Benzion Mileikowsky’s Grand Supremacy Plan

Jews make it sound like they have land control/ownership rights in Palestine, because their seeds are planted in Turkey, Spain and throughout Europe.

Well then, occupy those countries. At least they have militaries with which to fight you on equal footing. The Palestinians didn’t and don’t.

Britain wrongly thought that by giving you access to Palestine that you’d be happy with the arrangement and leave the rest of the world alone. You weren’t and you didn’t.

Your foot in the door is what happened, and here we are in 2020 with you, the Jews, still destabilizing the world with your “stuff”.

The world is feeling burdened by your lack of will to move forward without demanding to lord over others as motivation. The world is not going to feed you ‘live animals’ anymore just to keep themselves safe.

Your ambiguity about your nuclear capability is of grave concern to the rest of the world – especially when in the hands of a group who uses that threat for financial, political and real estate gains.

Nuclear capabilities are used to open doors of cooperation – to level playing fields with mutual destruction realities; they’re not used to oppress peoples for the purpose of stealing from them their ability to survive, thrive, determine and defend their own culture and laws upon their own land.

Taking a nation’s ability to defend itself against aggression away from them is the worst type of oppression. Palestine does not have a military with which to defend their land. And Palestinian Jews make that a condition for world peace, not just peace in Palestine.

Jews in Palestine have proven themselves unworthy to possess nuclear weapons and an equally unworthy partner in peace. It is the Jews who disturb the peace by forcing a square peg into a round hole. The Jews don’t fit in Palestine by forcing their conditions for existence onto everybody else.

When Jews in Palestine feel compelled to lure Jews from the rest of the world to come to Palestine for free land currently under occupation, to increase their numbers to a majority, then that isn’t a real democracy; it’s a manufactured democracy giving Jews privilege over everybody else. That in itself is proof that there wasn’t much will by those who already lived there to participate in the GRAND SUPREMACY PLAN to exterminate the Palestinians as a people, an ethnicity and as an indigenous group.

  • If one wonders why the same thing is happening in Australia to its indigenous population, it’s because Jews migrated to Australia with that same GRAND SUPREMACY PLAN.

It all sounds too Hitleresque to be palatable to most Jews – who do remember the holocaust and the tricks Hitler used to lure them into death camps to operate his war factories. It’s no coincidence that Mileikowsky invited USA companies to build factories on occupied lands/disputed territories to employ Palestinians. Some will rightly argue that Palestine is that new death camp – designed, orchestrated and operated by Jews.

Does it matter if they’re Russian Jews or German Jews at this point? Or Spanish Jews or Albanian or British Jews? Not in Mileikowsky’s world.

And not in anybody else’s world either.





A 10 mile wide corridor between Gaza and West bank as part of Palestinian State. Protected by Palestinians on Palestine’s side.

All of West Bank and Gaza as Palestinian State.

All of Jerusalem becomes a state like the Holy See with all religions presently operating in Palestine equally represented no matter their numbers, and equally participating in it’s development and governance.

Unfettered sea access, and the same sea ownership rights afforded other nations – 12 nautical miles – along and outward from Gaza border. Israelis cannot form a blockade in International waters – anywhere, or conduct raids on ships en route to Gaza.

Palestine’s airspace belongs to Palestine Only. No one is to enter without Palestine’s permission.

Palestine as a sovereign nation totally independent of Israel or any other entity, except for commerce, and then at the discretion of Palestine. No preferential consideration for Israelis. That would be akin to treating Nazis preferentially.

Britain has the responsibility to intervene on behalf of the Palestinians in Palestine.

Jews are seeking permission from the USA leadership via a green light, given publicly or privately, to annex prime land in Palestine as their own.

Don’t give it, unless you want to be the president who started World War III.


To Britain: Admit you were wrong to give Palestine it’s independence in 1948 knowing full well the Jews would commit a holocaust against an indigenous people, terrorizing the survivors, forcing them to flee. Tell them you were wrong.

Britain has invaded 90% of all the countries in the world. The list below tells you how many regions they colonized. Palestine was one of them.

Britain ruled Palestine from 1920 – 1948.

Britain, out of guilt for not responding quicker to the atrocities in the factory concentration death camps throughout Europe, gave Palestine their independence in 1948, so the Jews could move in and declare Palestine theirs. It was probably the shortest run of independence of any region ever in the world.

In the year 1948 the post WWII Jews who fled to Palestine declared Israel a state on the land of Palestine.

There’s been war in the Middle East ever since. The ethnic cleansing and displacement of the indigenous Palestinians was the cause of the attack on America 0n 9-11 2001. The Israelis might as well have flown those planes themselves.

It’s time to end that war by reigning in alI Israelis involved with the atrocities committed against the indigenous Palestinian people and returning the stolen land to the Palestinians.

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Aden 1839 1858 (from India) Separate from 1937 Interior from 1873 1967

Afghanistan 1839 – 1842 1878 – 1880

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1789 – 1814 1858 1947

Anguilla 1663

Antigua 1632 1663 1981

Aruba 1799 – 1815

Ascension 1815 by Royal Navy. 1922 Civil Administration

Ashmore and Cartier Islands 1878 1938 to Australia

Australia 1901 1942

Bahamas 1648 – 1657, 1670 – 1717 1717 1964 1973

Bahrain 1835 1971

Baker Island 1886 1934 to USA

Baluchistan 1877, 1887 to India 1947

Banda Islands 1608, 1616 – 16211796 – 1817 then back to Dutch

Bantam 1603 1682 to Dutch

Barbados 1627 1966

Barbuda 1666 1628 – 1632 1981

Basutoland 1868 1884 1966

Batavia 1621 – 1628 1811 – 1816

Bay Islands 1638 – 1650 1742 – 1782, 1820 – 1860 1860 to Honduras

Bechuanaland 1885 1966

Benkulen 1685 1825 to Dutch

Bengal 1681 1858 1947

Berbice 1665 1781 – 1782, 1796 – 1802, 1803 – 1814, 1831 to British Guiana 1966

Bermuda 1609, 1614 1684

Bhutan 1911 1947

Bombay 1661 1858 1947

Bonaire 1807 – 1815 then back to Dutch

Bonin Islands 1827 1875 to Japan

British Cameroons 1914 1920 1961

British Columbia 1849 1846 1871

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

British Guiana Conquered in 1796. 1815 became 3 colonies – unified in 1831 1966

British Honduras 1636 1786 1981

British Indian Ocean Territory 1784

British Kaffraria 1847 joined Cape Colony in 1866

British New Guinea (Papua Territory) 1883 1886, 1906 to Australia 1884 1975

British Somaliland 1905 1884 1960

British Togoland 1914 1920 1956 to Gold Coast

British Virgin Islands 1666 1786

Brunei 1888 1984

Burma 1824 expanded in 1852 and 1885. Ruled from India until 1937 1948

Bushire 1763 1854 1971

Canada 1867 1931, 1982

Lower Canada 1763 Quebec colony divided in 1791 renamed Canada East in 1840 1867

Upper Canada 1763 Quebec colony divided in 1791 renamed Canada West in 1840 1867

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Canton and Enderbury Islands 1889 1936 – 1979 jointly with US 1979

Cape Breton Island 1758 to Nova Scotia in 1820 1867

Cape Colony 1795, 1806 1872, 1910 to South Africa

Cayman Islands 1670 from Jamaica until 1959

Ceylon 1796 expanded in 1802 and 1815 1948

Christmas Island 1888 1945 1958 to Australia

Christmas Island (Pacific) 1888 1979

Cocos Islands 1826 1857 1984 to Australia

Connecticut 1633 1662 1783

Cook Islands 1888 1965

Coorg 1834 1858 1947

Cuba 1762 – 1763

Curacao 1807 – 1815

Cyprus 1914 1878 1960

Cyrenaica 1941 – 1951

Darien, Panama 1698 – 1700

Delaware 1664 1704 1783

Demerara-Essequibo 1665 1781 – 1782, 1796 – 1802, 1803 – 1814, 1831 to British Guiana 1966

Dominica 1763 1978

Dutch East Indies 1811 – 1816

Dutch India 1780 – 1784, 1795 – 1818, 1825 1858 1947

Egypt 1882 1914 1922 1954

Eire/Ireland/Irish Free State 1801 (part of UK proper) 1922 1935, 1948

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Elizabeth Island 1578

Ellice Islands 1916 1892 1978

Eritrea 1941 1952

Falkland Islands 1841 1833

Fernando Po 1827 1855 to Spain

Fiji 1835 1874 1970

Florida 1763 1783 – to Spain

French India 1760 – 1765, 1778-1783, 1793-1816

French Somaliland 1942 – 1946

Gambia 1661 1821 from Sierra Leone, 1888 by itself 1894 inland territory added 1965

Georgia 1732 1755 1783

Gibraltar 1704, confirmed in 1713

Gilbert Islands 1916 1892 1979

Goa 1797 – 1813

Gold Coast 1631 1821 from Sierra Leone, 1874 by itself. 1830 Protectorate extended inland 1957

Goree 1663 – 1664, 1758 – 1763, 1779 – 1783, 1800 – 1817

Grenada 1763 1974

Griqualand West 1873 – 1880 to Cape Colony 1871

Guadeloupe 1759-1763, 1794, 1810-1816

Hawaii 1843 1794 1893

Heligoland 1807 1890 to Germany

Hirado 1613 – 1623

Hong Kong 1842 territory added in 1860 and 1898 1997 to China

Howland Island 1886 – 1935

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

India Incrementally from 1609 1858 1947 to 1950 1947 de facto

Ionian Islands 1809 1864 to Greece

Iraq 1941 to 1945 1920 1932

Italian Somaliland 1941 – 1950

Jamaica 1655 1962

Jarvis Island 1889 – 1935

Kamaran Island 1915 1967

Kenya 1888 1920 1895, 1904 1963

Kuria Muria Islands 1854, 1886 to Aden 1967 to Oman

Kuwait 1899 1961

Labuan 1890 to North Borneo Company 1846, 1904, 1907 to Straits Settlement

Lagos 1861 1906 1960

Leeward Islands 1671 1960

Lord Howe Island 1788 1855 to New South Wales

Madeira 1801 – 1814

Madras 1640 1858 1947

Maine 1622 1691 to Massachusetts 1783

Malacca 1824 1795 to 1816, 1826

Malaya 1874, 1896 1957

Maldive Islands 1887 1965

Malta 1800, confirmed in 1814 1919 1964

Martinique 1762-1763, 1793-1801, 1809-1814

Maryland 1632 1783

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Massachusetts 1620 1691 1783

Mauritius 1810 confirmed in 1814 1968

Minorca 1708 – 1756, 1763 – 1782, 1798 – 1803 1803 to Spain

Moluccas 1796-1802, 1810-1816

Montserrat 1632 1663

Mosquito Coast 1655 1860

Natal 1843 1893, 1910 to South Africa

Nauru 1914 1919 1968

Nepal 1816 1947

Nevis 1628 1663, 1882 joined with St. Christopher 1983

New Brunswick 1784 1854, 1867

New Caledonia, (Darien), Panama 1698 – 1700

Newfoundland 1497, 1583 1713, 1934 1855, 1949 to Canada

New Hampshire 1623 1679 1783

New Hebrides 1906 1887 1980

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

New Jersey 1664 1738 1783

New York 1664 1783

New South Wales 1770 1855, 1901 to Australia

New Zealand 1769, 1792, 1840 1907 1947

Nigeria 1914 1954 1960

Niue 1901 to New Zealand 1900 1974

Norfolk Island 1788 – 1814 from New South Wales, 1825 – 1855 from Van Diemen’s Land, 1897 – 1913 from New South Wales 1856 – 1897 1914 – Australian Territory

North Borneo 1775 1946 1881, 1888 1963 to Malaysia

North Carolina 1663 1729 1783

North West Frontier Province 1849 1901 1947

North West Territories 1670 1869 1870 to Canada

Northern Nigeria 1885 1914 to Nigeria 1899

Northern Rhodesia 1891 1924 1964

Nova Scotia 1621 to 1632, 1713 1846, 1867 to Canada

Nyasaland 1875 1907 1889 1964

Ocean Island 1900 1901 1979

Oman (Muscat and Oman) 1646 1800 1970

Orange River Colony (Orange Free State) 1848 to 1854, 1900 1907, 1910 to South Africa

Palestine 1920 1948

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Palmyra Atoll 1889 1898 to USA

Penang 1786 1826 1957

Pennsylvania 1681 1783

Perim Island 1857 to Aden 1967 to Yemen

Philippines 1762 – 1764

Pitcairn Island 1838

Popham Colony 1607 to 1608

Prince Edward Island 1745 – 1748, 1758 1851, 1873 to Canada

Prince Edward Islands 1908 1776 1947 to South Africa

Providence Island 1629 – 1642

Pulo Condor Island 1702 – 1705

Punjab 1849 1858 1937 1947

Qatar 1916 1971

Quebec 1629 – 1632 1759 1841

Queensland 1824 1859 1901

Roanoke 1585 – 1590?

Redonda 1872 to Antigua 1981

Reunion 1810 – 1815, 1942 – 1945

Rhode Island 1636 1663 1783

Rodriguez 1809, 1814 to Mauritius 1968

Rupert’s Land and North West Territories 1670, 1774 1870 to Canada

Saint Barthelemy 1758, 1779, 1781

Saint Croix and Saint Thomas 1587 1625 – 1650, 1801 – 1802, 1807 – 1815

St Christopher 1623 1663 1983

Saint Domingue, Haiti 1793 – 1798

Saint Eustatius 1625 1665 – 1668, 1672 – 1682, 1690 – 1696, 1781, 1801 – 1802, 1810 – 1816

St Helena 1651 1834

St Lucia 1778 to 1783, 1796, 1803 confirmed in 1814 1979

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Saint Martin 1690 – 1699 1781, 1801 – 1802, 1810 – 1816

Saint Pierre and Miquelon 1713 – 1763, 1778 – 1783, 1793 – 1816

St Vincent 1762 to 1779, 1783 1979

Saba 1665, 1672 – 1679, 1781 1801 – 1803, 1810 – 1816

Samoa 1914 1889, terminated in 1899 New Zealand Mandate from 1920 1962

Sarawak 1841 1946 1888 1963

Senegal 1693 1758 – 1779, 1809 – 1817

Seychelles 1794, 1811 from Mauritius, 1888 by itself 1976

Sierra Leone 1787 1807 1896 inland protectorates 1961

Sikkim 1890, 1918 1947

Sind 1843 1858 1947

Singapore 1819 1826 1957, 1965

Socotra 1834 – 1835 1886 1967 to Aden

Somalia 1941 – 1950

Solomon Islands 1893 1978

South Africa 1910 1934

South Australia 1834 1855, 1901 to Australia

South Carolina 1663 1729 1783

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 1775, 1843, 1908

South West Africa 1919 to South Africa 1960

Southern Nigeria 1884 1900, 1914 to Nigeria

Southern Rhodesia 1890 1888 1923 (1965 – 1979 UDI) 1980

Straits Settlements 1826 1867 1858 1963

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Sudan 1898 1956

Suez Canal Zone 1881 1922 1956

Surat 1612, 1703 to Bombay 1858 1947

Surinam 1651 1799 – 1802, 1804 – 1816 1667 to Dutch

Swaziland 1893, 1902 1968

Tanganyika 1919 1961

Tangier 1661 1684

Tasmania 1803 1825 1856, 1901 to Australia

Tobago 1762 to 1781, 1793 confirmed in 1814, joined with Trinidad 1888 1962

Tokelau 1898 1889 1976

Tonga 1879, 1900 1970

Tranquebar (Danish India) 1845 1801 – 1815, 1858 1947

Transjordan 1920 1946

Transvaal 1877 to 1881, 1900 1906, 1910 to South Africa 1961

Trinidad and Tobago 1797 confirmed in 1814, joined with Tobago 1888 1962

Tripolitania 1941 – 1950

Tristan da Cunha 1816, 1938 from St Helena

Trucial Oman 1835 1887 1971

Turks and Caicos Islands 1678 1766 1973

Uganda 1888 1905 1894 1962

Vancouver Island 1843 1849 1866 to British Columbia

Virginia 1607 1624 1783

Victoria 1851 1855, 1901 to Australia

Walvis Bay 1878, 1884 1922 to South Africa

Weihaiwei 1898 1930 to China

Western Australia 1829 1826 1890, 1901 to Australia

Willoughby 1651 1667 1799 – 1802, 1804 – 1816

Windward Islands 1871 – 1960

Zanzibar 1890 1963


Oh my God, what kind of people are the British – to think they can own and control the entire planet and all its people?

Yeah, maybe I should give Britain to the Palestinians. How would you like that? It can be arranged.

Tear down the walls, reclaim your land. Move the settlers/squatters OUT – tenderly.

Stop telling the Palestinians to negotiate with the Jews. Jews don’t negotiate. They take what isn’t theirs, then return a crumb as a painful sacrifice.

Israelis are already on the path to take Syria. In their minds, the world gave them Palestine, then the Golan Heights. The world will give them Syria too.

Mark those words.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, WORD WARRIOR GLOBAL



Not all walls are the same.

A wall around a well-established country is different from a wall that encroaches into other people’s territory dividing its cities, towns and farms.

Erecting a wall in territory that is not yours and claiming ownership, whereby the citizens cannot enter or exit at will and the encroaching party takes control of all aspects of the occupied territory and the citizens that live and work on it creates a condition of never-ending war.

Even changing the name of your nation to theirs, each time they take a chunk of it. The nerve of that.

Who on earth would or could support such walls, except those gaining financial or political benefit for that support?

List the countries that support the Jewish Walls on Palestinian land and those that sit on the fence neither agreeing nor disagreeing and you will see for yourself the hypocrisy of their views.

If in their own countries those same walls were built to divide people according to religious affiliations, they would not accept it.

Go ahead, let the Muslims in London, England divide the city, then take the country chunk by chunk, expanding where they currently live by stealing the land of others and bulldozing the homes when the Protestants rise in protest.

You think it can’t happen to you, because Protestants are the majority. Well, look what happened and continues to happen unabated in Palestine.

What would happen if in the USA the Amish decided to encroach on their neighbor’s non-Amish farms, because they didn’t have enough land and wanted more? Would it be tolerated?

The war was over long ago, yet the Jews continue to grab chunks of land and resources from their Palestinian neighbors, and the world stands still for it.

The world needs to move. How long will you accept this condition of enslavement while the Israelis pull the land like a rug right out from beneath their feet?

The longer the world waits, the worse it gets.

The world needs to make demands of Israel.


Make them open their clenched fists and drop the dirt they stole as theirs to keep. It’s not their dirt. It belongs to somebody else. Return it.


Jared Kushner Adds The USA As An Occupier Of Palestine

Jared Kusher was given three years to come up with a plan, that the Palestinians didn’t see until it was released to the world.

Mahmoud Abbas was given two weeks to counter the proposal with his own resolution, which was (unofficially) rejected by the United Nations body. He now has a few days with which to form a new one. The Jews in Palestine want a resolution by election day on 2 March 2020 for Benjamin Netanyahu to gain favor with his base.

It would take a month to study all the details of the 180 page manifesto presented by the Jews. I read it. The font is too tiny, making for difficult reading. If the Jews had used a larger font to ease reading, the document would contain many more pages than it does.

Of course that’s the PDF version. I don’t know about the actual print version. But for the world to read, it presents itself as much smaller than it actually is. Much like that 1/10 of 1% population that the Jews stick with to make them sound like they’re the oppressee and not the oppressor.

Just to have it translated in all languages would be a monumental task – if it’s done accurately. Shouldn’t the world be able to read the document in full, since any Jewish action taken unilaterally, with promises of prosperity by a brutal occupying force, affects the entire world?

Palestinians primarily speak and read Levantine Arabic, not English. The Palestinian populace responded with a resounding NO to a short summary, while Jared Kushnar across the world lamented on television that “they didn’t even read it”. Wasn’t that the point? Did Jared Kushnar provide Arabic copies of his demands to every Palestinian family in Palestine?

Since when are entities seeking independence from occupation required to fully implement several hundred pages of demands put on them by their oppressors considered valid by the United Nations? So the Jews anticipate the implementation to take four years? Just in time for Donald Trump to leave office with a win that forever subjugates the Palestinians to the Jews on Palestinian land?

Did Britain in 1948 require that of the Palestinians when they pulled out, so the Jews could move in – by brutal force? No.

So actually, Britain never did free the Palestinians from occupation in 1948, did they?

Find a way to do it now. It’s time to get off your high horse and roll up your sleeves.

Jared Kushner had three years. He had plenty of help devising the long-winded and judgmental to the point of ad nauseam document that keeps the Jews and the USA the sole occupiers of Palestine – and beyond is where this is going.

History doesn’t look kindly on Britain as occupier of the world. This is your final test, knowing what you know today. It’s like American politicians now all agreeing that it was wrong to decimate Iraq. Iraqis had nothing to do with the attack against the USA on 9-11. In fact, the day after 9-11 the Jews went into Palestinian territories committing massacres, knowing the USA and world would be distracted.

The Jews decimated Palestine. It began with you. It needs to end with you.

Jared Kushner Adds The USA As An Occupier Of Palestine

Jared Kushner with his Jewish Plan for Palestine made the USA an occupying force with his Plan for Prosperity – that was designed for only the Jews to survive and thrive unencumbered by the rights of outside forces to determine their destiny, which positioned the Palestinians at the feet of Jews worldwide and the USA deciding-machines within the governmental bodies.

For every demand set forth in minute detail the USA along with the Jews will decide whether there has been compliance by the Palestinians to their satisfaction. At that point, the Palestinians will either be allowed to move forward or be sanctioned for non-compliance.

The USA and the Jews must agree on any action to be taken, which could lead to court battles and endless delays. However, knowing how the Jews determine elections in the USA, that shouldn’t be difficult.

Fickle politicians and leaders will want the Jewish vote, so there will never be a fair airing regarding conditions of compliance. Why should there be conditions of compliance in the first place?

It sounds like the Palestinians are in a prison and are requesting parole, and the parole officers are Jews worldwide plus the government of the USA. That makes the USA an occupying force.

So rather than address the occupying force of the Jews, now they have to address, in addition, the occupying force of the USA.

Does the USA force these same requirements or conditions of conduct on Puerto Rico?

To the USA: Either become a protective force for the Palestinians or get out of the equation.

Jared Kushner’s document needs to be read very carefully. If that is the blueprint from which all else emanates, whereby nothing can be added, then the Palestinians are in deep trouble.

The Jews, wanting total control over the outcome, show their true occupying society in the way the document reads.

What this document achieved was adding the USA as an occupying force in Palestine, which gives support to the Jews and nothing to the Palestinians, except crumbs and being on perpetual parole, having to report to parole officers, for eternity. It’s yet another plan devised to make Palestinians want to leave their homeland.

There is no New Palestine. The Jews can’t determine the name of your country. They added that to be used in a court of law, years hence, when they will argue that all grievances against Jews in Palestine and all demands for land borders, access to the sea that borders their country, air access too, etc. are null and void, based on the change of name – that nobody thought important enough to object to.

It’s just a word? No. It’s a huge, huge shift in responsibility. It negates everything that will happen before what happens next. The Jews are covering all their bases in every aspect of this document.

When Palestine is free from occupying forces, the Palestinians decide what to call or not to call their land.

  • The Jews want to be called a Jewish state, which discriminates against all citizens in that society, who are not Jews. So what do they offer the Palestinians? They can be called a Palestinian State, so the Palestinians can discriminate against those living in Palestine who are not Palestinians.
  • Being called a Jewish or Palestinian State assures by language a Jewish or Palestinian majority – so the majority always rules, always wins – whatever it is they seek.

Why should the Jews demand of the Palestinians that they recognize their occupiers as having a right to own their land and control their society? That’s what The Kushner Document does.

That entire document must be scrapped. That the United Nations accepted it is outrageously prejudicial. It’s essentially a book of laws made by Jews and the USA to control every facet of Palestinian life. Cultural, social, energy, food, protesting, what one can boycott and on and on. There will be no free speech in Palestine. There is not one bit of self-determination anywhere that doesn’t first get approved by the Jews worldwide and the USA.

Read that document in its entirety. Jews are word smiths. Every word counts. The order counts. The design counts. The massage is there – look for it. They tire you, don’t they? Well wake up. Do your duty to the world.

The countries that sided with Jewish Colonialism at the United Nations will regret that vote. That you profited by siding with the oppressor proves who you are for the entire world to see.

Those who were under the control of British or French or Spanish or any other occupying force, whom many use to this day as an excuse for their countries remaining in the ditch of history, put the Palestinians in that same ditch, by choosing the occupier with which to do business, under threats of future business being denied if they didn’t support Jewish colonialism in Palestine.

DITCH THAT PLAN – the devil is in every detail.

You need to actually read the document. It will make you sick as you approach the brutality of the finality of the demands at every juncture. I thought I was in a holocaust museum.

Then I thought I was seeing the soldiers shooting the prisoners while they played music for them at Auschwitz.

It takes writing talent to do that. It doesn’t belong in a document or in a plan, any kind of plan. It reads as an influencer – a manifesto – a comforter – stroking the backs of the dogs mauling each other in a fight – and it worked to pull the hood over the eyes of the United Nations.


STAND DOWN JEWS – worldwide

To The World: CALL THEIR BLUFF – To Palestine: Apply To The European Union As A Member State – To Britain: invite them


Nobody spies on Israel in Israel? Why? If they claim to have nuclear weapons? Or worse, if they’re ambiguous and coy about having nuclear weapons? Something so serious as possession of nuclear weapons?

So on nuclear submarines it’s okay not to declare your load? Because it’s in the water and not on land? And who might I ask made that back stairwell deal? What body of water? Where are those subs swimming? Are they bluffing about that to scare Iran?

From what country did they get the parts and the technology, or did they come already made ready to assemble? Who in Israel assembled them. Do they enrich their own uranium? From what country do they purchase it? The same country that sends them biological and chemical weapons? Or do they have biological and chemical weapons factories?

They acquired a nuclear arsenal, a secret nuclear arsenal, for what purpose? To terrorize the Middle East? Or to topple Iran?

Ye ken, that Ayatollah always looked and acted Jew to me. Is he? Ali Khamenei – Supreme Leader of Iran. Jew, not Jew-ish.

Jews have a lot in common with Persians – they’re culturally sophisticated, they’re separatists, they have the same supremacy genes, plus Persians aren’t Arabs. They can wait and wait and suffer and suffer to eventually get what they perceive is their divine right (another similarity).

This is a serious matter, Outlawing Jews possessing weapons of mass destruction, that needs the light of day.

Nobody really thinks that Jews haven’t used chemical weapons, do they?

Nobody really thinks that Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of the Jews, was incapacitated all those years(?) because of a poor diet, do they?

Nobody really thinks that Bill Clinton’s dog escaped and got run over, do they, because a door was inadvertently left open?

After the Palestinian Deal (presented by phone was it?) framed by Jews occupying Palestine and Jews occupying the White House in the District Of Columbia and (I have to assume) congress, since congress remained silent as a protest on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s chaotic losses (twice now was it?) to Barack Obama in the Primary of 2008 and to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, which ultimately gave the Jews the Right Of Annexation, based on projections of (staged/incited) anti-Semitic attacks (notice they always include the Arabs in their plans to overtake for the Purpose of increasing their numbers en masse.

Lots of Arabs in the Middle East and around the world might feel a brotherhood and sisterhood by that inclusion, even if they know it’s insincere.

Jews teaming up with Arabs across Europe and the world against anyone not Jew or Arab (via use of the anti-Semitic word) whom they now claim (just yesterday so ye ken it was part of the plan) will cause massive immigration to Palestine for Protection Purposes.

The demand ringing loud throughout the world: ‘If anti-Semitic attacks don’t stop in Europe, then we’ll need Gaza’. They’re taking Gaza anyway. They will create the chaos necessary for Jews worldwide to come home to Palestine, growing their numbers larger than the Palestinian Population to get their long-sought Jewish majority.

With nuclear weapons? Or bombs? Of course if they have nuclear on and under the sea, everybody knows they have them underground on land and in suitcases and even briefs. And everybody knows how quickly Jews switch their alliances. From democrat to republican, don’t you recall or were you more obsessed with downing a president than taking care of the country’s business?

Nobody but those who fear their past mistakes and misdeeds being exposed is buying into it, which means just about everybody.

My advice to all of you is to call their bluff. What? Jews don’t bluff? No, no, that’s Russians who claim not to bluff. Jews bluff. A lie is a bluff. Assassinations in the name of a country or race or ethnicity that didn’t order it is a bluff. The Jews BLUFF about everything that is in their interests – short and long term.

They’re going to need more than Gaza to accommodate the Jewish immigrant influx, wheels that they just yesterday, publicly, put in motion.

So that’s what they were saving that Gaza concentration camp for, hoping all the Palestinians would just leave. But they closed the Egyptian border, so how could they leave? Not by sea, that was closed too. Do you see it all now? Like Ariel Sharon said, “they let us do it”.

It won’t stop at Gaza. Everybody knows it, but they don’t see it. It’s like everybody listens, but they don’t hear. When is the world going to stop fearing the Jews?

Why didn’t Britain contribute to the plan? Why doesn’t Britain have a presence in Israel? Why isn’t Britain, who gave Palestine to the Jews, working to undo the harm they did? Because it’s in their nature to colonize. They are those Jews. They relinquished their colonial dominance over Palestine to another colonizer – Jews from Europe.

So, you have to be invited to be inspected, do you?

Let me tell you a talk I didn’t have with a fish up the creek, struggling to breathe, ye ken, the one who said, ‘buy me a Jameson and I’ll tell you a story’? Those fishes are everywhere.

  • (fish, is it? no, no; make no mistake in how the Jews perceive your language. If it’s more than one, add an ‘S’, whether proper English word-etiquette supports it or not)

Egypt is a wanted country. Jordan, what did you do with any success? Nothing worked? Then you didn’t work hard enough. Jews brought Egypt to its knees with a suicide bomber. How many Jews in Jordan? How many Jews in Egypt? How many Arabs are disgruntled enough to crave an apocalypse?

The Jews are about to annex Gaza. What is the world going to do? I want to hear Hillary Clinton’s proposal without the word Trump in it. Go ahead, what’s your plan. Oh right, you don’t have one. Not one presidential candidate, nor anyone in congress has one. Why? Because the Palestinian Population isn’t large enough in the USA to deserve their attention, thus get them elected.

For decades I’ve heard the same schizophrenic message: the two sides have to negotiate a deal

“According to the 2000 United States Census, there were 72,112 people of Palestinian ancestry living in the United States, increasing to 85,186 by the 2009-2013 American Community Survey.”

Try to find the Palestinian census for recent years by Googling it. Not there. Yeah, so their small numbers don’t count enough as votes to warrant a fair consideration.

Israel prefers to call all dark-skin people from the Middle East, Arabs – again, only for the purposes of claiming anti-Semitism to increase their own numbers to the world view, making it look like a lone disgruntled person attacked a massive group of Semites, to which the Jews belong. That doesn’t add up.

  • Jews are erasing Palestinians as Palestinians from the earth by calling them Arabs in all the books and computer programs they write. That makes Jews an existential threat to Palestinians.

In reality, Palestinians don’t exist to them. In Israel, Palestinians are categorized as Arab Israelis. Make no mistake, Jews play every angle to increase their numbers when it suits them and to decrease their numbers when it suits them. By decreasing the number of Palestinians with words, they decrease the significance of Palestinians.

Nobody really did believe that 1/10 of 1 percent Jewish population worldwide, did they? If that were true, how did six million of them end up in Austria for the purpose of being euthanized at forced labor factories? That number has been steady for decades, which demonstrates a schizophrenic component to their reporting of their own numbers, since World War II (and before).

Even if the six million number is accurate, how is it that the Jews somehow seemed to escape every pandemic on the planet? Too few Jews is their answer? They don’t claim that large portions were wiped out by anything, except the cruelty at the war factories in Europe. That doesn’t add up. Are they immune? Are they carriers? Or their God just passed them by?

So, Hitler gave them cameras and pens and notebooks to record everything and keep all these recordings to take with them when World War II ended? I see.

And nobody in academia anywhere in the world can study what happened, except them? Why is it that Jews offer to write everybody’s history books for them? Because the Jews know everybody else’s history better than everybody else knows their own?

When somebody has a hallucination it isn’t as one might think, something horrible jumping out of a wall at you (that’s from drug-taking or withdrawing from drugs). Schizophrenic hallucinations are real looking. The only way you know that it’s an hallucination is that it’s always the same. The elephant in the room that nobody sees, except the schizophrenic, is an hallucination. But it looks like an elephant.

It appears, once again, that the Jews are treating the Palestinians like themselves, reducing their actual numbers, thus significance – only against them, not in support of them. It makes one wonder who was running those factories in Austria and beyond.

It’s difficult to find any real numbers of Palestinians in the USA. Maybe there are more than the numbers tell. It also appears that in the USA the Jews who control the record-keeping part, lump Palestinians in the Arab category. Now, everybody knows that Jews don’t like to be lumped with anybody but Jews, so why do it to the Palestinians? Did they get their permission? Are Jews trying to make Palestinians Semites? Are Persians Semites?

Jews never ask permission. They never ask a question that could have a no answer when they want a yes answer. And they never risk that someone could change their mind. So they blackmail, extort, or scare them into submitting to their will.

Israel acts more like North Korea than they do a democratic society within Palestine. Yeah, Israel should be recognized as a society, not a country or state or nation. Any entity that recklessly fools with possession of nuclear weaponry is a society – a societal danger to the entire planet.

Remember the arguments for seizing the Golan Heights, that the White House agreed with – why Israel would want a land mass that was elevated? In order to see the enemy coming? And Gaza. Well Gaza they said they didn’t care about – they’ve said that ever since they supposedly left Gaza. Oh, let them have it, we don’t want it, they didn’t love us anyway? That’s so funny that the whole world believed it. Well, guess what? They had plans for Gaza all along.

Nobody really thinks that simply proclaiming they’ll take Gaza if the anti-Semitism doesn’t end in Europe, will end the anti-Jew sentiment for what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians, do they? People who make these kinds of demands and threats have no planetary right to have or to hide nuclear weapons.

Jews scare that easily, that when someone criticizes them or holds them accountable they take that as justification for committing a holocaust and a land grab? Dangerous people in terrorist societies do that.

Well, the rest of the world doesn’t. So go ahead and continue your anti-anybody-but-Jew talk strategy to incite the non-Jews of the world and see the Jews scampering into Gaza? By sea? Through Egypt? They go to Gaza first? How? Or do they have to be processed somewhere in Israel before they’re assigned their plot of land in Gaza?

They’re considering the Golan Heights for detainment and containment purposes of floods of Jews coming to Palestine? More camps? For Jews? That doesn’t add up.

Respect works both ways, but Jews only see it working for them. There is no reciprocity with Jews. Never has been.

What makes everybody so sure that Israel won’t form an alliance with Iran? Persians and Jews? I can see it. I saw it decades ago.

The two rulers of the Middle East. Iran doesn’t need nuclear weapons when Israel has them, but Israel would actually like to see Iran obtain them, only they have to suffer for it first, like the Jews did. A holocaust of Persians. That’s how Jews are programmed. Every group on earth will suffer a holocaust by the plans, not necessarily the hands, of Jews.

So, the real reason Jews lump Palestinians with Arabs, is that Iran considers Arabs beneath them. Thus they put the Repulse Factor into the mix, hoping Iran will stop supporting Palestinians right to survive and thrive in their own country – Palestine.

Make no mistake about it, Persians do not consider themselves Palestinians any more than Jews do.

Given that Jews write the history books in the USA, one really can’t believe what they read, can they? Same is so with newspapers or internet news. One really has to wade through it all to make some sort of sense to all of it. One thing is certain though. Jews are an unwelcome society in Palestine as long as they seek to control Palestinians under the Jew thumb.

Why doesn’t the world stand down while the Palestinians control Jews under the Palestinian thumb?

To the world? CALL THEIR BLUFF when you know they’re signaling consequences for actions against their interests.

The Jews already threatened consequences of needing Gaza as an immigration depot for anti-Jew protests that may occur as the result of the lopsided deal which keeps Palestinians incarcerated in their own country on their own land.

I think the Middle East is a lot like the British United kingdom et al. One may call themselves Scotch, Irish, British, Welsh, Scotch-Irish, but in reality their ancestry profiles contain all of them in different proportions.

Since borders don’t seem to matter any more in a legal sense or moral sense, and since Palestine has existed as a country for millennia (the Land of Palestine is in the back of every bible I’ve ever seen), I suggest applying to the European Union as a member state.

If the world supports a non-contiguous state of Palestine, then the European countries that support it, can bring Palestine in under the umbrella of the European Union.

Change the rules. The Jews do. They change the rules from behind the scenes in every country they occupy. That’s what they do to make better lives for themselves. And they disregard as non-chosen everybody else.

Every military ship that is available; descend on Gaza.

No flotillas from human rights missions.

Show Your Stuff.

In peace, with the ability to defend against Israeli aggression.

The Palestine experiment looks more and more like the Adolph Hitler experiment.

It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. It will get worse – for everybody involved.

The Palestinians will not stop rising based on a 180 page manifesto that took three years to write, giving Jews control over every facet of Palestinian lives, homes and lands.

Open the sea and get those nuclear submarines out of the water for inspection, then confiscate them.

What are you afraid of? A tiny group of helpless bandits – 1/10th of 1 percent – with nuclear weapons?

  • The world already fears Jews. Why don’t they fear Jews with nuclear weapons?

Throughout the Middle East there are vast numbers of Palestinians in nearly all countries, many of whom were thrown out like trash from their own land of Palestine by Jews wanting to Lord over their land.

Jews, as reckless and heartless and brutal as they are, don’t deserve a country.

One doesn’t get the respect of the world by humiliating and enslaving indigenous people on their own land.

Jews don’t want world respect. They want somebody else’s land.

Did you know that in Ariel Sharon’s day Jews war-gamed a plan to send all Palestinians in Palestine to Siberia. Relocate an entire country of people. Benjamin Netanyahu is Sharon’s protege.

After all the colonizing the British did all over the world, they’re afraid to call on Palestine? A United Palestine? Make that call.

written and posted by sld-t


The Scottish Way, Mr. President

I have only one question for President Trump regarding the Israeli deal offered to the Palestinians: Would YOU take that deal?

You trampled on every principle the Scots stood for in their plight to be free from British rule. They sacrificed their blood and treasure, that resulted in the freedom of your ancestors, which ultimately allowed you to become who you are today.

You are that clan as a Scot, Mr. President. It’s in your blood. Yet, you allowed the Jews to betray who you are as a Scot and a man – relinquishing, like a slave, your power to rule your own mind and your own heart.

You were hoodwinked Mr. President. The deal maker of the world turned a blind eye to the freedom wants and needs of a strong-willed, freedom-deserving indigenous people, worthy to survive and thrive on their own land unencumbered by the invasions of a brutal occupying minority with a grudge against Europe.

You think in an uncanny way toward the Palestinians like the British thought of the Scots, that they were an unruly, brutal, dirty, undereducated, crass, head-strong people whom they had to rule to control or destroy.

The Jews outsmarted the most famous Scot in the world – you – by making a deal, they knew in advance would be rejected, that was approved by you, to keep the Palestinians under the rule of the occupying Israelis, stripping them of their dignity and ability to support themselves on their own land, in their own country, in their own way.

Palestine this year is Scotland of yesteryear.

Scotland is free today and you, Mr. President, benefitted from that freedom.

Palestine is not free. The deal maker of the world folded and fed the freedom-deserving people to their executioners.

A Scot you are not Mr. President. Not yet.

You have some unfinished business to attend to.

You need to prove now to the world, through action, that Israel does not own our country, the USA, and are not an occupying force in the Executive branch and Congress, thus every State in this fine Union.

Scots all over the world – including this one – Mr. President – wait for the remainder of the deal to emerge – the Scottish way.


Palestine can be invaded without violence – The Jews do it all over the world

If Jews worldwide have a Right Of Return, when they never even lived in Palestine – only some of their very long ago ancestors did – then so do Palestinians have the Right Of Return – even more so than Jews – since they never left Palestine as Jews did en masse looking for greener pastures. The land of milk and honey, remember? Well, that’s everywhere.

Jews then returned centuries later en masse with a plan to push Palestinians from their land via a PALESTINIAN Holocaust executed by Jews, to make the prime real estate in Palestine their INTERNATIONAL HOME BASE – for all Jews worldwide to visit, pay homage and celebrate a designer country that they formed by displacing an indigenous people.

Since then, Jews who arrived en masse after World War II made the lives of Palestinians who remained after the Holocaust into living hells, hoping they’d leave on their own. The BUTCHERS OF PALESTINE were JEWS, not PALESTINIANS as Jews would have you believe.

Jews passed a law giving themselves that Right Of Return, when most of them willingly left Palestine to populate all corners, sides, middles, uppers, lowers, even the waters with their Jew seeds, in an orchestrated plan to dominate the planet from wherever they grew. Jews all over the world could then move to Palestine and occupy it as their Home Base, eventually to become accepted by the world and then expand throughout the Middle East. 

No one opposed it, because they’d be ruined by JEW BRUTALITY if they did. They populated an area of Palestine as their Homeland-State, not yet globally unrecognized as legal or valid, which they controlled to maintain a Jew majority at all costs. To oppose would be fruitless and dangerous.

Jew is not a pure race as the Jews like to trick the world into believing it is. It’s not a race either. I mean, are Gypsies a race? No. Do Gypsies have their own state with nuclear and chemical weapons? No. Do Gypsies commit holocausts against the people in the countries where they reside? No. Well, not unless they’re Jew-Gypsy.  Do Gypsies have their own DNA? No. 

There’s a reason why German Jews look German, and Scottish Jews look Scottish, because Jews mated with the people in the lands where they migrated, emigrated, immigrated – you pick. They mated with everybody. Still, German is not a race. Jew can’t be proven by DNA, except for a tiny segment of Ashkenazi (ash-ka-nazi) people who bred within the family for such a long time that they carry genetic disease-disorder genes that set them apart. It’s not a Jew gene like Jews try to convince the world it is. They’re inbreeding genes. Lots of groups have them.

  • So, the only ancestry Jews share is that of the people in the countries where they mated and populated. A German Jew will show up as having German ancestry, not Jew ancestry.

Why would Jews even try to raise up, in the eyes of the world, an inbreeding practice to lay claim to every country they ever populated? Don’t think this all ends in Palestine. Palestine was chosen to be the HOME BASE of the Jews, because Palestinians were so malleable, that they could be displaced without much effort. They weren’t organized and they didn’t have a military with which to fight. 

Once JEWS get world recognition and acceptance as a state in Palestine, governments around the world will fall into their hands, because they have so much dirt on everyone. Add to that, the Jews strategically placed in all the important and not so important positions within each country to execute what needs to be done in their best interests and I’d say CHECKMATE.

Other populations bred within their own people, in fact everybody who belonged to a tribe did that. The more inbreeding, the more genetic diseases-disorders that emerge. Pair a genetically challenged organism with another genetically challenged organism of two different regions and the probability rises sharply, that they will produce genetically challenged new generations. 

It’s not just Jew with Jew, but Jew with anybody else involved with inbreeding – thus the birth defects we see throughout the world. Jew with Scot, Jew with Italian, Jew with Russian and on and on. Indian with Indian, Pakistani with Pakistani, Asian with Asian. Adding the Jew factor raises the probability, because the Jew population is smaller than other populations and inbreeding a cornerstone of how they define themselves.

  • Inbreeders tend to seek out other inbreeders. 

We all come from tribes – originally. Why do you think indigenous island people have so many genetic diseases-disorders? Why do most peoples of the world think/claim indigenous people to be less smart than non-indigenous people? Inbreeding.

The solution is to find someone with whom to mate, who is far removed from the inbreeding practice, so two matching recessive genes don’t hook up with each other to form an abnormality expressed by diseases-disorders.

Jews, being the separatists they are by their own nature and will, keep holding onto this inbreeding practice, thinking it propagates a pure race. It doesn’t. Inbreeding propagates genetic diseases-disorders.

This is a dangerous cult, which goes out to populate the world, planting their genetically modified, by inbreeding, seeds in all tribes they encounter along the way.

  • Why do you think Jews lay a sheet with a hole in it over the girl while the guy has intercourse with her? Because the guy is the girl’s father or uncle. They don’t want to see her face. 

Jews want to be the seed in everybody else’s ethnicity. Ethnicity isn’t a race, but if they can put their seeds in all of it, then the HUMAN RACE has their FACE on it as common to all humans. They then, control the Human Race via genetics – which is their long-term goal.

Religions inbreed, especially in families where mates are pre-chosen. 

  • Why do you think Muslims sexually mutilate their girl children? So they don’t experience pleasure when the fathers have intercourse with their daughters. That’s why mothers go along with it – sometimes demanding it, out of jealousy.

Social engineering a Jew majority in Palestine is a form of inbreeding that must not be accepted by the world.

Well, I’ve been thinking about that prime real estate in GAZA. Seaport, seaside, mecca for tourism – OFF THE PLANET IMPRESSIVE. 

Stop groaning and moaning. What? You’re going to miss being in perpetual LOCKDOWN?

Bring us your wretched, tired and poor – don’t forget your tools and talent. Come to build a bigger, better Palestine. Right Now. YES.

No building contracts for Jews in Palestine. They’ll sabotage the effort, just like they do every few years by bombing the Palestinian infrastructure that keeps the Palestinians in a perpetual state of rebuilding the same infrastructure over and over again. For how long will this continue?


Welcome all people who want to build PALESTINE INTO A PALACE.

We need trains, planes, airport, ships, seaport – we want it all. We deserve it all. No more waiting as Jews raise that perpetual bar. 

To the engineers and architects who built Dubai – WELCOME TO PALESTINE!



Jew is not a race

Jew is not an ethnicity.

Jew is not a pure race.

Population of Jews is not 1/10th of 1% as Jews told the world for decades.

What separates Jews from some other people are the inbreeding genes. 

All groups who practice inbreeding share the same recessive genes for diseases-disorders.

The world is not separated into Jew and non-Jew. Jews have inserted their DNA into all populations worldwide – even other species.

The bible was written by Jews.

The bible is a novel – a walking dead sci-fi horror show.

The bible is not a legal document nor even a blueprint for a better life.

The bible is not a first-hand eye-witness account of anything of importance, except to maybe Hollywood director-types.

The bible has been ANONYMOUSLY edited many times without notices or permissions or agreements, which makes the book in it’s entirety an expression of individual agendas with a few niceties thrown in to make it look valid.


It’s time for Palestine to write their DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FROM OCCUPATION

What are you waiting for?




RESERVATION SYSTEM for Palestinians = Israeli Peace Plan


IT’S A TRAP. Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal




BlockBuster Palestinian Plan



High rise office buildings, schools, hospitals, United Nations facilities have all been struck.

This is Palestines 9-11 and the world still stands motionless. President Obama blames the Palestinians and even feels sorry for Benjamin Netanyahu for having to go it alone.

Go it alone? He has thousands of bombs who are his best friends – and the USA keeps them rolling into Israel.

Lots of people blamed the United States for what happened to them on 9-11.

What the USA government is saying about Israel and Palestine ‘there’s plenty of blame to go around’, would have been considered traitorous if anyone in the United States government had uttered those words about the United States, when terrorists blew up their office buildings and the Pentagon.

It seems what’s done to you can be more easily digested next time around when it happens to someone else.

Even Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, just doesn’t understand why Israel keeps hitting United Nations facilities (six now), when Israel has been repeatedly advised as to the exact locations of these facilities.

It takes a special kind of insanity to bomb high rise buildings, schools and hospitals filled with people, because weapons are stored there. That’s the defining mind of a terrorist. They have no conscience to stop them. Benjamin Netanyahu is formed from that mold. And his cohort in arms, President Obama, shares that same DNA, by continuing to sell Israel arms with which to massacre Palestinians, while blaming the victims for the atrocities committed against them.

Yes, this is Palestine’s 9-11, and the Palestinian Holocaust – committed by the Jewish descendents of those who were massacred during the Jewish Holocaust. The world stood motionless then too.

History really does repeat itself. ‘Never forget, lest it happen again?’ Unfortunately that phrase says nothing about committing a holocaust against somebody else.

The USA isn’t phased, because it happened to them.

The Jews aren’t phased, because it happened to them.

Logically, one might think since it happened to them, and knowing how they felt, that they wouldn’t commit a holocaust against someone else, or condone it when it happens to someone else.

But, such is the enigma of the nature of the human mind. “Do unto others what has been done to you.” There’s no learning here.

No sane person, in order to confiscate arms, would blow up office buildings, schools and hospitals – even if there was a shooter in the building.

No sane person would say the one being attacked has no right to defend themselves against those attacks. For the USA to say that Israel has a right to defend itself, but the Palestinians don’t is the height of hypocrisy and the sign of a special kind of insane mind – the mind of a terrorist – one who doesn’t care about blowing up children to achieve their ends.

President Obama has condoned and even war-gamed Palestines 9-11 and Palestines Holocaust – committed by the Jews with the military and moral support of America. There is a new definition of morality in the world. It’s called the amoral morality, whereby actual morality never gets put into the equation of anything. It’s what you can get away with.

The spokespeople for the USA Administration keep saying “this is a war”, when speaking about the carnage Israel is imposing on Palestine. But when Palestine kills an Israeli soldier in response to the Israeli ground offensive, these same people act horrified, even indignant, and use that to justify the continuing carnage.

What Ban Ki-moon doesn’t understand is that Benjamin Netanyahu is a terrorist – that’s why he keeps hitting U.N. facilities. He is insane. He is an insane dictator, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

And on what side of the holocaust fence are the Israelis, and Jews worldwide? On the side of the holocaust, and the ones committing the holocaust.

Hitler just became their new leader.

Regarding the U.N: It’s payback for claiming Israel is committing war crimes against humanity. It’s Netanyahu thumbing his nose at the International community and international laws.

If he lives long enough, he needs to be prosecuted for those crimes. Where’s the FBI on this one? In support of the holocaust, of course.

Palestine has a right to defend itself against oppression, blockades that keep nearly two million people enslaved; against Israeli control of water, electricity, food, medicines, building supplies, education, etc. Palestine has a right to defend itself against routine Israeli targeted aerial assassinations that always kill civilians, against the rounding up of young Palestinian boys with the purpose of making them spy on their families; against slave labor, against Israeli imposed unemployment, against travel restrictions, against being locked in an open-air prison. Palestine has a right to defend itself against a military ground invasion, against Israeli bombs blowing up their people, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, police stations, television and radio stations, homes and businesses.

President Obama is on the wrong side of terrorism, on the wrong side of slavery, on the wrong side of massacres and on the wrong side of holocausts.

The USA, under the guidance of Israeli Generals post 9-11, committed a holocaust in Iraq, and then Afghanistan. Now Israel wants the USA to commit a holocaust against Iran.

And there’s even talk about going back to Irag to commit yet another holocaust.

Europe doesn’t owe the Jews a holocaust, neither does the USA. The Jews don’t owe themselves a holocaust either.

The USA and Israel are so far over the line into chaos and mass slaughter, that the terrorists are beginning to look meek in comparison.



The USA keeps bragging around the globe, that we’re the most powerful nation on earth, yet they keep demanding that other nations solve the Middle East situation. If the most powerful nation on earth with all it’s intelligence and resources can’t do it, why do they expect newly formed governments produced by the Arab Spring to do it? Don’t they have enough to deal with, their countries in ruins (Egypt and Libya), their governments in chaos?

Why do they expect Russia and Iran and China to do it, and Turkey and Tunisia to do it? The USA has now, after Israel destroyed the infrastructure of Gaza, said to the rest of the entire world, if you don’t solve it, we will give the order for Israel to completely decimate the Palestinians in concentration camps in Gaza.

The USA says that they are the supreme power, knows all, does all, protects all. The Israelis say the same thing. Why can’t they both solve that problem?

The European Union, that has for months called for this slaughter, can’t solve the problem either, and they are the Queen of colonization and occupation. Where are they, as smart as they keep telling the world they are? They’re all impotent. They want the slave nations to solve it. They want the slave nations to tell the slaves in Gaza to stop fighting back against Israeli bombs. Go figure.