Finding Answer For Unknown Question

The USA government doesn’t like ‘one person changing the world’ – stick to yourself and you’ll be okay. I say, one person is the world – but they don’t get it – they’re not thinkers – deep – they’re strategists – blockers – life is about war to them.

Soul vs Parse

When a thought comes to you, write your soul as it comes out. Don’t parse it as you write; you’ll lose it. Forget the Brits and all their rules to make everyone conform thus sound the same. They want to occupy your thoughts so they can control them. They do that by setting up rulesContinue reading “Soul vs Parse”

Nature Of The Beast

Hey, contradiction is normal. We as humans all have a contradictory component in the repertoire of assessment and solution generating part of our brains. Should I or shouldn’t I? Yes or nor or maybe. With new information blah, blah, blah. It’s never ending. Changing one’s mind, once seen as a woman’s right in a laughableContinue reading “Nature Of The Beast”

Direct Paves The Road

Haunting Hustlers There’s no need to make the reader feel uncomfortable. Isn’t that the Jewish strategy when designing holocaust museums or writing about Jewish concerns? It’s too manipulative. People can handle the truth. It’s when you attempt to influence their interpretation of the truth, that the truth becomes stressful to the reader. Absent the writerContinue reading “Direct Paves The Road”

Writing Tip On Question Marks

Writing Tip On Question Marks Question marks in an essay or article relax the reader, opening them up to their own thoughts. It’s as if the writer is questioning their own statements, when that may not be always true; or if not provable, a question mark signifies that lack of proof. It doesn’t however, necessarilyContinue reading “Writing Tip On Question Marks”


Dog Language? I raised eight of them – each different – I should know. Somebody was hoping I was hearing voices from above? from another dimension? from the dead? directly from the one and only God source that humans concocted out of religions, to have and to exploit the non-human animals, that God? You knowContinue reading “DOG LANGUAGE? update”


BEFORE AFTER AND DURING NEXT time someone says, THE SCIENCE SAYS, tell them to show you the science. SOME CLAIM THAT USING ALL CAPS means you’re angry. For me it states a truth and as it turns out it’s convenient. But even if someone is angry, don’t they have that right? Who in the governmentContinue reading “BEFORE AFTER AND DURING”


Minority vs Majority Status Rich and poor are minorities in the USA. The very rich and the very poor. Worldwide, poor is the majority. Be cognizant of using the word appropriately. It doesn’t matter how most people construe the words minority vs majority. What matters is that when communicating through the written word you beContinue reading “MINORITY VS MAJORITY STATUS”


BEETOLOGY  A ONE SENTENCE STORY  aka The Comma Story  aka The Beet Story  aka The House Story Once upon a time, in a seven tiny room two story with two attics and a hatchway cellar house with maroon and red asphalt brick siding lived the Davies family. I didn’t like beets. I didn’t like theContinue reading “BEETOLOGY”


I write in many voices. I speak in my own – not much there. I used to call writing the same as speaking, but they’re not the same. You get to edit what you write before you present it. Speaking doesn’t allow for that, unless you write out a draft first, which many of courseContinue reading “OPEN ME’ THUNDER”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 13 Ivanka Trump slammed after sharing photos from family vacation: ‘Shame on you’ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 22 April 2019 Ivanka Trump slammed after sharing photos from family vacation: ‘Shame on you’ At least she’s not using her kids as human shields to get into a country illegally. Nor is sheContinue reading “BIASED TITLES – day 13”

Own Your Truth – day 12

FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 12 Open your truth. Have a look around; make your decisions from what you discover. Be the first or the last to take that trip. It doesn’t matter where you are in the pack – only that you’re in it. Fresh eyes won’t necessarily be your own, but fresh eyesContinue reading “Own Your Truth – day 12”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 11 Who do you work for? No one. I work on my own. You’re self-employed? Guess you could say I employ myself. But you’re self-employed? Right? You mean legally? Is there such a thing? Sure. What are the rules? IRS rules. Oh well. I don’t pay myself. I can’t affordContinue reading “THE INTERVIEW FLIP – day 11”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 1 It’s the climate. If a small difference in climate can change the quality of the wine, imagine what it can do to the human. Imagine what it can do to the quality of the entire planet and all existing on it. I’ve been looking all over the internet forContinue reading “CLIMATE CHANGE REVISITED – day 1”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 2 My mother once said to me, “Never be ashamed of your religion”. I thought to myself, “or afraid of it”. Your viewing audience says to themselves, what’s she/he mean by that? Or, what’s he/she saying? The soul door opens only if the viewer leans into the door. When theyContinue reading “A SOUL OPENER IS THIS: – day 2”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 3 Remember the burning of the book that you were so interested in? An Asian woman sitting behind me at a Jewish play said, “She burned the book. We’re not interested in her anymore. We wanted the book.” Out in full view, in the long driveway, sat a fifty-five gallonContinue reading “THE BOOK BURNING – day 3”

HUGGING – day 4

FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 4 My evolution from not wanting somebody to hug me or even tap me during a conversation – except family – to initiating the hug to overcome some ridiculous rule, that probably somebody else made for me. The fear of strangers that our mothers make us be. Fathers too. HindsightContinue reading “HUGGING – day 4”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 5 Stop recreating the past. Create the future by writing about the present. The past is gone. Random ties everything together. Does it really matter? There’s too much detailed history in many articles I read – even too much detailed account in one current happening. Unless you’re trying to changeContinue reading “SKATING OVER WORDS – day 5”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 6 Raw material is necessary to build the foundation upon which I form my final conclusions. To the writers and speakers of the world, use your raw material as a foundation to polish the thought. Don’t feel compelled to publish or speak everything that’s in your bank of ideas. NotContinue reading “RAW MATERIAL – day 6”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 7 “A natural born molester of the innards, he relishes getting his creepy little fingers straight into the belly, that which should be the private space of all creatures, he invades, laughing all the while, like the devil he chose to be, sucking up the blood with his thirsty, vengefulContinue reading “A ROLLING SENTENCE. AN EXAMPLE – day 7”

WHY SAY 5 INSTEAD OF 8 – day 8

FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 8 It’s always a good idea to give a little more than you promised. Never short-change your reader. Not “the” reader. “Your” reader. You’ve been a pleasure and a pain in the neck. Always be honest absent brutal. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 9 You made me listen by terrorizing me in my own home, out on the street where I live, the restaurants where I eat, and at the stores where I shop. This is my response: You barbaric pieces of African Dung. We want equal time. choke choke choke Those deadContinue reading “A GAME CHANGER – day 9”


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 10 I don’t care if the group survives. I don’t care about groups or following the leader. All leaders are flawed. They just don’t care if they’re flawed and seemingly neither do their followers, because they’re flawed too. The difference lies in the followers caring about their own flaws yetContinue reading “THE SOUL IS THE GUTTER – day 10”