Third book in “WAKING UP THE PLANET” trilogy

VIVID VIEWS – PART I…in progress (unedited)

by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

“If you lick your wounds too long you’ll make them worse.”


Auntie was a Lithuanian. Over time, so many countries occupied and then absorbed Lithuania into their own countries that one might think that Lithuania would eventually lose their identity. They didn’t do that. That didn’t happen. According to my own DNA recently tested I still have Lithuania in me, along with everybody else in the geographical and geopolitical neighborhood too.

When the Soviet Union broke apart, and the Red Cross told the Lithuanian soldiers who were part of the Soviet Army that they had safe haven when they didn’t, and many Lithuanians who deserted the Soviet Army to go home to protect their homeland of Lithuania died as a result of that misinformation, and the President of the USA said “no” to Lithuania’s new woman President, who came to the USA pleading for financial help, the Lithuanians sang and held candle light vigils, following Martin Luther King’s non-violent steps to freedom, then rose to the beat and the sound of their own music, making themselves an independent state – a nation – in the absence of war.

DESTROYING THINGS IN THE NIGHT. Many Jews tore up documents that didn’t mean anything, anyway. Many Jews protected their families when they didn’t need protecting. Many Jews in the middle of the night would erase any fact that they existed – out of a fear that their way of life would be questioned – and maybe that questioning would lead to incarceration. Many Jews spoke silently, without even a breath that would prove that they were doing anything else but breathing. I know that breath – not by Auntie’s outstretched hand, because she was too old and hardened to ever speak to a child about oppression, but by the life I live now.

Auntie’s outstretched hand, simply and beautifully validated it, many decades later. I destroyed so many parts of my life out of the same fear. What if they (the gov) think this or that? What if they put a listening device in the plant I just bought? I know they’re listening, because they show up where I go and repeat to me so I can hear what I say in my private home space.

Everything went into the trash. Nobody should have to live this way. So, the same tactics that were used on those who were oppressed by poverty or religion, the Jews use and continue to use on everybody else today. It’s all wrong. Nothing about it is right. Don’t forget lest it happen again? Nobody forgot, yet it happened and continues to happen to me – and to people all over the world.

Aside from other species, vegans will become the most disriminated against worldwide.

The suffering of the Jews had nothing to do with the Arabs. When they couldn’t find any more satisfaction out of blaming Germans, they turned to the Arabs so as to blame somebody, anybody, for all that went wrong in their lives. they needed to keep the blame game alive.

Auntie was different – she didn’t befall on others what befell on her. That’s a powerful message that all people’s of the earth need to heed.

When God communicates the message of changing yourself, what that really means is putting yourself (your organism) into the best possible framework, using what you have to work with, in order to give yourself the best possible advantage to make the appropriate decisions in life, based on the Five Principles To A Better Life. At those junctures, where options are presented, you need to be in the best condition to make the correct decisions – for you.

Changing yourself doesn’t mean you have to stand alone in the world–or even stand alone with yourself.

Rachael Maddow  (of MSNBC notoriety) wants to do away with the word ‘right’ and substitute the word ‘correct’ to mean the same thing. There’s too much baggage associated with the word ‘right’ from the media’s persistent and obsessive use of it to describe in sweeping terms a person with conservative ideas. Then there’s the problem with the word ‘conservative’, which is also used persistently and obsessively to describe in sweeping terms a person’s political party, the way they act, their eating habits, dress habits, speech habits, motives and on and on – where they live, the schools they attend, the charities they give to, the sporting events they go to, the drinking holes they frequent, and on and on again all done without ever having to give specifics about any of it.

It’s like a great big cloud that follows you everywhere, with all the labels that everybody else said must be a part of you, if you vote for a particular candidate, thus a particular political party. It’s a way of categorizing you forever; and if you should want to change any of it, a new cloud labeled ‘traitor’ will follow you around with the other bag of stuff that you’ll never be able to get rid of. It’s a punishment for changing anything about you that doesn’t conform to the group in which you’ve placed yourself, or that the members have accepted you into. ‘Left’ gets left out in the cold as anything not right. And ‘right’ gets a blast of that same Arctic air from the ‘left’ for being so prejudicial.

That’s going to change right now. Dump that bag of trash – now. Left, right, above, below and sideways. Just dump it. Now, start over. Refuse to accept a label that isn’t accurate–according to you, not according to somebody else’s criteria.

Perhaps Rachael’s issue isn’t really with conservatism and the subliminal underpinnings of using the word ‘right’ vs the word ‘correct’. Maybe she just doesn’t want to deal with the wrongness of some of her own tactics. That she’s correct is all she needs to keep feeling good about herself. Yet being a hit person for the Jews, tearing apart, bringing to one’s knees, mocking, laughing, then bragging to everyone that she got somebody to apologize to all Jews worldwide on her T.V. show, may fall under the category of correct, in that she followed the instructions of her bosses (including herself), and her targets obediently complied out of a fear that the Jews would ruin their careers, businesses, children’s lives and on and on…but was it right? Was it the right thing to do?

By Rachael calling herself crazy as she often does, doesn’t absolve her. Saying it was a joke doesn’t absolve her. Just because someone has a deformity, doesn’t give her/him the right to make fun of someone else with a deformity. It makes it even more repugnant. At least if you don’t have one, you don’t know what it’s like to have one. When you know what it’s like, and you want to humiliate someone who has what you have, then it really is rehab time. Even that word – rehab – is loaded with prejudice. Rehab yourself. Check in with your own God and see how you’re doing. If you’re not honest, then your God won’t be able to cure you. Even that last sentence is loaded. You don’t have to be honest with yourself. If you want to change, your God will make that happen. Even that’s loaded. It’s like you have to want to change – and because you want to change, then you must be thinking submissively, especially if somebody else is telling you that you should want to change – and nobody wants to appear submissive. And of course there’s a problem with ‘everyone’, because there are those who do want to be submissive, so there goes THAT straight out the window.

Picking on minutia is what it’s called – and everybody seems to be doing it–to make an argument or to counter an argument.

In the end, however, nobody knows anything more about the issue; it’s all about getting the apology and another notch on the Jewish Belt of Accomplishments and Acknowledgements.

All you have to do is put yourself at the best possible advantage for making decisions – big, small and all decisions in between – that will benefit you and those around you. Stand your ground on something of substance. I’m not talking about living your life with political correctness. All that does is make everybody seem perfect, when they’re clearly using all their energy to cover up the crime. If you’re black and laying in waiting for the next white person to slip up by saying something you don’t like that connects them to a prejudice against you in your mind, then I’d call that predatory behavior – and maybe that cowchickenlambpiglobster on your plate explains it all.

I agree that there could be a subliminal issue with the word, ‘right’. Use it enough, and you’ll always be connecting the right way to do something with the right-wing political ideology. But let’s not get too hasty. If we ban all words that could convey a subliminal connection to something else, then we’ll end up with no words to use. Maybe people are micromanaging words, not so much for the slur/insult factor, but for the brainwashing effect.

‘Don’t call us anything connected to poor’ is what the feigned horror is all about when somebody uses the trigger ‘nigger’ word. You can call yourself poor, but nobody else can. When people do this, I figure they have so little power in real life, that the indignation and  demand over control of a word that practically no one uses, except those who complain about it, is like a slap by their own hand to their own face. Remember what they did with the word gay? It used to mean happy. Now it means in which direction your genitals fly. So now, nobody can use the word gay, unless they’re referencing somebody’s genitals, and most of the people using the word, are gay.

The same goes for the word ‘Jew’. Who would ever think to classify it as an epithet, except a Jew complaining that another Jew called even another Jew, a Jew. I don’t know where the slang words of ‘left’ and ‘right’ came from when describing political parties. Maybe left field. She/he is wa-a-ay out in left field. How many times have people heard their ideas dumped into the left field bin? It’s a way to humiliate, to demean, to take the punch out of your ideas. Well, God doesn’t care how far out into left field a person is [see how we inadvertently switch the ball to an idea and then the idea to a person?]

As long as you stay within the boundaries of the Five Principles, you’ll be okay. So somebody says, yeah, I did the Five Principles, then my wife left me, I lost my job, my car died, the landlord raised the rent and I got….Yeah, and you handled it all didn’t you? You kept your self-respect. And you lived to tell about it. Bravo.

The point of this introduction is to shine a star on you. You don’t need to be somebody’s hit person to be in God’s play. Everybody gets a part, and if you don’t like the one you were offered, then God will find one that suits you better. God wants you to shine. It doesn’t cost a dime. It’s free. You own it. It’s you. However, if you want to be a hit person for somebody else, then I suggest you check in with the Five Principles and see where that job lies. You don’t have to make somebody else shine. Make yourself shine by who you are, and what makes you special – and not by how many people you hit for some other group, in order that the group keep feeding you. It’s easy to be a hit person when you think you can’t be valued for anything else. All life has value.

Referring to the introductory paragraph: “…At those junctures, where options are presented, you need to be in the best condition to make the correct decisions – for you. I now change that back to “the right decisions…”. No one should try to ban such a beautiful word as ‘right’ by replacing it with something that’s amoral. Take the morality out, and next thing you know, you’re parading people on T.V. in order to humiliate them, knowing in advance that they’ll do whatever you say, in order to keep their careers and their families safe from the Jewish Underground Network, that’s apparently operating above ground these days.

They removed ‘stocks’ from the village square many years ago, whereby people’s heads and hands were locked into wooden holes in a big wooden plank for the purpose of humiliating them in public. How about if we burn the plank instead of the person? Humiliation doesn’t change behavior for the better. Oh, it may produce an apology, but seething beneath the fold, an equally offensive behavior will be expressed in a different way. Humiliation is a lazy mind’s knee-jerk way of criticizing an individual or a group.

It takes some thought to criticize without humiliation. When the person doing the humiliating derives pleasure from the act, then sadism becomes involved. It may be time to impeach Rachael Maddow, before she decides to run for office, where she can pass laws using humiliation as her foundation for change. I’m taking away your name and giving you a letter (RM). So you R trained in the Maccabean tradition of destroying gentiles – just as the Muslims are trained in the holy tradition of destroying infidels – those not faithful to your respective traditions of owning the world. Oh, you’ll say, ‘it’s not about owning the world, it’s about making the world let us do whatever it is we want to do for our own benefit – in the absence of opposition’.


A NON-BINDING CONTRACT vs A BINDING CONTRACT. The Gods of the rich people get bailouts paid by us, then those bad Gods raise all of our interest rates and fees, while changing at will the terms of the contract. The following is the Gods of the poor people giving you a bail out. There are more poor people than rich people, so the majority rules.

In the following law, all sentences/declarations shall stay connected for the purpose of eliminating the use of loopholes through making a sentence/declaration stand alone, which in effect will and/or could change its underlying meaning/intention.

A contract is not a contract when both sides don’t agree to the terms. A contract is null and void when one side changes the terms without agreement from the other side to change the terms. It’s not enough to say you’re changing the terms and take it or leave it. That puts one party in charge of the entire contract when the nature of a contract is to make an agreement, not a demand, between two equal parties. It is counter to a contractual agreement to insert into that agreement that one party has all the rights to alter that contract at will. By doing so, the party who has all the rights puts the second party under a condition of enslavement, thus extortion. In such instances, there is no contract to begin with, thus no responsibility to agree to any of the terms spelled out in that contract. Free will to accept or reject changes to a contract already in place plays no role in a situation whereby there is no legally binding contract to begin with. In other words, if the contract spells out that one party can change the terms of the contract at will, that contract is hereby and forever null and void, including retroactively to the beginning of time.

Send that to your lenders.

Dated: 4:14 PM on 13 July 2009.

Signed: GOD

NO MORE CLOSET STATUS FOR VEGETARIANS, VEGANS, ANIMAL-FREERS and PLANTARIANS. This time we begin the third book with a recipe. No more weaving. No more limited to the dessert section. Okay…some weaving.

Almost always, my cookbook signings were in areas where people were least likely to buy them. It just worked out that way. But people always did. In Boone, North Carolina I felt at home. Loved the people, all the trees, the winding roads. Country, I guess that’s what you’d call it.

I stopped to ask for directions, from the car, from the woman working the expansive yard with the older man. She was shy. He kept urging her to answer as she kept looking to him as if to ask permission. He kept saying to her, ‘go ahead, answer her, she’s okay’. Finally, the woman who was very, very shy, became courageous, looked up, walked a little toward the car in her mind, looked at me and said something I didn’t hear. The older man finished the directions I was looking for. I spoke again to the woman and at once felt both her joy and her courage. She had done something she had never done before—maybe trust a complete stranger. The old man returning to his work, sun shining down on both of them, their land, their woods, dancing thoughts I surmised, made a beautiful scene that I preferred not to capture on film. I was part of the scene, and the camera would have inserted a stranger.

While in Hawaii, I recall walking in Waikiki, criticizing the mountains in my mind as not mountains at all – looked like paper mach to me – me having grown up in New England. They scared me a little, till I went to a Samoan funeral in those mountains, then later, while walking to work, saw the broadest, most brilliant rainbow I had ever seen poised above those mountains. I walked backwards not wanting to miss any of this spectacular sight, since I knew it would fade, and wondered why nobody else was looking at it. Tourists too busy reading brochures and figuring out the next tourist attraction to see, I guessed.

Steve and I talked to people wherever we went. One evening we walked into a Korean restaurant. The woman (young girl, by my-age standard now), said she’d order for us, while her husband (a young boy, by my age-standard now) talked about prejudice and slavery. I had just read a book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and was still awed and stinging from it. He thought the stories I recalled from the book were nothing compared to the slavery his ancestors had endured in Korea. I think that was the first time I became aware that people whose ancestors had suffered perceived their suffering to be worse than the suffering of another group’s ancestors.


This Saturday morning we woke to rain, thunder and lightening, so The Benedict that I was saving for Sunday, turned into a Saturday brunch instead. I made the sauce yesterday and refrigerated it overnight to see how it would reheat, and it reheated just fine.

FOOD TESTING. You’ve been psychologically programed to think that foods containing animal products taste better than foods without animal products.

The researchers will claim that they conduct blind taste testings proving it, which means that the subject participating in the experiment tastes the products without knowledge of what’s in them–no labels and no ingredient lists. So for instance, if testing French fries, they’ll have two or three different fries and you pick the one you like. Basically, the majority wins, which drives the market for what all the rest of us will eat. And even if the majority doesn’t pick the animal-laced product, if the slaughter industry gives the manufacturer a financial    incentive to include the animal in the product, then testing means nothing.

Oops. There seems to be a problem here. You’re already programmed to select the animal-laced product, since you’ve been eating animals since childhood, or in most cases since infancy in the form of pureed animals sold in baby food jars. Because your palate or more precisely your taste buds are accustomed to the animal taste, you’ll more often than not, select the animal-laced food instead of the animal-free food as your preference. What you’re not accustomed to tastes strange, which sends out an alert to your brain, which sets up a basis for the prejudice, which then becomes a psychological factor rather than a biological factor.

The reason that the slaughter industry promotes and  rewards manufacturers for putting animal products into foods that don’t need them, for instance, cow dust on your French fries; eggs and dairy in the cake, bread and cookies; lard in the baked beans; chicken broth in the soup; pork and beef flavor in the spaghetti sauce and on and on is so that you’ll never forget that flavor–so that you’ll always select the animal-based rather than the plant-based product.

They’re not confident enough that the actual animal you put on your plate that looks like an animal will keep you eating animals–so they want to lace everything you eat with some part of the animal in order to keep you addicted. It’s sort of like every now and then slipping a person who drinks a lot of beer, an alcohol-free beer. They know right away and will, even in a blind taste test, select the beer with the alcohol as their preference. Somebody who never drank beer, probably wouldn’t know the difference, or would select the alcohol-free beer, since the taste of alcohol is an acquired one–much like the taste of the animal.

So, along comes the manufacturers of animal-free products that mimic the taste and texture of animal-based products. These manufacturers see a need and want to fill that need in the marketplace. However, when people start preferring the veggie or soy product over the animal product, or when more and more people start switching sides, the slaughter industry gets nervous and works to put these people out of business, or at the minimum gives these manufacturers financial incentives to include some part of the animal in the veggie/soy product, even if it’s a vitamin.

They work diligently through the media: movies, T.V. sit-coms, news shows, talk shows, newspapers, books, you name it, they have their long tentacles into your brains, trying to keep you psychologically addicted to their product, by discouraging you from eating vegetables and encouraging you to eat animals. It’s all about money and their resistance to change–even when change means better health for you.  They’re not on your side or the side of the animals they slaughter in your name. They’re only on one side–their bottom line.

CLASSIFYING TORTURE. Okay, so most of you should know by now that I’m one of the targets of the PSP (President’s Surveillance Program), that everyone’s talking about behind closed doors, and that congress allegedly closed down, when it was discovered that part of the program included targeted assassinations of people suspected to know too much about terrorism to be innocent of terrorism. The way they spinned it via their media machine, which no one bought, was that the program targeted al-Qaeda leaders for assassination. Those targeted assassinations have not stopped, as proven by the drone attacks against those suspected leaders.

Because I’m classified, nobody can say who the target is. Well, I can. I don’t follow their silly rules that serve only to protect them from prosecution for doing something very wrong. If there’s nothing wrong with surveillance, thus torture and assassination, then there’s no reason to classify it. So, somebody said that Obama said to stop the program, but we all know that it didn’t stop. Maybe he said that they can surveil, disrupt, threaten, terrorize, but not kill me. Obama knows about loopholes–he uses them, so they’ll find another way to achieve the same end. They’ll outsource it in order to legally keep their own hands clean.

Remember the ‘Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit–a belated Mother’s Day skit–where singing and dancing people take two pink gift boxes and throw them into a trash can? That’s this book–book three. That’s the Fed telling me they’re going to throw the book away. They took the book cover of two pink gift boxes off from my computer, which is not connected to the internet, so you can’t blame internet hackers. Then they had their CIA/Hollywood script writers, write, and their CIA/Hollywood actors, act out the script for your enjoyment and the terrorization of me, to let me know who’s boss, to let me know they still own me and my material. That’s enslavement and torture and slaughter of a beautiful gift–all done with a big toothy smile. Well…this Book of Gifts is continuing. When I send it to a publisher and it ends up in the trash before arriving at it’s destination, then they’ll have to suffer those consequences. Saturday Night Life is an entertainment arm of the CIA.

Not long ago, I noticed Steve listening to a radio station on the internet to go to sleep by. No words, beautiful sounds, sounded like a good idea, until one night, he was in the living room because he was snoring and I was still in the bedroom asleep to these wonderful sounds, when I wake up abruptly to the sound of somebody talking and it wasn’t Steve’s voice. It was a man’s voice, close to the microphone, as if whispering in the listeners’ ears saying over and over again, “Kill Steve; kill Steve.” I bolted out of bed and turned off the internet radio. One of the chill out stations is what it was on. The next morning I told Steve not to sleep by internet radio, without telling him what happened–only what could happen, ‘you know those stations aren’t all music and why listen to some demented DJ spouting off while you sleep’. He continued to do it, not seeing anything wrong with it, since it was all music while he was awake. Finally, I told him what was said and within two days, the computer was in the trash with a sign pasted on the window that read GOTCHA. The custodian took it out of the double wrapping and placed it on the tree belt–so the Fed could pick it up is my guess. Nobody recycles in Waterloo, especially not in our ghetto building. That will keep them busy for a while. Double gotcha.

Now I’m wondering what they were whispering in his ear while he slept, and what they whispered in his ear while under anesthesia. President Obama needs to put an end to all of this, in all ways, and give me and my family his personal assurance that no one will continue this PSP program through shuffling it to another government or private contractor program. It’s compensation time. It’s prosecution time. There is no ‘greater good’ scenario that can come from any of these torture tactics used in Cleveland, Ohio via orders from the President of the United States. He cannot keep exonerating all government people and independent contractors who commit crimes against USA citizens. That’s anarchy of the government. You can’t torture me, then threaten to kill me if I tell, because you classified it as private. There’s nothing private about it. My private words gleaned via surveillance are sprinkled into nearly every script on network and cable T.V., which makes the classified designation invalid, thus null and void.

RE: Memorials of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter in Africa, Obama says, “It reminds us of the capacity of humans to do great evil.” To say it reminds us, denotes that it’s in memory, when in fact it goes on every day in every country, human against human, and human against other species. Making a person tortured agree not to talk about it or seek compensation for it as a condition of their release is enslavement. It’s strange to see Obama in  Africa preaching about slavery, while he continues to enslave and torture and yes slaughter people in the USA. Where are his morals? When members of the government or press are not allowed to expose injustices, because the government seeks to cover them up, for their own personal gain, that’s a dictatorial government, and anything but a free press. That’s evil.

HAPPY AS A CLAM NOT  EATEN. I used to think that eating mollusks (clams, mussels, scallops, oysters) was okay, because according to Pete Singer they were simple organisms without nervous systems and he implied that it was okay to eat them, because he doubted they could feel pain. So even though I considered myself animal-free, when dining out, I’d make that exception. Of course, then comes the baby shrimp, then the jumbo shrimp, then the fish chowder, a little cheese, a small egg and next thing you know I’m eating the whole camel.

So, I do understand the concept of the slippery slope. But I think there’s more to it than that. Firstly, I don’t know if Pete Singer was accurate, but even if he was, other sea life get killed when dredging for Mollusks. Secondly, and this is regarding scallops: Years ago, when vacationing on the Oregon coast, we went to a small seafood restaurant, where I ordered scallops. The owner warned me ahead of time that they weren’t like the scallops most people were accustomed to. In other words, it was the whole scallop, not just the muscular hinge that held the top and bottom shell together. I didn’t mind, thinking I’d try something new. Well, he was right. Oh, I got the hinge part, and attached to that was the animal that lives inside the shell. It looked a little like an embryo attached to an umbilical cord with hair on it.

Oysters are hard to open, and clams and mussels have to be steamed in order to kill the animal inside, so that it releases it’s grip on the shells via their muscles, thus via their nervous systems. No matter how simple one considers the nervous system to be; it’s still a nervous system that controls the shells that protect the animals inside. So, now per this writing, for me at least, they’re off limits. I suspect that the reason for the hard-to-open shell is evolution’s way of protecting them from predators.

Years ago, I claimed not to eat animals with faces. It all made sense then, to go ahead and eat mollusks because they didn’t have faces, and it fell in line with Pete Singer’s theory. In case you’re wondering why I’m now calling mollusks animals, well, I just explained why. But, I’m not the only one who does. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, Mollusks: clams, scallops, mussels, oysters are defined as invertebrate animals.

Fish, according to Webster dictionary, Third College Edition: are defined as cold-blooded vertebrate animals.

Arthropods: shrimp, lobster, crab are defined by Webster as invertebrate animals with jointed legs.

Those definitions are based on science, not Madison Avenue (advertisement campaigns to make you think you’re eating something other than animals). Hey, I was surprised too. Time to evolve with new information.

Of course now that I’ve pointed this out, the Jews who write the dictionaries will change the definition to support slaughter, just like they changed the bible to suit their Jewish agenda, and the works of famous writers to erase the truth of the times they were written in. At some point it will be the actions that tell the truth and not the words used to describe a slaughter, a burnt offering or a holocaust as justified in order to support some groups domination agenda.

TRUTH SERUMS. Sodium Pentathol isn’t a truth serum. Jack Daniels isn’t a truth serum. Marijuana isn’t a truth serum. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is not a truth serum. All these methods used by terrorist agencies to extract intel from people who don’t support their terror policies, presuppose that all the thoughts floating around in the mind/brain can be accessed as truth, if the ego is suppressed via these drugs.

Let’s straighten this out now, before even more methods of invasion are used to extract the supposed pure and/or truthful thoughts of humans.

Thoughts are created. They don’t float unconnected. In utero, while the brain is developing, thoughts are continuously being created.

Thoughts are created and stored, and often overridden and altered by new thoughts.

The brain is in a perpetual state of creating impressions, continuously making observations and forming conclusions regarding all the organism is exposed to: the inner body, everything outside the body, memories of past impressions, the universe, etc. using all of the body’s senses, some identified, and some not yet identified due to the inability to study what scientists don’t know how to control: unnamed modalities of discerning realities.

The truth doesn’t lie beneath the surface, lining up, just to be there, ready at any moment, in case the truth needs to be extracted by unscrupulous individuals or groups. If it did, then that would presuppose that the real, true thought processes of individuals are really there for the sole purpose of pleasing these unscrupulous individuals and groups, at the betrayal of the person who creates, generates, organizes and connects these thoughts. This presupposes ownership of these thoughts by these unscrupulous individuals, ready to pounce on them at a moment’s notice, and not ownership by the person who generates them.

This ideology/philosophy/voodoo science/theory/ premise is a dictatorial mindset of superiority, thus ownership, of one group of people over another, those in authority vs those not in authority.

Now, given all of this, if any one of you thinks that all of your thoughts are accurate or hold true to the ideology of the group you claim membership in, and that the raw material created by the total sum of all your impressions, past, present and future and beyond those junctures in every  direction, not yet named, based on all the prejudices which you and others hold, based on electrical connections via chemical excretions that don’t always follow the truthful path, but the path of least resistance, then I’m going to call you a danger to all that exists in this universe.

If you’re going to further presume that the God in everybody else is really on your side and not on the side of the person who is their own God, then your arrogance, again, makes you a danger to all that exists.

Sodium Pentathol, alcohol and marijuana all have side effects, namely and mainly, disorientation and poor judgement. The torturers inaccurately presume that by making you disoriented, you’ll exercise poor judgement by telling them the truth. Aside from that, these chemicals block electrical and chemical transmissions, which means they block thought processes, as well as accurate retrieval.

When someone is claimed to be brain dead, it presupposes that no chemical or electrical transmissions are occurring, which means a total block of any thought processes whatsoever. Decreasing the number of transmissions handicaps the brain; it doesn’t enhance it–like the researchers of torture methods claim.

The chemicals: SP,A,M, or ‘SPAM’ don’t differentiate between truthful thoughts vs non-truthful thoughts. No drug can do that. The reason why no drug can do that is because we need to know the truth in order to facilitate the thought that confirms it–much like the doctor who said I always retrieved the word I was looking for, when in fact I created a substitute word or phrase, because I couldn’t retrieve what I was looking for. Since he didn’t know the word, he couldn’t discern what the truth was and he certainly couldn’t validate it, yet he did–wrongly. I suspect now that he was one of those torture doctors. Then we would need to isolate that thought, and that’s impossible. It will always be impossible to own somebody else’s God.

RE: LSD, which produces hallucinations and delusions. What deluded individual mind would want to extract delusions from another individual and call those delusions actionable intelligence? I think you get the picture.

If we already know the truth, then we don’t need SPAM anyway. The people who insist on using these devices want their own prejudices confirmed via these extraction devices. Once again, if you start with a prejudice, a presupposition, you’ll get a prejudiced result–nothing actionable here.

Brainwashing eventually comes undone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAha.

Excuse me for laughing.

“WHY GOD, WHY GOD”. In the world today, everybody wants God to heal them and to stop the torture when it’s happening to them. Donna Brazile says, “Why God, why God” to the history of enslavement, yet she eats the results of PDETAS everyday. (Prejudice, Discrimination, Enslavement, torture and Slaughter).

Donna Brazile gives a post mortem eulogy for the tears of the slaves looking at the ocean not knowing where they were going and she adds her tears to theirs. Yet she claims that eating fried chicken is human. In other words, enslavement, torture and slaughter is a human trait, a human endeavor to feel good about when it’s not your species or race being  enslaved, tortured and slaughtered. She’ll claim we raise the chicken /cow/lamb/pig/fish for slaughter. Yes, and at some point, we raised children for enslavement. None of it is right.

It made her feel good that Michael Jackson was human–one of them–made human–by the eating of fried chicken, the eating of the blood. It gave her a warm feeling in her heart to know that he had the same human frailty of enslavement, torture and slaughter that all of them had.

Ever think to heal God? Ever think that maybe God needs healing like everything and everybody else? That you have such high expectations of God and none for yourself puts all the work of doing the right thing on the shoulders of a God separate from you, which shifts the responsibility for eliminating the Five Flaws of PDETAS from you to that God. God falls from the weight of that burden, and becomes just like you. Feeling all warm in the heart now?

When somebody falls from grace, don’t feel good about it in order to justify your own failures; encourage them to get back on the right track and continue to be the good example that you need to eventually eliminate the Five Flaws in your own life. Lift God by lifting yourself and the planet will heal quick as a grasshopper jumps from leaf to leaf.

ADDICTED TO THE BLOOD. When you eliminate all animal products from your diet, you’ll notice the difference in how you feel, how you think, how you act and react.

You’ll know that you’re addicted to eating the blood when you want a snack, but nothing animal-free appeals to you. For example, you’ll feel like a piece of cheese, a burger, chicken wings, ice-cream or an otherwise veggie snack food with some part of the animal on it.

When you tell yourself no, you’ll realize that it wasn’t that the animal-free foods weren’t appealing, it was that you really weren’t hungry. When you realize that you’re really not hungry, you’ll know the addiction to the blood and you’ll have the confidence to know that when your body really is hungry, that the veggie burger will taste delicious without some part of the animal on it.

Ever say, I’m hungry, but I don’t know what I want? Nah, not that, not that, not that–something bad for you is what you want. You know what’s bad for you, all addicts do. You need to satisfy the addiction to eating the blood.

Block that thought and action and you’ll be using the key to all success–discipline. As long as you continue to eat animal products, even if you eat a very small amount compared to everything else you eat, you won’t  experience the same good feelings in body, thought, action and reaction processes, that a totally animal-free diet produces.

The fundamental reason for this, besides the obvious health benefits, is that you inherently know that it’s morally wrong to kill, so that when you don’t, you not only free the animal but you free yourself from committing immoral acts against other species. You cure your guilt.

If you smoke and/or drink alcohol, you’ll do less as a result of eating an animal-free diet. Eventually, because you rid yourself of the most devastating addiction, all other addictions will take care of themselves, if you let them. If you don’t feel, think, act and react better on an animal-free diet than on an animal diet, then you’re either lying, cheating or both. That’s the bottom line.

If you demand to drink as much as you did before the diet change, then you’ll feel weak. Eating animals allows you to drink in much larger amounts than you can drink without the animals as a chaser. Nobody dies from eating an animal-free diet, but eating animals diminishes your quality of life, physically and emotionally.

Some may ask, ‘why call it animal-free instead of vegetarian or vegan?’ When writing, I prefer to keep the animal the focus of the bad deed. Animal-free, frees the animal, which means you and the one you’re killing for your stomach, which by the way, if stomachs could speak, would be screaming, “get that out of here!”

People need to know that they’re freeing the animal, since it’s primarily a moral goal; better health is the result. When the animal is no longer the issue, then I’ll call the diet what it is, plant-based, and the food what it is, plants, and the people who eat such diets, smart.

COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL RECORDS. There’s only one side I’m on in any dispute. Even when all sides agree, I’m still on only one side and that’s the side of the Five Principles To A Better Life: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. For example, if all sides agree to slaughter, then I’m not on any of those sides.

Next, I’m going to talk about the prejudice factor in medical mistakes and how computerizing medical records won’t fix that problem.

Years ago, when filling out an application for anything, we had to check a box that designated our race. That question is still asked. The only change is that additional races have been added, for example, Native American and Hispanic/Latino. If Jew is a race as Jews claim, then why isn’t Jew listed as a race? Because people would discriminate, according to them, is my theory. Or they simply don’t want anybody to know who they are for more sinister reasons.

Regarding Blacks, the people in the so-called know, will cite that blacks have a propensity for certain diseases/disorders that other races don’t have. Yet, Jews also have propensities for certain diseases/disorders that other races don’t have.

Gays also. So if it’s okay to ask a person’s race on an application, for the health benefit of the patient, the Jew and Gay races should be included.

In a hospital, the doctor doing my husband’s medical history circled Caucasian when he asked Steve the race question, but later when we saw the chart, the doctor had written a question mark next to the circled answer. He in effect was questioning to all those who would later read the chart, Steve’s answer, which in another effect, clouds all judgments made by doctor’s examining him or those in back rooms making assessments about his diagnosis and treatment. In other words, if he’d lie about his race, maybe he’d lie about everything else. I believe it was that same CIA doctor, the one who wrote inappropriately in my chart, yet didn’t want to know my signs and symptoms of mold poisoning, because he already knew Steve’s. Yet, toxic mold poisoning can affect different people differently.

Subjective as my own symptoms are, if I’m hurting somewhere, if I wait for the doctor to tell me, from his/her objective view, I’d never get diagnosed. A doctor can’t feel my pain. If I have the pain and I feel it, then my reporting of it is both subjective, because I feel it, and objective, because I observe it in myself–something that the medical field has yet to accept.

Even when my husband and I were consecutively admitted to the hospital with the same basic complaints of toxic mold poisoning  our diagnoses were different, even though made by the same doctor–maybe one for male and one for female and those prejudices are always operative in a medical setting.

Unfortunately, we don’t take into consideration the numerous foreign doctors who train in the USA, who come from backgrounds in countries much different from our own in the USA. Although Americans aren’t all that progressive, we have made more progress in gender ways than many other countries, and students coming from those countries hold onto the prejudices they were raised on.

I’m hoping by now that you can see the multiple prejudices without me always pointing them out to you.

For whatever prejudicial reason, doctors don’t put much stock in a patient’s ability to accurately relay their signs and symptoms. They rely on tests that often times haven’t been redesigned for decades, that don’t tell the doctor anything specific, making the patient’s history and symptoms especially important.

I’ve seen my own medical records and it’s shocking how many mistakes doctor’s make when taking a history or describing the patient’s complaints. They frequently get patients mixed up in their mind–who wouldn’t?

You should have picked up on the word ‘complaint’. The very word trivializes the patient’s signs and symptoms. “Patient complained of_______.” Or, “patient has multiple complaints, or a laundry list of complaints”, which is always bad for the woman, since women are considered by men, and women who are trained like men, to be chronic complainers–naggers comes to mind.  If when in the hospital if the patient doesn’t complain, because he/she thinks the doctors and nurses already know the complaints, since they were taken in the initial history, then they write in the chart, “patient has no complaints”, which means the patient is now well.

Go ahead, pick out the prejudices, biases and faulty logic; this is an exercise. When in the hospital, a nurse was testing my memory. She asked if I knew where I was. I replied that I knew I was in the hospital, but didn’t know which one. She laughed and said, “that’s good enough for me. Most of the time I don’t know where I am either”. So my memory was checked off as “ok”. Firstly, if a nurse doesn’t know where she is, then maybe she shouldn’t be in nursing. Secondly, that comment along with her assessment was seen by all the other doctors looking at my chart, which prejudiced the doctor’s view of my medical condition.

Accuracy in the day to day procedures is what’s lacking in the medical field and it’s the inaccuracy that leads to medical mistakes. President Obama, lobbying for computerized medical records is making a mistake, and the ones lobbying him on behalf of the insurance companies that will profit from the large companies that will need to be created, in order to  collect all the data, will raise the cost of healthcare even more.

Aside from that, you should be able to discern by now, if you’re thinking logically, that mistakes made at the level of history taking, all the way through to treatment, won’t help the doctors just because they can read it on the computer instead of taking the patient’s word for it.

Further, the risk of altering records becomes a huge problem. It’s not only outside hackers that pose the risk, but anyone with an agenda or a prejudice, including hospitals and insurance companies. Having had experience with dystonia and the countless stories told to me by people with dystonia, going from doctor to doctor until finally, eureka, they were properly diagnosed, I know the pitfalls of one doctor passing to another doctor prejudicial comments that result in misdiagnosis, mistreatment and disrespect. Even when properly diagnosed, if that doctor moves, the patient often times starts the whole prejudicial, misinformed doctor mess all over again.

There’s a lot to be said for a pair of fresh eyes. A new doctor, perhaps this time won’t fall into that prejudicial cycle, because the baggage of years of ‘complaints’ doesn’t accompany the patient with his/her symptoms.

Remember, garbage in, garbage out. Mistakes made at the reporting level and then in the actual typing, or scanning of documents that come up fuzzy will produce mistakes in diagnosis thus treatment. And what happens to the back up system? What happens when in five years the computers are outdated or broken and new computers have difficulty reading and transferring files? I’ve always had a MacIntosh computer, but after six years, the new one couldn’t read all of the old files and the ones it could read lost the format, making them cumbersome to read. And then what happens if the entire computer systems get hit by a deadly virus? All the information would be lost. So, if you back it up with paper, then you’re being redundant.

The benefit I see to computerized files is the elimination of indecipherable handwriting. But medical staff won’t have the time to do all that typing, which leaves that problem unresolved.

The Cleveland Clinic diagnosed me with an STD after I got sick on a trip to Hawaii. Yet, I didn’t have one. It would have been impossible for me to have one. But that part of it doesn’t appear on the front page. It’s buried in the chart, in the doctor’s notes. Every doctor after that hospital admission, who treated me with disdain, only read the front page, not the test results or final impressions. Computerized files won’t change that. Doctor’s still won’t read on…I didn’t know I was diagnosed with an STD until I went to my motor vehicle accident trial. While the jury was out, the lawyers from both sides were sitting around telling prostitute jokes. Don’t even get me started on lawyers. So, why if I had one, didn’t the doctor tell me? And why when I went for my routine pap smear did my gynecologist think I had one, and when I told her I didn’t, she didn’t believe me? Because she only read the first page.

So, every doctor I go to, sees me not only in a prejudicial way, but in an inaccurate way, so much so, that I was called a prostitute by a heart doctor talking to one of my other doctors, who purposely said it loud enough for me to hear–when I was in the hospital for mold poisoning.

Focusing on accuracy from the ground level up, eliminating prejudices from the ground level up will be what prevents medical mistakes. Doctors taught to think everybody’s faking is the greatest medical prejudice that results in the greatest number of mistakes and costs insurance companies huge amounts of money when patients have to go from doctor to doctor, repeating the same tests, until finally a doctor diagnoses them accurately.

Operating on the wrong leg or arm is preventable. Nobody needs computerized medical  records to get that right. A sign pinned to the chest of the patient would work as well. Steve got a MRSA infection,  because doctors disregarded an index card written by me to give him a prophylactic antibiotic prior to surgery, since after the toxic mold poisoning we both had difficulty in wound healing, and caught every ‘bug’ we were exposed to. Because of the anti-mold lobbyists in Washington and medical schools, creating built in prejudices that prevent medical professionals from calling anything that raises mold liability as a symptom for toxic mold poisoning, no one believed it. And if they did, then they didn’t act on it.

I got an infection where a tooth was extracted, because of the school’s unclean procedures and because they refused to give me a prophylactic antibiotic, that I had taken for decades every time I went to the dentist. What is it that doctor’s want? Proof? If you can’t believe the patient with their own facts, then you certainly can’t believe a doctor with prejudice. No, to computerized medical records, until the above mentioned problems are examined and solved. Yes, to ethics and accuracy. Computers aren’t the solution, not yet. And, when you make a mistake, report it immediately. Don’t cover it up.

PREVENTION VS CONTAINMENT. The problem with setting pre-conditions before engagement is that people simply don’t like being dictated to, especially world leaders, with big egos, and they all have them. As a consequence, they’ll dig their heels in, then the people setting the pre-conditions will impose sanctions, then the populace who   always suffer the most will be jailed for siding with those setting the pre-conditions–the enemy. When you impose sanctions on a country it is as much an act of war as dropping bombs, because the sanctions result in devastation of the populace. Decades of suffering ensue–on all sides, but especially against those targeted with sanctions, resulting in decades of progress not made, simply because the one dictating the rules couldn’t let go of their own paranoia created by unfounded fears, resulting in the emergence of the superiority factor, which infuriates on every level, those targeted.

Saying that nuclear weapons act as a deterrent to terrorism is like saying the death penalty acts as a deterrent to violent crime. The USA has the death penalty and the USA has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Yet, the USA is the only nation that has used a nuclear weapon–against Japan. Having a nuclear weapon did not deter Japan from attacking the USA. It sounds as if the fox is preaching in the hen house. All the nuclear weapons in the world didn’t stop the attack against the USA on 9-11-2001.

The USA isn’t giving the countries of Africa ultimatums. Gross atrocities occur on that continent on a daily basis, yet the USA keeps their distance, respecting their violent cultures and tribal governments. The USA doesn’t impose sanctions on those nations for the purpose of setting the Africans free, yet they do it in the Middle East, even though everyone knows, that where there’s mass oppression, especially violent oppression as exists throughout Africa, terrorism festers. The possibility of terrorists being trained in Africa to commit murderous acts of aggression against the USA is far greater than terrorists coming from Iran to attack the USA.

The USA fears that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, then Iran will wipe out the USA. Firstly, it would take more than one bomb to do that, and after the first bomb went off, we would annihilate them, and Europe would follow suit. It makes me wonder now, if the USA was nuked by Iran, would Israel nuke Iran on our behalf? Probably not.

The fear the Jews in Israel have of that happening, and as an extension the Jews in the USA, has nothing to do with rhetoric spewed toward Israel, or the rhetoric spewed toward Iran. The people of the world understand the back and forth, especially the people of the Middle East. So, then what’s the fear? It’s the mind-set of seemingly preferring death over life. They think that’s a crazy theology turned to ideology that they can’t wrap their brains around.

Although Iran will claim to be separate from other Muslims, in that they didn’t contribute to the atrocities of World War II, and they had no hand in 9-11, the Jews and the world see them the same, because the Iranians share the same  religion. Orthodox Jews fear orthodox Muslims, no matter in what country they reside. That the terrorists of al-Quaeda are predominantly Muslim, makes the world clump the Muslim countries together. Yet, there’s something flawed in this assessment. Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are predominately Muslim, yet the Jews aren’t warring against them. Then why war against Iran? Because Iran backs Hamas  and Hezbollah in Palestine. So, we narrow the focus and return to Israel vs Palestine. Why not resolve the land dispute and see what happens? If the Muslims keep warring against the USA, then the worst that came from making peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is a positive, not a negative. Take the motive for terrorism away.

By saying, they’ll always hate us, no matter what we do, gives you an excuse to keep attacking based on a flighty, scatter-brained premise. If the world can’t get together and resolve that dispute in Palestine, then what makes the world think they can solve the greater issues of a global melt-down? And by meltdown I’m not talking global warming. Old methods aren’t working. Some think that all the USA has to do is get the rest of the world on their side, forcing Iran into submission, then hope for an overthrow of the government by the populace of Iran, while containing it and peace will ensue.

Containment can be likened to a boiling pot with a lid on it. Eventually it erupts. How it erupts and what the end result will be cannot be accurately predicted. This isn’t only happening in the Middle East. The Koreas serve as an example of this failed policy. You know, we tell those enslaved in concentration camps in Palestine that they don’t have a right to defend themselves against Jews in Israel and Jews brought in from other countries, who forcibly remove them from their homes, bulldozing the homes, then claiming the property as their own, because a bunch of Jews taking hallucinogenic drugs in the desert said that God came down from heaven and promised the people that this God called Israel,  some milk and honey–or a chicken in every pot. Then someone had the gall or desperation to write it down somewhere, while spreading the message from mouth to mouth, as if the message itself was their food. God doesn’t come down from heaven. God was in the person seeing the hallucination. That’s what the warning about false Gods speaks to in the bible. God doesn’t tell people to force others from their home, round them up, then put them in concentration camps and hope they die–and if not, then kill them all. If the Jews believe that this is the right way, then they give justification for the holocaust committed against them.

Don’t talk about the smell of dead tears in Africa, when you can’t simultaneously see the tears in current, present day, yes now, concentration camps in Palestine created by your purported greatest ally. Who on God’s earth would want to be your ally, if that’s what your allies do, if that is what you stand for, the principle upon which you base your foundation and friendships? What civilized society would want to be your friend?

Where’s Russia on this? Most of the Jews pillaging Palestine came from Russia. You essentially remained silent, as this atrocity continued decade after decade. Well…Obama says they’re not all peace-loving people. Kill off Hamas and Hezbollah and peace will be achieved. No it won’t. When you take away the only rudimentary military the Palestinians have, a bloodbath will ensue against the Palestinians by Israelis. B. Netenyahu already said “a free Palestine absent a handful of powers”, which means all the life-and dignity-preserving, forward moving powers. Put them on reservations and hope they die, just like they did to the Native Americans. It was a failed policy. Why repeat it? Why let them repeat it–in your name, in the name of the USA.

Obama, you need to step aside, or engage by finding a way to change the mind-set. You know, a lot of people when they get an incurable disease or disorder, don’t want to hear ways of coping with it, ways of adjusting their life and goals to it. They just don’t want the affliction. Take it away. I don’t want it. Why did God give this to me?  What did I do to deserve this? They close their minds to solutions that don’t wipe the thing out–something they feel they didn’t cause. Keeping people in concentration camps is like having an incurable disease for those enslaved in them. Getting rid of their military arm isn’t going to solve the problem. Freeing the slaves will do that. The Israelis said to get rid of Arafat and peace will ensue. It didn’t. They said stop the suicide bombing; it stopped, yet still no peace by the Israelis, while the enslavement, torture and slaughter continued. It didn’t continue because of the violence against Israelis. It continued because Israelis want all of the prime real estate, much like the Americans wanted from the Indians. And because they have nuclear weapons, the world lets them do it. Are the nuclear weapons really the deterrent to the world freeing the Palestinians or is there something bigger and more pervasive operating here? Oh, so you think that by freeing the Palestinians, you’ll be pacifying Iran, and the Jews who control your every move won’t allow it. So, they and you are using the enslavement of the Palestinians as pawns, as political tools. Stop that right now.

Stop mourning over dead people. Stop pining for them. They’re no longer flesh and blood. Their tears didn’t matter. They still don’t matter, because you’d rather focus on dead tears that you can do nothing about, than live tears that you have the power to stop. Stop with all the same rhetoric that your predecessors used. It didn’t work. Why use the same words, the same strategies that failed? Do you think, that just because you use the same tired, stale words that everybody else used, that somehow, they’ll sound different coming from you?

Get out of this quagmire by being who you are–before they bury you with the demand that you be prejudiced like they are. They (meaning all sides) will suffocate you with their reasons for every bad thing they do in somebody’s else’s name and history and suffering and yes dead tears abound in all of the stories. Dry the live ones first, so we don’t feel compelled out of a feigned loyalty to carry the burden of the dead ones–to get some benefit for ourselves down the road.

Make a visit to the concentration camps. Meet with the leaders of Hamas and Hezbullah. Every soldier worldwide, every military officer worldwide can be called a terrorist, but when we or our ally’s are doing it, it’s always for a good cause. You were in the caves in Africa; go to the camps in Palestine–the really bad ones. Look the live people in the eye. Show some courage. Were the Jews in concentration camps for forty years in Europe? Let us all hope that when the Palestinians are freed, they won’t commit a holocaust against another group, down the road, who had nothing to do with their enslavement–as the Jews did.

You can’t pick and choose your heritage. Be who you are, who you really are. In other words, stop denying the total sum of you. You can pick and choose your personality, your philosophy/ideology when you know you have that power. If you think you don’t have that power and you’re continually licking your wounds, when the evidence of the wound is gone, then you don’t have that power. That’s when you succumb. That’s when the world swallows you.

Hand-eye coordination is really brain-hand coordination. Let’s stop separating the brain from the body. The mind exists in all tissues. The brain is more than the mind.

Real, not feigned, tenderness is the finest of all emotions. Seek it and be it.

When looking at warring patterns around the globe, one would think that Israel, a minority in the Middle East, would side with Catholics in Northern Ireland, yet they side with the Protestants backed by Britain. Interesting.

When kids rough-house, it always leads to accelerated aggression, whereby at some point, somebody’s screaming for Mommy or Daddy. Adults do the same.

BIG NOSES. What is it about big noses, anyway, aside from the being nosey part? Jews have big noses. So do Native Americans, Italians, Arabs. So do Africans, the English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh. So do Russians, Indians, Pakistanis and on and on. Why is it then, that Jews are so self-conscious about theirs’? You answer that one. The holocaust is the wrong answer.

HOLOCAUST. A holocaust can be the sacrificing of one or a billion and one and more–with the feigned, always the feigned, purpose of making a better life for those not sacrificed. The letting of the blood of a lamb, the burning of a witch, burning humans corralled in locked barns in Africa, aerial bombing of Gaza after the borders are sealed, death by concentration camps around Europe, suicide bombers, the mass slaughter of Native Americans–north and south–the slaughter of aborigines in Australia, the skinning of Albinos and Pygmies, every soldier worldwide, trained to kill the youth of another nation, medical experiments on other breeds and species, reserving the good healthy foods and medicines and medical procedures for the privileged, while giving what’s leftover to the underprivileged, and the billions slaughtered every year, that the privileged duped you into thinking would preserve you in body, mind and spirit if you ate them.

Unclench THAT fist before God unclenches it for you. That’s some high priced preservative, that you’re using to line the pockets of the wealthy, while they keep you addicted to the blood.

So, where did all this slaughter get the world? Are we healthier, wealthier, wiser? Are we a world without war? Did a Native Indian girl jumping to her death from the top of a waterfall lift an evil spell, or did your conscience need to make something positive out of something horrible, so you urged her to jump to make the sun shine again?

Superstitions stem mostly from women, who aren’t allowed an education, so they make up cause and effect as they go along. Fifty-fifty–the sun will shine. We’ll win some favors from the tribe for that one. They’ll think we have magical powers–better magical powers than no powers. She was a dog anyway.

War doesn’t stop war, so why do it? After all the wars, all the holocausts, the massacres, call it what it is–mass death–we’re still warring. So, war isn’t a deterrent to war. Death isn’t a deterrent to death. Only life can deter death. No war deters war.

Do we have cures that don’t cause another equally debilitating illness? You gotta be kidding me. All these decades of medical slaughter experiments and still no cure? Man…you’ve been going down the road most travelled, and every traveler will tell you, they’re weary. Weary means nothing new. Same ol’, same ol’. So why take that road again? Get off your fat tush or skinny bones and do something different–for God’s sake.

Conservatives don’t want the Federal government interfering with individual state economies, or any other areas, yet they’re the first ones to run to the Fed, when their states need money. So in essence, they want the Feds to be their personal banker, with no conditions on how they spend the money.

The Cleveland Clinic is evolving backwards to the seventies, to a diet that didn’t work then, and won’t work now. The Ketosis diet, basically the Atkins diet–high animals, low carbs and fat, put your body in a state of pre-death to lose weight. Well…yeah, most people do lose weight just before they die. So why focus on death to survive? Why, why, why? Because the slaughter industries fund the programs. Slaughter industries fund a whole lot of stuff that clinics and hospitals do. Why go around claiming to be the best, state of the art, progressive, new thinking, new age, when you’re still back in the dark ages?

You don’t have to slaughter a life to save a life. Yet, the burger joints of America have such a strong hold on, not only what we eat, but what the researchers are allowed to study, that the researchers would rather put you in a state of pre-death, so you can still eat the meat, that the burger joints dictate us to eat, all the while, dictating to the hospitals that are supposed to make you well, what diet to put you on to lose the weight they caused in the first place. Their solution? More meat. Eat more of what’s killing you, just remove the fat from it, and stop drinking liquids. Even they admit that it’s only short term. So then the people on pre-death diets, gain it all back and then some. How insane is that?

Why does Obama keep blaming the poor people in America for the collapsed economy? Bad home loans to people who couldn’t afford them. The banks didn’t loan out one million dollars a year for one million years–twice–to the poor people in the USA. [That’s the price of the bail out] If so, they’d all be rich.

The primary purpose of having a congress is to prevent a dictatorship of the executive. When the populace doesn’t trust congress, that’s a ‘tell’ that the populace is agitated.[Notice that I didn’t say, that’s a ‘tell’ that the natives are restless?]

Dylan Ratigan says that prejudiced people shouldn’t be allowed in political parties unless the political party first shames them, and the political party renounces hatred toward blacks and Jews. The party under scrutiny was the Tea Bag party. Ratigan kicked the guy he was interviewing off the stage because he refused to give a yes or no answer to whether he would do that.

Aside from the subject matter that got lost in the verbal scuffle, this was a perfect example of how not to have a conversation. Ratign justified his actions, because it was his show and the interviewee wasn’t being cooperative, in that he wasn’t answering the questions in the way Ratigan wanted them answered. Ratigan was acting like a prosecutorial attorney who owned the show, thus the context of the conversation. After he literally turned his back on the interviewee, he went on a tirade, saying, ‘this is what happens when you try to have a conversation’. Again, subject matter aside, Ratigan was having anything but a conversation. He didn’t like the guy or his politics, so he went on the attack, claiming by his actions, his own superiority

To affect change, having a conversation means no bullying. If you have to cry that it’s your show, and you ask the questions, and then demand that they be answered in the words you choose for the interviewee, you’ve lost your argument–simply because of your method.

Now, to the subject matter. If you ban people with prejudice from political parties, then what you’re saying is that people with prejudice should be banned from voting. What you demand from one political party must be demanded from all political parties for your argument to be valid. Yet, even if the argument is valid, in that the same rules apply to everyone, the rules are still prejudicial. I’ve never heard leaders of political parties ban people with prejudice. Where do you want these prejudiced people to go?–to the democratic party? You didn’t think through the argument. Raising the roof on prejudice means exposing it, not exploding the person who harbors it.

If people with prejudice were banned, you’d have to ban everyone. Your own prejudice against people with prejudice was difficult to watch. Don’t turn your back–engage. You let your anger get the best of you. I found it interesting that you focused on blacks and Jews. If blacks wanted to be in the Tea Bag party, they’d be there. Obviously, the Tea Bag platform doesn’t appeal to them. If your demand is simply going to be: publicly shame, and then you’ve done your job, and they go on with business as usual, then what’s the point? Most blacks still won’t like their platform.

Regarding the Jews. Lots of the Tea Baggers are Jews. Aside from that, Jews are the least discriminated against people on the planet. Oh, sure, they may not be liked by a lot of people for their own personal group platform, but Jews are overall, worldwide, the most successful people on the planet. You really don’t need to cry prejudice on their behalf. What you should be doing is picking up on their prejudices. Jews are a protected class of people in all branches of government and business–all walks of life. No other group has that kind of clout. All things get filtered through the prism of Jews, before it gets to anybody else. Every other group is inferior to that class. All policy emanates from Jews. If you catch a break, it’s because your plight was making them look bad. That’s the only reason. I have not seen one person of influence stand up to that dictatorship–an underground, above ground network, where all it takes is a phone call to ruin your life for criticizing them, not for calling them a Jew, though that’s severe enough, you know, it’s tantamount to telling the enemy where you are, but for pointing out their flaws, for that you die. That’s their bottom line…..

Calm down, then break the argument down, or forget your approach altogether. You started taking about anger and rage in the USA. Yet, instead of getting heated up over the cause, you slammed the result–which got you nowhere. I understand your frustration. People answer your questions with talking points that have nothing to do with the questions asked. But, you have your own talking points. Somebody wrote your script. And somebody’s talking in your ear.

Chris Matthews is not a good role model for you. All we ever hear is his opinion. Why even have a guest, if he’s not going to let the person answer the question? It’s time to retire hardball. Everybody plays it–and all it amounts to–at the end of the day–all things being equal in a perfect world, without rushing to judgement–that it is what it is–been there done that–deja vu all over again–on so many different levels. When the other shoe drops, where the sun doesn’t shine, that’s the bottom line. If it walks like a duck, wears lipstick and if the shoe fits, then the moment of truth has arrived. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, so it appears to be DOA–dead on arrival.

Lars Vilks aka cartoonist created nothing but trouble in his art. He’s an old Swedish Jew with a grudge against dogs and religions. One is said to be the best friend to all humans and the other, their saviors. He wanted to wipe those two bad thoughts off the face of the planet, instead he managed to get a few hundred people killed. Whoa. The power of an image. Why would anyone even want to save a guy like that? Nothing to do with him or his character or lack of integrity. It was all about Muslims–hating Muslims. Everybody  in law enforcement hates Muslims, so why not jump on this bandwagon and save the cartoonist. Their reason was different than mine. I don’t support slaughter, period. They all do. And they all wanted the Muslims that were threatening to kill the cartoonist, again, not because it was Lars Vilks, but because it was the Muslims making the threat. Or so they thought. The Jews sensationalized the threats against the cartoonist, because they were sure that the Arabs were behind them. After all the money and human hours spent to make this prejudiced man, who has the blood of humans and dogs on his hands, safe, only to discover that the two main instigators were American women, was another huge blow to Israeli pride.

The FBI can’t be very happy about this one. And both women are part Jew–double blow. I guess Lula DeSilva is going to have to rethink his blue-eyed stereotype talk. The Feds kept mentioning blond hair and blue eyes, like they were somehow evil colors. You won that one Lula, but for all the wrong reasons. Having blond hair and blue eyes is nothing to be ashamed of. People shouldn’t have to feel worried, because the color of their hair and eyes match someone else’s, who wants to raise holy hell against a cartoonist, who feels betrayed by dogs and religions, or because someone clumps all blue-eyed people with terrorism against the populace. Blue-eyed has become code for white people–or Jews, only if the shoe fits, or WASPS–or hillbillies (?) We’re all the same to some dark-eyed, dark skinned, dark haired people. They can criticize us, but we can’t criticize them. We’re those blond hair, stupid monster people, you know, the ones with straw for brains.

Rachael Maddow told us we all fit the terrorist profile–to take the focus off the Jews. There was only one being on the planet that didn’t fit the profile and that was a stuffed animal–according to Rachael. I wonder what that was code for? You may fit the profile RM, and you may even like that you fit the profile, but keep me out of your circle of terrorists. I don’t fit anybody’s profile of terror. I’m the Five Principles to Peace without prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter–which means a better life for all. Or did you not believe the principled peace part? There are lots of peace-loving, peace-seeking people in the world, who do not fit your terrorist profile, but you don’t like that do you? You want everyone to fit the profile, so you can keep spying on everyone, because in the end, you just can’t help yourself. I say that any group that claims, not to be able to help themselves, who claims that they need an urgent intervention to keep them from blowing up themselves and the planet, need to get off the T.V. and voluntarily separate themselves from society, to keep them from harming that society.

Dogs are like people–different breeds, different temperaments, different skills, different sizes, colors, types of hair. My dog is best friend to me–not to everyone else. Why do people think that just because she’s a dog, she’s their best friend? It doesn’t work that way. She is what she is,  because I am what I am, and vice versa. We have a bond and a mutual understanding, that has nothing to do with food, or the way either of us looks. Dogs are proud of who they are and what they are. Why can’t humans be that too? Why do they have to be like every other dog, in every other way?

A DECOY? CORN SYRUP? I’m not getting what all the fuss is about–corn syrup? Who cares where the sugar comes from as long as it’s not from moldy corn cobs?

I guess you could say that California is more than Hollywood or Los Angeles, but still, with all the beautiful, thin skinned people in a state where artificial sweeteners are supreme, what’s the big deal about corn syrup? Is it because it’s really a granulated powder and not a syrup at all? Does it make you feel strange, you know, how fast food burgers used to make people at lunch time feel after they ate them–terrible–and they always blamed it on the bun, not the burger.  It was always the bun, had to be the bun, too much sugar in it. And just how were they feeling? Panicky, sluggish, slow-minded? Man, I don’t know where you’re going with this corn syrup thing. I’m not saying you can’t do two things at once, but I’m trying to get a handle on it. Why if you’re going to be all over the news with pros and cons of corn syrup, don’t I know what the issue is–from either side?

If it’s been genetically altered, in the processing, then say so. Just say that you don’t want genetically engineered sugar. In other words, if the atoms have been rearranged, what do we have now? Define it. How about the artificial sweeteners–they okay? But why don’t you define all those other chemicals in the food? Are you still eating dead animals? No problem with that? As long as they’re organically fed? I want to know how it’s affecting you. Are you getting fat from it–the corn syrup–or is it adversely affecting your nervous system?

Okay, too much sugar, too much something–nobody knows–all they know is that they feel like crap. Sounds like Paula Dean delivering hundreds of pounds of protein to the homeless. Dare she call it an animal? Not according to McDonald’s, who apparently has more clout than Webster these days. It’s not an animal. It’s not even meat. It’s protein, y-ya-a-l-lll. When it’s protein, nobody has to define it’s source. There’s no morality, when the name is changed. Could be that neighbor you didn’t like, or those homeless dudes you wished off the planet or a bunch of runaways. Nobody knows. But one thing you can be sure of–it’s an animal–of some species.

It’s amazing the lengths your oppressors and brainwashers will go to keep you addicted to the blood–even so far as to convince you that you’re not eating animals at all–no animal–no blood–no crime. It’s all protein. But they’re not even honest about that. What, no fat? In an animal, muscle is called protein, which means stomach muscle, thigh muscle, calf muscle, back muscle. So, which was it, and from what animals? I think maybe I should sue McDonald’s instead of McDonald’s suing me.

MUSCLE TO MUSCLE…NERVE TO NERVE…Nutritionists and nutrition researchers claim that all food consumed by the body turns to glucose. So, it doesn’t really matter what you eat. Some foods, however, take longer to digest, therefore, it is theorized that the glucose enters the bloodstream at a slower rate, keeping a person’s blood sugar level at a more even keel. The foods that digest the fastest, simple sugars, such as desserts made from sugar, enter the bloodstream quickly, but also leave quickly, which is responsible for energy, and mood highs and lows that we typically experience when consuming candy bars and soft drinks. The reason why simple sugars enter the bloodstream quicker than other foods is because it’s already a sugar. It doesn’t need much additional processing by the body. Other foods, especially animal foods, take a whole lot longer, which some people think is a good thing, but I think not. The faster the better for me. In and out. Don’t hang around and ferment. Just drop the nutrients into the blood and leave.

Besides, I disagree with the premise that all we consume turns to glucose. Drugs don’t. Toxins don’t. Hormones don’t. Chemicals don’t. Vitamins and minerals don’t. Bones don’t. I don’t know what else doesn’t. Corn? Is it corn? Let’s focus on the animal, since we already know about sugar. Okay, what’s the answer with the sugar deal? Mold. The  toxins from the mold in the original product being processed stays in the final product, and that’s what makes you feel like crap. But, let’s go further with the burger, instead of just the bun.

When you eat animals, especially the muscle part (muscle tissue), which includes nerve tissue, those nerve cells enter your blood stream, whereby they adversely interact with your own nerve cells in all of your organs, including your skin, eyeballs, innards, muscles, everything, bones. Nerves are everywhere. Their presence confuses signals to and within all organs. Even though the nerves are essentially dead, chemicals remain, and their presence rattles the process by adding nerve to nerve, resulting in our systems not running as smoothly as they could.

You always hear nutritionists, researchers and diet gurus saying that you need to eat muscle to build strong muscle. In other words, you need to eat dead animal muscle, other than your own, in order to maintain and grow healthy muscle. Yet, they don’t say that you need dead animal nerve tissue to facilitate the growth of our own nerves. There’s something faulty about their claim.

Muscles have nerves and nerves have chemicals, that become toxic when dead. It’s the chemical from the nerves and in the muscles that are problematic. It’s the nerves and the chemicals that run throughout all tissue that’s problematic. Nerves need a blood supply to function. For those who don’t want to eat the blood, or for those who want to keep the toxins out of the flesh and the blood, that’s impossible–nerves are everywhere throughout the tissues. No matter how you treat the one being slaughtered, no matter what you feed the one being slaughtered, it’s still toxic when dead. It’s not enough to remove the brain and the spinal cord. Whatever is bad, whatever is toxic is throughout the entire organism of the one being slaughtered. It’s all in the nerves and the chemicals that are secreted at the nerve endings. You can’t get rid of those.

So, you may think that all is well, because the cow or pig or chicken is eating healthy food, or roaming free, or getting massaged before going to slaughter–good for you, that is– when in fact, that healthy food may make the one being slaughtered feel better or be less sick, but the chemicals  secreted from the nerves are the same–toxic. Injecting them into your system is like popping your atoms. There’s a reason why plants don’t have nervous systems. We’re not supposed to be eating nerves or the chemicals secreted from them. Plants have proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Whatever the plants don’t have that we need is supplemented by our own bodies. Yes, we are not only part of the food processing system, but we are part of the food source. Our bodies are our own fuel. We know that about fat, and we know that about protein. When the body needs additional protein it takes it from it’s own tissues. When it needs calcium it takes it from it’s own tissues. When it needs fat, it takes it from it’s fat cells. It takes it as it needs it. The process of utilizing one’s own fuel is different from putting our own bodies into our stomachs. There’s a reason why it’s tabu to eat a human. It isn’t healthy for us to do that. And if it isn’t healthy for humans to eat humans, then it isn’t healthy for humans to eat other breeds or species. They all have nervous systems.

Eating somebody’s nervous system doesn’t give you healthy nerves. Eating somebody else’s brain doesn’t make you smart. Eating somebody’s colon doesn’t keep you from getting colon cancer. Eating somebody’s muscles doesn’t give you healthy, strong muscles. Eating somebody’s brain doesn’t give you a happy spirit. The spirit you seek has already left. Eating somebody’s skin, doesn’t give you healthy skin. Eating somebody’s testicles doesn’t make you virile. Eating somebody’s blood doesn’t produce healthy blood in you. It makes you a vampire. The flesh is the blood. Stay clear. You’ve been conned. You’ve been duped. Now uncon and undupe yourself. Only you can do it.

Most people don’t want to be God, because they think that God is all good and they want to be bad.

Humans really are a strange breed.

EVOLVE. Glen Beck says that he doesn’t want to evolve. I guess what that means, according to his anti-evolution theology/ideology is that he shouldn’t have quit drinking–you know, in order to conform to his anti-evolution rules.

He, like all life and non-life, evolves whether he wants to or not. Any time anyone institutes a plan or follows one, they are in the state of evolution. Evolution equals change. Therefore with every breath, word or action we change our environment, both inside and outside our organism, thus we evolve–no matter how miniscule or gigantic the event. One cannot breathe and not evolve. One cannot think and not evolve–for every thought, no matter how small or large, constitutes a change, thus an evolution. Similarly, no one can die and not evolve. Those spirits on the other side evolve, so don’t think of those passed as they were. And, yes, God evolves.

Every time a decision is made, and throughout the decision making process, subconsciously, unconsciously or consciously, evolution is in progress. All that exists in the universe, what we can see and not see, evolves. It’s unfortunate that evolution arguments focus on apes, and creationism arguments focus on some white bearded guy up in the clouds handing down sentences for bad behavior. Evolution and creation are one and the same. To evolve is to create and to create is to evolve. Evolution is creation and creation is evolution.

What Beck really means when he says that he doesn’t want to evolve is that he wants to evolve backwards–to the good old days of law, order and civility. He pines for the gentler days of his youth. Ask him if he’d rather be back in his drinking days. I only reference that example, because he talks about it–a lot. He probably does it to be a good example to all the drinkers in the world–noble. But in essence, he’s trying to convince people to evolve to what he is–a non-drinker.

Be careful about pining for the good old days. That constitution he keeps talking about supported slavery and prohibited women from having equal rights.

Be careful about pining for the good old days. You just might get them back, along with all that baggage, plus all the baggage from all the decades since those good old days. If you want to see a big bang, that clash will do it.

Stick to the Five Principles To A Better Life now, rather than a better life then. There’s a reason we call those days old–because they are. Open your mind to breath-taking possibilities in the here and now. Evolve away Glen Beck. You don’t need to cry any more. You’re healed. Oops.

It’s almost always the people who have struggled with discipline and found it, who want to expose the lack of it in others. For example, I often hear people openly talk about overcoming their addictions, while at the same time probing into the lives of others to expose theirs. Stop it. It’s rude and shows your own lack of boundaries, thus discipline. It’s none of your business. It doesn’t help anyone but yourself to say you were in the same boat. Save that talk for therapy or personal relationships off camera. Somehow, you still feel the guilt associated with your addictions and still want to be like everybody else, so you pry out of them your own likeness for the whole world to see, making you feel more normal and accepted.

Normal for most folks is where they are at any given moment–good, bad or indifferent. Years hence, when you see that a major evolution has taken place in your life, don’t waste time trying to match your old life with the newly evolved you. It’s a fruitless and dishonest exercise. You don’t owe the world an explanation. You don’t even owe yourself one. Forge ahead. Just keep knowing what it is you want to be and stay on that path, making adjustments as new information presents itself.

Counting days is counter-productive. It means you’re trying to log up a whole bunch of days, while not enjoying the moment you’re in. If you fail temporarily, then the ‘back to square one’ factor kicks in laying a heavy burden on you for days lost. ‘Oh my God, I have to start all over again from day one’. Days aren’t lost; they’re just gone. Time moves on. If you’re going to count all the days with discipline as lost, because of one failure, then you have to count the failed day as lost too. Why not count all days as simply in the past and move forward to where you want to be. Saying all the disciplined days are lost is really saying that all those days were failures and they obviously weren’t. All those disciplined days do is make you stronger, so that when you do fail occasionally, you have a firm foundation upon which to build more successful days. Embrace the you, you want to be and the numbers won’t matter. Just forget about.

THE BLAME GAME. White people in America haven’t caused all the ills of society. It’s easy if you’re black in America to dump all your woes on the backs of white people. Whites are quickly becoming the minority–worldwide. Who will you blame then? Oh, the legacy factor. Your great, great grandparents did it to my great, great grandparents, so I’m going to keep blaming you for what your ancestors did. Most white people’s ancestors never had slaves. Rich people, the minority, had slaves. Rich black people in Africa still have black slaves. All slavery must end, but what are you doing about it, except making excuses for yourself? Do you see that I’m responding to your excuses? What that means is that you’d rather find excuses, than move forward in your own life. Many of you do move forward, but as you do it, you’re not thinking of yourself as part of the whole of society. Nobody has to validate your worthiness; only you can do that–thus as you advance, society advances. Instead, you think of yourself as separate–thus as you advance society loses. You don’t want to be connected to some descendants of slave masters, or some descendants of German Nazis. Everybody loses when you do that–including you. Every society can be traced to a tribal community, and every tribal community engaged in a slave/master ideology, which means that every human now living has been connected in antiquity to both slaves and masters of slaves.

Some of you are still finding excuses. But I tried. But…but…but. What, they didn’t accept you? I tried… and I failed and tried again and failed, so if they don’t want me, then I don’t want them. I’ve better things to do. Let me tell you something. The only time you fail is when you stop trying. They don’t have to accept you. All you have to do is  accept them. Then that’s a failure you never have to concern yourself with.  And the ‘trying’ part gets neutralized. It takes no effort. It’s all in the mind.

REACTION. For every action there’s a reaction. That statement is somewhat misleading. Every action is a reaction. The same goes for proactive vs reactive. Proactive people are in essence reacting to a reaction, whether the reaction stems from an agenda, a thought or an insult.

NUCLEAR OPTION. When Hillary Clinton talks on T.V. to Iran regarding their nuclear program, she always says the same thing, always in a condescending, scolding, demanding, you’d better or else tone, that no options are off the table, or, every option is on the table, nodding her head as if to say, ‘better watch out, I mean what I say’. What that means to Iran–and to me–is that the USA is threatening to use nuclear weapons against Iran to make them stop wanting to acquire a nuclear weapon. Even if their nuclear intentions are peaceful, who wouldn’t want to pursue a weapon with threats like that? How irresponsible and mindless to threaten a country with a nuclear holocaust if they don’t give up aspirations of acquiring what we’re threatening to use against them? It’s time to take the nuclear option off all tables.

The other night I heard someone screaming on T.V. ‘NUCLEAR OPTION’ over and over again. I panicked–thought we were in a show down with someone–the world was going to end–tonight. It was Rachael Maddow screaming about the nuclear option. Why not call anti-filibuster what it is? Anti-filibuster. Sixty votes stops the person from talking forever in order to prevent a vote, then they can vote on the issue. Nobody’s going to understand what I just wrote, but I’m keeping it in till the second edit go-around.

I find it odd that no one threatens Israel with ‘options’ for continuing the outdated oppressive practice of settlement building. Where does the USA stand on human rights anyway? The USA’s human rights agenda is prejudicial. The USA acts as Israel’s mouthpiece in decrying human rights violations in Iran, when in reality, Israel cares nothing about Arabs, Palestinians or Persians. The USA acts as Israel’s mouthpiece in decrying the beating of protestors in Iran, but remains silent when it happens in Vancouver or Greece or in the USA. The reason? The USA/Israel is trying to make the citizens in Iran overthrow the government in Iran. They don’t want to overthrow the government in Greece and British Columbia.

Just as the law must apply equally to everyone, so must your principles. Only then will you gain respect around the world, resulting in mutual cooperation. Stop thinking you hold all the cards. I said, ‘mutual’. Mutual denotes respect–and with respect there is no card holding. Nobody is playing cards.

We talk about bad conditions in prisons in other countries. Good. We cite that people in authority within those prisons torture and rape the prisoners. Good. Yet we make no effort to overhaul our own prison system. In other countries, the ones in authority torture and rape. In the USA, the authorities let the prisoners torture and rape each other. So get your principles right. If it’s bad for one, it’s bad for all, whether you like the people or not.

To Keith Olberman. Feel for you man, regarding your Dad–only thing is that book you keep reading to him. I hope he can’t understand the words. He probably just wants to hear your voice, anyway. That story you read on T.V. from that book? If I were laying on my death bed and my son read me that story, I would have thought my son was trying to kill me. Mongooses and snakes are not good images to be giving dying people, who already have hallucinations from the drugs given to them to make them comfortable. Prayers to you and Pop. Time to get out of the game. You’ve been spotted too many times.

ASSASSINATION POLICY. The leaders of the world made a huge mistake when they didn’t condemn the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubais. Instead, the world protested the use of fake passports, putting the value of property before the value of life. You all think this can’t happen to you. Nobody protested, because everybody thought he was a bad guy, and he got what he deserved. Well…every world leader and the military and intelligence agencies they support engage in killing people–lots of people–innocent people, so I guess that makes you all the bad guys/gals. Don’t think you’re not on somebody’s hit list and that you’re protected as long as you support the terrorist policies of Israel. All countries need to adopt an anti-assassination policy. Hamas had nothing to do with 9-11. Once again, the USA becomes Israel’s mouthpiece at the expense of the safety of all USA citizens.

Once you let this go unchecked, it’s like a foot in the door. Now, they’ll go after anybody who doesn’t pledge allegiance to Israel–make them disappear or have a “natural” death by assassination. You made a huge mistake–by letting this slide, because he was buying arms. Look, you may not want to hear this, but the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves against Israel. Palestine is a nation, whether you recognize it or not.  And even if they weren’t, nobody has a right to massacre them. Would you fight back if you were a Palestinian and the Israelis were bombing your family? Israel committed numerous acts of war against the Palestinians, now the Israelis committed an act of terrorism against the world, by assassinating a military leader in a foreign country. Every world leader needs to be afraid. Every world leader is afraid. Who’s next? Anyone who supports the Muslims in any way, shape or form–is who’s next. See the mess you got the USA into, because you failed to condemn assassination? Now, every American is going to feel compelled to act in a prejudicial way toward every Muslim, lest they get labeled as a Muslim sympathizer.

Israel are the only people in the Middle East starting a nuclear arms race. They have nuclear weapons. And, they’ve terrorized the entire region into submission, because of their assassination policies, because of their suicide bombing history and because of their occupation of foreign lands. So, looks to me like you’re blaming the slave for the actions of the master. Focus on the master and there won’t be a race. The Mosad has been in my life for decades. What did you ever do to stop that terrorism? How many times did they tamper with my car, poison me, try to stress me to death? And you turned the other way, because you thought I was the bad guy? What actually did make me bad in your mind? Oh, they told you I was bad…because I wouldn’t pledge allegiance to Israel? So, you let them enslave and torture and try to slaughter me? Well, I pledge allegiance to my own country, not somebody else’s. Maybe you all should do the same. I blame you for believing their lies. You should have known better. Now it’s too late. Programs are already in place.

POLISH THAT THOUGHT. In the early days of my own revelation: that God is all that we are and do, and not separate from all that we are and do, which defines God as a partner, not a dictator, and in the early days of that evolution, I thought that when I wrote, because it was all God, I couldn’t edit. One day when talking to a friend on the phone about a Word Warrior publication, she asked, ‘if God writes it, then who edits it?’ I was taken aback for a few seconds, because I didn’t consciously set about to edit after I wrote, except for spelling and typos. Yet, I knew that I pondered in thought as I wrote, so responded by saying, ‘God does that too’. Yet, once I wrote something, even if it didn’t make sense, I’d keep it as it was–trusting that my God would make it all come out okay. The truth was never an issue–at least the truth of the accuracy of the moment with the knowledge available at that moment.

I’ve evolved from those days of poetry. Now, I consciously edit–not for truth/accuracy, since that has always been the cornerstone, but for understanding. I used to think that if I could understand it, then others could. Since then, I’ve realized that that’s not particularly true. So, I’ve evolved to where my main goal is to write about complex     issues as simply and as succinctly as possible, without omitting crucial data, that may open a window of understanding for others. Now I can say that, yes, God is the writer and the editor, the difference between then and now being that both God and I have evolved in the editing department. I do not, however, edit for political reasons or because I fear somebody will harm me if I don’t toe their terrorist line.

Raw material is necessary to build the foundation upon which I form my final conclusions. To the writers and speakers of the world, use your raw material as a foundation to polish the thought. Don’t feel compelled to publish or speak everything that’s in your bank of ideas. Not all of them are good and not all of them are accurate. I hear too much of that these days–all over the cable networks. Too many people have lost all integrity in what they communicate, and will say anything to get you to latch onto their agenda. If you take the bait, then you’re grabbing onto a bunch of lies that in the end support only the person spewing them and not the ideals that you actually seek. Build your own bank of ideas. Make them make sense to you and  then to others.

PLUGGED IN? You don’t plug into God, like you plug and unplug an electrical cord. You are God–every atom of you is that. “Oh, she’s plugged into God”. No. I am God–and the beautiful knowledge is that everyone and everything else is God too. That’s a beautiful ending. How true to true is that?

No one can channel for you; only you can do that. You can’t channel for somebody else either. When you present yourself, you’re presenting your own God. God is speaking through every atom of your existence.

Everybody wants a personal savior. They don’t want a savior that belongs to everybody else. That’s why when somebody starts talking about their own experiences with God, others don’t like it. They turn away as if to say, God belongs to me–not you. Everybody agrees that there’s only one God, only because that’s what’s socially acceptable. There’s a ‘tell’ here. There’s a reason why people don’t want you talking about God in such a personal way–because they inherently know, though they don’t publicly acknowledge it, that they have their own personal God.

Bill O’Reilly has the way of the bible in him. He starts out making a whole lot of sense, but always ends up in the toilet. He must think that if he tells people over and over again how fair and balanced he is, or Fox is, or ‘we are’ as he refers to his partnership with his show, then his viewers will believe it. It’s sort of like when you’re under stress and you repeatedly tell yourself you’re not. It doesn’t work, unless you team that declaration with an action that supports it, which will then neutralize that stress. Try that Bill. Sometimes when you try too hard not to be arrogant, it just proves that you are. It’s okay to be arrogant, if you have something to be  arrogant about. Work on your personal life and your public life will shine. How do you like that horoscope?

What is it about people who want to see other people cry as proof that they care? He/she didn’t even cry, so he/she doesn’t care. Where does that come from? If you want to cry, then cry. But don’t say others don’t care if they don’t cry. Don’t judge everybody’s emotions by your own. And certainly don’t take that voodoo science into a court room, deciding someone’s fate on whether they cried or not. Just let it go. Some people cry easily, without feeling much of anything on the inside. Others feel strong emotions on the inside, yet rarely cry. Still…don’t make a judgment on that either. Don’t start thinking that crying people are shallow and not crying people are deep. Just don’t judge it. And don’t comfort crying people either. They don’t like it. Simply be kind.

KARMA. If you think that you are born for the sole purpose of setting right in this life what you set wrong in a past life, then you don’t believe in hell after death. You believe in hell after you’re reborn. What kind of vengeful God would do that? Yours if you really do believe it.

Karma is a tool used by religions in countries who try to brainwash you into not believing in your own God. Instead of using the hell of Christian, Jew and Muslim Gods, they use the threat of hell in the next reborn life to make you toe the line in this one. So, Christians are born with original sin, meaning they’re born bad, right out of the gate. Keep your aspirations low, since you’re a no good son of a gun.

So are Karma people. They’re born with a debt to pay, right out of the gate. Keep your aspirations low, because you need to spend your whole life making up for what you did bad in your past life. It’s one of the ways governments and religions control the masses. It’s a way for governments to keep you down so they can own you, by manipulating you via the guilt factor. It’s not that much different from Christianity, Judaism or Islam. They all contain within their philosophical ideology the punishment factor.

When you do something wrong in this life and then something bad happens to you in this life, you call it bad Karma. When you do good in this life and something bad happens, you call it bad Karma from a past life.

Somebody is always paying you back for your bad deeds. Oh, I stubbed my toe, because I laughed at somebody who stubbed theirs. How about, you stubbed your toe, because you weren’t watching where you were walking, or because the chair was in the way, or because you were half asleep, or because you have floppy feet?

When you do everything right, everything good in any situation and it still blows up in your face, then you must have done something bad in a past life and are paying for it now.

When you impose the Karma Doctrine on yourself, it’s an outgrowth of a mind driven by vengeance. Karma closes the door to the recognition of your own God, just as all other religions do. The reason is that religions and government are closely tied in all countries that recognize religions, with the sole purpose of controlling the masses.

Stop wanting to get everybody else back for every little thing, and you may find that you stop blaming something you did in a previous life when something bad happens to you.  How about blaming what caused it in this life? See how the authorities want you to shift the blame from them to some elusive previous life that you obviously know nothing about?  Talk about getting charged for a crime you didn’t commit!

Open the door to your real God before it’s too late. Oh, your real God is always there, but if you don’t recognize that it’s there, somebody else will, and that somebody will run roughshod all over you.

BULLYING. In children, at the heart of bullying is a desire to be accepted. In adults, at the heart of bullying is a desire for vengeance. So, what happens between childhood and adulthood? Hardening. At what point does the hardening occur? It could happen anywhere along the continuum between childhood and adulthood. Therefore, if it can happen, it can be undone. How can it be undone? Acceptance of the person, not the behavior. So, what about bully groups? It seems like the bully groups are strong people picking on a weak person. The bully group is comprised of individuals who want to be accepted. Break up the group; raise up the individuals as worthy of something other than bullying. Simultaneously raise up the individual being bullied. The bully and the bullied are flip sides of the same coin. Treat them the same. Don’t feel sorry for the bullied, while scorning the bully. You’ll exacerbate the problem. Treat them both as equally worthy. Teach the Five Principles to a Better Life in all schools. Maybe if kids stop wanting to join the armed services, the adults will find better ways to resolve their conflicts–other than using war, and threats of nuclear holocaust if others don’t comply with their demands. War is the ultimate act of bullying.

Raising somebody for slaughter is terrorism. Raising any other species for slaughter is terrorism.

When you eat or drink dairy products, you’re suckling a cow, goat and/or sheep. Yuk.

SIMPLY PUT. Hearing the ‘nigger’ word isn’t simply an insult to you. It isn’t simply a reminder of the oppression of your ancestors. It isn’t simply an ‘under my thumb’ song. Whether said in jest or as a mindless name calling act of frustration from the one doing the name calling, it’s also a threat gesture, since subconsciously it conjures up feelings or fears of enslavement, fears or feelings of being dragged away in the middle of the night for a crime you didn’t commit, feelings or fears of not getting the job or the raise or the promotion, simply because of the hue of your skin. Run baby run. Your adrenalin accelerates, putting you on high alert to the exclusion of everything else, or you feel a pierce in your heart that paralyzes your thoughts, leaving you in despair and unable to function in a freely productive way. So, don’t do it to each other. Because, even if you’re not aware of it, that word, no matter how congenially spoken, triggers a map of those feelings and fears in your brain, even if you don’t consciously feel them, keeping you in a desperate, hopeless, non-productive state of unhappiness. To the entertainers of the world: You know that don’t you? That’s how you keep the audience glued to their seats. They’re too paralyzed by despair to get up and walk out, so they laugh at their inability to move. Rock that one Chris.

Conversely, when you criticize it’s usage by others outside the group as a public forum to advance your other ideas, others perceive it as a threat, as self-serving, hypocritical and irrational. They hear the beat of war drums and see visions of riots and the burning of people, which sets off a fear response–a chain reaction of self-defense–against you. The best solution is to stop offending yourselves. And for those outside the group, it’s best not to call people by names they prefer not to be called.


The only God you need to fear is the God of the Five Flaws–not in the afterlife, in this life. People don’t kill each other in the afterlife. It’s here that they do it, while flesh and blood. Fear prejudice. Fear discrimination. Fear enslavement. Fear torture. Fear slaughter–not only when it happens to you, but when it happens to others–all others–any other–within all species. But fear it most when you engage in it. For you not only become the offender, but the example. In antiquity, one person in a group slaughtered. Nothing happened. Then another did it. Nothing happened. Then another and another–till everyone was doing it. It’s easy to kill another species when they don’t fight back. Where do you think the USA and Israel got their policy of bombing without retribution? We bomb you, and you don’t fight back, or we’ll bomb you harder? That’s what we do to other species.  Because they’re meeker than we are, that makes it okay to kill them? If that’s the rationale, then I’d have to call humans     monsters–the worst of the worst.

Craig Ferguson is ignorant to ask, “why if we’re not supposed to eat animals do they taste so good?” That’s one of the questions looking for an excuse, not an answer. Craig would probably be pretty tasty, especially if organically fed, massaged to make him fat, juicy and relaxed, then slaughtered. His owner could probably demand a high price for that side of monster meat. Throw him on the barbecue. Hear that fat sizzle. I’d go with the hickory and apple blend smoked wood chips. Smear those baby backs with a stinging barbecue sauce, or smother it in a moldy cheese butter and it’s finger lickin’ good. Throw down a couple of brews or sip a glass of Chambertin and you’ll numb your conscience to the crime. Laugh a lot to keep the evil spirits away. Dance a lot, get crazy. Turn up the music. Then pass out and blame God for makin’ him taste so good.

Sex with children feels good to the pedophile–and pedophilia is a worldwide epidemic. So, what do you say now, CraigyFerg? Try eating a cow before cooking it. Oh, then you’d probably blame God for inventing fire. ‘Well, if God didn’t want us to cook it, to make it taste good, then God wouldn’t have invented fire’. Your endless excuses will end somewhere–hopefully not on somebody else’s plate.

Stop using ‘tasting good’ and ‘feeling good’ as justification for evil.

THE A&B SOLUTION. Liz Taylor can solve the problem of unwanted babies. Abort and Barbecue the unwanted lambs.

How do we stop it all? Education. No not just in the schools, in the homes, on the streets, in the churches, mosques, temples–and simultaneously in the schools.

Stop  being whores for the slaughter industry. If the only way you can earn a pay check is by supporting slaughter, then there is something horribly wrong with society. There’s something horribly wrong with you–that you don’t have the guts to stand up against it. I find it odd that you use the bible and the Koran as justification for your acts of prejudice and slaughter.

These books were not written prior to the existence of humans. The were written after the fact. They left out the blueprint, because the questions were looking for excuses, not answers.

Using as an excuse that something feels good or tastes good or makes us feel powerful doesn’t justify the act. We have to eat to survive. We have to mate to perpetuate the species. But we need to draw a line in the sand between   deviancy and respect. Slaughter and rape cross that line. When you raise someone for slaughter or for sex, you’re not respecting them.  When you say, “they don’t mind”, that’s a ‘tell’, indicating that you justify your bad actions by their  response, instead of by the Five Principles. ‘They don’t fight back’, doesn’t give you the right to kill them. Again, you’re making a judgment of your own behavior based on their response, not by the Five Principles. That’s where that saying, ‘taking candy from a baby’ comes from. You know it’s wrong, but because the baby isn’t strong enough to fight back, you can get away with taking their candy.

When you demand that a country not fight back (the carrot) or you’ll hit them harder (the stick), then you’re justifying in advance your bad behavior, instead of using the Five Principles as your guide. If they don’t fight back, then God must have been on your side, and you feel all good and all powerful. To many people, corralling people they don’t like into barns and setting the barn on fire, makes them feel good. Does that make it right? No excuses here. Nobody deserves that.

Killing is tabu. Pedophilia is tabu. Stealing is tabu. Yet they’re widespread. What you need to do is back up your mind-set with your action or inaction. If it’s tabu, then don’t do it. Basing everything you do on the odds of getting caught is not a principle, it’s a gamble. Basing everything you do on whether it’s legal or socially acceptable isn’t a principle, it’s an excuse.

Saying and thinking it’s wrong, isn’t enough. Walk the talk. Walk the thought.

It’s naive and prejudicial to think that only one race of people can commit acts of terrorism. If two separate people in two separate planes fly themselves into two separate buildings and it’s later discovered that one pilot was a Jew and the other a Muslim, the Muslim will be labeled a terrorist and the Jew will be labeled deranged.

Don’t let anyone die for you, and they won’t feel compelled to give up that life. When the conservatives respect the lives of all soldiers–worldwide–by not demanding that they die so others may live, then the right to life for fetuses might begin to make more sense to those who oppose it. Money is at the heart of that issue. When money is available and a village raises a child, respect for your views will be yours. Decreasing militaries and all they encompass will create more funds across the board. A more equitable distribution of wealth will be the proof of that respect.

To Pharmaceuticals: If any medication you develop has a side effect of suicidal thoughts and/or actions, then go back to the laboratory. If just one person dies, then you committed murder against that person, because you knew what the drug caused and you willingly put it on the market. The fact that everyone doesn’t die is not a defense. Most people’s doctors don’t tell their patients of the risk. That you broadcast it on T.V. commercials doesn’t exonerate you, it indicts you.

It’s better to give than receive? Where did that phrase come from? Who said it and for whose benefit? For the benefit of those on the receiving end of your gift.

The Republicans in Congress are accusing democrats of socialism, in order to preserve their own fascism status. Fascism: ‘A system of government characterized by one party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized government control, belligerent nationalism, racism and militarism’–according to Webster. Yup, sounds like them.

WIPE OUT. When I was poisoned with toxins, above and beyond the obvious–to me–symptoms of brain disruption, scramble and dysfunction was an apparent loss of morals. All the lessons I had learned in life, all the adjustments one makes, through all the years, in order to develop one’s own personality and one’s own set of personal mores, that makes one unique and happy with who they are were wiped out. So it wasn’t just the functional skills of daily activities and the expertise of fields of learning and the particular training for specific jobs one does throughout one’s life, plus the logic and the building of concepts, it was the ‘who am I’ factor. What are my values? Who are my family? What are their values? None of this is said to one’s self the way I’m writing it now. It’s more non-verbal. It’s a terrorizing feeling. Luckily, the terror is forgotten, like everything else, or should I say muted, because the realization that everything is scrambled is always there–which creates a constant state of uncertainty. The terror returns with every thought stopped in mid-sentence.

The good news–and my saving grace–was that I had developed my morals to such a fine-tuned state for such a long period of time before the injury, that the basic DNA of those beliefs kept me from doing anything horribly wrong or horribly inappropriate. Although most of the time I couldn’t remember my morals or how I got from A to Z in my life–meaning from birth to the moment I was in at any particular time–I trusted the God in me to do the right thing. That’s all I had to rely on. But frankly, lots of times, I just didn’t care.  That apathy is difficult to overcome, because one keeps forgetting that one has it. In fact, it doesn’t even get defined. Although important, that was the least of my worries. How could one care about anything but surviving minute to minute, when one doesn’t know how to retrieve a thought? Those once easy connections in my brain that allowed me to file information for later use, weren’t there. They were wiped out. Now looking back, the injury may have been easier to cope with, had I not lived such a long life and had so many life experiences prior to the injury. The loss was overwhelming. But I’d forget to remember the overwhelming part, except whenever I attempted to do anything. The fatigue that accompanied my injury made everything so much worse. My emotions were all over the board–mostly extreme.

It’s easy, when in that state of brain scramble, to be brain washed by all the media puts out there to make you conform to the Five Flaws of government, religion and special (corrupt) interests. Many people in that brain injured state don’t have the trust in their own God to rely on when they’re struck by trauma; they’ve been conditioned to rely on somebody else’s God, defined for them by corrupt, self-serving entities–and that God always fails to show up when they need that God the most. And because the corrupt  interests of the world keep telling you that toxins don’t injure, and one tends to believe the so-called experts, then one doesn’t realize what’s affecting their brain, so they don’t take measures to counteract it. And even when they know the cause, most doctors and clinics, because they cow-tow to insurance and liability interests, don’t treat you correctly. Much of the reason why most doctors know nothing about toxins is because the government keeps this knowledge pretty much under wraps, precisely because they use these toxins as biological weapons. Hospitals don’t balk about it, to satisfy liability interests.

Toxins can make you a slave to everyone in your environment without you even realizing the control they have over you. Had I not already had an intricate knowledge and understanding of how my brain functioned, then I may have missed the signs and eventually succumbed. Had I not already had a keen problem-solving mind, that was my working life, then I would have believed what everybody told me–that there was nothing wrong. The Feds in Cleveland played a large role in down-playing what was happening. They monitored me in my apartment, so they, having their brains, knew what was going on. They supported the people responsible for my injury. That must tell you something about your government that you may not want to know.

It took me years of extraordinary effort to survive the onslaught, of not only the toxins, but once I was in that state, to survive the onslaught of the Feds in Cleveland and D.C. who exploited that state using terror tactics. I cannot express loudly enough the urgent need to clean up toxic environments–from living spaces, to work spaces, to food, water and air, to products sold that leak toxins into all of the above. Clean spaces, clean air, clean water, clean food, clean products is what will keep us healthy. If you do all of that, then you don’t have to be concerned with global warming. If you do all of that, you’ll be doing all you can. The added bonus is smarter, happier, more productive, healthier people, which will lower health costs across the board. But do insurance companies really want healthy people? If everybody’s healthy, then they lose profits.

We need doctors, nurses, medical personnel and researchers training in the field of toxicology. That field exists now, but always in a shady, classified, skull and cross bone symbols on the doors, top secret sort of way. We need to bring the toxin field of medicine out of the closet and recognize the diseases associated with it, like we recognize heart disease. Most toxin related diseases are thrown into the ‘symptoms of unknown origin’ bin, or the ‘psychology waste basket’. Politics and corrupt interests need to be left at the door. If this doesn’t happen, the USA will create millions of toxic people without a conscience, making this a terrorist nation ruled by an anarchy of the populace. I can see it already happening in the slums. I can see it through the aggressive, harmful views spewed all over the media–from T.V. commentators, to congress, to chat rooms. Better get busy. The USA and all other nations need a house cleaning–not a white wash–a total makeover–from the bottom up–from the top down–sideways and all ways. Act with speed and caution.

When the USA government hires private groups or contractors to engage in activities against citizens that are otherwise illegal, the USA group that hired these contractors are criminally and civilly liable, as are the contractors. You can take that to the bank.

According to Jews, their God, who called the people of the Jew race Israel, said the Holy land belonged to them. But Jacob defeated God and all God stood for, and all the Jews cheered in support and solidarity, therefore negating all God said. So no, the real estate in Palestine you claim to be yours belongs to the people you drove from that land, the people you committed a holocaust against, and to the people you continue to enslave in concentration camps on that land.

LASTING AFFECTS. People who couldn’t afford home loans didn’t beg banks to finance them. Banks actively lured people into that snarly loan business with full page ads, banners all over the insides of banks, flyers in every statement, promising pie in the sky and you deserve your equal share. Banks have never been in the ‘give money away’ business. They take money. ‘There’s no better time to refinance than NOW’. When the compulsive gamblers gambled your money away, they lured everybody into wanting to need what they were only window shopping for–so the banks could gamble some more via your newly refinanced mortgage. People know when they’re in over their heads. So do the banks–even more so. They knew long before the crash that there was going to be one. So what took them so long? They, being the only ones who can understand the formulas and figures and depth and layers, figured out way ahead of time what they’d do.

Put it on the tail of Bush and the front end of Obama. A trillion each–that way the politicians will have to keep their mouths shut. They even wrung their hands over that one: Tail of the donkey and the trunk of the elephant. We got those two groups reversed. Well at least be glad that we got a democrat in office–otherwise we’d have to put the whole blame on us.

On T.V. either pre or post Abu Garib torture camp, a USA girl soldier talked about extracting information from one of the natives in Iraq. The guys went in and got nothing, and the question it appeared to be–between the lines–was whether a girl can torture someone.

She went into the hut, came back out and bragged about how the devil came out of her and she said and did(?) things to this man that even shocked her. She dusted her hands off in a symbolic gesture and said, ‘see, I’m fine’.

She had the same happy, smiley face she had before she tortured.

That’s what happens when somebody says it’s OK to do it. They’ll do it simply because it’s accepted and they want to be part of the group. What if she had said no? What would be the consequences? She volunteered. Why did she volunteer? You answer those questions. I’ll finish the rest.

She thinks that she was okay with it–because she was surrounded by like-minded individuals in a war setting–still feeling the after-glow of an adrenalin rush by the power invested in her over another human being strapped to a chair, coupled with her own shock that she really did have a devil in her that, up to this point, she didn’t know was there. All of them are trained to kill and torture. Killing is torture. Don’t ever forget that.

She won’t be okay with it when she gets home to civility. What does a soldier do with all that violence mapped out like  intricate highways all over their brains, neuropathway to here, neuropathway to there, neuropathways to everywhere, whereby when a soldier gets riled up about something, those highways light up like a city and the path of least resistance is the violent one, since they’re everywhere.

To say that most never struggle–only a few do who had mental problems going into the killing situation is the Pentagons’ way of glossing over the crimes and covering up the lasting effects of committing the crimes–in order to keep warring. They use you up, then throw you away, claiming nothing happened that hasn’t happened before and you’ll be just fine. Get a job, go to church, be with family, have some fun. You’re tough. You’re a soldier for God’s sake. Yup. Blame it on some guy surrounded by clouds who’s too afraid to show his face–lest what? Jacob do it again?

Bag your own. Do it yourself. You’re on your way. Just one more step, that turns into a forever ladder to nowhere.   You’re on your own. Pull yourself up by your boot straps, dust yourself off and don’t expect a bail out from us. Stand on your own two feet, and if you have none, then stand up on your butt. Nothing means anything anyway. We all have to die sometime.  Just goes to show ya, no good deed goes unpunished. The run up to this and that, keeps us always running. Hurry up and wait. Tomorrow’s another day. Brighter days are coming–right around the corner; it’s on the horizon. Stand up for yourself so we can knock you down. Keep getting up, no matter what. You’re going to glide right through this rough patch. I can feel it in my bones. Don’t look back. There’s a rainbow at the end of this pot of gold. Sieze it. Because a rainbow is all you can ever grasp. If you can’t see, then look to the rainbow of your soul. It’s there, shining bright as ever, perpetually there–just for you. You can do it. I know you can.

Fear of falling is worse than falling. If you fall, you can always get back up. If you fear the fall, you never take the risk, missing out on potential successes. It’s okay to fear the fall as you’re taking the risk. If you fail, don’t let it prevent you from taking further risks, or finding a different way to achieve your goals. Circumvent.

…..I’m done licking my wounds (and yours too)…..


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