Second Book in “WAKING UP THE PLANET” Trilogy



Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

*This book is dedicated to all those who suffer at the hands of governments for speaking unpopular truths.  

In No Particular Order Success Is Best Served Now!


In my early years, whether reading for enjoyment or for school, and I read a lot, I rarely read the introduction to a book or anything about the author. Neither did I like to see previews to a movie. I had no interest in the overview of the entire work, a summary or the titles to the chapters. I didn’t care about the historical context or what the author was thinking when he/she wrote the piece. I simply wanted to read the work, or see the movie.

Maybe I was too impatient, maybe I liked the element of surprise, maybe I wanted to judge for myself without somebody else telling me what to look for or how to interpret the work. Maybe all of the above and more. Even now when I see movie stars doing an interview on television before a movie comes out it ruins the movie for me. Once I see a movie or a T.V. show, knowing about the personal life of the star ruins the image of the character they portrayed.

Similarly, when I view a work of art, I have no interest in what period in the artist’s life they created it, what they were suffering or celebrating, or the process they went through to develop it. I want every work of art to reach me on a level of familiarity, to surprise me within that realm of familiarity, or to simply awe me, absent the familiarity, by the splendor of the image or the brilliance of the work, even if I don’t understand it. When I look at a rainbow in the sky I don’t need nor want to know the history of the sun and the rain and what created the rainbow in order to thoroughly enjoy it.

Most of us don’t know how electricity really works, or how computers do what they do, but we’re all awed by the result, even though we don’t understand the process.

Even in museums–historical, art, science or otherwise–rarely do I read the plaque that accompanies the display. I am enthralled, or not, by the work. It impacts me, or it doesn’t. Impact is the key. Blow me away by the ugliness, the perversity of the art, or blow me away by the subtlety of the art, or find a place where I settle into the art.

Years ago, for our weekly entertainment, my husband and I would stay up to the early morning hours with our three dogs, a bottle of wine, after a few beers, and a book of poetry. He read, we listened. One poem always got read more than once on each occasion: Walt Whitman’s “When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloomed”. We didn’t need to understand all of it or really anything about it, for it to reach both of us on a deep level of emotional knowing, longing and healing. The title alone does that. Years later when the news said that he was gay and writing about his gay lover who died, it ruined it for me. Not that he was gay, but that now my personal interpretation was not valid.

I didn’t have to know that Van Gogh cut his ear off, or now, maybe he didn’t, according to current news reports, in order to enjoy his paintings. Now every time I see one of his paintings, that’s the image I see.

Introductions are a form of advertising. If you don’t like the advertisement, you won’t read the book. If you don’t like the preview to the movie, you won’t see the movie. If you don’t know anything about the artist, you won’t view the art. Now, who’s being impatient? As far as having to know every little detail of the creator’s life in order to enjoy the work, I say the creator wants you to interpret the work through the prism of your life, not theirs–at least this artist, writer, chef does.

The only benefit you’ll get by reading anything I write twice, or by looking at anything I create more than once is that you’ll see more detail.

The names of people, groups, nations found in WAKING UP THE PLANET, A CALM LONG RANT and VIVID VIEWS were used, not to offend, but to point out flaws in order to help everyone else. They were real examples, instead of hypotheticals. Substitute any name, any group, any nation for the one used and what applies to one applies to all.


  • It isn’t easy to talk about something separately when it isn’t separate. For prejudicial reasons the world never developed the language to do that–at least not in American English. God is everything, but because humans split from God in the psychology of their thinking, thus in the development of their language, thus in their actions thus in their teachings, everything in life that humans had a hand in creating was based on a flawed and incomplete foundation. That is the cause of all that you blame God for. You closed the door on God, then you blamed God when you couldn’t solve your problems in life. You kept the evil part, the part that lets you do whatever you want to whomever you want whenever you want, in order to satisfy your greed and not be accountable to anyone.
  • The God you denied, forgives you for everything, so you didn’t have to please that part of yourself. Things have changed. God is opening the door you closed and you can’t stop it. I’m open to every little particle of you and I’m feeling pretty sick right now from the exposure. You can’t hide or deny. You can’t close this book and wash me out of your mind. It will not, cannot, and in the future which is now, ever happen. You’re hooked–to me–thus to God–forever. Get used to it. Fasten your seat belt, we’re going on a trip–a forever trip. Like that word, ‘forever’? Now you own it.
  • Define HATE. Britain bans radio talk show host from traveling to Britain. Why? Because the Brits don’t want anyone coming from outside their borders to rile up hate inside their borders. No free speech in the USA. No free speech in Israel and now no free speech in England. I’m not sure the Brits even know what their name is. Great Britain, Britain, United Kingdom, England, which is it? Yet they freely published cartoonists aimed specifically at the entire Muslim world to mock their prophet Mohammed, then refused to print God’s reply. So what is hate to them? When somebody doesn’t like the message, they label it as hate, when hate is not clearly defined. When somebody refuses to be criticized, because they can’t handle the truth, they label that as hate, when hate is not clearly defined. Whatever happened to ‘the truth shall set you free’?
  • Well, the Brits aren’t very good at truth-telling. They’re the reason the Palestinians are in concentration camps in Palestine. They’re the ones who set up the dividers and then looked the other way when the holocaust against an innocent people occurred, then kept turning the other way–forty something years now. They’re the ones in charge of the roadmap to peace, when they’re the ones who paved the road to hell in the first place. I’m not sure that the ones who ordered the torture are the best ones to free the slaves. Could the Nazis be trusted to free the Jews? I don’t think so.
  • The Brits appear to have a double standard. Evidently the dictatorship in England thinks the populace can’t decide on their own who to hate. If the leadership is so wise and knows better than anyone else what will incite hate, then they should be able to define it–in terms other than ‘maybe this will lead to another holocaust’–you know–if we criticize them. Sounds to me like they’re hiding their own culpability in instigating unrest around the globe via their clandestine intelligence operations. They’re the Kings and Queens of colonization, which means occupation, which means domination to me.
  • Domination stems from superiority and superiority stems from hatred. How dare you ‘double standard’ the world as you bomb those you hate into submission to your will. P.S. I don’t even know who Michael Savage is or what he preaches/spews over the air-waves in America. All I know is that banning somebody from traveling to your country is the flat-out wrong way to deal with opposing views. If you don’t like his views, print the view that you think is correct. But you can’t do that. You refused to do it regarding the cartoonist. You’d rather have the holocaust as long as it’s against those you hate.
  • Did you ban slaughter? Don’t think the world forgot all those cows you burned alive in pits during the Mad Cow outbreak. That’s hatred. Did you ban enslavement, torture, prejudice, discrimination? You think one person called Michael Savage is going to enter your country and sway all your people (whom aren’t yours, by the way; you don’t own them) into hating everybody he hates? Did you ban war? War is slaughter. War is prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. WAR IS HATRED. Did you ban war? All war? Did you dismantle your nuclear weapons? You don’t have a free press, and you spy on everybody. Britain even spied on me–in the USA. Like I’d be a threat to anybody. How dare you. You stole my ‘stable’ comments and had some arrogant guy on GPS (Global Public Square) use my stuff. Is blocking for the purpose of stealing somebody’s material hatred? What gall! When you ban anti-Obama talk, you’re acting like Bush/Cheney.
  • England shouldn’t have hate lists. Why don’t you ban those? Obama can handle criticism–or maybe he can’t. If he can’t, then he has no business being our leader. Am I on your hate list too? Whoa. You banned me too! You ban my material then steal it. I want that cartoonist article printed–without editing. By editing you change the message for the benefit of a privileged minority. You can’t edit a work of art. I already signed off on it. You wouldn’t ask Pablo Picasso to change his women would you? Maybe he should put the eyes where they belong, or the breasts actually on her chest. How dare you.
  • When talking about enslavement, torture and slaughter, I don’t want the reader to feel my pain, so I leave out the core of what was done to me, and focus on the little stuff. My purpose isn’t pity. My purpose is to make the book about all of you, since I know what was happening to me was happening to others. But I want you to be sufficiently startled to pay attention, without intentionally spooking you.
  • Read at your own risk. I’m not going to walk on egg shells any more. The people who are assaulting me, my family and the rest of the planet are crushing, pulverizing, vaporizing, suffocating all that exists, with a vengeance and a greed that may be unparalleled in the history of the world. I don’t care the color or ethnic or biological origin of anybody engaging in this terror sport. I care only to expose them and stop them. I’m thinking root and I’m thinking cause. If you’re in either or both categories, I’m going to neutralize your effectiveness using any and all non-prejudicial means at my disposal.
  • I know in advance they’re going to fight back, because they’ve already launched an all-encompassing campaign to discredit these words before the book has even been published, discouraging in advance anyone who might decide to follow a different, more peaceful path in life. I also know that they’ll fight dirty. With me they’ve never fought clean, and to date nothing has changed. My foundation is uncompromising. That they fight and call their enemy those who won’t terrorize and kill for them, speaks to their own cowardice core. Fearful individuals and groups who cloak their fear in aggression are a danger to all societies, and that danger must be neutralized.
  • Using analogies to solve problems is not a good idea. There’s a reason why the S.A.T.  (scholastic achievement test) has eliminated them. Nobody knows how to use them. Especially when in an emergency, where the use of something nobody knows how to use effectively or understand, will more often than not lead to harmful actions–like telling all the people and firefighters to go back into a burning building on 9-11, to make way for the rescue efforts.
  • President Obama said “no” to closing the border of Mexico as a means to thwart the spread of Swine Flu, because the flu had already been detected in the USA. The analogy the head of Homeland Security gave, which she declared as ‘very clear’ was: it’s like closing the barn door after the horse has already left.
  • NOT SO.
  • Given that statistical numbers of those sick and those who died are being accurately relayed by the governments of Mexico and the USA to the populace, it made sense to close the borders. Swine flu had already reached pandemic proportions in Mexico when only a handful of cases had been detected in the USA–all supposedly in people who had been to Mexico. As of today only eleven states have been infected. In panic, Mexicans who can, will escape to the USA where medical facilities are better and people are healthier, creating mass exodus or the potential for one.
  • It’s not ‘like’ anything else. You don’t need an analogy to see that lots of potential carriers of swine flu can fly or ride into the USA from Mexico and go to locations all over the USA–to every city in every state. They’re called refugees, but instead of escaping bombs they’re escaping death by disease. And given that the disease more often leads to death in Mexico and less often to death in the USA, people will take their chances in the USA. It was horrible reasoning based on an imaginary horse, a barn and a door. Come on people! What are you doing?
  • Now if President Obama along with all his experts and all the news networks and cable channels are lying about the numbers, and the USA is really already saturated with cases in every state, and to boot have the same strain as those in Mexico where people are dying more often than those in the USA, then the analogy may be appropriate.
  • It’s the mixed messages that cause chaos. “It’s an emergency but there’s no reason for alarm”. Oh right, as long as the important people get their antibiotics. Vice President Biden gave the only good advice; don’t get on a plane. On a subway you can always get off at the next stop, not so when you’re stuck in the air. We always want to know what advice people in authority would give to their families in the same situations as we’re in, but when Biden did, the press jumped all over him, because they didn’t like his thought process. Well I don’t like that the press held onto the story for months while people continued to get sick and die and left us with little time to prepare. Preparation is key in a crisis. I wouldn’t have spent all that money on a restaurant tour had I known the risks–that Swine flu was out there.
  • It cost $117.00 for 10 Tamiflu pills. Poor people can’t afford that. The government is instructing doctors not to give Medicare or Medicaid patients antibiotics, because they don’t want to pay for them. My husband asked his doctor why all of his rich brothers could get them and he couldn’t? His doctor replied, ‘because they’re rich’. Obama is treating this entire Swine flu pandemic in an elitist way. How far in advance did he know about the spread of Swine flu before he told the press to alert the country? Why are so many schools closed when only a handful of people have it? Guess their barn door analogy only applied to Mexico.
  • Let the Mexicans in, but keep your kids home from school. Guess he really did lie about the numbers. He thought the populace couldn’t handle the truth. He talked down to us then acted down to us. If you need to take the pills within 72 hours of showing the first symptoms, which are always minor and more cold-like than flu-like, then when a person finally does go to a doctor it will be too late. They keep telling everybody to wash their hands, then contradict themselves by saying there’s no threat if a person in a confined space sneezes on you. In other words you only get it if they touch you with the snot they rubbed from their nose, not if the snot is shot as a projectile straight from the nose onto your face.
  • It’s reported that Israel lost it’s free press status. They never had it. They call it semi-free now, when in reality it is all government controlled, just like it is in the USA.
  • Obama hasn’t freed anybody. I’m still a prisoner in Waterloo, being surveilled more than ever and disrupted more than ever. They stole the book and for the past four months have been doing damage control. They tipped off everybody I mentioned and a whole lot of industries and a whole lot of people I didn’t mention. Simon & Schuster sent the book back surprisingly fast. I never heard of a publisher responding in such a short period of time. It had to be returned the day before they received it. The Feds either tipped them off before it arrived or they didn’t let it through and simply returned it. The message from the Big Nosed Fed who can’t mind their own business so have to mind mine, when I went out and about was, ‘back to the drawing table, nobody likes it.
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha’. I’ve been going back to the drawing table for fifteen years, while they stole everything I wrote and used it for their own purposes and profit.That’s over. “Ha”, they reply.
  • I sent one to Obama months ago, before he took office, and from his speeches I know he’s using it, or at least cherry-picking from it, but the Feds said they didn’t give it to him. “He hates you Sharon.”
  • Another one returned by a publisher that no longer exists looked like it had been run over by a hundred bulldozers–all taped up. How does that happen in the mail? Mud smeared all over it. That must have been from Nancy Pelosi. How small! Maybe from Oprah. One’s being called mud and the other is smearing herself with it. Oh well, so they’re in on the spy game too. Get in line. Nobody likes either one of you for those sleazy tactics.
  • Except for family and friends no one in the public who received a signed and numbered copy acknowledged receiving it. It’s hard to imagine that so many people could be so rude.
  • ‘We own you. You can never leave us’, the Big Nosed Fed keeps telling me as they laugh through phlegm-filled throats. They sent a bunch of black kids out on Mother’s Day to yell obscenities up at my window, call me names and laugh. Probably a bunch of young actors, you know, so Hollywood could thumb their nose at me and say they won–nobody cares. The mayor gets 5.8 million dollars from Hollywood every year, so good luck in complaining to the city about the police involvement. They know it, they sanction it, they all believe the Jewish Fed that tells them I’m a sleeper terrorist because I rant in my apartment about what the Jews do to me and they listen. I’m going to keep ranting so get used to it. I think I’ll kick it up a few notches, send a few of you into twelve step programs where you belong. Like that?
  • When Obama supported torture by calling it a technical mistake and saying further that no one would be held accountable it was like getting punched in the gut. I’ll never be free. Now they’re just in my face about it. I thought when he got my book he’d put an end to it; instead he accelerated it. Knowing how much I love the children how could they use them like that to torment me on Mother’s Day? Obama’s people. I’m being punished for writing a book. I gave one to one of the drug runners who the Feds have harassing me all the time, calling over and over again asking me for money. He’s one of those snitches working both sides of the fence. Says he won’t stop running unless I give him money to go to college. I told him when the paintings sell I’ll help him with school. He wants them sold yesterday. I’m beginning not to want to sponsor this over-aged juvenile delinquent. One day he calls me at a restaurant and says he doesn’t understand the code. What code? I was laughing, having a good time, while the Feds were taunting me in the restaurant. I said, “remember who transfat-frees your bread”. He works for the Fed, not me. I work for God.
  • I asked him once, when talking about the Africa painting, which I should use: ‘amidst’ or ‘amongst’ in the title? He startled me when he knew the difference, so I went with his recommendation of amidst, even though I wanted to use amongst. the name of the painting is called, AFRICA STANDING TALL AMIDST THE EMBERS Painted By God. I see Africa as people and he sees it as land, property. Weeks later he laughed shyly when I referred to it and he said he didn’t know it now. I knew he had a piece in his ear when he told me the first time. I could hear a white woman talking to him.
  • Still, I wanted to help this guy. Maybe one. But looks like the Feds already helped themselves to him, so he’s out of my sponsorship program. The Feds would take the money and he’d have to stay with them, owned by them–forever. He lost, because the Big Nosed Fed couldn’t keep out of my business. Every time somebody tries to help somebody in the ghetto the Feds want in, then they get in and ruin it. They want a piece of the action. ‘It’s our way or no way’. Well they don’t get a piece of the action–not with me. They overplayed their hand. They stayed in the game too long, and now instead of just offending me, they’re offending everyone who crosses my path. They just can’t help themselves. Like the Israelis, they need someone to stop them, because they can’t stop themselves.
  • They think they own the ghetto. I thought the black crime bosses owned it. That’s what they tell the press. Guess they both own it, which means the Feds should be able to make a deal for the ‘burn torturer’. Guess they already know who it is. So why don’t they arrest him?
  • Guess Obama gave him a free pass for burning somebody alive. Whoa, this is going nowhere good.
  • My husband and I talk to everybody. We’re not snobs. Some people say well, we’re not either; we’re just afraid. That’s your problem. Fear leads to more fear, leads to nothing good. We walk and talk. We don’t hand pick the people we think are good people and only converse with them, like they do in white neighborhoods. We don’t shun. Who are the good people anyway? The ones who refused to treat your child for meningitis, because you couldn’t pay? Or the ones who laid you off because they were going to make the same profit they always made no matter what condition the economy was in? Or the one who slaughtered that boar right out in public, cutting his nuts off, making a big display of their power over the pig? Or the one who refuses to say hello to you on their Sabbath, but makes you drop everything to go and turn their light switches on or off. Or the ones who report you to the city with some lame excuse, since that’s how they get people different from them to move out of the neighborhood, then the colonists can all be together in one group? You mean all those good people?
  • Oh, but it’s all legal? So good means legal and bad means not legal? So you don’t need to use your own thought processes or conscience? All you need to do is follow blindly what a bunch of so-called good people tell you to do, otherwise these same good people will sentence you to being raped every night in the prison of your choice? Whoa. Back up. Back Wa-a-a-a-a-y up.
  • There’s not a free press in the USA either. The government screws up everything they touch. Why do damage control through the media if they didn’t do anything wrong? Chris Matthews is now gushing over Sara Palin. Did you write that in? Maddow quacked before her cue. The Daisy Commercial everybody is up in arms about featured me: STARRING “IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER” right after a photo of Kalhid Shiek Mohammed. It’s linking me with the worst of the worst. That’s Hollywood CIA. A big Terrorist sign flashes. The script of my book title is done in a “wanted dead or alive”: ‘American Typewriter’ font. WILD WEST STYLE. OPS, that looks like WW: WORD WARRIOR. It’s about a restricted American Movie. It mentions the word ‘President’, but not Obama. Guess they were using a legal loophole, which means they ran it by the Justice Department. Just in case somebody said the commercial was taking out a hit on him or me, because our names weren’t mentioned, they’re legally covered. Not with God you’re not. Brace yourselves. I felt the terror. My husband felt the terror. It reeks of Dick Chainy and Donald Rumsfeld.
  • Do you see how they brainwash you, subliminally, overtly and by association? Guess I can call one of my torturers a name: chain. Looks like he’s trying to create a ‘chain event’. I never would have seen it. Steve pointed it out and replayed and replayed it, pausing with each frame. Isn’t it against the law to take out a ‘hit’ on someone? That’s criminal. I told you they fight dirty.
  • I finally called Apple to set the administrator of my computer right, since I bought a Kodak printer and it wouldn’t let me install it. I went to Office Max to print more copies of the book and the guy suspiciously said that he couldn’t open the PDF file on the disk, so I figured I had to circumvent . The Fed was blocking the printing of it.
  • The guy at Apple agreed that I was not the administrator of my computer. I was on the phone over an hour–or it seems. It ended up where he opened up the computer so anybody could monitor it, then said I’d have to call back in about a week and it would take a whole day to reconfigure it, then we’d have to start all over again on the administrator thing, but in the meanwhile ‘keep doing what you’ve been doing’. He didn’t want me to do any of that firewall, file vault security stuff.
  • The guy at Apple said he didn’t understand why I had so many keychains, since my computer had never been on the internet. The new guy downstairs pounds on my backdoor one night dangling a set of keys in front of me, asking for the landlord’s telephone number that was on the red disk he was dangling in front of me. Weird.
  • It made me a little ill to hear Obama a couple days later in front of the FBI calling them heroes and sacrificers. Wow. They even gave his two daughters two teddy bears. Hope they’re not threatening to cut their hearts out if Obama doesn’t play ball their way. They gave him a baseball cap. By the sounds of it, they already got him nailed. Even my husband thought it was totally inappropriate, given what they did to the teddy bear in front of the memorial fence by our apartment–and given that I sent that message all over the world and they know it. Maybe it never left the Cleveland post office.
  • I sent one to Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein, Ted Kennedy, Cokie Roberts, P.E.T.A. (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals), Rev. B. Nash of Cleveland, BBC Press Office, Glasgow, Gerry Adams of Ireland, Sara Palin, the Tehran Times, the Palestine Chronicle, Pope Benedict XVI, Lula Da Silva, President of Brazil, Simon & Schuster, Brent Larkin of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Hosni Mubarak, President of Egypt etc. The Jews were the only ones who returned it–stopped it midstream, since they were the ones who stole it from my computer.
  • Did I mention that the colors they used in that commercial STARRING IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER were the same as the ones I used on my computer, burgundy and white? For the life of me I can’t figure out why when I print it, the colors come out olive green and white. Caught ya, red-handed. They’ve been using it to their advantage, not wanting the rest of the world to see it–except in a Daisy commercial. Did I tell you they killed my cat, “October Daisy Mae”? The members of the Davies and Tight families are sufficiently frightened by the CIA and the Jews not to protest. That’s my job.
  • Years ago I sent an overnight letter to Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon. The Cleveland Feds were monitoring my computer and mail so they already knew what was in it–complaints about them. It was returned the day it was received without being opened. All way too fast–even for overnight delivery. I still have it–unopened.
  • They even monitor the letters my mother sends me. An eighty-three year old woman does not use epoxy and an iron to seal her letters. She doesn’t leave the house, even to go to church. They’ve been terrorizing her for years–just because they can. And now, just because Obama gave them permission, based on national security reasons, saying people would die, hundreds of thousands of Americans would die, if they don’t continue to terrorize me and my family–even the most vulnerable in my family–they continue with impunity.
  • Then stop writing Sharon. That’s all you have to do. I did stop. For years I didn’t use the internet or type a single word, and they still did it. So I figure they’re going to kill us all by stressing us to death anyway, so I’m going to write.
  • I’m not sure if I already told this story, but last summer when my husband and I were out walking, a pit bull started running down the sidewalk right at us. We didn’t know what to do. I ran out into the street trying to stop traffic so somebody could call the police. Nobody stopped to help. To make a long story short we made it home okay after some kid came out to retrieve the dog that his step father had let jump the fence–according to the kid.
  • A few weeks later we were accosted by a bunch of males after they got off the school bus and once again we made it home okay. When we got home my husband called the police and the police said they couldn’t do anything unless we call at the moment something is happening. “Get a cell phone”. He called the school and the person who answered said it wasn’t the school’s problem.
  • Since then we’ve gotten a couple phones and once again my husband is out walking home from the bus stop after going to the doctor and he gets accosted by a huge pit bull. Not knowing what to do, he calls the police–dials 9-11. This time the cell phone wasn’t the issue. They simply didn’t care. Call animal control. Well, who has the number and how is he going to get the number and this dog is getting closer and closer, now it’s right up to his pant leg. Anyway, he has called animal control before from home and they never answer the phone. It’s a ‘leave a message’ operation, and they don’t return their calls.
  • Eventually this guy in a car arrives, saying it was his girlfriend’s dog; he took control over the dog but not easily. This was fifty yards outside of our front door. If he had had Rose, our service dog, with him, who knows what would have happened. I wonder what the odds are of one of us, being attacked by a pit bull? I’d say the odds are getting smaller. But nobody cares about the neighborhoods, all they concern themselves with is national security issues, because the Jews keep saying that another Timothy McVeigh lurks in the shadows and we have to stop his attack before it happens. So the cops do nothing about the neighborhoods being terrorized every day of every year, because they’re busy doing what else? Strategizing from their cars possible Timothy McVeigh scenarios?  They were not going to send out a car on a pit bull. I wonder where they send it out from? Do they all wait at the station for calls?
  • Well, guess what? I think I may have secured my own computer. I went into the desk top that they created with a username of ‘root’ and a password of ‘a’ and discovered that if I typed in the word ‘keychains’ from the magnifying glass icon in the top menu bar, I could scroll down and access anything on my own desk top. All I had to do was click it on and like magic any document on my desk top opened up in this other desk top. I was livid–to say the least. It took me an overnight, to figure out how to lock all the key chains and then turn off all the sharing that apple turned on, and then I turn on all the security features. I still have two people on my computer, me as administrator and ‘other’ as standard, but on the other I changed the passwords and names and not even I can access them. One security device said that if I clicked it on, my computer would not even exist to others. In other words, the door to ‘they keep a knocking but they can’t come in’ was removed, so there’s not even a door to knock on. That’s probably why they sent out all those kids on Mother’s Day to harass me; they’re pissed that I figured out how to block them. How does it feel?
  • That last sentence reminded me of the doctor they sent me to, to have my brain checked. When I was firming him up as a witness, because I had not yet signed on an attorney,  and the attorney wouldn’t sign on till I had laid that groundwork, he said, “how does it feel to beg?” I said, “what?” He said, “you know, how does it feel to have to sell yourself”? This was a psychologist administering cognitive function tests who also said he was counselling people in New York from 9-11. I didn’t miss a beat. I said that as my own attorney I play the roles of plaintiff and attorney and part of my attorney duties is firming up potential witnesses for trial. The gall! Anyone who blindfolds you during a test has CIA written all over them.
  • So how many people got Swine flu and died before Obama decided to tell us? How many doctors and hospitals who didn’t know about the ‘Swine’ part, misdiagnosed people, sent them home, then they died of ‘something else’. How many people actually got blood tested for Swine flu? This is Katrina all over again. Obama is Bush/Cheney. He’s like a blind fool being led around by a bunch of bandits afraid of having to spend money on treating people. How do you like that analogy?
  • We don’t live in a democracy when a privileged minority controls what happens to everybody else. We live in a dictatorship of the privileged. Dictators do not know what’s best for everybody else. They only know what’s good for them. Obama is a dictator thinking he knows best and all his experts know best and the rest of us are at their mercy. The privileged make laws for their benefit at the expense of everybody else.
  • RE: accused Nazi guard that Israel exonerated. The Jewish Fed in Cleveland deports him from Jewish dominated Cleveland, while Obama exonerates all torturers who were ‘simply’ following instructions/orders. I wonder why the guards and limousine drivers–people who didn’t actually torture get more severe punishment than the actual torturers? There’s something wrong with the application of the law. When the Jews do it, they get exonerated. When somebody does it to the Jews they get the capital treatment for offenses. Billions and billions of dollars the Jewish Nazi hunters used of tax payers money to pursue suspects to all corners of the earth and do so as we speak in Cleveland, people who were simply following orders–yet no charges, no trials, no money for investigations for all those who gave the order, or for those who followed the order to torture and kill on behalf of Cheney/Bush. After 9-11 Cheney released people from prisons who would rape children–and adults–for national security reasons.
  • That’s right, for national security reasons we have to threaten to rape children and then actually rape them. Everybody who rapes knows it’s wrong. They don’t need a law to tell them that. Everybody who tortures knows it’s wrong. They don’t need a law to tell them that. All the loophole in the law does is tell them to do something they know to be wrong in the absence of prosecutorial consequences. Obama exonerated the rapists and the ones who ordered the rapes. Looks like progress is going backwards, not forward. Closing CIA prisons? When? In 2010 to give the CIA slaughter rights before they close down? Sounds like Cambodia after the Viet Nam war ended. But wait…Israel exonerated the guy–the accused Nazi guard. And Israel is the Jewish state. So, was the crime against the USA, Israel or the Jews? Wait…Israel didn’t exist as a state during World War II–so I guess that was a loophole. Israel couldn’t put somebody on trial if the crime was not committed against their state. So, there’s a wedge.
  • I wonder if we can put on trial all those USA guards at CIA prisons? Guess not. Obama already said no.
  • It sounds to me like those two ‘lifers’ who escaped from Florida prison, may have been let go–you know, to kill somebody in Cleveland, or maybe in D.C. I wonder if it’s against the law to release someone from prison for the purpose of committing a crime for the government? If the CIA can break the law, with no accountability, where does that leave the credibility of civil rights? Why put someone in prison for committing a crime, then release him/her to legally commit the same crime? The entire process falls under the category of terrorism. We terrorize the terrorists with the worst of our own. But wait…who do these secret, criminal agencies call terrorists? Animal rights activists? Anti-war  activists? Anybody who doesn’t bow to Israel five times a day in five different ways? Sounds like bowing to Mecca.   Either you’re with us, or you’re our enemy.
  • Stop putting your life on hold. Stop putting everybody else’s lives on hold, because everything that happens in your life is an emergency.
  • This Is Your Assignment: Do bones itch? Can they itch? What does an itch mean? What does it indicate? List all the causes of and reasons for an itch.
  • There were always kids in Girl Scouts who would sell a zillion boxes of cookies…
  • You mean she’s a Girl Scout too?!
  • Don’t interrupt.
  • …making it impossible for the other kids to compete no matter how hard they worked.
  • Once you list all the causes and reasons, then list all of the locations an itch can occur. Then scratch the one that’s itching me.
  • Remember, there is such a thing as bad courage.
  • Don’t anybody think that God’s keeping the Asians out of the criticism loop, just because a lot of them are atheists. They’re next up.
  • Atheists, truth be known, are as arrogant and as superior-minded as Christians, Muslims and Jews. The only difference is that one group thinks they control the universe and the other group thinks that some other force controls it–and that they have control over that force.
  • Where people think they’re superior to others, torture runs rampant. The Jews make you think that they torture for information. Not so. They torture for revenge, for punishment, for the heck of it, because they’ve always done it and the government signs their paycheck. Torture doesn’t need a reason in superior-minded societies, but it has one. These societies, out of fear of losing their superiority, use torture to keep people in line with their demands of superiority. That the USA keeps telling the world how much more powerful and better and superior they are to everybody else is a ‘tell’. You know they’re torturing if they say they’re superior, if they act as if they’re superior and if they threaten with violence, because they have a superior military. Face it; we’re torturers, and Obama just freed all those who engage in that terror sport. It’s a terror sport; it isn’t a mistaken technique.
  • Aftermath signifies hope for those remaining. I was going to name the second book of this trilogy ‘aftermath’, but  decided on ‘last chance’, after discarding ‘last chapter’ (which was too obvious), since I didn’t want something to have had to occur that creates an aftermath. The King of Jordan said he was writing a book and the working title was the ‘last best chance’. Too bad. I had my title before you had yours. I’ll leave the ‘best’ out just in case you want to dig your heels in and keep my title.
  • Sometimes I forget to act my age. Good thing. Too many expectations aren’t good when they define a person according to the number of years they’ve lived.
  • Okay, okay, so it’s Mother’s Day and I’m feeling a little down. I said to my husband, I feel like I’m in prison. Nothing interesting in the fridge, no Pepsi, no red bull, no sweets, mud coffee, no money. ‘Don’t kid yourself’, he said. People in prisons don’t get to make their own French pressed coffee any time they want. They can’t take a bath like you just did. They can’t hug their dogs or turn on the T.V. or listen to the music of their choice.
  • Wow I thought, does he have low expectations? See what the Feds have done?
  • I went on a restaurant tour a few weeks ago. The Feds were giddy. Obama must have given the green light to slam me in the slum. They brought out a Gerry Adams look alike. Two Scottish lasses looking at him adoringly and obediently, sat beside him–so out of place for Olive Garden. He had huge black sunglasses on, then like magic they became clear, all the while staring at me. Don’t know what that meant. But it made me feel a little queasy, since they were all Jewish actors. Yuk. They really do take liberties. They do a lot of this spying stuff at Olive Garden. They sit right beside me and force me to listen to them. They think I’m deaf, so scream. ‘They’re keeping you a starving artist; they like it that way. They’re going to block the sale of your work, then when you die, which will be soon, the value will go up, and they’ll come in and sweep up, while your family grieves (hahahahahahah)’.
  • Without skipping a beat, they follow with, “We’re all friends here. Relax. Your art’s better when you’re stressed.” That’s called, ‘killing me softly with your song’. It’s also called enslavement, torture and slaughter of a beautiful gift. It’s always the Jews. They must be in charge of a certain part of me. When the real threats are spit out, the blacks in the military do that job. The Feds know that I like Jews and blacks, so my guess is that they try to soften the blow by assigning them the dirty work. Actually, it cuts deeper. Maybe that’s the real point.
  • The Jews killed Jesus whether they got some pope scared for his life to say otherwise. Now they’ll do the same to me and get some pope in the future, after they try to assassinate him, to do the same. With friends like that who needs enemies. They’re one and the same. But to set the record straight, stop blaming the descendants of a jury pool for making a decision about the fate of Jesus. No Jews beyond the individuals of the day in that mass proceeding, are responsible for the result. And Pontius Pilate could have  redirected the verdict–yet didn’t. Similarly, the descendants of any holocaust committed against another aren’t responsible for the deeds committed by their ancestors. We need to stop carrying over life sentences of misery committed by the original perpetrators or imposed on original victims.
  • I saw a pharmaceutical commercial the other day. It was sickening, but close to the method I just described. It was telling about all these horrible, life-threatening side effects, while a woman was smiling overly sweetly. It reminded me of that blonde hillbilly on ‘Office’ smiling overly sweetly while predicting somebody’s death by their own hands, with a gun.
  • Imagine the gall of the Jews to want to rewrite everybody’s history books. Tell it their way, in their favor. That’s dictatorial. That’s evil. Stay a starving artist did you say? Obama hates me did you say? We’re all friends here? That’s how Jews negotiate. Know it in advance–going in–that they will pull every domination trick out of every one of their self-written books to get what they want, while you get nothing, and they’ll use every intelligence agency at their disposal, which is all of them, to threaten your family and your freedom to be. They accept only one condition: friendship in return for you being their slave–and liking it.  It’s called the superiority factor.
  • Israel isn’t a country; it’s a people.
  • Rosie got frantic this morning, scratching the door. I didn’t have time to dress yet for the day so I threw a robe on and followed her down the three flights of stairs. She never does that, never goes downstairs without me leading her. I ran after her with her vest, she bolted out the front door, still frantic as all get out. Instead of doing her business, which is what I assumed she wanted to do, she frantically ate grass–the long, wide bladed type, everywhere she could find it, but especially by the memorial fence. I pulled and tugged to get her away from it to make her stop eating it, since I didn’t know if the landlord sprayed for the weeds yet. He mowed yesterday. I felt glass crackle beneath my feet that the custodian must have refused again to sweep up,  because she didn’t put it there. I talk to her, take her around to the front and the other side, and she does nothing about her business, all she does is dive for every blade of grass she can find. Finally I tell her we’ll have to go back inside if she doesn’t have to do her other thing. So we go upstairs and she’s bolting up the stairs, which isn’t easy for a thirteen year old dog.
  • I got back to my typing and thought about looking up Maccabees in the bible once more to reread the ‘superiority factor’. Maybe because the Jews think they’re superior to all life and non-life, the reason the USA thinks and spews to the rest of the planet similar ramblings and maybe that’s why nobody likes us. Most white people in the USA are part Jew. Most blacks are too–since a lot of slave owners were Jews by other names. [They didn’t start changing their names after World War II. They were doing it long before then, all the way back to when the stories of the bible took place.] That could also be why the USA citizens aren’t bothered much by torture, dismemberment, murder. Most of their movies depict it. I go to the bible that had been chewed by Joey–the fork–Butterscotch, a.k.a. JOBO, opened it up and wow, Visions of Locusts. Then the Vision of the Fruit Basket. I had just made one in the kitchen, hanging from the ceiling with ivy vines, then recalled the poem about the basket of fruit.  Remember, in no particular order.
  • AMOS, CHAPTER 8. Vision of the Fruit Basket. 1 This is what the Lord showed me: a basket of ripe fruit. 2 “What do you see, Amos?” he asked. I answered, “A basket of ripe fruit.” Then the Lord said to me:
  • The time is ripe to have done with my people Israel.
  • I will forgive them no longer.
  • 3 The temple songs shall become wailings on that day, says the Lord God. Many shall be the corpses, strewn everywhere.–Silence.
  • Chapter 7 Vision of the Locusts. 1 This is what the Lord God showed me: He was forming a locust swarm when the late growth began to come up (the late growth after the King’s mowing*). 2 While they were eating all the grass in the land, I said: forgive, O Lord God! How can Jacob stand? He’s so small! 3 And the Lord repented of this. “It shall not be,” said the Lord God. Vision of Fire. 4 Then the Lord God showed me this: he called for a judgment by fire. *It had devoured the great abyss, and was consuming the land, 5 when I said: Cease, o Lord God! How can Jacob stand? He’s so small! 6 The Lord repented of this. “This also shall not be,” said the Lord God. Vision of the Plummet. 7 Then the Lord God showed me this: he was standing by a wall, plummet in hand.* 8 The Lord asked me, “What do you see, Amos?” And when I answered, “A plummet,” the Lord Said: See, I will lay the plummet in the midst of my people Israel; I will forgive them no longer. The high places of Issac shall be laid waste, and the sanctuaries of Israel made desolate; I will attack the house of Jeroboam with the sword.
  • It goes on and on. Then at the end, somebody named King James puts a messianic perspective on it all, saying okay, God will destroy you, but then will plant the Israelites onto their own ground, never to be plucked again. Yeah right. God could have said this to every individual and any group on earth and probably at one time or another, did.
  • I guess the ground that the Jews thought God meant was Palestine. But then what did God tell the Palestinians? Nothing? Oh come on. Get out and make way for the chosen ones?
  • This sounds like the Manifesto Hitler used to weed out the greedy, sinful Jews and preserve the gentle ones. Yup, Hitler got his plan from your own Holy Book. This was a prophecy meant to be stopped and instead was facilitated.  Why do you all accept that because somebody says something will happen if you continue down a path, that it’s your job to stay on that path to make it happen? Where’s your mind? Did you trade it for something?
  • The Jews wrote about themselves. They knew their flaws. Now is the time to challenge what is wrong with your practices and take immediate steps to change your ways, otherwise the universe will do it for you–like you keep telling the universe to do. You will not like the process or the  result. You really do like to suffer don’t you? Right after the bad news from V.P. Joe Biden, you popped a Jew into killing a student on a college campus–a Jew calling death to other Jews. This is just the beginning, Jews turning against Jews. The news reports it differently, like a non-Jew is calling for another holocaust, all the while the USA directs an aerial assault against the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The world is blaming you for all the financial woes, and rightly so. You kept the books, cooked them, got rich, then thumbed your noses at everybody else. It’s time for a reckoning, but not just for the Jews, for everyone who followed in their path.
  • What I don’t understand is how, if God is going to destroy the Jews and no longer forgive them, then why when Jesus came along to teach the Jews how to forgive, didn’t  everybody jump on that ideology? At some point they bear responsibility, just as they say the Afghans and the Pakistanis and the Iraqis and anything resembling Arab or Muslim or African bear responsibility when they act in the same greedy way.  A holocaust is happening as I write–in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Africa. You can’t threaten to send twenty-one thousand troops with the purpose of committing mass slaughter into a country and expect that that country won’t fight back. All that proves is the ‘superior  factor’ in the USA, and that the Jews in the USA are planning and conducting these massacres.
  • A democracy is not working in the USA. The country is falling apart, thus the world is falling apart, because no one has the courage to say what needs to be said. And anyone who does, gets blocked, because the holocaust makers are addicted to the blood.
  • You can’t plant people. But even if you loosely use that analogy, you’ve already been planted–all over the world. You assimilated yourselves into every culture on earth. What more do you want? After all this time, you still want a country to be called the people. God called the Jewish people Israel. God did not designate a patch of land to be called Israel. You edited your own book to make it look that way. Inserting a few lies with the truth, doesn’t make it all true. It’s a trick, and you’ve been found out. You’ve been exposed.
  • FYI: There is not going to be any more ‘next time you do this–blah, blah, blah’. You took a hit out on me via your Hollywood CIA machine and you will pay the consequences. No more chances. You already had your last chance.
  • Obama is no different. He didn’t blink when the Israelites massacred thirteen hundred civilians in Gaza for the sole purpose of getting his attention. How does that feel, to have that blood on your head? That they thought that’s the only action they could take to simply get your attention? And you were okay with that?  In fact, on T.V. (that you’re on all the time) you gave as justification for not speaking out against it, for turning the other way, that the Muslims were saying pretty bad things about you. Whoa. Back up. If you weren’t free to speak, because you were not yet President, then what kind of freedom of speech do the rest of us have?
  • I wonder why Christians don’t have a Holy Book. Oops, guess they do. Guess it’s called the New Testament–the forgiveness doctrine, the ‘let’s not be all greedy’ doctrine, the ‘heal the sick’, ‘visit the imprisoned’ doctrine. Whoa. Did that not get followed. I recall right after 9-11, somebody who was all over the T.V. said, “we don’t need no Jesus in the White House, guess we’re all going back to the Old Testament”–the old way, the wrong way, the killing way, the holocaust way. And nothing has changed since. And even Obama, who promised a new world, a kind world, a changed world, commits a holocaust right out of the gate. And not just one, but multiple holocausts, simultaneous holocausts, and he doesn’t blink.
  • RE: Imus. It wasn’t always about the codes; sometimes it was up front in your face. Like the time he gave the combination code to my padlock on my apartment door–on air, minus the middle number. The spies across the street could see into the hallway when I unlocked the door. I finally took a shade from the bathroom and put it in the hallway window. Then they could see into the bathroom. I didn’t think they could because I have one of those wavy glass windows, but they said they could and if I’ve learned one thing from the Big Nosed Nosy Fed, it’s to believe what they say. When they say they’re going to kill your pet, they mean it. They follow through.
  • I wonder who they recruit to do that? Probably the military. I changed the lock, but not after a bunch of people had gone through every square inch of my living space.  But a changed lock didn’t stop them, nothing can stop them. I can’t figure out why they keep entering my apartment. What could they possibly be looking for? And the apartment downstairs and across the way, both ways, back and front, what are they doing in those places? They move in, stay a couple months, then leave, replaced by others who do the same thing. they’re government plants. Anyway, that’s what Imus does, fights the terrorists, he says. He’s going to regret taking me on–I don’t care if he is a vegetarian. Vegetarians don’t get a free torture pass from me. He has to go to Obama for that.
  • Hey, I’d like to eat these words. But that will never happen, unless some skinny hipped pervert stuffs my own papers down my throat, like that JAG guy threatened to do, and I suffocate. “You don’t know who I am”, he said. Yeah, I do.
  • I don’t believe Obama when he says the USA doesn’t torture. Those are the same words used by B.C. And everybody knows they lied. So for Obama’s speech writers to tell him to use the exact same words, “We don’t torture” falls on deaf ears. Nobody really believes it, and that’s what his traitor speech writers want people to believe, otherwise they would have chosen a different phraseology, like maybe, “you have my solemn word that this country and anyone connected to it will not torture and I will pass laws that will be difficult to undo in a subsequent administration.”
  • He won’t do that because he wants to reserve the right–you know, for that one out of infinity chance (that the paranoid Jews keep telling him exists) that somebody may actually have all the keys that unlock the codes to an impending attack. I told you a long time ago that nobody makes codes like that any more. Codes don’t work, when they’re human-made. People tell you right up front what they’re going to do. Some Afghan war lord already said on T.V. that we’re going to get hit–soon. ‘So what’, the Jews said, ‘what else is new?’ Somebody said we’re going to get hit if we send all those troops in to invade a country and we don’t care? All we want to do is torture a bunch of people who don’t know anything. ‘Knowing’ isn’t going to stop the attack. Israel does that all the time. They tell the Palestinians that they’re going to bomb them and they can’t escape and then they do it. I don’t understand where this torture need is coming from. The USA says they’re going to do a ‘shock and awe’ and then they do it. Nobody had to be tortured to find out about it.
  • War needs to be banned, worldwide. Refuse to fight. Find another way. The Swine flu didn’t stop America from it’s aggression, did it? Some really smart lady speaking at the United Nations was hoping that this global pandemic would bring countries closer together in mutual cooperation, but the American Jews were having none of that. The bombs are dropping as I speak; that’s the proof.
  • SEESAW. Congress doesn’t hesitate to pass laws that criminalize bad behavior by the populace, yet expect the privileged to correct their own bad behavior. The privileged are the privileged on the broken backs of the populace that they so quickly incarcerate for like-minded behavior.
  • Wow. I just looked up populace and do you know what it said? “When the populace wants to it can change the course of history”. Wow, now that’s my kind of word!
  • The CIA is a terrorist organization that runs the USA and controls through terror other countries. Some will say that the CIA keeps it’s host country safe, but it doesn’t, it didn’t and it won’t in the future, because it can’t be successful while engaging in the Five Fatal Flaws.
  • I told the Feds a long time ago that they choose how I’m going to write about them. They chose to be, “THE TORTURER”. And unfortunately, Obama fell right into step.
  • So some of you might say, “Sharon why go to restaurants if the Feds are going to force you to listen to their threats and how they control you and your family?” It doesn’t matter where I go, they’ll be there either before me or after me. So what you’re saying is for me to stay locked in my apartment like a prisoner? No thanks. Although I’m not  a ‘live free or die’ person or a ‘Mass suicide Mosada’ person, I’m going to go out. One of these days one of them, a very important one of them, will get stopped in their tracks. That will be my freedom day.
  • When Moses summons all Israel, he’s summing all Jews, he’s not summoning all land. And how do you know that Moses wasn’t summoning all of humankind, while using the Jews as an example? You know now, don’t you?
  • Don’t tell me to smile sweetly; I’m on high alert. And stop telling me to put collagen in my ear lobes. How dare you.
  • The First Book of Maccabees. The name Maccabees means ‘hammer’. According to the New American Bible, “the doctrine expressed in the book is the customary belief of Israel (meaning the Israeli people, not the country), without the new developments which appear in 2 Maccabees and Daniel. The people of Israel (meaning the Jews, not the land) have been specially chosen by the one true God as his covenant-partner, and they alone are privileged to know him and worship him. He is their eternal benefactor and their unfailing source of help. The people, in turn, must be loyal to his exclusive worship and must observe exactly the precepts of the law he has given them.
  • They broke the covenant, so what now? Time to make a new one–with the God in yourself.
  • Don’t you see how you missed the point? The Jews don’t have one God. Each Jew has their own God. And so it is with everyone and everything else.
  • MY COUNTRY TIS A VEE. HOW DO I LOVE THEE? President Obama has no right to forgive the CIA or any other government agency, association, contractors, bureaus…for torturing people. Only the ones tortured can do that, and because institutions did it, they don’t have to forgive those institutions. Whether they forgive the individuals who designed, ordered or did it is wholly up to them. You, Mr. President, cannot absolve any one of their sins unless those sins were committed against you personally. To let torture slide can never be an option. To let torture slide because it’s inconvenient is condoning the torture.
  • The torturer will torture again, because torturers are serial offenders by nature. To call rape: sexual humiliation, and not the torture that it is, proves that you’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s all a game, nobody gets hurt, no lasting effects. You’ve been desensitized to horrific acts. You probably, mentally, put your own family in situations to motivate you to act like a Hawk, when dealing with outsiders–everybody does. For instance, what if a Muslim terrorist captured this or that one and did this or that to them? Well, yeah, that’s pretty scary to say the least. But you only do one half of the equation. What if your own country did this or that to this one or that one in your family? Would you be as motivated to prevent it, to stop it once in progresses? If it were your own country doing it, would you feel the same hatred? Whoa. You’d better slow down.
  • Because it’s controlled it’s not torture? So as long as it’s video taped while the rape is happening that makes it okay? Better back up. That’s what torture is: total control over another human being whereby you can do anything you want to do to that human with impunity. How many torturers are in jail, or even got brought up on charges of torture instead of something sanitized to make it look like a college fraternity party prank?
  • It’s strange how in interrogation the Feds will ask if you love your country. Define love first. Can you love a country? What in particular makes up a country? People, land, buildings?
  • Do you love the people who live inside the borders delineated by wars, which contain buildings and parks and roads built by it’s inhabitants?
  • Do you love all of the people no matter what age, socioeconomic status, gender, race,  religion or political affiliation?
  • Do you love all of the land, all of the buildings, even the ugly, vacant ones?
  • Do you love all the laws, political parties, religions, holidays, work?
  • Do you love to work?
  • Do you love all types of work?
  • Do you love all the animals that make up your country and all the trees?
  • Do you slaughter animals? Whoa.
  • Do you love the slaughterhouses and the experimentation labs?
  • Do you love the prisons, crime, judges, juries?
  • Do you love the military and spy agencies?
  • Do you love all the elected officials that form the foundation of your country?
  • Do you love your neighbor?–all of them?
  • Do you love it when your country invades another country unprovoked, slaughters the children like lambs then refuses to bury them, in order to make the adults submissive to their global financial plans?
  • Do you love that too?
  • Do you love gouging people’s eyes out, raping children, do you love forcing children to have sex with their fathers while you tape record it? Would you torture, rape and kill for this country you love, so that some other country doesn’t come in and steal it, like you stole it from the people indigenous to the land, because they didn’t have deeds and dividers and real estate laws like yours?
  • Do you love your country? I’ve never seen another country move, have you? You know, like one country moving into another? Can that geographically happen? Individuals decide to enter a country and take over the government, thus the populace, by military force or suicide bombers or by mass immigration.
  • Do you love your country enough to burn someone alive who isn’t harming you?
  • Do you enjoy dismembering people, children too, animals too?
  • Do you enjoy the screams, the squirms, the look of horror on the faces of your victims? Do you get pleasure from hearing people beg, or from humiliating people in public or in private?
  • Do you love your country?
  • Do you love a country that allows the intelligence agencies of other tenuous governments, terrorist nations, to disrupt individual’s lives to keep them silent and submissive to their terrorist whims?
  • Do you love freedom?
  • Do you love a free country? Define free. Free to control through subversive, tortuous, disruptive practices ‘all that breathes’ in support of the: “there will always be war” ideology?
  • Do you love that freedom?
  • Do you love your country? Will you kill your neighbors, or your neighbor’s dogs if your country asks you to? Will you let us use your house to spy on your neighbor; can we use your garage? Which neighbor? You know, the really nice ones, the ones who go to your children’s birthday parties, hockey games, graduation, the ones you call on when you need help. Will you spy on them for your country you love? Will you rape your neighbor for your country?
  • Do you love the flag?
  • Do you pledge allegiance to your flag and country? Can you murder for this piece of fabric–and all it stands for?
  • Do you love your country? Will you open your tenant’s apartment for your country and let us install listening devices and cameras and will you let our actors into your building so we can defray costs by making movies and sit-coms about the ones we’re spying on?
  • Do you love the terrorists or do you love your country? I said, DO YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY?
  • Do you love it unconditionally no matter what?
  • Do you love your family unconditionally, your neighbors, employees, strangers–all unconditionally?
  • Do you love the land, the buildings, the parks and roads–all unconditionally?
  • Do you love your country unconditionally–no matter what your country does, even if it tortures–you?
  • Do you love your torturers too? You mean if together we defeat the other torturers and the families of the torturers and the families of them, and of them, and of them, until we reach every single individual life-form on the planet?
  • Can a country commit torture? Can a piece of land, a border, a building, a park, a road commit torture? Can a person commit torture? Is a person a country? Did I make you torture me because I didn’t agree with the aforementioned doctrine? Can you reform me? You know, to see it your way? To go back to the enemy torturers, who are my family, and torture them?
  • Do you love your country?
  • Yes sir. I’m a person, a country and I love to torture. And I’ll do it all unconditionally.
  • Sign ‘er up. You are now a bona fide Patriotic American.
  • MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE. SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY. Sweet land of lib-er-ty…sweet land of lib-er-ty. I wonder what that means?
  • It means you’re a person, a country and you love to torture, which means you love your country. GOD BLESS  YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA.
  • Remember the next time you call somebody Hitler, that you’re calling them a Jew.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE IS PHYSICAL TORTURE and PHYSICAL TORTURE IS PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE. The two cannot be separated–legally, morally or any other way.
  • HOW DO I LOVE MY COUNTRY? I work to stop the enslavement, torture and slaughter by providing alternatives.
  • Obama thinks everybody in the world has a right to defend themselves except the enslaved Palestinians in concentration camps. Whoa. Back up.
  • I’m proofing now. Yesterday I woke up to work on the computer and the second book, which was about seventy pages, was missing from my computer. Totally wiped out. Only the cover remained. Guess they didn’t like the essay I wrote on the Daisy commercial. What a sinking feeling that was. I was stunned beyond belief. I know that they remove chunks of text, but not the whole book. Then somebody on T.V. reported that the FBI had a crippling virus in their external system. Luckily I backed it up, but was missing the last ten pages, that I hadn’t backed up. Lost forever. But wait, maybe not. Maybe since I already wrote it, the DNA of it remains in my mind. Guess what I’ll do is sprinkle and pepper bits and pieces as they surface, while I’m doing the proofing.
  • Guess they found a way to enter the computer even after all those security efforts I took. Now they have the whole book. What we say in the apartment or what I read out loud to check the cadence, gets inserted into T.V. shows, almost in real time. This national security reasoning is a scapegoat. Stop the terrorist-for-peace, while we make money, so we can keep monitoring her, you know, like Michael Hayden says, ‘you never know when someone will be pushed to the brink and slap on a TNT belt or come out of hiding to bring down the Jewish towers in every city on earth. She’s the one. She did it all. That guy they water boarded a hundred plus times said her name. Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh-wsh,wsh,wsh,wsh,wsh. You mean Sharon? Was it Sharon? Sh-Sh-Sh-wsh-wsh-. Got her. He said it–on tape. It was her.
  • Got the first two pictures of the second collection returned today from the framer: Rose’s Park and Five Days In March. They’re both shadow-boxed. They sure are spectacular. Five Days In March, though, has something under the back cover, bumpy feeling, wire-like. Wonder what that is?  Wired for sound? It doesn’t appear in the other one. I like the shadow box look. Never used it before. Think I’ll shadow-box the entire second collection. I’m using a lot of texture now.
  • Update since A PLAN FOR THE PLANET. Gay marriages legalized in several more states. People using constitutional arguments. I wonder how other writers would feel, if as they were writing their book the Nosey Fed was stealing it from their computers and publishing it in their names, using their government agents on ABC, NBC, CBS, cable news shows? Notice how some of the actors in some of your favorite T.V. sit-coms are looking you right in the eye when they’re reading their scripts on air? Creepy.
  • The Feds want to know where the gun is that fits the bullets on the back cover. They’re making bets that, ‘she’ll die by suicide’, and then they’re working it into scripts that you’re watching. Your precious tax dollars are being used to finance CIA-Hollywood. What they knew but didn’t care about, is that somebody else, close to the brink, will take their lives as a result of them trying to get me to take mine. It’s called collateral damage–a new type of warfare: direct control via the media to brainwash individuals into committing acts of violence. And because it’s peppered and sprinkled and sometimes sprayed, and can land in anybody’s mind, they use the same ratio as they do in bombing a suspected terrorist’s home halfway around the world, 300:1 (acceptable level of collateral damage, 300 suicides to get one suspected terrorist to do himself/herself). It’s called WIPE OUT.  The problem with that strategy is that the ones who design, implement and who are considered the rank and file of the plan, also watch the same shows. BINGO.
  • I’ve not written much about my pain. I could write that here and you’d all say, ‘wow, what a piece of art that is. I was right there, feeling it with her’. I don’t want you to feel my pain; you all have enough pain of your own. I’ll come close enough so that you’ll believe every word, then back off and let you fill in the appropriate blanks–without having to feel it. I don’t understand why in the holy books the writers wanted everybody to feel their pain–forever. They could have left some stuff out. What good did it do? It’s like never forgetting the holocausts so we can keep committing them. It doesn’t make any sense.
  • It isn’t only tough, strong people who start and fight wars. Meek, weak people can, and do, start and fight wars. The meek are more underhanded about it, but just as deadly.
  • It’s strange that the military trains people to kill, then becomes outraged when the soldiers kill themselves. Guess they’re having a hard time discerning who the enemy is. “Maybe they’re just having a bad day” is what one general said.
  • It’s strange how the military drugs soldiers with anti-depressants to make them feel good about killing themselves. All anti-depressants have as a side effect: suicide. And if suicide, then the pendulum can swing the other way to homicide. All anti-depressants have as a side effect: killing. The military knows that.
  • When you give someone an anti-depressant, then force them into a killing situation, they’ll kill–somebody.
  • When you make someone into a killing machine via brain-washing and drugs, they’ll return to carry out the same acts of death by suicide or homicide in their country of origin.
  • The USA will be attacked by it’s own, sprinkled, peppered or sprayed, it won’t matter. En masse, everywhere.
  • It’s strange how the military doesn’t care, because Congress doesn’t want to pay for mental health.
  • Mental health means health of the mind. Mental health doesn’t mean crazy.
  • It’s strange how the military trains someone to kill, then says they don’t torture. Killing is torture.
  • The use of biological weapons is torture. The military is using biological weapons in every region where they’re bombing.
  • My husband had carotid artery surgery. Ninety something percent blockage found when he was being made ready for another rotator cuff surgery.  I was shocked given our diet. But then I learned his whole family has it–all his siblings–even his ninety-six year old mother; she’s had it for decades. One of their doctors said it was hereditary. The difference with my husband and the others was that theirs’ was hard plaque and my husband’s was soft (the more dangerous kind). I think that Smart Balance soft, transfat-free margarine, a four pound tub a month, may be responsible. He keeps thinking that if it lowers cholesterol, then the more the better. And Smart Balance won’t deny that–not emphatically.
  • We’ve called more than once to clarify. And they never really do. In fact, they want to be everybody’s mayonnaise as well as margarine. We already have a great animal-free mayonnaise in Vegenaise. We don’t need to be eating a bunch of margarine to replace the mayo. But then I thought, how about the Milky Ways? The giant Hershey bars, nearly all fat and sugar? Frankly, I think they removed a giant Milky Way smothered in transfat-free margarine from his neck. Soft plaque means something. With all the doctors, nobody seemed to know or be willing to say what causes it, except that soft plaque is the most dangerous and most likely to cause a massive stroke. During surgery his vocal cords were damaged and he still slurs his speech as if he had a stroke and his tongue is still numb on one side after three months. The right side of his tongue was black for weeks. His after surgery and said, “Everything Went Just Spiffy.” (JEWS). Wow. I hadn’t heard that phrase in decades. Then, bingo, I heard it on “30 Rock” a couple weeks later. Now it’s sprinkled into scripts all over the cable shows.
  • Can you measure sunlight and darkness? If you can, then you should be able to put it in a test tube and test it. Can you? You can witness the result–only. Then what’s all this nonsense about vitamin D in pill form, if the only source of vitamin D is sunlight? Sunlight must have a molecular structure that can be duplicated synthetically, which means so can God. Chew on that one for a while.
  • Let’s talk heart, briefly and succinctly. When I was in the hospital for toxic mold poisoning for four days, cholesterol screening and treatment must have been the diagnostic tests du jour for the students, because they focused more on that than anything else. They gave me Lipitor and I swelled up like a balloon and they thought that was quite alright. Well, I didn’t . When I went home I didn’t fill that prescription. I was already on an animal-free diet, and at the time it was totally animal-free. I already exercised. So the massive weight gain and the compromise of all my body systems from the poisons included a cholesterol level that was askew. However, there are people in my family who have low and high levels and diet doesn’t seem to matter.
  • Of course everybody is a meat, dairy and egg eater–except me. Anyway, when I got a copy of my records, that had been altered by the way, by the Cleveland Clinic, I noticed that my cholesterol levels were checked every day I was in the hospital. It wasn’t that high, to warrant so many tests, but more importantly, the values varied a lot from day to day, as much as thirty and forty points each way. So what’s all this nonsense about lowering your cholesterol a few points in a few weeks by eating certain cereals? It’s all hogwash. Just wait a day. Check it, then wait another day and it will go in the other direction and then the next day in the other direction. In other words it fluctuates all over the board.
  • Since my husband had his surgery he’s been very good with his diet, with his exercise and his supplements. He did everything right. Not a single candy bar and very little trans fat-free margarine. He also lost twenty pounds. So he was anxious to get his cholesterol tested. He fasted the day before, the night before, and the day of the test. When he got the results back, it was the worst. It not only didn’t go down, but it went up from 174 to 250. And everything else went up too. When talking to one of his brothers he was told  that it not only fluctuates from day to day, but fluctuates from lab to lab. His brother went for tests one morning and walked across the street to another lab and had another test (he can afford to do that, because he’s a doctor of dentistry), and both tests came back vastly different. Now, something is not right here. The testing procedures are not accurate, or if they are then the medical profession has to tell people the truth about the natural fluctuations.
  • My husband was put on Crestor. If Tim Russert was on Crestor or a similar pill, then I just figured out what killed him. My husband got a free sample in addition to his prescription, so I took the free sample. The doctor said it was harmless, so why not. I don’t have benefit of doctors and healthcare. The Feds took that, remember? Anyway, if you have arrhythmia, I would not suggest you take that pill. The pill doesn’t clean out your arteries the way people think it does, you know, like Draino cleans a drain.
  • It’s a muscle relaxant that relaxes smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is located in the heart, arteries/veins, intestines, lungs, etc. So the pill relaxes the arteries so the blood can pass through more easily. Because these vessels are muscles, heart attacks can occur when the muscles contract too much for too long.  Or, if too relaxed, the heart can go into a massive quivering of the entire organ that can be fatal. That happened to me one night. It was unlike any arrhythmia I’ve ever had. Luckily I survived. I felt what was happening, because my heart is closer to the chest wall than most, and I maneuvered till the heart went back into normal rhythm. It also makes you regular in the intestinal department–like clockwork, because it relaxes the bowel. Crestor is not a safe drug for people with heart abnormalities. And lots of people have them.
  • To think that pharmaceuticals are thinking of selling it to kids, rather than having them stop eating animals is outrageous. The pharmaceuticals have this knowledge, yet they are withholding it so they can get your kid on it before you know the truth–just to make profits while keeping the conveyor belts of slaughter moving–a kick back to the slaughter industries. Plavix is also not without it’s issues. One doctor said it was nothing more than  a turbo-charged aspirin. At over a hundred dollars per month that’s a pretty expensive aspirin. And watch out, if you can bleed with aspirin, you’ll bleed more with a turbo-charged aspirin. Your brain won’t have clots, it’ll be more like one giant scab.
  • Ever think about the plaque, or tartar, that forms on your teeth, when you eat something with a lot of sugar in it? Even if you just brush your teeth and they’re smooth as glass, you can run your tongue over your teeth and they’ll feel gritty, after eating just a little bit of sugar. Maybe reducing sugar will help as much to lower cholesterol along with eliminating actual cholesterol intake. The formation of plaque may have more than one source/cause.
  • Consider this: when you exercise, which is always, if you’re alive, you’re body is throwing fat into your blood stream. That fat is animal fat, because you’re an animal. So you really don’t need any additional fat from other animal sources, like some nutritionists will tell you. They’ll say that some vitamins are fat soluble and need fat in order for them to be assimilated into your system so that your system can benefit from them. I’m not questioning whether vitamins are fat or water soluble. I’m making the point, that we have all the fat we need from our own bodies. We don’t need additional fat. We don’t even need oils, such as nut, olive or vegetable oils. How is it that nature provided the ear of corn, then instructed us to squeeze millions of kernels so that we could get the oil we so desperately need for survival? Come on think for yourself. Diet was not meant to be that difficult. Did you know that there’s fat in carrots? Peel a hundred pounds of them and you’ll see.
  • A paradox. Insurance companies deny people treatment leading to people’s deaths–often. Yet, when a parent and child decide on alternative treatment for cancer, the FBI puts a warrant out for their arrest and a court forces a child to get chemical therapy.  Chemical therapy, especially for a child, is like poisoning all body systems and nothing is ever the same. The FBI needs to stay out of our doctor’s offices. How dare you!


  • NEWS ALERT. Like every other American or other world citizen, my husband loves burgers. We didn’t have any money to go to the store to buy the soy/veggie burgers, so I decided to experiment with another recipe. I got the grains out, washed them, put them in a big pot, lots of them with lots of variety, the combination meticulously designed for maximum burger-like favor and texture. Just as the pot got close to boiling I looked and noticed that a lot of tiny black thread-like things were floating on top. I looked further and further, thinking maybe it was part of one of the grains, maybe the lentils, but no, not those. Then I thought it was the flax seed, but I didn’t use flax seed this time.
  • Then I walked over to the mile-high shelves and checked each large sealed jar for anything unusual, or anything that moved and bingo, there it was–in the barley. The barley was moving or something on the barley was moving. I thought, oh no, not again. Last time it was the dried split peas, then two times ago the barley and then the barley again. One place sold organic barley, same problem, the next place was an Italian market, same problem, next time it was the same whole foods store that took over Wild Oats. I’m thinking a new owner was taking better care, not so. Then I decided to get them from the grocery store in one pound plastic bags, now it happened again. What is it with the barley? When I buy it, it’s fine, then it sets for a month, which is what dried grains do, and then all these bugs hatch and ruin the soup, or in this case the burger batter.
  • So, as much as I like barley, I’m going to have to throw away that beautiful Beet Barley Soup I made that’s still in the freezer, because I didn’t know it was covered with larvae. Oops, I already ate that soup. Do I have larvae in me now? You know, the first time I took the peas back, somebody at the market should have done something. They didn’t. Maybe the person at the store level wanted to throw away the entire bin, but somebody in charge of them wouldn’t let them do it. Sell it. Most people when bugs hatch will simply throw it away and not come all the way back to the store. Those at the store think, erroneously, that when they reorder, a magical new batch will show up at the back door, not the same old one.
  • Not so. It’s been a long, long time and the barley still has larvae on it. Now I’m wondering if all the barley, no matter how it’s packaged and who is retailing it, is coming from the same location–organic, inorganic, bulk, packaged, it all seems to have the same problem. Let’s take out the word ‘seems’. It seems that I still have that old habit from nursing school, where everything is written as: “it appears; it seems; apparently” used to keep hospitals out of lawsuits. It doesn’t seem to have bugs on it; it has bugs all over it, which means it had larvae all over it. So, I throw it all away, then sanitize the pot and the container and have to rethink my burgers. I’m not throwing away the recipes I have using barley, since I’m hoping that the barley growers will do something about this problem so I can keep eating their product. But that’s not helping me today.
  • The Good New is that I was forced to make a burger without the barley. And WOW.
  • Prior to 9-11, I advertised my animal-free burger as the FREEDOM BURGER, dog food, so I could send it through the mail; nobody ordered any, then the Feds stole the title after 9-11 attaching it to French fries. There’s nothing free about French fries with cow dust on them. I’m going to call this burger “MIRACLE BURGER”. It’s packed full of nutritious ingredients, tastes like a burger without the blood, looks like a burger, sandwiches up like a burger on a variety of breads, rolls and buns. My husband said, like all people will say– “A BURGER THAT IS ALSO A BOWEL BUSTER IS A MIRACLE. Eat what you love and lose weight too? And sweep out what needs cleaning? Wow.”
  • One big batch makes fifty burgers–quarter pounders. A little more tweaking. Maybe change the cornstarch to flour and a little less water in the burger batter. The goal is to be able to toast it. So far it works in the micro-wave and the toaster, but the thin ones not too good for texture when lifting from the toaster. Not a problem. That’s fixable. You’ll have to wait for this recipe. The Big Nosed Fed (BNF) isn’t going to steal this one to make money to make wars all over the globe. This burger is going to have a Grand Opening Celebration! Cash Cow they call me. Theirs. Not any more.
  • RE: the Hunter’s Burger shown in Book I. Not many people like short grain rice, so I used long grain. However,  short grain also works well, actually better. So we keep the short grain rice people in business. Not to worry.
  • Interjection: The Bad Feds (they’re not all bad, but they’re mostly bad) are going to try to find something in my writings that predicted an attack, specifically, then they’re going to cause that attack, then they’re going to use that as proof that torture works. Block their surveillance of me and they can’t do that.
  • RE: Lipo-suction. Ever see bags of it on T.V. shows that feature the procedure? Yukky is an understatement. You eat that. You fry it up as bacon, you stick it in those really juicy hot dogs to pump them up, you mix it in the burgers to make them drip when you bite into them. You eat it in ham, chicken cutlets, steak, ribs. That’s right. It’s the fat of the animal. And since you’re the animal, it’s just like your fat: that yellow, yukky, lumpy stuff that they suck out from under your skin through tubes into a bottle, when you want to be thin, and lack the discipline to eat less to be thin.
  • So go ahead, stick your face in it, rub it all over your body to clean yourself as the soap it often becomes, then stuff your mouth with it. Chew, chew, chew. Yuk, yuk, yuk. Yum, yum, yum? Wow. You really do like that stuff. The good news is that you don’t have to eat some other animal’s fat, because your body will use it’s own fat as fuel, and you don’t have to slice it off and chew it; it uses itself from within, more effectively and efficiently than going through all those extra steps of cutting the fat from someone else, cooking, or not cooking it, then consuming it.
  • RE: Bones. I have broad hips. It’s probably an English thing or Dutch or something. It doesn’t matter how much weight I lose and how skinny I get, those hip bones are still there. The only difference in the way I look between thin and fat is that when thin, from the side I look flat as a pancake and from the back I look like the skillet. When fat, I look like the skillet in every direction. What I’m trying to tell you is to accept your bone structure and lose weight to fit your health profile. Don’t go by insurance guidelines. It’s idiotic. If you can’t see over your belly to your underparts, then you’re too fat. If you can’t jaunt up a couple flights of stairs (if you have limbs), then you’re not physically fit. If you’re crying all the time, because you don’t look like everybody else, then you’re not emotionally fit.
  • Kira Phillips tells the world via CNN that restaurant owners promise that a cut back in prices won’t mean a cutback in the quality of food. Is she speaking for all restaurant owners? Did she interview all of them? Did anybody interview them? She based that promise on two or three or maybe four or maybe only one restaurant owner? What’s in a promise? Is that an oral or verbal contract that all restaurant owners just made through Kira Phillips via CNN with everybody in America? For whose benefit, to advance whose agenda? To keep lining whose pockets? The restaurant/service industry is the second largest employer in the USA. Who decided to write the script, to tell Americans that restaurant owners were not cutting back in quality?
  • In tough economic times quality always suffers. Who decided to write into the script that she read with authority that restaurant food was safe? The government, that’s who. They want you to eat out and spend your precious few dollars to keep the fat cats in the food industry clothed in furs, big boats, mansions, limousines, extravagant vacations, while you risk your paycheck on a gamble that tomorrow when you’re in a bucket of financial trouble, that all these folks you kept rich will give you a helping hand. It ain’t gonna happen.
  • Shame on Kira Phillips for brainwashing the poor slobs of the world with her military mantra of serving her country a pot of old beans and stinky fish with leftover yams, and stale bread, because no one will complain about free bread,  and soups made from garbage that once the rats and raccoons enjoyed, now sporting an eight dollar price tag with a bunch of old herbs and spices to cover the bad taste. Lobster bisque? Who takes a perfectly fresh lobster and grinds it up for soup, unless the quality is highly questionable? Leave the lobster out is my mantra.
  • Prices are going up, quality down, serving size down and yup, they’re acting like Mom and Dad in the kitchen, stretching that hamburg or steak to last for more than one meal, maybe two or three. Pile up on carbs: rice, beans, pasta, bread, the cheap stuff and keep the perishable stuff a little longer than safe, salt it, herb it, spice it up so it tastes okay. Throw some hot sauce on it and at least you live another day. Not in my animal-free kitchen.
  • When you pay for top notch, expect top notch, not leftovers. If you want leftovers, you’ll eat at home. Profits don’t go into the trash cans like every restaurant owner will tell you. You pay for whatever trash you want to make out of your meal. It’s the people who want to retrieve your already paid for meal from the garbage that’s the problem. Don’t blame people’s small appetites for your shaky bottom line.

Because the pigs are in the news–this next recipe is for all the Spam eaters of the world, made with love for the pigs.


There are a hundred different spreads you can make, but this one we keep going back to!

Makes approx. 5 cups spread

1 lg. green pepper, cored and cut into chunks
1 lg. sweet onion; peel and cut coarsely into chunks; measure out 1 cup
1 pkg. Tofu Hot Dogs (I used LightLife Smart Dogs), cut into chunks
1 lb. extra firm water-packed tofu; rinse well and squeeze in tofu cloth or between several layers of paper towels to extract liquid
1-1/2 t. salt
2 T. Poupon (Dijon) mustard
1/3 c. Vegenaise (soy mayonnaise)
lots of freshly ground black pepper

Place green pepper, onion and tofu dogs in food processor. Process till crumbly, then transfer to large mixing bowl. Don’t over-process.

Place tofu, broken into chunks, and salt in food processor. Process till mealy, and transfer to tofu dogs and veggie crumbles. Again, don’t over-process.

Add Poupon mustard, Vegenaise and black pepper. Stir and mash with sturdy spoon till evenly dispersed and coated with the soy mayonnaise, and it looks like ham salad.

Transfer to covered container and refrigerate several hours or overnight to mature flavors.

Notes: Once a week for school lunches, we as a family had Spam salad sandwiches. Chopped Spam, egg, green pepper and onion mixed with Miracle Whip and black pepper. Spread it on white bread (or your favorite bread or rolls) with nothing more than a little more soy mayo on the bread and voila! A perfectly balanced sandwich for taste and texture.

At times, we also had it for picnic sandwiches in the summer. My mother would make two loaves of sandwiches and served them with an iced jug of half Kool-aid and half frozen lemonade. What fond memories of nature, family and food. This Soy Spam Salad tastes and feels just like it did back then, only without the cruelty.

Back then we didn’t have food processors, so my mother had this huge wooden bowl that she’d place all the ingredients in, and using a hand chopper (that never needed sharpening) one of us kids would chop till fine, always crying a bunch from the onions, then she’d finish the prep and make the sandwiches.

When I don’t have Poupon mustard, I use yellow prepared mustard with equally tasty results.

Another sandwich.
This sandwich is for President Obama.


Sautéed sauerkraut, fried soy salami, sweet red roasted peppers on toasted whole grain bread with a Thousand Island-type dressing!

Makes 5 sandwiches

1/4 c. transfat-free margarine
1/2 lg. sweet onion, peeled and cut crosswise into thin half rings
32 oz. jar Polish sauerkraut with caraway seeds; drain in colander, rinse well under cold water, then squeeze by handfuls to extract liquid; set aside
1 T. peeled, fresh minced garlic
1/4 t. caraway seeds
2 t. sugar
lots of freshly ground black pepper
1/4 t. ground allspice
2 T. vegetable oil
1 pkg. Soy Salami slices
jar sweet red roasted peppers

Thousand Island Dressing:
3/4 c. Vegenaise (soy mayonnaise)
1 T. ketchup
1 T. sweet pickle relish
bread of choice
softened margarine (not melted)
prepared yellow mustard

Go ahead and make the Thousand Island Dressing first, just to get it out of the way. Combine soy mayo, ketchup and relish, and stir to evenly disperse ingredients. Set aside, so it’ll be ready when you need it.

Place margarine and onions in large skillet, over medium heat. Salt liberally and saute till wilted and brown-tinged.

Add squeezed sauerkraut, garlic, caraway seeds, sugar, lots of freshly ground pepper, and allspice. Stir well till sauerkraut is coated with margarine, then saute till sauerkraut becomes brown-tinged. Salt to taste and set aside.

Pour 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in separate skillet. Heat till hot, then fry two slices of Soy Salami per sandwich, quickly on both sides. Place on plate.

Heat red roasted peppers.

Lightly toast as many slices of bread as needed. I used 12 grain which worked well, but you may want to use rye. Spread toast evenly with soft margarine.

For each sandwich:

Spread about 1 tablespoon Thousand Island Dressing on one slice of toast. Top with a tong full of sauerkraut, about one fifth of the skillet.

Dividing the sauerkraut in the skillet makes it easier.

Top sauerkraut with 2 slices fried Soy Salami.

On second slice of toast spread very thin layer of mustard topped with a little more Thousand Island Dressing. Then top with a piece of red roasted pepper that fits the bread, without overdoing it. Close, cut in half and serve.

Notes: I developed this recipe for my husband who loves Reuben sandwiches. Although I don’t use margarine on a sandwich when using soy mayonnaise, he does, so in this instance we do what he likes–and he did indeed like this sandwich.

Coincidentally, we saw that Obama ordered a Reuben sandwich when on the campaign trail. My husband said, “he’d like this one”. So this one is for you too! Hope you like it.

Here’s a tip when making hot sandwiches. While making the sandwich, place the toast on a rack on the plate, so that the hot ingredients in the sandwich don’t make the bottom slice of toast soggy. The heat against the plate will sweat the toast.

Variation of the Reuben.


Fried Soy Canadian Bacon with sautéed cabbage and sweet red peppers on dill rye with spicy mustard and Vegenaise. A perfect hot sandwich!

Makes 2 sandwiches

4 slices dill rye bread
Vegenaise (soy mayonnaise)
brown spicy mustard
transfat-free margarine or vegetable oil
1 sweet red roasted pepper, cut into strips 1/2 inch wide
green cabbage; slice thinly into strips, about 2 big handfuls
4 Soy Canadian Bacon slices
freshly ground black pepper

Toast bread as you like it.

Spread 2 slices with Vegenaise and 2 slices with mustard.

In small skillet, melt a little margarine or oil till hot. Add pepper strips and cabbage, and stir-fry till partially wilted. Salt and remove to plate.

Oil skillet a little more, then fry Soy Canadian Bacon slices very quickly on both sides, just enough to soften, not brown, slices.

Immediately lift slices from skillet and place 2 on the two pieces of toast spread with mustard.

Lift cabbage and mound on toast spread with Vegenaise. Top with freshly ground black pepper. Close, cut in half and serve.

Notes: This is a really quick sandwich to make–given that it’s hot. And it tastes oh so good!

Be careful to cook Soy Canadian Bacon quickly, flipping from side to side till heated through, and then remove from skillet immediately. Otherwise it will stiffen up and become too hard to enjoy–more like plastic than bacon. Hey, it’s like overcooking a steak; you don’t do it, because it tastes like shoe leather. Do the same with the cabbage; don’t overcook. In other words, stay at the stove, except to retrieve the toast from the toaster.

Use any type of bread you want, but we found the dill rye to compliment all the other flavors and textures.

This sandwich is like a ‘fresh’ Rueben.

THE ENGLISH MUFFIN is my everything bread. 

  • For those who say the English don’t know how to cook, that’s a prejudice based on a stereotype that isn’t true. Proof in point: THE ENGLISH MUFFIN is the perfect bread. It’s my pancake, waffle, French toast, jam and toast muffin, shortcake for strawberry shortcake, bread crumbs for toppings. It’s the perfect bread for bread puddings, for sandwich spreads, pates, fried soy chicken patties or burgers, or soy bacon, lettuce and tomato, and for fried soy bologna sandwiches. It’s a bun, a roll and comes in different sizes and grains.
  • In the first part of the book I complained that I couldn’t find an English Muffin without milk. Thomas’ didn’t make one and that’s the brand most places carried. Not a month after I printed that item I was in the grocery store where a special sale sign caught my eye in the soy milk section: English muffins for 99 cents and even better, no milk, made by ‘Crown’. Then my husband finds one that Dairy-Fresh makes, and same thing, no milk. How great is that! I’ve had English muffins every day ever since.
  • In appreciation I’m thanking those who make them without animal products and the English for inventing them. Even though you can make any kind of sandwich with this special, unique bread, I’m going with something simple and cheap, given the economic climate we’re living in.


Every vegetarian when first giving up meat, misses the goopy, drippy mess that biting into a juicy burger makes. Nowadays you can replace that burger with a veggie/soy burger, but when you can’t afford that or when you don’t have one on hand, this sandwich fits the bill.

Makes 1 sandwich

1 English muffin, split, lightly toasted and spread with softened margarine
Grey Poupon Dijon mustard
sweet pickle relish
peeled, thinly sliced cucumber
thinly sliced sweet onion, very thin
fresh cracked pepper

After spreading margarine on both sides of the muffin, spread one side of the muffin with mustard and the other side with relish.

Top with cucumber slices, slightly overlapping, then top those with very thinly sliced sweet onion. Sprinkle with cracked pepper, close and serve with a few napkins.

Notes: How simple is that! When you eat this sandwich you’re going to be thinking you’re eating that juicy burger with all the goop that you think you’re missing so much.

This sandwich would normally call for Vegenaise (soy mayonnaise), but since we don’t have a car, and the grocery stores in black America won’t carry the really good soy products, I often have to do without, so I found that Grey Poupon mustard, which is usually on sale is fluffy enough to substitute for the fluffy texture of the soy mayo when teamed with the margarine that melts into the nooks and crannies on the muffin and the wet relish. It comes out perfectly every time. I don’t even need the soy mayo. But when I have it, I of course use it along with the Poupon mustard and relish.

Let’s do a couple soups:

  • But before then, let’s get back to Swine Flu. In an effort to reduce panic, public officials and authority figures inadvertently create that which they attempt to stifle by sending mixed messages to the populace. The USA is becoming strikingly like the Arab Street and the kingdoms that rule it. Tell them what we want them to know. It’s all great science we’re told, but we’re not told what the science is. It’s all a lot of smoke and mirrors and slight of speech and visions and caricatures and images–everything to trick the brain into following orders of not becoming alarmed during an emergency. Problem with that is that it applies to all emergencies. In other words, the brain doesn’t differentiate among emergencies, because the CIA targets the part of the brain that deals with emergencies in general. Sort of like a flu vaccine that targets the common elements of all flus.
  • The Feds, like the kingdoms, assume that the populace is comprised of a bunch of feeble-minded people who can’t think for themselves. Knowledge is power and they don’t want us having any power. It’s strange how the Obama before and the Obama after is startlingly like the B.C. transformation. The head of the Department of Homeland Security speaks just like the head of Homeland Security under B.C. It’s erie and scary all at once. What happened to the openness promised? Now that we all know that Obama and his people lied about the numbers and continue to lie about the numbers by using the word ‘confirmed’ instead of ‘proven’ cases, and given that a tiny proportion of people actually get a blood test to verify the flu, they simply get the treatment and get sent home, nobody cares any more, which means they diluted the message to such an extent that puts everybody at greater risk, because nobody is taking precautions.
  • We hear more about an out of wedlock pregnancy of a governor’s daughter than we do the risk of death by disease. I guess it’s going to take the infection of a really important person for the Feds to fess up to what they’re doing with our security. What does homeland security mean, anyway? Secure the land or the people? I don’t see both happening here. I don’t believe there are enough antibiotics for everybody.
  • Talking about vaccines, I’m questioning why the news keeps reporting that parents don’t want to give their children vaccines, because of the autism threat, when in fact, it’s the mercury threat that parents are taking into their own hands. Take the God-damned mercury out of the vaccines. And stop lying about what parents are doing and why they’re doing it. The Feds are trying to force you by shaming you into vaccinating your child with a neuro-toxin, which means it is toxic to your nervous system. Your nervous system is your brain and your brain controls all functions of your body.
  • But lets point out the other factor. A cocktail of low level, active diseases is given to your child in order to prevent them from getting these diseases. A little bit of exposure desensitizes your body to the disease. I think separate is better here. Stop mixing cocktails.
  • Like God, it’s difficult to talk about something separately that isn’t separate. The brain is part of the body, but I’m forced to refer to brain and body as if they were separate when they’re not, because nobody thinks of the brain as part of the body. Why is that? Brainwashing by governments and religions. The good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it, is that the brainwashers listen to the same media; they write the scripts, so their brains are assimilating the same information that yours are. One of the functions of these books is to unbrainwash your mind, to get you thinking for yourself. Knowing how you’re being brainwashed is key to preventing it, once you’re free to think on your own. Maintaining your freedom requires vigilance to methods used by the governments, religions, businesses and groups of the world wanting to control your thought processes, thus your actions.
  • Preparation is key in planning for a pandemic. The Feds didn’t care about your plans, only theirs’. People spend more time planning a vacation or a wedding than the Feds allowed for a pandemic. I know I’m not prepared. I don’t have a stash of antibiotics. I don’t even have a doctor, nor a car, and even if I got a car, the Big Nosed Fed in Cleveland already let me know that they’ll have somebody steal it. So, if all the bus drivers get sick, none of the poor people can get to the doctor or hospital.
  • When you have to scrutinize written or spoken language in order to find a loophole to prove or disprove a legal contention, then you’re going against the intent of the mind that wrote or spoke the words, since the mind doesn’t naturally think to insert loopholes when communicating. To intentionally write loopholes into laws is an affront to the intent of the law and an affront to the people whom the law is supposed to serve and protect.
  • We’re in an economic depression unlike any other, in that it has spread as a pandemic throughout the entire world. Yet the Feds keep lying to us about it.
  • We’re in a psychological depression unlike any other, in that it has spread like a pandemic throughout the entire world, yet the Feds keep making wars all over the globe, putting the entire planet in a highly stressful situation, making us susceptible to deadly viruses.
  • Do you wonder why deadly flus accompany wars? Come on, think. Weapons of mass destruction. No? Then you’re going to tell me that flus are nature’s way of culling the herd? Terrorist micro-organisms, like hunters, like special ops taking the lives of the youngest and healthiest of the herds? Those bugs like the cockroaches are pretty smart. So, when were you lying, when you said that most cases in the USA were contracted via Mexico or when you said the greatest proportion of cases had nothing to do with Mexico?
  • It spread via a host. What is the host? So you lied when you said that no pigs had the flu? What, did you test all the pigs? So to keep the wealthy happy, you tell the populace, the American Street, to eat pigs, just like you tell them to eat salmonella-ridden eggs. So the guy in the back who filled the chimney up and then somebody in his apartment torched it, after I called the police on him for beating up his girlfriend, knocks on my door two days after Memorial day to offer me some leftover ribs in an aluminum tray, in other words pig, and when I politely declined and told him to enjoy them, and his response being, “I’m not going to eat these things”, what was that supposed to tell me? He won’t eat them, but he’s giving them to me? Tell me again?
  • Tell me about the host and the disseminator. And what was the “happy hunting” message in his telephone voice  disguiser for? Why would this guy giving me ribs want me to hear it? Is it the slaughter industry that Obama owes, that puts him on T.V. buying burgers so often? Why is that news? Everybody eats burgers. Trying to counteract somebody else’s message of no slaughter? Did you enjoy the photo-op of you walking a cow to slaughter? So, if there’s no host, then the viruses were disseminated. Secret societies working the underground via the government institutions? If there’s no host, then there’s a delivery system. How many thousands of tons of biological weapons does the United States have in storage? Can you name all the locations, in case there’s a threat? Only the Feds have access? Which means only the Feds can use them? So if there’s no host, then there’s a delivery system that only the Feds have access to. We do have Swine Flu in the United States and around the world. That has been documented.
  • So the reason you didn’t close the barn door was because it started in the USA, not Mexico as stated. The truth would have been so much easier.
  • Update: Guess Nancy Pelosi lied too–lied about her knowledge of torture. She knows about me and what they’re doing to me and my family. She condones it. Who is running the country when she states that she doesn’t know what the CIA and military and all those other spy agencies are doing and she, along with all of Congress, has no power or control over them? Then who is in control? Who’s making the decisions? We deserve to know. We’re being controlled by a terrorist organization called the CIA and numerous other terrorist organizations.
  • The low flying jet flanked by two fighter jets over Manhattan was not a photo-op for the military. It was not a promotional photo. Who would have to promote Air Force One? Who would want to promote it as a participant of 9-11? It was part of a movie. The military and Hollywood working in tandem. That’s the sanitized version, that the government controlled media didn’t release. I always wondered why the government had 9-11 on tape in real time. That’s when I got brain damaged. The people who did 9-11 knew I’d be able to figure it out. Back then the Arabs/Muslims hadn’t heard of me. They weren’t monitoring me. My own government was doing that. Clinton started it, when I went anti-Kosovo war, anti-carpet bombing, anti-bombing. But it started way before him, it’s just that he accelerated it, so it was in my face.
  • Do you wonder why nobody in Congress wants anybody brought up on charges of torture or ordering torture? Because they’re all complicit. It’s like letting the killers decide who gets prosecuted. Obama pushed that button, everybody did. Obama’s hands are not clean of torture.
  • So the pandemic that everyone claims to have prophesied wasn’t stopped; it was facilitated. Keep eating that which is making you sick so we can take your money is the message this damaged brain is getting, but wait, if there’s no host, then it must still be in the process of dissemination, which means the terrorists aren’t done with us yet. Wait till Fall or Winter is the message. Then who or what will be the host then? A new strain? If worse, then something will have had to be different. Life started as a single ape in Africa, from whence we all descended, yet the pandemic flu sprang up in a multitude of locations spontaneously and simultaneously around the globe? Both of these can’t be right. Pick one, but you can’t pick two. This is not one of those instances where contradictions can both be accurate.
  • Alright, we pretty much know now that Hollywood is government controlled, always was and always will be. So that means that the CIA and the military and all those other juicy spy agencies/bureaus and what not, control the pornography industry. Ever wonder why no victims were ever found from the making of those snuff flicks? The killers were investigating the killers. Duh.
  • I recently bought a brand new Kodak printer. On the internet it advertises twenty-eight or so pages a minute. I pushed a button that said, ‘test’ and a sheet of paper came out that showed the printer to have been tested in the year 2000. It had five errors. I wonder if the machine can only go to 2000, and if those five errors were corrected at the factory level. I thought maybe it was because of the millennium glitch, you know, when some computers couldn’t process anything after 2000. But then I was able to set the date to what’s current, so it does have that capability. And it’s supposed to be a brand new, state of the art product. How does that happen, that a brand new machine on the market can spit out a test sheet that says it’s really nine years old and it has five errors? It’s getting so you can’t trust anything.
  • My computer that has never seen the internet, has a load of keychains. A whole list of companies and countries have access to my computer. Wells Fargo? Why them? What does DOD mean and what do all those special classes mean?
  • Did you know that withholding information about torture is torture?
  • In the ‘Imus In the Morning’ Days on MSNBC, my husband got up early to go to work and so did I. I’d turn on the T.V. because on the internet, current news didn’t get added till about nine o’clock. He often had this guy on the show who was a sniper or something; he did renditions. I can’t remember his name but it sounds like ‘Whittaker’. Back then I walked Rosie around the neighborhood, not being fully aware of the dangers of pit bulls.
  • One day, I’m walking and this white van pulls up beside me. I stop, as it’s now impossible for me to walk anywhere, since this white van is blocking my way. I’m facing the side of it, which has no windows. Suddenly a loud noise, and the entire side slides open. I see a man in a suit and tie and white shirt and over coat lean forward and I notice quickly, very quickly, that there are either four or five other guys dressed the same way standing up–in the van. There are no seats and I can’t see the driver.
  • My heart is starting to beat fast even as I write about this, remembering it. He asked where a certain street was and as he did he leaned even further toward me and for an instant, I knew I was going to be grabbed. Well, this man saw something in my eyes that made him abort the mission and he quickly closed the door and they sped off before I could answer. Now this was either real or the people who did this to me were actors pretending to be real. I suppose some people down town had a big laugh over it. Yeah, Sharon thought this was a rendition. We we going to kidnap her and send her to Egypt to be tortured.
  • My heart is still pounding from the memory of it. A couple of years later, I was again recounting the story to my husband one night when we’re sitting around listening to music. I was still stinging from it and had to vent once more. I remembered the street he asked about. The next day my husband and I leave the building and walk a little up the street, when a car zooms up beside us, seemingly from out of nowhere. It stops suddenly and the woman driving asks us the same question. It was the Fed again, letting me know that they were listening and they could do anything they wanted to do.
  • I kept telling my husband not to speak to her, and she wouldn’t let up, she followed us to the crossroads and blocked our way from crossing the street. I started screaming at him about who she was; she finally sped off and disappeared as quickly as she appeared. I finally figured that there was a base, a cell I call it, on Upton Street–or beyond. A USA cell. Follow the red brick road. It’s the street right next to us, the one with all the pit bulls. My muscles are starting to shake inside of me, so I’m going to quit typing for the evening, or morning I should say.
  • Steve goes to hospital tomorrow for another surgery on his other shoulder and I’m a little bit nervous about another surgery so soon. I don’t feel safe and I don’t feel safe for him. I don’t know what they’re going to do to him–especially after that (JEWS) comment last time and he came home, hardly being able to speak. He has a really bad neck, three fusions, and I don’t trust the doctor. I don’t trust any doctor any more. That’s what terror does. Terror imposed by your own government for being anti-violence, anti-war, anti-prejudice. That’s the price in the USA. They do it because they can do it and nobody is going to object. Not even the Speaker of the House. Not even the President of the United States can stop them. I write feverishly because I’m dying. They told me I’m dying and I believe them. They always tell the truth, says George Tenet. Even though I know they’re lying, I still believe it. That’s one of those contradictions where two opposing statements are accurate. Even my husband said tonight that he can see it in me. He’s never said that before.
  • Finally, Jack Baur punched himself in the face. Somebody had to do it. It was probably a publicity stunt. He works for the Feds. Paroled to the CIA/Pentagon. The Feds want a ’24’ reminder as they bomb Pakistan and Afghanistan. Obama is doing a Clinton trick, ala Kosova–no troops, just bombs. Shock and Awe. Carpet.
  • So, this young man in the ghetto trying to get to college is either going to grow old or die young in the ghetto. His one chance with me was gone as soon as the Feds stepped in. People don’t have time to wait for an enhanced, ‘no child left behind’. Who even wants to use that word, ‘enhanced’, any more. Sounds like torture to me. Plans of talks aren’t helping today, this year or even next. Everybody wants to teach everybody a lesson. Bring him to his knees, we have conditions, a lot of them, before talks of college even get thought of. That’s their way. There’ s a new way that’s going to by-pass their need for vengeance against anybody in a ghetto. Free passes are going to be handed out with no questions asked. You know, like Obama exonerating all those torturers and the people who ordered it and watched it and did something really kinky with it. Oh, I’m just getting started.
  • ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ is my new motto. It didn’t work in the military, but it will work in the ghetto. Just a misplaced resolution to a problem is all it was. It has found a new home.
  • It doesn’t include dog fighting and burning people alive. It involves all the little stuff, you know, the only stuff the cops can do anything about. They don’t tackle big, they go for little–all the time. They erroneously think that a lot of  littles makes a few bigs. That’s a big fuzzy math leap.
  • Maybe like me they’re not too hot in the math department. It’s all for show anyway.
  • So the Wesleyan girl student in Connecticut who got killed by a person the press is calling anti-Semitic is being lauded as a Jew target by who else but another Jew. Wolf Blitzer jumped the gun on this one. I could see what was coming down the pike on the face of President Shimon Perez as he conferenced in the driveway of the White House with a show of force by his body guards. It was written all over him. He was about to do something that he couldn’t stop himself from doing. And he was pained by his lack of discipline. He was sickened by himself. But still…he and all the Jews really can’t help themselves. They have to kill. They keep telling the world, but the world isn’t getting it. The bible tells them so.
  • No. Their compulsions tell them so. They wrote it into the bible to justify their sickness, rather than try to cure it. I wonder what it’s going to take–this time. I see it all coming. Jew against Jew. The ones who don’t know they’re Jew against the ones who do. At some level the ‘don’t knows’ do know, and subconsciously feel betrayed for being lied to. It’s sort of like finding out when you’re forty years old that you’re adopted. Wolf Blitzer just couldn’t wait to jump in with an anti-Semitic theme. That is so old and so lame. Jew against Jew is the new anti-Semitic. Get used to it.
  • CNN reports on a Saturday afternoon the breakdown of religions in the USA according to the CIA world fact book. That’s a joke right there. They’ve got lots of material they keep telling me. Guess they stepped in cow dung with this one though. They only listed four religions: Protestant–51%, Catholic–24%, Jewish–1.7 %, Muslim–.6%. then they listed 12% as unaffiliated and 4% as none. If only 1.7% of the USA are Jewish, then why does 1.7% of the people control 300 million of us? That’s a minority, which is the inverse of a democracy, which means we’re in a dictatorship. Either that, or the CIA just proved my theory that most Jews hide in other people’s religions.
  • I guess the other religions were too few in membership to make it to the CIA fact book. The problem with the Jewish category is that it’s both a religious and an ethnic group. The name is the same: Jew. Catholics and Protestants are comprised of all kinds of ethnicities. Therein lies the rub.
  • So what’s the difference between ‘unaffiliated’ and ‘none’. Steve says ‘unaffiliated’ means you have a religion, but you’re not affiliated with it; you don’t participate. And ‘none’ means no religion, no affiliation, which means to me that the two groups are the same. Or maybe the ‘unaffiliated’ believe in some kind of God and the ‘none’ group believe in no God. If that’s true, then that’s what they should have said. The CIA is hiding somebody in those no God or no proof of God groups. So forget the figures. How do they know anyway?  What were the parameters for study? Who tells the truth when asked? It sounds like the reporting of Swine flu all over again. Confuse the populace into thinking what we want them to think.
  • They wanted to make the point of how powerful Jews were. We only make up 1.7% of the population but we have  two out of nine seats on the Supreme Court. Actually, they probably have more than that if you leave out the religion factor. Bingo. Dictatorship. Your methodology backfired.
  • RE: torture, yes, again. Whatever happened to that old adage, “would you jump off a bridge just because somebody told you to?” Guess the new answer has changed to ‘yes, as long as the instructor says it’s legal’. Remember, and don’t ever forget this: When you tell someone to torture somebody, you’re torturing the one being given the order to torture, so two people are now being tortured.
  • I think lemons get a bad rap. I wonder who thought that one up–to assign a fruit to defective parts and plans? The lemon is a beautiful fruit. Add a little sugar and wow, lemon cake, lemon pudding, lemon pie, lemon cookies, lemon candy, throat lozenges, lemon water; add a little salt and wow, lemon sauce for veggies, lemon rice, lemon marinara sauce, lemon and caper sauce, lemon garlic sauce, lemon wine sauce, lemon soup; then turn it into a cleaner, a furniture wax, an air freshener, a body lotion and oils. I don’t get it, the use of the word ‘lemon’ to mean something bad. How about we give the lemon a break and stop discriminating against it?
  • Remember when Al Gore took credit for inventing the internet, and everybody jumped on it, and on him? Well, I was the original blogger. Believe it or not, that’s what I did for years. Only I didn’t do it on the internet and I called it practice writing, which is what I was doing. How am I doing now?

Okay let’s get to those soups. I’m making myself hungry talking about lemons.


Creamy yams simmered briefly with tarragon, rosemary and a hint of smoke. I’m making this on the stove as I type and am waiting for a call from the hospital regarding Steve’s surgery. The yams used for this recipe have an American Heart Association recommendation.

Makes 5-1/2 cups

40 oz. can cut yams in syrup
2 c. plain soy milk
3 T. transfat-free margarine
1 t. ground rosemary
1 t. dried tarragon, crushed
liquid smoke to taste, 1-2 t.
1 t. salt
lots of freshly ground black pepper, or to taste

Place one half of cut yams with one half of the liquid (syrup) in food processor and process till smooth. Pour into large saucepan.

Process the second half and add to the pot. We divide the processing, because most people have small processing bowls and you don’t want the liquid to burst up out of the unit. I speak from experience. I lost about a quarter cup of liquid trying to do it all at once.

Add remaining ingredients. Stir well with wire whisk to completely incorporate all ingredients.  Cook over medium, low heat, uncovered, at a soft boil for about 15 minutes. Adjust for herbs, and heat till herbs are to your taste.

Remove from heat and either serve up in soup cups or reserve for service later. Because of the richness, cups are better than bowls.

Notes: First of all, this soup is laughingly simple. Yams are cheap and good for you and delicious. They come already sweetened, so there’s no need to add more sugar.

If I were serving this to company, which this soup qualifies for, then I might float a melon baller of chilled margarine and a fresh sprig of rosemary on top of each serving, followed by a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper.

Since Steve is being intubated for surgery, this will feel soothing on his throat should he want a little something to eat. Vitamin A is good for healing tissues, so it’s just what the doctor would have ordered.

I think it’s great that yams come in a can already peeled, because peeling isn’t much fun.

The smoke adds a rich dimension, and the herbs are more subtle than you’d think. It’s delicious, which means it’s ‘bookable’–my term to remind me the recipe needs no further work.

Let’s do another soup.

  • I want to do something for the restaurants I’m criticizing all the time. When living in Portland, Oregon we went to a restaurant called Ringside that specialized in steaks. Because I liked the ambience of white linen tablecloths and dimmed lighting with waiters in tuxedos, I’d go to a steakhouse and try to order vegetarian. The chef said no problem with the vegetarian, in fact they had a platter that they serve people like me.
  • I was stunned when it came to the table. It was like whole pieces of steamed vegetables, the size of fists with nothing on them, accompanied by a baked potato. In other words, I was served just about every vegetable in the restaurant in huge pieces. The next day I complained nicely and the owner said, “frankly, we don’t know how to do vegetarian”. He said, “tell us how to do it, and we’ll do it”. I didn’t understand how a chef couldn’t know how to prepare vegetables. Anyway, this soup is for all such chefs. Remember what I said earlier, to be considered a true chef, you need to know how to cook animal-free.
  • Serve with some hot rolls with herb and garlic flavored margarine, followed by a great salad and I’m a happy camper! Add an entrée and a dessert and maybe an appetizer and I’ll be in animal-free heaven!!!


Cabbage, broccoli, turnip, sweet onion and celery steeped in a subtlety seasoned curry, coriander and rosemary broth. Wow!

Makes 25 cups

2 fresh bunches broccoli; remove stalks, trim ends, then cut stalks into 3/8 inch cubes; reserve broccoli buds for another use
2 c. peeled, cut onion, 3/8-1/2 inch squares
5-6 c. cut green cabbage, 3/4 inch squares
2 c. cut celery; cut each stalk in half from end to end, then crosswise into 1/2 inch segments
1 lb. carrots, ends trimmed, peeled, cut in half from end to end, then crosswise into ½ inch segments
4 lg. turnips; remove ends, peel and cut into 1/2 inch cubes
16 c. water
2 T. sea salt
1/4 c. light brown sugar
lots of freshly ground black pepper
2 T. mild curry powder
2 t. ground coriander
1 T. dried tarragon, crushed
1 t. ground rosemary
1/2 c. tomato paste
1/2 c. transfat-free margarine
freshly ground black pepper
fresh cilantro, optional but nice

In extra large soup pot combine first 7 ingredients, up to and including water. Bring to boil over medium-high heat.

Add next 7 ingredients, up to and including rosemary. Boil softly, uncovered, for about 30 minutes.

Add tomato paste, margarine, and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Stir well to melt paste. Soft boil, uncovered, for another 30 minutes.

Adjust for salt and pepper and either serve immediately in soup bowls or reserve for service later.

If desired, top each serving with fresh chopped cilantro–makes it extra special!

Notes: Oh so nice. This is what elegant in soup means, all the while expressing hearty goodness–something you can sink your teeth into.
Cook till carrots are tender-crisp–soft on the inside and al dente on the outside. Each vegetable blooms with it’s own savory flavors. The spices blend beautifully to enhance the subtle flavors of the vegetables.

This recipe makes a lot. It’s easy and it freezes well. No potatoes makes it freeze well. There’s no need to put potatoes in every soup–even if you are Irish.

The “7731” refers to the grouping of ingredients. Easy for a chef to remember.

No bouillon is needed. It’s a mistake to think that because you don’t use the animal in the broth, you need to use bouillon. You don’t. Besides, I’m a little concerned about what they make those compressed little cubes out of. The moldy ends and skins of vegetables? If so, then no thank you. I do use it on occasion, but I prefer not to.

Use the broccoli buds for your steamed vegetable or in an apple, broccoli and potato vinaigrette salad.

  • The phone rang. It was University Hospitals, about Steve. She wasn’t sounding too optimistic and I became cautiously alarmed. As it turns out, her demeanor was about transportation and not his condition. She said that he hadn’t been completely honest with them and had they known he’d be taking a taxi home, they wouldn’t have done the surgery until he was able to arrange for transportation. What she didn’t know was that he was planning on taking a bus home.
  • What’s a person to do? We can’t have a car, because people keep stealing them, and he can’t drive a rental while on medication. I don’t drive, and we don’t have the type of neighbors who would help out by giving him a ride. He asked the landlord’s son once if he could get a ride down the street to the apartment, when he thought he might not make it before having an ‘incident’, and he said flat out “no”. Our neighbors engage in the spying and torture of us. They don’t help us; they help the Feds surveil us. They enter our apartment when we’re not here and try to burn the building down. We can’t get the hallway lights turned on when it’s pitch dark in the hallway at our level, which means Rose can’t go out till the custodian decides to turn them on. Rose can’t see in the dark. Neither can we.
  • Anyway, I suggested a medical van or transport, but the hospital lady said they wouldn’t do it unless they knew us and we had taken one of them before, because it’s all done by insurance. They don’t take cash. I know we took one before, and we paid cash, but I couldn’t remember who they were. They don’t take Medicare anyway. So, I guess he’ll stay overnight, then in the morning he should be able to take a taxi. I then asked how Steve was doing, and she said, “do you want me to ask the doctor assistant if she wants to talk to you?”
  • This woman was really beginning to annoy me. Luckily the assistant turned out to be one of his previous students, which made me feel a whole lot better, so we talked comfortably to each other. Everything went well. Tears were repaired, a tendon was reconnected, everything used during the procedure was absorbable, even the plastic screw they used. And he got a prophylactic antibiotic. Times sure have changed. So now I’ve got to deal with a nurse or employee who wants to punish him for planning on taking a taxi home.
  • Maybe I could call Donna Brazile, the one who excuses car thievery. Maybe she’ll pick him up at the hospital. We’re not allowed to have friends, because everybody who comes into our lives gets the spy and disruptive treatment. It’s not fair to them. So I have to warn people ahead of time, when they enter my apartment that they’re being monitored. It’s a hell of a way to live. And the Feds keep saying, ‘you know what you have to do’; but I don’t. I wouldn’t do it anyway, even if I could figure it out. Pledge allegiance to Israel, to concentration camps, to holocausts, find Osama bin Laden? The one being tortured never knows what their torturer wants.
  • So, they’ll keep him overnight and charge Medicare for something that wasn’t necessary. The hospital should be able to make arrangements. If they’re going to do a ‘you’re on your own’ thing; that’s fine, he’ll take a taxi. Taxis don’t come into this neighborhood to pick somebody up, but they’ll drop somebody off from a hospital. We’ve called before,  for a pick up and there just aren’t any taxis. Now I’m wondering if the Feds were intercepting the calls when we called for taxis, like they often do, you know, pretend to be who we’re calling and then give us a hard time, or try to plant a code, and then give us a hard time. Guess it was a little bit of both. He stayed overnight, while I had to listen to the guy down stairs scream all night about me and the Feds.
  • All I heard was,“Sharon…Feds….Sharon….Feds….”. Everything in between was not discerned. Noise is all it was to me. Anyway I drowned him out with the internet  radio: a Russian station, then a Dutch one. I like not understanding the words. I think the Feds think I can speak Russian now.
  • The custodians on more than two occasions were monitoring our calls…but over a long period of time. We were hooked up to their phone. It’s easy to do from the laundry room. I wouldn’t know how to do it, but one of them is an electrician; he would. When I called people to complain, they’d come out and separate the lines again, but nobody could do anything, because the Feds were directing it. I could always hear somebody pick up the phone when I was on it. For years this went on till I finally caught her. I picked up the phone and she was on it talking about lottery tickets and numbers. She acted like it was my fault. I’d see her slip the cop in the cruiser something from her pocket when he’d drive up, tooting his horn from the corner of the street till he arrived out front, as a signal for her to come out. So she was giving him tape recordings is my guess.
  • The other day we received a call and the caller ID displayed our own number. Dead air was on the line. Guess we were calling ourselves, but we were both sitting in the living room when it happened.  I can hear a clicking sound while I’m talking, and when I hang up, then pick it up later, there’s that dead air again. I’ll just give them something to talk about. FUF. They should know by now that I don’t have an AK47 in my closet; they practically live there.
  • I’m feeling depressed about all this as I type it. It used to help to write it out; stress-wise it helped. Times have changed. I think maybe it’s better to do what Steve does, pretend it isn’t happening. But when we do that, they jolt us harder. They need constant attention. They need me responding to all they do, to keep them happy. But it doesn’t keep the severity of the hits down. A bunch of kids right out of college working in the FBI/CIA who like to poke sticks at people, using me as their training doll, and in order to get good grades they have to have a large response rate from me…like the rat in the cage of some experiment.
  • I wonder how long it takes to get stressed to death? As I write this I can see the face of Shimon Perez in my mind’s eye. Not good.

I feel like an hors d’oeurve, how about you? Let’s do easy.


I made this dip to have as we watched the super bowl. A special dip for a special party of two–
but any party will do!

Makes 2 cups

16 oz. container soy sour cream
1/2 heaping c. Fried Peppers with Onion, Mancini brand (locate in Italian markets or
specialty sections of supermarkets; it’s with the sweet red roasted peppers)
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. garlic powder
1/2 t. onion powder
1 t. ground coriander
fresh cilantro, parsley or paprika garnish
dippers, such as triangles of pita bread, potato chips, tortilla chips
In large bowl combine soy sour cream, peppers, salt, garlic and onion powders, and coriander. Stir to evenly distribute.
You can either serve this immediately or for a thicker, more flavor potent dip, refrigerate for several hours before serving.
Transfer to decorative bowl, garnish as desired, then serve with your favorite dippers.
Notes: If there’s leftover dip, which there probably won’t be, use on toasted bagels for lunch or snack. Yum!

CREAMY HOT ONION CAPONATA SPREAD (hot means taste not temperature)

High flavors and taste sensations. Whoa!  Like that.

Makes 2 cups

10.58 oz. Jar Eggplant Appetizer Caponata (I used Roland brand, but use what you want; I try them all)
8 oz. plain soy cream cheese
1/4 c. peeled, minced yellow onion (the small hot type, not the large sweet ones)
1 t. garlic powder
1 t. salt
1 t. sugar
1 t. ground coriander
1/4 t. red cayenne pepper
dippers of choice: pita bread triangles, or sliced French baguette, or toasted bagel wedges or tortilla chips
garnish of chopped fresh cilantro, paprika or chopped Kalamata olives

Combine all ingredients, except dippers and garnish in medium bowl. Stir and mash with the back of a sturdy spoon till evenly dispersed. This will take a while; soy cream cheese is like dairy cream cheese; it takes a while to stir ingredients into it.

For best results, make ahead and refrigerate overnight.

Transfer to decorative container, garnish as desired and surround with dippers of choice.

Notes: When serving French baguette, I serve some plain and some toasted.

If serving canape style, top bread or cracker with generous dollop of spread then top with recommended garnishes. A dot of olive paste also works nicely.

This is halfway between a dip and a spread, so you can use it as either. It’s a nice consistency.

It’s going to have a strong, hot onion flavor, so use the right onions. The garnishes need to be equally potent, that’s the why of the Kalamata olive over the California    olive. Capers are welcome. If you want to get extra fancy, use more than one garnish.

You can use fresh garlic in place of powder; mash to keep a smooth texture. Sometimes too much chopped stuff in a spread or dip isn’t good, so often I’ll use powdered garlic. But you decide for you; I just tell you what I do.

Salad anyone?  I love salads and I have to say I make some great salad dressings!


with thinly sliced sweet onion and celery marinated in a sweet curry and cinnamon Balsamic vinaigrette. Fabulous!

Makes 9 cups salad

Make dressing first: Makes 2 cups dressing
3/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
1/2 c. white vinegar
1/4 c. Balsamic vinegar
1 c. light brown sugar
1 t. salt
1 T. mild curry powder
1 t. cinnamon

Place all ingredients in blender container and blend till smooth. Set aside.
4 McIntosh apples, unpeeled, cored and cut into 3/8 inch cubes
2 c. sliced celery; cut off ends, then slice thinly on a slight diagonal, about 1/8 inch thick
1/4 lg. sweet onion, peeled and sliced thinly into 1/8 inch thick quarter rings
16 oz. can navy or pinto beans, drained and rinsed well in wire mesh strainer to remove all foam from the beans
1 c. pecan halves
freshly ground black pepper

Place dressing in large bowl. Add apples, celery, onion, beans and nuts as you prepare them, especially the apples, because you know that they’ll turn brown if left exposed.

Add freshly ground black pepper as desired and stir to coat thoroughly with dressing.

Refrigerate in covered container till ready to serve.

Transfer to decorative bowl and serve as lunch or accompaniment, or on a buffet. If served on a buffet, don’t make it too far in advance. You know what happens to apples.

Notes: Serve with one slotted spoon and one not slotted. Some people will want more dressing than the slotted spoon allows.

I know, I know, lots of sugar and oil, but it taste so good and hey, I’m competing with the slaughter industry, so some recipes have to be a little, you know …..

When the solids in the salad are gone, save the dressing that remains to drizzle over field greens, iceberg wedge or hearts of romaine topped with a few cherry or grape tomatoes the next day! Don’t waste. Okay?

And another…

  • Charlie Gibson once said in an interview that he wished people knew the difference between real and fake news, but he didn’t say how to tell. Well… Mr. Charlie?


White and red kidney beans combined with baby shell pasta, sweet onion and pepper strips. Tossed with a maple mustard tarragon dressing. Wow! Wow!

Makes 13 cups

2 fresh green peppers and 1 sweet red pepper, cored, cut each end to end into 6 segments, then crosswise into 1/4 inch wide strips
1 lg. sweet onion; cut off ends, peel, cut into quarters, then cut each quarter into 1/8 inch thick quarter rings
2/3 lb. dried baby shell pasta (estimate the amount) cooked in liberally salted, boiling water till tender; drain and rinse under cold water till cold
19 oz. can cannellini beans (white kidney beans), rinsed and drained well to remove all thick liquid
15.5 oz. can red kidney beans, rinsed well and drained
freshly ground black pepper

1 c. corn oil
1/2 c. white vinegar
1/4 c. Balsamic vinegar
1/3 c. sugar
1/3 c. grade A amber pure maple syrup
1 t. salt, plus to taste
2 t. onion powder
2 t. dried tarragon
1/2 t. ground allspice
1/3 c. prepared yellow mustard

Prep veggies and cook pasta. Place veggies, pasta and beans in large mixing bowl or pot. Sprinkle with lots of freshly ground black pepper, stir and set aside.

Place all dressing ingredients in blender container, and blend till smooth. Pour over salad ingredients, stir well to coat. Adjust for salt and pepper.

The sooner you serve this salad after you assemble it, the better.

Notes: Take this salad to any pot luck supper or picnic, or serve on any buffet and listen for the oohs and ahhs.

We don’t always need to use the whole pound of pasta in a recipe, just because that’s how it comes packaged.

The dressing doesn’t have a strong maple flavor; you’d need an actual maple extract flavoring for that. The maple is subtle, while adding smooth texture and complexity of flavor, making this an extra special dressing.

  • You don’t mess with people’s mothers. That’s a universal rule and a good one. Remember how I told you that the Big Nosed (Nosy) Fed opens the letters my mother sends to me? I mean, it makes no sense. What could they think that she’s writing to me that could possibly be of interest to them? Well for Mother’s Day, I went to Wal-Mart to get two Mother’s Day cards. I bought the recordable type, since we’re long distance, and I thought both mothers would get a kick out of hearing our voices coming out of a greeting card–my mother especially loves cards and sends a lot of them to a lot of people for every occasion. Our Seattle Mom got hers, but my Mom’s was broken. The minute I heard that, I knew who did it. The Feds opened it and examined the message for a special code from God to them and then they broke it. They tried to tape it back together and it didn’t work.
  • My husband agreed. He sees the letters come in and how they’re resealed. Last I knew, tampering with the USA mail was a crime. Guess the Feds can commit crimes with impunity. So they, knowing my mother loves to hear our voices, denied her that pleasure on Mother’s Day, and all the days she would have replayed it. How small. How cruel. My husband and I even wrote a little script. He said one sentence and I said another, then we’d go back and forth. We only had ten seconds. They’re going to have to pay for that cruelty. All that effort with a four dollar card, which is all we could afford, and they ruined it.
  • The Feds, camouflaged as census people, entered her apartment and interviewed her for days. That’s how close they get. Then they taunt me with it to make me crazy. They know there will be consequences for that infarction too! Elderly Moms are off limits. The Feds know no boundaries. Guess who that is? You’re catching on: terrorists within the United States government.
  • OKAY, ONE MORE. Psst. They think torture just worked.
  • Nancy Pelosi and Obama approved it. I wonder if Ted Kennedy approved it, and Diane Feinstein?


Why not put the baked beans and macaroni salad in one super dish? You’ll love the result!

Makes 13-1/4 cups

1 lb. dried elbow macaroni, cooked in liberally salted, boiling water; drain, rinse under cold water till cold, drain well, transfer to large bowl, add 2 T. vegetable oil, toss to coat and set aside

28 oz. can Vegetarian Baked Beans with Brown Sugar including liquid
1 c. canned/jarred Fried Peppers with Onion, by Mancini
1 c. diced fresh green pepper, 1/4-3/8 inch squares
1/4 lg. sweet onion, peeled and sliced into ultra thin quarter rings
2 med. celery stalks, sliced thinly crosswise on a slight slant
1-1/2 c. frozen peas, thawed and drained
2 t. salt
lots of freshly ground black pepper
Combine above ingredients in extra large bowl. Stir to disperse evenly.

2/3 c. Balsamic vinegar
1/3 c. white vinegar
2/3 c. light brown sugar
1/4 c. Vegenaise (soy mayonnaise)
1 T. Madras mild curry (I used Madras; you use what you want)
2 t. ground coriander
1 t. onion powder
1/2 t. liquid smoke
salt to taste

Combine all dressing ingredients in blender container, and process till smooth.

Pour dressing over salad ingredients; stir to mix well. Salt to taste. Transfer to covered container and refrigerate till ready to serve.

Notes: You can serve this salad right away, or take it to a friend’s house when asked to make a dish for a barbecue, picnic or holiday celebration.

I’ll make this dish, store it in the fridge and eat it throughout the week, when I don’t have as much time to cook. It’s great for any meal. For those of you who don’t like curry, this arrangement of flavors will surprise you.

Be sure to use the liquid in the can of beans. In other words, don’t drain.

I love Madras curry. It’s not easy to find in Cleveland. The next time we rent a car, probably pre-summer, I’ll have to scout around.

Everybody loves spaghetti and so do we.


The perfect spaghetti sauce for the whole family!

Makes about 7-8 cups

2 T. corn oil
2 T. transfat-free margarine
1 lg. sweet onion, peeled; cut off ends, cut into quarters, then cut each quarter into 1/4 inch thick quarter rings
2 c. peeled, shredded carrot, loosely packed, about 4 med./small carrots; use shredder blade of food processor, or med./lg. holes of hand grater
1 t. salt
1 T. dried basil, crushed
1 T. dried tarragon, crushed
1 t. garlic powder
1/2 t. ground allspice
1/2 t. ground rosemary
1 c. cut sweet red roasted peppers, 1/2-3/4 inch squares and a little liquid from the jar
12 oz. can tomato paste mixed with 1-3/4 c. vegetable broth
28 oz. can tomato puree
2 t. salt
2 t. garlic powder
1 t. onion powder
2 T. sugar
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
1 c. water, plus additional if needed

Place oil, margarine, onion, carrot, salt, basil, tarragon, garlic powder, allspice and rosemary in extra large skillet. Saute, stirring often, till onion becomes caramelized and carrot soft.

Add roasted peppers and a little liquid from the jar, tomato paste and veggie broth mixture and tomato puree. Stir to evenly disperse. Cook about 3 minutes.

Add salt, garlic powder, onion powder, sugar, olive oil and water. Partially cover and cook at a light boil, on low heat, for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add a little more water, if needed–I used 1/2 cup. Stir well. Partially cover and cook over low heat, stirring occasionally for 30 more minutes.

At the end of cooking time, add a little more water if sauce is too thick. I added about 1/4 cup. Adjust for salt.

Cover tightly and let set till ready to reheat and serve over pasta of choice. We like linguini fini (thin linguini).

Notes: This is a good way to get the kids and the adults to eat their carrots. You won’t even know they’re there. The carrot helps create the texture of meat sauce, but lighter. Now, that’s a spaghetti sauce!

How about another pasta sauce?  We love pasta and red sauce. Steve calls it ‘red and greasy’–and that’s a compliment. I try to keep the fat content down and go for the rich flavor instead. This recipe was specifically developed for the Greeks on behalf of Panos who serves the best vegetarian platter I’ve ever been served in a restaurant, topped with fresh herbs that I can reach out and pick myself from the garden that surrounds the beautiful, inviting patio with a large stone fireplace. I’ve never seen the skies or smelled the air in Greece, but when sitting on that patio I feel like a Greek at home.


Sautéed peppers and onion simmered with garlic and olives in a coriander, mint and red wine tomato sauce. Serve over pasta of choice.

Makes 7-1/2 cups sauce

3 T. olive oil
1 jumbo green pepper, cored and cut from end to end into 6 segments, then crosswise into 1/4-3/8 inch thick slices
3-4 small yellow onions, the kind that come in netted bags, peeled; cut off ends, cut in half from end to end, then crosswise into half rings
1 t. salt
15 oz. can tomato sauce
2, 14-1/2 oz. can petite diced tomatoes with liquid
6 oz. can tomato paste mixed with 4 cans water in separate bowl till smooth
5 cloves peeled, fresh garlic, finely diced
1 T. Kalamata olive paste or a similarly pungent olive paste
1/4 c. pitted Nicoise olives; pit olives by squeezing them between fingers and thumb till they pop out; it’s easy with these tiny olives; if you substitute a Kalamata olive, then use a cherry pitter or a knife to cut around pit
2 T. ground coriander
1 T. dried mint
1 T. dried basil, finely crushed
1/2 t. ground allspice
lots of freshly ground black or green peppercorn, about 1 t.
1/3 c. full-bodied red wine (I used Gallo Cabernet)

In extra large skillet, over medium heat, melt olive oil. Add green pepper, onion and salt, then saute, stirring often, till wilted.

Add everything else, except the wine. Stir well to evenly disperse all ingredients. Cook, uncovered, over low heat, at a fizzle of a boil for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add wine. Stir well to incorporate, then turn heat off and let set till ready to serve. Reheat while your pasta cooks.

Notes: This sauce goes well with almost every kind of pasta. If you can’t eat grains, cook long grain rice (Basmati or Jasmine). Ladle sauce into a broad-based bowl, then mold a half cup rice per serving into center of sauce. Garnish with chopped olive and serve.

The heat comes from the peppercorns. The mint is muted just enough to enhance the other flavors.

I used red wine because of it’s stronger than white flavor. But you use whatever you want. I served the same wine with the dish and it complimented it beautifully.To variate slightly, you may want to add just a hint of cinnamon.

  • Every time I get the smallest good news or am encouraged in the slightest way, the BNF is always there to take the air out of my tires. I’m on a perpetual metaphorical ‘RIM RIDE’ praying to make it to the next destination. Then when I reach it, all I get restored are the RIMS. ‘There will be no happiness for her, no cloud-nines, no walking on air, no air in their tires. Their ride is going to be bumpy–all the way. Pot holes everywhere. No gas in their tank. They’ll be pushing that tireless car–all uphill. We’re miserable, so she’s going to be miserable’. Their goal, I figured out in a terror scream dream that went on way too long last night, is to make me into a terrorist. Imagine the coup in that! We controlled God. We manipulated God. We popped God. We made God into a terrorist. My point exactly. That’s what they do to the humanity in people, thus to the God in people. That’s what makes good Gods go bad.
  • Did you know that Obama’s speech writers work for terrorist organizations? That’s right. One of them is the CIA. Or two or three…
  • Hey Charlie, RE: that story about a woman finding God embossed on the salami she was cooking–three rounds of salami– and when she flipped them over in the skillet, one had the letter G on it, one the letter O and one the letter D. She’s going to sell her special God salami on the internet. Is that fake news? Reported 5/8/09 in the evening. I saw it while I was still sitting at the computer after having typed my Fried Soy Salami Sandwich recipe. Do you think it’s a sign for her to keep slaughtering or for me to show the world an alternative? Do you think God was telling her that God is in the pig? Or do you think the Feds made it up, so that it looked like God was telling the populace to keep eating pigs to keep the pig slaughterers in business, during the Swine Flu pandemonium? Just because you’re a seasoned broadcaster, doesn’t mean you’re going to get an easy question. What did the pigs do to get the capital punishment treatment? Capital in that sense comes from the word ‘decapitation’. I looked it up.
  • Craig Ferguson declared on his late night show that he can’t be “tamed”. That’s probably because he’s expecting somebody else to do it. You tame yourself. I know, I know.
  • That doctor who administered the CIA constructed brain tests, asked if I would be upset if somebody in my family went to jail. I wonder if he’ll be upset when he goes to jail? Remember, I can call my torturers names. When you’re being tortured, others are inflicting pain and stress on you, so it’s not a good idea to pile more pain and stress on yourself by swallowing your pride. Keep your head up and fight back with words.
  • Terror is torture. Inflicting terror, no matter who’s doing it or for what stated reason is still torture. Torture doesn’t become non-torture if it produces results. Torture always produces results. For every action there is a reaction. The USA needs to show the video tapes of people actually being tortured, not the service people who volunteer, but the  tapes of the ones that already happened, and these films need to be made public. Why take pictures if you have no intention of showing them? Who develops the videos? Kodak? Hey, if there’s nothing wrong with it, if there’s nothing immoral about it, if it’s all legal and everything, why hide it? For the same reason you hide the slaughterhouses. It’s all as wrong as wrong can be.
  • Hate. So-called people in the know try to count emotions and then to quantify them. Emotions are on a continuum, which means they are circular. It’s a wrap-around, like infinity. At some point angry becomes happy. Emotions are not linear and cannot be quantified. They don’t start or stop with a new or different or change in current emotion. It’s more like a blending or a transformation than it is like units contained in boxes. So we shouldn’t be talking about containing our emotions as if we can stuff them in a box, close the box and set it aside. The analogies are all wrong.
  • Stop feeling this way or that. Stop crying. Stop laughing. Stop being sad, being happy, being angry. Stop hating. Is hate an emotion? If you’re feeling it, then it’s an emotion. Hate doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It isn’t separate. Cheer up. I don’t know that much about hate, since I’m not a hater by nature. Christians use the word a lot. I’m not sure why, since actions that people usually associate with hate, for example, capital punishment, are for the most part condoned and encouraged by Christians. The Five Flaws are their Five Principles…
  • …which brings me to the morning talk shows on Mother’s Day, Sunday, 10 May 2009–in particular Fox News Sunday sporting Newt Gingrich and his new book called Five Principles to a Successful Life. I don’t have to read the book. All I have to know is that he had access to what I wrote on my computer as Speaker of the House and condoned the reign of terror, that continues in the Obama administration, committed against me and my family and my work–all the while he was stealing my ideas and passing them off as his own. He is a fake, a fraud and a freak. He is a perfect example of a God gone bad and his daughter doesn’t fall far from his dark, demented tree. To steal from a non-profit organization called Challenged By Handicap and then to pre-empt God’s Five Principles with his own Flaws disguised as his own Five principles is a perfect example of the craftiness of evil. He had access, which was classified, and continues to have access through illegal channels and he gave it to non-government persons, who, instead of stopping the torture against me, profited from it. He knows my book is coming out and he wants a free hook up–a free ride, after he stood by and watched the USA torture me for years, terrorize me for years. How dare you!
  • Okay, I might take back the freak part, maybe. But you and that smart-alec daughter of yours had better do some atoning for your highly inappropriate actions. Then, because you converted to Catholicism, go to confession. Then live by the real Five Principles to a Better Life. What you’re essentially saying by changing the title is that to be successful you need to be flawed. That you changed better to successful doesn’t negate the crime against God. Loopholes are not an acceptable defense in God’s court. Change your mind about anything?
  • There will be no free ride for torturers and terrorizers. And they, like the pornographers who attached themselves to my work on Google, will be facing incarceration in God’s Rehabilitation Unit, designed especially for plagiarizers, thieves and hook-up artists. You must have been one of those people who promised the Christians the return of Jesus, if they supported the holocaust by the Jews against the Palestinians. You’re in big trouble, because my name is Sharon Lee, not Jesus. I am not Obama either, and his resting on any day doesn’t make him any more holy than anybody else. He, like Doris Kerns-Goodwin is an opportunist. Dry up the well of people he steals from and he doesn’t have a speech. Without a script, he doesn’t have a platform.
  • God’s taking away your name and giving you a letter: You’re NG from now on. You’re in with the BNF. You’re sharing a cell.
  • Are you responsible for terrorizing my 83 year old mother too? Your daughter in on that? Just so you know, the BNF convinced her to open her door and go through this census stuff. Day after day, hour after hour of interview and very difficult things she said. Sure it’s the census, just like I really did go to the dentist to have two teeth pulled, but it’s what the people conducting the experiment do in addition to the obvious. That’s where the crimes come in. Leaving listening devices, cameras, asking nosey questions, putting her at risk and oh do they love to let me know how close they got to my mother. That was a huge mistake. I don’t have to go any further on that one. Those in the know, who know my God, and who know Joey-the fork-Butterscotch know what’s going to happen as a consequence. Brace yourselves! If you go near my mother, my dead father, Thomas Joseph, will neutralize you. Ask the BNF if that isn’t true? You don’t get a second chance.
  • Why do Christians carry crosses around with them or hang them on their walls? As a reminder of the wrongness of slaughter, or capital punishment, so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past? Looks like it isn’t working. Jesus was slaughtered via capital punishment for a crime that he was convicted of. Christians need to do a revisit.
  • The BNF tipped off Oprah. Now she’s saying everybody needs a make-over now and then. The next time she speaks I want to hear the ‘Cow Going to Slaughter” again. She can do it, because she did it before.
  • I’ve been noticing a disturbing air-brushing trend. Why are Jews so hung up on the way people look? You know, they’re always complaining because somebody as a kid made fun of their facial features, but truth be known, out of all the peoples I’ve been exposed to and interacted with in various parts of the country and world, the Jews more than any other group make fun of the way other people look.  They just don’t let up. “Did you see that and that and that and that and the way she looked and what she wore and that makeup and that hair and those shoes and that bag and her stockings and her fat feet and those eyelashes and those fingernails and her shoulders and that stomach and her dress and that skirt and her blouse and that horrible sweater and what kind of earrings were those and that awful hat, and that fake jewelry and who does she think she’s kidding?
  • STOP. PLEASE. And you thought the nose comment was off? Because it’s something you can’t change about yourself? Oh, so because you’re caddie and crass and rude and offensive that’s okay? Because you can change all those cruddy/cruel things about yourself if you want to? That rule of not making fun of something that can’t be changed is a flawed rule. I just showed you how it was flawed. Weren’t you listening?
  • I forgot the air-brushing trend? Oh yeah–white, male Jews and some who are part Jew, or not Jew at all, who appear on T.V. seem to have this thing on their heads. All of a sudden when watching somebody talk, that somebody turns a certain way to expose the crown of their head and bingo, the crown quickly, like a subliminal trick might work, changes color to make it look like they’re wearing a round disk, a beanie, a yarmulke. What a trick by the Jews who control the air-brushing to prick the subconscious mind of the viewers by making them think a Jew is talking, when in fact, they may not be Jew; or to make the viewer think that the person talking has orthodox/extremist Jew views. Ouch.
  • But on the other issue of making everybody look like a Barbie doll.  It’s not fair to the actors/broadcasters to give them China doll complexions in the studio, then tell them their on their own when they’re out in the field. Some people are not recognizable in the daylight without the benefit of air-brushing. Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, somebody named Lemon. It isn’t fair to you. What, you’re not good enough for us to look at without the frown lines air-brushed from your forehead? You’re all good enough for us just as you are–without the touch ups. I know, I know, somebody will always say that they loved being touched up, which then spoils it for everybody else. You know, they’re the extreme ones who want to be discriminated against to make the discriminators feel good.
  • Did you know that the minority really does rule? According to B.C., torturing three people kept the nation (USA) safe since 9-11. That’s what Cheney, the Drowner Of Gitmo said. He admitted to torturing only three people, through the use of water-boarding. Nothing else, according to him is torture. So, secretly water-boarding people, acted as a deterrent to terrorist attacks, just as the death penalty acts as a deterrent to violent crime in America. The problem is that America has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world (if they were reported and counted accurately), which means that the death penalty actually serves to increase violent crime. And that’s not done in secret.
  • The problem is that more terrorist attacks are committed against Americans than any other group, which means that water-boarding actually serves to increase terrorist attacks against Americans. It doesn’t stop attacks. Violence always results in more violence unless the cycle is stopped. Keeping it secret means you can’t stop a cycle you don’t know is happening. But wait, who says there are more terrorist attacks against Americans than any other group? Africans, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Asians, then maybe Americans. See how they brainwash you? When the USA commits the terror against other groups it isn’t called a terrorist attack, only when it happens to us.
  • The Drowner Of Gitmo is on T.V. so much because he’s trying to taint the world jury pool in his favor before he is charged with war crimes. Guess the water-boarding wasn’t so secret after all. Oh, it was secret? Well, then that just proves my point of us all being connected by our Gods, so it was our Gods who knew what was going on all along, even if we didn’t. Now we need to get our Gods to investigate, charge and put on trial all those complicit in these crimes against humanity.
  • David Gregory has an annoying method of interrogating his guests. He asks a question, then when he doesn’t like the answer, he repeats it accompanied by subtle, threatening facial expressions and voice intonations alerting the guest that he/she had better rethink the answer and give the one he wants. That’s a dictatorial and CIA influenced methodology. I’m taking away your name and giving you a letter: DG is a BNF.
  • My husband, who is my most severe critic, has said repeatedly in our apartment that B.O.B is the greatest book ever written. That’s not something people say much about any book–especially on T.V. It didn’t take long for the BNF to write into Chris Matthews’ script that somebody else’s book was “the greatest book ever written”. Now when people say that about mine, they’ll subliminally make the connection with somebody else’s book. And the publisher now won’t be able to advertise it as that, since Chris Matthews stole my selling line. Bold as brass he is. Underhanded and crass. Somebody tipped him off and he’s playing spit ball. Dirty player.
  • This is an example of how the Feds steal my strategies, even with something as simple as the way I’ll advertise something. That’s how it worked with my litigation. The Feds would listen to us in our apartment, then tip the defense off to my strategies, or for instance, if I was working through what I thought their strategies might be, they all of a sudden were using those exact strategies–verbatim. To Chris Matthews: I’m taking away your name and giving you a letter: CM (CIA/Military operations.).
  • Jews from all over Europe helped settle America. They, like others, came looking for free land. They have a long history of settlement building.
  • Jews and Arabs are the only anti-Semitic people in the world.
  • Susan Boyle just lost the singing idol contest. The Jews ruined it for her. They didn’t like the way she looked, kept trying to make her over into a super rock star. Tried to stress her into losing and it worked. Feel good now? The world needs to hear her beautiful voice. That’s pure God singing and the Jews brought her down, cheapened her by needing her sexy. You silenced a beautiful voice.
  • A lot of blacks are Jews, by birth.
  • Add-on. RE: SF (Swine Flu). I’m not saying to block travel. I’m questioning the logic used in deciding not to block travel. If saving money for the rich is always going to be the deal breaker, then you might as well not waste time considering any other feature of a problem. Don’t insult us with giving the appearance of exploring all features of an issue, when in fact, money is the only accommodation considered.
  • Add-on. Crestor, a drug used to thwart strokes, may also be useful for bronchial asthma, since it relaxes smooth tissues, which include bronchial tubes.
  • Pig viruses cross/combine with chicken viruses and a new virus occurs. On the news they demonstrated this by using a blender container and two glasses of liquid. One glass of liquid contained one virus and the other glass container another virus. The broadcaster poured them both into the empty blender container, stirred well, thus creating a new, third virus. The new virus means a new strain, with new characteristics, creating new signs and symptoms with underlying common threads connecting it to the original two viruses that created the new third virus.
  • Vaccines are made from minute amounts of the viruses that cause particular diseases. By mixing two, or three, or six in one vial, then in one syringe to be injected into your child, something new is created, along with some of the original characteristics of the original viruses. [Long ago non-dairy creamer had dairy in it. There was a rule, a law, that stated that a company could advertise a product as dairy-free if it contained less than a certain percentage of dairy. Now that’s lying, cheating and putting people allergic to dairy in harm’s way.]
  • The scientists are now claiming that the viruses are not alive; they’re inactive, which means they would give you no protection, since the purpose of a vaccine is to expose you to minute amounts in order to immunize you against these viruses. So, there’s a loophole they’re using in language to confuse you into using a product that could hurt you. We need a clarification on inactive and dead. It sounds to me like they’re using that dairy-free analogy without telling you they’re using it. Take out the neuro-toxins, then stop mixing viruses.
  • As an artist, when I mix colors, I create a new color–sometimes better, sometimes not.
  • The scientists don’t know what they’re doing on this one, or any other of them, otherwise fifty thousand people in the USA alone wouldn’t be dying every year from the flu. They always say that it’s old people and newborns that it affects, so they don’t care about it, as if they don’t deserve to live. The scientists obviously don’t know how to effectively detect, prevent and treat the flu. So I’m not trusting the science that claims a cocktail of viruses made into a vaccine for childhood diseases to be harmless. If a lot of people stopped trusting voodoo science, maybe we could find real solutions that don’t include the harming of children’s organs in order that we eliminate communicable diseases. In other words, let’s not harm healthy tissues in order to prevent some diseases.
  • If I take a pill for my kidneys that’s going to give me heart failure, what’s the point? I’m merely shifting the focus of disease. Right now with all the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals, we’ve become ticking time bombs for other equally offensive diseases, that the drugs are creating. It’s like the red-headed lady Jew riding in an elevator that stops between floors and opens to a brick wall when the electricity goes off, who responds to the criticism of her shouting to the others stranded with her that they’re all going to die, by saying,”I believe in life, that it’s more important to face reality than to pretend it isn’t happening”.
  • It’s like the red-headed Jew lady stuck in an elevator shouting hysterically that we’re all going to die and then when criticized for it, claims at least she’s facing reality.
  • So why don’t we just accept that we’re all going to die and keep riding faulty elevators? How do you like that analogy?
  • It doesn’t solve anything. The analogy is faulty. Why work so hard at prolonging life when fifty thousand people a year die from the flu, in just one country–developed country?  Think of the deaths in underdeveloped countries.
  • So, again, we’re using analogies to solve problems. You used a horse, a barn and a door, and I used a lady, an elevator and a door. One door was left open and the other door opened to a brick wall. It all led to incorrect conclusions, thus incorrect action/inaction, because a host couldn’t be identified, because if identified, some rich people would lose some of their money.
  • It’s like finding salmonella in food. Nobody wants to identify the source, because it’s the rich corporations that get people elected and keep them in office, and they call the shots when it comes to public health and safety. So they tell you to kill the bacteria yourself by overcooking the eggs.
  • It’s like giving property owners a free pass when it comes to harboring toxic molds, because property owners don’t want to take steps to prevent it, by doing timely repairs, or to eliminate it when it presents itself.
  • It’s like the National Rifle Association fighting to keep assault weapons, in fact all guns, in the hands of anybody who will buy one. The policy is killing Americans, ruining families, but it’s not killing fifty thousand people in America alone every year. So why bother?
  • Do you see how analogies paralyze us? Please don’t keep using them, and I’ll try not to use them either–unless by using an example it really can explain a point. But where I feel compelled to do that, it would be nice if I can explain my point using both example and logic.
  • Let’s not use superstitious explanations as problem solving strategies, all the while claiming it’s good science. Remember, all of science is theory–what works in the short term till we discover a better way in the long term.
  • I still can’t get a flu shot, and having asthma I should have one, because I’m more susceptible to getting flu. Having had toxic mold poisoning, also makes me more susceptible to getting flu. In Cleveland a mercury-free vaccine is not available. Now the pharmaceuticals will say it’s available, but the clinics don’t have it–at least not for me. So when the Swine Flu vaccine comes out, I won’t be able to get it. All brain injured people should not be injected with mercury. Asthmatics should not be injected with mercury. Neurotoxins can travel to the lungs and adversely affect one’s breathing capacity. So it ends up, that if you have asthma, the flu shot will prevent flu, but the mercury can hurt your lungs, or your brain, or any other body system.
  • Interjection: It was just reported by Charlie on the news that the FBI said that violent crime was down 1.5%, but murder in small towns was up 5%. Isn’t murder violent? Is that real news or fake news, Charlie?
  • In stressful economic times, poor people will eat more of the foods that have official toleration limits for molds/toxins set by the Food and Drug Administration, such as grains and canned goods, which because of the stressful economic times, the laws/rules governing oversight are relaxed and when violations are detected don’t get enforced. Even in the best of times, laws governing food safety are not enforced in lieu of payoffs and favors.
  • Brain dysfunction among the lower income populace during hard economic times, though not measured, soar. Some will point to the stress itself, which causes depression and a host of other emotionally related dysfunctions as the cause, but diet consisting of an abundance of foods containing molds/toxins, along with fewer if any doctor visits, in conjunction with little if any preventive care, and ill-repaired living and work spaces sporting multi-colored molds/toxins, which leads to weight gain, poor sleep and a host of other body systems injuries are the real causes, all brought about by a bad economy brought about by nations warring with nations. Add personal greed by the privileged segments of societies and chaos reigns.
  • I’m hoping that the terror scream dream I had last night is a good sign, maybe a way that the body/brain helps to heal itself from being tortured. I was alone, because University Hospitals wouldn’t let Steve take a taxi home after his arthroscopic surgery. I only slept three hours. The Feds use sleep deprivation on me. They startle me throughout the night using their operatives. They were out in force, knowing Steve wasn’t here. Sometimes I wonder how many jolts of adrenalin my heart can take. Anyway, Steve called in the morning and said they’d let him take a taxi now. He called me half an hour later from a bus. Guess they weren’t all that concerned, after all. By keeping him in the hospital, the Feds could do their dirty deeds to me all night without Steve as witness.
  • I ran to the bus stop near our apartment to jump on the bus so I could go with him to the pharmacy and then to the grocery store for juices, but he got off the bus wanting to walk, so we did. He has to wear a sling for six weeks. Starts physical therapy Tuesday. Some strange things happened while in hospital. When an assistant to his anesthesiologist shouted to his anesthesiologist, “what’s he in for” (meaning Steve), his anesthesiologist shouted back, “a sex change operation”. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy and lost all confidence in his anesthesiologist. It was totally inappropriate. That’s sexual harassment, by a person who is putting you under anesthesia whereby that somebody else has total control over you. That anesthesiologist should be fired and never allowed inside a hospital again. NOW.
  • Three years ago, when he was operated on for his shoulder, the operatives were out in droves, planting suggestions to me that they were raping him in the operating room. Imus in the Morning participated in that. I don’t want to share with you the terror I felt until he was safely home, and then the terror with the MRSA infection that these same slime people said they gave him to punish me, so I’ll leave that place in my mind. I can’t change what already happened.
  • This time, they made him go without food for about thirty hours, because the doctor wouldn’t change the presurgery order of no solids or liquids to regular diet after surgery, because nobody alerted the doctor that they were keeping him overnight, because they wouldn’t call for a transport van or let him take a taxi. This is world-renowned University Hospitals, the same place where I was tortured at the dental school. I don’t have to ask God for your names, God already knows who you are.
  • Anyway, about that “sex change” comment. Only a gay person would say something like that. And that’s the problem the military has with gays. This is how it goes. As in any group of like individuals, there are always subsets within those groups who tend to ruin for everyone else, acceptance by those outside of the group.
  • For women, during the women’s ‘rights’ days, which they really never did get–all they got was twice as much work and a little feigned respect–there was a subset of women who would very publicly proclaim that they didn’t want any rights, that they loved their feminine roles, that they didn’t want to be like men and get treated like men and have muscles like men, and didn’t want to give up the doors being opened for them, didn’t want to have to fight in the military on the front lines, didn’t want to work outside the home, and liked the look of glass ceilings and spiked high heels. This group hated/resented women libbers, ridiculed them, shunned them, dressed in low cut, high skirted garb with lots of hair and make-up to flirt with any libber’s boyfriend or husband to prove the weaker, dumber, of the sexes argument.
  • Some gays, like some straights, really are perverts, really do have boundary issues, meaning they don’t have any when it comes to what comes out of their mouths, which is often inappropriate and frankly, frightening. Patients in operating rooms get operated on the wrong body part more often than the public is made aware of. This is something, that no matter what your sexual orientation, does not get joked about.
  • The gay community is up and arms by the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. I’m not sure where I stand on this issue, because I don’t think a straight person should be  asked about his/her private life. So why should a gay person want to tell about theirs? People usually know without proclaiming it anyway. I’ll tell you one thing that probably isn’t helping the issue. As I said, subsets of groups often ruin the status for others in the group. You can’t tell me that what happened in Abu-Gharib in Iraq wasn’t the brain child of a perverse homosexual mind set. Although guards were having straight sex with each other, they were forcing young boys to have sex with their fathers and forcing them into other homosexual acts, which I call torture. That wasn’t just a ‘let’s humiliate Muslims’, act of torture.  It was the result of a very disturbed homosexual perversion.
  • What happened there will not be forgotten for a long time. The focus on homosexuality was startling. The focus on perverse homosexual acts involving children and their parents was even more stunning. So, straight people rape women and young girls in war time, and we now know that gay people, in war time, recreate their fantasies of raping same sex children.
  • We all saw grown men in uniform, outside of the prison, in other situations, make inappropriate sexual comments about the private parts of male Iraqis they had captured. We can assume that these soldiers were gay. It’s all horrible. But there’s something about forcing children with their parents while you watch and they tape record it, that is so mind-shocking and numbing at once that it’s almost one of those things that could never be forgiven. That’s the shocker.
  • Whoever planned it, carried it out, took pictures of it, and then repeated it, is homosexual. Even if you claim that this person never had a homosexual relationship, had a wife, a girlfriend, that person is still gay and is the worst, the very worst of the gay population. After all, the gay population defines themselves by their sexual orientation.
  • A few bad people within a group really do make it more difficult for the entire group to gain the respect and rights they deserve. You know, you could say, well, molestation occurs more frequently in the straight population. I don’t believe the statistics–any of the statistics. We can only assume that it happens in both. Some might say that men raping young girls in war is as bad, and it is bad. But to openly engage in a universal taboo of teaming children with parents is beyond what the mind can handle–even given that in private spaces within communities, such as churches and mosques and temples and other groups, these activities occur. Still…we’re not talking about a soldier having sex with the child; we’re talking about forcing it among families. That some gays will treat it flippantly, as if what does it matter; at home……etc. etc. etc. I’m not even going to say what I know some gays will say.
  • Lack of boundaries, even in speech is a problem with this subset of gays. So that’s the problem as it stands now. The number of gays has increased in the military, and when given absolute power over absolute strangers from a culture they are trained to kill, that abuse of power always results in torture and when some gays do it, they integrate sex into the torture, because they are defined as a group and as an individual by their sex.
  • Stop war. Refuse to fight.
  • Gays in America forcing the gay issue in foreign countries that could put foreigners in harm’s way, and forcing the issue of becoming more public in foreign countries, by hysterically and irresponsibly making accusations and insulting leaders and disrespecting religions is not the way to approach the topic. Think boundaries. Just because you think everybody should accept you because you’re gay, doesn’t make it a reality. Do you accept everybody else for all they are? What? With all your rules of how you think everybody else should behave? Be respectful. Don’t humiliate to get your point across, especially in areas of sex.
  • It’s understandable sometimes when you look at the pornography industry, the sex slave trade industry, the anything goes mentality that at least is portrayed through Hollywood, why some cultures don’t want some of the freedoms we have, because they see elements of these supposedly free societies as ugly. And they’re right. Step back a little and try to understand where they’re coming from. Muslims see this behavior as a Jew behavior–an out of control, and again, an anything goes type of morality that they don’t want to ascribe to.
  • On Google for a long time, my articles and cookbooks were hooked up to porn sites. I have no idea how that happened, but when I discovered it, it sickened me, and then when I looked further, every website had a picture of it’s owner who was a Jew.  Now that I’ve written this segment about them, the Jews will hook me up with Asian and other ethnic porn sites to make me wrong. They used a similar tactic before, so it’s predictable. Steve and I were talking about something concerning a Jew topic on T.V. (I say Jew instead of Jewish, because to me Jewish connotes religion and Jew doesn’t necessarily).
  • Whatever the topic, I noted that it was the Jews who would be complaining about a particular issue. The very next night, they used an Asian face to spout the same Jewish/Israeli type propaganda. Of course it didn’t fit. They listen to me in my apartment, so they have access. How many times do I have to say that? This is just a little example of how they use what I say–lately, more often in real time. The Asian was obviously an actor. Most interviews on the street are actors spouting the propaganda of a particular interest group. Most people on the street, when caught unprepared to answer a question don’t offer much in the way of an opinion. Bet you didn’t know that these off the cuff remarks are all scripted by government controlled media people using actors to influence the populace. Cleveland swarms with them, but then so much of Cleveland is government controlled.
  • Any search engine as big and as powerful as Google is not privately owned. You should know by now, without proof, that it’s controlled by the USA intelligence services. The last time I looked, all articles I had written were removed, along with the porn site hook-ups. That’s the BNF telling me to stay in the kitchen and out of opinions on anything. But then they steal my recipes so I can’t make a living from my animal-free work either.
  • The cookbooks remained and were hooked up to some strange websites–on family planning and suicide girls. I think there should be more rules governing what other people can do with your material. The BNF are cruel, perverted people who think it their job to destroy the aspirations of people whom they think don’t like them.  But they create the situations that make you dislike them. It’s like they say, ‘okay, we know she secretly hates us, so let’s test her’. Then they do something horrible and watch and listen to hear anti-them remarks to prove their point. Then they steal your life’s work, thinking they’re justified, because you don’t like them, all the while telling you that you’re worthless, everybody hates you, and you have no talent.
  • It was a real shock the first time I realized that they had taken what they kept saying stunk in my work and based television shows and movies on it. Sometimes when they get brazen, they don’t even attempt to disguise it; they use actual pictures of our yard or house or inside our apartment building and apartment. Sometimes they’ll use whole paragraphs of my privately written words or whole conversations my husband and I have. It’s at those times that the terror feelings become most intense. That they think they’ve isolated me so totally that no one will ever find out, must mean that they have–otherwise they wouldn’t do it. It cuts to the core, every time I hear Obama say that every person in this country is free to write or say or do or be.
  • They took all my short stories. I was planning a book. My husband and I tell our stories to each other like most families do, when they sit around reminiscing.  One by one they’d appear in somebody else’s script on somebody else’s show, altered somewhat. I was livid, but what could I do? Nothing. The CIA controls it all.  They had the audacity to tell me via their operatives that short stories don’t sell anyway–so that gave them justification to steal them. Monk, Alias, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Office, House, Sopranos, and on and on. King of Queens (we just found out about this one). Bones. Every show that has anything to do with psychic type stuff. Medium. They always put an unattractive quality in the characters with my lines or characteristics, in order to discourage me from ever telling on them. They figured I’d be too embarrassed.
  • We don’t usually watch shows when they’re popular, since now and then we were without a T.V. So we usually see television series after they come out on video. It all started years ago, when we lived in the middle of that Jewish colony in Cleveland Heights. The Cleveland Feds made a deal with Universal Studios. It all went down at Red Lobster in Orange Township. The FBI threatened to take me away in chains, cut my hands off and strap me to a chair. Some guy named Bob–a white man who with seven other white FBI agents followed me and Steve into Fox and Hound one early evening to keep me sufficiently terrorized so they could keep selling me.
  • This was before 9-11. They sold me like I was on an auction block. Then Hollywood took over. I’ve lived in terror ever since. The movies and shows are so numerous I’ve lost count. I’ve been sold so many times to so many people and no matter how much I scream about it, nothing is done. People like Nancy Pelosi do as the Clintons did, remain silent. Everybody kept saying I was okay with it. Every part of my life is controlled by some agency in the government, or by some Hollywood CIA studio. That’s what I get for talking to God and getting a response. It’s my own fault they keep saying. They took what was supposed to be the best years of my life, from 1995 till now. They just took it–all of it.
  • ”Where’s your God now Sharon?” They’d always say the same thing. Then they’d laugh and call me a derogatory name.
  • “Coming after all of you”.
  • They never believe it, but someday they will. Some of the biggest Hollywood producers have been in on it. Steven Speilberg among them. Some of the biggest writers and some of the biggest actors.
  • The terror feeling gets worse when I realize that Obama’s in on it, or if he isn’t, he’s so controlled by those around him, that he doesn’t know what he’s doing–and they’re using him like a puppet, and somehow that’s okay with him. When I saw him at some Hollywood function on T.V. last night I knew he had been bought, and any hope I may have had for my freedom was over.
  • I lived in Hawaii where there is a big gay population. I never understood why so many gay males would go after married straight men on vacation. And even though lots of straight married people cheat on their spouses, gay men had a total disregard for the spouses of the men they would try to pick up. I was young at the time, so it was maybe more shocking that they lacked any kind of discretion. It’s sort of like a conquest to them, to prove something about themselves. If a gay man can take a straight man away from his spouse, while they’re on vacation, probably trying to mend a relationship, then maybe that makes gay superior to straight.
  • Looking to validate superiority never leads to a good place. This minority subset or group within a group sees someone they like and there’s no thought process between I want this person and bingo. And then another, and another, and another. Multiple sex partners, and yes, straights do it too, but not with the frequency and not as large a percentage of the total population of the group. Promiscuity it appears is far more common in gays who live the gay lifestyle. Lack of boundaries, whether gay or straight is a problem in the spread of AIDS.
  • I think gay marriage is a good thing, because in the past there was no tradition for togetherness, no model except the straight model of marriage that they didn’t have access to. I believe that boundaries and respect will be the by-product of gay marriage. I believe the home life will become more dominant and pursued more often, and promiscuity  in the group will decrease as responsibility within the family becomes a standard, rather than an anomaly. I believe all churches, mosques, temples, and all religions need to endorse gay marriages as valid and as a necessary part of a fully functioning society.
  • The Dalai Lama says that President Bush is a nice person, but has bad policies. He separates the man from his actions. I suppose that’s because he was picked at four years old to be Tibet’s spiritual leader. His destiny was prearranged. He was, in effect, enslaved since childhood, based on a flaw, which didn’t recognize a person’s freedom to be who they wanted to be–in this life. He is a servant of the Tibetan people.
  • Years ago I heard him say that he meditated most of the day and night. Hours and hours. I found that surprising, since the mind is such, that no one can meditate for more than twenty or thirty minutes without either going to sleep or spiritually awakening from the meditation. His inaccuracy or dishonesty with something so basic, lead me to believe that he lived a life so isolated that he thought nobody would know that he was actually daydreaming instead of meditating. I thought that immature of a spiritual leader, and arrogant at the same time to think he would be believed simply because of his title and station/status in life, especially in light of meditation being such an integral part of the expression of Buddhism.
  • If nothing else, he should have known about the mechanics of meditation. I also thought that if he was spending such huge amounts of time daydreaming, that his life was such that he’d prefer to be elsewhere–not unlike most everybody else. I found him naive and playful, and those two elements are needed in order to explore one’s own spirituality. So I never doubted his   exploration attempts–or his spirituality. Maybe a lot of it was miscommunicated in translation–his translation–from one language to another. After all he does speak English.
  • I stated earlier that I held China in my heart. Since a child I had been enthralled by anything Chinese. The music, the dress, the pagodas etc., and it was a place, along with Russia, that as a teenager I aspired to someday visit. I was the wanderlust child of my family. Years ago, while in Portland, Oregon I had a powerful dream. I was actually in China. The reason I knew I was in China was that I recognized the huge, red sun, the empty plaza surrounded by gardens where I once walked and the familiarity of family missed.  The feel of the air and the smell of the fragrances imprinted themselves onto my sense of past and future, and oh, so wonderful to see it once again–however fleetingly. Even though the dream was short, within the dream I knew that one day I would return. I had never seen the red sun of China though I had heard of it. Even though I called it China, maybe it was Japan. But it was war time and I had to leave.
  • It’s strange how things happen. My husband and I have a niece–on his side–who is now living, short term, with her husband and children in China.
  • Another place I’ve always wanted to visit was the Amazon River. Our nephew, from the same family, recently married a young woman from Brazil. Because of my situation I was not able to attend the wedding. Even though I found a way to finance the trip, the Feds let me know, when we went to Red Lobster for some fried clams that I was not, with a capital NOT, going to Brazil. I think they put me on a terrorist watch list. Imagine that–me a terrorist. I shouted to the air (like they do to me) that I was going to Brazil whether they liked it or not. They think they won, because I didn’t get to attend the wedding.
  • I’m old enough to have heard of the Dalai Lama for most of my life, at least since I was a teenager. When we moved from the Projects to the house my father was born in, Grandma (my father’s mother from Lithuania) had left in the attic (her closet really), stacks of Arizona Highways magazines. Did I love to look at the pictures in those magazines. Indians, sunsets, desert, mountains, baskets, blankets, old people, parents, children, babies. Brown skin, slanted eyes, sometimes toothless. Smooth skin, wrinkled skin. I’d turn on the light bulb, close the door and be in another world, mesmerized by another culture. It was my goal in life back then, to live in Arizona in a log cabin and sit on a front porch in a rocking chair (I loved to rock), giving advice to people who came from far and wide in search of wisdom. I was only in the second grade.
  • The Dalai Lama, like Mother Theresa, always acted apolitical. He was just a silly boy, who grew up to be a silly man. They both lied; they just couldn’t say it and be famous. They had to pretend to be something they weren’t in order to do the work they did. They had to hide it. From what I now understand, Tibetans don’t want to be a minority. China wants Taiwan and Tibet to be China. The Dalai Lama says he has failed, because there has been no resolution of the Tibetan/Chinese struggle to be one but separate. China wants to be separate in that they don’t want to follow Tibetan or Taiwanese ways. They think they want to be one, but separate is what they really want. Tibetans think that they want to be separate, but they really want to be united–on their terms.
  • The Taiwanese want to leave home on good terms, while maintaining family ties. Fareed Zakaria, commentator for Global Public Square, indicated that this triangular (my word) relationship/struggle/issue was much more profound and serious than merely a family squabble. Where did he get that analogy? Somebody gave it to him. Who? Years ago I wrote about Taiwan and they didn’t like the family analogy either. The Feds know I watch that program and they were hoping that I would come up with a solution, discuss it in my apartment, then they would steal it, call it their own followed by some threat to my family and talk about consequences, and how I’m just one opinion among many and mine doesn’t count and anybody else would be happy to be monitored for their opinion and I’d better not expect anything. I shouldn’t have rubbed it in to Taiwan, but you offended me by trivializing the family. I stand by my analogy.
  • It’s been eight/nine years since my brain injury, and I’ve been further injured by the Feds via the use of drugs they think will help or hurt their quest for knowledge, or benefit them in the short term when they need benefit, without my consent, always for the common good and for national security reasons and to stop an impending attack. In other words, they’ve been ‘dosing’ me with who knows what, for the purpose of forcing the God out of me, so they can view/hear/experience that God. They, arrogantly think that God is their’s and that God can only be released from the grasp of ‘Sharon’–if ‘Sharon’ is tortured enough, either knowingly or unknowingly, to cause her to release her grip on that God, that again, they think belongs to and is really talking only to them–the JEWS.
  • The fact that I remembered working on the China/Taiwan issue and remembered my analogy and remembered that you were offended (Taiwan), even though you didn’t respect me enough to tell me directly, means that I have to have another look. I did that–not because I was tortured by the USA Feds, or was insulted by you, but because I was already in that process.  It’s part of who I am. Frankly I was stunned by the arrogance, then by the insecurity that made you laugh at my efforts to help. When I made a family analogy it was after I had written a voluminous analysis of all factors of the situation, and thought it best, because I was unfamiliar with your culture, to use a foundation, as an example, that is common to all the world–the family.
  • All the time I was President of Challenged By Handicap and wrote Word Warrior, I never received one letter of compliment or complaint. You know that’s impossible, since when President of Dystonia Support System, I regularly received letters about all that I wrote. After my brain injury, they took that non-profit away from me, or at least they said they did.   They said they gave it to some black organization, because, you know, it’s a lot of work to set up one of these organizations. They’re right about that. Looking back I don’t know how I did it all–by myself, without any advice or counsel or assistance.
  • I’m digressing. Looking back, I don’t know how I started my own little business without knowing how to do it. Guess I knew how to research, how to ask questions. I developed the recipes, wrote the books, designed the books, printed the books on a rental copy machine, set up a business to sell the books, sold the books, had book signings even, did all the paper work, set up a catering business and went through all the same things, then set up a non-profit and went through all the same things, then oops, I got on the map and that’s when all hell broke loose. We need to keep her disrupted till she’s too old for people to follow her; either that or MLK ‘er. Guess what?, he helped me too–to circumvent, where age and status of handicap didn’t matter, even the brain injury didn’t matter, because the plan is for each individual to follow themselves–their own God.
  • It was difficult to make books on next to nothing. The stuff I had to edit out to keep the costs down. I didn’t even have a bed or couch. I did have a small table and four chairs, and I rented an IBM typewriter. It just didn’t seem fair.
  • Years later, after moving to Cleveland and trying to save my house by having an estate sale to pay for repairs that Cleveland Heights kept telling me, every year after they inspected it, I had to make or else go to housing court and then to jail, the FBI instructed their agents to help out (after they put me in the situation) by going to the sale: ‘don’t buy anything unless you really want it’, they were instructed. The night before when making last minute preparations my husband and I reminisced about some of the items for sale. I told him that the table that no longer had chairs does not get sold. I was using it to display some kitchen items. It had sentimental value, being the one thing I had left that I had through all of our dogs. The FBI, now referred to as BNF, could of course hear us. The first FBI agent who entered the house the morning of the sale, went straight to that table, put his hands on it, leaned over it and said, this is mine. I want this. I explained that it wasn’t for sale, then realized what he was doing and basically let him have his way. They thought, what a coup, we got the dog table, and cheap.
  • The woman next door, who let them spy on us from her house–a black woman who thought she owned us, you know, one of those slave master black women, who is always getting other people to do her work for her, wanted the mammoth cast iron skillet I bought in Boone, North Carolina after a book signing. It was the one that Joey-the fork-Butterscotch, after licking it clean, picked up in his jaw and pranced with it sticking straight out from his jaw, right in front of me then started doing his Joey dance, communicating in thousands of dog years, millions of kisses, what only the two of us, maybe three now know.
  • I finally said she could have it, then at the end of the sale, I said you know, I decided to keep that skillet. It wasn’t for sale anyway. [I don’t know why people always want what isn’t for sale at a sale. It’s remarkable how they do that, knowing you’re desperate and will sell what you don’t want to sell. In some cases it’s because people only sell the bad stuff, not so with us, we sell what’s good.] Then I said, ‘you know, I would have thought that a friend, knowing how much I love to cook and how much I love that skillet, and the situation I’m in, would have said, Sharon you keep that skillet, that skillet belongs to you, not the FBI.’ But she didn’t blink. She just said, “well I liked it, so I wanted it”.
  • I could say that at that moment I knew she had never been a friend, but then, neighbors who are friends don’t let the Feds spy on you from their house or don’t turn the other way when they see the Feds breaking into your house, to poison your dogs. And I already knew all of that. I just figured she didn’t know that I knew. They always commented on how polite I was, all the while they were doing these awful things to my family. So, because I was  polite, that meant they could keep terrorizing me. And keep killing my family, because they were dogs. But once they got away with that, they got away with a bunch of other stuff. It’s the same old story, they needed more and more control to satisfy themselves, and more and more control meant more and more corruption and a bankrupting of their values–if indeed they ever had values beyond, ‘whatever we can get away with’.
  • I think it gave them perverse pleasure that they could do this stuff to someone, a really nice someone, who claimed to be talking to God and getting a  response, but with no consequences for their behavior. It was like they knew God was watching them up close and doing nothing about the carnage, the terror, the cruelty–in no particular order. I’m not as nice as I used to be.
  • Anyway, to get back to Portland and the purpose of this story, the Baskin Robbins guy who got famous by rejecting his father’s fortune made on the backs of enslaved and slaughtered cows, promised to write the introduction to my first book, even wrote it, then reneged because, as he said, ‘I’m famous now and things have changed; if I do it for you, then I have to do if for everybody’. I guess at the time, he was hoping that signing onto my book might help him out, but as it turned out he got famous without that. I was heart broken. I asked for him to return the book (since I was poor and needed it to send to someone else). He said it was in the city dump, then quickly added, ‘recycled of course.’
  • A while later, I saw a new book by him in the bookstore and was stunned to see some of my recipes in it. All this after he told me he put my book in the city dump. I decided not to make a big deal over it, since he was doing the noble work of trying to stop the slaughter; so I swallowed my pride and moved on. But nothing else moved on.
  • I remember so many times as a nurse, the head nurse lying to a doctor saying she discovered something when I did, and it was always, ‘your day will come; you’re young’. Well that day never does come, because the government, like so many others, does the same thing. This doesn’t only happen to me; it happens to everyone. But in my case, the Feds moved in and took over. Well, I’m not letting them slide any more. I’m too old. I’m not going to let Obama and Michelle jump on the same band wagon, because the Feds keep telling them I’m okay with it. How can perfectly intelligent people convince themselves that that’s true? If this is a group effort, why does everybody get pay and benefits  except me?
  • If this is a group effort, then why don’t I know the name of the company I work for. If this is a group effort, then why all the threats and disruptions and blocking of only me within the group? If this is a group effort then why does the group advance and I don’t? Because I’m handicapped and all these groups think that I should be happy that they want to, and do, take my work and run with it. Look Ma, no hands! If this is a group effort then why don’t I get invited to the celebration parties, the office parties, the family picnics? Well, I can’t keep doing this, because you keep threatening to rape and kill my family. At what point do I say, go ahead, I don’t think you’ve got the nerve?
  • I guess because you keep saying that I’m okay with it, even though I scream and cry and beg and write to people protesting it, that I’m going to have to get extreme. You actually convinced my family that you’re trying to help me.  Nobody can talk to God and get a response, so you’re just trying to convince me of that. Don’t encourage her you say. Tough love you say. Since 1982? This is about a group effort, where everyone advances except me, when it’s me doing everybody else’s work. I don’t know my torturers personally–well, some I do. I don’t know the names of the people in this so-called group I belong to–well, some I do.
  • Threats made to destroy my family, to rape children and elderly, if I don’t comply, doesn’t fit into a group modality that I might think of when working as a team. You don’t tell somebody that their husband is going to die a slow, painful death if they don’t let you have total access to their God. That’s a torture group–with me as target.
  • The Feds want me to be happy with a master/slave, torturer/tortured relationship that is only secret from their vantage point, where the only benefit to me is that I live–maybe. They want to do all of this without having to acknowledge me. Don’t you get the torture part of this? In other words, they know me, but I don’t know them. I see them. I hear them and that’s as close as I get to this so-called group dynamic. Michelle Obama keeps saying keep helping. Others say help till it hurts. Who are they talking to? What does that mean? I’m shocked that the Obamas would buy into that. I’m even more shocked that they utilized me. So they do support slavery as long as it isn’t black slavery. Whoa.
  • And now back to the Dalai Lama. Does he know that I’m not free? Does he know that I’m being tortured? Which of the three countries wanted access to me, whereby the USA intelligence agency figured they’d interview the Dalai Lama to get my problem solving, creative juices flowing?
  • Historically, and this really has been going on since 1982, they wanted me to think that nobody except them knew I existed. They keep referring to me as Vincent Van Gogh. They think they discovered me. They send their people out in force to squash me if anybody gives me even the least bit of attention. They keep lecturing me on ‘being a good sport’, then they take all the credit for all of my writing.
  • They tell me that I should be grateful. They let me have me a thimble full of marijuana, saying it’s to treat my brain injury, you now, them being all compassionate, when it’s really to get me chattering, while they listen for God codes, then they threaten to bust me, because I didn’t chatter the way they wanted me  to chatter. Why would they put me in jail for taking a few leaves from a plant that grows naturally? Those leaves are miracles for the brain injured. They didn’t bust anybody for the mold that caused the injury, but they’ll bust me for treating it with a natural short term remedy.
  • Are they going to put me in jail for developing the Miracle Burger–one that cures people of bowel, kidney and heart disease?? They took away my medical care, took away the meds I need to treat my dystonia and spinal cord injury and asthma, but they’ll give me a thimble full of marijuana six times a year, so they have something on me, so they can own me, because treating yourself for a brain injury isn’t legal?  Obama lets the torture of me slide, but is going to throw me in jail for eating a medicinal plant? Whoa. They keep saying that’s the way it’s always going to be. “You can’t get out”. I don’t know what I’m in.
  • So a foreign country asked them for access. So Fareed is a puppet for the USA.  And obviously the Dalai Lama is a servant of Tibet, so one must ask who really wanted my input but was too____to ask? It’s probably more like the Fed received some benefit along with a payment of money or the forgiveness of a debt, for ‘pimping’ me out, and just like in the case of a whore, the pimp (the USA) took all the money–and the credit. They probably blow it all up into a spicy scenario of how they had to do this and do that to get me to address this particular issue. How dare you! In reality, I’ve been involved in this issue for a very, very long time–long before the government even knew I existed. And now China, Tibet and Taiwan know that.
  • The Dalai Lama separates the person from policy. The two cannot be separated. Taiwan separates family from government. The two cannot be separated. They all want to be one, but separate. It’s all about who pays taxes to whom, so at least be honest about that. Each wants to be the leader and nobody wants to be the follower. So do what you want; follow your own counsel.
  • The Dalai Lama knows they missed the real one. He’s spiritual enough to know that. Now let’s hope he’s courageous enough to adopt the Five Principles–which make  each individual their own spiritual leader who lights the way, and darkens it when needed, by setting the example to move forward in peaceful unison–to a Better Life. You didn’t fail, as you claim, in your mission. You just didn’t go far enough. Perhaps you’ll return as a goat. Or maybe the spiritual leader was simply in need of a little spiritual guidance. Wink. How could he know that he would get that guidance from a person sentenced to enslavement, torture and eventually slaughter in a ghetto in Cleveland, Ohio by the USA government, and the people who arranged his interview as a favor to one of four countries in exchange for other favors? He’s too naive to consider that. Or maybe not.
  • Perceived superiority breeds torture and terrorism. The USA engages in torture and terrorism around the world–including in their own backyard, and so do all other countries that think they’re superior to all others. If you need to torture, then your system of governing is wrong and weak. Like the USA, China tortures those who don’t go along with the group, claiming it’s in the interest of national security and national unity. Again, a country that needs to torture has a governing system that is morally wrong and consequently weak.
  • The Chinese people, however, accept torture as part of the human condition. And it appears that the American people are also doing the same, from the grass roots all the way to the Halls of Congress. It pains me to witness this backward national trend; it pains me to see the Drowner of Gitmo get so much air time on T.V., a war criminal still espousing his pro-war, anti-Muslim, pro-torture, thus pro-terror ways. One of the reasons why the CIA in the USA  recruits so many Asians is because they do support torture, because they don’t generally believe in God, thus a moral system of governing behavior. In other words, the USA exploits those Asian qualities to their own advantage. The Asians have long histories of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. They terrorize anyone who acts outside of the group or who criticizes the government. I know, I know, they’ll say they don’t, that they only squelch those protestors.
  • I don’t want to lump all Asians together, or all Asian countries together, any more than I want to lump all Africans  or African countries together. I know that there are cultural and probably genetic differences among peoples of different, but like nations. In America, there are cultural and probably genetic differences among states, based on who settled where and from what country or ethnic/racial group they originated. But still..all it involves is a variation in the arrangement of the atoms. Everything else is window dressing.
  • When I moved to Hawaii I discovered, much to my surprise, that there were many Asian nationalities who inhabited the Hawaiian Islands. I only visited and lived on one of them. I’m sure people thought it odd that given I was already there, I didn’t take a tour of all of the Islands, but I figured they couldn’t be much different than Oahu. But maybe I was wrong. Still…when I returned many years later, I stuck to the Island of Oahu to re-explore. I still figured that whatever was on the other Islands, that would interest me, I could find on the Island of Oahu.
  • Steve and I didn’t live in Makiki, where most white people from the mainland (USA) lived. We lived in Waikiki, since that’s where he worked, and living close to work we didn’t need a car; we walked everywhere or took the bus or a cab. We hung out mostly by ourselves, but when we did socialize we did so with his employees and locals. It seemed that every person we knew was different in every aspect from every other person. For instance, the white people from the mainland were all from different states, from different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, and were all there for different reasons.
  • Growing up in Massachusetts, Asia  pretty much meant China as far as people went, except when I would purchase something, look at the bottom and see that it was made in Japan. And that was not a good thing, even though it never actually kept me from purchasing  something that I wanted. I’m talking about being a youngster now–riding my bike to the ‘five and dime’ store. So China, economically is the new Japan–in that regard. Of course, in the early eighties, Japan soared economically.
  • Hawaii was one of the main vacation destinations for the Japanese from Japan. It was interesting to note the differences between Japanese born in Hawaii and Japanese vacationing from Japan. I think that every variety of Asian, even if just a tiny proportion of the population, was represented in Hawaii. I’ve never seen so many different people, and different groups, within one race of people. But, because they all had straight black hair, they look alike.
  • I remember going to the University of Hawaii, walking up the road and seeing all the black haired people walking in front of me. I knew then why white people say all black people look the same and why black people say all white people look the same. It wasn’t till I started seeing the features of my friends and families in those faces that I didn’t feel so all alone. Still, I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish even someone I knew in my class, from somebody else, if they changed their hairdo. It’s strange how groups will call that a prejudice, when it’s not a prejudice at all.
  • I’m assuming that the same is so for Africans, so that if for example there’s a place that Africans from all over the continent of Africa congregate for vacation along one of the African coasts, one might make the same observations that I made regarding the Asians in Hawaii.
  • Someday the whole world will be integrated, and we won’t notice groups so much–because we’ll be at peace with each other. People tend to notice people their nation is at war with, regardless of other prejudices, and they tend to dislike those people, because they’re expected by their respective governments to show patriotism through rejection.
  • Back to Hawaii. Peoples from all of the neighboring island nations and territories were represented in Hawaii, as well as peoples from non-island communities, and of course from probably every country in the world or if not, then someone would have a relative from that little known country, not represented. It was a true melting pot. The difference between Hawaii’s melting pot and say the melting pot of the USA was that there were essentially two major groups of people: those who lived there and those who vacationed there. The residents don’t like the vacationers, and within the residential group nobody likes anybody else.
  • The point I’m getting to is that I had no idea the scope of differences among one race of people, Asian–Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, North and South Korean, Philippino and all the others, then combinations of all of them. For instance a Korean man marrying a Vietnamese woman was as different in the Asian world as a black woman from Chicago marrying a white man from Kansas. The actual differences may not be that striking visually, but the cultural differences and the emphasis put on those cultural differences was enormous.
  • To make a long experience short, prejudice is rampant in Asian communities. I didn’t even mention yet the Hawaiian people, who are indigenous to Hawaii, who feel and rightly so, that outsiders came to their island and basically took it over. Missionaries. All these Christians who preach all these good things went into areas with the questionable goals of helping people be better people by teaching them their religious-based ways, while simultaneously taking over their land and their resources.
  • Although Asians don’t like Asians from other ethnic groups, they also in Hawaii, don’t like white people–big mouths they call us. Looking back, I think it’s one of those black ways of looking at all white people the same way; they think all white people are Jews. Blacks for instance rarely think of the ethnic and cultural differences among white people. Everyone looks the same, so they are the same. White people think that way of blacks. Everyone looks the same, so they are the same. All Asians look the same to people who are not Asian, so are regarded as the same. Prejudices among groups of the same race are as intense as prejudices among races. The difference lies in the content of the prejudice. In Iraq, everyone is Iraqi, but the Sunni and the Shite discriminate against each other based on other factors. In Northern Ireland, the fighting factions were all the same color. Yet colors were assigned to each group: the orange and the green. Protestants and Catholics respectively.
  • But I’m getting off track here. Asians. I don’t know if all Asians tend to support torture than not to support it, or if there are circumstances where they would as a group not blink at it’s usage. I do know that governments of Asian countries use torture, and even in countries that claim they don’t, these same countries will reserve the right to torture under certain circumstances. Then there’s the issue of how different cultures define torture.
  • ***TORTURE LAWYERS LOOKING FOR LOOPHOLES***However an individual or culture or country defines torture, it’s all based on the same ‘superiority factor’ of one group seeing themselves as having the right to exercise authority over another group or individual. That’s the wrong part and that’s where the fork in the road appears–where the juncture presents itself–and where the individual and the group either stays where it’s at, moves backward or forward, at a slow or fast or intentionally incremental way. Regarding torture, one increment in the direction of torture is always the wrong move. If torture is already under consideration, then enslavement has already occurred.
  • Perhaps the problem with Obama and torture is that the lawyers, mostly extreme Jew lawyers, looking for torture loopholes, made decisions regarding what was legal to do, based on conjecture, not law. And he being a lawyer is siding with the lawyers.
  • Firstly, all lawyers can do is interpret the law as they understand it; they are not legislators and they’re not the Supreme Court. Secondly, if after reviewing existing treaties and laws and finding no legal support for torture, they got creative, knowing it was wrong, knowing it was illegal. That’s the key right there. All the torture lawyers had to do was research what had been outlawed in the various treaties that the USA had signed, and the laws the USA passed regarding torture. They did that and weren’t satisfied, because they wanted to torture, so they went with conjecture, for instance, Richard Nixon stating that if the President orders it, then it’s legal.
  • In other words, whatever the President does, no matter if anyone else did the same and was prosecuted, it would be legal. Again, this was conjecture. And it’s always after the fact, that people will conjecture about their own innocence, as Richard Cheney is doing now–and as the government did when people questioned it’s legality. In other words again, the government was torturing before they found torture loopholes via conjecture. Every lawyer in the world knows that conjecture isn’t sufficient to break a treaty or a law. That’s like a serial killer saying that because some other serial killer said it was okay to kill, then it was okay for this person to kill. That reasoning would be laughed at.
  • They reviewed the literature and found no support for torture, so they got creative, inventing support, shaky at best support, for something they knew was wrong, knew was illegal. They were torture lawyers looking for a reason to do something they knew in advance was wrong. Conjecture is not a legal defense. Conjecture is not proof.
  • If this problem isn’t fixed now, torture will continue for millennia, just as the enslavement, torture and slaughter of all other animals, continued based on what the blood lawyers looking for loopholes thought they cleverly discovered only to be found out, millennia later, that their loophole was wrong–based on faulty logic and faulty premises.  That’s a long, long time for torture and slaughter to continue, because blood lawyers looking for loopholes found them, or so they thought. They obviously made them up, just like the lawyers looking for torture loopholes made them up. And now that all societies have based their economies on enslavement, torture and slaughter of every animal except  humans, those blood sport practices are going to be hard to stop.
  • This is one of the most critical junctures in the history of humankind. What happens at this juncture will determine the fate of the human race. Will we become those enslaved, tortured and slaughtered? It has already begun. It’s not much further to using humans for experimentation. And it has already begun. I’m part of that experiment. It’s not much further to using humans for organs: skin, eyes, livers… How will we discriminate, divide into who gets what? I think we already know that. The rich, privileged will get the organs of the poor underprivileged. We already have the know-how. All we need is the green light.
  • Obama gave that green light. He’s a lawyer; he shouldn’t be naive. He thinks that the USA is going to investigate, that everybody will tell the truth because they all have immunity, and we will have learned an important lesson about a mistaken torture technique. He’s a lawyer, so he knows how to sanitize something for the jury or the judge or the public which is the jury pool. He knows how to persuade, to influence. So does his wife. She’s acting a little wimpish for her experience, if you ask me. She’s looking a little too wide-eyed, a little too Dorothyish. Lawyers know that they’re not supposed to plagiarize, to steal other people’s work and call it her own. She knows about copyright infringement. They both know. And they both know about torture.  She was a high powered attorney, which means she was used to getting her own way, doing things to people that weren’t right, but that she got away with.
  • Why else would she have misgivings about what she was doing? She said she didn’t go to Princeton and Harvard to be a high powered attorney? Of course she did. What, she went to Princeton and Harvard to be a low powered attorney in Waterloo? She went from high powered attorney to high powered executive to high powered politician’s wife that led her straight to the White House. Everything in her past positioned her for the role she has now. But she’s going around like, ah shucks, how did I get here?  ‘Nothing in my past could ever put me here’. Everything in her past put her here. Nobody likes a con, and eventually she’ll be found out. So best that she put the brakes on all that poor little me, from poor little family that had to work so-o-o- hard to put poor little me through school.
  • Some families, no matter how hard the parents work could never pay for the schools she went to. I get a kick out of these people who say kids in the ghetto could do that with scholarships. Yeah, scholarships for straight A students. Who gets straight A’s who also has to work a job and take care of the younger kids and do the chores while Mom works? On a bell curve, who gets the A’s? You think teachers are without prejudice when it comes time to dole out the grades? Stop trying to make people feel sorry for you and your poor little mother and your poor little family.
  • You’re beginning to sound like Oprah. ‘Don’t call me small; don’t call me small’. Where does that leave all of us, if you’re looking for sympathy for your poor life and all those high powered choices that you kept making? You’re trying to connect with poor people by saying you’re just like them. Stop trying to make something fit that doesn’t. You’re like Jackie Kennedy, going to Central Park in a Babooshka. A kerchief couldn’t make her poor. We don’t care. Whoever is advising you is advising you wrongly. Get a new advisor or advise yourself. Be yourself. Don’t apologize. What, now that you’ve made it all the way to the top, you’re going to discourage everybody else from reaching for their goals? Just stop it.
  • Your husband is opening the flood gates to torture and you need to address issues other than your wardrobe and making people feel sorry for you–and your family. Oh, so poor Mom sacrificed for me and doesn’t she deserve to live  the high life at the White House because of it? You don’t have to justify Mom living in the White House. Hey, if I could afford it, I’d have my Mom living with me, so she wouldn’t be terrorized by the USA government. That diamond you got, was it a blood diamond? And don’t be endorsing T.V. shows. Everybody knows that the CIA runs the media and you’re a little too chummy with the media arm of the world’s largest terrorist organization. Oh, how dare I criticize you? Don’t I know who you are?
  • So Barack exonerates all torturers because they were just following orders. That’s what torturers do; they follow instructions. That’s what they’re hired to do. All of it needs to be stopped. So why not stop it and then move forward?
  • I thought by writing a book exposing what the government did to me–and my family–that it would stop. I thought by sending a copy of the book to Barack, he would stop it. I had a back up of Kennedy and Feinstein and then a bunch of other people–even the Pope; none of it worked.
  • The President of Brazil was the only public person who acknowledged receiving “A Plan For The Planet”. But listen to this: The Feds in Cleveland who do all the terrorizing ratcheted their terror campaign up, laughing all the while, saying ‘now we can do whatever we want, whenever we want and you can’t stop us. Obama hates you; he’s on our side’.
  • Moving forward without addressing the torture sins of the past, will not stop torture in the future. Yes, I can make that conclusion based on what the Defense Department did to me. This isn’t like assimilating freedom fighters into a new government. This is about an established government setting the example for the rest of the world. The Feds are making all kinds of generalizations about their behavior and what is and isn’t acceptable. If water-boarding gets excused, then what they did to me is a no-brainer. Psychological torture isn’t even on the table.
  • Long term psychological torture that includes withholding medical treatment and purposely misdiagnosing, and blocking all efforts to make income, blocking all success, poisoning, tampering with cars to cause accidents, accidents that then happened, weapons of mass destruction exposure; they put Anthrax in my apartment; check my blood for Anthrax antibodies? Oh, right can’t do that, because the lab would lie–labs lie all the time–especially when the Feds tell them to lie; doesn’t that tell you anything about who sent that Anthrax through the mail? The USA government/CIA/military; they did it to frighten Americans, to justify going into Iraq, which was the plan all along. If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know, now even, what the CIA/military and all the other eighteen intelligence agencies are doing, then how would she know that they didn’t conduct the Anthrax distribution?
  • Stealing cars, murder attempts, doesn’t that count for anything? Poisoning food in restaurants. They have people, their operatives in restaurants, who will  (and do) put bad things in people’s food. Don’t you know that? Jay Rockefeller knows it. Harry Reid knows it. Diane Feinstein knows it. Waiting till someone gets old to finally set them free–when no crime was committed except being anti-prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter and being talented and inspirational enough whereby government  officials afraid, afraid, afraid that anything that good would upset what they claim to be the ‘natural’ order of things, is enslavement; it’s slavery. Don’t you get it? What were supposed to be the most productive, best years, of my life were stolen because people like you turned the other way, excused it, moved forward? Oh, so you said they had to stop? They didn’t.
  • Who’s she talking to?
  • I’m talking to both of you.
  • It is 12 May 2009. They came out again today to terrorize me and my husband while having coffee–this is right after his surgery. They have no shame, and Obama said it was okay. They had doctors torture my husband while he was under anesthesia; the results are obvious. Then they took credit. So today they heard me in my apartment, heard me over the phone, the cell phone, followed me to McDonald’s. Don’t tell me you thought they stopped. They didn’t. Oh, so you gave them three more months? four? six? You pulled a Cambodia on me? How dare you!
  • What did they say, “we’re this close, we are literally this close…give us a little more time, we’ll get it out of her? What are they trying to get out of me?
  • Tell your wife I’m sick of hearing about her clothes and arms when people in my family are being terrorized by her people, by the CIA that she keeps raising up by cozying up to Hollywood. Where’s the substance? Mom-in-Chief? If somebody is a good Mom, they don’t have to brag about it to the world. Doesn’t she know there are pressing issues, people dying horrific deaths? We don’t care who makes your bed. Hollywood is making her into tabloid news, into a caricature. Don’t you wonder why? Because Hollywood is CIA and CIA doesn’t want her in their way. And she, loving the attention, is falling for it. Tell her to keep the awe factor of where she is to herself. Enough is enough. I’m not seeing a hundred and twenty percent of anything. She claims to do the impossible with everything she does. I haven’t seen anything above the level of pre-school. What happened to high powered? We didn’t vote for only you. Rattle some cages, Michelle.
  • The Feds know there are no consequences. Without consequences torture will continue. And when the Feds are finally forced to stop of their own volition, they’ll have private contractors do the torture–just like before in Cleveland Heights. The surveillance moved from one house to another–another group took over. Donna Brazil once said, regarding Imus: “Oh we have our spies”. Yeah, I know they do. I know they do. So now her people or Sharpton’s people, or the Slaughter Industry Mafia or the NRA or the Mosad (oh, forgot, they already operate with impunity all over the USA. They are in every intelligence agency, every corporation, all government agencies, all non-profits, all media), the list is never ending, like the endless supply of suicide bombers, someone will always fill in, where somebody else is blocked. “Don’t worry we’ll take care of her”.
  • Did I tell you that while back in Cleveland Heights, years ago, I told the Feds that it didn’t matter how much they tortured me, because if I didn’t make it, God was already grooming somebody else to carry the torch further? That was you. The minute I saw you on T.V. give that speech, I knew it was you. I knew you had the Five Principles in your  soul and intellect. And then when I saw Michelle, even though bitter aspects remained, I knew that she had it too. That’s a compliment. Everybody has it–but you were talking it. Now you need to live it.
  • What are the consequences when torture happens on your watch? You think it won’t, simply because you gave the order for it to stop? How many people will be tortured in CIA prisons, where they don’t have to record the numbers of people there? Have you ever visited one? They won’t follow orders. Yours. Orders are always broken. They’re already being broken. What are the parameters? Have you defined torture yet? Or do you define torture by simply saying it doesn’t exist? They tortured in the past when they weren’t sure of consequences, now that there are none, the torture will accelerate. It accelerated against me. Gitmo isn’t the only place where, or circumstance under which, torture occurred. It’s everywhere. Sweeping it under the carpet will increase the frequency and conditions until such time that it will nearly be impossible to stop. Right now everything that isn’t water-boarding is considered okay.
  • We are at that juncture that all the other animals in the world were at during the course of their history, and there is presently more torture against all of them than ever before. Mass slaughter every day of the year, century after century. Do you know why all the other animals don’t evolve the way humans do? We don’t let them live long enough. We breed, enslave, torture and slaughter them, you know, we raise them for slaughter, so they don’t go through the process of adaptation, generation after generation, like humans do. We don’t allow it. We stop them from growing, developing. We stop their evolution.
  • And that’s what governments do to people like me, people who are freedom lovers. They block our evolution, so that the evolution never gets past the thinking stage. They don’t let out the ideas; they keep them; they own them and if per chance they leak out, they’re there to block the populace’s reception of them using brainwashing/blocking/association/techniques. I’ve witnessed it first hand since I sent out copies of “A Plan For The Planet”.
  • That’s why we haven’t progressed as humans, except in the area of science and technology. Science progresses through the application of enslavement, torture and slaughter, which blocks us from finding cures to diseases common to all of us. We’re more interested in developing new ways to spy on people.
  • Science determines technological inventions. Because science is flawed by enslavement and torture, so is the technology designed to perpetuate the crimes of using other species to advance our own. Other species don’t exist for the purpose of providing replacement parts for the human species.
  • People who create whatever governments tell them to create, in order to support the agenda of the government are not artists; they’re prostitutes. It didn’t start out that way, but that’s the way it ended up, and as we continue to numb our global conscience to horrific acts, humans are next on the chopping block. Maybe it did start out that way, at least when the humans entered the picture. Right now we can kill three hundred civilians to attack a suspected terrorist in a foreign country. We do this from bases within the USA. The people doing it, think that’s power. No. That’s slaughter. That’s not preventing attacks; that’s carrying out attacks. If we can’t call something what it is, we won’t be able to stop something  we can’t define.
  • Denial Is Prejudice
  • Denying justice is discrimination.
  • Denying healthcare to heal an injured or ill organism is enslavement, torture and slaughter.
  • Denying the right to communicate freedom ideas is enslavement and torture.
  • Blocking freedom ideas is slaughter.
  • Denying a being’s right to evolve is slaughter.

Some like it hot!


Sautéed red and green peppers, onions and cabbage with soy sausage in a red wine tomato sauce seasoned with herbs, Hungarian paprika and Indian chili. Combined with soy sour cream and macaroni!

Makes 12 cups

1/2 lb. dried elbow macaroni, cooked in liberally salted water; drain, then rinse under cold water till cold; let set in colander till ready to use
1/4 c. walnut oil (use a flavorful one; imported usually has a stronger walnut flavor; Hains makes a lot of nut oils, but they all taste nearly the same, bland)
1 lg. green pepper, cored, cut from end to end into 6 segments, then cut each segment crosswise into 3/8 inch wide strips
1 med. red onion; cut ends off, peel and cut into 3/8 inch squares
8 c. cut green cabbage, 1 inch squares
2 t. salt
lots of freshly ground black pepper
1 c. sweet red roasted peppers, 1/2-3/4 inch squares
28 oz. can Italian peeled, whole tomatoes in puree; cut tomatoes into chunks after adding to skillet
1/3 c. light brown sugar
1-1/2 c. water
2/3 c. dry red wine
3 T. fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 T. sweet Hungarian paprika
1 T. mild Indian chili powder*
1t. dried oregano, crushed
2 t. dried tarragon, crushed
1/2 t. ground allspice
vegetable oil
1/2, 14 oz. tube soy sausage, thawed (Gimme Lean Sausage brand)
1/4 c. tomato paste
1 c. soy sour cream

Prepare macaroni.

In extra large skillet, over medium heat, melt walnut oil. Add green pepper, onion, cabbage, salt and pepper. Saute, stirring often, till wilted.
Add roasted red peppers, tomatoes, brown sugar, water, red wine, lemon juice, paprika, chili powder, oregano, tarragon, allspice. Cook, over low heat, at an occasional boil, uncovered, for about 45 minutes.

In separate medium sized skillet, melt a couple tablespoons oil. Heat to very hot, then pinch off pieces of soy sausage and place in skillet.

Reduce heat to medium-high. Leave it alone till soy sausage starts to sizzle, indicating the soy sausage pieces are darkly browned. This will take a few minutes; don’t rush it.

Using spoon, cut the pieces into smaller pieces in the skillet. Cook a little longer, browning the newly exposed surfaces. Then, using potato masher, mash till crumbly. Cook a little longer till dry, then add to skillet of goulash. Stir well.

Add about a teaspoon more of salt or to taste to goulash. Stir well.

Combine soy sour cream and tomato paste in bowl till throughly mixed. Add to goulash and stir to evenly disperse.

Add macaroni, stir to evenly distribute. Serve each serving with additional dollop of soy sour cream.

Notes: This is a hot dish. It gets hotter as it sets. Indian chili powder is more orange than brown, and even when called mild, it’s hot for most American tastes. However, for Indians, it’s mild. I use sweet Hungarian paprika; for those who know the difference, and still want hot, then use hot Hungarian paprika.

Serve this dish with lots of iced lemonade.

13 May 2009   ISRAELI COUP

  • Pope Benedict XVI snubs Palestinians by turning a blind eye to atrocities committed against them by the Israelis. The Pope, out of fear of being assassinated, is forced again to recognize the holocaust solely against the Jews, forced to deny that Jesus was killed by the Jews essentially letting the Jews write the history books–as demanded–and then to top it all off, lectures the oppressed while exonerating the oppressors.
  • Half way around the world Obama, out of fear for the lives of his family, succumbs to Israeli generals’ demands of writing the history books on torture, hiding evidence that it ever occurred, saying those responsible had already been dealt with. This is the second time in days that Obama has invoked images of hundreds of thousands of Americans  being killed if he didn’t comply with the Israeli generated demands of hiding all evidence, in the case of the Jews, lest it happen again.
  • Secret inquiries imply somebody is hiding something that only the offenders can have access to, thus ignore.
  • Obama really does think that unicorns exist. Worst case scenarios of personal attacks against his family were once again invoked and he folded without as much as a whimper.
  • Last Minute Scenarios are like unicorns–they don’t exist. They’re used as tactics by paranoid cowards who enjoy torture. Bet all those people will get to see the torture photos–over and over again.
  • If torture doesn’t have a lasting affect, then photos that are several years old should have no affect either.
  • Because it’s raining in Idaho while I’m typing doesn’t mean my typing is causing it to rain.
  • Sounds like the Generals wanted to keep the torture under wraps, so they popped some people in Iraq, making it look like the violence increased when torture was exposed. Hey, at some point you need to suffer the consequences. If you’re going to continue to support torture and engage in torture, and take pictures of it, then people will fight back. Only the most ruthless dictator would think you don’t have the right to defend against being tortured. It’s looking more and more like Obama is that ruthless dictator.
  • Are you the one holding “A Plan For The Planet” back? So you can milk it dry, do damage control, set the world up to reject it, before it even gets out? Ashamed of something? Because I criticized the Jews I’m a national security risk? And if somebody criticizes you, the same risk? But Rush Limbaugh can spew his war talk and that’s okay, because you really do think like he thinks? You just can’t say it?
  • Nobody in the public understands what happened with torture. It was not a small group of individuals as Obama said; it was a policy carried out with broad strokes. We the people deserve to know the extent to what the government has done and continues to do on our behalf, in our name. When I heard the script you read on T.V. I was shocked that you took that position before a full airing, especially since you said it would be looked into. So you were tired, you let somebody tell you what to say, even though it was totally against what you said were your own principles. Or were they your principles?
  • That Obama, first exonerates all torturers because they were following orders, then to exonerate all the ones who gave the orders, then to renege on the promise to understand through study, when all the evidence has just been destroyed is Obama transformed to a dictator. He, alone, is deciding what’s good for the rest of us. How many more campaign promises is he going to break?
  • Obama set a precedent for all torture when he hid the evidence for some torture. Now all torturers will invoke this day, May 13th Coup as justification for hiding all past, present and future evidence of torture. This is a done deal.
  • One can only assume that Obama’s intense drive to hide, study, investigate, prosecute torture is an effort to hide his own complicity.
  • If someone is planning on attacking the USA, photos of torture will not motivate them any further, since these people already know that torture took place. The ones who didn’t know it were the populace of the world, because the dictator leaders of the world want to keep us from knowing what they’re really doing. When the populace knows, the populace can apply pressure on politicians to stop it–everybody knows this. Everybody knows that release of evidence helps to heal, not to incite. The cover-up is all about the Jews not wanting to take responsibility for the war crimes they committed via the USA military and intelligence war machines. Yet, as this is all happening, the USA deports an accused Nazi camp guard to Germany for murder charges. The Jews can’t have it both ways, but Obama is hell bent on giving it to them, not only both ways, but all ways.
  • Obama has become that accused Nazi camp guard, by turning the other cheek to torture. If he wants to turn the other cheek for himself that’s his business, but don’t turn the other cheek for the rest of us. We don’t want torture on our heads. Rahm Emmanuel, cracking his knuckles in Obama’s face is one of those reminders of stuff Obama doesn’t want out there. The Jews say, just like they said about the Clintons: ‘we put them where they are; we own them, and because we own them we can destroy them’. They slapped Obama hard enough so that he’ll never want to broach this torture subject again. It worked.
  • So, I guess this all means that we won’t know WHAT WENT ON IN THOSE SECRET CIA prisons either, you know, for fear somebody might some day retaliate against the Jews. And, you know, maybe some fat cat Maccabees might decide to pull another holocaust against the blue-eyed torturers of the world. Do you see what happens when you hide evidence?
  • You’re a high-powered attorney, which means you know how to hide evidence–from judges, juries, the jury pool (populace). Your job hasn’t changed much has it? Only this time you really are on the side of the torturers. You just ran on Word Warrior platform to win. You never had any intention of following through.
  • I keep mistakenly calling you Bush, when referring to you. What is it about the office of the Presidency that transforms all of you into murderers and torturers? I noticed on this 13th May Day Coup Day your swagger walking along the lawn. Did your Hollywood ‘How To Walk After You Torture’ adviser tell you how to walk on this one?
  • Did you think of the victims of those tortured and their families and how it could help them, now that the whole world knew? Oh sure the photos would be terrible to view, but my guess is that the military hunted down all the family members and killed them so they couldn’t testify.
  • So how does it feel to be judge and jury? Bet you wanted to do that a lot of times. Maybe you should have run for judge and not for President.
  • I thought, as I believe many who voted for you thought, that you were running against Bush/Cheney (B.C.), not running to protect them from criticism.
  • What constitutes a handful of people–a handful of individuals?
  • It’s not the sleep deprivation that has lasting effects, if people can indeed sleep thereafter in absence of nightmares/flashbacks. It’s that the sleep deprivation was used as torture. For instance, if I can’t sleep because somebody is playing music, that’s a sleepless night. If I know that the loud music is intentional and that it’s controlled/manipulated with the purpose of getting intel, then later when it stops, I may be able to sleep, but the fact of being tortured and then remembering the torture affects all areas of my life–sleeping or not sleeping. And the torturers always let you know that you’re being tortured for the purpose of something, even though you may not know what that something is, otherwise there would be no point, and you had better let them know that you know, otherwise the torture will intensify until they get a reaction from you.
  • The Feds think that being given a date rape pill will wipe out the memory of torture. The memory may be wiped out for a while, but a lot of other stuff is wiped out with it. Yet, and this is where the researchers lie, the body/brain still knows, it has been tortured. In other words, all cells have memories that numbing the brain can’t wipe out.
  • To make a comparison: Doctors give people going under a surgical procedure a drug that will wipe out their memory of the event, which mostly works, although doctors will claim it always works. Yet, the body doesn’t forget the injury–and surgery is an injury; it’s like a torture that doesn’t get felt. The body interprets the surgery as an assault and the body responds as such.
  • People who work in operating rooms know that a lot goes on against patients when they’re ‘under’ anesthesia, since medical personnel think, wrongly, that because the mind won’t remember it, that the body/brain won’t remember it.
  • When I lived in Portland, Oregon I had surgery, my gall bladder removed. I woke up in the recovery room to people talking close to my ears. Before I opened my eyes I could feel being poked in the shoulder from the front and the back, while I heard a woman say, ‘it moved’, followed by laughter. Then a guy would poke back and he’d say, ‘ it moved again’. Two young people, recovery room nurses, one female, one male, poking yellow pencils at me, rolling me back and forth, somewhat like people might poke at an animal. I started crying for the doctor and the woman said, you don’t need a doctor. I said I did, that the bed was all wet  under me. Well, they had evidently rolled me back and forth so many times that the liquid that gets infused into your body cavity during surgery had all leaked out. They were stunned when they saw that I was right, and quickly ripped the sheets off. The doctor who had been right outside the room rushed in when he heard me screaming for him and there was no evidence of water. I told him about the water, thinking maybe my stitches had come undone. At some point he believed me and said that it was okay, it was just fluid from the surgery and not blood, though the sheets when whipped up over their heads as they were removing them were bloodied.
  • When I lived in Hawaii, one of the observations I made was that Asians didn’t seem to have much of a conscience, when it came to other people’s suffering. The young man and woman were both Asian. At some point, maybe because I was crying, and the woman was trying to undo what she had said, she pretended to look the chart over and be the doctor and gave me a clean bill of health, then tapped the stretcher with her pencil as I was being wheeled away, saying, “you’ll be okay, you’re a good person”.
  • I’ve been monitored since 1982 that I was aware of. It probably started in 1975 when my husband and I went to the Soviet Union. We took some students on an eight day trip. There isn’t a book big enough, not even the size of the encyclopedia Britannica in it’s full length version, to house all the operations committed against me since 1975.
  • Years later after surgery at the Cleveland Clinic the people who prepped me for surgery, who kept trying to get me to relax to insert the IV when I was on the operating table, and the nurse couldn’t find my deep veins, were surprised when I called out to them by name afterwards in the recovery room and asked for their addresses in order to them send them a cookbook. She said, a little worried, ‘you aren’t suppose to remember anything’. Well, I didn’t have anything to write down the addresses with, but I sent both of them a book. So, that date rape drug doesn’t work on everyone. Anybody getting worried yet? The Feds dosed me more than once with those meds when I was out and about, using their plants at the various restaurants I frequent.
  • I just heard on T.V. that an FBI agent was testifying about torture behind a screen. Why? He’s not on trial; there will be no consequences. Oh, so we’re even going so far as to hide their identities. Whoa. How we coddle the torturer. But the tortured? We hide them too, or we kill them when they have the audacity to expose what happened.
  • I’m on Obama’s hit list now. He’s not anti-torture at all. He’s not anti-massacre nor anti-holocaust. I think he and his wife are simply pro-power. He’s telling the CIA to ‘get rid of her’.
  • After I sent the book to my family, I told them that this was their insurance policy. It was getting closer and closer to where the Feds knew they’d be found out and ‘let’s get rid of her now’ scenarios kept popping up. At some point they didn’t trust that they could scare me enough to keep my mouth shut, since they had accelerated beyond what they thought I could endure and I was still alive, and they, pretending to want to be my friend, after all they had done just wasn’t feasible. I hurried with the first part of this book for a reason. Survival.
  • Obama is showing his fear, by succumbing to ‘the sky is falling’ scenarios dreamed up by the military people who don’t want to be brought up on charges. He believes that his family will be killed–by the enemy, and he’s the President. He has protection. Or does he? ‘It’s too difficult to define torture so just let it slide’? The Jews in the Cleveland Fed have been telling me that same thing, “just let it slide”, followed by “we’ll hurt your___________”. Just fill in the blank; the names vary depending on how useful they think a particular threat against a particular person will be in forcing me to react. How dare you! You’re putting me and my family in danger, by giving all the torturers in the USA a free pass. You sure scare easy. If you can be scared that easily by your own administration, by the government that you head, what are you going to do when an enemy from outside threatens you? Maybe Doris Kerns-Goodwin played with your mind and you don’t know who the enemy is. You’re surrounded by them, remember? You hired them, remember?
  • I didn’t know he was a coward. That’s not the way he talked to become President. I guess he really is only a speech. He’s letting Cheney run the country from cable news shows.
  • If the photos weren’t sensational, then release them. You’re harming the country by not releasing them. And if you’re playing a lawyer game, nobody is laughing and nobody is understanding. Where’s Joe Biden? What happened to, ‘there’s a new sheriff in town’? They scared him into submission on our behalf too? Your Hollywood/CIA script writers tried to one-up God: “There’s a New God In Town”.  How dare you let the largest terrorist organization in the world dictate the policy for all of us. CIA doesn’t believe in God, you know, which is fine, but that doesn’t mean you can kill God because you don’t believe in it. How can you kill something you don’t believe in anyway?
  • You negated all that goodwill you got from your Europe trip when you, like the Pope, turned a blind eye to torture. You don’t really think that Europe is going to forgive us just because you said we were bad, if you keep being bad on our behalf do you?
  • SNICKERS candy bar uses double murder to sell their product to kids and adults. “Investigate a double hungercide” sounds like when spoken: “Investigate a double homicide”, and that’s exactly the way they want it to sound. Using murder to sell candy to children is way over the top. Where are your boundaries, again? My husband eats Snickers more than Milky Way, so I guess the Milky Way that they took out of his right carotid artery, in the form of soft, gooey plaque, could just as well have been a Snickers. I just figured because of the nuts, it would be less bad than a Milky Way, but Snickers just convinced me otherwise. The Snickers is probably in the left carotid artery, which was forty to sixty percent occluded, so there you go. The nuts do make a difference. The right one, the Milky Way was ninety-five to ninety-nine percent occluded.
  • There’s a huge industry in the USA set up around torture. Enforcement of anti-torture laws will cost a lot of wealthy people a lot of money. That’s the real reason why Republicans are fighting so hard to keep it, and Obama is letting them keep it, hoping that down the road they’ll vote for one or two of the bills he needs to pass. After all, the torturers told him that the populace doesn’t really care about torture, all they care about is money–the economy. I’m not really sure what ethnic group they referred to, but I’m guessing it’s the group that enjoys both–torturing and stealing.
  • When something is hidden, it’s corrupted.
  • Whether torture works or not should not be the issue. Rightness or wrongness should be the only issue. Torture is and always will be morally wrong. That the so-called moral authority is not against torture proves the need for a new authority.
  • People in the USA are afraid to say they don’t support torture, because the torturers always invoke your Mom and your children as the targets for horrific death that torturing someone can prevent. I know, because that’s who they invoke when torturing me–”give us what we want, and you know what that is, or we’ll rape and kill your mother and the children in your family whom she babysits”. See, your own government just proved to you that they are the terrorists and the torturers, which makes torturers, terrorists. BINGO.
  • During the course of this torture, I, thinking they wanted Osama bin Laden, located him in every nook and cranny on the planet. So they found him and said to Congress that the torture of me worked. Well, I covered the entire planet, which means he’d be in one of the places I mentioned, even heaven, so to them torture worked. What I find appalling is that I pointed out to them that the USA was going to be    attacked based on undercurrents from the underbelly that I was hearing right here in Cleveland. So if he attacked America I would be the first one to want to find him. When I wanted to flush him out, the Cleveland Jew Fed told me, “hands off; we already know where he is; we follow him every night”. I said no you don’t, because he’s not where you say he is; he’s in Pakistan. This was in 2000.
  • The BNF had a fit. After 9-11 they claim he’s in Tora Bora, because of a movie put out by the CIA that showed him in a cave talking about the attack. Strange how you can always tell when somebody is faking; they insert a few half lies to make it appear real. A video wouldn’t have shown him with a nose job. And he wouldn’t have appeared surprised at how the building fell, if he had planned and ordered the attack. He’s an engineer; he would know how buildings fall. If he had planned the attack he wouldn’t be anywhere near Tora Bora because he would know that the USA would annihilate Afghanistan. He’s not a martyr. He’s CIA.
  • People who incessantly look for loopholes lack originality, creativity and integrity.
  • Did I tell you that the Feds can copy voice prints and make, for instance, one of their Hollywood/CIA/actors sound just like one of your friends or family members? They can connect to the phone line of a family member and call you and talk to you, saying whatever it is that they want to terrorize you with, using the same voice print of your family menber. They’ve done that to me on occasion. On one occasion they went way too far, and I had to alert other members of my family. That’s when the FBI finally told the CIA they had to make a correction.
  • They already had an actor ready, someone who had studied this family member’s body language. They had him walk into a restaurant and sit diagonally across from me, looking and acting like this person. While this person remained silent, another Jew among three people talked out loud so I could hear while looking at this actor person they had made to look like my family member. The person didn’t remember making the call, the person says sorry, the person didn’t mean any of it, blah, blah, blah. I was stunned that all this happened within say three days, which means that they already had someone ready to play the part of this family member, which means they really did do it–use this person’s voice print. All they wanted me to know was that they could do anything to create any lie that they wanted to create.
  • Now, why would they want me to know that? And why would they use a voice print of a person in my family to let me know? What was this ‘technique’ as Obama calls it supposed to produce for them?
  • They wanted me to regard them as all powerful. Because I had remained silent in the past, they predicted that I would continue to do so. When I didn’t, and when I contacted people in my family regarding what had happened, the Feds went into damage control mode. Later, when the Feds threatened the same rape and murder scenarios, but added, “this time we mean what we say”, and after Abu-Garib, I knew they would–because they hired private contractors to specifically rape and murder. I know what they will do to children and to the elderly and to anyone in between. And so do you.
  • That’s what Obama is trying to cover up, saying if he tells the truth hundreds of thousands of Americans will be killed. What kind of President would allow those threats to be made to Americans because they’re anti-torture? If I’m anti-torture, why would they think I would find someone for them to torture? That’s the example of the insane minds operating in the largest and most violent terrorist organization in the world, which also runs the USA–the CIA. This is what Cheney and the Republicans and Rush Limbaugh are really defending.
  • I believe now that Obama is a torturer. He has the ‘burn torturer’s DNA. Needless to say, I am not very popular in my family as a result of me finally having to report to them what the Feds threatened to me, using the voice of one of my family members. The CIA is expert at dividing families–and now they want me to know they’re in my mother’s house, interviewing her every day, claiming to be census people. The census bureau doesn’t require information about anyone who isn’t living in the house, yet they’re asking detailed personal information about all family members including in-laws.
  • The new moral authority is not Barack Obama; the new moral authority is the Five Principles and the Blueprint. That, cannot be changed.
  • Congratulations and thank you to Keith Olbermann, Rachael Maddow and Jonathan Turley for not backing down on torture.
  • Slaughter works to silence people. But it isn’t right. If you don’t legislate rightness, then you legislate wrongness.  Otherwise, there’s anarchy. If you don’t want morality in the laws, then you’re operating in the absence of principles, because morals are principals. The mistake people make is in regarding anything moral as religious. Morality can and does exist in the absence of religion. Religion is not necessary, morality is. Religion does not define morality. It defines and practices the Five Fatal Flaws, the same Flaws that governments practice.
  • Threat of slaughter makes people do what you want them to do. I guess Obama must have taken the threat of the teddy bears given by the Justice Department to his daughters to heart. Now he’ll do whatever they tell him to do. They’re in the torture business. They tasted the blood and liked it.
  • The USA operates on the law of ‘anarchy of the privileged’. That will be their downfall.
  • People don’t stroll the streets of Waterloo in the evening. The threat of violence keeps them inside. Violence works, but it isn’t right.
  • Spreading democracy through violence is wrong. People in foreign countries already have violence by their own dictators. For another dictator to invade, using even worse violence to convince them that hundreds of thousands will have to die horrific deaths before peace will be achieved, and then it will be tenuous at best, is so megalomaniacal that it can only be understood through a Hollywood script. The Jews have made the world their stage and all that they script, from the war to the news defies logic, defies common sense, defies definition.
  • ALERT, ALERT. ALERT. Cow breaks into grocery store and corrals man into the produce section. The cow is signing: ‘this is where you belong buster. This is where you get your food. Stay out of the meat department’. Get the picture? Bravo. Even those you slaughter are trying to save your sorry bee-hinds. Thank the cows by not slaughtering them.


with dates, pecans and coconut. Medicine cookies!

Makes approx. 5-1/2 dozen

1/2 c. transfat-free margarine
1 c. dark brown sugar
1/2 c. white sugar
1/4 c. ground flax seed
2 T. powdered ginger
2 T. Cinnamon
3 T. ground coriander
1 t. ground cloves
2 T. dried mint, finely crushed
1/2 t. baking soda
1/2 t. Salt
1/2 c. applesauce (I used sweetened)
3 c. all-purpose flour
1/2 c. pecan pieces
1 c. dried dates; cut each in half from tip to tip, then cut crosswise into 3rds or 4ths
1 c. flaked coconut

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In large mixing bowl combine first ten ingredients, up to and including baking soda. Stir and mash with sturdy spoon to completely incorporate all ingredients.

Add applesauce and flour. Stir to thoroughly blend in flour.

Add pecans, dates and coconut. Stir to evenly distribute.

Liberally oil baking sheets with vegetable oil. Drop dough by rounded teaspoon on sheet about 2 inches apart.

Bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 12 minutes. The cookies will be soft on top and lightly browned on the bottom.

Notes: Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Store in covered container.

If desired, dust with a little sifted powdered sugar. I call these medicine cookies because they make me feel so good.

  • Rachael Maddow evidently thinks it’s against the law to call a Jew a Jew, judging from the piece she verbally published regarding some guy who called Senator Schummer a Jew. I’d call him a torturer, but if he’s a Jew, so what? Unless…the guy who did it is a Jew, and the Jews want to send him a message via Rachael to keep his mouth shut. That’s the problem with all of this nonsense of never being able to criticize a Jew. Has she ever used the word black or gay? Characteristics? So why is this news, especially in light of her own harangues about everybody she doesn’t like? Name calling, mocking, laughing at, threats, yes threats, for what? I remember something about don’t ever criticize her or she’ll get you back–that’s her job. Nobody can call a person a Jew, because Jew is a bad word?
  • Jews have characteristics; that’s why they want to remain separate, because they think their characteristics should be preserved and they think those characteristics are different from other people’s characteristics. They don’t think they’re bad; they think they’re superior. So why would being called a Jew be a bad thing?  Epithet, is the word she used to describe the term ‘Jew’ used in this verbal scuffle. According to the definition of the word ‘epitet’, it can be used in a disparaging way. If Schummer is ashamed of his behavior, which he should be, he should focus on changing his behavior instead of setting up a Hollywood moment, like he did with the toxic mold in his apartment–making those who viewed it think that it was safe. He’s a Jew; he’s the worst of a Jew. Epithet can also be a descriptive title, such as America the beautiful.
  • So what you’re saying is if someone calls somebody a Jew, then it’s always bad, even though the word you used, ‘epithet’ can go either way. He can change the characteristic of himself if he wants to, so then when people call him a Jew it might fall into the beautiful category. Right now, what he did with that toxic mold stuff in his apartment, that ‘other’ Hollywood moment, especially since I was poisoned with it, identifies him with the less than desirable people who display less than desirable traits of laughing at other people’s misery. Eat some cookies! Feel better.
  • So if calling a Jew a Jew is abuse, then they must think I’m trying to soften them up, so they’ll tell the truth. The Jews who control policy think that torturing somebody makes that ‘somebody’ do what they want them to do. That’s what they do with me. If it works for them, it should work for me. We’ll see. But wait…Jews don’t support torture. They don’t torture. Water-boarding is not torture and everything less than that certainly isn’t. They nudge. They sanitize acts with words to make what’s dirty appear clean. Then they’re in your face with it all over the media waves via government controlled media outlets.
  • Rachael, the reason you tell people you’re a Jew is because you think your characteristics are desirable. But when somebody else calls you one, it’s disparaging. The way you mock people with such pleasure is disparaging. Stop being a hit man for the Jews.
  • RE: “Yellow Duck Walks On Water” art collection: Mars 2000 was framed, and Life In Space 2000 and 2009 was finished and framed.
  • A paradox: Beauty contestants, who prance in sexually suggestive ways in front of judges, audiences and cameras, wearing only a skimpy bathing suit, high heels and loads of facial make-up, to be rated/scored in the category of swim suit competition, which really  means what’s underneath the  swim suit, that can be determined by looking at the swim suit, when nobody is swimming, in order to win a beauty contest, can be stripped of their titles, if they win–for appearing at some time in their past without the scanty brassiere part of the swim suit. Whoa. Split a hair why don’t you? I don’t support beauty contests, just for the record. But this is over the top.


Flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg. Tastes like pumpkin cream pie!

Makes 9 dessert cup servings

15 oz. can pumpkin
1/2 c. dark brown sugar
4 c. plain soy milk
1/3 c. cornstarch
1 T. vanilla extract
1 t. cinnamon
1 t. nutmeg
1/4 t. salt

Place pumpkin and sugar in food processor.

In small bowl combine 1 cup soy milk and cornstarch. Stir with fork till dissolved, then add to the processor with the pumpkin, followed by 3 more cups of soy milk. Process till well-blended.

Add cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Process till smooth.

Transfer to large saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring almost continuously till thickened and pudding boils.

Boil, while stirring continuously, for about 3 minutes or till the pudding darkens somewhat from it’s light fluffy color.

Ladle into small custard or dessert cups. Place in refrigerator till cold throughout. Serve as is or topped with soy whipped cream.

Notes: Tastes just like pumpkin pie. Make once a week for dessert as an additional way to give yourself and family vitamin A and fiber. Pumpkin is cheap, good for you, available all year and tastes great too!

If you want a greater pumpkin presence, use a 29 ounce can, and add 1/2 cup white sugar in addition to the brown sugar; keep everything else the same. Taste for sweetness as you go along.

If you have a small food processor, then divide up the pumpkin and soy milk, so it doesn’t overflow when being processed.

  • I naively thought that the days of sacrificing the lambs were over when I was still a kid. See what happens when you’re not vigilant? A place in Cleveland advertizes the “sacrificing of the lambs” on the patio. Bar/restaurant. Shows a cuddly, furry lamb–the one served up to you on their blood platters. Where’s the world going with this?
  • Making animal-free diet selections is freedom for God’s gentlest creatures and freedom for you: God’s cruelest creatures.
  • The Pope won’t let the Catholics in Africa use condoms, because like the Jews, the Catholics want big population numbers to support their ‘ruling the world’ ideologies. Why does every group want to rule the world? When you withhold condoms you rule the world–with numbers. The Pope won’t talk to people who are pro-choice, but he won’t condemn the holocaust in Palestine. You can’t have it both ways, Pope. At least your predecessor had misgivings about his own morality. At least he condemned capital punishment. Oh, you don’t call a holocaust capital punishment. So it’s okay for the Jews to do it, why again? because it was done to them? Was it done to only them?
  • My grandmother worked in a sweat shop, separated from her family, working at slave wages until she retired. A Jew owned and operated that shop. Seems like they got the idea from their very own Hitler. Take the poor of the poorest Americans–and no they didn’t have bags of diamonds, otherwise they would have bought their way out–and put them to work in factories making munitions and utensils and any other products needed to sustain themselves during war time. Sounds like my Nanny Kay. So the flu broke out and lots of people died and had to be put in mass graves, you know, like the Jews do to the Palestinians. Oh, I can’t talk to a Pope like this? I remember a time, my entire childhood, where I couldn’t walk on the altar either, because I wasn’t close enough to God. Only boys could do that, they being all holy and everything. Only boys were made in the likeness of God.
  • Oh, but I sure could go into the back room every Sunday after the last mass and collect all the surpluses, and pick up the mess the altar boys left, then bring home the surpluses, wash, dry, starch, sprinkle and leave them in an already overstuffed refrigerator and then iron them to be returned Saturday afternoon after I went to confession to confess all my sins, only to go to mass on Sunday and start the process all over again. My friend, Ellen, did this with me.
  • My mother never complained that I was taking up all that room in the refrigerator. Come to think of it, she never complained about a lot of things we did, such as using the sheet blankets in the summer time to make tents in the back yard, driving clothespins through the corners. What fun that was. We’d want to stay up all night, we were having so much fun–out in the open air, under the stars; they’ve got a big star sky in Massachusetts, not like Hawaii where they’re all hidden. The worst part of the whole ‘sleeping out’ experience was that we all knew that when we went to sleep, it was over, since when we woke up, it was morning–that’s why we didn’t want to go to sleep–who would when they’re having so much fun?
  • I received the Marion award as a result of all the prejudicial duties I performed for the Catholic Church.  I never felt good about not being good enough for God or the church or the men/boys who ran it. I never understood why I couldn’t walk on the altar.
  • I dropped off a bunch of Word Warriors and cookbooks in a church in Canada once, on the way to a dystonia seminar, and when no one was looking, because no one was there, I walked up on the altar. I didn’t see the big deal of it, then I realized that it wasn’t about the altar, it was about men/boys wanting and needing to be superior to all women/girls and that church/state comprised of both genders followed that prejudice–in all ways.
  • They call it an award to make it sound like the young girls who get it, won it. No, I earned it. I have never not earned anything. I have never not worked for something I received. Yet, as a result of all my hard work, people like the Catholics and Jews and Blacks and Christians and government agencies and all members of Congress and Presidents thought they could just keep taking, because I was meek–like a lamb. I was a woman. They wouldn’t have done that to a boy or a man. Was it the chicken or the egg? Which came first? They framed the question wrongly. Was it the hen or the egg? It was both. Therein lies the root of all prejudice. Gender based. Even the first part of this book was meek, so much so that they thought they could keep hitting me. If a man had written it, everybody would be applauding it. Instead, I hear, ‘a woman, a girl, can God be that? I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to fit–all that we’ve been taught’.
  • Who knows what they tell Presidents any more. Like the Jew CIA guy on T.V. said the other night, ‘we’ll keep doing whatever we want to do’. Because they’re Jews they must think that everybody thinks like they do and can take the abuse they mete out. People’s levels of conscience and aggression are different. When I hear some of these Jews on T.V. and the way they disrespect people and mock them and just won’t let up, then like Imus, if someone just hints at a ‘slight’ they break into a million pieces, and as they’re shattering they’re taking the whole world down to hell with them. It’s not easy to watch night after night, day after day; and because no one can criticize, it really does reach inappropriate proportions.
  • GOD: The FEDS in the USA–and beyond, now owe it all–not since 1982, but from 1975 when you went to the Soviet Union on that class trip. You sent out the B.O.B book, they saw it, they stole from it after they told you they wouldn’t take your stuff anymore, they used it in their CIA CONTROLLED SIT-COMS/NEWS SHOWS/TALK SHOWS.
  • Yup, Obama, the guy who got elected on your Five Principles did a Cambodia on you; and it’s just beginning. They’ll claim they were trying to get you angry, so you’d tell them when the next attack was coming, like you did with 9-11. The last ditch effort was the ball game. Even as they were taking your home, and had no access to a computer, you were still trying to help, opening all the windows, so that all the houses that were monitoring you could hear the game, and all they kept saying was play ball. And that’s what you did. You couldn’t give them specifics, because then you would know too much, and none of them believe in God; they’re all atheists operating in the largest terrorist organization on earth. Knowing you were taking to God, they should have put the country on high alert. But it’s all about money–and now it’s about how much they’re making off of you. They’re still surveilling you and using you to generate profits to advance their war machine. They threatened to kill you and now I’ll take care of them myself.
  • Oh, that red-headed, blue-eyed flea that was really a gnat, well, my mother-law-said it was a gnat; it was really a fruit fly. Final answer: fruit fly. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, somebody once wrote?
  • So they tell you to say that you believe in torture for Last Minute Scenarios, just to frighten me into telling a bunch of terrorists in the CIA where, when and how the next attack against the United States of Israel is going to occur. Knowing that I don’t support torture or slaughter, they think I’ll work on that assignment, just for them, to keep my family alive. There’s someone in my mother’s apartment as I write, making me know what their intentions are, and they used Craig Ferguson to do that. The Feds know I watch him during the day. I was giving him a pass until last night, when I watched it in real time. We’re both Scots. Davidson on my mother’s side. She’s the one he did that to. They migrated from Canada. The Pioneers of Inverness Township. One of her letters is in the book. The Jews who do this have no shame–and their forever excuse is, ‘but it was an emergency’, which in Jew-speak means their state of mind, which is in a forever state of chaos, because we can’t help ourselves and our brains need chaos in order for us to function, which translates to forever torture.
  • Andrea the Agent is getting a little too close to defending torture. I thought she was a reporter. Why would she present argument scenarios against Nancy Pelosi? and then have a Jewish Party colleague back her up? They’re getting hysterical, which means they did something very bad and are trying to shift the focus. Andrea gives the argument: “Why would the Feds brief Pelosi on torture when they’ve  already tortured? It doesn’t make any sense.’ And then how does Andrea have this collection of papers, rosters, of all the people briefed? Where did she get it? She said she’s had it for years? Who would give it to her and why?
  • The yellow brick road leads to Israel and they want to blow that road up before anybody finds out the truth. They know I’m writing a last chapter and they know what’s in it. The answer to her question is laughable. It’s the same advice Jew husbands give other Jew husbands regarding their wives. Just do it. Then tell her. What can she do, except get mad–after the fact? If you already did it, you need to tell her before she finds out from somebody else, and she will. What’s she going to do, stop you from doing something you already did? Ask John Edwards; he understands. So why Andrea the Agent didn’t understand is understandable when viewed in the context of trying to find ways to excuse the Jewish party’s Torture Acts.
  • It’s strange how those who lie the most, demand the absolute truth from everybody else.
  • The Cleveland Fed and the other bigger Fed thinks it’s okay to threaten to kill someone. I am not the friend of people who threaten to kill me and my family. That’s a disturbing characteristic that Jews have. They think you should be their friend, even as they torture you, because as they say, they can’t help themselves; they just have to do it. And I guess I just happened to be in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time. And if you’re in their neighborhood, they’re allowed by the Fed to spy. Inside, outside, break and enter–but it was an emergency. It’s always an emergency when the Jews do it.
  • So they planned one full year, according to them, to commit a massacre against the Palestinians in Gaza. So when the rest of the world thought they were finding peaceful resolutions, they were planning a massacre against the holocaust survivors in Gaza. Whoa. And they did it for BO–you know, to get his attention, because they wanted to be number one, superior, and violence was the way to impress this man. And guess what, they were right. He defended them. How would you like somebody throwing Roman candles in your backyard? There goes the rule of law.
  • Guess the next time the Jews send out their Black actors to firecracker me and say that Steve is going to die a slow, painful; death, then I have the right to commit a massacre against their families. They did it again when he was just in the hospital. Only this time it wasn’t summer so I had all my windows closed. They only did the firecracker part, knowing I’d make the association. Mind control is what it is. Are you unbrainwashed yet, or do I have to continue. Not yet done?
  • He took care of Jack Bauer.
  • Joey. Joey-the fork-Butterscotch.
  • It’s strange that BO acknowledges the book given him by Hugo Chavez, but what? I’m not good enough for him for his office to write a note of acknowledgement? But he and his wife can steal from it, using my words, my ideology in their speeches? I’m having trouble getting over the arrogance of that. I deserve to know if it went to the person I mailed it to. He’s using the text, word for you, yet he doesn’t have it? Doesn’t he ask his speech writers where they get all his stuff? He must think he has a bunch of really smart speech writers. Wow. My enemies are really on my side. Flip the bird upside down to Doris. I did it my way, not Lincoln’s way.
  • This is Sharon talking now: You had better not criticize me or anything in this book or there will be hell to pay. And I don’t have to lift a finger to create that hell you love to put everybody else into. I said, no criticism of any of my words, any of my actions, any of my practices, any of my life, any of my ideologies, my writing, my art, my families, all of it. How do you like that?
  • You don’t and the minute I said it, you wanted to jump all over it. You just proved your characteristic of vengeance. You could feel the vengeance, which means vengeance is an emotion. It’s not that everybody else doesn’t know or experience the same emotion. Jews just happen to have incorporated that particular emotion into their laws, lifestyle, religion, government, work and play. That’s their love. That’s their God. That’s what they worship. That’s their Flaw. That’s a tough one to live with.
  • Which reminds me of Craig’s List. The Feds took a hit out on me on that very list a few years back. They even mentioned stuff about the Pacific Northwest and the GRK (Green River Killer). You must know who owns and operates that ‘List’ don’t you? Come on. Are you just refusing to learn or do you need to have everything done for you? The CIA–the same people who bought Google–the Jews, who need to write everybody else’s textbooks in their favor, so they can have total control over the knowledge that the world has at it’s finger tips? The largest and meanest terrorist organization in the world owns the world’s knowledge. And they’re worried about Hamas and Hezbollah. Whoa. How about calling a shovel what it is. Wikipedia?
  • Being home a lot, the T.V. is on a lot. It’s amazing what news agencies will do with play backs from the news. I’ll hear something during the day, then later when somebody jumps on it and it gets replayed, it’s been altered. I noticed a lot of that going on with  the Bush administration. The media covered up a lot of what we might view as the truth finally coming out of Bush’ mouth, but the Jewish party viewed it as hurtful to their cause of ruling the world from behind the scenes, from under the tent, from behind the curtain, from the underground up, so they’d alter what he said. It’s still happening. That way, whoever is being covered up, owes the people doing the covering, and those people in our society are always Jews. Most always Jews. Don’t think there can’t be an Irish Jew or a Black Jew or an Asian or  Indian or Pakistani Jew. They’re everywhere. They just don’t want you to know they’re everywhere. That way they can do their dirty deeds through different ethnic/color faces.
  • The length of time the Jewish Party has influenced America to hang onto the battle field combatants at Gitmo has become perverse. It’s sort of indicative of one of those characteristics of the Jews that they don’t want anybody to know about. It’s sort of like that actress Kirstie Alley or something like that. How can one person be so far into themselves, so whiny, and controlling, so much in need of attention, always screaming about nothing that matters, making people eat for her so she can enjoy it vicariously without getting the blame for being a glutton. She makes everyone around her be what she is, while they get fat and she gets thin. The hysteria is mind-numbing. That’s what the Jews do, so it never looks like they’re doing it. They make you torture for them.
  • So let’s get this straight. If some other country attacks America by air and then by ground forces, and as a result, the young men and old men and middle men and some women pick up arms, using whatever they can find to fight back, since the military, well, they’re doing their own thing, and these invaders are everywhere, so individuals are on their own, then the invaders capture a bunch of American citizens defending themselves and their homes and their country, and they’re brought to a torture camp in the country that invaded America, and they’re called enemy combatants, not POWs, because they didn’t have uniforms on, and they get tortured and tortured year after year, with the invaders making them imagine war scenarios so they can pick their brains and find out how the people in America think, would that be acceptable to Americans in America?
  • WHOA! Read it again.
  • By not prosecuting anyone involved in torture, who was merely following orders, means you don’t prosecute all those soldiers connected to 9-11, all those hijackers merely following orders. Oh, being blown up in a plane or burned alive in a tower isn’t torture, under the torturer’s definition of the act? When are you going to get an opinion on torture from someone who isn’t a torturer?
  • The torturers are the ones advising you not to acknowledge evidence of torture. The Generals all participated, of course they’re going to tell you to drop it. The ones tortured already know it. Their people already know it. They’re advising you to trivialize the torture acts and diminish the affects. By doing this, you incite people to violence. By exposing the wrong acts, you reduce the global anxiety level. By hiding them, you increase it. You increased it in me–and I’m not anybody’s enemy. That’s not that others don’t think that I’m not their enemy. Unfortunately.
  • I don’t know the rules on capitalizing the first letter of gay, black, white, generals, pope so I do both throughout–sometimes yes and sometimes no, whatever I think feels right at the time. I looked it up in a grammar book and under capitalizations they didn’t mention any of those words. That’s about how the Army Field manual is used.
  • Someone said all the liberals want to do is punish people for the Bush administration. David Gregory, I think. Torture is punishment in case you lost a part of your thinking capacity. Why weren’t you upset when you found out the Feds were monitoring you in the most private places in your home? Guess you’re one of those Jews who get off on people watching. But how about your wife? Didn’t you consider her feelings? You should have been outraged.
  • You had a   responsibility to the people who think you’re a real reporter to express that outrage. You remained silent, even when it involved your family. You didn’t want to embarrass them? So you betray them instead. That’s what the torturers count on. Don’t ever think that I felt one moment of comfort in having to bring my family into this conversation, under conditions of threat and torture. I’ve accepted being hated and rejected for the rest of my life by those I love most, thinking, however erroneously, that bringing to light offenses would protect them from those few bad apples that Obama keeps talking about. Maybe we should stop discriminating against the apple. It really is a wonderful fruit–a healthy and delicious food source and who doesn’t love Mom’s apple pie?
  • Don’t play politics and lawyer games with torture. You can’t say on one hand that torture has no lasting affect, then on the other hand say that pictures of it will cause mammoth attacks against the USA. If torture has no affects, then what’s holding you back? Guess the generals don’t really buy into the ‘no lasting affects’ assessment.
  • Any doctor/dentist/psychologist participating in torture needs to have their ability to practice withdrawn. Any nation that employs them is a terrorist nation. There are a bunch of Jew psychiatrists twisting the intel in order to keep torturing me. I saw one in person. It was a set up. Yeah, he liked to torture. How does it feel to beg? Whoa.
  • Torture affects every part of a person’s life and every part of that person’s family’s lives. Obama quickly shifted to the topic of credit cards to get people’s minds off of his trivialization of torture. Okay, so we do torture, but look I’m going to give you a gift. Okay, Cambodia for a few years, but then it’s lay down the law. In general terms, of course. Because what the credit card companies are doing is torture. When you legally steal from massive numbers of people (especially the most vulnerable, who can’t fight back), by using extortion, black mail and loopholes, it adversely affects all areas of their lives. I always pay my cards on time. Applied Bank made a note in a place reserved for something else, that I just happened to see, saying that they were adding an annual fee. Before the next bill came we called to cancel the card because we didn’t want to pay an annual fee in addition to an exorbitant finance charge rate. They cancelled the card,  but then when we got the bill that had already been sent out, we were charged the  annual fee plus an over limit fee that the annual fee put us over with. That’s why we called, because there was no way we could make two payments in one month, the one we already made, plus the one for the annual fee. My husband wrote a letter to protest, because all that has to be done in writing. All they did in response was send a copy of the contract. Nothing else.
  • The woman on the phone said, “you have free will, pay it or cancel”. We cancelled and we’re still being charged eighty-five dollars that we don’t owe. We hadn’t received the bill yet. We cancelled the card, which means we don’t want the privilege of using the card for the next year, which means they shouldn’t charge us for a service which we don’t have. They have the cut up card. My husband mailed it to them. If we don’t have the service we’re not over the limit, which means we shouldn’t be charged an over limit fee.
  • Applied Bank is invoking God to shame people into abiding by their shylock lawyers looking for loopholes contracts. Free will. My husband called again, and this time a person said that that charge will be charged ‘forever’, even if there’s no balance, unless we cancel the card, which he already did. Steve doesn’t want to pay it, says he’ll never pay it, but I will, because if I don’t then next month it will be another fee and another and another till we owe a hundred thousand dollars for a two thousand dollar bill. Those are the shylock lawyers looking for loopholes. They’re crooks; they’re all crooks. I can’t find a name bad enough for them. Words seem to have lost their meaning, from the media using them incorrectly. Even shylock doesn’t sound bad enough.
  • Poor people subsidize with their high interest rates, rich people’s low interest rates. And because the credit limits are so low, one needs a bunch of cards. So, if a family has five credit cards, even if there’s no balance, they still have five monthly payments of five to six dollars, just tacked on as a fee, plus five annual payments just to keep the cards open. This is robbery. The banks always use the same excuse: high risk. What high risk? They make it impossible to keep up, then when paid off, we still get fined. Call it what it is. It’s a fine for being poor, imposed by rich people, so they can save their money. The banks are high-risking the poor people into default and it’s their own fault. Thus they prove their high-risk analogy, when a few poor people do default.
  • THREATENING TO CUT OFF BENEFITS if you don’t abide by demands of privately insured Worker’s Compensation providers is torture. I’d say don’t let the healthcare industry be privatized–not any part of it. If it means huge government, then huge government means it will hire a huge work force and get a lot of people out of unemployment. Right now in Ohio it’s legal for companies not to pay into Worker’s Compensation insurance. Instead they opt into a private company that charges a lot less by literally abusing, thus torturing injured people.
  • Putting people under constant threats of immediate cessation of benefits, while they’re still sick, if patients don’t toe their torture line is something this nation cannot afford. Forcing people to go to Christian doctors for assessment regarding degree of wellness, when nobody knows how Christian differs from other modalities, except that we all know from recent polls that Christians support torture and punishment, and the death penalty and war and forever conflicts and raping people in prisons as punishment for crimes and trashing women who have eight babies instead of seven abortions. Church and state need to stay separate. Using Worker’s Compensation to advance Christianity is an affront to all this country is supposed to stand for.
  • Deny, deny, deny and hope you die is not the healthcare mantra I want, nor should you want, from the private sector that wants to take over your healthcare, just as it has taken over Worker’s Compensation. Denying antibiotics for MRSA infections that a doctor ordered in real time over the phone, hoping you die, is torture. Baylor and Associates of Ohio is one of those companies. Forcing someone to take three buses to an out of town doctor, to who knows where, while it’s still dark in the morning and saying if you can’t get there we’ll say you refused to go to an IME is torture.
  • Giving payoffs to personnel in doctors offices to sign papers in lieu of a doctors signature to say a person is well when they’re not is torture. Nobody should have to get their healthcare, every step of their healthcare, from a court system where it’s common knowledge that judges and magistrates take pay offs. I don’t want my case determined on an eeny, meeny, miney moe system. Last week the judge was in favor of the plaintiff, just my luck this week it’s the defendant’s turn. This isn’t a court; it’s a carnival. It’s a lottery. Somebody figured out that it should be fifty/fifty for the lawyers. They didn’t care about the patients.
  • When somebody tortures, they torture all in the family. Didn’t anybody tell these Christian/Jews, and some are nurses–SHOCKER–that people heal quicker under less stressful conditions? They don’t care. It’s all about money. They want blood money–your blood, your money all over their hands. They had a taste and loved it. They go in for the kill with each case. All those Christian women, with the bless yous and have a blessed day and all the silly little stories, always looking for somebody to tell them how sweet, how kind they are–make me want to vomit.
  • “Steve was rude, so we’re not going to approve his medication”, in this sicky sweet, sadistic voice. They torture with such ease, in uplifting tones. So they really do torture. It’s just that they sing while they’re doing it. Openly, unabashedly. Bush says it’s okay. Obama says it’s okay. Give the green light to torture. Oh no we don’t support torture; we applaud it.
  • Duncan Hunter. I never heard of softening up people with torture. As a kid, I’d hear adults use that phrase, “Oh, he’s just trying to soften me up”–you know, by being nice. It was never in response to torture. Back then it was what it was. Softening up was never done by hurting someone. Hurting someone hardened someone. Everybody knows that, except the torturers, who by nature don’t like to be nice.
  • Duncan Hunter suggests hiding all evidence of atrocities of war, past, present and future till the war is won, then we can look at all the horror and make decisions about what actions we shouldn’t do next time around. But if you do that, and he’s not thinking too clearly, then you’ll say, ‘well we won, so everything we did must have been necessary, so next time we should use what worked this time’. Why is everybody only seeing half of the argument? Because his Dad served and his Dad knows best and his Dad must have said so. If his Dad is saying to torture and to hide torture, then his Dad is a torturer. Sorry, but you brought your Dad into it. So what are you going to do, send someone out to kill me?
  • War is torture. We need war to be transparent, just like we need the slaughterhouses to be transparent. We hide them because we know we’re doing wrong and we want to keep doing wrong because it’s bringing us some benefit. Don’t parade a veteran in front of us who supports torture. It’s obscene. No wonder so many of them come back and become wife batterers and serial offenders. That’s what we teach them to do. Stop glorifying war; stop glorifying your prejudices. Stop trying to justify gouging out that Grandpa’s eyes because he wouldn’t give you the location of his grandson. Get out of his goddamned country. You didn’t go in there to stop the torture, you went in there for Israel’s paranoia about their neighbors. How many more of their neighbors are you going to mass murder for them, because they can’t talk to people not like themselves? Only you can do that. You all make me sick. You’re not suitable to be making life long decisions about my future. Get out. We don’t want torture and war mongers running our government.
  • Softening up is inaccurate, improper and inappropriate when referring to torture. You like a God who tortures? You do. Yes you do. I said you do. Then change that God into an anti-torture God–under all circumstances. Do you want me to revisit with you? Don’t look for forgiveness. Make a decision to change. Don’t live up to your name. You can do it; I know you can. If you can torture, you can do the opposite,  and not torture. Forget justification; there is none. Those unicorns don’t exist, except in your mind. Kill the unicorn in your mind, the one that keeps harping on Last Chance scenarios–Last Minute scenarios. It’s a delusion, a mirage.
  • The Jews around the globe have single-handedly destroyed the economies of all nations, while simultaneously waging war against all that breathes, using the USA as their main base and launching pad. They did it through greed, thinking they had to have more than anybody else. Greed didn’t work. It destroyed even the Jews. How were they able to do it? By making life a living hell for all those who dared criticize them. By killing people and killing progressive ideas that didn’t conform to their principles of greed. Your plan failed. So it’s time for a new God, a new plan. Everything is fluid.
  • The Blacks used as their model the Jews and as a result, no one can criticize a Black person or the practices of Blacks. And look what they’ve done. They single-handedly destroyed the inner cities of every American city.
  • Groups have characteristics and as a consequence, individuals within groups have characteristics. Those characteristics which don’t conform to the Five Principles are hidden by groups ashamed of them, but who still want to engage in them, because it gives them some benefit, usually money and power. There are other ways. I can hear you right now. ‘But what are they? Tell us what the ways are and we’ll follow them’. Yeah, that’s what the Feds said as they tortured me, stole my life and art and profited from it under their assumed names. What that tells me is that you, like them, are really lazy. You got to this point in the book and you’re still asking someone else to do it for you. Block that thought. You say it out of habit–nothing else.
  • When a body is in a ‘state of seizure’ it is being tortured. When you are seized by your captor, that is torture. Everybody who is a soldier and who has been captured knows that. When your captor seizes your thoughts, that’s torture.
  • Don’t think that can happen? Why do you think the government brainwashes the populace? Because it works.
  • Michele Obama attributes stuff that happens to all people, to only black people, because stuff happened to her–and she’s black. For instance, growing up thinking being smart is not cool isn’t a black condition; it’s a people condition. I grew up in a white neighborhood, and it wasn’t cool to be smart. Does that mean I’m really black? Black people think that only black people drink Kool-aid. I grew up on Kool-aid. Black people brag that they had to dilute the Windex. We didn’t have Windex; we used vinegar and water. Why are black people stealing my heritage and calling it theirs’?
  • Michelle Obama thinks that parents who aren’t rich, and work to save for their children’s education, like her parents did, reflect the black condition. It’s a people condition. She speaks as if the only hard working people in the country who save for their children’s education are black. If blacks make up ten percent of the population, and another ten percent plus ten percent of that ten percent are rich, where does that leave the other seventy-nine percent of the population?
  • Nobody knows how many rich black people there are, because black people lie about being rich–they hide it. She uses my material in her speeches without giving credit to the author–just like her husband. That’s plagiarism. Somebody gives her husband a gift, and she thinks she owns the copyright privileges. That Patriot Act surveillance of me that’s so sensitive that if stopped, hundreds of thousands of people would die, doesn’t seem to apply to speeches and Hollywood scripts. Now, the two of you are supposed to say touche, and vow to stop contributing to the exploitation of me and my work, and then vow to stop the enslavement of me by the USA government forces. It is not your place to tell me that my job is to raise up the slum by continuing to live in it, while my words are being recorded as historically coming from your mouths. How dare you! You didn’t hesitate to give Doris credit. You really are elitists.
  • Iran releases woman journalist convicted of espionage by reducing her eight/nine year sentence to a two year suspended sentence. Everybody knows she was spying, just as everybody knows that the FBI agent was spying. Every time the agent’s family is on T.V. begging for his life, they tell a different story. First he’s making a film, then he’s doing charity work, and then he’s doing something else. Come on. Stop spying and lying about it. Everybody knows that Hollywood is owned and operated by the USA intelligence agencies, military and law enforcement bureaus.
  • Ever wonder who controls the publishing industry? The same people who control the media. The same people who control you. Block their Gods and wake up your own. Then make yours shine brighter than theirs. Nothing wrong with healthy competition–as long as somebody’s not stealing your work. That’s one of the reasons why nobody can criticize a Jew. They steal everybody’s work. They can do it, because they spy on everybody.

Hey–we’re home! Wake up!

  • When I said to talk about someone as if they’re in the room, I meant for you not to talk behind somebody’s back, but I also meant not to talk about someone when they’re in the room as if they’re not in the room. People do that with kids and old people.
  • We’re home alright. Steve up early on Saturday. His primary care doctor has hours and he’s just going to get on the bus, show up and see if he’ll fit him in. He’s really worried about the infection and that the surgeon didn’t mention anything about the antibiotics he told him to start taking and he still has a fever after one week. I awake to noise out back, thought it was below me, but seems the old-timers in the back left. Moving out. Never thought they’d move. Good for them.
  • Steve called from the bus stop. Doctor gave him a different antibiotic, says it’s all looking good, the pus at the  incision line not too deep. Not to worry, doesn’t think it’s MRSA. He goes to Walgreen’s to drop off prescriptions and the same blonde white woman who always gives him a hard time is there. Just his luck. He’s been going there for years and this is one of those companies that thinks it their duty to abuse people living in the slum. Everybody gets treated like a crack addict.(Sorry crack addicts; I didn’t mean to demean you. Crack addicts don’t get prescriptions from doctors, so the analogy was all wrong. My bad, and society’s bad.).
  • He can’t pick up two of the five prescriptions till tomorrow, even though there’s a two day leeway, but  because she’s the pharmacy police she doesn’t have to. The Eye of the Storm poem was written for her and everybody like her. Probably somebody was wondering why I didn’t criticize Hillbillies. They, like the Jews and blacks, can’t be criticized. Well, I’ll tell you, they need to be criticized. Once they dig their heels in there is no, no, no, no, no moving those feet. I don’t care how much money you have and how much influence in Congress. Hillbilly isn’t a bad word, but Hillbillies have characteristics and one of them is stubbornness. I think they’re really Jews who were born in Scotland and migrated to America for free land and took the being separate thing a little too far, and the bible a little too literally.
  • Don’t raise the pig for slaughter, then torture it during it’s short life span that you control, and then get bent all out of shape when somebody refers to you as having one of their characteristics. And don’t use your authority to get somebody barred from your presence because you can’t look yourself in the mirror.
  • So my husband being the arguer he is when he knows he’s right, argued very softly and then essentially begged. He was sick just out of surgery, been on the buses all day and he wants to stay home tomorrow. He has an infection and could you please do these today? She, being the CIA operative pharmacist designated to make his life a living hell, said no, no, no, no, no…So he, again in a soft voice, said, “come on you know me, why are you being so pig-headed?” “That constitutes a name, which means I‘m going to have you physically removed from the store by security”, which she did. So now he has to have all of his prescriptions transferred to another pharmacy that’s a lot further away, but he does it. And yes, they’ll all be ready today. So the pharmacy in the ‘hood’ with the CIA pharmacist who works at Walgreen’s, which I’m suspecting is also government run were all operating outside of the law, while simultaneously claiming they were the law.
  • That reminds me, how is it that Ann Coulture can get published for all her purely hate-based and mean-spirited ideas and some people in BO’s administration don’t like the messenger (me), so I get canned from being published, because they control what gets published? Coulter stole some of my stuff and she knows it. Thought I wouldn’t remember, you know, because of my brain injury? So did Maureen Dowd.
  • Finally. It was like the Baskin-Robbins guy all over again. ‘Well, at least she’s getting some of your catch phrases out’. Yes, but she was using them all wrong. She was using them with prejudice, not in the absence of it. But then she was a woman, so we gals have to stick together right? You know sometimes when I read her column, before deciding simply not to read it any more, she sounded remarkably like me in style. But unlike the passion I had for my ideology, she wrote nothing of substance. It’s easy to pick apart quirks that people have because we all have them, not so easy to match a quirk up with something substantial that needs to be changed.
  • I was between walks, came from the bus, walked in, T.V. on as always to keep Rose company when I’m gone, and bingo, there it was on the crawler. Back track and bingo again. I have to say that I felt good that she was finally caught, even if it wasn’t by me, and I’m not the type to feel good about somebody else’s bad times. But even though I said it felt good, I really didn’t feel anything. All I know is if I wasn’t being onslaughted by the Jewish Fed, I would have felt something–relief maybe. Funny how years ago when on T.V. she used a phrase of mine in a glaring way then quickly corrected herself by saying, oh that’s been around a long time–yes it has been a long time that she’s been stealing other people’s material. I sent her my Word Warriors. Because I send you one doesn’t mean I’m giving you copyright privileges.
  • Obama and Michelle think the same thing. So, I guess to be fair to Maureen, some person, a member of the Jewish Fed, gave her the material they had stolen from my computer and she was blinded enough by greed to accept it as ethical. If you’re greedy, you’re not ethical. Then the Jewish Fed would call me greedy for not wanting her to take credit for my work. How crazy is that? What kind of logic? This is what I’m up against: people who don’t have logic; they’re missing the logic gene. They’re rip off artists. There’s no logic in con work. There are no ethics in the publishing industry.  And for me to complain, when the Feds controlled what got out, how could I complain? It’s like spinning my wheels and talking to a wall all at once. At some point in a person’s life, for their own sanity, they have to turn that record off.
  • The one bright part of the day is that a girl won the Preakness horse race. I don’t support racing. I think it’s enslavement. I know that horses love to run, but not with people on their backs and not to be wagered on. Still…I was happy that the girl won. The jockey who usually displays huge emotions over his wins almost talked like she lost. She didn’t get the same respect nor the same celebration from a jockey known for both.
  • The one under us, who lives here only weekends, the one who dangled his keys at me at night, thinking I should know who he is, and was looking for the telephone number of the landlord when he was holding it in his hand, breaks a window to the front door a few weeks back to get in, then last night uses a kitchen knife to pry open the post office lock box that has a key in it. I didn’t think he got it, because I saw something moving around in the box when I looked under the pried open piece of metal, but the custodian told the landlord there was no key when she looked.
  • The knife was in the basket I put inside the front door for people to put their trash in, instead of throwing it on the floor which is usually what they’ll do, even when there is a basket. I just figured that the custodian put the knife there when she found the lock box broken into. If he got the key from the lock box, there would have been no need to break the window. I guess it doesn’t matter whether he used the key to get in or not, but it would be nice if people told the truth–the custodian especially; but when the custodian sets up the laundry room to look like a torture chamber, at the instruction of the BNF, then how could I ever believe anything she says? And if he used a knife to break open the box to get the key, then why would he put his own knife in the waste basket? It all looked like a set-up to me. For whose benefit? Maybe mine, showing me anybody can get to me in the building, if they wanted to.
  • Went with Steve today by bus to do errands, came home and saw that the landlord’s son had straightened out the metal lock box, did a good job too. There was a message from the landlord to call, so we did. Seems the landlord needed to give a key to the mail carrier, and the custodian who claimed she’s never there, which is another huge lie, refused to help him out. Anyway I said that it appeared that someone was trying to give the building a message to get rid of the lock on the front door. After all, that weekend-tenant was given two sets of keys, broke the window once and now broke the lock box to steal another key. The landlord let me know that that door is going to stay locked and he’s going to read that week-end tenant the riot act. Thank you for that.
  • Now, thinking about it, if my mother had had a lock, the intruder from the Census Bureau who spent two weeks interrogating her wouldn’t have been able to get to her apartment door to convince her via sweet talk to open it. You can tell I’m not letting this one issue go–and rightly so. You don’t target elderly people for interrogation. This is a perfect example of how the BNF have an insatiable need to know about every little thing a person does. I’m sure they asked about her money, how much she had, her accounts, her bills. I mean, come on, how many hours does it take to figure out there’s one person in the apartment and how many groceries or other products can one person consume that it takes two weeks to obtain that knowledge? It’s beyond invasion of  privacy. It’s totally controlling an elderly person. It is not the government’s business what and when she eats and what her health status is and when she goes to the doctor and who her doctors are. The Feds already know that.
  • My mother’s doctor, who was her doctor for years, and my doctor both fired us in the same month, and she lives in Massachusetts and I live in Ohio. The CIA set that up as punishment for who knows what, probably just to see how two people in one family respond to the same stress. That’s what BO just gave the Feds permission to continue doing–social experiments. That’s Hitler. That’s what Jews do. They need to know and to control every facet of everybody’s lives and they think that they have every right, legal or not, to do it.
  • 5.18.2009
  • How can Benjamin Netanyahu say “We don’t want to govern the Palestinian people. We want them to govern themselves, absent a handful of powers”? That’s enslavement. He wants the Palestinians not to have the right to defend themselves against the Israeli spy and war machine. He has a little boy problem. He rounds up little boys, brings them to Israel and threatens to kill their families if they don’t spy on their families for him. How sick is that? And where does the world stand on that? Where are all you gay people standing on that issue, or is it only yourselves you care about and mocking people who don’t support your rights? When somebody like Wolf Blitzer refers to Benjamin Netanyahue’s comments as: “he’s just bargaining”, GOD SAYS: YOU DON’T EVER BARGAIN WITH SOMEBODY’S FREEDOM. YOU DON’T BARGAIN WITH PEOPLE AS CHIPS, PERIOD.
  • Absent a handful of powers means all the power. It means no seaport along their entire border of seaport. It means surveillance rights for all Jews against all Palestinians. It means if you say one disparaging word about the Jews in the privacy of your concentration camp under your own ghetto roof, your business will be ruined, your life will be more a living hell than it already is. So I can hear that Peabody award winner Wolf Blitzer saying in absence of all logic, ‘then don’t say anything bad about the Jews under the privacy of your ghetto roof’. That’s the crazy factor, right there.
  • That’s where people are supposed to vent about what happens to them during the day. That’s how things get worked out. When you take that right away, people start taking out their anger in public places. If the Jews are the ones causing the problem, they why would anybody say otherwise? Nobody says black people can’t talk about white people in their homes, it’s always the Jews. And it’s always the Jews, because they can’t, won’t, don’t stop their offensive behavior of spying and lying.
  • Look even Ann Landers, dead now, confessed that her column was all about teaching the Jews how to behave, how to conduct themselves; it wasn’t written for anybody else. Why did it take so long for her people to admit that? Evidently the Jews know their bad habits of screwing people and don’t want to stop, so they cover it up with feigned good behavior or works, so that when they get caught they can always reference a long  list of organizations they belong to in order to prove they’re really good citizens, when in fact, they’re nothing but a bunch of gypsies, roaming from city to city to steal by day and party by night, leaving their trash and havoc for everybody else to clean up after. Like that satire? Oooh, this feels good.
  • I live with Jews. I go to the restaurants they eat at. I know their conversation, because they’re always letting you know what they think; they’re always talking above everybody else, about everybody else, and not just in condescending tones to ruin the ambience of the dinner you’re trying to eat, but in hate-filled, violence laden ‘stuff you in a pig’ threats. Try one more time why don’t you?…don’t worry I won’t use my extra-terrestrial police powers to have you escorted from the building, because that constitutes a name.
  • Let me tell you something about Hillbillies. I love them. I probably have some Hillbilly in me just like I’ve got a little bit of everything else. And Hillbillies exist as subsets of all races. If you’re a hoarder, people call you a Hillbilly. If you attack pigs with poles, people should be calling you worse than that, but oddly they don’t. If you don’t like to clean, because you lack a sense of smell, and you don’t mind the dirt, the scum, the rat droppings, then people are going to call you a Hillbilly.
  • Like Johnny Cochran says, ‘give me one black person on a jury and I can make them do whatever I want them to do’, put one Hillbilly with the characteristics I described above, into an apartment dwelling and it is next to impossible to get anything done. As soon as you clean something, because it causes them anxiety, they unclean it. If you do something pretty, they’ll make it ugly. If you put flowers in a flower pot, they’ll snip off the buds before the daisies bloom. If the landlord tells them to pull the grass from the cracks around the front door, they’ll leave it till the grass is knee high and you have to wade through it to get in, even though it’s a cemented door step.
  • But the Hillbilly Factor runs deeper than that. They’re people who can’t get along with their neighbors, refuse to get along with anyone, and rather than address the issue as a psychological or behavioral dysfunction, they simply remain separate so they don’t have to change. But if you’re living in a building where you’re in charge of the well-being of the tenants, that characteristic is downright hazardous to everybody’s health. And when you become a senator or congressperson with those same characteristics, then you’re injurious to the health of the nation. Don’t think all Hillbillies live in West Virginia.
  • Hillbillies live in your mind. It’s a state of mind. It isn’t a country, a state, a region, an ethnicity nor a religion. Anybody can have those characteristics–and everybody does. Just because someone lives in a rural place doesn’t make them a Hillbilly. It’s a mind set. It’s a brain dysfunction that results in a behavioral dysfunction that enslaves the self and enslaves all those around the person with those characteristics.
  • A lot of the negative characteristics of Christians are really characteristics of Hillbillies. Prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. They’re on board with all of them. Some of the largest companies in the country are run by people with these negative characteristics who also call themselves Christian. They’re the ones who stick to the letter of the bible and the letter of the contract and the letter of the law, when it suits them. Then when it doesn’t they are expert at finding loopholes. They are the ones who could drive a ‘sane person mad’ with their absence of logic. Benjamin Netanyahu is a Hillbilly. Remember, God said, you can call your torturer names.
  • Anybody who disagrees with that is a torturer and in fear of losing their controlling status over you. If you’re an offender, you’re lucky that’s all that’s happening to you. I’m not going to make you wear a distinguishing mark, but you will not get away with using your own greed clothed in religion and God to make my life a living hell all the while you quote supporting passages from your so-called holy books.
  • It’s like that old saying about putting young girls in a dormitory together, eventually they’re all menstruating at the same time. Put one Hillbilly with those negative characteristics in an apartment dwelling, or in congress, and because of their ability to wait you out, eventually the entire building, or the entire USA succumbs and adopts to the ways of the Hillbilly. All it takes is one who digs their heels in and who won’t budge, because being clean, honest and generous means relinquishing control and becoming like the group they hate which is so anxiety provoking that they will put you in harm’s way to keep that power over theirs and everybody else’s dirt.
  • I have to wonder, what stroke of fate, put me into a building where the custodians were those people, and what stroke of fate put me into a country that they took from the Indians, with the purpose of turning it into one huge garbage dump. It doesn’t matter how many times I clean, because nobody else does and haven’t for so many years, that it’s like my clean apartment acts like a magnet for their dirt. It has to even out someplace, and it’s always in my place–in my face, and I’m sick of it.  When you realize your floors and walls are like sponges, and cleaning them one day lasts only one day, where the next day they’re back to looking thirty years dirty, it’s overwhelming. But that’s how the Hillbillies work; they overwhelm you, because what bothers you doesn’t phase them.
  • When I moved from the mold infested apartment, I cleaned it white glove style. The manager saw it and passed it for inspection. The owner went in two weeks later and wrote, dirty, dirty, dirty all over my lease–payback for complaining to the health department about a horrible mold situation caused by years of unclean conditions hidden behind whitewashed walls, and five major fires in the complex started by the Feds after 9-11. I was stunned. I have pictures. But the Hillbilly Jew and the Hillbilly lawyers and the Hillbilly Mafia judge thought it was a big joke. He kept my deposit, because in Ohio the property owners have all the power. The property owners are the Hillbillies.
  • When I first came to the building I’m in now, they had a hockey stick for a clothes bar in the closet. You couldn’t hang anything on it, but it satisfied the letter of the law. I keep thinking about Ted Kennedy and how he said if everybody isn’t mad at you for taking a stand, then you’re not doing your job. I’m not usually the type to get people mad, but I’m so sick of all of it. It’s like I get the Jew treatment, the angry black treatment, the Hillbilly treatment, the elitist treatment all at once–all in one place at one time, then add the government, the slaughter industry, the intelligence agencies, members of congress, the president, the political parties, the law enforcement agencies that keep surveilling, hoping they can set me up for some ridiculous infringement that sticks to the letter of the law–an ‘i’ or a ‘t’ that I forgot to dot or cross.
  • Baylor and Associates are Hillbillies–the worst of the worst. They torture with impunity, but also delight in hurting sick people. People who torture sick people are sick. People who torture caged animals are the worst of the worst. Don’t you ever forget that.

Hey, kiddo, we’re home. It’s okay.

  • Jon Meachum. Since when did he become the authority on God and religion?
  • Since I’ve been telling people to refuse to fight and discover the God in themselves. He’s a pompous bore. There’s a name. You don’t have to wear it just because it fits. You can remove it, by embracing the Five Principles. Anybody who doesn’t embrace the Five Principles as stated, is a terrorist and a dictator. There is no other avenue. There is no other road to peace.
  • I want to see the names of all the terrorists engraved on the wall of the CIA in Langley, West Virginia. Ever wonder why the FBI is in Virginia and the CIA in West Virginia? Hatfields and McCoys sound familiar? Ops. Got that one wrong. It doesn’t matter, they’re still the Hatfields and the McCoys. The torturers won out. Now they both torture. That they needed a law against torture to begin with is disturbing. Put up the names where the stars stand now. What are you afraid of? Afraid somebody might get really angry about what these somebodies did to other people, cultures and countries–to those within our own country? You know, the stuff nobody else could stomach doing? The terrorist Jews, using false identifications committed a lot of those terrorist acts using other people’s nationalities. The Irish get blamed for a bunch of really bad stuff that the Jews do. So do the Italians. So do the Arabs. Know all those Russian Mafia people that the whole world fears? Jews.
  • All these Amish, Shakers, Quakers and people who can’t be in the presence of all us evil folk, don’t mind taking our money, don’t mind selling their products to us. But that’s all we’re good for. Like the Hasidium, can’t say hello to their evil non-Jew neighbors, or shake their hand, but they can take us evil folk’s money and take us to the cleaners at the same time. They can shake our hand, like it’s a privilege, only when we actually seal the deal. How dare you! Feel better Robert?
  • It’s difficult watching Andrea the Agent knowing she’s a mouthpiece for the Jews who run the concentration camps in Palestine. What part of her brain did she turn off? Whoa.
  • Without a seaport, without the ability to defend one’s borders, without the ability to prosper economically, instead of being a slave labor force for Israel, the Palestinians are not free. Being subject to perpetual surveillance by a bunch of wierdo, quacks who need to know what everybody does in their bedrooms with their spouses, is not freedom. Without the freeing of children locked into spying on their parents by perverse Israeli operatives and soldiers, the Palestinians will never be free.
  • The world needs to move and to move now. Committing 9-11’s all over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq is not making anybody safe. Please stop listening to the Israeli Torture Generals. They’re all Russians, like Ariel Sharon who want to dominate the Middle East. Nobody is who they say they are. Wake up, before it’s too late. This is really your last chance. If the King of Jordan is waiting for the best case scenario, he waited too long while the Palestinians suffered. What did he do to make peace? Nothing. A big, fat nothing. How did he help the Palestinians? The Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s all over the Middle East. When is enough enough? Oh, but we we can’t criticize the Hillbillies either. Too much like yourself, for your own comfort? Can’t be called the Swine you slaughter? There are some new rules being laid down. You don’t get a Cambodia, BO.
  • God gives every being on the planet permissions/orders to refuse to enslave, torture and slaughter any other being, past, present and future, and God orders further that all existing orders/permissions to engage in or state or make or carry out acts of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and/or slaughter are overridden and superseded by these original/new orders. In refusing to order, direct, outsource, participate in prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter any and all beings will be protected against prosecution by evil-doers who force through order or intimidation the application of the Five Fatal Flaws. One infarction of this order, and all previous infarctions will be added to the existing infarction to be charged against and prosecuted against the existing being, who ordered and/or committed and/or communicated via courier/electronic or battery device orders and/or acts of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.
  • President Obama on 21 May 2009 told the world that post 9-11 journalists and citizens fell silent on civil rights. That’s not true. I didn’t remain silent. I was silenced. My e-mails were blocked. The Feds took all of my writings and peace plans, while threatening to hurt my family and then hurt them, so I would know that they carry through. It’s not enough to say, well, you know, we really weren’t going to rape and murder anybody. They’re still using those threats–even now. So, Mr. Obama, we’re you lying when you said, “I mean what I say?” Why do you remain silent on my civil rights? You can’t cherry-pick my work, and then criticize me for remaining silent. Where were you pre and post 9-11?
  • You remained silent, Mr. Obama. You believe these torturers, that if you let me be known that it’ll destroy the planet as we know it. So you become me instead, you become my words, because you’re protected. Now they’re telling me it’s for my own protection that they’re stealing my work and profiting from the text of the surveillance of me. How is that connected to national security? You’re ineffective. You can’t free one person in this country from your surveillance and torture, because you’re receiving benefit of my talent–by stealing it. You can’t do that.
  • You can’t prosecute people whom you think are a threat to the USA. The Jews will have you prosecuting everyone. They think everyone is plotting against them. When are you going to get it? You can’t prosecute before the crime is committed. How could these detainees be planning attacks against America? You can’t torture someone and then tell them not to get you back. You punish people, a whole segment of people for criticizing you. You turned your back on a massacre/holocaust because somebody wasn’t saying very nice things about you.
  • How do you know who has training in munitions?  You said you would prosecute anyone with that training who is in Gitmo. So anybody who has munitions training, including all of USA soldiers, should be prosecuted?
  • I’m not the only writer who had their opinions on civil rights blocked. I’m the only one who fought back. Everyone else succumbed to the threat of losing their job. I didn’t have a paying job, and you’re making sure I never publish my work, because they use me as their cash cow and ideas manufacturing machine under enslavement, torture, and threats of slaughter and you keep letting them do it.
  • So only a priest, or rabbi or minister or other such person and usually all males, are the only ones close to God? They say that and the governments of the world back them up because they both feed on each other’s need for superiority, keeping all the rest of us tethered to their ideologies that subjugate people and other animals to their megalomaniacal whims. No one person has all the power. We all have equal God power. Religions/houses of worship and the governments of the world don’t want you, the individual, to know that.
  • Nobody has a right to have a choice when it comes to  slaughtering for food. We don’t have an innate right to choose slaughtering the animal for our plate. Just because you do choose something, doesn’t mean you have the right to choose something that results in enslavement, torture and slaughter of other beings.
  • RE: “Yellow Duck Walks on Water” collection of paintings. Those completed in 2001 were done prior to 9-11. I forget if I already told you that.
  • I’m tired of the flesh-eaters of the world telling me  what to eat, because that’s all that’s available, or because they don’t have to put on a label, whether a product I buy has animal products in it. The slaughter industry doesn’t want you asking. If you ask, that might mean that you care, and if you care you may pick an animal-free product over an animal product. So, the slaughter industries control what knowledge you get, just like McDonald’s controls what knowledge you get. They think you should only be interested in calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates and sodium, so that’s all they’ll tell you. In other words, they control what you think by giving you the knowledge that they think that you should be interested in. It’s all done to protect themselves.
  • For instance, they don’t tell you what’s in the burgers. Do you know what kind of meat they’re using? I can make a burger that looks just like cooked meat, but it isn’t. I can make a burger that has the texture of meat, yet there’s no meat in it. I can make a burger that tastes like meat without the blood taste. You don’t even know what kind of animal, or what part of animal is in your burgers, all you need to know, according to them, is the fat and protein, caloric, salt and carbohydrate content. You don’t need to know where these calories, salt, protein, carbohydrate or fat come from. They think for you. They think you like it that way. They know you’ll trust them, because they’re the big boys with the big guns and they can shoot you down if you ask too many questions.
  • I was making a vegetable pot pie the other day. I bought a Pillsbury pizza crust product to use on top as the biscuits, but before using it I wanted to know if any of the strange sounding ingredients on the label were from the animal. It was like I was trying to get through to the White House. Impossible. They wanted to know my first name and my last name, my zip code, all to know a simple answer to a simple question. Any animal products in this particular product? They needed the bar code, then some other code and then another code right below that code. I’m wondering how that all is relevant when I have the name of the product right in front of me, verbatim.
  • Well, they’re not going to give you any information without your name. Period. It’s like those newspaper or other websites you enter and before they’ll let you in you have to register with them. It’s always within the context of “tell us a little bit about yourself”. Sounds innocuous enough, until you say no, and they block entry, but by this time they have the name your computer is registered in, and using that, they can get a whole lot more, which of course because you said no, they want even more.
  • So to get back to Pillsbury. Then, you have to have actually purchased the product. In other words, they’re not going to give you info just because you want it–you may be one of those shoppers who compares prices or tells on them for doing something illegal and/or unethical. Luckily I actually bought the product, so I give everything but my last name. I refused to do that and complained, kindly. The woman replied, well, we have to ask you. And I replied, “Oh I know, you’re required by law to do that”.
  • That reminded me of the landlord who put us in evictions in order to exact revenge and not let us move to another place that didn’t have molds and toxins being pumped into our apartment. When we worked it all out and paid the rent, before the end of the month, somebody told him to change his mind and go ahead with the eviction; in other words, to block our free will to leave without owing $15,000.00 of the remainder of our lease, which he subsequently sued us for.
  • When asked, he said he was ‘required by law not to accept the rent.’ In other words, he was required by law not to work it out except through the courts that he being a Miller had obvious control over. These were your FEDS on the job preventing, me, the terrorist, from committing any further attacks against America.
  • Yeah, you got it right, after 9-11, there were influential people  in Cleveland–which is a state of the art Training Camp for CIA and FBI terrorist operatives/agents (the agents don’t like it when I team them up with the low level operatives that they send out to be trained on me), who thought I was responsible for 9-11, even though many of my efforts up until then, and after then, were directed at finding peaceful solutions in the Middle East. Isn’t this insane that I have to defend myself against not being the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks? It’s called ‘preventive detention’ of me in a slum and detention of my work. Hey, you know, that peace talk could get us all killed.
  • Oh, Pillsbury. So I hang up after she refuses to answer the question, “are there any animal products in the pizza crust product”? Now I forget the exact name of the product; at the time I had it in front of me. She said she had to run it up the line and somebody would get back to me. I explained that I was making this pie now and needed to know how long will it take. Could be today or in 24 hours or 72 hours at the latest.
  • Oh, so that reminds me of being at Huron Hospital after 9-11. This Chinese doctor who was on a team, who had also taken care of Steve when he was in the hospital, didn’t want to know any of my signs and symptoms. “We already know all about that”. All he wanted to know was about my writing. I was happy to oblige; what did I have to hide anyway? Had I not been given the chart to hold while I was being wheeled from place to place, I wouldn’t have seen the note he wrote that essentially set me up to the other doctors as a liar. ‘She claims to write about world issues. To the contrary, she focuses all of her efforts on the Middle East’. That’s a paraphrase, but an accurate gist of what he wrote.
  • I was stunned. He also said another thing that concerned me. ”In my country, we can’t criticize our government”. I thought it strange that he took such huge liberties in somebody else’s country. When I saw him in the hallway later and he saw that I had the chart in my lap, I looked up and he hung his head. I suspect he was a CIA recruit. A year or so later when I ordered the chart for the toxic mold litigation, I saw that somebody had crossed his comment out in black ink, but didn’t initialize it, as required by law. Further down the road from that, I wrote to the original lawyer who took the case, who then reneged, for the copy of the chart that he at one time told me he had. When I received it, I looked and that comment had not yet been inked out. He requested it several months after I was hospitalized. So, during those few months, the Feds went through the chart and changed what they didn’t like. Wonder what else they changed? That’s the Cleveland Clinic playing politics with toxic mold. I took samples into the hospital, but they refused to test them. Instead they tested for a bunch of outside molds, not the ones found inside a building. Whoa.
  • Well I went ahead and used the Pillsbury product, and it didn’t work out well. The top got browned and crispy, but the bottom was like a thick glue. So there’s something in it that makes it elastic and gluey when placed on a stew in the oven. A couple days later my husband answered the phone and they said that there were no animal products in that particular product. Now, because I didn’t take the call and press further, I don’t know if by animal they meant no fish either or no fowl. I just don’t know. But the product didn’t work for a pot pie. And their Gestapo ways were so far over the top that I don’t think I’ll buy their flour either. They must be doing something bad to hide with such fervor what is supposed to be public. I really do like their flour too. Always have.
  • So why is Dick Cheney still running the country via the CIA? Why is he complimenting them? They’re terrorists. They don’t keep this country safe, they get us attacked. They’re making a self-fulfilling prophecy out of their ‘everybody hates us’ ideology. How much access does he really have and how much power does he have to continue programs that Obama was supposed to end; oh, you mean the CIA didn’t tell Obama about all of the programs? The secret service is right up front on stage with Cheney, making him look like the president. So the secret service mutinied too. Whoa. All for Cheney.
  • It’s humankind, not mankind. Man has never and will never mean woman. When I hear newscasters say mankind, it’s so incongruous to progressive, evolutionary thinking. Women are not men. Get over it. We are all humans. Get used to it. Stop using your gender prejudice to influence the populace into thinking half the human species is under the umbrella thumbs of males.
  • When discussing Palestinian people vs Israel what’s wrong with the language? Respect and the recognition of equality. Palestinian people vs Israeli people would be correct. Or, Palestine vs Israel. Since Palestine was a region/country before Israel was a state, there shouldn’t be a discrepancy in title. If anything it should go the other way. That the USA T.V. coverage in addition to Obama’s speechwriters always slants in favor of a nation that has caused us irreparable harm because of their separatist policies is counterproductive to the safety of the USA. Language means a lot. Why do you think the Jews want to write everybody’s textbooks?
  • Don’t swallow your pride. Override it. That way nothing gets pent-up. That way it’s your choice–your decision.
  • Why not make Israel a territory or state of the United States, you know, like the fifty-first state? Since they say nobody wants them. Whoa. I don’t think that would work.  Israel a state? Loose cannon is what I see. A bunch of rocking men with boxes strapped to their foreheads looking for incoming?  Oh boy. I don’t think you could keep the state of Israel from attacking their neighbors. How would it look for say, North Dakota to drag all the young boys from Canada in the middle of the night back to North Dakota to torture them into spying on their parents? And then committing massacres and holocausts, and demanding building contracts to make them stop? Whoa. They have a long, long way to go before being diagnosed as stable enough to be part of a state system of government. You know, we can’t have individual states provoking foreign countries in order to obtain more territory.
  • I want to see soy ice cream bars pop up all over the world. Multiple flavors. Sprinkles, sundaes with soy whip cream, all the ice cream treats without the animal. Soy. You’re so beautiful.
  • I’m tired of the blacks determining what I eat. They steal my car so I can’t get my soy products which are in stores way across town. Only soy Cutie Pies and only vanilla? When you have all those other flavors? All you vanilla people out there, stop dictating the flavor you want me to eat. I don’t like it. I want chocolate, strawberry, chocolate mint. Why not make coffee-flavored? Oh, but because the blacks don’t eat good food, we can’t get it in their neighborhood? Where’s the soy sour cream, the soy cream cheese? You sell bagels but no soy cream cheese? Where’s the soy chicken burger, the soy hot dogs?  Stop being so stingy. Advertise your soy products for blacks. McDonald’s advertises their animal products for blacks. On T.V. that’s all I see–black/brown faces attached to all the high fat, high cruelty foods. Stop it.
  • If you could see how many black people go to a vitamin/nutrition shop in a poor neighborhood in Cleveland, you would be shocked. They don’t feel any better than anybody else. We all eat the same high fat, high cruelty diets, so we all feel like two pounds of it in a one pound bag. All you CEOs out there stop pushing your bad food down our throats, just because we’re poor. Do you eat it, do you, do you? Every day? If you don’t eat the food you sell, then you shouldn’t be selling it. And if you do eat it, you’re a _______I can’t think of a word. You fill in the blank.
  • Obama thinks because he’s free, everybody’s free. I said I made it; I never said I was free. All I did was survive. I’ll know my freedom song when I hear it.
  • She’s picking on blacks again. Oh boy here she goes blaming us for everything wrong in her life.
  • You’re darned right I am. Who do you think you’re impressing with your pit bulls and brontosaurus ribs? No soy ice cream for Mama? We’ll see about that. Pull up your pants. Nobody wants to see your private parts. March in the gay parade where exposure is legal, otherwise stop holding your car jack like a tire iron. You want to look all tough, but a one armed, handicapped bandit gets laughed at, while they’re running down the street afraid to let go of their tire iron for fear their pants might slide down to their ankles. If you could see yourselves like others do, you’d be mortified, petrified and humiliated beyond your ability to speak. Go ahead, step back, view yourself in an emergency, needing two hands.
  • All the one armed veterans coming home from war, must think you’re all nuts to intentionally walk around with the use of one arm, because the other is doing the job of a belt that you also have on. One might think that you really don’t want to lose those pants–a belt and a hand too, that never lets go, except to go into a pocket and boy, everybody’s waiting for the slip, then you bend your knees trying to stave it off, and oops your hand gets caught up in the inside of the pocket that they make way too small these days. All that energy, all that effort. You have to really work hard to get them to stay just at the level, or just below the level, where you don’t get arrested for exposure. And now all the white guys are doing it too. My husband even does it, not purposely, but when he’s carrying groceries and his pot belly gets the best of his belt, he doesn’t mind so much as he once did, because everybody around him is doing it. He’s getting skinny though, working really hard at it. I better catch up–lose some weight.
  • If women walked around like that, they’d be yanked off the street by a cop. They’d be said to be extending a sexual invitation to anyone interested. They’d be called a slut, a whore. No wonder people think you’re dumb. You spend all day and night negotiating with, and maneuvering, your pants. So then Donna Brazile (you shouldn’t have told everybody you had your spies) comes to your defense by saying it’s because white people won’t give you a job; what was that again? You mean you really do want a job? Guess you do, after all is said and lifted up. Okay, so what can you do, what’s your area of expertise? I don’t want to hear you can do anything. Obviously you can’t figure out how to hold your pants up when you have a belt–and a nice looking belt at that–and you still have to tie up one of your extremities to get the job done. You see, in this company we like to find ways to be more efficient, while still getting the job done. We want good communication skills that don’t make us look like we’re hiding something from our customers. We want somebody who can figure out how to buy a pair of pants that fit, you know, they give you the length on the tag; can you measure? You’re walking on your pants, which means you’re not being efficient, since they’ll wear out really quickly. So you’re looking for a Nigeria style, get rich quick, CEO type position and you’re asking for a six figure salary with perks. And what again were your credentials and talents? Oh…right…negotiating and maneuvering PANTS. Well, we’re going to need a little more than that to hire you at those wages. Actually, a lot more.
  • Nations have to stop torturing for other nations. How much do you get paid? How dare you!
  • God says no to mocking. Listen to yourself. If you must mock, then have fun mocking yourself. Not so much fun is it? Not even funny–even a bit creepy, maybe even perverse. Stop it all.
  • Native Americans honor the animals they slaughter. In fact, they don’t think they can exist without slaughtering them, since they, like everybody else, use every part for all kinds of necessities in life. Try harder. Honor them by respecting their right to life–by finding a better way to meet your survival needs. They’ll thank you. Lead the green train.
  • Blacks in America are holding everybody else back, because of their diets. White profit makers and, yes, black profit makers too, think they need to satisfy the black palate for high fat and high cruelty foods. That’s who their advertisements are geared toward. The industries are claiming they have no choice. Stop setting the bad example of what everybody else has to eat, and then demanding medical treatment for all the diseases you get because of your bad diet demands.
  • God says no to sexual mutilation of young females. The African God is in me now, in case you haven’t noticed.
  • You don’t need to believe you’re cured to be cured.
  • Nobody wins unless everybody wins. That’s the deal.
  • Israeli militants hide out in Hasidic communities called colonies. They’re training camps for terrorists.
  • RE: George Mitchell as peacemaker in Palestine. I don’t know who gave him credit for making peace in Northern Ireland. It was wrong to give a person credit for something they didn’t achieve. Now they want him to do the same thing in Palestine. He already tried in Palestine. His philosophy was to let the kids keep fighting till they get tired of fighting, then they’ll make peace. His method didn’t work. Why put somebody in charge of something they are clueless to solve? That’s the problem with giving somebody credit for something they didn’t do. When asked to do it again, they can’t.
  • You don’t have a right to massacre people who don’t like you and use as justification that a bunch of rockers may, if tempted, follow the people who don’t like them through the gates of hell.
  • There is no such thing as torturing humanely.
  • Stop expecting everyone to love you unconditionally as you continue to abuse them.
  • Most people don’t handle stress very well. They either shut down or act out.
  • Preaching patience is usually met with resistance and resentment. Practice your own patience and be the example without pointing it out. People want their dignity–and they deserve it.
  • God does not make some people suffer so that others won’t.
  • Protective love is the most powerful of all loves.

This is the last chance for the world to make right what went horribly wrong on this planet. The reason it went horribly wrong was, and continues along that path, is because of the world’s obsession with worshipping a prejudiced God. The reason we worship a prejudiced God is because we make a crime the criticism of those who commit prejudicial acts in God’s name. Crticism doesn’t lead to a holocaust it prevents one.


  • Some people slaughter cows at the outrage of those who worship them. Others slaughter pigs, goats, even lambs, the meekest of the meek. And for those with that perversion, who wouldn’t want to devour even more meek than that–unborn lamb?
  • Some even slaughter the dogs they take on picnic with them, right at the picnic, when the coals are hot enough to seer into everyone’s memory that all life is consumed by something–even if that something eventually consumes them.
  • It’s all slaughter. The wedge of someone’s outrage at someone else’s, over their selection of whom they deem inferior enough in soul, yet superior enough in health to murder, dismember and eat, is necessary to keep all animal societies from devouring each other. And right now, as in all of history, the human species, not the shark, devours every other species en masse.
  • As we raise up the individual species, eventually that respect will spill over to other species–and the mind of the human animal will see what so many visionaries and oppressors before them saw, that all animals are equally worthy.
  • It’s the contradiction that will propel the change. So, go easy with the criticism of contradiction. But don’t languish in it either. It exists as an evolutionary tool to preserve the planet, the universe, which means it’s actively engaged.
  • A slave ship taught the world that a long time ago, but the world wasn’t ready for the learning of it–neither were the slaves. Slaughterhouses taught us that long ago; that’s why we hide them from our children–who know the right way.
  • At some point the world will move ahead of the humans and it will be the humans who fall between the universal cracks of forgetfulness.
  • Let us all hope that when that happens, the children won’t want to preserve what their parents did wrong.

Hey, kiddo, thanks.

To Auntie from Lithuania, from Sharon Lee

  • 31 May 2009
  • Carrying my Grandma, Katherine Rose, on your back, ten miles through the woods in the dead of the winter night to get a Baptismal Certificate because she wasn’t registered as having been born–to come to America, free from oppression, free from suffering. How I miss you tonight as I recall your stern but accepting face, waiting for us, making everyone feel comfortable with a lifestyle that most had outgrown, on a farm in Connecticut. And being greeted by Annie, running to embrace our entire family, guiding us up the stairs to where you sat by the huge black stove, keeping warm–even in the summer.
  • I remember Annie, running to the car across the huge lawn as my father pulled up to the house in his Model A Ford, shouting, “Tommy, Tommy, hello, hello”, waving joyously, and the sheer excitement we three kids had, bolting out of the car to greet morning light on an early summer day, rolling down the grassy hill, again and again till exhausted, we three, then exploring every nook and cranny of your fine farm.  The outhouse that we hoped we didn’t have to use, but on the occasion that we did, as outhouses go, yours was the greatest.
  • Teaching us humility as you did by your mere presence on this earth, in this great house that I stand in, in my mind’s remembrance, as I write. We weren’t the type of kids who would sit down anywhere, anyway. Those special childhood connections to all your life, simply by you and Annie allowing us to be in your life, even for just a day, is something I have always taken with me, no matter where I went or what challenges faced.
  • Pumping water from the second floor of your farmhouse to give us all a drink that we thirsted for after a huge romp and fun-filled exploration of a farm that Dad and Mom  had prepared us for, as we drove to Connecticut, as if we were about to partake of the greatest banquet on the face of the planet, and that the person who owned and worked that farm was the greatest person on earth and we were to call you Auntie.
  • You and Annie and your farm made we three feel free.  You didn’t speak much, except to Mom and Dad, but we knew to respect you, because your outstretched hand told us that you were happy to see us. But whenever you did speak, everybody listened.  You were the epitome of strong; you were the epitome of calm. How can one woman be so forgiving of life’s harshest elements? Be with me now as those elements oppress what you tried to free.

All my love, as always…

Sharon Lee


Multi-layered almond, apricot, cranberry cake, filled with alternating layers of vanilla whipped soy cream frosting and red grape filling, frosted with pineapple soy whipped cream frosting and topped with additional red grape filling. WOW!

Serves 12-16

Red Grape filling:

3 c. fresh red seedless grapes
1 c. water
1/2 c. sugar
1/4 c. cornstarch dissolved in 1/2 c. water, in a cup
1/4 -1/2 t. cinnamon
light dash salt

Place all ingredients in large saucepan. Stir well to coat grapes. Cook over low heat for a total of about 30 minutes. Stir often in the beginning till juice releases from the grapes and it thickens somewhat. Then, partially cover and continue cooking till it resembles cherry pie filling. Remove from heat. Cover with lid and refrigerate–in the pan–till cold.

Pineapple Sauce:

6 canned pineapple rings from a lg. can; process in food processor till crushed
2 T. cornstarch dissolved in 2/3 c. pineapple juice from the can, in a cup
1/2 c. sugar

Combine all ingredients in small saucepan. Stir well. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring continuously till thickened. When it comes to a boil, continue to stir on low heat for 3-5 minutes longer. Remove from heat. chill in refrigerator till cold.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2 c. whole almonds, processed in food processor till coarsely and evenly chopped
1 c. sugar
1 T. vanilla extract
1 T. baking soda
1 t. salt
2 c. flour
20 dried apricots, processed in food processor till coarsely and evenly chopped
1/2 c. dried cranberries combined with 1 c. water in small saucepan; bring to boil and cook till soft; remove from heat; do not drain; you want the liquid
1-1/2 c. water

In large mixing bowl, combine one ingredient at a time and stir well after each addition. After you add the water and stir it into the other ingredients, beat the batter with a sturdy spoon for about a minute. Do not use mixer.

Throughly grease 2, 8 inch round cake pans, bottoms and sides. Pour equal amounts of batter into each pan. Lift pans and drop lightly on countertop to even out the batter. Let set for a few minutes till you can see tiny bubbles form in the batter.

Place on middle rack of preheated 350 degree oven and bake for 35-40 minutes, or till a toothpick comes out clean when inserted in middle of cakes. Remove from oven.

Invert onto cooling racks, lift off pans and cool at room temperature.


2 c. powdered sugar
1/3 c. vegetable shortening
2 t. vanilla extract
2 T. water

Place powdered sugar into medium-sized mixing bowl. Add shortening. Using two forks or a sturdy spoon, mix and mash till all sugar is worked into the shortening.

Add vanilla and water and mix till smooth. If you need a little more powdered sugar, use it. You want a frosting consistency.


1-1/2 c. non-dairy whipping cream (Rich’s brand), thawed completely–no ice crystals
1 packet (1/3 oz.) “Whip it” stabilizer for whipped cream, Oetker brand, product of Canada; locate in specialty food markets

Follow the directions on the tin of whipping cream. Place in bowl and whip with wire whisk till it forms soft peaks (this will take a while). Add the “Whip it” stabilizing powder and whip it into firmer peaks–just like you would do with dairy whip cream.

Take 1 c. of the whipped cream and fold it into all of the frosting. Divide it into 3 equal portions.

Remove the chilled red grape filling from the refrigerator and divide it into portions (2 large and 1 a little smaller).


Cut each cake round in half, through the sides, using a knife with small serrated edges–a bread knife will do nicely, while holding your hand on top of the cake, making 2 cake rounds per cake.

Place one of the four cake rounds, rough side up, on decorative plate.

Spread 1/3 of the frosting cream mixture evenly over the top of the cake round.

Spoon red grape filling (a little more than a third), evenly over the frosting.

Place 2nd cake round, rough side down, on top of the grapes.

Spread top with 2nd, 1/3 of frosting cream mixture.

Place 3rd cake round, rough side up, on the frosted cake.

Spread top with remaining frosting cream mixture.

Spoon 2nd portion of red grape filling (a little more than 1/3) over the frosting.

Place fourth cake round, rough side up, on frosted cake.

Now, take chilled pineapple sauce out of refrigerator. Stir to make smooth.

Add the remaining whipped cream to it, then gently fold the cream into the pineapple, using a rubber spatula. (Using the edge of the spatula, insert it through the pineapple with the cream on top–like a knife–then scoop down and bring it over on itself, in a rolling motion. Continue doing this, slowly, until it’s mixed in, but you can still see the separation in the yellow and white colors. Do not stir vigorously. Gently fold. You don’t want to take the air out of the whipped cream).
At this point, when the cake is assembled, and before you spread it with the pineapple cream, insert 4 6-8 inch long wooden skewers into the top of the cake through to the bottom and let them stay there while you frost the outside of the cake, to keep the layers from slipping and sliding while you frost it. Keep the skewers, after your done and while you refrigerate it to prevent it from sliding while it sets.
Now go ahead and frost it with the pineapple cream–top and sides. Pile it high on top first, then do sides from top to bottom–not side to side.
When done, using spatula, swipe pineapple cream lightly, from the plate to the top of the cake, creating a border around the top of the edges of the cake, slightly higher than the cake itself.
Place remaining red grape filling on center of the top of the cake–not to the edges.
Clean plate around with bottom of cake with a clean towel. Refrigerate for several hours. If living n a warm climate, refrigerate longer. Serve chilled.
Notes: To the lady who is going to ask me if she can use a can of crushed pineapple for the pineapple sauce. No. You need the juice in addition to the processed pineapple. Buy the big can of rings.

You can remove the skewers before cutting the cake to serve.

Sure, this cake takes a while to make. However, for the once in a blue moon that you make it, it’s worth the time. In case anyone was doubting your animal-free chef status, this recipe will quell those thoughts.

‘Still…it’s easier than learning how to debone a goose, while maintaining the shape of a goose.’

Thanks Julia–I knew you’d come around to visit me eventually.

‘Well done.’


aka Reuben. You’ll have to taste it to believe it!

Makes 1 sandwich

2 slices deli size whole grain bread
peanut butter, creamy or crunchy; microwave in cup till soft–not too long; you don’t want to boil it, only soften/melt it
thinly sliced sweet onion
2 fresh tomato slices
Poupon Dijon mustard
sweet green relish
very thinly shaved fresh green cabbage
freshly ground black pepper

Lightly toast whole grain bread.

Spread each side liberally with semi-melted peanut butter

Top the entire surface of one toast with thinly sliced onion, followed by 2 slices of tomato.

Top 2nd toast with liberal amount of Poupon mustard–over the peanut butter–followed by liberal amount sweet relish. Follow that with very thinly shaved green cabbage; pile high.

Sprinkle with lots of freshly ground black pepper.

Close sandwich and cut in half. Serve.

Notes: The success to this sandwich depends on using liberal amounts of ingredients, and melted peanut butter.

The sandwich, when cut in half looks like a Reuben sandwich.

Delicious, deeply satisfying, stick to your ribs sandwich. I eat one half, then save the other half for the next meal, or share it with my husband. He says it’s like   eating a Big Mac–the way they used to be, when the first Big Mac was first introduced by McDonald’s.

You won’t be hungry again for hours. In fact, it’s a great sandwich when you’re on a diet. It’s supposed to drip, so have napkins handy.


  • We change the world by changing ourselves.
  • We change ourselves by applying the five principles.
  • We achieve the five principles by taming the God in us.
  • By taming the God in us, we live a better life.
  • A better life for you means a more powerful you and a more empowered everybody else.
  • Tame your own God by embracing the five principles to a better life: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, and watch the world change from you to everybody else.
  • NO PDETAS is pure, exhilarating, positively directed power.
  • There are no preconditions to acquiring this power.
  • Power is free.
  • At the moment you commit to eliminating the five flaws by embracing the five principles, you’ll know what real freedom feels like, no matter what situation you find yourself in at the moment you decide to commit to a better life.
  • You’ll know for the first time what pure power you have at your disposal to change the world by changing yourself.
  • If you fail at any particular moment or period of time to adhere to the principles, you will eventually crave that original liberating power and finally get back up on your championship self and succeed by living a better life.
  • One person can change the world, not only by changing themselves, but by raising the roof where they find PDETAS to exist.
  • Strong individuals make strong groups and nations.



  • Wisdom comes from knowing that God is only as good as we are.
  • Peace of mind comes from giving that wisdom power to soar.
  • God’s promise is that no matter how we’ve corrupted our God, that that God remains steadfast within us to be what we truly want to be — all powerful in all of our worthy endeavors.
  • God’s plan is as it has always been: for peace and ultimately love to flow abundantly without reservation or condition through the veins of all existence, and for respect not dominion to direct all of our actions. This can only be accomplished in the absence of: prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.
  • The idea of freedom arises from the God who exists as the basis of our DNA. The power to use that freedom comes from that same DNA.
  • Whether we use it for good or for bad is at any given time part of our own discretion and part of the discretion of those we live among whose space we try to inhabit within the same environment on the same planet.
  • If used for bad, be assured that the markers that exist in all forms will make the necessary corrections to make this planet survive.
  • If used for good, then all good things are possible.
  • If you don’t know the difference between good and bad, then use the five principles to guide you.
  • GOD
  • “FIVE DAYS IN MARCH” is the name of the art work I referred to earlier that I brought home from the framers. It was constructed at a time when I had little paint and even fewer art supplies. In order to satisfy my need to create, I improvised by gluing an eight and a half by eleven inch piece of typing paper to a piece of cardboard that shirts come wrapped around. A rook, that had a marble setting on top of it–one of those lucky charm type trinkets I had kept for years as a reminder for me to protect the planet, as well as my family and home–became the centerpiece. Pine needles from Rosie’s park and a few other items plus lots of glue and spray paint made an impressive–to me–way to preserve that trinket.
  • I waited a long time for it to dry thoroughly, as I do all of the paintings, before taking it to a framer. Well…when I got it back and hung it on the wall, I noticed that it didn’t look the same. Previously I had scanned it to my computer, so I printed a copy to compare, and sure enough it wasn’t the same. It had dropped about two inches and the configuration of the needles wasn’t the same. I took it down from the wall and noticed that the back cover wasn’t flush with the frame and there were thin narrow protrusions that I could feel under the backing. After stewing for days, maybe weeks, about the condition of the framing, I decided to tear the backing off to see what was underneath. I was shocked to find that the foam backing underneath the black cover had been secured with packing tape, since all of the paintings are delivered for framing with a ‘museum quality’ request.
  • I decided to explore further by disassembling the whole thing. I slipped the art work out of the frame, put my hand around the base of the twigs, lifted gently to see if they were secure and to my horror, they fell apart as if they had never been glued. This was not a fragile piece of art. Yet, now it was in a pile of rubble. I was furious. I gathered up all the pieces, put them in a box, dusted the paper/cardboard off, tossed it aside then sat and fumed. I figured all was lost. Eventually I got up, put the now empty piece of paper/cardboard back into the frame and set it on the window ledge and went to bed.
  • In the morning, when I walked out into the living room to look at it, I was stunned to see that the markings left by all the solids, that were now in a box, had imprinted a picture of Pele–wrapped in twigs. When Steve saw it, he agreed. Now, it’s our favorite painting. It’s still called “FIVE DAYS IN MARCH”, but everything about it changed. Instead of being mad at the framer, now I was glad.
  • It wasn’t till I saw Pele’s face beneath the rubble, a shadow of her soul, that I understood for the first time, Pablo Picasso’s Women. I never did like those paintings in my youth. Breasts weren’t where they were supposed to be, eyes weren’t either, and on and on. But suddenly, I realized that in reality, none of us are put together the way we actually look on the outside. He expressed through art the soul of the women he painted. He expressed their true essence. We are all just a bunch of molecules, and with each injury to the heart or mind, due to life’s challenges, we change. We get scrambled up a bit. Yes, we’re still whole, but arranged in a different way. The emphasis in our lives change with each jolt, in order for us to cope.
  • What a revelation–for me and Steve. Now, although the “FIVE DAYS IN MARCH”  name remains the same, we privately call this painting, “PICASSO’S PELE”.


  • Tonight. The night. I wait no more. Born from a bad day–from start to, well, not to finish, but to now. Rapid writing I liked–computer style. And did I write–like a tornado ripping through a town–capturing every thought before it reverted back to the energy from whence it came, racing against my own thoughts, which makes something about them separate from me. With split second timing, simultaneously from all corners, each one vying for attention–and getting it–desperate to beat the drum of the plan before it beat me. Challenged by one’s self–which defies handicap–paved the path of least resistance for me.
  • I loved it, craved it, ate it, slept it, talked it, with it, to it, it to me, wildly glassing clear bright eyes till the shine of enlightenment followed the conclusion, right around the corner of the next neural connection, right on the money, always–no matter what the denomination. Religion? in my mind’s ear did I hear you inquire? Naw, something better than that. God. God damn. God bless. You’re it. I’m it. We’re all It–in it, whatever the mess or hellhole–foxhole–together.
  • Can the mundane be beautiful? If you make it so.
  • When to start. Where. How. Under what conditions? When? Now. A thousand beginnings it took over an undefinable span of time to begin again. Countless words–even for those whose job it is to count them–thoughts, dots, seeds, strung, connected, separated, dropped, spread, shouted, buried, rationed, woven, subverted–unintentionally intentional, following the instructions of a God created through a covenant based on trust and trust alone: trust in the security transformed by it’s consistency into confidence, that neither It nor I would ever ask the other to violate, or to compromise the foundation upon which all life and non-life flourishes while fulfilling its existence.
  • That foundation exists in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. If ever I should receive an instruction which supports and promotes any one of those five flaws I am to know that that instruction did not come from my God and I am instructed to disregard it. And vice versa. That’s the trust I requested and that’s the assurance I received. In turn, the same request was made of me.
  • Without doubt there have bee times, when pressed, pressured, and provoked, that I thought, and It thought, that nothing but a flaw to cure a flaw would work–like the vaccination containing the contaminant germs in small doses protects one from contracting the disease–but in the end, we both knew that in order to achieve harmony in the long term, committing an atrocity to cure an atrocity was destined to fail, precisely because it leads one in circles, to repeat the mistakes of the past. And if you live in the past you are destined to repeat it. Germs don’t possess memories that create feelings of vengeance. People do–all people, not simply those with the power to exercise it.
  • Circle strategies fail to lead one down the path of progress, because they’re designed to follow thus copy. So, if you engage in either, you cannot lead. History shows us glaring examples of leaders not leading. Today, tonight, we fight the same battles of yesteryear, because we didn’t veer from that which cuts in the short term, only to regrow from the seeds of hatred planted by the cut. We didn’t get it right, in the past, and we never will, until we stop exacting vengeance.
  • One might think to focus on the positives, such as love, charity, hope, etcetera, etcetera, and one is all too free–and encouraged–to do just that, but in doing only that–as prophets throughout the ages unfortunately pursued–one fails to effect the changes one passionately strove for and sacrificed wildly and all too profoundly to end at yet another beginning. And so it goes. Or so I thought, until dots visible somehow to the blind eye of trust–not connivance or collusion–scanned without intent mind you, least not mine, the underbelly of that which exists to guarantee failure at every turn, precisely because we focus on that which we yearn to see, yearn to be, hoping in all of our yearnful glory that wanting would indeed create the direct causal link between that which we are and that which we strive–at least in theory–to be. And the path to that desire–that security–existed in an historical perspective that persuaded us that violence worked, because we are all still here.
  • Well…not nearly all of us, and the more you look at life with an eye focused on reality, the more you can’t help but see how so very many of us no longer exist and the killing continues: from our supermarkets, to recreation, population control, to simply annihilating anything that strikes our fancy on any given day of any given year–to make money, to gain prestige, to simply do it because it has always been done and ‘we never will find peace’, because we really don’t like peace.
  • We like excitement–and peace somehow conjures up a state of boredom, which many more than anyone know, died in that effort, either their’s or somebody else’s, to alleviate. I recall a man Van Harp saying how exhilarated he felt when the towers in New York city blew up right in front of his eyes. That’s the sickness that keeps warring people warring, that keeps people killing anything it’s legal to kill, and if not legal, then illegal, or pass a law in the middle of the night, bury in a thousand pages that nobody will read and make it legal. I wondered why everybody–but mostly all the important people of the world–was watching T.V. that morning instead of working. These must have been the kids who grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning instead of helping with the chores.
  • Disappointment. I see it everywhere. A world of utter and total chaos where signs of the world ending, no longer appear as a delusional message scrawled on a poster by a skinny, and by most standards, delusional messenger. Reality hurts. No one wants to die. Not now. I write, God writes, my God writes–so as not to offend those who fear mistaking my God for their’s or vice versa. Everybody wants a solution, a viable solution, one they can lay claim to creating to secure their next pay check, raise, promotion or new and improved home, status and job. With every new beginning a new approach emerged. And we all do have them. But with every solution came a demand with an ultimatum attached. And the ultimatum, like the fire and brimstone that follows every inspired message in any holy book becomes everybody’s deal breaker, the part no one can accept, so the best laid plans always end up at another beginning, because we don’t know how to keep our big yaps shut long enough to allow a response to a kind overture. We might all just get along, instead of needing to win, if we could let go of the fire and brimstone.
  • When you need to win, you need to be superior, and superiority breeds conflict. Freedom never wins when bought through suffering, thus the new beginnings become essential to survival, even when we’re identified as free. You say something meaningful then follow it with a threat. We all really do understand the state of perpetual beginnings. And perhaps we’ve become addicted to them, stuck in the pattern, the cycle that keeps us all warring. But with that comes the inevitable endings. It’s the endings we can’t tolerate. Thus we need to start another war. And the first spark comes not through an act, but a word. Our greatest fear, philosophically speaking, stems from our inability to reconcile the two. How can we achieve peace when emotionally we need war?
  • How can the world, the universe, the universes, and our own altered existence, beginning as our brain understands it, at physical birth and ending at physical death, be without end? The very nature of a beginning as we define it demands an end. And if the end stops here, then something lies beyond. Therein lies the hope and therein lies the mistaken, faulty philosophical logic undermining the world, leaving chaos where one finds it, as one simply allows for the passage of time without effort to effect whatever changes one sees as the condition of the world requiring at any particular juncture of conflict a solution.
  • Oh, changes do indeed occur without apparent effort, but as we all know, sweeping under the carpet or covering up that which we don’t want exposed or to confront, or simply waiting for time to fade the gravity of the matter, always comes back at a later time, when the matter, by isolating it, has grown disproportionately to the world cut off from it, putting the world in a position of impending chaos, focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative.
  • It’s time to end the suffering we created. The suffering we don’t create, meaning all of life’s problems that humans don’t have a hand in causing, we gain strength from–striving to survive in a perfectly peaceful, cooperative world–together–all connected–all different–all alike–all equally worthy with various gifts, that the world collectively needs to promote the positives in life by curing the negatives–through vigilance and a plan. A plan which eliminates prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter–a large undertaking by anybody’s standards–but much more exhilarating than any blood thirsty warring groups, or individuals, who get their kicks from seeing others suffer, or from spectacular views of buildings exploding with people being crushed to death and blown apart inside, while those outside enjoy the feeling of exhilaration.
  • Cure the five flaws as one cures a sickness–and the beauty of the world we create–through the promotion of a world free of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter implemented by our own willful, conscious, directed effort to cure that which prohibits it–becomes a world inhabited by evolutionaries opposing and neuralizing the destructive forces, which impede peace and cooperation–not a world of revolutionaries.
  • A process of peace in evolutionary terms, designed to help not hurt, both short term and long term, must be the vision, the focus and the means to achieving a true and lasting peace.
  • Living in peace side by side, while everybody hurts inside is not peace. It’s hell. My focus, through my God is to find a cure for hell, not to seek an elusive heaven, while relegating hell to the space beneath the carpet, preferring to focus on that which, for the short term, creates the illusion of harmony. Creating violence out of sight is just that type of illusion–as we know by the feeling of unease that creeps just below the surface of our numbed consciences. For no one can be truly happy knowing in their hearts and minds that hell exists for someone else.
  • I need to integrate everything bad that’s happened to me into my total being. I won’t succeed otherwise, and neither will any of you. Make a fresh start, incorporating, integrating all the pain, all the suffering, rather than carrying it as a burden of excess–never to be used–baggage–or dragging it behind as a caboose that no longer serves a purpose. Oh, I’ll use what I can’t forget–as knowledge, as stepping stones out of hell, and as a map of the world’s underbelly–like a library of cataloged catastrophic chains of seeds needing to be extinguished–but before they turn to ash, require an airing and a solution–if only to integrate that which hurts, making the entire human experience more noteworthy.
  • If we block out the pain, we block out the joy. Yet it isn’t enough that we don’t forget. Not forgetting merely extends the suffering in absence of the catalyst that created it. We need not rectify either. Reparations make those who didn’t commit the crime suffer for those who did. We need a plan of action, a change in direction to make sure we lead, instead of follow in the footsteps that copy retaliation. Then we can forget as evolution weeds retaliation and reverse retaliation (‘getting them before they get you’) out of its portfolio of optional considerations.


No Prejudice, Discrimination, Enslavement, Torture And Slaughter against any/all being(s)


Dislike of an individual or group based on their characteristics or attributes.


Preferential treatment of an individual or group over the lack of equal treatment of an individual or group.


Taking away the free-will of an individual or group.


Imposing physical, psychological, economic or spiritual discomfort and harm

onto an individual or group.


The taking of life of an individual or group through and for sinister, self- group- or nation- serving reasons.

If you can discover a more precise or meaningful definition of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, by all non-prejudicial means do so. This is all about the evolution of thoughts, actions, and yes, how we define those thoughts and actions.

Challenge prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter with truth, respect, action and persistence.

I don’t talk much about patience. Too often people equate patience with inactivity which leads to a lack of will to change, hoping that things will simply work out on their own. In doing that, you unintentionally give away your power as an individual.

I don’t talk much about love either. Love is such a personal matter, that for me to impose my personal views on what love is or isn’t or should or shouldn’t be would be over-reaching on my part. Just as there’s a fine line between a flaw and a principle, there’s often a fine line between love and hate. Nobody has to love anybody, but if you say that you love someone as you send them to slaughter, I will on behalf of the one being slaughtered intervene with an opinion.


when we say YES to prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Prejudice leads to discrimination, discrimination leads to enslavement, enslavement leads to torture, torture leads to slaughter if left unchecked.

Do you feel wiped out after reading the calmest, longest rant in history? Good. Did you have a lot of laughs, or at least a few chuckles where you could feel an ever so slight tingling in your chest? Good. Now build yourself back up into your own likeness. Your success is best served now–by you for you! 


A different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it and as we will come to know it – that’s what Word Warrior Davies-Tight is all about.

Spreading a message of hope through change around the globe.

Self-written, self-edited, self-published.

One view matters. A multitude of views matter. If we all had the same views we’d be called robots. Learning comes from sharing those views unencumbered.

Thank you for donating to the continued success of Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef and activist, ARCHITECT OF 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ and MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

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