House passes bill making animal cruelty a federal felony:

Although this recent passage is a victory, it’s attached to an animal crushing law that only outlaws animal crushing if interstate or foreign commerce is involved.

In other words, it’s only illegal to crush animals if you use interstate or foreign commerce to distribute the videos taken of the horrific deeds for sexual pleasure. So stay in your state and do all the crushing you want – is what I’m hearing. Sell your videos in your home state and you’ll be okay.

Now what kind of law is that? What kind of deterrent is that?

It sounds like some of these lawmakers on Capitol Hill want their home states to be able to crush animals for sexual pleasure and that maybe some of these lawmakers are participants in the torture and the carnage.

It sure sounds suspicious to me.


Let’s select the Number 5 as a Randomly Selected Number by the Chinese to be both lucky and unlucky.

To the Chinese who let the randomality of numbers that appear in their lives rule their lives, the number five alone is unlucky.

In Chinese the number five when spoken has a ‘wu’ sound, therefore any other entity associated with that number is also considered unlucky. Why? The ‘wu’ sound reminds them of the sound of ‘no’ in Chinese. It’s not actually that close; I listened. But if speaking very fast – probably. One might think that lazy listening was at fault, and not the ‘wu’ sound of no when the word five is spoken in Chinese, but they didn’t and continue not to see it that way.

They heard and continue to hear No when they heard or continue to hear any word before or after the word five that sounds like the word NO.

Later, just seeing the word five or number 5 in print triggered an automatic negative reaction in their brain and they steered clear.

However, to ease the burden of unlucky, many of those Chinese people made and continue to make exceptions through qualifying variables. Maybe the entity is associated with another lucky number or event or what we all like, even though the world doesn’t?

Via Random Chinese-Style Selection.

Although the Chinese people can perform astronomical feats of synchrony with perfection unseen in any other demographic, which makes it appear that they follow instructions easily, without much forethought even, which leads one to further believe that they can be easily led – that’s not the reality of it.

They became expert at over-riding and circumventing that which they feared and continue to fear, which ultimately made and continues to make them appear fearless, at least to the outsider.

One might think that the Chinese people fear the Chinese government and they do. But the Chinese government also fears the Chinese people.

Consider this strength, born out of a weakness in accepting randomality as a guide to a better life, in all negotiations with anyone Chinese, no matter where they reside or what political system they live within.


One leads to the other if not stopped before it leaves the theatre of prejudice to discriminate.

YES, Five (5) Principles To A Better Life are Lucky to and for Everybody.

NO prejudice, NO discrimination, No enslavement, NO torture, NO slaughter.

If the entire world stays in the theatre of prejudice, before acting out their likes and dislikes in the theatre of discrimination, then the world will be okay.

Play together in the theatre of prejudice. Do your best acting, then leave it there. Go home and live in harmony, whatever harmony means to you. Synchrony maybe.


And China has an English ‘four’ sound in the Chinese spoken language? It’s there; I heard it.

Four UNLUCKY. Does that mean bad luck for Britain from China, or bad luck for China from Britain?



I’d like to see what black skinned people look like wearing white skin. Just to see if the white person shines through, like the black person shines through when the white color people wear black skin. You know, I think Justin Trudeau, Prime Minster of Canada, looks more handsome with a darker hue, but that’s just an artist’s view. Actually, most white color people look healthier and more vibrant with a tan from the sun or a booth. It’s just the way it is. White color people know it and feel it. The dark hue makes their eyes shine more brightly. “Pale face” lots of people used to call white color people. It’s true, white color people do have pale skin compared to darker color people. It’s a fact. Is Gringo a color? Is cracker a color?

Oh, but wait. Black color people do wear white skin. Often. Everywhere. Sometimes as dress up. Sometimes as casual. But never as a costume pretending for an evening to be somebody else.

WEARING WHITE OR ANY OTHER COLOR FUR YOU DISGUSTING ANIMALS is racist. You’re an animal; they’re an animal, which makes it racist in their God’s book and in my Gods book.

You enslaved, tortured and slaughtered someone. Yes, somebody, to wear on your back, not because you wanted to be them for a night of festivities, but because you wanted to show off how powerful and rich you are, that you could take the skin right off the back of a defenseless animal, while the animal was still alive, subjugating them to your will.

The feigned suffering you have many times voiced, when somebody corked their own face to look like yours pales in comparison to the actual, real suffering you inflict on those you skin alive to wear on your back as a status symbol, should make the entire world throw up at the sight of you.

You didn’t paint spots or strands of white hair on your face, arms and back – you mutilated someone, somebody, alive. Then dumped them to suffer the slow, horrific death of dying without a skin.

You stole their skin. Yes, you are skin thieves.

A scandal is when someone cheats on their spouse, or embezzles money or has sex with children, not when someone dresses up like somebody else at a party where that’s what people do.

You committed a holocaust against somebody who never harmed you.

Each time you feign suffering because somebody years ago painted their face to look like yours, you commit a fake racist attack. You ooze ugly from every poor of that skin you claim is yours and nobody else’s to wear. Tell that to the animal whose skin, real skin, you stole right off their backs.

But everybody does it, you say? That’s what they said about enslaving blacks many years ago; everybody does it.

You should know better, especially you.

Dumb animal, you say?

Lots of people thought Black Africans were dumb too.

Don’t prove them right at this late stage.


So says a so-called race and ethnic specialist on a race and ethnic team of the Associated Press who failed to give the white color people’s view on face makeup. There’s a monumental surge to demean white color people for dressing up as brown, red, or any other color people at costume parties – decades ago, which can only mean they are trying their mightiest to dig up what is currently so-called dirt for the purpose of destroying anybody running for office, or thinking of running for office, or simply famous people with a lot of money, who don’t kneel to their agenda of ruling the planet with white color people’s money and influence.

White color people are the minority on this earth, not all the other color people. That’s the trick, to fool all people into thinking white color people are the majority, then to shame white color people for the color of their skin. Otherwise they wouldn’t keep mentioning the color of their skin.

So, why is Associated Press wanting to sway public opinion on color, when the public opinion they’re trying to implant in your brain is prejudicial toward all white color people? Report the news, and place opinion with the opinion news outlets. If you keep giving the opinion, where then do people get the facts – all the facts – not just the side of every group with a different hue that the author cites as the only authority? Frankly? Justin Trudeau looks more hued, than white. 

It’s creepy to realize that news people are searching people’s yearbooks, looking for costume parties or plays where so-called white people dressed their faces up a different color than their own. That’s what Hollywood is all about, man. Making believe, making fun of, art reproducing life as it is, not as you want it to be. Why so many rape scenes in movies? Why any? Art imitates life, Hollywood explains.

This article by the racist division of Associated Press aka race and ethnicity team, reporting from or stationed in Little Mexico of all places (it’s difficult to know, since he omits facts), reeks of the ‘opportunity scams’ that so many darker hued people are playing on lighter hued people for political, social and economic benefit.

I’d say, if he reported from New Mexico, then he should have reported on actual news from New Mexico, since Associated Press is a major resource for all other news outlets, that take the story AP prints as fact, and then they put their slant on it. Unfortunately for the so-called news business, AP, is now editorializing the news for those who once relied on it’s authenticity. I’d call it prejudicial news. I’d say this guy, Russ Conteras (is it Russell or Russ or something else?)

Oops, Russell it says on his twitter face profile, but Russ he uses for the first part of his twitter name. Guess Russ is shortened from Russell, sort of like a nickname, or it takes too long to say Russell (two syllables). R.C. looks CIAish. He also looks very white colored, but skin color can fool you. Former president Barack Obama looked black color, talked black color, walked black color, yet he was half white color. R.C. actually looks more Mossadish than CIAish. They’re the ones who often pose with phones in hand – not always, only when they want to be seen.

I’d say, get out of the past, stop exploiting people’s color and move forward, that is, if you have anything of substance besides your color scams with which to move forward. Maybe the CIA and Mossad did some bad stuff in the past and now decades later decide to feed white color people to all other color people, instead of being honest about who did what, why and when.

It doesn’t look good for Russ Conteras in the position he supposedly holds to be hiding behind shades, for those viewers who see him for the first time.

I’m not afraid of my color. I don’t care what other people say my color means to the entire world or to them personally. I don’t answer to them or to the rest of the world. I answer to me. Yet the Russ Conteras’ of the world want all white people to answer to all other color people. 

If you want to talk real violence, instead of the supposed violence of dressing up like somebody else, white color people on the whole are less violent and less grotesque in their violence than all other color people. Let’s start there next time, rather than doing the creepy stuff of peeping through people’s yearbooks looking for an opportunity scam.

Voyeurs is what they used to call them. Peeping Toms before that. Now they’re race-baiting reporters looking through the life of any shade other than their own, that they can exploit for all the wrong, discriminatory reasons.

Hey, take a tape recorder into any black barber shop or any black bar or any black church and report on what you hear. That you don’t peep on all the other color peoples and only white color people proves you discriminate against white color people. My mother or father and all my relatives never called me white, they didn’t even call me poor even though they by most standards were poor.

Hollywood is at the root of most of it. Go there for your next story. I want to see how you protect the Jews. You can’t justify the past or change the past or make right the past by staying in it. It’s like quicksand. It devours you so you lose sight of everything right by focusing on only one variable, color. Go ahead, try to take my color away from me one more time. 

I am a color and don’t you ever forget that, no matter who you really are, I don’t really care. Live your own life and stop telling a certain color to live it for you.

The next time you go to a bull fight a cock fight a dog fight a slaughter house or yard or fur farm tell me more about race and color, see if I care about what you do with your face. Aren’t you the people who cut human’s heads off whom you don’t like and put them on land turtles to scare white people away? Or torture and mutilate your own people, then hang them from bridges to terrorize your own people. I mean I don’t have a people, but every other color people claims to have a people.

What do you call white people? Any racial slurs you can think of, or that roll off your tongue when you think you’re with like-minded people of a certain color? Your color?

Yeah, thought so. It’s all my fault, because I remind you of somebody else white who didn’t like you. That’s called prejudice and that’s your right. But don’t bring it to my back door and call it news. If you’re human you have prejudice. It goes with the organism and the nervous system.

Who do other color peoples dress up like at costume parties? Any white people everybody knows? How many white color people have you degraded in your life time?

Oh yeah, just the ones who deserved it, right.

Hypocrisy is blind and always leads to blood if the hypocrite doesn’t wake up to it. You can’t level the playing field by falsely accusing an entire race of people for something they didn’t do, or by trying to change their intent decades later, so you can publicly humiliate them for something they did in private that showed no malice.

Who’s the oppressor, enslaver, master now? Stop accusing people of doing what you do yourself. There wouldn’t be so many rich black color people, if all black color people were oppressed. The same is so for every other race and/or ethnicity. They all have billionaires and millionaires. Heck, even Gaza has multi-millionaires and that’s a war torn region, like Syria, war torn, yet all these rich people of all these other colors, calling white color people the reason their ‘people’ suffer mystifies the entire world psyche.

You can”t tell someone who to like or love or hate. It’s all normal behavior.

You can’t blame an entire race of people for anything, so stop before these false accusations start popping people more than they already have. Oh, then they’re white supremacists? Because they popped? But when other color peoples pop, it’s always the white color that popped them.

So other color peoples have a no-fault insurance policy that they gave to themselves.

That’s a huge discriminatory policy all other color peoples gave themselves. And who pays for that insurance? White color people. That’s enslavement.

Torture followed by slaughter come next.


If you don’t want to be singled out for your color, then stop calling yourselves a color, and stop calling everybody else by a color.

Believe it or not, people usually have a play in the discrimination committed against them.

One Example: Hispanics for decades begged to be a low-paying slave wage class of people in America. All of a sudden they say, no we want more. This comes way after America built a massive production apparatus with them as its base.

Now they say, it was just to get their foot in the door, it wasn’t meant to be forever. 

Now you tell us? Well, since you’re telling us now and didn’t tell us for decades, then you must have worked out a plan over all these decades, so let’s hear it, because we don’t have one.

How do you dismantle this slave-wage apparatus and build a different one? Or, do we dismantle it and give 15 million people citizenship and a 15$ an hour job no matter what language they speak or job they do or don’t do?

See, what I mean? You don’t have a plan. You just wanted a hand-out. How about all the other poor people in the USA? 

You need to start including the people you call white in your color spectrum based on discrimination, since they were not only discriminated against by all other color people, but by all white color people who weren’t poor.

Don’t just say, oh yeah, we mean everybody, when you don’t actually mean everybody. Poor white color people aren’t feeling your concern for them. Even when you say it, they’re not believing you, because you’re using them to get more of what YOU want. Prove it. March for them, like they marched for you.

You need to think about that if you have the mental patience and can drop your prejudice against anything related to white except money service and prestige that go along with wealth.

Your own color of people put you where you don’t want to be. Start thinking individually and not what’s good for the group.

What has the group done for you lately? Or ever – except keep you down.

First step to freedom = Stop calling yourself WE.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


World leaders lose their tempers when America says ‘America First’. In their minds America is saying that all other countries don’t matter, that they come second or third or way down on the ladder or nowhere on the ladder.

Nobody respects a father or mother who puts outsiders first, rather than their own. Nobody on earth does that and at ther same time considered competent and respected heads of their families.

Some say, we can all be one happy world family. Just let us in, or give us your money, or your scientific and technological knowledge, open it all up to us. It’s going to take too long to get what you have and we don’t want to spend all the required time catching up.

So all these decades you all were enjoying the life of leisure swinging in your hammocks, while others, worlds away, were working to make the earth a better place to live – easier for everyone. You wanted your way in your culture in your region in your time and everybody leave us alone you’d shout with your fist to the sky. We don’t even want all that modern stuff. What happened? Now you do. And you’re still wearing loin cloths and sandals and beating your wives and causing wars that keep you all in the cave.

Your superior/supremacist attitude held you back. Your egos, big as cave openings, wouldn’t let you out. You think the more somebody acquires the more supremacist they are. It’s the ones who refused to change in order to move forward who are the real supremacists. They are the ones who think the old way is the only right way, and why can’t we exist with dirt roads and no medicine absent heated and/or air-conditioned living spaces. Your culture, not invention, ingenuity and progress, came first. You clung to it like a baby who clings to a blanket.

You said leave us alone; get out of our spaces. Go back from where you came. Yet here you are losing your tempers because America finally said “America First”. We didn’t put America first for a long time. We shared our knowledge; our people paid with their wages to send people with skills, knowledge and supplies to help you build your nations, but still there were too many who wanted the old life – a life where people die young, where they suffer without knowledge on how best to survive.

You didn’t want to be catapulted into the modern world. The issue was the catapult; it was too sudden. But it didn’t have to be if you had stopped with all that culture supremacy that really means nothing. There’s not much value in anything that comes under the label of culture. It’s a bunch of traditions that hurt more than help – in almost every instance. Everything else comes under the labels of ‘living’ and ‘progressing’ or ‘dying’.

In short, you didn’t want to do the work of it, even when you were shown how and given the tools and the funds. You still found a way to muck it up.

So what have you all done for America, except make continuous demands on America’s people, their resources, knowledge and experience?

There’s a growing trend that wants America to become a welfare state absorbing the poor people of other nations, while financially supporting those nations as well as others.

If America becomes filled with people with low paying jobs, because nobody can speak each other’s language, and everybody gets the same benefits, how will these Americans pay enough taxes to send money and other aid to all the countries it currently subsidizes? Socialism can only sustain it’s own people for a limited amount of time. Our vaults would slowly dwindle, turning America into a welfare state capable of only sustaining itself.

World leaders need to think twice before attacking the American system that helps to feed their own people and keeps them free by providing subsidies off the backs of the American worker.

Yes. In order to keep sharing what we have with the world, we need to keep progressing and to take care of our own first. It is the citizens who pay out of their pay checks in taxes to supplement economies of over two hundred nations worldwide. Regionally, Africa receives 32 percent of all U.S. aid, followed by the Middle East at 31 percent and South and Central Asia at 25 percent. Afghanistan receives the most.

In the meanwhile, all classes of working Americans subsidizing the economies of other nations, so they can survive and thrive, deserve a thank you from all those countries benefiting from their hard work and sacrifice.

So, again, what have you given the hard working American people, except your demands and disrespect? Calling them supremacists. You sure got that one backwards, true to your fixed culture-based nature I’d say.

Think on that.

Then the next time you walk out of the cave, show some respect for a world built by human beings working together.


I believe that.

Nancy Pelosi knows Trump is going to win in 2020, so all her efforts are directed now at destroying him rather than forming a viable plan for the future. No matter the plan, she’s knows he’ll still win, which puts her on a search and destroy course of action.

She’s not worried that she’s doing nothing for the country, because she knows he is, so let him keep doing it, while she sets out using cunning and morally corrupt strategies to take him out.

She plans on staying, She can handle those girls. She’ll come to their defense even when it’s a lie, so they’ll back off and let her at him her way.

Yes, they’re little girls in women’s jobs who don’t know how to behave in public and who don’t know how to represent all the people. All they want is for all the people all the time to support their race, religion or gender. They are not for all. If so they would be for white people and they clearly are not. They use white people as their slaves and whores to work or fight for their rights and nobody else’s

There are more poor white people in the USA than all other groups combined. They’re not organized. If they were they’d be called white supremacists – another hate name lobbed at whites who want to preserve their race and who have white pride or who simply are more comfortable among their own. All groups are more comfortable among their own and generally prefer to procreate among their own. There is no crime there.

Forcing people to procreate with other demographics is enslavement. Leave people alone to be with whom they want, instead of doing what some social engineers say is good for all when it isn’t. Stay out of my love, like and hate life.

Hate is a natural human emotion. To legislate emotions is slavery. To pass a law telling people who or what they can love, like or hate is total enslavement of the human mind.

Nancy Pelosi way overstepped her boundaries as a liberal politician and can’t find her way back. She is Stuck in Mussolini Mode. She needs to clean up her own talk and walk before calling somebody out in public to humiliate them – another dictatorial move. She’s trying to colonize the world by having the world come to her. Mussolini tried to expand the Roman Empire by going to the Middle East: Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Albania to name a few of his conquests.

Humans who can’t hate or love are considered mentally ill, which means Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts want to legislate mental illness by humiliating in the public square anyone who expresses their right to love, like or hate anything or anyone they want. It’s a universal expression of pleasure or displeasure on a continuum.

Gays often say you can’t tell someone whom to love. That is correct. I say You can’t tell someone whom or what to hate. People hate for valid reasons, usually when under threats of the perpetrator’s making. So back off legislating emotions. It is not appropriate to dictate to anyone how they should feel. It’s not your place. I’ve seen more hate come out of the democratic party than I’ve witnessed during my seventy years on earth and in a very short time.

Breaking News: Massive amounts of hate directed at white people across the USA and the world – all because a white man said America comes first to Americans. Yes, we take care of our own citizens first. Maybe the rest of the world needs to do the same and stop asking that crazy uncle sam you all love to hate to open his pockets for you. How dare you disrespect our nation, our people that way.

Hey globally, white people are the minority. China, Japan and all the Asians, India-Pakistan, Africa, Middle East, South America, Central America, the United States of Mexico, all the island communities and territories fall under the category of dark skinned people. They got the huge numbers. Europe is all that’s left and that’s quickly changing color. Soon white people will be an endangered color. It’s a scientific fact; stop denying it and calling it racist.

Right now South America is in a mess – always has been. Middle East is a mess and always has been. Africa also a mess. India a mess. Asia a mess.  Pakistan helpless. They all want to self-govern and keep the white face out, after the whites build their nations for them. And then when the white face leaves, they all make a mess of it. Too many pull out and migrate to other places to repeat the same story, usually to where the white faces live. But their goal is always the same – turn the new place into the old place and keep the cycle of corruption in play.

There’s a color war in the USA government, thus not a fully functioning government body. It hardly functions at all. That’s what happens when dark colors seek self-rule to the exclusion of everybody else. ‘Join Us’ they all say. But when you do, you’re left behind when the color wheel spins and you notice the color white isn’t on it.

Trump is the only one working for the American people – for all the American people – regardless of color or gender, or religion or status of handicap.

Every dark color group wants Trump to be their private dictator, and if they sense that some other color is getting his attention they go berserk in public communicating through violent, obscene, disturbing gestures and shouts of destruction their demands, like terrorists, like strange creatures mysteriously surfacing out of imaginary lagoons in the middle of every street in America. Then it spreads like a contagion throughout the planet via the media.

Humans imitate each other. It’s their nature to do that. It doesn’t matter the race, religion, culture or gender or anything else. Imitation is the one common denominator we as humans all share. We copy one another’s behavior patterns. I don’t need science to tell me that. I observe it.

So the American people suffer a little under Pelosi’s tyranny, but so what, Trump’s doing a darn good job. She just wants to be boss at any cost. She’s not boss with Trump. She’s boss with a democratically elected president. Trump outplays, outshines, outworks her.

White people are people of color too. White is a color. Nancy Pelosi on a regular basis slams white people; Barack Obama did the same thing. The little girls she keeps protecting from the big bad white guy slams white people. Those girls put white people on the table for the world to humiliate, kill then eat.

Not unlike the bullfighting they all support as a necessary tourist attraction for the brown people in Basque and the dog fights for the black people,  and the cock fights for the Asians, forcing white people to fight for them has become the world’s favorite blood sport.

Yet, there is no hate speech law that protects white people – only black, brown, yellow, red – every skin hue except white. Therein lies their glaring prejudice and racism.

No, Donald Trump is not a racist. Nancy Pelosi and her gang of bullfighter girls are the racists. Trash-talking white people, holding white people hostage to their flimsy social plans to transform America into their countries of origin, making poor white people go to the back of the line and pay for other people’s crimes through preferentially based social programs are all racist moves.

All because they couldn’t find the courage to stand up to the dictators in their own countries of origin. Instead, they came to America to stand up to the white people they loved to hate and the public officials whom the citizens of the USA legally elected. They’re too accustomed to coups to work methodically to achieve good things for all citizens. They want it now, and they want it for themselves, so they put all their individual and collective energies into unseating whom they hate and replacing the seat with someone they control.

Donald Trump really doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. His opponents who all want his money are racist against all white people.

Don’t ever tell someone whom you hate that they can’t hate you back or you’ll destroy their lives.

Hating someone isn’t the same as racism. Hating someone is not a crime. Loving someone is not a crime. Liking someone is not a crime. Being angry is not a crime. Crying is not a crime. Being happy is not a crime. Fearing someone is not a crime. Who is trying to take all your defenses away from you? Who is trying to make you into emotionless human robots?

Wake up and get up. What’s wrong with you? Ah, those strange creatures from the imaginary lagoons are scaring you again?

Scare them back. Scare the hell out of ’em. They’re going to kill you anyway.

NSA is on my radar screen. If you have something to say, they’ll read it. Feel free, but be cautious.


All groups and races enjoy privileges at different times and under different or similar situations.

Poor white people receive fewer privileges than any other group. They are barely recognized as existing anywhere beyond Appalachia, which proves that they’ve marginalized into the shadows of every other poor group.

White people don’t have a leader or an organization that fights on their behalf to get them benefits. No one marches for them or burns businesses and neighborhoods for them, or torches cars for them. They basically are fed the leftover crumbs after all other poor people receive their privileges. They’re not big complainers. They accept their condition and blame fate rather than some other race for their status.

When competing for social services, there’s a hierarchy: African, Hispanic, European, Asian. Out of all the poor people, Africans and Hispanics scream the loudest and utilize threats of mass actions in order to go to the head of the line. Asians work the hardest, while going without all the amenities, to achieve greater goals of personal achievement.

Hispanics now have overtaken the Africans, which angers many black leaders, who in turn strike out against white people. Strange isn’t it? One would think they’d strike out against Hispanics, but they need them on their side, should they decide to join forces in the future against white people.

Historically there has been a disdainful relationship between Africans and Hispanics. It will be interesting to see how that plays out and if they can indeed unite for the inevitable war against all whites. White people will surely be outnumbered, unless they join forces with the Asians.

Except for the very rich of all races and their families, most people get what they work for.

If you go to a country not speaking the language of that country and demand free everything and get it, that’s one heck of a massive privilege.

If your ethnicity is anywhere beyond the borders of Europe, you receive preferential treatment in the USA – unless you’re Russian. The Russians lay low; they have the same poor problems as do poor Europeans born and bred in the USA.


It’s not up to politicians, law makers and breakers to tell the populace what to do without, unless they are willing to do without the same benefits, and all sides vote on measures endorsing the recruitment of mass numbers of immigrants to fill vacant jobs that supposedly poor, middle poor and upper poor Americans don’t want.

Yes, it’s time to put the vote to the people, since the lawmakers aren’t listening to ‘we the people’ and certainly are not conducting the business of government in the best interests of those who make this country great – it’s citizenry.

When millions of people are urged to populate the USA in the shadows, while draining social resources from the poor who reside here legally, someone made a decision on what ‘we the people’ must do without in order to support massive immigration.

‘We the people’ deserve and demand a say in government policies that force us against our will to downsize our personal economic lives that we worked hard to achieve over time, for agenda-ridden public officials who do not make the same sacrifices.

For people we don’t even know. For people who publicly express hatred for the USA as they climb our walls to enter illegally. For people who, if the tables were turned, would not do the same for us.

It goes like this: Bring us your huddled masses who don’t speak English and don’t want to progress beyond fruit and veggie picker and we’ll give them social service privilege status including for all their family members plus protection from deportation, while letting their extended families into the USA under the radar, to disappear into the shadows, except when collecting their benefits.

They can break all the local rules regarding housing etc., then they can send half their pay checks to their countries of origin to increase the national gross income of those countries, while increasing buying power to their families ten times what the money is worth in the USA.

How do you like that deal?

In order to pay for all of that – for millions of people – we will increase the tax burden on everybody else, with of course the lower classes absorbing most of that burden, plus the usual stuff associated with socio-economic favoritism of one poor class over another poor class resulting in malcontent and criminal activity.

How do you like that deal?

Anybody here have any problems with this?

One of the problems with this strategy to maintain a slave labor force is that it’s a slave labor force. When you give federal, state and local benefits in place of increased income from the private companies they slave for, you rob from the poor to give to the poor, using public funds.

That’s the travesty here. Why should ‘we the people’ be subsidizing companies that hire slaves? If we’re paying for their salaries in benefits, then we have a seat at the decision-making table. Open the voting booths.

Another problem is that no one is happy with the arrangement, except the governments who benefit by an increased national income through its citizens working in foreign countries who send back half their paychecks to their families, so the corresponding governments do not have to take care of their own poor people population.

Plus a few growers benefit in the countries that don’t use sophisticated machinery or robots, thus need humans to fill the jobs nobody but slaves want. Those are their claims, the ones I keep hearing repeated on television regarding why we need to support a slave labor force – in the interest of globalization. In essence, the world needs a slave labor force to fill the low paying jobs only slaves want, as long as the public will provide free social services that everybody else pays for.

Who are you trying to kid?

The rich are the only ones not pulling their weight; the responsibility all falls on the poorer classes which keeps them from rising out of the poorer classes.

Increase the pay and let them provide for their own needs. Look, almost as much, maybe more, vegetable and fruit that is picked on the farms ends up in the garbage, so fix that problem by lowering the price at market.

If you want to fix the problem, you’ll move the produce, instead of pricing it so high nobody buys it causing the vendor to deduct a loss, which must be more lucrative than selling it at a lower price. So who makes the laws that pay the vendor more for a loss than a sale?

Historically, and that counts up until present-day, many people sold themselves into slavery, wanting to enter a job market that also took care of their personal needs. The non-slave category of people were not offered the same benefits package, so they didn’t want those jobs. Who would?

So, those in the poor people category figured it out a long time ago. It’s not that they didn’t want the jobs, it’s that the slaves were in effect getting paid more than non-slaves by receiving better benefits and greater leniency for bad behavior. Plus their paycheck went further, when half of it was sent to their country of origin to support their families at a better monetary conversion / exchange rate.

When do the American people get to have their vote counted in all matters regarding slavery?

‘We the people’ do not trust members of congress to act in the best interest of its citizenry. Why should we lose money in a booming economy, because other nations can’t solve their own political, thus socio-economic issues?

Why should we share our already meager benefits with people we don’t know, don’t understand, who don’t respect us or our country, in fact who hate us before they even get here?

Once again, using the band-aid approach to solving problems has ended up with a huge bandage that’s getting ready to fall off and expose the multitude of maggots sucking on the pus-filled wound that multiple layers of band-aids created.

LAZY LAWMAKERS. That’s what I call them.

Nobody in congress loses money or benefits on the deals they make and the laws they pass. That should tell you something useful.


You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen ruining the soup. There’s a lot of truth to that.

Hypocrisy is blind.

Hypocrisy is blood.

Hypocrisy is created when one fails to see the same flaw in themselves that they see in another. This leads to perpetual stalemate, which eventually if not broken leads to the letting of blood.

Such is the hatred that comes about from seeing and understanding only one side of any view.

Yes, sometimes it takes a dictator using dictatorial moves to thrust a country forward out of the doldrum dumps when opposing sides refuse or fail to compromise or agree or present viable, alternative solutions.

In the interest of all those who need and deserve a solution to whatever hinders them, a singular action by one person in place to execute that action, starts the forward moving process out of the ditch, that their resistance dug by standing still in a moving world.

It takes a lot of energy to stand still for creatures who were designed to move. Lost energy. Energy that digs graves for impending death instead of energy that moves mountains to build better communications to unite the world, at least by bringing the world together to hear all views.

Yes the views of the populace too. They are the most important, since the politicians decide their fate by imposing laws they write onto people they’ve never met – except for a few populace-plants on the campaign trails in the places they visit. Frankly, I don’t want those hand-selected populace-people speaking on my behalf.

Resisting any movement at all is counterproductive to a functioning entity, be it government or business or in one’s private life. The operative word here is ‘functioning’. Without it there is no government nor entity. The purpose of all entities is to function.

Governments, if they’re smart and if they really care about the people they claim to serve, write into their constitutional laws a mechanism designed to break a stalemate, knowing the high probability that among passionate, ego-driven players, digging one’s heels in becomes a strategy rather than an honest vote.

That’s when the person elected to break stalemates when they occur is allowed by the laws of the constitution to make dictator-moves in order to keep the country functioning as an entity.

Perpetual blame leads to inaction, thus the blame-game becomes in reality the blame-strategy used to keep an entity standing still.

Dictator-moves are crucial when lawmakers are too obstinate or too tired to lead effectively.

The populace wants and deserves the deployment of that option when their elected officials fail them by not working on the projects that make their lives better than they were before. Not just a little better – that’s as bad as stalling until the next election just to get re-elected.

Big, bold moves is what my heart, mind and soul want – moves that benefit us all, not more for the rich, because they have more money and ten percent of five million dollars is more than ten percent of fifty thousand. So they give everybody the same percent, which makes us all equal?

NO IT DOESN’T make us all equal.

Biased ratios are used to discriminate not level the playing field.

Why use that biased mathematical ratio? It helps only the rich get richer. The rich can invest their ten percent or $500,000.

The poor need their meager ten percent or $5000 just to survive.

The math is accurate; it’s the application of it that discriminates against the poor (in this instance).

Eliminate The Biased Mathematical Ratio


I don’t make fun of people. I never liked it. I didn’t like it in others. I didn’t participate when others engaged.

Maybe I was born that way. Maybe there’s a mocking gene. If so, it’s recessive in me.

That the entire world broke out into mockery mode seemingly simultaneously and laid it all at the doorstep of Donald Trump might lead outside observers to an erroneous assumption conclusion assessment that it was he who elicited caused created produced perfected and ultimately degraded this monstrous chaotic state where reasonable demands are met and received with courtesy.

The mockers of course being true to their mocking nature always blame others for their explosive mocking actions and/or reactions – much like the people with addiction or rage disorders blame circumstances beyond their control rather than their inability to control themselves.

To them it’s all about the REaction. OR, one might say, it’s much like the puppets the mockers aspire to be, wanting others, demanding that others, pull their strings so they can move, talk and even eat as their puppet master instructs. No flies on me. No responsibilities flying my way.

I am not a landing pad for the needs or wants of others. I have a master who will serve all my needs. So they really want a master and a servant all rolled into one so they can feel secure enough to play all day. Like the comfort Dad and Mom used to provide, they want a father and a mother to lead them.

It’s a strange world that emerged when the International Mockers staged their coup.

Everywhere I go people mock other people. Make fun of them. With their words or absence of words, with their sentences paragraphs pauses punctuation marking all of it with exclamation after exclamation. Face language eye language body language speaking silently aggressively angrily with stark loving crying interluding linguistics nobody heard before now.

Showing up not showing up interrupting trivializing dismissing. Humiliating beyond the pale et al. Catherine the Great created the Pale of Settlement in Russia in 1791. This was the name given to the western border region of the country, in which Jews were allowed to live. The motivation behind this was to restrict trade between Jews and native Russians. Some Jews were allowed to live, as a concession, ‘beyond the pale’.

It all falls where the mocker lives – in your neighborhood in mine.

To the outside observer, observing the coup, it might appear that the center, the figurehead, whose attention the world craves demands deserves is the person the world claims to have created their State Of Mockery (SOM), which leads the neutral-minded outside observers to awake to the startling view that the one who elicited caused created the climate for the State Of Mockery to emerge is indeed the leader elected by popular raising of the voice vote worldwide.

Judging by the emotional outpouring of worldwide Peoples clinging scratching screaming for their spirit to enter this one person’s consciousness by the route most hurtful – a person who RARELY sleeps – hoping demanding praying that he be the one to change their lives forever for better seems quite clearly to be orchestrated more by chance than design.

So the proof walks in.




The British use a lazy form of English. When I watch British films I use subtitles. I can’t understand what they’re saying and it’s not only me, Steve can’t either. Our own language has become foreign language to us.

Why do they give everyone and everything nicknames? Maybe it takes too much effort to remember the names assigned by others, so they correlate the image with a name of their own – like their own personal filing system, that only they can understand?

They use a lot of unts and grunts and skate over words and syllables. It’s as if it takes too much effort to talk normally. It’s like they just rolled out of bed with a huge hangover then start jacking themselves with high octane coffee so the unts and grunts get delivered with precision speed, minus the content.

The Irish, Welsh and Scots do the same thing.

I’ve got a lot of British, Scot, Irish and Welsh packed into my DNA, yet I can’t hear them, because I can’t understand them. Looking back I recall speaking with breakneck speed and less than stellar pronunciation, softly spoken though. Nobody could understand me either. Every now and then I revert to my old ways over a glass of something mind-opening or mind-numbing as some might call it.

Still, one might think that me being a partial tribe member to the White Island People, that it would inherently and automatically facilitate the comprehension of those whose language I share. But it didn’t. So hear I am deficient in my only native tongue.

Maybe because my DNA is common to peoples of so many countries, there’s some language-confusion going on in my brain.

Hey, the English invented the language. They can do whatever they want with it.

They dumped it on everyone they colonized, then refused to adhere to the same rules of diction and enunciation that they imposed on others. I can see that becoming an irritant.

They’re not the only ones though. Some Puerto Ricans sound Chinese to me when they slang-talk on the phone. Some Spanish people look Chinese to me. Except for the color, some black people look white and some white people look black. For a long time I could see Jew in everybody.

On the other hand, when Indians and Pakistanis speak English, they enunciate perfectly every syllable, and when spoken with accelerated speed, as is most always the case, it’s difficult to understand. Add to it, the musical component that accompanies the female Indian or Pakistani voice and one is not sure of the intent of the message.

I’m beginning to see differences in the female and male voice across cultures and similarities among all peoples, which further leads me to think the world would be better off if we all spoke the same language.

Just yesterday while attending a tenant meeting at the building where I live, one of the women approached the manager and asked if there was going to be an interpreter. The manager looked a little stunned and replied, no, no, we don’t have an interpreter.

The woman who asked (in English) has lived here many years. The guy who set her up to ask, hasn’t lived here long and has been from the beginning an agitator regarding race. The woman who asked is Spanish as is the man who set her up. The manager is African.

The Spanish woman knew there would be no interpreter. Her handler wanted to make a social injustice point in front of everyone. The woman walked out.

I say Cqueba. He says Cooba. Who’s right?

What’s important is that people understand what others are saying and what they mean. Reading someone’s real motives or the real truth into their words is only helpful if accurate.

If I say Cqueba and he corrects me by saying, it’s Cooba accompanied by a big smile, then it should be obvious that he understood what I said and what I meant. The purpose of the smile is to disarm me while he controls me. Nobody likes to be corrected when they are known to be understood. Nobody likes the insincerity of a smile meant to control your mood.

The public staging of the interpreter request is part of a greater movement toward accommodating Spanish speaking people who don’t speak English in the USA.

It takes a long time to learn a language, and since there are so many Spanish speaking people at a disadvantage, through their own choice of nation-selection through nation-shopping, they feel that the USA should provide them with interpreters.

For anyone to think that Spanish speaking adults who come to this country either legally or illegally will learn to speak English is naive. That happens at the child level when they attend English speaking schools.

For the adults, the massive numbers would require massive numbers of teachers.

And how many bilingual people are there who want to teach in the first place, and then who will pay for the salaries, supplies and school room space? It’s a huge endeavor. It takes years to achieve proficiency or fluency in any language.

There are two languages right now that dominate the globe. English and Spanish.

Since it’s the Spanish speaking people who want to come to the USA to live, then the responsibility is on them to learn English. It’s not on the host country.

If Americans were to migrate to a Spanish speaking country, then it would be on them to learn Spanish. It would not be the responsibility of the host country to teach them or to offer them interpreters wherever they go.

To solve this problem I suggest that all Spanish speaking countries teach English as a second language, to ease migration when it occurs.

What? One land, but not one language?

What? No walls on land, but build them into speech instead?

We can talk in front of you and you can’t understand what we’re saying? That’s a wall. That’s a huge wall. So yeah, you like walls, but only when you make them.

If you go to a country that speaks like you do, everybody there will understand what you’re saying – you’ll be equal in ability to communicate.

Your people, your leaders, don’t want equality They want advantage on their terms.

You want that language wall, that language barrier, because it protects you from having to abide by the same rules as everybody else.

It’s a prejudicial tool you use to exploit English speaking people, whose country you invade.

You don’t really mean one land is big enough for everyone. If that’s true, then you would agree that one language is good enough for everyone.

You want to stay separate, so that eventually you can turn the USA into a Spanish speaking country. That’s the long term goal for which your people will make the long term sacrifices to achieve.

The English speaking people will be required to learn Spanish in your one land, one people, one language paradigm. There will be no interpreters for English speaking people.

Your plan to provide all Spanish speaking people with interpreters is a short term plan to a achieve a long term goal.

One Land One People One Language.


Ethnic-Based Revenge Attacks

Muslims around the world who engineered and executed violent attacks against those they perceive as their enemy, plus the militant wing of the Palestinians, claim that because they don’t have a military, they are justified in committing attacks against their enemies using their bodies as bombs or using explosives and/or hand held guns to create mayhem and destruction in public places to kill innocent people caught unaware, for the purpose of making everybody else fear, thus hear them.

Except for the Palestinians living in Palestine, all other Muslims reside in countries that have militaries and long standing established governments.

So that argument is not valid for any Muslim living outside of Palestine, since Palestine doesn’t have a military to protect itself from invasion.

Why do you think Israel invades and occupies Palestine? Because they can. Simply put, Palestine doesn’t have a military with which to defend itself against aggressors and invaders.

In addition to Palestine not having a military, there has not been one single nation, of all the nations in the world, who ever came to the defense of the defenseless Palestinian people against military invasions and consequent occupations by Israel.

Israelis on some level truly believe that they not only own the land of Palestine, but own the Palestinian people as theirs to do with whatever they choose.

Jews have the same history of using their bodies as weapons to attack their enemies, because again, they claimed to have no nation nor military to rely on for self-defense or for offensive occupation purposes. In 1948 that all changed with the formation of the Israeli Defense Forces making that argument no longer valid.

Before the Jews had a global home base they called Israel, they all lived in established nations with long standing governments and militaries.

So it appears that both Muslim and Jew think of themselves as global nations of peoples who reside within other nations.

Palestine does not yet have an independent nation status. Israel has nation status but is not recognized by the majority of the world, since both Arabs and Jews did not agree to the proposed plan by Britain introduced by the United Nations to partition Palestine into Arab and Jew states.

When the Arabs did not accept the proposed partition, the Jews decided to simply take their portion by force, so there was never an agreement per se. In 1948 Israel declared themselves the Nation of Israel and at the same time formed a military. And that’s where they are today.

Even though the Middle East is primarily populated by Muslims and controlled by Muslims, they are for the most part Arab states, except of course Iran, the Persian wing of that particular Muslim population.

It appears that Muslims in Arab countries express more unity with their religion than their governments. So it’s not surprising that the global Nation of Islam carries more weight in global and domestic matters.

The global Nation of Israel acts in much the same way, though around the world there are more non-practicing Jews than there are non-practicing Muslims.

Brendon Tarrant the twenty-eight year old ethnic British Isles male, forced by parentage to be born and raised in Australia, that the British government primarily populated by occupation aka colonization, killed a few score of Muslims in neighboring New Zealand as payback for the innocent lives Muslims took throughout Western Europe in recent terrorist attacks.

It’s odd how the Muslims got hit and the Jews keep trying to make it about Jews, anti-semitism and hate.

Actually there’s a terror triangle operating here – a terror triangle based on revenge.

Invading a peoples’ homeland and putting them under occupation, forcing a foreign, hostile culture onto those under siege is terrorism.

Britain basically tried to colonize the entire world, entire continents in fact, and was highly successful. Others did too. The Spanish got most of South America and now they’re moving northward with their socialism aspirations in tow.

The British are everywhere. I’m even British – a lot British.

Colonizers use the same recruitment tools that religions and governments use. They find a people with problems that they can solve. They nurse them back to normalcy, then indoctrinate them into their way of thinking and acting.

Hate is too simplistic a response or a cause. People hate lots of things and lots of people and lots of situations, but they don’t blow people apart because of it. They usually adjust or avoid, which are smart measures for increasing one’s survival advantage.

Hate is an anger emotion. You can’t tell people they can’t express their emotions when somebody or some thing offends them. It’s part of human nature. It’s normal.

If you focus on the hate – the emotion – then you don’t have to account for why something happens. ‘It was hate that caused it’. No it was not hate that caused that man to engineer and execute a plan to kill a specific group of people.

When people hate, they’re repulsed by those or what they hate. They want nothing to do with that which they hate.

Revenge. An eye for an eye. Why doesn’t anybody call revenge the ‘hate’ word? I’ve never heard anyone do that before. Never. Not out loud. Not a whisper. Not in print either.

Justice. Everybody raises up the ‘justice’ word as if it was sent from heaven or certainly some kind of holy place in the universe of most people’s minds.

JUSTICE FOR ALL. Even me? Even him? How about her? Us? We? Everybody? Yes to it all.

And what is justice if it isn’t payback, revenge, an eye for an eye, spend the rest of your life in jail. And oh, we become so angry when the offender gets out of jail early on good behavior. Pay back, pay up, just pay for your sins.

We want an arrest, we want an inditement, we want a jury trial, we want a conviction and if we don’t get it, all hell will break loose.

Most people don’t get to satisfy their need for revenge except in small ways. Most of the time that’s all it takes – small gestures from anywhere to lower the anger level. But some grievances are so big and attacks so atrocious that little placations and appeasements, to soothe the psyche and deplete the desire to blow up what the aggressors blew up, only in their backyard this time, become ineffectual.

Massive grievances fester when people aren’t shown that measures were meted out against the aggressors and a better world emerged.

A better world did not emerge after 9-11. We took a revenge hit. We hit back, again out of revenge, yet we didn’t hit the people who hit us. We did not target Muslims or countries where the hijackers lived.

To me it always sounded like a team the Israelis put together. But what do I know, except their history of finding non-Jews or Jews from other countries to commit assassinations that they think will advantage Israel.

The USA executed an opportunistic set of moves against people and countries that had nothing to do with the attack against the people in the USA. – and had a lot of Israel input when congress sat paralyzed by the enormity of the hit.

From that miscalculation and our own committed atrocities around the globe grew a need for revenge from the people we struck who didn’t commit the crime.

When you falsely accuse and abuse people for something they didn’t do, they will eventually find a way to strike back if not appeased in some way prior to that happening.

And for those living in the USA who didn’t feel the satisfaction (because by then it was practically a crime to criticize a Muslim), that lack of closure, because of all the secrets surrounding everything, festered.

People think a lot, they work things out a lot in their minds. Often governments treat the populace of any country as if they’re a bunch of non-thinking and non-feeling people. Yet they expect all of us to be fearless in absence of knowledge, which is incredibly naive.

Governments think that only military personnel need to avenge those who commit atrocities against the populace. They do the avenging; they get the satisfaction. If that were actually the case, then there would not be so many damaged military personnel coming home from war zones. The populace gets revenge vicariously?

A better world would be the best revenge.

Forcing foreign cultures onto other foreign cultures without warning or some sort of preparatory teaching is bound to create havoc. We’re brought up a certain way, then boom a whole town of people enter your backyard and you’re supposed to be fine with it all, even though you know nothing about them. It is like an invasion.

Everything you ever learned about how to behave gets tossed, because these new people don’t share the same history, raising and values.

Everybody’s world changes without warning. It isn’t a smart strategy for change, to simply uproot massive numbers of people and relocate them all over the globe. For what purpose? How will they assimilate? It’s as bad for the newcomers. Nothing looks or acts normal to them.

I recall one time Ariel Sharon (Prime Minister of Israel at the time) seriously suggesting that the Palestinians be uprooted and shipped to Siberia.

This is globalization? To make everybody feel better? About what? Who they are? Who they’ll become? How they’ll adapt to a different culture? Forward or backward? Nobody cares? Why?

It’s about the bottom line. Money.

Globalization is not a feel good movement to get all the people in the world talking to each other. We all speak different languages. Translation services don’t work very well and cause more confusion and frustration than no translator.

It’s about opening new markets to make more money. It’s like colonizing the world all over again.

So get ready for more ethnic-based revenge attacks – from all sectors. It’s not about hate. It’s about crashing and clashing cultures. It used to be called culture shock.

It’s become much more than that. It has become institutionalized by each country’s need to increase their national income to remain viable, whereby governments mock and shame those who resist the manipulation.

It’s not about hate. It’s about governments not properly preparing their people for changes imposed upon them. The social engineering departments failed miserably. You can’t just tell everybody to accept what they don’t understand, because governments don’t want the people to know what they’re doing to them or with them.

Admit it. Globalization is an experiment. It’s not appropriate to punish people who were made into subjects against their knowledge, thus their will.

The media plays a big role in dehumanizing people they don’t like or who don’t fly their way, by humiliating them. They do it to their own elected officials. The elected officials do it. It’s become pathological. It’s like social communication disease, that’s communicable.

It’s already been announced that Facebook will be looking for people criticizing Muslims and will handle them.

You don’t need to take away people’s freedom of speech. That’s already being done by Facebook employees who encourage bullying of anybody whom they think might support President Trump on any issue. Facebook is part of the problem. Their type of social engineering will only make matters worse.

There’s a cultural divide among Facebook employees that they take out on unsuspecting Facebook users.

Besides, people don’t usually mock those who were attacked. If that’s happening, it’s the NSA rearing their ugly social engineering heads in the wrong direction as usual.

The British will be the first ones out, trying to act like the world police. They need to stop instigating problems in other countries. They just can’t get that colonization bug out of their systems.

I can always tell who’s British on Facebook, no matter the colonized country they live in. They call everybody cunts and dicks.

Muslim, Jew, Christian. The axis of terror. Based on revenge.


You kick my people; I kick your people.

You respect my people; I respect your people.

“The adjective ethnic relates to large groups of people who have certain racial, cultural, religious, or other traits in common.” vocabulary.com

Someone in Hollywood long ago came up with a rule for entertainment that generalized to all societies, given that the media content they produced was transmitted around the world. One cannot criticize, or make fun of (mock) anything about a person that cannot be changed.

Most people generally are careful about not making fun of big noses, though those can be changed and many are, or kinky hair (again, changeable and many do), speech patterns (treatable), skin color (ask Michael Jackson what his color change secrets are (were). Guess you can’t change death, but people do criticize it and mock it – there a lot of people rolling over in their graves. So what’s left? Cancer? Can beat that. Deaf, blind and slow. That covers just about everybody.

Hollywood’s internal reasoning way back when it was controlled by Jews, who demanded actors change their names as not to be recognized, was that a Jew cannot stop being a Jew, therefore could not be criticized or mocked. The names were all German.

I often wondered why, when the whole world felt sorry for them after the Holocaust at the death camps and factories in Europe. Did you know that most common everyday average Jews in America think the Holocaust happened in Germany?

Frankly, when I was a kid I thought it was the German’s changing their names because they didn’t want to get beat up for gassing the Jews. I recently discovered that most Jews in America are Germans. Guess I was half right. Sure there are a lot of German Jews who fled to the USA en masse at the end of World War II, but there are also a lot of British Isle Jews. Nobody recognizes them; I wonder why.

It angers the worldly Jews that Lithuania doesn’t pay more homage to their Jew population, past and present, but neither does Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Maybe this is a trend, a good trend, since not forgetting the Jews who perished in WWII has not stopped Israel from enslaving and committing holocausts against the Palestinian people, nor has the continual reminder of it stopped holocausts anywhere else on the planet. So, maybe it’s time to try a better way, if indeed the purpose of dragging people through the mud as a reminder of where they’re forever stuck, is to prevent such happenings from ever happening again.

“Never forget” they say, but if you mention an individual or a group by the word they call everything they are and do you get put on their list of lives to destroy when they get around to it, could be now, could be after they squeeze out of you something of value to them.

They of course were clever in attaching everything they do to the word Jew, making it impossible to separate any action emanating from the person to the word they gave themselves, then telling the world ‘death to gentiles’ if they say it. It sounds like a nickname actually. The ish part was stolen from the British Isles. It’s a religion, a government, a nationality with the self-declaration of a state in 1948, a lobby, which means it’s a business, a vault and probably a bunch of other stuff that the world hasn’t figured out yet.

For all their extroverted actions for which they’re well-known, they’re a pretty secretive bunch of fuckwits. Oops. Hey, don’t blame me, Hollywood gave me that word. I never heard it before I started watching movies about Australia. British Australia. And Jewish Australia. They’re like the USA, nobody originated from there – even the aborigines came from elsewhere. I’m beginning to think everybody originated in Siberia instead of Africa.


Because it’s easier to land a space ship on a flat surface (ice or water) than in dense forest regions. That whole boat thing too, Noah? Didn’t come from Africa, unless the desert mirages are real. The boat was in China (the slow one). When all the ice melted from where it’s mostly below freezing, it floated south and picked up a lot of exotic wild hitchhikers on the way to Africa where it finally stalled out due to lack of people to push the boat. The animals ate them all except Adam and Eve who pretended to be an apple tree so as not to be eaten alive.

So how did black people get to Africa if they didn’t originate in Africa?

They migrated from Siberia.

How did they get black?

They took melanin shots before they left.

So, Adam and Eve were black?

No. They were Chinese.

Then how did the Chinese get black?

They didn’t. They got off the boat in Italy – noodle country.


To British people no matter where you reside in the world or whose flag you live under:

Calling a woman a cunt is like calling an African a nigger. Calling a man a cunt is equally offensive.

You don’t get a free pass because you think it’s okay or because you just can’t help yourselves.

No matter how many times you object, it doesn’t change the negative impact it has on women’s equality rights globally – in every culture.

Every time you utter or write or think that word ‘cunt’ you disrespect half the human race and half of the animal kingdom.

You can blame it on Tourette’s Syndrome or remnants thereof or blame the Jews for screwing you; nobody cares the source. Besides, the unpredictable verbal expulsions indicative of Tourette’s Syndrome are always out of context.

Yours are not.

Your incessant use of particularly offensive words used to berate your multiple targets, while giving yourself an emotional release isn’t a neurological disorder; it’s a perversity, especially the release part.

That cunt, dick, fuckwit, wanker, prick, cocksucker and douche all have legal names. How about using them as a negotiated settlement instead of having your lives made a living hell every time you spit the word out for an emotional release. There are many other words and expressions too numerous to add here.

All one has to do is watch a British film or a film from any region that the British colonized and you’ll hear those words interspersed in all of the dialogue. It’s not only the lower class patrons; it’s everybody from top to bottom and sideways. Presidents, Prime Ministers and Queens, more than likely.

It’s all over social media. British Isles, Canada, Australia are the main abusers.

Whenever anybody hears those words escaping like a torrent of anger unleashed from your hot-wired brains everybody knows with whom you slept.

However, instead of releasing those names (also too numerous to mention) I will set the world straight on the truth regarding a similar matter.

The Brits, famously known for giving everything that moves and everything that doesn’t move a nickname, coined the nickname nigger. It was not a made in America word. In fact, Flora Shaw named Nigeria after the Niger River. Neger or nigreos is a Latin derivative of ‘black’. So nigger is a black African river person. Niggers are river people – a nickname given by the British themselves.

Now wouldn’t one think that with all the uproar in America regarding that word being a disparaging word in reference to Africans, that the Brits would have told everybody the truth of how it came about? It’s origin is not derogatory. There’s a country and a river named after the people who inhabit the region. 

Blacks have been calling each other niggers since Nigeria was named after the river that was named after the black people who lived on or alongside it. Actually, if I had to choose I’d rather be called a river person than female or male genitalia.

It might be a good time to also note the similarities in trash talk between those two groups. African Blacks and Brits. Does that mean that genitalia-generated trash talk is DNA related? Or is it a learned response to stress? Is it a part of a syndrome that the British passed on through their DNA to African Blacks?

What is learned can be unlearned. Stop calling people what they don’t want to be called. And stop ruining someone’s life because they utter a nickname that you call yourselves. I don’t call myself a cunt. I’ve never seen the word used in any context other than a disparaging, under your thumb, boot on your neck kind of way.

So there you have it. The Brits started it all – and they continue to offend while putting the shame on everybody else for following their lead. Now that’s arrogance and hypocrisy. Nobody’s ruining their careers. There’s no money in it. They get off scot-free (tax-free is what it means, nothing to do with Scotland).

Niger, an African country independent of Nigeria, was also named after the Niger river. Black African river people.


White is not a nationality. Neither is Black. Calling a race a nationality is like calling a religion a nationality. It’s highly biased in favor of the designated group the nation is named after.

Referencing people as white or black nationalists isn’t appropriate. Blacks predominantly populate the fifty-four nations in continental Africa and in some Island communities. Why do they need another nation half way across the world? Are they trying to colonize the USA?

It wouldn’t be the first time a group of people did that. What, anywhere they live they have to make it into their nation?

The Spanish are doing that now, trying to colonize the USA. Except for Portugal they predominantly populate the continent of South America. Central America too. Also the United States of Mexico. Some island communities too.

What’s up with people wanting to change their residences to other nations, then once there, work feverishly to change those nations into their likeness? I thought the era of colonization was over. All it did was continue under a different name – immigration.

The first people to emigrate paralleled the missionaries, scouting out a different place to conquer, then moving, establishing themselves, then moving their families to their new nation, then changing the existing political system to satisfy their needs and values.

Next thing you know the transition to a conquered nation is complete and nobody saw it coming. One nation under whom? Pick a nation any nation. It’s a slower ride, but mass immigration still results in colonization. Occupation is the same process with a different name.



Criticism is a necessary part of the Survival Of Societies.

Those societies which treat criticism as a crime punishable by isolation and destruction cannot grow, thus will not survive the rigors and challenges presented by the planet.

It’s like growing up in a world without caretakers to teach and guide.

Groups insisting on taking care of their own, while telling everybody else to mind their own business or they’ll make their lives a living hell, aren’t exercising survival instincts, they’re withdrawing inward to the exclusion of everybody else, which are the early signs of extinction.

The downside to killing off or stifling all those who dare to criticize the practices of a group, is that when an alarm should be sounded to save the group, that alarm will remain silent as a result of past fears of retribution by that group.

Accepting criticism only from like-minded individuals or those contained in the group is prejudicial and self-discriminatory. A willingness to change with new information and a willingness to revisit the utility of old ways is necessary for the survival of any group.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Since the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives and they are the so-called compassionate party why aren’t they politicking to abolish the death penalty and for an equal rights amendment (ERA)?

Because they don’t want to abolish the death penalty and they don’t want equal rights for women.

So that makes them no better than Republicans. That’s about all the equal I see in the USA government: on all levels from local to federal: Democrats and Republicans are equal, which makes us a one party system.

Equal pay for equal work is not the same as equal rights. Women are sick of band-aid approaches and short-term fixes used to pacify them as equally worthy citizens. Women’s rights need to be the same as everybody else’s and they are not.

Inserting the mirage of equal women under the title of ‘all men are created equal’ did not result in equality for women. If it had, it wouldn’t be a mirage; it would be real.

The USA is supposed to separate church from state according to their Constitution, yet they institutionalize a death penalty based on revenge supported by an ‘eye for an eye’ teaching in the bible – a religious book anonymously written, and anonymously edited a multitude of times to reflect the times.

Sparing a life is liberal. Taking a life is conservative.

Giving all humans the same rights is liberal. Giving certain groups of humans different rights is conservative.

So what are we?

We’re all conservative, except for those few who believe in equality for all.

The masses of people breaking our laws to enter our country claim to have all the answers for us. They do not represent a third party or even a second party. They represent themselves as lawbreakers who can’t even care for themselves, much less their families.

If premeditated murder is wrong, then it’s equally wrong to plan and execute the murder of an offender of that law.

Logic serves better to keep us equal under the law than does religion or laws that empower some groups or demographics over others.

What’s right for one or wrong for one needs to be right or wrong for all.

If a law cannot be applied equally, then abolish the law or don’t make the law in the first place.

Equality needs to be the litmus test of whether a proposed law becomes a law, then it needs a probation period to assess whether it should become a permanent law or a renewable law.


Sure we’ve got our issues, especially being such a new country – only two hundred and forty-three years old. We have lots of areas we can improve on, in fact in every area, and we as a people strive to do that.

We’ve come a long way in only 243 years, especially compared to those countries who have been around for thousands of years, places where women still can’t drive a car or show their hair in public or don’t have running water or electricity, or places where they hang people for being gay or places that stone people to death or set people on fire or conduct widespread amputations as punishment or spiritual practices, those areas that for whatever reason didn’t advance. They didn’t become better for everyone, only a few.

We didn’t have privilege. We all came with nothing into the wilderness and look what was built.

It’s understandable that people around the globe want to come to a place that already has all the upgrades and leave behind a place that wouldn’t progress to where we are in their lifetime or their children’s lifetimes.

But to come with hatred in your hearts for our leaders and the American people? To break our laws to get here, waving the flags of your countries of origin, shouting hateful messages to the President and the people? That’s difficult for all people everywhere to understand.

Your emotional state is not an acceptable excuse. How long will you be giving that excuse as you continue on a crime spree in order to be free? How long do you think Americans will accept that?

You ask a lot and you give nothing in return – whatever you make you spend in another country, so how do you contribute to the American economy? How do you contribute to its culture when you have to live outside the law?

How many legal immigrants assimilate into American culture?

Sure our leaders and people aren’t perfect – not even close – but look where we are and where you are and tell me that all you ever cared about was the personality of leaders and the people they lead. Because once you take the personality away from the leaders and those they lead, you’ve got a bunch of tough, strong-willed intelligent people who know when to say no, when to say yes and when to find a compromise or a new solution altogether to make and keep their country great and safe.

You don’t like the leaders nor the people in your own countries, and instead of trying to work to change what you have, you go to another country and continue the hatred for leaders and the people they lead there. So what’s the purpose? Can’t you see why people call you gold-diggers? You’re coming for gold, not to share an experience of living in the greatest nation on earth.

That you don’t want to come here for the purpose of contributing to that end, and getting along with the citizens and their leaders, but only for your own selfish needs, alarms those families who helped build what we now have.

You’re not coming to contribute to its continuing success; you’re coming to exploit it. You’re coming to turn it into the country and its people that you left – a country and its people that you hated enough to leave both behind.

So why with all that hatred, anger and expectations of entitlement before you even breach the border with no plans beyond breaking the law would you think Americans should welcome you with open arms?

All the countries you could have gone to if you really were in imminent danger won’t allow you to exploit them. You knowing this, go to one that you think will.

You do yourselves no favors by insulting the American people and America’s leaders, before you even get here. Whoever is leading you in that effort does not have your best interests in mind. They are exploiting you, just as you seek to exploit America. It’s important to your survival that you understand that.

ISIS BRIDES FOR SALE on the world market

In my view, they’re all radicalized recruits.

The purpose wasn’t for ISIS to keep and maintain all these women wannabe terrorists. The purpose was to recruit, train, then return them to their countries of origin figuring at lease some of them will actually become bombs or at minimum motivate others to activate.

Hodu Muthana and Shamima Begum specifically show no signs of being de-radicalized. They’re still saying what their handlers tell them to say in all the interviews. Who are their handlers? And why so desperate to repatriate them?

One had three husbands in a very short period of time. No grieving the loss? Opportunistic qualities so sophisticated at such a young ages? Who are their families? How to afford even going to Syria so young? Bank accounts? Rich parents? Where are their parents? Why the international coverage? How does one do that?

Exactly what ISIS wants. Parading their brides for sale to the country they’re going to bomb. That’s not an unfamiliar strategy. Make the enemy country buy the bomb that’s going to kill them.

They’re bombs. What do you do with a known bomb?

Defuse it.

‘I hope I can change. Hopefully’. Both women leave the door open like recruiting tools specifically directed at those undecideds. Yes.

Recruiting tools. If I don’t get what I need, what I want, well then… Too many doors opened up with both women – and I only saw portions of the interviews.

Why would the USA give terrorists an international audience to recruit people?

Get them off television.

Dangle the intel carrot and the FBI does what? Takes the bait. Jesus what’d I tell ya about those carrots?

Activation has already begun. People are rushing to the stores to buy what they need. These ISIS brides are she-heroes.

You see, they defiled a religion, their religion, because they own that religion, which means they can use it however they want to use it for their cause. Of course all is forgiven. They make the infidels continue to hate Islam, which gives them the excuse to continue their terrorist campaigns.

They’ll say they were brainwashed. That’s somebody else telling them what to say. But they’re saying it. They do exactly what they are told to do, and say exactly what they are told to say – how to act, when to lower head, look away, raise eyes, lower eyes, what to wear, what to carry, how to put their make-up on. Where to put their hands.

If they were brainwashed, they still are – only not to an ideology. They do whatever anybody tells them to do.

They’re good, both of them. ISIS sent the best.

Since they disrespected a worldwide religion, remove the hijab. When they do that, you’ll know they’re serious. They’re playing on America’s religious tolerance to get into the country.

Oh, they can’t remove a hijab but they can call for the mass murder of innocent people, and then claim they can’t believe they said it. But they’re still doing it.

They’re playing you. It’s a hustle. The door is open and they act like they don’t know which way to go. They need you and the entire world to tell them what they need to do.

Notice they both have children. They’re using them just as the Spanish border people do, to gain entry into the USA on compassionate grounds.

If they’re truly remorseful; I didn’t see it. If they’re truly cured; I didn’t see it. If they’re no longer the same people and have regrets for their behavior, then I say live where you’re welcome and live a life that proves you are no longer a threat to your neighbors or your country of residence.

That they chose fame for financial gain, while they kept their hijabs on in defense of a religion they used for terrorism, and used children to gain world sympathy shows that they are not deactivated.

They are manipulating the world as I write. Two nobodies go to a terrorist camp and then set themselves loose on the world stage of communications hijacking the media to recruit undecideds while claiming brainwashing as their defense.

They don’t understand the concept of boundaries and how it applies to everyone. Heck, Colin Kaepernick did the same thing. Jessie Smollet did the same thing.

They didn’t get to where they got by being meek, yet that’s the image they want the world to believe. That they’re all victims of oppression. How is it that it’s the rich kids claiming victimhood? They take the money on behalf of poor people everywhere, laughing all the way to their banks. What a scam.

The USA doesn’t buy slaves. We’re not interested.

Close the door. If they’re serious about reprogramming themselves, they’ll do it no matter what the world says. If they’re not, then they would have activated that bomb regardless of actions taken.


I don’t want to be part of a system in a country where the rights of criminals are more important that the rights of law-abiding citizens.

You can’t keep blaming law-abiding citizens for the crimes criminals commit, and as a result leave them wide open to more acts of crime committed against them.

Committing crimes might be considered normal behavior for some segments of some groups, but it’s not acceptable normal behavior.

Half the people in the USA think the other half are white and privileged. I don’t know who circulated that fake statistic, but it has a lot to do with flipping a coin and it has done a lot of damage to the average citizen trying to obtain and keep work, to feed, clothe and educate their children, all the while bettering themselves.

A man and/or woman who takes better care of other people’s children than they do their own are not good parents.

The same goes for nations. If you care more about giving to the poor of other nations than you care about raising the standard of living in your own nation, then you’re not fit to be a nation.

All nations must take care of their own first and stop expecting some other country to do it for them so all the cash hoarders and the rich people who want rich nuclear weapon toys, who care only about their own success, can keep stealing from the populace.

When you have children with the intent that someone else will raise them, and keep having them, then you are out of control and not fit to have children. Where does the love, shown through responsible behavior, come in? Lots of people have one child they didn’t count on having. But two, three, four, five?

Nobody wants to legislate how many kids a person can have, like China did to deal with their over-population issues. On the other hand religious leaders aren’t being responsible when they urge the congregation to be fruitful and multiply when the times don’t necessitate that spike in growth.

Increasing procreation using the STRENGTH IN NUMBERS STRATEGY is obscene, when you purposely have babies to raise your numbers thus your particular groups power.

Increased procreation rates of nations is the primary cause of poverty wherever poverty exists.

You take care of your own first and then help other nations, not the other way around.

Why should the USA supplement the income of nations that have nuclear weapons? We supposedly want them to dismantle their programs, but they want money in return – like a forever payment plan called extortion.

Countries can’t be fed on nuclear weaponry. Still, Iran is the only nation who did dismantle theirs, but at what cost to the American citizens? We shouldn’t have to pay nations not to engage in destructive behaviors, yet we do. That’s why they keep expecting it. It’s a forever hustle. Build a nuclear program for the purpose of stealing money from American taxpayers, because America will pay us to shut it down.

Why don’t you build some industry with that money, so we don’t have to keep feeding you while you openly hate us on the world stage always throwing your nuclear weapons in our faces. You have to wonder how India and China got so far out of the poverty pit, yet they still have nuclear weapons programs.

Sending jobs to China and India is partly responsible. What did the global planners do, make China the factory of the world and India the telecommunications industry of the world? What industry does Israel have to support its people along side their nuclear weapons program with 21% living below poverty? Not much that the USA didn’t subsidize in one way or another that ended up coming out of the taxpayer’s pockets.



Remittance Flows Worldwide in 2016.

Remittances are not part of any nations GDP, however they do contribute to purchasing power and spending by augmenting individual incomes.

$138,165,000,000 in remittances was sent from United States to other countries in 2016

$6,547,000,000 in remittances was sent to United States from other countries in 2016

That’s a deficit to the USA of 131,618,000,000 (or 132 billion dollars) of wages paid in the USA sent to other countries). Yet, the USA can’t spend 5 billion dollars to secure our southern border in order to control immigration, which cost the USA 132 billion dollars in essentially lost revenue created by migrant workers year after year. They deplete the country’s social service resources in addition to sending 132 billion of what they make back to their countries of origin.



That’s just one country, this year. It’s every year. Yet we can’t secure our own borders. If they were secure we wouldn’t have fifteen million illegal residents from south of our border, sitting ripe for recruitment by any entity who wants to attack us from within. Everybody knows where that 250 million is really going – straight into some rich people’s pockets.

We see nothing but hatred for Americans spewing from all these protestors in the name of illegal immigration. Who in their right mind would want people who hate them flooding the borders with the purpose of invading a country? No one. Fruit pickers don’t act that desperate. Everyday it’s all over the television, people talking about fleeing death traps from their countries of origin, about not caring if they die along with their children to get here and they certainly don’t care about the people sent out to risk their own lives trying to rescue them.

I don’t want to live in a country where one half of the people want national and local security and the other half want nature to take its course using Jungle Justice to deal with ‘upset people’ who put the populace at risk. What do you do when others invade your land? Let them have it?

Using Jungle Justice is like expecting militias to provide national and local security. No thanks. I’d rather live in the present while moving in the future, not the past.

These people who yearn for the past are the first to cry when they have to use an outdoor toilet or can’t recharge their cell phones.

Nothing the anarchists claim they want is based on any plan that worked in the past. A plan that isn’t reality-based isn’t a plan; it’s a temper tantrum.

Remove your hoods. If it’s not acceptable to paint your face black, then it isn’t acceptable to wear hoods when you’re advocating the murder of border patrol dogs and their handlers while tossing police cruisers and carrying torches used to burn businesses.

If you have to hide your identity by wearing a total head hood during a peaceful protest, then you’re paranoid and I worry about your state of mind. Everybody should wake up to reality.

Terrorists should not be as welcome as they are in the USA. People who use terror as a method to make people submit to their will are not freedom fighters.

They’re terrorists.


Brutalizing people is not an effective recruiting strategy. Neither is making enemies to build friendships. Standing at a 13% population disadvantage, making enemies by bringing white people to their knees and ruining their businesses for offenses committed by other people in the past is a destructive use of small town tactics to gain up town recognition – a recognition that is not sustainable, simply because it is based on the false premise that white people today are responsible for practices that all races and cultures engaged in many years ago.

Contrary to social media and cable opinion outlets the movers and shakers of the world don’t like bullies. They dislike even more those who seek to destroy the businesses in which they invest. I have yet to see a plan emerge that had a positive global goal attached, which leads not just me but many others to the conclusion that the revenge tactics used by Black Lives Matter Terrorists serve a visceral purpose that cannot and will not translate into financial growth.

USA Census for 1860 was 31.4 million of which 3.9 million or 12.6% total population were slaves and children of slaves.

Slavery ended in 1863.

Population of USA in 2018 was 327.1 million.

By 1863 approximately  3.9 million slaves including their children were legally freed.

Approximately three hundred million people and 156 years later, some 246 million white people, none of whom participated in slavery, are now being held hostage and responsible for deeds that occurred prior to the Emancipation Proclamation Act of 1863 and the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution abolishing slavery.

Prior to that time slavery was legal on a Federal level, although in some states it had already been outlawed to varying degrees. There is no legal precedent for one race of persons to hold accountable another race of persons for cultural and/or socio-economic missteps that in time became abolished.

Madison Avenue and Wall Street have nothing to gain and everything to lose by participating in and supporting the white-lynching tactics of ruining white people’s careers and businesses based on a nondescript terrorist agenda for the sole purpose of terrorizing the white race and destroying their culture, careers, businesses and families using revenge tactics to protest an institution that no longer exists.

In that regard they are much like ISIS terrorists who want to return to the past to recoup losses that cannot be recovered,  so they take life and limb and liberty from the white people of the present. That is enslavement and torture, which will lead to slaughter if left unchecked.


If we don’t respect and maintain borders, then how do we apply for and disperse social benefits? The world needs to be geographically divided in order to execute/conduct the business of the people.

Take the numbers off the buildings and the street signs down – those are borders too, when you think about it. In order to organize the facilitation of anything we need to categorize – that’s a border too.

Putting things in boxes creates borders between what’s in the boxes.

Separation of powers – those are borders. The concept of borderline intrigues the psyche because of the innate constraints it creates – a line in the sand, the red line, take one more step.

Remove the borders and freedom ensues. Or so we think, until we cross that line or take that step only to find chaos where we sought tranquility.

It is our nature to count, divide, multiply, subtract, add everything that can be counted. It’s utilitarian by design. It’s efficient. It’s productive. It eases the burdens of cumbersome activities that borders naturally streamline. Counting creates borders.

People should be able to travel where they want, live wherever they choose, and work where there is work available and they meet the qualifications. But living in a country where you don’t speak the language, thus can’t get a job, thus can’t support your family is reckless and endangers the security of everybody else in that country.

Depending solely on a support network of similarly situated individuals, relying on jobs where bosses who speak the same language assign jobs, makes one indebted to those who pull the strings to keep these persons employed.

This condition of total dependency created by one’s inability to speak the common language of the country turns the hiring of these persons into a slave-master system of employment. That the master shares the same ethnicity of the slave doesn’t negate the slave-master relationship.

Slave-master employment relationships are designed by borders too. In the beginning, what appears mutually beneficial, becomes grossly disparate as time goes on. Benefits to one compared to benefits to the other produce a condition where the master thrives while the slave merely survives.

Short term this condition may be seen as a necessary or tolerable step toward eventually gaining greater control and freedom. Too often though people get stuck where they’re dropped, having neither the time nor the will to do what it takes to separate and rise from the group. These people end up being enslaved forever.

Who can learn a language and become educated when they’re working twelve hours a day in a foreign country picking fruit, then sending most of their money back to their country of origin?

This slave-master employment system isn’t created by the USA government; it’s created for and by their own people for the purpose of settling in a foreign land. Eventually it takes a social movement to set them free, but even then unless extraordinary measures, that no one can afford, are taken to assimilate them, then the same system of master-slave starts all over again, this time above ground rather than underground.


When I write an opinion-piece about what’s going on in the world that involves human beings or specific groups of human beings I am invariably asked ‘why don’t you like brown people; why don’t you like black people; why do you hate Jews; why are you anti-immigration?’.

When you criticize someone or some group that is making news by dumping on white people, and a white person has the audacity to respond, they call it hate; it’s moronic; it’s whatever grotesque and hurtful name that a person could think of calling someone.

Everybody claims to want a conversation, but when the conversation begins it’s always minus the white person. The brown or black want to play all the roles in the conversation – even the white person’s part.

That’s controlling, manipulative, dictatorial, oppressive behavior.

They want to control the entire narrative – from start to finish. It’s discriminatory and fake news when you assign an agenda-driven cable news commentator the role of white person representing the so-called white view. It’s a lie just based on the way it’s all set up. They get paid to do what they do. They are given their opinions by the CIA Media.

I don’t like or dislike a person based on their color. I have never judged a person by the color of their skin.

‘Well then why don’t you support us’?

Does that mean that as long as I don’t care what color you are, I should support you? How does it follow that whatever a brown or black person does, white people should support and if they don’t it’s because of the skin color and if they don’t care about color, then it’s a no brainer, you’re with us?

It appears to me that those who think white people should support them because of their skin color are the prejudicial people. They’re the real racists.

It’s difficult to talk rationally to someone who only sees skin color – theirs.

Hispanics are not minorities in Mexico, the island communities, Central America, South America. They are the majority in all those places. Yet, they still act like the minority, seeking pity from the entire world and anyone who will listen. Why is that? All these years they lived in places where everybody was about the same.

Were they thinking with their skin then? Or is it only when they come to the USA that they’re told to play up their skin color; accuse the white man of hating you for your skin; you’ll get lots of free stuff that way; white people don’t like it when you call them racist or black or brown haters. They’ll give you whatever you want to shut you up.

It’s one or the other: White people are being played, or brown and black people are the real racists, thinking white people should support their skin color; and if they do, then they automatically support the brown and black view – no matter the content of the view.

Actually it’s not one or the other, it’s both.

It’s becoming clear that skin color is used as a DISTRACTION STRATEGY to keep you off-balance, so the real issues don’t get debated. Keep attacking the opponent on an emotional plane, so nobody gets to the substance of the issues. They don’t want to debate; if they debate they could lose. Keep it about the color.

Oh, they’ll debate color, as long as they provide the lines for all sides.

Keep pushing that color button.

How does it work?

FEAR. They use fear of what will happen to you if you don’t cave their way.

And we see what happens all over the news.

It’s scary stuff. They crossed the terror threshold a long time ago. They’re instilling fear across the globe. They want a war.

This is terrorism.

BLACK LIVES TERRORISTS STAGE ANOTHER BLACK FACE HIT Get over yourselves. You have black faces, accept it, nobody cares. If anybody wants to paint their white face black it’s not your business. You’re not hurt by it; you’re cashing in on it by screaming something hurts when it doesn’t. Anybody who gets their feelings hurt as much as you do is thinking too much about themselves.

Try showing some compassion to all those white people you brow beat as your daily religious ritual.

You’re a bunch of wimps, crying over somebody who wants to look like you. I’ll cork my face black if I want to. You’re all a bunch of hustlers, beating up on the descendants of white people who set you free. They didn’t ask for slaves. They worked their own fields. Nobody mimics people they hate. Maybe you all should stop trying to look like white people. Dying your hair blonde, stealing our fashions – out the back door usually. Pay for your own white people swag. You don’t get a cut. Make your own money.

You’re all making the world sick. It’s time to retire that aversion therapy strategy. It worked in reverse. The world developed an aversion to you, not themselves.

Ruining people’s careers because the color of their make-up offends you is a hate crime. Yeah, in my court of public opinion it’s a hate crime. That’s a lot of money you wipe out of an entire family’s bank account when you scare their employer with threats of violence if they don’t fire your target.

That’s the work of a terrorist group. Instill fear to make people do what you want. Black Face. What a joke. Hijack the news media to get the attention you crave? Why not try doing something good for all humans, instead of just yourselves? Why make the news about you making others suffer on your behalf? That is sick.

Why not stop eating other animals whom you have other people torture and slaughter for you? What did you do to their gentle, peaceful faces? Ripped them from their bloody bodies is what you did. Then you fuckin’ ate them. You’ve got some answering to do.

I think it’s best that you stay away from other people’s faces and let them be or act the color they choose, not the color you choose for them. That’s a terrorist maneuver when you tell people how they should look and not look.


Mobsters and organized criminal syndicates take care of their own, no matter their origin or illegally made, stolen or sold product of the day. They take care of their own people and the towns and cities where they operate. It’s to everybody’s advantage. Would anybody in their right mind want thousands of people who owe money to the mobsters where they live, descending on their country by storming the borders demanding entry on so-called humanitarian grounds, in desperation crying, screaming they’ll kill us? ‘We have no money’.

Their clothes and hand-held devices suggest otherwise. ‘If we go back to the cartel they’ll kill us’. Why would they be going back to the cartel unless they worked for them? If the cartel is set to kill them if they return to their country of origin, then they’ll hunt them down and kill them in the USA.

The people here already know who they are. Expect a massive increase in law enforcement budget needs everywhere runners run from the Mob. The Mob doesn’t go after people who didn’t do them wrong. These run-aways owe a debt that the USA will end up paying in increased murders, thefts and all that surrounds corruption. You can’t run from the Mob.

Big people, small people, they’re all the same to them. If they let one person go, then everyone else takes advantage and the Mob loses control, then there’s a war unless every last one of the thieves is dead. Word spreads, especially in Spanish. They know their own. They get a bigger punishment for betraying the Mob-family.

These are people who couldn’t keep their fingers out of other people’s drug pies. Boundary issues. What’s yours is mine. One side screams get rid of ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). The other side screams protect us, save us; they’re going to kill us. Get your damn story straight. Yeah. I’d feel desperate too if I stole from the Mob.

Remember: Border people bring their debts with them; they don’t pay their debts before they leave the country. That’s the point; run like hell to the protection of the USA because the USA hates the cartels and they’ll protect us from what happens when somebody steals from the Mob, or when you don’t pay back the money you borrowed.

If the cartels were the only bank in town, there’s a lot of debt entering the USA. Their debts are going to get settled by the middle and middle-lower class taxpayer in the USA. Just what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the CIA (the largest terror organization in the world) wanted.

Bring us your tired, your poor and your debt.

The Border People are acting as if there’s a huge money purse on the other side of the border – like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That big purse could only be coming from the cartels. They’re not coming to pick fruit. Desperate to pick fruit? That’s a tell. It’s naive of congress to fill in the blanks with that kind of nonsense.

What are members of congress afraid of? Why are they protecting the cartels in the USA? Why couldn’t congress figure that one out? Because they rely on other people’s brains to do their own brain work for them. Hey, even the King of Jews Schumer gave his brain to somebody else to fill with data that he repeats like a robot programmed to talk somebody else’s walk.

Yeah, Mussolini’s favorite daughter and Mossad’s favorite son. Negotiating border security? There shouldn’t even be a debate. Jews don’t negotiate. They steal something from you, then return crumbs of what they took, calling it a painful sacrifice for peace.

What did the USA get from Israel for moving the USA Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem? Nothing. We got nothing. That’s how they negotiate.

Italians don’t negotiate either. They dictate by issuing consequences if you don’t comply. The Jews set preconditions that they know can’t and won’t be met. The USA does that with North Korea. Dismantle your entire nuclear program, we say, and then we’ll talk. No we won’t; we’ll want more and more till we own you. That’s why the intelligence agencies went rogue on President Trump by calling him a liar in public. They want to control the negotiations with Korea. They want total compliance, keeping the target under our thumb, while we expand our nuclear programs.

That’s the hypocrisy that keeps the world in turmoil. We carpet bomb countries; we don’t need a nuclear weapon to do it. We ‘nuclearized’ our conventional system by the sheer number of bombs we drop, creating the effect of a nuclear weapon or worse. We create tsunamis and earthquakes wreaking havoc on the populations and geography of the regions we strike.

There’s only one precondition – we need border security, which requires a demarcation divider so those approaching will see they have actually reached the border. We need state of the art monitoring systems and a means to process individuals and/or apprehend those not coming through the checkpoints. That’s it. Should be easy.


Blacks and Hispanics force white people to fight their battles for them. They do it with their dogs and gamecocks too – force them to fight, for the purpose of monetary gain. It’s always about the money. Blacks and Browns like to watch people and other animals tear each other apart in an arena they control. There is no exit plan for the fighters. They’re put into the ring to fight or die. They know they’re going to die, if not this fight the next one.

Fifty states outlaw the brutal blood sport. But so do they outlaw slavery and trafficking of children for sex. Blacks and Browns treat white people like their dogs and gamecocks.

Do you know how many white people died or sacrificed everything but their lives to help black Africans gain their freedom from slavery and then to support their efforts to achieve equality? Too many to count? Yet nowhere during black history month is their sacrifice acknowledged.

Now that is an ungrateful demographic of people who are too smug to say thank you for your service to freedom. Yet, the outspoken members of Black Lives Matter Terrorist group admonished the president of the United States for not saying enough about black history during black history month.

An apology for your lapse in etiquette would be appropriate. A sincere recognition and appreciation for white people’s contribution to the abolishment of slavery is in order. If tables were turned as they are in other countries, black Africans would not risk it all to free whites enslaved by blacks. That’s black supremacy in play.

Now who comes knocking again, this time to force white people, through humiliation and life-ruining war tactics, to fight for their causes? Blacks again. Oh yeah, and Browns. Really, how rude – and selfish. Isn’t the mass exploitation of any race by another race illegal? It should be.

The laws people break as their right are not only the petty theft or grand theft laws, or cheating the social service system, traffic violations, assault, they’re the big laws, the ones outlawing grotesque, despicable behaviors. Those are theirs to break is their answer proved by their actions which facilitate the practices. They say they don’t support it, but they do nothing to stop it when it happens within their own race in their own neighborhoods.

Turning a blind eye = facilitation. They force white people to politick for new laws and/or to change policy regarding the enforcement of existing laws that favor them financially, rather than do it themselves, which indicates they want white people to think and act for them. But they want to lead. What kind of people do that?

Dictators. Despots. Oppressors. Kings. Queens.


I wonder why I don’t see any Black Africans living in the USA trying to eliminate slavery from the planet – as a cause.

All I see are Black Africans demanding money from white people, claiming they’re part of the slave legacy, like a forever pension fund for blacks, paid for by whites.

Slavery in the USA ended in 1863 – over 150 years ago.

Exploiting the past by scamming ‘white people in the present’ and the future for something they had no part in, even though it was legal at the time, speaks only to their own prejudice, discrimination and financial enslavement of white people, who again weren’t even alive back when slavery was popular around the globe.

Slavery still exists in Africa today and the sex slave trade is booming around the globe, with Blacks and Hispanics contributing to the degradation of the neighborhoods and nations. Black and Hispanic pimps proliferated like a weaponized disease all over the USA.That’s slavery.

Having happened to the people they call their brothers and sisters, one might think that to end slavery would be at the top of their list of social goals and responsibilities, given that they are free and the ones they continue to enslave for profit are not. they always say the same thing, ‘When we do it, it’s different’. They benefit from white people paying to screw black people. So, they enslave their own. It’s easy money. Hispanics benefit from white people taking their drugs; it’s easy money.

It’s out of sight out of mind, for the rest of them, who only care about who they can hustle.

I wonder what PART Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer played over the years via laws passed through congress to benefit one or two groups over everybody else – in that forever debt scheme based on wrongful accusations of morally corrupt slave practices from 156 years ago?

In a legal court of law one cannot hold someone responsible for a crime they didn’t commit, or an injustice that was legal that they didn’t commit. So who put it into the heads of an entire race of people that they could count on a forever financial pension from all the white people born since slavery was abolished?

You might think that segment of the black race that lives in America would have been happy that slavery ended, but they overwhelmingly act pissed off over it.

Italians and Jews have a long history of hating black people, so here are two leaders in congress who control the purse strings – one Italian and one Jew – telling black people not to worry, white people will continue to foot the bill for however long it takes to make them happy – even though none of these people today were slaves. Hey, I heard slave stories too, but I never thought to demand cash from present-day people for something people I never met did hundreds of years ago.

Talk about audacity. That’s audacious – and proof of the forever Nigerian/Niger scam that flourishes wherever black Africans populate.

Maybe white people should start demanding payback money from all blacks who refuse to take care of themselves or their children at the world’s expense. Maybe white people will start getting revenge for all the black on white crimes committed – 156 years worth.

Spanish people want the government to take care of them too, so they don’t have that responsibility. Everybody wants to be King or President of the United States, who can’t tie their own shoes or speak English. Actually, they’d rather game the system than become part of it.

They don’t want your pity; they want your money. They use the pity strategy before the gun strategy to open the door to your vault, hoping they won’t have to use the gun. It’s a pity scheme. Along with the desire for someone else’s property comes corruption – followed by enslavement, torture and slaughter.

So two mindless, scared little shits in congress, one elderly female with a Mussolini tic acting like a Mafia crime boss and one elderly male who bows six times to Tel-Aviv everyday decided to make amends for all Italians and all Jews worldwide who ever offended a black African in the USA – off the backs of lower and lower-middle class people. For feuds going back hundreds of years. Yes, we have a caste system in the USA.

Without the Black and Hispanic vote the democratic party dissolves into thin air.

Who’s your Daddy now?

Blacks and Hispanics have a lot of Daddys. They suffer from parent-confusion. Raised by grandparents, they grow up in a previous generation that doesn’t exist any more in somebody else’s memory bank.

Yeah, the mafia boss, and the Israeli loyalist who consistently betray the trust of those he is supposed to serve under the laws of the USA Constitution who were in congress on 9-11 forgot the lessons learned from sleeping on the job. What’s in that coffee you’re drinking?

Schumer and Pelosi manufactured a huge distraction by trying to convince the American people they were hostages for wanting a secure border, which does not now exist and hasn’t existed for a long time, allowing untold and undocumented terrorists into the country – to whose benefit? Pelosi and Schumer act like terrorists are fictional characters in fairy tale books and bed time stories read to children to scare them asleep.

WAKE UP in today’s world. Get out of your neighbor’s backyard. I’m not going to tell you again.


I have to chuckle when I hear Black African talking heads on cable T.V. say so glibly, ‘It worked for the Jews; it’ll work for us’.

The Jews destroy somebody’s life for calling them what they call themselves – Jew.

The Blacks destroy somebody’s life for calling them what they call themselves – Nigger.

My question was always, to what end? What did they gain by destroying somebody’s life?

Respect? No.

An ally? No.

An enemy? For sure, for life, the whole family and beyond.

Jews created terror in the hearts and minds of every non-Jew on the planet.

Blacks created terror in the hearts and minds of every non-Black on the planet.

If the Jew population is as they say, which it isn’t, 1/10th of 1 percent of the world census, that makes an extraordinarily small base from which to effectively instill terror into the remaining 99.9 percent of the world population.

And where are their main bases of operations? In the USA.

Anything to do with money in America is controlled primarily by Jews, sometimes out front, mostly from behind the scenes.

When Hitler conducted his factory experiment by rounding up Jews to work his war factories in Europe during World War II he exterminated the sick, the weak and those of low commodity value.

His desire to create a superior race turned out to be a race made up of talented Jews. The ones who survived the factory camps were hand-picked for their intellectual value, their psychological and physical traits as well as their DNA-generated talents. After the defeat of Hitler and after the war, the Jews who survived the factory camps went on to procreate, producing high value offspring.

That is the reason why Jewish families could pick a child any child and assign a profession to that child without any concern as to whether the child could handle the job. They mated among Jews.

Doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer, architect are all professions requiring high intelligence. Pick a family any family – a Jewish family – and that’s how it went, without any thought given to ability.

Times have changed with the cross-breeding of ethnicities, but that was the end result of Hitler’s experiment on designing a superior race. It started with the Jews as subjects and ended with the Jews as liberated – with a whole lot of brain power with which to go forth and procreate.

With African Black slaves it was a different history. Brain power or DNA-generated talent were not considered of value for slaves. Physical prowess is what was needed to work the fields in America – and elsewhere. Those who sold their children didn’t sell the best of the brains; they sold the physically strongest.

One might think that with all the brains left in Africa, that they would have done more with them, considering their procreation rates and the massive operation of separating  people by physical vs intellectual criteria. The slaves in America actually fared better than the non-slaves higher in intellectual capacity in their homeland countries in Africa.

If slaves who were sold or stolen from primarily the Ivory coast, it would be of interest to see if those regions produced children of higher intellect and lower physical prowess abilities.

I’ve never been to any African country, but in viewing those in America, their physical superiority in areas of strength, stamina, speed and agility are far superior to almost all non-Africans living in the USA.

If they fared better on the intellectual scale, than those left in Africa, then it may be a function of cross breeding, whereas with Jews, crossbreeding long after the war led to a reduction in intellectual capacity – in theory.

We’re at the gates right now, with the social engineering people wanting to create another slave race in the USA – this time made up of Hispanics. Although it already exists, this next wave of development is going to make the first wave seem insignificant in comparison.

These wannabe slaves who are now coming to the USA by breaching its southern border have brains. Of concern to the business people of the world (and this does affect trade everywhere) is whether they are as physically equipped to do slave-type labor as those slaves of the past, and whether they can do it absent an agenda to undermine the economy for the purpose of gaining political power?

When the morality of a slave labor force (regardless of race) is put into the question, it replies that a slave labor force undermines the morale and self-esteem of its workers and their families. History has taught us that these traits of low morale and self-esteem are past from generation to generation, even after the slave camps are dismantled.

If indeed a strong nation is made up of strong individuals, then the slave labor force undermines the strength of a nation – any nation – as well as those nations not participating, but benefiting from another nation’s slave labor force.

So the answer is No.

There’s no way the present-day African Blacks living in America can do it like the Jews did it. ‘If it worked for them, it will work for us’.

I would advise against anybody wanting to repeat the history of the Jews to get to where the Jews are today. That is one of the laziest and most stupid remarks I’ve ever heard anybody say on television to the world, ‘It worked for the Jews; it will work for us”.

No. The paradigms are completely different.

Hitler kept the brightest most talented. Slave-traders took the physically strongest.

There’s a big difference between Jews and African Blacks: Blacks in the USA aren’t systematically exterminated based on value or any other reason.

Humans use extermination techniques to rid the planet of species they deem threatening to their survival or quality of life. They also exterminate for the purpose of consumption or to transform into various other modalities goods which humans use to make their lives easier.

Black people aren’t on either of those menus.

The only thing Jews and Blacks have in common is that they both make white non-Jews pay through the nose for crimes against humanity that they didn’t commit – long after both demographics gained their independence.

That’s a sin that will be addressed in time. And now, both Blacks and Jews are supporting a new wave of a slave labor force entering the USA illegally from its southern border. Hispanics.


Eliminate The Demand. No one SOTB (southoftheborder) says to Eliminate The Supply.

Dino Martinez says ‘just say no to drugs’ and the cartels will leave the USA. It’s the white folk using them. I say, drugs are addictive and they may not have the will to stop using. DM says, if they’re too weak from addiction, then lock them all up, since buying and using drugs is against the law.

Following that logic, DM should not be opposed to locking up everyone who illegally breaches the border. It’s against the law.

I didn’t know that Spanish people called white people ‘white folk’. I thought that was a kinder term than ‘white trash’ that black people use to reference white people.

POLISH PEOPLE who long ago migrated from Poland to parts unknown (SOTB) want to come to the USA as freedom fighters. They hate president Trump and our system of government and want to change it into something they feel comfortable settling into. Something more akin to their cultural mores. They sound like ISIS terrorists in sombreros to me.

They rationalize that if they call themselves Polish, then the USA will let them in. They’re an men with ‘aim to please’ manners. One must wonder if they call themselves freedom fighters before they get here, what groups via the USA 24/7 cable opinion news shows openly recruited them.

The Polish Brigade is on its way. Friend or foe? They’re a tricky bunch.

Some drug guy testifies at El Chapo’s trial that drugs don’t go through open areas at the border, in other words they all go through check points where there are gates with armed guards and cameras, and those in the media circus who oppose any form of a barrier wall leapt for joy. Imagine that. A person connected to unimaginable torture and killing becomes the hero of the liberal press in the USA. And who would believe anything anyone who ever worked for El Chapo said?

I wonder if there was a gate with armed guards at the end of that tunnel in Arizona that just passed like a political movement numbering 376 illegal immigrants into Arizona under the border. Of course they turned themselves in to the authorities knowing they’d be released into the Wild West Arizona desert to parts unknown.


Nobody’s dropping bombs in Mexico, Central America or South America. Nobody is at war.

So why are 15 million people from these regions living underground in America with no plans to assimilate? What war ravaged country, or state in the United States of Mexico are they fleeing?

There are no war-ravaged countries in these regions.

Why are we supporting mass immigration of people who want dual citizenship and if they can’t have it, then they live in one of the countries illegally, and that country is always the USA?

The Nancy Pelosi’s of the country accepted the offer of a slave labor force long ago. Upon getting a conscience and admitting the wrong, a decision was made behind the backs of the American people to compensate the slave labor force off the books by keeping the borders open so as to keep the slave labor force intact.

A slave labor force means fewer social service resources for the remainder of the population, as well as higher taxes for everybody. Rich people can still live a rich life while absorbing the increase; those in the middle and poor classes sink deeper into debt because of it.


In trying to keep the slave labor force intact by keeping the slaves marginally satisfied, they put the rest of the country’s citizens at a higher risk for crime, disease, a lowering of standards in all areas of life plus the most important being the Arab populations that have sprung up across these regions over decades, posing a potential threat from rogue Arabs wanting a pound of flesh for the sins against Iraq, and breaching our border to commit it.

The rich aren’t the ones paying for their own poor judgments, managerial mistakes and financial blunders made in the past. The poor and middle classes of the present are the ones paying, as they always do, for rich people’s mistakes – in all countries, not only the USA. These are the same people who claim that everyone not as rich as they are must be stupid; so let’s exploit them like the stupid people they are.

Stupid is trying to force-feed a nation and a labor force into accepting a slave labor force by declining to build a security wall and apparatus to keep the slave labor force out.

Now that’s stupid.

You mean, we’re all racist for being against slavery?

Now that’s stupid.

Thirty-two states in Mexico, seven countries in Central America and 12 countries in South America are all proslavery?

Now that’s stupid.

The USA congress decided to leave our entire southern border open to future attack after 9-11.

Now that’s stupid.

Whose feelings are they afraid of hurting?

The potential slaves. They still need them. They even want to make the slaves legal by giving them driver licenses, by giving them social security numbers, but no citizenship. And even if they offered it, too many people say no because too many people want to maintain ties to their country of origin.

So where does the part about ending slavery come in?

Prices will go up if we pay them what we pay everybody else. Or, fifteen million more people will be out of work. Families devastated. Massive numbers of small businesses will go out of business. Well, maybe they shouldn’t have gone into business if they couldn’t make the figures work at the current employment rate. You mean they planned a business around the use of slave labor? That was done behind the American back. They call that freedom?

Now that’s stupid.

BORDER PEOPLE don’t go to the USA for a better life, because living underground is not a better life; it’s a lonely deviant life style.

BORDER PEOPLE go to the USA because they’re told to go.

They’re followers, easily influenced, do what their leaders tell them to do. Yet, when they get over the border, they’re in your face, dominating your every word and move. And then they want to dominate your family and everything they think, say and do. So why didn’t they do that at home? It’s easier to manipulate foreigners? Manipulating foreigners in their own country. Now that’s stupid.

They were told to do it. They know how to manipulate meek people afraid to be called racist.

Offspring of border people grow up to be bitter adults.

BORDER PEOPLE have been underground so long, or have protected others who are underground, that they don’t know how to be sincere. Their minds are programmed to deceive – since birth. They’re actors playing a part. Their whole life is an act.


That’s no way to live.

Still, their anxiety and anger levels are off the charts. Worried that they’ll lose their slave labor status and the privileges that go with it, they’re ready to battle for the border.

They strive to make enemies not friends. Without enemies you can’t wage a war.

No, no. We defeat them on social media.

No one is defeated on social media. Those attacked, simply withdraw to regroup and come back to lodge their own attack, that they weren’t even planning on doing till they were attacked.

When you beat someone up you make an enemy. That doesn’t translate into defeating them or into winning anything. It’s a useless strategy that works against those using it.

You can’t make friends if you’re incapable of being sincere.

BORDER PEOPLE claim to be fleeing lawless nations, yet they choose to illegally enter a nation of laws only to reject those laws. They don’t like laws and they don’t like walls. Period.

That’s who they are. Yet millions of them live underground, where I’m suspecting, in their minds, there are no walls. Since they’re anonymous they don’t have to abide by any rules – unless they make them. That’s a sickness, that it appears the USA government exploited. Most humans could not live that way.

Maybe the conditions are ripe for a war that blows the lid off of all of it. I believe that they believe if they can just keep everything as it was, then they’ll be okay. But that’s them thinking only of them. Isolated people tend to be self-centered, while drawing outsiders into their dramas to coerce them into fighting for them.

National security must come first and they’re not getting the ‘being part of a nation’ part. Because in their mind they’re not. Not this nation. Not the USA.

All of their strategies serve the political aspirations of one group. The ones here legally need a rank and file, and these slaves have been chosen by their own people to fulfill that purpose. Only one group with no consideration of how their demands will affect the nation of people whose border they’re attempting to breach – all to be underground slaves in America. It’s an act. It’s an ideological Trojan Horse.


Massive numbers of people (or one person) forcing themselves onto another country without consent = RAPE of that country.

Spanish speaking peoples SOTB prey on people’s vulnerabilities for profit, forcing those vulnerable to NEED them. HOW DO THEY DO THAT and get away with it? DECEIT. Everything in their lives, everything they do is a product of deceit.

They lie about everything. It becomes reflexive when you live and work underground. Border People have been kissing up to RICH PEOPLE of the USA for decades, demanding to be their slaves, begging them to work for pennies on the dollar (just provide for us; we don’t need nor want much, and we have women too, we’ll take care of your kids, you don’t have to declare us or pay taxes on us), flipping the Slave Bird at the Blacks who wanted to be free.

And now they’re staging a coup to take down the KING who refused their offer. I’ll tell ya somethin’, if there’s one BIG mean BIRD who you’re gonna have a tough time taking down, it’s that one.

You should hear these Chippers all over Facebook trying to recruit people to join their coup attempt. Wow. President Donald J. Trump said no to the slave offer.

So all those rich asses you kissed all those decades aren’t coming through for you. Even though they know you’ve got stuff on them – MONITORING them, as you call it, in their own mansions, all the while pretending they didn’t speak English. Do those tapes even still play? I mean can you actually find a device that plays those antiquated tape recordings? They thought it was a slam dunk, a walk in the park, a shoot yourself in the foot moment that miraculously heals itself, no evidence no proof. And then he came along and everybody forced a conscience onto him.

What? what? Mr. President, remember us. Us? The slaves. We’re your slaves. All kings need slaves. We’re your happy slaves. You know, like the vegans have happy cows. We want you to succeed. But with us. We put you here. We just pretended that we didn’t. That’s how we are. Thought you knew it man. Okay, okay. The wall is okay, as long as you put a side door into it. Wink, wink. You know us; we know you know us. Don’t pay any attention to what that old woman says. She’s nobody. We hate her. She’s so poor. It’s laughable.

IS IT ANY WONDER that all the rich people on television, in politics, in business are jumping out of their trees in support of a Wall War? Take the focus off of us and what we did and put it on an inanimate object. THE WALL WAR OF 2019. Man, all those wannabe slaves ruined it for everybody who didn’t wanna be a slave. How do you talk human rights, freedom rights when a whole new breed of people SOTB comes along and wants to be enslaved? Talk about exploiting rich people’s vulnerabilities.

Sure, everybody likes free stuff. But notice that these slaves didn’t work for non-rich people who could probably have afforded them. No, no. They went where the big money was. It was part of the LONG DISTANCE COUP PLAN. Most coups are internal. They knew that. But they had no power SOTB, so go north of the border (NOTB) and attach themselves to rich people. That’s where the main financial energy grid lies. Politics is a long game. A coup appears on the surface to be quick. Yes. The element of surprise is everything – for a coup to succeed. It’s the planning that takes a long time. Can one person stop a coup? It depends what language you speak.


Wouldn’t it be better to stop an attack before it happens by discouraging or at least by making it difficult to accomplish? Stopping an attack not only protects the country targeted, but protects the country from where the would-be attackers came. Do you think we would have carpet bombed Afghanistan and Irag if we weren’t attacked on 9-11 and consequently caused all that suffering and damage to mind, body and soil?

It’s better to be prepared than not prepared. We were surprised by the Japanese and twice when the New York Towers fell under the spell of deviated minds. Better safe than sorry? Yes, especially since we have a track record of trusting world citizens and entities – friend and foe alike – only to be taken unawares by horrific deeds that force us to fight, to spend our treasure to protect what remains of the rest of us including those souls in lands not connected to ours who only benefit if we fight back when we’re attacked.

If the most powerful nation in the world doesn’t fight back, then where does that leave the less powerful countries, except even more vulnerable to the same deviated minds? The oceans east and west create a natural border protected easily by ships. To the north is a friend and the terrain complicated making the USA not easily accessible, except through established portals of entry. The southern border is wide open to deceit proven by fifteen million people who simply walked or were driven in to live in the USA undocumented with no plans of becoming a loyal citizen, but instead to reap the benefits of living as outlaws.

The USA is their cash cow benefiting citizens and governments of their countries of origin laying wide open for exploitation and potential harm those who actually built this country. And again, judging by the rhetoric of hate toward our system and our leaders, we have just cause for concern and just reason to expect rapid action to diminish our vulnerabilities at our southern border. The mentality of those who cross into the USA illegally is one of entitlement, privilege and disrespect for the citizens of the USA and their so-called boundaries. It’s just a fence. Who put it here anyway? There’s no fence up ahead. What does it mean?

No one demands entry unless there is an unspoken threat that accompanies the demand if not met. Historically immigrants did not make such demands or threats. They came to build not to tear down. They didn’t come with the purpose of living underground. They helped their neighbor; they didn’t hide from them.

The immigrant from the south is not intellectually capable of respecting a border it cannot actually see, that immediately tells them they are at the border of the USA and physically blocks them from entering unless they meet the criteria of the laws of that nation. The military cannot effectively protect a border that has no physical structure identifying it as a border. A sign directs traffic it doesn’t stop it. A person will stop only if they fear getting caught.

So, a sign absent a physical structure in a wide open space is an invitation to come in, even if the sign says not to. The USA southern border is unique in that millions of people have over many years flowed unabated into the USA illegally and legally, for the purpose of politically changing the demographics of this country to match their countries of origin and turning the USA into a Spanish speaking nation. Most countries don’t have that issue to deal with. We have millions of undocumented people in the USA right now, who are being led by political groups and criminal entities down a path that returns our country to the Mafia days, only this time with Spanish roots, because we did not have a physical contiguous structure at the line of demarcation.

An imaginary line in the sand is not a deterrent to people entering the USA illegally. The border thus becomes an abstract idea rather than a tool to aid in legal entry.

The store owner locks his/her doors at night to keep out thieves and those who through a deviated mindset seek to do damage for damage sake. A castle has a moat around it so those within can sleep at night and children can play at day and women can be at peace while working on behalf of their families who want to survive and thrive, not die for an historically proven paradigm that claims to create major social change only through violent means or in conjunction with dialogue. Those paradigms are obsolete.

The reason we still need the moat around the castle and the lock on the merchant’s door is not because we’re cruel and selfish, but because that deviated mindset still exists in humankind. That mind lives to operate for the thrill of disruption and the purpose of destruction. Wiping everything out and starting over is their game plan. Fair doesn’t enter into the plan. It’s based on disruption rather than cooperation supposedly to make the world a safer place, yet SAFE has never been on their radar or a component of changes they propose.

A huge suffering they always cite as necessary prior to significant meaningful social change. Why? Because they’re too intellectually lazy to devise a new plan, a different way, staying instead with what the world knows from the past? So I would say, what then did we learn from the holocausts of the past that makes us want to repeat them for the purpose of creating a climate for significant meaningful social change now? Nothing? How is the world better if we’re still dropping bombs and blowing up theaters and stadiums and massacring children? The letting of the blood is not the cure for deviated mindsets, though we keep spilling it thinking it worked in the past. It has never been the cure. Otherwise we would not be in the same place. That was a psychological construct based on faulty logic resulting in experimentation that proved ineffective.

It’s an illusion.

The border is an illusion absent a physical structure to prove its existence to the deviated mindset. To them It’s A Mirage in the desert that disappears when approached, whispering to the deviated mindset that God once more parted the sea in the middle of the desert just for them, allowing them to pass without first gaining permission into a foreign land for exploitation purposes. They’re not coming to build a life; they’re coming to build a kingdom. Otherwise they would live above ground. Strength in numbers is their rallying call. Build with haste and care. Spare no expense.


Socialism and fascism are to me essentially taking the power of the individual – relinquishing one’s control over one’s own destiny – and handing it over to an oppressive ideology via the state and/or designated groups operating as co-ops to use or neglect as they see fit for the state and/or group.

Everyone looks the same, acts the same, talks the same, hides the same, BUT is equally worthy, equally compensated, equally educated, and pretty much told what to do and how to live being a second class citizen in a second class citizen world ruled by states and/or groups.

Ownership is a relative concept, except when administering to the second class citizenry their rental privileges. Freedom to express one’s talents and gifts outside the realm of the ruling ideology is forbidden unless dictated otherwise. We the second class citizens of the world would share the same status as the other worker bees and worker ants, aka citizenry, of third world nations, sitting always at the feet of our ruling appointees, never at the table.

I mean, come on, how big a table would you need for each person under a socialist regime, claiming equal power to share their ideas for supplying the world with all that the citizenry needs? You want the world to be like you, right? If you’re socialist, you want everybody to be socialist? What if they’re not, who do you do business with? You need money to survive. How can you compete globally? If the government is responsible for business, except for the Mom and Pops, you’re going to be all working on plantations just to feed yourselves. What will happen to the ethnic owned businesses? You won’t be getting tax write-offs for rotten produce; you’ll be selling it rotten – it has already begun in the USA.

Who would be in charge of making sure every voice was heard? It’s too cumbersome; it would take years for each person to speak one sentence where all the others hear it. Decades maybe. So, already a hierarchy is being created. You call it a co-op. Everyone has an equal voice because it’s small, but you need rules for a tie. That’s where a democracy seeps in. And where do you take the final vote if you need to speak to a larger issue to a different body? Representatives emerge to be the voice of the vote. Here we are on democracy lane again. Both systems create chaos under the guise of calm. People who live in fear can be very quiet, but beneath the surface simmers a desire to break free.

Neither system is conducive to progress, because progress needs organization, highly skilled people and connections to flourish. Both systems isolate the second class populace citizenry – they’re shut off from the world. How can they contribute, except in ways dictated to them by their respective ideological systems of government? There you go with the dictator. The tenets set forth for fascist and socialist regimes are a farce. Neither is workable as stated, and under the influence of either one, no one is free to be guided by their talents, strengths, dreams, their set backs and come backs to make a stronger, different, better effort. Because under these two systems all is one, and as we’ve seen with the black African race, seeing, hearing, thinking, speaking, acting as one – in unity – does not create harmony; it creates discord.

The human animal is not built to think with one collective mind. Thinking individually gives you the greatest survival advantage protection. That’s my overgeneralized view of how the ruling factions of such regimes view it’s second class citizenry – operating on the false premises of ‘providing equally for all’.

Equal for all means equal for none.

Both of these ideologies dismiss the emotional component of the human animal, making them behave like machines – as pre-programmed for the so-called good of everybody else. Who decides who does what? Equally important, who rules the state and the co-ops? Where’s the oversight? Blind trust seems to be the overriding principle that allows for the existence of either or both systems. Both are evangelical in nature: Trust us with your cash we saw you hide, and we’ll reserve a seat for you in heaven. So what? I can have a seat at God’s table after I die, why not an earthly table while I live? God doesn’t sit there? Well, it doesn’t work that way sweetheart. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

Fascism and Socialism were built by and for men. Make no mistake about that.

Acquisition is based on favor not merit, so all the slackers of the world get a free ride without lifting a finger, which leaves the rest of the second class citizenry to do two and three jobs for the same amount of equally divided goods and services, which makes both systems susceptible to fraud and corruption. All those slackers have to do something all day, so they find ways to game the system. Co-ops become gangs and private enterprise becomes the domain of illicit, but still functional money-hoarding black markets and organized crime syndicates. Do you think there are no prisons in these oppressive societies? Oh yeah, there are prisons, but you don’t get to run them, like the cartel bosses currently do. I have a question. If Mexico is a democracy, then how is it that the drug cartels are allowed by the government to run you out of your own country of origin? And you let them. It’s a farce. All of it.


Blacks don’t use metaphors. When a white person says, “I would have beat the shit out of somebody”, they usually don’t mean it literally. It’s how they feel – what they felt like doing, but they don’t (not usually). When Lebron James, a black person, says, “I would have whooped his ass”, referring to the Cleveland Browns football kicker Zane Gonzalez after missing four kicking attempts that contributed to the loss of the game, he means it literally. Zane would have been beaten up by Lebron James and probably by a lot of other players piling on after the game out of site. In fact, Lebron James was giving the order – a basketball player telling a football team to beat up one of their own players. How manipulative and controlling is that?

Blacks use fear to make other blacks perform and then carry out the punishment when they don’t. That’s an issue for the unions that’s not being addressed – out of even more fear for snitching. Some of those concussions may not have occurred on the field, but instead off the field as punishment for losing a game or otherwise not performing up to par. Nobody in any workplace setting as the result of poor performance (or any other reason) deserves to be beaten up – physically or mentally – but that’s the way blacks do it. They think that nothing speaks louder than a good ass whoopin’.

Who would even refer to a violent act as ‘good’? Now who’s the bum? It’s common in black households, black schools, black neighborhoods, black playgrounds that look more like fight grounds, throughout entire black communities – nationwide. When you see black mothers punching their black kids, they always aim for the head, as if by punching the heads of their kids, it will knock some sense into them. It doesn’t work that way. How many black children show up at their first day of school with a long list of concussion experiences already on their resumes?

This punching to communicate and to force blacks to behave must stop. If you keep saying that’s part of your culture and white people just have to accept us the way we are and all will be right with the world, then don’t call the police out when the violence escalates out of control. We don’t have to be civilized because you say so. Besides, that is civilized. Our kids don’t listen unless they’re belted. And it’s not your business anyway. We could be shooting each other. You have a short fuse. Recognize it and work on your other strengths to neutralize that fuse. That short fuse is what gets a lot of you arrested. You can’t turn yourself off. You have the mechanism, you just don’t feel like using it. It feels better to beat the guy/gal or kid till you’re physically and mentally satisfied, than to step back, shut up and take stock of what you just did, why and how it cannot happen again – without assigning blame to make your contribution to it all appear irrelevant. …Till next time and you start your madness cycle all over again always at somebody else’s expense, and it’s always somebody else’s fault.

And the common denominator in the aftermath of it all, while blood is being mopped, is white people. It’s always the ones who aren’t in the room who can’t defend themselves, while all the violent players simultaneously and instinctively come together over their hatred of an entire race of people who have nothing to do with your short fuse or your violent culture. Now you can make peace with each other, because of the no-fault clause among blacks that you have written like stone into your culture. Always blame the white people – those they deem weaker than themselves. The tears and rants are all a hoax. Blacks do not fear whites. But that short fuse you all accept as being normal for you, the black rage that frightens your self-proclaimed enemies into submission, lands you in a lot of prison cells where you claim you don’t belong.

If you’re seen as a threat to the well-being and safety of other individuals in society, then you deserve to be separated from that society. It’s all on you and how well you control that short fuse. All actions have consequences. An ass whoopin’ to you is assault and/or attempted murder to the ones who live outside of your violent culture. Eric Holder, Attorney General under Previous President Obama, publicly called for the kicking of white people by the entire black race – a violent act that will only get more of you jailed.

It appears that he can’t control his violent urges either, so is giving you all an excuse so he can derive vicarious pleasure and satisfaction when the kicking begins: When they go low, we (meaning the entire black race) kick them. Yeah, we know what kicking a person when they’re down means. It’s a pile on and most blacks do it. It starts as kids in the fight grounds of America. One person gets punched and knocked to the ground, and almost all the others pile on this one person, kicking and punching till they achieve their physical release – or as in Somoa, the victim dies.

The others stand and watch. Just how Eric Holder defines what is ‘low’ and how Michelle Obama defines what is ‘high’ is a mystery. Neither can define their ‘highs and lows’ in specific terms. That’s because it’s meant to be generalized, like terrorists do – you never know what they want, because they don’t tell you. The implication is that you figure it out and when you do, the pain will stop. But it never does. Right now their goal is to turn white people against white people using fear. Using fear is not a new strategy. Their entire culture is built on violence and fear. That’s why the black African race sees with one set of eyes, hears with one set of ears, thinks with one brain and speaks with one voice. That is a mighty power. One to be feared for sure. The foundation of fire and fists is their call to arm and harm. Everybody knows the destruction that causes. The world will respond commensurate with the threat.


I’m giving you the tagline right off the bat, so you lazy activist readers who like to jump on whatever it is that anybody else is saying or doing that doesn’t line up with your distorted perception of reality can move on to your next target. Picking the wrong battles to fight, because something pops up on your radar and because it did, it must be designed specifically for you to raise, or because you think you might just be able to make it fit, while the real battles, the ones of substance – the gut-wrenching glory battles – pass you by. This is called DEATH OF A MOVEMENT WISH.

American women make the same mistakes American blacks make to keep themselves irrelevant, thus enslaved. They pick up every argument – shotgun approach – whether it fits the discrimination or not. They work it to death trying to force-fit it to their agenda and in the end lose ground. People see through that. They see the hypocrisy of a goal that justifies any means to attain it, making it look like you’d rather shed somebody’s blood than pursue a diplomatic solution. The activists driving these HATE AND DESTROY CAMPAIGNS to achieve their agendas state as their reason, that all conflict must at some point along the continuum to resolution result in violence and bloodshed and a significant amount of loss in order to bring all sides to the resolution table.

It sounds like war mongering to most ears. Violence and hatred is not a prerequisite for social or any other category of change. When people see activists exhibit the same behavior they protest, the populace and the shakers and movers turn against the protestors and their message. Any cause needs those people, the shakers and the movers of the world, at minimum to agree with your goals. But none have been stated. Women and blacks never state the goal. What do you want? They’re afraid if they say, they might get it, and regret not asking for more? We shouldn’t have to ask? Then why are you protesting?

Using that logic, you shouldn’t have to protest either. Every individual in the movement has a different demand. Organize. Who do you think the government is, God? You’re talking to people here, not making a wish to your God. State what you want, the way you want this country to act, this world to be, detailed. Or they put droves of ignorant talking heads on cable news shows to act ignorant, as if ignorance will make the shakers and movers get for you what you want? Really? That’s a strategy? You’re all pathetic. Get off the stage, till you have something of substance to say, then say it in a succinct, positive, good for all, way.

You claim to be better, to know and possess a better way, but you don’t act or show it. Share it. You trivialize the woman and the black by focusing on trivial offenses. Using the nigger word, or grabbing somebody’s crotch in a high school party free for all? He tried to kiss me and grabbed at my clothes? Well, he called me the same thing as the nigger word, he bitched me? You really do have a Death Of A Movement Wish (DOAMW). You don’t even want to be doing this. Making up scenarios that you think happen all the time, so you ‘Hollywood’ it, like Hollywood does with the news, using actors as the OPINIONS of the people on the street interviewed for news shows.

For entertainment purposes or to sway public opinion? Making black waiters scribble “i don’t tip black people’ on the restaurant bill, claiming a white customer did it, then stand all smiles while the cameras click away? And you just happened to have the telephone number of a major mainline news source junkie? The best move the congressional democrats can make now: Vote YES for Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice. You know you wanted him.

The others convinced you that they could bring him to his knees, because of his Irish roots, forcing him to change his views to your way of thinking. He was the most malleable. They stereotyped him. He’s Irish – a slam dunk, walk in the park NO. He’s Irish. They drink a lot and when they drink a lot, they womanize – a stereotype that everybody gets regardless of how unfair it is. Democrats are the party of fair for all marginalized groups. Who forgot that? Who started this parade? You went after the IRISH? Hm-m. Dems Vote YES for Kavanaugh.  We did our due diligence. We’re convinced he will be fair in matters that concern us – (especially now that we’ve destroyed his family and friends using the Irish stereotype lol. Just kidding BK; we knew you could handle it. Hey, we know where your children go to school. lol.).


IS TEEN GROPING A CRIME? What’s the statute of limitations on teen groping? What country do we live in? Could someone please remind me?


What kind of person goes off to college, then returns to high school parties? What? No new college friends? Ten times to a place where teen girls were being gang raped? What was she doing there, why return if she knew teen girls were getting gang raped, and more importantly, why didn’t she speak out? There was a lot of speaking out going on in 1972 – about everything. She didn’t tell her new college friends? Her mother? Who did she go to these gang rape parties with? Alone? She watched these teen girls get gang raped and didn’t try to intervene? What? She likes watching teen girls get gang raped by teen boys? To go back ten times? For the purpose of remaining silent?

This was 36 years ago. 1972. The sexual liberation revolution movement was in full swing. Free love. Make love not war. Everybody was out of the sexual repression closet. Experimenting. High school? We need the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate teen boys groping teens girls in high school in 1972? The democratic wing of congress has totally lost their compass and their credibility.


The democrats, upon failure to deliver on promises made to be broken anyway, morphed into the Party Of Pity (POP).

They wallow as they mock those who dared to try a new way – one different enough to be called progressive – one that shakes the status quo, loosening past ideals that no longer work, making way for a more workable approach – shaking to the core those seeking to give to a nation, in return for their freedom, your right to pity them, can’t stop crying over the loss.

What do we have without pity? We offer you our tears. Will tears pave roads and build bridges and make peace? Will blame for your failure to work harder, with greater ingenuity, integrity and efficiency toward a better life build your future? Tears are meant for cleansing souls, to clear the way for a cleaner, crisper, more concise view, not as negotiating tools. What is the world going to do with your tears?

Tears destroy neighborhoods by weakening the will – when you cry too long.

“Lick your wounds too long and you make them worse” ~ Lesson from a dog.

You can’t learn from a dog, from another species? Maybe that’s your problem right there. You limit your possibilities by limiting your view, thus constricting your knowledge. You’re above the dog? Well, maybe that’s your problem right there. You think you’re so superior that you shouldn’t have to do the work required to succeed? Let somebody else do it as you wallow in your self-pity and drown in your own tears? You’re flooding the Goddamn place. You hide and cry and let the opportunists slide right in to where you used to be and take your pride?

Since when do tears, when publicly displayed as negotiating tools, tell a story about triumph? Since when do tears tell a story about anything except giving in and giving up? Your will belongs to you. You allow others to steal it, then cry in front of the world for somebody to retrieve what you gave away. How about you set the example for you – with every little detail of your existence – design it, control it, be it. Show yourself who’s boss of you. If you want a partner, you’d better have something other than tears and blame for a condition you allowed to flourish to bring to the negotiating table.

FIND YOUR SOUL. CLEANSE YOUR SOUL. START BUILDING A BETTER YOU. Maybe then the world can recognize you as something other than a flood drowning itself.


The world needs laws that are enforced. Simply having a law does not guarantee compliance. It should, if we all had integrity, but it doesn’t and we don’t. Some people will skirt the law looking for loopholes, others will outright defy it, if they can get away with it. When enforcement of laws is down due to budgetary or corrupt reasons, then it’s open season as far as how some people interpret their right to do what they want to do regardless of laws prohibiting certain behaviors.

If it’s not bolted down, it belongs to whoever wants it. Stealing is a word that the entire world understands – even in the most remote areas on the planet, stealing is taking something or someone that or who doesn’t belong to you. Stealing denotes that something or someone is taken without consent – something that is not the property of the one stealing what is not theirs to own.

In America, black pastors tell American blacks to steal whatever they want, just don’t steal from other blacks; steal from white people. This results in rich American blacks feeling justified in not helping less fortunate American blacks out of the ranks of poverty. Pastors are motivated to comply, because they’ll be financially rewarded by the rich American blacks in the congregation. They earned their money; they’re not going to give it away to anybody – even to help a brother and sister out.

Put it on the white man, the white guy. Anything white. That’s tribal. That’s the tribal culture that Barak Obama when president said was okay with him. “Being tribal is okay”. They learn this in church. It’s part of their culture. Hispanics, the same thing. Big on stealing and big on gaming the system. Gypsies, same thing. All cultures steal. The difference is that in some cultures stealing becomes a systemic problem. And in other cultures, although some engage, they know they shouldn’t. They know it’s wrong. Guilt will prohibit many from engaging at all. With others there is knowledge of guilt, but they do it anyway.

The guilt factor is important in reducing the amount of overall theft within any culture and/or outside of any culture, where guilt is a valid tool of conscience in controlling individual and group behavior. Many cultures see nothing at all wrong with doing anything you can get away with. That probably explains why so many American blacks are in jail or prison. It’s all a matter of cultures clashing. So where the conscience begins and ends varies from culture to culture. Culture clashing – specifically in areas of conscience – creates the most chaos and havoc between and among cultures.




A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.

The phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months.

All those rapid-fire name callers popping up all over social media confuse dislike and self-preservation with fear. Some spiders are poisonous. Cockroaches startle and carry diseases. Our limbic systems may not be designed for heights in some people. To hear these name callers calling everybody xenophobic, who won’t line up in support of people they don’t even know, sounds more like everybody is fearful of people from places unfamiliar to them – except of course the name calling bullies.

Most people don’t fear other people unless they pose a threat to their security, well-being, peace of mind, way of life. We all have the right to dislike whomever and whatever we want. To punish, through public humiliation, someone who doesn’t like you or who fears you, justifies the dislike and fear of that individual or group.
Judging by the number, frequency and intensity of public outbursts and proliferation of humiliation tactics, by people claiming to bear no fear, toward people they claim bear fear, makes it look like the accusers are the ones with the anxiety/fear producing phobia. The so-called fearful (prejudicial) people are not the ones calling for the heads of the bullies (the fearless ones). 
The bullies are the ones making all the noise and damaging all the people, and yes calling for the heads of the fearful people, who won’t let them have their way. Nobody even knows what that way is. What do these bullies want? And why did the British and Spanish Bullies join a fight they can’t define, except to publicly humiliate and damage people in other countries they view as fearful of newcomers? Probably because they don’t want them coming to their countries.
Shame the Americans into opening their doors, so we can close ours. Who wouldn’t? They’re like a herd of screaming reptiles threatening to eat everybody alive if they don’t open their doors. Well, I for one would not open any door to any animal screaming to harm me if I don’t. They’ll harm me when I do. Anybody who doesn’t understand that predatory trick, is naive and knows nothing about self-preservation. Let me in or I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down? Would you let the big bad wolf in? If you do, they take your house and throw you out of it.
Phobias are anxiety disorders. Right now, given that the world Believes the British and Spanish Bullies, claiming that one’s fear of unknown peoples from unfamiliar cultures and countries is a moral choice, thus punishable by mob justice, then it cannot be a phobia. Phobias have nothing to do with morality or justice. Victims all over the globe are being threatened, harassed, humiliated, punished and injured, their lives and careers ruined, for having a phobia that is an anxiety disorder. You cannot have it both ways here. Either it is a phobia or it is not a phobia.


Mob justice committed against those who fear unfamiliar peoples, cultures and countries is enslavement and torture that will lead to slaughter if not stopped. The ones responsible for those deaths will be the bullies: the fearless people who squashed the meek. How’s that going to look in your history books? Oh right, you’ll just rewrite them in your favor. 

If I don’t like you or your bully ways, don’t make an artificial phobia out of it, then justify killing me for a fascist/socialist political agenda. The meek are supposed to inherit the earth, remember? Not the bullies. So keep on bullying, a surprise evidently awaits right around that bully bend, over that bully hill. Let me tell you something: Bullies don’t resist anything. That’s what bullies don’t do. There’s no discipline in a bully. They never hold back. They’re the first ones to scream, they’re the first ones to throw a punch, then when their victim screams and punches back they go hysterical. They can’t handle what they dish out.

How can you resist a fearful, weak person? You can’t. There’s nothing to resist. All you can do with a bully is stand your ground. Most states in the USA have laws that protect bullies. You need an actual law stating that a victim of a bully can fight back. It’s called ‘stand your ground’. ‘We the people’ protect a bully’s right to pummel someone, but not the victim’s right to respond in kind. The victim is required to run like a coward, which of course continues the cycle of bullying. That’s the level of problem-solving in this country. It’s too hard to solve, so put the onus on the victim. It’s like blaming the woman for being raped. We can’t stop the bully; we can’t stop men from raping, so work on the victim to prevent or stop the crime.

Now that’s a messed up condition in a so-called free country. It’s free for bullies. And they are everywhere, at every turn. The victims are required by law to turn the other cheek to their assailant. No wonder so many criminals want to live and work inside the USA. The USA feeds people to bullies, like live bait.

TO BRITS JEWS ARABS – and any others who like to dominate the dialogue
Do you know what anal retentive means? It means you’re a hoarder of your own waste. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight
Brits Jews Arabs are impeding progress across the pond as they say, minimizing the size of the ocean as they like to do with every problem they face, while further minimizing the distance between two points, something else they like to do when debating – we’re not that far apart you know?
Africa and Asia aren’t even on the board, that’s how backward moving they are, always wanting to be in somebody else’s jungle though, just to be sure nobody’s mating with the elephants they consider endangered, because they’re killing them all and don’t want to go too far, wanting the species to remain pure, you know how that goes when some group claims it their duty to save another group from annihilation by killing half of them.
Let’s go in and take what we need for the next decade, before they bring the patrols in to block us. Fake conversations pop up whenever one group wants to do something they shouldn’t, just to keep the populace settled enough not to riot, they use actors to paint pictures that don’t exist regarding real problems that they want to solve their way as if they were chosen by a higher power who likes money as much as they do and were the only ones on the planet to do it.
Out of view of course, so there’s no accountability. Don’t you trust us? Do you really think we would do anything to harm blah blah burp? Line up – you all have a ticket to success. If you want it. If you don’t, that’s forever on you, nobody else – nothing else matters except that you show up – as you, not disguised as another someone or something else.



I don’t really want to be connected to a group. I don’t know why I’m that way. I love to be around people. All kinds of people. It doesn’t even matter if they’re nice. Maybe because my DNA matches so many regions around the world – and I draw on all of them by the way – I prefer living in a multi-ethnic environment. I don’t have to like particular features of your culture and don’t tell me to accept your ways as a condition of anything.

I accept only your humanity and right to exist, not the parts of your culture that demean the human creature or any other creature. Those whose ancestry is limited to one region probably prefer to be with people from only that region. It’s a preference predetermined by one’s DNA (deoxynucleic acid). Discriminating against someone or shaming someone or a group of someones, because they prefer the company of people from a particular region of the world is exactly as stated – a discrimination.

It works both ways however. For a group that is more comfortable with those who look, talk and eat like they do, to discriminate against everybody else is as stated – a discrimination. By you shaming or blocking or isolating them serves no useful purpose. Name one beyond the joy of psychological torture when you’re the one inflicting the pain.

For me, the whole group thing doesn’t allow me the freedom to be me. Groups do that. There are rules of conduct that reflect certain views, that if not adhered to or followed, then excommunication from the group results. That’s the discrimination that occurs within the group. All groups are the same in that regard. There are always people within those isolated singular-ethnic groups, who experience the surge of wanting to see what’s outside their world on the other side of the invisible fence. They’re called explorers for that reason. All cultures accept those members of their respective groups who do that. They return with knowledge of different places and Peoples and habits.

It’s the explorers who bring the world together, but as people migrate or emigrate they bring their invisible fences with them and set up their congregations where they land. They develop networks that shuffle people to new locations where similar people have settled. It makes perfect ancestral sense. People want to be with their living ancestors.

What the world fears is assimilation. I don’t want their culture. They don’t want yours. So the invisible fences stay. No one to date has found the key to unlock that fear. People don’t want to change the way they are. They want everybody else to change to their way. Unfortunately the oldest civilizations are the most resistant to change. That’s why it’s called resistance. Half the USA wanted change that created a better more organized less wasteful, less fearful country sixteen years post 911. The other half wanted things to stay the way they were, chipping away, never going to actually get there or by the time we do nobody will care mentality.

Slowpokers I call them now. Slowpokers over time become high maintenance. Somebody who makes a feverish attempt at staying slow is resisting the inevitable faster pace required for meaningful positive progress. The world needs a common cause. That’s the key. Animal Rights has been selected.


People who want to be asked as a precondition want something in return – usually, not always. Governments use it when another government is in trouble. “All they have to do is ask” means you’ll either be perceived as begging or if helped with the problem the giver of the gift will expect compensation of some kind, or both. That’s distressfully manipulative, especially in times of distress. It’s not looked upon with favorable eyes from any sector, yet it continues to be practiced. I wonder why something nobody likes is still practiced.

Nothing’s for free even if we say it is. No good deed goes unpunished means it could work in the reverse. Somebody steps in without being asked and ends up being chastised or blamed for something they had nothing to do with. Anger sometimes gets directed at the giver of the gift. I wonder why that happens? The anger has to come out in stressful situations and the ones helping are the closest to the ones in distress or closest to the ones trying to help the ones in distress.

They won’t ask because they’ll be perceived as weak. The one wanting to offer won’t, because they’ll be perceived as lording over the one needing the help, or they’ll be perceived as weak for appearing to run to someone’s aid, especially if it’s an enemy in other matters. Even if governments agree to be respectful during this time of offering and accepting or asking and giving help, the media will catch wind of it and blow their diplomatic plans to smithereens.

So let’s blame this on the media people, since they who incessantly claim to be writing and broadcasting in the name of truth seem to be telling a boat load of lies that run like rivers in the foundation of whatever they write or broadcast for public consumption. Ops, you can’t get away with saying your personal views don’t interfere or enter your thought process while writing or broadcasting. If you are a human creature your views define you. It is impossible to put them on a shelf at any time. Judges who claim to be neutral aren’t. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind? She isn’t. They’re all lies told to make you think whatever is done or said, any action taken by the one thinking doing saying or acting is like a robot. Even robots are preprogrammed.


The British are the biggest Anti-Trump offenders of American Liberties across the board on social media and in the press. One must wonder why after all this time British Intelligence – not too smart – seeks to undermine our system of government and control our politics. Trump hasn’t been in politics long and to be fair and accurate the British have been manipulating the USA since the British first arrived on these shores.

I inserted anti-Trump, because that’s the channel they use to enter systems – where there is discord they appear seemingly out of nowhere to influence minds in their best interest, under the guise of agreeing with whomever is their target. It’s not that they change minds, it’s that they agree with you, so you won’t change your mind. It’s a tricky business. It backfires a lot, so one must wonder why continue? Because that’s all they know.

Sometimes it works and slow is the way most people in government have been conditioned to think change occurs. Just sit back and relax, go play golf, because this is going to take a few years. That’s the reality that all who participate have come to enjoy. It’s kind of like the poisoning of British agents always in Britain when it happens. They’re spaced decades apart. They’re a quirky bunch. You never know which way they’re going to turn.

It’s not that we declared our independence from their tyrannical rule over two thousand years ago that bothers them and keeps them looking in our drawers. It’s that we succeeded beyond expectations to surpass or oppressor – Britain. What sticks in their throat is that it was their own who rose up against them from across the pond they like to say making it sound like a mutual arrangement. It would be like Palestine surpassing Israel in global influence and wealth once they gain their freedom from occupation. Imagine that sting if you dare. Occupation oppresses people – that’s the purpose of it.


Just do it and stop talking about it. When I announce in advance that I’m going to do something, it almost feels like I’ve already done it, so I’m not as compelled to complete the pursuit as I might have been had I kept quiet about it and just done it. It’s like seeing a preview to a movie when Steve and I look at each other and one or the other says, guess we’ve just seen that movie – saved some money there – as we move on to another preview.

So I recently adopted a new way. Instead of being a walking talking to-do list, I do it first, then announce its completion or not. It seems that announcing I’m going to do something sparks me up a little; it’s new. Having completed something doesn’t carry the same spark. Who cares what I did or didn’t do? It’s the anticipation of doing something that excites, but again, once spoken, the excitement of anticipation turns to dread of having to do something just because you announced it.

Is that what some people call holding your cards close to your chest?  Something like that, but not in a hiding sort of way, more in a ‘this is between me and myself’ kind of way. Maybe the ‘all talk and no action’ explains the dilemma in speaking so much about what you’ll do, that puffs you up, but then deflates you as you go about doing it. Completing a task before you announce it works best in little ways to increase your confidence level while doing the task. If you put it out there, something in the universe always tries to muck it up, even if with a gesture or a raising of the eyebrow.

It’s human nature to block the endeavors of others, no matter how small. Putting everything out there is a throw back to childhood when Mom or Dad wanted to know where you were, where you were going, with whom, what time were you coming home, what were you going to do, that we automatically wove it into our disposable DNA. Girls especially, since they’re the most vulnerable – or used to be – developed habits of accountability that boys later turned to men weren’t required by gender to do. That’s why the discrepancy between genders in areas of who has a right to know what you’re up to.

As a result of that early training girls more than boys become walking talking to-do lists. Boys grow up with a different disposable DNA – one of unaccountability. They could take care of themselves, so Mom and Dad didn’t train them as if they couldn’t. I call it disposal DNA because it can change, but only you can do it. Sure your mother and father set you up, one way or the other, for protective purposes, but they’re not around. Now it’s up to you to take the training wheels off and move confidently into a new age designed by you.

There’s power in holding still your plans and motives till you implement them. Use it. It’s yours. It’s nobody else’s business.


Using religion as a reason and a basis to refuse service or other freedoms afforded others equals discrimination on the basis of religion or creed.

Religion is a creed. Religion is a philosophy. Religion is an ideology.

The provisions of the law must work both ways – to prevent discrimination against one who is practicing their faith and to prevent those who practice their faith, in an otherwise free society, from discriminating against others not of their beliefs, based on that faith.

Imposing religious beliefs upon members of society not of a particular religious persuasion must at all times be discouraged.

American freedoms must exist for all Americans, otherwise we become like oppressive religious regimes. When each faith demands compliance by those not of their faiths in order to be accepted, and when compliance doesn’t occur, isolation emerges robbing people of their freedoms.

In public arenas all people of all religions, creeds, philosophies, and ideologies must be treated equally. For each religion to impose its own rules upon everybody else creates chaos in all sectors.

A view is a view, whether religious, political, philosophical, ideological. A view is a creed.

It is the view under scrutiny that discriminates, not its origin nor the group that worships and espouses it. People worship and idea, not an entity. Religions are based on ideas not facts.

Religion itself equals community. Without a community, there is no religion, except independent thought. As independent thinkers, we can’t all impose our personal creeds onto all other individuals.

Religious doctrine is based largely on faith not fact. To deny someone freedoms there must be a factual component, which by their nature, religions lack.


Hey, I’ve got a question. Why don’t all the black African protestors lobby for and protest to end the death penalty in the USA?

Blacks aren’t against the death penalty, or if they are, they haven’t been vocal enough about it. Too much work? Too difficult for you? You’d rather make the white people do it? Make? You mean by force? Blacks remain forever in the past silent over that huge human rights issue. Why not revisit a place that’s difficult to overcome – this time with collective effort on this singular issue that will have a huge ripple effect around the globe, because the USA finally saw the light and now other countries want to work with us, because we’re not being hypocrites any more.

Because it affects everybody and not only black people, you don’t like the optics? You help us, we don’t help you, that’s your mantra? Well that will not work today. The only method that works that doesn’t get thrown into the frivolous category of the Madison Avenue trash bin is DISCIPLINE WORKS. Changing the world means including everybody, not one group or one group now and another group later.

It takes discipline, to bring all people together as individuals, instead of groups, to support one issue: the abolition of the death penalty on a national level, not state by state. It’s all in, all the time, for all people, when it applies to people laws. You can’t say black lives matter and the lives of those on death row don’t. It seems to me that the ones protesting death by cop, should be anti-death penalty.

Then why aren’t you? You’re accusing the police of being judge, jury and executioner. So go to the top. Abolish the death penalty. Make it so it can never be reversed. This is one trickle down policy that can work. It has been shown to work in other countries. Abolish the death penalty and ‘we the people’ start treating more humanely people at all levels of the justice system. You’re going to need everybody on board and frankly you’re alienating a lot of people with your see me, see me, see only me mantras. DISCIPLINE WORKS. 


There are lots of mistakes in the universe. Recognize them when you see them, then don’t engage, participate or endorse.

Eating Animals Is Not Natural. People who resist change, thus resist evolution, are those who cling to eating the flesh and blood.

A real progressive would not eat animals, simply because humans have mostly always done it, or for any other reason.

Yet, I’ve never met a democrat who didn’t eat animals. So what’s up with that? It seems that those calling themselves progressive and better than republicans aren’t progressive nor better than anybody else in the realm of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Just because something exists doesn’t mean it should, and just because we’ve always done something doesn’t mean the universe demands that we continue to do it.


I thought a person is supposed to apply for asylum and be accepted before making arrangements to move to that respective country. Since when did the Spanish speaking people of the world take that to mean just show up and you get automatic asylum? Who said the door is always open? What if fifteen million non-Spanish speaking people from the USA just showed up in Mexico or any country in South America saying open the door, we’ll work for nothing? We want to be your slaves.

How do you think any one of those countries would respond? We’ll do the work your people don’t want to do. We’ll work for low wages. We have very few needs, but we need to send some money back home so our families can eventually join us. It’s a win-win. There is a huge translation gap between English and Spanish that needs to be closed. Slavery is always wrong, whether you claim to want to be enslaved just to get your foot in the door or not. It’s wrong. It’s vile. Anyone who engages in that process is responsible for the promulgation of enslavement around the globe.

Spanish speaking people have a lot to answer for by agreeing to be enslaved, by doing jobs they convinced everybody that only slaves would do, so someday they could be free, rich and powerful and overtake those they hoodwinked. When the black Africans were freed in America, the Spanish speaking people of the world saw an opportunity and seized upon it. Hey, we’ll be your slaves. You still have fields that need tending, crops that need picking; we’ll do it. Just let us in.

The rest is a long sordid history that should have been resolved long ago, if not for those wanting to be slaves in a country other than their own. If somebody tells you to enslave them, you don’t do it. There needs to be laws prohibiting enslaving people who want to be enslaved for future financial and political gain, and those laws need to be enforced. Yeah, I get it alright. You say you’ll do a job only slaves can do, and you do it long enough so eventually the country where you’re enslaved needs you, it can’t function without you, thus has to accept you finally as a non-slave equal to everybody else.

The perversity that Spanish speaking people imposed on countries where they wanted to live, but couldn’t afford it, has grown like a devastating cancer that hurts every person in the country where they made offers to business people that were not refused. One slave group replaced another slave group in one country and now both groups threaten the well-being and existence of everyone not in those groups. Those countries of origin are equally to blame, yet they too want to destroy everybody in America not yet enslaved. White people they call them.


They’re all predators. They prey on the sexual urges of males for profit. And they leave devastation in their wake. They spread disease and the adaptation to deceit. All prostitutes, pimps and promoters should be registered as sex offenders. Why would anyone want to legalize thus legitimize an entire group of disease spreaders and family wreckers, encouraging the institutionalization of perverts and sex offenders?

Prostitutes, pimps and promoters are a menace to all societies. Home wreckers, people wreckers, power seekers, gold diggers preying on people’s sexual vulnerabilities. They call this particular category of predators hookers for a reason. Because that’s what they do, they hook, thus addict, you via the pleasure-seeking areas of your brain to physically engage in satisfying those urges that sets up a cycle of addictive behavior.

Yeah, they don’t just work your body; they work your brain and your mind. Do unto others right? They attack their own gender at their most vulnerable points. Loyalty is not a word in their vocabulary. They’re a disgrace to their own gender and they enjoy that power.

Porn stars are the same as any prostitute working the street. The only difference is Hollywood is their pimp and promoter. When somebody pays a prostitute for sex or a porn star with gifts, everybody knows they’re paying for sex and silence. When that trust of silence is broken, the sexual predator who broke it, puts everybody involved in the predatory industry at risk for injury.

When a predator accepts a payment for silence over and above what was expected, they are in effect blackmailing and extorting their prey. When agents of the preyed upon offer to pay for silence, which should have been a given, then that demonstrates a lack of trust and fear that the predator will not provide what was paid for – the silence that went along with the sex.

Everybody entering into these agreements knows that in advance. Legalizing predatory behavior won’t change anything. A predator is a predator.


Much of the pain black people claim they feel is the result of being dependent on the group. That’s why you often hear them wanting to be king, queen, leader, ironically of the group. Cut those cords. The group is responsible for holding you down, out and back. Survival of the group identity, not your own personal identity, is the reason the leaders of the group corral you, herd you, enslave you as their’s to own, abuse, exploit.

The goal of the group is to make you act in the best interests of the group, not in your best interest. Groups do not think nor operate in terms of the interests of the group and the interests of the individual as being equal.

There is no equality within the group. You’re all slaves. You are a tool, not a worthy independent person. Free yourselves from your own and soar in your public and private life. If you fear that independence, that is proof of your enslavement.


Let’s debate the English – for a change of pace. The English always look for a debate. Pose a statement and they’ll turn it into a question, then it’s open for debate. Debate. Debate. Debate. Delay. Delay. Delay. Deny. Deny. Deny. Hope you die while we take it under advisement. Your views have been noted.

What does noted mean anyway? Let’s debate the English for a change in theme. Anybody with an animal fur coat or a friend or family member with an animal fur coat or anything else made from skinning an animal is excluded from this debate. Go ahead, get started. I’m not a debater. I trust my statement, otherwise I wouldn’t state it. Anything with fur on it, burn it. Now. Who knows what hides in those fibers?

Lurks? Okay. There you go again. Trying to debate which word works best. That’s not a debate, that’s a delay technique. Honest debate is not about winning. It’s about fact-finding. Burn the coats, hats, trims, all of it. It hasn’t been identified yet, but it’s bad. It’s killing people. Poisoning them. Dosing them? It’s in the animal, not the process. The animal is the hair is the skin. It enters through your pores. It loves oil, so oil up and die quicker.

Craves fats/oils. It loves scents – natural, artificial – even scents the human olfactory lobes may and may not be able to detect. All animals smell. There’s something about the human animal though. Burn them now. Make a public display. No not the live animal you idiot. The fur you took from the once live animal.

Why are the English so sensitive about being called idiots? I don’t know and I don’t care. Always taking offense at everything. Always preaching good manners when they have none. What’s that about? Then release all the animals on all the fur farms. That’s what they’re called, right? Fur Farms?

It doesn’t really matter does it, when you know exactly what I mean? I always feel strange about putting the question mark at the end of some sentences, when clearly in some instances it belongs in the middle.

Torture chamber is more accurate. Farm conjures up something warm, positive, inviting, safe, about grass, plains, hills, fences, sun, that stays all the way through the torture, and lingers after the slaughter in the mind of the ponderer, that is not appropriate to the deed nor the process.

But they do raise them, meaning breed and feed them while enslaving them till they grow enough hair well for you know what. The fur animals. The terrorists skin the animals while alive, kicking, trying to screech. What do they do with the skinned animal? What does mink taste like? And who are they selling this live flesh to? It’s important that we know where the live flesh is going and who is consuming it. Yes, fox, bear, lion, snake, deer, all of them. All fur and skin animals.


British Intelligence isn’t very good at what they do. What? You thought because I didn’t raise you, as I raised the others, that I was oblivious to your presence and workings? I just wanted to be entertained a while longer before I dropped the Intelligence Bomb – you know, by being a decent person and giving you a chance to do the only decent thing – correct yourself and move in a better direction suited for actual progress, instead of fixating on your penchant for head slamming innocent people just to see how long it takes to bleed maggots. Yeah, I got it decades ago. That you didn’t get that I got it is worrisome. You need to regroup and define the real enemy, instead of playing it safe with proxies you developed to make you all look better than you are.


Mouthing off isn’t freedom of speech. It’s incitement. I never witnessed a white person taunting or in any way disrespecting or abusing a black person. Neither have I ever witnessed a black person standing, sitting, kneeling or running in fear of a white person. I lived in many places among many cultures. Black Lives talking heads are all over T.V. crying and screaming about being abused by white people. Rich football players are standing up to these so-called abusers of black people who come to watch their football games, wanting them to feel the pain of being abused, by ‘taking a knee’ to them or raising clenched fists to signal battle preparedness.

It appears that black people don’t like being pulled over by police officers for broken tail lights, or for swerving when driving, speeding, running red lights or stop signs, driving on sidewalks, driving without a license, registration or insurance etc. They apparently think it’s okay to drive drunk or drugged. Then they mouth off, deny and negotiate when stopped, which rarely leads to a good place.

You’re not supposed to negotiate with a police officer or argue your case. That’s for the courtroom. In our apartment lease it states that a tenant can be evicted for being argumentative. It’s new – an addendum. Seems there must have been a lot of so-called negotiating going on in the building regarding violations to the lease. Yet, Black Lives think it doesn’t apply to them. What part of ‘follow instructions’ do black people not understand? Is this all blacks, or some blacks or a certain nationality of blacks or a particular intelligence level of blacks or a specific socio-economic group of blacks?

Black Lives talking heads on T.V. are inciting white people by screaming, using exaggerated face, hand and arm movements. They either speak too loudly and rapidly or too loudly, distinctly and slowly to make their exaggerated claims of abuse against them by white people, which heightens the anxiety, thus fear, level of whoever happens to be watching it. And it’s intentional.

A Black Lives talking head on the Tucker Carlson show on T.V. became ecstatic when he expressed feeling fear when the NFL Green Bay Packers ‘took a knee’ on the football field during the singing of the National Anthem in response to President Trump calling one who disrespects the flag and the National Anthem a son of a bitch. She even made him repeat it, so she could enjoy his fear a little longer while her eyes glistened with perverse pleasure at seeing someone afraid, then closed the deal she was somehow making with her devil by saying very slowly and distinctly and measured and long and drawn out, “now you know how we feel”.

For some odd reason I’m beginning to think that blacks have isolated themselves from anything white for so long, that they actually think white people don’t feel pain or suffer or have problems, or that they’re all rich and privileged. I also find it odd that they seem to be pitting the poor black man against the rich white man in all of their discussions on race. So the goal here is to make white people fear black people as well as to fear the disenfranchised white people who have answered Black Lives call to arm.

I feared too, when the Green Bay Packers ‘took a knee’ in front of the entire world to disrespect the country that made them rich. They did it in such a slow, intense, angry way, and then the way the camera panned for greatest effect enhanced the fear. If they had been a bunch of golfers or tennis players nobody would have felt fear, but these guys are killing machines by the sheer build of their bodies via training and growth hormone supplementation.

That display of force on the field was specifically engineered to elicit fear and provoke a response. Nobody who pays to see a football game wants to be made fearful by the players. President Trump responded appropriately to that fear by calling them sons of bitches. Fear mongers do not belong on a football field, in a place of entertainment, with children. Long ago I wrote that it was okay to call a terrorist a disparaging name. Name-calling isn’t usually my mode of communication.

However, I join President Trump’s peaceful response to the terror I know he felt too as he witnessed that display of force week after week by a bunch of killing machines hijacking the media from a sports stadium to send a signal of battle preparedness around the globe. Simultaneous. There is nothing more powerful than that. And frightening. So what do you call these killing machines that hijack a stadium and the media to send a terror message simultaneously around the globe disrespecting the country that made them rich? I call them sons-of-mothers-without-manners. Don’t disrespect the dog.

It’s time to clean up your culture by acting civilized. Stop punching your girlfriends, wives, children, dogs. Tame your own rage. We’re not going to feed you any more white people to satisfy your cannibalistic politics. Go to the library and take out a book on manners. Blacks do not fear whites. Whites already fear blacks. You accomplished that – for decades now – by burning cities – villages they call them in Africa. The purpose is to terrorize the people or simply wipe them all out. If you keep abusing white people, they will eventually pop. And you already showed them what to do and how to do it.

Clean up Chicago. That’s your job. You created that hell. When in America, one must obey the laws in America. It concerns me that black leaders tell black ministers to tell their congregations to run when confronted by police, knowing full well that they’ll be shot. Getting shot and probably killed while unarmed has become Black Live’s method of raising socio-economic discrepancies between races. Human shields Israel would call them when referring to the Palestinians. It’s always between poor blacks and rich whites – the injustices they cite. How about between rich blacks and poor blacks? That doesn’t count? There’s no discrepancy there?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because the world mostly sides with Palestine, that they will continue to do so absent any contribution by the Palestinians. The Puerto Ricans tried that trick, wanting the USA do all the work, while contributing nothing to the process of recovery after being hit with two hurricanes. The world is quickly losing patience with the Palestinians who dig their heels in, and contribute nothing to the peace process.

Continually making a group of people fear you, will result in the last-straw bomb-dropping method of solving a problem that could have been solved peacefully, had one party been more willing to find a solution. Chicago is nearing that point. The world will not side with American blacks who have it all. You should have made your cause about peaceful blacks, instead of going the criminal route using the quick Nigerian scam route of hijacking stadiums and media outlets. Everybody sees right through it.

Don’t think because you’re given your fifteen minutes of fame on all those 24/7 news shows that you’re winning something by terrorizing a nation. You’re losing. Terrorists always lose. When I’m stopped by the police, I don’t talk. I do whatever they ask. I answer only the question. I look straight ahead. I don’t try to engage them for the purpose of getting away with whatever they pulled me over for. When blacks start mouthing off or talking rapidly when confronted by police, it signals guilt. Just accept the ticket. If you were right and the officer wrong, take it to court. That’s the process in America.

With all the supposed contact by police that blacks claim to have, they should know that. You can’t short-cut the law. You can’t flail your arms, bug your eyes, get in the officer’s face, bare your teeth and not expect the officer to instinctively go into self-defense mode. They’re not robots. They’re feeling, thinking human beings with families who are not breaking the law by the way. They’re not pigs. They’re human first. It is not their job to babysit your kids or you. They were not put on this earth to sacrifice their life for an out of control black person who still after all this time doesn’t know how to follow instructions.

This whole thing about comparing rich white people who get off for the same crimes that poor blacks go to jail for is getting old. Rich blacks get off all the time. It’s not about race. It’s about money. Hey, if you can’t pay the fine, don’t do the crime. Try policing yourselves. See how that goes. Clean up your culture, then clean up Chicago. All cultures need a major culture cleaning. An overhaul. Throw out what no longer works. Stop clinging to the past that does not exist.

There is no legacy. You make your own future. It is not my job nor my place to live your life. Live it yourself. That whole thing about the legacy of slavery is something that white government people made up to satisfy blacks in the short-term. Africans invented slavery. All cultures participated by stealing people outside of their tribes and making them subservient. Slavery exists all over the globe, and in America too.

Ask all those rich, privileged ball players how many times they entertained themselves with human sex slaves – underage human sex slaves. Like I said, clean up your culture. White people are going to be dropping bombs where black people and sympathetic white people gather, just like blacks did to them. Burn cities. You taught them how to do it.

Antifa (anti-facsist) people advocating violence to suppress free speech don’t have a clue as to what they’re up against. To say on one hand that you’re against dictatorial-styled governments, then on the other hand that you advocate silencing the voice of opposition makes no sense whatsoever.

Antifa appears to be advocating for communism or Islam or socialism or bits of all three. They don’t even know. They tell you what candidate to vote for – like Michelle Obama did to women. This era is starting to resemble the 1970’s only the social causes are to suppress free speech and open the gates to the prisons. Guess we’ll see how that goes.

New phrase: culture cleaning Remember: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. Nobody can eliminate prejudice from somebody else. It comes from within. Prejudice is normal until you start to discriminate unjustly. Hey, if you’re not qualified for the job and somebody else is, it’s the qualified person the job needs to go to.


There’s no law that compels a married couple to relinquish their personal freedoms and privacy rights upon one of them or someone in their family running for public office or becoming a public servant. Servant does not mean slave.

Why don’t we as a people demand the same scrutiny of those who spy and pry into the private relationships of famous people? I’ll bet you’ll find some pretty seedy, disgusting and questionable dalliances among those who prey for profit on the human frailties and vulnerabilities of those who serve.

Equal time. It’s time to turn the gun on the predator. Put your ugly face out there so we can all see the definition of slime. It goes with the territory – the spying and prying? That’s the law? We the People want to see dirt on the hands and faces of public servants? And the Jewish free press delegated themselves the position of feeding them to We the People? I thought the Jews had their own country. What are they doing trampling on some other country’s privacy and freedom rights?

A group of people without decency decide to cannibalize public servants in foreign countries? To humiliate them? Why? Because it feels good? Oh, I get it – because you’re perverts? and can’t help yourselves? You mean you get paid to be a pervert by another big wig pervert? And so the chain goes up the command to the top perve?

Show me a face…You didn’t get this from me. I’m tired of being a pervert for some other pervert who gets all the fame and money. These ownership rights that these peeping perverts think they have over other people, don’t exist except in the minds of the ones spying and prying and the judges who allow certain individuals to be stalked and peeped on, humiliated and terrorized, as fodder for the perverted among us.

You don’t get to make up laws concerning the privacy rights and freedoms of certain individuals, saying, ‘it goes with the territory’. No it doesn’t just because you say so or because that’s what people have done in the past. It isn’t your right to take anybody’s privacy or freedoms away.

No person willingly gives up those rights as a condition of service to one’s country. All individuals need to be held to the same standards. It is prejudicial and discriminatory to expect different behaviors from different groups of people – no matter the group. A bartender needs to be held to the same standards as the owner of the establishment, a governor, a president. All the same. All equally responsible for the same level of standards of decency. We are not a fair and just society if we hold different people in different jobs or different statuses to different decency standards.


What’s the humane society? What does it mean? Do they advocate treating people like they should be treated? And how is that? In a respectful, compassionate, fair manner? Humans are animals too. It’s a society for the advancement of respectful, compassionate and fair treatment of all the other species of animals excluding humans?

Is it about treating other animals like humans like to be treated? Where did they get that name, humane?

Massaging animals before slaughtering them is humane? Feeding them in an open field of grass to keep them healthy and fat before murdering them is humane?

Is that like any human you know likes to be treated, or has a reasonable expectation of being treated?

Is it like playing music for the Jews before exterminating them?

Change that name or make it fit. You’ve been sitting on the fence too long.


Just because there’s no science to support a particular claim, doesn’t mean the claim is not true or accurate.

‘No science to back it up’ many times connotes a hidden agenda to maintain the status quo by advertently keeping the science out, which in turn becomes beneficial to a particular ideology, group or individual or business. Agendas are rampant in the scientific community – hidden or not.

Look how long it took for the scientific community to finally connect cigarette smoking with lung disease, particularly cancer? The USA still does not ban the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, even though they are deemed poisonous to the body. The Insurance Industry powwowed with the Tobacco Industry and then they both powwowed with Congress to make a deal whereby all sides benefitted, except the smoker, except anybody who ever smoked even one cigarette, except anybody who was ever in the same room with anybody else who smoked a cigarette.

If it’s a killer ban it. If it costs billions of dollars a year for health services, lost wages, lost families ban it. If it’s that bad, and all now agree that it is, then stop manufacturing cigarettes. If nicotine has a medical benefit, then find a different delivery system than an inhalant. Why are nicotine patches so expensive? Why is nicotine-laced gum so expensive? Don’t these industries have enough money? Can’t they come up with a more creative way – like the marijuana industry did – to deliver their drug without having to inhale it?

Because the tobacco industry wants to grow tobacco. It’s the tar that destroys the tissues. They know it, that’s why they invented electronic cigarettes, but there are too many glitches and people still go back to the smoke, because it’s still sold everywhere. Oh, and they export cigarettes to other countries, wanting to addict them and make them keep wanting that which makes them sick, so they can keep profiting from their tobacco fields. Of course if they sell it abroad they have to sell it here. They don’t want to look like hypocrites.

I’m seeing too many circles here. You can’t keep having it all ways, every way, your way. Let tobacco go the way of the dinosaur. Extinct it. If a person wants to grow tobacco in their own yard, then okay, let them do it their way. It’s a plant. They can shove it up their noses if they want to, but Not For Sale. Not to make profit from another person’s harmful-to-the-body addiction. The Insurance Industry needs to stop punishing smokers when they’re the ones who made a deal with the Tobacco Industry that keeps them in business. Congress bought into all of it.

Take the blame away from Tobacco, Insurance and Congress. Keep tobacco growing in the fields, keep manufacturing cigarettes, keep the poor slobs addicted, raise their premium rates and punish them financially forever – even if they smoked even one cigarette their entire life, because the Insurance Industry found the science that supposedly proved that one cigarette could cause cancer – even if you smoke it fifty years ago. So they can deny you benefits based on their science.

You smoke at your own peril. After they addicted you, they drop you flat. No one gets punished except the smoker or quitter or those exposed to second-hand smoke. What’s the first thing that shows up on your medical record under your name? Your smoking history, which means you are discriminated against by the Healthcare Industry based on your smoking history.

Doctors are trained to trick you when asking about that history. When did you quit smoking is the question, not do you smoke? No one asks you, when did you quit drinking alcohol or coffee? No one asks you about drugs, since that’s what doctors do, they prescribe drugs, not cigarettes, alcohol or coffee.

But then again, no one tries to smoke alcohol or coffee either. Maybe there’s a way, but it’s not in the public domain yet. They both do a lot of harm. But the harm is downplayed. So it looks like if you can drink it, it’s okay. It’s both legal and encouraged.

Let’s make some nicotine drinks then. Good sell. Great idea. People love to drink. They can’t stop drinking. They always have a beverage of some sort in their hand. Make it healthy with a healthy dose of nicotine. Varying doses. Do it before Canada does it. NIC-O-TEEN TEA. NIC-O-TEEN JUICE. Not tiny little bottles that they sell at the check out counter. Those make you look like an addict. Build a display in-store on the floor, end cap. Sell sell sell. Contains No Animal Products. That’s the deal-breaker.

Then ban the production and sale of cigarettes in the USA inserting the personal use clause. If you really don’t want to be a hypocrite, that is. I think I could benefit from nicotine. Old people, especially.

I would definitely give it a try.


Frankly, I’ve never witnessed in my lifetime the power that one man has over the emotional responses of so many people worldwide – instantaneously. This is no slow burner. He pops people. One person does all that with a tweet – less than 144 characters.

Usually it’s a massive government operation designed to sway the population of a people into thinking – for the purpose of behaving – in a pre-designated way over time, that eventually gets the attention of the populace as being overly manipulative. This – what he does – is a pop. He punches back when he gets punched. Everyone said he couldn’t be president with such thin skin, but as it turns out, the skin of the opposition is thinner. Much thinner. Hysteria type of thin.

So, my suggestion is to practice what you preach. Don’t throw the first punch. Get control of your emotions. You punch him, then you go hysterical when he fights back. You all do it like clockwork. It makes for great theatre if you like that kind of theatre – angry, popped heads jumping off your necks, eyes lobbing all over the place as if you’re covering all your bases with your faces as you shout non-stop your highly charged name-calling rants – the very behavior you tell him to stop doing, you’re doing.

Wake up. Startle yourself. Step away from yourself. See yourself looking and acting like you tell him not to look and act. Who do you think you are, his mother? You are too emotionally involved with this man whom you desperately want to control, who doesn’t want to be controlled. By YOU? Really? What delusional fantasy drug are you taking whereby you would even think that your job as a journalist was to control a president? What a president thinks, says and does? Or you’ll bring him down? That’s crazy talk.

You don’t get to beat somebody up, then tell the one you beat up to just walk away. Listen to yourselves. You get paid to keep your cool, to report the news, not to make the news by making it clear that your job now is to take down a president.

Hillary Clinton engaged in the same mud-slinging behavior. She lost the election because she repeatedly disrespected a foreign leader during her campaign, then lectured white people on racism to make black people vote for her. If she thought she was going to be president, she wouldn’t have been playing on a Russian prejudice that evidently didn’t exist in the USA. And, Blacks don’t respect people who turn on their own. They use them. They don’t trust them. She used prejudice to win and lost.

Donald Trump is one person. When he speaks, he speaks alone. The pile-on by news analysts and journalists and commentators and people who actually have their own shows after he speaks anything is nothing like I’ve ever witnessed. It’s pure ugly. It’s the devil, the evil, in all of you being unleashed on one man, one person, the President of the United States.

He is supposed to turn the other way when you pile on the abuse – according to you. That’s the protocol. That’s how the system works. That’s how the system has always worked. Well, if that is so, and I’m not denying it, then the system of governing is rigged. It’s fake out front in view of the populace for the purpose of keeping the populace from knowing what’s really going on in their government.

Donald Trump triggers you, because he won’t let you control him. That’s on you.

He triggers you when he responds at all. That’s on you. He knows what you’re doing. The game you’re playing. I don’t want to watch wimps lie on T.V.

Hysteria is a wimp response. A component of hysteria is filling in the blanks with anything that comes to mind that is also destructive. Hysterics are not reality based.

Responding in kind is also a wimp response. This all goes for you too Mr. World Leader.

Set the example without saying you’re setting the example. When you say you’re taking the high road, everybody knows the high road isn’t familiar to you, that you’re faking being nice. To congress and all public officials, I’m sick of seeing you expose your ugly.

It serves no purpose except to incite the populace into a frenzy, whereby they turn on family, friends and associates. Donald Trump isn’t doing that, you are.

If somebody can’t work with Donald Trump, they can’t work with anybody. Fire all the asses who refuse to work with the President of the United States.

He likes and wants results. You all like to delay, delay, delay till the next election.

I don’t care who else did it. We’re here now. I don’t expect any further delay from any of you.

Politics in America has a new face – and it’s way overdue. Accept it and work with it.


THE COUNTRIES IN QUESTION are the USA against Iran’s Propaganda Machine. How would the USA determine in Iran what is false news and what is not false news? It’s difficult enough in the USA to fact-check the lying fact-checkers. It really isn’t our business to be proof reading the news stories in a foreign country, or to be issuing sanctions based on what Iranians report in their news programs. What have we become the professor of the world, grading every country’s homework?

That’s an over-reaching manipulation, dictator-style tactic that we accuse everybody else of doing, yet we engage in the same behavior. It’s a waste of time, effort and money. Yes, propaganda (fake news) is bad, but freedom of speech appears to allow it. So either believe nothing or believe everything and the propagandists will finally get the picture – that their lying news stories are not influencing the views of those whose minds they want to control – for personal or political or social benefit.

In fact if one believes everything and nothing it deletes all efforts to influence. People are smart enough to make up their own minds. Dissidents disseminate their own propaganda. So who is fact-checking the rhetoric they claim as facts? All dissidents of any nation want with a fervor to take down the existing leader and existing system of governance, yet nobody has a plan for what happens next. It’s all piece meal. Every individual in the movement has a suggestion as to what the country needs, but no one has a solution on how to make it happen, except to unseat a leader and a governing system.

They think erroneously that somebody else will step in and know exactly what to do and how to do it. Look back at Egypt and Libya and Iraq and Syria. Do you really think the USA had a plan of action beyond taking down a leader? How successful has the USA been In Palestine? Everybody thought all they had to do was get rid of Yasser Arafat, then Ariel Sharon, yet look where we are now? The same place. Nowhere. Obama supposedly issued sanctions on Iran regarding their media propaganda machine, but made a private deal not to enforce those sanctions, an action the USA often takes when trying to satisfy all voting members of representative parties when in the process of forming an agreement or legislating laws.

It accomplishes nothing but confusion, and confusion leads to chaos. We criticize Russian Nationalists for trying to sway the USA populace via propaganda efforts prior to USA elections, but we in turn do the same in foreign countries – all countries where we have an interest in who wins an election. We support the foreign candidates in their respective countries whom we believe we can work with on common goals, or who will work with us. And we go to great lengths – corrupt lengths – to get them elected.

In essence we want these elected officials in foreign countries to put the interests of our country before the interests of their own, and yes we will and do pay a lot of money for that type of commitment. But in the end, what self-respecting country would make such a deal? It’s a slave-master relationship that the USA propagates all over the planet and punishes severely those who won’t go along with the program – Russia is one that refuses to be the slave of the USA.

Ukraine on the other hand would give the keys to their country to the highest bidder for a tin of caviar. Right now the USA is trying to overthrow a leader in Iran by giving comfort and financial support to its dissidents. How is that different from Russian Nationalists trying to influence American elections? A lot different. A lot worse. A lot more intrusive and dictatorial. We need to stop acting like the gangsters of the planet.

President Trump is going to have a problem deciding on any action he takes regarding sanctioning Iran for disseminating propaganda due to his own frustration with the democratic propaganda machine in the USA that dominates most of the news and opinion shows designed to take down the current USA president. The dissidents are equally corrupt in the theatre of telling lies. They again erroneously think that the end justifies the means, that whatever lies it takes to unseat a dictator will be forgiven and in fact are necessary, because they regard the populace in the same way governments regard the populace – too stupid to make smart decisions, so the government as well as dissidents work hard to make their minds up for them.

The smart move is to stay out of it. Let the Iranians sort out their own fake news issues. The USA government cleans their own stories the same as Iran or any other country cleans theirs. Words are cheap right now and there are no word battles worth fighting that any side on any issue can hope or claim to win. Everything anybody says is meaningless in a chaotic climate. Speak with actions not sanctions.

People aren’t believing words right now.


t’s difficult to pin a crime on an individual, when leaders of the group they belong to instruct their members to resist arrest, flee when told to halt, lie when questioned and steal whatever and whenever they can.

Human shields in Black communities have long been popular in the USA as a means to gain world attention for the purpose of addressing grievances. They just haven’t been called human shields. When Black mothers and fathers, pastors and ministers, community and national leaders tell young Black people to run from cops, knowing they’ll get arrested or shot, then that’s not an actual suicide by cop.

That’s the community throwing their own children in front of a loaded gun, hoping they get shot, so then the community leaders side by side with the parents can stand in front of the cameras and cry foul play to the rest of the world, for the purpose of gaining political capital.

That’s the primary reason why most white people and others around the globe think that American Blacks don’t love their children. Who could do that to one’s own child – for any amount of attention or personal or group gain – to use them in such a violent procedural game of war, a war they know in advance they can’t win?

Make the police kill one of our children and that will get us attention. The family and the community are responsible for leading their own children to slaughter – for profit.

That the children as a group blindly follow the orders of parents and pastors with terrorists tendencies who would use them as their personal arsenal to effect social change needs to be looked at realistically and not through the prism of some snappy sound bites.

Homicide by pastor sounds more accurate than suicide by cop.

The pastor didn’t pull the trigger, but he might as well have. He set it up.


A plant is a plant and an animal is an animal.

Right now, meat can mean either animal or plant. Eventually, and that day will come, animals will no longer be considered food on this planet, so the term meat will refer to the main part and/or texture of whatever plant is under discussion.

Ever notice that no one has tried to make an animal taste and texture like a plant?

Why fool with the perfect food? We do though in a round about way. We use plant sauces to cover the bad taste of flesh and blood. We mix veggies and fruits and nuts and grains and legumes, spices, herbs, oils with all kinds of animal products to cover the taste of the animal.

Even when we want just the raw segment of animal muscle to eat, we usually, marinate, rub, sear, char and cook it in very specific ways in able to stomach it.

Eating animals does not come natural to the human species. It just doesn’t. We’re not quick enough on our feet or with our hands, we don’t possess the teeth to chew a raw whole animal, nor do we possess the digestive tracts necessary to support the consumption of the whole animal, as whole food enthusiasts want you to think.

Bones, hair, nails, all the other junk that a live, breathing, feeling being consists of are not meant for human consumption.

It doesn’t matter if a snake eats a rat, which is your justification for eating the snake and the rat.

Snakes eats humans too, so guess that makes it okay for you to eat humans. No it doesn’t. Just because you can get away with murder, doesn’t mean it’s right. Eating animals is murder. Premeditated murder.


Girls have fathers, brothers, boy cousins, uncles, grandfathers all whom discriminate against them based on their gender.

Girls have mothers, sisters, girl cousins, aunts, grandmothers who do the same – discriminate against them based on their gender.

Whether it began in the family or not, that’s where it is now and has been for a very long time, so that is where the family must begin to eradicate this institutionalized familial and social disease imposed on females by males and by other females. I

t’s going to require a partnership – males and females, females and females, females and males – working together to end the second class citizenship of females worldwide – a global initiative to close the divide and heal the wound caused by sexism.

Leaving out the male, or punishing males by discriminating against them is not a solution. It’s revenge. It’s as ugly as sexism against females.

So opt out of responding in kind and build a new, different, equitable world for all genders. Nobody has to take a back seat here.

The males of today, or now, didn’t create this sexism mess. Neither did the females of today. But we’re in a mess, and we are the only ones who can clean it up and change the status quo for the better.

So do it. Start in your own life by changing your own attitudes. You’re the only one who can do it. Why wait for society to force you to change? You know the right way and the wrong way.


Meaningful solutions cannot be found at the levels of discrimination, enslavement, torture or slaughter, unless you first understand the prejudice.

It is in the area of prejudice, before one discriminates, that we must revisit to find the cure for what later became discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. What caused a movement within the prejudicial realm, based on whatever reason(s), to evolve into discrimination and then to move forward from that?

This type of inquiry responds less effectively to brain-storming (since that’s a prejudicial thought process in itself) and more effectively to thoughtful non-emotional examination devoid of blame. It’s not like a no-fault insurance policy, and it’s not suggesting equal blame nor equal participation, only an open examination of all the facts absent the investigatory prejudice inherent in any investigation.

We all prejudge – every thought, every action, everything. It’s our animal nature to do that. If the prejudice in question goes back to the beginning of time, well, we can’t revisit that. So that’s when you start from here. You start from now absent the blame. Absent the emotion.

It is possible once you decide to take that path. Many people think they’re vested in something – some issue whereby they believe and act as if they have a vested interest in it, when they really don’t. But even if they do, take the money or the land or the benefit off the table and start from there. You can’t cure a prejudice, because by nature we all have them.

All you can do is understand it. If you refuse to understand a prejudice, then you stay stuck in a bad place, unable to move beyond the prejudice to start eliminating the discrimination resulting from it, even though you might abhor it.

Usually when you abhor it is when you refuse to understand it. So you wallow. You wallow in your endless meaningless words and commentary offering no solutions only more chaotic outbursts claiming everybody to be unfair. You can’t sue a person because they have a prejudice against you.

Prejudice by the way rarely means hatred. People have likes and dislikes, strong and not so strong feelings about everything and everyone. It cannot be a crime to be prejudiced, when we all are in the same category.

Discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter are the easiest to fix. You recognize the injustice and unfairness directed at whomever or whatever group is under scrutiny. You stop the offending action, then repair the damage by passing new laws and by enforcing those laws.

Then you clean up the mess caused by the unfair treatment and put regulations in place to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

The United States still doesn’t have an equal rights amendment for women. There comes a point, and that point is now, that change must be imposed and then enforced.

Discrimination against women is a global problem and must be tackled globally as well as on the national and regional levels – all levels. We can’t wait anymore for evolution to take its course – that’s for lazy people without solutions who want to procrastinate at the expense of someone else.

The solution is in front of you. Stop the discrimination. If you don’t know how, then why are you in a problem-solving position?

Quit. Now. You’re not the right person for the job.


You think you can call somebody an ugly name and that will make them change into your way of thinking? Has it worked for you, when somebody called you nigger? Did you change your ways to satisfy the one calling you a name?

Calling someone a racist isn’t going to change them into a non-racist, since every group gives preferential treatment to people within that group, and if race is the parameter, then that preference will be based on race – name a race any race – it’s the nature of the beast people feel most comfortable around and in whom they place their trust, that they want to work with to achieve their goals.

Why would a white person trust an entire race of people who through their media leaders have violently expressed their hatred toward them, even gone so far as to call the white race an abomination that should be eliminated from the face of the earth, so that blacks could reign supreme – as their God’s will?

That trust is never going to happen under the threat of annihilation. I don’t know whose playbook you stole from this time, but it was the wrong book.

And now you’ll have to suffer the consequences of jumping on and supporting such a blatantly racist and terroristic methodology for social change.

All white people fall under your umbrella of mass annihilation? Bombs have been dropped because of such hateful speech. Nations were reduced to rubble because of such hateful speech.

Fire up the furnaces is the next step. Think before you speak.


John Lewis, African legislator in the USA, went on international television and called the President of the United States a racist. He wasn’t crying per usual. He wasn’t speaking rapidly, spitting as he spoke per usual. He wanted finally for the entire world to believe him, even though he couldn’t hide the lie from his face, and take action against the President of the United States.

He knew his audience and knew they’d respond to his call to assassinate an American president. I know the call. He knows the call and he knows that someone, somewhere in the world will answer that call. He can’t take it back. All he can do once exposed is to pray that he isn’t held responsible.

He lawyered it prior to the call to assassinate. He knew his audience of terrorists wanting the hide of a powerful white man. He knew he could get away with it, that nobody would think anything of it. Wrong. I took notice. Words are powerful. Calling a white person racist is like calling a black person nigger. There’s no difference, except that there are repercussions for the white person labeled a racist that don’t come with the label nigger.

He did it, he’d do it again. And for him the sooner the better, not the quicker the better. There is an assassin in our midst. John Lewis, African Legislator in the ZUSAZ, is their leader. The slowness and deliberateness with which he spoke the word racist proves the premeditated factor. So why do blacks think that calling a white person racist will force them to join the cause of blacks, when calling a black person nigger wouldn’t force them to join the cause of whites?

So what is the cause of whites? Right now to stay safe from being murdered by blacks. The call to assassinate was aired on Martin Luther King Day by an irresponsible press sanctioned by the CIA. Wrong move. John Lewis needs to reflect on his hatred of white people who refuse to submit to him based on his color and race.

All Africans need to reflect on their collective hatred of all things white and their insatiable need for white people to kneel to them. Calling for an assassin to act against a president should be a crime. It’s scary how half the people in the USA have turned against a president like peoples from Third World dictatorships suffering centuries of oppression.

Blacks in America are more free than I am. They receive more privileges than I do. Why do black people keep wanting white people to solve their cultural problems for them? It’s your culture. Live with it or change it. Stop expecting white people to do your dirty work.

Now that John Lewis, African legislator in the USA, is on my terrorist watch list he’ll never get off of it. That’s how I fly. He can’t walk it back. That beast is out of the cage.



If you lie you hurt the cause.

If you spend a lot of time parsing words to form a truth from a lie to make the lie technically true within a limited sphere you’ve lost your ‘right from wrong’ compass.

You can get it back. But not by justifying your bad behavior based on what others do. You can be as corrupt as everybody else. Nobody’s stopping you. But then don’t be pointing out the corrupt ways of everybody else, when their way is your way. Call it a lie, call it a half truth, call it a truth. Nobody likes to be deceived. That’s the only truth that matters.

You don’t have to be brutally honest to justify your brutality. Your dishonesty and deception are just as brutal. So the real deal here is you’re all just like the person you love to hate. He should be held to a higher standard than you, because he’s president. I say no. You should be held to the same high standard, because it’s you whom I get my news from, not him.

I don’t take tweets seriously, besides I follow him and never saw a tweet I thought jeopardized national security. There’s nothing much there, pretty boring stuff, nothing that would rattle the world, so why do they rattle all of you? I guess as with anything, anybody can make something out of nothing if they want to. I’ve been witness to that almost daily since he’s been elected. Everybody on that resistance train making something out of nothing.

From where I’m sitting he’s making a positive difference.

You on the other hand are destabilizing the nation. Destabilization makes a nation weak not strong.

It was never done this way, this is how it’s supposed to be, because, because, because – just because that’s how we do it – screech, screech.

Oh my God, the end of the world as we know it. It sounds like a broken tape that got stuck some place in the 18th century. Who made all these so-called rules for the presidency – and his wife, and his children?

What’s the matter you don’t like change, you don’t want change? Hey, you don’t want to be told what to wear to work, but you want to tell the First Lady what she should or shouldn’t wear to this or that event – right down to her shoes? How they should talk, what they should say, how they should relax or entertain themselves, where they should go and when? What?! You’ve all turned into a controlling freak show 24/7 – you can’t turn yourselves off.

While he’s getting results and you’re not, world leaders are jumping on your bandwagon hoping as you hope that he’ll fall flat on his face, or even die. Most countries in the world hate the USA, except when they want something – kinda like you. So with you in charge are you going to give all these other nations their way with you?

Then you’re a whore. And they will definitely have their way with you – in fact they’re already having their way with you. You’re their puppets now. You’re destabilizing a nation that they wanted to destabilize but were afraid to do it, at least openly. They got so many whore puppets to work for them in the USA news and entertainment business that they’re ecstatic over this good fortune.

The entire USA news and entertainment industry is eating right out of their hands. You back them up with everything you say and do. It’s like how did we get so lucky? We didn’t even have to lift a finger and they’re doing it for us. What luck. And you’re doing what over a Russia collusion? You’re the ones colluding with Russia.

Better not walk too far with that luck. Once these countries get what they want, you’re done. Better think twice about those drugs and alcohol and prescription drugs you consume and the food you eat out. Get to rehab before it’s too late.

When the enemies of the USA support our press, then you’ve gone way too far in giving support to those who want to do us harm – and that’s just about every country. We buy allies. The USA has no friends. In fairness, all the other countries don’t have friends either.

Third World countries have resistance movements. If you want to stay on the path of making the USA into a Third World country, it is already well on it’s way, you don’t have to overthrow a president to make it happen. A few more nails in the coffin and we’ll be there. We’re not as rich as we tell the world. All those poor people who want to come here to get rich won’t get rich. Hey, even I’m poor and I’ve been here for almost sixty-nine years.

I say if you want to make the USA look and act like Africa and south of the southern border be my guest, but take a look at how slowly those areas progressed and evolved, and consider that the speed of political and social evolution is a function of its people, not the government.

As the new USA, I wonder if you’ll be as generous with the huddled masses left in those regions as the old USA was? Judging from your actions against your heritage country and the country you migrated to I’d say chances are unlikely. I don’t see generosity in the new immigrant. They don’t give a helping hand, they take, so no they won’t be helping any foreign entities with anything. Trump will look like an angel in comparison to them. Foreign entities need to make note of that discrepancy between the old and the new immigrant, and act accordingly.

Resistance movements always create chaos – that’s the purpose: Create chaos and confusion to disorient the people, so you can go in and take over. They’ve already taken over the news and entertainment outlets in the USA. That was a coup in itself. We’ll see who falls next.


Why is there a resistance movement in the United States? Resistance to what? Donald Trump? Republicans? Anybody who wants to work with Donald Trump, anybody who supports Donald Trump? Resistance to all white people, crackers, the white man, racists? Old white people? All men? All rich white people? How about rich brown or black people? Resistance to them too?

Probably because there are so many people who immigrated to the USA from countries where there was a resistance movement already in play – where they lived either under a dictatorship or in poverty, this whole notion of resistance gained traction. When they immigrated to the United States, they brought their political movements with them – immigrants largely do that – that’s all they know. There was a void in democratic leadership after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, and other democratic leaders were too incapacitated by the loss to fill that void.

Who would believe that the very people who were a part of exporting the USA system of democracy to other nations would be attempting to overthrow the legally and democratically elected leader of the United States? I guess we’ve been overthrowing dictators for so long around the world, that we caught that ‘overthrow the dictator’ bug.

We did it to others – many others – now we’re doing it to ourselves. The world is laughing. Maybe they’ll be crying before long. Destabilize the USA and the world economy collapses. This won’t be a World War III. It will be much worse.

Efforts to derail, undermine, take down a sitting president who was legally elected through the democratic process destabilizes a nation, making that nation vulnerable to corruption and attack from within and from outside its borders.

So you’ll stop the coup attempt if President Trump does what you want him to do? If he gets on board with your personal agenda, throws away all the laws, all the history, all the white culture (whatever that is), start all over and let you (the black and brown people) take charge? And you’ll let him go to some obscure country in South America to live out the remainder of his days?

That’s extortion, blackmail, terrorism and treason.

So this is a take over? A coup. In the United States? See what happens when you bring your ‘resistance to everything’ culture with you to a new country? You turn it into the same country that you ran from.


John McCain harasses President Trump for exposing the press, its associates, writers and broadcasters for disseminating false news. It doesn’t matter that President Trump colors his own words to his advantage.

News agencies put out false news daily. Later, when I find it to be deliberately false, I lose trust in and respect for those who created the lie and those who then ran with the lie. I’ll watch a news conference, then look at the news on the conference minutes later and find the headlines misleading to the point of purposeful manipulation. I go on to read the story and find the same thing. If I had not seen nor heard with my own eyes and ears, I would have accepted lies as the truth. That’s on me for being gullible. But should it be on me?

John McCain covers for those organizations that print false news, purposely slanting the truth to support their agenda or discredit somebody else’s agenda. They are all guilty – as are you who participate.

President Trump continues the attack, as he should, until such time the press acknowledges their complicity in socially and politically engineering the populace with inaccurate information for the purpose of swaying public opinion in favor of their elitist agendas.

John McCain? Harassing and publicly humiliating a president for exposing organizations engaged in the willful destabilization of a nation, a task that needed to be done decades ago, is unpatriotic. The press must admit to its past fraudulent actions and take meaningful steps to change the direction of its libelous and slanderous behavior.

This is not about President Trump being as guilty. It’s about a press that needs to change and yes, it’s okay with me if one of the offenders leads that effort. Who better to do it, than one who has been on both sides of this issue?

It’s unfortunate that you, Mr. McCain, sought to silence thus block this effort, because you didn’t like the person leading the effort.

Nobody but President Trump has spoken out about all the trash the press releases as truth. Once again it doesn’t matter that he contributes to it – so do you Mr. McCain. All it means is that you all must change together.

We the people need to trust our news agencies – and yes they are ours – since if we didn’t watch the garbage flowing from your lying, deceitful mouths, while you sell sex via the broadcasters to keep us distracted from what we hear by what we see, you would all be out of business. What an insult. Hey, maybe the news and entertainment puppets don’t have brains, but most everyone else does.

Madison Avenue? Take note. Holding different people, different groups to different standards creates chaos, and right now the chaos creators are the talking heads in and on all news and entertainment outlets. Nobody listens to the other person. Even those who appear to listen aren’t hearing. Everybody talks over everybody else or all at once. There isn’t any discourse that hasn’t been pre-scripted, until somebody loses their temper.

When you need somebody talking into your ear buds telling you how to respond to a question or what question to ask, you lose all credibility and integrity.

I’m wondering now if it was fake news when Don Lemon of CNN notoriety told the world he was now ‘going after’ Trump supporters, apparently shifting his focus away from Trump? Whoa. When did it become the job description of a fake news broadcaster to go after people who view the show, who don’t support the broadcaster’s personal agenda? It’s time for him to take a narcissism break. And if Trump supporters aren’t viewing his show, then how is he going to ‘go after’ them? Is he going to get his supporters to ‘go after’ them? How is that done?

What exactly does he mean by ‘going after’ Trump supporters? The same thing Maxine Waters meant, when she said it? He’ll ruin the lives of people who don’t support his personal agenda? ‘Hands off HUD’, she threatened Trump, that’s her baby? “I’m coming for you, I’m coming for you”, she said to Trump on international television. Well, somebody better lay their hands on HUD to correct the corruption before it blows up in everybody’s faces. If the public knew what goes on in those HUD protected properties they’d all be shut down.

I’m not going to say bring it on, because it comes to me anyway, but Don Lemon of CNN notoriety and Maxine Waters U.S. Representative for California – both menacing bullies – need to step down from their posts. He’s not fit to lead discussions on important issues, based on his ‘better than everybody else’ vengeful, hostile nature openly directed toward anyone who doesn’t support his views and agendas – and now even toward people who aren’t even there in the studio. He’s ‘going after’ half the people whom Madison Avenue relies on to buy their products. He’s out. He’s had too many second chances.

Maxine Waters is not fit to serve California or the nation in any capacity regarding the welfare of anyone. HUD buildings have become a haven for drug makers, sellers, runners, users, prostitution and human trafficking and more, all under her leadership according to her, since she’s the one who told President Trump, “HANDS Off HUD”.

Hands down, she’s gone. HUD needs an overhaul, not just a fix. There exists gross violations of not just civil rights but human rights of the tenants who reside in those buildings.

These are two public people who need to get into rehab before they’re held responsible for inciting another massacre and contributing to the assassination of a president.

Regarding John McCain, well, it’s too bad that in his last moments he chose to exact vengeance rather than seek reconciliation. He never really did know whether he was a Democrat or Republican.

Donald Trump blows the whistle on the press. I don’t care about the character of the person doing the whistling. I care about the character of the press and right now the character of the press is at a dangerously low-level. Charlie Gibson once said, “I wish people knew the difference between real and fake news”. I thought sure, me too. Donald Trump raised that issue and I applaud that effort.

I think now that those countries which have two presses – one controlled by the government and one controlled by the people is a better system. That way the two don’t get mixed up. You pretty much know what to expect from both, even if the truth problem still exists, it’s not as complicated and as driven by manipulation at all levels. The USA press turned tabloid – all of it. Nobody knows what to believe and most of congress contributes to the resulting chaos.


Basket weaving? That’s all you got? Feathers? You don’t want to lose your heritage, your history? You mean the history where you tortured people? Murdered innocent, defenseless animals and cried that you loved and respected them as you did it? You thought killing an animal was brave? And thanked them for allowing you to trap and kill them?

Okay. Pottery? Nothing more? Don’t you know how to advertise? Don’t you care about your image? Nobody wants your head dresses or whatever you call those feathered war bonnets. Nobody wants your peace pipes. Peace with whom? You’re shut off from the world. Why? How about tourism? That won’t work if the tourists fear you.

Oh I get it. Casinos. That’s your game. What a game. Get rich by legally stealing from people. That’s it? No more? All these centuries and you still want to live beneath an animal’s skin? They protected you did they? That’s perverse: You love those you kill. Torture too. Bet you really loved them while they screamed for you to help. Did you like those squeals? You make me want to vomit. Get off your lazy asses and make something somebody wants – even if it’s only you who wants it.

You just love to spend your lives hating white people. Like you did nothing to them. Right? Yeah, yeah, I heard it all.

Only serial offenders scalp people then keep the scalps as souvenirs. What did you do with them anyway? Hang them around your necks to ward off evil spirits? Or on your walls to make you a King in your teepee? What did your kids think of them dripping blood on the wall? Did the women make furry quilts out of the scalps? A blood quilt. Your thirst for blood has blinded you. You wanted to remain separate. So you got that. The land you’re on is yours. What did you do with it all? God is red? Show the world how so.

I mean, do you do business with the rest of the world? Did you send all your jobs overseas?

Why do you keep wanting white people to run your lives for you? Create your own jobs. You’re a collection of many separate nations. Nations! Are you open for trade? Travel to other countries if the USA doesn’t want your business. Act like a country. A progressive country. What do you need? Permission from the USA government? To do business with foreign entities? You waited too long.

The world passed you by because you couldn’t stop hanging onto the past. Now they’re thriving and you’re not. Farming? Factories? Why do you need the USA to build your factories? After all these millennia there hasn’t been any engineers in your Nations? That can’t be true. Jeeze, you’ve got some work to do really fast to catch up. That’s on you. And only you.

Excuses have become your solutions. Change it. Figure it out. Are all the Indian nations united under one roof? You should be called the United Nations – the United Indian Nations. NCAI = National Congress of American Indians. It’s not enough. Upgrade your site.

Respond when someone writes to you, even if you don’t like it or even if you respond with a preformed message. Are you that arrogant that you only respond to famous people or issues that you ‘feel’ like responding to?

Governing is based on more than ‘feelings’. The Nations need to come together – to organize – and elect a president of all nations. Do what you want with the chief of this and the chief of that. Just organize it so people can understand the process. Stop talking about Indian pride and exhibit it by soaring with organizational skills that produce results for everybody.

Shine yourself, don’t let somebody else be the polish and the cloth. Then they get the credit for finding a diamond in the rough. And you’re a slave again.

You debate too much. There needs to be something final.

And stop with all the platitudes that seem to govern all your decisions. It’s the decision that’s suppose to create the platitude.

Decide something new for a change. Scalp me once, scalp me twice…you know how that ends.


We’re different organisms, so the message you get will be expressed differently through your organism than through mine.

Different = Not the same.

However, there is only one constant, one base, one foundation.

The Five Principles.

Adhering to and living the Five Principles is the only way for life to survive and thrive on this planet.

No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Start with the big stuff and work backwards till you get to prejudice, then decide what features of prejudice actually lead to discrimination.

If you’re new in town, people will treat you with a wary eye. That’s prejudice. It’s also a survival mechanism till they get to know you and trust that you won’t do them harm. It’s all about safety.

Black Lives Terrorists don’t understand that concept of acceptance. It’s a process. You can’t threaten someone into accepting you and your ways. When you keep threatening white people if they don’t see something your way or go your way or join you in your cause with no benefit to them, except maybe you won’t beat the shit out of their dog and then their mother and then finally them, don’t expect a good result.

Certainly don’t expect that the prejudice against you will end on a threat. That’s when it begins. It’s the perceived threat.

Black Lives terrorists keep making that threat mistake. If you keep screaming in their ears, they will reinforce that wall of protection they need around them to survive and leave you out in the cold.

That’s where discrimination arises. I’m talking about the human animal now, not the innocents whose lives you take as your own to do with as you see fit for you.

FACEBOOK = mass incarceration of the collective mind

Limits people to 5000 friends, makes you ask to be a friend, rarely shows you what your friends are posting. With 4000 friends I should be seeing a whole lot of posts. Not so – hardly any. Repetitive posts through a 24 hour cycle and many times into the next day – the same ones? Too many ADS in my feed – more ADS than posts. Posts from people I have never ‘liked’ nor commented on appear in my feed incessantly, every time they post.

That leads me to believe that they’re the CIA underground wanting to influence my views. Nobody likes to be tricked. Once Zuckerberg let the CIA in the backdoor which he claims he doesn’t have the key to and in fact claims one doesn’t even exist, everything became fake, dishonest, generated for affect, purposely biased. One social experiment is one too many. Multiple social experiments are an abomination.

Hitler resurfaces as Facebook’s Dinosaur. Facebook is going the way of magazines. Too many ADS. They pushed the limit over the limit and died falling from the weight of their own Madison Avenue Mania Mistakes. Nobody gets excited over dinosaurs or Hitler or mass incarceration of the collective mind or Madison Avenue generated ADS which deceive and they all do.

They sensed something was awry and it made them uncomfortable. They didn’t even know why, but they don’t like Facebook anymore. So rather than be uncomfortable, they left for something that made them feel better about themselves. Facebook is too manipulative in my view. Too demeaning, humiliating, too aggressive, too many trolls out to ruin your day, maybe even life.

Too much con. Too much punching. It’s a by-product of a terror organization whose members kill their own families. So take your billions Mark Zuckerberg and do something productive absent the humiliation and terror factors, ’cause you’re OUTTA HERE. You lost your moral compass and now the world doesn’t want you.

Antifa365 went on vacation. Antifa supports mass incarceration of the mind, enslavement, torture and slaughter of the body and the mind to achieve their dictatorial ends: the laws of anarchy put forth as the free exercise of personal/private judgment as the birth-right of all individuals.

Thou shall not be judged is their first commandment, except where and when it infringes on an individual’s right to self-rule. Their punishment could be anything – ruin your life, body, mind, maybe all three. It’s a violent ideology that keeps a person’s birth-right to steal, rape, kill or any number of disgusting behaviors a person at any given moment might engage themselves in.

The Law Of The Jungle is my-take-away from it all. No prisons. Walls everywhere so you and your family can sleep with both eyes closed, ’cause there’s nothing we the people can use to protect ourselves, but a wall.


I’m not your God. I’m my God. When I die, my God dies with me, so yes I am my own God. The existence of God requires a medium with a nervous system in order for the individual and the group to experience It’s existence. When I leave the physical form of me I join another dimension. My God goes with me. So, no. Nobody ever dies alone. The one God fits all theory was interpreted wrongly.

All of the Gods are connected, which leads many people to generalize and to group all humans as having ONE God. If nothing but humans had a God, then nothing beyond humans would exist and that’s impossible. If God created all else for the benefit of and usage by humans, then God exists in all God created, which means all life and non-life is God expressing Itself through individual life forms and other matter.

Matter is either soluble or insoluble. Melts into or stays separate. You can kick a rock and the rock will not feel the kick, because it doesn’t have a nervous system. It has no emotion. Rocks can’t feel offense, fear, joy, remorse, dread, anticipation. Plants don’t have nervous systems either. Ever see an avalanche? Ever hear the sound of a boulder moving on the ground, or down a hill? The boulder is not screaming. It’s moving – all movement makes sound. Plants don’t talk. No, not sign language either.

Animals with nervous systems are God’s proof of God’s existence. The plants provide food, clothing, medicine, shelter for the purpose of the survival of all animals. The soil (which does not have a nervous system) feeds the plants and the animals eat the harvest. The animals were not designed TO BE the harvest. We do not as humans live under one God. That would be a dictatorial system of existence that would lead to extinction of all animals. Why would humans want only one leader from the great beyond, controlling what they do on earth, yet want a multitude of leaders on earth?

We all kneel before one God? Who thought that garbage up? Sounds and looks like we’re taking a Knee to God. We’ll only go so far. We’re protesting – everything. Problem is…we’re only talking to ourselves, since we are our own Gods. We don’t get absorbed by the Universe Of Gods until the death of our body. ‘Till death do us part’ doesn’t apply to Gods. It’s a human marriage contract between two people for the purpose of raising children. It’s alterable.

Anything humans do is alterable. Not necessarily reversible. There’s a difference. “World Death Clock is a dynamic clock that calculates the number of people who are dying in the world every second. On an average there are 56 million deaths that take place in a year.”

“Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. These shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes.  http://www.animalequality.net/food” Human animal deaths = 56 million per year Farm animal (excluding marine life) deaths = 56 billion per year This means that 55 billion plus 44 million animals with nervous systems die per year by enslavement and torture resulting in slaughter. Rocks? Shelter, tools, dams – to keep the waters from flooding, the trees from falling, the sands from shifting too far, and buildings from collapsing. We live on a rock – called Planet Earth. On the other side – that place humans claim to go after death of the body and reabsorption of the soul into the Universe Of Gods – humans are the minority.

Nervous system, remember? Everybody with a nervous system gets absorbed after death of the body. Burning of the body after death doesn’t affect the process of absorption. There’s no wait time. It happens simultaneously at death. So Pope Francis doesn’t have to tell Catholics not to get cremated, because the soul won’t make it back to heaven. You can’t burn a soul. The soul isn’t ‘matter’ in a physical sense.

That pig you ate last night hates you along with every pig ever slaughtered. That lamb, goat, snake, cricket, deer, moose, buffalo, chicken, turkey, dog, cat, rat, gator, duck, whale, lobster, tuna, trout, dada, dada, dada hate you for what you did. That’s a whole lot of hate directed at the entire human species – sixty-five billion souls every year, not counting what’s in the waters on Earth, adds up to a super huge majority. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, not counting rivers, lakes and ponds.

1% percent. That’s all we are. It’s like we don’t even have a voice on the other side. 1%. If you count all the water-animals we murder every year, we’re less than 1% on the other side. It’s probably a good idea that you not offer up to any God any animal as sacrifice – to gain some kind of favor. It backfires. Always. When it doesn’t it’s coincidental.

The Universe Of Gods did not give you animals to eat. They gave plants. Decisions being made ‘on the other side of physicality’ are putting the human race on notice. Change or we will change you. It better be fast. A chain reaction is already in motion. All those Antifa365 with nervous systems espousing socialist policies left out the most discriminated against beings on the planet.

That’s a laugh. Stupidity. Ignorance leads to arrogance. Antifa is now the target. They sent me an email threatening to do me harm. Akismet that runs the hallways on WordPress let them in the back door. “You WILL be punished”. I have strict spam controls, but they got in any way. Now they’re all lit up. I get a lot of pornography too. Maybe that’s Israel pretending to be Russia or the CIA pretending to be themselves.

Hey, they made the threat, terrorized me on WordPress. It’s out of my hands. Hope they don’t get hurt by hurting themselves. Violence always boomerangs. It’s the nature of the beast. That’s why most smart people don’t engage. They know the preordained universal response. Be smart.


Somehow when we say modern slavery rather than slavery, it takes the sting away from the horror and the condition.

The same is so when we refer to slavery-like practices instead of calling it what it is – slavery. I

’m wondering why we do this? Some slavery is worse than other slavery? Or some people would be offended? Some Asians, for instance, think blacks in America had it easy compared to them. Blacks probably think nobody had it has difficult as they did.

But why compete with something so bad? I had it worse off than you, or my people had it worse off than your people?

Slavery today is nothing like slavery long ago? Maybe yes maybe no. Long ago everybody had it hard. Life was hard. Nobody had electricity or health care or modern conveniences. Being sold, or stolen from your family, to work as a subservient person to people you’ve never met is a condition that most people can’t begin to imagine – what it’s like or how one feels when they wake to their reality.

So maybe we shouldn’t compare if it means diminishing the conditions under which so many continue to live in this modern world. Let’s call slavery what it is – slavery. And then let’s work to end it by raising everybody up as worthy of making their own choices regarding their own lives.

A GAME CHANGER You made me listen by terrorizing me in my own home, out on the street where I live, the restaurants where I eat, and at the stores where I shop. This is my response: You barbaric pieces of African Dung. We want equal time.

choke choke choke

Those dead animal skins you get paid millions of dollars to publicly disrespect as entertainment for the masses are the most discriminated against and oppressed intelligent, feeling, caring beings on the planet.

choke choke choke

We want equal time. It’s our ball. It’s our field. It’s our planet.

It’s over.

choke choke choke

Stamp Out Human Supremacy. You eat the animal. You shit the animal. You are what you eat. DUNG. Name any nationality, race, gender, religion/anti-religion – all Dung. Violence against any animal, including the human animal, isn’t free speech. Advertising a brand is.

Buzkashi, the name of Afghanistan’s national sport is played on horseback (like polo), with a headless, disemboweled animal.

Animals don’t have rights, so why should the human animal have rights? Stamp Out Human Supremacy. Stop The Slaughter. Get off the field. It’s our day our way.

choke choke choke


In 2006, Spalding and the NBA announced that they would create a new NBA Official Game Ball, with interlocking segments and made with a synthetic material instead of leather.

So what are you waiting for? Animal-Free Balls. That’s the brand. Across all sports. That’s the beginning.

choke choke choke

You’re an animal. Animals don’t get rights. PETA sexually exploits women to get the attention of men who disrespect animals.

It’s over.

We demand equal time. Super Bowl ADS plus spots before, during or after every game. The Mass Advertising Effect is what “We The Animals” want and deserve. It’s a beginning. Black Lives Terrorists exploit the military for personal gain.

It’s over.

DUNG. The Duke, named in honor of football legend Wellington “Duke” Mara, is the official game ball of the NFL. Wilson has been the official game ball of the NFL since 1941. Time to try a new, different, better way.


When you hate and mock every single thing a person does, and then extend that to all family members, that’s a prejudice.

Mocking how a person talks and walks, and acts, and thinks, and tweets and the clothes he/she wears, where he/she eats and on and on till there is no end to it, is a major prejudice.

The supposed anti-prejudice party is showing all the signs of a real prejudice against one person who is the leader of the Republican party and the president of this country that they all claim to honor. The democrats, at least the ones all over T.V., criticize everything. No matter how good it is, they hate it and they hate him and as a result they attack all of his distinguishing features.

The way he looks? Really? The way his wife looks? Really? Jeeze, all I hear is black women blaming white people for their bad hair days and how white people made them straighten their hair. Are you kidding? Then you have the audacity to complain about the president of the USA’s hair style? It’s not your business. His skin color? Too orange for your tastes?

Oh my God. I think you’re all jealous. He wants to get things done and all you want to do is slo-mo your way through every issue so that nothing gets done. The supposed party of unity is showing all the signs of discrimination by refusing to work with the president – unless they can dominate.

Whatever happened to the Clinton Compromise? Enslavement comes next. Frankly, their perpetual anger is enslaving and torturing the American people. Anger is contagious.

The 24/7 news cycles with angry talking heads from left leaning shows are popping their own people. I can’t watch it any more. Slaughter comes next. Let’s call it what it is. Saying abuse is political so you don’t have to accept responsibility for your bad behavior is not intellectually honest.

Abuse is abuse. Clean it up.

BLT PROTESTS = ORGANIZED VIOLENCE Black Lives get it wrong again. They use hate speech against white people that they don’t even know. They judge their thoughts by the whiteness of their skin.

Calling a white person a white supremacist is like calling a black person a nigger. It’s hate speech and it is not helpful. Yet I defend a person’s right to say both. Just don’t get on your high horse the next time somebody calls you a slave. Slave owner speech is just as bad.

In fact, I’m wondering why you keep wanting to attach the slave label to yourselves. You use that nigger word a lot. One might think that changing your own language might go further in raising your own self-esteem, instead of expecting white people to do it for you. Now that’s a slave mentality – expecting white people to give you what you need and/or want. Screaming is violence. Punching and pushing is violence. Screaming, punching and pushing are part of black culture that most white people don’t like – in fact most people world over don’t like that type of out of control behavior. It’s why so many black people are in prison. They lacked self-control.

When you can’t control your actions you are considered a threat to the rest of society who control their own behavior. They don’t need somebody else to do it for them. Civil disobedience to Black Lives Terrorists means setting people’s cars on fire, smashing windows, burning businesses, looting and invading somebody’s personal space by getting up into their face to scream their rage for the purpose of terrorizing them, while their message-people pop up all over television saying the protests are peaceful.

It’s bad optics in addition to being violent. You like the optics. You think the optics are making the white people viewing the violent protests at home fear you, so they’ll bend to your demands. In case you never cared to notice, white people don’t like being terrorized. A peaceful demonstration means you don’t break the law while protesting.

BLT are having a lot of trouble with the peaceful part, with their logic regarding what the laws really mean, and with their ability to follow the law. That does not excuse you, however. If you think you’re tricking white people, you could not be more wrong.

If you want a revolutionary war, then call it a war. Stop calling your protests peaceful. If that’s what peace looks like in the black community, then I’m not at all surprised at what’s going on in Chicago.

Hey, why doesn’t Barack Obama clean up Chicago?

Because he wants white people to do it for him.


Somebody needs to contact the leadership of the Black Lives Terror organization and tell them that the old white people they’re calling racist that they’ve targeted for death and destruction are all dead. And most of them weren’t racist. The old white people in existence now are baby boomers, from the generation of the anti-war movement, civil rights movement, women’s liberation movement, animal rights movement, flower children, peaceniks, make love not war, peace and love people.

There is not a military draft system in the USA because of them. Blacks, women and some animals have rights that they would not have if it weren’t for them. Even fathers and children have rights they would not have if it weren’t for them.

Blacks have a long way to go on the issues of women’s rights, children and animal rights. They’re not even on the board, because they cringe at anything having to do with the color white. The term ‘people of color’ tells it all. They leave white people out of the equation, even though worldwide white people are the minority. So do brown people. Once again Black Lives got it wrong. Terrorists always do.


In America people have the right to bear arms, whether they’re mentally ill or not. Those who want gun control are going to be hard-pressed to come up with a way to screen all gun owners and future gun owners for mental illness. There are a lot of mentally ill people in the USA. Most mentally ill people are not violent. There are also a lot of drug and alcohol addicted people in the USA, who are habitually impaired, who own guns.

Are we going to restrict those people from owning guns and how would we go about it? Present a plan that people can consider. Nobody presents a plan to the people. Why? Mentally ill people and drug and alcohol impaired people have a right to defend themselves.

The question should be, what would it take to be able to reasonably protect an individual and/or one’s family? Even that is a huge endeavor, first to figure it out, then to implement any sort of realistic plan for current and future gun owners, and then to devise a way to keep track of it all.

One can argue that rapid fire weapons would be useful for citizens to have, should some group try to overtake the government. Isn’t that the job of the military? Yet, the military isn’t large enough to cover the entire country, keeping all citizens safe, should that ever occur. It would be every person or family for themselves.

One could argue that silencers are beneficial if someone is murdering someone, or if one wants to remain unheard when hunting out of season. Are they making silencers for long guns? I’d say rapid fire guns and silencers should be banned for casual gun owners.

How about government assassins, do they get to freely own silencers and rapid fire guns?


Mouthing off isn’t freedom of speech. It’s incitement. I never witnessed a white person taunting or in any way disrespecting or abusing a black person. Neither have I ever witnessed a black person standing, sitting, kneeling or running in fear of a white person. I lived in many places among many cultures.

Black Lives talking heads are all over T.V. crying and screaming about being abused by white people. Rich football players are standing up to these so-called abusers of black people who come to watch their football games, wanting them to feel the pain of being abused, by ‘taking a knee’ to them or raising clenched fists to signal battle preparedness.

It appears that black people don’t like being pulled over by police officers for broken tail lights, or for swerving when driving, speeding, running red lights or stop signs, driving on sidewalks, driving without a license, registration or insurance etc. They apparently think it’s okay to drive drunk or drugged. Then they mouth off, deny and negotiate when stopped, which rarely leads to a good place.

You’re not supposed to negotiate with a police officer or argue your case. That’s for the courtroom. In our apartment lease it states that a tenant can be evicted for being argumentative. It’s new – an addendum. Seems there must have been a lot of so-called negotiating going on in the building regarding violations to the lease. Yet, Black Lives think it doesn’t apply to them. What part of ‘follow instructions’ do black people not understand?

Is this all blacks, or some blacks or a certain nationality of blacks or a particular intelligence level of blacks or a specific socio-economic group of blacks? Black Lives talking heads on T.V. are inciting white people by screaming, using exaggerated face, hand and arm movements. They either speak too loudly and rapidly or too loudly, distinctly and slowly to make their exaggerated claims of abuse against them by white people, which heightens a person’s anxiety thus fear level, of whoever happens to be watching it. And it’s intentional.

A Black Lives talking head on the Tucker Carlson show on T.V. became ecstatic when he expressed feeling fear when the NFL Green Bay Packers ‘took a knee’ on the football field during the singing of the National Anthem in response to President Trump calling those who disrespected the flag and the National Anthem son of a bitches. She even made him repeat it, so she could enjoy his fear a little longer while her eyes glistened with perverse pleasure at seeing someone afraid, then closed the deal she was somehow making with her devil by saying very slowly and distinctly and measured and long and drawn out, “now you know how we feel”.

For some odd reason I’m beginning to think that blacks have isolated themselves from anything white for so long, that they actually think white people don’t feel pain or suffer or have problems, or that they’re all rich and privileged. I also find it odd that they seem to be pitting the poor black man against the rich white man in all of their discussions on race. So the goal here is to make white people fear black people as well as to fear the disenfranchised white people who have answered Black Lives call to arm. I feared too, when the Green Bay Packers ‘took a knee’ in front of the entire world to disrespect the country that made them rich.

They did it in such a slow, intense, angry way, and then the way the camera panned for greatest effect enhanced the fear. If they had been a bunch of golfers or tennis players nobody would have felt fear, but these guys are killing machines by the sheer build of their bodies via training and growth  hormone supplementation. That display of force on the field was specifically engineered to elicit fear and provoke a response.

Nobody who pays to see a football game wants to be made fearful by the players. President Trump responded appropriately to that fear by calling them sons of bitches. Fear mongers do not belong on a football field, in a place of entertainment, with children. Long ago I wrote that it was okay to call a terrorist a disparaging name. Name-calling isn’t usually my mode of communication.

However, I join President Trump’s peaceful response to the terror I know he felt too as he witnessed that display of force week after week by a bunch of killing machines hijacking the media from a sports stadium to send a signal of battle preparedness around the globe. Simultaneous. There is nothing more powerful than that. And frightening. So what do you call these killing machines that hijack a stadium and the media to send a terror message simultaneously around the globe disrespecting the country that made them rich? I call them sons-of-mothers-without-manners. Don’t disrespect the dog.

It’s time to clean up your culture by acting civilized. Stop punching your girlfriends, wives, children, dogs. Tame your own rage. We’re not going to feed you any more white people to satisfy your cannibalistic politics. Go to the library and take out a book on manners. Blacks do not fear whites. Whites already fear blacks. You accomplished that – for decades now – by burning cities – villages they call them in Africa. The purpose is to terrorize the people or simply wipe them all out.

If you keep abusing white people, they will eventually pop. And you already showed them what to do and how to do it. Clean up Chicago. That’s your job. You created that hell. When in America, one must obey the laws in America. It concerns me that black leaders tell black ministers to tell their congregations to run when confronted by police, knowing full well that they’ll be shot. Getting shot and probably killed while unarmed has become Black Live’s method of raising socio-economic discrepancies between races. Human shields Israel would call them when referring to the Palestinians. It’s always between poor blacks and rich whites – the injustices they cite.

How about between rich blacks and poor blacks? That doesn’t count? There’s no discrepancy there? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because the world mostly sides with Palestine, that they will continue to do so absent any contribution by the Palestinians. The Puerto Ricans tried that trick, wanting the USA do all the work, while contributing nothing to the process of recovery after being hit with two hurricanes.

The world is quickly losing patience with the Palestinians who dig their heels in, and contribute nothing to the peace process. Continually making a group of people fear you, will result in the last-straw bomb-dropping method of solving a problem that could have been solved, had one party been more willing to find a solution. Chicago is nearing that point. The world will not side with American blacks who have it all. You should have made your cause about peaceful blacks, instead of going the criminal route using the quick Nigerian scam route of hijacking stadiums and media outlets.

Everybody sees right through it. Don’t think because you’re given your fifteen minutes of fame on all those 24/7 news shows that you’re winning something by terrorizing a nation. You’re losing. Terrorists always lose. When I’m stopped by the police, I don’t talk. I do whatever they ask. I answer only the question. I look straight ahead. I don’t try to engage them for the purpose of getting away with whatever they pulled me over for.

When blacks start mouthing off or talking rapidly when confronted by police, it signals guilt. Just accept the ticket. If you were right and the officer wrong, take it to court. That’s the process in America. With all the supposed contact by police that blacks claim to have, they should know that. You can’t short-cut the law. You can’t flail your arms, bug your eyes, get in the officer’s face, show your teeth and not expect the officer to instinctively go into self-defense mode. They’re not robots. They’re feeling, thinking human beings with families who are not breaking the law by the way. They’re not pigs. They’re human first. It is not their job to babysit your kids or you. They were not put on this earth to sacrifice their life for an out of control black person who still after all this time doesn’t know how to follow instructions.

This whole thing about comparing rich white people who get off for the same crimes that poor blacks go to jail for is getting old. Rich blacks get off all the time. It’s not about race. It’s about money. Hey, if you can’t pay the fine, don’t do the crime. Try policing yourselves. See how that goes. Clean up your culture, then clean up Chicago.

All cultures need a major culture cleaning. An overhaul. Throw out what no longer works. Stop clinging to the past that does not exist.

There is no legacy. You make your own future. It is not my job nor my place to live your life. Live it yourself. That whole thing about the legacy of slavery is something that white government people made up to satisfy blacks in the short-term. Africans invented slavery.

All cultures participated by stealing people outside of their tribes and making them subservient. Slavery exists all over the globe, and in America too. Ask all those rich, privileged ball players how many times they entertained themselves with human sex slaves – underage human sex slaves. Like I said, clean up your culture. White people are going to be dropping bombs where black people and sympathetic white people gather, just like blacks did to them. Burn cities. You taught them how to do it.

Antifa (anti-facsist) people advocating violence to suppress free speech don’t have a clue  as to what they’re up against. To say on one hand that you’re against dictatorial-styled governments, then on the other hand that you advocate silencing the voice of opposition makes no sense whatsoever. Antifa appears to be advocating for communism or Islam or socialism or bits of all three. They don’t even know. They tell you what candidate to vote for – like Michelle Obama did to women.

This era is starting to resemble the 1970’s only the social causes are to suppress free speech and open the gates to the prisons. Guess we’ll see how that goes. New phrase: culture cleaning. Remember: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked.

Nobody can eliminate prejudice from somebody else. It comes from within. Prejudice is normal until you start to discriminate unjustly.

Hey, if you’re not qualified for the job and somebody else is, it’s the qualified person the job needs to go to.


Black Supremacy rears its ugly ideology of hatred on 24/7 news cycles around the globe disguised as free speech. Black Headliners steal the show along with your soul if you let them. Beware the thousand dollar cuff links. First they steal the words that they use to describe themselves, so that you can’t use them, then they destroy your life if you are heard using their words.

Everybody knows if you tell somebody not to do something loud and clear and repeatedly across the globe, there will be many people who will do it just because they’re not going to let you tell them what they can and cannot say. So that’s a trap. Then they remove the same words from works of art, changing forever the truth of history. Then they take over the media, including entertainment done their way, raising up as Supreme their culture of violence, lawlessness and irresponsibility, while spitting on yours.

They spit every where they go every time they see a colorless person. Then they take white people’s best friends – dogs – and commit horrific atrocities against them, calling them dumb animals. There are no rights for animals in the Black Supremacy ideology/movement. Then they remove any links to your historical culture by removing your iconic statues and replacing them with their own. They change the names of streets and buildings to reflect Black culture rather than American culture. Then they burn the cities where you live and work, terrorizing you into submission. Then they takeover the sports arenas and force you to accept their political views without telling you what they are. Then they pit white people against white people, like two pit bulls not wanting to fight. Then they make you kneel before them – your new master. Then they broadcast it all over the globe for the entire world to see the “Making Of A Slave Race”.

Black Supremacy is in the soul of every African – no matter the land that ultimately spawns them. Then they tear down the wall to unite with Brown Supremacists to steal the final show, to strike the final blow to colorless existence. It’s war we’re at. It’s war we’re in. It’s called the unification of Black and Brown Supremacy. Welcome to America, where it’s legal to buy, trade and sell athletes.

POA (plan of action): Strike terror into the core of you to make you kneel before them. Then they own you. Then YOU spread it like a virus via the media around the world. The optics. It’s all about the optics. You willingly become their slaves. Kneeling did it. When people objected to the kneel, they changed the kneel to locking arms. It means the same thing. It’s a trick. Black Lives don’t want a debate nor do they want a conversation. They want to be on T.V. 24/7 espousing their ideology of hate toward white people.

Conversation to them means only they talk. Unless you continually praise them, they shout you down while diminishing you and your thoughts or opinions. They laugh at all you say. They try to convince you that you’re worthless and you need to work with them to change the world.

Frankly, I haven’t seen any world-changers on any of these shows. A lot of complainers about every little thing is what I see. But that’s a strategy too: wear you down with their constant complaining till you break and then they have you. They’re in for the purpose of controlling your thought process to their favor.

I’m wondering what this new America is going to look like – controlled by Black and Brown Supremacists. The absence of rational thought is what I see over and over again. It’s striking how evident it is – across the board of speakers. The absence of rational thought produces irrational actions. The absence of a rational thought process is the primary concern. Can it be cured?

That is my only focus, thus my only target. The ability to think and act logically and rationally. That’s the pin. Do not participate to appease anybody. This isn’t a joke. It is not harmless. It is a serious methodology used to takeover a nation without an army of guns.

Do not engage in any action that will be spread around the globe for every terror organization on earth to witness. You don’t understand the dynamics of what’s happening here. Black Lives Terrorists want a global stage. A savage is a savage. The color of skin, gender, ethnicity doesn’t matter. Savage is savage – nothing less. via Escobar movie: “Bad guys don’t play by the rules. That’s what makes them bad”.

Black Lives Terrorists want Blacks in America to be able to break the rules without consequences.

Does that make them bad guys?


The press ruins a person’s or a group’s strategy by exposing it then debating it to the point of ineffectiveness. ‘

We the people’ are not the press, and the press does not represent us – our elected politicians and officials do that. Members of the press aka journalists are spoilers – like spoiled kids they want to ruin all within their reach to ruin. They finish your sentence for you, then create your entire response in an interview by cleverly baiting, leading, stopping, starting, like lawyers in a courtroom.

The press is not the real court of public opinion. They are puppets used by advertisers that keep media shows in business and by governments that want to control the thought processes and actions of ‘we the people’ – and by businesses that want to control what you purchase to enhance your life or pad their bank accounts, and who purchases what.

The degree and amount of manipulation by the press via all these sources is the reason behind the lack of trust by ‘we the people’ have in the press and institutions which ‘feed’ them. There is more inaccurate news circulated than accurate news – in an effort to once again control how and what you think.

They pump you full of useless information, while hiding the information you need to know to form responsible opinions on current events. It’s a giant waste of time. Perhaps the only solution to being manipulated by the press and their associated institutions is to stop watching them until the ones feeding us inaccurate news stop.

Did you ever notice that the press isn’t really talking to you, the individual tuning into their show, but for the most part to the President of the United States or any other head of State that pops into your head? When they need you to vote a certain way, that’s when the sway of you begins. It’s never accurate. It’s all built on the strategy of keeping you in the dark while making you think you’re in the know.


Michelle Obama sought to encumber the women who voted for Donald Trump with guilt as she spoke about their actions and them as women in disparaging terms. According to Michelle Obama, “As far as I’m concerned, any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice”. She goes on with, “You didn’t like your voice. You like the thing you’re told to do.”

Well, Donald Trump won and Michelle Obama didn’t lose her voice. In fact, she has a bigger voice now under Trump than she had under her husband. “When they go low, we go high” was not evident as No Manners Michelle hit a low one against all women who freely voted for the candidate of their choice.

In America that right for women is afforded under the 19th Amendment to the USA Constitution and it is in bad manners to try to fix the election after the fact by demeaning women for exercising that freedom as well as their right to select the candidate they want to see in office.

The reason women didn’t get the right to vote for so long was because men didn’t think women were savvy enough or smart enough or current enough in affairs outside the home to pick the right candidate. Michelle Obama through her hurtful words obviously agreed with the concerns of those men, that led to the discrimination against all women for so long.

Michelle Obama continued by saying that part of hers and her husband’s legacy was to lead with grace. Yet, there was nothing graceful about those demeaning comments about the women who didn’t vote for Obama’s candidate. Hillary Clinton lost a primary to Barack Obama. Did Michelle vote for Hillary Clinton during that primary? Please don’t tell people how to vote or for whom. It is our right to make up our own minds. You didn’t like Russia and every other country on earth weighing in on our politics and candidate choices. Hillary Clinton is not my voice, nor has she ever been my voice. Barack Obama wasn’t and Donald Trump isn’t. Michelle Obama isn’t either. I am my own voice and I will vote for whomever I want without apology or explanation.


Frankly, I’ve never witnessed in my lifetime the power that one man has over the emotional responses of so many people worldwide – instantaneously. This is no slow burner. He pops people. One person does all that with a tweet – less than 144 characters. Usually it’s a massive government operation designed to sway the population of a people into thinking for the purpose of behaving in a pre-designated way over time, that eventually gets the attention of the populace as being overly manipulative.

What he does – is a pop. He punches back when he gets punched. Everyone said he couldn’t be president with such thin skin, but as it turns out, the skin of the opposition is thinner. Much thinner. Hysteria type of thin. So, my suggestion is to practice what you preach. Don’t throw the first punch. Get control of your emotions. You punch him, then you go hysterical when he fights back.

You all do it like clockwork. It makes for great theatre if you like that kind of theatre – angry, popped heads jumping off your necks, eyes lobbing all over the place as if you’re covering all your bases with your faces as you shout non-stop your highly charged name-calling rants – the very behavior you tell him to stop doing, you’re doing.

Wake up. Startle yourself. Step away from yourself. See yourself looking and acting like you tell him not to look and act. Who do you think you are, his mother? You are too emotionally involved with this man whom you desperately want to control, who doesn’t want to be controlled. By YOU? Really? What delusional fantasy drug are you taking whereby you would even think that your job as a journalist was to control a president? What a president thinks, says and does? Or you’ll bring him down? That’s crazy talk.

You don’t get to beat somebody up, then tell the one you beat up to just walk away. Listen to yourselves. You get paid to keep your cool, to report the news, not to make the news by making it clear that your job now is to take down a president.

Hillary Clinton engaged in the same mud-slinging behavior. She lost the election because she repeatedly disrespected a foreign leader during her campaign, then lectured white people on racism to make black people vote for her. If she thought she was going to be president, she wouldn’t have been playing on a Russian prejudice that evidently didn’t exist in the USA. And, Blacks don’t respect people who turn on their own. They use them. They don’t trust them. She used prejudice to win and lost.

Donald Trump is one person. When he speaks, he speaks alone. The pile-on by news analysts and journalists and commentators and people who actually have their own shows after he speaks anything is nothing like I’ve ever witnessed. It’s pure ugly. It’s the devil, the evil, in all of you being unleashed on one man, one person, the President of the United States. He is supposed to turn the other way when you pile on the abuse – according to you. That’s the protocol. That’s how the system works. That’s how the system has always worked.

Well, if that is so, and I’m not denying it, then the system of governing is rigged. It’s fake out front in view of the populace for the purpose of keeping the populace from knowing what’s really going on in their government. Donald Trump triggers you, because he won’t let you control him. That’s on you. He triggers you when he responds at all. That’s on you.

He knows what you’re doing. The game you’re playing. I don’t want to watch wimps lie on T.V.

Hysteria is a wimp response. A component of hysteria is filling in the blanks with anything that comes to mind that is also destructive.

Hysterics are not reality based. Responding in kind is also a wimp response.

This all goes for you too Mr. World Leader.

Set the example without saying you’re setting the example. When you say you’re taking the high road, everybody knows the high road isn’t familiar to you, that you’re faking being nice. To congress and all public officials, I’m sick of seeing you expose your ugly.

It serves no purpose except to incite the populace into a frenzy, whereby they turn on family, friends and associates. Donald Trump isn’t doing that, you are. If somebody can’t work with Donald Trump, they can’t work with anybody. Fire all the asses who refuse to work with the President of the United States. He likes and wants results. You all like to delay, delay, delay till the next election. I don’t care who else did it.

We’re here now. I don’t expect any further delay from any of you. Politics in America has a new face – and it’s way overdue. Accept it and work with it.

GIFTED ANIMALS EXIST IN ALL SPECIES|RACES Just as there are gifted human animals within the human species/race, so are there other gifted animals within their respective species/races. In fact, in all species/races gifted animals are known to exist.

‘They don’t speak our language, look like us, have our mores, share or understand our culture, think and act like we do. They don’t accomplish what we accomplish, perform the same tasks the way we do, appreciate and endeavor, feel and care’ – are all statements once made about black people of Africa, island people and otherwise indigenous people all over the globe.

Indigenous people have also made the same claims toward those who saw them as less.

In Cleveland, Ohio where I live I’ve heard many times various black Africans from all walks of life refer to other species as dumb animals. In the animal rights realm, they are not even on the board yet – as a race or even as an ethnicity.

Of the fifty-four countries in Africa I’ve never heard nor read of any of the inhabitants of any of them not eating animals by choice. That needs to change. Why not start in America? Black people love to eat animals – like most other races do.

Yet, other races and ethnicities are seeing the wrongness of the way and working to change what their ancestors did wrong for millennia.


When you’re in the process of tearing down monuments that remind you of badder sadder days in the USA, Don’t Forget the Viet Nam Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the CIA torture Museum. Nobody wins wars. Everybody loses. Don’t make this only about Africa’s fight in the USA and elsewhere. Remember, elsewhere isn’t where you’re allowed to act freely. Africa still buys, sells and steals slaves. Nobody is free in Africa.

Africans invented slavery if we are to believe that humans grew first on that continent. If you want to get rid of slavery, then you must get rid of all the tribes – everywhere. The Native Americans have to go too. They have a big slave history. A black slave isn’t any more worthy than any other color slave of any other tribe. Remember also that achieving success through fear eventually turns into failure.

Don’t Forget Mount Rushmore. In fact, the entire human race must go. You’re all slave owners. You enslave, torture and slaughter billions of members of the Animal Kingdom every day of every year. You are a slave master. You hold prejudicial and discriminatory court against all those you consider the underlings in the kingdom. You’re a dictator who thirsts for the taste of blood and flesh – theirs. There is no issue of moral equivalency here, since the other animals do you no harm.

You go looking for them, because you’re too lazy to grow your own food – you steal from them their lives. Then you brag about it. How good they tasted. You keep their heads as trophies – monuments on your walls or as pictures that you show everyone to let others know your power so they too will fear you. Yeah, but I ate him. That’s supposed to make me feel better? Don’t Forget Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial DOWN. When somebody starts talking about moral equivalency, all they’re really saying is that their motives for lighting you on fire are better than your motives for lighting them on fire. You both use the same violent methods, but you’re right and they’re wrong. I

t’s best you backtrack to the MORALITY OF THE METHOD used to achieve your goal. Moral equivalency talk doesn’t belong in the conversation until you address the Morality Of The Method. If your method is as bad as theirs is, then you are as bad as they are. Period. The ends justifying the means hasn’t worked long-term – ever. It only works short-term, before the problem arises once more and will keep rising, since you can’t kill a problem.

A problem must be solved absent fear and absent violence. What blacks and whites consider violence differs dramatically, depending upon who is the target and who is delivering the message. Don’t forget Nelson Mandela the King of the tire necklaces.

Take his statues DOWN! NOW. He freed himself from slavery only to become a slave owner. How often? Every time. It happens wherever and whenever the methods used are the same violent, horrific methods as the opposition. The methods change you, they do. Either way they change you.

Did you learn from Syria? Tell me who is the good and the bad? You cannot answer accurately without lying or without responding like an ignorant fool. You become the offender or you liberate by living the peace, by being the peace, not by manipulating somebody into giving you their candy without having to punch them in the face for it.

What’s the matter with your brain? Don’t Forget that statue you have of yourself in your mind. Yes, it’s time. I’m not going to respect them unless they respect me? Who are you kidding? You don’t know how to respect someone. So how do I do it? Are you sure you want to eat the soul of the animal you murdered? Killed? Slaughtered? Had someone snuff him/her for you? Because you don’t like the gore you prefer eating it all cleaned up?


Do I have to scream as loud as you scream for you to hear me? Do I have to call you names, like you do, to get your attention? What is wrong with your life that you think I can fix? What is wrong with your life that you can’t fix yourself?

Screaming and calling names are attention grabbers. Beyond that there is nothing. No problem stated nor solution offered. So you’re looking for someone else to take care of you when you don’t know how you want to be taken care of? You want somebody else to figure it out? You’re looking for a mother a father? A God? Anybody? Because your life is out of control? And who lost that?

Somebody else forced you to lose control of your life? All these rich talking heads on television 24/7 are the ones losing it. Out of control they are, because they think somebody is going to steal their money and give it to the poor. They don’t like unpredictability.

If you want change, then unpredictability is part of the process. If you stop screaming long enough and stop assaulting everybody with your mouth, you’ll grow into a change that suits you better.

Blocking change does not make anybody’s life better. You don’t need to build a wall, you are the wall. Who did you eat last night for supper? Cannibal! Tear down that wall.


Milk falls under the category of flesh and blood. You can’t eat the flesh without eating the blood – no matter how you wash the flesh, capillaries still ruin the show. Milk is about the baby that grows within the organism. The offspring cannot exist without the milk to nourish it once it leaves the organism. I can’t exist without the blood, so I am the blood. I cannot exist without my flesh, so I am the flesh. The baby cannot exist without the milk so the baby is the milk – until weaned from it.

To me,  All three act as providers of protection for the total organism, while being parts of the organism to keep the organism intact, nurtured, able to fight off disease and capable of reproducing itself, given the complimentary seed to do it.

Blood and milk have as a common factor a foundation of plasma (milk plasma, blood plasma) that act as delivery systems to carry essential nutrients and components to the main organism and/or to the new-born once released from the main organism.

Since all genders of humans have mammary glands that under certain conditions are capable of producing milk, then it is the milk, flesh and blood that nourishes, protects, sustains the body. The milk, flesh and blood is the body. None of these three components works independently of the other.

Proteins, vitamins and minerals etc. found in flesh or tissue are also found in milk and blood. Vitamin B12 is in the milk as well as in the blood and other body tissues.

Both male and female humans have mammary glands with which to feed thus perpetuate the human race.


You can flip that coin till you reach a 50/50 ratio of heads to tails. But the rate at which you achieve it each time cannot be accurately predicted due to intervening variables which accelerate or decelerate the process. So stop making predictions based on ‘all other variables being equal’ or based on ‘in a perfect world’.

All other variables are never equal and the world is never perfect. You fill the world with lies, deceptions and partial truths to the point where the world is on deception overload, because all your predictions, thus consequent actions, were based on the flawed premises of all things being equal and we live in a perfect world.

You made the predictions based on false premises. Period. It doesn’t matter that the false premises acted as your disclaimer in your mind. That fact in itself negates your predictions. So stop doing them. You’re hurting the world. The world is full of lies. When you tip the scales between lies and truths in favor of lies, then the world implodes or explodes depending on the degree of the tip and in what direction it tips. WATCH OUT. We are in a TIP. Correct it or make it worse. You have the power.


You can hide your hysteria. I know you can, because you did it before. Nobody can work with a person in hysterics. Fire in a theatre. Bomb on a plane. Screaming I’m going to die in an elevator containing twelve people, stuck between floors.

Yes, it is the same thing – what talking heads are doing across the air-waves, throughout all media outlets. Hysteria, hysteria, hysteria. What government officials are doing throughout the land.

Saying you’re calm when you’re not doesn’t make you less of an hysteric. Hysteria is one thing nobody can work with – or around – unless you totally separate yourself from their irrational thought process designed to disrupt instead of facilitate.

I can’t work with you. Sorry for you. Until you come out of your fugue state. You can do it. I know you can, because you did it before. Your hysteria is ugly. Your on-going Madison Avenue-designed ‘the sky is falling’ is pathological.

Mass hysteria always leads to a bad place – for everyone.


Take it to the people. We the people decide in a National referendum. Yay, nay, go back to the drawing board. We need to hear from everybody. A few plants the CIA News puts on all its favorite outlets needs to end. You don’t speak for us. Stop insulting us. You are a terrorist organization built on torture and hiring people who will kill their families if ordered by you to do it.

Make available online the entire bill to all people. Easy to locate. Put it on a .gov site. Let the people vote online. Announce it repeatedly on all the news channels/stations. Give people time to read it. Why isn’t anyone from the news outlets telling people where they can locate the Health Care Bill to read online? The social engineering people are at it again. The government wants total control over your health care, but they’re against universal health care coverage.

Somebody is losing here and it’s not them. I wonder if the government owns stock in the health care industry? Anyone even ask? It’s The People’s Health Care Bill, not Obama’s Bill not Trump’s Bill. They have all the coverage they’ll ever need – so do their families.

It’s the People’s Bill. You disrespect ‘we the people’ when you want to put your name on something you already get. Does any part of the government invest in the market? We deserve to know. Yes we do. When top lawmakers act giddy on T.V., then you know they’re ‘taking candy from a baby’ right out in full view and are getting away with it.

I’ll bet Paul Ryan acts the same way each time he hunts and kills an unsuspecting, defenseless animal. Where’s the million people march for health care? Healthy people make for a healthy nation. Get your heads out of the booze and drug closet and vote for what will make we the people healthy not ‘broke’.

Take bankrupt vs. health off the table and out of the bill. How about insider trading? Does the government engage in that? It’s hard to believe that the democrats in congress were so paralyzed by their defeat in the presidential election that they didn’t present an opposing or alternate health care bill. That is gross incompetency. Even Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton recognized that Obamacare needed improvement. It was a beginning not an end.

Senator Chuck Schumer acts like they needed to be invited to contribute. Do you really want such meek, weak people representing you in life and death decisions? People who crumble like a dry cookie when their party loses an election?


The easiest part is changing people’s minds. The toughest part is implementing the change that nobody knows they want because they were brainwashed into wanting something that is not yet available.

Governments like to prepare their people for change before that which they’re changing is logistically ready to be changed. Preparation on the ground. Have the product before you try to sell it, otherwise you’re selling a ghost that nobody understands. We think this will work? What?? You need a plan before you start the process. You need planners who know what they’re doing, and not just winging it.

Five Principles To A Better Life are always available to everyone. They never change. No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Prejudice leads to discrimination; discrimination leads to enslavement; enslavement leads to torture; torture leads to slaughter… if left unchecked.

Societies can not survive, they are not sustainable, when embracing the Five Flaws: prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. You need to stop letting the drug addicts and alcoholics run the social engineering program at CNN and every other so-called news outlet.

These outlets have done a lot of damage, because nobody knows what they’re doing and nobody cares because all they plan on is how to make it to their next alcohol, drug and gambling fix. Conduct random drug and alcohol testing before those talking heads get on the air to spew their hatred while calling to action terrorists all over the globe – all in the name of making life better for whomever the talking head is representing at any given moment.

Have a separate program called Tabloid Fake News that those degenerates can use to spew their manifestos and plans for how quickly they can destroy the planet and reverse positive progress that took centuries to accomplish.

You don’t decide whose time it is to benefit from anything. The forces of nature determine that. So do your job unencumbered by drugs and alcohol or go to the Tabloid Fake News Channel and work through your addictions there.

I’m sick of looking at your blood-shot glassy eyes while you stumble through the homework you didn’t do the night before. How much do you get paid to drink and drug at work?

Rachael Maddow has a bar in her office? Oh, the CIA guy or gal have your backs? They write the scripts, we’re only the puppets. I rest my case. I guess they’d need a liquored up drugged up human to do that job.


Colorless People Of The World are the minority. Fair-skinned, light-skinned, no color, colorless, doesn’t matter, we have color and you don’t. Blonde hair blues eyes we hate you. The colorless minority, in other words white people, don’t have a group identity except for the identity People Of Color give to them – evil is what they’re called. Someone to take advantage of. Weak, fearful they call us.

Colorless People fought against all odds to advance the planet, improve their lives and the lives of the rest of the world. Still, they’re called evil. Even now they fight for the rights of non-human animals. Colorless people fight for everybody’s rights, but nobody ever fights for THE RIGHTS OF THE COLORLESS. Because they’re a minority more is expected and less is given.

Everything needs to be earned. But they don’t care, because they set the trend, they invent the products, they move the planet ahead. Colorless people understand the word cog. Yeah, color me colorless. I’m proud of my colorless contributions to myself, my family, my community and my world.

‘NIGGER(S)’ If you want to own the word ‘nigger(s)’, you’re going to have to trademark it for the purpose of commerce.

A company or an individual, not a race, will then own the rights to its usage, which means the company or individual can go after anybody who uses it illegally, which means most blacks. Get ready to get sued. You can’t grandfather an entire race of people and you can’t change trademark laws based on race.

Get ready for a fight you will win or lose. Don’t cry to me because you like to chase ghosts instead of living and thriving in the real world. You brought this on yourselves by claiming cultural appropriation when white people dressed up your slums and made money from it.

Hey, you could have celebrated your culture by opening businesses to reflect it. You could have dressed it up. You didn’t own the building, so you weren’t going to improve it. That’s your flaw.

When my mother and father rented an apartment they could afford in a not so nice part of town, they didn’t take that attitude of ‘we don’t own it so we don’t fix it’. They fixed it up real pretty. A little plaster, sandpaper, paint, hammer and nails, water, soap, steel wool and a lot of work. They didn’t get paid for it. The landlord didn’t provide the tools.

My parents did. And we always lived in a very nice place because of it. Stop being so selfish. Since when are the slums your culture anyway? I lived in lots of slums and I’m white. What do I get? I dress my own place up. For hundreds of years you did nothing but complain, while the holes got bigger and bigger in your walls.

So somebody else saw the opportunity and thought yeah, let’s dress this up and make some money. Tough luck. It’s your own fault. You don’t get to cash in on somebody else’s hard work. Next time buy your own paint and sew your own curtains and you might find the will that you lacked all these years.

You don’t get to come in at the end of the race and claim a prize that isn’t yours to claim. Nobody owns a culture. And like I say, if you want to own a word, then trademark it for the purpose of commerce. Stop looking for pity.

The world is sick and tired of pity-seekers, or those who get paid to seek pity on the behalf of others.


This is how Arabs show their prejudice: They take the goofiest Jew on the planet and hold him/her up against the smartest, wealthiest most influential Arab on the planet and have a big laugh over the perceived discrepancy.

Arabs laugh a lot – at other races, cultures and nationalities and genders …. Especially when they’re in a group, men and/or women, laugh about everything. You move they laugh. You gesture they laugh, you speak they laugh. About anything, speak about anything. They laugh.

Chinese mostly refrain from public humiliation. When they do it in private, it gets ugly fast. Japanese, when in a group, pile on with laughter at their target – anyone not them and preferably white – meaning Jew. The more public the better, and the more of them than you the better. That’s how stupid Japanese are. They think all white people are Jew.

Russians laugh at people too. They like to talk about you in front of you in Russian, so you can’t tell what they’re saying, while looking at you and laughing, shaking their heads up and down in agreement with whatever they’re telling themselves about you – bad of course.

They can tell the difference between white and almost white and every shade of white. White is very much a color to Russians. All shades of all colors contain white to Russia.

Africans would be well advised to refrain from comparing white people to black people when they don’t have a clue about color. Even I’m laughing at that phrase ‘people of color’ that Africans dreamed up to make themselves appear superior to all humans and other animals, more worthy of handouts by the universe based solely on the perceived color of their skin.

That’s all you got?? To make yourself superior, more worthy? The color of your skin? Got some skills? Something the universe wants? We don’t need any more violence skills, hit men, hit women, pull somebody’s teeth out for us skills.

There’s not much interest in that any more. It’s, how do I say, passé? Black people in America laugh at people being burned alive. The color of the one being burned alive doesn’t matter when they laugh that peculiar laugh that sounds like they’re enjoying it.

Some things everybody laughs at. Some things are culture-specific and/or race-affiliated. The more everybody thinks it’s funny – across all lines – the greater probability that what they’re laughing at really is just funny.

The greater the divide, the greater the harm to everyone.


I was going to take one week to assess your weaknesses before meeting with you. Then I decided against it. You didn’t want me to see your weaknesses did you? Instead, I’m going to observe your strengths in the field for one week. Then we’ll finish up in the office. One week from today.


You don’t have to like old people just because they’re old. You don’t have to dislike old people just because they’re old. Not all old people are the same. No they’re not. Old prejudice leads to new disdain. Disdain leads to new discrimination.


There’s a reason why it’s easier to say no than yes – universally easier. It’s easier to change your mind from no to yes, than from yes to no. It’s a con move. Reject then accept ends in happy. Accept then reject ends in angry.

Acceptance (yes) is positive. Rejection (no) is negative. Initially saying no leaves room for negotiation. Anything is better than no.

Even if I get a little it’s better than getting nothing. Initially saying yes leaves no room for positive movement. Any movement will be regarded as negative. No until I think about it, means somebody is going to gain something. Yes, until I think about it, means somebody is going to lose something. It’s a con reaction that universally is used and accepted as valuable.


I think people who buy pit bulls have the fighter anti-social personality that’s bred into a pit bull.

These dogs are bred to fight and kill. Maybe the owner/master of these dogs see themselves in the pit bulls they buy – as misunderstood beings and if only someone gave them the care and attention they crave, then they wouldn’t possess those traits. This of course implies that the traits are not bred into the animal, but that they’re learned. If they can be learned, then they can be unlearned.

But we know those traits are bred into the animal.

People buy fighting dogs for a reason. This dog loves only me, and protects only me or me and my family and I’m going to show the world how wonderful these creatures are by showing me interacting with a pit bull on Facebook and isn’t this all lovely?

Most dogs are friendly to their owners, no matter how badly they’re treated or the nature of their genetic make-up. It’s when the owner isn’t there that the problems arise – when the owner is at work or elsewhere and the pit jumps the fence and does a number on one of the neighbors. Often children. Or when the owner is taking a nap and wants the dog outside to alert the napper to intruders. Again, so easy to jump that fence, or a neighbor kid open it, then next thing you know there’s a knock at your door and it’s a police officer with animal control in tow.

Now I know that children tease dogs. When I moved to Cleveland Heights, Ohio many times I’d look out the back window to check on the dogs and the neighborhood kids would be poking sticks through the fence taunting them. I know humans do it too. I also know that owners of pit bulls know their dog can be provoked. They provoke them, then settle them in the training process of making them do what they want them to do.

It’s for the owner, not the passer-by or the neighbor. Those people aren’t going to be able to control your pit with your commands like you can. You need to understand this. And it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. As unfair as that is, it is still your responsibility to control your dog even when you are not there.

It makes more sense to leave the dog in the house when you’re not at home. If you’re worried the dog is going to tear up the house, then you haven’t trained the dog or maybe you shouldn’t have one. Make one room for the dog or part of a room, or buy a big cage. Figure it out.

It is also your responsibility as an owner to protect your dog from people who might think provoking or taunting a dog is funny. Or when you are at home making sure you have a secure fence with no means of escape. If you’re napping, your dog belongs inside with you. You don’t nap while your kids play outside in the yard do you? Well, if you do, stop now. Any stranger could whisk your child away in an instant.

All it takes is a little planning and concern for your pit and those your pit might attack if allowed to roam free of your property. Remember, if you hit your dog, at some point your dog will hit somebody else.


Your country of origin is where you were born not the group you were born into.

A group is not a country. An individual is not a country.

However, Jews and Muslims want the world to accept that their respective countries of origin are themselves, no matter where they were actually born.

I’m a Muslim first. I’m a Jew first. Their ideology is them. It can exist in all nations, all regions, any place on earth as long as they populate those places.

Earth is their country of origin. One Muslim or one Jew on earth makes it theirs. Who came first the Muslim or the Jew? I don’t have a clue, and frankly I don’t want a clue.

The problem arising from two groups claiming ownership of a planet is who will ultimately gain control of that planet?

No other groups have yet to claim earth as their country of origin based on an ideology that makes the individual and group a country, whereby any place they populate becomes theirs by their mere presence in it.

The Jews in some way are trying to create a country of origin, as fake as it may be, so that Jews worldwide can come home to an Israeli Mecca six times a year. The issue here would be that Mecca is the birthplace of both the Prophet Muhammad and the religion he founded. Israel only has Jesus, which could make sense, Jerusalem and the religion he founded.

But Jews deny Jesus any special accolades of that nature, so that leaves the Jews without an Internationally recognized place where Jews could pray to six times a day, while adhering to the principles set forth by Jesus? Set forth by whom?

Oh it’s complicated they always say. You wouldn’t understand it. It always is complicated when trying to pull the hood over somebody’s lie.

There’s always a fifth wheel isn’t there? Or, twos company, threes a crowd?

So in comes Christianity. I can see why they want Jesus and Jerusalem for themselves. But they don’t. They want Jews to have it. That defies any coherent explanation, except the ‘it’s too complicated’ one.

David. Star of David isn’t a place. It’s a symbol of connectivity between internal and external aspects of God, Torah and Israel – meaning pretty much that it was all in the mind, not based on a person that could be raised up as their prophet and originator of their religion. Unless of course they want to say that King David is their leader and prophet, but Jews don’t want prophets.

The Muslims have Mecca, which means their country of origin would be Saudi Arabia. But Muslims don’t reference Saudi Arabia when they reference Mecca. The country doesn’t matter. It’s all in the mind. It’s all in the ideology.

Israel is the people, the law, the country the world hasn’t recognized yet.

Islam is the people, the law, the planet.

Who is going to win?


‘The majority rules’ doesn’t mean the majority is right. All systems are flawed. Democracy can satisfy, fifty-one percent of the people, which leaves forty-nine percent disgruntled. Out of that fifty-one percent, people still may not be satisfied within that group, since the final choice between two candidates often results in choosing the lesser of the two unsuitable candidates.

That’s the price of democracy.  A raise of hands. The yeas and nays. How many for? How many against? That’s our system.

Democracy is the best system to date that we as American Missionaries work hard to export to other countries many times at the cost of life, limb and peace of mind. Democracy is the reason many immigrants risk, life, limb and peace of mind to come to America to take part in the democratic way of life, even when the outcome is not always right, and not always in their favor.

We have term limits, which is designed to fix the mistakes we as voters make. Vote them in, we don’t like their performance, vote them out.

Instead of debunking the system that is not always right, develop a better system. It’s easy to complain absent a solution.

The world is big on complaints and short on solutions.

Be big on solutions.

Our best solutions in our minds always end up in destruction mode. We think the destruction method is expedient. We’re loud, violent, won’t let up till the so and so elected official is gone, we get louder and more forceful, all-consuming of our time and energy, inviting others to the fight, then threaten if they don’t join, all the while sure, absolutely sure, that this is the only way, by legal or any other means, to destroy this elected official, make stuff up, make the populace angry as hell, shout over everybody else, put on the best all-out psycho performance to show how crazy you can really get if you don’t have your way and get this person booted out of office, you will literally blow up the planet and everything on it, knowing full well that just before you push the button or pull the switch this person will leave on their own volition and you can claim victory over running somebody out of office, the one you didn’t want, rather than wait the customary amount of time to vote out this elected official and vote in the one everybody supposedly really wants.

Who might that be? Remember Bashar Hafez al-Assad of Syria. A half million people dead, a country in ruin, a global catastrophe and he’s still standing.

Find a better way by working with what you have, until such time you can vote the people you don’t like out, or change the system requiring a larger majority than fifty-one percent, which would satisfy, at least theoretically, a greater number of voters.

America is always split fifty-fifty or thereabouts. If the bar is raised, the people will fall into line with the new requirement. The country will become sixty-one to fifty-nine. That sounds like too much of a dictatorship. Maybe we’ll all get stuck in our little box and nothing will ever get solved. That’s where we are now – stuck in our little box.

Our political system may as well be a flip of the coin with a fifty-fifty, one point over the line wins, way of deciding who rules. We’re always hearing on the news that the country is equally divided. Then change the divide and see what happens. Or not. If we can never reach more than just over the line of fifty percent in agreement or against, then we must accept our fate of always being pretty much equally divided – meaning always at odds with whatever the outcome is.

Perhaps we need to stop treating our politics like a sport, whereby there are two teams with fans on either side cheering for their team to win.

We need to find a way to satisfy more people, and stop being disgruntled just because you relish the devilish role, the feeling of adrenaline pumping blood faster than need be through your over-stretched veins, the power to spew whatever comes out must be right, cause it’s coming from you, mentality that being disgruntled provides you. It’s no fun being satisfied. You like to fight and as long as it isn’t you getting hurt, then you’ll work your mouth off to destroy the target of the day.

Develop another system, find a different way, work on a new solution to an old problem. “If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem is not a solution”. It’s a lazy person’s way of passing the responsibility onto anybody they say it to. You don’t need any more bumper sticker sayings. You need real thinking, problem-solving people.

Raise the bar to sixty-one percent majority across the board. Redefine majority within a political context. That way you won’t always have half the people disgruntled. At least sixty-one percent will be satisfied.

But oh no, the minority wants to rule. Then make a better case for your plan being the plan that works for everyone – and it will become the majority. Just telling people it will work for everyone isn’t enough. Why should anyone believe you?

Too much work. I’d rather role the dice.

Then you gambled and won, or you gambled and lost.

Don’t cry to me.


In the future I see there is no in-between pauper and privileged – only people trying to act like they’re in-between.

Nobody likes rich people, even rich people don’t like each other. It’s all fake when you see them being nice to each other in public. In private they’re all paranoid.

Nobody likes poor people either. Even poor people don’t like poor people. All this camaraderie when they see each other in public, showing some kind of unity, makes them feel connected and powerful. They hardly know each other.

Rich people hate poor people, because they drain their resources and make them feel uneasy. Poor people repulse rich people. They fear what repulses them. Poor people grovel. Rich people hate that.

Poor people hate rich people. Rich people get all the money and poor people do all the work. Poor people will act like they love rich people to their face, then stab them in the back when talking to their poor friends.

Rich people and poor people alike have no loyalty. The rich want to stay rich and the poor want to get rich, which means scruples will be compromised.

In future poor will fight to get to middle, and rich falling will fight to land in middle. But the middle is just a myth. It’s all about appearances. Can you look and act middle? Then you’re in. Everybody likes middle. Future I’m talking. Stop criticizing before I’m done. That’s a pauper and a privileged trait. Get rid of it.

If you’re going to start defining middle like you have to cut the baby in half, or like middle means mediocrity, then you’re a bigger fool than even I thought.

Get to work on grabbing your piece of the middle. Status = Middle.

THE MIDDLE IS JUST A MYTH – a myth worth achieving, a myth working for you, because you’re creating the illusion.

Figure it out yourself. I’m already working on my middle. I’m not going to work on yours too.


Many people and/or groups respect some animals and not others.

Some species are preferred over others. Revered even.

Other species are considered not worthy of life, except when keeping a species or a certain number of a certain species alive benefits humans in some way. The suffering that these animals within a species incur to serve the purpose of the human is irrelevant to the attitude of those using and abusing them for their benefit.

I’ve heard many people quote others who suggest that when humans respect other species, then they will respect other humans. But no one seems all that concerned about humans respecting other humans, except where that disrespect might lose one group some benefit and/or privilege that they seek.

Humans have their favorite animals. That’s a good place to start. At least it’s not all-out war on all animals, though the number enslaved, tortured and slaughtered staggers even the universe. What’s happening on PLANET EARTH? Why are humans destroying all these animals who aren’t a threat to their existence? Why do they farm animals for food in place of plants?

Stopping oppression of other species, to the extent of not enslaving, torturing and slaughtering them will not change human behavior toward each other. There will still be prejudices and discrimination that results from those prejudices – some justified, some not. When you get to the point of enslavement by rejection, you’ve gone too far. You might as well give all humans a jail cell.

There are just too many people who don’t like other people, even people within their own families. There is going to have to be a huge correction in the DNA of the human race, which probably is already on course to open doors to reconciliation without demands, acceptance without retribution or revenge.

Seeing others as ourselves. Seeing the white person in the black person, the black person in the white person. Yeah, he looks a little like my sister, only he’s black. Crazy? Foxy? No mink for me. I’ve got my own hide to groom. Don’t need another animal on my back. My dog Howdy we used to call Grandpa, because elements of his personality reminded us of my father.

Opening up our reality, seeing ourselves in all others. That flea had the most beautiful blue eyes and orange eye lashes.

Culture is what makes us different. Change the culture and change the prejudice.

Superiority – one group (or individual) claiming to be better than or more important than another group (or individual). That betterness and greater importance lends some to think they deserve more than others. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.  But to what extent if they do, and to what extent if they don’t? Who decides? Paupers and the Privileged who eat Paupers.

Maybe some worked harder, sacrificed more, maybe others didn’t have the opportunity and if they had, how would that have turned out for them? Lots of people become rich by winning the lottery and then go bankrupt. They didn’t have a plan along with the dream to be rich. Somebody isn’t suddenly going to plant you in rich land and like magic you’re going to know how to act, what to think, say and how to maneuver your way in new territory.

Too many Paupers and Privileged believe in magic, when they don’t want to do the work of getting something they covet.

I don’t want the Pauper nor the Privileged deciding my fate. We need to do that for ourselves independent of outside forces.

Regarding animals who eat other animals to survive? The ones they eat are on the path to extinction, which means they are also on that same path. When you are dependent on a species that will become extinct because you keep eating them, there is only one ultimate outcome for you.


Vegans are always lamenting over the bad treatment toward nonhuman animals by humans (the human animal).

We’re all animals, so why no camaraderie toward other species? Why no professional courtesy?

The vegans trolling Facebook are always angry at the human, why, why, why, followed by bad-name-slinging and insults. Yet, when they’re criticized they can’t handle it. They run like the little mischief-making trolls they are back to a safe place.

If these trolls are really vegan, and you know that in this world they weren’t always vegan and even when they became vegan, they slipped up plenty of times just because it’s impossible to be totally vegan in a world that has yet to accept it. So all they had to do was retrace their own steps. Retrace the process. Then go back and think about how they wanted to be treated before they even knew anything about other animals deserving rights. They think, erroneously, that abusing a person will make that person do what they want them to do, while at the same time wanting to be their sponsor. It’s like raping someone then asking them out for a date in a rape culture.

It doesn’t work that way. Even if it worked for some of them, it won’t last, because all it does is make the abused want to abuse others like they were abused. It eventually becomes nothing about the cause and everything about the ego of the individual human wanting to be the one who forces change, because change was forced on them.

Yes, some actually treat the adoption of veganism like the adoption of sobriety or getting clean. They can’t stay a vegan unless they’re sponsoring other might-be vegan candidates, helping them along the process, but doing it in an abusive way. Vegans, like alcohol and drug addicted humans, fall off the wagon – a lot. They prefer to call it cheat. But it is what it is – a giving into temptation. And temptation is everywhere, more so than alcohol or drugs. I mean it is everywhere.

You don’t need to go to confession by telling the whole world you had a non-vegan meal when you ate out at a restaurant, because they didn’t serve vegan and all your friends wanted to go where the crowd goes and they like the food and drink.

When you’re brought up your entire life eating, wearing, using, other animals, and after you see the light of reality upon your own awakening, and everybody else is still doing what you now know to be horribly wrong, and you can’t convince them, because they haven’t woken to your understanding, because they do what they’ve always done, and nobody is going to tell them not to, because they can’t tolerate being wrong, then accept your role as the awakened – not the awakener.

Nobody awakened you, no matter how vehement you are in your own knowing that a specific event was responsible for you becoming a vegan. That is extremely rare. That would be like you not paying attention to any part of your life, because after all animals were apart of all of it, for your entire life, and suddenly some external event like being kissed by a toad woke you up to the rights of animals.

Oh it was a film. What, you blindly went to see a film that nobody talked about prior to you seeing it, you didn’t know the title or what it was about, somebody blind-folded you, kidnapped you and planted you in a movie theatre and forced you to watch a movie about animal rights? They even had a gun to your head?

Wow, why didn’t you add that part to your story? It would have been a lot more interesting. But I’m sure that once safe, you forgot all you promised to your captors in order to gain your release and have only bad memories and worse nightmares about the entire encounter. You did fear for your life didn’t you? Blindfolded, kidnapped, guns, forced to watch a slaughter movie?

Did your kidnappers all want to be your sponsor, tell you how to withdraw from the flesh and blood, especially milk that makes the cheese, seemingly all by itself in the back of the grocery store? Did they say they’d be there for you, and how healthy you’d be, and confident and slim and fit and the animals will love you, and this is really all about compassion, and they’re sentient beings, after all.

[You really need to scratch that elitist word. Non-vegans don’t know what it means. It’s not your job to send them to a dictionary. Feeling animals, emotional animals, animals with nervous systems, animals who feel pain when abused. Anything but sentient. Stop being so lazy with language, where you want only one word to describe a complex process. Why don’t you call humans sentient beings?].

Did they tell you where the animal-eaters anonymous meetings are held on a regular basis – in your town? Did they all give you their cell phone numbers to call them when you’re tempted?

It was an indoctrination.

Do you like being abused? Do you like it when people rub your nose into the dirt, when you’re wrong about something?

Do you have a conscience? Oh, you’ll stop abusing them when they become vegan?

Please, please, all they have to do is stop hurting the animals, and I won’t hurt them. I’ll help them even.

I don’t know who came up with this theory of change and how to make others do what you want them to do, but I can guarantee that the government played a role, for the purpose of failure not success. The elite are the most easily manipulated.

Psychological torture, physical torture. You’re a long way on the continuum of the Five Principles: prejudice leads to discrimination, leads to enslavement, leads to torture, leads to slaughter if left unchecked. You’re all the way to torture. No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. These principles developed by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight are a proven reality of cause and effect, action and reaction.

The first thing you can do to continue on your vegan journey is to get off that high horse you’ve been sitting on for way too long. That horse doesn’t belong to you. The horse belongs to itself. That horse does not like you.

I rest my case.

Don’t ask me. I don’t want to add lazy to your list of flaws. Figure it out for yourself. If you can torture, then you can find a non-torture method to achieve the same end.

Whatever you’re doing keep doing it…

It’s difficult to refer to 7.5 billion people on earth as terrorists and expect your ideas to live to persuade another day.

People who use, abuse and destroy all other species as their right and for their pleasure are the terrorists of whom I speak.

We all dance around that dilemma, how best to approach without being marginalized, ridiculed, threatened or even killed for daring to recognize and then to speak and act out on behalf of those who suffer at the hands of nearly 7.5 billion humans.

But we do it. Everyday in every way we do it.

Keep doing what you’re doing, because that’s all the animals have.

The animals will win if we don’t give in to the overwhelming majority.

That is the call of the wild.

We must answer that call and never hang up.


I see, hear and feel you.

Do you see, hear and feel me?

If you say yes, I know you’re lying.

You see, hear and feel only yourself. But yourself isn’t getting you what you want as quickly as you want it.

So you tell everybody else they had better see, hear and feel you or you’ll destroy them.

That’s the epitome of stupidity right there.

Abuse will get you what you want?

Your lying truths will get you what you want?

Because why?

It worked on you and got you what you wanted?

Then why demand of others that they get you what you want, when you already have what you want?

Logic 101.


What kind of person can do that? Carry a live, breathing, feeling animal into a tourist attraction park and throw him/her to the lions for the sole purpose of watching an animal tear apart and eat another animal live? They’re not there out of compassion for their hunger. The tigers are obese. They want to keep the tigers wild, barbaric like them. Otherwise they’d feed them bagged food.

They tried to eat the drone that crashed into a lion breeding park that took the pictures that exposed what China had been covering up, so that’s proof that they’ll eat just about anything. Feed them soy meat. China’s rich, they can afford it.

Chinese and other Asian Orientals want to experience the horror of screaming animals having their guts torn out, while they stay safe from it – that’s the attraction.

A scary person, with a scary mind, that’s the kind of person who can do that. Scarier is a country that allows it. Scarier than that is a country of like-minded people. A barbaric country. A country that is numb to the suffering of others. A country that enjoys watching animals suffer is a dangerous collective. And this is the country that said a few days ago via Chinese president Xi Jinping, that they want to be the country that establishes the new world order. China making the rules now very scary.


When you cannibalize an animal you signal to your body-brain impending death, causing your body-brain to go into a fat-producing and fat-conserving mode, slowing all your bodily functions as a means to preserve and extend your life span. This is not the same as a slowed metabolic rate, such as inducing sleep to conserve energy.

Cannibalizing is regarded as a survival tool – short term. Eating another human (or essentially yourself)  –  (or by extension any other animal with similar characteristics and systems) is by nature an act of desperation and annihilation.

Keep cannibalizing and you become morbidly obese by assaulting your body systems with your own flesh and blood leading ultimately to death.

Animal-eating people traditionally have eaten animal products at every meal, in most snacks, most beverages and almost all desserts. By doing so, you put yourself at risk for early extinction from morbid obesity and obesity related diseases.

Even in absence of obesity, diseases of the circulatory system associated with eating too much protein and fats can cause damage to all organs from the accumulation of harmful fatty, calcium and plaque deposits in the network of arteries and blood vessels that act as the vehicle to feed all of the tissues in your organs, including nerves responsible for transmitting electrical signals communicating with the brain and other parts of the body.

The same may be said for plant foods that closely mimic the taste, texture and composition of an animal. You may be protecting the animal by banning their enslavement, torture and slaughter, but are you protecting yourself from the Cannibalizing Factor?

If you’re loading yourself up with plant fats and protein at every meal, in most snacks, most beverages and almost all desserts, then your brain still thinks you’re cannibalizing and acts accordingly.

Until your body-brain actually knows that you are eating plants when you consume veggie meats and cheeses, avoid consuming them every time you eat, like you used to do with the animal.

When you replace animal meats with plants and/or animal-free meats, it might also be best not to match the protein consumption. Keep it lower than you were accustomed to eating when you ate animals.

Do the same for the fat. Keep it significantly lower than the amount of animal fat you ate prior to giving up eating animals. By how much? Low enough so that your brain recognizes the change.

If you reduce your fat and protein intake for a while, then revert back to eating lots of  fat and protein, your brain’s muscle memory may think you’ve returned to eating yourself again, and will slow all functions, which harms all functions if done long term.


Why would you want to scare the entire world just because you have a right as a sovereign nation to develop the same military weapons that other countries have?

Why do you chant Death to America in unison, then protest temporary and/or partial bans on certain Muslims from countries entering the USA that support death to Americans?

You want the USA to stay out of your business, then stay out of theirs. No?

Why do you want Muslims to come to America if you hate Americans and America and want to see all Americans dead?

Is your long-term goal to infiltrate the Land of the Jews? It certainly isn’t to integrate, since you bring your multitude of prejudices with you and keep them alive within your communities. Prejudices against women, children, other animals, other religions, anyone not Muslim.

Arrogance is the biggest of all prejudices and Muslims have it in spades – no matter where they live they look down their noses at everybody not like them, just like Jews thinking they are the chosen ones, thus more worthy than everybody else, since God sees them and talks to them.

To Muslims/Arabs: Why do you answer all questions regarding you with another question? Saudis do that arrogant thing too. It’s irritating. What are you trying to hide? Why no commas in your speech pattern? So nobody else can get their opinion heard? Are you so much better than anybody else that you don’t have to answer anybody’s questions regarding their fear of you, thus all Muslims? That’s how a prejudice spreads – when questions, valid questions, go unanswered, like we’re supposed to think the best of people who chant Death to Americans?

I know you’re response. A question regarding numbers of people for vs numbers against. But we don’t hear the voices of those against, and frankly, at this late date, who would believe those positive speaking voices, when the words are attached to agendas.

Saudis played a big part in 9-11 by rejecting their troubled son instead of working with him, like American families would have done, to direct his anger in more appropriate ways. It all starts in the families doesn’t it? Americans, then, have a valid concern about the structure of the Muslim families and while in America what control the family exercises over their sons and daughters as well as cousins and aunts and uncles.

President Obama recently clearly indicated before leaving office, that white people in America will have to continue to suffer the effects from slavery done years ago. For many years to come we white people will all be punished for crimes we had nothing to do with and never supported. We weren’t even born. Most Muslims agree that white people now alive should pay a price.

Obama comes from a Muslim family, but even if he didn’t, American blacks are big on punishment – when they’re the ones administering it. So that means that all Muslims, involved or not, will have to suffer for many years to come for the attack against America on 9-11. The mastermind and primary instigator wanting to rule the world via terror, that his Saudi family decided to disown instead of nurture, Osama bin Laden, orchestrated that attack. Obama must be consistent if he wants to be taken seriously after his eight year reign as President of the USA.

What are all you Arab nations doing to stop terrorism against Americans? We’re not all Jews, so stop using the argument that because Jews run America, then Muslims need to be with their Jew brothers and sisters – both Semites – to fight off all the anti-Semites of the world. The Hatfields and the McCoys hate each other but can’t live without the other. That’s the Arabs and the Jews (Muslims and Jews, however you want to parse it, in whatever order).

What differences are the Iranians trying to bridge with the Americans? Religious, cultural, sociological? Any? You just want opportunity you can’t get in your own country? The cradle of civilization? The baby in that cradle had to go to America to grow up, get a job and make money? They can’t do it in Iran?

The ‘unison’ part is what scares Americans. Every Muslim in the world having to bow five times a day at the same time to Mecca, no matter where they are in the world, tells Americans that Muslims have a supreme leader who has rules and laws that supersede the rules and laws of any other nation. The coming to America and not wanting to be American is what scares Americans.

The mob mentality scares Americans, because in every mob is one individual who will take extraordinary measures to get their point across.

People acting as one group instead of thinking as individuals scares Americans. The USA is a country of individuals with individual rights and freedoms. Why would you want to come to a country you hate? Why would you want to make all Americans fear you before you get here?

Why do you hold over America’s head your threat to pursue the making of a nuclear bomb?

Sure, the USA has nukes and they threaten to use them. “Nothing is off the table” they always say and they’re always wrong in saying it.

When the USA threatens to use nukes against the negotiating party, by saying in advance that “all options are on the table”, then where’s the parity?

No preconditions means that nuclear weapons and suicide bombers are on the table.

All sides want to negotiate from a position of strength.

The USA has nukes and is the Godfather to countries who do the USA favors by fighting terrorism the USA way. These countries are indebted to the USA for the protection the USA provides when these countries need to be protected from their enemies.

What’s Iran’s position of strength?  Suicide bombers and an over-worked and over-used historical philosophy that created then destroyed civilization with its arrogance. Oil used to be and short-term will continue to be, but too much oil sucked from the desert, over too long a period is going to cause catastrophic collapses in the earth.

Nukes and suicide bombers off the table in any negotiation worldwide if the USA doesn’t want to see a proliferation of such weapons. That is the only viable precondition.


Many years ago, I suggested in one of my writings that the tobacco industry become the industry that produces marijuana. Stop planting tobacco and plant weed.

I believe that pot has more medicinal qualities than tobacco. Besides, everybody was complaining about all the lung cancer caused by tobacco. So, yes, I do believe that can and will happen, probably sooner than anybody thinks. Big Pharma is trying to gain complete control, however, which I do not support.

I don’t smoke by the way, but I have smoked on occasion and I can see some benefits for others if not abused. And I can even see the fun part of it. What is it about Americans that they don’t want anybody to experience joy except through religion? Religion never once brought me joy. So what’s wrong with having fun?

Hey, pharmaceuticals develop pain medicines to alleviate pain, but the sadists in the USA congress want people to feel their pain – even doctors for old people are afraid to prescribe them medicines to ease their pain, because they might become addicted and what is the world going to do with all these addicted old people?

Lamb of God take away the pain of the world and maybe there wouldn’t be sin?

The pharmaceuticals want to control everything, so that you can have a limited amount of fun accompanied by a bunch of life-threatening side effects created by them at a very high cost by the way.

We abuse coffee. Coffee is a drug. Nobody cares about the effect of coffee on society. I do. Years ago, studies were done that showed that prisoners were less apt to become violent directly correlated to how much coffee they consumed. Many people say pot leads to cocaine and heroin. It didn’t with me, and probably most people who smoke pot. All those congresspeople who swear it is true, aren’t addicts as a result of their pot smoking.

Well, we have to get out of the smoking part and introduce the ALMIGHTY PILL via Big Pharma. A pill – THE PILL – will bring us, the congresspeople and all our friends we tell about it, big, big bucks.

I say, and I know that many others will say, to keep it as simple, original, organic, pesticide-free as possible.You all know that Big Pharma will find a way to put that into a pill and shove it down your throats, with a multiple side effect chaser.

Don’t let it happen.


Violent rap songs are spawned from a violent culture.

Change the song and you change the culture.

That’s how you do ‘new’. You change the offending behavior, then that which caused it takes care of itself.

Pay attention Arabs, who don’t know how to create ‘new’. Why are you still stoning women to death? Because you’ve always done it? Stop stoning is the ‘new’ behavior. Stop the stoning and the culture changes with it. You create ‘new’ by changing the vantage point. You don’t for example change the size of the stone being thrown. Get it?

Why do Blacks force dogs to fight when they don’t want to? Because that’s what they do to each other. I don’t want to live among people who love to fight or who love to watch others tear each other apart. I want you to get your fist out of my face.

Stop following me around trying to scare me into giving you money just because I’m white and the government allows you to shake white people down on the street. I know the terror method: startle – stare – take. I don’t like you any more. See me – not my money. I don’t have any more. I gave it all away – to people who make a living off of hating the color white.


When the democrats reacted with venom, violence and vengeance to the news of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, I knew how Chris Darden felt after the O.J. Simpson verdict was handed down to a cheering Black America community. I thought we were better than that.

Chris Darden and I share something in common. We both woke up to a cold, scary truth: We believed our people to be kinder, better, fairer, more decent than they are.


Why isn’t the lamb sacred? Lamb take away the sins of the world? Sounds like a pretty important job to me. Raise up the lamb? Why not? Everybody likes to eat the meek that’s why.

One might think that at least Christians would steer clear of consuming the animal God chose to take away the sins of the world.

If God doesn’t eat, then why would we slaughter the lamb and offer it to God, then eat it ourselves? And by us doing so, God takes away all sin? forgives all sin? makes us not want to commit sin? all of the above?

How many lambs slaughtered in a year? Every year? Has it accomplished any noteworthy or noble goal? any life-saving, planet-saving achievements?

Isn’t the lamb of God really a human? So how many humans do we slaughter in the name of God every year – through wars? Any sign yet that the slaughtered sacrifices work?

Jesus proclaimed himself to be the last sacrifice. Bread and wine is the new flesh and blood.

What happened?


The Democratic party has morphed into a party of criminals: 11 million illegal immigrants who flaunt breaking the law and the American Black who wants affirmative action for the crimes they commit.

I do not want to be a card carrying member of a criminal political party. People who terrorize neighborhoods are people who break laws in those neighborhoods.

Eleven million people who get free benefits means that people here legally pay for themselves plus the criminals. That’s not a party of freedom. It’s a party of enslavement.

The Democratic party supports these practices as a form of social justice, which I cannot support.

Democrats say that USA citizens cannot call people living here illegally, illegal immigrants. But we can call a rapist a rapist, a thief a thief, a murderer a murderer. Those in the USA illegally, which means they are breaking the law, must be called people. Humans. So lets call the rapist a human being, a person, instead of a rapist or a murderer or a thief. If it doesn’t work all ways, then it’s prejudicial.

The Democratic party cures a prejudice with a prejudice and calls that fair, and anyone who objects to it they call a racist, bigot, anti this and anti that. That’s not a party of freedom. Not freedom for all. That’s a party that enslaves one group to appease another group.

There needs to be a better way. In a democracy, the majority is supposed to rule, however, in the Democratic party the minority rules. It doesn’t make any sense.

We rob Peter to pay Paul, then four years later we rob Paul to pay Peter. If we’re as rich and powerful as the government keeps telling the world we are, then why are we so poor? Why can’t we afford to get sick, even when we have health insurance? Why is the cost of food so high, cost of rent through the roof? Transportation the same? Why can’t we care for all the inhabitants of our country instead of just one group at a time, every few years?

Poor leadership. Laws that benefit businesses that steal from the populace. A congress that’s corrupt. A populace that’s corrupt.

The USA needs a new political party. Joe Biden is not the answer. Stay home Joe. New is what we want. Old is what we’ve had too long. Old ideas. Old ways. My way or the highway, because I built the highway is no longer going to work.

Put your thinking caps on. Trump is our president. He has four years to prove himself the worst or the best President this country has ever had. He doesn’t do mediocre. Let’s help him be the best. If it doesn’t work then the failure is on us as well as him. Remember that.

Vengeance is not an option for anyone at this point and in this time. Hatred coming from either side – the poor losers and the poor winners – is not going to help solve the present and future problems of this country.


Nothing is being done to Blacks in America that they can’t fix themselves by changing their own ideology and behavior from anarchy to civilized, especially where laws and procedures are designed to protect responding officers from harm by people who think the law shouldn’t apply to them due to their race and culture.

Blacks in America want affirmative action for crimes committed and to be treated under the Constitution of the USA as a protected class of people, based on their race and their self-proclaimed innate inability to understand thus follow or obey the laws of the land.

The American African seeks privilege outside the law based solely on their race.

Their stated desire to make friendships with police takes us back to the days of the Mafia, when friendships meant not having to obey the law. If I’m your friend you can’t arrest me. If you’re my friend you have to turn the other way when I commit a crime.

I never wanted to be friends with a police officer. I was brought up to fear them. Blacks on T.V. get all damp-eyed when telling stories about telling their kids to fear the police.  What is THAT all about? My mother told us that if we were ever arrested she’d let us rot in jail. She didn’t expect us to be friends with police nor for the police to raise us. She would have had a fit if she discovered that I was playing ball with a stranger who was also a police officer. And if we did something wrong it would be all on us, not on society or the other kid’s fault or the fault of their parents.

Adult American Africans really do act like children. Our own president and first lady act like children, getting all upset over being Black. What’s the big deal. Grow a pair. Oh, somebody looked at me funny when I entered a store. Yeah, well they look at me funny too. I don’t get all teary-eyed thinking it’s my race. So what if it is.

Blacks always preaching to everybody else on how to act, crumble like a dry cookie when somebody looks at them. What’s that all about? Ever see how they look at white people?

Stop trying to skirt the law. Stop all that fake emotion too. Nobody has to like you because of your color.

If you want to be liked and respected, then act likable and respectable.

You can be handicapped by prejudice. You can’t be handicapped by race.


There are some things that I cannot say and expect to live. That’s the country I live in.

Free speech isn’t free.

It costs – sometimes a lot.

Free speech according to norms set by the government is free and encouraged. Anything deviating from governmental norms is not free. It will cost you.

In America, anyone serving in the military who gets captured by the entity that America is warring against is automatically called a hero. If any American has a contrary opinion, and speaks freely that opinion – while debating themselves out loud about it – it will cost them.

So free speech is not always free.

If an American openly criticizes a federal judge, same thing, it will cost them. You won’t go to jail, but you will be scourged, humiliated and denied services that any other free American would not be denied. You may be audited by the IRS or a number of other choice moves the government makes to bring you back into line with governmental norms.

America prides itself on free speech. An American can criticize the president and not go to jail, as would happen to a citizen of Jordan who criticized the king. The American government instead sends you to a jail of a different design. One where people who work in the underworld shadows will be assigned to make your life a living hell, while keeping the government above the fray of that deceit.

It’s not against the law to criticize a president, a judge or a captured military person, but it is against governmental norms, and you will pay the price.

In other words, getting even is their mantra. They don’t have to make it illegal – they work behind the scenes to punish you for stepping beyond the boundaries they set for you.

The only people who can do it and get away with it are hired talking heads, and the only place where it is allowed is on television. They do it, supposedly on behalf of the populace, acting as puppets for governmental forces talking into their ear pieces telling them what to say, how to say it and when to say it to the throngs watching them on the screen.

The purpose is for the throngs to vicariously experience emotions regarding issues the populace cares about.

Airing those emotions through human puppets, so you don’t go out and kill somebody over the issue – because you don’t have an outlet – and so that you will eventually align yourself with governmental views is the goal of the government via these hired, well-educated actors. Some work full time, others act as contributors. Lots of lawyers, lots of former prosecutors. Some former judges.

My kingdom for yours? I don’t see where they are much different. Go to jail or have your life ruined. It’s all based on dictatorial forces – the dictator vs the dictatorial group.

How we’re perceived by the rest of the world is the concern. We’re told not to care what the neighbors think, but our government cares what other countries think, and will sacrifice your rights by skewing that innocent, honest thought into a dishonest but favorable light.


Somehow Tony Blair doesn’t think that killing/murdering 150,000 Iraqis (his estimate) qualifies as prejudice that led to discrimination, that led to enslavement, that led to torture, that led to slaughter.

And the world trusted him with the Palestinian-Israeli road map to peace.

There was never going to be a nation for Palestine, a peace for Palestinians, unless they conformed to the Israeli way, whereby the Jews owned all the land, whereby the Jews were landlords of the Palestinian territories. Whereby the Jews and only the Jews would eventually control all of the Middle East, because Tony Blair, a Jew himself, actually thought, once he actually met the opposition – in his own country – that Israel was the only correct, viable option for that part of the world.

Tony Blair’s sin was not the Iraq war that President Bush orchestrated; it was what he did to the Palestinians because he didn’t have a vision for peace.

That he could not see beyond his own comfort – a sin many rich people suffer from – and the comfort of England – and the comfort of those he considered more civilized, meaning Israelis, was his flaw.

The fact that Tony Blair still clings to the ideology, that killing one dictator was worth all those lives lost and many, many more, plus all the families suffering from those losses, plus all of the physical destruction of countries, making people’s lives living hells, tells you a lot about who Tony Blair is as a person.

He will wipe out a continent of innocent people, and destroy the earth beneath their feet to get revenge against one person who threatened at one point to kill President George Bush’s father, who was the head of the CIA, whose job it was to assassinate.

Tony Blair was never going to recognize Palestine’s right to exist. Even before 9-11, when Ariel Sharon was in power in Israel, Tony Blair saw Palestine as a State as a liability for Britain.

Unfortunately, Tony Blair was a virus.

BOYCOTT AND BAN MICHAEL SYMON for crimes against animals

Michael Symon is a disgrace to the animal race.

MICHAEL SYMON is a mass murderer of other species.

MICHAEL SYMON is a serial offender of innocent, defenseless animals trying to coexist within the Animal Kingdom.

I wonder, given his penchant for ripping open the guts of other animals – slicing, dicing, roasting, grilling – how many of these poor, innocent creatures he mutilated as a child?  A natural born molester of the innards, he relishes getting his creepy little fingers straight into the belly, what should be the private space of all creatures, he invades, laughing all the while, like the devil he chose to be, sucking up the blood with his thirsty, vengeful eyes.

Yeah, he’s Donald Trump all over. Iron chef my foot! He didn’t earn that title. He was bank-rolled, while he rolled everybody else. He isn’t a hands on manager of all those disgusting restaurants he claims he owns. You can’t own somebody’s soul.

Michael Symon is trying to sell souls through those slaughterhouses he calls eating establishments. He, being a devil, knows that that’s what people really want when they eat the blood, they want to own another creature’s soul. They want to own God. They want to punish God by ripping open the hearts of God’s innocent, defenseless children, right under God’s nose. In God’s house. On God’s planet.

How did he rise up from the gut sewer so fast? He has no talent for anything. The slaughter industry put their money-grubbing hooks into his devil fantasy and made him king.

Banish Michael Symon from the Animal Kingdom. He is not our leader. He is a devil who wants our skin. He wears no disguise as he rips your guts out while you’re still alive, blood dripping like cognac gone bad, just rotten enough for him to call you already dead. He wants you to see him, who he really is, while he laughs himself all the way into your wallet.

No vegans allowed in his house of horrors. We don’t serve vegans unless they eat the entrails of the children he bleeds out as spectacle for your consumption. Vegans creep him out.

Yeah, he’s Donald Trump all over.

Boycott Michael Symon. Banish Michael Symon from the Animal Kingdom.


BREXIT – Britain votes to secede from the European Union after sixty years of a tumultuous partnership.

To member states of the current European Union – to the world.

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s, be organized, efficient and kind. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. Everybody saw the handwriting on the wall. Everybody was too lazy and complacent to reverse course in the proper way. Everybody was too self-serving. Even Germany, who was the most generous, didn’t take the proper steps to stop the wars causing the refugee-related problems. They’re so afraid to offend Israel. Well, here we go again, down that Israeli road. Put up a road block. Don’t be so weak.

You all took advantage of the populus for too long. They rose up in a vote. That’s the civilized way. The whole world should be proud.

Next stop Palestine. Then let Crimea be with whomever they want to be with. For the nay sayers who spout ‘nothing will change when Palestine is free from the tyranny of Israel’, the world disagrees. The world sees something you don’t. Maybe your prejudices are blinding you.

If I were you, I’d kick Greece out. Let Turkey have Greece. They’re going to siphon your funds till you have none. They’re not willing, and maybe they’re not able, to change in a forward, progressive moving way. There is no discipline there.

Russia. Start the process to remove Assad. Keep the USA out of it. If they have their way, they’ll let the people tear him from limb to limb like they did to Gadaffi. The world has spoken. The populus decides. If the USA insists by applying more sanctions, then bring Netanyahu before the world. Exit him too.

Since when did globalization come to mean that millions of people could assault your borders, and rush into your country for the purpose of obtaining free housing, free food, free education and free health care? Oh, and a car to get to work, and how do we work at a job when we don’t know the language? That’s not globalization.

People should be free to trade with whomever they want to trade with. People should be able to buy a product from whomever they want to buy it from. People should be able to live wherever they want to live. But not for free and not by bringing their entire city on their backs. That’s a fairy tale story with an unhappy ending.

Stop the war and people won’t want to leave. But you’re all too lazy and complacent and thinking too much about getting rich, staying rich and getting re-elected to solve those problems. Well, the populus is going to solve them for you.

Better start finding concrete ways to work with them. They’re smarter than you think. After all, they essentially keep all economies of all countries afloat. After every terrorist attack, or natural disaster, who is it that keeps the affected country strong – in every area? We the People.

Don’t forget that as the world proceeds, carefully, with confidence, courage, compassion and calm.

This is not the time to procrastinate. Determination to do this right is key.



Enjoy your moment in the sun. With all the privilege the world thought you had because you were white, it took you this long. How old are you?

No one worked longer or harder than you did to finally demolish the ceiling you shattered long ago, a ceiling that should have disintegrated under the pressure of prejudice, a ceiling that was kept from crumbling – till now – by the prejudicial thoughts and actions of all humankind (including women who were taught to discriminate against their own).

The world did not succumb to change. The world embraced the truth, instead of perpetuating the lie that all women are inferior to men in all ways and forever.

The world dispelled that long-standing prejudicial myth that divided humankind. Now we can truly unite as liberation heals the wounds of that injustice created by the enslavement of half the human race.

Most others would have given up the fight to the younger generations, but the younger didn’t think they needed to fight that fight. They erroneously thought that battle had already been fought and won. The fact that they weren’t interested made you more tenacious.

When you liberate women, you liberate men. When women are free there will be no prejudice among peoples, there will be no war to come home from. The animals will roam free and the planet will rest peaceful as it readies itself for new achievements, where the goals more closely resemble the accomplishments in a free to be, free to earn, free to soar environment – at once and for all.

Every woman in the world should be thanking you for taking the hits that they couldn’t stomach, by keeping that light you lit in their soul burning bright for themselves and current generations, so the current generations can light the way of the future without prejudice.

You never dimmed that light in yourself to shield yourself from being targeted. And no one has been able to extinguish it, though they tried.

Let the whole world remember that fifty percent of the worlds population is not always right and that it takes only one percent to sway the world into darkness.

Hillary Rodham Clinton did not win anything. She earned it.


Upon choosing a healthier more compassionate diet, you will be challenged by those who have not yet taken that step, to defend your decision to not eat animals. They will argue that your animal-free diet contradicts your other animal using behaviors, thus making the issue of killing animals not worthy of consideration. They will point to your leather shoes, your wool sweater, your prescription drugs in a capsule, and the operation you may have had at some point in your life, which was the result of animal experimentation. They will look closely at what you eat, laying in waiting, ready to pounce, should you inadvertently or advertently consume any semblance of an animal product.

They will present you with a myriad of arguments: We slaughter animals because we raise them for slaughter; we’re at the top of the food chain; they don’t contribute to society; God gave us permission; they taste good; we’ve always done it; everyone else does it; men developed large arm muscles with which to hunt; we developed canine teeth with which to tear flesh; animals kill each other; it’s a matter of survival; we’re superior; plants scream when pulled from the ground; they’re dumb; they can’t feel pain or fright; they would otherwise suffer from overpopulation and starvation, all the while keeping you on the defensive, in order that you not offend – them and their right to consume animals.

What gives us the right to raise anyone for slaughter? An animal in captivity has the same capacity to feel pain, fright, and loneliness as an animal who is free. The only difference is that one gets a death sentence before s/he is born, and subsequently suffers accordingly. I suppose that being at the top of the food chain is not a bad place to be, unless we’re ever invaded by aliens who have a penchant for humans. My guess is that we’d get rid of that “next down balance of nature”  theory  real quick.

One cannot measure contribution, however, if one could, animals would be categorized as contributing a great deal to any society. However, animals do not exist on this planet for the benefit of humans; they exist for their own benefit. And I sure would like to meet the person God told that we could use the animals as we saw fit. Since when did the word dominion come to mean use, abuse and destroy? Humans wrote the bible. Where God’s inspiration left off and their self-serving motives began is a little unclear.

If we happen to be stronger than some animals, that in itself does not give us the right to use and abuse them. Nothing gives us that right. As far as tasting good, so might we. But we don’t do it, because we know that it is wrong. So whether we like it or not, rightness and wrongness is at issue here. If a woman has always battered her children, does that make it right? Of course not. If we continued to do everything we’ve always done just because we’ve always done it we’d never progress. The effort to civilize must continue.

…and who says a couple of billion of people can’t be wrong? Of course they can. The majority is not always right. If we did everything our neighbors did, we would be slaves to their desires, and our destinies would be in their hands.

Why men developed stronger musculature than women, nobody really knows; they can only conjecture. However, if men’s muscle development were contingent upon the amount of food they brought home from their hunts, they never would have developed, since 80% of all food gathered was close to home in the form of nuts and berries, by women who carried large baskets as well as children for hours at a time while they walked and worked. So, if hard labor was the precipitating factor in developing high levels of testosterone in men, thus giving them strong muscles with which to kill animals, then women would have developed high levels of this hormone as well, which they didn’t. Be that as it may, men’s arm muscles were used for a lot more than pulling strings on bows and arrows. And about these so-called canine teeth: these teeth are needed to open nuts, tear stalks, peel fruit and eat vegetables. I do not tear flesh, but consider these teeth important to the enjoyment of my food.

All other animals do not kill each other to eat. In fact, most animals are vegetarians. But regardless of whether an animal or human kills another, that does not give us the right to do it. Why do what somebody else does when you know the pain and suffering those actions cause?  Our judgments regarding what’s necessary for survival are biased by our own desires, habits, and previous as well as on-going conditioning by our parents, our peers, the medical profession, scientists for hire, and advertising campaigns designed by companies that want you to buy their products. If eating animals was such a cure all for what ails us, there wouldn’t be so many hospitals and nursing homes filled with sick people. Eating animals hinders our health by injecting too much saturated fat, protein and salt into our systems.

Superiority is always bad for the ones marked inferior, whether it be an ethnic group, a race, a religious group, an age group, a sex, a socioeconomic group, the homeless, the handicapped, the unemployed, anyone with an IQ below 120, anyone who challenges the status quo. The perception of being superior gives no one authority over another’s life. We all witnessed, in some way, the systematic slaughter of millions of humans initiated solely by the erroneous assumption of superiority of one ethnic group over another.  This is what we as humans are doing to the animals–with impunity.

…but to go so far as to claim that plants scream when pulled from the ground and use this to justify the continuation of slaughter, leaves those of us with compassionate minds no room for compassionate choices–a clever tactic from the crafty minds of those who profit from our consumption of their products. All movement makes sound. When magnified thousands of times, even something as harmless as plucking a hair from your own head, will sound pretty horrifying.

I’m sure you don’t really believe that those who can’t take intelligence tests designed for humans (or even humans who score low on such tests) are not intelligent. Animals are aware, can solve problems, use tools, communicate with each other and humans, etc. I have three dogs who have not been trained through fear to submit to my will, and their intelligence levels continue to enlighten me. The way they manipulate their environment is astounding. But even if they (or anyone else) were not as intelligent as another, that does not give us the right to hurt them. And if you think that animals can’t feel pain, then think again. When an animal is injured and squeals, why do you think they are squealing? Because they feel good? Of course not. They squeal because they hurt – just as you would. Animals do not always let you know that they are hurting – just as humans don’t. But people will assuage their consciences by telling themselves that the animals cannot feel the abuses committed against them. So why don’t they run from their aggressors? Because animals are trusting creatures – as are humans. However, the fault doesn’t lie in trusting – the fault lies in the self-serving minds of those who abuse power – for whatever reason or to whatever end.

What takes the cake are the hunters who stuff the heads of their prey and hang them on their office walls, all in the name of compassion. This concept of killing those we perceive as suffering is a frightening one. Why not go into the forests with food and medical supplies instead of guns? What will they do next, go into China, India, Africa, and solve their overpopulation and starvation problems with bullets? If I dare speak for the animals, I think they’d rather take their chances with nature. I know I would. But starvation of humans or animals need not exist anywhere on this planet. There is plenty of food to go around.  Once again, the problem lies in the crafty minds of those who abuse power – for their own selfish end. But to get back to the hunters – they hunt for the thrill of killing – nothing more. Anything else they derive from the sport can be accomplished on a picnic in the woods.

My final response to the accusation that my animal-free diet contradicts my other animal using behaviors, is simply that I didn’t create this pervasive multi-billion dollar animal abusing industry. The mass abuse (and killing is abuse) of animals by humans was not created overnight and it won’t be eliminated all at once. But I recognize the situation as unacceptable, and I’m doing something about it. I believe that change is possible, and through changing ourselves, we change the world. We have to start somewhere, so I’m starting with my diet (the meat went first, then the eggs, then dairy – and none of these went all at once). The leather shoes will go next, then the wool. All the while, new animal-free products will replace the old. And, new more effective research will be developed eliminating the use of animals in scientific experiments. I see the future as bright, and I’m doing my share, one step at a time, to make this a healthier more civilized planet for all of God’s creatures. However, as long as killing animals remains socially acceptable, you will be expected to defend your choice not to participate–and in my case, it is my pleasure to do that!

Cooking and eating animal-free takes us a step further along the path of civilization and your first step, no matter how small or faltering, contributes to the direction of this process. There is no contradiction here!

God bless you,

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, the animal-free chef


When an animal of a different animal species kills a human animal and eats him/her, nobody ever says that the other animal needed that human to survive and thrive.

In fact nobody sets up factory farms and slaughterhouses to raise humans for consumption for the animals who want to eat the body and blood of the human animal. Nobody rewards the human-eating animal with a banquet of human meat and broth sauces.

Nobody, except a perverted, demented Hollywood movie script writer, would even think of it.

Maybe in a few jungles sprinkled here and there, a human-meat-animal gets captured when violating a boundary, or the bored to death super rich plan the capture of a baby human darling to ceremoniously devour – the sweetest, but most taboo of all catches.

But generally speaking, the human animal shifted it’s cannibalistic tendencies to other species, so as not to appear so barbaric for the purpose of moving into some kind of future that didn’t keep everybody warring all the time. Eating somebody’s uncle or auntie caused too much war among the warlord run tribes to keep on doing it.

Dropping blood from open mouth chewing and sucking the flesh at once only disturbs when it’s one of us. Lots of singing goes on, music, dancing, shouting, drinking mind altering substances while killing, skinning, stewing, eating the flesh, drinking the blood – all to keep away the evil spirits. Evil when they come after the ones who committed the crimes.

Odd. Sounds like a better spirit to me. It’s only evil when it’s done to you – not to somebody else.

It’s coming back though. Eating other species didn’t satisfy the vengeance part of eating the blood.

It didn’t civilize us like everybody thought it would.

Blood is blood after all. But it’s the human blood that humans really crave.

It’s time to release the hemoglobin in the plant and be done with it all, so we don’t have to keep inflicting suffering on every other species including our own for another millennium.

Don’t even think of owning a patent on plant hemoglobin. I know those wheels designed to block progress in the name of riches for certain designated parties. I’m already all over you – you just haven’t felt it yet.


There’s nothing inherently normal, natural nor good about wanting to hold onto old ways.

Being nostalgic for slaughter is perverse.

The method is not what makes enslavement, torture and slaughter humane.

Humane does not include enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Those who want others to feel pain are sadistic. It’s not enough that they need to feel pain to be satisfied. They need someone else to feel their pain along with them. Simultaneously.

That’s how they accept the evil in themselves – they bring you in by bingeing on you. Feel my pain becomes feel our pain, when there really isn’t any ‘our’.

It’s a ritual. All slaughter is. Lure the prey. Accept the devil or reject the devil.

Nobody fears God. Everybody fears the devil. People, cultures just show it differently.

Who is it in society that keeps telling people to succumb to their fears, accept them, embrace them and be free?

Keep killing lest we forget how?

A snake curls it’s body around you before it breaks your neck and eats you.

Just remember the snake’s belly as your final resting place, when you hire Donald Trump as your president.

I over-stimulated you with words, just to get you to the punch line. Nice one.

Donald’s opponents keep wanting you to believe ‘to the letter’ his crude hyperbole, thinking if you actually believe the trash talk, that you’ll reject the talk. Who thought up that strategy?

Boys and girls wake up.


Satanism is as insane as the religions they oppose. Like all such groups there are a lot of good intentions and causes that get mangled by their close-mindedness and proclamations of superiority over other groups. Politics come to mind?

Perhaps Satanists think that Satan wasn’t the evil one – that God was indeed the one that was evil.

Since most people associate the word Satan with evil and bad, thus those who worship Satan as evil and bad, it is no wonder, through all the dark, scary machinations of the group, that Satanists would be considered a threat to any individual or group that doesn’t see the world through their prism.

Hoods, chains, smoke, rituals, grotesque images are devices used to get the target’s attention, but by the time that attention occurs, the Satanists have already terrorized the ones they wanted to change through their visual attention-getting strategy that ended up muting the message.

If someone prefers to live in the spirit world, rather than the world on earth as we see it through human eyes, that’s their right. I would argue, however, that one need not engage in ritual of any sort to travel through all worlds. Conjuring up the devil in people’s minds certainly does cause one to look up. But look up to what? More of the same?

Focusing so much on the theatrics to the detriment of the message, no matter how realistic or self-serving the message, kills the message by the time it arrives.

Satanists claim to be atheists. But do all atheists claim to be Satanists?

An absence of fear of the unknown appears to be the ‘not much spoken about’ driving force beneath the movement to affect political change. But an equally driving force of their belief system is that evil/negative is more powerful than positive/good. In other words, we must not oppose that which is suppose to naturally happen – no matter how prejudicial and discriminatory that natural inclination happens to be. Yet, that is what they appear on the surface to want to do: change people.

I would argue, secondly, that those who don’t fear the unknown are in a more advantageous position to change what they don’t like about the present thus the future, rather than accept the present reality as natural, thus unworthy of any effort to change it.

If people’s belief in God is what propels believers to engage in perpetual wars against all life on the planet, and if that is a natural state, then logically the Satanists would support and work toward continuing that condition.

Most vegans are atheists. Yet they work to free other species who are enslaved, tortured and slaughtered. If they are also Satanists, they wouldn’t be doing that. They would accept the world as it is – and eat animals till they vomited into Satan’s and/or God’s hand. On the other hand, many disenchanted with God, might want to try the Satan route to freedom for all – if that indeed appears now to be the message of Satanism. But at their core is the natural inevitability that evil has, does and will triumph. So how does that translate to freedom for all?

God and Satan are generic names for good, for evil and all that lies between and beyond.

Generally speaking, God conjures up good in the minds of most people. Satan conjures up terror or evil in the minds of most people.

Religious people vs non-religious people don’t conjure up much controversy in the minds of anyone. It’s when you add the word God (when talking to an atheist) or the word Satan (when talking to a believer) that ruffles sensibilities. Absent the “G” and the “S”  words, what matters most to most people is whether you’re a decent person or not a decent person – whether you’re going to hurt them or whether you pose a threat.

Now that ‘decent’ word has implications. What’s decent about slaughterhouses for any group of beings? Yet most all people support slaughterhouses for anyone not human – and for some who are human.

If anyone wants to get a positive message through to the masses, best not do it through terror – no matter what you choose to call yourselves. Most people will be scared, then submissive for a while, then eventually turn on you.

Satan wanted to be God and God said no. There is only one God and that God was God – supposedly.

God banished Satan, because God saw Satan as a threat – supposedly.

Satan decided to become his own God by first undermining all God stood for. Sounds like politics.

In my view, in my story, Satan should have become Satan’s own God. Period. But Satan, in Satan’s own mind, couldn’t do that without undermining that which he wanted to become – everybody’s God. Satan’s weakness and Satan’s downfall. Satan wanted to knock God out and take God’s place. Satan did not want to be a servant. Who would? God was a dictator. Satan thought Satan could do a better job – at being dictator. All dictators think that.

Is this crazy human talk or what? Talk about anthropomorphizing! – attributing human traits to other animals. Okay. Attributing angel traits to God – or servant traits to a master. Many of us know that all beings share similar traits. We know that now. We didn’t always believe that. Believing vs knowing. We don’t need science for a lot of the knowing part, since historically, although scientists knew stuff, they lied to the populace about knowing it.

I see, as I’m sure you do now, that what was written long ago was all based on the human experience at the time – and humans perceiving a spiritual existence within themselves.

I can tell you one thing: Nobody has to get all dark on the world, and light candles and blow smoke and engage in rituals and chants and become grotesque and bring people to the edge of terror to call to presence the spirit life. All life – all the universe – is already all of it. There’s nothing new that all existence doesn’t already experience, thus know – without words reiterating that reality. What we don’t know is how the future will treat us.

Fight for your cause – no matter who you are, to which group you belong, or by which name you choose to call yourself – only if it is a cause that benefits all existence, and only if you realize, that what once seemed natural no longer is inevitable. That’s called evolution.

Accepting evil as the dominating force that drives the universe is a myth – a fairy tale. The universe is still here – and expanding – with or without us. The universe does not need planet earth to survive.

The undermining of the survival of the planet vs the flourishing of the planet is a different paradigm. This is not God vs Satan in a spirit world. This is us in a ‘we control what happens to our home planet – as earthlings – world. This is where we live right now. Spirit world or no spirit world.

If anybody – servant or master – undermines it we all lose. A sore loser would do that. On the other hand a good God would have worked with the supposed most beautiful angel. How did the most beautiful angel end up working as a servant? Not too difficult to understand in human terms.

Sounds like Lucifer was of the female spirit species.

Again – it is a human story of strife and struggle. Call in the angels, the Gods, the good, the bad, the best of the worst, the grotesque. Call anybody who will take the call to help when suffering occurs.

I’m here, they all imply through the words of others who suffered before us – words in songs, poems, histories, stories, in the movements of dance, but what can they do? That’s where you come in. You tell your God, your Devil, your Guiding Force not to worry. You’ve got your own back and the back of your family and the backs of all existence.

That’s just what God wanted, because God really had no power from beyond except to influence, encourage and comfort You as You become Your Own God. That’s what Lucifer finally realized when Lucifer tried to unseat God and was banished. Lucifer wanted to be Lucifer’s God, thinking that there was only one God. And that’s exactly what happened.

Lucifer became God.

Moral to mystory.

Angels are more powerful than Gods.

Afterword: God sucker-punched Lucifer. Taught Lucifer a lesson with the punch.

Lucifer stripped Lucifer of Lucifer’s power as an angel – the most beautiful, which meant the most powerful – by becoming God.

Whew…that’s a tough pone to lose.

God got all the attention. Lucifer equated all the attention with all the power.

Now, neither God nor Satan have any real power.

It’s a story. Of course it doesn’t make sense. It’s not a documentary.

Only one thing makes sense:

The real power isn’t in the afterlife or the spiritlife. The real power is in the currentlife or the earthlife.

Power is free. Seize it.


Two-thirds of U.S. Corporations Did Not Pay Federal Income Tax From 2006 to 2012 according to World News Report-EIN News.

Congress keeps passing laws that make what these corporations do to avoid paying taxes legal. For anyone else it would be criminal. That’s discrimination and discrimination results in enslavement – the enslavement of ninety-nine percent of the world.

It’s legalized fraud. Congress needs to be held accountable and punished when they violate their responsibility to serve all of the people – not just the one percent whom they now serve. Legislating is a serious action.

Remember: Prejudice leads to discrimination – discrimination leads to enslavement – enslavement leads to torture – torture leads to slaughter – if left unchecked.

There needs to be consequences when they abuse their legislative power. There needs to be a legal mechanism by which to hold members of congress legally responsible. Impeachment, fines and/or jail time. See how they like those ‘for profit prisons’ they’re so hot to send everybody else off to, whom they consider a threat to society, for committing a minor offense. See how they like being confined to a 9 x 9 foot cage for a few years – with a bunk mate.

What congress is doing is not a minor offense. What congress is doing adversely effects ninety percent of the world population. Even when, every now and then, corporations are made to pay via a law suit brought by the Federal government, congress who passed the laws to pave the way for the corruption are left untouched, and the money procured by the judgment doesn’t go to the people it hurt, it goes to the government. That needs to change too.

There needs to be an independent body that oversees members of congress – not made up of congresspeople. That’s like telling the criminals to oversee themselves.

There’s a lot to be said for the phrase: ‘They’re all a bunch of crooks’. We’ve all been saying that for decades and nothing has changed. We accept what we can’t change, because we’re told it’s too complicated. Congress always has more pressing issues to address. But what do they really address? Anything that helps ‘we the people’ ends in a stalemate – in grid lock – while the laws passed that benefit the rich slide through with ease. There’s no debate. ‘We the people’ never even hear about it.

I often wondered why once people get elected, most of them become rich. I guess now I know. They’re all a bunch of crooks.

It’s time to change all that. It’s time to shake up congress. We can’t blame the lobbyists. We need to blame the elected officials who can be bought. Notice how congress always shifts the blame away from themselves?

Campaign finance reform is at issue here, prior to being elected, but once elected there are no controls in place, no rules that even define corruption, no code of conduct even – except lie, cheat, steal, don’t get caught.

We call out every other nation on their internal corruption, except our own. It’s time to look at our own system and how it’s degrading our country and every other country with which we do business.

It’s time to make congress pay for their abuses against ‘we the people’.

Better now than later. It’s only going to get worse.

Ever wonder why congress can pass laws dictating who can’t be sued? It’s not their right as legislators to determine who can and can’t be sued. Too big to fail? More like too big to be sued.

Now that’s a dictatorship begging to be overthrown.

‘We the people’ are the majority – a big majority – a huge majority – yet we’re treated like a tiny minority.

The USA is ripe – for a revolt by ‘we the people’.


The only reason the political establishment doesn’t want a wall along the border with Mexico is because when the jobs come back from China, the USA will need a slave labor force from South America to fill those jobs – according to Donald Trump’s real plan that he doesn’t let you see, because you’ve got gold in your eyes, that the magician put there. He knows he won’t build that wall. Otherwise he would have already done it.

Why do you think there are eleven million illegal immigrants already in the USA? That didn’t happen overnight. Wealthy people and businesses wanted cheap labor. Now they go into countries that have fewer regulations, and get their cheap labor there.

Undocumented with no path to citizenship means nobody knows they’re here, so we can pay them as little as we want.

How is it that we know there are eleven million, if nobody knows who or where they are or whom they work for?

Big business caused this problem, let them solve it. Or tell congress to close the back door to businesses that promote slavery in the USA.

Let any one of these wealthy people try to raise a family on minimum wage, or even just themselves. Try living on minimum wage for three months. See if you can afford health insurance, clothes, a car to go to work, food, furniture, an education. You can’t keep expecting ten people to live in one small house.

Drugs will get into the USA with or without a wall. Drugs get into prisons. Prisons have many walls and cages.

Why do you think Mexico doesn’t want a wall? Because they want their poor people, undereducated people, criminals, out of their country. When illegal immigrants funnel money back into Mexico to their families, then so much the better for Mexico. It means the Mexican government doesn’t have to raise their own standard of living.

Even if the USA paid for the wall, the Mexican government still wouldn’t want it.

What, Mexico is too poor to build their own factories? China is too poor to build their own factories? India? The Philippines? USA businesses need to go into their countries and do it for them?

You can’t fit all the poor people of the world into the USA. Our land mass couldn’t sustain it. We can’t afford to fix our own infrastructure now. Contaminated water is a problem in the USA now. What’s Obama and congress doing about it? Nothing of substance. It’s up to the states – you know, those 50 individual, sovereign nations under the umbrella of the Federal government, that want fewer regulations.

So where does that leave the populace?

Somebody is telling a big, fat, convoluted, complicated lie with layer upon layer of deception. Why aren’t we hearing from the businesses that outsource? Because they don’t have to talk to the American people they hurt. They talk through the back door of congress. Your elected officials are the middle people in all these back door deals, and they’re not talking to you either.

The wall is irrelevant.


We grow more plants to feed animals whom we kill to eat, than we grow to feed humans.

But when we eat the animals we’re not getting the benefit of all those veggies eaten by all those animals, because the veggies are no longer veggies.

The veggies eaten by the animal build muscle, fat and bone as well as maintain all organs and systems of the animal. Knowing that, why not eat the plants in their natural form instead of processing them through an animal? If plants build muscle, fat and bone as well as maintain all organs and other systems in the animal you’re eating, then why not cut out the middle man and eat plants directly, letting our own bodies build from the benefit?

People who want corn fed cows or grass fed cows are making a connection between what a cow eats and what they want to put, pre-processed by the animal, into their bodies. But these same people won’t eat corn. It makes no logical sense to get the benefits of corn after a cow has eaten it. When you eat a cow you’re not getting the benefit of the corn. You have to eat the corn to get that benefit

We don’t get two in one by processing veggies in the animal before we eat the animal.

Cut out the middle man – the processing animal – so we get our plant food in it’s non-processed form.

Then stop raising animals to eat.

Feeding animals veggies and other animals, then killing them for our plate isn’t an efficient way to feed humans.


Occupy Wall Street hijacked Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter are the soldiers.

Occupy Wall Street are the planners and funders with the organizational skills and resources to execute their planned attacks using their soldier base – mainly American Blacks, on campuses across the USA, going to school while influencing the masses, who are ‘ready and waiting’ for that call to action.

American Blacks demand to be heard. They keep telling America that they will get very loud and in our faces with their rhetoric, yet they deny others their right to be heard, when they don’t like the message. They shout them down, or disrupt them while they’re speaking. That’s not the American way. That’s the African way.

Occupy Wall Street should be at the rallies of Bernie Sanders, who declared war against Wall Street. They should be supporting him, yet they show up at Donald Trump’s rallies to Occupy Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to want them in his camp. He’ll take the vote absent the violence they’re spreading to another candidate’s rallies. Privately he’s enjoying it. He gets the implied support for himself, while his opponent gets all the blame for Occupy Wall Street’s violent outbursts.

Occupy Wall Street pushes the boundaries of acceptable behavior. That’s what they do to get attention. They are always the aggressor, with the intent to ‘pop’ people they encounter with their exaggerated threat gestures and stances. They want to be punched.

Ever wonder why a lot of them hide behind the white mask?

Whether it be the ghost face from SCREAM, a series about a killer who hid his identity while committing serial murders, or the Guy Fawkes mask – a stylized depiction of Guy Fawkes who plotted to blow up the House of Lords in Britain, both masks are donned for the purposes of hiding the wearer’s identity and terrifying those they encounter while masked.

It looks too much like the white KKK hood. You can show your face in America when you protest. The fact that they don’t is just plain creepy. Although the Guy Fawkes mask has become a symbol used by anti-government and anti-establishment protestors world wide, it makes one wonder who and what they’re plotting to blow up.

I wouldn’t allow masks at enclosed rallies – inside of structures/buildings where there’s a police presence. Check your mask at the door.


In the last Republican debate, Marco Rubio blasted Donald Trump for not taking the side of Israel over the Palestinians in what could be a future negotiation between those two parties, that Donald Trump, if president, would reside over.

Marco Rubio’s position was that because Israel is our friend and ally, that essentially Israel should get ninety percent of the pie – going in, as a silent precondition. And then they’d haggle over the other ten percent, with again Israel taking the greater portion of the ten percent. That was the gist of it.

To Israel: Hey, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’ll make sure they get squat.

At that point, the Israeli leader would generously hand over a few trinkets not in the deal to sweeten the deal and all will be happy.

Yeah, maybe in Rubio’s la-la land mind.

There can be no favoritism when one person or one entity, claiming to be an honest broker in whom both sides can trust, negotiates in the best interest of both parties.

It has to be in the best interest of both parties absent punishment for past deeds or speech directed at either party by the opposing party.

Otherwise you’re not the so-called honest broker you claim to be and you have no business negotiating except on behalf of one faction. In that scenario, there’s only one faction sitting at the table. That’s been the problem since the beginning. All the so-called honest brokers were not so honest. They all gave Israel the upper hand. That’s why there was never a viable deal that was going to happen. Israel and their negotiators made sure of that. Then they blamed the Palestinians for leaving the table, when their intent was to make them walk away in the first place.

Israel wants only one deal – their deal. When they promise to give something up, you can be sure that they designed specific areas in advance – over the years – to offer as tokens to the Palestinians. The settlers in those designated areas will make a big noise, as if they were being driven from their God-given homes supported by the bible-document, when they were paid to settle for that purpose to begin with. All done to make Israelis look like they’re making painful sacrifices.

Marco Rubio has never negotiated anything of import that could prepare him for the presidency.

Hillary Clinton already had her shot as Secretary of State and missed.

Bernie Sanders couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag.

Ted Cruz goes in as Czar, and sure the Russian Jews in Israel like that, since many of them took Palestinian land under Ariel Sharon and want to keep it, but Cruz might not have the stomach to defy those who steal land, who might be willing to die to keep that land. (That’s what we did to the American Indian.)

So as an easy way out, he’ll rely on the bible-document as his main witness and proof of ownership. God said the land belonged to the Jews and so it belongs to the Jews, and so it is decided. Yeah, he would definitely use the bible-document approach.

That would be a national security risk for the USA – settlers in Israel with USA connections wanting to teach a lesson to Americans about land rights. Evangelicals would probably get on board.

Right now, since the issues all surround real estate, Donald Trump – out of all the other candidates for president – has the best chance of negotiating a fair deal – honest or not.


Did Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, drop the security ball at Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago?

A while back, Doctor’s Without Borders operating in Syria decided not to give their location coordinates to the Syrian government or the United Nations, because they superstitiously thought that by doing so it would make them a target. The clinic/hospital was hit with a bomb and people died. It should not have been Donald Trump’s decision to cancel the rally – if that’s what actually happened. Donald Trump knows nothing about security. Yet, if he’s having a rally, and if escalating violence at his rallies has already been demonstrated – as in Fayetteville, N.C. two days prior, then my question is where were the city security planners whose responsibility it is to make safe the places where people gather to protest – in advance of the event?

Just the other day in Anaheim, California violence erupted at a KKK rally, and the same thing happened. The police didn’t show up till after violence broke out. How could anyone think that in today’s tense racial climate that all will go well, especially in Chicago, where violent protests have become common? What happened to the pre-planning of security at these events? They only plan where Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street show up? Well, guess what? They showed up.

How could this not be predicted by security experts? Donald Trump shouldn’t have had to cancel the rally. The area should have been made safe prior to the rally. I think the city didn’t want to pay for it. Donald Trump has security, let him pay for it. Well, it’s not really about Donald Trump, it’s about the people who gather to see him and their protection. Any where in the world where a crowd gathers, there is an issue of crowd control, especially when passions run high, where it takes only one person to ignite the crowd into chaos.

You can’t blame Donald Trump for the violence any more than you can blame Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders when their own supporters cause some of the disruption. But they’re both capitalizing on it. Donald Trump is energizing America and maybe the world.

White people in America – many poorer Americans and many not so poor – have been told to take it on the chin (endure or accept misfortune courageously or stoically) for decades when American Blacks rose up and burned cities. They were told to stand down, while they watched Blacks on television screaming in white people’s faces, spitting on white people, humiliating them on the streets where they live, chanting death to cops in America. Donald Trump is the White person’s Al Sharpton – Jesse Jackson.

Now it’s time for the White person to punch back. They want to be heard. All we ever heard from Black Lives Matter is their side. There was never a conversation. Black people got on T.V. spewed their hatred and prejudice against all White people on every talk show, month after month, but there was no counter argument from White people – only the news people who gave Blacks space to vent. But only the Blacks vented.

Any White person who vents about Black people is labeled a racist. That’s not a conversation.

There’s no equivalent to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) for poorer Whites in America. There never has been, and there’s a lot of them.

We hear Blacks wanting reparations. They got their reparations through prejudicial job placement – curing a prejudice with a prejudice – for decades. When funds get allocated for services, the minorities get them first, because they squawk the loudest, always with the threat of the group rising up as their back up plan if they don’t get what they want.

White people don’t have a group. For Blacks to think that all Whites are privileged is a glaring prejudice in itself. Each White person stands alone. That’s how we’re raised – rich or poor. So we’re going to see more Whites popping, individually. Be prepared. Their jobs aren’t only going abroad, they see illegal persons and Blacks taking jobs as a continued, never-ending part of Affirmative Action.

The government keeps saying that White people don’t want those jobs. Well, the Donald Trumps, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clintons, the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world don’t, but many poorer Whites or middle Whites do – and when they get beat out of a job by someone not as qualified, or just because someone is Black or Hispanic, they don’t like it.

Nobody would.

Don’t tell them to keep sucking it up. Anybody against Affirmative Action is a racist. White America is getting sick and tired of being called names that don’t fit. They’re angry at being blamed for slavery. They’re angry at not being heard – by their voice being left out of the conversation and replaced with some news hack who is told what to say and when to say it, supposedly on behalf of all White people.

It seems that freedom speech rights are only for those whom we fear. Maybe White people are finally losing their fear of anyone who oppresses them. Maybe they’re not going to stand down any more. Maybe they’ll stand up – for themselves. Maybe they’re tired of rolling with the punches. Maybe it’s their time to punch back. White people now have a leader – for better or worse in Donald Trump. Let us see if he does a better job than both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Regardless if it may be short-lived, Donald Trump opened a collective wound in White America.


President Obama has already deported over 2.5 million illegal persons originally from South America – often separating families, that few in the populace even heard about till Donald Trump started talking about deporting 11 million persons currently residing in the USA illegally.

Even if Donald Trump wanted to actually deport 11 million people, which he doesn’t really, it doesn’t sound like that much of a stretch, given that 2.5 million persons have already been deported without much noise about it.

Sounds by the absence of noise that it went pretty smoothly.

I say, if you get convicted of a crime, and are sentenced to jail time, then you already signed your deportation papers along with those of your immediate family members.

If someone is poor in South America, chances are they’ll be poor here too. So what’s the difference? Some come here poor and raise themselves up, others don’t. Hey, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere in South America, because of all the corruption. But when you come here with that same corrupt mindset, you’re spreading a bad seed into the communities of otherwise law-abiding immigrants. Those communities don’t want it – that’s what they fled, only to discover that it sneaked in with them. Ouch.

Latino/Hispanic men pride themselves on being the heads of the families. Then take care of your families in a respectful way. Our streets are not lined with gold.

Empty the jails of people who come here illegally with the intent of committing crimes and getting away with it.

On the other hand, the USA has to stop using Israeli models to manage minorities here. It didn’t work with the Palestinians and it won’t work here with American Blacks and South Americans. Containment camps? In the USA? What is it about a mother and/or father who would send their little children on a journey to the USA alone? To find a better life? No. Better to die on the streets in America, than to die on the streets of their communities in South America?

Desperation? Despair? What happened to the ingenuity that they claim to have once they get to the USA? They didn’t have it in their own communities back home? Ingenuity doesn’t come from a community, it comes from the individual human spirit. America seems like an easy – though always difficult – way out.

I’d rather keep the family whole and commit to surviving and thriving together as a family in my community, no matter how corrupt. If they can do it here, they can do it there. Hispanics/Latinos are politically-minded people. Those oppressed often are. Use those acquired skills to fight corruption where you live.


The world has seen enough of gruesome acts of torture and slaughter – human against human – on television to last the world many life times.

What you wanted to make acceptable to the human psyche via film, so that you could continue torturing backfired. It is well-documented and common knowledge that humans copy behavior. I think we’ve seen enough copies to know the truth of the result of torture. Do unto others as they do to you, or do unto others as you see them do to others.

It’s time to calm the planet absent the torture scenes.

Still…I wonder why the multitudinous acts of torture against other animals via the slaughter industries, that you support, are off limits via the mainstream film industry. Think humans can’t take it? Can’t handle it? Yet they can handle seeing night after night, year after year in all their favorite shows, humans committing acts of torture against other humans?

Your torture shows have no socially redeeming value. Your goal certainly wasn’t to stop the torture, or to raise awareness of torture, so that people as a result would rise up against the militaries and agencies of the world that commit torture. That would be shooting yourself in the foot. What you didn’t factor correctly, however, was the slow popping of individuals around the planet, that is only going to accelerate – precisely because there is no socially redeeming value in the torture shows that you produce. The torture never stops, night after night, week after week, year after year.

You’re obviously afraid that people, who are made aware of the torture of other animals, will stop engaging in the process, by refusing to eat them, wear them or experiment on them. It’s a dangerous and contradictory activity to, on the one hand make films depicting torture against humans that result in copy behavior, and then on the other hand refuse to make films that you fear will make people stop torturing other animals –  based on financial considerations toward the industries that get away with mass murder every day on the planet.

If your concern is a lack of happy endings in reality-based films about the slaughter industry, then maybe you’re looking for a happy ending in the wrong place. The feel good part happens when someone decides to change their gruesome habits as a result of seeing the films, beginning with the questioning aspect of their inherited behaviors. I’m not talking DNA here. I’m talking copy behavior – from one generation to the next.

If your concern is that they won’t feel good after watching these films, then you must have erroneously thought that most people when viewing horrific acts against humans do feel good afterward. The good guy/gal always wins out in the end you say, but the good gals/guys also engage in torture, and it all seems right to you depending on who you see as the enemy. That’s pretty mixed up thinking.

Mixed up thinking results in erratic behavior.

I find it odd that you want to give all sides of the argument when it comes to the slaughter industries. Do you give the side of the one who terrorizes you or your country, when acts of terrorism occur? Do you treat each side equally?

Do you prohibit your children from watching films about the holocaust? They probably see more torture on television than you do. Maybe not. But what the children see is not an obstacle that cannot be overcome.

The other animals are the enemy of no one. That needs to be the focus. These animals are not the enemy of anyone. That is the only focus.

That’s where you start. And that’s how we change the world for the better for everyone – including humans – together.

Pursue that endeavor.


Since when did that all happen?

To say that all humans have the same God, the same father – absent a mother – who is all-knowing, all-forgiving, all-good and kind just doesn’t fit the reality of human existence.

Famine, disease, war aren’t good, forgiving or kind. And there is nothing all-knowing about anybody’s God, or the universe, that is inherently good, kind, protecting and forgiving.

Did you just drop an asteroid on my house?

One God fits all implies a dictatorial relationship. With so much pain, suffering, oppression and bad in the world one might consider rethinking the purpose of their God.

The God of the Five Principles – no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – puts the responsibility on the human to change all existence for the better.

Nobody likes the work of that though.

Humans lazy. Tell God to do it.

One God policy, like One China policy, not good – too dictatorial and oppressive.

Many God work better.


ISIS promotes death not life.

ISIS is an occupying force.

ISIS enslaves, tortures and slaughters the inhabitants of the towns and cities they occupy.

ISIS leaders and followers are dictators, not liberators. They free no one.

ISIS is worse than any current dictator, and as bad as the worst dictators of the past.

ISIS oppresses those they govern through terror.

Where does the leader of ISIS live?

Is Turkey the only country doing business with ISIS?

I find it difficult to believe that ISIS can survive economically by only selling oil to one country.

How about other exports and imports?

Syria and Iraq are on the verge of economic collapse.

The leader of ISIS doesn’t embrace death for himself – only for his followers.

Any cult of death cannot survive long term. It will destroy itself from within precisely because it’s not about surviving and thriving, it’s about stripping individuals of all their freedoms.

ISIS doesn’t want to go back to Medieval Times, otherwise they’d give up their cell phones and computers. They’d denounce electricity, modern machinery and tools. They wouldn’t take medicines that treat disease and disorders.

They don’t want to go back to Medieval Times. They want to dominate the planet by committing the most heinous crimes against all who move, while being dominated by the group.

Then what? What if the entire planet succumbs to their oppression? Will they stop the violence? No. They can’t. That’s how they’re built. Bad seeds that grew primarily within prejudicial families – mostly well-to-do families.

They act just like their families act – take as much as you can from as many people as you can. Wealth. Power. Fame.

It’s a rich people disease.


Spokespeople for the military often say: We plan for the worst and hope for the best.


All militaries should plan for the worst and plan for the best.

By not planning for the best outcome, one must surmise that the best is nothing more than shooting in the dark, whistling past the graveyard, a rolling of the dice, or blind, dumb luck, because the military doesn’t want to waste their energy and time on something that does not serve their immediate political and financial goals.

Putting out fires to the exclusion of preventing fires, keeps one in a perpetual state of putting out fires.

If you don’t have a plan for the best outcome, then that outcome won’t happen.


“May the blood of Christ keep me safe for eternal life”. ~ Quote from Pope Benedict 16th – Christmas Eve mass at St. Peter’s Bascilica. 12 -23/24 – 2015.

In other words, may we keep putting our children in front of us, to die for us, in never-ending wars, so we will be safe – forever.

Sacrifice the individual or the many, justifying the ‘means to achieve the end’, which is forever peace, or to achieve through scientific research via enslavement, torture and slaughter of those we deem inferior, a longer life for some, are words that Jeremey Bentham and Peter Singer could have written.

And they did, copied them, almost word for word in support of an old Christian ideology, that has no place in the present.

We humans don’t have to worry about what happens to our souls after we die. We need to fix the hell we’ve created right here on earth.

Justifying the deaths of some so that the privileged can live a longer life, doesn’t bring anybody any closer to heaven, or ever-lasting life, via the continuation of the human race, here or any place else.

We’ve been shedding blood all over the planet for thousands of years. You might think by now that we would have gotten the message that it’s not working to achieve anything except more blood-letting.

Shedding somebody else’s blood hasn’t protected anyone from future harm.

Go ahead, smear the blood on your door and see if it keeps the terrorist out. If the terrorist smears the blood on their door is it going to keep you out, if you want to rid the world of evil?

Somebody had to be sacrificed in order to smear the blood on all the doors. Lots of beings had to be sacrificed. Before you know it, everyone will be sacrificed. When and by what method does the destruction end?

One more time, one more bomb, one more person going prematurely to their death to court the favor of their God. It’s getting old and tiresome.

Take all the money spent on weapons and wars and we’ll have the garden earth everybody’s God talked about.

But everybody wants the blood, wants the wars, wants the money made by wars, wants the illusion of protection that the spilling of somebody else’s blood affords them. Nobody has a vision of peace. Everybody accepts that war is inevitable.

War isn’t inevitable, unless we make it inevitable.

One person dying did not change the world for the better. Millions of people dying did not change the world for the better. What changed the world for the better are people working in a non-war capacity, a non-slaughter capacity, to make the world a better place for all beings.

Do you think that if all the vegans in the world became radicalized and decided to rid the world of all animal-abusers, which is practically the entire human race, that the world would be a better place?

Do you really want to rid the world of all life, so the planet can take a million year break and start all over again?


There’s nothing beautiful about a religion that marginalizes half the human race.

When Muslims migrate to other lands, they bring that part of ugly with them.

How many Muslim women hold public office in the United States?

Why when a mosque is in the news, do I see only men?

Separating the sexes breeds anger – on both sides of the gender divide.

That anger boils over into society.

How can any rational person defend a religion that has its boot on the neck of every woman in the world?


I don’t get all the fuss about wearing black face or white face for Halloween. What is the problem here with such stupid sensitivity? I see photos of blacks wearing white face and that’s okay? But whites wearing black face isn’t?

Get over it. It has nothing to do with anything except dressing up as somebody else.

When I was a kid, I dressed up as Aunt Jemima. Pillow in the stomach, long skirt from my mother, big boobs, mother’s black long sleeve sweater, a red kerchief on my head. Then my father burned the end of a cork and smudged black all over my face. I looked great, and all the other kids thought so too!

We always made homemade dress up stuff, then went trick or treating with pillow cases, after Dad carved the pumpkins and put candles in them. Had a great time.

Nobody called me names or laughed or made disparaging remarks. I wanted to dress up like Aunt Jemima. And I certainly don’t regret it.

People dress up like the characters they want to be for a night. To me it’s a compliment. If blacks don’t like it, then stop dressing up with white face. You can’t have it both ways.

It wasn’t a political statement. I still get a good feeling when I look back on it. Nobody has a right to take that good feeling from me.

When blacks see black face on whites they don’t think slavery, unless somebody told them to or they have a political agenda. Whites don’t think they’re dressing up as a slave, because they wear black face. Besides, even though I didn’t know anything about slaves, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up as one.

Just go out and have fun, paint your face anyway you want to paint it. For one night you’re somebody else. That’s the fun part – plus all the treats!



It’s unfortunate that the candidates aren’t allowed to debate each other, when a moderator asks a question. Due to the structure of the debate, the candidates end up debating the moderators. It’s like they’re in a court of law, whereby the lawyers ask the witness the questions on behalf of the jury who will be judging them. Here, the moderators ask the questions on behalf of the audience, and that’s it. If the moderator doesn’t like the answer, they move on.

Folks, this isn’t a court of law. You don’t have permission to examine a hostile witness. Last night at the Republican Presidential Debate, the moderators were downright mean in the way they asked questions of the candidates. What’s all the anger from the moderators about? It wasn’t professional, and frankly it made me feel uncomfortable.

The moderators need to let the candidate finish their answer. Again and again, the moderators cut of the candidates because their meager time was up. I’d prefer to hear the end of the story, than be slave to a stop watch. What gives here?

Anderson Cooper did the same thing during the Democratic debate – kept cutting people off. You can’t say rules are rules. Who is looking at their watch in order to time their fifteen seconds while they answer the question? No one.

I felt left up in the air after nearly every unfinished answer. Maybe the moderators should shorten their questions.

And nearly every time the candidates started debating each other, the moderators shut them down – cold. We want the candidates debating each other. But it seemed like it was all about the moderators and they getting their views out.

Better that we have fewer questions and see the candidates debate an issue.

The quality of the questions asked was shocking. It was all about character assassination and keeping the American people from hearing the issues. It was tabloid theater at its worst.

What was more shocking is that nobody asked any candidate what they would do about the nuclear waste dumps – a looming and very real nuclear threat in our own country – where some are leaking and another on fire. Just last week Missouri and Nevada were in the news – one leaking and the other one on fire. I can’t be the only one who saw that. These debate moderators are news people. Don’t they watch the news?

Everybody’s talking about an Iranian nuclear threat that doesn’t exist, while they ignore what’s going on in their own backyard. Shocking. But in fairness they weren’t asked the question. What? The environment was off-limits?

I’m hoping for a better next debate. Frankly, I don’t think that will happen.

P.S. Only one person answered the first question about their personal weakness – Donald Trump. Everybody else had an opening statement they prepared, and since they weren’t allowed to give opening statements, they inserted it under that first ‘personal weakness’ question. Tip of the hat to you Donald Trump.


Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of Sate, hit it out of the park, grand slam walk off home run.

I watched the entire hostile examination of a witness, who volunteered to testify.

On 22 October 2015 from 10 AM till 9 PM – 11 hours – grilled like no man has ever been grilled in any court of law, excepting under conditions of torture. Yet this was not supposed to be a prosecutorial endeavor

The hillbillies in suits, all with political agendas, were there en force. It didn’t matter that they were few, what mattered was that their mission was to destroy this woman, and they had the backing of a multitude of like-minded individuals.

They did not do that, they could not do it, because believe it or not, she had just enough hillbilly in her to resist all of their attempts, while providing with facts after facts (not something any one of them could have done) answering every single question they asked – for 11 hours.

The animosity in that kangaroo court was appalling, certainly a bad example to the rest of the world – and trust that the entire world was watching.

Hillary Rodham Clinton stayed focused right till adjournment – again I say no man under the same circumstances could have done it with her deliberateness, her composure while under relentless attack, her knowledge, and her recall of details with every question, that no human being would be expected to recall.

That’s the person I want as President of the United States of America.

Hillary ‘made her bones’ tonight.

Like I say, she has just enough hillbilly in her to take on the whole of Congress.

And every hillbilly in the USA saw what I saw.

Thank you Hillary for your continued service.

Although Hillary was testifying before the House Select Committee regarding the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, in the months preceding the 2012 terrorist attacks that killed four Americans, and the months following the attacks, it wouldn’t have mattered what she was testifying about.

Her demeanor under the pressure of an eleven hour interrogation by aggressive prosecutors with a political agenda, namely to knock her out as a presidential candidate, was a learning example to all people worldwide, women and men alike, on how to conduct themselves and how not to conduct themselves as professionals.

The stark contrast between the unprofessional behavior of her aggressors and her professional response will be studied for years to come. And rightly so.


Years ago, as kids, we went on a field trip to a dairy plant to see how milk was bottled – didn’t see any cows, or the milking of the cows, just milk in large metal containers being processed. Looking back it was something the dairy industry instigated to keep us drinking four glasses a milk every day.

In recent years, there’s been a movement toward involving kids in the growing and harvesting of vegetables for the purpose of making them more interested in buying, preparing and hopefully eating their veggies. What kid or adult who grows their own veggies wouldn’t want to eat them?

Not as common, but still on the upswing, are school projects involving the raising of a lamb from birth to slaughter alongside the garden project. This, of course, is promoted by the slaughter industries to further indoctrinate children with impressionable minds into accepting and eating what they raised from birth – an animal – and to do it in a learning environment surrounded by people they trust and love – their parents and teachers. Sounds to me like McDonald’s ads are no longer enough to keep our children lovin’ it.

These settings are highly manipulative in an effort to force-feed our children knowledge based on an economic agenda, rather than exploring the pros and cons of raising anybody for the purpose of killing them for food, medical and military and product-testing experimentation or for entertainment. Issues regarding prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter are issues that most humans regard as being relevant to only the human animal. In other words, we don’t want our children thinking on their own; we want to do their thinking for them.

If parents and teachers want their children to have a learning experience about raising non-human animals for slaughter, then take them on a field trip to a factory farm followed up by a trip to the processing plant aka slaughterhouse. That way they can really learn something about the reality on the ground, and not be mind-washed by those with economic agendas.

Addicting children to the blood and flesh and addicting them to the process of murder is perverse and damaging to the children, the non-human animals they will continue to feed on, and the planet.

Adults can’t even see the inside of a slaughterhouse unless working there undercover to expose the lies that the slaughter industries in tandem with government and religions are force-feeding the populace.

If murdering animals for any purpose is okay, then anyone should be able to tour these sites to decide for themselves what they want to have on their plate or not.

Until American citizens are able to witness – through an eyes-on experience for learning purposes – whether those animals are indeed ‘happy animals’ or if they’re saturated in terror, abuse and pain, there can be no true learning.

The myth that government, religion, school and parents perpetuate, regarding those we slaughter for profit and gain will come back to them in the form of a fundamental distrust of family, church, state and education institutions, when our children finally see and hear the truth behind their collective lies.

Individuals are waking up all over the planet to the lies they’ve been force-fed by all these institutions and they are definitely not lovin’ it. Wouldn’t it be better to be honest from the start?

Teach our children truth, not lies. Children can handle the truth. It’s the adults you can’t.


The reason why there’s so many serial, mass and individual killings in this country and around the world is because church, state, family and school teach our kids to enslave, torture and slaughter other animals.

For God’s sake, you put one on their plate at every meal.

God didn’t tell you to do that.

You pray before you eat it and thank God for giving him/her to you.

God didn’t give that to you. You took it. You trapped it and stole God’s precious life.

No, you don’t get forgiven. You stop. Now.

Humans are animals. To all humans who think they’re better and complain when attacked by another human, that you were treated just like AN ANIMAL!! – I was treated no better than an animal – well, you are an animal.

You need to own that fact. How did you treat animals? Yeah, you.

I ain’t no animal.

Oh yeah, you are. So you think they’re pretty dumb, huh? What’s that God-damned thing on your plate? What did that animal do to you? Huh? You put an animal on the table every night, that you paid someone to kill for you. Yeah, you.

You can’t figure that out? Whoa, now that’s pretty dumb, which makes you a dumb animal.

So that’s how you got treated by your attacker – a human animal attacker. Just like an animal, you got treated like the animal you are.

You said it yourself. Your attacker mistook you for what’s on your plate. And you’re shocked.

A human animal attacked another human animal. And you think you shouldn’t be attacked by another human animal, because you’re what?, civilized? Huh. Then what’s that dead animal, whom you had killed, doing on your plate? Did he/she attack you? How many hon-human animals have you been attacked by?

You paid for it mother fucker. Remember? at the grocery store? Or you stole it.

An animal is an animal. You can’t prove that you’re not an animal, nor can you prove that you’re better than any other animal. All you can prove is that you’re not civilized. The dead animal that didn’t attack you is on your plate. The plate proves it.

Got ya laughin’ now don’t I?

You’re more concerned that I used the words “mother fucker”, than about that dead animal on your plate. Proof that your priorities and morals are all mixed up. It’s worse to call somebody a name than it is to kill someone.

Oh really?? that cow isn’t ‘someone‘? That cow is somebody’s daughter or son that you paid a hit person to kill for you.

What? it isn’t against the law?

You break laws all the time, that you think aren’t fair to you. Besides, there’s no law that says you have to kill another animal. You do it, because you want to do it. Doing something because everybody else does it, puts you in moral jeopardy. Can’t you figure anything out on your own? Or do you let everybody else do your figuring for you?

You’re in trouble with God, in case you didn’t figure that one out yet either.

Take a break from what everybody else does. Start thinking for yourself. The next time you say, you were treated like an animal, better think before you speak. What non-human animal raped you, or beat you, or stole from you, or murdered someone in your family, or tied you up and tortured you, or tried to murder you?

What you really meant is a human animal treated you like you treat all non-human animals.

You think non-human animals deserve to be treated that way. Non-human animals are raped, beaten, tied up and tortured, murdered, and yes stolen from. You steal their babies all the time. The younger they are the better they taste, you say.

You’ve got some rethinkin’ to do.


President Obama says that there are sixty countries in the USA led coalition fighting ISIS, which begs the question, why haven’t they been defeated yet?

With all the bombs he dropped on Syria, you mean he didn’t kill any civilians? Russia drops a few bombs and everybody gets nervous about civilians being killed. Where was that concern when the USA dropped bombs – many months of bombs?

Obama claims there are only two countries in the Assad coalition: Syria and Russia. Well, Syria hasn’t been able to stop the civil war. The rebels and other terrorists are armed to the hilt. So who is providing those arms during this four year civil war? It can’t be Iran, if Iran is backing Syria. Four years is a long time to sustain a war without an endless supply of weapons and ammunition. Assad would have defeated them by now if he was able.

So in walks President Putin of Russia. He’s going to have a go at it. Sixty countries including the USA failed, President Assad failed, we’ll see if Russia fails too.

I wonder if rebels in the USA attacked all the capitol cities in all fifty states along with the capitol in D.C. what Obama’s strategy to defeat them would be? He wouldn’t surrender, step down from office and live the rest of his life in exile, or be charged with war crimes against his own people, because he chose to fight back, and then probably be put to death, before he could be properly tried and convicted in a court of law. Once the rebels win, the laws change, the constitution changes.

He’d fight to stay in office with his entire military backing him – or maybe many of them would desert and join the rebel/terrorist cause.

What’s Syria going to look like if the rebels/terrorists win? A nightmare.

Sure, it’s a nightmare now, but that’s the fault of the CIA propping up the rebels/terrorists and giving them false hope for a better future. How many people already died because of that false hope?

Two hundred and twenty thousand people so far.

Obama is walking in a dream somewhere refusing to wake up.

When Palestinians rise up against the Israeli apartheid regime, Obama motions to Palestine to live under the Israeli thumb in peace. He doesn’t try to oust the dictator. Strange.


When Americans and peoples of other nations are horrified by what people in Asian countries do to dogs – slaughter and eat them – the Asian response always points to the animals, other than dogs, that the complaining nations slaughter and consume.

On the surface it appears that the complaining nations are being hypocritical and contradictory in their views. You eat cows, what’s the difference? Well, many nations revere dogs. Many people who otherwise eat other animals, think of dogs as family. Some Asian nations will keep a dog as a pet, until it’s time to barbecue.

Yet, slaughter and eat a Panda bear, and the response by Asians would be the same as the response by nations that revere dogs.

Beneath the surface is the issue that nations – all nations – conveniently ignore when putting forth their contradictory arguments. The international movement of individual citizens and/or groups, that reside and/or operate in all nations, that see the contradiction and no longer want to live that lie. It is a lie that they’ve been fed since birth – a tradition that they were forced within an historical context to follow simply because their ancestors and the ancestors before them engaged in animal-abusing behavior as their God-given right or their right by nature, that puts them at the top of the food chain.

To forcibly procreate other beings for the purpose of killing them is the contradiction.

The common goal of all these individuals and groups is to expose that lie, by no longer living that lie, while simultaneously working to educate all peoples on earth to the truth of nature – that all beings have a right to live once he/she is born, because that’s the purpose of birth, and that no being has the right to impose suffering via enslavement, torture and slaughter on any other being after he/she is born.

There is no contradiction among these individuals and groups. Stop imposing suffering on other beings, precisely because it goes against nature to bring any being into the world for the purpose of killing him/her. This truth is in their minds and in their hearts no matter where they live or to which nation they pledge allegiance or to which religious or secular group they belong.

This commonality crosses all socio-economic, gender/sex, nationality, age, status of handicap, color of skin, religious, political etc. lines. Thus this group, ideologically, philosophically, intellectually, emotionally, and genetically form a race of individuals that exist all over the planet as a separate and distinct group.

It is the position of this Core Race that all humans possess as their core, genetic markers that propel them via a fundamental and universal life-continuing principle to live and to let others live. That’s why humans forever have sought peace on earth.

The reason that this life-continuing Core Principle, that exists in all humans, did not generalize to letting other species live is because since birth the expression of these genetic traits has been blocked by family, church and state, rendering them for the most part, evolutionarily speaking, recessive.

It is further the position of this Core Race, that the Core still exists, whether expressed or not, thus the unblocking of that Core in all humans has become the goal of the Core Race. Thus the reason why the “Movement to Awaken the Core” worldwide has grown and continues to grow despite efforts by the family, the church and the state to keep it blocked, which is proof that the life-continuing Core is capable of becoming unblocked. The Core Race, therefore will become larger and larger until all humans are free to express their true life-continuing nature that encompasses all species.

Unblock that part of your life-continuing Core, that blocks your own wrath against other animals, and peace among humans will be assured.


People often talk about the thrill of the hunt – overtaking another being and killing that being, sometimes torturing that being to prolong the thrill, before the final second of death arrives.

They don’t talk about the hunter seeking the experience of vicarious death.

They hunt. They thrill. They want to be hunted, so they hunt others.

They want to die, so they kill others.

They want to resurrect and they do. Just their prey dies.

They don’t want somebody else to do the killing for them.

They want to experience, vicariously, the death of themselves, through the death of another.

The nervous, boisterous laughter after the kill, suggests they made it to the other side of life via their victim and lived to laugh about it.

Mounting the head on the wall reminds them of that vicarious feeling of death, so it can be relived, until the memory and feeling fade, requiring them to experience it again.

How many heads on how many walls will it take before society wakes up to the mental illness of hunting?

When anybody else pre-calculates a murder and then commits it, they’re called mentally ill, but legally sane.

I believe that hunters are legally sane, but I also believe they suffer from a mental illness that’s a threat to other beings.

Vicarious death is the hunt.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

In Memoriam – 29 July 2015 – 4:50 PM

Cecil lives – as the most famous, world-changing lion who woke up the planet!

Thank you for your service.


Begin by going one day a week, any day or any meal, without meat. Then advance to more days on more occasions.

Or start with eliminating dairy and eggs. About 65% of the human population has lactose intolerance. Eating/drinking dairy, besides being unnatural after being weaned from mother, besides causing digestive disturbances via lactose intolerance, coats your tongue white and causes halitosis (bad breath). Try foregoing the cheese on the burger, the cream in your coffee. Try some veggie cheese, then try the veggie burgers. There are many great tasting dairy-free coffee creamers on the market.

Eventually you’ll no longer enjoy the taste of blood from the meat, dairy from the cow, egg from the chicken, or the fishy taste of sea animals, and you’ll wonder why you ever did. The reason you did is because you were raised on those products.

I often wondered why I continued to eat eggs (not that I ate that many, since I didn’t like the odor of them cooking) when it was common knowledge that they contained salmonella – the most common form of food poisoning. We were told via the government and egg producing industries that all we had to do was cook the eggs well to deactivate the poison. What? Who would want to eat something that had a known and well-documented poison in it, deactivated or not?

We did it because everybody else was doing it and the authorities kept telling us it was safe to do so – given that we prepared them right.Well, salmonella is still the most common food-borne illness despite their claims of safety.

As we grow up and leave the nest, it seems that we long for earlier days in a nostalgic kind of way, we become homesick, remembering family and family occasions that always centered around food. That’s why you so often hear people on television who opened restaurants talk about making a dish just like mama did, or just like in the old country.

Cooking like mama did makes us go back in time, giving us comfort. That’s why they call comfort food comfort food. It’s what mama used to make. It takes you back to a different place, a different time, a simpler time. Longing for home is what it’s all about, and food takes us back home, when that home no longer exists, or mama or anyone else you love is no longer here. It’s like seeing them again.

It’s time to grow beyond the food. It’s not the food you long for.

It’s time to choose new food that tastes familiar –  absent the cruelty, absent the ill-health caused by eating the flesh and blood.

People respect those who care about their health and the well-being of other creatures.

You respect how you look, how you feel, and that your actions not only help you, but help preserve life on the planet. Mama would be proud – even though she would resist you in the beginning. Remember, Mama is just like you. She longed for home too.

You’re the example that others pay attention to. Mama would like that. People notice the confidence you display in controlling what you eat and how you act. They notice the aura of power that surrounds everything you do, that makes you the most important and influential person at the center of your universe.

People respect that power in you – because you respect yourself. Mama likes that too!

That power is free. Seize it. Remember mama for the great person she is and that she nourished you in many ways. Food was only one of them. I’ll bet you would love your mama as much, no matter what she fed you.

Respect Mama by being your own person, while bringing her along in your heart and soul wherever you go, whatever you do.


Nobody cares when a cop gets killed in the line of duty.

Everybody loves to hate cops.

Even the USA government hates cops.

Yet, when the USA government calls the youth of America to fight their wars, and then the youth die in those wars, everybody raises them up with love and caring and tears to make sure nobody ever forgets their sacrifice.

I’m writing this essay and I want to go to the article about the cop that got killed in Queens, New York, but there is nothing there.

All I see is everything about Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yahoo News has nothing there about never forgetting lest it happen again.

It happened. It’s over. Move on.

I don’t even know the cop’s name, so I’ll have to google it.

It didn’t pop up right away like most things do on google. I had to search.

Brian Moore, 25 years old.

The blacks in America didn’t care. They cheered in their hearts and souls. I know because I felt it. Shot in the face. They loved it. The terrorist who did it is a hero to black America. Blacks in America don’t care how Brian’s family is feeling; they only care about themselves.

The government doesn’t care either. The news shows don’t care. We’re not going to hear a name that nobody can forget. We won’t hear his name at all.

Blacks in America keep telling everybody else to feel their pain. But they refuse to feel anybody else’s pain – if that person is white.

Blacks in America call their own 40 year old men kids, yet this 25 year old white man who was assassinated deserved it, because he was white. It was not because he was a cop. The cops didn’t rape their 40 year old kids in jail. Their own black people did that.

The terrorist who killed the cop aimed for the head – didn’t try to ‘wing’ him – like blacks in America keep saying cops need to do to their 40 year old kids.

There is no solution here that will beg for mercy.

Mercy is equal.

Begging is not an option.

P.S. There will be no protests, burning of cities, burning people alive in their cars, disrupting traffic, destroying businesses in black neighborhoods, that will be perpetrated by white people on behalf of one of their own killed. That’s the nature of white people. All white people care about is working, working, working, so none of that bad stuff happens to them.

On behalf of all blacks in America who have served, I say to Brian Moore, 25 years old, thank you for your service.


Benjamin Netanyahu urged the USA to go to war against Iran because a past Iranian president denied what happened to Jews during World War II a holocaust/genocide, yet refuses to call what the Turks did to the Armenians 100 years ago the holocaust/genocide it was.

The USA, under the guidance of President Barack Obama, supposedly the leader of the ‘free’ world followed suit.

What, no justice no peace? A simple acknowledgement that will help heal, Benjamin and Barack couldn’t muster?

If they, with all their power can’t call a holocaust/genocide what it is, then how can they expect anybody else without that power to recognize a holocaust/genocide when they see it, know it, experience it?

The leaders of the world put their blinders on when it politically suits them, but expect the populace to live and operate with eyes wide open. Who’s really leading here?

The world deserves better than that.

You both failed miserably on this one. You can’t close your eyes and then tell the rest of us that you know and see more than we do.

Holocaust/genocide matters in case you forgot to take your conscience pills this morning.



There is no life WITH Jihad. Only death.

You don’t want to live in a world where you live to thrive. You fabricate a reason to die and make others die, so you can quickly go to a heaven you know nothing about. Let’s just skip all this living part and get to the end. What’s the rush?

The struggle, the resistance happens on earth.

Your religious duty is NOT to die and make others die for a cause you can’t define.

Your religious duty is to struggle for peace by resisting death – death of you and death of others.

Humans are not built to seek an after-life till they’ve lived this life – on earth.

You have become incapable of using the brain, mind and soul God gave you for the sole purpose of leading yourself.

You follow mindless words of destruction, not growth, instead of following your true north, your true self.

There is no honor in becoming a martyr. Nobody cares about martyrs. You make the news on one day, and a whole bunch of others you recruited steal your thunder by doing the same. The next day everybody forgets you even lived on earth, as they go about the business of striving to live and thrive.

You left the THRIVE part out of your ideology.

Go ahead, try to communicate to the world from heaven. Oh what, you really didn’t want to change the world, and once you get to heaven you’ll forget all those you left behind? I guess loyalty wasn’t your strong suit.

Or maybe loyalty is your strong suit. So how are you going to change the world – earth – from heaven? Are you going to enter peoples’ thoughts while they’re sleeping or appear as voices in their heads while they’re awake? And how many people do you think you can reach with your message by using that strategy? Good luck with that one. Those people – if there are any – will be deemed insane and nobody will listen to them. And what will be your message? Destroy all life on earth? Or survive and thrive?

Nobody listened to you while you were on earth, and you think they’ll start listening to you when you’re dead?

Jihad is about death, not life.

If your life isn’t to your liking on earth, then it’s up to you to make it better by living to thrive, not to die and to make others die with you.

No God ever said that you have to kill yourself and kill a bunch of other people to live the ultimate life in heaven.

You don’t have a world plan do you? You don’t know how to govern, how to make the world a better place.

The way you make the world a better place is by making yourself a better person. It starts with you leading yourself.

The promised land is earth. God kept it’s promise by putting you here. Are you going to accept your responsibility by being guardians of this garden earth?


Unfortunately, most of black America was happy when a white cop shot dead a black man in the back. The dead black man is now a martyr for the black cause.

A few weeks ago, a white cop shot a white man in the back while sitting on him. It didn’t make headlines, because white lives don’t matter. Most white people think he probably deserved it.

If white people don’t care what happens to other white people, in those situations, in that they think they bring on their own misfortune, why would black America think white people should care about their misfortune, just because they’re black?

They don’t care when it happens to a white person, to one of their own race, one of their own kind, because white people are much more distant from each other than black people are to each other. White people are taught from early on to be independent, separate, stand on your own two feet, or fall. Either way you’re alone, unless you’re privileged, but even then there are limits to what the rich group will accept in bad behavior or risk being ostracized.

Blacks don’t ostracize their own. That’s a big difference between groups.

Unfortunately, black America is targeting the white middle and lower classes for grievances they have with the upper classes of all colors, hoping that attacking those who don’t have a say in policy, will force (through fear) those without said power to speak up in support of black America’s grievances. That is an unrealistic expectation. They don’t speak up for themselves – even when they’re fearful.

A black person wouldn’t do it for a white person as evidenced by several black men beating up a white man on a subway, while every black person on the train sat, watched and did nothing to assist. I’ve lived in Cleveland, Ohio for twenty years. I know that’s the drill.

Attacking people without power for the purpose of forcing them to rise up against their leaders – risking limbs and death to do it – is a military strategy used against foreign countries when the country using the strategy can’t get the leaders of the offending country to change their ways. They in essence use the people who don’t matter (the lower classes) as sacrificial lambs to achieve their goals.

The strategy never benefits the ones being forced against their will to fight for a foreign entity with the purpose of displacing their leaders.

It is inappropriate for black America to be using military strategies inside America, that either involve forcing powerless people to martyr themselves or involve forcing powerless people to act violently on behalf of, or in support of, a cause.

Black people keep telling white people to stop fearing them. That’s probably a good place to start with a strategy for change – something that doesn’t invoke images of people being burned alive and towns leveled, or even someone screaming in your face. Simply telling someone not to fear you won’t work. This fear didn’t develop overnight. If you want someone to fear you, they will. You know the gestures. Everybody knows them.


1 Jan. 2015 I just saw this headline on Yahoo News via Chicago-Sun Times Entertainment on 2 Jan. 2014:


I couldn’t believe I actually saw that phrase ‘knocked up’ in print. I thought it must mean something different these days, than what it meant many decades ago, so I clicked it on to make myself current. Nope, it still means somebody got pregnant. It’s a derogatory term used toward women, usually very young women, and usually but not always unmarried women, and almost exclusively used by men and said in a surly, demeaning, degrading way, usually but not always accompanied by ‘dirty’ laughter, meaning a men only joke.

Back in the ’70’s that man would have been called a ‘chauvinist pig’ (I, being an animal-rights activist, object to the word ‘pig’ being used in an insulting way, just as I object to cops being called pigs, or to Joni Ernst, a republican hog castrator from Iowa who won a senate seat, saying she was going to Washington to make them squeal – a reference to the pain of castration and ‘cutting the pork’, meaning removing from the budget, that which republicans deem unnecessary).

This is 2015. Is a man writing the Dear Abby column? I stopped reading these columns decades ago when I found out that the two sisters (Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers, now dead), who wrote the two columns appearing in newspapers across the nation for decades made up the questions, and that they were written for Jews, instructing them on how to behave when in the company of gentiles (non-Jews) – addressing every imaginable facet of behavior – so Jews wouldn’t be seen as odd – a form of assimilation/integration into American society.

They did this without ever addressing Jews directly as Jews. Although I was very young then, I never agreed with any of their advice, so I don’t know who they were getting their answers to their own questions from. Experts they always claimed.

‘Knocked up’ is inappropriate (just like a ‘bun in the oven’ is inappropriate). It’s not funny. It’s disrespectful to women. It is never said in an endearing way. It’s uncivilized and offensive.

It’s strange how we as a society have become increasingly politically correct in our speech and actions toward any and all minority groups. But for the most discriminated against humans – women – of every race, nation, culture, socio-economic group, religion, political party… that has not happened.

Insult a Jew, a black, a gay, a handicapped person publicly and your career will be ruined. Insult a woman and everybody laughs. It’s not taken seriously. Even raping a woman isn’t taken seriously.

Bill O’Reilly announced on his ‘no-spin’ show the other night that the war on women is over. I guess because he says it’s over, it’s over. The fact that he didn’t ask a panel of women if the war on women is over should be proof enough of his own sexist slant.

Perceived superiority of an individual or group over another individual or group is one of the basis of prejudice. It’s not simply about not liking an individual or group. Anybody is free to like or dislike any individual or group for whatever reason. We all have our preferences. It’s when we discriminate based on a prejudicial mindset of superiority that the war begins.

The war on women will be over when women start fighting back against that which keeps them oppressed. Winning the war against women – on a continuum – is in its infancy.

Half of the human race – women – have and continue to fight for every other groups freedom rights. Where are these same groups when it comes to their freedom rights? Where’s the other half of humankind – men – when it comes to the freedom rights for women?

Start by correcting your own language, regardless of what your prejudicial thought process, no matter what your muscle memory is telling you to say, just because that’s how you’ve always thought and said it.

Stop the repetition of bad language and your brain will get the message. Form new habits of correct, respectful words and those words will create new pathways of correct, respectful actions.

You change the world by changing yourself. The world will take notice.


Ten out of fifteen members of the United Nations Security Council voted on the Palestinian resolution for statehood on 30 December 2014. Eight nations voted in favor (China, France, Russia, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Luxembourg) and two nations voted against the resolution (the USA and Australia). Five chose not to vote (Great Britain, Lithuania, Nigeria, Korea and Rwanda).

Nine votes were needed to pass the resolution. Member states of the Arab League, and member countries of the European Union all worked on versions of a resolution. All the USA did was work behind the scenes to block it – threatening their allies and foes with repercussions if they dared to support, via an international vote, anything that is contrary to what the USA and Israel want: Total domination of the Middle East on their terms.

Politicians within the USA, fearful of losing an election, any election, by losing the Jewish vote, bent to the will of the Israelis far too long. Every single president and administration in recent history, no matter what the political party, has had no success in advancing peace and eliminating oppression of the Palestinians by the Israelis, because they fear for their own political survival. The five states that voted to abstain from the vote are cowards. They didn’t think that Palestine deserved an up or down vote.

Every lame excuse, every lame reason was and will continue to be given on why Palestine must bend to the will of the Israelis. This has gone on for decades with no end in sight, while Israel continues to illegally seize Palestinian properties and commit holocaust after holocaust against the Palestinian people. For decades Israel, the USA and the rest of the world have played their circular game, while allowing Israel to commit war crimes again and again. That chain of oppression must be broken. It must be broken now. There is no more time needed. Everybody had their time – too much time – forever stalling – hoping the Palestinian slaves would simply give up and not fight the enslavement, torture and slaughter of its people by their oppressors: the Israelis.

Waiting till Benjamin Netanyahu is out of the picture will not make one bit of difference. Even if the USA could fix an election, which they’ve done successfully in other countries – always to the peril of the people – it would not make one bit of difference. The USA and the rest of the world have tunnel vision and are wearing blinders. They somehow keep believing the lies of Israel to the point where it has become pathological.

The Palestinians somehow keep believing that the USA and the rest of the world are going to do the right thing and support their bid for freedom. They haven’t done it yet, which means they won’t do it. It’s been too long. In fact, the punishment meted out by turning not one but two blind prejudicial eyes to their suffering, by the very countries that supposedly support freedom, the countries that want the Palestinians to negotiate with their oppressors, which in essence means to give Israel all the land they want, is evil.

Israel is a terrorist regime with terrorist leaders. How, if the USA won’t negotiate with terrorists, can the USA tell the Palestinians to do it and expect a good outcome? It hasn’t happened over several decades and it won’t happen. Israel won’t allow it to happen. Israel is not a member of the Security Council, but they might as well be, since the USA represented only their interests by using their ‘might’ via blackmail and extortion to sway the vote away from freedom on Israel’s behalf.

This action will not energize nor motivate Israel to negotiate in good faith. Dictators who commit holocausts against their own people don’t do that. Yes, Jews claim the land of Palestine to be theirs. They were born there. I don’t know why it historically has been called Palestine if it was really Israel, but that’s one of those smoke and mirror lies that Jews love to tell. Palestinians call themselves by the name of the land that they’ve always inhabited.

Either way, if people are called by the name of the land they’ve always inhabited, then Israelis are Palestinians according to their own paradigm – so yes, they commit holocausts and the most brutal, sick, torturous crimes against their own people. This horrendous vote against freedom for those enslaved and humiliated can have only one outcome. President Mahmoud Abbas: Now is the time to proceed with the necessary political and legal decisions. There is no other way. The Palestinians have compromised and compromised, till nearly all of their land, their dignity, their hope, their power is gone, and what’s left even now is so corrupted that the bits and pieces the Palestinians will end up with will not be a two state solution. It will look more like a tiny piece of moldy Swiss cheese – full of holes – something the Israelis wouldn’t want anyway.

The scraps are what they’ll get, which means the Palestinians will still be enslaved. If you back down on your promise now, the Palestinians will be seen as Israel’s doormat forever – something they wipe their shoes on. It’s strange how the USA keeps telling the world that only Palestine and Israel can decide the outcome, yet the USA keeps micromanaging the process for Israel. The United Nations serves many purposes. One of those purposes is to assist in resolving international conflicts between nations. The USA and Israel obviously don’t respect that body, otherwise they wouldn’t work so fervently and vehemently against it.

Delay, delay, deny, deny, hope you die is their mantra. They act like an insurance company not wanting to pay out on a claim. The USA and Israel work against peace, not for peace. Both are militaristic countries with militaristic societies. They don’t know how to make peace. How many Israeli leaders have said, ‘if Israelis weren’t warring against their neighbors they’d be warring against themselves?’

For the USA, war makes a lot of money for a lot of American companies. It provides jobs. Peace doesn’t bring in the same amount of dollars as quickly. My father once told me, “listen to what everybody has to say, then do whatever the hell you want to do”. In other words, do what’s right for the Palestinian people, not what’s right for the USA or Israel or for the ones who voted to refuse to vote, or anybody else.

Do what’s in Palestine’s best interest. The USA and Israel, in fact all other nations, do what’s in their best interest. They would never even consider doing anything but that. Neither let any individual nor any country tell you what’s in your best interests. If and when they do, then you know where their real interests lie.

“Did Pope Francis really say all animals go to Heaven?”

It really doesn’t matter who says it – either with supposed authority or not. How would any animal (including the human animal) know anyway, unless they’ve already been there (to heaven) and they could call back to the rest of us – hey we made it to paradise.

This is an animal rights issue (which also means a human rights issue, since humans are animals).

It’s a matter of how we treat all beings. The fact that so many people and groups are in essence denying other creatures (in their minds and in their theology and ideology) from entering heaven upon their demise, tells you a lot about how these creatures are regarded and treated by humans on earth. All species are treated by the human species as inferior to them (humans), thus worthy of only serving them – via using them for food, clothing, entertainment, cosmetics, medical experiments, military bomb training – where that animal always dies – and on and on.

Pope Francis, regardless of what any pope said before him, is stating the truth of his spirit, the truth of his mind. It didn’t matter that it was a young boy he responded to regarding his dog, because the Catholic church, the Jews, the Muslims, the Indians, the Asians, the protestants, the atheists are all ‘male most important’ oriented.

No matter what group on this earth, the males are considered high and the females are low. So why not a girl, or man, or woman –  talking about his/her dog (why not a cat or pig or cow or goat)?  Because I just told you why. Because the world will be more apt to accept this pope’s words, if spoken in context of a boy and his dog (probably even a male dog).

In most faiths, humans either go to hell or go to heaven – a few go to limbo, somewhere in between. From dust we begin, to dust we return. And in molecules of dust, the spirit remains – whether we be the human animal or any other type of animal, whether God’s creation be a plant or a rock or a rainbow.

Pope Francis (the patron saint of all animals) rocked the world – the other popes did not. It took him way too long to do that by my assessment. But I do understand that he had to garner the trust of humans before he went viral with the other part of what animal means.

I did and continue to do the same thing in all of my writings –  in all that I do. Talk to the human first, before I inject the other animals into my dialogue with my God for the world to hear, to see. The human animal is just so superior in their own minds (something that governments and religions taught us to be), just so selfish, just so destructive to other species. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. The pope is doing that now. Though he has a huge support system, I have none, it’s only me – one individual.

For so long the world reported Pope Francis to be the patron saint of the poor. No, no I said, he’s not that, he’s the patron saint of the animals. I know Saint Francis of Assisi. I know Saint Francis better than any theologian knows him – better than the pope knows him. The pope hijacked his name. How could he do that, I asked in my mind and spirit, over and over again?

THEY, THE OTHER ANIMALS, are the poorest of the poor. They are the enslaved, tortured and slaughtered. How can he let this go? How can he call himself after Saint Francis of Assisi and not give the other creatures a nod? I don’t have to know every detail of Francis of Assisi’s life. I know his spirit – like I know my Grandma’s spirit. I know that he knew the right way, the correct way, the moral way. Even if he didn’t live it, he spoke it, so loudly that I, Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, in my minds ear heard it.

I’ve been waiting for this moment since Jorge Mario Bergoglio became pope – knowing and understanding the struggles he had with human acceptance of anything on this earth being equal in their God’s eyes – to the human being. Jorge Mario Bergoglio did not take seriously Francis of Assisi – a name he gave himself. Only recently on the nightly news did Brian Williams call him the patron saint of animals.

So, you recognized globally, speaking to the world, that all of God’s creatures, are worthy enough to be accepted into your God’s heaven upon their demise. Applause, applause. You didn’t steer away from scripture.

The people who say that you didn’t really ‘say’ what you said; the people who say that you didn’t really mean what you said; the people who cite what other popes said; the people who want you to recant what you said (and many do)…are people who fear that their own power over all that moves on this planet, all those they deem inferior, will be taken from them. They also don’t want that guilt on them.

If you don’t make yourself clear, more clear, where time really is of essence, and I want you to live a very long time, to complete your mission, but realizing that others may not want that, and knowing that God can only work through all its creations, not independently of all its creations (including me, including you), I suggest that you prove your words, your mind, your spirit, by whatever name you chose to be your legacy – now.

Can you, as God’s partner, condemn the enslavement, torture and slaughter of God’s creatures? Why accept enslavement, torture and slaughter of God’s creatures, just so they can go to heaven afterwards? Is that why all of us, including the human animal, were put on this earth – to be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered? Can you refuse to participate, in that which you can control as a human?

Can you prove by your actions now, what you really said, what you really meant, regardless of what popes or anybody else said before you? Can you prove to those who are saying, now in nuanced words, to cease and desist, that you really believe what you said?

Can you prove who you are in spirit, thoughts and words? Words at this point would be pointless. The more you say in defense of what you said, will only bring on more confusion by those trying to negate your words.

There is something you can do.

Can you stop eating the sacrifice?

When Jesus said, let this bread be the body and this wine be the blood, from this day forward at the last supper was he not speaking to you – and to all humans – about animal sacrifice (including the human animal) at the altar?

If you think so highly of Jesus, then you must think that he had the power of thought that went beyond his day. Can you refuse the gifts of torture and slaughter on your plate? If you can at least try, visit chefdavies-tight.com. Your chefs will delight in what my God, yes my God via Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the animals has created in the name you took as your own.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, the animal-free chef

P.S. This essay was sent via email to Pope Francis. Thank you to Arthur Poletti for providing the Pope’s email address: papafrancesco01@gmail.com, famigliacristiana@stpauls.it

Recent news focus:  

Wash your vegetables well before consuming them.

Didn’t everybody already do that?

Next, even if you do wash the veggies and fruit,  the pesticide levels are highest on the peels/skins of some of the most common vegetables/fruits, and now even leak into them, which means eating no peels/skins or even that which is beneath the peels/skin.


Yet, I haven’t heard any talk about washing the meat before you eat it.

Animals are force-fed the worst of the worst vegetables and/or fruits and the worst of the worst diseased animal parts from other animals–in other words, it’s all rotten. Pesticides fed to animals? Who cares, when the food is laden with mold toxins?

Nobody refrigerates the food fed to animals going to slaughter, because it doesn’t matter that they have a long life; they’re slaughtered within 2-3 years of birth.

Too many antibiotics, too many fattening enzymes, who cares? All we’re going to do is eat the ammonia laced glob of toxin ridden blood and flesh and call it yummy.

Can you wash away the toxins in hamburg, sausage, hot dogs, steak (prime, mind you), chicken, pig, lamb?  Fish? Birds?

Do the meat handlers wash the meat before and after they cut it? It’s been on the floor, in dirty bins and dirty trucks.

So what’s all the fuss about washing your veggies?

It’s about a war the slaughter industry is waging against the veggie farmers and, yes, the vegetables. They want the farmers to grow veggies for the animals going to slaughter, not for you.

Sounds more and more like the slaughter industry is land lord of the veggie farmers.

So, peel the vegetable and/or fruit. Wash it too.

You can’t peel the animal who was fed toxins and through whose veins run those toxins, can you?

The meat industry will claim that people cook the meat before eating it, so that kills whatever is on or in it. It may kill some of the bacteria, but it won’t kill the toxins or the pesticides the animal was fed.

I guess that means that if I make applesauce, which is cooked, I don’t have to wash the apples before cooking them, or the celery that I use in my stuffing, or the collard greens I cook for my side dish.


The Pope, head of the Catholic Church, forbids the use of condoms, birth control pills and the morning after pill based on a theological view that people by nature and God’s design are meant to procreate, and that nothing should stand in the way of that procreation, except abstinence. “Be fruitful and multiply”. But do it by all natural means. In other words, there should be no interference in the process.

Firstly, neither the Pope nor the Catholic Church owns an individual’s body, man or woman. Neither does a religious view own anyone.

Secondly, if the process of procreation cannot be interfered with, meaning it has to be natural, then it would logically follow that Catholic men be prohibited from using Viagra, a sexual stimulant in pill form that encourages procreation, that otherwise may not occur.

You can’t have it both ways. If you can’t block conception using pharmaceuticals or condoms, because it’s not natural, then you can’t facilitate conception by using pharmaceuticals, since in the later case, it isn’t natural either. Further, the Pope would have to outlaw fertilization of eggs outside of the womb for women who can’t get pregnant the natural way.

“Be fruitful and multiply” really means ‘there’s strength in numbers’. Any organization that wants to be powerful knows this. So get down from your high horse and address the issues of the day. There’s a huge AIDS epidemic in Africa, and you’re contributing to the suffering by refusing to give out condoms to African men and women who benefit from your charities. That’s prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. You fit all five on this “Be fruitful and multiply” premise. Fix it.


If poor people want to get into the middle people class so that fewer government resources are needed for their upkeep, why not let them in?

Give us that and you can keep your 1%. But implied in this deal is that the middle people can get into the rich people category. Go ahead, let them in.

You get to keep your 1% super status (meaning the 1% controls more wealth than the remaining 99%) as long as there is not one person in the poor people category. If you can do all that, while still controlling 99% of the wealth the more power to you. This isn’t about simply re-categorizing the 99% with different labels. It’s about not treating the people who slave for you at low wages like trash.

The quicker you move the better.

Start your trickle down engines, the fish are swimming upstream. Fix it.


Nobody has a right to check your body fluids or cavities against your will. You and you only, own your body.

Hospitals and doctors need your permission to treat you for any disease, or check for any disorder. Police, and airline personnel, on the other hand, do whatever they want with your body. That’s a bad sign and symptom of a dictatorship in place, a dictatorship that tells you that they are in total control of you, that they own your body, not you.

The U.S.A has become like Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, including Israel, who conduct those same invasions with the sole purpose of terror through humiliation.

That policy was imported via Israeli generals and instituted throughout the U.S.A.

It is a violation of an individual’s civil rights.

Every person in the U.S.A. is treated like a terrorist, just like they’re treated in Middle Eastern countries.

We bomb those countries supposedly under the guise of freeing the populace from tyranny, yet we engage in the exact same behavior. Fix it.


Clearing the Air

Webster’s dictionary states that the word “kike” is a disparaging name that other people call Jews. In other words, it’s a name that non-Jews call Jews.

I asked my researcher for the derivative of the word. He said, “there is no derivative.” That’s strange. How can there not be a derivative? Every word is derived from something. Just like the word “nigger” is derived from Nigeria, now called Niger. I told him to look further. He looked the word up on the internet. Seems it all happened at Ellis Island, New York City.

Many Jews from many countries came to America, some escaping prosecution or persecution, some escaping poverty, others just wanting an adventure. Others wanted something different than they had. Seems, however, that there was a competitive nature between German Jews and Russian Jews. The German Jews thought themselves superior to Russian Jews, because they were more learned, and as a result of that prejudice, the German Jews called the Russian Jews Kikes. At the time, most or many Russian Jews’ names ended in ki. So, the German Jews lobbed that disparaging word with prejudice toward people of a different ethnicity.

When the Jews were asked to sign their names upon entering Ellis Island, they couldn’t, because they were illiterate. They were told to mark an “X” as their signature and they refused. It seems it reminded them of a ‘cross’, as in Jesus, and they either feared the cross or were repulsed by it, so they signed with an “O”, a circle.

Kikel is a yiddish word for circle.

So, in the beginning the word ‘kike’ was not a disparaging word the non-Jews used against Jews. It was a word that Jews used disparagingly against other Jews–from other countries. It just so happened that when others heard it, they started to use it. But it began with the Jews. It’s their word–a word they chose to humiliate other Jews with, a way to put other Jews in their place. But like any word–nobody owns it. But also like any word, once out, many others used it.

Those who write the dictionaries left that portion out, preferring to blame, by omission, non-Jews for the existence of the disparaging word.

Clearing the air.


It isn’t the Irish Americans asking the USA to commit holocausts around the globe in their name.

It isn’t the Polish or German Americans.

It isn’t the African Americans or the Italian Americans.

It isn’t even the Native Americans stirring up trouble around the globe because we as Americans oppress them.


Go down or up the list.

It isn’t the Asian Americans wanting the USA to make war upon their home lands.

The Hispanic Americans aren’t asking the USA to slaughter other countries in the name of their heritage.

There is only one group in America who does that: Jewish Americans. And they don’t have to ask. They’ve positioned themselves in all facets of American life to carry out their own orders for disorder, while pledging allegiance to themselves.

They are the ones who want to own you and the world you hold dear, while trampling on your principles, as you sacrifice your life in their wars.

They are the trouble makers who hide behind your names, your religions, pretending to have your beliefs of freedom for all, while making laws and policies that support their need for endless war.

The USA is their country now. Welcome to the United States of Israel.

Get ready my Beanie Babies. You’ve already had your hug. Next comes the awakening you’ve all been rocking for.

“I, WE, ALL”

I try not to compare myself to others–past, present or future. I compare myself to the principles I set for myself, that benefit me and all those around me. And when I fail, I seek to fix that flaw.

I find it futile to try to be like somebody else, since their flaws are at least as great as mine.

Happy Independence Day to all the universe’s inhabitants–in the spirit of soaring to greater heights, by becoming the greatest single power that you are engineered by your own God to be.

When all of us do that, we truly become a powerful “WE” force–for all.


I didn’t have any control over where I was born. None of us did. As a child, my first steps were taken in Springfield, Massachusetts. I didn’t know the name then. I knew only my family and the ground I became close to as I walked it.

I didn’t know the concept of country or borders–only the boundaries my parents set for me as a child. So, am I to feel badly when I grow up to know the truth, that at some point the land I call home was stolen from the Indians via a holocaust against them, their culture and land?

No. Yet my heart is heavy when I think of it. If they had soared, maybe I wouldn’t feel that way. Or maybe the lives lost would still weigh heavy on me.

At some point, we need to stop blaming the children for what their ancestors did. And, we the children of those ancestors, need to protest in our own way–when we see it continue to happen elsewhere–as in Palestine.

I rarely see an Indian. Throughout my life, maybe a few. Where are they after all these years? Why don’t we know them except as war-mongers who scalp people? Why are they out of sight? Why now do Americans still fear them in their minds? CIA/Hollywood probably. I never see one on the news, except when they’re in head dresses of feathers with beads around their necks, carrying the heads of wolves on top of it all–above the birds. I never see one analyzing the news or positioned as a broadcaster of the news.

Blacks prevailed. Jews prevailed. Hispanics prevailed. Gays prevailed. Every ethnic group thrived–except the original inhabitants of this country we all call ours.

Give them casinos. Sounds like Benjamin Netanyahu saying he gives the Palestinians what they need. He calls the shots–on what they receive.

Nobody should have that kind of power over an indigenous people–of any land.

When you have that type of power, then you have power over me–who first knew this land on 2 March 1949.  I am indigenous to this part of the earth I call home, because I was born here. So are my parents. The grandparents and great grandparents who weren’t born here came to America long after the Indian Holocaust.

Years ago, when I traveled to Washington State, I often visited the library–in my perpetual search for knowledge. My search didn’t end with college–neither did it begin there.

Looking at a row of books, and me being curious about God, I saw a title that read: “God Is Red”. I rejected that concept, since I was taught to believe that there was only one God. I was indoctrinated early on in childhood to believe what the indoctrinators wanted the children to believe. All religions do this. I took the book from the shelf, then quickly placed it back.

Strange for someone searching for knowledge. Still…how can God be only one color? It was probably that title of that book that put me on a course to where I am today–searching for my own God, that little did I know at the time was in every cell of me.

Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for being you.

Now lift yourselves up–because God is you–because God is read. Write. Paint.  Become the scientists you know you are. Become the mathematicians you know you are. Become the doctors or nurses you know you are. Become the researchers and teachers you know you are. Become the engineers you know you are. Let your genius run free. Teach new in all you do.

Hey, you didn’t really think I’d forget Indian Nations, did you?  One of the most powerful pieces in my second art collection called “SNOW” is you–through me. Yes, through the soul that you know.

The Wolf you raise up is my daughter.

Free the animal. You’re closer than anyone–any culture–to being equipped to do that. With you, the respect came first–for all animals. Now follow through with the actions. Free the animals.


Why kill someone for destroying the Koran? If the Koran is the word of God, then the word of God is already imprinted on the souls of all existence.

By killing someone who destroys a piece of paper, you’re demonstrating a lack of confidence in your own God and your own soul.

Destroying the Koran does not destroy God. Killing, however, goes against the will of the universe, whose purpose is to survive, thrive and evolve.

If the Koran really is the word of God, then God belongs to everyone, and anyone can do with that written word what they like.

God gave no one permission to kill on it’s behalf. I will go up against any Muslim, Christian or Jew who thinks a piece of paper has more value than a life. It doesn’t matter what’s written on it. If it’s God, then that God is already a part of your DNA.

God doesn’t come with an instruction booklet. We already know right from wrong.

Holy books are used by governments and religions to control the populace. Put your weapons down and think for yourself–for a change.

Use the Five Principles To A Better Life as a Blueprint to see where the Holy books are flawed and where they’re not. Then look at your own life and see how you measure up.

See for yourself where you’ve been following blindly the Five Fatal Flaws of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Then say the universally recognized word of “NO” to prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.


And it’s long overdue. We no longer live in a male dominated world where the man in all ways can claim power over all beneath him. The operative word here is ‘beneath’. This relic of a hierarchy denotes and connotes superiority of one race over another: men over women.

Congratulations to those who launched the Pfarrer initiative in Austria in 2006 calling for “disobedience aimed at abolishing priestly celibacy and opening up the clergy to women to relieve shortages of priests.”

In Pope Benedict XVI’s response he held fast to the ideology of obedience to the true will of God, citing that Jesus always followed true obedience to God’s will, not “human caprice” (definition: a sudden change of action or mind without adequate reason; a whim).

God’s Will does not include enslavement to or by mortals, or even to God. Jesus went on a suicide mission to fulfill a prophecy,  simply because it was written, then thought at the last-minute that God would sweep down and rescue him from the cross. Jesus, like so many before and after him, thought suffering was the only way to obtain grace. Should this be the life upon which we pattern ours and the lives of our children? It’s odd that Jesus, the most well-known and prayed to man in history has not been able to stop, through his teachings, the prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter that plagues this planet. It appears that the foundation upon which Jesus preached, or at the minimum the way that foundation was interpreted by his followers and later the church was fundamentally flawed.

Prejudice with humans, begins with men and women against each other. Historically, the scales were tipped in favor of the men, as if by the mere fact that they were born male, gave them privilege and dominion over females as well as all other species and matters of importance.

Obedience is a dangerous, powerful tool used by dictators espousing birth rights based on gender, color and socio-economic status, giving them the keys to everybody else’s lives. Closed societies breed contempt for all those outside of that privileged group. That somehow a gender, color or class, by the mere fact of being randomly born into it, makes a person wise or gives a person inalienable (definition: that may not be taken away or transferred) rights over all others not born into that privileged status, demands disobedience.

What all religions and governments have dictated for way too long, the ideology that one half of the world’s human population is born wiser and more capable to lead the other half, needs to change and the only non-violent way to achieve that end is through disobedience.

To the Pope: That Pig, Lamb or Fish you’re going to devour on Easter is not God’s will. Jesus offered bread and wine as the new sacrifice, to supplant the old sacrifice of slaughtered beings. He did not offer the lamb you’re going to feast on. It is your own “human caprice” that wills it.

Jesus also said to render unto God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Religious freedom doesn’t only mean freedom to choose your religion, it also means freedom within that religion. Civil freedom doesn’t only mean freedom to choose the country or city within a country you live, it also means freedom within that city or country. Civil and religious rights have too often mirrored each other, rather than challenge each other, because of their flawed, dictatorial foundations. Disobedience on both fronts, civil rights and religious rights, are an inevitable part of evolution. Jesus was an evolutionary. He laid down the fork, and raised the bread with the wine. Serving bread with the lamb isn’t going to cut it any more in the religious realms. When you stop the prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter of all beings, you will see the miracles you crave.


Why won’t the scientists of the world come out of the closet and tell the world that animals have nervous systems? Cut a nerve and it hurts like hell. Cut a bone and it hurts worse than hell. Skin them alive and the internal scream is heard throughout the universe.

Say it in unison. Loud and clear. Worldwide–so that there is no mistake about your scientific assessment.

You torture them. You know.


Obama refuses to call poor people poor. He calls them “people trying to get into the middle class.”

Hey, there goes Sharon and Steve.

Yeah, they’re trying to get into the middle class.

I’d rather be called poor than be called outside of the fold.A democrat, a president, can’t even say that he wants the vote of poor people. He only wants the votes of rich, middle class and now, those trying to be middle class.

Obama is in political denial. The poor people are those who make the world turn in favor of the rich and middle class.

Wake up Obama. You need the poor people’s vote. You don’t give them dignity by saying they want to be middle class and rich. No. They are who they are–poor–working day and night to keep this country afloat.

Poor people don’t go on strike. They stand by what they do. They make a better life for the rich, the middle class and you. It’s past time that some president make a better life for them.

To Airlines That Still Transport Primates For Torture:

During World War II the same experiments that are now conducted on primates were done on human prisoners of war. Banning the practice was the only correct action to take. These torturers however, found another target–those who have no say in what happens to them: all the other animals on the planet. Nothing good will come from these experiments. Chemicals still kill humans, pharmaceuticals still kill humans, pesticides in our food still cause cancer in humans, environmental gases, molds and fungi still damage the brains of humans. E-Coli and salmonella still cause illness in humans who ingest them. Seasonal influenza still kills hundreds of thousands of humans every year, even when vaccinated against them.

These experiments are done in the name of flawed science.

Its time to stop doing what we’ve always done simply because we’ve always done it.

When we lose our conscience, we lose on every front.

It’s time for science to evolve by respecting all life, instead of designating who they’ll torture and slaughter in the name of protecting one group deemed superior to all others. And it’s time for airlines to stop facilitating the torture by delivering the victims to their torturers.

I find it odd that scientists torture those beings whom they claim we evolved from. Essentially, we’re still torturing humans. Please join leading airline companies, including Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Aer Lingus, and adopt a formal policy prohibiting the transport of primates destined for laboratories to ensure that your company plays no role in the suffering of these animals.

Thank you for your consideration.


Is Israel a true democracy or, like so many other things the Israelis do, are they playing a game with appearances in order to make the world think of them as truly democratic? Having the right to vote for a candidate is only one part of the democratic equation. Who you’re able to vote for is certainly as important.

Why does Shimon Perez never go away? Why does Benjamin Netanyahu never go away? Why does Ehud Barak never go away? And why when Ariel Sharon was prominent did he never go away till he was stricken with illness? Why are the top positions held by a handful of people, who rotate among those top posts in Israel? It’s like the same committee plays musical chairs every time there’s an election. Somebody can’t hold a post except for a certain number of years, so all they do is run for another post. It’s always the same people. Israel acts like Russia and looks like China. Where are the new people from the populace? Why can’t they get in?

Even Tzipi Livni, who can’t seem to stay in the lime light long enough to secure one of the top positions, has been around the Israeli block so many times it’s dizzying. IDF. Mossad. Knesset. Member of Likud party. Co-founder of Kadima party. Chair of Kadima party. Constitution, Law and Justice committee. Regional Cooperation and Agriculture. Immigrant Absorption, Housing and Construction. Justice Foreign Affairs. Director General of the Government Companies Authority. Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Minister of Justice. Come on, with all that experience, the people of Israel can’t even get her elected? If the “pocket book” protestors want change, then they’re going to have to get rid of the old committee who just keeps going around and around and around, making everybody think they elected them through a fair and democratic process.

Israelis deserve to be fairly represented. For the people, by the people, should be the mantra, instead of being ruled by a committee locked into a dictatorship whose only goals are expansion, and war to achieve that expansion. That’s oppression in a nutshell. Know that when dictators oppress their neighbors, they also, in order to keep doing that, oppress their own people. It’s time for Israelis to stand up in unison and say NO. End this game of musical chairs–once and for all.


To recognize Israel as a Jewish state rather than an Israeli state is like Palestinians demanding that Israel recognize Palestine as a Muslim state. The Jews are going too far by expecting Palestine to determine Israel’s demographics. The Israelis are doing this in advance of negotiations on the Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland.

‘If we get the Jewish state status, then we don’t have to accept any Palestinian refugees or families of refugees’. Benjamin Netanyahu further argued on the Larry King Show last winter, that families of refugees don’t have the right to return to their homeland, because they weren’t the original ones displaced. Okay, then we can also say that all the Jews who fled to Palestine post WWII didn’t have the right to claim Israel as their homeland, or that the Russian Jews who flocked to Israel in the past decades don’t have valid land claim rights either. Israel not only wants it both ways, they want all things their way.


Washington DC’s rebuke of the most recent Israeli settlement surge is meaningless. The rebuke makes the USA look good to the world, while hands behind the backs show crossed finger poses made just for Israel–a self-portrait of who the USA really is. Will the real United States of America please stand up? When the Jews remain seated, you’ll know it’s them. Inside joke, but still…most people can figure that one out.

In fact, Washington’s rebuke of anything Israeli carries no weight. Everybody knows it, yet everybody keeps thinking that they can change the fox who guards the hen-house. Everybody keeps thinking that the USA and the USA alone is the only country that can influence Israel. One might think that being such die-hard friends, that such friends would have influence over the actions of the other. Most friendships operate that way. In this friendship, however, Israel calls all the shots. So it seems to me to be one-sided, which means Israel is dictator over the USA–and not a friend as Israelis and American politicians say.

“The Palestinians refuse to negotiate with the Netanyahu government as long as it continues to build in the West Bank and East Jerusalem–territories that would form the core of their future independent state.”

They’ve been negotiating at least as long as I’ve lived in Cleveland, which is seventeen years. The Israeli land mass has grown, not shrunk contrary to Netanyahu’s claims. First he was the size of New Jersey, then last winter, the size of Rhode Island. Come on, you’re working on Massachusetts and you know it. Do you think maybe that’s the strategy? Tell the world you’re shrinking while you’re growing? Wake up world.

The Israelis got their cease-fire, no more suicide bombings inside Israel. Yet Israel didn’t cease their massacres inside Palestine. Weeding out (killing) the (bad) Palestinians till all who resist Israeli expansion are dead is Hitleresque. That’s what Hitler did. He sought to weed out (kill) all the Jews he considered bad. Wake up world.

“Israel rejects that [Palestinian] demand [to halt settlement building], arguing that previous rounds of talks moved ahead in tandem with settlement construction.”

There’s that’ merry go round’ again. The horses all stay in the same position, while the base moves only to bring the horses back to their original positions–again and again. That’s not moving forward; that’s tricking people into thinking that because you’re moving, you’re moving forward. It’s like the musical chairs of the top government posts inside Israel. They make you think after each election that change has arrived, when all that happened was the few people at the top simply swapped positions.

No one in their right mind is going to negotiate for seventeen years with an enemy, while the enemy is still stealing their land and ruining their lives. At some point the Palestinians have to say stop. The reason the USA presses the Palestinians to make all the concessions is because Israel drives American politics. If you want to get elected and stay elected you have to pledge allegiance to Israel expansion, Israeli terrorism.

It is not the domain of any country to decide where the people of another country are going to live within that country. The USA knows better. They wiped out almost an entire segment of the human race through the massacres of the Indian Nations. That too sounds Hitleresque. Only thing is that Hitler wasn’t around then. So what white guy decided to commit a holocaust against the entire Indian Nation?

Netanyahu keeps saying that he’s going to relocate this group and put them here, and relocate that group and put them there, so that Israelis get all the prime real estate. What right does he have to do that? Again, Hitleresque. All that maneuvering of people, grouping them, deciding who goes where, even tattooed everyone. That’s Netanyahu. Wake up world.

Israel is already preparing for a bloodbath. Israelis claims the Palestinians are going to start a war, so you all know what Israel is going to do with that claim. They’ll stage a preemptive strike and call it the Palestinians fault. Get them before they get us. They’re laying the ground work for it.

Israel stated many preconditions for talks to occur. There will be no discussion on:

1 – Israel must be a Jewish not an Israeli state.

2 – Right of return expired after the original refugees died.

3 – Never going back to pre 1967 borders, “that’s never going to happen”.

4 – No sea access.

5 – No military.

6 – Israel controls all borders.

Prior to stating the list, he said emphatically that there would be no preconditions. Wake up world. It’s a charade. Hitler still lives through Netanyahu.

So go ahead Palestine. Precondition away. The USA is not the country you need to be deciding your fate. You decide your fate. Going to the USA for help is like going to Israel for help, making Israel your lawyer, your leader, the determiner of your existence. The USA will never give you a bunch of money to rebuild what the Jews destroyed. Does Israel?

Wake up Palestinians. Israel wants you perpetually weak. Stop asking Israel for your independence. They already told you what was non-negotiable. Everything. Netanyahu said on the Larry King Show that he was going to take care of you–as if he were the father taking care of his children. He’ll see that you get what you need. He’s not your father. No father would put his children in concentration camps.

Obama already said that he would block anyone in the world who criticized Israel. Do you really think he can help you?

Regarding the recent decision to surge settlements: ‘Oh, this won’t happen for a couple of years, due to multiple processes it goes through to get all the permits approved.’ That’s what they always say in order to ease your stress in the moment, so that you’ll forget about it. But it always gets done. That’s why they’re claiming now that too many people would have to be relocated, about a half million from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Oh, so they can relocate the Palestinians, but not the Israelis. At each juncture of settlement building they said the same thing–they knew that someday these settlements would have to come down and they would be prepared to make the painful sacrifices/concessions.

Well, that time is here Israel and you keep expanding. Were you lying just to appease the world at the time? Looks like Israel is not a people of their word. Their word means nothing–just as the USA rebukes mean nothing. It’s all a charade to keep expanding.


Kingdoms rise and fall. Friends come and go. So it will be with the USA who has prospered for decades as the world’s super power. Other countries learned from their mistakes and now wield the purse in lieu of the sword.

China was savy to finance the USA’s wars. Now we’re broke and all we have left is a tattered and torn military. How many tours of duty must one soldier endure? How many hundreds of thousands, or is it millions, of lives did we take to avenge 9-11? When will the vengeance end?

Or maybe we don’t have to pay back those war debts as Diane Feinstein once said. Why not? Because we give China our jobs and they give us non-redeemable loans is how it sounds behind the scenes. Why? So we can keep warring … till when?

Till we turn on ourselves.

China’s not the enemy, they’re simply more savy.

President Obama Talks with Fork-Tongue while addressing the U.N. General Assembly

“…For as the city outside these walls makes clear, we are a country that has welcomed people of every race and every faith.  We are home to Muslims who worship across our country. We not only respect the freedom of religion, we have laws that protect individuals from being harmed because of how they look or what they believe. 

We understand why people take offense to this video because millions of our citizens are among them.  I know there are some who ask why don’t  we just ban such a video.  The answer is enshrined in our laws.  Our Constitution protects the right to practice free speech. 

Here in the United States, countless publications provoke offense.  Like me, the majority of Americans are Christian, and yet we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs.  As president of our country, and commander in chief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and I will always defend their right to do so.”

While Obama preaches to Muslims worldwide about their responsibility to hold their tongues and actions when offended, the Mossad trots around the globe killing people in their homes who they label as Jew haters. The USA drops bombs on men, women and children expecting them to not fight back nor bear a grudge. Obama continues to use as an excuse to bomb the citizens of Iran some comments the President of Iran made about the roots of a holocaust against the Jews in Europe during World War II.

If any country persistently threatened to bomb the nuclear facilities in the USA, as Israel does to Iran, the USA would pre-emptively attack that country. Iran responds with angry words in lieu of bombs and Obama threatens to bomb them  for using angry rhetoric. Based on angry words he justifies murdering thousands of people in their homes. Where is the consistency in his ideology regarding holding your tongue and actions.

When Israelis massacred 1,100 Gazans in an aerial bombardment in an enclosed concentration camp where nobody could escape, Obama turned the other way. When asked why he said, ‘you know those people said some pretty bad stuff about me’.

When some Palestinians cheered on 9-11 President Bush vowed never to assist that enslaved nation, merely because some of them cheered. He didn’t get the part that the USA was responsible for their enslavement  by giving Israelis a perpetual green light to slaughter them.

In the USA when somebody criticizes the group who call themselves Jews or Israelis it’s punishable by loss of job, future career, family, health and sometimes death—all sanctioned by the USA government as the USA turns its head. Obama supported the firing of a news opinion columnist Helen Thomas when she said off the cuff that the Jews should go back to wherever they came from. Obama’s press secretary said that such opinions were unacceptable.

It’s against the law to burn a cross or even raise one on private property in the USA because it offends Blacks. It’s called a hate crime. It’s against the law to intentionally incite violence as many protestors have come to realize by their own arrests. Those responsible for creating and distributing that anit-Muslim video committed a hate crime with the intent of inciting violence.

There is freedom of speech in the USA and freedom of assembly, but those freedoms have negative consequences, depending on which group you align yourself with. Obama failed to mention that. His own prejudice was glaring in his speech to the United Nations as he told the Muslim world not to respond in kind as his bombs continue to drop and Mossad continues to kill people in their homes and ruin the lives of those who dare criticize what Israelis and Jews do to those they hate. Obama squashed the Occupy Wall Street Movement in America. Where’s the freedom of speech and assembly there?

There is a difference in how Jews and Muslims respond  to offenses. Jews have the power to destroy your life at every level of American society, because over the years they’ve positioned themselves in those slots. Muslims don’t have that type of power anywhere in the world, so they protest en masse and mobs as we all know become violent.

Obama is selective in determining who has actual rights and who doesn’t in America and around the globe. If that anti-Muslim film had been an anti-Jew film you can be sure that those responsible for making it and distributing it would have been arrested by the authorities and destroyed by the Jewish underground network.


If the USA goes into Syria with military air power, they’ll be committing the same slaughter they accuse the Syrian government of committing. They’ll be committing the same slaughter that the Syrian opposition is committing against their own government. In fact, the USA is committing that same slaughter all over the globe using bombs, troops, poisons and assassination drones.

In fact, the USA military and CIA are already war-gaming their response to an inevitable uprising in the USA by its own citizens, in the eventuality that they rise up against a government that invests their lives and future into ruling the world by military might at the cost of their economic and health care well-being. That’s the cost that all dictator governments lay on the heads of its citizens. The USA is a member of that club, that church.

What do you think the USA will do to their own citizens when they rise up with guns against the dictatorship in Washington, D.C. and the dictatorships in every city, county and state, as the USA slumps deeper and deeper into a depression created by the USA’s addiction to perpetual war?

Slaughter isn’t cheap or quick. It costs a lot and takes a very, very long time. Neither does slaughter create peace, it creates more slaughter.

It is not the job, nor the responsibility, nor the right of the USA military and CIA to choose who lives and dies in any other country’s civil wars.

The USA government and media cheered when a suicide bomber killed the Syrian Defense Minister and his deputy and wounded many others. What government will cheer when a USA bomber – suicidal or homicidal – kills the USA Defense secretary and his deputy and wounds many others? How will the USA respond to its own citizens who rise up against dictators and dictator policies that place them in below subsistence level conditions that oppress them?

It’s strange how the USA tells peoples of other countries to kill their leaders, then stifles peaceful protests in the USA against the same oppressive practices.

‘Change the world by peaceful protests’ is an instruction meant for the populace as well as the government institutions that rule them. When only one side implements the peaceful protest rule, the other side is the dictator. When neither side implements it, I see two dictator factions fighting for the same power to oppress. What the two factions don’t see is that war oppresses everyone.

The USA says it’s okay for Israelis to slaughter Palestinians. ‘It’s the Palestinians own fault’, the USA has intimated for decades. Just bend to the will of the Israelis, stop making them fear, and the slaughter will stop.

Now that the Syrian government is slaughtering the rebels of Syria, who are also protesting oppressive living conditions, the USA sings a different tune. Now it’s the fault of the Syrian government. ‘Let the Syrian people be free’ chants the Obama administration and his conservative counterparts in Congress.

All the world fears suicide bombers, they also fear bombs dropped from planes. The Palestinians stopped that method of fighting. The Israelis claim it’s because they erected a wall. The world knows otherwise. It also knows that Israel never gives credit where credit is due. Still…even the Israelis cheered when the suicide bomber murdered the Syrian Defense minister and his staff. [You can’t unring that bell. This morning it was a suicide bomber, this evening it was an individual who planted a bomb and died.]

The change in policy of the Obama administration and the Israeli administration regarding suicide bombers should shock the world. For whose benefit – when, where, how and why – are suicide bombers now acceptable? When an oppressed people try to free themselves, because the world looks on and nobody helps?

Why pull Iran into a war they don’t want? Didn’t the USA and Israel threaten to destroy them? Are you on the side of freedom for all or do you work to free the populace of governments you have an interest in neutralizing?

Benjamin Netanyahu, the enslaver and slaughterer of Palestinians, gets a thumbs up, a green light, accompanied by a statement of undying love and commitment from the USA to keep up the enslavement of Palestinians in concentration camps, and now the Africans who fled Sudan, only to find the holy land not so holy, while the USA turns its head toward Syrian interests.

Where do you stand Obama, on the enslavement of Africans in the Israeli desert? You stand with the enslaver. You keep rewarding Israel with more money and more weapons to fight the oppressed populace. Where you need to stand is with those enslaved. You haven’t done that yet, not with the Palestinians, not with the Africans, not with any enslaved group or individual. You keep telling the Iranians to rise up against their leaders, to free themselves. You don’t give the Palestinians that same instruction. You’re like Netanyahu – deciding who is worthy to be free under your thumb.

The Iraqis, the Syrians, the Afghans, the Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Libyans were all heavily armed people, irrespective of their governments desire to control them. Where’s the oppression there?

Nobody wants gun control in the USA. The reason stated is always the same. We need to protect our homes from intruders. But that’s not the real reason. We need arsenals of weapons to rise up against an oppressive regime, even when it’s our own.

The Palestinians and the Africans corralled in the Israeli desert don’t have that kind of fire power, so you think them weak. Yet, they’re still not free. You turn your head toward the powerful every time.

Obama, you broke every universal rule of fairness for all. You broke every one of your own rules. Where has that led the world? Deeper and deeper and wider and wider into an abyss of violence worldwide. Walk the talk that got you into the highest office in the USA, or step aside and let somebody else have a go at it. You got a free ride. Ninety percent of the world never get that. Create something you can call your own for a change, instead of taking credit for businesses you didn’t build. Frankly, it looks like you’re trying to squash generations of hard work by individuals who had no help from anyone, people who sacrificed while others were out having a good time, people who surmounted every obstacle put in their way. You should be made of the same stern stuff. I haven’t seen it yet.

Bragging about murdering people, threatening nuclear warfare against sovereign nations that have no interest in attacking you, threatening to kill USA citizens if they criticize Israel or on Israel’s behalf is the work of a dictator not a peace maker. Try peace on for size. If it fits wear it, if it doesn’t, then I don’t want you as my president.


It is well known that Jews respect those they fear.

Jews don’t respect Iranians, thus they don’t fear them.

Jews don’t respect Palestinians, thus they don’t fear them.

‘The sky is falling’ is not a fear-based strategy used by Israelis and Jews to get what they want. It has nothing to do with their fear. It’s a strategy that works. Fear is contagious. They’re the best actors in the world. They feign fear, then you fear. Then you act on your behalf that is really for their benefit, not your benefit.

‘We share the same values’ does not translate to beneficial for you, when that value is based on mutual destruction if they don’t get what they want. You’re convinced that you want what they want. That’s the con and the tell.

You’re both fearing, which means you must have a common enemy, which means you both must join forces to fight that common enemy, especially since you have a superior fighting machine and freely march your children into battle to fight everybody’s fears. Fear is contagious – feigned or not.

Jews don’t fear any peoples, any race, any country, which means they fear no one. So they faked that too.

There is one possible exception.

add-on. For the loopholers: If you don’t fear someone, you don’t fear what they’ll do. You cannot separate the two.


A commercial for a multi-vegetable juice: ‘It’s not easy to get all the vegetables you need, when you don’t like the taste of them’. Score cards appear above the heads of a black man and a black woman sitting at a table. On each on their plates sits two whole, over-sized broiled chickens, surrounded by a few steamed vegetables. Each time the people in the ad eat a vegetable, their score increases by one. The black woman reaches across the table to give the black man one of her vegetables–offered on a fork straight to his mouth. He takes it, his score goes up, then he leans over and spits it out. He gets up, goes to the refrigerator, drinks some V-8 Fusion straight from the bottle and returns to the table–all happy.

No one mentions the over-sized chickens on the plate. They don’t need to. What the ads makers are saying is, ‘we know you don’t like vegetables the way they’re prepared, so why not get your daily allotment by drinking our juice?–like a baby from a bottle, all pureed into one mushy drink?

Adults don’t spit out vegetables at the table, kids do that–but not all kids and probably not most kids, but every kid knows a kid who does. So, this commercial is really for kids–validating their dislike for vegetables, then telling them that even when they grow up to be adults, they still won’t like vegetables. It’s also for adults–validating the ‘you don’t like vegetables do you’ mentality, that keeps children and adults disliking vegetables, because it’s socially acceptable to spit them out. A spit out, connotes disgust.

This indoctrination commercial is anti-vegetable and pro-slaughter–aimed at blacks. Don’t forget the chicken on your plate. We take great pains to prepare meats, to find the best cut, to make the best marinades and barbecue sauces, but take no pains to do the same with veggies, beans, grains, nuts and fruits. They’re thrown in front of us, like a raw piece of bloody meat would be slapped on our plate, had we not taken the time and effort to mask it’s taste and appearance.

We toil over the perfect barbecue sauce to make the animal palatable. Where are the home chefs in the veggie department? Why not make the veggie palatable? Oh, but once you put oil/fat on the veggie, the slaughter industry people go wild. Keep the fat off the baked potato if you want to stay slim, or so you can eat the steak is more to the point. No margarine on the corn and the cob, but eat the big, fat, juicy ribs on the grill. Come on. Stop it. If you don’t like veggies, don’t puree them in a blender; prepare them so you like them. The Republicans are always saying to keep the government out of our diets. Why don’t they say that to the slaughter industry? Stay out of our diets.


Most people wouldn’t go out and actually kill the animal they purchase at the supermarket, yet they relish the preparation of the meal and subsequent feast.

Most people, unless pushed to an unfathomable rage and disgust, just couldn’t do it. They couldn’t stomach doing it, nor stomach watching somebody else doing it.

In the realm of fighting terror with terror, special operations units in secret intelligence, law enforcement and military agencies do the work nobody else has the stomach for – the horrific deed of slaughter that governments tell us somebody must do to keep us safe and free from the harm others may inflict upon us.  That horrific deed of slaughter is elevated to massacre and holocaust levels when our governments perceive entire nations or groups of people a threat to our physical and/or political survival or our way of life, necessitating in their view the dropping of bombs on millions of people within the perceived offending nation or group, in order to break their will of supposedly wanting to annihilate the other nation in a similar way.

Six weeks is all it takes to turn a civilian into a killing machine for any cause – thousands of civilians, hundreds of thousands of civilians –to wreak havoc on another nation or group, and all the other species of animals that never get considered as fatalities of war.

When the USA had a military draft policy most of the youth didn’t want to go, that’s why they had to force them to fight by instituting the draft. However, during difficult economic times many of our youth enlist in the military as a way out of those difficult times. They get paid for what they do – slaughtering peoples and other animals in foreign lands.

Slaughter is a flawed fundamental principle that forms the foundation of all nations, and all political entities worldwide. Since slaughter is the result of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement and torture (prejudice leads to discrimination which leads to enslavement which leads to torture which leads to slaughter, if left unchecked), then prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter are flawed fundamental principles that form the foundation of all nations and political entities worldwide. Slaughter cannot exist without the existence of the other four flaws.


Peoples and nations of peoples enslave, torture and slaughter under the guise of perceived threats to national and/or individual security.

Militaries of all nations and political entities enslave torture and slaughter animals of other species under the guise of needing to teach military personnel how to enslave, torture and slaughter the enemy – other humans.

Peoples and nations of peoples enslave, torture and slaughter under the guise of needing those they enslave, torture and slaughter as food, ointments, clothing, medicines, health and beauty aids, nutritional supplements, glue and on and on till just about every manufactured product has some aspect of the animal in it – even your computer, cell phone and replacement windows.

Peoples and nations of peoples enslave, torture and slaughter under the guise of needing those enslaved, tortured and slaughtered for scientific research experiments in order to keep you healthy longer.


Tear down the flawed foundation of all nations and political entities, which serves only to perpetuate the prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter that makes up that foundation.

You don’t have to start over from scratch. All systems are already in place, built by you. All you need to do is remove the animal from the formula, from the equation, from the product list, from the target, from the method, from the process. War-game and plan your nations, cities and towns, religions and families absent the animal as a means to achieve your goals.

Manufacturing plants already exist, stores already exist, recipes, formulas already exist. Tweaking is all you need to do.

Tear down the concentration death camp, slaughterhouses. Slaughterhouses have no valid place in society. Stop raising animals, then let nature take its course.

Leave the past behind. The cave man and cave woman are passé. They’re dead. Justifying our behavior by what they did or didn’t do (we weren’t there) is a futile exercise that will destroy us. We were supposed to evolve not only in appearance, but in actions. We only evolved in the first part. We evolved backwards in the second part.

Change doesn’t have to be hard, difficult or painful. We make it hard, difficult and painful. A new job, a new way, a new mission always invigorates. Always. So where does the hard part come in? A challenge always invigorates. So why the resistance? Governments and peoples have become addicted to the power of control via enslavement, torture and slaughter. They’ve done it that way for so long that any other way – absent the enslavement, torture and slaughter – is perceived as a risk, and a precedent absent past successes, that predicts future success upon which they can move forward with a guarantee in their pocket. Everybody wants a sure thing, a sure bet.

How are governments going to re-brainwash societies into going animal-free after spending all of human history brainwashing societies into accepting the five fatal flaws of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter?

Those systems are already in place, systems that encourage you to reprogram yourself by thinking for yourself, by making up your own mind through opening your mind to different ideas.

Animal rights activists and vegetarians have been sowing those seeds since the beginning of human existence. Even the bible says to back off the vegetarians. ‘Don’t eat the animals’ lest you be banished from earth’. Well, the editors changed it to apple. Nobody is ‘tempted’ to eat an apple. Humans, however, are ‘tempted’ to kill those they see as weaker than themselves.

Jesus, Mohammed, Einstein, Ghandi and many others all extolled the principles of peace being contingent on how we treat those creatures we deem as inferior, thus ‘tempting’.

When you walk down the street, law enforcement tells you to walk strong, not weak, lest you get attacked.

One nation needing and/or wanting to be superior and/or more powerful than other nations is what causes wars.

“We’re the most powerful nation on earth”. How many times have I heard that roar from the mouths of dictators in the USA, since my youth till now? It’s the same war cry. Power to do what? Enslave, torture and slaughter. Boasting that we’re the most powerful nation on earth, that we have the most powerful military in the world, with which to terrorize you into submission to our flawed will is what we’re really saying.


Tear down the concentration death camp, scientific research labs, using animals, whom governments and peoples deem inferior, to make humans live healthier, longer lives.

Scientists and doctors throughout the world have acknowledged for decades that a scientific model using other species to control the health of humans is fundamentally flawed, and always will be.

Inserting human DNA into other species to make them more human, thus more effective in predicting human health and curing human disease is just as flawed, since by that action we’re creating new species in laboratories, whom we know nothing about. For those afraid of change, because there is no past from which to predict future success, I’d be afraid of that one, again based on a flawed foundation of enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Systems are already in place, using current technologies, to conduct scientific research experiments in the absence of animal subjects. Tweaking is all those systems require. You don’t have to start from scratch. Scientists are notoriously invigorated by the challenge to create. Leave out the animal and proceed with all the vigor you possess.

A nation of laws and the rule of law become detrimental to all life when those laws are based on a flawed foundation of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean you must do it. At some point the flawed laws become the excuse for continuing down the path of destructive behaviors.

Nations are formed on the premise that certain individuals will slaughter and be slaughtered on behalf of the perceived welfare of the group.


Change the world by changing yourself. Be the example of courage, compassion, confidence and calm, as best you can. Question alliances to ideologies, cultural and familial habits which make others suffer, without making excuses for those practices. Upon making excuses, one already knows that the practice they’re questioning is wrong. Recognize the power of centrifugal force. Be that center that centers others. Accept rejection and acceptance as necessary components of change.


The Israelis claim that because the Palestinians didn’t pay for the land they’ve inhabited since before the time of Jesus, that that gives the Israelis, who migrated to Palestine after World War II, the right to force them off that land, bulldoze their homes, leaving them homeless and landless, then turn around and give that land away – for free – to Jews from foreign countries, or anyone claiming to be a Jew, whom they actively recruit to live on those properties, called Jewish settlements or colonies. It’s the same model of displacement imposed by foreign Americans against the Native Indian Americans in the USA. Although Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama spoke out publicly against it, there were never consequences to back up their words, which of course to the Israelis meant a wink, and a green light to continue their displacement policies against the Palestinian people.

Just recently, while visiting France, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel,  made a public plea and invitation to French Jews to come to live in Israel. Of course everybody knew what he meant – on Palestinian land – free land.

The practice of recruiting Jews, or anyone claiming to be a Jew, from foreign countries to inhabit bulldozed properties in contested territories does not constitute “natural growth”, which Israelis claim as their reason for expanding settlements by stealing land from Palestinians. Natural growth refers to the increase in population of any group through procreation means. Even so, if for example the people of Rhode Island overpopulate their state, the government of Rhode Island can’t force people out of it’s neighboring states, Connecticut and Massachusetts, in order to expand the borders of their own state of Rhode Island.

That’s why Israelis won’t define their borders. If there are no borders, then nobody can accuse them of going into other people’s territories. Ask what their borders are and they won’t tell you. Yet the world has seen year after year concrete fences erected by the Israelis where they take a segment at a time, till there’s hardly any land left for the Palestinians. They’ll erect a fence around Gaza, not caring about their natural growth, penning them in from land, air and sea, hoping that Egypt will finally absorb them.

The Israelis make the USA start wars in the Middle East, in order to open the Middle East to Israelis, that they being the only so-called democracy in the region will inevitably control. They make our young men and women fight their battles, while not one Israeli soldier lifts a finger or gets injured or killed. Israelis are already asking the USA to bomb Iran for them, and if ground forces are necessary, it will be the USA sons and daughters who will pay that price, not the Israelis. This is all done under the guise of Iran developing nuclear power plants to generate electricity. Israelis don’t want, and as their extension, neither do the USA politicians want, Middle East countries to come into the twenty-first century regarding cleaner energy sources. Even the Iranians know that the oil taken from the ground won’t last forever. There is a point beyond which that layer of oil, becoming too thin from extraction, will compromise the structural integrity of the planet.

The Israelis’  incessant screams about Iran getting a nuclear bomb is a ruse to cover the real reasons of wanting to dominate the Middle East – in every way. With continual bombing threats toward Palestine and Iran, and given the USA’s ease with which they totally decimate foreign nations that had nothing to do with 9-11, a nuclear bomb deterrent from Iran may be the only course, in order to stop the bullying actions of Israel and the USA in the entire Middle East region.

After the last war against Gaza, four years ago, where Israelis massacred over one thousand people, Shimon Perez was asked by Chris Matthews what he, meaning Israelis, wanted. Shimon Perez replied, “building contracts’. He couldn’t get those contracts from Gazans, since they’re all poor and over half the population is under eighteen years old. He wanted foreign countries to pay Israelis to rebuild Gaza. They didn’t do that though.

PALESTINE, CHINA, DUBAI, a dream that can come true!

Encouraging signs are coming out of China. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi held talks with Bassam al-Salhi, an envoy of President Mahmoud Abbas and also General Secretary of the Palestinian People’s Party in Beijing, capital of China, November 23, 2012. China supports full statehood for Palestine and has pledged humanitarian aid to Palestine. Hopefully, China will get more involved and participate in the rebuilding of Palestine by Palestine people and engineers from China, who know well how to build in densely populated areas.

Hopefully, as well, some of the engineers that came from all over the world to build Dubai, designing what most would think impossible structures, could participate. Perhaps even some of the real estate owners in Dubai, all of whom are wealthy, could help fund the project. Partnering with China would be the best move forward, that the Palestinians could make. Partnering with Dubai would be equally as splendid.


The world will know, and never forget, which countries voted against freedom for oppressed people, when votes are cast today at the United Nations General Assembly, for or against, non-member observer status for Palestine.

No person or group on the face of the planet should ever be required to negotiate with their oppressors for their freedom. Peace will come for the Palestinian people when the world recognizes their right to be free, thus, with that backing, allow the Palestinians to enter into more substantive peace talks with a neighbor, Israel, who has thus far denied them their God-given freedom rights.

The USA, my country, will today lose all credibility in waging their forever wars around the globe under the guise of wanting to set oppressed peoples free from tyranny, when they cast their ‘nay’ vote for Palestinians desiring to achieve peace through legal, non-violent means.

Israel has yet to recognize Palestine’s right to exist.

It is the responsibility, thus duty, for the oppressor, Israel, to recognize the oppressed, Palestine’s right to exist.

Members from Israel’s Knesset flew to the United Nations to stand out in front of this prestigious international body to burn the Palestinian flag, stating that they did not want a Palestinian state. These Knesset members, part of the Israeli governing body, were representing the Israeli government and the Israeli people. They were subsequently stopped by police on hand for the event. This is yet another example of Israel’s lack of respect for world opinion, world order, and the desire of oppressed people to be recognized as having the international legal right to be free from oppression.

The USA stood arm and arm with Israel in hopes of thwarting this democratic process in the United Nations General Assembly. History has been made, however, and those who stood on the side of a democratic process and on the side of oppressed peoples everywhere will be remembered for doing the only right thing. The United States, Israel and every other country that cast a ‘nay’ vote will be remembered, not for facilitating democracy and peace, but will be seen as a never-ending cancerous obstacle to both. The days of badgering behind closed doors with threats of aid-cutting, blackmail and extortion are coming to an end. It didn’t work.

Today I stand proud with all the oppressed people of the world. There is Hope. And where there is hope, no matter how powerful the dissenting nations and peoples of those dissenting nations, a peoples’ aspirations for a better life will not be snuffed out.


People eating animal-free meats and animal-free dairy are like Jesus eating the bread and drinking the wine instead of eating the flesh and blood of the sacrifice we offer to God in exchange for favors. All religions that call Jesus the leader of their life and soul need to wake up to this fact.

“The bread is my body and the wine is my blood”. You gain God’s knowledge by stopping the slaughter, not by continuing it.

We all share the same force that brings us to life.


If you don’t keep working for your rights, you’ll either never get them, or when you do you’ll lose them.

Most beings don’t have any real rights. Until every being is free we need to keep working to obtain those rights for everyone, since the centrifugal force of the massive numbers of those oppressed will keep you oppressed–until and unless you resist that force, and keep resisting it.


When you identify yourself by only one variable, feature or through a single prism of life you handicap yourself.

For Jews or Muslims to see all they are through their Jewish or Muslim experience they block the richness of life by culling all else that doesn’t wear the Jew or Muslim label.

An open mind requires an understanding of all that is part of you and everybody and everything else. Blocking that understanding is a form of prejudice and discrimination against yourself.

When you dull all else outside of yourself or your group it doesn’t make you shine brighter, it makes you shine less bright to the shining stars around you who enjoy and accept the richness of all life.

The sun shines brightest to those closest to it and less bright to those at a distance. It’s a visual illusion that tricks people into thinking that their group shines the brightest because they’re closest to it, when in reality all suns, all stars shine brightly. Recognizing this illusion makes one appreciate each one’s glow, no matter how close or distant.


Ballots need to be made available on-line so we can study and understand what we’re voting for before we actually vote.

Propositions, levies for or against are too complicated to study at the voting booth. Too many loopholes in the description, too many implications to consider after reading the actual proposal, too much left out. They’re so confusing that most voters don’t know whether they want what they’re saying yes or no to, so they rely on television ads put out by those with agendas whose purpose is to confuse and mislead you with fear tactics.

Just do it, vote no or vote yes. You don’t have to understand it, we don’t want you to understand it, just trust us, we know best, we’re working for you, with your interests at the core of all we do.

Yeah, good, then write up the proposition on the ballot so I can understand it before I sign on the dotted line or fill in the yes or no, for or against circle. And stop insulting me by telling me to trust you with your mumble jumble.


Milk, cheese and eggs are not plants and they don’t come from plants. There’s no such thing as milk, cheese and egg seeds that get planted in the soil in order to grow milk, cheese and egg plants. You can’t pick an egg from a branch and neither can you milk the stem of a plant to extract cow milk. Milk, cheese, eggs come from animals. Thus milk, cheese and eggs are not plants.

People who eat vegetables or plant-based foods, but whom also eat milk, cheese and eggs add the words ovo or lacto to the word vegetarian, indicating that they eat animal products in addition to plant-based products. For behavior controlling reasons the food industry now calls any prepared food containing milk, cheese and eggs vegetarian. Stop it.


TIME OF DEATH 11:08 P.M. 21 SEPTEMBER 2011: Troy Davis, Georgia, United States Of America, by lethal injection, as punishment for a crime he may not have committed–the crime of taking another life.

President Obama is supposed to be against the death penalty. He’s a democrat, a liberal. A majority of citizens IN THE USA and around the world, support life absent the chance for parole in lieu of death. He’s the leader of the country for the remainder of his four years of his party’s rule. He is supposed to advance his and his party’s agendas. Yet he has not done this. Instead, he caved to minority pressures each and every time an issue or item of principle came up.

If Obama can tell Palestine to negotiate another 40 years for their freedom, when they’re not even USA citizens, he could have voiced his views on Troy Davis’ plight to reopen his case. He instead played politics with the Palestinians and Troy Davis, pandering just like a pan handler does it, for votes in 2012.

Obama is now a Republican dictator, extreme right, Christian Evangelical and Hasidic Jew Israelite. Obama supported the FLASH FREEDOM exercised by Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria…yet he’s going to claim 63 years of effort by the Palestinians to achieve that same goal as too quick, by using his veto power, his dictator power, because his advisors know best.

There are a lot of dead end connections in your brain, that because of the accelerated momentum with which the electricity is traveling along those pathways, you miss the signal to slow up and turn around. KNOW THIS.

You waste a lot of time continuing to go down the old paths, deadend streets, when you could have been using that time to actually accomplish your lofty goals. Not everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. But when the opportunity is there with all contingencies synchronized, why fight something that will change the world for the better?

If there ever were two countries and two leaders who kicked the can down the road, it’s USA and Israel and Obama and Netanyahu.

That “Yes you can” mantra has turned to “Yes you can, as long as it’s my way”.

Obama gave the right-wing white Christians another Jesus notch on their death penalty belt. He wants their vote in 2011 and decided to pass it onto the states. Oh, he probably prayed that God would intervene and save Troy Davis. But it seems that God wanted the person in charge to stop that execution. The masses tried to bring that to your attention. Why would God go to people who had no voice? They could only jump up and down and talk rationally, due to all the limitations put on protesting.

The Jews upstaged Troy Davis with chicken-little scenarios preceding Palestine going to the United Nations to hand-deliver their application for full nation status.

Barak Obama has an observable trait of turning the other way in matters of life or death. Maybe he’s so invested in a warrior mentality needed to drop bombs on innocent people, that he’s lost perspective. One more life to him doesn’t matter. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to translate the battle field to the entire planet. I don’t think that by him acting like a special ops person: “give us what we want or else you die” is going to play out very well with the more civilized world.

Barak Obama missed an opportunity to open the door to abolishing the death penalty; something democrats stand for.

We’ll see if he makes the same mistake twice, by vetoing Palestine’s application for freedom from 63 years of Israeli rule. The evidence is all there.


Citizens of the USA aren’t supposed to take the law into their own hands. That’s what courts are for. Cops aren’t supposed to take the law into their own hands either, yet they do it as part of the culture of their job.

In the end, Christopher Jordan Dorner took the law into his own hands when the law didn’t serve him. That’s what criminals do. That’s what the entire rampage was all about, to bring to light the corruption of the LAPD. In the end Dorner acted like a cop.

In the end the cops who made the decision to kill rather than capture, took the law into their own hands, acting as judge and jury. In the end they acted like cops.

We have courts that are supposed to decide guilt and commensurate sentencing. In the end, the cops who had Dorner pinned down, acted like Dorner. They judged his guilt and meted out the punishment outside of the courtroom – to torch him…


MARIJUANA is a depressant, much like alcohol, prescription drugs and tobacco. Somebody on prescription drugs has a controlled supply. Warning labels come with it that instruct people not to stop taking the drugs on their own without a doctor’s guidance. Alcohol and tobacco don’t come with those warnings. Neither does marijuana.

The reason for the warnings with prescription drugs is that adverse reactions can occur when you don’t get off the drug slowly.

Nobody for instance would tell a person addicted to alcohol to stop abruptly. The same is so with tobacco.

Marijuana makes a person feel mellow, sometimes happy, sometimes paranoid, but the paranoia wouldn’t usually make a person feel aggressive, they more than likely would keep from going out, lock the doors etc.

Trayvon Martin had a history of marijuana use. The fact that they found so little in his blood stream points to him coming off of it, not being high on it at the time of his encounter with George Zimmerman.

The effects of withdrawal from any substance that is a depressant, whether it be alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs or marijuana happens quickly, usually when a person wakes up the next morning, or any time during an 8-12 hour period.

Once the mellow glow wears off that these drugs provide, the person experiences aggression. The drug that made the person chill out and feel like the world , their world, is a better place, now is absent and the person is once again struck with the reality of their life situation. That is not a good feeling, and because they let the drug determine how they feel instead of them making themselves feel good by working through the problems of their life absent the drug, they become angry, not consciously, but as a physiological response to not having the drug.

Aggression is always the first reaction to not having that which made them feel good, whether it be alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs or street drugs.

A person who quits smoking? Are you kidding me? They’re hell to live with until their body adjusts to no smoking. Same is so with the sudden withdrawal of all depressants.

People make the mistake of thinking that pot is different. It’s no different. In fact pot gives you a quick euphoria that alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs don’t–that’s why people addicted to prescription drugs have to take so many of them.

The medical examiner found pot in Trayvon Martin’s system, a very small amount, which meant he was coming off of it. They found none on his person. He was walking for a long period of time in the rain, texting  obsessively to his friend over a long period of time, which suggests he didn’t want to go to his father’s house or couldn’t. Turns out his father wasn’t  home. Did Trayvon Martin know that? Only he and his father know.

*I’m sure somebody on Facebook will make the observation that when they wake up with a hangover they don’t want to talk to anyone. And I say yeah, but do you bark at the dog?


Piers Morgan of the Piers Morgan Show says ‘the George Zimmerman case’ comes down to George Zimmerman shooting an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin was indeed armed–with his fists, his knees, his speed, his youth, his rage, in fact his entire being.

Had George Zimmerman not had a gun, Trayvon Martin would be on trial for murder.

A witness hollered for him to stop. He didn’t. He couldn’t. He was in a rage.

George Zimmerman screamed for help, but nobody would help him.

Obama gave a green light to the black community to rise up with racism charges, anit-white chants and demonstrations, when Obama told the world, ‘if he had a son he would look like Trayvon’. ‘This hits too close to home’, he lamented.

Those comments by Obama were prejudicial against white people–that’s who Obama thought George Zimmerman was–white. He had a knee jerk reaction without all the facts. Zimmerman is Spanish, black and white.

When is the black community and individuals within the black community going to take responsibility for their own rage, and stop blaming all white people for all that goes wrong in their lives?

How about white rage– for being blamed for black slavery that white people of today had nothing to do with?

Obama, the CIA and the black community are confident that no matter what the verdict against George Zimmerman, whites won’t burn cities. They’re confident that white people won’t put the country in a national security threat situation. Whites are basically perceived as weak.

That could change in a moment.

Obama showed glaring prejudice against white people absent the facts; that’s how prejudice usually works. He should have stayed out of a local police matter, which demonstrates he doesn’t respect boundaries. He doesn’t respect boundaries in America, he doesn’t respect the boundaries of foreign countries.

What constitutes self-defense these days? Looks like you have to be half dead before you react and by that time it’s too late.

Why didn’t Trayvon Martin call 9-11 if he was being beaten up? He had a cell phone. Why didn’t he run to his father’s fiance’s house?

What happens if a woman is raped? If she has a gun on her person can she shoot the man raping her? Looks like that’s a no. She’s not bleeding profusely enough, she doesn’t have any gashes/lacerations huge enough to warrant it. A man, probably Obama, would say she needn’t have feared for her life. Are you kidding me?

If somebody is kidnapped at what point, if they have a gun, can they shoot the person kidnapping them? Looks like there is no point.

Trayvon Martin was expelled from school. He wanted to buy a gun. Maybe he was planning a school shooting. Looks like we’ll never know, because Trayvon Martin is dead and George Zimmerman in on trial for defending himself against a deadly weapon–Trayvon Martin’s fists, his knees, his speed, his youth, his rage, in fact his entire being.

I don’t trust a dictator who incites violence in his own country, among his own people. A prejudicial leader is not what this country needs to move forward, to move beyond racial hatred. Hanging Zimmerman will only satisfy the black community for a short while. They’ll want to revisit that power feeling. Who will Obama and the United States government offer up next–to keep their cities from burning?

George Zimmerman whether convicted or not will spend the rest of his life fearing for his life and the lives of his family. Obama, bending to the prejudicial will of the black community enslaved George Zimmerman whether in prison or in hiding from the black folk who will seek to get blood vengeance, because Obama gave them that green light. This is what happens with knee jerk reactions, this is what happens when you falsely accuse someone to gain political capital, this is what happens when a hand full of people can tell the President of the United States what to do, and absent all the facts he does it.

Obama did this for black people, not for white people, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, only for the blacks. Guess he figured he owed them a sacrificial lamb. Nobody’s vote, not the vote of any group is worth the sacrifice of one person, or should ever be justified.

Obama’s half white. George Zimmerman looks like Obama’s son too. Obama doesn’t see it that way. I see the resemblance. Obama can’t get past the color. He needs to do that. Trayvon Martin also looks like Obama’s son. Of course the entire world already knows that. He told them.

White rage manifests itself in fear. Black rage manifests itself in aggression.

The tables could turn quickly.

Obama needs to take responsibility for the precarious situation he put this country in, by pitting one group against another, just to score political points with the black community. Obama needs to take responsibility for destroying the lives of George Zimmerman and his family–convicted or not, this gentle man will for the rest of his life be hiding from the assassins that come from the group Obama pandered to.

The black community needs to accept responsibility for forcing the leader of the free world to act on their behalf out of vengeance not based on facts.

The USA government, the black community and the cable news shows put on the case against George Zimmerman. It was disturbing and frightening to watch how the government falsifies and distorts facts to get what they want, and then when the court recessed to watch how the media outlets carried on in their absence.

Shouldn’t the government be held to a higher standard? Shouldn’t media outlets be held to a higher standard? Shouldn’t they be truth tellers? If the government is going to engage in smoke and mirrors, outright lies and magic tricks to get you or anyone else to do what they want, how then can they expect anything more from its citizens?

The USA government, that supports preemptive strikes anywhere in the world, arguing against self defense for American citizens should be an affront to all who viewed the court proceedings in the George Zimmerman trial.


According to protestors, the white man on the bottom with a gun should be found guilty for shooting the black man on top with no gun. He wasn’t. Riots resulted.

If given all the same facts of the case, except the man on the bottom is a black man with a gun and shoots a white man on top with no gun, would the black community, and everyone else jumping on the bandwagon, still want a guilty verdict for the black man on the bottom with a gun? Or, would they want a self-defense verdict?

And if the black man on the bottom was found guilty, given all the facts were the same except skin color, would riots result?

It is my opinion that the verdict wanted by the black community would always favor the black man as long as there was a white man involved. That’s racism.

Justice? Why aren’t black leaders telling black members to stop death threats against the family of George Zimmerman? They weren’t there, they had nothing to do with it. That’s justice? To kill Zimmerman’s family? It’s taking the law into your own hands, the same thing you accuse Zimmerman of doing. What crime do you think the parents committed or the brother of George Zimmerman, that you feel justified in killing them? That’s murder. That’s cold-blooded premeditated murder. A threat to commit murder is intent to commit murder.

Justice? Why aren’t black leaders telling black members to stop beating white people up on the street, smashing windows, looting stores, terrorizing communities? Nobody had to racially profile the people who are committing those crimes in Los Angeles. They’re doing it in full view of the cameras. Even members of the media were attacked. Maybe those on the sidewalk attacked by members of the mob shouldn’t have gotten out of their cars and walked on the sidewalk. Maybe they should have stayed home. Guess it was their own fault.

When blacks attack whites on the sidewalk it’s justified. If whites had attacked blacks on that same sidewalk it’s racism.

If the black man on the bottom with a gun had been found guilty, riots would have resulted.

Either man, black or white on the bottom with a gun, given that all the other facts of the case remain the same, should be found not guilty.

The black community doesn’t see it that way. If the man on the bottom with a gun is white, he’s guilty. If the man on the bottom with a gun is black he’s not guilty by reason of self-defense. That’s called racism when you don’t treat people in like situations equally and you base it solely on the color of someone’s skin.

Shame on Al Sharpton. Shame on Jesse Jackson. Shame on President Obama and Eric Holder. These four men (the Racist 4) committed a collective act of racism turned terrorism against George Zimmerman, his family and every white person in America.

I’ve already felt the threat gestures walking out of my apartment building, which I have every right to do, to go to the store, which I have every right to do, being stared down by a black man as he passed. Right at eye level they zoom into the eyes of their prey with their war face on, never blinking, never wavering, their bodies tense, ready to fight. The purpose is to instill fear. A Black man doing this to a sixty-four year old handicapped white woman who fights prejudice on every level?

Word got out in Cleveland that I wasn’t taking their side on this one–not this time, not with this case.

Steve just left for the grocery store, has a mile and half to walk each way. We need food, are we to stay home? Will he be accused of using bad judgment in going out given the tense environment in Cleveland if something bad happens? The Racist 4 will say he should have stayed home, yet on the news in Cleveland they report that everything is peaceful.

I’m on high alert in my own apartment in the middle of the day.

The Racist 4 are directly responsible for inciting riots and striking terror into the hearts of law-abiding citizens all over the United States of America. None of them are doing anything to protect white people who should also have civil rights in America but don’t. They’re going to ride this tsunami till the blacks get it out of their systems, no matter how many peaceful citizens have to get injured, killed or terrorized during the process of the letting of the blood to cure their displaced rage. That’s not only racist it’s barbaric.


“The system didn’t work for us”.

The system wasn’t supposed to work for “us” the black community of America. The system was supposed to work for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman–only two people–not their parents, siblings, friends nor groups with agendas to raise social issues. Black parents are now worried about what to tell their teenagers about wearing hoodies and buying Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea, according to one of the black community’s many spokespeople.

You tell them not to punch people, not to beat people up that they racially profile as (pervert) creepy ass cracker (white old man) (dirty fuckin) nigger (my slave). Do the math. The only ones with hate in their hearts that evening were Trayvon Martin and Rachel Somebody. ‘If you don’t hate white people you’re not one of us’ is the racial underbelly of the black community toward individuals within the black community.

You don’t get to use an innocent man to advance your social-political agendas. You picked him because he was meek and looked white. The black community wouldn’t have gone after a big Rambo-type in your own face with your own prejudices type guy. They would have backed off, found somebody else, somebody like George Zimmerman.

The prosecution, the US government, played on every prejudice they thought the six member jury panel may possibly privately harbor instead of trying the facts of the case based on the evidence presented. Their never-ending attempts to prejudice the jury in favor of their client, Trayvon Martin, by using what they perceived as the individual jurors prejudices just didn’t work–not this time–not this day.

Jesse Jackson complained that there wasn’t a man on the jury, not enough blacks. That’s prejudicial coming from him–the prism white people are supposed to look through to do their daily check on their own prejudices. The prosecution wanted all women in order to get the sympathy vote. The judge instructed the jury not to base their verdict on sympathy, but that didn’t stop the prosecution and the talking heads on T.V. from trying to convince the world of Zimmerman’s guilt by using poor, grieving mother scenarios. Those prejudices didn’t work either–not with this jury–not this time–not this day.

Thank God that this time–for this trial–the jury was sequestered so they couldn’t hear all the distorted interpretations of the testimony spewing from the mouths of these so-called well-educated, intelligent talking heads. Night after night Steve and I repeatedly remarked that they couldn’t have watched the trial, yet they all claimed they had. “That wasn’t the testimony, that’s not what she or he said”, is what we said repeatedly night after night. We knew exactly what the witnesses said and remembered it (not bad for two “creepy ass crackers, fuckin niggers” living in a senior residence).

The jury being sequestered didn’t stop Sunny Somebody, on CNN’S Anderson Cooper Show every night, from using her psychic powers to channel the jury as she sat beside them every day of the trial. She read them, down cold she said. Guilty, guilty, guilty. She knew beyond a doubt that the mothers on the jury would find Zimmerman guilty, simply because they were mothers. She insulted every mother in the world, thinking  they would think and do as she would think and do–disregard the evidence and go straight for the jugular of Zimmerman, because he murdered their son. That may be what prosecutors do, disregard the evidence, skew the evidence, lie about the evidence to convict those they’ve charged. That’s not what mothers do–not on this jury panel–not on this day–not in that way.

It’s not racial profiling when people in your neighborhood have been robbed by black youth, and you see what looks like maybe a black youth hovering about between houses, looking in windows in the rain, in the dark. Dark matters, that’s when people are most fearful because everybody’s inside. Robbing is not just called robbing, by the way, it’s called  breaking and entering and terrorizing the people inside. A teenager couldn’t have been thinking about doing that though, because he bought Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea? What kind of fuzzy logic is that?

Martin didn’t drink his tea or eat his bag of Skittles. Guess he wasn’t thirsty or hungry. I know what teenagers do with a can of tea and a bag of Skittles. They put it in their pocket to make it look like a bad ass gun.

The black leadership keep saying they want a dialogue. With whom? White people don’t have a leader, no NAACP counterpart. All I hear is a one-sided argument with one-sided demands. President Obama and the Justice Department met their demands of an arrest which turned into demands for a trial, which turned into demands for a murder charge, which turned into demands for a guilty verdict. Contrary to what anybody thinks, including President Obama, you can’t demand a verdict–at least not this time–not with this jury–not on this day.

George Zimmerman had as much right to leave his car, to walk in his own community as Trayvon Martin had. He had a right to look to see where Martin was going. And he had a right to have a concealed weapon on his person. Unless the rules of concealment have changed, a person isn’t required to leave their gun in the car when they leave the car.

I live in Cleveland. My husband and I care about our security. We care about the people in the building where we live. People slip in the building behind me as I use the buzzer system, then they run ahead of me. And yes, so far all of them have been black. Daytime not so concerned. Nighttime always concerned. When nobody else is around, I’m on high alert.

I often have asked people who weren’t supposed to be in the building, who were delivering flyers, which is not allowed, if they lived here. They always say yes, even though this is a senior building, and they’re young. Once somebody knocked on my door, two young black females with strings around their necks with identification cards said they had authorization to be in the building and talk to me. Turns out they didn’t. I called the office, the office tracked them down and escorted them out of the building, or so they said. At night I wouldn’t have that call option. If they were at lunch or showing an apartment I wouldn’t have that call option.

The media and black community are simultaneously claiming that Zimmerman was negligent in getting out of his car. What this presupposes is that Zimmerman (and obviously all of them) knew that Martin, because he was black, because he was walking between homes looking in windows, because it was dark and raining and he seemed to be not going in any particular direction that he was dangerous, that he was violent. Zimmerman was supposed to assume that, according to them. Yet, Zimmerman didn’t assume what the media claims his responsibility to assume. Zimmerman only stated that he thought he might be up to no good. Zimmerman didn’t profile him as a killer or a potential killer. Nobody yet had been killed in the commission of a break-in in that gated community. For all we know now, maybe Martin was one of those children (they keep calling them children) terrorizing the neighborhood with breaking, entering and stealing.

Social issue concerns need to be raised in social forums, not in a court room where somebody is on trial who could spend the rest of his life in prison.

I kept wondering why all the cable talk and network news shows were pro-prosecution. Everyone on T.V. that night skewed the testimony given that day in trial. I know because I watched the trial. Guess we know now that a lot of people didn’t watch the trial day to day, they were working, they had jobs to go to, so they relied on the nightly news and their favorite cable news talk shows to fill them in, at the end of their day, on what they missed. Well they didn’t get the real story, the accurate testimony. The media all failed miserably. Talk about prejudice! Who wrote their scripts? If you need more than one guess, then you’ve allowed yourself to be brainwashed.

One must wonder if all the news outlets are favoring the prosecution, then somebody, somewhere isn’t giving the real story, or at least the other side’s perspective. Why is it that the country is divided, but the media and the government aren’t? Sounds like media-fixing to me.

People in prison are being released almost daily based on DNA evidence which proves they didn’t commit the crime for which they were charged and convicted. A lot of these prisoners being released are black. If the government, the media and the black community had their way and got their conviction, then one more innocent person would be entering that prison system. But he’s white–at least that’s how the media, government and black community are forcing us to see him, and we don’t care if an innocent white man goes to prison, we just don’t want any innocent black men to serve any time for crimes they didn’t commit. Well that’s your prejudice now isn’t it?

So why are so many young black men, and yes there is not a seventeen year old male teenager anywhere in the world who would refer to themselves as a child, in jail for drug related offenses? More blacks go to jail for drug related offenses than whites because blacks aren’t as careful in their transactions. They make a lot of bone head mistakes. They don’t know how to be discreet. It doesn’t matter their age, they think they’re invincible, they won’t get caught or if they do they won’t be charged, they’ll be let go–and often they are let go in a sweep. Whites fear getting caught, blacks don’t. Fear keeps you cautious

Trayvon Martin didn’t fear George Zimmerman. He was experienced in throwing down a person and pounding them (ground and pound). Even Rachel said he thought it was just a fight, meaning Martin had been in fights before. He was obviously experienced in overcoming a target, a weak target, a meek target, because that’s what he did. But Rachel lied so many times on the witness stand, changing her testimony minute to minute, that it’s hard to decipher which of her answers were true. Maybe when Martin was telling her to ‘get off’, he was telling her to hang up.

I saw Martin’s mother watching Rachel as Rachel testified. She grabbed the white string around her neck and brought it up sharply to her right–like a noose. Shocking that a grieving mother had the presence of mind to remind Rachel who she was, where she came from and who Zimmerman was by that one gesture.

At some point Trayvon Martin knew George Zimmerman had a gun. He had him straddled tightly, it had to be tightly in order to keep Zimmerman on the ground. Trayvon’s inner thighs could feel the gun. But even before that, you mean while Martin was throwing Zimmerman to the ground Zimmerman’s outer clothing stayed neatly in place? Maybe it did. But Martin felt that gun with his legs before Zimmerman was able to shoot him. Of course Martin was reaching for it.

Hold your ground? Learned or not learned from an online course that Zimmerman took. The Castle Doctrine is what it’s called, originating from the premise that a person’s home is their castle, anybody not invited who enters to do no good is subject to being shot.

Why do black people think it’s okay to break and enter and steal other people’s property? Why do black people think it’s okay to steal somebody’s car because they don’t want to take a bus? Why is every American to assume that if somebody breaks into your house while you’re there that the intruder won’t shoot you? I would always assume they had a gun and would always assume they would use it.

How about destroying evidence? That used to be a crime. How about Martin’s father deleting all of his son’s text messages from his phone? How about Rachel doing the same, passing  herself off as somebody else, not once, but often? What is she hiding? What unemployed, expelled from school seventeen year old has forty dollars in their pocket, hanging around in the rain with a bad ass looking gun in his pocket? Who’s he waiting for to show up? Not the white guy. Rachel profiled the ‘cracker’ as an undercover cop. That’s why she told him to run.

The black community and the United States government supported by the media used Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman as a platform to address the black community’s greater social equality gripes, that had nothing to do with the events surrounding this loss of life.

If the black community can’t raise their social issues without sacrificing a person of a different race to do it, then they are no better and every bit as prejudicial and discriminatory as the people and institutions that blacks claim discriminate against them.

President Obama destroyed George Zimmerman’s life and the lives of the Zimmerman family–forever. He tried to put an innocent man in prison so that black people could get on T.V. and tell the world once again about all their pains and sufferings and love for their children who are unjustly treated by the criminal justice system. Obama tried to fight a prejudice with a prejudice, just like he fights terrorism with terrorism. If President Obama has a problem with the justice system then he needs to address that system. He’s the only one with the power to affect change from the FBI on down to the local police. The FBI profiles people. That’s what they do. There won’t be any changes there.

Somebody named Cuomo, another talking head, who likes to use trigger words to incite white people or to shame them, says okay, we are where we are, so lets make this an opportunity to open a dialogue and bring people together. What people? Are you, the white talking heads of T.V., going to be the self-appointed leaders of the white people and talk on our behalf? Are the black talking heads going to be the self-appointed leaders of the white people and talk on white people’s behalf, telling the white story through their black prism?

You already indicated that you had to be a lawyer to understand the evidence presented at trial. You insulted the intelligence of every thinking American. You insulted the jurors. What, we have to accept your prejudicial interpretation, because we’re not smart enough to interpret it ourselves? No thank you. We’ve seen your skewing of the facts. That will never work, no matter how many experts you parade in front of us, speaking on our behalf. We don’t trust the media to be our spokespeople. We don’t trust the government that tried to hang an innocent man on behalf of the American people, simply because he looked white–not today–not on any day.

JUSTICE OR NO PEACE!  Convict the guy or we’ll make war against the entire country? There’s nothing peaceful about that message.

Oh, no, we don’t mean that. No, we just want a dialogue. Then say what you mean. Stop threatening white people with threatening words and gestures. Every politician in America is taking the black community’s side. Why do you think they’re doing that, because they think you’re right? No, because they fear what you’ll do to them if they don’t.

Stop fearing black people? Are you kidding? Black people act aggressively for the purpose of frightening people. But white people are to believe you don’t really mean it? Then stop doing it and maybe that fear factor won’t be an issue. Stop making white people fear you.

Bring together? Stop calling white people racists who don’t agree with you. That’s racism in itself. Stop excusing your own racism against white people as justified, while you scream racism at everybody else. Black people need to admit their own racism before any substantive dialogue can occur. White people are weary from being demonized by black people for being born white. Strange isn’t it how black people wanting their equality became those they once demonized as stripping them of theirs? The oppressed become the oppressor. Strange isn’t it how now white people are calling other white people racists for not wanting a guilty verdict for Zimmerman?

No amount of manipulating by the CIA via the media is going to change anything, because everybody sees the manipulation. Maybe the CIA should start with themselves and fix their own prejudices. Maybe Obama who is reported to love the CIA (the largest terror organization in the world) can start there. He’s got the power. Obama should shut down secret CIA prisons. He should shut down Guantanamo Bay Prison. He said he already did, but they’re still open. Do you really think that Obama cares about prison reform in the United States? Not a chance.

George Zimmerman didn’t violate anybody’s civil rights. Trayvon Martin violated George Zimmerman’s right to leave his vehicle. That wouldn’t come under the heading of civil rights though, because of Zimmerman’s skin color. Only a black person can claim civil rights violations, which means that white colored people don’t have any civil rights or they’d be laughed out of court, so it would never get to court–any court.

The same is so for hate crimes. Hate crimes can only be committed against Jews and blacks. When a Jew commits a crime against a non-Jew it isn’t called a hate crime, even when it is. When a black person commits a crime against a white person it isn’t called a hate crime, even when it is, nor is it ever even considered.

Hate, like prejudice works both ways. I believe Trayvon Martin violated Zimmerman’s civil rights in the commission of a hate crime. Of course that would have been laughed out of court too, had Martin lived. How about crimes against cops. Are those considered hate crimes?

Since when does it become the responsibility of George Zimmerman and his brother to bring blacks and whites together whom the President, the justice department, the black community and the media divided for the purpose of political gain, preferential treatment and  T.V. ratings? Do it yourself. Fix what you broke, don’t expect somebody else, whom you grossly offended, to clean up the result of your dirty tricks.

Experts on T.V. are cautioning the Zimmerman family on whose money they can accept and against showing any perception of having won something. The Feds are worried they might inadvertently accept money from an anti-black organization which in any court of law would make them guilty of racism. They’re afraid if Zimmerman is seen whooping it up after the court declared him not guilty that that action could rile blacks to the point of burning cities.

Nobody gave the blacks that instruction after the O.J. verdict, because the blacks won, or at least they saw it as their victory against white people oppression. Whites can’t on the other hand, when the shoe is on the other foot–aren’t allowed, based on some unwritten law and prejudice that makes everyone born white an automatic racist–think of the Zimmerman verdict as a victory for all white people. Yet, when a black person is exonerated  from a crime he/she didn’t commit the party begins. No mention is made of the person who lost their life and the killer who is still at large in somebody’s community somewhere.

It is this writers opinion that resentment fosters where what is allowed for one isn’t allowed for the other, simply based on their skin color and the degree to which they feel oppressed.

Note: Going to school in the United States is mandatory. It is this writer’s opinion that anybody facing expulsion from school should not be expelled unless and until such time that an alternative school setting is arranged for that person.

Regarding school, may I suggest that every talking head, including President Obama, the biggest talking head of all, go back to school and learn how to communicate accurately absent your own personal prejudices. All jurors are required to do that. Despite pressure–from the President, the black community, the Justice Department and the media–put on potential jurors and then the actual jurors, to act on the very prejudices the court, at least on paper instruction and in principle doesn’t allow–it didn’t happen–not on this day–not with this jury panel. Bravo.


Affirmative Action known as positive discrimination in Britain, employment equity in Canada and equal opportunity employment in the USA is fundamentally flawed, because it’s based on prejudice.

One could argue that because blacks were discriminated against in the job market, that an equally prejudicial law was required to open the job market to those persons experiencing said discrimination.

The better solution would have been proper education and training in the fields where blacks were discriminated against, rather than accepting into those fields blacks who lacked  the proper skills and qualifications to perform those jobs.

Be that as it may, decades have passed, educational opportunities and acceptance into those jobs have risen sufficiently to a level, whereby the continuation of Affirmative Action would only serve to excuse those now covered under the law from obtaining proper skills and qualifications necessary to effectively perform those jobs.

The current Affirmative Action rule by its nature discriminated against persons more qualified and skilled to fill those positions. Many whites in a  lower socio-economic situation who had higher test scores than black applicants were passed over for those positions simply because they were white. In effect, Affirmative Action pitted black and white poor people against each other.

However,  it was also prejudicial in that if two applicants, one black and one white, were equally qualified the job went to the black individual.

Federal and state governments were the main employers of blacks under the Affirmative Action rule, evidenced by the long-standing disproportionate ratio of blacks vs whites in those government jobs. The USA post office was a primary offender of discrimination against white applicants.

Affirmative Action based on race, specifically skin color, needs to be eliminated. Had the rule from the outset been applied to all people in the lower socio-economic situation it would have been less prejudicial, since rich people don’t customarily apply for the same positions that poorer people apply for, thereby the rich people wouldn’t feel discriminated against.

There is only one application of the Affirmative Action rule in present day that is both necessary, and non-prejudicial regarding skill and qualifications. That one application should be veterans–those whom have already shown to have passed qualification testing by the very nature that they served in the military, have already achieved the level of discipline, ability to follow orders and learn new assignments that any job once out of the military requires.

There is no reason why federal and state governments cannot apply the Affirmative Action rule to these discriminated against veterans based on veteran status, as they did the previously discriminated against blacks based on their skin color.

Given that the unemployment numbers of veterans remain high even with monetary employer incentives to hire veterans, Affirmative Action for veterans becomes a necessary and vital solution to keep our veterans employed with dignity after they leave military service.

Since veterans have an employment history, by nature of their military training and service, it makes perfect sense that the government they worked for in that capacity provide as an option continued employment by said government in a civilian role, based on job discrimination against veterans in the private sector.

People of all races will be included within the category of veteran, as long as they are a veteran, but rather than give preferential consideration based solely on skin color, consideration will be based solely on said veteran status.

It is further recommended that anti-discrimination laws based on color, sex, national origin and religion include veteran status in that statute. “A person cannot be discriminated against based on veteran status.”

Update 11.1.13: Congratulations To Walmart, largest employer in the USA, for offering any United States veteran a job during the first year after leaving military service! This is indeed where affirmative action needs to be focused.

OBAMA STAYS TRUE TO HIS RACE as a divider not a uniter

THOUGHTS ON PRESIDENT OBAMA’S SPEECH TO THE NATION from a daily briefing to the press

Strange how when preaching to white people in the USA about putting the high crime rates of black men against whites (men and women), and black on black crime, in an historical context of slavery (I’m assuming he meant slavery, though he didn’t mention the word), he didn’t mention that he doesn’t share those same feelings toward the Palestinians–the most enslaved people on the planet. He always takes the Israeli side, the white man’s side. He turned a blind eye to a massacre committed by Israelis in Gaza, 1,400 people slaughtered, because “they (meaning the Palestinians) said a lot of bad things about me”. When asked about Israeli war tanks killing Palestinian teenagers throwing rocks his reply was, “you know rocks can hurt”. When the Palestinians rise up against Israel, it’s never justified and Obama gives the green light for Israel to bomb them into submission.

His entire presentation on this current speech had as its foundation pity, sympathy for the entire black race that he wants white people to collectively feel, so that when a crime is committed against them, they’ll be more understanding and let them beat them up? Let them shoot them? Let them rape them? Let them steal your car and break into your home, because they don’t have a car, and need your television set and computer? Feel their pain throughout their entire history in the USA– hundreds of years. All those long dead, pity them too? Feel their pain too?

What is it about black people that they want everybody to feel their pain, they want people to feel sorry for them? All people–all individuals within all races and all socio-economic groups have enough pain in their own private lives–they don’t need any more pain piled on them than they already have. All week I’ve been listening to black talking heads on T.V. and the white talking heads who are afraid of what the blacks might do to them, who just keep saying that the jury panel should have had compassion for Trayvon Martin. What? Juror number B37 didn’t cry enough? No, no, they didn’t want her to cry, that’s not enough, they wanted her to vote guilty for George Zimmerman based on compassion for Trayvon Martin, his family and the entire black community–not on the law and the jury instructions. That’s how the black community translates compassion. Even Obama spoke on it–the lack of compassion that resulted in a not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, it hurt him.

To divide the nation further he spoke to the racism that would rear its head if the man on the bottom with a gun were black and the man on the top had no gun–the black man would get a guilty verdict. He missed the point. If the man on the bottom with the gun were black, the black community would want a not guilty verdict, based simply on race.  Whoa, I didn’t think he’d prove my point, but he did.

So, Obama was hurt because a white woman in the elevator clutched her purse tighter when he got on the elevator, and when he crossed the street he heard locks on a car door go down, and the only reason he called Trayvon Martin his son was because, “that could have been me” when he was Trayvon’s age. Really, you wanted the jury to come back with a guilty verdict for George Zimmerman because your feelings got hurt? Where does the law come in? Guess we know how blacks determine a case–they don’t look at the evidence, they vote on the one they feel sorry for.

Barack Obama is a lawyer, he’s also the President of the United States. He knows the law. He’s always preaching it to other countries, that we’ve either bombed into accepting our way of democracy, or uses his CIA to incite peoples of other nations to rise up against their dictatorial leaders, to accept the rule of law.

Obama never mentioned anything about self-defense, only that this case didn’t put on ‘a stand your ground’ defense. Juan Williams from Fox said all George Zimmerman had to do was draw his gun and Martin would have run away. Obviously Zimmerman was not a gun toting vigilante white supremacist, that the Justice Department, Obama and the black community are trying to prove he is, otherwise he would have drawn his gun when he got out of the car. Obama never mentioned anything about being punched in the nose and the ground and pound with head bashing against concrete. Never mentioned that it happened so fast that Zimmerman couldn’t run. Guess that’s a black thing too. Rachel Somebody on the Piers Morgan Show dismissed it as nothing, happens all the time where she lives.

It’s looking like Obama was just such a fighter when he was a teenager, by his explanation of why he said Martin looked like his son. If that’s true then Obama got lucky. This time Martin punched the wrong person.

Feeling sorry for someone because of their skin color is prejudice. Do black people feel sorry for all the white victims they committed crimes against?

Pity does not show respect, nor does it make the person pitied feel good about themselves. Any white person who feels sorry for a black person because they’re black feels that they’re superior to blacks. Handicapped people don’t like to be pitied either. Old people don’t like to be pitied because they’re old. They’re never taken seriously as a result of the pity. Just because I don’t have any legs doesn’t mean I don’t have a brain. Just because my hair is white doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. Women get the pity treatment a lot from men of all races. That’s their prejudice. Most men don’t like strong women. She’s too opinionated, thinks she knows it all. All she needs is a good lay, that’ll shut her up.

Why don’t you try instilling discipline into your children instead of excusing aggressive, violent behavior toward anyone for a perceived slight? Tell your children that violence is not an option, then live what you preach. Violence in the home is rampant in the black community. Stop solving problems with fists. All those ‘discussions’ parents are now having with their black kids center around the white man being evil. That’s how kids learn prejudice and hatred.

My father got pulled over and ticketed for going five miles under the speed limit. The cop was white. Any cop who ever stopped me was white, not black. I suppose that if I had been black I could easily blame the color of my skin.

Stop trying to make people feel sorry for you because of the color of your skin. It’s pathetic. Stop justifying the crimes you commit using your skin color as the scapegoat.

Take into consideration what Obama said about Trayvon Martin standing his ground if Zimmerman punched him and then he shot Zimmerman. He implied that Martin, the shooter, the man on the bottom would have been found guilty. I keep thinking that every black person in America, including Obama, thinks that Zimmerman got out of the car and just shot Martin, while standing there. The forensics and eye witness accounts don’t support that speculation.

If that speculation doesn’t work, then the blacks say that it was the one who started the fight. I don’t know any more what blacks constitute as the point at which a fight is started. To me, it’s who throws the first punch. There were no injuries to Martin except the scraped knuckles and gun shot wound. Now they say no, it’s the ‘following’ that started it, which in their minds, including Obama’s, justifiably provoked Martin to beat up Zimmerman. If Obama, the President of the United States and the one who started all of this cannot look at the facts objectively, and he’s a lawyer, what else does he apply his fuzzy logic to on a daily basis, executing his duties as president?

The black community would have wanted Trayvon to be innocent, whether he started it or not, whether he had a gun or not–as long as there was a ‘white man’ involved. You can’t have it both ways Obama.

If there are no stand your ground laws in the USA, and the blacks nationwide are working to have them repealed, then that means that no black man nor black woman can stand their ground either. The law is for everyone, not just white people.

I found it odd that in Obama’s speech he didn’t address the Zimmerman family and what they’re going through, because he  jumped the gun and made a rush to a prejudicial judgment on this incident. Where was your compassion for them? They didn’t deserve it, because he perceived them as white.

If Obama still doesn’t understand the rule of law, then maybe he shouldn’t be the President of the greatest nation on earth.

No, I don’t feel sorry for you Barak Obama. I am disappointed that you didn’t treat all races equally and that you weren’t able to put aside your own prejudices, while you expected all white people to put aside theirs under the assumption that all whites harbor prejudices against blacks, further dividing this great nation. It was time for a great president. You weren’t it. Next time you look into the mirror, see another color. You can do it, I know you can.

It’s strange isn’t it, that President Obama, the first black president, will go down in USA history as the most racist.


President Obama’s administration banned Helen from press briefings and she was fired from Hearst corp. after making an off the cuff remark while off-duty about Jews, saying they should get out of Palestine. When pressed on where they should go she said I don’t know, go back where they came from.

Helen was not allowed, by President Obama, to give that view, because it offended Jews, so he gave her the ax, ruined her life through humiliation and isolation, in the last years of her life.

Helen Thomas was an opinion columnist. Just goes to show you that if you don’t agree with Obama, you’re out. What a shame. I for one have always missed Helen’s point of view. She had the courage to criticize war, torture, and champion the rights of those oppressed including women.

Michelle Obama tells graduates at their commencement ceremonies to dare to challenge the status quo–to have the audacity to speak your opinion though it may not be popular, to go against tradition. Guess that doesn’t include an old woman voicing an unpopular view or any white person in America who supports the Zimmerman verdict. What hypocrites the Obamas turned out to be.


Edward Snowden, a private contractor working for the NSA (National Security Agency), an agency that for years has spied on every American, and on every citizen anywhere in the world, leaked documents to the press that proved it. Where’s the news there? We all knew it anyway.

Sure the government would say it’s only emails and no content, and no they weren’t spying on the content on people’s private computers, or accessing their phone conversations, they weren’t accessing hard drives and couldn’t see what you were writing offline, and no they weren’t listening to anybody in their homes or cars or the places they frequented, and they didn’t know anybody’s names and were only looking for trigger words that might lead the NSA to a terrorist with plans to blow up the USA, by searching for trigger words like United States, Obama, bomb, Jews…but we all knew they had that capability and we all knew they were using that capability. Where’s the news in that?

We, the people in the USA, knew it, so why did foreign countries not know it? Are they so naive, holding the important positions they hold, knowing the computer technology the USA possessed, or did they fall for the propaganda line the USA fed it’s own people? After all we stand for freedom rights for all peoples, even them, whoever they are, so why would the USA do it? Why would they spy on the United Nations, on private communications among world leaders and whomever they were communicating with as people do when they go to any meeting? Probably to gain an advantage; if they know what everybody is saying to their advisors on any issue, then that would give the USA a leg up on countering their positions. They’d know in essence the cards they were holding that nobody is supposed to see, their weaknesses, their strengths, their bargaining power.

Now comes the threat factor. Government officials in other countries are now succumbing to the prodding by USA officials not to accept Snowden’s requests for asylum, because every world leader is now thinking to themselves, what else do they know about me, what I said or did in private that could prove embarrassing, and being in public office it doesn’t take much, as shown by the current administrations going on a witch hunt for anybody who might have heard George Zimmerman say the trigger nigger word, so the Justice Department can bring hate crimes charges against him for the political purpose of securing the black community’s vote in upcoming elections.

The USA government is forever telling the American people that if they have nothing to hide, then they have nothing to worry about. That’s not true, we’ve all seen how the government skews the facts, and often outright lies about the facts to get what they want. Criticize the policies of  the USA or Israel and they’ll make stuff up if they have to, just to get you to shut up or to plain out ruin your reputation and life if you pursue along that path of criticism. Employers do it to, they’ll look at your private stuff and make determinations on whether to hire you or not. Somebody criticizes Israel and they get on the no hire list. Somebody criticizes a public figure and that somebody gives the name of the person and email address to the NSA and you’re essentially destroyed.

President Obama spoke to the nation after Snowden released his article through the Guardian and said, if you can’t trust Federal judges, if you can’t trust Congress, if you can’t trust me, your President, if you can’t trust the FBI, then we’re going to have some problems here. Sounded like a threat, an ‘or else’ scenario. Or else what? In his early days he didn’t trust any of those institutions, now he wants ‘we the people’ to blindly trust all of them, just because he says so, after it was proven that not only the NSA, but other surveillance programs as well, were spying on all of us, that these intelligence gathering agencies were collecting the content of every communication any person has ever made via a text, a computer, a phone or in their private living spaces or their offices.

These communications will be saved forever. What for? To use as ammunition against any citizen for any reason they deem advantageous to them. Blackmail is what it used to be called. There are laws against that in the USA, but then the USA can break its own laws for whatever reason they want, all they have to cite is national security reasons. Or maybe not even that. The content is there forever, in case somebody at some point in time needs it to take a few words or sentences out of context to destroy you, or your future grandchildren.

Well, if we all have nothing to hide, thus nothing to worry about, then if the USA has nothing to hide, they have nothing to worry about. Let the world see the extent to which you’ve spied and lied and let them decide. The world isn’t trusting you right now. If you do have something to hide, then you must have done something wrong is the underlying meaning of what the government tells ‘we the people’ in an effort to make everyone fearful of criticizing the surveillance. Well, now the government is in effect, for keeping all these files forever, falling into the same pit they pushed every world citizen into.

Even in the private, secret Fisa court, they have a bar set to keep over-zealous officials from procuring a spy warrant for anyone they don’t like or anyone who criticizes them. A signed affidavit, under penalty of perjury, requesting an invasive search, where authorities can surveil you even from your own body, requires probable cause and evidence that you’re connected to terrorism and that you are a national security threat with imminent plans to carry out an attack against America. That’s the test.

Eric Holder signs those affidavits often, knowing in advance that he’s signing a false document. Should we trust the Justice Department? No, not unless you trust someone who knowingly perjures himself, thereby lying to the court with the purpose of stripping someone of their civil privacy rights.

Eric Holder claims he has no choice. He claims he has to write that statement if he wants an invasive warrant. He wants to change that, so that the Justice Department can obtain warrants on people they get a gut feeling about. Well, we all know where leads, as evidenced by the witch hunt he is currently leading against George Zimmerman.

No one causes nor requires the Justice Department, nor any individual within the Justice Department, to commit perjury to obtain invasive search warrants. The law requiring that language is in place so that innocent people aren’t scrutinized unlawfully for political or otherwise frivolous reasons.

The Federal judges are fully aware of what the Justice Department is doing, but instead of asking for proof of allegations, they simply approve the warrant. Should you trust Federal judges? No. The judges in effect are also committing perjury, lying, knowing full well that’s there’s no evidence to support the claim, thus allowing the USA government, through their actions, to strip you of your civil privacy rights.

I’ve been the recipient of invasive searches for years. In order to get a warrant they had to claim there was probable cause that I was a terrorist and had imminent plans to attack America. What judge, federal or otherwise, would believe that? Because the Justice Department told them. What President, member of Congress, Justice Department could believe that? Or maybe they didn’t get a warrant. I continue to be invasively searched/surveilled and everyone, from the President on down supports those actions. And when does the search begin to disrupt a person’s life. The minute they decide to do it.

Does the CIA ask for warrants? They do everything in secret. I get a kick out of the CIA for wearing kerchiefs and disguises over their faces so no one can identify them–but ‘we the people’ shouldn’t have anything to hide from a bunch of bandits with killing privileges.

Citizens of any group or nation should not be in the trusting business when others are determining their degree of freedom, and making decisions regarding their well-being or status as an individual within a group or nation. For Obama or any leader to think and expect the people to trust them on blind faith in matters that concern their lives is tantamount to a master/slave relationship, a dictator/subject relationship.

That tone in that last phrase, ” then we’re going to have some problems here” was a threat by any standard. He can’t wash it away like he tried to do with Trayvon Martin looking like his son, which he changed  to, “that could have been me“. That tone, those words, were an ultimatum, not to himself, Congress, Federal judges and the Justice Department, it was an ultimatum to the American people. Back off or else I’ll make problems for you. That’s a typical response from someone who got caught spying and lying.

Congress has between a nine to fourteen percent approval rating on any given day. Should you trust Congress? The low rating speaks for itself.

‘We the people’ don’t want nor need to be threatened by the President or any other government agency. What are you going to do to us if we don’t trust all whom you tell us to trust? Get back at us, hurt us, arrest us, go on a witch hunt, target us for invasive content surveillance?

Stand down Mr. President. We don’t need your anger, we as a people need to be respected through your actions, not your threatening words. We demand our civil liberties, whether you think we deserve them or not. Seems you’re not thinking too objectively these days, maybe you never did. Does the Mosad request a court ordered surveillance warrant before they spy on USA citizens? Didn’t think so. If you give them one, what does that say about you? It says that you sell like slaves every American the Mosad holds up on the auction block as being a threat to Israel, exempting of course members of Congress and the executive branch. Anyone else exempted Mr. President?

Does Obama or the Justice Department or the CIA or the Mosad or Steven Speilberg or whoever’s responsible get a court issued warrant before the content of your private communications are released to Hollywood to use in their sit-coms, movies, T.V. series, news talk shows? Obama said himself that and Speilberg are best friends. How so and why? Are ‘we the people’ to trust Obama, Congress, Federal judges, FBI, CIA and Hollywood with our private content material– all whom know about it and support that Hollywood Connection? Years ago, Diane Feinstein said they were supposed to destroy the tapes after they use them. Do they? The greater question is why do they have them in the first place? These aren’t emails, they’re actual content of voices, what you say in your private living spaces. They can even see you on your own T.V. or computer screen if they want to.

Stealing, that’s what it’s called. The USA government is stealing our written and vocal words–words that only we should own. They’re doing it without your knowledge or permission. They’re not doing it to protect us, they’re doing it to oppress us. When they steal our written and vocal words they steal our thoughts, again an act of oppression. What they’re saying is, “we own you”. The FBI even said, and there’s probably even a law that supports it, that the FBI owns everybody’s intellectual material. How repugnant is that?

If the FBI is interested in you for whatever reason they can hear whatever you say, whenever you say it, to whomever you say it to. All you have to do is open your mouth to speak or use an electronic devise to write.

I know because it’s done to me. It’s no way to live. You can trust that.

Maybe the government should read and listen to the content of elected or appointed officials. Yeah, wire tap their offices, homes, cars, electronic devices, follow them around using GPS capability and keep tabs on where they go, who they meet and what they say, to see who they’re making private deals with wielding the power of their public official status that adversely affects the American people. Bet they’d find a lot there.

Government officials should not be exempt from the net that’s cast on the rest of ‘we the people’.

WHISTLE BLOWERS. Law enforcement loves whistle blowers, snitches they call them on the Street. Just recently in Cleveland, Ohio after Ariel Castro was arrested for enslaving three women in his home for more than a decade law enforcement went to that same street, the American Street, to plead with ‘we the people’ to be law enforcement’s eyes and ears in order to solve crimes that they can’t solve. But when it comes to snitching on law enforcement or government officials that’s a different matter, then you become demonized, deranged, trouble, disgruntled.

Law enforcement wants ‘we the people’ to trust them, their good judgment and pure motives. After all, it’s for us they do all that they do. Serve and protect. What history and current on the ground scenarios keep telling us, showing us, is that that type of trust in absolute control, absolute power leads to corruption at every level. Try bringing to justice, their kind of justice, a corrupt cop, FBI agent, Congressperson, spy or President. It’s next to impossible no matter how many eyes and ears on the Street, or in the office, or within a company witness that corruption.

Nobody scrutinizes the background or motive of a snitch helping law enforcement, but when the tables turn and law enforcement is under fire the snitch becomes the criminal. How dare anybody question the authority, motives and actions of those whose job it is to keep you safe? Law enforcement doesn’t keep anybody safe, they show up after the crime is committed. They can take criminals off the street to prevent them from committing more crimes, but that’s about it.

Loads of  laws that facilitate corruption are passed unbeknownst to ‘we the people’–laws used to undermine the Street’s ability to protest what they consider oppressive or just plain wrong. Provisions are slipped into a bill going to Congress in the middle of the night when no one can read them unbeknownst even to other Congress members for the purpose of aiding a special class of citizens, usually the rich.

Corruption abounds at every level in every facet of life, including and especially at those levels that wield the greatest power over ‘we the people’.

In a democracy we appoint and elect a few people to serve ‘we the people’, not ‘we the few’ or ‘we the majority’. The majority only applies to the voting process. Since when does banning law suits against GMO (genetically modified organisms) companies, or banning occupy wall street or banning protests in front of slaughterhouses fulfill the right to peaceful assembly or the right to fight in court what ‘we the people’ deem is in the interest of ‘we the people’?

When ‘we the people’ lose our right to protest and our right to take to court an offending party we are no longer a people who decide what’s best for us, we’re a people ruled with an iron fist by the few. That’s called a dictatorship.

Oversight committees are comprised of the few, the privileged, the powerful who wield their power by supporting the corruption policies of their own, thus they become meaningless. Agencies that police their own are the same. One or two offenders may be used as examples to make the other criminals toe the line, but no effort is made to prosecute the many offenders within the ranks. We see that in the way the military handles sexual assaults. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Snitch and you’re ostracized. No promotion for you. Checks and balances are a myth.

Trust? Whoa Mr. President. Slow down with your threatening demand of trust or else. You sound like the police. Snitch on us and guess who won’t show up when you make that 9-11 call?

Basically with this multi-billion dollar tax payer spy program in every state in the Union, Obama and his co-conspirators (dictators always have them) are doing what amounts to a lot of guess work. They claim not to know your name, address or anything about you, but they can go to a secret court in front of secret judges claiming to have probable cause that you’re involved in terrorism, pose a national security threat with imminent plans to carry out an attack against America, under penalty of perjury and get that invasive warrant. Sounds like a witch hunt to me, based on nothing but somebody’s gut that has a gripe against you.

Edward Snowden saw gross corruption within the NSA and CIA. He went through all the channels available to address an egregious wrong against every American citizen and every citizen of the world. The USA government gave Snowden no other option than to release the proof of these sweeps and illegally obtained warrants through perjury for invasive searches.

Don’t repeatedly lie to the American people, then force us by the power of your office to trust you or anybody else.  I trust the whistle blower. We need more Edward Snowdens.


The centrifugal force of the majority is a powerful force. Fifty-one percent not too powerful – not in the minds of the lower forty-nine. Subversive scenarios populate the thoughts of those whose views were rejected by the fifty-one – creating an obsessive internal centrifugal force, clashing at every hint of an opportunity to undermine and strike down without notice or forethought those who stripped them of their power.

A force that in reality becomes more powerful than the fifty-one. It isn’t easy for fifty-one percent to sway forty-nine percent into accepting their view, their plan, their way. And nobody even tries, because the majority has spoken. And the majority moves with confidence through fields of mines ready to be set off at any moment to upset their best laid plans for the entirety of the group.

No, actually not the entirety of the group, just a few with the skill to convince fifty-one percent of their best intentions for everybody else. One must wonder where that confidence comes from? Fifty-one percent tips the scale at a produce market, or a see saw at a playground. Fifty-one percent tips nothing in the minds of those who will not be tipped by someone else’s crafty speeches meant to deceive for the purpose of gaining support for flawed actions based on flawed ideas, flawed evidence and flawed motives.

The centrifugal force of seventy percent, by nature of the sheer numbers, brings everyone into the fold. Blindly, yes, but still in the fold, till one day the fold wakes up to being hood-winked and can change the course of that force in an instant.

It’s strange when one wants to slaughter, for whatever good, moral reason they claim, the amount of energy they invest in trying to sway other powerful people to take that course of action on behalf of the entire planet. Such a noble goal they claim, to slaughter a few hundred thousand, or one leader, or one military with the purpose of setting us all free. But we really aren’t free after the slaughter are we? One slaughter leads to another and another and another.

It seems that the only talking we do is to try to sway others to allow us to destroy, contain, humiliate, slaughter on whose behalf again? We don’t talk about making peace unless the perceived enemy sees our view our way, our plan as the only viable plan. On whose behalf again?

Diplomacy doesn’t exist in this world, in this time. Governments with agendas to rule the world with the fifty-one percent model have changed the definition to mean ‘contain, humiliate and slaughter’ to achieve that goal. Let us humiliate you, contain you, destroy your economies and your people, then we’ll talk about steps you need to take, while you’re under our thumb rule till we deem you equal enough to join our club, our fold, our fifty-one percent family, while we enter your land with our military bases and CIA installations and rape your resources.

So where does the power of the individual come in, except to play by the rules of the fifty-one percent gang of thugs? The gang of thugs don’t recognize the individual, that’s why they’re always talking about the group, what’s best for the group, the club, their club and nobody else’s.

The power of the individual is only recognized when you stand shoulder to shoulder with them – thereby increasing their strength by the centrifugal force of numbers. Centrifugal force becomes more powerful, oddly, when we seek to do harm. It becomes like a mob mentality created by a seething rage masked by a calm, calculated exterior demeanor, which spreads like a wild forest fire out of control among leaders and the populace alike.

If a few world leaders can create that centrifugal force in themselves and within their tiny group, then an individual can do the same.

There is a point, whereby the screaming external displays of anger stop and the group or the individual or the nation becomes a lethal weapon, always for the benefit of someone or some group or some nation, or the most powerful argument of all, the entire planet.

Lethal is lethal and the centrifugal force of lethal whether embodied in one, a few or many is what’s tipping the scales right now, in this time, in our world toward a destructive backward moving reality, not a peaceful one. When the tables turn and the forty-nine become the fifty-one, the cycle starts all over again. The fifty-one rules while the forty-nine subverts.

What was gained?

A few egos were satisfied so they walk with confidence through fields of mines and a few egos were destroyed.


Burning witches at the stake? We the people of the USA, the self-proclaimed civilized people of the world, think that horrific practice ended with the last burning of a witch in Salem, Massachusetts. It didn’t end. Now, instead of lighting a match under one person, whom we the people or we the government judge evil enough to warrant torching that person into a premature after-life, we the people or we the government evolved that evil ritual into dropping a bomb (or many bombs) on throngs of people all at once, whom we label to be evil halfway around the world, torching men, women and children prematurely into an after-life they weren’t prepared to enter.

How evil is that?

Our evil desire to commit evil acts, under the guise of self-defense, and in defense of the good people of the world, against those we judge through our evil prism to be evil hasn’t changed since the last burning of a witch. And who are the real witches anyway? The ones who are torched or the ones doing the torching?

” That’s war” is a lame excuse that all USA presidents use to justify the evil acts they commit in we the people’s name. When are the people of America going to say, “stop warring in our name, stop committing atrocities in our name, stop saying you’re doing it for us, stop saying you know more than we know, stop saying all of America agrees with your evil actions. We don’t.

We’re not at war with Iran. We’re not at war with Libya. We’re not at war with Egypt. We’re not at war with Syria. None of the governments of those countries committed acts of war against the USA, yet we bombed the hell out of Egypt, establishing a no-fly zone. We bombed the witch out of Egypt is what we did, all for a bunch of protestors who didn’t really know what they wanted, and still don’t know what they want, except a democracy that goes their way on all issues all of the time. When it doesn’t, they through the military, stage a coup. And there will be another and another. 

That sounds like a dictatorship to me, that Egyptians can’t seem to wash from their DNA. They’ve been under a dictatorship for so long that it’s in their blood. We messed up Iraq and we’re messing up every other Middle East country that we poke our nose into by calling them evil, thereby justifying the burning at the stake, or death by the bomb, anyone who doesn’t want a USA styled democracy.

We never got that old England DNA out of our system did we? But instead of colonizing, we go in and take over policy through promises of money, just long enough to set up our military bases and spy machines to keep that country’s people and government under the watchful eye of our thumb, while our own country is sinking deeper and deeper into poverty.

That’s what dictators do, they spend all their resources on military might at the expense of a better life for their own citizens.

We opened that door and walked right through it without blinking.

 SINA BLOG When I first joined Sina blog I read in a piece of writing, about what to do or not to do when you’re around Chinese people.

You never comment on them wearing the same clothes more than one day in a row, because many Chinese people don’t have the luxury of daily changes.

You never give a Chinese person the gift of a watch. Bad luck. It’s like you’re saying you’re time is running out.

Chinese don’t like the color yellow. Bad luck.

They like small amounts of red and black, but not big amounts, as long as they’re mixed with other colors and no one bad luck color dominates.

Chinese people like the number eight, but think bad luck, 3 is it? I’m trying to remember all that I read over a year ago. Five is bad luck too?

Well, I tried to remember these things as I designed a website, so much so that when my design would have a certain number of items in it, I changed the theme, changed the color. No pictures of watches here, not for China.

Some well-meaning people tried to explain to the common American what the Chinese liked and didn’t like, what they thought good luck bad luck, or bad luck good luck.

Even recently when I used as a background to my current site, some vegetables, I considered, too much red, too much green (oops and green isn’t good either, means you’re envious or calling somebody else who views it envious) I finally decided that if somebody in China or any place on earth is going to be offended because I used too many vegetables of the color they deem bad luck, then I’ll be running in circles forever, instead of doing the work that I was destined to do.

I met a lot of Asian Oriental people while living in Hawaii many years ago. And I was always more polite than they were. It didn’t matter that they didn’t like me because of the color of my skin or the blue eyes, or being tall, or not having straight black hair or whatever, or because I didn’t talk in a rapid, high pitched voice, then get upset because somebody couldn’t understand me, but for a culture said to base it’s foundation on respect, I didn’t see any. I was the one giving it all.

And yes I still use the word Oriental, because you’re not Indian are you, or Turkish, or Pakistani? Or Russian?

So don’t complain too much because you will give your weakness away to your enemy? Bad luck again will not only befall you, but you will disgrace your family. This baby should have had the one child policy treatment.

I am not going to fall prey to the Chinese superstitions, no more than I will fall prey to the Jews who have so many idiosyncracies in what they expect from people not like them, and none when it comes to their own behavior – as long as you’re one of them. And that has to be proven by your undying loyalty to their cause, whatever that cause may be on any particular day.

If I told you that I care about all Chinese people, you would be skeptical. Bad luck again, what does she want? Why is she saying she cares about us, when she sinks our aspirations by criticizing us? She’s an impetuous child. Slap her down.

I can tell you one thing with all certainty, that route will bring you nothing but misery, bad luck again. Not from me, because I don’t export misery. Neither do I import misery. But it really isn’t about luck is it? It’s about bad behavior turned on yourselves.

Many years ago in my writings I said, the Oriental Asians are up next. Well, the world took me in many directions, all bad. Not bad luck. Just bad.

Tonight at 8:35 PM Eastern Standard Time in the USA I am writing these words. Can you believe it, that I actually stopped in my mind, not in my fingers as I type, to think what numbers you, the Chinese people, think are bad luck, and is this a good thing for me, a good time for me?

I wouldn’t play this game, serious as it is, with the Jews and I’m not playing it with the you, the Chinese.

I’m not going to tell you to do or not do anything. You’ll know after reading this the course of action to take.

You need to start thinking the number five is going to get you out of where you don’t want to be.

Five Principles To A better Life. I’m turning the tables on your superstitions.

What I like about your culture is that you talk with your ancestors. Nobody else really does that. I do.

Be careful here. The Jews think their ancestors are telling them to do things that their ancestors really aren’t telling them to do. In other words, laugh, laugh, we’ll do what we want. In other words again, they don’t really respect who went before them; it’s all a show for their own greed now.

Exploitation is what it’s called. And the Chinese people know that feeling well.

Walk backwards, walk forwards, walk sideways, think high, deep and wide.

Good luck bad luck? Bad luck good luck?

You make you’re own good or bad. Luck has nothing to do with it.


Sometimes people can overdo humble. Humble, oddly enough, can be a powerful tool in making people listen to you. Most people over-use it by prefacing nearly everything they say with: I’m no expert but, I don’t follow politics but, I’m not into religion but, I’m no one to talk but.

They diminish themselves by not making their views important, in order to gain a sympathetic ear, which usually always works. When you make the person you’re talking to feel superior to you, they like that. So they listen. The same supposedly humble people will scoff at someone who expresses their views with confidence and directness. He/she thinks he’s/she’s so smart. Yeah, big know-it-all doesn’t know anything.

So, it’s not the view, but the groveling people like. It’s the insecurity that attracts rather than repels, making people want to protect, even comfort, the insecure person with a view.

Clever. Very clever. Have to give it a try sometime. Nah. It’s not just the self-diminishing phrase before a view is spoken, it’s also the ending phrase. Some people do it in the beginning, some people at the end: Ah, what do I know anyway, I don’t really know what I’m talking about, I’m not very good at expressing my thoughts, I wish I could say what I really think, better. Immediately the listener(s) come to the rescue. It’s reflexive. Oh, no, no, we get it. You expressed it fine. What are you talking about, I understood every word you said. Though again, it’s not the view under consideration; it’s the person speaking the view.

Humble is a powerful tool to make people listen up. It’s called softening up – so the view can more easily enter the listener’s sub-consciousness. There are no barriers put up by the listener. The ‘humble’ person removes those road blocks with their ‘humble’. Clever. Very clever. Have to give it a try sometime. Nah.

Well, maybe I’ve done it a few times. I’m in. Well, maybe I’ve done it a few times without realizing it. I’m out. Laugh, laugh. A few times!! You do it as much as everybody else does it. Yeah, I guess I do. I’m back in. No, really I don’t. Rarely, and only because I picked it up from hearing everybody else do it. I’m back out. What a silly game humans play with each other. The key is to mix it up – the before and after, and use humble judiciously.

For me, who has the time or the energy to be that manipulative in a conversation? Evidently most people.

I’m double out.


1 – All carnivores (the eaters of other species or their own species, even in the oceans) will become extinct. All animals, including the human animal, will feed from the soil what which grows from the soil.

2 – Stop raising animals for slaughter (experimentation and/or exploitation), knowing in advance that enslavement is exploitation (which includes humans sent to war as sacrificial lambs).

3 – We stop raising animals for slaughter by eliminating the need of the seller and the buyer. Money and blood. Money is the seller; blood is the buyer. The seller, sells blood for money. The buyer, buys blood to use and/or consume.

4 – To manufacturers: Begin now to redesign your facilities (all facilities) to process animal-free food and animal-free goods.

5 – Bringing back from extinction any species is an act of futility. If you can’t make better all life through scientific study (absent prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter), then your experiment will fail before you start. If you proceed with a failed experiment, then don’t call it science, call it irresponsible.

6 – The addiction to eating the blood will over time diminish the moral compass of the individual, the group and/or the nation in all other areas of living, assessing and acting.

7 – The evolutionary plan is in play Start dismantling now. You can’t stop it from happening. Nobody can. You can trickle vegetarian in, baby step by baby step, thinking you have your eye on the future. You don’t. You have your eye on only the ‘money and the blood’.

8 – Open your other eye.


I, Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, am going off the reservation on this one. Yeah, I can say that. She’s off the reservation? You bet I am. What do you get when you cross an Irish, Scot, Welch, English, Dutch, Lithuanian Jew with a Native Canadian-American? Sharon Lee Davies-Tight is what you get. Don’t step on my sacred burial ground, all you angry white male Jew men, or boys, as everybody wants to call men these days, to justify your inappropriate racist behavior.

Dan Snyder, change that God-damned name. Chief Wahoo in Cleveland – the logo on the Cleveland Indians cap – is slowly being phased out. I fought that fight decades ago. Strong but gentle is how I fought it, just as the American Indian Nations fought that fight. Don’t worry, Native Americans aren’t going to burn your cities because they don’t get their way. Any black in America, who sees that logo of an Indian smiling that huge toothy smile in submission, should be as angry when it happens to another race, because it happened to them.

Now you get off my reservation till you ante up with your own outrage for another group who were nearly wiped out by not only the white man, but by all you blacks who participated in the massacres against an indigenous people. And all you Jews who say the only Holocaust was yours? How about the Holocaust you participated in to destroy an indigenous people, the Indian Nations, because you thought it was your right to do it?

Hitler? Yes. You were the Hitler in America who tried to destroy the people native to the the land you came to call America, because land was free. Savages you called them, as you set out to decimate their entire race.

Dan Snyder, you say you will never change the name of a team you own? Rethink it. To all the Blacks who don’t see the racism in the name, I say call the team the Washington Niggers. To all the angry White men who don’t see the racism in the name, I say call the team the Washington Kikes. To all the Hispanics who don’t see the racism in the name, I say call the team the Washington Wetbacks.

Are there any Native Americans on the Washington Redskins football team or any other sports team? Why not? Are they not strong enough, big enough, fast enough? History does not prove that true. Nancy Pelosi, shut up with your, “we gave them casinos” answer to the entire Native race, to fix with a voucher the oppression that still continues. I apologize in advance to the Indian Nations, who never thought I would speak so crudely. I know it isn’t your way, and it’s not usually mine either. But that’s what you get when you cross an Irish, Scot, Welch, English, Dutch, Lithuanian Jew with a Native Canadian-American.

Change that God-damned name.

The USA Is Quickly Sinking Into A Third World Nation Category

Except for it’s bombing capacity, it has little influence around the globe. People now go to China for loans, where once the first go-to country was the USA. The only thing we can promise in return for a favor, is not money, because the money will never arrive, it’s our bombing capacity. That’s why we’re engaged in multiple bombing campaigns. We’ve become the hit man for the world.

We’re the most powerful Mafia family on the planet. The only difference between the real mafia and the USA is that we don’t have a code of honor. We’ll kill anybody for a favor, even our own citizens, if someone in another country makes that request. We can also sell intelligence for favors. Our drones go everywhere, even on the streets of the USA. This is what happens when paranoid megalomaniacs take over the USA, or any other country, from the underbelly up. The Jews are doing to the USA and many other countries what they’re doing to Palestine. And because you can’t criticize the group or the individual without being terrorized with destruction, by the time the world wakes up from the potent drug of deception, the world will have been successfully skinned alive, while nobody heard your screams above their megalomaniacal thunder of propaganda aimed at keeping you at bay long enough for them to do what nobody else has the stomach for.

Obama, along with every other politician, doesn’t realize that poor people have the right to vote in this country. Why wouldn’t he speak to 50% of the USA citizens? Who and what is blocking him from doing that? The CIA writes his speeches. The CIA doesn’t want to empower poor people, because they regard poor people as dumb, and dumb people might make decisions based on erroneous premises. What the CIA, the largest terror organization on the planet, doesn’t realize is that rich people and middle people do that same thing. But rich people are predominantly conservative. Poor people are predominantly democratic. The CIA is conservative, with ‘the sky is falling’ principles.

Obama has yet to show courage in speaking his own mind, instead of the mind of the terrorists he represents. I’d like to hear his thoughts absent the CIA/military chatter that drones in the background of every speech he makes. But then, he’d have to worry about the assassination of his own family, like the rest of us do, so he’ll remain silent while telling us he isn’t remaining silent, while he pulls the rug out from under all Americans, while making it sound like it was the right thing to do and it will hurt for a while, but you’ll lift yourselves back up from the momentary set back, and hey I can’t do this alone. I need your help to screw you.


1A – Borders Currently Confirmed. The borders of Palestine and Israel are all the currently confirmed borders of all surrounding existing countries, such as Egypt, Jordan etc. plus the sea and air-space as recognized by those nations according to the United Nation’s rules and regulations, applying one to all recognized nations). Those are the borders of Palestine and Israel.

2B – Dividing The Land. Fifty-fifty. Contiguous. The history no longer matters. The group, all the groups, no longer matter. The individual and the masses are and will be the only focus. All land not a part of any surrounding country gets divided fifty-fifty.

3C – The Right Of Return. Every refugee or family or friends of refugees are allowed to return to any place inside those currently confirmed borders, but they need to pay their own way, and pay to rent a dwelling or purchase a piece of land and/or dwelling at fair market prices determined by the CORRESPONDING governing forces of Palestine and Israel. Palestine decides how many states they want under the Federal umbrella of Palestine (one or more). Each state must be contiguous.

4D – Capital. Jerusalem belongs to the world. The world owns Jerusalem. A non-military zone. The land of Jerusalem is owned separately by an International Assembly of Cultural Peoples, for the Advancement of the Five Principles. Democratically elected members of the International Assembly will govern Jerusalem. Jerusalem is nobody’s capital city. Tel Aviv can move anywhere within it’s fifty percent borders. Palestine can make their capital anywhere within it’s fifty percent borders. Now you have two countries living side by side, each with a capital city, each with their own governments, each with air and sea space that they control as facilitators of commerce. And the world owns Jerusalem.

WATCH YOUR WEIGHT | BE A WORK IN PROGRESS Start thinking of yourself as a work in progress.

Too often we set unrealistic short-term goals that should be in the long-term category. We’re always going to start tomorrow or next week and those weeks turn into years, because the job of reaching the goal is overwhelming. Your weight doesn’t begin and end with a weight goal. Look at yourself like you look at everything else. This needs improvement, something else does, then set about changing what you don’t like by tweaking, instead of overhauling. Eat a little less to begin. Start thinking about what your body needs rather than what you think it wants.

Stop thinking that you can never lose that excess weight. You can and will, understanding that you’re the one who controls what you put into your gut. If you raise children, you don’t start out being the perfect parent. It’s a work in progress as you make adjustments in your approach from day to day. When you go to work, same thing. You adjust to new information, new duties, changes in the job description, new bosses etc. Do the same with how you approach what’s best for your body.

Allow yourself to be that work in progress. Remember, goals without a plan won’t work. Saying that you’ll do something tomorrow or next week won’t work. Declining the candy bar or super-sized soda pop or second or third helpings of food works in the moment. That’s when you’re plan goes into effect – when you’re faced with a decision to do, or not to do. Feeding your body the same huge volume even when it’s all good food is not the solution.

Over-stuffing your gut is dangerous no matter what you over-stuff it with. Remember, the gut pushes up against the heart. Push too hard and it restricts the heart’s ability to beat unencumbered. Think of it as blowing up a balloon beyond capacity. People often end up in the emergency room thinking they’re having a heart attack after they’ve eaten a large meal. The doctor says it’s indigestion, which translates to the lay person as ‘what’ they ate, not that they ate too much.

‘Get rid of the gas’ is the usual prescribed remedy, when actually ‘put your fork down’ should be the primary prescription. Eat less food and you’ll create less gas. Give your heart a fighting chance. Keep smothering it and eventually when you climb that flight of stairs, when your heart needs to pump harder, your bloated gut will block your heart’s effort to get up those stairs. The heart will circumvent by beating a lot of short beats quickly in order to compensate, then because it’s beating so fast will flip into arrhythmias. Next thing you know you’re in the hospital.

Sure it takes discipline. But you get up everyday don’t you? You shower and dress and go to work and come home and watch T.V. or go back to work a second job. That all takes discipline. So it isn’t that you’re lacking in the discipline department. Eating a mammoth amount of food takes discipline too. Stop asking other people why you do it. It tastes good, it feels good. No it doesn’t. You feel like hell. Then why do I do it? Ask yourself that question.

Nobody knows you, like you know yourself. Why do you go to work everyday? Because I have to. Why do you get up everyday? Because I have to. Why do you eat so much? Because I have to. No you don’t. That’s one thing you don’t have to do. Yeah, but I do it anyway. Try doing something you don’t have to do. You just might like that feeling of freedom. Just because you feel enslaved by everything else in your life, doesn’t mean you have to enslave yourself in areas that you have total power over.

Try power on for size. I’ll bet it fits like a glove!


It seems these days that there’s a rescue operation and sanctuary for just about every species of animal, at least the ones we’re most familiar with, the ones people want to own for whatever reason and who seek to purchase that animal brand new without a previous owner history. The animals rescued, the ones up for adoption, most people don’t want, much like the adoption of human children – everybody wants a new-born.

When money runs out for the sanctuaries, often times those animals previously rescued need to be rescued again. People don’t think of a pet as a ’till death do us part’ commitment. People purchase animals as pets because they’re cute, different, they’re in want of companionship, or sometimes as a status symbol.

When times get a little rough the pet is always the first to go. Many well-meaning people rescue animals who don’t have the funds to sustain their operation, and often these rescuers live in poverty to satisfy their own need to act compassionately.

With all of the unwanted animals in the world, that others have discarded, the breeding of animals for sale isn’t necessary and it perpetuates the cycle of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Forcing animals to procreate, then grabbing the child from his/her mother to give to another mother of another species is wrong in any language.

Breeding animals as pets is a large, profitable industry that perhaps should share the burden of caring for these rescued animals that they bred and sold, once their owners either no longer want them or simply tire of the commitment.

Animal sanctuaries cost a lot of money and volunteer work hours to maintain. Outlaw the breeding of animals and the need for rescue operations and sanctuaries will reduce significantly.

It seems that the only ones profiting are the breeders, certainly not the animals they bred and sold nor the rescue operators and sanctuaries.


Every USA person in the House of Representatives, every person in the Senate, every President, not exempting the current President of the USA, whom all claim to be against slavery, support the enslavement of Palestinians by Jews. I don’t care anymore about a greater cause, that has yet to be defined, that will get you re-elected, and you promising in your own mind that you’ll do something for those enslaved, particularly the Palestinians, even though you ran against them, because you know as I know that it is on their backs that you get to feel that power again of being in charge.

The next person coming down the pike, once their term limit expires, will think and do the same thing as their predecessor. How does that make you feel? Probably good, since if you couldn’t do it, you certainly don’t want anybody else to accomplish what you couldn’t. And don’t you after all, once your term limit is up, have to be concerned about the next person in your party, of whom you’re so publicly proud, but in private despise?

You have to campaign for a person in the likeness of you? And what does that accomplish? If you couldn’t get it done, why would you expect that somebody just like you can get it done? The Brookings Institute or something like that recently gave as a reason to stay in Afghanistan (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘there’s nothing they (meaning Afghans) would like better than knowing we couldn’t go the distance; essentially we couldn’t stay long enough to whip their asses.’

Frankly all the think-tanks cry the same story line, so what’s the use of having think-tanks, people smarter than anybody else, who all think the same, who aren’t changing the world for the better; they all advocate bombs to make individuals, neighborhoods, nations succumb. Succumb to what? To what, is what I keep asking myself?

The Palestinians have the audacity to fight back. If the world thinks that every ‘people’ have a right to defend their honor, their land, their families against an aggressor, then why not the Palestinians? Why are they not allowed? Enslavement is why. Those enslaved don’t have that universal right. Nelson Mandela can rise up and make Black people rise up against their oppressors, the white people, using horrific torture methods of “necklacing”, and he’s Obama’s hero.

When the Palestinians rise up, not in unison because of fear, but one at a time, they’re called terrorists. You can’t have it both ways, President Obama, though as a dictator now you think you can. All dictators think they know it all, that they know what’s best for their country and the world. And all dictators use horrific methods to achieve their ends – ends that never really accomplish much. Nothing really. In the end nothing.

In the best interests of the USA? Palestinians didn’t take those towers down in New York city. A son of Saudi Arabia took those towers down. Saudi Arabia knew their son; they knew he would do it. They made no attempt to stop him. None. Is anybody enslaving anybody in Saudi Arabia? It’s not about women; they support their enslavement; it’s not about children; they were born into the life. It’s about the Kingdom. It’s about one of the most vile Kingdom’s on earth. The Kingdom in Saudi Arabia is afraid – yes afraid – not of Iran as an aggressor, but that Iran will become liberated. Next stop Saudi Arabia. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not, on any terms, accept that.

They’d rather team up with Israel than relinquish their Kingdom, because Israel knows all about enslaving those they view – a startling view – as inferior, thus not worthy of freedom to be. Barack Obama, you don’t have to free the Palestinians with bombs; they don’t want any more bombs dropped on them. Israel already does that on a regular basis, each time they’re rejected by the world community for committing massacres against an enslaved  ‘people’.

Their gardens  are dug up, because of Israeli paranoia, that if you plant food, there’s a bomb or a gun in the soil beneath. Barack Obama, you can free the Palestinians with words. Yes, President Obama, you can free the Palestinians with words. You’ve yet to use them. I know those words are in you. Do not continue to succumb to the “necklacing” approach to peace. There is no peace in torture. Free the Palestinians with words. Free them from your own clutch. Free them from the clutches of Jews worldwide whom support the enslavement. I know the words are in you. Use your words. Would you have told Blacks in South Africa that they had to earn their freedom? Would you have told Blacks in America that they had to earn their freedom?


I find it odd that not one Black basketball player, coach etc. wimpering on T.V. over Don Sterling’s racist words (especially Doc Rivers) said one thing about the trashy, sexist way Sterling talked about women, making them into nothing more than sex objects. Who’s supposed to be a role model for women here? They’re basketball fans too. The NFL Network recently reported that about forty percent of all football fans are women. Magic Johnson had unprotected sex with thousands of girls/women (his own words from years ago) while he had HIV. I wonder if he contacted all of those girls/women to notify them. But he didn’t know their names, so he just announced it on T.V. figuring that would cover it, then they were on their own.

DON STERLING AND DON LEMON SWIM IN THE SAME PREJUDICIAL SEA Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper (of CNN) didn’t seem to care about sexism (prejudice/discrimination against girls/women), which was the other half of the story they chose not to focus on. Girls/women make up half of the world’s population and they suffer prejudices more than any other segment of the human race in every facet of their lives from the moment they’re born until they die. Maybe it’s because Lemon and Cooper are gay and they can’t relate. Maybe it’s because they harbor sexist views that they don’t want the world to know about. Maybe it’s just too frivolous a topic for them. Who cares anyway?

Young women are getting raped on campuses and in the military every day and nothing of consequence is done about it. Blame the women for the male sexist views. Even some women blame the women. In fact the word sexism never comes up when reporting on the news about the flood of rapes committed against them. Don Lemon said Sterling should “spend the rest of his life” making up for the tape recorded words about Blacks [coming to his games on the arm of his girlfriend.] by doing good deeds for all Black people.

Other Blacks representing the Black community came on T.V. to say the same thing. How arrogant. Arrogance is the foundation of all prejudice. I never heard of a court handing down a sentence of ‘Community Service for Life’, but I guess that’s Don Lemon’s Court. He wants a billionaire to be the slave of all Black people. Let’s see how much money we can get from this old rich guy to finance social programs for the Black community. Looks like a Nigerian money-making scam. Get a lot of money quickly without lifting a finger to earn it.

Why is it that no one will broadcast the name of the person who gave the tapes to news outlets? Why does all that investigative reporting all of a sudden stop when the question is raised of who handed over the tapes? These aren’t state secrets. It’s beginning to sound more and more like extortion, with a racist label to justify the crime. Anderson Cooper evidently thinks that having HIV makes a person a hero and nothing that person does privately or publicly has any bearing on that status, in other words they become beyond reproach because they have HIV.

Well if Sterling has cancer, given Cooper’s rule for the making of a hero, then Sterling qualifies for hero status as well. Think before you speak your double standard prejudices on national and international T.V. Omitting the sexist focus is a prejudice that Lemon and Cooper wear with self-perceived righteousness. The way men talk about women is disgusting. It’s prejudicial and discriminatory. It’s hurtful and harmful to the advancement of their cause which is equality, not just under the law, (we still don’t have an equal rights amendment), but in the public and private sectors of life.

It’s in every T.V. program, in every movie, and sprinkled in subtle ways all over the news channels, meant to influence the masses and relegate women to a status of irrelevancy, which promotes enslavement. Extorting Sterling for the Black cause is enslavement. Destroying a person’s life (as they did with Paula Deen) is torture. Next comes slaughter. But wait. If we kill them, the money won’t go to us, so keep them alive, under our thumb, forever in our servitude. Yeah that’s it. That’ll work. Back to enslavement and torture.

To the basketball players, get a grip. If you think you’re slaves, then you’re free to go anywhere in the world with the millions of dollars you get paid to compete and have fun. Maybe you’ll be tape recorded by someone you trust or by some prostitute you think doesn’t matter to anyone. The die has been cast by you jumping on that bandwagon. It is open season and you all just turned on that proverbial fan. I think everyone knows what’s coming next. One has to wonder how many basketball players participated in the sex slave trade by buying underage girls, then bragging about it to their friends. The NSA knows who you are.


Eating only protein, or only carbohydrates or only fats will not produce a healthier you in the long term. We’ve been led to believe throughout our lives that animals are protein, and everything else are carbohydrates, except for fats that are animals and vegetables (or vegetable oils).

Long ago, fats came from animals – long before someone discovered how to extract the oil from a plant. Did you know that even carrots have fat in them? No one would know it based on what we’ve been wrongly taught.

Did you know that all plant sources contain protein? No one would know it based on what we’ve been wrongly taught.

Did you know that everything we put into our stomachs gets converted into sugars before it can be processed by the human animal? In other words, protein doesn’t get processed as protein. Everything gets converted to sugars, then processed as sugars.

So why put a food that’s primarily protein into our bodies, when the body is going have to work extra hard at converting it to sugars? Plants have the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats – just what the human animal body needs to survive optimally. A lot less work, precisely because it’s a perfect match. One can get ethanol from a rock, but you don’t put sand in the gas tank of your car.

The process doesn’t fit; it doesn’t match the needs of the car. The car needs a liquid form of the gas, which has already been processed to fit the cars needs. Or one takes oil from the ground, already a fluid in its natural state, and then processes it to meet the needs of the car, heating the home etc. Don’t put an animal in your body; don’t put sand in your gas tank. Eat plants – a variety of plants – the most perfect foods for the body of the human animal – for optimal health.


I recall that way back in the 9-11 days, some, or maybe one (and the others who thought it , thought better about not speaking it), voiced that it must take a lot of courage to blow one’s self up, knowing the horrible death they would suffer. That does take courage – a lot of courage. No matter how hardened you are, it takes a lot of courage, because when you’re pre-planning it, then do the ritual thing, prior to the deed, getting ready for it, and everybody is supporting you (when they never did before), for the group, family, the cause, as the time draws near, it’s only you – you ending your life – a life that your family, or your group, or their political, or religious cause, says needs to be done – and they elected you to do it, even though you volunteered.

Oh, they make you think that it was your idea, and how so brave – protecting them, and the children, the generations to come. You be the sacrifice – so we all can live a better life. See you in heaven, son – daughter. Teenagers, thinking the only way they can change the world is to kill themselves so that others will live better. Just like in the USA, parents being so proud of their sons and daughters who go off to war to kill or to be killed – for their parents, for the preservation of the next generation, for the family, the country, the community, the cause of freedom.

After all, we can’t be free unless we’re courageous enough to kill or be killed – to slaughter or be slaughtered for our God-given right to be free. I am recalling again, but now in the present day – not many days ago – people talking about how courageous Benjamin Netanyahu was for slaughtering the Palestinians – the Palestinians who had no way – no effective way – of defending themselves against the holocaust that he in conjunction with the USA administration and military, waged against them.

But they’re trying to kill us, is what Netanyahu kept implying, as he slaughtered them – again – again – again… It didn’t take courage for Netanyahu to bomb an entire country of people, who were actually born, bred – right there in Palestine – for centuries.  Recall, it’s called Palestine, where the Palestinians grew. It doesn’t take courage for another president of the USA to bomb Iraq – again – … It never takes courage when you’re the bully.

Think about it. You see a picture of the poor and wretched in Palestine – also some rich folks. But see the difference between Israel and Palestine and any sane person would have to conclude that there is one of the two enslaving the other. It all comes down to ownership. Ownership of land, of resources, and they don’t give a flying fig about the degenerates living on the land they want to own.

The Jews for decades have been saying that they don’t want Gaza. Then why enslave the Gazan people – making sure that they never develop that land? It has nothing to do with rockets lobbed with no destination, nor teenagers throwing rocks at military tanks. Of course the Jews want Gaza’s prime real estate. A seaside resort. The Jews covet that tiny strip of land. They don’t want peace – they want land – the more the better. It’s all about Hamas they say. It used to be all about Hezbollah. It’s always all about somebody not giving them what they want – land.

The fight to gain Jerusalem has nothing to do with a so-called Holy site – there’s nothing Holy about their agenda – they hate Jesus – want nothing to do with a Jew telling another Jew to treat the prostitutes well – to turn the other cheek at an insult – to give without expectation of a favor in return – it’s about land – and they’ll pull every rabbit out of the hat to make the world think they’re dying as a race, they’re dying due to persecution, they’re dying because they hate themselves – because the whole world hates them – and give us this God damned land – or else you’ll make us do something horrible to you. That ‘something horrible’ is called in everybody else’s sane mind – absent theirs – a holocaust. A holocaust for land.


Bill Mahr – comedian turned liberal to support his ‘anything goes’ life style – turned socio-politico shock jock commentator to support the USA-Israeli agenda, after he was ostracized for saying it takes a lot of courage to fly into a building, referring to the terrorists who brought down the World Trade Center Towers, flew into the Pentagon and ditched a plane into a field in Pennsylvania – who claims he’s not a Jew, because he went to a Catholic Church, even though his biological Mom is Jewish – and who claims God speaks through no one, because if there was a God, then God would be speaking to him first, not through somebody else, proved recently in an interview with Rula Jebreal (a Palestinian secular Muslim), retired General Wesley Clark and Independent Senator of Maine Angus King, that he really can’t have a serious discussion on Muslims.

This was an interview, a debate, an open forum where liberals, or not liberals, are supposed to be able to express their views, whether the guests or the host agree with them or not, and the guests and host are free, or should be free, to express their dissent.

Sure, Rula Jebreal monopolized the conversation, but that’s because all Bill Mahr could muster in his interrupting responses were blurbs, talking points, bumper sticker statements that were bigoted even if his critics claim he isn’t bigoted, something he relied on as proof that he wasn’t. Angus King, one of the few times he spoke, claimed that it’s okay to be offensive in free speech.

Not for shock value it isn’t okay. Not when it’s prejudicial it isn’t okay. Responsibility comes with free speech – or any speech. Actually, from what I see and read on and in the news, conservatives are far more offensive in their free speech than are liberals. Wesley Clark said very little, and at one point tried to say what the discussion or issue was supposed to be about, but got cut off, or he cut himself off, I don’t really know.

The debate was supposed to be about a petition that went around the internet wanting Bill Mahr to be uninvited to give a commencement address at UC Berkeley in December due to his supposed bigoted views on Islam. Berkeley invited him, he accepted, and even after the petition became news Berkeley did not uninvite him. I agree with that. Rula Jebreal noted that Jews would have demanded that someone with anti-semitic views be uninvited to give a commencement address to Jewish students.

In fact, Jews would have demanded that someone with anti-semitic views be uninvited to give a commencement address to any college or university, not just those with a predominately Jewish student body. One statement or word said by the invited guest at any time during their career would be used as justification.

Blacks would do the same thing. I’d say this interview, or whatever it was, was a little better than the Ben Affleck interview, but there was an underlying current that seemed to blunt the conversations in both, and I think it’s Bill Mahr himself who is doing the blunting. Someone is trying to speak about the realities of an issue as they see them, and Bill Mahr interjects with his all-encompassing, generalized blurbs and bumper sticker views, making the entire process difficult to watch.

Rather than address the issue Rula Jebreal was raising regarding the generalization to all Muslims what a few extremist Muslims do, Bill Mahr blurts out,”Can you be a gay in Gaza? And live? Is there a gay bar in Gaza?” If they had a gay bar in Gaza, they probably don’t any more – not since Israel committed a holocaust against anything that moved. Then he blurts out –  Jews and blacks don’t have religions that kill you for not being of their religion.

You can’t be a Gazan and announce that you switched to being a Presbyterian (paraphrase). Once again, he’s generalizing to all Muslims, justifying his views on Islam, by citing what a few Muslims do or don’t do in Gaza. The Jews just committed a holocaust in Gaza. Had they been Jews, the holocaust wouldn’t have happened. Jews do kill other Jews however, when they don’t toe the Jewish agenda.

They do it slowly, first by ruining their businesses and it escalates from there. All a Jew has to do is say a disparaging but accurate statement about other Jews in the media, and the Jews kill that Jew’s career.

What’s happening in Africa? Bill Mahr didn’t say anything about blacks killing gays, just because they’re gay. How about the extremist African Muslims hijacking a religion to steal property and gain control of governments in Africa? Sounds like the open invitation the Israelis extend to foreign countries offering free land they steal from the Palestinians. All you have to do is say you’re Jew, practice our religion and live as we do.

Bill Mahr can’t have a serious conversation or debate, because he doesn’t have the intellectual goods to converse on anything except sex and drugs. He doesn’t understand nuances. With the carnage – the destruction of lives and property – in Gaza, supported by the majority of Jews world-wide, all he can think about is if Gaza has a gay bar. Go to Gaza. Find out for yourself.

Bill Mahr may not be a bigot in his private life, but he’s an ignorant man who is nothing more than one big bumper sticker of a blurb on stage. Maybe it’s time he put down the pipe. For all the drugs he proclaims to take, they certainly are not helping him see the nuances in serious situations all over the globe.

The drugs are tricking him into thinking he’s enlightened and informed, when he clearly isn’t. I do not support uninviting guests or ruining people’s careers and lives, because of what they’ve said or implied in the past or the present. I don’t support it when Jews do it, I don’t support it when Blacks do it, I don’t support it when Muslims do it.

That doesn’t mean I’m on the side of the one supposedly doing the offending. It means I don’t support the punishment meted out when someone doesn’t like the view. I support free speech. Responsible free speech is up to the person doing the speaking – whether they want to offend or don’t want to offend. We don’t have to read it or listen to it. 

Frankly I think there’s been too much emphasis on the impact of a commencement address. These students didn’t make it all this way to have their entire educational experience altered by a celebration and a few paragraphs spoken at the end of the journey, supposedly used as a tool to transition them into the next.

Bill Mahr noted that a lot of the people signing the petition didn’t even go to Berkeley, well neither did he. They had a right to weigh in. He never had an abortion, yet nobody implies that he doesn’t have a right to weigh in on the issue. He can’t keep having it both ways. But he does have a right to accept that invitation and to give that speech. All this hoopla will increase ratings for his show, and yes, out of all of the commencement speeches, by a bunch of famous people, we’ll probably see this one on T.V.

Bill Mahr’s error was in making Gaza the litmus test for all Muslims.

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