COVID Rash Is Not What You Think – updated

COVID RASH IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK I can’t prove what this is now, but I’ve had it for 4 months. The so-called rash has mutated several times within that time frame from circles the size of a pea or the end of a cigarette, to big red blotches, to pin point eruptions with tinyContinue reading “COVID Rash Is Not What You Think – updated”

The Virus Wants To Be Interviewed – updated

Originally posted on SHARON ON THE NEWS™ :
By me. I thought: I don’t know how that could work – seeings though I’m supposedly virus-free, at least free of that one. If there’s no virus in me, then how can I interview it? Then I got super sick again. Worse than before. I could hardly move.…

Divergent Sexual Orientations – updated

Groups Stealing Intellectual Material I’m a her and a she. Don’t take my gender identity away from me because you can’t decide what you want to be. Gender identity is different from sexual identity. I’d give the rest of the solution, but the social engineers and government psychologists indicate it must come from a transgenderContinue reading “Divergent Sexual Orientations – updated”

Wake Up The Planet Ep. 2 – updated

SUCCESS IS BEST SERVED NOW! Justice disappears when law enforcement agencies serve at the pleasure of the President, Vice President, Congress, judges, religious groups or businesses. Law enforcement agencies need to serve the rule of law. Their function should not include the liability protection of public officials. This is an abuse of power. Animal sacrifice isn’t againstContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 2 – updated”

Ethnicity Estimate UPDATED for Sharon

NEW Ethnicity Estimate RECEIVED 10/23/019 England, Wales & Northwestern Europe Primarily located in: Belgium, Channel Islands, England, Wales 46% Your ethnicity estimate is 46%, but it can range from 40—54%. About this Region The history of Britain, the heart of our England, Wales & Northwestern Europe region, is often presented as one group of invaders after anotherContinue reading “Ethnicity Estimate UPDATED for Sharon”


SATANISM AS A POLITICAL MOVEMENT Satanism is as insane as the religions they oppose. Like all such groups there are a lot of good intentions and causes that get mangled by their close-mindedness and proclamations of superiority over other groups. Politics come to mind? Perhaps Satanists think that Satan wasn’t the evil one – thatContinue reading “SATANISM AS A POLITICAL MOVEMENT – updated”


Stop calling terrorists dogs. Dogs aren’t terrorists. They don’t commit planned acts of terrorism. In fact, dogs are more humane than humans. Terrorists are terrorists. You don’t need another word to describe them. Everybody knows what terrorist means. And everybody knows that terrorists are humans. Don’t transfer what a human does to the dog. TheContinue reading “TERRORISTS – DOGS; updated”

CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY – It’s A Racket! – updated

Ms. Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, thank you for contacting us regarding our V8 Vegetable Juice. Unfortunately, we are not able to supply you with a definitive list of products that are Vegan at this time. Product recipes change frequently and ingredients are periodically added and replaced. This makes it difficult to maintain an updated list of products thatContinue reading “CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY – It’s A Racket! – updated”


There’s only one side I’m on in any dispute. Even when all sides agree, I am still on only one side and that’s the side of the Five Principles To A Better Life: no prejudice beyond prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. For example, if all sidesContinue reading “COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL RECORDS – updated”