by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Do you sometimes feel like a shadow of yourself?

Well, all other species on the planet and beyond feel the same exact way.

Do you want to join hands by joining minds?

Or do you want to stay separate, because nobody accepted you before?

Were you not accepted because of your individuality, or because you defended an ideology, rather than your right as an individual to be free, whereby others were not prejudiced against you and you were not prejudiced against others?

The choice is always yours, enslaved or not.


If you can’t see it with your own eyes, it doesn’t exist.

That’s the argument used to disprove, or often times not even consider, the existence of a God-Force in the universe.

Toxins, bacteria, viruses can’t be seen with the human eye, but mechanical devices sharper than the human eye proved that there is a microscopic world inside, outside and throughout the universe, that nobody knew existed not that long ago.

In walks the wind.

You can’t see it. The wind is like a God-Force. All you can see with the human eye is the effect or result of the wind. You can feel it on your body. You can hear the effect of it as it passes through the atmosphere around structures, or sometimes straight through them.

So, my new analogy is God is like the wind. You can see, hear and feel the effect of the wind, but you can’t actually see the wind.


Whenever I enter a Cleveland Clinic facility I feel like I’m in a holocaust museum.

Over the years, it becomes clear that the Jews weave into everything they design for public consumption an uncomfortable component to make you feel uneasy. They manipulate every little aspect of your environment to their advantage, whatever that advantage is. It’s always the same feeling though of somebody getting under your skin and staying like a forever tattoo.

That’s how they control the global populace unbeknownst to anyone except them. It’s easier to control humans when they’re ill at ease. Yes, we want you to feel uncomfortable. We don’t want you to be able to shake us.

Why? For financial and political benefit.

The 9-11 Memorial was designed the same way.

Slavery museums are designed the same way – to make you feel uncomfortable.

I often wonder why people want to make museums out of tragedies? They’re not a deterrent to war nor a facilitator to peace.

It seems it’s a way of keeping everybody tethered to them emotionally, so eventually all they need to do is say the word ‘holocaust’ or ‘slavery’ and everybody’s purses automatically open.

Personally, I stay clear of anybody whose goal it is to make me suffer for their benefit – as well as whatever mechanism or medium they use to achieve that end.

They take you to the depths of their despair then drop you in their pit and leave you there.

Now you know how we feel.


They just woke up in the past.

Most people ‘wake up’ to something new or different while asleep. Unbeknownst to them, their minds go where they wouldn’t dare tread while awake.

The problem lies in our obsession with the past and wishing we could change it, so that’s where we get stuck by placing our focus.

The only way you can change the past is to change the future by changing the present. Then your change has an instantaneous past component to it.

The entire world is trying to get back to the cave to do it over again. They want a do-over.

That is impossible. People are even trying to wipe out entire reminders of their history, and everybody else’s along with theirs, wanting to make the whole slate from past present to future look the same. Nice and tidy.

Yeah, well we’re not robots cleaning our garages.

You’re wasting your time on the past. The future is what you need to change and you can do that from here. Right now where you are.

Build a new past by building a better future.

That is the only path to that success and the path is wide open.

Take it.


USA military presence in foreign countries creates terrorism; it doesn’t stop it from emerging.

Foreign countries wanting to use the USA military in place of financing their own military are motivated to create terrorism where none existed so as to qualify for this benefit.

The main qualification when terrorism arises is for the host country to allow the USA to fight the terrorism that emerges on the host country’s soil. That along with a commitment by the host country to renounce, denounce and otherwise assist the USA in its efforts to stamp out the disease seals the deal, saving the host country from the high costs of maintaining an effective military.


Races aren’t minorities. They’re too big.

Demographics aren’t minorities either. Ethnicities aren’t minorities; they’re all too big to be in that category. If you’re important enough to be in a demographic, then you’re not a minority.

Religions aren’t minorities either, unless they’re too small to show up on the radar.

I don’t know why we keep calling races, ethnicities, religions and other demographics minorities. They’re not. They’re too big to be called small, which defines a minority.

The only minority I see on the landscape are very wealthy people, and they populate every demographic.

If you want to add famous people, then that’s a small number of people also. They’re usually very rich though, but not always.


Black Africans in the USA don’t understand the concept of “we the people”.

To them it’s all about “we the Black people”. No other people fit into their paradigms.

They’re a ‘me’ centric group of people that most adults find difficult to understand in other adults.



That’s the mantra I use regarding anything with an ist or an ism attached.

Stand your ground, then walk away from the one baiting, inciting or popping you.

Bullies need to be stopped, not encouraged.


Black Owned Businesses and Black Entertainment and Black Universities, Black Stock Market are all racist labels designed to favor black people over all others.

White Owned businesses and White Entertainment and White Universities, White Stock Market are all racist labels designed to favor white people over all others.

But wait, Whites aren’t allowed to sell a product under a White label. The fact that Blacks are allowed and do engage proves the prejudice and the ignorance.

That’s a Black on White discrimination, and by their own definition, hatred, which by further definition (their own) is a hate crime.

Stop using history to justify your racist thoughts and actions.

There is no valid justification, no matter how many people think there is – even if every human on the planet believes that bias based on race is justified, then that only proves that all humans are wrong.


Jews scream HOLOCAUST and the world stands still for them.

Criticism is what stopped the holocaust, not Jews screaming.

Blacks scream SLAVERY and the world stands still for them.

Criticism is what stopped slavery, not blacks screaming.

Think about that the next time you ruin somebody’s life and the lives of their families because you couldn’t handle criticism.

The world is weary of your screams.

You’ve been free a very long time.

Now free somebody else.


If you’re not called a racist, xenophobic, bigot, moronic, anti-Jew, anti-gay, piece of dung, then you’re not writing the truth.

Ugly isn’t in the truth; it’s in the denial.

The truth can be cured; the denial can’t.


One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Try it and you’ll see. Place a rotten apple in with all good apples and before long, every other apple turns rotten.

One good apple, on the other hand, cannot save a bunch of rotted apples. In fact, all the rotted apples will soon rot the good apple.

People often say, when describing an adverse event, that there were a few bad apples, but all the other apples were good.

More often than not there are a few good apples and mostly bad apples in most uncomfortable situations.

It’s a few bad ones who start trouble and a bunch of easily influenced border-line bad apples that quickly follow suit.

Try putting one good player in with a bunch of bad players and see if the one good player turns the bad players good. The likelihood is low, since good players use enthusiasm to rouse a crowd, which doesn’t strike a rise to action nerve in the group of bad players.

Try putting one bad player in with a bunch of good players and see if that bad player turns all the good players bad. The likelihood is good, since bad players use fear and it immediately strikes a rise to action nerve in the group of good players.

Fear as a motivating force is more effective than enthusiasm.


For years Jews claimed superiority over every other human demographic. Then, knowing how non-Jews regarded people who thought they were better than anybody else, decided to switch the adjective from ‘better’ to ‘different’.

So now my question is: Just how different are you from everybody else, so that when I observe you acting in that ‘different’ way I can say, ‘that’s just you being Jew.’


When adults use children to commit crimes or to gain favor and they are captured together, they are separated for the welfare of the child.

Maybe in Mexico or Central or South America they put young children in jail cells with adults, but we don’t do that in the USA.

Child molestation is an acceptable cultural practice in the aforementioned areas in all Spanish-speaking communities (land and island communities). There is a huge sex-slave-trade market worldwide for children.

If they don’t want their children to be arrested, then don’t use them to gain illegal entry to the USA. I haven’t heard of anyone seeking asylum for sexually exploited children from any of these regions. That’s a tell, right there.

How do you stay out of a cage? Don’t go to a foreign country with the intention of breaking the law to get there.

Hey, each time I went to Canada, I had to enter through a check point. If I had entered on foot, with a screaming child in my arms begging to be taken in, the Canadian authorities would have taken me someplace to be detained to sort matters out.

If thousands of us showed up, it would have been mayhem. These people entering have no respect for America, its people or its laws. The ones telling them to go and break the laws of a foreign country knowing that they’ll be detained are the real monsters in their nightmares.

Desperation isn’t this organized. That’s another tell.


Hey, we’re all dogs. We’re just different breeds.

If you’re living next door to a pit bull who punches his wife, steals your car and molests his kids with white man ice-cream cone bedtime stories, then you’d better erect a high fence around your home and office with only one gate that is visible from all windows in the house. In other words, a security system, not just a fence.

Enter by consent only.

PITFALL OF CONFORMITY – cornerstones of socialism and antifa

You can’t build anything without individuality of all contributors.

When all people are the same, only one job gets done.

For all people to possess the same attributes in equal measure, brains would be so big you’d have to carry them outside your bodies in wheel barrels, unable to function except to complain.

Hey, everybody applied for the same job – bricklayer.

Now what??




Yeah, not a punch, not a kick, not a slap or turning of the back, but a pliable move.

Show some pliability in your actions. Different than flexibility, which stretches and conditions only the extreme ends of the muscles, where they attach themselves to the bone and not the middle, biggest part that needs equal attention and consideration for a totally developed package.

Are you neglecting the middle part of the muscle?

Most people do. In fact, nearly all people do.

Is that you?

Put some pliability into your plans to change the world.

You’ll be glad you did.

You will outperform every other politician – on or off the field of politics.

Pick a field any field, the same holds true.

RE: Black African Teens

Since when do we judge a person’s character by what they did as a teen in high school?

If that’s the case, then most black African teens would never get their foot in the door of a decent job or career.

Your past in high school will follow you all the days of your life. There’s no hope for a meaningful future for you.

If the USA judges white European adults by what they did in high school, the same government will judge you the same way.


“You always hurt the ones you love”, I heard grown-ups say while I was growing in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s – yeah it took me a while. Actually, truth be told I was born grown up, I just didn’t know it, so I kept growing thinking that’s what I was supposed to do.

Although I did kid things, I didn’t think like one. How does a kid think? Not like me – then.

So I wonder, ponder, inquire from a logical standpoint if it’s also true that we love the ones we criticize?



A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.

The phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months.

All those rapid-fire name callers popping up all over social media confuse dislike and self-preservation with fear.

Some spiders are poisonous. Cockroaches startle and carry diseases. Our limbic systems may not be designed for heights in some people.

To hear these name callers calling everybody xenophobic, who doesn’t line up in support of people they don’t even know, sounds like everybody is fearful of people from places unfamiliar to them – except of course the name callers.

Most people don’t fear other people unless they pose a threat to their security, well-being, peace of mind, way of life.

We all have the right to dislike whomever and whatever we want.

To punish, through public humiliation, someone who doesn’t like or who fears you justifies the dislike and fear in the first place.

Judging by the number, frequency and intensity of public outbursts of humiliation tactics, by people claiming to bear no prejudice, toward people they claim to bear prejudices, makes it look like the accusers are the ones with the anxiety/fear producing phobia.


Everything in life wasn’t meant to come easy or even naturally. Work, hard work, is an integral part of challenging us to do and be better.

Always giving way to what is most comfortable or taking the path of least resistance is seen as hedonistic – selfish.

As long as we live among other animals, we must take them into account in all our plans to dominate the planet, rather than toss them away or use, abuse and destroy their right to exist alongside and among us.

Hedonism promotes chaos not freedom.


When justice means revenge I don’t support it.

When people scream NO JUSTICE NO PEACE they threaten violence if you don’t meet their demands for revenge.

Maybe in Africa that works, but in the USA we stopped allowing mobs to hang people a long time ago.


Predictions are like superstitions.






If we keep doing everything the way we’ve always done it, nothing can change for the better.

That’s usually when we need a catastrophic event to force change.

Why wait for that to happen?


Love your neighbor doesn’t mean let your neighbor steal from you, rape or murder your children.

Walls are necessary due to the barbaric nature of humankind.

Walls create an atmosphere of respect for the space of others and a safe zone for the inhabitants inside the walls – as long as people inside are free to come and go, and that would naturally depend on the rules for border crossings.


War against Christians is coming from non-observant Jews who call themselves atheists. Don’t forget the middle person here. It’s the Jew against the Christian. Atheists don’t care about religion, otherwise they’d be warring against all religions. It’s the Jew component operating here.

Christians need to come out of denial on that issue – especially on Fox News where they often refer to it.

The atheist is the disgruntled Jew who hates Christians.


Once you live outside the law and there are enough of you doing the same, a country within a country is formed, not a culture existing among many cultures.

Isolation is the cause. Once outside the law it becomes easier and acceptable to commit other crimes, using as justification their illegal status. It just feels right.

Somebody once said all these illegal immigrants are law-abiding citizens. How does that person know? When you have group support it’s a lot easier to hide crimes. Most crimes never get reported and for those that do, most never get solved.

Most people who commit crimes never get caught. We are a nation of law breakers.

I wonder if other countries are like us?


Sacrificial LAMBS aren’t taking your sins away. They’re taking your breath away.

First you kill the animal, then the animal kills you – slowly but surely.

God didn’t sacrifice his son so you could get to heaven in spite of your sins.

The letting of blood of any being doesn’t wipe away any sins. It creates more sin. Jesus didn’t give all of you amnesty.

Jesus was the last sacrifice, by his own design. From this time forward wine/fruit will replace the blood, and bread/plants will replace the flesh.

Man, you’ve got some explaining to do.


It’s plant-eaters vs animal-eaters.

There are plant meats and animal meats.

All animal-eaters are also in the plant-eater category.

That’s what makes them smug.

No animal-eater is plant-free.

Yet, a plant-eater is animal-free.

So we flip it.

Nobody calls themself a plant-eater unless they don’t eat animals.

What person who eats animals calls themself a plant-eater?

They don’t except when they’re trying to win an argument.

Animal-eaters go both ways. Plant-eaters go one way – the only way that respects the rights of other animals to survive and thrive on this planet.

It’s about who is the enemy of the animal:

The animal-eater.


Remember, if a criticism is true it isn’t racist. However, if you’ve the intent to rile the populace with the motive of inciting hatred rather than an understanding that produces change, then it becomes racist.

TIT for TAT is history.

History proved it didn’t work. All it did was cause more damage, thus continuing problems.

Working this premise into a social engineering strategy won’t work precisely because it paints with too broad a brush and too narrow a pencil.

Timing is everything as long as you’ve got the right message.

You were given a name – a nickname – and you turned it into something evil instead of something beautiful or at least useful. The choice was yours. The world doesn’t understand why you beat yourselves and each other with a name you consider disgusting and grotesque.

When you chain yourself to a word that causes you such misery the chain wins.

Allowing your children to disrespect themselves in private and in public with a word that causes suffering makes you a monster of your own design. There’s nothing pretty about enslavement and there’s nothing pretty about those who exploit it.


Repetition is the secret to change.

What continues bad behavior? Repetition.

What changes bad behavior? Repetition of an opposing behavior.


Do you call your mother’s milk a by-product?

Hair, bones, teeth, blood, organs, skin, fingernails, toenails, by-products?

Do you call your Mom’s eggs by products?


Humans are animals.



We tend to think discipline is doing something we don’t feel much like doing, but we suck it up and do it anyway, because it’s good for us or somebody or something else.

Quite the contrary. True discipline is finding that which we enjoy doing and then doing it. Suffering is not a by-product of discipline nor a requirement.

Discovering our talents and applying them effectively is the effort exercised in the discipline process, that brings us joy not despair, desperation or dread.

Discipline liberates. It does not enslave as one might think.


I am an animal rights activist/advocate.

You claim not to be an animal.

You claim all animals to be beneath you.

I am an animal rights activist.

I act on behalf of animals.

It’s not healthy to exclude yourself from that which you are. No better, maybe worse for the denial, than any other animal.

Face it. You’re a predator. You exhibit a behavior that is already extinct.

That you exist is a testament to the tenacity of evil.


People in government who claim to answer to a ‘higher power’ are zealots. They don’t feel bound by human made laws. It makes one wonder why such a person would aspire to be Top Cop in the nation’s Top Law Enforcement Agency.


Once you’re out of the jungle, Man, Woman, People, stop acting like you’re still in it.

Your DNA does not dictate jungle.

It dictates Now – wherever on earth that may happen to be.

You deal with the Now, wherever, whenever.

That’s it.


The Gods look unfavorably upon those who brutally enslave, torture and slaughter animals meant to roam free on this earth.

Humans pay through disease and misfortune all their lives for these egregious acts of hatred.

God does not want back as gifts the animals whom God created.

Dead humans are not to be given as gifts. Humans are animals. Therefore no dead animal is to be offered up as a gift to any God.

No animal was given by any God to be exploited by any other animal.

No animal is to be given to any God or person in exchange for hopes of obtaining good fortune from any God or person. That good fortune will never arrive.

After all these centuries, the Gods still reject the gifts as coming from Satan.


The stronger your resistance, the more unhinged and incapable of acting rationally you become.

Those who resist the hardest, break down the quickest from the sustained unforgiving effort to maintain a resistant posture.

It’s all about physics.


A female Honolulu Hawaiian cop once said on a television news show regarding the apprehension of a Samoan rapist: “I’m here to tell you that if you rape somebody and then ask them out on a date, I’m going to be the one answering the door when you knock”.

Black Lives Terrorists can take a lesson from that cop. You can’t burn a town, destroy businesses, toss police vehicles, incite riots, impede people’s ability to get to their jobs, threaten to rape their wives and beat their dogs, then ask them to join your cause. What’s in it for them? You won’t do all of the above? So what’s that? Hostage-taking?

Hostage-taking is slavery. So, you’re looking for white slaves? Sounds and looks like it to me. Sounds and looks like terrorism.

Making war against the white race is racism. Violence exacted against the white race is war. Threats of violence against the white race is terrorism.

You have a lot of flaws working against you.

You need to clean up your image if you want to be taken seriously beyond your threats of violence. Everybody takes threats seriously. That’s the easy way to achieve your demands short-term, just scare the shit out of everybody. It never lasts, though. And those you scared the shit out of will never forget it.


I’m more concerned about systemic sexism that permeates every facet and level of societies worldwide, than I am about systemic racism. Those claiming systemic racism are some of the biggest offenders of women. Half the human race is discriminated against by the other half. Racism wouldn’t exist if women were considered equal to men.


The benefits of acting good outweigh the benefits of acting bad.

If you have to ask, how do I know the difference between good and bad, then you’re blocking the instincts that are inherently designed to guide you in the pursuit of rightness.

Guilt is the # 1 blockade.

Not wanting to know for the purpose of continuing the bad behavior is the # 2 blockade.

Not wanting to think and act outside the group is the #3 blockade.

You think of the others. there’s lots of reasons we don’t see the difference between bad and good.

Try selfish on for size as the #4 blockade. If it doesn’t fit, then move onto one that does.


Q.What came first the chicken or the egg?

A. The plant.

what came first: the chicken or the egg? The plant came first.

A configuration of elements mixed with water created a bond and from that bond a structure that supported the growth of a seed, quite by accidental design, so as to further the production once the seed was complete enough to grow another plant – or whatever it would have been called in the beginning (probably not a whole plant as we know it). Osmosis meets integration. Just different enough to create something new from many elements coming together and promising somehow a new face on an old mystery. Water.


The universe isn’t vengeful. It’s not vindictive. Revenge is not on the universe’s menu.

It is however, on the menu of humans. According to humans, humans have a vengeful God who directs their vengeful behavior.

Humans will destroy the planet and all life on it due to that fundamental human flaw that humans make no effort to correct.


I decide what offends me, not you nor any person nor any law nor any local custom, religion, race, gender, policy or practice, nor influence based on the status of anyone or any institution.


All humans (yes, Africans too) are entwined in the slave trade of all the animals they consume or use.

All humans are slave masters by consuming the bodies of those enslaved, tortured and killed.

If you buy a carcass, then you are a dead slave owner.


Stop dumbing yourself down so others will accept you.

Dumb yourself up without being arrogant or using words that you know in advance nobody will understand.

The point is to communicate effectively.

When you use slang all the time, that signals LAZY to your listener.

LAZY in the speech. LAZY in the mind.

That’s just the way it used to be.

Now is different.

Because now you slang it only for effect, and only rarely for effect.


I’m not going to respect you because you’re black.

Respect works both ways.

You’re not going to respect me because I’m white.

Besides, it’s prejudicial and discriminatory to respect someone because of the color of their skin.

Stop demanding stupid stuff.


The fact that many Asian countries still use chopsticks when more efficient eating utensils are widely available, tells you a lot about the mind-set of the populace of those respective countries.

Slow to change old ways – even when they’re no longer efficient. I wonder how long it will take to convert? A scary thought.


Son of a bitch isn’t racist. First, Black Lives owned the word nigger. Now they own the word bitch. Next, they’ll own the words mother fucker.

Just because a group of people say certain words often doesn’t give them ownership rights to those words.

son of a bitch or son-of-a-bitch

  • nounplural sons of bitches.
  • A contemptible or thoroughly disagreeable person; scoundrel.
  • A disagreeable matter; a chore.
  • Interjection (used as an exclamation of impatience, irritation, astonishment, etc.


I don’t have to like your culture or you. I don’t have to accept what you preach or what you practice.

I don’t even have to like your skin color, religion or the way you smell or that you’re too fat or too skinny.

I don’t have to like your hair, the way you dress or the way you walk.

I do however have to accept and respect your right to be and to not like me.


All animals need to be at the table – not on the table – when issues regarding their fate are up for debate.

This means a representative looking after the best interest of the animal must be at the table when any issue regarding their welfare is being discussed or decided.


When you wake the planet like you would wake your sleeping child, you’ll see success.

It’s yourself you need to jolt.

You cannot force somebody to change to your likeness or in your direction. You can only do that to yourself.

Screaming at your child does not make your child feel good about anything. It gets them out of bed – that’s it. You hugging them after the scream, only confuses them.


Jews are NOT MEEK.

They pretend to be meek in order to take from you what they want.

Nobody has to worry that the JEWS or any other form of the human species will inherit the earth.

That’s a given.

Invest in plants.

Ideologies, politics, religions do not rule.

Plants rule.

Molecules and atoms take the day, every day.

Matter is all that Matters.

Feelings don’t.


If we were all exactly the same,

If one size fits all in all circumstances,

Then how could we learn from each other?


There comes a point when you ask for too much for too long without making a matching contribution and the tide turns against you.

It’s then you decide to go to Plan B and you say let’s work together for the betterment of you, but by then the opportunity is long past. That window and door closed. That’s the nature of opportunity. You wore it out by not contributing to its success.

Now you must do what you should have done all along. Accept responsibility for your own thoughts, actions and reactions. Then move forward in a positive direction for all.


A lot of Russians left Russia to occupy Israel as Jews under the guise of wanting free land.

Ariel Sharon sensed something was amiss, but because he was Russian and feared for his own death by unnatural means he shrugged off the inevitable.

A lot of ‘maybe’ Russian Jews went to Israel for free land taken like candy from babies (the Palestinians).

Russians aren’t stupid. They lived under oppression for too long to be carrying that stupid label. They learned via oppression how to improvise, disguise and acquire what they needed and wanted to survive.

They knew there would be a cost. Nothing is ever free.


Every creature on planet Earth is occupied by a universal force that defines all of what and who we are – our thoughts, actions, attributes – till death do we part.

Beyond that, use the imagination you have now to define the next phase of your existence should you be lacking in imagination at that juncture.

You see, the Jews took that a step further wanting to be the universal force that occupies the lands of others for the purpose of controlling that land’s inhabitants.

That’s their flaw. They treat ownership of land like ownership of creatures. Whatever is on it they own and control.

Anybody else feeling like that today?


A word isn’t racist depending upon who uses it. That’s a flaw in the law, a flaw based on fear, which means coercion through the application of fear, which means terror tactics used to achieve an end or to support an agenda, which equals terrorism.

Making a claim that only certain types of people can say a word, while others cannot, is an act of prejudice and discrimination. If it’s based on race, then it’s racist. If it’s based on gender, then it’s sexist.

If you threaten somebody with harm to their person or career, who uses a word that you use, you’re the one committing the hate crime, not the other way around.

Currently to be called a hate crime an individual must say a word that others are allowed to say. That’s the flaw in the law. Flaws are always prejudicial and discriminatory.


The ones who keep saying ‘you have to accept us the way we are’ are the ones who aren’t accepting others the way they are.

Think before you demand. Are you meeting in yourself what you expect in others?

No you’re not. Not if you think or say that. You want the world to change in your direction, not in everyone’s direction.

The world can turn in everyone’s direction if you stop thinking of the world as one-dimensional.


Somebody tell Angela Merkel to wear sunglasses in public or stop face-talking when others have the floor. It’s rude and creepy, and shows she’s lacks discipline and fine manners.

Talking about face-talking. Oh my. There are two black guys on CNN, don’t know their names except one has a show of his own and wears glasses and the other used to be a congressperson or something. If they can’t shout you down – meaning a white person – and they always shout them down under the guise of wanting a fake conversation, theirs, then they’re face-talking while the other person speaks and the camera is always on the face-talker.

Stop it. I can’t watch you anymore. I turn off the set or change the channel. It is so rude and lacking in conversational discourse. You all look mentally ill waiting to set a bomb off some place. Show some self-control. How do you get shows of your own?

I’m not even going to look these guys up to find their real names, the two who claim to be experts on prejudice and communication skills and leaders of black people. If I see their faces I get a visceral reaction.

Stop face-talking. You act like terrorists where it’s your voice and only your voice and when somebody else talks it’s your face that keeps talking over them. Who are you trying to convince of what?

You know what? I don’t even care what your voice is saying, what your face is saying or what your agenda is. It’s all bad to me.

You know what else? People aren’t watching the television like they used to. The T.V. might be on, but they’re not in the room. How do you like those results Madison Avenue?


Stop calling terrorists dogs.

Dogs aren’t terrorists. They don’t commit planned acts of terrorism.

In fact, dogs are more humane than humans.

Terrorists are terrorists. You don’t need another word to describe them.

Everybody knows what terrorist means. And everybody knows that terrorists are humans.

Don’t transfer what a human does to the dog. The dog had nothing to do with it.

UPDATE: Correction: Not all terrorists are humans. In fact the terrorist of the insect world that most closely resembles human terrorists are bed bugs.

I’ll get back then explain later. Or maybe I won’t.

Fighting fire with fire, prejudice with prejudice – where have our brains gone?

Black on white prejudice is just as ugly as any other prejudice. Fighting prejudice with prejudice only creates more discrimination.

Stop trying to even a score when you weren’t even in the game. It doesn’t work that way.

If prejudice solved prejudice, then discrimination would have been eliminated a long time ago.

Prejudice doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It needs a partner to survive.

If everybody expected as much from themselves as they do everybody else, think where we would all be right now?

I guarantee you in a safer place.

Black on white or white on black it all stinks the same when one demeans the other in order to force the other to conform to their views.

Unless it’s good for everyone it’s good for no one.


I don’t care about history, I make up my own.

I don’t have to reconcile my actions with somebody else’s long ago story.

I lead my own life. I don’t let my tribe nor clan ancestors nor yours lead my life according to their long dead prejudices.

Their prejudices die with them. They’re not supposed to be resurrected by you to take from everybody else what you don’t deserve.

It’s your prejudice and you can have it if you want to, but don’t parade it in front of me and tell me if I don’t like it I don’t have to watch.

Creating prejudice for certain eyes only is the beginning of enslavement.


What’s wrong with changing “mankind” to “humankind”, to more accurately reflect reality? Past, prejudicial ways of speaking and writing should not be continued simply because that’s the way it has always been spoken or written.

The root doesn’t matter. We could just as easily call all of humankind, womankind, since ‘man’ is also in that word, but that would also be prejudicial.

When you address men, call them men; when you address women, call them women; when you address all of the human race, then it’s humankind not mankind.

For those who say mankind means all people, no it doesn’t. That women say they don’t mind being called a man, only proves they adjusted to their inferior, second class citizen status and don’t want to rock the boat. They’ve been taught from childhood that men are more worthy and more highly valued. Home, religion, government, schools and business all do it – discriminate against girls/women, for the purpose of controlling them.

Women historically and traditionally had to become sneaky and conniving. They dropped hints to get what they wanted, and many times resorted to begging or doing favors (some of the more sordid type). They couldn’t just demand something and expect to get it – nor take something without explaining themselves.

“Control your wife!” How many times have you heard that?

Many of these women grow up to oppress other women the way men do. The oppressed become the oppressor.

Prejudice-check that!


The presidency should not remain constant throughout history. It can’t stay as it always was and remain effective.

Everything in the universe evolves as a way to preserve its integrity.

When we witness the evolutionary process, it is natural to experience some discomfort, since we don’t yet know what that process will bring in the way of change and how it will affect our lives.

To block that which we don’t yet know is like making a decision based on a coin-toss.

Although sometimes evolution occurs spontaneously, generally it occurs in the presence of a methodical set of principles, as multiple layers of conditions and needs come together to create a new, but not totally unfamiliar, path.

If through this process some integrity is lost, then the system will work to rebalance itself, by smoothing its own transition.


The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.

He who leads me to water and then to slaughter is my enemy not my friend.

First you kneel, then you succumb.

Surrender to no one except yourself.

The group always betrays the individual.

When you stand up, you recognize yourself as your own leader.

When you rise up, you become the oppressor.


Rescue is one of life’s greatest pleasures.


World planners who create wars to force people to migrate to other countries in a globalization effort designed to equalize humanity are bringing an evil upon the world as unbecoming attributes enter the gene pool of more progressive nations and strike down progress that took centuries to achieve in these regions.


The “No mind” concept of Zen is impossible to achieve in any living creature.

Levels of awareness and attunement are all we can consciously and subconsciously alter.

Zen takes one back to birth/prebirth/conception. However, the real you is who you are at this moment. Any moment.

Thus Zen fails to explain it all by trying to use words to achieve what words cannot achieve. Yet.


Arabs don’t know how to create different. They only know how to create new from old.

Arabs don’t know how to break patterns. How do they get the pattern?

The question is why can’t they stop a pattern once created if they see the pattern wrong?

They don’t see the pattern wrong enough to change it. They will never see any pattern wrong enough.

Arabs love design.

They love fabric.

I know them. I am them.

The difference is that I choose change.

Arabs have no choice in the process except to accept it.

And because they all do – they all feel regret.


It looks like my brain has a dual function: to ask and to answer.

For oppressive-based reasons religions, groups and governments encourage you not to do the later – not to answer your own questions. They prefer to do that for you.

So in effect, you surrender half your brain when you join any group or when you allow any entity to control you or how and what you think.

Dictator individuals and dictator groups abound and are ready at a moment’s notice to answer all of your questions, so you need not seek out your own truth.

Given that my brain has the capacity to ask questions about what I don’t yet know and then to answer questions, presupposes that my brain has the ability to analyze information and make decisions and form conclusions, which answers some questions and creates new questions based on that information.

Don’t give up half of your brain by allowing others to answer your questions for you. Do your own research and if the research is flawed, then figure out what you need to figure out using the mental powers you possess that allow you to figure out what is flawed and what is not flawed.

You have more brain power than you think you have. Your brain has been manipulated since birth to accept answers to questions that benefit the group and not particularly you. See where you and the group disagree and you’ll find the power you thought was lost.


Hardship does not a gentle person make.

Adversity does not make a person kinder, it makes a person mean.

Suffering does not open you up, it closes you down.

So who are those devils who tell us all of the above make us stronger?

The wealthy among us. Our government. Our religion. Our bosses. Our masters.

That’s who.


When I see a Black man raise his gloved fist in a power sign, I see a Black woman’s face at the end of it.

Black men have ruled the roost, the neighborhood, and the world by their fists for far too long.

Unclench that fist and lend a helping hand to those in need – of all races, genders and ethnicities.

Fists can’t build. All a clenched fist can do is destroy.

A clenched fist signifies anger and hatred and war.

You can’t make peace with a fist.

When Black men make peace with each other, it never trickles down to peace with women. That’s the flaw that needs correction. Only the man can correct himself.

Only the woman can correct herself.

Stop screaming.


There is no place for hazing anywhere in any society. It should be outlawed, not simply discouraged, no matter where it surfaces as a condition for acceptance into the group – any group.

Criminals will always find ways to blame the police or law enforcement for their own bad judgments.


The Dallas Texas Massacre needs to be categorized as an act of domestic terrorism.

In the apartment of 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson, the only identified shooter, police found bomb-making materials, which means he was planning an attack before two American African men were shot by police officers earlier in the week in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Hillary Clinton may opine, ‘what difference does it make what you call it?’

It matters.

What happened in Dallas Texas is part of a broader world wide war on police officers and law enforcement.

What happened in Dallas Texas was an act of domestic terrorism.

Recent events served only to speed up the shooter’s plan, in that police officers would be congregating with the protestors, making them an easier target.


Procrastination is killing the planet.

Do something – anything. Move something – anywhere, anyplace.

Moderate use to be a good word. It meant that you were somewhere in the middle of two extremes – the far right, the far left.

Moderate meant doable. We can do that. Yes.

Moderate meant that you could compromise, getting something instead of nothing. Both sides said ouch in negotiations.

Moderate meant that you could see both sides of an issue – all sides of an issue.

What happened to moderate?

Moderate now means stuck in the middle. Stuck as in can’t move. Don’t want to move. Assaulted from all sides, Moderate held onto the ground beneath its own feet only. A ground that became meaningless, defenseless, putrid as in decay. Old as in I’ll die standing here.

The world stopped listening to Moderate. Moderate was too moderate, too complacent, too lazy, too tired, too lack luster, too stubborn, and too scary in its inability to move at all.

Stuck is what Moderate became.

Oh my God get up. Move. Do something – anything.

Do the Hokey Pokey. I don’t care, but don’t stand stuck in the middle where there are no options, nothing to explore, nothing to do except stand still.

God damn it. MOVE …< >…


Every human has the right to defend itself against any aggressor.

Every other animal has the right to defend itself against any aggressor.

I give to you now, the right to defend the defenseless.

I give you the right, now, to open the doors of every slaughterhouse in the world.

Your God working for you now…

You always did have that right.


We take care of the dead so the dead will take care of us.

We honor the dead so the dead will honor us.

That all cultures do it isn’t proof that it matters or that the dead have any influence, other than the memory of their existence.

War hasn’t ended might be proof that the dead are wanting us to war. Or maybe we’re misinterpreting the dead. Maybe the fact that we war is only proof that we want to war and we want our dead to be on our side so we can win that war.

Just in case, because we don’t really know, we might think to go the peace without exception route – this time, next time too.


The world is waking up to the reality that what humans call conscience is their proclivity, propensity, ability, capacity to cover, hide what they think, fear others will find, deem unacceptable, inappropriate behavior.

That’s all there really is to conscience. I’m feeling a little sad that I saw that.


Until the USA government advises people that eating other species of animals is unhealthy, I will not take seriously any recommendation regarding what they think I should or should not put into my body as fuel for better health.

Government agendas aimed at protecting the financial interests of the slaughter industries (the ugliest sin perpetrated by humankind), by promoting cannibalism as healthy, prove those who administer said policies to be untrustworthy in all matters regarding human health.

Calling as necessary to the continuation of the human race the consumption of the body and blood of other creatures undermines our efforts and contradicts our responsibility to survive and thrive on this planet in conjunction with all other life.


When you go to bed hungry you can’t sleep.

Much of the world is not only hungry, but sleep deprived.


It wasn’t that they kept killing Jesus with every Easter season, they kept killing God – using God as the centerpiece of the meal on the table.

God wants to get close to you, as the cow, pig, lamb, goat, fish, bird…but you keep killing God.


We grow more plants to feed animals that we kill to eat, than we grow to feed humans.

But when we eat the animals we’re not getting our veggies, because the veggies are no longer veggies.

It’s not efficient.


A private, unspoken nuance in American Black thought process:

You don’t have to be nice, but you don’t have to shoot me because I wasn’t nice to you.

Black under pressure GETS mouthy.


Somebody please check Donald J. Trump’s blood for gold.

Looks by the color of his eye bags that he’s being poisoned by a precious metal.

Origin: All the fume-sweating gold in his apartment. It’s in his tissues now.

It’s an intoxicative inhalant. Brain damage is typically seen with chronic long-term use as opposed to short-term exposure.

Everybody said the rise of King Trump is a mystery. Not any more. It’s the gold. People can’t get close enough. They have to smell the fumes in person, thus the throngs of worshipers kneeling at his altar of gold. It’s intoxicating. They want a King and a Queen and a Royal Family.

Those Americans, who in the past, privately and publicly mocked Britain for having a Royal Family, will be elated beyond joy when they have one of their own.

The birthing of a Royal Family – right here in America – engineered in America – by the Royal Family itself.

No really, check his blood. He looks like an over-exposed gold junkie.



The blood-sucking terrorists are everywhere.

Cleveland 3rd in the nation.

Bed Bug Myth:

They don’t getcha only when you’re sleeping.


Homosexuality is not a religion.

For courts to use religious arguments to prohibit homosexuals from pursuing their right to happiness is prejudicial, thus should not be allowed or even considered in a court of law.


Gross, disproportionate, profound suffering always exist under conditions of occupation.

Poles – Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Soviet Red Army liberated camp 27 January 1945

I wonder how long it would have taken Hitler and the Jews to reach an amicable, mutually beneficial settlement agreement had the world not intervened to stop the horror?

Now that the tables are turned and the Jews hold the Palestinians in concentration camps (cc), I wonder how long it will take the world to intervene to stop the horror?


Lawyers control the world.

Legislators control the lawyers.

Business controls the legislators.

Time to change the dictatorial leadership to

we the people control the world.


When the news media allows someone or some group to continuously vent without questioning their thoughts, ideas or motives, they oppress them.

Someday when the venters wake up to how ignorant they sounded, they’ll blame you for not guiding the interview in a more intelligent exchange. After all you’re the professional.

But more importantly, they’ll feel humiliated.

Pi = 3.14

The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter = 3.141592654…

Pi Day is celebrated 14 March. Pi Approximation Day is celebrated 22 July.

In the field of mathematics, Pi is an irrational number, meaning that it has an infinite # of digits, and it does not repeat itself in any sequential pattern.

Pi is like an arc. It keeps going. But different than the circle itself, whereby it reaches beyond the limitations of the circle – in all directions.

Only junctures can block or facilitate once approached – squares, rectangles, triangles…octagons, pentagons…

An arc works independently of junctures – thus the concept of infinity, thus the concept of God, thus the concept of the universe.

Without end.

Terrorism is a square, rectangle, triangle…trying to fit into the mathematical ratio of Pi, thinking that terrorism can dominate Pi.


It can exist within a circle, but cannot exist within Pi, whereby it becomes infinity.

Neither can a circle do that.


If you’re not a cog, then you’re not in the game.

Instead of being that wrench you want to throw into the works to stall progress, be a well-oiled, perfectly precisioned and perfectly positioned cog.

Your cog will make the entire machine move forward quicker and more efficiently, making other cogs want to hook up to your brilliance.

Problem solved – just like that.


The positive side of prejudice is protection of the tribe.

It’s nature’s way of alerting us to possible danger when someone unlike us enters are space.

It’s human nature and the nature of every other animal. It’s written into our DNA.

It’s a survival mechanism.

The new kid on the block is always treated with skepticism, until the new kid proves to the others that he/she can be trusted. And newcomers are just as wary. We, as humans, all know this.

So don’t be so trigger happy with the prejudice label, or when someone doesn’t invite you in as one of their own. With people moving around much more than they did in the past, skepticism and wariness abound on all sides.


Wherever you are in your day make it a great moment.


Rose is the thread that makes the fabric that makes the blanket that protects the world.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

WHEN YOU’RE ‘CALLED’! When the government ‘calls’ you, it’s for the purpose of putting yourself in harm’s way to protect and/or advance the group via the military.When God ‘calls’ you, it’s never to give your life so that others may live. It’s always to live your life as the example to others to do the same.

CURTAINS CARPETS CLOSETS. By hiding behind the curtain, under the carpet or in the closet of race, ignorance and arrogance flourish – a dangerous combination.

Anyone who thinks or feels it is their patriotic duty to watch a movie depicting the assassination of a world leader via a hit contracted by the largest terror and torture organization in the world has lost all semblance to a rational free-thinking human being.It’s called softening up the masses for assassination through comedy. North Korea could make a movie depicting the assassination of cops in New York City. That would be hilarious!

NO JUSTICE NO PEACE is a mantra of war not a mantra of peace.

Humans fight over land more than they fight for other humans. It’s all about the possession of space/land on the planet, and who owns it, rather than the rights of humans to rise upon the space they inhabit.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Let’s everybody rock and roll the planet in 2014! Either rock it to sleep or wake it up!

IS NORMAL GOOD? All races within the human race enslave, torture and slaughter. They enslave, torture and slaughter their own, those in other human races and those in all other species.

 Statistically, that makes it normal.
Normal thus makes it acceptable.

Normal isn’t always good.

Autism is like a jigsaw puzzle where all the colors are the same. The ‘colors’ are in the unique shape of each piece. That’s the ‘missing’ piece.

Just because someone doesn’t have proper credentials doesn’t mean they’re not qualified, and just because someone has proper credentials doesn’t mean they are qualified.

Stop depending on others for your emotional well-being. Depend on you to lift yourself up. That way you’re in control of you.

Eating animals is the world’s most horrific and destructive addiction.

No baby can control their sex, color, who their family is, what socio-economic condition they’re born into, nor what genetic predisposition for disease they’re born with, so stop the prejudice and discrimination against the adult that grows from that baby.

One teardrop can change the world.

I wonder if you can split a spirit like you can split an atom. Whoa. Watch out world.

Jews and Muslims need to break away from the folds that are killing them.

There is such a thing as being too sensitive, you know.

Eventually everyone comes out of denial. Eventually the world sees itself in the mirror of everything else.

China likes to pick who influences them. The leaders, called a committee, already picks for everyone else in China. If you can raise up the Panda, you can raise up all other creatures. Now the China individuals–the humans in China–want a say. It’s time.

Responsibility is rewarding. It’s fun. That’s why all successful people accept it happily.

All people get bored when they’re not doing something they want to be doing. It’s not about the fun of it. It’s about the fit.

Rules need to apply to everyone. If they don’t, then the rules should bend for everyone.

Stop ‘clicking’ to your autistic children, because they do. Speak your language; that’s what they want to hear.

Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Abraham and all people and all other animals, yes, even the carnivores, who pass to the other side support the Five Principles To A Better Life. That is the only side they take, Tony Perkins. No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. That’s the deal.  Change Or Be Changed.

Being accurate is important, yet when we’re so accurate that every phrase has a disclaimer before and an explanation after, then the main thrust of the message gets lost.

Social Justice is all about discriminating against the grandchildren of those who oppressed your grandparents, when the grandchildren didn’t commit the oppression. It’s wrong. Stop Now.

How can a nation that spends more money on incarceration than education expect to be a world leader in scholastics?

When you’re conflicted over discipline, that’s when you need it the most.

If Israelis can occupy Palestine without criticism from the American Congress and the President, then world citizens can occupy Wall Street.

When you move God moves. So get moving on the Five Principles To A Better Life.

All human beings are not born equal. All one can say is that if we’re here, then we were all born.

Obama makes the mistake of implying that because he became president, then anyone could do it. He makes the mistake of telling poor people that hard work and playing by society’s rules breeds success. He couldn’t be more wrong. He didn’t work hard, he broke every rule, and by his own admission, he dirtied his hands.

All politicians in the USA speak to the largest base: the middle class. Yet, 1 out of every 2 people is classified as poor. So, 50% poor, 1% controls the other 99%, so there’s 49% left. A good portion of that 49% is just barely above the poverty level. So, the middle class is now a minority. However, the tiniest minority, the 1%, wields all the power. It wouldn’t be so bad if they wielded it fairly, but they wield it dictatorially and prejudicially.

Colleges and Universities are filling their student quotas with foreign students, because USA citizens can’t afford the costs. So rich people in foreign countries send their kids to the USA to be educated, while our own citizens go without.

The question isn’t when life begins, it’s who controls that life.

“Let us die to make men free”. No. Let us live to make all beings free.

The Jews wear  their holocaust like it fits. That has always disturbed me…that they do that. The Palestinians do the same thing. The Jews want the world to stop them and the Palestinians want the world to free them.

Worthy causes are just as corrupt as unworthy causes.

If you think abortion should be outlawed, then that means no rich people get abortions either.

All you can do is the best you can do.

THE SLANT. The gist of a slant is that it’s different. If you haven’t had a different slant lately, then you’re falling behind in your own evolution of yourself. Time to catch up.

Why wait to be changed by somebody else?  Change yourself.

Everything has a system.

Tobacco is a drug. That’s the denial.

Life is always ‘new-school’. It’s a new day for a reason. Take it along with you today.

POLITICAL PARTIES.  Every single Republican has some Democratic traits and every single Democrat has some Republican traits. Everyone who is a Libertarian or Tea Bagger longs for the way life used to be, instead of problem-solving the present and how we can best move forward given what we have to work with now. Political Independents don’t live up to their title. Most independent people I know are decided people. They know what they want, how, when where and why they want it. Political Independents are generally repelled by the internal workings of any group, thus are unable to form a group consensus that leads to a group platform. Organization is not their strong suit. They play by their own rules. We need a third-party solution.

THE QUESTION ISN’T WHEN LIFE BEGINS… Life begins at conception? Life begins with an egg–the egg is life. Life begins with a sperm–the sperm is life. The baby, whether it be a giraffe, a dog, a fish, a lamb, a bird, a human…begins to develop at conception. When the baby is viable outside the body of the mother/host that baby is complete. You own you only. Every baby growing inside of the mother/host is owned by the mother/host that it is physically attached to. When the baby is birthed that baby owns itself. End of story.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes our strengths become weaknesses, and sometimes our weaknesses become strengths. Most of the time our strengths and weaknesses overflow into each other, opening the door to change. Recognizing this allows for change to occur absent the surprise factor that too often closes that door, whether for good or not.

PEACEMAKER.  Make peace, instead of making demands backed by threats of annihilation. Offering those oppressed, the hand of another dictator does not a peace offering make. An olive branch in one hand and a bomb in the other does not a peace offering make. An olive branch in one and a dove set free in the other is the only lasting road to peace.

EVOLUTION. Evolution never ends, the direction is what changes, and the direction is always changing, always moving, even when going in the same direction, because it is never static. Each second, every moment is new.

THE CODE every intelligence agency in the world WANTS. The plan is in WORD WARRIOR DAVIES-TIGHT and BIRTH OF A SEED. The CODE is in the recipes. A Chef will change the world — this Chef.

THE HOME AND THE SEED. The universe was built before humans were created. The way humans speak it and think it, they created the universe. The home came first. All seeds need a home/host in which to grow. We’re all seeds.

You can’t pick and choose your heritage. Be who you are, who you really are. In other words, stop denying the total sum of you. You can pick and choose your personality, your philosophy/ideology when you know you have that power. If you think you don’t have that power and you’re continually licking your wounds, when the evidence of the wound is gone, then you don’t have that power. That’s when you succumb. That’s when the world swallows you.

Hand-eye coordination is really brain-hand coordination. Let’s stop separating the brain from the body. The mind exists in all tissues. The brain is more than the mind.

Real, not feigned, tenderness is the finest of all emotions. Seek it and be it.

When looking at warring patterns around the globe, one would think that Israel, a minority in the Middle East, would side with Catholics in Northern Ireland, yet they side with the Protestants backed by Britain. Interesting.

When kids rough-house it always leads to accelerated aggression, whereby at some point somebody’s screaming for Mommy or Daddy. Adults do the same.

BIG NOSES. What is it about big noses anyway, aside from the being nosey part? Jews have big noses. So do Native Americans, Italians, Arabs. So do Africans, the English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh. So do Russians, Indians, Pakistanis and on and on. Why is it then, that Jews are so self-conscious about theirs’? You answer that one. The holocaust is the wrong answer.

Enslavement creates perversity in both the enslaver and enslaved.

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. Many years ago I used to hear people say that if all the suffering they had to endure made just one other person’s life better, they’d be satisfied. I thought, what? Only one other person? Are you kidding me? You mean I was born to suffer immeasurable suffering to make one person feel better about themselves? No way. I thought big. I wanted every single being on earth to feel better. Don’t demean my life of suffering with a crumb. I want the whole cake, divided equally. I didn’t know at the time that I was ‘thinking outside of the box’ as they say. I didn’t know that terminology. Where are you thinking? Are you going to be satisfied with making a difference in one life or all life? I’m still, many years later, outside the box. Hope you are too!

At some point the truth speaks the truth. Whether we as humans accept it or not, we will recognize that the truth as being the truth. At that juncture we begin to change for the betterment of all.

Light people discriminate against light people. Dark people discriminate against dark people. Women discriminate against women. Men discriminate against men. All people discriminate against other animals. Rich against poor, poor against poor, rich against rich, free against enslaved, enslaved against tortured, enslaved against free…

All humans discriminate against other species. Because everyone does it, doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it inevitable, doesn’t make it justifiable, doesn’t make it lucrative.

The tick of the clock is more accurate than the hands that record it.

‘Changing with the wind’ is what some people call it, till you can tame it. When you finally wake up to the fact that you can’t tame the wind, you’ll tame yourself. At that moment the wind becomes your friend.

Fast food restaurants are fattening you up for slaughter.

It’s all life’s prerogative to change it’s mind. It’s not only a woman’s domain.

Jews know how to be tender. They train their military, which is everyone, in the art of being tender, in case that quality is needed on the battlefield. The training of it is what alarms me, which means it doesn’t come naturally.

Animal rights activists have a huge job–“stop killing animals and you’ll stop killing yourselves.” Humans are the most dangerous animal on the planet.

Nobody cries forever. Crying forever is not a natural animal response to tragedy. It is not in our DNA to do that. It is in our DNA to simultaneously and instantaneously adapt with the tragic event.  That the Jews lament forever absent the desire to adapt suggests a self-serving ulterior motive.

If we keep thinking and acting like someone is our enemy simply because they won’t give us what we don’t deserve nor have any right to demand, we won’t see the real enemy coming.

How is it that the USA got sneaked attacked by Japan and then got sneaked attacked by some unknown country on 9-11? Then got sneaked attack at the Boston Marathon? One man without a country cannot stage a massive attack against another country. The USA keeps bragging about our massive military intelligence capabilities, but we can’t stop a sneak attack.

The world does not belong to leaders. It belongs to all life.

Everybody needs to start tapping into their extraterrestrial power source. Remember, we’re all connected to the same God force, expressed in different ways. Good energy and synergy is what you need to be putting out there.

Be the president of you, and you won’t be wringing your hands over some person you never met vying for the position of master over you.

I have only one goal in life. That goal is to free God. That’s it. I figure if I can free God, then the ripples, trickles and undulations created by that action – movement – force will free everything else.

The only benefit you’ll get by reading anything I write twice, or by looking at anything I create more than once is that you’ll see more detail.

At some point the power of the secret needs to be shared in order to become more powerful.

The human animal is the most irrational animal on the planet.

Fight harder by fighting smarter. I already know you’re strong.

If you wouldn’t eat your own liver, you’ve no universal right nor invitation to eat the liver of any other animal.

At some point you’ve healed as much as you’re going to heal, live with the scars.

President Obama recognizes the cause of the Syrian rebels, even though the Syrian rebels have al-Qaeda in their leadership and rank and file, but he won’t recognize the cause of the Palestinians who have Hamas and Hezbollah in their leadership and rank and file. His hypocrisy toward the Middle East is what prevents peace from prevailing in that region and around the world. President Obama doesn’t use his veto power much. He doesn’t want to be labeled as a dictator by Congress, yet he unequivocally with iron vocal cords calls for world leaders to step down, step aside or risk USA military intervention, in other words he’ll take out the world leaders and kill a lot of their people, not involved in the conflict, simultaneously with air strikes. So, not dictator at home, but dictator on the world stage.

Who’s your master? Do you have a master? Do you want one? Master connotes and denotes (implies) enslavement. Master needs a slave. Slave doesn’t need a master. Remember that. Free yourself. Be the master and slave of you.

There’s such a thing as not going above or below a certain body weight. Only you know what that weight is for you. Balance is the key, not too big not too small–for you and you only.

Joey Chestnut eating sixty-eight hotdogs with sixty-eight hotdog buns in ten minutes shouldn’t be called a sport, it should be called what it is, a binge and purge eating disorder. It’s likely that he, similar to people with eating disorders, doesn’t let those sixty-eight hotdogs and buns along with water to soak the buns be digested by his body. I’m talking about that Asian guy too. Kobayashi.

Language is a great facilitator and organizer. It’s also a great blocker.

If astronomers aren’t plant-based vegetarians (animal-free), then they’re missing a component that will assist them in the understanding of existence beyond the proof of the telescopes. Otherwise it’s all just an amusement ride and a video game.

Universes are satellites. There are no empty spaces. Even a vacuum isn’t empty. Our universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion years old–proof that it’s a satellite. Stephen Hawkins acknowledges that God cannot be proven not to exist. However, he claims that we don’t need God [to explain the universe and how it works]. I nominate Stephen Hawkins to be one of the first civilians to go into space at somebody else’s expense, where he can gain a new perspective.

Stop raising your children to be cannibals.

The soul is more powerful than the mind. Remember that.

God in the Koran said to Muslims, ‘to know me, know my creations. It is this author’s opinion that ‘know’ means respect. Respect of God means to respect all of God’s creations–meaning all species, all life and non-life.

Do the best you can with what you have to work with. The world cannot expect any more than that from any individual or group.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Boston Celtics basketball team for showing the world what good sportsmanship is all about after their loss to the Miami Heat on 9 June 2012. My heart beat with pride–proud of them, proud that the world witnessed it, proud to be a New Englander, proud to be a native of Massachusetts. Bitter-sweet, but the sweet is what I’ll remember.

Peace among whom? Among humans? Or among all species? All animals.

The solution doesn’t come after the plan. The solution is the plan.

The next time somebody thinks that the big God in the sky is punishing them or somebody else for what they or somebody else did wrong consider this: what did the cow, dog, frog, lamb, cat, pig, chicken, bear, deer, fish…do wrong to you or to God that made you enslave, torture and slaughter them? Enslavement, torture and slaughter is punishment.

OCCUPY. All anybody occupies at any given moment is the space they’re in. Be sure you want to be in that space. If you don’t, then strategize to get out.

Turning is a movement. Been around that block before? See anything new or anything old differently? Move forward, backwards, sideways. Stop holding your breath. Breathe.

Change is inevitable if you want to live.

Everything in the universe isn’t equal. Our desire to live is greater than our desire to die. Our desire to protect is greater than our desire to destroy. Blink, it’s okay.

SUNDAY PREPARING FOR MONDAY. Why would I want to spend all day Sunday preparing for Monday when Sunday is my only day off? Prepare for next week during the current week, so you’ll always be prepared, then take your only day off to do what pleases you. It’s hard to relax when you know you have chores to do. Setting aside a day each week, no matter what the day, is necessary for reflection and rejuvenation.

Don’t begrudge doing something you’re good at just because you think others should be doing it.

How a spousal argument starts: One person says, “You can do whatever you want.” It’s when you add, “You always do anyway” that puts that downward spiral into motion.

Turn yourself in the chair rather than let the chair turn you. (This is a metaphor).

Nails, hair, teeth, skin. That’s what old people are about to the youth who view them. To the old people it’s about surviving through the last leg of their tour of duty–their way.

Where are all the rich vegans, vegetarians, plant-based animal rights people? I know you exist. Why aren’t you investing in and/or building animal-free fast food chains? Come on, do we really need the slaughter industries to do it for us? Stop sleeping. Come out of the closet. Your time to shine is now.

Hey, stop thinking that just because you’re doing what you think you ought to be doing in your life that everything should go your way.

Either you get old or you die young.

Smooth and striated muscles do not operate independent of each other. There’s a continuum between voluntary and involuntary. I don’t have to tell my brain to move my arm; the brain sees that it needs to move to get a job done and moves it. I don’t have to tell my heart to beat or my lungs to breathe; my brain sees that my heart needs to beat and my lungs to breathe to get a job done.

If God is so good, then why is there so much bad in the world?

A baby step today can transform into an adult step today by the power of your own will. You’ve got a strong will, use it.

You don’t need to surrender, you only need to change. Surrender to yourself.

Today I’m going to get ready for yesterday.

The minute you enslave someone it’s torture.

The old-day moat around the castle is now the modern-day missile defense shield. The world hasn’t made much progress in getting along with it’s neighbors.

All war is rooted in prejudice, not self-defense.

Poverty is persecution.

Either you call yourself an animal or you call all animals human.

Better to pass the gauntlet than to lay it down. Laying it down means war is inevitable. Passing it means peace is possible.

DNA. Cigarette, alcohol, drug DNA. Disease DNA. Killer, thief, liar, cheat DNA. Obesity, skinny, allergy DNA. Honesty, altruism, compassion, courage DNA. Scientists say that your DNA predetermines whether you’ll smoke, drink, drug, contract a disease, become a killer, thief, liar or cheat, become fat, skinny, honest, altruistic, compassionate, courageous. A person’s DNA evolves. A ‘liking cheese’ DNA evolves like everything else evolves. Prior to the existence of humans on planet Earth, forces in the universe didn’t know that tobacco would exist and humans would smoke it, thus throwing into the DNA spiral paradigm a cigarette gene.

Those who write the laws rule the world.

Palestinians are aborigines.

Most artists, writers, chefs edit the soul out of their work in order to make it read, visually impact or taste the same way to everyone. I communicate to you in the same language in which I create–from the heart of the soul, the main brain, which I call God. Your individual interpretation comes from you, not me.

My new favorite word is mutate. My second is evolve.

My synapses are jittery. Must mean I’m about to make a decision.

All brains are hereby unlocked. I have that power access to your cells. Yep. My God gave me the key to the Kingdom/Queendom. Do you trust me with that key? Then use it yourself. We all have the same key.

The CIA doesn’t just spy. They shape all facets of society, thus your life. Do you trust them with that power over you?

People like to see replicas of something good. Be a replica or be the one others want to replicate.

Either all cells in the universe act on instinct or they don’t. There’s no such thing as: some cells do and some cells don’t.

It’s time to start disciplining your brain, thus your actions. Do that and you can trust your brain to keep your actions on the edge of calm. Train, train, train. Trust is one of the results of discipline–a newly found trust in yourself.

If you’re continually taking anti-inflammatory over-the-counter drugs, your body loses it’s ability to reduce inflammation on its own. Take a break now and then. Improve your diet, stretch, get lots of fresh air, don’t force your body or mind beyond it’s limits for long periods of time.

Take the wall down by not putting it up.

When the long-term has been a long time coming it means you’ve been stuck in the plan you made for the short-term way too long. Make the necessary adjustments you’ve been putting off to your short-term plan, then glide forward. You’re ready.

You’ll never know someone till you get to know them. In the meanwhile trust that they’re a lot like you.

My mother taught me the words and my father taught me how to fish with them.

Talk less and do more. Stop expecting everybody to feel your pain. They have pain of their own to deal with. Pick up your own mood. What are you helpless? The world doesn’t want to be your babysitter or cheerleader. Grow into a better you. Everybody understands themselves. Understanding you isn’t their job, it’s yours. Why do you do what you do?

Everybody wants somebody else to change the world. That’s why we have dictators.

To all religions: Open your individual and collective souls to all life and non-life.

When poor people steal from rich people they go to jail. When rich people steal from massive numbers of poor people they’re called good business people.

Christians and Jews who see the Rapture through the prejudicial eyes of their religions are as dangerous as Muslims who do the same. Find the Rapture you seek by living the Five Principles To A Better Life: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Stop eating animals and you’ll see how fast the slaughter industry can change to plant-based.

The only reason why politicians want to keep illegal immigrants illegal via protractive paths to citizenship is to keep them as a poor class to pick the crops and do the below minimum wage jobs, while living twelve people to a one bedroom house.

You don’t have to be an animal lover to respect their right to life. You don’t even have to like them. Just leave them alone and don’t get in the way of their survival. They don’t get in your way. When is the last time a cow, pig, goat, lamb, chicken, buffalo, trout, lobster disrespected your right to life?

Exceptions are loopholes.

It’s time to stop the ‘necessary evil’ ideology that haunts the world and keeps us chained to enslavement, torture and slaughter ideologies.

Responsibility is rewarding. It’s fun. It’s productive. That’s why all successful people happily embrace it.

Eventually everybody comes out of denial. Eventually the world sees it through the mirror of everything else.

There is such a thing as being too sensitive you know.

Why so grumpy? Just a habit.

I wonder if you can split a spirit like you can split an atom?

Just because somebody doesn’t have proper credentials doesn’t mean they’re not qualified. Just because somebody has proper credentials doesn’t mean they’re qualified.

No baby can control their gender, color, who their family is or what genetic predisposition for disease or disorders they’re born with, or what socio-economic condition they’re born into. So stop the prejudice and discrimination against the adult that grows from that baby.

Eating animals is the world’s most horrific and destructive addiction.

Remember as kids saying to another kid, ‘it takes one to know one?’ No it doesn’t.

You have dominion over you only.

Change or be changed. It’s up to you.

If somebody tells you to do one good deed everyday, that’s way too disciplined for what should come naturally. Think good, be good and the do good part will take care of itself. Thinking before you act or speak is where the discipline comes in.

When you discipline yourself in a lot of little ways, the big ways fall into place all by themselves–like dominoes.

Your personal rules are your own. The Five Principles belong to everyone, and it is through the application of the Five Principles that peace will be achieved.

Being prejudiced against people who are prejudiced is still prejudice. Think about why they’re prejudiced.

Christians, Jews and Muslims use their religious manifestos, written thousands of years ago, like horoscopes to determine local, national and world events. They use these manifestoes to justify prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. There’s nothing holy about that.

The Netanyahu/Obama Doctrine: We’ll drop bombs on your people if you don’t stop committing human rights abuses against them.

Stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. You know it’s there. Focus on the job.

THEN: You can do it, I know you can. NOW: That can happen.

The older dogs get the smarter they get. The same should be true for humans.

Wherever rich people gather all services are provided, until they find themselves in the middle of a natural or contrived disaster. Then everybody is the same.

Why do we leave it up to the youth to change the world? It’s time for the elders to change.

If you’re feeling terror, then you’re being terrorized.

You need to know where your need for vengeance comes from. Vengeance is an emotion. Curb it.

Cats killing birds doesn’t justify you killing birds. Because some people torture doesn’t justify you torturing others.

There are some decisions that need emotion to assess what path to follow, otherwise we become machines.

Doctors say that if you have poor circulation in your feet, then you have poor circulation in your brain. I disagree. There’s a reason why your heart is closer to your head than your feet–to make sure the brain and vital organs get nourished first. You can live without your feet, not your brain.

Dictatorships are contagious.

How is it that someone gets a DUI violation (driving under the influence) which revokes their driving privileges, but they can still drive a plane?

Stop treating God like a democracy. It doesn’t fit. God is for all, not just fifty-one percent.

I knew this day would come. This day is here.

Free the God in you.

Jews call themselves Jewish because it sounds like a nationality–like Irish.

You’re ready to lead when you master the skills you know you have. In the meanwhile lead by example.

The Wizard of Oz was based on God talking to Moses through thunder in the Book of Exodus. No God would hide in a cloud and say no one could come near the mountain or touch the mountain or be killed by God’s hand. Are there mountains in Israel? Moses is the Wizard of Oz.

The stronger, and longer you hold onto, that prejudicial belief, the easier it is to let it go as fatigue sets in.

The person, not the bug, resists the antibiotic.

Animal sacrifice never ended. The plate became the altar.

The mountain is in your mind–that which you think you can’t overcome.

Hey, sometimes you have to get crazy to survive. When sane is required, it will be there for you–like comfort.

Just because iron is found in the tissue of all animals doesn’t mean you have to eat the blood and tissue to get it. Iron is a mineral found in soil, and plants that grow from that soil.

Most people when they get famous get a street named after them. I was named after a street.

Good courage cannot be bought. Bad courage on the other hand takes only the promise of a nickel. The bad part comes into play when those with the power of money use those who have none to commit their dirty deed.

When you hear something good about someone you know, tell them. I’ve never heard of anyone getting hurt by a compliment. Oh, he or she will get a big head, meaning they’ll feel good about themselves. If more people felt good about themselves the world would be a happier place.

Refuse to fight against each other, instead raise each other up.

Anywhere, anytime there is war, there is evil. When you take up arms or drop a bomb it’s evil working you–evil having its way with you. Getting them before they get you is premeditated evil.

I’m tired of hanging in there. I want more. I want to soar. How about you? Tired of always hanging in there? I’m tired of the thread, tired of the rope. I want to be at the top of my own life, not hanging in suspense of somebody else’s life and what they decide for me. That’s no way to live. If you’re hanging, you’re enslaved by something, someone, somebody else’s agenda. That’s torture. Cut the rope, sever the thread.

Stop letting the government dictate what you think, what you care about, how and what you eat, how you dress, walk and talk. Stop letting the government tell you that the greatest gift you have for their perpetual war machine is your life. Your greatest gift to the world is to live, not die.

I can’t go back in time, but I can go forward differently.

Fear of God isn’t the beginning of wisdom, it’s the beginning of terrorism.

If you think your thought determines your action and you’re afraid of that action, then change the thought. Don’t wait for someone to reassure you that you won’t act on it. Anybody can act on a thought even if it’s against their belief system. Change the thought to a rational one. Obsess on the rational thought as you disregard the momentary short circuit to your thought process.

Fear of God is a tool used by religions and governments in order to keep you aligned with their agendas to control your actions–to keep you powerless. Only you know your own personal God. That God is your best friend not your worst enemy.

Stop all the devil talk. The devil doesn’t make you evil anymore than God makes you good. A devil is created by you to lay blame on for your evil actions.

God cannot change anything about you independent of your participation.

While changing yourself, you’re changing the world.

I’ve evolved from the pebble in the pond producing ripples of change to the force that undulates the entire universe.

When you snuff out a life, you are claiming ownership over that life that is not yours to claim.

Owning land doesn’t imply owning the animals that inhabit that land. Just as each human owns themselves, do so all the other animals own themselves.

Black people are not the minority in Africa. African tribal leaders are black, not white. So what’s the problem?

Why is it that when we hear somebody say something good about someone we don’t pass it on or tell the person complimented, but when we hear something bad we can’t wait to pass it onto everyone, even the one targeted by the smear? I’ve never heard of anyone being hurt by a compliment, so pass it on.

Why are people who go to Notre Dame University called the fighting Irish? Isn’t Notre Dame French?

WORD USAGE. Why continue the prejudice of using the word ‘man’ to designate both men and women. ‘People’ and ‘humankind’ are accurate. Can’t let that go? Every news outlet in the world still clings to that fundamentally flawed principle of grouping all humans under the male race label. We hear it, then we repeat it. The people who write the scripts for the news control your prejudices. Are you going to let them?

If it makes you happy to call homosexuality or transgender a birth defect, go ahead and make my challenged by handicap day. In the USA you can’t discriminate against people with birth defects. ‘Gays…protected under law.’

All Gods support homosexual… marriage. It’s the peoples’ prejudice that doesn’t.

Be on the same page with your own personal God, which means be on the same page with yourself, even when in flux.

If you’re not living a prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter free life, then you’re enslaving the God that operates all the cells of your being.

Black (dark) people mimic white (light) people and vice versa. All people mimic each other. All animals mimic each other. What’s the mystery?

If Israel is the unofficial 51st State of the USA, then why are they allowed to have their own undocumented nuclear weapons? Do any of the other 50 States maintain their own personal nuclear arsenals? If the world claims that nuclear weapons are a deterrent to war, then why is Israel in a state of perpetual war? Why is the USA, that has more nuclear weapons than any other country, in a state of perpetual war if advanced weaponry is supposed to function as a deterrent to war?

Israel steals cement going to Gaza via humanitarian flotillas to build their Berlin walls and patch their nuclear reactors.

Every minority movement has a business wing, a humanitarian wing, a political arm and a military arm. The military arm works in secret, like the CIA and Mosad. They’re the ones who instill terror in those they want to control, whether it be the masses or the elite.

The Hispanic/Latino underground network operates like the Jewish/Muslim underground network. They’re all connected at the basement level. They’re highly sophisticated and can make anybody do anything for any reason. They’re competing for a piece of the American Pie. In order to get at least an equal piece they need to get their “hands dirty” as Obama says about politicians.

The Dali Lama has approximately 2 million followers on Twitter, yet he follows no one. God on the other hand follows everyone.

Yahoo Green says, “beef promotes brain health.” The dramatic increase in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (spongy brain disease) coincides with the rapid rise in number of burgers sold at McDonald’s burger chains over the last three decades.

Just when I say, ‘get the old hard-headed stubborn people out f congress, the new younger ones come in and do what the old ones did–only with more energy and fervor. Putting a youthful face on prejudice and discrimination is even more repulsive than on an old face. Where’s the hope for a better life there?

Peace of mind more than rage is what motivates us to think and act in great ways. No matter how right the cause, peace in your own mind with your own self steadies you as you confront the ‘formidable foe’, whether it be an idea, a person, a group or a nation.

I am what I am at the end of the day–all things being equal everything changes.

The most effective personal way to help all animals, no matter what group of animals is your concern is to not eat or wear them.

Because I criticize what someone says or does, doesn’t mean I don’t like them. Families criticize each other all the time, yet they still love each other.

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, died yesterday 5 March 2013.

REINCARNATION. Does reincarnation only apply to humans and who decides? Do you think that any human would choose to be reincarnated as any other animal knowing in advance that they’ll be enslaved, torture and slaughtered? The Dali Lama said that only he decides who he’s reincarnated as. If that’s true, if we decide, and given that we’re all animals, then all the animals raised for slaughter would choose to be reincarnated as humans, which means that at some point the earth will be inhabited by only humans, which means that if we still thirst for the blood we’ll be enslaving, torturing and slaughtering other humans for food, clothing, shelter, experimentation, sport and entertainment. We’ll develop a new hierarchy for humans–those we raise for slaughter and those we don’t. This paradigm will happen before Armaggedon. So, guess it’s all bad news–unless we stop the addiction to the blood now.

If Israel is God’s only recognized people, then the Jews worship a prejudiced God.

We are all made up of the same multiple but different configurations of atoms.

Judge yourself with the same meter that you judge everyone else. Two wrongs don’t make a right and two rights don’t cancel each other out.

Many vegans are atheists and many atheists are not vegans.

The best source of vitamin D is sunlight/daylight. Yet, the slaughter industry has convinced you that the best source is from eating animals who lived their lives inside of factory farms. Come on, you don’t have to slaughter a fish, cow, lamb, pig, chicken to get the vitamin D that you’re too lazy to get by going outside or to get via plant sources.

“Happy meat comes from happy cows”. Ever see a cow get slaughtered? If you call that happy, then you’re dangerous.

At the Culinary Institute of Art people wanting to be chefs master the art of dismemberment. Nobody does it better nor knows more about it via human/animal experimentation than the CIA.

One person can change the world no matter what they look like. One being can change the world no matter to what species they belong. One spirit can change the universe from beyond. One rock can change the world. One being changing the world possess the power of many beings.

Principles of Peace and Well-Being: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Half of Israel has Russia as their homeland. Israel is the New East Berlin.

When an artist lives totally in their mind and not in the world that they’re recreating through their eyes, the art suffers lack of completion. Simple observation is insufficient to complete the task. Interaction is key.

RE: WEIGHT LOSS PILLS. Those pills now on the market that interfere with the digestion of fat could also interfere with the absorption of other vital nutrients.

Once you alter your digestion system in a fundamental way, you may not be able to reverse the adverse side effects once you discontinue the drug. In the rain forest areas where those who consume the original plant are all thin, how long do they live, what else do they eat, what’s their exercise level? How much fresh air do they get? How is their DNA different from yours or mine? Just because the pharmaceutical companies say they’re perfectly safe doesn’t make it so. They’re in the money-making business.

There’s no such thing as a drug without side effects. Do they all take them? Think hard before taking a pill that you’ll have to take for the rest of your life in order to by pass the digestion of fat. Think long before taking a pill that alters an entire system of your body that nature provided as a necessary component for processing fuel.

Food is supposes to be digested. It’s not supposed to enter your body and leave your body unprocessed. Think more than twice before taking a pill that requires you to go on a reducing diet along with it. Might as well do the diet, eliminate the excess intake, and skip the pill that could adversely alter you forever.

EDWARD SNOWDEN  is the modern day Rosa Parks… Sometimes one’s courage to break a dictator’s law that oppresses the group sets the wheels in motion to free that group from oppressive policies.

Obama in Africa–strange how after the fact of one person, Nelson Mandela, changing the world, Obama sees the wisdom of one person breaking a law that was hurtful to the masses. Strange that Obama is going after Edward Snowden the same way the dictators of Africa went after Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela exposed what now Obama in the United States of America is continuing. This last big thought will be continued by me, Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, in defense of people who have the courage to risk everything to help everyone else, even as I hear SOS John Kerry say that somebody will die…Obama continually gets on T.V. and speaks about the soldiers sacrificing their lives for the rest of us, for we the people, and he pretends to act sorrowful and respectful. Where is the respect for the one person who has the audacity to act alone to do the same?

Most people don’t believe anything they hear, but they act on it anyway.

You can’t always predict the future from the past. The probability for change is what statisticians leave out of the calculation.

Without change everything stays the same as it was. Change is possible, probable and inevitable.

I suspect that the humans who eat other humans think they taste great.

How is it that you say God sees all, but God can’t see through your eyes?

When you demean another being in order to fulfill the requirements of your religious rules, you offend the very God you claim to worship.

God didn’t make the universe, God is the universe. God birthed itself.

FINGER PRINTS. Nobody has the same fingerprints we’re told by those who know. That may be true. However, with age all cells, including skin cells change and that fingerprint you had in your youth is not the same print in old age.

People are people. We all share the same qualities. It’s our cultures that make us different. Our beliefs.

God doesn’t have only one son or one daughter. Barabas was also the son of God, as was Mary Magdeline the daughter of God, and the donkey was God’s son or daughter as well. God doesn’t have nor did it ever have only one son or daughter.

War is a human rights violation–no matter who starts it, or who participates in it.

MEDITATION. I think we should all breathe through our lungs instead of our belly buttons. We’re not in the womb anymore. We stopped breathing through our mother’s blood when we were born. Our lungs are in our chest not our abdomen. So raise the chest and let the abdomen take care of digestive matters.

VEGAN IS A RACE. The time is now. We come from all walks of life, political affiliations, genders, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, philosophies and from all corners of the earth, which means from all nationalities and hues of skin. We all share one thing in common, we don’t support the eating, wearing or abusing of other animals, other species. Yep, that satisfies the definition of race, which also means we’re protected under the USA constitution.

TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA OR NOT. People have become so paranoid over being detected by the odor of marijuana, that they go with an odorless drug instead. By the government and industry, alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals, digging their heels in over not legalizing pot they unwittingly became the cause of the increase in usage of harder, odorless drugs.

I don’t want to hear why not, I want to hear ‘how can we make this happen’.

You’re not a day late and a dollar short, you’re a lifetime of excuses.

THINK DARK AND LIGHT. Instead of thinking black and white, think dark and light.Dark and light allows for more movement along the scale/continuum of how we perceive the world. A black and white way of thinking tends to get stuck at either end of the continuum/scale, prohibiting the flow of movement between both ends. It gives you more leeway to see varying shades (hues) of color, which in turn broadens the spectrum of possibilities when analyzing the pros and cons of any argument or conflict. It’s a valuable tool in seeing the nuances of all of life’s situations. Use it.

FREE GOD. GOD IS OPPRESSED? If you keep your God separate from you, then you oppress your God. If you keep your God higher or lower than you, then you oppress your God. If you walk with your God, then you oppress your God. Only when you recognize that you are your own God is your God free.

FREE THE GOD IN YOU. Divide and Conquer? You’re your own worst enemy. Why fight against yourself? When you’re divided others can and will infiltrate. Take that to Wall Street.

Atheists preach atheism like religious people preach religion.

FAT PEOPLE. Anybody who was at one time been trim and then became fat, knows the point when they decided they would eat whatever they wanted, when they wanted, and if it resulted in them being fat, then so be it; life’s too short not to enjoy. Mustve’ meant to be. Born to be Fat.

The caring factor, except for a few who really do struggle emotionally because of it, is the only factor that matters in weight control.

If you only have ten to fifteen pounds to lose to reach your optimal weight and fitness level, then within that 10-15 pounds you are allowed to not care. At every other level on the scale you are commanded to care. It doesn’t matter how you bring yourself back to the point where you decided not to care (which meant that you did care once), in order to change your mind back to caring; that part is up to you.

I will not accept that you care, while you still eat to be fat. That ‘care feeling’ you get means you ‘feel sorry’ for yourself, which allows you to indulge when you know you shouldn’t. Figure the rest out on your own. You know how to do it.

JOEY LIVES. What the Jews did to my son, Samuel Joseph Davies-Tight, tortured and gutted him, I, Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, will never forgive, nor will Joey’s father, Steve Davies-Tight.You were afraid of Pele? Jobo’s just warming up. The last dance is going to be spectacular. They, the other animals, will show the world how to do it.

WOUND. Regarding Palestine and Israel: There will be no wound opening.

AGREE. Agree to disagree? No, agree to agree!

DID GOD WRITE THE BIBLE? If God wrote the bible as bible followers and supporters claim, then the bible followers and supporters must concede that God works through people. And if God works through people, then God works through all people, and if through all people, then all animals, because people are animals, and if through all animals, then all life and non-life.

Do you think that God wrote the Five Principles To A Better Life? No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter? Me and my God wrote that. God and I formulated those principles in words the world can understand.

Prejudice leads to discrimination, leads to enslavement, leads to torture, leads to slaughter if left unchecked or unstopped.

Do you think that my God further instructed me to write that prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter be stopped by committing even more prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter?

No, that’s your God who instructs you to cure a prejudice with a prejudice, to cure enslavement with enslavement, to cure torture with torture, to cure slaughter with slaughter. Follow the thread – instead of trying to unweave the thread, forcing fragments of it to go in directions that it wasn’t designed nor intended to go.

YOU WANT A SIGN? I’ll give you a sign, but you have to promise not to reveal it. Can you do that? Can you really do that? No.  That’s what I thought. TRUST is the sign. Can you do that? Can you really do that? So, you want something secret, that nobody else knows? Promise not to reveal it?? And you just gave it?? Yes, I did.

REFLECTION. You are a reflection of your own personal God, which makes God a reflection of you. There are no one way streets in the reflection department.

DECISIONS. The bigger you are, the more people you can hurt by the decisions you make.

CHARACTER. When assessing one’s life, the way one handles adversity shows the worst of a person’s character. But, in the absence of such struggles, just as important, and telling, is the way one handles success.

Either way – whether we’re floundering at the bottom or soaring at the top – if  we still insist on kindness and compassion reigning in our hearts and through our actions, we’ve realized our potential as the animals we were designed to be.

There’s one thing that the entire world CAN agree on. Nobody likes to lose money!

TEARING DOWN WALLS. Most people when considering prejudicial issues erect walls. I also tend to do that, but I also see the wall when it rises, just as everybody else see’s theirs’, though they rarely acknowledge it, preferring instead to see the walls that others erect.

When a wall rises within myself I know to examine it, while it’s still transparent enough to explore the issues surrounding the wall openly and honestly, not only from my own perspective, because that in itself defies transparency, but from everybody else’s perspective as well.

Being able to tear down one’s own wall of prejudice, meeting each other face to face as equally worthy, with the reality of the facts at everyone’s disposal makes all the difference in overcoming the fear that creates the prejudice.

Sometimes it’s better to take a step forward, than to take a step back in reflection!

UGLY. If you saw and felt all that I see and feel, you would look ugly too.

All over the internet I see alerts, and supposed studies, that show everything in your vegan diet is bad for you, yet there’s nothing of the same magnitude showing that the animals people eat are bad for them. It doesn’t take a ‘main brain’ to figure out what’s going on here.

THE FLESH-EATING INDUSTRIES. The flesh-eating industries are discouraging vegans from eating the same pesticide-ridden vegetables and fruits that are fed the animals the flesh-eaters consume.

TRUTH AND RACISM. It isn’t racist if it’s true.

RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE. Raising the minimum wage will automatically reduce the amount of food stamps a person or family receives (if they are on food stamps) as well as increase the dollar amount an employer can deduct on their profit and loss tax returns, and increase the amount of income taxes, social security and medicare deductions the employee pays. It’s a win-win all the way around.

LAMBS AND DICTATORS. A dictator country says to the rest of the world, ‘look our lambs are all asleep, don’t you want that? We’ll show you how to do it’. A non-dictator country says, ‘look our lambs are all awake and ready to advance’.

THE SETTLERS. When you burn a child alive, you make a global statement of hatred.


“Whenever you’re in trouble stand by me…”Who sang that song – who wrote that song?I’m hearing that song tonight – on the radio – but also I’m thinking metaphorically.Fear can either discipline people or make people pop.Historically, the CIA has not judged the discipline nor the pop factor accurately. Those already disciplined could pop, or those not disciplined could become disciplined.

Or vice versa, or anywhere in between – along the continuum of fear – and those ascertaining how people under pressure will react – have no alternative, but to consider their own predictions as being nothing more than a crap shoot – at any given juncture.

If I had written that song, I would have sung, ‘whenever you’re in trouble, stand by yourself. Stand proud if you’re right – stand down if you’re wrong’. If your ‘right’ means slaughter for slaughter, then you know you will always be wrong.

When you get dealt a rough hand in life, play it – to the hilt!

Strange but true. When you’re young, you see the world as controlled by old people. When you’re old, you see the world as controlled by young people.


The FBI killed Jimmy Hoffa – that’s why nobody will ever find him.

They thought Hoffa gave the order to kill Robert Kennedy.

When in fact, The Jews killed Robert Kennedy, via a disgruntled Palestinian – working the Israeli fence -post 1967 war.

It was a crime of opportunity – something Jews do. They wanted to send a message, now all pumped up from defeating the Arabs –  to the USA.

Now you do what we tell you to do. We took your son. Now we own you.

A different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it and as we will come to know it – that’s what Word Warrior Davies-Tight is all about.

Spreading a message of hope through change around the globe.

Self-written, self-edited, self-published.

One view matters. A multitude of views matter. If we all had the same views we’d be called robots. Learning comes from sharing those views unencumbered.

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