Judging Equals Change

If you don’t judge, you can’t change. If you don’t judge, you can’t make up your mind or change your mind. If you don’t judge, you can’t set an example for others to follow. Every thought involves a complex network of judgment. Every thought changes our direction in some way. Judging equals change – good,Continue reading “Judging Equals Change”

You Lied. You Are Not Awake.

Woke People Don’t Use Violence As A Strategy For Change Those so-called woke people are not awake; they’re still sleeping. It’s easier to say you woke up, than to actually wake up. That’s not change. Yeah, yeah, I’m woke Ma – as you roll over and fall back into the abyss of your fire, hopingContinue reading “You Lied. You Are Not Awake.”

Principles Of Peace And Well-being

One person can change the world no matter what they look like. One being can change the world no matter to what species they belong. One spirit can change the universe from beyond. One rock can change the world. One being changing the world possesses the power of many beings. Principles of Peace and Well-Being:Continue reading “Principles Of Peace And Well-being”

Too Much Discipline?

IT’S YOUR LIFE. YOU’RE THE DRIVER Discipline feels good when you don’t over-discipline yourself. Then it becomes an irritant and you begin resenting it. Start off slow and keep a steady forward moving process until you reach an optimal level and balance with all else in your life. Go easy with it. Allow yourself upsContinue reading “Too Much Discipline?”


Sharon Davies-Tight Mon, Feb 1 at 11:03 AM SO YOU DON’T LIKE RULES I’m not going to burn your olive tree farm village town city down if you don’t do what I tell you to do, all the while screaming for you to see me. I’m not going to hire recruit HIRED GUNS to terrorizeContinue reading “TOO MANY RULES SPOIL THE PLAN”


Five principles to a better life. The Jews and Arabs often accuse me of ignoring history, which to me is nothing more than an interpretation of questionable focus on certain events, real or perceived. Why would I need to know the opinions and state of affairs of every detail of the lives of my parents,Continue reading “THE FIVE PRINCIPLES AND HOLY BOOKS”