RE:  Illegal immigrants, living underground in the USA. It is in the National Security interest of the USA to make them belong somewhere to someone to some country. The best option, since they’re already here is to accept them as part of the USA family under the naturalization act, making them citizens. Fifteen million peopleContinue reading “15 MILLION RECRUITS Up For Grabs”

Hey, Mom, Dad, Wake Up

The Anitfa Aggression made up primarily of aggressive rich white kids who like to play with fire give everyone with a gripe about anyone justification to hurt them till they change. They’re rich kids with too much time on their hands looking for a Mommy and Daddy. They feel emotionally neglected and want their attention.Continue reading “Hey, Mom, Dad, Wake Up”


I was going to take one week to assess your weaknesses before meeting with you. Then I decided against it. You didn’t want me to see your weaknesses did you? Instead, I’m going to observe your strengths in the field for one week. Then we’ll finish up in the office. One week from today.  


Every human has the right to defend itself against any aggressor. Every other animal has the right to defend itself against any aggressor. I give to you now, the right to defend the defenseless. I give you the right, now, to open the doors of every slaughterhouse in the world. Your God working for youContinue reading “TIME FOR THE OPENING – THE NEW LAW”

Anonymous: You’re on my radar

Only terrorists commit a crime, then through the media take credit for it, while wearing masks to hide their identity. Anonymous uses fascism, xenophobia, and religious persecution as excuses for committing criminal acts against a USA presidential candidate – not intelligently thought out – which means they don’t really need an excuse. They just wantContinue reading “Anonymous: You’re on my radar”

ISIS – A Rich People Disease

ISIS promotes death not life. ISIS is an occupying force. ISIS enslaves, tortures and slaughters the inhabitants of the towns and cities they occupy. ISIS leaders and followers are dictators, not liberators. They free no one. ISIS is worse than any current dictator, and as bad as the worst dictators of the past. ISIS oppressesContinue reading “ISIS – A Rich People Disease”


BATTLING BED BUGS IN CLEVELAND, OHIO The blood-sucking terrorists are everywhere. Cleveland 3rd in the nation. Bed Bug Myth They don’t getcha only when you’re sleeping as myth, folklore, exterminating companies and the government tell you. They get you any time, any where, under any circumstance. They travel at all times of the day andContinue reading “BED BUG MYTH”


It’s always rich people’s kids who are attracted to cults. It’s rich people’s kids who become radicalized and travel to far lands to support ideologies and wars they don’t really understand. After all, how could they afford to do what they do if they didn’t have rich parents? They (the kids) want to be dominated,Continue reading “RICH PEOPLE’S KIDS”


A SHORT RECENT HISTORY OF MALI In 1959 French Sudan (Sudanese Republic) and Senegal united to form the Mali Federation. In 1960 the Mali Federation gained independence from France. Later in 1960 Senegal withdrew from the federation, which allowed the Sudanese Republic to become the independent Republic of Mali, forming a one party state ruled byContinue reading “TERRORISTS ATTACK HOTEL IN MALI”


All of us who watch the news hear how ISIS (Islamic State et al) are recruiting young people around the world by their fancy Dan websites. They have lots of money to put into the design, the subtle messaging, the impact of violent images and otherwise recruitment propaganda, that evidently appeals to a segment ofContinue reading “LOOKING FOR ISIS – BAIT SITES”


ISIS is Benjamin Netanyahu’s forever vengeance. And he’s okay with that. It doesn’t matter that his skin is nearly white, and the skin of ISIS is nearly black. Come to America. Make America suffer, so they know how we Jews suffer. Feel our pain. But what happened to ISIS? Why isn’t anybody feeling their pain?Continue reading “ISIS”


NO. There is no life WITH Jihad. Only death. You don’t want to live in a world where the purpose is to live to thrive, so you fabricate a reason to live to die and make others die with you, so you can quickly go to a heaven you know nothing about. “Let’s just skip allContinue reading ““THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT JIHAD””

GUNS AND ISIS – You don’t need a gun to get into heaven. ADVERTISEMENT PAID FOR BY YOUR GOD

If you need to commit acts of violence in order to feel alive before you blow yourself up, remember THIS: when you get to heaven, those you blew up will be there with you. I’d hate to think what that fight is going to look like. On earth as it is in heaven. God trumpsContinue reading “GUNS AND ISIS – You don’t need a gun to get into heaven. ADVERTISEMENT PAID FOR BY YOUR GOD”


When the government ‘calls’ you, it’s for the purpose of putting yourself in harms way to protect and/or advance the group via the military. When God ‘calls’ you, it’s never to give your life so that others may live. It’s always to live your life as the example to others to do the same. ~Continue reading “WHEN YOU’RE ‘CALLED’!”


Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you? YES THEY CAN AND DO. Words start wars. satire (definition) the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. Right off the bat, straightContinue reading “THE IRONY OF ISIS”


Most people wouldn’t go out and actually kill the animal they purchase at the supermarket, yet they relish the anticipation of the preparation of the meal and subsequent feast. Most people, unless pushed to an unfathomable rage and disgust, just couldn’t do it. They couldn’t stomach doing it, nor stomach watching somebody else doing it.Continue reading “TEAR DOWN THAT FOUNDATION”