by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Five principles to a better life. The Jews and Arabs often accuse me of ignoring history, which to me is nothing more than an interpretation of questionable focus on certain events, real or perceived.

Why would I need to know the opinions and state of affairs of every detail of the  lives of my parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and all of their associates and families, and then all of their ancestors descending from all of the above, 2000 years ago, in order to make decisions on the conduct of my own life, or to form views regarding what I see, feel and otherwise experience in my own environment, in my own world? 

Then, why would I need to know all of the above about the Jews and the  Arabs–or any other group of people for that matter? Those who insist on doing what their ancestors did 2000 years ago, or who simply can’t figure out anything on their own, because of the demands placed on them via their  religions which require adherence to the views and actions of their ancestors, are stripped of the joy of discovering one’s own God in one’s own way–in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter–which is the purest way to discover any God worth your efforts to emulate.

Your ancestors, however unwittingly, have become your oppressors from beyond the grave. It remains tragic that the instructions given in these historic accounts of every day life of families living through adversarial times are so contradictory, conflicting and misleading, without any goal, except pursuing everlasting life in either heaven or hell as a consequence of either following or not following those instructions–after one has endured an unjust and tortuous life on earth.

If you want God to punish someone, and God agrees, then what would stop that same God from granting your offender’s wish of punishing you–and on and on? Unfortunately, that’s the underlying tone of most of those writings. ‘Please God, punish them for what they’re doing to me. Burn their babies; stuff them into pigs; roast them alive; tear out their entrails; bring a plague upon them; make them suffer’. When is someone going to ask, ‘instruct me to understand why they’re offending me and how I can help them to respect me?’ This isn’t blaming the victim; it’s understanding the ‘why’ of the attack. Both sides need to do it, but one will set the example. Simultaneously will be splendid.

Please stop tormenting yourselves and the world with diaries of persecuted beings when reading them keeps you locked into a perpetual state of despair instead of freeing you from it. Your ancestors weren’t around to finish their stories that many times ended well. Who wants to write when they’re feeling happy? No one. When you’re happy you’re out enjoying being happy; you’re not at the writing table or drawing board trying to capture the beauty of the ecstasy in words.

Nobody’s life is all bad, but judging from the words written in these so-called holy books, the obsessive focus on suffering, functions (intentionally or not) as a self-fulfilling prophecy, which encourages instead of discourages those reading them to continue the suffering through revenge.

Stop referring to ancient diaries to solve your problems and to justify violence toward yourself, others and the planet. The instructions for achieving peace are simply not present in these books, unless followed by a contradictory instruction, which negates it. Just in case you don’t want to follow the good path, the bad one is always an option–and so it is written. Who would want to follow in the footsteps of their oppressed ancestors, and what ancestor worth their salt, would want you to do that?

These books do not lay out a plan; they’re recordings of the trials and tribulations of a segment of humanity. All beings suffer similar trials and tribulations; that’s the appeal of the book; it’s just that other segments of humanity didn’t take the time to write it all out. They grew beyond it–thankfully. How many times have those holy books been edited, revised, translated, and reedited, revised and rewritten all over again to fit the signs of the times, all so people can better understand the words? See, the books have evolved, but they haven’t evolved in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

If someone has a vision in which God tells them to kill somebody or a group of somebodies, that’s not the God of the Five Principles talking. To wade through the chatter of your mind, you need to apply a blue print to it, so that you’ll hear the proper instruction.

That blue print contains God’s Five Principles: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.  These Five Principles are the foundation upon which all else is to be decided. That’s the test of right and wrong, good or bad. That’s the only test that can be applied universally to all circumstances large and small, religious or not religious and whether you do or don’t believe in God’s existence. In other words, it’s good for the believers and the nonbelievers alike.

We are all programmed with these Five Principles before birth. All life and non-life possess them. Whether it becomes expressed is up to the individual and the group at the same time.

Therefore, what’s good for the individual is good for the group and vice versa. There’s no democracy implied in this blue print, since it’s good for everyone. When you use that blue print to separate the wheat from the chaff (the good from the bad), you’ll see with horror the extent to which the world has veered off the path of right and good and gone down the road of wrong and bad.

It’s a startling view, but once you’ve seen the view, you can never totally turn away from it. The view changes you forever–for the better–which is both right and good, and at the same time, the beginning of a progressive evolution–the evolution of you, controlled by you, which makes you your own God: oh powerful one!

If the violent thoughts in your mind out-shout or suppress the nonviolent thoughts, then you need to actively seek the nonviolent ones, since within those thoughts are God’s instruction for you. God allows the violent thoughts as a purging function in response to your rage.

They are not meant, however, to be acted upon. So, instead of trying to suppress the violent thoughts, because it’s the violent thoughts that are suppressing the non-violent thoughts, which will lead to obsessing on them again, seek out their nonviolent counterparts. They’re there; and if you’re going to obsess on anything, that’s the direction to follow.

The rampant hypocrisy in the world is what often times won’t allow us to stay focused on nonviolence. It seems somebody is always trying to humiliate or ridicule or undermine our best efforts to do the right thing. Know that those who would choose to humiliate have not applied the Five Principles to their own behavior and in the end evolution will overcome them, until the God of the Five Principles in them wins out, forcing them to make a correction in their view.

This is most often seen in the form of regret and apology. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t resist the oppressor. By all nonviolent means, you are required by universal law to fight oppression in all forms. It is the way of the universe.

Associated Press: 1-15-02 Germany to Allow Animals’ Slaughter. Summary of news article: plus research:

Muslims and Jews have their own ritualistic ways of killing animals, making them fit for their consumption, according to their religious rules and regulations. The nation of Germany has its own rules and regulations. Germany requires that the animal be stunned first, then slaughtered. Muslims and Jews require that the animal be wide awake, getting it’s throat slit while hanging upside down, to allow for the speedy letting of blood. Muslims claim that cutting the jugular allows the animal to die more humanely.

They claim that introducing the stun factor, frightens the animal, thus injects poisons into his/her system, making it unhealthy for those consuming the body after death. They also claim that drawing the blood out, through gravity, as the animal dies, prevents the pooling of blood in the body which occurs when you kill it, and not allowed according to their religious laws.

So, who cares? My God cares…about any satanic ritual that involves enslavement, torture and/or slaughter, and the animal being ritualized and slaughtered certainly cares. Germany’s highest court ruled in favor of the Muslims today, allowing ritualistic slaughter that had previously been outlawed, in order to integrate the minority Muslims into the majority, making them feel good about Germany’s acceptance of their rituals.

Animal rights activists were in a huff, and rightly so. Since the attacks on America, people worldwide have made efforts to accommodate Muslims and their religious practices, since they make up such a large portion of the earth’s human force, and exist in numbers large enough to do some damage in nearly all countries, should they so choose.

Since the great Muslim himself apparently has called on all Muslims to rebel against Western ways, people are cow-towing to Muslim interests, whether their interests are in the best interests of everybody else or not. The world already cow-tows to Jews under the threat of having their lives made a living hell, and if that doesn’t work–assassination. Of course, nobody asked the animals being slaughtered what they thought, primarily because these animals don’t speak a language that has an alphabet to support it.

Now…this is what my God is talking about when discussing those who use books that are thousands of years old to determine present and future practices, when clearly they are by anybody’s standards barbaric. But, since the West also engages in slaughter, also barbaric, there’s not a whole lot they can do to argue against it. One claims it’s more humane, the other faction claims it isn’t. So, to keep the peace, and to keep their skyscrapers standing, Germany will sacrifice the comfort of the animals being slaughtered (as if there’s any comfort in slaughter)–for peace–at the Muslim’s request. That’s unfortunate, especially for the animals deemed inferior by their, thus your God.

My God says: No slaughter period. Build your economies on that which doesn’t suffer as a consequence. It is possible and it is going to happen eventually, so you might as well begin the process of dismantling the slaughter houses, using humane practices in that process, while disregarding any groups’ diabolical request based on their sick psychological need for ritualistic slayings of any type. They do not belong in the laws of nations–nor do they belong in the laws of religions–and should not ever be tolerated.

Just as governmental laws change as we evolve as a civilization, so must the laws of religions change. Tolerance of differences in those areas or features of a people which cannot be changed, or tolerance of harmless idiosyncrasies and traditions is one thing; tolerance of harmful traditions is quite another. Traditions which demean and strip any creature of their dignity will not be tolerated in my God’s Plan.

The entire human population will eat the vegetation of the earth, otherwise it will perish, since all carnivores will eventually become extinct. That is the cornerstone of the Plan.

There is no turning back, only a prolonging of the inevitable, thus the undermining of all other systems that are built upon the foundation of the slaughter industries, or as extensions of that which is built upon that flawed foundation, as well as all that participate in the survival of this flawed system, through playing a supporting role. And, if you think that when you become endangered the scientists will clone you, think again.

They’ll be cloning the same flawed systems which have evolved to self-destruct that which consumes itself.

The only way to perpetuate the human species is to feed it the proper fuel: vegetation. You don’t put chopped up Chevrolet cars into your gas tank to make your Ford car run better.

What difference does it make if you’re the majority if nobody listens to you?

Animals the forbidden fruit. You can eat anything in my garden, but the animals. Those you must never touch. If you eat my animals, you will be banished from my garden forever–to live a life of ill-health, toil and shame. Not as punishment, but as a result of self-destruction. When you destroy the animal, you destroy yourself, simply because you are an animal. What a laughing stock we’ve been made. The apple! How gullible!

God–let my animals be free!

But why call animals fruit?

The fruit of the womb. Blessed is the fruit of the womb.

The writers of the Old Testament knew of God’s instruction, and purposely left wiggle room for it’s interpretation, knowing that nobody would abide by a rule that contradicted what they already engaged in. They wrote, as instruction, that which they were already doing, not looking to the rightness or wrongness of it, nor to the future, since everybody likes to think that whatever they’re doing now is right. Nobody likes to be wrong.

So, everybody said the forbidden fruit was the apple, knowing it wasn’t, but justified it by saying that God was testing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, by arbitrarily telling them, and ultimately you, that you couldn’t eat something for the mere sake of the test.

She’s cherry picking.

Yeah, she picks what’s right and discards what’s wrong.

Stop trying to get her off track.

She’s schizophrenic.

No, she’s savant.

She’s no idiot.

But I think she’s naive.

She’s turning up the volume; do wanna hear or not?

My God will only test you when the outcome matters, never arbitrarily simply to see if you can follow the rules. Just say, that neither Adam nor Eve ever ate the apple. What next?

Then, God says you can’t eat the banana, and on and on till there’s no vegetation left to eat? And then what? You would starve, and finally God would say, okay, now that you know how to follow instructions, and you’re all malnourished, I’m going to give you back all that I took from you? Come on. What kind of God would play with you so maliciously?

Now, do you understand what is forbidden?

Donkey; I can’t have you for lunch any more.

Or goat, or pig or anything that moves when startled. And that doesn’t mean you can get away with murder by stunning it first, so it doesn’t startle when you kill it. Got it?


God–Good, now go eat. ***

Blood lawyers looking for loopholes. In the Dictionary of the Bible by John McKenzie, under the subtitle: Blood: In the OT [Old Testament] blood is the life of the living being (Gn 9:4; Dt 12:23). Man and other animals are composed of “flesh and blood”. For this reason the eating of blood is prohibited (Gn 9:4, Lv 17:10 ff); life is conferred by God and under His dominion.

Now, you can go on and on and tell all the ways that blood is smeared, poured, sprinkled, dashed, and otherwise used in this holy book, but the rule, in the beginning, states emphatically that all animals are made of flesh and blood, and that you can’t eat the blood. The reason it states that blood cannot be eaten is quite clear. When you eat the flesh, you eat the blood. So, you can’t eat the flesh either. It states clearly that animals are made of flesh and blood.

Now come the lawyers, Jews and Muslims, looking for loopholes, as they fastidiously do, saying, “okay, we can’t eat the blood, which means if we separate the blood from the flesh and don’t eat the blood, then we can eat the flesh. God didn’t say we couldn’t eat the flesh”.

Now, here we go again. God, my God, says, “no goat, pig, or anything that moves when startled”. Having had way too much contact with lawyers, I knew that you would find some animal that God didn’t name, to interpret as your  instruction to eat that animal, so I included anything that startles, but also knew that if stunned the animal wouldn’t startle, giving you an excuse to kill it. So, I had to clarify that too.

I’m going to extend that further to nervous systems, anything with a nervous system.

The reasons you look for these loopholes is because you’re looking for a way to do something you know you’re not supposed to do. Thus, looking for loopholes has become an acceptable way of getting what you want without appearing to break any rules or laws. It’s like doing all that work to figure out a way to turn a light switch off without you actually doing the action of flipping the switch on the Sabbath.

Or, some Jews would look at the text just written, where God spoke directly: “God–Good, now go eat”. ***blood lawyers looking for loopholes. Even though the very next entry after ‘eat’ is a break in the thought, signified by “***”, the very next word is ‘blood’.  ‘We count words not asterisks’. So, some will interpret that to mean that God, unbeknownst to me, the evil one, is really communicating to you to ‘eat blood’.

This is the craziness of interpretation, when the purpose of interpretation is looking for loopholes. And, this incessant need to look for loopholes, in order to do what you want instead of abiding by the rules is what’s making you all mentally sick.

Later on I’ll get to your inevitable questions: “then why do we want it, and why do we always want what we can’t have?” Actually, I’ll get to that now. God, help.

Because you’re immature, you think only of your own needs and not the rights of others and you lack the discipline to do what’s correct–for all life and non-life.

But why?

You’re lazy. Everybody else does something that you also want to do, but knowing that your God doesn’t approve, you try to find a loophole.

Then why do we do that? Look for loopholes?

It makes you feel like you’re in charge.

But why do I have a need to be in charge?

Because you’re reading a book that gives you dominion over everything.

The book is flawed. Stop relying on me to determine every little detail of your lives. I lay the foundation, and from that foundation you use the brains and compassion that I gave you to build within those parameters.

Asking me why you’re immature, greedy and lustful to eat your own is a flawed question. You have options. You can’t know what a good option is unless you know the bad option. You’re not supposed to act on the bad choice. I also give you discipline. Use it.

Let’s look at the loophole you’ve brilliantly discovered giving you justification for eating animals, using your method of separating the blood from the flesh–so that you don’t eat the blood.

If you take the animal, as is your practice, string it up by it’s feet upside down fully alive and well and still kicking, then cut it’s jugular, the artery closest to the floor, whereby the blood immediately and copiously runs out of it, letting the blood drain, until the animal is dead, then let it drain some more, then you will have emptied it of it’s blood, now containing none, whereby it is now only flesh; and God didn’t tell you not to eat the flesh;

God only said “don’t eat the blood”, then and only then, can you safely (because you don’t want God to get mad at you and hurt you with a plague for not following the rules) eat the animal: the now bloodless animal.

Well…my oh my, what a convoluted, sophisticated loophole you just happened upon. All is now right with your God and you and the world. Hallelujah! And you even entered into your book of laws–dietary laws–the whole procedure, and that’s what Germany just agreed to do for the Muslims and already did for you, to keep their skyscrapers intact. Whoa. I’m stunned. No, that doesn’t mean other countries with the ‘stun’ law can now kill me. But let’s look closer.

Firstly, who would have thought that people could be so devious in looking for loopholes to support such brutal and barbaric acts, then call them humane, and be so convincing that others see the humanity in them–simply to get away with murder? Obviously, not the one who wrote the law.

But, secondly, and upon closer examination, you’re still eating the blood for the precise reason that the blood was once there, and once there, remnants always remain–like DNA.

Just as you label your nondairy Kosher products as consisting of dairy (when they don’t), because a dairy product was processed on the same machinery prior to the processing of a nondairy Kosher product, because, as you know and accept, you can never get every particle of dairy off the machinery, no matter how thorough the washing  between the processing of dairy and nondairy products, neither can you get off all the blood from the flesh that you eat–not by any amount of washing, because of the tiny blood vessels that run through all muscles, through all tissues, that can never be thoroughly drained and washed prior to you eating it. So, you not only violated your own God’s law, you violated your own loophole, as convoluted as it was.

So, do you eat apples?


Any loopholes needed to eat apples?


Why not? Your God told you not to eat them.

That’s different; we need apples.

Then you eat animals, who aren’t forbidden. So why do you ask me why you want something you shouldn’t have? Are you worried about all the apples you ate?

I’m getting a little confused.

How about vitamin B12?  You say it isn’t found in the blood of humans. Then it must be in the tissues. Did you look there? If the blood replaces itself every few years, and a person observes a totally animal-free diet, then there should be no vitamin B12 in their blood when tested. Sometimes the level may be low due to disease or a lack of a varied diet but it’s never none. A properly varied diet does not include blood or flesh. I don’t need to eat blood or flesh to obtain vitamin B12.

B12 is found in the blood. You drain the blood, which means you’re not getting any B12. And, didn’t you tell everybody for years that people who don’t eat meat will die? So, the B12 must be in the flesh. All the nutrients needed for life are in mother’s milk, which includes vitamin B12. So there. Gotcha now. Using your own dairy rules, there can’t be any blood in the milk.

There isn’t.

B12 is in the blood and is in the milk, so that means that a component of blood is in the milk.

How about the bloodied teats of the cow? Doesn’t blood get into the milk? How about the blooded nipples of a nursing mother? Never happens? So, you’re mixing the blood with the milk for your babies? Is milk flesh or is it blood?

We separate the milk from the flesh in our diets.

So that must mean I need to eat dairy. And, how about once you separate the blood from the flesh? You must know that the blood is in dairy, otherwise you wouldn’t need to separate the two. How long do you have to wait to eat flesh after you’ve eaten dairy? Are you sure there are no traces of dairy in your digestive tract before you put flesh into it? It sounds like the tainted machinery dilemma. You need to say a product has dairy in it just in case the machinery used to produce the dairy product wasn’t thoroughly cleaned before making the dairy-free product. Do you have two sets of intestines, like you have two kitchens? Didn’t think so.

You know now that the forbidden fruit is not the apple, and the flesh of the animal that you permit yourselves to eat has just been identified by it’s DNA–the shadow of the blood that remains. That means no dairy either, because elements of the same DNA that are contained in the flesh and in the blood are also contained in the milk of the animals that God, your God, told you not to eat.

Guess that means eggs too, as long as we’re going with the DNA interpretation.

Why is that?  Fruit of the womb. Same DNA.

I’m impressed with how quickly you catch on. Thanks for jumping in. Bravo.

Remember the separate kitchens and separate dishes required, according to your God’s law, in your homes, because you can’t let dairy touch flesh, dairy being a vital fluid of the man and other animals. (Strange, how even when they speak of milk, they refer to it as coming from a man. Guess that’s because the man owns the woman, thus owns the milk).

You store and clean these separate dishes in separate kitchens to avoid cross contamination (having nothing to do with food handling procedures to avoid food born illness), because you know that no amount of washing can remove the traces of one or the other having been on those plates. And, you also know that they must be separated, in order to obey the loophole you thought you found in your God’s law.

Well, I’m here to tell you that unlike the laws of humans, there are no loopholes in my God’s laws, unless they’re there as a wedge to keep open the door to the Five Principles. You based your loophole on a flawed premise, thus the loophole has been shown to be flawed. God also unequivocally states (your own God, now), that life is conferred by God and under His dominion–not yours, and not anybody else’s.  No more ifs, ands, or buts, or lawyers looking for loopholes.

The eating of blood as well as the flesh is prohibited. Because potassium is found in blood, does that mean that I need to eat blood in order to get potassium? Blood is a liquid; it isn’t eaten. You drink blood.

God said not to eat the blood, which meant the blood is in the flesh. And, there’s nothing you can do to take it out of the flesh. If blood is what you’re preserving as ‘the life’, why not save the whole organism, by not separating it from the flesh? Blood cannot live without flesh and flesh cannot live without blood. So, you kill the blood. Whoa. So, you’ve been eating the blood all this time without knowing it? I find that hard to believe. Let my animals be free.

Oh, to complete the answer to your original question, ‘why do you want to eat animals?’ It’s an addiction. You’ve done it since a baby, and that’s what you know. What the mother has to do is wean you from the milk, and all mothers already do that. The purpose of nature is not to wean from one species and then replace the milk by using the milk from another species. It’s a deviancy of nature. When you re-inject the milk, you’re going against nature.

When you eliminate all animal products from your diet later in life, it feels like weaning all over again, which means that your body incorporated animals into it, because that’s what the universe does, adapt. But, it leaves you lacking a survival advantage by riddling you with disease and disorder potential.

After going without animal products for a long time, the thought of eating them repulses you, as do the smells of animals cooking. It’s flesh burning. It’s supposed to repulse you. Do you eat liver? Any organ meats? They’re loaded with blood. You can’t take the blood out of the liver. The liver cleans the blood and works overtime when other animals are injected into the system.

Toxins also become addictive. After a while, when exposed for long periods of time, the body adjusts to that which it has no choice in adjusting to however, the wear and tear on the liver leads to death of the liver, which means death of the blood, which means death of ‘the life’.*****

People act as if there are no bad questions, only right or wrong answers. That’s not true. There are flawed questions. There are also many answers for any question, especially if the question is flawed. People will ask a question in such a way as to produce the answer they want.

This is corruption. Inserting your own prejudice into the question, invalidates the question. To be forced to answer a question in a pre-specified number of words, or to be given two choices, yes or no, is also corrupt. It’s the interviewer corrupting the answer of the interviewee.

Lawyers do it all the time. And the judges will find you in contempt of court if you don’t answer with the words or time limit demanded. Where’s the justice in that? There is none. Justice cannot exist in the presence of corruption. Justice is truth.

You say that the reason you slaughter the cow wide awake is that stunning him/her frightens the animal, thus injects poisons into his/her system, making it unhealthy for those consuming the body after death.  What makes you think that hanging a cow upside down by it’s feet, in a slaughter house, before slitting it’s throat doesn’t terrorize the animal?

What’s for supper did somebody ask? Slaughterhouses become new dumping grounds for undesirables. It was only a matter of time before someone discovered, that when you do that which would enrage even the most vicious among us, and protect those acts from view by wrapping houses of slaughter in barbed wire, using only the most sophisticated surveillance equipment to detect any outsiders, to protect that which carries the  label  top secret, cloaked as classified information all that goes on there, keeping the public from viewing the crimes committed against God’s animals, that someday one of your own would end up on somebody’s platter.

It was only a matter of time, but it has been going on since houses of slaughter have existed. People vanish without a trace. No longer does the mob or Uncle Sam rid the world of the evidence of their dirty deeds by using cement in shallow rivers. Oh, no…not anymore.

Got too messy for that. The world has changed: too many eyes taking in the views. It’s to Mr. Slaughter you go, to be ground up with the rest of the pigs and cows they deem you are. Neat and tidy is what it is and no one’s the wiser. So, that hamburger or hot dog or sausage or luncheon meat you just ate may very well have remnants of yourself in it. That’s right. Humans. Don’t believe me? Check the news on 13 February 2002–in Canada.

As all of you very smart people out there know: if it’s happening in Canada, it’s happening everywhere. They don’t have to kill you, then drop you in a fifty-five gallon drum of acid to dissolve the fact that you ever existed on this planet. They just take you inside the highly guarded gates of hell–real hell–on earth–then let the enslavement, torture and slaughter party begin.

The hell you only think occurs in the after-life is right here–in every slaughterhouse in the world. They’re in your back yard in every state, in every country. And, you could be the next one slated for the ride–to end up on somebody’s plate. You don’t have to commit a crime to get there–in fact, most people who end up inside the barbed wire protected houses of slaughter never did anything to anyone–except perhaps disagree with an important person or two or three.

Ever wonder about the cloak of secrecy surrounding slaughter? Meat processing plants they call them. What’s the purpose? If it’s okay to do, you know, all legal, and you all support it by eating the remnants of the crimes you don’t call crimes, then once again, why the secrecy?

And who’s watching in case they want to torture you in the process? They don’t have to stun you first. You don’t think they really do that? Remember Dick Cheney saying on TV to imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to a person, and that somewhere on earth that is now happening? He wasn’t talking about water boarding. That’s the least offensive in that category of torture and slaughter.

Everybody long ago–turned their backs on those you call God’s forgotten children. They turned their backs on the very animals their declared owners claimed to love as they sent them off to slaughter–to die a horrific, tortuous death–as they murmured with tears in their eyes and a heavy heart, “I’m going to miss you; you know I love you”.

Well, my God has a memory like a herd of elephants, in case you’ve lost yours. Organized crime, and now organized government crime, have taken a new twist–a new turn–in how they rid the world of the bodies who interfere with their corruption.

Uncle Sam who for years learned the ropes from the dopes, are the ones yanking the chains of the pulleys as your body gets hooked, right in the back, skinned alive, for an extra measure of pleasure–to satisfy the perverse, vengeful urges of your enemies. A private viewing they get, while all dressed up in their designer clothes and hair cuts, adjusting their diamond cuff links, as they watch you get dumped into the vats of ground up sludge you have all come to identify as meat. That’s right. Yours.

I told you that you’d be eating your brother’s flesh and drinking the blood before your God is through with you–and you didn’t believe me. In what country do they value human skin–besides for burn patients–and who sells it on the black market? And even for burn patients, where do they get the skin? Well…why don’t we rid the world of its scum, under the name of fighting terror. The homeless; yes the homeless; start there; they’re disgusting; and why should we pay their way? They litter up every city. Organs, skin, bones, anything we can use to make money.

Not all the people who get to see Mr. Slaughter end up on your plate. Done at night it is. Always at night–always in secret–always carried out with the precision of a brain surgeon or the military trained in special operations, wanting to keep the only job they know how to do.

Outrageous? You bet. Truthful? You’d better bet on that too, unless you’re ready to lose your shirt. I told you from the beginning, I told you a long time ago, I tell it like it is. That’s why I work alone, so I don’t have to turn my back on enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Mr. Slaughter will deny it. Wouldn’t you? Powerful faces lie behind the operations that high officials keep private for top secret’s sake. Not for long they won’t–as the slaughter industry prepares for a tumble from which they cannot recover. And, rightly so.  My God has told the world from the beginning: let my animals be free!   Invest in anything green. Soy is the future.

Soy is the miracle the animals have been waiting for–whether you have been or not. But, why not eat right, so you won’t need a pig’s heart or a monkey’s liver? Why is everybody so hot for other animals’ organs?

Preserve your own. So, McDonald’s will go belly up and then what, we lose all that money they give to children’s charities? And, why do we need so many children’s charities? Because you’re eating the blood and instructing your children to do the same. And, when anything or anyone eats it’s own, it self-destructs. We’re all animals.

Open up the slaughterhouses. What, the electrical barbed wire fence is to keep the cows from jumping the fence? Wake up! It’s to keep you from seeing the horror inside, because if you did, you’d shut them all down. You’d find something better to eat. McDonald’s has many options, one of which is to convert their restaurants worldwide to animal-free, strictly plant based fast food. Can’t do it? Sure you can. I know you can.


This recipe was developed for all the Jews who don’t want chopped liver, in gratitude for all the animal-free products they produce and manufacture in the USA.


A soy based pate that tastes like goose liver without the liver aftertaste and without the cruelty.
See for yourself. Wow!

Makes 2-3/4 cups

3 T. extra virgin olive oil

3-4 Japanese (long, slender) eggplants, unpeeled ; cut off ends; cut in half from end to end, then cut each half in half again from end to end; cut all strips crosswise into 1/2-3/4 inch wide segments, about 6 c.

1 med. sized fresh green pepper, cored and cut into 1/2 inch squares 2 fresh med. sized Anaheim peppers, cored, cut from tip to tip into 4 long strips each, then cut crosswise into 1/2 inch wide segments

1/2 lg. sweet onion, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch squares

3 fresh garlic cloves, peeled, and finely chopped

1 t. salt lots of freshly ground black pepper

1 t. dried oregano, crushed

In extra large skillet, over medium heat, melt olive oil. Add all ingredients, up to and including oregano. Toss to coat veggies evenly with oil. Raise heat to medium-high and saute, stirring often, till eggplant softens.

Reduce heat to medium-low and cook, stirring occasionally, till all veggies are caramelized. If eggplant becomes dry, don’t add any liquid, simply cover with a lid and let it steam a little by its own juices. In the end, you want mushy and dry.

When done, mash with potato masher in skillet, till all veggies are pulpy, then cook a little longer to evaporate more liquid. Remove from heat and set aside.

16 oz. pkg. extra firm, water packed tofu, rinsed, drained and squeezed in tofu cloth or in several layers of paper towels till very dry

1 t. salt

3 T. sugar

1 t. onion powder

1 t. garlic powder

1 t. turmeric

In large bowl combine tofu and seasonings. Mash with potato masher into tiny crumbles and till all seasonings are thoroughly incorporated.

To the tofu, add the eggplant mixture. Using sturdy spoon, stir well to evenly disperse all ingredients.

Place tofu-eggplant mixture in food processor and process 2-3 minutes till mixture resembles liver pate. Transfer to storage container and refrigerate till cold.

Serve on toast points, French baguette slices or bagels with a dab of Dijon mustard and a little extra freshly ground black pepper on top. Sweet gherkin (not bread and butter) pickles or dill cornichon pickles go well as an accompaniment.

Variation: If you want a mousse-like smoothness: Take a portion of the pate and mix it with a little Vegenaise (soy mayonnaise) and a little Dijon mustard. Stir till smooth and the pate is the consistency you want–not too thick, not too thin. Serve on top of crackers and garnish with a little piece of gherkin or cornichon pickle. M-m-m-m-m.

Notes: Serve as an hors d’oeuvre or sandwich, or as an accompaniment to salads. A ‘must have’ on all buffets.

Sandwich suggestion: Toasted mish mash (everything) bagel, spread with transfat-free margarine, top with thinly sliced ripe, juicy tomatoes, then with dollops of ‘It Ain’t Chopped Liver’; then sprinkle with cracked pepper and coarse sea salt. Makes a party for one. Serve open-faced, so you get two sandwiches–for seconds, or to make a party for two.

The eggplant in this recipe must be cooked till all parts of each eggplant cube are squishy. Don’t count on the processor to refine under-cooked eggplant. It will inject tiny hard bits into what is supposed to be a smooth pate.  Now, there is some texture to this pate; it isn’t a mousse, but it’s the texture of processed liver. That’s what you wanted, right?

Don’t peel the eggplant; those skins are needed for color and texture.

This next recipe was developed for all Asians in appreciation of the 2008 Olympics. Any group of individuals who can make billions of individuals worldwide simultaneously feel good deserves a special recipe.


Fresh peaches, raisins and pecans simmered in a sweet sour, ginger, curry soy sauce. Mixed with Jasmine rice, then topped with fresh summer tomato cubes and green scallion. Wow!

Sauce makes 5-1/2 cups

4 fresh, ripe, juicy peaches, washed, then sliced around pit into 1/4 inch wide segments, while keeping segments around pit in the palm of your hand; now run knife around the equator of the peach, cutting all peach segments in half, then invert and separate into bowl

2 c. water

1/2 c. white sugar

1/3 c. light brown sugar, packed

2/3 c. light golden superior soy sauce

1/4 c. white vinegar

1/2 c. raisins

1 t. dry mustard

2 t. powdered ginger

1 t. mild curry powder

1/2 t. onion powder

1 heaping T. fresh mashed garlic

1/2 t. sea salt

sev. twists fresh cracked black pepper

1/3 c. water mixed with 3 T.  cornstarch till smooth

2 T. transfat-free margarine

1 heaping c. peeled, cut sweet onion, 1/2-3/4 inch squares

1/2 t. salt

1/2 c. pecan halves

3-4 fresh, ripe, juicy slicing tomatoes, cored and cut into 3/4 inch cubes; cut only what you’ll use as garnish, about 8-10 cubes per serving

1 bunch green scallion, thoroughly washed, inside and out; then cut crosswise into thin slices, to be used as garnish

Combine first 14 ingredients, up to and including black pepper in large saucepan. Stir well; turn heat to medium-high and stir till all seasonings are dissolved into the liquid. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook, partially covered, stirring occasionally, at a soft boil for about 5 minutes or till fruit becomes tender.

Add cornstarch dissolved in water. Stir continuously till thickened, then cook for 4 minutes longer, till taste and texture of cornstarch is gone. Set aside.

Meanwhile, in small skillet, saute onion in margarine with salt, over medium heat till golden throughout.

Add pecans and sauteed onion to sauce, stir and remove from heat immediately. Don’t continue cooking the sauce. If you make this sauce ahead, then keep out the onions and pecans till it’s reheated.


3-3/4 c. water

1-1/2 t. salt

1 t. mild curry powder

1 T. sugar

1 heaping T. fresh mashed garlic

3 c. Jasmine rice.

Place water, salt, curry, sugar and garlic in large saucepan. Bring to boil, add rice, stir. Return to boil, stir well, then cover tightly, reduce heat to low and cook exactly 15 minutes. Remove from heat, spoon into large bowl and separate grains with chopsticks.

Note: The reason why sometimes when you make rice, the top layer remains crunchy when done, is because you didn’t wait till the rice returned to a boil, and then stirred again before covering to finish cooking.

To serve: In a separate mixing bowl mix as much rice and as much sauce for as many servings you want, Use, for example, 1 cup rice to 1/2 cup sauce. The sauce is the feature, so you want enough. Stir well, spoon into individual serving bowls or plates. Surround the edge of each serving with fresh tomato cubes, making a circle, then sprinkle cut scallion onto the middle of each serving. Serve, then listen for the o-o–h-h-h-s and a-a-h-h-s.

Notes: Use the finest ingredients and you’ll create a perfect dish. The strong flavors of the sauce make it perfect for mixing with the rice, rather than serving it over or under the rice. Most people don’t connect risotto with Asian rice dishes. This recipe changes the face of risotto. The fresh tomatoes make this dish complete. The sweet acidity creates an explosive flavor achievement in the mouth. In fact, if you leave out this one ingredient it changes the entire nature of the dish.

If peaches aren’t in season, substitute apples; peel, core and cut into 1/4 inch wide slices, about 4 cups. You can also substitute walnuts or cashews for the pecans.



Baked beans, linguini and sauteed onions combined in a tomato, basil garlic tomato soup sauce. Easy comfort food, and good for you too!

Makes 6-1/2 cups

2 T. extra virgin olive oil

1 heaping cup, peeled, diced sweet onion, 1/2 inch squares

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 lb. dried skinny linguini (linguini fini, or thin spaghetti) pasta, broken in half

28 oz. can Vegetarian Baked Beans with Brown Sugar, including liquid from the beans

10-3/4 oz. can condensed tomato soup plus 1 can plain soy milk

1 t. dried basil, crushed

1 t. onion powder

2 t. garlic powder

1/2 t. dry mustard

1/4 t. ground allspice

1/4 t. ground rosemary

1T. white sugar

1 T. dark brown sugar

1/2 t. salt

In small skillet combine oil, onion, salt and pepper. Saute over medium heat till translucent and a little brown-tinged. Set aside.
In salted, boiling water in large saucepan, cook broken linguini till tender. Drain and rinse. Set aside.

In large pot combine baked beans, tomato soup, soy milk and remaining ingredients. Stir well, over medium heat till seasonings dissolve. Cook, uncovered, over low heat at a fizzle of a boil, stirring often for about 4-5 minutes.

Add sauteed onion and cooked linguini to the beans. Stir well to disperse evenly. Serve immediately or set aside to reheat for service later.

Notes: Well, guess what? It does feel and taste like Franco-American, kicked up a few notches as Emeril would say. And, much better for you with the addition of beans and soy milk.

The pasta will plump up, making it soft, just like the canned variety, but wow, does it taste and feel good!

For the adults, serve up a portion on a plate, surround it with fresh tomato chunks drizzled lightly with Balsamic vinegar, then microwave till hot. Sprinkle with cracked pepper and serve. The heated fresh tomatoes soothes! Make sure they’re ripe and juicy.



An animal-free burger for all tastes! Everybody will identify with the taste and texture of this burger!

Makes 11 burgers

2 slices Texas toast bread or 3 slices white bread, 2-3 days old, torn into pieces, and set out to dry a little bit at room temperature

1 c. walnut pieces

1/2 t. liquid smoke

1/4 t. ground allspice

1/2 t. garlic powder

sev. twists freshly ground black pepper

14 oz. tube soy sausage, Gimme Lean brand

1/4 c.  finely minced onion

1 c. chilled, cooked Jasmine rice

Place torn bread pieces, walnuts, liquid smoke, allspice, garlic powder and black pepper in food processor. Process into tiny well-mixed crumbs. Transfer to large mixing bowl. The mixture should make about 2 cups.

Break soy sausage into pieces as you drop them into mixing bowl. Add onion and rice. Using very clean hands and nails, mix and mash till all ingredients are evenly dispersed, and all rice grains are covered by the soy sausage. You don’t want any rice grains sticking out from the burgers. This will take a few minutes. Form into large ball, transfer to covered container and refrigerate for several hours or over night.

To cook burgers. Measure out 1/4 cup per burger. Roll into smooth ball in palms of hands. Flatten evenly into thin burger, then place on clean countertop and flatten further, while evening out the rounded edges. You want them very thin, but not so thin they fall apart. To make this easier, oil hands a little with vegetable oil, but it’s not necessary.

Heat a little oil in skillet till very hot. Lift burgers gently from counter top with pancake turner, and place in hot skillet, over medium high heat. Cook several minutes till crisped on one side, then turn, oil skillet a little more and cook the second side till crisped and burger is cooked throughout. Cook as many burgers as you’ll be using.

Set up your condiment tray, with burger buns, either plain or toasted. Lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, warmed roasted peppers, relish, mustard, ketchup, Vegenaise (soy mayo), and whatever else your guests would like to choose from to build their own burgers.

Notes: If you don’t use all of the mixture, refrigerate to use throughout week.

Obtain soy sausage in tubes in local whole foods markets. This product can also be sliced and fried as sausage patties for breakfast sandwiches. Follow directions on tube. If you pan fry the burgers in advance, microwave till heated through before serving–in a single layer on plate.

When I make rice, I always make 3 cups (dried), so that I can use it in the recipe I’m making and then use leftover throughout the week.

Rice: 3-3/4 c. water, 1 t. salt. Boil. Add 3 cups rice. Return to boil, stir well, cover tightly. Reduce heat to low and cook exactly 15 minutes. Transfer to bowl, fluff with fork and cool at room temperature before transferring to covered container to refrigerate.

I want an animal-free mall. That’s right. A mall. Animal-free. A big one. With lots of glitter and big lights. With every kind of shop. Grocery, bakery, deli, shoe store, pet supply shop, clothes, hair salon using only cruelty-free products, and on and on, restaurants too. Good ones. I have a vision. And it’s a nice one. No fur, no leather, no skins, and those who enter must wear all animal-free attire. This place has rules. No cruelty here. Yes, that’s right. That’s what I want. A happy place too. No vegetarian snobbery. There’s no place for arrogance in the animal-free world of Sharon Lee. No suffering looks on the faces of people who feel they’re being deprived.

Now that I mention it, I see that on a lot of  vegetarian faces. Faces that still have Big Mac lines on them, so it’s not the deprivation causing the look. But it’s there. Maybe it’s the prejudice and discrimination directed at such folks that makes them so unhappy, especially when they’re doing something so right.

It’s okay to have fun while you do what’s right. It’s okay to laugh. God, my God, wants happiness. Every burst of laughter coming from one of It’s animal’s mouths delight’s It to no end, That’s one more frown It doesn’t have to turn upside down. So, laugh. Have fun. Enjoy your life. Just don’t kill the animals. That’s all. Not a lot to ask. And don’t participate by eating the catches of other people. If you do, try harder next time, till you get it right. I’m tired and sick and fed up and depressed (that doesn’t mean I’m not happy) over walking down the aisles of death in every supermarket in the world.

I’m offended and pained at being forced to view and smell the tortured, dismembered bodies of my animal friends. When is it all going to end? Entrepreneurs is what we need. Animal-free entrepreneurs. People with dreams. Big ones. Investors with money that flows in a cruelty-free world. Not just the small, never grow any bigger, shops sprouting up here and there. Though that’s a start and we have to start somewhere, so we’ll support them too. But bigger stores, and big chains of every conceivable market transformed into animal-free.

Fast food. Animal-free Chefs. Veggie Burgers. Veggie Deli’s. Veggie Pizza Parlors. No animals or animal products. Veggie cheese. Soy meats that taste like baloney, ham and turkey, but without the suffering.

We don’t need featherless chickens; we need to free the chicken. International animal-free cuisines. I’m tired of having my animal-free products supplied by purveyors of torture. Why should I have to eat my vegetarian meal in a slaughterhouse? Why should I have to buy my clothes at a slaughterhouse? Aren’t you sick of it too? Being given your little vegetarian or vegan corner of somebody else’s house of cruelty? Just to satisfy a small segment of the market? Small segment?

Well, it wouldn’t be so small if more animal-free entrepreneurs with big ideas and big investors gave people what they really wanted: a cruelty-free world, which means a cruelty-free shopping mall. We could do it if we’d stop thinking so small. Big. Think big. Demand big. Stop trying to get your animal-free products in slaughterhouses. How absurd.

Build your own stores. Start small if you want, but grow, by golly, grow. Give the people what they want before they ask for it. You know what people want. You’ve been silent too long. Too complacent. Okay, ‘I guess I’ll take whatever vegetarian crumbs they throw my way’ type of silence.

Plan the future. Make the future. See the future through God’s eyes. See big. See beautiful. I want an animal-free shopping mall. And then another, and another till we put the slaughterhouse malls out of business. Till we close the doors on the business of cruelty. I want an animal-free mall. And, I know you want it too. One for all people–and all other animals too. No zoo here, but a place where our animals can come shopping with us. Day care, mall care, for our furry family members while we shop. A mall with style, flair, with sparkle and bright lights. I can see it. I know you can too. Cause I’m looking through God’s eyes now and so are you.

The eye of the storm. The mind is most powerful when it’s stubborn. The resistance of the mind is like super glue–one drop holds a yacht, keeps a mountain from moving, stops the sea from separating, and creates a frustration so intense in a person witnessing it in another, that it can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer and who knows what else. Stubbornness isn’t even like cancer; it’s worse. Cancer you can deal with; a stubborn person you can’t. There is no amount of reason one can use, no amount of persuasion, no sum of money or pile of gold, to move a stubborn person who says no to change their mind to say yes.

And stubbornness abounds–with more than enough to go around–in all sectors of life, within all groups, cultures and nations. Can anything good be said of stubbornness? No. The ominous cloud of stubbornness has no silver lining. It’s a formidable tool, a weapon as cold and hard-hitting as the atomic bomb. It destroys lives, families, businesses, cultures, countries. It can turn an entire planet upside down. But it rarely destroys the person whom it houses. It is therefore a great protector. The stubborn person lives in the eye of the storm. No matter where they go, they take their storms with them–mowing down everything and everybody in their paths, while they stay secure.

Stubbornness is an addiction, like any other, but unlike any other, in that it has yet to be recognized as one. Once a person uses it to get what they want, the thrill of success, perverse as it is, makes it nearly impossible to stop. Stubbornness requires no skill. It’s as easy as eating pie.

That’s the allure. It’s easy–too easy–for those who don’t give an owl’s hoot for anything or anyone but themselves. It feels good and it works. It gives control where there otherwise would be none, because the stubborn person has yet to develop the skills necessary to make changes. In fact, they don’t like change.

Can a stubborn person become not stubborn? Sure they can, but they won’t. Fear keeps them from it–fear of the unknown, fear of losing their power, fear of losing control, fear of life, fear of living that life, fear of themselves. There are no mirrors where they live, no reflections. They can’t reflect, because they can’t interact. They live in isolation, fearing the world–a painful, hollow, meaningless existence.

Is there hope for the stubborn among us? Sure there is. All it takes is a little courage to step out beyond the safety of the eye of the storm in which they live, and feel the havoc they’ve created, accept responsibility for the ruin they’ve inflicted, and then say yes–to life, to living, to giving, to sharing, to learning.

It’s not unlike the courage needed by the people pleaser who fears rebuke to say no.

A prophecy. Jesus fulfilled a prophecy. He like so many others, back in the day, wanted to be that God, that Messiah. He did it by following the instructions–right to his death. When a prophecy is good, people try to stop it; when it’s bad, they try to fulfill it. What Jesus failed to see was the God in all life and non-life. He like many Jews and Arabs wanted to be superior–the only–the one–the master–all while telling people their reward for compliant behavior was in heaven. The crucifixion was supposed to be stopped, not fulfilled.

Back in the day, anyone claiming to be the Messiah, or the son of the Messiah would be crucified. Everybody wanted a God to appear from the heavens to raise them from their suffering. Who wouldn’t? The last supper was about stopping the slaughter. Instead of offering holocausts of virgins and animals at the altar, from this time forward, we will offer bread and wine: a substitute for the flesh and the blood. It could have just as easily been fig or grape juice.

Maybe if he hadn’t been drunk from wine, he wouldn’t have put himself in the position to be crucified. Either way, the most famous person on the planet, the Prince of Peace, didn’t bring the peace.

The crucifixion didn’t work. Everybody wanted to see a miracle of Jesus rising to heaven and then returning to save them. They wanted, as all people want, one God, their own God just for them. Well, they got that; but they didn’t recognize it in a mortal, so they couldn’t recognize it in themselves.

You don’t fulfill a prophecy and call it holy by starting a war that was predicted. Once you know the prophecy, you stop the war before it starts. That’s the holy part. Right now, I feel like insulting all parties to all prophets, but I won’t. I know it’s predicted that I will do that. But, fulfilling the prediction serves no useful, positive, forward moving purpose. It serves only to divide what needs to come together.

A cartoon of the cartoonist: Cartoonist Painted by God 2000. I can talk to Muhammad. That’s right, I can do that. He’s in the house right now, helping me with this short essay. He’s happy to help. Believe it or not, Muhammad tried to warn the USA prior to 9-11 that America was going to be attacked. He used me to work through, since I was already being monitored by the Feds for my God connection, and we were both on the ‘non-violence’ side of the street. It doesn’t matter to me that you believe it. My life isn’t driven by whether someone believes me or not. He’s not a traitor and neither am I.

We both simply want the same thing: peace. I was born wanting peace. He’s an animal rights advocate like I am. He hates to see anybody suffer, just like me. He was a little shy in the beginning; so am I.

Frankly, I don’t have the same type of brain stamina I used to have to see patterns of activity and behavior in the under world posing potential threats. In order to connect dots, one must be able to remember the dots. So we’re going to circumvent, using what I do have. That’s why I’m writing this word warrior. I retired it years ago, thinking someday I might write a small book out of the segments of thoughts I write down: A Plan For The Planet.

There were so many thoughts, that I couldn’t possibly put them in any kind of meaningful sequence. So I decided not to. After reading a note written a few years back that said to write the book in no particular order, I was okay with it.  Before long this current word warrior was turning into this small book. I realized that there really is such a thing as the ‘fierce urgency of now’.  That’s how I always wrote anyway, as if it would be my last written word. Upon seeing the candidates in the USA using word warrior mission statement as part of their platforms, I knew the time was now to give the plan to the world. But, more importantly, its purpose is to stop the violence now. The violence that’s about to erupt worldwide. I can feel it and I know you can too.

But unlike before my brain injury when I could be specific, now I need to stop the violence by relying on all of you, not to snitch on your neighbor, but to change the direction of the world by changing yourselves and being the example set to all who would do harm.

I’m doing this by connecting you with your own God. I’m giving you the words to replace the bullets, and a plan to replace the delivery system of the gun, and showing you how to access the God in you, your own private power source to be your personal trainer and motivating force to change the planet by changing yourself.

If I survive this project, then next comes the cookbook: “top shelf animal-free recipes”. The animals need me. Oddly, my brain injury didn’t interfere with my ability to create animal-free recipes, and it suits my limitations just fine. Cookbooks are all about segments, so I don’t have to remember what I wrote ten pages previously in order to write the eleventh page.

So let’s get back to cartoonist.

Freedom shouldn’t mean anything goes. Freedom really does come with responsibility for one’s actions in all areas of one’s life and the effects of those actions must be considered. That means everybody, in case for whatever reason or based on whatever status, somebody thinks this doesn’t apply to them. I’m only going to focus on one cartoonist, Lars Endel Roger Vilks.

He’s the one who depicted Muhammad as half human and half dog. Lars Vilks’ knew, as he was drawing those cartoons, that he was humiliating and insulting Muhammad and all Muslims. He was angry and gleeful at once, knowing he was going to stab in the heart all those people whom he hates. Artists get away with that, because it’s art, and especially in the case of cartoonists or comics, who claim only to want to make people laugh.

Personally I have never laughed at a cartoon and rarely find laugh out loud funny comedians. But maybe that’s just me, because I do see a lot of people laughing at comedians on TV Frankly, if one needs to go to a laugh doctor to get a dose of laughter,

I figure that the person is lacking in a sense of humor and maybe takes their own selves so seriously that they can’t find anything funny about the circumstances in their own lives. Regardless, when you make people laugh, by doing, saying, writing or drawing something outrageously offensive, peoples’ defenses drop, so the knife goes in easier. The insult is felt deeper.

Lars Vilks was making a political and a religious statement through his art by demeaning the Prophet of the Muslim people, with the purpose of taking away their hope. When several newspapers refused to print the cartoons, he became even more motivated to find one that would. He not only found one, but then several other papers in Europe also printed it. People died as a result of those cartoons being printed. I fail to see the humor in that. Later, when they were reprinted, more people died. Again, where was the humor? Lars Vilks has blood on his hands and so do the newspapers that reprinted his obviously offensive work. When they knew what the result would be, they once again stabbed every Muslim in the heart. The desire was to hurt. The desire was not to entertain.

Oppressed people are closer to their Gods than those not oppressed. Their religions, their Gods, their Prophets, are what makes them strong; that’s from whence they draw their power, their inspiration and their instruction. When someone knows in advance, that an action directed at that which the oppressed hold dear, will result in an  uprising, then the sane person tries another method to bring down the anxiety level, while still getting the point across without the use of humiliation. Every Muslim in the world is not responsible for all the violence in the world. Most Muslims have nothing to do with war violence, yet the cartoon was directed at the Prophet whom they all hold holy.

The world should have learned this lesson when Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount, armed with a security force, knowing well that the oppressed Palestinians would rise up in violence. You don’t trample on oppressed people’s religious icons. It’s like you’re saying, we not only own you, we own your God too, and yes your Prophet belongs to us as well.

Ridicule along with prejudice is a dangerous mix. We all see the ripples and tsunamis of repercussions throughout the world. These newspapers didn’t really have freedom of expression. How many articles and art works get rejected by staff for personal views or public agendas every single day?

Every person involved in this cartoonist conflict contributed to the slaughter, which all began with prejudice. The point of art is to let each person viewing it, interpret it in their own way according to their own life experiences.

When millions of people see the same thing in a work of art, then the artist meant to present it in exactly that way. It was drawn with the purpose of incitement. The European newspapers that reprinted it, had the exact same motive of incitement. They wanted the Muslims to rise up in violence. They knew they would, and stuck by their right to say, draw and print whatever they wanted to say, draw and print.

Once again, with freedom comes a personal and social responsibility to consider what the consequences might be, if you do print.

Do you all feel good about yourselves and the results? What purpose did it serve? Got you a   little vengeance did it? Feel liberated? Look, everybody should be able to express themselves freely, without the threat of harm. But, would you all have printed an equally offensive cartoon about the Jews? Let’s not kid anybody and act all self-righteous. How about a Jew being depicted in a gas chamber choking in front of Hitler as he laughs uproariously? How about depicting a black man hanging by a noose, while the white man lights up a cigar and laughs. Would you have done that? I didn’t think so.

To those Muslims offended by the characterization of Muhammad. Don’t you think your Prophet can handle the criticism? Was it the dog that offended you?

Now you’ve offended me, since I raised a pack of dogs and a few cats as my own family. Look, your own Prophet was an animal lover. Obviously, the person who put the head of a dog on Muhammad was also disrespecting the dog, and, unfortunately, judging from your response, you also were disrespecting the dog. According to legend, Muhammad thought black dogs were evil.

He knows now that that isn’t true. Through this artist he was showing himself to you. The artist had no control. No artist does. All they can control is what they do with the piece of art. Muhammad was counting on this guy’s prejudice, his hatred, and was counting on the newspapers with prejudice to print it, so that Muhammad could communicate directly to you. We are all animals.

I don’t like it when people disrespect others or disrespect animals. The greatest prejudice on earth is against all those animals. What, you think I didn’t consult with all the past Prophets as well as all the animals as I developed the Five Principles to a Better Life? I couldn’t have done it without them.

I painted a picture once, on the same night that I painted ‘Cow Going To Slaughter’. When I recognized it as the devil, even though it was a great work of art, the next day I destroyed it. It wasn’t an image I wanted to display to the world. The devil was in the slaughtering of the cows, so I didn’t need that other picture, I had one that was more appropriate, that gave the same message, more effectively.

The devil by the way was depicted in human form. I won’t even tell you the famous person it depicted, because I know it would offend a lot of people. I didn’t choose to paint the devil; it just worked out that way. I had set out to paint a pink rose in full bloom that I had seen in a sky above an Angus cattle ranch. What came out on the canvases were ‘Cow Going To Slaughter’ and the ‘Devil’. It was my choice what to do with both paintings.

People worldwide fear you when you go into a mass rage over a piece of paper. They fear you when you shake your fists behind masks and threaten to slaughter someone like a lamb. Stop slaughtering lambs. Stop slaughtering everyone. Every time you go into a rage the anxiety level of the world rises. Raise that level too high and you’ll be looking at a nuclear weapon coming your way. People commit irrational acts when they become fearful. Make the world less fearful. Where’s your humanity? If you think the Jews are your problem, and Lars Vilks is part Jew, then offer an olive branch. Don’t bring someone to their knees by demanding an apology. Did you apologize to the families of the people who died in the massive protests? What purpose is there in killing the cartoonists? The good feeling of vengeance? Then your anxiety level is too high. His certainly was.

It’s time to retire satire. Satire is a tool used by the elite to cover up acts of vengeance and their need to control by the use of humiliating art, directed at the target which opposes the agenda of the elite. Satire, like torture, has no rules.

It’s financiers are usually highly influential people without well-known faces or names who pull the strings of the masses via art in order to steer public opinion. In simpler terms, it’s the elite’s way of striking down with vengeance people they don’t like. They do it by ridiculing people in public. It is a subterfuge method of control, without responsibility for consequences, thus a cowardly way of expressing disapproval and exacting vengeance.

Responsibility comes with satire. Artists, writers, scientists, and all people in power positions need to be reminded that just because they possess the ability to do something, doesn’t give them the moral authority to do it. You never know where someone’s at in life and what trigger of disrespect will push them over the edge. Everybody treating everybody else with respect will allow everybody to get a better grip on their own behavior. Begin by respecting yourself, even when others don’t. They will eventually. The cartoon of the cartoonist is a prophecy, meant to be stopped, not fulfilled. That’s the holy part.

In the end, we all must change the way we react, even though we don’t necessarily change our view.

A perfect candidate for a perfect party: a planetarian.

A planetarian is someone whose ideological focus is to perfect, thus change, all systems of government, eliminating those no longer relevant and birthing new ones needed for a quickly evolving planet. Like birth, not all evolution occurs at the same pace, but it can be pushed through motivated individuals.

A planetarian respects all life and non-life and respects the good facets of all religions and philosophies.

A planetarian is fiscally responsible, making decisions that benefit everyone, not just a majority, or cherry picked minority concerns.

A planetarian focuses on problem solving for everybody in the nation, not only for the few people they may represent. What happens in one city or state affects all the surrounding states.

A planetarian brings everybody into the fold and co-exists with those of various ideas, while eliminating the option of war to resolve conflicts.

A planetarian doesn’t profit from the suffering of any species, and cares for the planet like one would care for their home, because that’s what it is.

A planetarian would rather get along with everyone than fight with anyone, but is nobody’s fool.

Neither superiority nor inferiority defines the true planetarian’s heart, but rather respect is the cornerstone of the foundation upon which they build their lives and pursue their dreams and careers.

Through the individual planetarian, the group and political party will be formed.

Planetarians focus on learning and teaching without prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the Five Principles to a Better Life, and in instances where individuals lose their way, rehabilitation rather than punishment will be the correction method used.

Planetarians are in a perpetual state of transcendental learning, which means they don’t put up road blocks to new or even old knowledge that needs another look.

Planetarians use the Five Principles to a Better Life to approach any challenge and solve any problem, opening doors to limitless options within that foundation of hope and confidence. Having compassion for others doesn’t mean feeling sorry for them. It means respecting all life as equally worthy to exist on the planet they inhabit.

A true planetarian is all these things and much more.

The only true enemy of a planetarian is corruption of it’s foundation.

A true planetarian respects the privacy rights of all individuals, whether those individuals want privacy or not.

A true planetarian recognizes that freedom doesn’t mean free to harm, free to exploit or free to take from others just because one has that ability.

A true planetarian respects the innate rights of all those beyond their borders, and does not enslave, torture and slaughter anybody, any group or any nation for any reason. Nor does it exploit ethnic groups for purpose of profit or any other purpose.

A true planetarian raises up, instead of tears down. Strong, healthy, vibrant individuals produce the same qualities in the group.

A true planetarian is a vision, an ideal, a party and a purpose.

A true planetarian unites the planet in the pursuit of peace and well–being for all.

Saying nobody’s perfect, or the world isn’t perfect as an excuse to stay where you are is not an option for the planetarian.

Elections: The winner of any election in any country worldwide is going to have to focus on change. The problem is that some countries don’t have elections, and even in many that do, the corruption is rampant and not addressable by the populace, except through demonstrations which usually leads to violence and imprisonment.

During the process of selecting candidates, the key is to decipher who will affect the most change, the type of change that we the people of the planet want and need, based on candidates’ ideological plans for the future and not necessarily on their past accomplishments. 

What’s good for the group is code speak for what’s right for the elite of the group or the nation. What we need is what’s good for everybody. If democracy is an equal opportunity employer, there wouldn’t be so many poor people in those democracies. People get rich by paying people below subsistence level wages.

If theocracy is God’s plan for all nations, why are there so many people without services in theocracies? What are monarchies the solution to? Nothing. Countries ruled by committee are like countries ruled by monarchies, a small elite group decides what’s right for everybody else. If so good, why so many poor people without services?  The least effective governments are tribal. Everybody but the war lords stays poor and the societies stay underdeveloped.

No individual is to sacrifice themselves for the group. If the group needs that type of protection, the group is doing something horribly wrong, and is acting out of synchrony with the needs of all the individuals of the rest of the world. What we need is what’s good for everybody so that nobody gets left out or falls between the cracks as those in power like to call the process of leaving people behind. If nobody gets left out, then there will be no need for terrorists. Everyone will feel respected.

When everybody feels respected, they want to be a part of what makes them proud. It’s human nature. A problem arises when the populace wants to follow the leader, promising them streets paved with gold, rather than participate in the process of ruling their own lives.

Politicians need to set a better example. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, changed the direction of the world when she gave President Bush immunity, by promising him no impeachment proceedings for his crimes against humanity. What purpose did that possibly serve except to free a mass murderer to murder again?

How  disrupted has the country become as a result of her abuse of power, by abusing the rule of law? Why not get mired in an impeachment process? We have a ‘do nothing’ Congress anyway. They might as well be doing something morally correct. How can we challenge other dictators when we can’t challenge our own? She did that, hoping that Bush would work with her in Congress as the result of her not allowing an impeachment process to go forward. It didn’t work did it?

The first woman Speaker of the House disgraced herself, her country and her office, before she even took   office. She was bought and sold before she ever did the ‘Pelosi Popeye’ act with the gavel that sealed the death fate of countless people around the globe, while she stood drunk with corruption in front of the world. She corrupted herself and the office before she even took the oath.

The president got a free pass to slaughter. He got a pass he didn’t earn or deserve in the absence of remorse. Pelosi’s judgment and logic were flawed. It hurt the process. It didn’t help the country run smoother. What she did was tantamount to telling a serial killer, it takes too much time and money to go through the process of a long trial, so the serial killer gets immunity, simply because it’s too much effort to prosecute him.

You’re bombing other countries in the name of spreading freedom. You tell the people of these countries to stand up to their dictator leaders. Why didn’t you? Why didn’t you lead by example?

Your name is mud in all those countries with dictators. How can you expect the underlings of other countries to trust the USA when you cut a deal for your own convenience? How about all the people you bombed, what happened to their freedom? You flirted with danger, played with fire, and spit in the face of God far beyond your capacity to deal with the consequences of those actions.

Torture. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? No it doesn’t. Ask anyone familiar with the torture process. That’s the whole point, to make you weaker, to break you down. Your torturer wants to bust you up and then put all the pieces back in an order that satisfies them. That myth of building you back up into their image is just that, a myth.

The tortured person reconstructs themselves from the broken pieces. The torturer becomes irrelevant at that point. The results vary from death to something different, but not to stronger–as a result of the torture. Stronger comes when the tortured are freed from enslavement, and it comes on the terms of the tortured.

The same is so for the torturer. Once released from having to torture, ‘stronger’ evolves on the terms of those torturers. Forcing someone to torture another is torture of the one given that assignment. So, when any government of any country tells it’s military or any other government agency to torture someone, they are at the same time torturing the ones of whom they are making the demand. It’s okay to call your torturer or those who oppress you names.

Crying. Crying for one’s self is self-healing behavior that demonstrates one’s self-reliance, strength and independence, not one’s weakness. When someone cries for you, they’re trying to heal you. It’s really a beautiful expression of one of life’s most precious survival tools. Laugh and the world laughs with you? Cry and you cry alone? Wanna bet? Laugh and the universe feels your joy. Cry and the same universe feels your pain, whether you believe it so or not.

The truth can stand on its own; it doesn’t require proof.

Healthcare. If everybody can afford health insurance, but that insurance only covers twenty percent of some services, and fifty percent of others, and eighty percent of the services that include office appointments, plus deductibles for all of the above, then that creates a situation where everybody can afford the insurance, but only the privileged can afford the healthcare.

Assessment, diagnostics and treatment are all part of the healthcare system. The middle class people will be able to afford perhaps the assessment and the diagnostic procedures, but not the treatment. The poor will be able to get appointments for the assessment part of healthcare, but won’t be able to afford the diagnostics or the treatment. The rich will get their premiums reduced, and all the healthcare they’ll ever need, but it still amounts to no real healthcare for millions of people.

A viable healthcare plan needs to cover everyone, and not what rich people deem the middle class or the poor can afford. You can’t say that someone can afford healthcare, when paying the premiums prevent them from paying the mortgage, or from buying food.

Ask And You Shall Receive simply means that unless you formulate a question in your mind, either verbally or non-verbally, when the answer appears, you won’t know to which question it belongs. That is, if you don’t know what you want, don’t expect the God in you (that is you) to know. Further, if you formulate a request, however fleetingly, your God sets about trying to achieve it, until one day, bingo, it appears. That’s why people say, be careful what you ask for.

What goes around can come back to you. Stop looking for what’s wrong in someone, and look for what’s right. When people see you doing that, they’ll look for the good qualities in you, and from there each will be encouraged to do more good. Why? Because it feels good, puts you in a good frame of mind, which colors, in a good way, what you do next.

Cruelty. Animal cruelty laws that exempt government agencies, laboratories, animal shelters, universities, manufacturing companies, and the military is still animal cruelty, no matter who is doing it.

Surveillance. Surveillance is prejudice. Surveillance is discrimination. Surveillance is enslavement. Surveillance is torture. Surveillance is slaughter. Therefore, surveillance is terrorism. If you stress a person to death, that’s slaughter. When you surveil, you control. Absolute power turns to manipulation, and that eventually leads to slaughter through stress put on all body systems that leads to disease of those systems.

Addictions. God will help you do whatever you want to do. God doesn’t judge that you smoke or drink or drug. If you want to quit, your God will help. If you want to continue, your God helps you do that too. So, does that mean that your God is your slave? If you want to enslave yourself, yes. Eating meat is an addiction of a different animal. What’s the difference? You should be able to answer that by now.

Ghettos serve a function as a government institution. No city would tolerate a ghetto unless that ghetto served a function worthy of the effort to sustain it. It’s sort of like a slaughter house the Feds and Mob use to get rid of people they don’t like. It’s used as a jail, a prison, outside of the actual prison system, where people get herded to via the court system of society, based on their economic status. It’s sort of a rehab for those people society deems as misfits, but they’re not bad enough to incarcerate, so they’re contained within fenceless borders under conditions of oppression, stigmatizing them to the extent that the ones on the outside don’t want them in their neighborhoods and the ones in the ghettos lose all hope of anything but the life they know.

It’s sort of like the Palestinians in concentration camps in Palestine. Services are poor, little money is allocated to enrich the ghetto environment. Nobody builds a museum in the ghetto. No large department stores, few choices for grocery shops. Nothing new, nothing progressive. The crumbs of what’s leftover from the rest of the city end up in the slum, but not even the crumbs are good crumbs; they’re leftovers that nobody else wants.  The streets don’t get plowed, the mail if delivered ends up in somebody else’s mailbox, or is taken home by the carrier who didn’t feel like finishing his/her route.

Those who rehab themselves in the likeness of those beyond the fenceless borders, may get to leave and rub elbows with the lower middle class and who knows, sometimes they go all the way to the top of whatever they define within their own imagination as worthy of that climb.

But most never leave. Black leaders are wrong when they tell the white nation, who wouldn’t know otherwise, that blacks get unfairly targeted by cops. Cops in the ghetto turn the other way, more often than not. There wouldn’t be enough room in the jails to house everyone committing crimes in the ghetto. It’s that rampant. Everybody says it’s the drug problem, but who wouldn’t take drugs living in a hell somebody else created for them? When you’re locked up, with no resources, the momentary pleasures become all the more appealing.

Rich people, beyond the borders of the ghetto, take drugs; nobody claims that’s the ‘problem’ with the suburbs. Suburbs are not ghettos. There is a profound difference. Those in the suburbs are free. Those in the ghettos are not.

Ghettos are concentration camps within the cities used as prisons. When in prison you’re not free. I live here because I was talking to God and getting the courtesy of a response. They couldn’t put me in jail for it, so they manipulated my life, so that I had no place else to go. In the ghetto, cops and Feds and any other outside group with power can do whatever they want. They operate freely, without rules, without laws, to experiment through manipulation on anyone they deem an interesting subject, with impunity. They get a free pass to keep you down or let you out. They hold the keys.

Welcome to Waterloo. Your roof is your castle and your ship is you. Why are we poor? Because of circumstances beyond our control. Why are we here? Because we’re poor; because we don’t fit into other segments of society, because we’re poor, and richer people don’t want to be around us, so this is where they put us. So, as long as we’re here,

I choose to think that we were chosen by the force that watches over us to be a part of the foundation upon which this elite community will thrive. Waterloo has already been designated as an historical site. Ever notice how historic sites are always in the ghetto? Historic, mandates that it be preserved, not destroyed, which means it’s up to us to assure that that preservation and growth continues to happen. When building (or in this case rebuilding) a community, money need not be and should not be the driving force which makes that happen.

In the beginning, it is how that foundation is laid, brick by brick, idea by idea, and how we all play a part in maintaining that which we occupy that sets the example for positive change, which serves as building blocks to achieving the goals of the elite. Yes, you are special; you can be poor and happy. You can be poor and productive. You can be poor, while at the same time living in a beautiful, nurturing, bustling with activity neighborhood.

When the God who you talk to dumped you in what you call a hell hole, by giving you nothing more than a roof, nothing was said about you having to live in squalor, nothing was said about not being able to take an evening stroll. No one said that once you were in this hell hole that it was your duty to keep it that way.

All communities need laws, but since when did the laws include littering the roadways, littering your own living spaces, scattering shattered glass over the sidewalks where your children play? What law requires you to feed the rodents by dumping loose garbage in open containers?

What law tells you that it’s somebody else’s responsibility to pick up your trash, or instructs you not to pick up somebody else’s just because it’s theirs and not yours? Who says it’s your duty to feed the cockroaches? Trust me, they can take better care of themselves than you do yourselves. It’s illegal to discharge firearms in residential neighborhoods, yet we all hear them in the night.

What law tells you to scream and holler all night long, keeping other residents awake and too tired when morning comes to perform well at their jobs?  No one ever said that we had to live in fear, barricading ourselves in our apartments after dark because it’s not safe to venture out. Why isn’t it safe? Why do we keep thinking if only somebody dropped a load of money on us everything would change?

Do you know the real difference between rich and poor? Oh…they have money and you don’t? What? All of a sudden with a bunch of money you’d start cleaning yourself and your living spaces and your neighborhood up, making it more safe? I don’t think so. If you haven’t developed the habits of clean living, when that money comes in you’ll squander it.

You’re always comparing yourselves to the rich–in the money department, but why not in every other department? Do you really think you know the difference between rich and poor? They respect property, not yours, but theirs. You think that because you don’t own it, you’re not going to take care of it? Hogwash.

The banks own everything. There’s no difference between a mortgage and rent. If someone doesn’t pay the mortgage, they lose the house. If somebody doesn’t pay the rent, they lose the apartment. It’s all the same. That’s why they have it and you don’t. They take care of what they live in, no matter if it’s a mortgage or a rental.

When they get angry about something, and they most certainly do, they don’t punch a hole in the wall or break a window; they work off the anger by exercising, by fixing something that needs fixing, by planting a flower and while they’re doing that they strategize.

Do you know what that means? It means, how do I solve the problem that’s making me so angry without making my situation worse than it is. Set the example for everybody else, not by getting angry, or by expecting somebody else to fix your living conditions, but by respecting the place where you live.

Your apartment is your home. Your apartment is your castle. That roof you were given was supposed to be a beginning, not an end. So, you don’t take care of your living space, you don’t respect your own  castle, because the land lord didn’t fix the hole in the wall that you made?

Fix it yourself. Maybe next time you’ll think before you throw that punch. Go to the library, get a book, learn how to do it. Forego a couple six packs to buy the supplies, then when it’s done take pride in your work. Get a library card. Register to vote. Read the newspaper.

Learn about what’s going on in the world. I don’t want to say this, but there are people in the world who would give a limb to be where you are right now.

You dream of paradise while your apartment stinks from lack of cleaning and you’ve given the cockroaches and rodents the keys to your castle. You sit outside and dream of trees and shrubbery and pretty buildings and friendly neighbors and driving down the road in a hot car with hot clothes. When’s the last time you did a load of laundry? Can’t afford it? What’s the tub for?

Poor people in other countries look better than we do and they do their laundry at the river side, rubbing their clothes against rocks. Hey, we’re all in the same boat. You may not think that cleaning the hallways is your responsibility, but part of the reason you pay a cheaper rent is that land lords don’t pay people to do those things, or if they do, they pay them so little that the custodians don’t do the job.

So, clean your hallways. If it were your home you wouldn’t stop cleaning at the front door. Are the window sills filthy? Again, if you want the rent to stay cheap, do it yourself. I’m not going to say that cleanliness is next to Godliness, because it isn’t. But, it is next to rich.

And, there’s a rich person in every one of us. That’s why we’re always dreaming of what rich people have. Why not put the dream into practice? You’ll soon discover that rich people work harder than you now think. You’re poor because you don’t think rich. You don’t need a lot of money to do that. It’s all in the way you think. Respect yourself, respect the property you’ve paid rent for, respect your neighbors, respect the neighborhood, because it’s your town, and you’ll see miraculous things happen. That dream of yours will soon become a reality and that reality will be you, right where you are now: the poor elite of Waterloo. And, you’ll be loving it, while you stash extra money away that others are paying on high rents.

Make this community an example for all other communities. Don’t point fingers or assign blame. Start with yourself first. Change you, and while you’re doing that others will take notice and learn through your example. Get an old broom handle, pound a headless nail into it and make it your responsibility to clean up the trash. Not once, not often, but on a schedule. Pick a time and a day and do it on a consistent, regular basis.  Then don’t litter. Don’t expect the city to provide trash receptacles. They don’t empty them anyway. Put your own trash in your own receptacles.  If we all do it, Waterloo will soon have the cleanest streets in Cleveland. We’ll be the cleanest poor section in the city, which will automatically earn us the title of the ‘elite poor’.

Some of the most influential people in the world started off poor and ended up poor. Yet they made huge contributions to humankind in spite of it. You are the foundation. For whatever reason, your God chose you to be part of the plan to make this community a paradise. Your roof is your castle. Respect it. I’m here because of circumstances beyond my control. I know that you are too. We don’t need to know the details of each other’s struggles. Since we’re in the same boat, we all know them anyway. So let’s turn this boat we’re all in together into a ship and make that ship sail through our own efforts. What do you say we dock in Waterloo, where we hear that a group who calls themselves the ‘elite poor’ makes castles out of roofs? I can see the vision through the fog and I know you can see it too.

Mental health comes first. Without it, nothing else works right. Yes, I’m going to get radical. Radical is necessary for change. The status quo isn’t working in your favor. Everybody’s living the good life except you. You’re depressed and who wouldn’t be if everybody but you is having fun? If you’re depressed you’re not happy. And, happy is where it’s at. It’s strange how depressed people put the burden of their happiness on everybody and everything else in their lives, as if being happy were a burden. Being happy is not a burden; it’s a state of mind that keeps people from getting depressed. Contrary to what you might think, happy people are not happy all the time. They experience all the emotions that humans are capable of experiencing. The difference is that they don’t stay stuck in any one mode of emotion.

Researchers have been saying for years that depressed people are overwhelmed, frustrated by a string of losses, constantly mourning their losses, and if you must mourn, and if it takes six months to get through it, and then you take another hit and another and another, you’re in a constant state of grief. But, the grief isn’t what’s causing your depression, because it’s possible and likely that you’ll experience periods of joy while you grieve. It’s all about anger. How do I know? Because when you come out of your depression, that’s the first emotion you feel. You don’t feel happiness, sadness, guilt, or any of the other emotions. You feel angry. When the wall of depression lifts, the anger that kept you in that rut of despair gets released and ah-h-h you feel so much better, ready to take on the world. And, you should–in a peaceful, nonviolent, forward moving way.

The next time you get depressed, think about what is making you angry. When people say that you have control over how you feel about an insult or abuse, they don’t know what they’re talking about. If somebody’s child is murdered, you can’t tell them it’s their choice how that  offense makes them feel, putting all the responsibility for change on the offended one. They always go after the offended one. It’s normal to feel rage.  They never talk about the one doing the offending. It’s all your fault if your child got killed, and even if it isn’t, then it’s your responsibility how you feel about it. Hogwash. And, that’s exactly what you’re being fed in the ghetto.

People, when in the moment, call on God to help, but God doesn’t show up, because they’re calling on somebody else’s God who is busy with that somebody else. That’s the way the churches want it; that’s the way the governments want it. They don’t want to let the individual think he/she has that kind of power. Well, I’m here to tell you that you do have that kind of power. Next time, call on the God that is you, the God that is in every cell of you. Talk to yourself, and let yourself respond as you know God would respond, in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

If you say you’re not angry, you’re lying to yourself. And, that’s one person you should always be honest with. Once you understand why you’re angry, then you can strategize to figure a way to resolve the anger so that you can get moving again. If you can’t change what’s making you angry, then accept it, unconditionally, and move forward. Taking action, any action, is required to release that anger so that you can rise above it, rather than wallow in it. Wallowing is not a good thing. Now and then is okay, but maybe instead of wallowing, have a little party–not a forever party, a party every now and then. Do some physical exercise, mental exercise. Move your body, move your mind to greater heights. Experience all that life has to offer in your little castle in your corner of the world, then expand that corner to include the rest of the world. If the condition of the world depresses you, don’t turn away, solve the problems of the world in your mind, then apply your solutions to your own life.

If you’re going to wait till all is right with your life to do all the things you want to do, you perpetuate the cycle of oppression. If you’re going to wait till something spontaneously happens to make you feel good, why wait? Do something spontaneously to make yourself feel good now. Ask, or tell, or demand of your God what you want, then start doing and getting what you want. I can just hear those outside the fenceless ghetto saying, okay, let’s see if Sharon’s plan works; if they pick themselves up, then…. maybe we’ll throw them a few more crumbs. It’s still hogwash.

The ones outside that fence are the offenders; so to the offenders, I say, talk to the God gone bad in you and shape that God up. Tame the God that makes you oppress others. Talk to the Gods of those you imprison–in your mind do that. Raise the bar on yourself before ever considering raising it on anybody else. So you think you’re lord of the slums? You’re allowed to operate with impunity by the Feds you pay through the back door? The only one you’re lord of is yourself. Don’t forget that. You’re the ones responsible for slow learning, poor grades, bad health and early death through forcing those imprisoned to live in contaminated housing, contaminated with lead paint, mold, rodents, cockroaches, water leaks, broken windows, dirty, unkept grounds. Ever compare rents outside the fence with those inside the fence? They’re not much different. Ever look at the grounds surrounding those buildings, the insides of those buildings? Somebody’s getting kickbacks. Where are the building inspectors? The color of the slum lord doesn’t matter. A slum lord is a slum lord. I know how you rule–through fear. If they complain, they’re out on the street. So everybody remains silent and that’s just how you like it. Your little arrangement is about to get tossed into the air. I hope you don’t mind breathing in a bunch of mold spores, or running after cockroaches, huge ones. I hope you don’t mind locks that can be opened with a butter knife, because you don’t want to spend the extra few dollars on locks that work, or the broken windows, and the scum on the floors.

The tables just turned on you. You’re in with us now. The world is going to put you in the same concentration camp with all those you oppressed. Are you ready?

Signs are a necessary part of your God’s world. That’s the way God communicates with you, through the Five Principles–that’s the foundation–and through signs: visible, audible, tactile, sensory, real life signs. You don’t need to see or hear hallucinations to communicate with your God. God is going to communicate with you no matter what. You don’t have to work at figuring it out either. God isn’t like that. You don’t need a college education to understand what your God is saying to you. You see a sign, you attend to a sign, any sign, given in any way, and if it means something to you, then it’s a sign. But don’t go around comparing signs with others, because others won’t get it. Neither will you get theirs. That’s a way to protect your communication with your own God.

Everybody gets signs. Some are too embarrassed to acknowledge that they get them, so they’ll ridicule yours, so keep a lid on the signs, since they’re not meant for anybody but you. Unless of course you sense danger and then by all means tell somebody, but try to do it in what appears to be a sane way, so you’ll be taken seriously.

You’ll know what any particular sign means to you, and that’s all you have to know. I won’t have to instruct you on what certain signs mean, like psychiatrists try to tell people what certain dreams mean. It’s hogwash.

Nobody can interpret your dreams for you. They mean what they’re supposed to mean to you and nobody else. Don’t twist your gray matter into a knot trying to figure out what a sign means.

If you don’t get it, your God will give you another.  Don’t listen to people who say there’s no science to back it up. That’s the vengeful God talking through them wanting you to disconnect to your God, because the bad God is short wired and not allowed to participate. Don’t think we’re discriminating against the bad God, because the minute you tell your God to follow the Five Principles, then your God is in. It’s that easy. They’re really aren’t any steps to it. It’s immediate and all-encompassing.

Your signs belong to you and only you. 

I know that all of you have received signs and some of you pay more attention to them than others. Some pay no attention, but wait; the fact that you know you didn’t pay attention means that you did, so you were touched.

What you probably didn’t know is that you can develop the signs further to give you greater meaning and to keep a check on whether you’re on track in your life or not. In other words, signs do not appear independently of each other. One sign leads to another and another until you understand more fully the message.

You don’t have to waste time writing them down, unless something comes up that you know is important, and you don’t think you’ll remember and you really think you should remember.

But it still doesn’t matter if you remember or not, since your God will remind you. Okay, so go ahead and jot it down for future reference. Sometime when the future comes and goes, you’ll find the note laying around some place and you’ll read it at the precise moment that you were    intended to read it and voila! something opens up for you, if nothing more than, wow, this is for real!

Often you’ll need a second sign to validate the meaning of the first. Sometimes you’ll tell this new God of yours that you want several validations. You’ll get them. I guarantee it. They’re called ‘matches’.

And only you will know what that match is. Nobody else can tell you. Not me, not anybody else. In other words, you will develop a code system with your new God (not your old vengeful God) that means something between only the two of you. It’s all about instruction.

You instruct your new God and your new God instructs you via this code. It’s a great tool to have and use. It never wears out, nor gets old, nor needs repair; it’s always there in fine working order. Now, if it appears that sometimes it’s not in good working order, then that means that your old God has reentered the picture and is trying to make you compromise the Five Principles.

Remember, the old God is still a majority and works through the majority of all the people you’ll meet, so there’s a lot of negative influencing going on to knock you off track. When you realize this, you’ll usually see or experience a sign that will tell you that you’re not only back on track, but right on schedule, despite the minor or major detour.

Life is full of detours, which represent junctures of decision making. Sometimes you can make the choice of which way to go, and sometimes others make those decisions, which block you. Learn to circumvent. God is fighting an uphill battle. But trust that when you tire and break down or stumble or lose your way for a while, your new God never does. That does not mean that your God is superior to you, it simply means what it means.

So, a string of signs will validate, clarify or illuminate the first. Sometimes you reach a point where a sign or a match means nothing more than you are where you’re supposed to be–for now.  There is no need for intense scrutiny or consensus interpretations. If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it. They say the teacher doesn’t appear until the student is ready. I say, the teacher is always there. So use it.

Setting up a network of Gods. The codes and/or signs my God uses through me to others do not conform with the human devised codes used by intelligence agencies around the world. So if anyone has been applying their methods to my words they won’t find anything of value that’s credible. If God wants to get a message through to you, God will make you receptive to it, via your connection to your God and the other dimensions of which we are all a part.

This is one area that a God gone bad cannot touch. A vengeful God does not have that type of power. So just in case you’ve been wishing somebody ill will, it won’t get through via that mechanism.

That’s called circumvention. Bad intentions are short wired, so that we can all communicate on a constructive level, simply by opening ourselves up to everybody else in the universe and saying what you have to say to the universe. That’s our network to each other.

Yes, we can all communicate to each other, but only on that frequency, which gets censored for prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. There’s no fighting allowed, arguing is fine, but no raised voices unless they’re happy ones, because here we all have the same goals and dreams: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Beyond that, and this is where it sometimes gets wild–anything goes! There are limitless solutions for every problem even within the framework of the Five Principles. Some have mistakenly thought that if there were no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, we’d all be the same and how boring a world that would be.

Well, if anybody thinks that they need prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter to keep from getting bored, then may I suggest going into a special rehab unit for a complete overall of all of your value systems. Away with you. A few weeks, with an animal-free diet, and a life free from evil, should get you up and running just fine again.

We all need the equivalent to that break, whether in the form of a vacation or simply a commitment to get back on track to indeed get us back to where we want to see that sign again, welcoming us, telling us we’re where we’re supposed to be…and again right on schedule. What a mood elevator that is! What a lift to any downtrodden spirit!

Freedom. It’s your choice.  Do you want freedom with prejudice? Impossible. Do you want freedom with discrimination? Impossible. Do you want freedom with enslavement? torture? slaughter? Impossible. If you want freedom, as everyone says they do, then you must eliminate the Five Flaws and embrace the Five Principles by saying no to PDETAS. Freedom cannot coexist with prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and/or slaughter. And as long as one creature is not free, none of us are.

When is a Massacre a Massacre? So, when is a massacre a massacre? Only when mass graves are found? What if refrigerator trucks come in at night and cart away all the dead bodies not buried in rubble or vaporized, to another country? For what purpose? To count them accurately? And then to do what with them?–out of view of the rest of the world.

So, twenty-six dead on Passover in Israel is a massacre, and because people in Jenin were refugees, the massacre label didn’t fit? Because who kept records of every single refugee anyway? And who from the dead families could speak to the media from beyond the grave? Seven hundred and fifty families targeted with air power and only fifty-two dead. Yes–fifty-two families.

So, what determines a massacre again? Refrigerator trucks, that’s what defines a mass grave, the place of resting, a vault, if you must, after slaughter. Behind closed doors the crematoriums continued to burn as the oppressors scrambled to vaporize what remained of the evidence from the mass graves required to call a massacre what it is. The reason no one can find a mass grave in Jenin is because they looked in the wrong places. People blown to smithereens, as they were in the World Trade Towers, simply vaporized, as countless were in Afghanistan–blown up in caves.

The air circulating above Manhattan, Tora Bora, Jenin and a few crematoriums in Israel, house the mass graves the world overlooked when attempting to avoid calling a massacre what it should be called: a mass killing, not a mass grave. We all saw the Apache helicopters bombarding Jenin with missiles–bombs–hour after hour, day after day.

The dust is in you; the dust is in me, making us all graves. That’s the legacy–and the gift to those who never found their loved ones in Manhattan, Tora Bora and Jenin. They can now be found as the breath of life within the individuals within the multitudes–supporting all life and non-life–where God walks and talks and works for peace.


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