And every Lithuanian in the world is waiting and watching what the Jews in Palestine will do to the Palestinians in Palestine. The Jews worldwide say we, the Lithuanians, don’t celebrate Jewry enough. I say back to you, the Jews need to celebrate all those who suffer at your hands. And release them. Unconditionally.

Ethnicity Estimate UPDATED for Sharon

NEW Ethnicity Estimate RECEIVED 10/23/019 England, Wales & Northwestern Europe Primarily located in: Belgium, Channel Islands, England, Wales 46% Your ethnicity estimate is 46%, but it can range from 40—54%. About this Region The history of Britain, the heart of our England, Wales & Northwestern Europe region, is often presented as one group of invaders after anotherContinue reading “Ethnicity Estimate UPDATED for Sharon”

Update On My Ancestry DNA

Previous Estimate Scandinavia 31% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 21% Europe East 21% Ireland & Scotland 20% Iberian Peninsula 6% Europe West 1% Current Estimate: England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 50% Ireland & Scotland 24% Baltic States 21% Sweden 2% Norway 2% Basque 1% CURRENT MAPS 50% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe Primarily located in: England, Scotland, Wales Also found in: Ireland, France,Continue reading “Update On My Ancestry DNA”

My DNA Results Are In

  ANCESTRY.COM \ ancestryDNA The big surprise was the SCANDINAVIAN influence coming in @ 31%. GREAT BRITAIN including WALES AND SCOTLAND @ 21% no surprise there. A separate category for IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES was a little surprising @ 20%. EUROPE EAST including primarily Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova,Continue reading “My DNA Results Are In”

Ancestry DNA Databases

Ever wonder if those ancestor DNA companies that test your saliva and tell you where you really came from turn their DNA intel over to authorities so the authorities can check the results against their own databases of collected DNA evidence, to try to find a match? I can see lots of room for abuseContinue reading “Ancestry DNA Databases”