‘He’s Irish’

Ever notice how ‘Irish’ is an excuse for just about everything? For Irish boys and men, though. Not for Irish girls and women. And it’s the women who usually give the excuse for the men, rather than have to explain. When this happens, everyone nods and murmurs in agreement.


That’s My New Year Gift to all earth inhabitants and Beyond Earth. Twenty-Twenty – Perfect Vision. What’s far will come close – for perfect clarity and understanding. Take it or leave it. Most won’t take it. HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway from Word Warrior Davies-Tight and the staff at HELLO IT’S ME!! Just kidding! The “STAFF”…… Continue reading PERFECT VISION IN 2020

Criticism Is A Hate Crime Says The USA Congress

They call criticism HATE. That’s what our democracy has become. Our government tells the populace what, who and how they are allowed to criticize. Basically it boils down to none at all, because you can’t mention the name of the individual or group you are criticizing. But the people who pushed this resolution against hate…… Continue reading Criticism Is A Hate Crime Says The USA Congress

Late for work?

Looks like we’re going to be a little late for work today. That’s okay. We’ll just push the time back a bit, so we’re not late.  

Stop Pretending

You have a God. You know you do. That God is you. I know you know it. So stop pretending that your God doesn’t exist. If you exist, so does your God.  

You're holding on too tight to something that no longer works.  

We're going to get through this.  

There's a reason why sports teams go to Las Vegas after a big game. The sexual exploitation of women is legal.  

Small change makes the greatest difference in the execution of all that follows it.  

your life changing before you?  

After today your life will never be the same.  

How do misfits get rich? They don't fit in. They don't follow the crowd. They follow that which will make them rich.  

We're up and ready to roar. Let us do it then. Aren't you going to tell us how loud we can roar? No. Shake, rattle and roll it. There is no wrap here.    

He: If she's Irish she'll do it. Me: If I'm Irish I won't, just because you said it. IRISH REPUBLICAN AFTERGLOW  

I closed a window and a door tonight.  

I'm going to tell the truth about you, if you keep telling lies about me.

STORMS COMING IN with a vengeance FROM THE WEST. Looks like another hole in heaven! Lake Erie looking eerie!

Britain | England | United Kingdom – that may not stay united – unless each land is independent but inclusive in what’s beneficial to all | the land across the pond, Steve also reminds me | just thumbed its nose at the world. Thank you for caring more about freedom than profits. The profits will… Continue reading BREXIT | WALL STREET

As you hate yourself I'm loving you - not for what you did but for what you can do now, having recognized the flaw in humankind. God bless you.  

11:15 AM Memorial Day 2016 Thank you Ash Carter, Defense Secretary USA the first official (or news person) I ever heard on television use/say the word humankind instead of mankind.  

Israel is getting ready to make a monumental move. Remember this: There is not one Israeli who would lay down his/her life for anything American.

Re: Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali You know this world is screwed up when a person who beats people up for a living, and challenges others to beat him up for a living is raised up by that world as an advocate for peace, a hero, someone to admire and emulate. I’m on the other… Continue reading Re: Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali

The cradle of the universe is in the palm of your soul  

Medical Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are written by lawyers, which means you just never know if a product is safe or not.  

new year resolute five words simultaneously catch up and advance  

People the world over pray to me to help them, but none of them do what I say. Stop coming to me directly if you're going to ignore my reply and run to your holy books for the answer.  

When mothers act weaker than their twelve year old sons - worldwide - what does that tell you about the oppression of women - worldwide?  

Benjamin Netanyahu holds a political gun to the head of every current and aspiring politician in the USA. End it.  

I don't want to be a sympathetic figure in other people's lives. I want to be a powerful presence in my own life.  

The hijab is a symbol of enslavement, that Muslim women proudly wear.