Dirt Poor I grew up on a dirt road. Does that make me dirt poor? Eventually the city paved it. Well, sort of. Laid some gravel and forgot about it. Couple years later, lay some tar on top of the gravel then press it into the tar with a big roller truck. At least nowContinue reading “DIRT POOR”

Ops There I Go Thinking Again

I think I should be listed as an endangered species and protected under the Endangered Species Act. 28 December 1948 Endangered Species Act 48th Anniversary. Saw it on the calendar. Hey, that’s the year I was conceived. At 7 months in the womb I probably already developed my subconscious, unconscious and conscious thinking apparatus, givenContinue reading “Ops There I Go Thinking Again”

Giving Orthodox Jews Nuclear Weapons?

Is like giving nuclear weapons to a band of Gypsies. Negotiating for parts? No disrespect intended toward the Gypsies, but nuclear weapons? Come on. Did the orthodox Jews in Israel build those weapons themselves? If not, then who gave the nuclear weapons to a band of Gypsies? A gift? somebody GIFTED THE GYPSIES? I didn’tContinue reading “Giving Orthodox Jews Nuclear Weapons?”


Laughing Latinos Hey, why don’t Latinos speak Latin? Why call people from Spain, Latin? If all life started in Africa, then why don’t Puerto Rican’s look more African? If black traits are dominant, and if all life started in Africa, then why doesn’t the entire world look more African? If all life started in Africa,Continue reading “LAUGHING LATINOS”

A Cooling Down Of The Gut With A Sidewinder Joke

You don’t have to eat teeth to grow them. You don’t have to eat brains to replace the one you say you have, but never use. If you’re using a biased gut instead of your brains to solve your problems or to demand something from someone else, that you could provide yourself, you’re always goingContinue reading “A Cooling Down Of The Gut With A Sidewinder Joke”

Brits And Pity

Brits And Pity The Brits are always scolding people about pitying themselves. They don’t like it and they’ll put you down in a beat. But these same people expect the ones they beat for pitying themselves to pity everybody else. So pity to them is only okay when you’re not giving it to yourself. WhatContinue reading “Brits And Pity”

It Won’t Kill You To Laugh At Yourself – It Might Cure You

Have you ever raised a person of a different species who doesn’t speak or understand your language, in my instance English? All of my adopted children were/are non-human. That’s what I do best – understand non-humans. If I can understand non-humans, then why or how could anybody think that I don’t understand humans? Me beingContinue reading “It Won’t Kill You To Laugh At Yourself – It Might Cure You”

Mohammed The Cow

Mohammed The Cow Mohammed The Great Divider came back as a cow going to slaughter in the USA. Would anybody, Muslim or not, try to find Mohammed? How would we find him among so many cows? Stop the slaughter of all of them and then it wouldn’t matter? You don’t want him to die twiceContinue reading “Mohammed The Cow”


Alert: Cuss words used in this post. Do not read if cuss words offend you. Fake News Anchors Are Hit Men and Hit Women. Their job is to destroy you by putting you in the worst light possible, parsing words and taking everything said figuratively, literally, out of the context of intent. If you areContinue reading “BE WARY”


I took the laundry cart out as a precursor to doing the laundry – only bedding today. He sees it before taking a shower and says what’s this cart doing out here? Don’t do laundry. I’ll do it on my day off. I say I’m only doing bedding. He says okay, then says no. IContinue reading “THIS IS HOW CONTROLLING MY HUSBAND IS:”


It’s time to retire hardball. Everybody plays it–and all it amounts to–at the end of the day–all things being equal in a perfect world, without rushing to judgement–that it is what it is–been there done that–deja vu all over again–on so many different levels. When the other shoe drops, where the sun doesn’t shine, that’sContinue reading “HARDBALL”