Christianity is expressed through many denominations. Why don’t we see that with Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam? If all these other religions have multiple denominations, then why don’t we hear more about them?  

The Silence Of Humanity

There’s something about the silence of humanity in the wilderness that soothes and invigorates simultaneously the human soul. I don’t think it’s the same for the other animals who reside and thrive (or not) in that same wilderness. I wonder where they go to be soothed and invigorated simultaneously?  


Gross, disproportionate, profound suffering always exist under conditions of occupation. Poles – Auschwitz Concentration Camp Soviet Red Army liberated camp 27 January 1945 I wonder how long it would have taken Hitler and the Jews to reach an amicable, mutually beneficial settlement agreement had the world not intervened to stop the horror? Now that the…Read more »


Benjamin Netanyahu seeks the same pure race, Jewish supremacy, in Israel, as the White supremacists seek in the USA. I wonder how many White supremacists in the USA and Europe are actually Jew who wear the Cloth of Christian?  


People rarely call other people who are prejudiced against women, bigots. People rarely call institutions that are prejudiced against women, bigoted. I wonder why, then, we call people who are prejudiced against a religion or a race, bigots. That’s a prejudice in itself. They rarely even call these prejudicial people and institutions, sexist. They rarely…Read more »


People define a lie by saying it’s the opposite of a truth. Or define a truth by saying it’s the opposite of a lie. What’s a lie? It’s when you don’t tell a truth. What’s a truth? It’s when you don’t tell a lie. What’s a truth?


Macy’s Department Store recently said in response to ending its business relationship with presidential candidate Donald Trump, “Macy’s is a company that stands for diversity and inclusion. We have no tolerance for discrimination in any form”. I wonder if Macy’s Department Store sells food, shoes and fur? Yup, they do. Animals, animals and animals. What comes…Read more »