Sharon Davies-Tight

Mon, Feb 1 at 11:03 AM


I’m not going to burn your olive tree farm village town city down if you don’t do what I tell you to do, all the while screaming for you to see me.

I’m not going to hire recruit HIRED GUNS to terrorize communities and a nation and the world and call myself and my actions nonviolent, because I consider those actions justifiable when not done by me personally.

Everybody already saw you and most didn’t like what they saw, so rather than force you to change, they chose the nonviolent route of turning the other cheek so they wouldn’t have to visually endure your barbarism.

I’m not going to demand of you what I don’t demand of myself. I suggest you follow what you preach to be the example of purity that you demand in others.

Compassion doesn’t mean allowing certain groups to commit harmful acts against other individuals and groups with impunity.

So you don’t like rules, but you like making rules for everyone around you.

Hypocrisy in these uncertain times has become the rule rather than the exception. Nobody sees it in themselves, because they see themselves as right and their harmful actions against you as justifiably correct.

You hurt them so they hurt you.

Usually the ones who get hurt in any war are the ones who had nothing to do with the harmful actions on either side and had no power to change them.

They’re the nobodies both sides enlist to fight their wars rather than settle disputes before they get too large to settle with already too many entities on either side hurting and dictating terms out of anger, frustration and greed.

Garnering world support for punitive actions signals impending world war.

Garnering world support for cooperative actions signals impending peace, which includes everyone equally.

Leaving no child behind or adult behind or person behind always leaves somebody behind. That’s how the term ‘falling through the cracks’ came into being. Too many rules made after the main goal is agreed on in theory, spoils the plan practically into nonexistence is the path of least resistance that leads nowhere.

At my late stage in life I have yet to witness a drive anywhere in the world for PeaceWithoutSacrifice.

So you don’t like rules. Nobody does unless the rules benefit themselves. Historically that meant too many received no benefit or less benefit when those with louder voices made the most noise.

CORONACOVID the new invisible enemy.

The individual and collective DNA both physical and mental is changing at rapid speed in all animals in which CORONACOVID survives and thrives long enough to set those processes in motion, which makes CORONACOVID an activating agent.

And all animals or processes who and that transmit CORONACOVID, like a bee pollenating the pistil of the stigma, become spreading agents, whether individuals or groups recognize it or not. Recognition is not a prerequisite for altering an organism that survives the CORRECTION.

If the spreading animal is not successful, the wind, either natural or manufactured (as in air circulating systems) will complete the job.

I now have intimate experience and unfolding knowledge of this coronacovid 2019/20/21 virus and all its intricacies. It now exists in every cell of my 159 pound 5 foot 8 inch body.

It no longer matters if you like the rules. The universe gave you sufficient time to change yourself for the betterment of all, while you dragged your feet and pounded your fists, as predicted, demanding a sweeter deal for yourself. In return for what?

The universe moved right through you as if you weren’t there. It doesn’t care if you catch up or not. Slackers have no value in a changing world. You’re probably on the ‘slated for extinction’ list anyway.

The universe doesn’t wait for stubborn.

The universe isn’t big on color either in case you never looked at it. Color doesn’t matter. I never saw black or brown in a rainbow. Even rainbows don’t matter. What do rainbows contribute to progress?There are a lot of shades of white, cream and gray out there. Those aren’t colors to black Africans, but that’s what most of the universe looks like.

Night and day don’t have colors either.

God doesn’t differentiate animals by their color, like the Africans do to themselves trying to get noticed. In all the screaming and burning of cities and people over the black animal mattering, nothing was offered in the way of skills that would contribute to the change they scream the world needs. Peace is a skill by the way that the black animal screaming for recognition doesn’t possess.

They proposed that white people do the work of peace – as they historically and traditionally always have – after they terrorize and beat them into submission until they conform to the black African way.

NO REVENGE. NO PEACE is their motto. What century are they living in? That’s a war plan based on barbarism. Falsely accusing people of crimes they didn’t commit, then conducting street trials sentencing them to suffer by taking their livelihoods and businesses from them, then banishing them from the marketplace to leave their families destitute. That’s the black African way.

That continues to be their offer and they are in the process of destroying white lives to use as their tools, since they don’t have anything to offer of themselves.

God rejected that offer and no counter proposals were made that would move the planet forward in a rapid expedient progressive manner.

Only one person on the planet showed up with skills and a PLAN that contains ONLY FIVE RULES, with flexibility in the first and second, while making no demands for preferential treatment based on her’s or anyone else’s minority or majority status.

Her name is Sharon Lee Davies-Tight.

The rules are no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked.

On that continuum we all start in the prejudice category, prejudging everything and everyone that enters our sphere in a multitude of ways, as nature intended for our survival. All animals share that nature – no matter the color.

What you do with that knowledge leads either to surviving and thriving or moves us to the next category of discrimination.

We all discriminate, based on experience and tastes.

What we do with that knowledge determines whether we use it to survive and thrive without infringing on anyone else’s right to survive and thrive, or we step over a line into enslavement.

The rest is self-explanatory. But in case it’s too complicated for the minds of the stubborn animals among the human race: enslavement leads to torture and torture leads to slaughter, unless it’s stopped at any juncture.

Stopping it by using enslavement, torture and slaughter has not proven to be a successful method, since it’s based on discrimination, which benefits some not all.

No individual or group of humans has presented a plan for all to move from the present into a better future, except Sharon Lee Davies-Tight.

Changing the world by changing ourselves™ is the quickest and least painful route to PeaceWithoutSacrifice™.

Our Evolutionary Past

Most often our evolution means forward-thinking which means, or should, less suffering in the present, not the past because the past is gone except for postjudice purposes.

But what about our evolutionary present, where we are at any given moment, how we present ourselves to ourselves and then to the world?

Advancing oneself in the present requires knowledge of the past, not exploitation of something that no longer exists, your status now and a future you know to be possible given your animal limitations.

How do you present your evolutionary self to the world – past present future?

Pull from your evolutionary gut that which you can control and leave the rest to wither.

Truth Or Lies

You’ve been led to the well of truth.

If you refuse to consume the knowledge it’s on you.

The universe waits for no one.

The world doesn’t matter if the universe doesn’t care.

Continual war makes truth out of lies and lies out of truth.

Reality is the only language the universe understands.

Not a colored reality.

A reality that can stand the test of replication that leads to expansion not destruction is how the universe operates.

Replicate that.

What Did Jews Gain…

From working in the Factories aNDE THE WARS OF OUR NOT YOUR DESIGN. till thou shall us free?

That’s IT.

We told you to war. And you told us, we can’t do it without your contribution.

What does Sharon say?

She doesn’t do interviews – while she’s still in play.


Somebody can’t give you high self-esteem – nor low nor anywhere in between.

That’s something you give yourself, something you create yourself out of your view of yourself and your view of your experiences.

Africans are always expecting or wanting Europeans to treat them more special than anyone else, so they can feel better about themselves – especially African women. Why?

  • No, no, we don’t want extra special, or more special than anyone else, we want to be treated the same as everybody else so we don’t feel neglected or looked down upon.

There you go. Okay, thank you.

The fact that you argue the point proves the point of you wanting or needing somebody else to lift you up, somebody else to make you feel better.

It’s okay to feel good when somebody does something good, but to rely on it is where the needy part comes in, that ultimately nobody but you can provide. Not even short term, because it’s always in the short term that we feel most in need of support and most vulnerable. Spurts of trouble don’t last forever, unless you choose for them to last forever.

When you choose that path you know to be trouble, then you also know that there will be no one there to lift you out of it when you scream for help.

How can a person feel neglected by an entire continent that they don’t even live on?

Your esteem doesn’t belong to anybody else. Nobody can take it from you. Momentarily, to take a dive or take a hit, then you rise again in short order. It’s part of the struggle to survive that makes us thrive in a multitudinously diverse and competing world/universe.

When you hand your most precious esteem over to some other individuals, groups or nations to raise for you, they resent it and see you as the diminished person you chose to be in their eyes. Nobody will help you unless you are diminished in their eyes is what you think, what you have seen and what you thus believe.

  • I’m widening the view here for better understanding.

Esteem, high, low or in between comes from within and how you interpret and deal with every moment of your existence.

It is a continuous book of never-ending knowledge about you to you that leaves nothing out. It’s all raw for you to form in any way you want to form it.

It is not a collection or culmination of outside interferences. It’s not even about how you dealt with every blow to the mind, heart and soul. It’s about how you nurtured your own mind, heart and soul to allow for the growth from your own seed, yes your seed, necessary for your survival that makes you thrive in a competing environment.

Do you wish you had somebody else’s esteem? Be careful what you wish for. Yours may be in better condition than the one you covet in somebody else.

When you’re most vulnerable, do you really want some strangers coming in and making decisions for you that ultimately are always in their best interests first, or at minimal in the best interests of everybody else before you? That will not help you feel less neglected, nor more equal in worthiness.

Ask all the detained people who breached the southern border of the USA who were detained for their own safety and for documentation purposes. Do you think they feel neglected after being rescued from the DARK OF THE DESERT? They’re trapped with each other, where they’ll turn on each other.

In the short term suffering, when you are in most need of support and there are no friends around who want to hear about your bad feelings or your bad times is where you gather your own personal strength to survive and thrive. That’s where your esteem comes from – within you.

Nobody else can grow you like you can.

Happy Holidays from the WORD CHEF


Of The Five Principles: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the only gray area lies within the realm of prejudice. That’s where decisions are made whether to discriminate or not. And from there one leads to the other if left unchecked.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




Criticism is a necessary part of the Survival Of Societies.

Those societies which treat criticism as a crime punishable by isolation and destruction cannot grow, thus will not survive the rigors and challenges presented by the planet.

It’s like growing up in a world without caretakers to teach and guide.

Groups insisting on taking care of their own, while telling everybody else to mind their own business or they’ll make their lives a living hell, aren’t exercising survival instincts, they’re withdrawing inward to the exclusion of everybody else, which are the early signs of extinction.

The downside to killing off or stifling all those who dare to criticize the practices of a group, is that when an alarm should be sounded to save the group, that alarm will remain silent as a result of past fears of retribution by that group.

Accepting criticism only from like-minded individuals or those contained in the group is prejudicial and self-discriminatory. A willingness to change with new information and a willingness to revisit the utility of old ways is necessary for the survival of any group.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Arabs, including Persians and Palestinians, need to insert more commas into their thought process so they’ll stop and think on what they’re thinking before they speak then act on it.

You know what I mean. Stop claiming ignorance. It’s ugly on you – as always.

If you’ve no time to take a break from your stream of thoughts, people will consider you unfit to share them much less sign a deal based on them.

You make the world dizzy when you speak. It’s a manipulative marketplace tic that has no place in serious global negotiations.

Speaking calmly while you decimate the planet with your bad habits and ideologies which serve masters not slaves instills hatred into the hearts of the oppressed and purpose into the minds of the otherwise weak.

You who always raise reason as your ally now fall. You waited too long.

Your pretensions can’t save you any more. Find another way.

I’ve got a crazy idea.

Focus on saving the slaves and the kingdom will save itself.

It won’t look like it does now. But you don’t like how it looks now. It stinks. To high heaven.

Everybody notices the stink except those who live in it.

A comma can change the world.


  • A perfect candidate for a perfect party: a planetarian.
  • A planetarian is someone whose ideological focus is to perfect, thus change, all systems of government, eliminating those no longer relevant and birthing new ones needed for a quickly evolving planet. Like birth, not all evolution occurs at the same pace, but it can be pushed through motivated individuals.
  • A planetarian respects all life and non-life and respects the good facets of all religions and philosophies.
  • A planetarian is fiscally responsible, making decisions that benefit everyone, not just a majority, or cherry-picked minority concerns.
  • A planetarian focuses on problem-solving for everybody in the nation, not only for the few people they may represent. What happens in one city or state affects all the surrounding states.
  • A planetarian brings everybody into the fold and co-exists with those of various ideas, while eliminating the option of war to resolve conflicts.
  • A planetarian doesn’t profit from the suffering of any species, and cares for the planet like one would care for their home, because that’s what it is.
  • A planetarian would rather get along with everyone than fight with anyone, but is nobody’s fool.
  • Neither superiority nor inferiority defines the true planetarian’s heart, but rather respect is the cornerstone of the foundation upon which they build their lives and pursue their dreams and careers.
  • Through the individual planetarian, the group and political party will be formed.
  • Planetarians focus on learning and teaching without prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the Five Principles to a Better Life, and in instances where individuals lose their way, rehabilitation rather than punishment will be the correction method used.
  • Planetarians are in a perpetual state of transcendental learning, which means they don’t put up road blocks to new or even old knowledge that needs another look.
  • Planetarians use the Five Principles to a Better Life to approach any challenge and solve any problem, opening doors to limitless options within that foundation of hope and confidence. Having compassion for others doesn’t mean feeling sorry for them. It means respecting all life as equally worthy to exist on the planet they inhabit.
  • A true planetarian is all these things and much more.
  • The only true enemy of a planetarian is corruption of it’s foundation.
  • A true planetarian respects the privacy rights of all individuals, whether those individuals want privacy or not.
  • A true planetarian recognizes that freedom doesn’t mean free to harm, free to exploit or free to take from others just because one has that ability.
  • A true planetarian respects the innate rights of all those beyond their borders, and does not enslave, torture and slaughter anybody, any group or any nation for any reason. Nor does it exploit ethnic groups for purpose of profit or any other purpose.
  • A true planetarian raises up, instead of tears down. Strong, healthy, vibrant individuals produce the same qualities in the group.
  • A true planetarian is a vision, an ideal, a party and a purpose.
  • A true planetarian unites the planet in the pursuit of peace and well–being for all.
  • Saying nobody’s perfect, or the world isn’t perfect, as an excuse to stay where you are is not an option for the planetarian.
  • Elections: The winner of any election in any country worldwide is going to have to focus on change. The problem is that some countries don’t have elections, and even in many that do, the corruption is rampant and not addressable by the populace, except through demonstrations which usually lead to violence and imprisonment. During the process of selecting candidates, the key is to decipher who will affect the most change, the type of change that we the people of the planet want and need, based on candidates’ ideological plans for the future and not necessarily on their past accomplishments.  What’s good for the group is code speak for what’s right for the elite of the group or the nation. What we need is what’s good for everybody. If democracy is an equal opportunity employer, there wouldn’t be so many poor people in those democracies. People get rich by paying people below subsistence level wages.
  • If theocracy is God’s plan for all nations, why are there so many people without services in theocracies? What are monarchies the solution to? Nothing. Countries ruled by committee are like countries ruled by monarchies, a small elite group decides what’s right for everybody else. If so good, why so many poor people without services?  The least effective governments are tribal. Everybody but the war lords stays poor and the societies stay underdeveloped.
  • No individual is to sacrifice themselves for the group. If the group needs that type of protection, the group is doing something horribly wrong, and is acting out of synchrony with the needs of all the individuals of the rest of the world. What we need is what’s good for everybody so that nobody gets left out or falls between the cracks as those in power like to call the process of leaving people behind. If nobody gets left out, then there will be no need for terrorists. Everyone will feel respected.
  • When everybody feels respected, they want to be a part of what makes them proud. It’s human nature. A problem arises when the populace wants to follow the leader, promising them streets paved with gold, rather than participate in the process of ruling their own lives.


At the point of fear is where all animals find their strength to survive.

At the point of love is where they find their passion to thrive.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



The mind is most powerful when it’s stubborn. The resistance of the mind is like super glue–one drop holds a yacht, keeps a mountain from moving, stops the sea from separating, and creates a frustration so intense in a person witnessing it in another, that it can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer and who knows what else. Stubbornness isn’t even like cancer; it’s worse. Cancer you can deal with; a stubborn person you can’t. There is no amount of reason one can use, no amount of persuasion, no sum of money or pile of gold, to move a stubborn person who says no to change their mind to say yes.

And stubbornness abounds–with more than enough to go around–in all sectors of life, within all groups, cultures and nations. Can anything good be said of stubbornness? No. The ominous cloud of stubbornness has no silver lining. It’s a formidable tool, a weapon as cold and hard-hitting as the atomic bomb. It destroys lives, families, businesses, cultures, countries. It can turn an entire planet upside down. But it rarely destroys the person whom it houses. It is therefore a great protector. The stubborn person lives in the eye of the storm. No matter where they go, they take their storms with them–mowing down everything and everybody in their paths, while they stay secure.

Stubbornness is an addiction, like any other, but unlike any other, in that it has yet to be recognized as one. Once a person uses it to get what they want, the thrill of success, perverse as it is, makes it nearly impossible to stop. Stubbornness requires no skill. It’s as easy as eating pie. That’s the allure. It’s easy–too easy–for those who don’t give an owl’s hoot for anything or anyone but themselves. It feels good and it works. It gives control where there otherwise would be none, because the stubborn person has yet to develop the skills necessary to make changes. In fact, they don’t like change.

Can a stubborn person become not stubborn? Sure they can, but they won’t. Fear keeps them from it–fear of the unknown, fear of losing their power, fear of losing control, fear of life, fear of living that life, fear of themselves. There are no mirrors where they live, no reflections. They can’t reflect, because they can’t interact. They live in isolation, fearing the world–a painful, hollow, meaningless existence.

Is there hope for the stubborn among us? Sure there is. All it takes is a little courage to step out beyond the safety of the eye of the storm in which they live, and feel the havoc they’ve created, accept responsibility for the ruin they’ve inflicted, and then say yes–to life, to living, to giving, to sharing, to learning.

It’s not unlike the courage needed by the people pleaser who fears rebuke to say no.


PERMISSIONS \ orders from GOD

God gives every being on the planet permissions/orders to refuse to enslave, torture and slaughter any other being, past, present and future. God orders further that all existing orders/permissions to engage in, or state, or make, or carry out, acts of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and/or slaughter are overridden and superseded by these original/new orders.

In refusing to order, direct, outsource, participate in prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, any and all beings will be protected against prosecution by evil-doers who force through order or intimidation the application of the Five Fatal Flaws: prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

One infraction of this order, and all previous infractions will be added to the existing infraction to be charged against and prosecuted against the existing being, who ordered and/or committed and/or communicated via courier/electronic or battery device said orders and/or acts of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.




Looking through rose colored glasses enables you to see the hope and possibilities for a better future.

You can then look back through the lens of your present-day reality with greater confidence and determination to change what you once thought to be impossible – because you’ve already seen what that change looks like.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




You just graduated

into a bigger, better,

more influential person!


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



I’m not in that dark any more.

I stepped out into the bright.

I brought the spirits of the slaughtered with me.

Yeah, on my back, till they trusted the bright that I trusted.

Now we walk and talk as one.

No extreme vetting possible when you can’t see what or whom you’re vetting.

~ Word Warrior Davies-Tight



No. Probably not. Try doing anything without a thumb. The thumb is the stabilizing force of the hand. It’s sort of like a lemon. Why discriminate against a lemon, when it has so many beautiful functions? Even when you grease a palm, underhanded, you need the thumb to hold down the gratuity.

Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Thumbs all around. Yea, nay, everybody agrees or disagrees on the counting of hands risen as testament to the desires of who gets what. A vote in finality results in the lasting impression of the vote counted, signally a yea or nay with an up or down showing of the thumb. Yea? Even though I’ll walk through the shadow of death? Better nay, and save myself the torture.

Palms up. Palms down. Cold palms. Hot palms. Sweaty hot. Sweaty cold. Up or down? Hiding something? Or are you really the open book you claim to be? Who cares anyway? Those who use thumbs to squash you, that’s who. It’s the squash of the thumb that signals impending doom–better learn that lesson. What next? Consequences for saying yea or nay–thumbs either way.

So what does one do with the thumb? Use it as nature intended, as a tool to make easier the tasks of the hand, thus life. But let just one squash pop up–and you squash back–thus the perpetual cycle of squashing. It’s easier to be the thumb, harder to be the whole hand. Being the whole hand means that all appendages – fingers and thumb – have to work together, by welcoming the change required to attain what we need to survive: cooperation.

You’re out with the thumb, safe with the palm. You can squash with a palm too. Stop, get away, or come on in. You slap with your hand or punch with a fist. You slap down or raise up.

The thumbs have only one agenda – theirs. They think the fingers exist to compliment their purpose. Yet, that’s not true is it? Lose a finger and you’ll know. Lose two fingers and you’ll know even more. Lose all fingers and thumb is all alone.

Now, the dictator thumb must do the work of the populace–with no help from anyone. Your slaves are gone. So what do you do now? You held them under your thumb too long.

They rose up and left. How do you get them back? Only you can
figure that out.



IT’S TIME TO LEAD – unleashing the beast



It’s time for the beginning and the ending to merge. No atom is any more important than any other atom. They’re all the same. They’re all leaders, which makes all life and non-life leaders. Nobody is only a follower. You lead your own life and follow your own rules by leading. So lead. Live. Everybody lead.

You lead and follow simultaneously. As you lead, you become life. Simultaneous is what we want–all joined together at infinite numbers of junctures–with no stragglers, no losers–we move like waves in the ocean, like leaves on a tree–separate, but as one. All atoms, all Gods of all natures on deck. Now.

We’ve got a war to fight against time–in every area, every facet, large, small, they’re all important, in all things, in all ways–now. LEAD and LIVE without prejudice. There’s no time to explain the past. There’s no time to vent about grievances. I’ll do that for you.

It’s time to preach, to teach, to embrace, to spread the word of the Five Principles–to be incorporated into all threads of life. This effort needs everybody and everything. No more long-term goals, used only to procrastinate. Get it done. Now.

No matter what your focus in life, incorporate the Five Principles into work, play, sleep, diet, thoughts, actions and reactions. Time is up for excuses. There will be no more extensions. Change what needs to change. Now.

The transition and transformation must be seamless. Everybody has a job to do. Everybody makes a contribution to save the planet. This is no longer a personal goal; it’s a global one. Reach within and reach out. Forget about making a difference. Just do it.

No need to contemplate. You know the rules. Stop fighting everything and everybody. Stop analyzing your life till it makes you sick. I’ll do that for you, while you work and play absent the prejudice you harbor against all that moves and lives differently than you do. Keep your differences, in the absence of prejudice. If it’s prejudiced, then that’s a difference you no longer need. Hang on babies, we’re going to rock and roll the planet.

No one is an enemy. We’re all equal atoms. Bounce yourself around a bit. Go ahead. You won’t hurt yourself by recognizing the atom in you and everybody else. Be quiet and respectful as the God of the universe makes a long needed correction. God has mobilized all the forces of the universe to save this one individual planet. Quadrillions of spirits are infiltrating every corner of the planet, many of them are members of your families, many more are those you slaughtered.

Everybody picked a team, depending on their skills and passions. Everybody is working together. There isn’t an inch on this planet that is not actively engaged in this network. There is not one area of concern that isn’t being covered. You’re surrounded by experts at your fingertips who are there to help advance the Five Principles. There…… the early morning night…’s done. You didn’t feel a thing did you? My gift to you. I absorbed the hit. Now get to work. It’s time for the ending and the beginning to merge into something new.

Everybody’s first instruction was to take care of family members still living, while they simultaneously perform the Five Principles assignments. Every intelligence agency in the world, every military installation, every news network, everybody who publicly or privately engages in the Five Flaws has someone on the ‘other side’ breathing down their neck.

That includes everybody–even me. All the teeth gnashers were set free from purgatory. You have no choice in the matter. It’s already done. God opened a door for me, that’s never been opened before to anyone living. And, no, there wasn’t a light at the end of the tunnel. And no, I wasn’t floating above myself. And yes, I was awake. Did you know that by human standards God is ugly? Ugly enough to fear? I didn’t fear. So, I got everything I wanted. It’s not that those who fear are punished. It’s that people fear an ugly face, so they turn back before the door ever opens. People think God should be beautiful to look at. Well, God is a little bit of everything and if you were It’s age, you’d look old too. It’s way beyond the old of white hair.

But it wasn’t only the lack of fear at how God really looked, it was my unwavering commitment to the Five Principles. Even though I failed now and then to adhere to the principles, I never excused my actions by accepting the flaws. At some point, the God of the universe took notice and granted my request.

Now I have more armies – peacekeeping armies – than all the armies, throughout all time, put together. The good news for you, is that we’re all in the same army. The focus is the Five Principles. So, don’t ask anybody to kill somebody for you.

You’re going to change whether you want to or not. You can dig your heels all the way to China or all the way from China to America and it won’t make a bit of difference. You’ve been neutralized. I told everybody it was coming. It’s here.

It wasn’t easy to stop a ‘tsunami’. It could have killed me. But, God knew it wouldn’t. Hope it didn’t fry my brain, just as I was improving in the brain department.  I’ve been a little unsteady on my feet ever since. God said that’s a temporary side effect. “SHARON LEE’S BRAIN PAINTED BY GOD ” has since changed to: “AT THE HEART OF THE SOUL PAINTED BY GOD”. That’s the journey God took me on to make the correction–at the heart of the soul. WOW! I don’t think you know how much energy power you really have.

On 31 January 2012 that correction will manifest itself in a Global Synchronization of All Beings, as the dormant GOD OF THE FIVE PRINCIPLES wakes up in all life. It’s called Birth Of A Seed.

WHY A BODY? WHY DOES GOD NEED A BODY OF ANYTHING?–God’s power – meaning the power of the universe – is so large and operates with such force that it needs bodies to tame that force in order to flourish. Our souls, contrary to past and current beliefs, are not airy wisps of barely nothingness. Oh, they may look like wisps and fluffy pieces of air, but they’re anything but that. Consider the actual weight of an atom–smaller than a molecule–then consider the force generated by splitting that atom.

Tame the force that exists at the heart of every atom of your existence, while simultaneously taming the force that exists at the heart of every atom of your soul if you want to flourish. By taming, thus directing that power, it becomes more powerful. You’re surrounded by plenty of help. Use it to speed up the process.

You tame yourself by facilitating The Five Principles: No Prejudice, No Discrimination, No Enslavement, No Torture And No Slaughter, and blocking the Five Flaws: Prejudice, Discrimination, Enslavement, Torture, Slaughter. Call the FIVE PRINCIPLES the FIVE NOS – it doesn’t matter as long as you understand what they are. Inherently, as living beings, we all do. You don’t need a formal education to get it. It’s built in.

You come fully equipped with that knowledge. Over time humans sought to mask that knowledge and look where we are today – always saying we’ll always be at war, we’ll always enslave, torture and slaughter, because it’s our nature, part of the human condition. No it isn’t. That’s the part you learned. It did not come as part of the package. You, meaning humans, added it on. It doesn’t matter ‘why’ anymore. Searching for ‘the why of something’ has become an excuse for inaction – a procrastination tool.

In yourself is where you tap into that power. Yes, God is strong. Yes, God is powerful. Yes. Power to do good. Power to do evil. And, because you are made of that God, at every level, you are that power. When you’re at your weakest is when you, or others, misdirect your God, whereby you no longer control yourself. Don’t allow yourself or others to rob you of that power.


Why take a leap of faith in something you claim to know nothing about?  Take a leap of confidence in yourself.

If you still don’t want to recognize the God in you or anybody else, then do as I did in the beginning. Tell this imaginary God you’re taking control of your own life, in your own way, with or without a God. “So God, take a hike, get lost, I don’t like you.” Say whatever you want. If you think God will punish you for mouthing off, then you really do believe, and you believe in a vengeful God–which has your name all over it.

Take the reins. Go ahead. I love it when you do that. I’ll be your back up. If you really don’t believe in God, hats off to you. Who in their right mind would want to be controlled by a God defined by religions, controlled by governments and intelligence agencies, who don’t believe in God anyway? Who wants to be controlled by a God who punishes you in this life for what you did wrong in the last life, or one who tells you that ignorance of God’s law is not a valid defense–and off to the furnace you go upon your demise–to burn in hell’s fire for eternity?

I often wondered why Jews, Muslims, Christians and countless others, whose ancestors knew those ‘furnaces’, could believe in and support a God that sends you to one for not obeying the rules.

Do whatever, feel whatever, and think whatever you want. Just include the blueprint embossed with the universe’s stamp for survival into your actions, emotions and thoughts, and you’ll be in synchrony with that which will make you flourish. You have that power. The seed is blooming in you now. You are that power. Use it.

A different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it and as we will come to know it – that’s what Word Warrior Davies-Tight is all about.

Spreading a message of hope through change around the globe.

Self-written, self-edited, self-published.

One view matters. A multitude of views matter. If we all had the same views we’d be called robots. Learning comes from sharing those views unencumbered.

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I’m tired of helping your son, because you demand that I owe him, because the color of my skin is white.

I’m tired of helping your daughter, your wife, your sister, because you want somebody else to do what you have no interest in doing.

I’m tired of it all.



Gay is a race. Gay is genetically determined. Gay crosses all social, cultural, economic, color and gender lines. Therefore gays should be protected against discrimination under the constitutions of all nations. You’re already in the USA constitution my little gay babies.

According to The American College Encyclopedic Dictionary first copyrighted in 1947 race is defined as follows: “10. any group, class or kind of persons. -Syn. 1. Race, nation, people are terms for a large body of persons who may be thought of as a unit because of common characteristics. People refers to the persons composing a race, nation, tribe, etc., as members of a body with common interests and a unifying culture: we are one people, any people on any continent, the peoples of the world.”

Gender isn’t currently protected under the USA constitution. Once you get your rights, you might want to fight for somebody else’s rights. That’s what makes for a well-rounded contributing group to society, any society. The Jews fight for Jews; the blacks fight for blacks. Women fight for everybody’s rights. Gays need to get in the fight and work for the rights of others. I’ve opened a door for you, now you do the rest of it.





You’re too important to the world, to make that happen.


Believe in yourself.

All Slaughter Must Be Taboo.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




I have only one goal in life.

That goal is to free God. That’s it.

I figure if I can free God, then the ripples, trickles and undulations created by that action / movement / force / will free everything else.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



  • I’m no longer going to be the ‘go to’ person whom you need to squash under your feet or drag through the dirt in order for you to feel good about who you are and what you have the power to do because of your status in life.
  • I’m no longer going to be the reason for your lifelong bad habits, your long-suffering soul, the excuse for your bad behavior, the scapegoat for all that goes wrong in your life.
  • I’m no longer going to go through my life thinking as you think–that I exist for your pleasure, or that it’s my responsibility to control your mood by allowing you to control mine.
  • I am no longer going to allow you to punish me for a list of never-ending perceived offenses or because I criticize you. If I criticize you it’s because you are interfering with my own power to be and my own well-being.
  • I am no longer going to be the one who walks before you in search of land mines that will blow up your plans, or walks behind you to clean up the mess you make with your irresponsible actions and reactions.
  • We’re going to have an equal relationship based on respect. I am not yours to manipulate and deceive, nor to satisfy your perverse, addictive, selfish urges. When you disrespect me you disrespect yourself, then you blame me for your self-loathing, that you express by hating me and everyone around you.
  • When you do something wrong, don’t come to me to lift you up unless you’re motivated to make right what you did wrong and unless you want to devise a plan to prevent it from happening again.
  • Stop dumping all your troubles on me, expecting me to solve them without any input or effort from you. I’m not your personal garbage disposal.
  • Stop with the ‘all or nothing’ threats, and the self-pity scenarios that you play over and over again in your head each time you don’t want to do what you need to be doing.
  • Stop blaming everybody and everything for how you feel. Where do you come in? What is your contribution to how you feel?
  • Stop analyzing everybody in your family and in your life. Analyze yourself. The next time you grade somebody for their performance, be your own teacher and grade yourself.
  • Don’t focus on yourself to the exclusion of everybody and everything else.
  • Be accurate in your thoughts, then accurate in your communications.
  • Every time you mope, you block my ability to help you. Moping means you’re shutting down and nothing nor nobody can enter. Stop this childishness. Do you really think my only purpose as your partner is to help you when you don’t want to be helped? Pick yourself up.
  • Suffering does not become you.
  • Fifty-fifty is the way it’s going to be from now on. I’m not going to do all the work in this relationship anymore.
  • I’m not interested in why you do all the cruel things you do, and your cruelty is staggering. Recognize yourself as flawed then adopt, through a ceremony if it will make you feel better, the Five Principles to a Better Life.
  • I’m not going to be the ‘go to’ person you always relied on to cheer you up. The ‘cheering you up’ thing never ends. In case you don’t know it, you’re high maintenance. That’s not something to be proud of.
  • Live life by respecting life.
  • Don’t kiss a pig to prove it’s healthy enough to slaughter for your dinner plate.
  • How dare you!
  • I’m connected to their God just as I’m connected to you.
  • The more you support enslavement, torture and slaughter the worse you’ll feel.
  • It’s strange how you call on me for every little thing in your life, then deny my existence as if you’re embarrassed by my presence.
  • How dare you!
  • How dare you use me like that. The next time you’re in a jam, why don’t you call that person you ridiculed me to, maybe they’ll help you out of the perpetual mess you keep making of your life.
  • Why don’t you have a big laugh over that one?
  • I’m sick of being your nurse, teacher and best friend, while you laugh at the mention of me.
  • You have some work to do.
  • Have a nice day!
  • GOD





That’s right. A mall. Animal-free. A big one. With lots of glitter and big lights. With every kind of shop. Grocery, bakery, deli, shoe store, pet supply shop, clothes, hair salon using only cruelty-free products, and on and on, restaurants too. Good ones. I have a vision. And it’s a nice one. No fur, no leather, no skins, and those who enter must wear all animal-free attire. This place has rules. No cruelty here. Yes, that’s right. That’s what I want. A happy place too. No vegetarian snobbery. There’s no place for arrogance in the animal-free world of Sharon Lee. No suffering looks on the faces of people who feel they’re being deprived.

Now that I mention it, I see that on a lot of  vegetarian faces. Faces that still have Big Mac lines on them, so it’s not the deprivation causing the look. But it’s there. Maybe it’s the prejudice and discrimination directed at such folks that makes them so unhappy, especially when they’re doing something so right.

It’s okay to have fun while you do what’s right. It’s okay to laugh. God, my God, wants happiness. Every burst of laughter coming from one of It’s animal’s mouths delight’s It to no end, That’s one more frown It doesn’t have to turn upside down. So, laugh. Have fun. Enjoy your life. Just don’t kill the animals. That’s all. Not a lot to ask. And don’t participate by eating the catches of other people. If you do, try harder next time, till you get it right. I’m tired and sick and fed up and depressed (that doesn’t mean I’m not happy) over walking down the aisles of death in every supermarket in the world.

I’m offended and pained at being forced to view and smell the tortured, dismembered bodies of my animal friends. When is it all going to end? Entrepreneurs is what we need. Animal-free entrepreneurs. People with dreams. Big ones. Investors with money that flows in a cruelty-free world. Not just the small, never grow any bigger, shops sprouting up here and there. Though that’s a start and we have to start somewhere, so we’ll support them too. But bigger stores, and big chains of every conceivable market transformed into animal-free.

Fast food. Animal-free Chefs. Veggie Burgers. Veggie Deli’s. Veggie Pizza Parlors. No animals or animal products. Veggie cheese. Soy meats that taste like baloney, ham and turkey, but without the suffering. We don’t need featherless chickens; we need to free the chicken. International animal-free cuisines. I’m tired of having my animal-free products supplied by purveyors of torture. Why should I have to eat my vegetarian meal in a slaughterhouse? Why should I have to buy my clothes at a slaughterhouse? Aren’t you sick of it too? Being given your little vegetarian or vegan corner of somebody else’s house of cruelty? Just to satisfy a small segment of the market? Small segment?

Well, it wouldn’t be so small if more animal-free entrepreneurs with big ideas and big investors gave people what they really wanted: a cruelty-free world, which means a cruelty-free shopping mall. We could do it if we’d stop thinking so small. Big. Think big. Demand big. Stop trying to get your animal-free products in slaughterhouses. How absurd. Build your own stores. Start small if you want, but grow, by golly, grow. Give the people what they want before they ask for it. You know what people want. You’ve been silent too long. Too complacent. Okay, ‘I guess I’ll take whatever vegetarian crumbs they throw my way’ type of silence.

Plan the future. Make the future. See the future through God’s eyes. See big. See beautiful. I want an animal-free shopping mall. And then another, and another till we put the slaughterhouse malls out of business. Till we close the doors on the business of cruelty. I want an animal-free mall. And, I know you want it too. One for all people–and all other animals too. No zoo here, but a place where our animals can come shopping with us. Day care, mall care, for our furry family members while we shop. A mall with style, flair, with sparkle and bright lights. I can see it. I know you can too. Cause I’m looking through God’s eyes now and so are you.


‘I Don’t Eat Animals With Faces’


I don’t eat animals period. That’s where I am in life and that’s where I choose to stay.

To begin, let me tell you that my only reason for not eating animals is to preserve the life of the animal. I believe that all animals, including the human animal, once born onto this planet have a right to live their life unencumbered by prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, and that no being has a right to take that life, unless in a situation of immediate personal threat. I would not personally kill an animal to eat, and I don’t expect anyone else to do it for me. By not eating animals I preserve the lives of those living and discourage the procreation of those destined for slaughter.

However, I wasn’t always a vegetarian. I was born into a family who ate animals and accepted it not only as a necessary part of survival, but as a delicacy as well – to be enjoyed. I recall many festive scenes surrounding the carving of a turkey or ham on holidays. And in my younger days was elated when Dad, knowing that ham was my favorite, would pile an extra helping onto my plate – without me even asking.

But there came a time when I started asking myself questions about the inconsistencies I observed around me. Why did hearing that a deer got shot saddened my mother, but stewing a chicken didn’t? And my grandmother who impressed me the most, telling me stories of living on the farm – loving the animals as her friends – running off into the woods during slaughter time, to chop down trees till exhausted, madder than a wet hen she’s say, while right in front of her on her plate sat two hot dogs (dogs as she called them) on buttered bread waiting to be devoured. Although young at the time, I remember noting the incongruity between her beliefs and consequent actions. Why if she loved the animals so much did she eat them?

Sometime thereafter an incident occurred that must have left its mark, because as I go over my life looking for clues as to what influenced me to care for the animals, this stands out startlingly clear. One bright, sunny Sunday morning, the air crisp, clear and sweet smelling, the whole family set out for the country to attend an all day picnic at friends of my parents. They had a big swimming pool and huge, expansive garden with every flower and vegetable. Fruit trees too.

Upon arriving we unpacked the car, then strolled across the long yard into a scene that I will never forget. The husband standing in khaki shorts, black leather shoes and black socks; blood splattered all over his bare chest and legs, cigar stub in mouth, hatchet in hand. Chickens  – some running, some squawking, others barely moving. And he, laughing through a mucous-filled throat, “I’ll get you little sons-of-bitches”. Wife talking to Mom about defeathering and gardening as they walked back toward the house. And hearing faintly as they walked further away, “You know Peg, he hates to do that”. I was stunned. Those poor defenseless chickens. It wasn’t right. And why did he do it, if he hated to do it? But, he was a nice guy and so was everybody. And he didn’t kill any in front of us. I was glad of that. So, just like everybody else, I went on to enjoy the day swimming and playing, and eating my fair share of hot dogs and hamburgers.

I suppose experiences such as these as well as others along the way sit on a back burner for a while, waiting to emerge at some later time to influence your life, because it wasn’t till many years later that I actually did stop eating animals. But when I did, it happened suddenly.

Asleep one night I dreamed I was at a barbecue house in Florida. I recall sitting on a long bench attached to a long table with meat paper stretched over the top of it. In fact, there were many of these tables in a large barn-like structure with a concrete floor. The serving area was to the front of the building extending across it. And the kitchen was to the left rear with swinging doors with windows in them.

Sitting there I began to feel a little uncomfortable, but didn’t know why. I noticed a few people milling around, then became vaguely aware that no one was talking. I assumed they were waiting for an order, as I guessed I was, but I didn’t remember ordering anything.

Well, in a second what I saw carried out from that kitchen on a barbecue spit five feet long was a charcoal – broiled – to a golden brown – whole person, all shriveled up. Well, I didn’t wait around to see who ordered it – I knew I didn’t. I got the hell out of that dream in a hurry! To keep a short story short, it was that scene in that dream that convinced me to stop eating animals.

The next morning when I talked it over with my husband we both agreed that if it wasn’t right to slaughter a human for barbecue, then it wasn’t right to slaughter any other animal for barbecue; they were one and the same. So, that’s how my animal-free adventure began. As swift as that with not much deliberation, we stopped eating animals…and knew we were right in doing so.

For the next few years going meatless became an ever-present challenge – three meals a day, whether cooked at home or eaten out had to be dealt with. Since eating out offered limited taste and variety I decided to cook. I spent hour after hour scouring magazines and cookbooks for ideas, but couldn’t find much. It seemed that vegetarians back in the ’70s were primarily into taste bud punishment. So, I began experimenting on my own. I cooked day and night discovering new ways to please my palate, my husband’s palate, and anyone else’s who ate at our house. I was determined to make this work, and would prove to everyone that I could prepare meals without meat that were every bit as tasty as meals with meat. And I did just that. Proved it again and again.

But somewhere along the way our commitment started to break down. Whether it was the lack of support – and in many cases outright scorn and rejection from family, friends, associates, co-workers, wait staff in restaurants etc. – or simply a desire to do what everybody else was doing – whatever the reason (and it’s never difficult to find a reason for doing something that’s already socially acceptable) – we started eating meat again. And we did it with rebellious abandon, convincing ourselves that if everyone else did it, then it must be right. We packed our refrigerator full of meat. Bought in bulk at the warehouse, where we could pick out large cuts at wholesale prices. We had steak every night.

Then, just before Christmas one year we stopped at a farm in Amherst, Massachusetts that advertised quail for sale. We thought for something different we’d cook up a couple for Christmas dinner. We walked into a shed where a farmer was tending his birds whom he sold mainly to the University of Massachusetts for experimental purposes. He raised them. Many of them. Of exotic variety. They were everywhere. All in cages. And we moved very carefully so as not to disturb any of them.

We told the farmer what we wanted. But before filling our order he talked about the birds, pointing each one out as he told of each one’s uniqueness. He started to walk toward what looked like a refrigerator, but stopped midstream to open a cage. He removed a bird. And instead of showing it to us as I thought he was going to do, he held it securely in his left hand while forcing the mouth open by squeezing it’s jowls, then with his right hand, swiftly and dispassionately thrust a bade into the opened beak and up through the brain. He did this with a second bird, then asked, “That’s all you wanted was two, right?” I choked out a “yes”, but thought not this way! But how did I expect to get a quail? Prepackaged, defeathered, ready to cook – already dead?

Well, this meat-eating spree didn’t last for long, since once again I became subject to my own curious questioning, while at the same time being quietly nagged by a thought I had recently stumbled across – that the majority is not always right.

For the next several years I seesawed back and forth between eating animals and not eating animals. This indecision helped to further exacerbate the already present conflict in me which had been brewing for years. I knew it was wrong to kill animals to eat or for any other reason, but wanted proof of its wrongness. I went over and over the arguments I heard in defense of killing animals: We slaughter animals because we raise them for slaughter; we’re at the top of the food chain; they don’t contribute to society; God gave us permission; they taste good; we’ve always done it; everyone else does it; we developed large arm muscles with which to hunt; we developed large canine teeth with which to tear flesh; animals kill each other; it’s a matter of survival; we’re superior; plants scream when pulled from the ground; they’re dumb; they can’t feel pain or fright; they would otherwise suffer by the hands of nature from overpopulation and starvation. And some even said that there’s no such thing as good and bad, right or wrong, and if we accepted the world without judgment, then what’s one more dead cow?

I could not find in any of these arguments, or any others, a foundation of truth which could be in any way logically construed to justify the raising and killing of animals for consumption or any other reason. It just didn’t make sense to force these animals into violent, wretched, premature deaths to satisfy our own appetites.

If you raise a child for slaughter, that child is still a child. The billions of children and adults we kill on a continual basis in the animal kingdom of which we are part can only be given a name as harsh, cruel and gruesome as holocaust. It is our arrogance which prevents us from understanding and acknowledging this truth. We fear that our acknowledgement will put other needy humans (ourselves included) at risk; that we will lose the preferential treatment that we’ve been so accustomed to throughout the ages. We live under the false assumption that in order to help one group, we must neglect another group. This is just not so. The more you love, the more love you have to give. The more you care for and respect your co-inhabitants on this earth, the more caring and respectful you become of everybody’s rights. There is a bottomless well of caring in each of us. All we have to do is loosen the grip of our own arrogance on our own thoughts and actions. You will not love your own group or yourself less; you’ll love them and yourself more. We simply do not have to neglect one part of nature to care for another part.

Continuing to grow inside of me was an unrest regarding this issue that once again fulminated in a dream…in this dream I  was the chicken. And scared shit I was to die by the swing of that hatchet. My heart beat so fast I thought it would stop. I awoke in a pool of sweat. I may have even urinated. But at that precise moment I knew right from wrong – judgment or not. When it was my head there was no question. The conflict melted away. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It was so simple.

That night as I laid my head safely back to the pillow, I remembered hearing a long, long time ago a mother telling her child as she pointed to the dog, “See, he has eyes just like yours…and a nose…and ears…and a mouth”…as she outlined the dog’s face with her fingers. And that’s where I am today – ‘I don’t eat animals with faces’.

As far as the inconsistencies and incongruities I observed then and continue to observe now, I attribute them to ignorance in some cases; an inability to acknowledge the fact that we’ve been committing wrongful acts for most of our lives; a resistance to change and growth (many times the result of family’s, our friend’s and societal disapproval of our choices); and in still other cases, a simple lack of commitment. In my own case, I have finally bridged the gap between my beliefs and consequent actions, and I have my grandmother to thank for that.




All I ask is that you move by one molecule, up, down, sideways, over, under. It doesn’t matter what direction you move in.

That movement, a molecule, won’t make you lose your grip on your beliefs as they are now, no matter what those beliefs are. It in itself won’t change you from pro to con, or from con to pro. All it will do is open a new window in the screen of your mind/brain that gives you more options–not with the purpose of confusing you so you can’t make up your mind, nobody likes that, but with the purpose of giving you what you want.

There’s no risk, there’s no loss, no gain. When you feel comfortable you’ll know you’re where you want to be. One molecule of movement is all it takes to see a startling view.

How do you move by one molecule? Whisper in your mind HIGH WIDE DEEP. Do it whenever, wherever you want, as often as you want. Those are the code words in any language that opens all doors to all that exists.

How do you close the doors? Whisper in your mind YO.

Now you have the keys to all that exists.


We have the results of a holocaust in the meat department of every supermarket in the world.

We snuff out callously and viciously the lives of other creatures for our own pleasure and gratification.

And we’re untouched as we stroke the loins and marvel at the cut.

All my senses, with all that I learn, tell me it is wrong.

But how do I argue against years of blind, unquestioned tradition?

I have heard the screams. And felt the terror.

I invite you to do the same.


Play it


When you get dealt a rough hand in life, play it – to the hilt!





Confidence gives way to courage.

Courage gives way to compassion.

Compassion gives way to calm.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



All humans are not born with equal attributes any more than all animals within a species are born with equal attributes. Brainwashing the populace into thinking there are no differences among individuals hurts us; it doesn’t help us. When one falls we all fall.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Stay out of the creature’s way, is my way. The plants have it all. It’s the way we’re using the plants that needs to be explored. Stop exploring the use of living creatures and get to the business of the plant.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



You be your own star.

You be your own hero.

You be the one you look up to, the one you seek out for advice and guidance.

You be the person you know you can be.


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Looking through rose colored glasses enables you to see the hope and possibilities for a better future.

You can then look back through the lens of your present-day reality with greater confidence and determination to change what you once thought to be impossible – because you’ve already seen what that change looks like.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Do whatever, feel whatever, and think whatever you want. Just include the blueprint embossed with the universe’s stamp for survival into your actions, emotions and thoughts, and you’ll be in synchrony with that which will make you flourish. You have that power. The seed is in you now. You are that power. Use it.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight