If We Always Hurt The Ones We Love…

“You always hurt the ones you love”, I heard grown ups say while I was growing in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s – yeah it took me a while. Actually, truth be told I was born grown up, I just didn’t know it, so I kept growing thinking that’s what I was supposed to do.

Although I did kid things, I didn’t think like one. How does a kid think? Not like me – then.

So I wonder, ponder, inquire from a logical standpoint if it’s also true that we love the ones we criticize?




I wonder why people speak of nature as if they’re not part of it?


The Giver Of The Gift

People who want to be asked as a precondition want something in return – usually, not always. Governments use it when another government is in trouble. “All they have to do is ask” means you’ll either be perceived as begging or if helped with the problem the giver of the gift will expect compensation of some kind, or both. That’s distressfully manipulative, especially in times of distress. It’s not looked upon with favorable eyes from any sector, yet it continues to be practiced. I wonder why something nobody likes is still practiced.

Nothing’s for free even if we say it is. No good deed goes unpunished means it could work in the reverse. Somebody steps in without being asked and ends up being chastised or blamed for something they had nothing to do with. Anger sometimes gets directed at the giver of the gift. I wonder why that happens? The anger has to come out in stressful situations and the ones helping are the closest to the ones in distress or closest to the ones trying to help the ones in distress.

They won’t ask because they’ll be perceived as weak. The one wanting to offer won’t, because they’ll be perceived as lording over the one needing the help, or they’ll be perceived as weak for appearing to run to someone’s aid, especially if it’s an enemy in other matters.

Even if governments agree to be respectful during this time of offering and accepting or asking and giving help, the media will catch wind of it and blow their diplomatic plans to smithereens.

So let’s blame this on the media people, since they who incessantly claim to be writing and broadcasting in the name of truth seem to be telling a boat load of lies that run like rivers in the foundation of whatever they write or broadcast for public consumption.

Ops, you can’t get away with saying your personal views don’t interfere or enter your thought process while writing or broadcasting. If you are a human creature your views define you. It is impossible to put them on a shelf at any time. Judges who claim to be neutral aren’t. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind? She isn’t. They’re all lies told to make you think whatever is done or said, any action taken by the one thinking doing saying or acting is like a robot. Even robots are preprogrammed.


Once Outside The Law

Once you live outside the law and there are enough of you doing the same, a country within a country is formed, not a culture existing among many cultures.

Isolation is the cause. Once outside the law it becomes easier and acceptable to commit other crimes, using as justification their illegal status. It just feels right.

Somebody once said all these illegal immigrants are law-abiding citizens. How does that person know? When you have group support it’s a lot easier to hide crimes. Most crimes never get reported and for those that do, most never get solved.

Most people who commit crimes never get caught. We are a nation of law breakers.

I wonder if other countries are like us?


People In Wasteland

Money doesn’t make you smart, neither do good looks or fame.

Some of the most ignorant people are rich, famous and easy to look at.

Till they open their mouths, and I wonder how they got that way.

What a waste.

People In Wasteland – barren – devoid of substance – shallow.


The Hand Analogy

My hands look the same. One is right, one is left.

Although they look the same, they don’t act the same and they both can’t perform the same functions equally well. They are not equally proficient.

One is dominant and the other functions in a more supportive role. You hold a piece of fabric with one hand, then sew the fabric with the other hand. It’s a little more complicated and intricate than that, but both hands are necessary – equally necessary.

Both hands are equally worthy as hands. Lose one, either one, and you’ll discover that truth instantaneously.

Some people are ambidextrous, but not in all ways. They can write with both hands, eat with both, but there are still differences. I wonder if being ambidextrous improves the overall functionality and performance of both hands working together?

I wonder if that’s something a person can put on a resume, as an indication of increased proficiency at certain jobs?

If a person is ambidextrous and loses one hand, what does that mean, since it’s the brain that controls the dexterity? Is the person super-dextrous in the hand left intact?

If the brain can’t differentiate specific duties of the right and the left hands, then when one hand is gone, does the brain even know it?

Both hands are treated/regarded equally, so one less hand, means the same as two hands?

I don’t know, but I think I’m going to start making a few more demands on my left hand to see what happens with my brain.

There’s an analogy here, but you’re going to have to look for it, since my left hand on the keyboard is playing the slacker today. It’s listening to the right side of my brain that keeps saying play don’t work. It’s Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday all in one.


The Smart vs Dumb Tactic

If I’m smart, that doesn’t make you dumb.

If you’re smart, it doesn’t make me dumb.

Why do people do that, looking for attention, oh you think you’re so smart, I must be the dumb one? Why does there have to be a dumb one? You’re not the only smart one in the room or in the family, or in the group? Why even say it? What does it accomplish?

I think what we’re talking about here is not smart or dumb, it’s confidence or the lack of it that seems to be at the core of the dumb and smart issue whenever it rears its head to disorient someone.

Self-esteem, maybe. Living in Cleveland, I hear that a lot from American Blacks. They play the dumb card, but they say it, not just act it. It’s a pity card, dumb card, racist card, they play the whole wucking deck – just to get attention, because it worked sometime long ago to get them what they wanted, even if it wasn’t deserved.

I see wealthy people of all races do it, poor people and everyone in-between. It is not gender-specific, nor age-specific.

White people do it. A lot of people do it. Jews do it ad nauseam. What is that? Why would I want to go around calling myself stupid? It’s pathetic. They’re not dumb, they’re pathetic. But it gets others feeling sorry for them and hating the person it was directed at. That’s power no matter how you slice it. Jeeze, how do you deal with that?

You don’t. You can’t. That power has too strong a pull, so you shift your own gears and go to a different place. It’s not your issue. It’s their issue.


Slavery Is Slavery

Somehow when we say modern slavery rather than slavery, it takes the sting away from the horror and the condition.

The same is so when we refer to slavery-like practices instead of calling it what it is – slavery.

I’m wondering why we do this? Some slavery is worse than other slavery? Or some people would be offended? Some Asians, for instance, think blacks in America had it easy compared to them. Blacks probably think nobody had it has difficult as they did.

But why compete with something so bad? I had it worse off than you, or my people had it worse off than your people?

Slavery today is nothing like slavery long ago? Maybe yes maybe no. Long ago everybody had it hard. Life was hard. Nobody had electricity or health care or modern conveniences. Being sold, or stolen from your family, to work as a subservient person to people you’ve never met is a condition that most people can’t begin to imagine – what it’s like or how one feels when they wake to their reality.

So maybe we shouldn’t compare if it means diminishing the conditions under which so many continue to live in this modern world. Let’s call slavery what it is – slavery. And then let’s work to end it by raising everybody up as worthy of making their own choices regarding their own lives.


Chopsticks vs forks/knives/spoons

The fact that many Asian countries still use chopsticks when more efficient eating utensils are widely available, tells you a lot about the mind-set of the populace of those respective countries.

Slow to change old ways – even when they’re no longer efficient. I wonder how long it will take to convert? A scary thought.


The Birth Of Dust

Why all the burning lights in the sky?

For what purpose do they shine?

Rocks do that?

But what set the rock on fire to burn forever till it dies to dust once again?

I don’t want your foot in the sky, okay?



Why One China Policy and Two Korea Policy?

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Christianity is expressed through many denominations.

Why don’t we see that with Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam?

If all these other religions have multiple denominations, then why don’t we hear more about them?


Bad Habits Die Slow…

Why can’t we stay in the present, instead of going back to the past to justify our bad habits for the purpose of holding onto them?

Bad habits die slow, when you won’t let them die.



You can’t make an animal taste and texture like a plant, but you can make a plant taste and texture like an animal.

I wonder what that means?

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


The Silence Of Humanity

There’s something about the silence of humanity in the wilderness that soothes and invigorates simultaneously the human soul.

I don’t think it’s the same for the other animals who reside and thrive (or not) in that same wilderness.

I wonder where they go to be soothed and invigorated simultaneously?


To CIA Hollywood

The world has seen enough of gruesome acts of torture and slaughter – human against human – on television to last the world many life times.

What you wanted to make acceptable to the human psyche via film, so that you could continue torturing backfired. It is well-documented and common knowledge that humans copy behavior. I think we’ve seen enough copies to know the truth of the result of torture. Do unto others as they do to you, or do unto others as you see them do to others.

It’s time to calm the planet absent the torture scenes.

Still…I wonder why the multitudinous acts of torture against other animals via the slaughter industries, that you support, are off limits via the mainstream film industry. Think humans can’t take it? Can’t handle it? Yet they can handle seeing night after night, year after year in all their favorite shows, humans committing acts of torture against other humans?

Your torture shows have no socially redeeming value. Your goal certainly wasn’t to stop the torture, or to raise awareness of torture, so that people as a result would rise up against the militaries and agencies of the world that commit torture. That would be shooting yourself in the foot. What you didn’t factor correctly, however, was the slow popping of individuals around the planet, that is only going to accelerate – precisely because there is no socially redeeming value in the torture shows that you produce. The torture never stops, night after night, week after week, year after year.

You’re obviously afraid that people, who are made aware of the torture of other animals, will stop engaging in the process, by refusing to eat them, wear them or experiment on them. It’s a dangerous and contradictory activity to, on the one hand make films depicting torture against humans that result in copy behavior, and then on the other hand refuse to make films that you fear will make people stop torturing other animals –  based on financial considerations toward the industries that get away with mass murder every day on the planet.

If your concern is a lack of happy endings in reality-based films about the slaughter industry, then maybe you’re looking for a happy ending in the wrong place. The feel good part happens when someone decides to change their gruesome habits as a result of seeing the films, beginning with the questioning aspect of their inherited behaviors. I’m not talking DNA here. I’m talking copy behavior – from one generation to the next.

If your concern is that they won’t feel good after watching these films, then you must have erroneously thought that most people when viewing horrific acts against humans do feel good afterward. The good guy/gal always wins out in the end you say, but the good gals/guys also engage in torture, and it all seems right to you depending on who you see as the enemy. That’s pretty mixed up thinking.

Mixed up thinking results in erratic behavior.

I find it odd that you want to give all sides of the argument when it comes to the slaughter industries. Do you give the side of the one who terrorizes you or your country, when acts of terrorism occur? Do you treat each side equally?

Do you prohibit your children from watching films about the holocaust? They probably see more torture on television than you do. Maybe not. But what the children see is not an obstacle that cannot be overcome.

The other animals are the enemy of no one. That needs to be the focus. These animals are not the enemy of anyone. That is the only focus.

That’s where you start. And that’s how we change the world for the better for everyone – including humans – together.

Pursue that endeavor.


Gross, disproportionate, profound suffering always exist under conditions of occupation.

Poles – Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Soviet Red Army liberated camp 27 January 1945

I wonder how long it would have taken Hitler and the Jews to reach an amicable, mutually beneficial settlement agreement had the world not intervened to stop the horror?

Now that the tables are turned and the Jews hold the Palestinians in concentration camps (cc), I wonder how long it will take the world to intervene to stop the horror?




Benjamin Netanyahu seeks the same pure race, Jewish supremacy, in Israel, as the White supremacists seek in the USA.

I wonder how many White supremacists in the USA and Europe are actually Jew who wear the Cloth of Christian?



I wonder what a photo of Oprah Winfrey weeping/sobbing/crying is doing on nearly every news site I visit?


Leaked Secret Might Bring Down an Empire

See The Secret! She Hid From The World


Does Oprah Winfrey even know that her photo is being used that way in an ad? Doesn’t she object? Can she object? She must see the same thing the whole world is seeing ad nauseum.

I didn’t click it on. I’m not interested.

What I am is tired of seeing it everywhere. It’s a distraction to what I’m trying to read. Now she even pops up in the middle of an article – a science article – instead of the usual sidebar distraction. And it’s animated!!


I don’t care why she’s crying. But for months on end?

I guess I could click on the ad and my wonder would would go away, but I won’t.




I wonder why the self-fulfilling prophecy only works in the negative, and not in the positive?

If I think I’m going to win, I lose. If I think I’m going to lose, I lose.



I wonder when we’ll stop referencing a dark history to justify the present darkness?

We will never see the light, till we move forward without the dark.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



People rarely call other people who are prejudiced against women, bigots. People rarely call institutions that are prejudiced against women, bigoted.

I wonder why, then, we call people who are prejudiced against a religion or a race, bigots.

That’s a prejudice in itself.

They rarely even call these prejudicial people and institutions, sexist. They rarely even use the word rape or rapist anymore. It’s now called a sexual assault perpetrated by an offender.

Maybe that’s because males still rule the news world. But women do the same thing.

It’s kind of like the ‘torture’ word being sanitized by those who want to minimize their horrific actions by calling it enhanced interrogation.

Thank you Donald Trump for using the rapist word.

UPDATE: Well, it didn’t take long for a reporter from the Daily Beast to jump on Donald Trump for referring to Hispanics crossing into the USA illegally as rapists, while acknowledging that some of them are good people.

Now Donald Trump is the alleged rapist configured by that reporter based on a deposition taken during the Donald – Ivan divorce proceedings.

Let it be known that people lie in depositions all the time – for a multitude of reasons. It doesn’t mean that she did or that she didn’t. Only the two of them know.

The upside of Donald Trump using the rapist word is that once the accusation was lodged at him in a very public way, we heard the rape word all over the news.

Ivan and Donald Trump

We now know that marital rape is outlawed in all fifty states – though it wasn’t so long ago that it wasn’t and that women were still regarded legally as the property of their husbands. That Michael Cohen, advisor/attorney for Donald Trump didn’t even know that (writing in response to the Daily Beast article about Ivan and Donald, ” legally you cannot rape your spouse”), and he’s a lawyer, shows that probably most Americans didn’t know that either. Education started in this situation via the news media. And that’s good.

Rape should be an issue in this next presidential campaign. Rape on campuses, rape in the military, rape in the workplace, rape on the street has become a social epidemic and something needs to be done about it. Education is key – at home, in the churches, in the workplace, in every organization. Talking about it, conducting seminars about it, assigning blame correctly, instead of immediately blaming the victim for her or his misfortune – it all needs to be addressed – again and again, until society changes its view.

In the past, we educated the women on how to avoid rape. In future, we need to educate the men on how to stop the rape before it occurs.

Our society still attaches an additional punishment of being raped in prison to anyone serving a sentence for any and all crimes – no matter how minor or egregious. And everybody laughs about it – except the person being raped every night while incarcerated.

It’s strange how Bill Cosby is coddled by the press, always stating all his good works and how everybody loved him, even though he admitted in a deposition that he drugged women for the purpose of having sex. He claimed the sex was all consensual. Well duh, the drugs made them consensual so they wouldn’t/couldn’t/didn’t fight back. That’s rape and Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. But nobody wants to prosecute him.

Where’s the FBI on this? They have his name and address and he’s still a free man. In how many states did he rape women? Who in his personal entourage knew about the rapes, facilitated the rapes and did nothing about it? Didn’t somebody have the responsibility to report those crimes against all those women he raped? Even now that everybody knows the truth, they still don’t want to believe it. Oh, that’s Hollywood. Well, that shouldn’t be Hollywood. That’s been Hollywood for way too long. Everybody knows what they have to do to get that part – when they first start out. It’s common knowledge, yet it goes unchallenged.

So don’t go to Hollywood would be the old advice. The new advice needs to be, if someone expects you to have sex with them to advance your career, report it to the police and the police will act on it.


People define a lie by saying it’s the opposite of a truth. Or define a truth by saying it’s the opposite of a lie.

What’s a lie?

It’s when you don’t tell a truth.

What’s a truth?

It’s when you don’t tell a lie.

What’s a truth?


Macy’s Department Store recently said in response to ending its business relationship with presidential candidate Donald Trump, “Macy’s is a company that stands for diversity and inclusion. We have no tolerance for discrimination in any form”.

I wonder if Macy’s Department Store sells food, shoes and fur?

Yup, they do.

Animals, animals and animals.

What comes next?


Just as a person can be transgender, meaning that they don’t identify with their physically assigned sex (the sexual organs that rightly or wrongly categorize newborns as male or female), I wonder if the same can’t be true of race based on color and/or ethnicity?

If a transgender person feels that the configuration of their body and hormones don’t match up to the sex that their brains via their minds tell them they really are, even though the outward appearances of a clearly defined gender are obvious, then why can’t that happen in other realms of existence – especially if transgender is genetically determined?

If gender is as much a state of mind, thus a function of the wiring of the brain, as it is a physical manifestation of opposing hormones which create the physical signs of gender, even when there is no proof other than the stated arguments that a person always felt to be the opposite gender of what their physical attributes indicated they were, and if it is indeed genetically determined, then one could say that race based on color and/or ethnicity could fall within those same parameters.

A black person, or an Italian person, or any person could emerge as a person stuck in a physical reality based on appearance, that they don’t believe is them. A black person stuck in a white person’s body and vice versa. And it could be genetically determined. In fact, interracial marriage could be another expression of transrace.

I wonder if what all this means is that we’re born with the genetic makeup to be any race, color, ethicity, gender etc…which implicates further, that we’re born with the genetic make up to be any animal.

The genetic make up in these regards doesn’t only affect how our brains interpret our physical reality, it helps form the discrepancy. It’s the beginning of the natural evolutionary process of “blending”. The more similar we are, the greater our chances of survival.

Nature sometimes takes a dramatic turn to make this point.


I wonder if whites in Africa call themselves European Africans, like blacks in America call themselves African Americans?

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight