A Calling

A CALLING Who calls you? I call myself. How? I separate the universal reality of which I am a part, from my human mind. The human is me; the universe that is in me and breathes me is God. The universe called for my attention. I answered. I called the universe for its attention. TheContinue reading “A Calling”

Call A Jew A Jew

CALL A JEW A JEW What would you rather be called, a bottom feeder or a Jew,  a troll or a Jew, a shylock or a Jew, a blood sucker or a Jew, a Kike or a Jew?  It seems that in your effort to disguise and hide yourselves,  by not allowing anyone to callContinue reading “Call A Jew A Jew”

A Word Please

A WORD PLEASE, Smoking doesn’t solve the problem. Drinking doesn’t solve the problem. Drugging doesn’t solve the problem. Nail biting, back biting, throwing up or shutting down doesn’t solve the problem. Self-flagellation doesn’t solve the problem. Self-loathing or loathing others doesn’t solve the problem. Promiscuity doesn’t solve the problem. Isolation, shunning, vengeance doesn’t solve theContinue reading “A Word Please”

Black People Suffer Too Easily

BLACK PEOPLE SUFFER TOO EASILY They don’t resist the suffering. They embrace it. Then it crushes them and they’re okay with that. They can walk with that. They need to suffer; it’s part of the human experience that they won’t deny, like other people of different cultures. Embracing it helps to heal them. They becomeContinue reading “Black People Suffer Too Easily”


CHINESE ANGRY I’m getting angry Chinese faces when I’m out. Why at white people? Black Lives stealing all the attention for what matters to them only. Chinese always left out. Why always? CHINESE LIVES MATTER TOO. We all over world. Never cause trouble. Except maybe Chinese Mafia. But that’s only them. So small. We soContinue reading “CONVERSATION WITH MY CHINESE FRIEND”

You Feelin’ Me Yet?

You feelin’ me yet? What are you afraid of all of a sudden? I might burn your father’s business to the ground because he hates white people? And even if he doesn’t, his brothers and sisters do. So I’ll make them pay for the burning deeds committed by his people? Street justice. I’m gonna getContinue reading “You Feelin’ Me Yet?”


Stop Living Like You’re Dying The media excoriated seniors, positioning them as worthless alive better for the rest dead. The excoriation infiltrated their collective psyche. Who would think prior to the pandemic that so much negativity and hatred in all sectors would be directed toward seniors? Hey, you know them. If you keep telling themContinue reading “STOP LIVING LIKE YOU’RE DYING”


The Broken Glass Of Loveships You can’t let him go is the surest sign of possessive obsessive love. Covet. Control. Can’t function without knowing. Good or bad shouldn’t matter but it does. And it sickens that which lies beneath every canvas. Addicted. You want to be loved back but you can’t feel what you wantContinue reading “THE BROKEN GLASS OF LOVESHIPS”

Their Nostrils Were The Same

Their nostrils were the same, When they tilted their heads back, Which means they had been altered. Otherwise they wouldn’t be identical. That’s the ‘tell’ and the ‘rub’. It’s the best poetry/prose I can put out for now, Given the severity of the gestures. SL

The Best Strike

I can hear pen on paper. The pen speaks as it blooms. Night blooming dandelions have a purpose. Do dandelions close at night, or are they open 24/7? Did I mean Jasmine? Night blooming Jasmine? Does it matter? Why do I capitalize Jasmine? What’s with Jasmine? I don’t know, it doesn’t feel right. Can youContinue reading “The Best Strike”

The Sky Isn’t Only Up There

The sky isn’t only up there. When you go outside the sky is in your face, at your back, beneath your feet before they touch new ground, to the left and right of you and at every angle in between times pi. Yes the sky is in your face on your face and on theContinue reading “The Sky Isn’t Only Up There”

Narcissists And Mirrors

Who wrote the line reflecting that people with lots of mirrors in their living spaces are narcissists? They’re wrong. Mirrors create the illusion of space. Thus a small living space looks larger with mirrors. I know. I do it. Russians historically created the illusion of space in their interior designs by the use of mirrors.Continue reading “Narcissists And Mirrors”


Imagine the beauty in Blacks saying ALL LIVES MATTER. And meaning it. Without a qualifier or disclaimer. They can’t do that. They don’t see anything in it for them. They don’t share by nature. People don’t want PITY. They want RESPECT. If you have to earn it, you’ll never get it. Who’s Lording over whomContinue reading “DRAIN THE MATTER”


Yes, yes. My own God murdered me in my sleep. To give me a face to face with the Big God. What happened? Well, I asked for it – the meet. I saw that the Big God was afraid of consequences and I wanted to talk and comfort at once. I stated my case –Continue reading “GOD IN MY SLEEP”


You break like a brittle twig because you lack life because you take life instead of give life. Chinese broken. Chinese break easy. Chinese selfish – must control every detail from destruction to death. Chinese have no God, so devil enters easy. Fry a dog. Chew a leg, break the panda’s back. Jump up andContinue reading “CHINA TWIG”

What Were The Wiseguys Really Doing?

  God directed him to the stables where the animals were waiting, while still in his mother’s belly. If God controlled everything, then God could have made way at the Inn. But God didn’t according to legend. Most people aren’t all that religious. They’re part of a community where there’s safety in numbers – everybodyContinue reading “What Were The Wiseguys Really Doing?”

Rock A Bye Baby

Gray waves black as thunder–white caps foaming peaks of violet snow–crash through transparent rainbows dancing on violent waters sucking tremulous defiant skies kneeward toward the ocean floor. Rocking cradles of transformation–birthing (as if it were easy) new and strange worlds from tainted boulders, that live. Yes, rocks are alive. As hosts. To bear life. HowContinue reading “Rock A Bye Baby”

A Rose For You

Rose petals brush soothingly across my brow. Their velvet touch is not lost on my old leathered skin. Bold lightness, abundantly, judiciously, gingerly, playfully, discriminately, rushing lavishly between fragile threads layering woven webs of pink silken molecules of thought, dissipating into disintegrating balloons of wonder anticipating exploration. I think I made it. I know IContinue reading “A Rose For You”

Massage My Guilt And I’ll Massage Yours

Discrimination is discrimination. It doesn’t matter who you discriminate against or for what reason. It is what it is. We’re all killers. All humans are killers. We discriminate against all other species – including our own. That’s how bad we are. We enslave, torture and slaughter all other species, including our own. That is badContinue reading “Massage My Guilt And I’ll Massage Yours”

Using The Order Of Words To Unite

What brings a country together is about what you put first – the land that you fled or were taken from, or the land that welcomed you, or abused you, or the one that you hide in because nobody wants you here illegally or legally? Since we all are already here, why not put thisContinue reading “Using The Order Of Words To Unite”


I can’t see it. Where is it? Like atoms, and molecules and atomules: everywhere. And it’s killing us, silently, beneath the guise of protection, as we turn on ourselves by turning on each other–a suicide–a homicide–silent dreams, that nobody hears, nor wants to–until now. Happy dreams and sweet dreams will not be forced on anyone.Continue reading “HYPOCRISY”


The universe knows the secrets though, of sinister plans of the past to dim the shining light of the first born of every bright star. Now, and only out of desperation do they sing a new, loud and bawdy tune reminiscent of past atrocities exposed by the melody of corruption. Yes, the universe knows theContinue reading “NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE ENEMY”


The mind is most powerful when it’s stubborn. The resistance of the mind is like super glue–one drop holds a yacht, keeps a mountain from moving, stops the sea from separating, and creates a frustration so intense in a person witnessing it in another, that it can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer and who knowsContinue reading “THE EYE OF THE STORM”


Winding staircases around dreams of moons and star gazers gone to sleep beneath a starless sky, hoping that sleep itself might turn a blanket into a jewel studded universal wonder, that we all hope someday will wind it’s way around our lives making us for once the center of something other than somebody else’s rainbow.Continue reading “A DREAM DAWNING”


Eyelids drop in anticipation of sleep, knowing tomorrow will make the rest of our lives different but okay. Dissatisfied with today, hopeful for tomorrow and the promises we’ve made to make the future better, as if waking magically creates the possibility, thus the certainty that it will happen. A new day really is a newContinue reading “ANTICIPATION”


Lake Erie disappears when the fog rolls in. Downtown Cleveland High Rise Skyline disappears too. All the high rises succumb to the rolling fog. Then it settles, waiting for its next instruction, making you feel the comfort of a smaller world. When it decides to recede, like the waves in the Great Lake it blankets,Continue reading “FOG”


Fences, electrical barbed wire, security cameras, men with guns, keep in the animals, and keep the rest of society from knowing what goes on inside these torture chambers. Don’t tell me a knock on the head is going to keep me from feeling the pain and terror of being dismembered alive. Blood screams like gushingContinue reading “SLAUGHTERHOUSES ARE SECRET PLACES”