Merry Christmas Jim & Nancy!  


AFC Sweet Potato Hummus

SWEET POTATO HUMMUS Simple and elegant combined makes everyone want to make this Velvety smooth appetizer delight! Exquisite texture and flavor. You wanted an easy appetizer to make for the holidays or any special occasion? This is it. Or, make it the same way, heat it and serve as an elegant side dish vegetable! How... Continue Reading →

I've been a busy beaver today. Building dams everywhere.  

Speed Trap

"The law's the law in Dinwiddie County Virginia, boy." Said the mayor of some city/town in the county where my husband was pleading for the mayor to accept his check and release me from jail for speeding in a reduced speed limit construction zone. Speed traps they called them back in the early 1970's, set... Continue Reading →

I’m Cree

Cree, when I asked I was told through a physical medium - scrabble tiles I used during my rehabilitation from a toxic brain injury caused by toxic molds. I wasn't too pleased with that, considering their hunting nature, but then all Indians share that nature. I still don't like it. Canadian. On my Grandfather's side.... Continue Reading →


Create connotes willy-nilly. There’s nothing willy-nilly about my process. I engineer everything I do – the entire recipe developing process is engineered. I don’t cross my fingers, take a deep breath or hold my breath, pray, hope, wish or hand it over to the universe. I take control at every juncture. I don’t try something... Continue Reading →

my heritage

I'm not enough of any one thing to claim anything for myself based on heritage. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


A black man  who lives in my building got on the elevator a few weeks ago and said to me as he looked down on Lilly Belle Pi, whom I was holding on a leash, "that’s a valuable dog you have there". I thought how would he know. As he was getting off the elevator... Continue Reading →


When the democrats reacted with venom, violence and vengeance to the news of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, I knew how Chris Darden felt after the O.J. Simpson verdict was handed down to a cheering Black America community that could be heard and seen throughout the USA. I thought we were better than that. Chris... Continue Reading →


Popsicle sticks writing in hot, sticky tar, on hot streets, on hot summer days. Sitting on the curb with tanned shoulders bending to the ground by the weight of the sun. Spider webs sparkling in the morning dew. Cool, summer streams filling the air with rushing sounds of clear running water. My dog licking the... Continue Reading →


I have never known that safe place that gays say they have in certain buildings. The FBI came into my life when I was in the 5th grade. I'd see them outside, across the street from Uncle Danny's and Auntie Ann's house sitting in the car, at recess everyday as I pretended to have fun... Continue Reading →


Upon choosing a healthier more compassionate diet, you will be challenged by those who have not yet taken that step, to defend your decision to not eat animals. They will argue that your animal-free diet contradicts your other animal using behaviors, thus making the issue of killing animals not worthy of consideration. They will point... Continue Reading →


Wind songs whisper through summer sands brash promises of winter snow nights melting in memories of that which spring failed miserably to deliver. Howling, piercing pain tunnels through funnels of hardened flesh frozen by air--whistling a tune one prefers not to hear. A tune one cannot help but stutter upon as it stops in mid-air.... Continue Reading →


Hard words flowing from a soft pen, turning fondly into thoughts--as God, my God, guides with fluid snow that which will melt every heart. I want to continue, not ever having cared for endings--happy or otherwise. And I will do as I desire, whether imprisoned or free--it doesn’t matter. Smooth as black glass rippling in... Continue Reading →


I am not just the messenger, but also the receiver of the message. So what God has to say through me to you is for me too. In that regard, I can interpret the message in terms of what it means to me personally. I cannot, however, interpret the message for you.  I would not... Continue Reading →


AN INTRODUCTION In my early years, whether reading for enjoyment or for school, and I read a lot, I rarely read the introduction to a book or anything about the author. Neither did I like to see previews to a movie. I had no interest in the overview of the entire work, a summary or... Continue Reading →


 MY ONLY GOAL I have only one goal in life. That goal is to free God. That's it. I figure if I can free God, then the ripples, trickles and undulations created by that action / movement / force/ will free everything else. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


The word artist becomes prejudicial when everyone thinks painter when they read it. All life and non-life is art. The being or the rock is created with the purpose of expressing its uniqueness through the totality of its existence. There are no amateurs to that end - only contributors. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


SHARON POEM I’m a Top Shelf Long Island Ice Tea hold the sour, two lemon wedges on the side please, pistol packing double espresso animal-free vegan working for truth machine. My thoughts are my bullets. My delivery system/gun is my writing. I like Guiness in whatever beer I’m drinking when I’m drinking beer. I like... Continue Reading →


A DIFFERENT SLANT A different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it and as we will come to know it - that's what Word Warrior Davies-Tight is all about. The slant that everybody overlooked, because they were... Continue Reading →


When I write artistically, I write in many voices. Could me yours, somebody else's or mine. The goal is to communicate the human animal's and the non-human animal's experience. When I use the word "I", once again it could be you, somebody else or me speaking. In that sense I assume a conduit role to... Continue Reading →


EVERYTHING I DO (write, cook, paint, and otherwise create), I DO FROM AN ARTIST'S PERSPECTIVE, LOOKING ALWAYS FOR THE ESSENCE, the core, the foundation, the truth behind the facts as they present themselves for interpretation and further expression. THE MOST I can give you is to understand your prejudice. THE LEAST I can give you... Continue Reading →


I'll share a secret with you about myself, that I've never communicated to anyone. Years ago while still very young I read somewhere, either in a newspaper or magazine or book, that if somebody could actually write the way their mind actually thinks they'd make a million dollars. I've been trying to make that million... Continue Reading →

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