Groups Are Over-rated

I don't really want to be connected to a group. I don't know why I'm that way. I love to be around people. All kinds of people. It doesn't even matter if they're nice. Maybe because my DNA matches so many regions around the world - and I draw on all of them by the … Continue reading Groups Are Over-rated


The Real Natives In The USA and Canada

My grandfather was born and raised in Inverness, Quebec Canada, yet my DNA results do not reflect me as being Canadian. I was born and raised in the Unites States of America, yet there is no DNA marker that proves that I am an American. Canada and the United states are not ethnicities. The ethnicities … Continue reading The Real Natives In The USA and Canada

My DNA Results Are In

  ANCESTRY.COM \ ancestryDNA The big surprise was the SCANDINAVIAN influence coming in @ 31%. GREAT BRITAIN including WALES AND SCOTLAND @ 21% no surprise there. A separate category for IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES was a little surprising @ 20%. EUROPE EAST including primarily Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, … Continue reading My DNA Results Are In

Ancestry DNA Databases

Ever wonder if those ancestor DNA companies that test your saliva and tell you where you really came from turn their DNA intel over to authorities so the authorities can check the results against their own databases of collected DNA evidence, to try to find a match? I can see lots of room for abuse … Continue reading Ancestry DNA Databases

I’m Cree

Cree, when I asked I was told through a physical medium - scrabble tiles I used during my rehabilitation from a toxic brain injury caused by toxic molds. I wasn't too pleased with that, considering their hunting nature, but then all Indians share that nature. I still don't like it. Canadian. On my Grandfather's side. … Continue reading I’m Cree

my heritage

I'm not enough of any one thing to claim anything for myself based on heritage. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight