated this gets? As complicated as it needs to be, most likely would be their response. 

Do you see how the operational status of NATO is too nation-like for comfort? Does each country represent separate parties within NATO, like they do in their respective countries? A dictator country in the nation state represents a dictator state in NATO? A democratic or socialist state, are they represented differently? How is it, that governing styles among nations differ, yet the governing style of NATO doesn’t?

From what governing style does NATO draw to govern member and partner states? That word ‘partner’ makes it look more important than the word ‘member’. Was that intentional? Their response probably would be, it was not unintentional.

A global nation of nations with nuclear weaponry. Who gets the veto power? The information on NATO provided on their website leaves too many unanswered questions.

What is NATO?

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance between countries in North America and Europe. NATO was formed following World War II. Its founding treaty was signed in Washington, D.C., in 1949 by a dozen European and North American countries. The NATO alliance was formed to respond to the threat posed after the Second World War by the Soviet Union. NATO's purpose was to protect democratic nations against the spread of communism in Europe. NATO’s website states: "It commits the Allies to democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law, as well as to peaceful resolution of disputes. Importantly, the treaty sets out the idea of collective defense, meaning that an attack against one Ally is considered an attack against all Allies."/

Word War II is over. NATO is a dinosaur kicking up trouble to maintain its status as relevant. Communism is no longer a threat. The biggest threats stem from consumerism, unfair competition, unfair trade practices and who controls what the world makes, stores for future, distributes and buys. Political ideology is all over the board. The world is connected now. 

It sounds like NATO was built to preserve democracy. Democratic governments coalesced after World War II to protect each other from the ‘evils’ of non-democratic nations. The contradiction and hypocrisy is that in not allowing other forms of government to exist, then democracy becomes a dictator-style form of governance, not just within a nation but more importantly for NATO among nations.

NATO IS A DYING INSTITUTION. Any need for loyalty among nations to join military forces to repel or invade shouldn’t exist. There’s too much room for error and faulty judgments. Too many differing styles of governance and differing forms of democracy and certainly too many egos.

Many members don’t pay their dues/share, which means that debt payment is forever over the head of the member states in arrears, which is not a solid place to be in this dictator-styled organization.

Does NATO assassinate people, under their cloak of secrecy? Stating the job description or the mission statement of NATO is never a good answer. Policy vs practice also not a good answer.

Judging by where NATO came from and where the world stands today, it’s probably not a good idea for any country not a member to seek membership status, or for partner countries to seek member status. 

If you think you don’t have enough protection now being independent, you won’t have it after becoming dependent on NATO.

To whom does NATO answer? Who or what oversees NATO?

Russia Never Said Anything About Invading Ukraine

NATO was and continues to be the aggressor.

NATO pits family against family.

NATO creates chaos whatever they do or wherever they go.

Divide and conquer is no longer an acceptable strategy for peace. It clearly never was.

Setting up an organization of ‘us against ‘them is discriminatory at its core, which means next stop enslavement.

Making peace does not require a military.

NATO no longer exists.

  • Nature Of The Beast
    Nature Of The Beast
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    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
    Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief
    Sharon’s Brief


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Copycats And Russia Ukraine Train Bound For Where?

The world looks down on copycats.

Frowns and groans and finger points, accuses, bares teeth, pounds fists, thumps chests. You copycatted me. Such is life bro’.

Flip it.

If it weren’t for copycats we, the Universe, would not exist.

I’m not talking copyright here. Putting your name on somebody else’s exclusive creation is not copycatting; it’s stealing.

Heck, some organisms are so hot-to-trot that they replicate, duplicate, copy themselves.

For anything/anyone to expand, then a copy-component or predisposition is present, which means it’s present in everything and everyone, because the Universe copies everything. It is in the nature of everything in the Universe to replicate.

Copycat exists in all forms Universal.

Divide to grow or divide and die.

Most unions end in separation.

The ones that stay together learn to live with differences in personalities and style.

Forced separation by outside instigators is a different matter. How both adjust to imposed roles, while moving forward in peace – separate, but together – are determined by common interests.

What is it going to look like and on what terms are the questions right now that Ukraine and Russia must answer by themselves. Their countries are the ones being aggressively impacted by outsiders. Give them space. They are the real neighbors, not NATO.

NATO is not a neighbor to anyone, by design. NATO is agenda-driven by whatever means they deem necessary. Members of NATO are the equivalent of foot soldiers, not partners in the real sense. So-called partners of NATO are cooperative countries when NATO is in need.

The claimed equal voice on all matters is misleading. It is the country that pays the most who has ultimately the most influence. NATO needs to stop acting like a separate global country pulling the military strings of members and so-called partners.That’s why the dictator label.

NATO isn’t all that much different from the United Nations. The USA essentially owns them both. And both are essentially useless, except that one controls the militaries of nations that are members, which puts the USA in a position of world dominance militarily.

NATO Member States

The member states of NATO are: 

Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

In the order of joining NATO:

1949 – Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg,  Netherlands, Norway, Portugal,  United Kingdom, United States.

1952 – Greece, Turkey

1955 – Germany

1982 – Spain

1999 – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland

2004 – Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

2009 – Albania, Croatia

2017 – Montenegro

2020 – North Macedonia

NATO partner countries are:

Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyz Republic, Malta, The Republic of Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

create, copy, create, copy, create…

  • Nature Of The Beast
    Nature Of The Beast
  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
    Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief
    Sharon’s Brief


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You Lied. You Are Not Awake.

Woke People Don’t Use Violence As A Strategy For Change

Those so-called woke people are not awake; they’re still sleeping.

It’s easier to say you woke up, than to actually wake up.

That’s not change.

Yeah, yeah, I’m woke Ma – as you roll over and fall back into the abyss of your fire, hoping for ashes to change the world – to start a new world on their own. Why can’t ashes create a new world?

If they do, you won’t be in it. You burned the future, by burning the past and the present. What is it with you and fire?

I say, why would you want to destroy the world already built with everybody’s sweat and tears? You claim the past means something, so why blow it all up and start over? Change it in the present, now, by changing you. 

How you want others to be, be yourself. Be the example, without bragging that you’re the example.

It’s like Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, saying she won’t ban stock trading by congress unless the federal judiciary also bans it. 

That’s not good leadership. Making her change contingent on somebody else’s change is a non-starter. What is this a grade school play ground? Stop acting like children. I take that back. Even children have more sense.

Be sincere without telling the world you’re being sincere. You mean to tell the world that all those other times when you didn’t preface your actions with a sincerity clause, you were not being sincere?

Stop the con. You’re making the world sick – er.

Violent is how you used to react to hardship or insult or discomfort. ‘They called me a name, burn their flippin’ business to the ground/. 

Whoa you are too sensitive for your own good. You need a reset. You don’t know how to wake up without blowing something or somebody else up. I over-estimated you.

You do it or the Universe will do it for you and that will not be a pretty sight. 

The world is tiring of walking on thin ice around you.

The Universe moves clumsily when making a correction. It affects everything small, big and microscopic…

Now that you’re awake, how will you react to hardship or insult or discomfort?

Waking up is about changing yourself into a better you, not changing those around you so you don’t have to change.

So we should all change together, Nancy Pelosi style? 

Everybody changes at their own pace.

But to say you woke up, when you clearly didn’t, now that angers people who witness your lie.

That’s not going to go away on its own.

‘No prejudice beyond prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked./

Where are you on that continuum? Once you walk through the door of discrimination, the door to enslavement more easily opens. Torture always turns to slaughter in one way or the other.

You lied. You didn’t wake up. You stole the paradigm, changed the tense of wake to woke, dropped the up and called it yours. You forgot that you need to wake up yourself.

Plus you plagiarized somebody else’s work. That’s not waked up or woked up. That’s mucked up and you did the muckin’.

  • Nature Of The Beast
    Nature Of The Beast
  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
    Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief
    Sharon’s Brief


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Maybe Brits Get too Much Credit


Brits. Always, nearly always? No. Always trying to change the behaviors of others.

Change your own. Just do it without making a scientific study out of it and standardizing it to everybody else. It defeats the purpose, makes it look like you want to change everybody else to your liking, so you don’t have to change.

Not all minds think alike, except in general, rudimentary ways – mostly based on emotion and basic needs. Being right all the time is not a basic need. Getting more than anybody else not a basic need either.

Stop using emotionally charged strategies to get what you want. It falls apart in the end, and the end needs your focus now, devoid of emotion. Remember anger is emotion.

Be real – or is that the German mind at work – for a change of pace. The world will notice. Don’t tell them you’re being…

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Writing Tip On Question Marks

Writing Tip On Question Marks

Question marks in an essay or article relax the reader, opening them up to their own thoughts.

It’s as if the writer is questioning their own statements, when that may not be always true; or if not provable, a question mark signifies that lack of proof. It doesn’t however, necessarily mean the writer is unsure.

The same sentence minus the question mark, automatically sets the brain up to refute the statement, rather than explore.

Exploration is key in problem solving.

So, question mark away! Let the reader decide by exploring their own thoughts based on your statements.

It works without compromising the integrity of the written piece, the writer and/or the reader.

Reading without prejudice doesn’t mean without judgment. Focus on the words and not who wrote them or the style in which they’re presented.

The reader can tell if the writer is controlling their judgments or if the writer is encouraging a broader view. A question mark means a broader view, yours the reader. You are being asked for your view by the use of a question mark. That may be controlling in some circles, but not in a manipulative sense. The writer has no idea the level of understanding the reader has on the subject or the readers thoughts.

Try it. Read out loud with or without a question mark, where you see a question mark in a written piece. There is a difference in how your brain processes it.

  • Nature Of The Beast
  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief


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The USA Still Wants Crimea


That was cruel to demand a breakup of the Soviet Union and leave all those states, suddenly as if overnight, on their own to sink or swim in the global world as individual countries. There was the USA waiting like starving human animals to feed off the dead carcasses.

If there is a coup anywhere in the world one can bet that the USA and Britain had something to do with the masterminding of it.

How does one do that? Become a country with no handbook of instructions on how to do it?

Many of those states from the Soviet Union, turned into countries practically overnight were not ready, they didn’t know how to do it, and they’re still struggling with it.

  • You won’t hear that on USA T.V.

The USA and Britain along with other NATO countries helped stage a coup during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Socchi, Russia, sucker punching Vladimir Putin and the Russian people. The USA came bidding with flowers and promises of candy if Ukraine could just let them have Crimea. Isn’t that slavery? ‘Let us have Crimea’, the land and all the people on it? Offering money for people?

  • The USA acted like serial killers luring their victims into death traps.

So the USA or Britain or NATO could attack Russia from Crimea? How stupid was that? To even attempt it?

  • You won’t hear that on USA T.V. either.

What were they going to do, preserve their culture for them, while they turned the island of Crimea into a military base for the USA?

Isn’t that what the USA did in Hawaii? Set up a military base in Pearl Harbor, then Japan got nervous and blew it up, starting World War II?

The USA picked the 2014 Olympics in Socchi Russia as the venue for a CHANGE OF PRESIDENT COUP backed by the CIA and NATO in Ukraine.

President Obama led that parade to humiliate President Putin on his own home turf, during the Winter Olympics in Russia. A so-called liberal president who once publicly bragged that he was ‘really good at killing people’ after he supposedly killed Osama bin Laden.

Back to the present:

The USA and Britain must have sent some intel out that Russia intercepted, claiming the ones who wanted Crimea would use the Olympics in China to try to take it again, throw everybody off balance when they’re focusing on the Olympics. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Ukraine probably invited them – after spending all that money from the 2014 USA windfall, they needed more.

  • The USA won’t tell you that either.
  • What the USA did tell at the outset, was that they sent their forces and NATO forces to the region for exercises during the 2022 Olympics.
  • What the USA didn’t connect was that the 2022 Olympics was in China, not Ukraine, so why the massive military exercises in the Ukraine region? The spokesperson on T.V.  claimed it was planned a long time ago, as if proof that it was non-sinister. 
  • All it proved was that another coup was probably going to be staged and Crimea was the target.

“Does Ukraine have a military? The current size of Ukraine’s armed forces, which consists of 250,000 (215,000 military personnel), is the largest in Europe, and second in the region after the Russian Armed Forces. In 2022, President Zelensky ordered to increase the size of the forces by 100,000 by 2025, while ending conscription in 2024.wikipedia/

The build up of military on the border of Ukraine is not only Russia military; it’s also Ukraine military at a standoff during the Olympics, because no one can trust what the USA says any more.

President Obama didn’t believe in elections back then? Only when he’s running?

Or, the USA military and CIA don’t believe in letting foreign citizens in foreign countries vote for presidents? Terror organizations determine who’s president in other countries by COUP? CIA?

“On 30 December 1922, along with the Russian, Byelorussian, and Transcaucasian republics, the Ukrainian SSR was one of the founding members of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).wikipedia/

All the world knows for sure is that the USA, Britain and NATO still want Crimea for military bases.

The USA is dangerously close to starting World War III. The USA has no business in that part of the world claiming any territory for its military bases or operations.

Get out.

History repeats itself. Japan is the example – setting up a military base too close to Japan. 911 is the example, military bases in Saudi Arabia. Both wars started over USA military presence in foreign lands.

NATO is too war happy. Disband, save your countries a lot of money, especially the USA that foots most of the bills, so gets to make most of the decisions. We don’t need a global war machine unless we’re expecting aliens from outer space.

It’s hard to believe that President Biden wants to start another war. For what are the young men and women of the world going to sacrifice their lives via a horrific deaths this time? For what? Over Crimea? Over someone not allowing a military base of their property?

The USA could have prevented 911. They didn’t.

The USA could have prevented Pearl Harbor. They didn’t.

Every time someone builds a new weapon, they want to show it off to the world.

Free Palestine and show the world you are serious about world peace and not just lining the pockets of rich people with more gold.

The USA does not own Russia and its associated nation states, that the USA had the biggest hand in breaking up. Those nation states are not up for the USA NATO-owned forces to grab. It constitutes a conflict of interest, since the USA, Britain and NATO were parties to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the independence of the associated states. Presenting any military force from any or multiple foreign sources/entities as a viable alternative to the Soviet Union now that the previously member states are independent nations, again presents as a conflict of interest.

Lower your weapons and leave. You received a communique that was not properly vetted and acted on it.

In future, keep your military exercises off the properties of foreign entities (NATO troops conduct military exercises near Russia). Period. Unless you want a war. No one in the world wants to hear from your mouths “we don’t want a war, but…

Russia is a continent. The world needs a northern land mass with inhabitants who desire to work on environmental issues plaguing the planet right now. Russia decides.

Continental Russia, like Australia will be a country and a continent – a contiguous continent.

Current nation states that once made up the Soviet Union will be covered under that continental umbrella, but remain in every respect how they are now or how they choose to become in future. This is only a continental designation, which is needed in the Northern Hemisphere to help balance Antartica in the Southern Hemisphere.

No loopholes.

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  • Sharon’s Brief


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MOTIONLESS a blast from the past reposted read Olympics re-visited

07.18.2014 9:32 PM by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

World leaders stood motionless, even though they were all briefed on what was about to happen, when the State of Israel committed a massacre against the State of Palestine. ‘Revenge from hell’ Netanyahu called it. ‘A revenge that not even Satan would unleash on the world’ – meaning that Jews are not only better than every human, every other animal, greater than God, but more vicious than ‘even Satan’.

Hey Netanyahu slaves fight back. All slaves do. Even when all they have is a sling shot with which to fight your bombs, tanks, sophisticated equipment, and obsessive humiliation. The humiliation part reminds me of Hitler. ‘Don’t worry I’ll take care of you. I’ll clothe and feed you. And give you work you don’t want to do ‘. 

“I decide”, said Hitler. So goes Netanyahu. Nothing will deter him. Nothing.

Obama, using words of a hypocrite to Putin about women and children and important people getting killed, and the horror of it all – and I blame you and ‘stop this war in Ukraine now’ (a war that the USA, NATO and the European Union started under the advisement and manipulation by the CIA, when somebody mistakenly took a civilian jet out of the sky in a hot war zone) – his only words to Israel committing a massacre against civilians in Palestine was to “exercise caution” when killing civilians.

The Crimeans (a part of Ukraine; Russian speaking) were a peaceful people before the CIA, Pentagon, European Union and NATO sucker punched Vladimir Putin and the Russian people during the Olympics, staging a ‘change of Presidency’ coup in Ukraine – a president who supported the West. Who wouldn’t go with someone, who promised them the moon, when they were in a state of economic fatality? The strong really do exploit the weak.

The CIA sets up camp in Ukraine, this time the big wigs go. Tells the leadership to treat the separatists like terrorists and to initiate an anti-terrorist campaign against the Crimeans, who peacefully voted to secede from Ukraine.

Next thing we know:  * Recently, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, vowing to rid of his Country “parasites” – meaning the Crimeans. (Ukraine launches offensive in east, vows to rid country of ‘parasites’

The USA supposedly mistakenly downed an Iranian jet filled with civilians. They even supposedly mistakenly downed a few of their own planes filled with their own civilians. Oops is all they say, then they move on as if nothing happened.

When Malaysia flight 370 went down – or somewhere – no horror from the White House. No talk about women and children and important people on the plane. No remorse. No public appearance from Obama, even though Americans were on board. No word at all on national T.V. by Obama. Not even an oops.

Now the White House is talking like, okay, slam Putin, humiliate him, bring him to his knees, then we get Ukraine. They thought the coup during the Olympics would work. It didn’t. Now they think the coup of downing a civilian plane will work. They’ll get the whole of Ukraine – one way or another. Guess we’ll see how that works.

Hey Obama, you can stop the massacre in Palestine by the Israelis.  The entire world knows it. But you don’t. You won’t …. for political reasons.  Don’t ask Putin to do something you won’t do yourself.

Those children, women and important people in Palestine don’t mean anything to you. That’s where you differ from Putin. He really cares about those people in Crimea. And he really does care about the civilians downed in Ukraine.

The Crimeans were a peaceful people before you moved into Ukraine with your CIA and military machinery. 

The Palestinians were a peaceful people before the Jews, backed by Europe, moved in with hatred for anyone who didn’t look like them, and changed their lives for the worse – forever.

Original Article:

  • Nature Of The Beast
  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief


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The Cleveland Hustle


I see thousands of people who support forcibly impregnating young girls to gain entry to the United States litterbugging their way to freedom from oppression? Does anybody know how that looks? Thousands of miles of trash left by poor people wanting to move to a place where everything is free? How do poor people create so much trash, and then just leave it for somebody else to clean up?

That’s how they do it? And they say they’re better than the people whom they leave behind who have to clean up what’s left of their respective countries – alone? Who’s cleaning up all this trash along thousands of miles of somebody else’s land? Yeah. Who’s footing the bill? Yeah.

How much cash does ICE give each person to financially sustain them until they achieve gainful employment after they cross the border? They don’t?I thought they were poor. How do they…

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You Don’t Question


You don’t question.

That’s the problem with the blind faith of religion when it encroaches upon other living animals. You commit mass murder. Holocaust after holocaust forever in the name of your God. Why wouldn’t you question? Because what you’re doing may be considered wrong? In fact you know it is, but what’s God going to do? Punish you? If God could punish you, don’t you think God would save those being slaughtered in it’s name?

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Inbreeders Race Or Not

Inbreeders Race Or Not

Jews aren’t a race. Mormons and Quakers and Seventh Day Adventists aren’t either. 

Just because a group wants to remain separate from all other groups doesn’t automatically make them a race.

Jews can’t figure out where they’re from. Why? Because they have a need to conform the truth to their interests, which means their truth is corrupt. Races are large numbers of people who inhabit the same place for a very long time, not by inbreeding, but by being a product of their immediate environment. Jews claim to be only one tenth of one percent of the entire world population. Are those the Ashkenazic Jews or all Jews including the modern partial Jews (the ones who have the DNA of their country of origin in addition to being Jewish)?

Races aren’t designed by humans, as Jews seem to think they are.

You can’t keep inbreeding (within the nuclear family) and expect to build a race from it, eventually you’ll become extinct.

There are victims in inbreeding. It must not be encouraged or celebrated. It is slavery within the nuclear family. It causes birth defects and psychologically impacts the victims for life, yet the cycle continues.

Inbreeders are not a race; they’re an aberration and an abomination. There is no individual freedom for Jews among their own. The same is so for all separatist groups. It’s not a healthy environment in which to raise a family, when a wife knows that her husband is going to be having sex with their daughters to produce more babies like themselves, and on and on and on, producing children with birth deficiencies that could have been avoided.

The people from Europe who settled in the mountain regions in Eastern USA have the same issues. Inbreeders produce children with deficiencies that can be prevented.

  • About 3.5 million of today’s Ashkenazi Jews — 40 percent of the total Ashkenazi population — are descended from just four women/

If that practice is continued among Jews, then I can see why they need to stay separate, because the world does not accept incest as a viable or an acceptable means of procreation (short or long term). It offends the outsiders’ sense of morality and hurts the insider who cannot escape the forever ‘incest’ sentence handed down from generation to generation. Rape is what it is. And rape is slavery.


No one should accept incest as a tradition, or as a strategy to create a separate ‘race’ of inbreeders, or to speak proudly of the practice, no matter to which separatist group they belong.

If Jews want to call themselves a ‘race’, then they’ll have to share that spot with all the other inbreeders on the planet from every ethnicity or region on the planet.

It would increase your numbers, and nobody will want to be anywhere near you (that’s what you want right?) for fear of one of your offspring veering from tribal laws and mating outside the group, putting non-inbreeders at risk of bearing a child with similar proclivities? In addition, by increasing your numbers you’ll have to include Christians and other separatists into the fold. Are the Christians and Arabs living in Israel now also inbreeders?

Jews really did set themselves up by wanting to breed inside the nuclear family. Humans are supposed to be disgusted by that, yet somehow the Jews and other separatist groups, usually religiously oriented, encourage and celebrate it.

No wonder they want to stay separate. Of course the world will not accept that practice, and I know that’s your line in the sand.

You should have drawn a line on something less damaging to the psyche of the insider children and the outsiders who want to help you in your private quest to be free of it. The world isn’t blind. They see the result of the shame.

The world intuitively knows what really happened in those caves. You smashed those babies.

You can’t mass produce a ‘race’ by inbreeding and expect to be accepted by the world for it.

That’s just how we are?

It’s not a random mutation when you intentionally by design mutate yourselves, hand-selecting your own DNA to be repeated over and over and over again. Three and a half million Ashkenazic Jew babies traced back to four women? That’s a lot of people who have some serious, not necessarily obvious, malfunctions.

Unless you reverse the practice of nuclear family inbreeding, the Ashkenazic Jews will become extinct.

Where in the bible does it predict the extinction of the Jews due to inbreeding?

So what happened in those labor camps and Hitler’s factories in Europe? Were you inbreeding there? Were the men, women and children separated? Have you spoken on that? Why not, besides the obvious?

No race designations for inbreeders. All cultures had them originally, but some kept the practice, not willing to let it go and evolve; they called themselves separatists. Enter the Jews.

Stop treating Jewish women like baby-makers to increase your numbers, when fertility rates are going to plummet, leaving you where?

  • Nature Of The Beast
  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief


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Vatican City Equals Israel

Vatican City Equals Israel

It seems to me, the nonprofessional observer, that the reason for the push to make Vatican City a sovereign nation was in part to exact immunity from what otherwise would be considered crimes against humanity (children being part of that humanity in case the world forgot to include them). Forming boundaries within the city of Rome protected clergy from prosecutorial actions for crimes against children.

It is noteworthy that the Jews returning from Europe post WW II to secure parts of Palestine as their rightful homeland followed in the strategic footsteps of the Catholic Church by occupying Palestine by force, pushing out the Palestinians from their homeland, calling it Israel to fulfill a biblical prophecy (that the Jews wrote) and declaring it a sovereign nation state. 

Within these boundaries the Jews had total autonomy and freedom from prosecutorial actions against the Palestinian people who in the eyes of Jews and the United Nations were trespassing on their own land, now owned and controlled by Jews calling themselves Israelis. Deeds to the transfer of properties from the Palestinians to the Jews have not surfaced if they do exist.

Slavery was outlawed before 1948 when holocaust Jews took Palestinians as prisoners aka illegal occupants of their own land. The United Nations said it was okay by neglecting to offer an alternative solution. If it was an illegal occupation then it was an illegal war at the outset.

The United Nations had no inalienable right to give the Palestinians to the Jews along with the land.

Britain had no right to occupy the people, then unoccupy them and give them to the Jews, or anyone else for that matter.

The Jews from WW II concentration camps simply moved from the camps in Europe to Palestine and when Britain returned the colony to be under the control of Palestine, the Jews waged war against a people absent a military, which amounted to a holocaust against the Palestinians to steal their land and was not a legal war as claimed.

The Jews basically set up the equivalent of a Vatican City/Holy See, turning a religion (Judaism) into a nation state in Palestine and called it Israel.

  • Nature Of The Beast
    Nature Of The Beast
  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
    Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief
    Sharon’s Brief


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You Do Not Need To Be A Hater To Be An Activist

 You do not need to be a hater to be an activist.

You do not need to support violence as a means for change.

You do not need to hate to make a difference.

If it makes you feel good to hate someone or some group, examine and explore. Feeling good about hurting others goes beyond the impulsive stage into sadistic territory.

  • Nature Of The Beast
    Nature Of The Beast
  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Changing Marriage To Partnership
    Changing Marriage To Partnership
  • Sharon’s Brief
    Sharon’s Brief


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