by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

If you think everybody should like you because you’re gay, or black, or Jew etc., then when somebody doesn’t like you, you’ll blame your sexual orientation, color or religion, instead of looking to your own behavior as a possible or probable cause.

What seems prejudicial to one may not seem prejudicial to another.

You don’t have to admit to having a disease, disorder or disability; none of them are crimes.

I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen down the road, if I concern myself with what I’m doing right now.

If you can’t figure out what a sign means, and given that you think it’s a sign, don’t worry about it; God will find another way to sign to you. God does know all things, but not all things all at once. God makes mistakes, just as we do. I get a kick out of people who say the Pope is infallible. If God isn’t infallible, then neither is the Pope.

Dangling carrots you’ll never get, while beating you with sticks? No thank you Hillary. I don’t like to be beaten with carrots or sticks. The line of difference always blurs.

Strong individuals produce strong groups. However, the responsibility does not lie solely with the individual. It is the responsibility of the group dynamic to respect each individual’s right to develop at their own pace, using their unique talents and gifts to advance their own selves and the group in positive, forward moving ways. No one can be left out.

Discipline is the key to all success, and corruption is the flaw that ultimately undermines that success, if not checked.

Contribution cannot, nor should it, be measured or rated. A paralyzed person confined to a bed continues to make a contribution to all of the lives who encounter him or her. A brain dead person makes a contribution to all life by forcing us to demonstrate the compassion we feel, by compassionately being their bridge to a new life in the beyond.

Senator John McCain negated his own torture bill by inserting ‘reserving the right’ to do just that. Once again, the tortured became the torturer. It’s time for John McCain to return to the Senate and fight passionately for the cause he became destined to fight. On the other hand, maybe the one who has experienced torture isn’t the best one to be fighting against it. Why should he keep reliving the nightmare? Let others who haven’t been tortured do that. Romanticizing torture, making it a badge of honor, is not unlike the suicide bombers who become martyrs.

If three hundred million Americans are ready to sacrifice their lives for the tenuous state of Israel that was formed out of a holocaust against the Palestinian people, a holocaust that continues every day with no end in sight, a tenuous state that imprisons millions of people in Camp Gaza and Camp West Bank, then I say Israel already has a state and everybody living in it calls themselves Americans.

The American Jews need to stop acting oppressed when they’re not. The American Africans need to stop calling themselves slaves, when they’re not. Both groups dim the cries of other oppressed groups, and enslave a nation and a world by screaming about their own past that is over. Neither the NAACP nor the Anti-Defamation League engage in any meaningful long term efforts to facilitate the freedom of other groups or individuals. There’s no time like now to start.

There’s a reason why one person doesn’t have all the answers. It’s to prevent dictatorships by forcing us all to work together.

Why can’t we make paper bags out of dried weeds, stalks, hay, palms, grains? Come on, think with me. No one brain is enough to solve the challenges of the world.

If people ask me if I’m color blind, I say no. I embrace color. I’m an artist, for God’s sake. Why should anybody blind themselves to color? It seems unnatural not to notice. The key is to not discriminate based on color, instead of acting as if the color doesn’t exist

The next time you feel hatred toward a person whom you think isn’t your color, nationality or ethnicity, consider that parents often reject their children in whom they see themselves.

With all the bad happening in the world, and given that the God in you has given you the free will to change bad to good, yet you don’t, then expect more of the same. Yes. Blame God. Blame the God that you refuse to tame in yourself. Until you start taming the God in yourself, the world, your world, will remain more bad than good. It’s all in your hands.

My mother showed me by example, many beautiful ways of appreciating all that is life–the good, the bad and all that lies between and beyond.

Neurotoxins in vaccines injected into the bodies of children can and will cause in those children, susceptible to neurological disorders, what is commonly called autism. In other children, these neurotoxins will cause asthma, perpetual ear infections, chronic bladder infections, defects in heart valves, rapid or slow growth, vision problems and defects of the pancreas, which leads to diabetes. When injected into adults, to prevent influenza, these neurotoxins can cause Alzheimer’s and dementia. Find a non-toxic preservative or don’t store the injectables beyond the time which they need a preservative. If that’s too inconvenient or if the process will generate fewer profits, then settle on the inconvenience and lower profits, instead of killing off vital nerve cells in otherwise healthy individuals. I haven’t had a flu shot in years, because in Cleveland, clinics don’t provide the option of a neurotoxin-free flu shot. The pharmaceuticals will say they do, but they don’t. Even at University Hospitals asthma unit, they make you take the toxins or go without. I go without.

What goes around comes around isn’t about getting even; it’s about the example you set.

Children are never too old to learn from elders, and elders are never too old to learn from children.

The Constitution of the USA doesn’t require capital punishment. In fact, the Declaration of Independence  describes unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness–for all.

Prejudice is a two way street. It takes two. No matter how much one group works to eliminate their own prejudice, the group prejudiced against bears responsibility in changing their own behavior.

You can talk to God because God is in you. God talks back because that’s the purpose of your God–to communicate, guide and respect that which is you: God.

Don’t apologize for your thoughts. That’s how you learn which paths in life to take. Our thoughts, all of them, help us to understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.But be reasonable. If you have more bad thoughts than good thoughts, then you need an attitude adjustment. You’re not working at making your life easier. Stop attacking people in your mind and strategize ways to make yourself happier.

If two or more countries reach the point of war, then representatives of those countries did not do their best to avert war. When somebody says, diplomacy failed, they didn’t use diplomacy. Threatening somebody with annihilation, isn’t diplomacy. Using carrots and sticks is not diplomacy. If countries can’t get along, how can the leaders of those countries expect the people who live within their borders to get along with each other?

We’re all animals. Any scientist who thinks that only humans evolved, and not every other animal on the planet, is living in a delusion of their own prejudicial making.

Our thoughts are the only real privacy we have; to force someone to reveal their thoughts is torture.

You don’t torture someone because they scare you. Get a grip on your own fear. If you don’t, you might be the next one tortured.

Preachers preaching prejudice. Instead of the congregation leaving the church with a ‘no one can beat us down’ uplift, they leave with a ‘let’s beat them all up’ attitude that rolls the congregation into a week of day to day challenges, that they’re less able to meet with positive  solution solving ways. Oppressed people need to vent in the privacy of their living places and sometimes in their churches, otherwise they’ll slaughter their oppressors and become like them. That being said, churches need to include everyone. Social justice amounts to nothing more than collective prejudice through vicarious vengeance.

You demand perfection from everyone but yourself.

People mimic both good and bad behavior.

Blacks in America have a lot more ground to cover as a result of decades of ground lost due to the prejudice preached in their churches. It won’t take you as long as it did white people, because you saw them falter through the process of sensitivity and learned from their mistakes. If you’re living in three different cultures within your own race, one at home, one at work, and one at church, then you need to bring those three cultures together in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, so that you don’t have to be continually switching on and off your prejudices. You know what I’m talking about. Same goes for everyone white and all other individuals, groups and nations.

This hair issue with blacks is getting out of control. Why is it necessary for others to covet your hair? Look, blacks have an advantage over whites. You don’t have to keep poofing up your hair, because it’s already up there. And, it stays where you put it. Why do you think so many white women get perms? So they can get that poof and make their hair stay where they put it. White women without perms, obsessively running their fingers through the hair on top of their heads, lifting it up, as if it’s really going to stay up. Looks ridiculous. Come on. You’re both right; we all have bad hair.

Soldiers returning from war: I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. They get basic training before they go to war, that teaches them how to kill. They need basic training when they get out, to retrain them not to kill. Give them the same benefits given to hostages to integrate them back into society. Waiting for someone to ask is the wrong approach. It needs to be mandatory for everyone. Medical and psychological services need to be given to everyone, again, mandatory. Re-integration.

People talk about torture as if those tortured are passive individuals. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are physically, psychologically and spiritually fully engaged. Those who have tortured know that.

If people claiming to be God shouldn’t get paid, or profit from their works, and given that God exists in all of us, making contributions to all life and non-life through our personal and work lives, then that means that none of you should be getting paid for the lives you save, and make better, as a part of or as the focus of, the job description of your career.

Chef Ramsey will not change the world for the better with cruelty. The world already abounds with that which he tempts the palate: dead flesh. In the end, it all tastes quite bland. How about opening a world class animal-free restaurant?

With new information, an idea, concept or fact can evolve into something else. There is no face losing in this process, so don’t pretend that there is.

I hope all countries are rotating their oil reserves. Oil stored in storage tanks doesn’t have the same shelf life as oil stored in the ground, where it is exposed to natural elements which preserve the oil as oil.

Sleepy government workers? All public buildings need carbon monoxide detectors placed near ventilation systems. All homes too. Apartment buildings are public.

No to drilling for oil along the California coast in the USA, unless you all want to provoke the next big earthquake.

To Russ Feingold: If you’re going to be the only voice in Washington fighting for privacy rights and the theft of  intellectual property by government agencies, then you need to speak louder. Where was the oversight? Where was Diane Feinstein?

I’m reading from a piece of stationery from AT&T. At the bottom reads: copyright symbol followed by: 2007-2008 AT&T Intellectual Property. All Rights Reserved. The print is as large as the print on the remainder of the page, making someone not miss it. So, their intellectual property is protected by copyright, but the intellectual property of those they monitor isn’t?

Banks reward wealth and punish poverty.

Depression is contagious.

When the government starts taking over the banks, it is no longer a free economy.

If the devil is in the details, best you focus on keeping the devil out of the details.

God’s will is your will. Be careful what you do with that will of yours.

Children know all that’s supposed to be right with the world. Listen to the child in you.

Integrate for the sake of the God in you. God loves diversity. God loves to mingle. Starve God from the things God likes to do, and your God may begin to resent you. You can’t give yourself everything and to God nothing. That makes for a one sided relationship.

It’s not that I can’t remember what I just thought; it’s that I can’t remember what I just thought before I was distracted by another thought, even if that thought was to remember what I just thought.

Men are afraid that if women are paid equally by law, that their pay will decrease as the pay of women increases. That’s the rub that needs a solution. So, how about splitting the difference? Take away the amount of men’s pay that is above that of women. Then take that amount and split it into two, one portion for the men and one portion for the women. That’s fair.

For all these years, the men have been paid more, so they shouldn’t balk at the equalizing of wages. The employer won’t be paying any more, so they shouldn’t complain either. Right is right. Put the shoe on the other foot, pay men less than women for a few years, and maybe they’ll see the injustice. That few men complained on the behalf of women for all these decades is disturbing, especially since men depend on the support of women in all areas of their lives. Be a man. Step up to the equalizing plate; maybe women will like you more if you do something on their behalf for a change.

How do I think before I think? Use your non-verbal thought process, just like you did before you learned to talk.

Abortion is a mercy killing.  Other mothers in the animal kingdom, as we humans call it, suffocate the runt of the litter, when the mother sees that one of her young has an impaired survival advantage. When a young mother-to-be doesn’t want her baby, that baby if born has a distinct survival disadvantage. Stigmatizing unwanted pregnancies is counterproductive no matter which way you look at it. The people who have abortions would never kill a child. They would never kill a baby. The instincts of the mother-to-be, makes the decision, based on the survival advantage of both of them. In the present state of the societies of the world, when a young person has a child out of wedlock, that condition reduces any advantage in society that that mother-to-be would have had. That must change.

Euthanasia is a mercy killing.

Walk in your own shoes; you’ll know what to do.

I’ll own the part of the problem that’s mine, and work on that part, in order to change both our views.

To the chefs of the world: If you want to consider yourselves real chefs, then you need to master the art of animal-free cuisine. To Rachael Ray, TV Chef: The reason why you don’t know what “bad” is, is because you base your life and career on the slaughter industries. Give up your show and do a new one on strictly animal-free cooking. You can do it; I know you can.

Politicians often differentiate between real people and everybody else. What kind of people are everybody else?

To give you a survival advantage, when things go wrong on the home front, make sure you’re doing everything you know you should be doing right now.

Maybe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should step aside as black leaders and let others lead, until such time they recognize the Five Principles to a Better Life. Black leaders have been in charge of the ghettos for decades. They failed. Time for new leadership.

If there’s an addiction gene, then we all have it, because we all have addictions, good and bad.

We all have terrorist qualities, just as we all have prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter qualities. The key is not allowing those qualities to become tendencies.

Take another cold, hard look with serious eyes.

Meat eaters, eager to make vegetarians or vegans eat what they eat, should show the same courtesy and eat the food of the vegetarian or vegan. That’s fair, but it isn’t the end.

The smaller the thread, the stronger, more powerful the thread. The smaller it gets, the more powerful it gets, that is, smaller than an atom, and then smaller than that, and smaller than that. There is a point, whereby the size is so small and so powerful that it creates a big bang. You can saw a table in half, a big table, with little consequence. Split the atom that makes up the table in half and you have a major powerful event. Splitting atoms and smashing protons is not good for the universe. By splitting them, you’re attempting to destroy the power that holds the universe together. You’re attempting to alter the universe in a fundamental way. Don’t create a monster that you know nothing about, just because you can. Where is your sense of responsibility?

Human life didn’t originate in only one place. It popped up like blades of grass, simultaneously, in all areas of the planet that could sustain life.

Put Kathy Lee Gifford in a sweat shop for one year, then maybe she’ll change her tune about journalists who report abuses.

Rich people always say that poor people can’t handle money, that’s why they’re poor. I’d like to see rich people live on $1,500.00 a month for six months. Then we’ll see how well rich people can handle money. It’s easy to handle large sums; not so easy to handle meager amounts.

Criticism is not prejudice.

O-o-oh-h-h. Don’t stay happy too long; you know something bad will happen if you do. No it won’t. Something bad does not happen as a consequence of being happy. Does that also mean that if you stay gloomy for too long, that something good will happen? Something good does not happen as a consequence of being gloomy.

Television is a conversation facilitator. Turn the TV off and nobody talks.Why can’t news reporters and commentators speak softer and slower? Hearing someone scream at you through the TV is no fun and it elevates aggression levels in viewers.

Keep your distinguishing features. Someday, you might want to be identified with the good feeling people get when they see your distinguishing features, because they associate good things with those features.

The only new thing I learned from the bible, except for names, dates and regions of people I’ve never met is that salt loses its flavor. You could have knocked me over with a feather. How could salt be salt without tasting like salt? Isn’t that the nature of salt? Well, years later when I bought a box of kosher, coarse salt because all the cooking shows on TV were using it and bragging about how great it was, I brought it home, tasted it and bingo–no flavor! What an eye opener. Examining the box more thoroughly I saw that it was old. It must have been really, really old to have lost all of its flavor. Then I realized that back in the day people must have hoarded salt, so much so that when they finally got around to using it, it was no good. There’s a moral here somewhere.

When somebody counts the number of words, letters, particular letters, numbers, commas, question marks, the number of times a particular name is mentioned in a written work, it’s a symptom of a much wider problem.

How can I feel pained, perplexed and outraged about the holocaust against the Jews, and not feel the same about the holocaust against the Palestinians, homosexuals, gypsies, Africans, Iraqis, Russians, Indians, and on and on, as well as the worldwide holocaust against all the slaughtered animals used to pump up world economies? I can’t.

Taming your own God doesn’t mean that you tame your God into submission. It means that when you and your God are on the same page, then the two of you working together create a powerhouse, giving you more control over your actions, thus success at that which you endeavor to do.

Palestinians don’t want to kill Jews because they’re Jews; they want the Jews to stop running them off their land into concentration camps. Concentration camps concentrate people into a designated area where their every move can be controlled by the dictator. They’re used as a means to extract people from society based on the superiority of one group over the other and store them in a location where they can be monitored and controlled. It’s about creating a pure race. America is on the wrong side of this ongoing holocaust against the Palestinian people.

TV Commercials never say, ‘some people don’t always like their meats’; it’s always, ‘some people don’t always like their vegetables’. The slaughter industries influence you not to like your vegetables.

There’s only one thing I learned while being monitored by various agencies within and outside the government. They don’t know how to process information, even when the answer looks them straight in the face. They see negative, ulterior motives in everything they process. They go in on a false premise and they end with a false conclusion.

There’s no law that prohibits being or acting happy. Happy can be achieved instantaneously wherever you are in life. Smile.

It’s nobody’s business what you do with your mind, in the privacy of your own thoughts.

Everything needs to be questioned. Otherwise we become enslaved.

There are no dead ends in the universe, only junctures. Just as humans like to think they have free will, so does everything else in the universe have the same free will.

Just because you have a bad thought, doesn’t mean you have to share it.

It’s crucial that everyone begin a conversation with themselves in their minds, and be fearless when bringing others into the conversation, so that you can hear in your mind’s ear all perspectives, before forming an opinion on anything or everything.

When someone batters you, they perceive you as weak and are acting weak in return. When someone batters you, they see themselves as weak. As one becomes stronger, the other will too.

Either there’s no such thing as perfection, or it exists.

If God is so against torture, then wouldn’t you think that the God in the person you’re torturing would give you anything you wanted to stop the torture? Don’t they? When you torture, you torture God.

The atom is what makes us all the same.

Discipline is a process, not an end.

So, is there a devil? What people call the devil is temptation to do what is wrong. Temptation when fulfilled takes on a life of it’s own.

Mold, all mold, is the culprit in poor neighborhoods, where there’s an epidemic of impaired learning and cognitive skills caused by impaired memory. Weight gain, allergies, aggressive behavior, hysteria and fatigue are only a few of the symptoms of mold exposure. Clean up the mold. Even the bible refers to mold, and instructs those who have it to burn it.

At some point everybody has to agree on what something means. When that happens, you’ll all know that you all stand corrected.

When you stop analyzing the past, and analyze the present, you’ll be in the process of progress. The whole human race is basically and fundamentally, physically and mentally sick. We are dying as a species.

Where people deviate from their own ideals is where they need the most work. Those junctures are easily defined. Trust yourself. My beliefs are consistent, my actions are not. The gap in-between is where I know I must improve.

Everything needs a seed to grow and every seed needs a host from which to grow. It doesn’t matter which came first. Just as some animals can’t understand some things, neither can we. At some point time melds. We come from a place where and when time melded.

There are toxins that counteract other toxins, and there are toxins that facilitate other toxins.

You can subdivide your God. Make one in charge of one thing and then assign another to handle something else, and on and on. As long as you instruct by the Five Principles, you don’t have to recall who’s in charge of what. They’ll know the instruction and behave accordingly.

Darwin generalized to all behavior, that only the strong survive. Sometimes the weakest are the strongest.

There’s no such thing as a God club.

Every nation with nuclear weapons holds over the heads of the world, their ability to wipe them off the earth, if things aren’t done their way. I wouldn’t want to become one of those nations. Instead, I would set the example for the rest of the world, by peaceful coexistence, while lobbying the world to dismantle and destroy their nuclear  arsenals, while simultaneously turning sea water into drinking water, and implementing alternative, environmentally safe power sources. Nuclear power is not environmentally safe.

Reverse discrimination would be no discrimination. So reverse it.

The God in you is the four leaf clover you overlooked.

Just as prejudice leads to discrimination, leads to enslavement, leads to torture, leads to slaughter; so can slaughter lead to torture, lead to enslavement, lead to discrimination, lead to prejudice.

Don’t forget to thank your God for a job well done. God is vain, and likes the compliments. So, compliment away!

If any individual can change the world, then the world can change the individual.

If all the nuns of the world are married to the same dead man, that’s necro-polygamy of the mind.

We need to thank those who do for us. It’s not the thank you that matters. After all, what are two words in comparison to the effort one took to do you a good deed? It’s the absence of recognition of a kind act that offends the most.  It’s sadistic not to thank someone, because you think they shouldn’t do something with the purpose of  receiving a thank you. Nobody does that. No one would go to so much effort for two little words. So stop being a dictator and give credit where due. Why give grades all throughout school, if our work is not to be recognized, or maybe the grades are all about recognizing who isn’t contributing. So, if you acknowledge bad behavior then good behavior needs also to be recognized. Not to do it is just plain rude with a superior attitude, which is prejudice.

There are times that we hitchhike through life and times we drive through life in luxury. Each makes us appreciate and yearn for the other.

The only thing that blocks the truth is prejudice.

Churches are a means of disseminating the wishes of government to the masses, in the name of God.

A group of rebels who refuse to define their borders, yet want to be called a nation, shouldn’t be deciding foreign nuclear policy–anywhere. A group of rebels who refuse to tell the world if they do or don’t possess nuclear weapons is a danger to the existence of the world. ALERT, ALERT, ALERT.

People are never not learning. If you’re alive, then you’re in the state of perpetual process.

Global warming causes genetic confusion of the entire planet.

You don’t know how bad you have it till things start picking up.

Everybody innately thinks in a universal code system common to all and a mystery to most. It’s time we all recognized this common and universal system.

Give me your tired and poor. No. I don’t want you tired and poor. Instead, give to yourself your best effort, despite your fatigue, your despair.

Just because you see the light of the right way, doesn’t mean you’ll follow that enlightened way if it’s a path not familiar to you, or if it’s a path the majority doesn’t also seek. It takes discipline. It takes commitment. But, once you decide to do it, it’s easy.

If humans evolved from the ape, then what did the giraffes evolve from? What did elephants evolve from, and squirrels and dogs and on and on? Evolution doesn’t select only one life form from which to evolve. Evolution is an on-going process of all that exists. Consequently, God also evolves.

Lamb of God take away the sins of the world, is a prayer to children by adults who don’t know how to do it. Don’t ask your children to do something you lack the courage and will to do yourself.

You’ve been touched by the power of life and the confidence of infinity.

Fear is a necessary part of survival. Without it your survival advantage diminishes.

Knowing the history of the person who hits you over the head with a hammer, doesn’t make the assault any less painful.

To be arrogant on somebody else’s behalf is the height of arrogance.

White supremacy is an outgrowth of Jewish claimed superiority. They’re all Maccabees. How do we save the planet? In the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Do you want to save the planet, or are you only concerned with your own present day needs? Are you hell bent on destroying the planet if you can’t have your way? It sounds like Israel is alone in that category.

Slaughtering animals for food is extreme. Picking fruits and vegetables is not. Notice how the slaughter industries refer to slaughtering animals as harvesting them. It’s a trick.

It must be strange for a woman, or man, to have a lot of plastic surgery to make themselves look like somebody else, and then to get married and have kids that don’t look anything like them.

The reason so many soldiers are returning to the USA with mental disorders is because they’re not fighting soldiers on a battle field, which is bad enough; they’re massacring men, women, children, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas in their homes. It’s all wrong.

Doing the opposite of what you think your enemy wants you do to is a faulty strategy. If you do the opposite of a perceived lie, it doesn’t make a truth or accurate course of thought or action out of it.

It’s not so much that people are anit-Jew; it’s that they’re anti-what Jews do. But, then they can always look themselves in the mirror and see if they’re not doing the same thing.

Wheat allergies are really adverse affects from mold toxins in the wheat product caused by storage of wheat under moist conditions. Processing the wheat doesn’t destroy the toxins.

When somebody tells you the world doesn’t revolve around you, they’re really saying they want you to revolve around them. Everybody is the center of their own universe.

Criticizing a group’s behavior or the behavior of the group’s representatives does not lead to a holocaust; it prevents one.

All animals have morals and values. If they don’t match the convoluted morals of humans, then humans should look at their own behavior and wonder why they keep slaughtering those who they claim to have no morals and values. Do you mean that if animals did have morals and values, you wouldn’t slaughter them? Are they slaughtering you? Guess they’ve just one upped you in the morals and values department. Sounds like the slaughter industry’s brain washing us again.

If you’re spending more time organizing than producing, then probably what you’re producing is worth all that preparation.

The more fervently you hold onto beliefs that engage you in prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the more quickly they can be neutralized.

Contrary to popular belief, prejudice is not deep seeded, therefore not a seed.

People think that elitists don’t exist in rural communities. Wrong. Elitists are everywhere, even in prison.

No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, in all ways, in all governments, in all religions, in all philosophies is pure, raw, tamed power. Use it. 

For years I’ve lived my life as if each day was the last day of my life. After dying every day for the last fifty something years, I’ve decided to live my life as if I’m going to live forever. The first day of the rest of my life worked for a while too, but quickly got stale as I realized that by doing so, I was throwing away my past. So, if I think I’m going to live forever, which I am, I live my life–in total–as an evolutionary.

The future is in an ever changing process to reach a vision, which excludes prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, and which includes everything that promotes and sustains life and non-life.

Throughout my life, what was most important to me was my family, not because I’m a woman, and women are expected to do that, but because I’m a member of that family. What I’ve come to learn through this love of family is that we all are members of many families.

When somebody calls me a nut; I beg to disagree. I’m an animal, not a nut, and if you can’t tell the difference, both of us are in trouble.

Animals are not food, contrary to what the cannibals of the world tell you. Yes, you are a cannibal if you eat animals. Disguising yourself by shaving the fur, doesn’t make you any less an animal. You are a human animal with cannibalistic qualities that turn to cannibalistic tendencies when you kill and eat the blood.

Genetically engineered bald chickens: The act of changing nature for our convenience in destroying it, is the ultimate perversity. The evil is in the act. Tame your God.

We need to seek ‘equal’ in terms of worthiness, not ability. We are all equally worthy: all animals. We are not, however, equal in terms of temperament or talents. Contribution cannot be measured, so stop knocking everybody off their pedestals to make yourself more important. In my world everyone has a pedestal.

If you’re looking for fifty different interpretations of one phrase, looking for a hundred different meanings of a punctuation mark, then you don’t accept the message. Stop trying to make everything fit into your philosophy. Try changing yourself and see if that fits better.

How one asks a question defines, at least partly, and sometimes totally, the answer. If you’re searching for truth, and not simply a validation of what you want to be true, you won’t ask any questions that predetermine the answer. Children have it right when early on they start with ‘how come?’ in response to all they see and experience in their world. Quick answers are not the most accurate. Thoughtful answers are that. ‘The first answer that comes to your mind is true’. Who made that up and passed it into law?

God will not ever hurt you, so why does God let others hurt you?  Because if God did not permit anybody to hurt anybody else, God would be controlling all behavior, thus making all of you It’s slaves, not unlike robots. You’re already preprogrammed with the Five Principles. It’s your job to use them. Bad behavior needs to be instigated, good behavior doesn’t, which means it’s easier to be good than bad–unless everyone is doing bad and then it’s easier to do what the group is doing. God does not want submissive subjects who tell God to do anything It wants with them. God likes spunk, somebody who will question and make what’s wrong right. God wants to work through all of us, so that we make the decisions based on good not bad. Don’t block your God.

Who made up and passed into law that no one can question authority? That’s dictatorial. It’s prejudice.

Strip all people of titles that denote superiority and inferiority and replace with titles that denote respect.

No one can be strong all the time; our bodies and minds need time out to be weak in order to grow in strength.

So you’re the chef who is going to change the world? A chef will bring the world out of darkness. And you’re that chef?

If not me, then another.

When you knock yourself down in your thoughts, through your own sense of humility, be sure to build yourself up again, in the same short time.

If you teach your children to hate, they just might do that, and it just might turn around on the teacher, who is you.

People with courage hold the earth in the palm of their hand, and treat gently all that moves. People with cowardice hold the earth under their thumb, and treat all that moves with rough justice. Be careful that the courage you use with one hand, doesn’t turn to cowardice with the second hand.

The Christians don’t believe in reincarnation, but claim Jesus to be coming back. The Jews don’t believe in reincarnation, but promise the Christians that they can and will produce Jesus when they acquire the land they want in Palestine.

A certain amount of delusion is necessary for anyone to move forward. If you acknowledged the truth: that no one really cares about you, that you consider your talents worthless, because others don’t acknowledge them, you’d never do the work needed to excel. In the end, all people really do care foremost about themselves. The rare exception is one to be treasured, but can only be recognized by another rare exception, which means that the truly altruistic person must work harder to circumvent everybody else’s self-absorption.

Whenever I start feeling angry or resentful toward someone who has offended me in some way, or who has an opinion I abhor, I make that person myself in my mind, then as a result I go easier on them. I don’t always do it.

Blacks don’t progress in the areas of health, because they feel an aversion to anything associated with whites. Thus, when whites got into taking better care of their health by eating a better diet, exercising, meditating, doing yoga, etc., blacks did nothing. There aren’t many black vegetarians or black exercise and health enthusiasts. Good health, produced by good diet, exercise and stress relieving activities are not the domain of any race. It’s a right and necessity of all peoples. Stop eating so much. You’re signaling to the planet impending famine.

Black leaders do their constituency a disfavor by focusing on reparations and benefits, while keeping resentment and hatred alive, until they get what they want. This social justice method did not work. Blacks in America have fallen behind every other group, precisely because their black leaders keep them oppressed. Go ahead spit on the street. Don’t clean up any property that you don’t own. The world is your dumpster; use it as one. Resist, resist, resist the white man, is the underlying tone of the sermons in every black church in America. Sure people like to hear that, but it’s preaching prejudice; it’s preaching oppression of the self; it’s teaching the brethren to disrespect anything connected to white. Focus on how to be self    reliant within a greater community, not separate. Work in a cooperative way to achieve your goals. I didn’t ask to be born in Springfield, Massachusetts, any more than you were asked to be born wherever you were born. Live with it. What difference does it make where you were born or where anybody else was born, or where your ancestors came from? The days of the so-called thoroughbred are over. Adjust. There’s no such thing as purebred. It’s all a figment of your prejudices.

Where you’re born matters in the building of nations.    Israel does so much nation building that they need to pay people from all over the world to come to Israel to live and have babies, to increase the minority status of Jews in Palestine. How controlling is that? They prey on people who need the money to come live in a war zone, with the promise of free land that they steal through terror and slaughter, to back up their claim of a nation, Just like Hitler did. Hitler was a Jew and every Jew knows it. Nobody needs proof. The proof is that no Jew would follow a non-Jew into the gates of hell. No Jew would trust a non-Jew with matters of life and property.

Fences don’t make borders; agreements do that. A border is only a border and will only be respected as a border if the peoples on either side of the border agree. The time to move borders through military force, death, destruction and terror is over. Israel failed–miserably. Destroy that massive concentration camp after every last person has been freed in Palestine. Do it now and do it according to the Five Principles.

Black leaders need to preach and practice the same sensitivity toward whites that they demanded whites practice toward them, that is, if they want true equality. To stick to a culture that no longer works, merely because it makes one different is self-destructive–to the individual and the group. When my grandmother and her family came to the United States from Lithuanian, they didn’t bring Lithuania with them. And, they certainly didn’t force the Americans to know their culture and be sensitive to their music, dress, dance and way of talking and acting. They became Americans. I’m tired of hearing, yeah, but they didn’t come against their will. Neither did you. You were born here. Do you think the families of all those poor and persecuted wanted to come to America? The elders made the decision, everybody else was forced to follow. How would they know that conditions here were worse than from where they left?

Stop finding excuses for your own bad behavior. If you’re so hot on your ‘mother land’, you’re free to return. If you’re not free to return, make a new motherland where you are. Maybe staying in your birth country and working to make changes there, is easier than immigrating to another country to make that country change to suit your needs. It’s time for the black and brown communities in America to become Americans. The key is to evolve. I keep Lithuania in my heart; I don’t wear it on my sleeve. Nor do I dress up like a Lithuanian in the privacy of my home, put on Lithuanian music and cook Lithuania foods (not unless I like them and they’re good for me). Even Lithuanians in Lithuania don’t do that. Blacks keep eating the same foods that the slaves ate. Why do that? You do a disservice to the slaves to continue in that heritage. They don’t want that for you. They want for you what they didn’t have. But they also want for you, what they did have that you lack. I don’t have to tell you what that is.

Most people will tell you in one form or another not to think in ‘what if’ patterns, since you waste a lot of time ‘what iffing’ about things that will never happen. I disagree. Thinking in ‘what if’ patterns prepares you for many of life’s inevitabilities and surprises. It doesn’t matter if ‘what if’ didn’t happen. What matters is that you   developed a plan to deal with it just in case. Repeating this process better prepares you to handle anything, since the process is transferrable to any situation. It teaches you to think on your feet, so that when you have to you can, and will. Regard it as training for dealing and coping with future obstacles, which by nature will occur. So, ‘what if’ away!

Are your addictions the glue that keep you together? If so, then there’s a part of your brain that you’re not using, that’s begging to be set free. Let the glue flow away from your gray matter, instead of ingesting stuff that’s clogging up the works. That goes for ideas too. At any moment in your life you can be the person you want to be. I’m not saying that you’ll get the particular job or the recognition that you want, but you’ll have all the confidence you’ll ever need to feel good about yourself. That’s something that no amount of money can buy. Don’t let somebody else’s definition of confidence bog you into thinking you have none.

If you’re one person on the inside and another person on the outside, then you’re not being true to yourself, and you lack confidence in that person you really are. When the person on the inside matches the person on the outside, it doesn’t matter if others don’t accept you. Adhere to the Five Principles of no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter and one person will be the majority in your God’s eyes. The good news is that it only takes the equivalent of turning on a light switch to adjust your views to conform to those principles. Turning on a light switch is not work.

Tired. People tend to develop ways of interpreting their ‘tired level’ by saying repeatedly throughout the day how tired this or that work is making them, making it more and more difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. Rarely does work make anybody tired. What you’re feeling is your body telling you, even while you’re working and pushing it aside, that you need to take better care of that body. If you’re tired while working, then you’re doing something wrong in the other areas of your life. People love to work; it’s in their nature. Don’t jeopardize work, by not taking care of your health. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying work and don’t deny yourself the pleasure of good health. Neither should you stop working at a task because you think that a certain amount of work should have made you tired. If you focus on that long enough you will be tired.

Being loved unconditionally doesn’t give you the license to do wrong. Responsibility comes with that unconditional love.

Whenever anybody called me stupid, I always knew I was smart even if others couldn’t see it. Maybe I wasn’t smart in the same ways others were, but I was smart in other ways that maybe they weren’t. Feeling stupid isn’t fun   especially if you agree with the one saying it. Each of us needs to define our own intellectual world and decide what we’re smart at, then focus our attention on developing those talents. If you don’t know, then you’re looking at yourself through everybody else’s eyes instead of your own.

Never think that because you have yet to reach your desired goal or performance, that you can’t help someone else along the way, while you go through the process of self-discovery, self-healing, self-motivation, self-accomplishment.

I’ve heard people discredit the alcohol addicted, nicotine addicted, etc. individual who still drinks or smokes when they recommend that others not engage in those addictive behaviors. If you’re fat you can’t preach on the benefits of being trim; it you’re a vegetarian and eat meat from time to time, then you can’t preach on the benefits of eating more healthy. To the contrary, these are the very people who know best what to avoid, even if they’ve yet to fully achieve their goals. Listen to them, with both ears open. Respect their views and encourage them to continue. They are the role models we all need to emulate. Then maybe you can put yourself on the same road, and spread to others, while you’re not quite there, the benefits of living an alcohol-free, tobacco-free and animal-free lifestyle.

Everybody makes lists of things to do, things to accomplish, goals to achieve within a certain time frame, and as we all find out, it’s easier to accomplish a task in our minds than in reality. Making lists is something we all love to do when we lack the motivation to do anything else, and somehow making a list makes us feel better about it all. It puts everything in perspective and at least if you didn’t get any work done, now you have a plan, and that’s worth something. Not completing or achieving the items on the list doesn’t spell failure. If you accomplished only one item, then the list functioned as a positive motivating tool. Lists are made to be revised, since the accomplishment of any one task changes the priority of all the others. So revise away!

Any animal, including the human animal, has a point at which they can be provoked to violence, either toward someone else or against themselves. We need to treat all beings with dignity to keep that threshold between violence and nonviolence from being crossed.

How we treat those whom we have control over tells us about our values.  How we treat animals, or people who are physically and/or brain challenged, the children, the elderly, the imprisoned tells us about our values. It’s easy to treat those we deem our equals in an equally worthy manner and then tell the world that we all have family values. What are family values anyway, if they don’t extend to those outside our family circle to other families?

I heard someone say the other day that we all have families; we don’t need the government to be our family. You know what? Yes we do. If our elected officials don’t treat us like family, what will they treat us as, subjects, slaves, objects? No thank you. I’m your family, like it or not, and you’re mine, like it or not.

Don’t falsely accuse anybody of anything. Once you do, the harm can never be undone. When it’s done to you, you don’t like it.

When you believe in a God outside of yourself and not one inside of you, then of course, sometimes when you call on that God, it appears not to answer. You blocked the closest part of God, who lives inside of you, out of your belief structure. Whose grand scam was that?

Old war veterans still cry from the pains of war. Many are still in veteran hospitals after all these years. The psychological and physical scars left by war are not worth the powder to fill the shells. War must stop being an option to settle disputes.

Stop raising animals for slaughter. Stop raising young boys and girls for slaughter. What will happen to all the animals if we don’t use them to eat? When we stop raising them, they’ll go the way of the wild rabbits, wild squirrels, the birds, the deer, the wild horses the wild turkeys, and the wild humans. Stop raising children for your armies, to be slaughtered for your safety. Learn to talk to your neighbor, so you won’t feel the need to raise anybody for slaughter.

Defense Mechanisms: Psychological terminology fads emerge over the years. Years ago people were accused of rationalizing everything (finding excuses for their behavior). Then it turned to intellectualizing everything (taking the emotional factor out of discussions). Years later, denial came into vogue (not owning up to one’s contribution to an incident). Then, projection took center stage. Nobody can say anything about anyone else, without being accused of really talking about themselves. Now everybody is acting in a passive-aggressive way (get them without them knowing it). In other words, everybody is rationalizing through intellectualization a flat out denial that they now project onto somebody else in a passive-aggressive manner. What next? Repression? Better to forget it all.

Long ago while driving late at night on a country road we hit a deer. It came out of nowhere, at least nowhere that we could see in time to avert the accident. That experience did not impress me as a good reason why communities should cull herds, that promoters of the practice claim as a good reason to decrease the accidental deaths on the roads. We don’t kill the family of a person who gets hit by a car. Why should we then kill the family of the dead deer in order to prevent further accidents? Can you believe that somebody really did come up with that reason for slaughter and a whole bunch of you jumped on that band wagon?

Being in a rut is like being in a jail of your own making. You have the key to set yourself free. Use it.

You’ve been given the most important tool to succeed: you.

A juncture: You ate hardly anything yesterday. You got on the scale today and gained a pound. You throw your hands up in the air. What’s the use. I gain weight no matter what I eat. This is a juncture. Go with that flawed logic and you’ll find yourself at a restaurant eating whatever you want, even more than you wanted. The next day you don’t even weigh yourself. You found an excuse to fail, and you used the scale as proof that you can’t lose weight. Back track to the juncture.

You send a check in the mail to pay a credit card bill. In a couple days you call to see if it has been credited to your account, because you’re worried it might be late and you don’t want a late fee. It hasn’t arrived, yet. Does that mean that you didn’t send the check? No. It’s on the way. It will be credited to your account–unless of course, you stop payment on the check before it gets there. But why do that? That would for sure make you late. The same is so with your weight. When you weigh yourself after a successful day of dieting, don’t negate the progress by going out and stuffing yourself, because the scale didn’t yet register the weight loss. This is where the decision is made, at that juncture, and this is where the discipline is needed to either stay on the diet another day, or to go off the diet. In a few days, the first day and the second will show up on the scale if you stick with it. If not, don’t blame the scale, because you expected it to register the loss before your body was ready to register it.

A flawed premise leads to a flawed solution, which leads to a flawed result.

Roller Coasters: When you step outside your comfort zone it’s normal to feel unease, simply because it’s novel. You can turn the negative notion of unease into a positive, by regarding it as exciting instead of anxiety provoking. A feeling of anticipation instead of dread will result, eliminating the unease, because you know that others have gone before you with exactly that result. When considering going on a roller coaster ride, you see people returning, so you know that when getting on that ride you’ll also get back off of it, experiencing a thrill in the process. Of course, if the roller coaster is unsafe, or you rough house on it, you may not return safely. So, when you step outside of your comfort zone, make sure it is in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, and you’ll be assured a safe and thrilling ride.

There really is such a thing as feeling good from knowing you did your best or that you’re doing what’s right when everyone around you disagrees. That’s raw power. Feel the surge. Peace of mind guaranteed.

Productivity need not be work related. And, work need not be something that generates income.

Everyone understands the concept of endless. When you’re having fun you don’t want it to end. So, the concept of endless is there, already programmed into you.

There’s an end to all storms. What can be exhilarating is how you weather the storm, so when it’s over, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If we can understand endless, then we can understand end. It’s time to end a lot of bad thoughts, bad strategies and bad behaviors.

Making yourself appeal to the nurturing instincts in others, resulting in them looking out for you, whereby you don’t have to contribute much, except to follow instructions, is an effective survival tool when all else fails, but use judiciously and as infrequently as necessary.

Terrorists aren’t born terrorists. Terrorists are made.

Control your day from beginning to end without telling everybody you’re doing it. Then be flexible to changes. When you’re flexible you’re still in control, because you’re the one deciding to be flexible.

Though the media loves to categorize all people into two groups: conservatives and liberals, most people when   interacting with each other never consider whether they’re conservative or liberal. What do those words mean anyway? I still don’t know. Probably something to confuse everybody.

What’s wrong with being a ‘do-gooder’? Everything is right with it. Does that make me a right winger? Or a left winger? What does right and left mean? Are left wingers do-gooders and right wingers do-wrongers?  Doing good is a survival skill we all need to develop. Being a do-wronger is not. How about being a do-better?

Instead of saying, ‘what’s going to happen to me next?’, say, ‘what can I do on my own to improve my chances of creating the ‘happen’ I want’.

Don’t feign fear. It doesn’t help you and it doesn’t help anybody else around you. If anything, feign courage. Nah, if you’re feigning courage, then you’ve got courage. Oh, but if you pretend that something takes courage when it doesn’t, then that’s not good. Don’t feign anything–unless you’re being tortured.

Governments that circulate misinformation may benefit in the short term by swaying public opinion regarding an    issue. But, in the long term, like any other deception, the government begins to believe its own misinformation, which can and often does lead to catastrophe.

Everybody can be a philanthropist. You needn’t be rich to give to those with less than you.

God loves your adversaries. That doesn’t mean that God approves of what your adversaries do. Refuse to be a  victim and you will neutralize your adversary. How? By making yourself as worthy, important and as powerful as they are. How? The God in you is as powerful as the God in them. If you’re right and their wrong on any particular issue, God will work through you to circumvent the obstacle they put in your path. If they’re right and you’re wrong, then God will point that out to you using the Five Principles of no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Seldom do people recognize their own bad behavior.  Yet, when they do, it’s usually an excuse to continue the bad behavior.

Loving your adversary the way God does is a good way to avoid the lesson learning, which often hurts the pride and is always inevitable. For example, if you respect someone as you would a friend, it becomes easier to come to an agreement, because you don’t want those you respect to suffer injustices through your actions. When you don’t want your adversary to suffer, you’ve fulfilled the requirements inherently set forth by the Five Principles. If you want anybody to suffer, then you are out of sync with God, no matter what your religious books or laws tell you.

Quick Treatment for Anxiety/Panic Attack: If anger fuels your anxiety, which if you consider it, you’ll agree that it does, then cure yourself by forgiving all that angers you. That’s right, make a mental list of every single person in your mind that has ever offended you and forgive that person. Then forgive yourself. If you have a problem forgiving, agree to do it short term, at least this once in your mind, in order to reduce the anxiety. Anxiety stems from fear of acting on your anger emotions. Anger can be addictive. Refuse to be its slave. Then ask the God in you to give you a peek of what you’ll see when you jump out of that anger filled anxiety pit.  I guarantee that your God will provide a thrilling or peaceful view, whichever you need at the moment. Maybe both. When the anxiety returns repeat the process. Deep breathe, stretch, take a hot bath to loosen your muscles. Tell your God to talk you down, then proceed to do it, or better yet, float with the moment and remain silent in your thoughts.

How do you get over anger? How do you let something go? Start a new activity– anything that suits you. Variety is the spice of life someone once said. Spice up your life. It seems strange to me that people will sentence those who have committed nothing approaching the severity of a crime to a lifetime of hell through rejection caused by anger.

If you bear a grudge, then you at least feel that you bear some responsibility for the offense. Otherwise you wouldn’t bear the grudge. Simply calling everybody crazy doesn’t help. Before you know it, everybody is in your crazy box, and you’re the only sane one standing outside of it. Jump into the box with the others and get crazy together. Then everybody comes out shaking hands and laughing at the misunderstandings.

Misunderstandings are as prevalent and copious as thoughts. For every thought there can be a misunderstanding of that thought. Are you hurt or are you angry? People can become just as addicted to being hurt as someone else can become to being angry. Oh, boy, I’m angry; I’m hurt; I’m both. Now what am I going to do about it? If you let something somebody said or did eat away at you, you’re now offending yourself. You’re worth more and deserve better than that. So, now that you’re feeling worthy, you don’t need to strike back. If you do, then you’re still not feeling worthy.

Don’t think that everybody out in the world is just waiting for you to enter their space so they can be nice to you. Don’t get angry because ‘you wouldn’t have done that’, or ‘acted that way’, or ‘said such and such’. You probably would have had you been in that person’s skin at that moment.

Killing somebody with kindness. Don’t ever do it. It demeans you and the person you’re feigning kindness toward. Once in the habit, no one will know when you’re being kind for real.

If you’re depressed, at some point you need to say to yourself that you’re feeling sorry for yourself, and feeling sorry for yourself is your right. You need nurturing. And if you’re the only one who wants to do it, then you’ve been put in charge of that. If you don’t want to do it, then you’re stuck, because most people have problems of their own. I suggest that you create the perfect mother or father in your mind who will always soothe you. Keep that thought just for you and let her or him do the soothing when you can’t.

At some point after consistently initiating new activity and rising above the depression by neutralizing it, when the feelings of hopelessness begin to return, you’ll know it, because you’ll feel it. Stop it immediately, sit down, analyze it, think of the thought that made you feel that way, then use every defense mechanism you have to keep it from getting to you, then go on the offensive and do something, anything that you know will get you out of that rut.  Once you’ve engaged yourself in some activity, you’ll be able to think more clearly about the issues; then you can strip away those defenses and tackle the problem head on. Clean. Cook something; get a haircut; do your nails; take a bath, walk outside; turn some ‘oldies’ on the radio.

Anger is the first emotion one feels when coming out of a depression, not frustration, not sadness not grief, not happiness. This should tell you something about the cause of depression. Unresolved anger. I’m going to jump back into life, right now, leaving all my woes behind. Wow, nobody even noticed I was gone.

You become a standard when you adopt a life free of the Five Fatal Flaws: prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, or when you actively work toward that end. Whether you want to be or not, you are. Because you’re a standard, certain responsibilities are required and expected to uphold that standard. You know what they are.

You’re as strong or as weak as you think you are. It has nothing to do with others’ opinions of you. Take responsibility for your own self-esteem. That’s a gift that only you can give yourself. If you watch people on television, you might think that they’re confident, courageous, calm, compassionate, well-dressed, well-liked. Those are the role models held up for us to emulate. But, all of those people have handlers: a group of people telling them every little thing to do and say. They’re puppets. There’s nothing independent about them. Without their handlers they’d crumble. Look to yourself as the role model you want to emulate, and let your own God be your handler.

The more organized your life, the better able you’re able to cope with all of life and not simply certain parts of it. But, nobody can, nor should they, be organized all the time. Just as you revise your list, being able to revise your life in response to new circumstances is a survival skill we all need to practice.

If you’re married with children, before taking a job be sure that the job takes their needs into consideration as well as your own. That goes along with the responsibilities of being a spouse and parent. If there are no jobs where you live, then maybe you should move to a place where there are jobs.

If you can answer yourself, then God can answer you. God can do anything you can do–better. And, God can do anything better with you as a participant, than either of you can do alone.

Start preaching what you practice to see the error of your ways.

Sweeping laws designed to protect big business from being held accountable to the consumers of their products help only big business, not the constituencies that lawmakers are sworn to represent. Being responsible to an elite group has supplanted being responsible to each individual. Yes it can be done. It needs to be done.

A sign of a country’s economic status is the degree to which its lower classes gamble, either legally or illegally.

The less stress a person has at home, the more productive they’ll be in the workplace. Put too many burdens on the pocketbook, that affects every facet of a worker’s personal life, and the worker will under-perform, due to the distractions caused by those burdens. Conversely, too much stress, and expectations raised way too high in the work place are conditions which will destroy the family. If we want a society of families, then we must nurture the family. High divorce rates are a direct result of too much stress at work, which carries over to the home. Stop blaming people’s personalities for divorce rates.

Fear Of The Nuclear Bomb: When the bomb is released and you know you’re the target, that’s a fear no one should ever know–again. All nuclear weapons facilities must be dismantled. All. If there is only one left, some megalomaniac who feels the oats of a God gone bad, will push that button. Was President Truman a Maccabee?

Participating in a religion is nothing more than joining a club, with rules of thought and behavior. Each religion differs from others and is defined by each religion’s set of rules. All religions, thus clubs, have gained way too much power over laws, over politics and over the thought processes of the masses. It’s time to cut that string that enslaves you, and introduce the Five principles to your religion.

Rewarding a job well done with an excess of some form depletes you of the energy and confidence naturally enhanced by the success. Let the success be the reward, then go on with business as usual. You can savor your success as you work on your next project and use it as a motivating tool to succeed again. Conversely, when you fail, a reward of excess of some form is not in order either. When you fail, feel the sting, learn what you could have done differently, then move on better equipped by the experience to increase your chance of success with the next project. Don’t drown your sorrow in anything. Okay, now and then.

When you possess as your ideology a foundation free of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, and if you make it a practice to practice the thoughts and behaviors which support your foundation, as well as make it your goal to educate others through your example, then any door you open will lead, by your God’s design, to that goal–as long as you keep it your goal. It doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles to overcome; it just means that you’ll be better equipped emotionally to handle those obstacles.

When you create you break through a boundary. That’s the fundamental nature of creation. All beings are creative. In fact, all life and non-life is creative. There is a right way and a wrong way to solve every problem. The solution is always visible when you strip away the prejudice. Your God would not create the solution and then hide it from you. That’s a people trick, not a God trick. You hide it from yourself by engaging in the Five Flaws.

Cornerstones: The inequality of men and women within the family unit is the root of all prejudice, which then transfers to the greater world through that prejudice. Vote for the children. Living a cruelty-free life style is the cornerstone to all that is good in life.

Setting Standards: It’s better to fall short of your expectations than to lower your standards to match your present thoughts and behavior. Unless we aspire to become better human beings, and keep our standards high, we will not progress along the road to civilization, but instead, we’ll stay in the rut that we rationalize is okay to be in.

When you fall short of your expectations, recognize the behavior as wrong, even if the behavior is legal, then aspire to do better next time. There is no hypocrisy in that. Believing in God or ascribing to a religious belief is not a prerequisite for doing the right thing. Nobody needs a  religion, but we all do need an uncompromising foundation that works for everyone, not just the majority or just a  minority trying to act like the majority.

Chicago tries to clean up the negative image of their ‘cow going to slaughter’ city by erecting mannequins of dressed up cows throughout the city. You’ll clean up the image of the city when you stop the slaughter and close the processing plants. Soy anyone? Plain soy, which few people like by itself because of its lack of flavor, tastes better than raw meat, which hasn’t been seasoned. Season the soy and it can be anything you want it to be–animal, vegetable, bean, grain, nut, milk, cream, eggs, cheese. Season the meat and it’s still meat–a dead rotted corpse.

Any nation wanting a seat in the United Nations deserves one. We won’t be truly a global community/family until every country on this planet is represented with a voice and a vote. God is not a patriot of any one country.

God loves all creatures no matter where they reside.

No one should be persecuted for religious beliefs, but neither should any religion persecute, kill, or deem inferior any being in the name of their God.

From apple to animal to aids. Think, just for one moment, about the monumental loss and suffering incurred because one person ate the flesh of one monkey who  carried the aids virus. Now you tell me the forbidden fruit isn’t the animal?  You are not to eat the fruit of the womb. Now how did that get misinterpreted? The same way that the Tehran Times wanted to take the ‘children’ designation away from my writing about my ‘dog children’. The   Islamic world wasn’t ready for it. They would be offended by it.

Euthanasia: When there is no humanly possible way to stop or alleviate intense, immediate and unbearable, prolonged suffering, giving someone a ‘happy death’ is a compassionate act.

If we’re so intelligent and so superior, then we should be able to experiment and find cures to what ails us without cruelty to other animals. If animal cruelty had been outlawed from the start, we’d be centuries ahead of where we are now in research. We’d be using our brains instead of the brains of other animals. What a tragedy. We can change that.  I know we can. You’d better start thinking we can, because the government is already experimenting on you. It’s not much of a stretch from there, where we are right now.

If we had outlawed cruelty to animals from the start we wouldn’t have based our economies on every part of the slaughtered animal. We’d be centuries ahead of where we are now in food production, and eliminating starvation, disease, and poverty. We can change that.  I know we can. You’d better start thinking we can before we all die from spongy brain disease, that the Feds keep calling Alzheimer’s.

Re: the Atkins diet that recommends eating lots of dead animals and fat to lose weight and feel good about yourself: You’re losing more than weight; you’re dying. That’s the first symptom of impending death: losing weight. “First you kill the animal, then the animal kills you; slowly but surely.”

Why are Americans so fat? Because they eat out more than ever before. Restaurants are making everybody fat. Start preparing your own meals, paying attention to the ingredients and you’ll lose weight slowly, feel strong, not weak, in the process and feel good about yourself. Preparing your own meals is a survival skill that everybody should know how to do.

Maintaining the Social Order: Isn’t that why Martin Luther King Jr. was killed? Because he branched out beyond the scope of ‘Negro’ problems? When he started to walk his talk to the world–when he stepped beyond his own handicap (and in his day being black was a handicap)–Bam, Bam, one more person trying to upset the apple cart with his talk about equality and organizing the poor–all poor–of all nations–shot dead–never again to whisper sweet nothings in his darling’s ear, never again to speak out, never to upset our apple cart again. It didn’t work did it?  That apple cart is about to get tossed. The blacks don’t own Martin Luther King. You Own You Only.

To insist on always being right, to want everyone to always think you’re right, for you to always want to think you can do no wrong, and that you are always on the side of rightness is the way most of us perceive ourselves. We live our lives, much to the detriment of those around us, who are also doing the same.

Becoming a democratic country doesn’t mean you won’t be poor anymore. All it really means is that you can elect candidates who run for office. It doesn’t mean that they’ll represent you, or protect you from prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. It doesn’t mean that private interest groups won’t run your life and the country. Just look at India, Russia, Pakistan, Israel to prove the point. Dropping bombs to make countries democratic doesn’t sound too smart anymore does it? We need a better model. We need a stronger foundation, and there is only one that will work for everyone: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Just because something is socially acceptable doesn’t make it right and doesn’t mean you have to participate. Feeling like an outsider, because you don’t do as everybody else does? Get in touch with the God in you and you’ll never feel alone again.

Spies. Every country has them. They’re trained to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, torture, kill, all in the name of national security. They’re recruited from other countries to betray their own countries. Yet with all these hundreds of thousands of tons of intelligence, what good does it really do? Nobody could possible read and assimilate it all, then make judgments based on it all. Better to stop spying and use your resources to build up rather than tear down societies.

God exists in all matter. Every molecule, atom, quark and that which has no name. God is your essence. When you speak to God, God always answers. God communicates to you every minute of every day. God would never demand a one-sided relationship, where you do all the talking. That would be rude, cruel, arrogant and controlling behavior, and God is none of that. When you open your mouth God is talking. When you grunt and groan that’s God too. Be sure to leave a good impression of your God with others.

Accepting our ‘lot’ in life, at any given moment as God’s will for us makes it easier to cope with our present situation. But, don’t mistake God’s efforts to help us cope with situations that others manipulate to their advantage and your detriment, as the true will of God.

Survival advantage: To give yourself the best survival advantage, which includes the ability to cope and interact effectively, eliminate all caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, drugs (except was is necessary for survival) and all animal products from your life-style. Achieving one or two helps. Doing all five will dazzle you, making you shine as the star of your life you are. If you need artificial stimulants to get through a job, then the job is too big for you. Break it down into smaller units.

All you ever have at any given time is the moment you’re in–not yesterday, not tomorrow. If you keep waiting to be happy, imagine all the moments you would have wasted waiting. God gives everyone the ability to laugh, to sing, to dance, to socialize in times of tragedy, even if it’s just in your mind. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you need to feel pain in absence of joy. The two can and do coexist in all creatures. So celebrate in times of sadness and sorrow. It’s a survival tool and it’s your right.

God says nobody should have to earn your respect. That puts you in a position of superiority. Respect everybody as a common practice. If anything, disrespect an action.

Think in terms of solutions not excuses. The world doesn’t have to change to accommodate your foundation–only you do.

One person can change the world. You are the world. So change away!

When you look at an animal, other than the human species, see the human in the animal, and you will see yourself. Hold that thought–forever.

Nations follow examples set by other nations, just as people follow examples set by other people. The examples are not always good. So be careful whose tune you start whistling. I told you that I will use dangling participles if I want to use them. Don’t you think it’s better to focus on your own ability to communicate effectively? Rules of language don’t always allow for that. Rules of language, like everything else, are meant to evolve into something better.

IQ tests and other standardized tests are not just skewed against African Americans or the poor, they’re skewed in favor of the Jews. The reason is that Jews design the tests. They don’t do it intentionally to benefit them, but due to the way their brains are wired, to process large amounts of information and to pay attention to even larger amounts of detail, this becomes reflected in the tests they design. They’re the ones everyone calls on when there’s a big, complicated, tedious, painstaking job to do. They’re also adept at solving puzzles. It doesn’t make them smarter than everybody else; it only makes them smarter at the tests they design.

Memorizing large amounts of data doesn’t equate with being able to interpret the data. The ability to solve puzzles doesn’t equate to solving life’s problems. Life simply does not fit neatly into the predetermined configuration of a puzzle. If memorizing large amounts of data and puzzle solving ability did equate to problem solving ability, then Israel would have solved their problems long ago, and the USA wouldn’t be on the verge of collapse.

The good news is that as the younger generations of Jews evolve, their advantage, which once put everybody else at a disadvantage, is diminishing, simply because they don’t put the same value on wanting to outsmart everybody else. The youth are more concerned with new ways in a new world and how they can both benefit by and contribute to the changing landscape of their lives in this new world.

A different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it and as we will come to know it – that’s what Word Warrior Davies-Tight is all about.

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