Palestinian-Eating Virus

Some things can make you feel good, but not make you feel good about yourself.

The British like to poke people. Keep your fingers and metaphors to yourself.

They poke you to get your attention.

Jews lock the gates and aerial bomb those locked in to force compliance to invasion and takeover.

Jews claim they’re not African, but they act African. Africans lock people in barns and set the barns on fire to terrorize the remaining villagers into submission to their commands.

How are Jews in Palestine any different than Africans?

Is Palestine in continental Africa? Why is the world so reticent in declaring where Palestine is located? On what continent is Palestine?

Oh, the Jews say Palestine no longer exists?

Okay, if Palestine no longer exists, neither does Israel, since the Jews have occupied Palestine for decades, claiming to live in Israel as occupiers of Palestine.

So the Jews want to pretend that Palestine never existed, thus the Palestinians never existed, thus the Jews make up a new name for an old land and call it Israel and spread it like a contagion all over Palestine until Palestine no longer exists?

But what do the Jews call the used-to-be Palestinian people on the used-to-be Palestinian land?

All of Palestine is now called Israel so all those Palestinian people will now be Israelis.

Is this what the new mutated virus looks like?

Palestinians are now Jews?

Eradicate this chaotic Palestinian-eating virus before it spreads to the rest of the worlds.


Speaking-Off-The-Cuff And Brainstorming

Most people want a president who speaks off-the-cuff, a brainstorming president, a person who says what’s on their mind, a president who doesn’t hide their personal thoughts by speaking from a script prepared by agents of the government, as did previous presidents in modern history. After all, the ones left in place when the politicians lose or win their seats, are the long-term agencies concerned about how the country runs and how it’s viewed, in relation to other countries around the world.

They do that, in part, by controlling what the masses everywhere and the leaders of other countries hear coming from the mouths of high level politicians and appointees, who to a significant degree determine how those countries will feel about the state of their own state and the state of its future, on any given day in any area of concern.

Well, speaking-off-the-cuff and brainstorming is what We The Citizens Of The World got in President Donald J. Trump. Be careful what you wish for many often say, because at least in this case, the world got what they wanted.

Now the world wants the USA to go back to the day when the CIA wrote the scripts or some other agency within the government that sanitizes and otherwise minimizes the impact of the message being told and disseminated in real time around the globe.

Now We The Citizens Of The World want the puppet back in the White House. Puppets give people peace of mind. At least we know it’s only a show and we can muse about what this meant and that meant – rightly or wrongly. But there’s no hysteria.

Transparency is messy. It’s chaotic. The world is chaotic. Every process is chaotic. Putting one’s best foot forward does not include transparency.

From watching what off-the-cuff and brainstorming looks like up close in the highest governing position in the USA, people everywhere can now accurately assume that their own governments are probably as chaotic as the USA government.

They just don’t present themselves that way. They’re starting to however.

Essentially Hollywood CIA was writing the scripts that controlled the response of the masses. A script is an act – like in a play. They’re in every government of every country under different titles and different rules.

So pick what you want, but then find a way to understand it and live with it when you get it.



Many of those who demand compassion from others have no compassion toward anyone except their own group or demographic.

Selective compassion creates chaos and mistrust.

Spread your kindness to all creatures large and small and see the world change for the better.


Mutually Beneficial?

If we don’t respect and maintain borders, then how do we apply for and disperse social benefits? The world needs to be geographically divided in order to execute/conduct the business of the people.

Take the numbers off the buildings and the street signs down – those are borders too, when you think about it.

In order to organize the facilitation of anything we need to categorize – that’s a border too.

Putting things in boxes creates borders between what’s in the boxes.

Separation of powers – those are borders.

The concept of borderline intrigues the psyche because of the innate constraints it creates – a line in the sand, the red line, take one more step. Remove the borders and freedom ensues. Or so we think, until we cross that line or take that step only to find chaos where we sought tranquility.

It is our nature to count, divide, multiply, subtract, add everything that can be counted. It’s utilitarian by design. It’s efficient. It’s productive. It eases the burdens of cumbersome activities that borders naturally streamline. Counting creates borders.

People should be able to travel where they want, live wherever they choose, and work where there is work available and they meet the qualifications.

But living in a country where you don’t speak the language, thus can’t get a job, thus can’t support your family is reckless and endangers the security of everybody else in that country.

Depending solely on a support network of similarly situated individuals, relying on jobs where bosses who speak the same language assign jobs makes one indebted to those who pull the strings to keep these persons employed. This condition of total dependency created by one’s inability to speak the common language of the country turns the hiring of these persons into a slave-master system of employment.

That the master shares the same ethnicity doesn’t negate the slave-master relationship.

Slave-master employment relationships are designated by borders too. In the beginning, what appears mutually beneficial, becomes grossly disparate as time goes on. Benefits to one compared to benefits to the other produce a condition where the master thrives while the slave merely survives.

Short term this condition may be seen as a necessary or tolerable step toward eventually gaining greater control and freedom. Too often though people get stuck where they’re dropped, having neither the time nor the will to do what it takes to separate and rise from the group. These people end up being enslaved forever. Who can learn a language and become educated when they’re working twelve hours a day in a foreign country picking fruit, then sending most of their money back to their country of origin?

This slave-master employment system isn’t created by the USA government; it’s created for and by their own people for the purpose of settling in a foreign land.

Eventually it takes a social movement to set them free, but even then unless extraordinary measures, that no one can afford, are taken to assimilate them, then the same system of master-slave starts all over again, this time above ground rather than underground.




It’s time to redefine Calm for those who accepted a definition they didn’t understand.

Chaos – Calm – Calm – Chaos.

The edge of calm. Which edge?

This side? Or the other side? The line is thin.

Which way do I cross to be on the right side?

Without a compass? How will I know?

That which repels or compels me to cross?

It isn’t north, west, south nor east. Neither sun nor moon nor light nor dark can direct me.

This side of calm is where you want to be, where you need to be. The side closest to you. That way you won’t commit atrocities in the name of somebody else’s cause or thirst for blood justice through blood vengeance.

This side of calm blocks you from acting or reacting even in your own name, or your own thirst for blood of any type.

That’s the zone you need to keep yourself in to keep you from harming others.

That’s your compass. Your compass is you.

One step over the line and you’re into chaos. A chaos you created by not staying on your side of calm.

Being on the edge of calm keeps you sufficiently alert to your surroundings, whereby you can react to any situation with measured calm instead of exaggerated chaos.

Measured calm doesn’t mean your finger’s on the trigger, or you’re just waiting for someone to slip up so you can feel justified in popping them, or making demands you know they can’t possibly meet to use as justification for lowering the boom.

Measured calm is a place where you reside in your mind/psyche that allows you to think freely of options. Peaceful options, productive options, smart options, alternative solutions that you can employ to stop chaos from happening before it does. Everybody knows what those are. You don’t need words to explain them; they’re written into everybody’s instinct DNA.

Use them now.


SOCIALISM vs FASCISM what it means here

Socialism and fascism are to me essentially taking the power of the individual – relinquishing one’s control over one’s own destiny – and handing it over to an oppressive ideology via the state and/or designated groups operating as co-ops to use or neglect as they see fit for the state and/or group.

Everyone looks the same, acts the same, talks the same, hides the same, BUT is equally worthy, equally compensated, equally educated, and pretty much told what to do and how to live being a second class citizen in a second class citizen world ruled by states and/or groups.

Ownership is a relative concept, except when administering to the second class citizenry their rental privileges.

Freedom to express one’s talents and gifts outside the realm of the ruling ideology is forbidden unless dictated otherwise.

We the second class citizens of the world would share the same status as the other worker bees and worker ants, aka citizenry, of third world nations, sitting always at the feet of our ruling appointees, never at the table. I mean, come on, how big a table would you need for each person under a socialist regime, claiming equal power to share their ideas for supplying the world with all that the citizenry needs?

You want the world to be like you, right? If you’re socialist, you want everybody to be socialist? What if they’re not, who do you do business with? You need money to survive. How can you compete globally? If the government is responsible for business, except for the Mom and Pops, you’re going to be all working on plantations just to feed yourselves. What will happen to the ethnic owned businesses? You won’t be getting tax write-offs for rotten produce; you’ll be selling it rotten – it has already begun in the USA.

Who would be in charge of making sure every voice was heard? It’s too cumbersome; it would take years for each person to speak one sentence where all the others hear it. Decades maybe.

So, already a heirarchy is being created. You call it a co-op. Everyone has an equal voice because it’s small, but you need rules for a tie. That’s where a democracy seeps in. And where do you take the final vote if you need to speak to a larger issue to a different body? Representatives emerge to be the voice of the vote. Here we are on democracy lane again.

Both systems create chaos under the guise of calm. People who live in fear can be very quiet, but beneath the surface simmers a desire to break free.

Neither system is conducive to progress, because progress needs organization, highly skilled people and connections to flourish. Both systems isolate the second class populace citizenry – they’re shut off from the world. How can they contribute, except in ways dictated to them by their respective ideological systems of government? There you go with the dictator.

The tenets set forth for fascist and socialist regimes are a farce. Neither is workable as stated, and under the influence of either one, no one is free to be guided by their talents, strengths, dreams, their set backs and come backs to make a stronger, different, better effort. Because under these two systems all is one, and as we’ve seen with the black African race, seeing, hearing, thinking, speaking, acting as one – in unity – does not create harmony; it creates discord.

The human animal is not built to think with one collective mind. Thinking individually gives you the greatest survival advantage protection.

That’s my overgeneralized view of how the ruling factions of such regimes view it’s second class citizenry – operating on the false premises of ‘providing equally for all’.

Equal for all means equal for none.

Both of these ideologies dismiss the emotional component of the human animal, making them behave like machines – as pre-programmed for the so-called good of everybody else. Who decides who does what? Equally important, who rules the state and the co-ops? Where’s the oversight?

Blind trust seems to be the overriding principle that allows for the existence of either or both systems.

Both are evangelical in nature: Trust us with your cash we saw you hide, and we’ll reserve a seat for you in heaven. So what? I can have a seat at God’s table after I die, why not an earthly table while I live? God doesn’t sit there?

Well, it doesn’t work that way sweetheart. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

Fascism and Socialism were built by and for men. Make no mistake about that.

Acquisition is based on favor not merit, so all the slackers of the world get a free ride without lifting a finger, which leaves the rest of the second class citizenry to do two and three jobs for the same amount of equally divided goods and services, which makes both systems susceptible to fraud and corruption. All those slackers have to do something all day, so they find ways to game the system. Co-ops become gangs and private enterprise becomes the domain of illicit, but still functional money-hoarding black markets and organized crime syndicates.

Do you think there are no prisons in these oppressive societies? Oh yeah, there are prisons, but you don’t get to run them, like the cartel bosses currently do. I have a question. If Mexico is a democracy, then how is it that the drug cartels are allowed by the government to run you out of your own country of origin? And you let them.

It’s a farce. All of it.



Culture Clashing

The world needs laws that are enforced. Simply having a law does not guarantee compliance. It should, if we all had integrity, but it doesn’t and we don’t. Some people will skirt the law looking for loopholes, others will outright defy it, if they can get away with it.

When enforcement of laws is down due to budgetary or corrupt reasons, then it’s open season as far as how some people interpret their right to do what they want to do regardless of laws prohibiting certain behaviors.

If it’s not bolted down, it belongs to whoever wants it. Stealing is a word that the entire world understands – even in the most remote areas on the planet, stealing is taking something or someone that or who doesn’t belong to you. Stealing denotes that something or someone is taken without consent – something that is not the property of the one stealing what is not theirs to own.

In America, black pastors tell American blacks to steal whatever they want, just don’t steal from other blacks; steal from white people. This results in rich American blacks feeling justified in not helping less fortunate American blacks out of the ranks of poverty.

Pastors are motivated to comply, because they’ll be financially rewarded by the rich American blacks in the congregation. They earned their money; they’re not going to give it away to anybody – even to help a brother and sister out. Put it on the white man, the white guy. Anything white.  That’s tribal. That’s the tribal culture that Barak Obama when president said was okay with him. “Being tribal is okay”.

They learn this in church. It’s part of their culture.

Hispanics, the same thing. Big on stealing and big on gaming the system. Gypsies, same thing.

All cultures steal. The difference is that in some cultures stealing becomes a systemic problem. And in other cultures, although some engage, they know they shouldn’t. They know it’s wrong. Guilt will prohibit many from engaging at all. With others there is knowledge of guilt, but they do it anyway.

The guilt factor is important in reducing the amount of overall theft within any culture and/or outside of any culture, where guilt is a valid tool of conscience in controlling individual and group behavior.

Many cultures see nothing at all wrong with doing anything you can get away with. That probably explains why so many American blacks are in jail or prison. It’s all a matter of cultures clashing.

So where the conscience begins and ends varies from culture to culture.

Culture clashing – specifically in areas of conscience – creates the most chaos and havoc between and among cultures.



Hedonism – Freedom Or Chaos

Everything in life wasn’t meant to come easy or even naturally. Work, hard work, is an integral part of challenging us to do and be better.

Always giving way to what is most comfortable or taking the path of least resistance is seen as hedonistic – selfish.

As long as we live among other animals, we must take them into account in all our plans to dominate the planet, rather than toss them away or use, abuse and destroy their right to exist alongside and among us.

Hedonism promotes chaos not freedom.


Religious Doctrine Based On Faith Not Fact

Using religion as a reason and a basis to refuse service or other freedoms afforded others equals discrimination on the basis of religion or creed.

Religion is a creed. Religion is a philosophy. Religion is an ideology.

The provisions of the law must work both ways – to prevent discrimination against one who is practicing their faith and to prevent those who practice their faith, in an otherwise free society, from discriminating against others not of their beliefs, based on that faith.

Imposing religious beliefs upon members of society not of a particular religious persuasion must at all times be discouraged.

American freedoms must exist for all Americans, otherwise we become like oppressive religious regimes. When each faith demands compliance by those not of their faiths in order to be accepted, and when compliance doesn’t occur, isolation emerges robbing people of their freedoms.

In public arenas all people of all religions, creeds, philosophies, and ideologies must be treated equally. For each religion to impose its own rules upon everybody else creates chaos in all sectors.

A view is a view, whether religious, political, philosophical, ideological. A view is a creed.

It is the view under scrutiny that discriminates, not its origin nor the group that worships and espouses it. People worship an idea, not an entity. Religions are based on ideas not facts.

Religion itself equals community. Without a community, there is no religion, except independent thought. As independent thinkers, we can’t all impose our personal creeds onto all other individuals.

Religious doctrine is based largely on faith not fact. To deny someone freedoms there must be a factual component, which by their nature, religions lack.



No Intermissions

Some people have a need to create chaos. They function at their optimal levels (they think) when in flux. The problem here is that by being in flux all the time, they force others they encounter to experience their dramas with them. It’s like an ongoing play with no intermissions.

Steering clear or responding in kind aren’t viable options for their victims.

Their need for chaos is written into their DNA. Their perception of its value is not. All flaws can be corrected to some degree.

Calm is not an operative word nor a useful process for them. It sounds too much and feels too much like control. It enrages them.

So let it go.



Deciding Whether to Impose Sanctions On Foreign Countries For Disseminating Propaganda

THE COUNTRIES IN QUESTION are the USA against Iran’s Propaganda Machine.

How would the USA determine in Iran what is false news and what is not false news? It’s difficult enough in the USA to fact-check the lying fact-checkers.

It really isn’t our business to be proof reading the news stories in a foreign country, or to be issuing sanctions based on what Iranians report in their news programs. What have we become the professor of the world, grading every country’s homework? That’s an over-reaching manipulation, dictator-style tactic that we accuse everybody else of doing, yet we engage in the same behavior. It’s a waste of time, effort and money.

Yes, propaganda (fake news) is bad, but freedom of speech appears to allow it. So either believe nothing or believe everything and the propagandists will finally get the picture – that their lying news stories are not influencing the views of those whose minds they want to control – for personal or political or social benefit. In fact if one believes ‘everything and nothing’ it deletes all efforts to influence. People are smart enough to make up their own minds.

Dissidents disseminate their own propaganda. So who is fact-checking the rhetoric they claim as facts? All dissidents of any nation want with a fervor to take down the existing leader and existing system of governance, yet nobody has a plan for what happens next. It’s all piece meal. Every individual in the movement has a suggestion as to what the country needs, but no one has a solution on how to make it happen, except to unseat a leader and a governing system.

They think erroneously that somebody else will step in and know exactly what to do and how to do it. Look back at Egypt and Libya and Iraq and Syria. Do you really think the USA had a plan of action beyond taking down a leader? How successful has the USA been In Palestine? Everybody thought all they had to do was get rid of Yasser Arafat, then Ariel Sharon, yet look where we are now? The same place. Nowhere.

Obama supposedly issued sanctions on Iran regarding their media propaganda machine, but made a private deal not to enforce those sanctions, an action the USA often takes when trying to satisfy all voting members of representative parties when in the process of forming an agreement or legislating laws. It accomplishes nothing but confusion, and confusion leads to chaos.

We criticize Russian Nationalists for trying to sway the USA populace via propaganda efforts prior to USA elections, but we in turn do the same in foreign countries – all countries where we have an interest in who wins an election. We support the foreign candidates in their respective countries whom we believe we can work with on common goals, or who will work with us. And we go to great lengths – corrupt lengths – to get them elected.

In essence we want these elected officials in foreign countries to put the interests of our country before the interests of their own, and yes we will and do pay a lot of money for that type of commitment. But in the end, what self-respecting country would make such a deal? It’s a slave-master relationship that the USA propagates all over the planet and punishes severely those who won’t go along with the program – Russia is one that refuses to be the slave of the USA. Ukraine on the other hand would give the keys to their country to the highest bidder for a tin of caviar.

Right now the USA is trying to overthrow a leader in Iran by giving comfort and financial support to its dissidents. How is that different from Russian Nationalists trying to influence American elections? A lot different. A lot worse. A lot more intrusive and dictatorial. We need to stop acting like the gangsters of the planet.

President Trump is going to have a problem deciding on any action he takes regarding sanctioning Iran for disseminating propaganda due to his own frustration with the democratic propaganda machine in the USA that dominates most of the news and opinion shows designed to take down the current USA president.

The dissidents are equally corrupt in the theatre of telling lies. They again erroneously think that the end justifies the means, that whatever lies it takes to unseat a dictator will be forgiven and in fact are necessary, because they regard the populace in the same way governments regard the populace – too stupid to make smart decisions, so the government aka dissidents work hard to make their minds up for them.

The smart move is to stay out of it. Let the Iranians sort out their own fake news issues. The USA government cleans their own stories the same as Iran or any other country cleans theirs. Words are cheap right now and there are no word battles worth fighting that any side on any issue can hope or claim to win.

Everything anybody says is meaningless in a chaotic climate.

Speak with actions not sanctions. People aren’t believing words right now.


Domestic Journalistic Terrorism (DJT)

24/7 vindictive news outlets are making a nation sick.

Fake news is disorienting a nation.

When a nation is disoriented by not knowing what to believe or what to trust, it destabilizes a nation. It puts the nation in chaos.

Fake news: Intentionally disseminating false stories for the purpose of confusing a nation or a group within that nation is an act of domestic journalistic terrorism.

New phrase: Domestic Journalistic Terrorism (DJT)






Warm greens, more crystal than moss-like surround me with promises of days freshened by new life (because there must be new life if we are to survive) born from new ideas as window sills turn to marble, black and navy blue sparkles with smooth glass-like scents of velvet gray skin, waiting, always waiting, while the life of earth family and universe merge, exploding in tiny and gross serenity.

A drip here a spot there never far from longing, gnashing and never forgiving, because you can’t and the world blames you not – not even your most harmful enemy blames you when you turn against yourself, but their pain, in their eyes, is greater, because a wall rising from seemingly nowhere blocks their freedom – a wall of the mind more excruciating than being blown apart – for at least when a bomb goes off in your heart you can feel it.

A wall has no feeling and that is the most devastating enslavement of all.

I feel not – as the wall rises in God’s name, I think no God would require this of me.

I am a Jew, not because I was born of earth and salt and promised a land of milk and honey (ha! no God would enslave and torture the cow and the bee for a Jew), but because I know the wall. That’s what separates me from you. You’re free and I’m not. And I will never be free – until God removes the chains of revenge that keep me enslaved.

The difference between me and you is that even if I could remove those chains I wouldn’t. They keep me anchored, even if to a hell of my own making. I need the anchor of control revenge gives me. That is the only certainty in my life. If I am offended I can strike back in the most unmerciful ways to reclaim my position – a position I need in this chaotic world where Peoples have no homes.

It matters not that I take the home of another. And no, they don’t have the same right to respond. Why? Because my pain is greater than theirs. I am the favored one. I need to be favored. That’s part of the wall: the sickness of not feeling others’ pain. I have no compassion. That’s why Jews hate Jesus. He had what we lacked. At least I’m honest about it. They call me traitor for exposing their lie. One man was half of all of us. He reminded us of the half we were missing. We said, ‘We’ll take care of our own; that’s compassion’. But he said, ‘no, take care of others’. We couldn’t do as he offered, so we killed him. Or, we made it easy for somebody else to kill him.

A phone call is all it takes in today’s world. All Jews belong to the same network – throughout the world. No matter how seemingly menial the task, we’re all connected by the seed that makes us call ourselves who we are – different from you. And since different to us means better, and since we must survive as a superior race, we will use any means to accomplish that end. So, when the call comes to preserve the race, whether it’s a simple – alter a document request, or a much larger – poison the water – request, we know we were called because we are placed in a position to carry it out. If we’re asked we must comply. It’s like a Mafia family only much bigger.

If we’re in a leadership position we sense what to look for and what to attend to when something extraordinary presents itself. The phone is our weapon of choice. We can destroy any person in the world – or group or nation. We’re positioned to take over the entire world, while the most powerful nation on earth sits by and watches. Why? Because we’ve infiltrated that nation to such a successful extent that they’re paralyzed by our command of them. We’ve hypnotized the entire USA by our communications networks, so when we tell them to move or not to move they do just that. It’s not that the USA can stop Israel simply by telling them to stop; that’s only a ruse to make the USA appear strong – a fringe benefit, a perk. The USA has no authority over ‘Israel the people’.

Now this woman shows up claiming to be God’s daughter and at first we laughed, knowing she wasn’t a Jew, but she liked us – odd. And she knew us – odd. And she understood us – even more odd. So we tested her. If she is who she claims to be, then let her God rescue her from us. God didn’t rescue Jesus. But then Jesus has lived on because of it. What will God do with her? At first we didn’t think she was talking to God – only talking to herself. We didn’t think it was God responding – only her responding to herself. Then she showed how to find God’s message in our own answer, then went further to show us how to find God’s answer in a properly phrased question. We were intrigued and remain so. If not for her, we wouldn’t be in her essays. She cares enough not to exclude us.

Still…we torture her. We can’t help it. And no one will stop us. That’s the rub. We can’t stop ourselves. And everyone fears us enough not to try to stop us – even though through our actions we beg for it. How outrageous do we have to become before somebody takes action? She’s the only one who will stand up to us. And we destroy that which we love. The rub again. She should have been dead by now. But she keeps getting up, keeps bouncing back. It’s almost as if we enjoy her survival maneuvers – before, during and after each hit – that that in itself keeps us torturing her. If the world could only see, Hollywood would dry up. She should have called this essay ‘the rub’, not ‘the wall’. But we’re careful not to step on her writing. We leave that to the Feds, whom we also control. We are the Feds – another rub. That’s our common ground with her. If she’s not God’s daughter, she’s the closest thing this world will ever get to seeing God, while still alive.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Newspaper Attack In France – racist paper (charlie hebdo) the target

Benjamin Netanyahu plants his face into the middle of the attack by traveling to Paris for speeches and photo opportunities – aligning himself with free speech by marching in a million person parade to celebrate those freedoms.

However, it wasn’t long ago that Netanyahu announced to the media that Israelis do not have a free press in Israel, and was unapologetic about individuals being racially profiled. He didn’t care about either of those issues, yet here we see him marching to the beat of the suffering French, who made a brave anti-censor and anti-terrorism statement to the world, 3.7 million strong, after the loss of 17 of it’s own through terrorism and terrorism ideology

Mahmoud Abbas was also present, but at least you can say he was denouncing the attack, by showing solidarity with the French. Netanyahu seemed happy for the opportunity that seemed to fall from the sky out of nowhere right into his lap. What better moment to mobilize Jews, with Netanyahu’s face in the center of the chaos, representing all Jews, not just Jews in France – look here, all eyes on HERE – this is what will happen to Jews worldwide if you don’t stand with me – more Jews will die (the four hostages killed in the supermarket were Jews). Once again, as with every horrific world event, he tried to steal the pain by making it all about Israel, all about Jews, all about the holocaust –  and don’t forget, ’cause it’s comin’ again… and on and on and on.

What better moment to seer into French President Francois Hollande’s psyche, the ‘Palestine Is always On My Mind’ song, with the actual face of Benjamin Netanyahu, King of the Jews, policing the streets of Paris, ‘this will keep happening if France doesn’t follow my lead…whispering into the ear of each lamp post…Palestine cannot succeed at the UN. No International Criminal Court. No statehood for Palestine’.

Benjamin Netanyahu, playing on the fears of the French said, ‘any Jews who want to immigrate [from France] to Israel will be welcome’. In fairness he says that anywhere he goes in Europe, where there’s a Jewish population. One can only assume that he meant to settle on newly-stolen Palestinian land.

Over forty world leaders attended the 1.6 million person march in Paris. Over 3.7 million estimated people marched throughout France. The USA was absent, even though there were reportedly representatives from the USA in France at the time.

Solidarity marches were also held in world cities including London, Madrid, Cairo, Montreal, Beirut, Sydney and Tokyo.

Where were the HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT, the NO JUSTICE NO PEACE protesters in Black America? Why weren’t they showing solidarity with the French? Why weren’t they standing up for free speech? We all know that they can organize and mobilize quickly. Maybe because a police officer was one of the targets; maybe because one of them was obviously – to the naked eye – Black? Maybe because burning buildings and killing cops is exactly their agenda?

Ever think about those burning buildings in America? I do. What if there had been people in those buildings? How did anyone know there weren’t? When do you call a terrorist a terrorist and not somebody just acting out, and oops my bad – didn’t know there was someone in that building?

You call them a terrorist the second they strike that match or flick that lighter.

Black America should have marched in America to show solidarity with those terrorized by terror in France, but that would have conflicted with their ‘it’s all about ME, not you’ mentality. It would have contradicted their own violent protests and calls for killing cops as they marched through the streets of New York city.

What do we want? DEAD COPS. When do we want them? NOW. President Obama and Mayor De Blasio keep blaming the media for showing the story, instead of blaming the mantra that was heard all over the world – KILL COPS – by Blacks in America – and whites, mostly Jews from Occupy Wall Street – and Latinos/Hispanics – all genders – young and old – all religions – many without religion – many just joining in for something new to do – heritages from all countries.

HANDS UP | DON’T SHOOT is not extreme. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE is a threat of violence if demands aren’t met. KILL COPS is extreme along the continuum of protest slogans.

France showed America – showed Black America – and the rest of the world – how to make an enduring statement. People don’t need discomfort to move them. Violence of any type terrorizes, that’s the purpose of using violence, whether it’s burning a book, a building, a person. It’s used to elicit a quick result, a sudden change in behavior. It works, as any torturer will tell you. But it doesn’t work long-term.

People are more inclined to act on an individual’s or a group’s behalf, when they are in a state of relative comfort – not discomfort.



It is becoming clear that the Islamic State – no matter where they operate – is sending a message to Muslims, whom they think are weak and not carrying out the ‘missionary purpose’ of spreading the Islamic faith – as one of dominance – not unlike the goals of the Christians or the Jews in years past.

They, like the Israelis today, are using old, worn out models that didn’t work, to achieve power in today’s world. Israel is hell bent on using what America did to the Native Americans – as their model for the Palestinians – putting them on reservations, marginalizing them, till they no longer exist as a race.

The Islamic State will fail – since they have no plan beyond somebody else’s failed plan. They have no plan for governance and what it takes to actually run a country – if they do ever get one. They pattern themselves after the Jews – who have a worldwide coalition of like-minded people to control from behind the scenes what happens in governments – worldwide.

After all these years it isn’t working for the Jews, and it won’t work for the Islamic State. Put a non-violent plan into action and it will work. But it takes too long they’ll say. Netanyahu could have put a plan into place, and it would have worked, but he chose to obliterate Palestinians instead. That will soon be on his head, and the Islamic State will lose their head as well.

When your only purpose is to dominate, you will lose. It is becoming increasingly clear that neither Israel nor the Islamic State have the ability to think beyond somebody else’s failed policies. That is called insanity.

You may carry out your bombings and beheadings with absolute calm – but when your calm causes chaos, then you stepped outside of the boundaries that your own God set for you. And you know exactly what I mean – because I’m looking through your God’s eyes now – and so are you.



Tonight. The night. I wait no more. Born from a bad day – from start to, well, not to finish, but to now. Rapid writing I liked – computer style. And did I write – like a tornado ripping through a town – capturing every thought before it reverted back to the energy from whence it came, racing against my own thoughts, which makes something about them separate from me. With split second timing, simultaneously from all corners, each one vying for attention – and getting it – desperate to beat the drum of the plan before it beat me. Challenged by one’s self – which defies handicap – paved the path of least resistance for me.

I loved it, craved it, ate it, slept it, talked it, with it, to it, it to me, wildly glassing clear bright eyes till the shine of enlightenment followed the conclusion, right around the corner of the next neural connection, right on the money, always – no matter what the denomination. Religion? in my mind’s ear did I hear you inquire? Naw, something better than that. God. God damn. God bless. You’re it. I’m it. We’re all It – in it, whatever the mess or hellhole – foxhole – together.

Can the mundane be beautiful? If you make it so.

When to start. Where. How. Under what conditions? When? Now. A thousand beginnings it took over an undefinable span of time to begin again. Countless words – even for those whose job it is to count them – thoughts, dots, seeds, strung, connected, separated, dropped, spread, shouted, buried, rationed, woven, subverted – unintentionally intentional, following the instructions of a God created through a covenant based on trust and trust alone: trust in the security transformed by it’s consistency into confidence, that neither It nor I would ever ask the other to violate, or to compromise the foundation upon which all life and non-life flourishes while fulfilling its existence.

That foundation exists in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. If ever I should receive an instruction which supports and promotes any one of those five flaws I am to know that that instruction did not come from my God and I am instructed to disregard it. And vice versa. That’s the trust I requested and that’s the assurance I received. In turn, the same request was made of me.

Without doubt there have been times, when pressed, pressured, and provoked, that I thought, and It thought, that nothing but a flaw to cure a flaw would work – like the vaccination containing the contaminant germs in small doses protects one from contracting the disease – but in the end, we both knew that in order to achieve harmony in the long term, committing an atrocity to cure an atrocity was destined to fail, precisely because it leads one in circles, to repeat the mistakes of the past. And if you live in the past you are destined to repeat it. Germs don’t possess memories that create feelings of vengeance. People do – all people, not simply those with the power to exercise it.

Circle strategies fail to lead one down the path of progress, because they’re designed to follow thus copy. So, if you engage in either, you cannot lead. History shows us glaring examples of leaders not leading. Today, tonight, we fight the same battles of yesteryear, because we didn’t veer from that which cuts in the short term, only to regrow from the seeds of hatred planted by the cut. We didn’t get it right, in the past, and we never will, until we stop exacting vengeance.

One might think to focus on the positives, such as love, charity, hope, etcetera, etcetera, and one is all too free – and encouraged – to do just that, but in doing only that – as prophets throughout the ages unfortunately pursued – one fails to effect the changes one passionately strove for and sacrificed wildly and all too profoundly to end at yet another beginning. And so it goes. Or so I thought, until dots visible somehow to the blind eye of trust – not connivance or collusion – scanned without intent mind you, least not mine, the underbelly of that which exists to guarantee failure at every turn, precisely because we focus on that which we yearn to see, yearn to be, hoping in all of our yearnful glory that wanting would indeed create the direct causal link between that which we are and that which we strive     – at least in theory – to be. And the path to that desire – that security – existed in an historical perspective that persuaded us that violence worked, because we are all still here.

Well…not nearly all of us, and the more you look at life with an eye focused on reality, the more you can’t help but see how so very many of us no longer exist and the killing continues: from our supermarkets, to recreation, population control, to simply annihilating anything that strikes our fancy on any given day of any given year – to make money, to gain prestige, to simply do it because it has always been done and ‘we never will find peace’, because we really don’t like peace.

We like excitement – and peace somehow conjures up a state of boredom, which many more than anyone know, died in that effort, either their’s or somebody else’s, to alleviate. I recall a man Van Harp saying how exhilarated he felt when the towers in New York city blew up right in front of his eyes. That’s the sickness that keeps warring people warring, that keeps people killing anything it’s legal to kill, and if not legal, then illegal, or pass a law in the middle of the night, bury in a thousand pages that nobody will read and make it legal. I wondered why everybody – but mostly all the important people of the world – were watching T.V. that morning instead of working. These must have been the kids who grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning instead of helping with the chores.

Disappointment. I see it everywhere. A world of utter and total chaos where signs of the world ending no longer appear as a delusional message scrawled on a poster by a skinny, and by most standards, delusional messenger. Reality hurts. No one wants to die. Not now.

I write, God writes, my God writes – so as not to offend those who fear mistaking my God for their’s or vice versa. Everybody wants a solution, a viable solution, one they can lay claim to creating to secure their next pay check, raise, promotion or new and improved home, status and job. With every new beginning a new approach emerged. And we all do have them. But with every solution came a demand with an ultimatum attached. And the ultimatum, like the fire and brimstone that follows every inspired message in any holy book becomes everybody’s deal breaker, the part no one can accept, so the best laid plans always end up at another beginning, because we don’t know how to keep our big yaps shut long enough to allow a response to a kind overture. We might all just get along, instead of needing to win, if we could let go of the fire and brimstone.

When you need to win, you need to be superior, and superiority breeds conflict. Freedom never wins when bought through suffering, thus the new beginnings become essential to survival, even when we’re identified as free. You say something meaningful then follow it with a threat. We all really do understand the state of perpetual beginnings. And perhaps we’ve become addicted to them, stuck in the pattern, the cycle that keeps us all warring. But with that comes the inevitable endings. It’s the endings we can’t tolerate. Thus we need to start another war. And the first spark comes not through an act, but a word. Our greatest fear, philosophically speaking, stems from our inability to reconcile the two. How can we achieve peace when emotionally we need war?

How can the world, the universe, the universes, and our own altered existence, beginning as our brain understands it, at physical birth and ending at physical death, be without end? The very nature of a beginning as we define it demands an end. And if the end stops here, then something lies beyond. Therein lies the hope and therein lies the mistaken, faulty philosophical logic undermining the world, leaving chaos where one finds it – as one simply allows for the passage of time without effort to effect whatever changes one sees, as the condition of the world requiring at any particular juncture of conflict, a solution.

Oh, changes do indeed occur without apparent effort, but as we all know, sweeping under the carpet or covering up that which we don’t want exposed or to confront, or simply waiting for time to fade the gravity of the matter, always comes back at a later time, when the matter, by isolating it, has grown disproportionately to the world cut off from it, putting the world in a position of impending chaos, by focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative.

It’s time to end the suffering we created. The suffering we don’t create, meaning all of life’s problems that humans don’t have a hand in causing, we gain strength from – striving to survive in a perfectly peaceful, cooperative world – together – all connected – all different – all alike – all equally worthy with various gifts – that the world collectively needs to promote the positives in life by curing the negatives – through vigilance and a plan.

If we can come together in natural catastrophes, then we can come together to avert war. A plan to do that is what we need and what we say we want.

A plan which eliminates prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – a large undertaking by anybody’s standards – but much more exhilarating than any blood thirsty warring groups, or individuals, who get their kicks from seeing others suffer, or from spectacular views of buildings exploding with people being crushed to death and blown apart inside, while those outside enjoy the feeling of exhilaration.

Cure the five flaws as one cures a sickness – and the beauty of the world we create – through the promotion of a world free of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter implemented by our own willful, conscious, directed effort to cure that which prohibits it – becomes a world inhabited by evolutionaries opposing and neutralizing the destructive forces, which impede peace and cooperation – not a world of revolutionaries.

A process of peace in evolutionary terms, designed to help not hurt, both short term and long term, must be the vision, the focus and the means to achieving a true and lasting peace.

Living in peace side by side, while everybody hurts inside is not peace. It’s hell. My focus, through my God is to find a cure for hell, not to seek an elusive heaven, while relegating hell to the space beneath the carpet, preferring to focus on that which, for the short term, creates the illusion of harmony. Creating violence out of sight is just that type of illusion – as we know by the feeling of unease that creeps just below the surface of our numbed consciences. For no one can be truly happy knowing in their hearts and minds that hell exists for someone else.

I need to integrate everything bad that’s happened to me into my total being. I won’t succeed otherwise, and neither will any of you. Make a fresh start, incorporating, integrating all the pain, all the suffering, rather than carrying it as a burden of excess – never to be used – baggage–or dragging it behind as a caboose that no longer serves a purpose. Oh, I’ll use what I can’t forget – as knowledge, as stepping stones out of hell, and as a map of the world’s underbelly – like a library of cataloged catastrophic chains of seeds needing to be extinguished – but before they turn to ash, require an airing and a solution – if only to integrate that which hurts, making the entire human experience more noteworthy.

If we block out the pain, we block out the joy. Yet it isn’t enough that we don’t forget. Not forgetting merely extends the suffering in absence of the catalyst that created it. We need not rectify either. Reparations make those who didn’t commit the crime suffer for those who did. We need a plan of action, a change in direction to make sure we lead, instead of follow in the footsteps that copy retaliation. Then we can forget as evolution pulls the weeds of retaliation and reverse retaliation (‘getting them before they get you’) out of its portfolio of optional considerations.